How tall is Ellen DeGeneres ?

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Ellen DeGeneres's height is 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 7in (170 cm)
American Comedic Actress from Ellen. Her co-star Lisa Darr does say she (at 5ft 8) is taller than Ellen. Ellen herself has said "I'm five feet and eight inches soaking wet, but on television I look five feet six. I read that you shrink as you get older, so in 20 years I won't be visible on camera anymore". On her chat show she also said "I'm 5ft 7 and a half".
Comment on the Height of Ellen DeGeneres

richinkle said on 16/Jan/16
I think 5'-6 1/2" is about right.

Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi are about the same height.
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In this "Ellen" segment, she makes de Rossi take off her heels and stand side by side. It appears that Degeneres has a slight edge, but she has also failed to take off her own slippers, which appear to be giving her that edge.
Since de Rossi states her own height as 5'-6", and Ellen states her peak height as 5'-7 1/2", I will split the difference, and believe it reasonable to give them both 5'-6 1/2" today.
Box said on 22/Nov/15
I'd agree with this listing because James Cordon looked about 2 inches taller than ellen and he's 5'8. I'd go as far to say that shes actually 165cm.
Yo said on 31/Oct/15
She's shorter than Miley Cyrus (barefoot) while wearing boots.
stoodnext2 said on 15/Apr/15
I posted this on the Zac Efron and Taylor Swift pages too. Once again watch the beginning minute or 2 of this clip of Ellen. A lot of suspicious going around for Ellen, Taylor Swift and Zac Efron, who looks taller than them both all with flat ground and footwear.
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PhilDahAgony said on 7/Apr/15
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looks 4 inches shorter than robert downey(who probably wears lifts)
Bishop said on 14/Mar/15
With thicker footwear, she's not completely towered by Michelle:
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I doubt she's as low as 167 cm.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Feb/15
Has she really lost height?? I really don't think of her as old enough to have lost height.
the shredder said on 25/Feb/15
When did Downey claim 5'8 1/2 ?
chris141 said on 22/Feb/15
she's 167cm rob
REDO said on 22/Feb/15
5'8 my hole. She was inch shorter than a barefoot Julia
Roberts who is 5'8 . Ellen was wearing shoes so she is
about 5'6.
carver said on 21/Feb/15
Rob her wife is taller than her and you have her listed 5'6! I think is ellen is 167cm
Bishop said on 21/Feb/15
She can still pull off 5'7" at times but I think this listing is much more reasonable. She does wear converse a lot to look shorter, though.
Tiger said on 23/Jan/15
Niall Horan Claims To be 171 cM So He is taller than ellen on the video in which ellen is taking interview of them
crockit said on 6/Jan/15
Ellen had actor Robert Downey Jr on he claims to be 5'81/2", if this is true she looks like 5'2"
Notbuyinit said on 27/Oct/14
If she wants to claim 5'7" she should stop taking full-length pica with people who frankly admit to being much shorter. Gives her away.
ellen said on 22/Oct/14
I think she's about 5'6". She looks shorter than 5'7"
Guy said on 6/Oct/14
She looks like something between 165 and 167
Rose said on 19/Sep/14
Here she claims 5' 8" but I would say 5' 7" is her correct height.

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Ally said on 21/Aug/14
She looked 5'6 with fouseyTUBE. He is 5'11
mh said on 10/Aug/14
She was next to me and we both had on flats. I am slightly under 5'7 she is under 5'6 for sure.
Stephanie said on 30/May/14
I know Terri's shoes are probably slightly taller than Ellen's but Ellen only looks maybe 1/2" taller than Terri Irwin in this video. Terri Irwin is just under 5' 4".
Big T said on 27/Apr/14
I can't see how she can be taller than Justin Bieber
berta said on 24/Jan/14
Click Here Look at the end ellen have shoes on and jennifer love Hewitt is barefoot it looks to be around 4 inches between them. That makes ellen 167. Lets say its 13 cm between them, then she is 170 with shoes on. Its time to lower her. 169 at most.
Sarah said on 3/Dec/13
Ellen Degeneres with Josh Holloway:
Rob, if he is about 6'1", could Ellen be 5'6" instead?
[Editor Rob: ellen can look anywhere 5ft 6-7 range, Josh I think is a typical 6ft 1 (or possibly a little over) guy, but not sure he's a half inch over that.]
satchy said on 16/Nov/13
I think she is 5f5 to 5ft 6 or something
Arch Stanton said on 29/Oct/13
5'6.5" seems to make most sense from what I've seen.
Jim said on 15/Jun/13
I think that video made me gay. I thought it was Matthew perry but I got the wrong impression once I click that.
Franny said on 14/Jun/13
jennifer love hewitt came to the show and she looks a bit taller than ellen in heels. Also Matthew Perry was in it too so I doubt it he's 6 feet tall.

