How tall is Eva Longoria ?

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Eva Longoria height: 5ft 0.5in (154 cm)

American actress best known for playing Gabrielle Solis on TV series Desperate Housewives. She has said of her height, "I'm 5ft 2".

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Fray says on 1/Aug/15
She is tiny, but not 4'10"-5' tiny. She's a little under 5'2"
lizzy says on 26/Apr/15
she does not look as short as 5'. she looks much closer to 5'2.
Sizerman says on 16/Jan/15
Suggesting from all the comments, she appears to be 59 inches to possibly 61. Maybe she is
shorter than 5'2"(62 inches). The above photo suggests she's taller than 5 feet. 5 feet or less
women just have shorter bones than that. Need to compare her with other celebs. Madison
Delagarza is probably no longer a good comparison due to outdated records of when she was
listed at 5 ' 2", 2 years ago at 11. At a birthday party on one of the social sites, Eva stated,
"My! She has grown! She's almost taller than me!" Nothing was mentioned on how much
heavier Madison might be, but it is noted that Madison has come down to about 120 lb and is
into gymnastics as seen on youtube, so it is not at all surprising that Madison could push Eva
to the carpet in season 7(Desperate Housewives), almost in a cartwheel, leaving Eva in
shock! Eva Longoria and Jessica Alba must have the tiniest biceps in hollywood.
Hypado says on 14/Nov/14
She looked 4'11 next to Seth Myers
tiny says on 9/Sep/14
Eva is defnitley one of the cutest celebrities around and the fact that she is so tiny adds to her appeal. At 5'0" & 95 lbs She is more the size of a 10 yr old but looks every inch a woman
lollipop95 says on 28/Aug/14
Eva with 5'3 Cheryl Cole Click Here That was at this year's Cannes. At last year's Eva was a good few inches shorter, so maybe Cheryl's heels were lower this year or Eva's were higher? The first photo would suggest Eva is 5'2 but I'm not sure. This photo is from last year's Cannes with Cheryl and Eva: Click Here
Greg Lehmann says on 6/Jul/14
Eva is so pretty for a small 5' woman! She's somebody I'd love to see,because she's so sweet and nice! She looks and feels pretty in anything she wears,from slacks to gowns! Love you,Eva!
Greg Lehmann says on 4/Jul/14
Look very closely at Eva and she's 5' tall,at most. One massive problem with petite women is directors always want to tack on more to make small women look taller than they are. Cheryl Ladd is a good example. She admitted on a talk show in 2009 she is 5'3". I haven't found many actresses who are the true height they're made out as being,but Eva,Patty Duke,and Cathy Rigby are all just 5' tall. And like 5'1" Rachel Bilson stated,it's tricky to find clothes comfortably fitting small women,but my 5'1" Trade Winds sweetheart Annette Kimmett has little trouble fitting clothes "just right" on her petite Size 10 body frame. The biggest problem is with very small petites. Yet,Patty Duke is happy wearing a Size 4 Petite and Cathy Rigby can wear a Size 2 beautifully. The big problem is fashion designers don't generally use petite women to model clothes,because many people believe petites cannot be models. Yet 5'3" Janice Attwood and 5'3" Susan Gallagher have shown petites can model! Eva is very pretty and loves being small!
Nadine says on 28/Apr/14
I agree that 2 inches can make a difference when talking comparing 5' and 5'2". Maybe not that dramatic when comparing 5'4" and 5'"6 pretty because these are more average heights.
Eva is not 5'2", as much as she'd like to be. If 2 inches isn't such a big deal, why doesn't she just claim her real height? Anybody who sees her will know that she is barely 5' tall.
AndreaB says on 26/Apr/14
I have seen Eva in person and she is pretty short, 5' max. Anyways, I have to disagree with the person who says 2 inches don't make a difference. It does; maybe not a dramatic difference, but it is noticeable...two inches can make a huge difference especially on a person that is short.
