How tall is Gabriel Macht ?

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Gabriel Macht's height is 6ft 0in (183 cm)

American Actor from Suits and Grand Theft Parsons. Visitor ivan pointed out him referring (on twitter) to a character he plays on show SUITS: "Harvey gets punched for good reason, 6ft 175lbs" and on another tweet said he was "72 inches"

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grizz says on 14/Jul/15
mId, Patrick is closer to the camera and seems to have thicker footwear than Macht.

I usually downgrade celebrities (bad grizz), but in this case I think Gabriel should be slightly upgraded -he's a case of a strong 6 footer (6'0.25). Maybe, just maybe he drops to 6' flat after intensive training.

So, 6'0.25 ?
VardonKK says on 24/Jun/15
1.84 for Gabriel and 1.82 for Mike
mId says on 24/Jun/15
Taller than this Patrick guy you say.. Hmm?.. Don't know them but it doesn't look it here. Click Here I Think this Gabriel is a lift wearer in some pics/scenes.
cole says on 20/Apr/15
@mike 1.82: At times Gabriel's character has got a bit bigger heel, that's why he can look a little taller, especially when Patrick's character is wearing converse. I don't think there would be much between them, they could be very similar.
mike 1.82 says on 30/Mar/15
i cant understand just saw patrick j adams is listed 1.82 cm and others pages 1.83 cm. He looks 2 cm shorter than gabriel . So gabriel use lifts? our maybe he's 1.84?
mike 1.82 says on 30/Mar/15
i think he is a true 1.83 cm barefoot, patrick j adams loks 1.81cm next to him
Nessy says on 12/Feb/15
6 feet only??
He looks so tall :O
Triplescrew says on 22/Dec/14
Gina Torres (5'10"-ish) looked like a shrimp next to him when not in her 4 inch heels on Suits.
Jed says on 30/Nov/14
I'd give him another half inch. 6'0.5 probably.
cole says on 28/Aug/14
Well he does claim 72 inches, so yeah - an honest 6 footer. But have you seen Love and other drugs, Rob? I don't know how much I would put into those scenes he had with Gyllenhaal, he definitely looked a good inch taller though. Jake looked the same as 5'11 Azaria as well.
But I guess you must have your reasons keeping him at 5'11.5, but I'm often finding it hard to believe.
Fredd says on 27/Aug/14
Hey Rob, how much do you estimate louis litt's height?(aka rick hoffman)
Zach says on 26/Aug/14
He does wear some decent sized heels in Suits...
Max says on 23/Aug/14
Hey rob! How much do make patrick j adams to be?
Max says on 22/Aug/14
Rob! How tall do you think rick hoffman is? He looks ridiculously short in suits and not to tall in anything else, he's listed 5'10 everywhere which i find laughable, how tall do you think he is?
cole says on 4/Jul/14
@Editor Rob: Yeah I guess. Pine doesn't claim any fractions either though. I remeber seeing some shots where Macht looked taller than the 6'0.5 listed Alex O'Loughlin, but he was wearing boots at that event. Maybe he's one to wear more sizeable footwear and that's why he can look taller.
cole says on 1/Jul/14
Rob do you think he could be similar to Chris Pine, claiming 6ft but in reality not caring about the fraction, and would measure 6'0.25, maybe 6'0.5? I haven't seen an awful lot of him, but he just looked too tall compared to Jake Gyllenhaal in 'Sex And Other Drugs' to be only 0.5in taller.
[Editor Rob: he could fall a quarter inch over, always a chance, but he isn't claiming any fractions. An honest six footer.]
Stevie says on 8/Jun/14
After watching the series i thought Patrick J. Adams was 5'8 or 5'9.
cole says on 24/May/14
Patrick J. Adams looks a little shorter due to less footwear most of the time, but I doubt he's a good 3 cm shorter than Macht. He looks 182 cm or so with 192 cm Joel McHale as well, so 5'11.5 looks about right for him.
Michael says on 14/Apr/14
Gabriel Macht looks 1,83 barefoot and Patrick 1,81, with boots 2,5 cm or 4,5 cm lifts Gabriel can 1,86 or 1,87 and Patrick 1,84 - 1,85 in that Suits show. This is the real deal
chrisssss says on 3/Apr/14
Gabriel macht - 184cm
Patrick j adams-182cm
Rick hoffman-172cm(NOT 178CM)
meghan markle-164cm(not 171cm)
chrissss says on 20/Mar/14
slight upgrade needed, really looks the 184cm! a strong 6fter
Freddy says on 14/Feb/14
always had him pegged for just under 6ft, and guys dont try to make him any taller than what he himself claims....he is 182cm in my opinion, good posture slim build and matched clothes make up for the rest
Drew says on 29/Dec/13
On his most popular show, "Suits", he always looked around 4 cm taller than his 181 cm co-star. I'd say at least 184 cm but could pass as 185 cm.
jasperwazup says on 3/Nov/13
He had 2'' on Adrian Grenier in the Adventures of Sebastian Cole. the most Adrian could claim is 5'10.25''
jasperwazup says on 3/Nov/13
Never knew his dad was Stephen Macht. really cool actor as well. He played in the Monster Squad and Graveyard Shift.
Silent d says on 16/Oct/13
184cm. He looks pretty tall next to his costars and his 5 foot 10 wife.
Yaspaa says on 9/Aug/13
He looks too tall next to Gina to be under 6'0, unless his shoes are hiding something.
Triplescrew says on 4/Aug/13
I think 6'0" is accurate. Somewhere between 5'11.25" and 5'10.75" for Mike Ross seems about right as well.
Alex says on 3/Aug/13
close to 185 - Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Jul/13
"Gabriel Macht's height is 6ft 0.5in (184cm)"

Might even be 185cm
Jed says on 13/Jul/13
If Jake Gyllenhal is 5'11.5 Macht has got to be over 6'1. Which he isn't...
Nick says on 19/Jan/13
Looks 6ft. Although his co-star, Patrick. J Adams, on "Suits" looks more like 5'11.25.
AA says on 16/Jan/13
No chance he's less than 6 feet. He looks 6'0.5"
6 ft flat, end of story.
Hew says on 30/Dec/12
He's a boot-wearer, not alift-wearer, but a boot-wearer, it makes him at least 6'1. 5'11.5 or thereabouts is probably right, close enough to claim 6ft.
Joey says on 27/Dec/12
5'11.25 for macht (181cm)

btw jake gyllenhaal aint 5'11.5 lol..5'10 (178cm) at most is his real height actors however and celebs in general even regular people, like to round up their height...some more some less but they always do^^
AA says on 20/Nov/12
Macht - 6' 0.5"
Adams - 5' 11.75"
Anon says on 28/Aug/12
Macht looked 6'0 next to 5'11.5 Jake Gyllenhaal in the movie 'Love and other drugs' Oliver Platt looked 6'1 not 6'3 even though he is 6'3. Camera trickery perhaps? but the guy did always seem to be slouching/lowering his head a lot in the film. It seems a lot of actors get listed 1cm taller than they really are, sometimes 2cm's, which is understandable as people are likely to be measured in the morning or standing shoulders back when their height is recorded. It's reasonable to say Celebheights probably give afternoon/evening height listings for actors which I agree with. I view this as fair.
BigT says on 30/Jul/12
Macht - 183 cm
Adams - 181 cm
jasperwazap says on 28/Jan/12
if Macht say's he's 183cm then his co-star in Suits Patrick J Adams has to be 181cm 5'11.25'' at best

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