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just 0:15
Lenad is sexy said on 28/Apr/13
5'7 max
Jed said on 10/Feb/13
Here she is with 6'-6'1 Matthew Terry. He towers over her.

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Silent d said on 5/Dec/12
5 foot 7. Look at her next to jessica biel and julie bowen in heels. They are a little taller than her and they claim jb: 5 foot 8 and 5 foot 7 respectively.
Davidp said on 1/Nov/12
she looks shorter than 5'7 on her show. i'd say 5'6". maybe she shrunk? but no no, she is definetly not 5'7.
satchy said on 28/Oct/12
no more than 5ft 6
Silent d said on 8/Oct/12
Julie bowan is not that short. Pretty much same as sofia vergara. Ty burrell is close to 6 foot. I'll go and say 169cm for ellen.
Heather said on 7/Oct/12
shes not the type to lie. 5'8 soaking wet, meaning shes a little under. I believe the 5'7 and a half. She looks shorter on tv bc of the camera angles
Louis said on 27/Sep/12
Silent d

look at photo of legit 6' duchovny with ty burrell, he looks 179, so bowen is more 162 than listed 165
Ellen probably 165
Silent d said on 27/Sep/12
I doubt it. Julie bowan is 5 foot 6. 5 foot 7.
dadang said on 20/Aug/12
she's only 5'5'' barefoot..
SIlent d said on 9/Feb/12
She is 5 foot 7 because julie bowen who is 168cm was barely taller than her with little heels. Explain that. Julie is not shorter than 5 foot 6. She is pretty solid. Strong 5 foot 7.
Silent d said on 1/Feb/12
Next to simon baker who is at least 176cm she looked 170cm. He had dress shoes on too. I doubt simon baker is 174cm. 5 foot 6 or shorter is a joke. She is taller than her wife who is 5 foot 6. She stands her ground against jamie foxx and other celebrities who wear lifts. 170cm.
Silent d said on 21/Jan/12
5 foot 7.
dmeyer said on 7/Sep/07
she looks 15 cm under miller so more 5'6.5
AKK said on 14/Aug/07
5'6.5" sounds about right. Repeat of Valentine's show with Drew Barrymore, and Barrymore's in easily 3 inch heels, and still looks half an inch shorter, thereabouts.
Anon said on 1/Jul/07
Ellen answered on her website that she is 5'8. she said it herself. she has no reason to lie lol.
Joy said on 7/Apr/07
I just watched the Ellen DeGeneres show with Gwen as a guest wearing 6" heels. If Ellen is 5' 7" and Gwen is 5"6' (according to this site) then how could Ellen only be about an inch shorter wearing her normal tennis shoes when they stood next to each other? (Gwen's hair was up in the front but comparing their foreheads she was just about an inch taller than Ellen.) Who is shorter/taller than previously thought?
Bob said on 10/Mar/07
There's no way she is 5'7 ... i saw her on yesterday show and she's like shoulder level with some models ... if she is 5'7 that puts the models at at least 6'7 :) ... i'd give her max 5'5 including her shoes
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/06
Storm Large is more like 5'11 maybe even slightly under. There is a picture with Jack Black and she is only slightly taller and I swear Black is not over 5'5.
Anonymous said on 23/Dec/06
She must be 5'6. I saw Evangeline Lily (5'5) on the shoe and in heels Evangeline was at least an inch taller. Lily's shoes didn't seem to be a 4" heel which only gives slightly under 2 3/4" of height. Assuming Lily's shoes gave her 2.5 inches, that makes her 5'7.5" and Ellen 5'6.5" in shoes. Her sneakers seem to be the really low kind, so I'll say she is 5'6.
TJ said on 7/Dec/06
KT Tunstall is 5'2 and Ellen only look 2-3 inches taller than her on the show. Footwear looked similar. Not a chance that she is 5'7.
AKK said on 5/Dec/06
Hmm. Storm Large is supposed to be 6 feet tall, and she carries herself like a tall woman, but surprisingly enough, Ellen managed to hit eye to nose level. On the other hand, it seems Ellen was wearing thicker shoes than normal, while Storm was wearing rather flat shoes.

