How tall is Hillary Rodham Clinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton's Height

5ft 4.5in (164 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 5.5in (166 cm)
American politician and 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate.

How tall is Hillary Rodham Clinton

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truth said on 27/May/16
Bernie Sanders does seem to be at least 5ft10 today, near or at 5ft11 in his youth.
Ginny said on 28/Apr/16
Physical height is of no importance. Hillary Clinton has proved her inner stature when she stayed with Bill Clinton. She honored her vows before God and remained in her marriage. She showed definitive grace under pressure. Many Americans would say she should have divorced him but she learned at an early age that a vow before God should be treasured and kept. Holding her more accountable for her husbands infidelities than holding Donald Trump accountable for his own infidelities is wrong. God holds each person accountable for their own individual sins. Donald Trump tried to woo Meghan Kelly with phone calls and who knows what else before the American public. Meghan Kelly would not be flattered and would not succumb. So he tried to get Fox News to fire. This is the ultimate sexual harassment. He is a married man. This is not the first emotional infidelity. Donald Trump has proven himself in this area. His past and present actions speak loud and well for him in this area. A vote for Donald Trump says the person voting respects and loves only those with money.
Editor Rob: since it's a site about height, I think it's best to stick with the topic.
It will be interesting if she wins and what her first medical gives her...similarly for Trump.
Tony said on 5/Apr/16
Her aide Huma Abedin is quoted in a 4/4/2016 article: 'And it just inspired me. You know, I still remember the look on her face. And its funny, and she would probably be so annoyed that I say this, but I remember thinking; "Oh my God, shes so beautiful and shes so little!"'

Abedin began working as a White House intern for Clinton in 1996 when Clinton was 49.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 1/Apr/16
MD said on 18/Mar/16
@Mathew Robinson,

Even with a slight hump in his back, he was has consistently looked at least as tall as 5'10" Stephen Colbert. And, again, that's with a stoop.


He does look roughly Colbert's height. The tricky thing with older people is sometimes they stoop and can straighten up. But a lot of the time, they really can't straighten up. That's just the shape of their skeleton now. An example would be someone like Clint Eastwood. I'd give Bernie about 5'10" today, maybe he was 5'11", hell maybe even 6'0" years ago!
Mat said on 24/Mar/16
Rob, Steven Colbert provides source that she was measured 5-5: Click Here
Editor Rob: at age 60 5ft 5 is believable, now a bit less, but it is also believable in her 30's she was a bit taller than age 60.
MD said on 18/Mar/16
@Mathew Robinson,

Even with a slight hump in his back, he was has consistently looked at least as tall as 5'10" Stephen Colbert. And, again, that's with a stoop.
TJE said on 17/Mar/16
Nah Bernie today is closer to 5'9 than anything else. I can't buy anything over 5'10.5 peak.
Anonymous1 said on 17/Mar/16
Joe said on 16/Mar/16
I'm sick of people trying to botch her height for political reasons. ones doing that. Her measurements, however, are extremely low. Oh, wait...this is about height, not IQ. Ok, 5'5 ish.
MD said on 17/Mar/16
Except that she's not, so YOU need to get over it.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 16/Mar/16
MD said on 11/Mar/16
lol, 5'8" Bernie? Not even stooped over. And, if he pulled up to his full height he's nearly 5'11". Where are you getting your height from for him?


I think Bernie is like 5'9.5" - 5'10" today. Maybe he was close to 5'11" in his youth, but I don't buy it in '16. But yeah, clearly not as short as 5'8".
Joe said on 16/Mar/16
I'm sick of people trying to botch her height for political reasons. Yes, she is extremely short get over it.
Key said on 14/Mar/16
Sometimes their generous when they list the heights of politicians, but calling someone 5'7", when they max they've ever been is 5'5", now 5'4", is ridiculous.
MD said on 11/Mar/16
lol, 5'8" Bernie? Not even stooped over. And, if he pulled up to his full height he's nearly 5'11". Where are you getting your height from for him?
Matt said on 10/Mar/16
I always find it baffling Hilary's height seems to be all over the place with no conclusive agreement after however many decades of prominence. I remember I used to see the ridiculous 5'8-9 estimates, and then some people claim at the low end she's really 5'2-5'3 in person. I'm not sure how tall Bernie is exactly- it says 5'8 on some internet sources but other people have said he's close to 6' so maybe the 5'8 is underestimating him (how ironic, ha) a bit, but in any case he towers over Hilary, there is no way there's just an inch difference if you're going by what google says they are. My honest opinion is the listing here is probably pretty accurate, Hilary is probably in the average height 5'4-5'5 range.
John said on 7/Mar/16
Are you freaking kidding me? have you seen her next to Bernie Sanders who's 5'8? and she's in heels too
MD said on 18/Feb/16
lol. Martin O'Malley is very clearly a strong 5'11" at the very least. Your perception of height is junk, quite frankly.
Anthony said on 16/Feb/16
There is absolutely no way Hillary Clinton is as tall as she claims to be. I saw her on the stage standing next to Martin O'Malley and he looked like a giant next to her. I have met Martin O'Malley when he was governor of Maryland on multiple occasions and he is a very short thin man. I towered over him and I am 6'1". I believe Hillary Clinton is 5 feet tall, maybe 5' 2" at most.
PetePro said on 13/Feb/16
Re. Hillary Clinton: Anyone stating over 5'6" has no idea about height. Taking into account her seemingly having a large head (she is very brainy), I'd say between 5'4-5".
MD said on 8/Feb/16
Saw her in townhall with 5'10"(ish) Anderson Cooper a week or two ago, and she honestly didn't look that short up against him in some sensible heels. Maybe not as tall as she sometimes get mention, but she's definitely not a short woman, high end of average at least.
N Cannon said on 5/Feb/16
The only thing this issue proves is that when it comes to Hillary Clinton, lies just swarm the area. Yes, she's on the shorter side but not for her age group. She's also my age and face it we're shrinking. Her credibility, or lack of it, had nothing to do with her heighth.
DR said on 23/Jan/16
Hillary claiming to be 5'7" is hilarious. 5'7" Amy Schumer DWARFS her. And even at that, Hillary has on kitten heels and Schumer is in what looks like flat lace up boots (although you can't see them in this pic). Looks a weak 5'4".