The thing with Eva that I noticed is that she is very small boned. She was just small overall. I saw her back in 2002 or 2003 so she was pretty thin back then. I'm 5f3 1/2 and weigh 107, and I felt tall next to her. Eva was definitely 5f (flat) and about 95 lbs. Honestly, 95 lbs is not a child's 5f, that is just thin/normal. Nowadays, she's not as thin, so I am guessing she weighs 110-112.
tiny says on 2/Jan/14
Agree with everyone...Eva is 4'11" at most and is perfectly proportioned for her height and weighs about 95 lbs. There are some pics on the net where the 5'11", 170 lbs Brenda Strong is effortlessly cradle carrying the tiny Eva.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 31/Dec/13
Rob, it seems a lot of girls who are 4'11-5'0 try and claim 5'2!
The Kreator says on 17/Dec/13
None of the photos posted here have the right perspective to be used for true comparisons, I have spent my entire life with women ranging from 4'9 to 5'3 and using numerous stock images from Desperate Housewives and comparing her height to the standard heights of the kitchen joinery and the height of door openings and the roof lines of cars, etc, taking into account the height of her heels, I estimate her height to be a pretty solid 5'1/2"- 5'1" realistically though the difference between the lowest estimate of 4"10 and her stated height which is 5'2" is about 6% error and if she's sensitive about her height lets let her have it, she appears healthy and most would agree whatever her height she is in proportion, which is far more important, if her proportions were out of whack she wouldn't be a Smokin Hotty which she obviously is.
little sue says on 30/Nov/13
I would say about 5ft to 5ft 1, she has been pictured this week next to Posh Spice and in identical shoes she about 3 inches shorter, no way is she as low as 4ft 10
anonymous says on 28/Nov/13
eva is at most 4" 11" but is more likely 4' 10".
Tiny says on 22/Nov/13
Eva - 5'0" & 95lbs, a very short & tiny but also a very attractive woman
Tania says on 16/Nov/13
5'0" seems about right. If she was really 5'2", then 5'5" Felicity Huffman and 5'6" Teri Hatcher wouldn't have towered over her nearly as much on Desperate Housewives...she looked so tiny compared to them I used to think that maybe it's just that the other actresses were super tall.
little sue says on 11/Oct/13
I've never seen anyone walk 'properly' in those stupid high heels with platforms, in fact they just walk like apes, I wonder what sort of damage to their feet and back they will have in years to come. I have always wore heels but usually about 3 to 3.5 inches and my feet are wrecked through it so God Knows what sort of feet they will have as old women
thebad7 says on 10/Oct/13
Her claim of 5'2" is a joke. I've seen her in person--stood face-to-face with her in a coffee shop at San Antonio International Airport in July 2005. She was wearing gigantic spikes with a minimum 4" heel--my best guess is 5" or 6" heels because they were more like platform shoes than anything else. This isn't hyperbole: the heels were so pronounced that she could barely walk in her spikes; she was like a trotting colt learning to walk, and I was surprised she didn't land facefirst on the floor. For comparison purposes: I'm 6'3" barefoot by evening hours, and when I saw her, I was wearing cowboy boots with a 1" heel. Despite her footwear advantage, I still towered over, far more prominently than with a legitimate 5'2" woman. She's lucky if she's 5' flat--she's a shade under 5'. Also, her diminutive stature is not a bad thing--she's a very cute, attractive woman. It's too bad her personality doesn't match her looks: we approached the checkout line around the same time; she was cradling a stack of magazines (on which she had cover photos) under one arm, and chirping away to Tony Parker on her cellphone. I was going to permit her to hop ahead, but the "I know I'm better than you" vibe was oozing out of her, and I don't care for people (celebrity or not) who walk up to checkout lines with cellphones pressed against their ears. One of my three celebrity encounters.