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AKK said on 14/Oct/06
Whatever her height, she's roughly 2 inches taller than Pink. Just saw Pink on Ell's show, and they were almost dead-even, with Pink in 2 inch heels.
Anonymous said on 17/Aug/06
Shakira is under 5 feet, when she was on Ellenīs show the both wore flats and Ellen was ONLY about 3 inches taller than Shakira.
Anonymous said on 14/Jul/06
An inch taller than David Spade. I think the best bet is to go with 5'6".
Anonymous said on 11/Jul/06
She and Madonna were dead on with Madonna in 3 inch heels. They add about 2 inches and Madge is 5'3" MAX so Ellen is a clean 5'5" I think 5'6".
Anonymous said on 26/Jun/06
Not over 5'6"
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mm said on 18/Jun/06
I most definitely don't think that she is 5'7.5. I would give her 5'5, tops. Otherwise, everyone in Hollywood is over 5'8.
Anonymous said on 18/Jun/06
Here she is with 5'7.5" Randy Jackson. Even if Randy were taller, Ellen is still only 5'5".
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Anonymous said on 14/Jun/06
I believe you, DAffy. I met her too. If you had a picture to show it would be awesome. I get so annoyed that people think they can tell from pictures how tall people are. Like, I met Gwyneth Paltrow and then stood by her again last year at Austin City Limits and she is 5'7" but people just won't believe me. My friend, who works out with Gwyneth in NYC even says she's 5'6". I feel your annoyance.
Frank2 said on 30/Apr/06
That's right Ellen's 5'6" max. But Duchovny is a bit taller than 6'. That or I'm shrinking!
ice said on 28/Apr/06
5'8? She sure didn't look that height next to duchovny, and i doubt he's downgrading himself. Also Frank2 said on the Marilyn Monroe page that he made a mistake and said 5'7, he meant 5'6.
~Nate~ said on 24/Apr/06
Kats thats cute my or any one else's word don't have to be good enough for you. I've met Ellen a few of my friends who love Ellen have met her as well and my friends are tall girls at about 5'8-5'9, they've all said Ellen is at the least 5'7.5 but 5'6 your crazy dude, I think Ellen is anywhere from 5'7.5-5'8.5
Anonymous said on 5/Apr/06
That duchovny shot is really good. Thanks, ice. I don't think she's over 5'6.5". Do you guys?
Kats said on 4/Apr/06
Yeah, the Marilyan Monroe talk lost me. How do we really know she was 5'5.5 anyways?

And eyewitness accounts bore me... they're often not accurate. Sorry to doubt people's abilities in judging someone's height in person, but your word isn't good enough for me.
ice said on 1/Apr/06
Um... who said anything about Marilyn Monroe?
Frank2 said on 31/Mar/06
Ellen is about 5'7". I met Ellen when she hosted the Emmys so I know exactly how tall she is. And for those who still say Marilyn Monroe was nearly 5'6," try imagining how tall she looked back then compared to how tall Ellen looks today. If Marilyn was truly 5'5-1/2" she was only an inch and a half shorter than Ellen and with heels was taller than Ellen is in flats. And Ellen rarely, if ever, wears heels or she'd tower over many of her guests. Marilyn always wore high heels and was still shorter than 5'10" actors like Olivier and Clift. Sometimes I think logic is missing from many people today. I'm getting tired of posting photos of celebs like Marilyn standing next to not-so-tall actors who are still obviously taller and then hearing people use excuses that the actors are 6' or nearly that height. It's just insane!
ice said on 31/Mar/06
Sorry for all this back to back posting Rob. I just wanted to include this one pic. I doubt people look at the very last page.

Click Here
ice said on 31/Mar/06
Okay, i know you can't post something like that without a little evidence, so here...

Justin Timbelake is listed a 6'0 here, but everyone that has met him says 5'11, including Glenn. Here are the two together.

Click Here

Now looking at a true 6'0 Duchovny and ellen.

Click Here

I think she's a strong 5'6, maybe even a nice 5'6.5 at 169cm. But this listing is a little too high.
ice said on 31/Mar/06
I think she is a solid 5'6. That is my opinion. After comparing her to other celebs, something seems a little shorter about her. She doesn't really tower the way a legit 5'8 woman in hollywood does (Think Mariah Carey or Cameron Diaz). Her shoes may be low, but it doesn't account for some of the differences I have seen. Some may ask, "Why would she lie?" My answer, "Why wouldn't she? If you don't lie about your height in hollywood then you get shortchanged because everyone else lies."
Kats said on 27/Mar/06
Mr. R., your comment was basically pointless. Know why? Because people lie about their height! People lie about their height and give the same number over and over. Their word means nothing. Why are we believing celebrities just because they say a number? It's standard to exaggerate. It's rare for ones to tell the truth. That's just the way it is. Ellen, by no means is "short," but she's not as tall as she claims.
Mr. R said on 24/Mar/06
She stated this height the other day on her show.
Kats said on 24/Mar/06
I definitely agree with 5'5 1/2. I'm not downgrading her because she's in flat shoes and I'm used to most females in heels. Look at all the comparisons that make her shorter. It makes sense she is listed as 5'7 1/2 though. It's so standard to add those extra 2 inches (or so)...
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/06
Then why is she the exact same height as Dustin Hoffman (on her show - check out the gallery on her web page)?
Anonymous said on 7/Mar/06
5'5.5" after comparing her to Brittany Spear's and Tyra. And Tyra is 5'9" now that I have pinned Latifa at about 5'8" and Ellen was much shorter. I think going to 5'6" would be the most solid estimate.
mcfan said on 5/Mar/06
She cannot be 5'6 when she's, at the most, an inch shorter than Sharon Stone. My belief is Sharon Stone is 5'8.5 and Ellen is 5'7.5 or maybe even 5'7.75. Here's why she appears shorter than she is: It's her choice of sneakers. I own a pair of converse all-stars. The difference between me in them and not in them is only .75 -- not even an inch. I have other sneakers that give me 1.25 inches, but the ones Ellen wears give minimal extra height. So, if you're wearing normal shoes which give 1.25-1.5, you then have a .5-.75 height advantage over Ellen if you're a guest. I thought at first you can measure the outside of a shoe or sneaker to give you an idea of how much the extra height is, but your foot is typically lower by .25 once you stick it in the shoe.
heightfan said on 5/Mar/06
If ellen is really only 5'6", which I strongly dispute, that call for many downgrades. She never wears heels or shoes with big soles, and still looks most celebs in the eye.
Anonymous said on 26/Feb/06
Did anyone just see her show with Tyra on it/? It is perfect for comparison. They are both in total flats and Tyra is a very strong 5" tallewr than Ellen. I always thought she was taller but I think 5'506" is it for her.
GM said on 11/Feb/06
I ran into Ellen at the vet's office. I'm 5'8" and she's at least 2-3 inches shorter--5'5" is the best bet--definitely no more than 5'6".
heightfan said on 10/Feb/06
No downgrade needed here. She is 5'7" 1/2 and has no reason to lie.

Anonymous said on 8/Feb/06
rob you must downgrade ellen to 5'5. britney spears is tall as ellen.when britney was on the ellen show and they stood next to eachother britney was taller but she had 2 inches heels.if you dont count the heels of britney they on the same if britney is 5'4 ellen is no more then 5'5
heightfan said on 20/Jan/06
Today on her show in her interview with Constance Marie, said she was 5'7" 1/2. I think this is right on as she has no reason to inflate her height. Lateley she has been wearing sneaks with a very thin sole which could account for someone such as Elijah appearing taller. I would suspect that he has "special" shoes. BTW Constance Marie stated that she was 5'4" 3/4 which seems about right as she was slightly taller than Ellen with 4 inch heels.
Anonymous said on 18/Dec/05
I think Brandy is right. I just watched the clip and they both seem to fall into 5'6". Maybe Ellen is 5'6.5 but nowhere near 5'8".
Brandy said on 19/Nov/05
I just watched Ellen interview Elijah Wood. You have Ellen down as 5'7" and Elijah down as 5'6" and on the show Elijah looks a bit taller than Ellen. Here is the link: (I hope that is right) Maybe they made it look as if he is taller or if their heights are wrong on this site, I just thought it was interesting.

[Editor Rob: yeah, this was a fleating moment when they met. One thing is I think he may have had extra cm in his shoes as she's usually in trainers? But I didn't see elijah looking taller...]
~Nate~ said on 28/Oct/05
I'm actually going to go with my friend that loves her to her show next week, I'll try to stand in the front row and measure her while she dances past me! LOL Anyways yeah I'll let you guys know what I think.
Anonymous said on 27/Oct/05
Ellen is not 5'8". She is the exact same height as Portia De Rossi. They are both 5'6" or 7".
~Nate~ said on 14/Oct/05
Ok my co-worker goes to the Ellen show all the time, we live in San Diego and Ellen tapes in LA. My friend has been to the Ellen show four times now and recalls once when Ellen Walked by their row dancing of course lol. MY friend Tina is 5'5 and says Ellen is definitely a good 3-4 inches taller then her. SO 5'8 sounds right
Who said on 27/Sep/05
Saw Ellen. I am just at 5'8" and she is definitely 5'6" tops.
~Nate~ said on 30/Aug/05
Ok I saw the episode on Ellen with Britney Spears because I watch her religiously. Ok Ellen was wearing plain sneakers flat ones, as Britney was wearing about 4 inch boots. Britney was a tad shorter then Ellen even with the boots. Sometimes they looked the same but when they stood next to eachother Britney was just a tad shorter then Ellen, so Ellen has to be 5'8.
Anonymous said on 29/Aug/05
she is 5'5 atmost.britney spears was an inch taller than her on her show and britney is short

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