Bottom line: 4'11 barefoot.

tiny says on 3/Sep/13
There is a pic of the 4'11" Eva being cradle carried by the 5'11" Brenda Strong and Brenda looks to be doing it effortlessly. Guess Eva is about 95 lbs compared to Brenda's 170 lbs
JPChina says on 17/Aug/13
Hi all, I live in China and here many women tell you their height. What they don't tell you is it is their height in heels. I dated a lady two years ago that swore she was 5' 2" (157.5cm), except she would never let me measure her against a wall. I think she was 62 inches in her heels and 60 inches without. There was 12 inches difference in our heights. When she took off her shoes she got noticeably shorter. Eva may look taller because she has slim legs. The woman I married told me the same thing, except she is 5', 60 in, or 152.4 cm.
tiny says on 1/Aug/13
Eva is between 4'11" & 5'0" and weighs between 90 lbs & 95 lbs. She is really very tiny but equally cute.
Aly says on 24/Jul/13
Dr JJ, you're internet famous. quoted you on their Latina celebs under 5'4'' list when discussing Longoria
Dr JJ says on 30/Jun/13
I think that 4' 10" could be possible. She is frequently three inches shorter than Kim Kardashian in pictures and I imagine both are packing similar size heels.
K says on 24/Jun/13
She's probably around 4'11, which isn't much taller than many 9 year olds. She wears a size 5 shoe so that shows that she has tiny bones which are common for women her height.
Heightgirl says on 23/Jun/13
Eva is shorter beside that 9 year old but maybe that 9 year old is tall for her age? I still think she is around 4f11 or 5f. nono, Kim Kardashian is 5'? I thought she was 5f1? She has claimed 5f2 and 5f3 before but someone from her design crew stated that she is really only 5f1. I wouldn't go less than that because Kourtney looks to be 4f11 and Kim is 2 inches taller than her so it makes sense to me.
Sizerman says on 13/Jun/13
Her limbs suggest she is at least 5'1 to 5'2(probably 5'2). Weightwise, she
appears to be 100 lbs or lighter. She is super thin but doesn't appear to be
unattractive. If you check Eva's toothpick like arms compared to Madison's it's
easy to see why Madison pushed Eva to the floor in season 7. Somewhat shocking
to Gabrielle, but in real life, I find it hard to believe the results would
differ. It is unusual, but realistically, Madison Delagarza at 9, is bigger than
a 37 year old woman(Eva Longoria). Both appear to be about the same height, but
also both are lovable human beings and should be respected as such. Females
are lovable in all shapes and sizes.
anonymous says on 9/Jun/13
Eva is not her claim of 5'2, I would eb shocked keep in mind she is always in high heels, I have seen pics of her barefoot or flip flops and she looks tiny, she may be just a flat 5'0 or a tad over as rob has her, good listing, fine looking lady anyway
Sizerman says on 8/May/13
Couldn't agree with you more Canini from that pic. Madison, at 9, is noticeably
bigger than Eva, especially in the arms, so it's not surprising Juanita easily
pushed the much lighter Eva down to the floor before running out the door. At that point, it's safe to say she could have sat on Eva and there is just no way
an embarrassed Eva could have got Madison off her. At 9 that's amazing but true!
Sizerman says on 8/May/13
Couldn't agree with you more Canini from that pic. Madison, at 9, is noticeably
bigger than Eva, especially in the arms, so it's not surprising Juanita easily
pushed the much lighter Eva down to the floor before running out the door. At that point, it's safe to say she could have sat on Eva and there is just no way
an embarrassed Eva could have got Madison off her. At 9 that's amazing but true!
canini says on 22/Apr/13
Look at this photo! She's smaller than Madison de la Garza and she was nine years old at that time

Click Here
@ chocoholic says on 21/Apr/13
Do you really think people are 100% honest about their height? Lol. In general, women will add a couple of inches to their height and subtract a few pounds from their weight if they're asked about it b/c the taller / thinner you are, the more beautiful. This is absolutely basic stuff here. Demi's closer to 5'2.5 than 5'4 and Eva's closer to 5'0.5 than 5'2.
saraaaah says on 13/Apr/13
5'2 for definite. Personally don't think she's ever looked under it
chocoholic says on 10/Apr/13
Demi's said herself numerous times she's 5'4 check out this video Click Here it's at the 7:55 mark Evidence right there. I don't see why people can't accept that Eva is in fact 5'2. She certainly does not look 5 foot or under 5 foot for that matter to me
@ lollipop says on 4/Apr/13
Demi's NOT 5'4. She's 5'2.5 ... soo, if Eva appears 2 inches shorter, that'd put her at about 5'0.5 (which is literally exactly what she's listed as!). Also, photos like that aren't very good for comparison.
lollipop says on 16/Feb/13
Here's 2 photos of Eva with Demi Lovato:

Click Here

Looks to be about an inch or 2 inches of a height difference and Demi is 5'4! Ridiculous that people keep insisting that she's 5'0 or under 5'0 She's quite clearly taller
SolidSnake says on 9/Feb/13
90lbs?! thats a childs weight lol
nona says on 7/Feb/13
Eva looks shorter than Kim Kardashian and is much smaller in size too. Kim is 5'0, 125 lbs and Eva must be 4'11" & 90 lbs
Elijah says on 5/Jan/13
She doesn't look so small... with some major heelage that is. lol
nona says on 10/Dec/12
Eva is not more than 5'0" in bare feet. She is tiny (90 lbs) and she is cute. Check out her pics with the 6'0" Brenda Strong and u can see hom small she is
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 30/Oct/12
Yeah, I saw some other pics of her next to Kim Kardashian and she looks 4'11 at most, that's a very short height even for a girl.
Heightgirl says on 19/Oct/12
Eva looks so small like 4f11 Kourtney Kardashian. I found a pic of her next to 5f1 or 5f2 Kim Kardashian and she looks small like Kourtney. I say she's 4f11 or a bit less. Click Here
Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
menina says on 23/Sep/12
I hear she's definitely not 5'2" Even heard she's 4'9" regardless of her height. It's good to see she has broken the height barrier in Hollywood and proven that short/petite people can be beautiful, glamorous and sexy. I definitely believe she's not 4'9", however less than 5"2" seems more accurate
Hoghead says on 18/Sep/12
Just watched an interview Mario Lopez did with Eva.He was in tennis shoes and she was barefoot. Shes is defiently less than 5'1''
lisa says on 18/Sep/12
kim herself said 5'2.
@ Lisa says on 17/Sep/12
Kim Kardashian is 5'1 Khloe said that.
little sue says on 16/Sep/12
Looks like she is barely 5ft in the pics with Kim
lisa says on 15/Sep/12
kim kardashian is no 5'1. plus, she looks so much closer to the camera, there's no way to tell.
Tila says on 15/Sep/12
I love Eva, but she is no way 5'2. She is about 5 cm shorter than Kim Kardashian, who is 5'1 (156 cm).
Look at these pictures.

Click Here
Click Here
Tila says on 15/Sep/12
I love Eva, but she is NO WAY 5'2. She looks so short.
Look at these pictures, Kim Kardashian is 5'1 (1,56m) and Eva looks about 5 cm shorter.

Click Here
Click Here
Brad says on 20/Aug/12
5 feet flat.
Drewd says on 19/Aug/12
I'm not agree with this 52, I think maybe she is 51, because in these pictures you see with hayden pannetire appear the same height, despite the fact that Eva Longoria is wearing heels a little higher.

Click Here
Sizerman says on 1/Aug/12
5'2 could be very close. From the above pic, super thin, 95 to 105 lb. Teri
Hatcher is listed as 5'6. Eva doesn't appear a half foot shorter than Teri
but I'd say 3 to 4 inches likely. Demi Lovato is listed as 5'3, approx 117
to 120 lb. Lovato looks taller than Eva. Watching Demi and Madison de la
garza perform on vid taken 7/18/2012, Madison appears shorter than Demi
but Demi is in high heals. Madison seems to have got thinner but also
appears to be in the height range of Eva or just a bit shorter. Weightwise,
Madison is still quite a bit heavier than Eva, but she is definitely thicker
boned than Eva.15 to 20 lb heavier than Eva approx. It is unusual for a 10
yearold girl to be larger than a full grown 35 yearold woman, but in honesty,
Eva is built more like a young girl than a full grown woman, but it doesn't
make her unattractive simply because she is very small boned. Some still like
a woman like Demi, with a little more curve, and Madison seems to be headed
more that way as she gets older. Even at 10, it's safe to say madison and even
Demi will always be bigger than Eva, all 3 being healthy simply because of
bone structure.
Heightgirl says on 12/Jun/12
smarti, I think maybe an inch might be hard to tell but two inches would show up to me. If you look at Christina Ricci's page you will find a picture I posted of 5f2 Leah Michelle and 5' Christina standing together and you can tell she is smaller. I wonder if we will ever see Christina and Eva together cause they look the same height to me which is 5' or a bit less.
smarti says on 5/Jun/12
are you all ridiculous? 5'2" and 5'0" is NOT a big difference. I am her size, nearly 5'1" and anyone that is 5'2" or 5'3" even, looks like the same size as me. the only way you can tell who's taller is by standing us back to back and looking at the top of our heads. It really is the same damn height.
Don says on 6/Feb/12
In reply to Mooky, I didn't notice that Madison was that tall. If she is, I have
to agree that she'd have to be at least 30 lb heavier than Eva. Where is that
pic? On the show, Gaby is already afraid to give Juanita discipline. It's funny.
Silent d says on 5/Feb/12
Mooky leave her alone! She is just a kid. 5 foot 1.
mooky says on 1/Feb/12
I saw a pic of Eva with her 10 year old co-star, Madison De la Garza. They are both wearing slippers. They are both the same height!! Madison is actually quite heavier than Eva, I must say. By at least 30-40 lbs!
Mark says on 27/Jan/12
I was surprised to find out how short this woman is! I had always thought she was around 5'5, till I saw her one day at a Spurs game. She is no more than 5'0 with regular shoes on. Her proportions plus here frequent wearing of heels makes her appear well above her actual height.
SIlent d says on 25/Jan/12
Really hot. I'll say 5 foot 1. I don't think she is really really small. Petite but not hayden panettiere petite.

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