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Harrison said on 29/Dec/15
She was 5'4 in 2007, 5'5 in 2008, and now 5'7 in 2015-16.
Bill Clinton is 6'2, and she Just reaches his chin.
I believe she's 5'4 and a half.
Susan said on 11/Nov/15
If you look at the numerous photos of Bill and Hillary online, from when they were young to the present, she is substantially shorter than he is (when she is wearing heels). If Bill is 6'2," which seems about right, there is no way she is any taller than 5'4" -- and that's pushing it.
John said on 1/Oct/15
You can't do much about height, but you can at least get into reasonably decent shape. When Hillary herself is pear-shaped, what shape will the USA be in after she's screwed it up for four or eight years?
Doink said on 29/Sep/15
Click Here

Was 5-5 in 2008 per her campaign.
betty said on 22/Sep/15
If you look at photos of MCCAIN and Hillary she is shorter then him and it says he is 5'7" so she lies about his height too!
aud said on 23/Aug/14
y'all are crazy. I've stood next to McCain and Hillary and at 5'7 I am taller than both of them. I remember immediately phoning my mom after meeting Hillary and remarking how short she was. She couldn't be more than 5'4, tops.
richinkle said on 13/Jul/14
I can't imagine Hillary Clinton is any taller than 5'-5" today. Perhaps as tall as 5'-6" at her peak, but probably shy of that.
Brad said on 19/Jun/14
I should ask her monday, but what a dumb question.
Brad A. said on 11/May/14
Hey Rob, check out these pictures of Hillary with John McCain. I wonder if she might actually be closer to 5'5" if John is thought to be around 5'8" now. In the first picture, Hillary is in low heels and McCain is in dress shoes, both of which may be similar in terms of height added to the wearer.

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[Editor Rob: she could have lost height by this age]
dstok said on 18/Jul/13
My guess is 5'7 or 8. Saw her at NYS Fair and she was at least my height in very low heel shoes and I am 5'8"
ChUcKLeS said on 23/Apr/13
I met her, when I was only 16 years old, I thought that she was short, I was just shy of 6' then. Maybe, with all the plastic surgery they were able to add a few inches to her legs.
Mike S. said on 24/Feb/13
I've stood near the bill clinton hangers on hc and she's quite short, admittedly I'm 6'2" but she was much shorter, rather 5'3ish, maybe 5'4.
ChopShopOwner said on 18/Feb/13
I have stood next to Hillary and say 5'6 is accurate. She is definitely NOT 5'9. Even if not in visible heels she may wear lifts to appear taller at political functions.
manilo said on 6/Jan/13
Hillary clinton is 5'9'' barefoot and 5'11'' in normal woman heels. she looks shorter than this because miss clinton is not thin. but she is a really tall lady. i am 5'10 in shoes and Hillary was clearly taller than me when i met her next to me.
NANCY said on 6/Aug/12
I am 5'7 and when I met Hilary she was MUCH taller than me! AND I was wearing 3 inch heals and she was in flats. My photos confirm it was not my imagination either. I'd guestimate Hillary is between 5'9 - 5'11. Really!
Ras said on 17/Nov/11
Jeremy, yes, he seems to have quite a footwear advantage there, perhaps that picture they posted back then was totally deceiving, I'll go with 6'2" too.
jeremy said on 1/Nov/11
Click Here
looks more like 6ft2
Ras said on 13/Apr/11
Shaun you're right. That Gaddafi's son dude is easily 6 ft 5 if Hilary is 5ft6. But if she is 5ft8.5 as she says she is then that guy must be 6ft7.
Demiere said on 8/Mar/11
Her actual height is 5'8.5 Hillary is a little taller than what you think because Chelsea is 5'11.
manilo said on 16/Jan/11
hillary clinton is 5'11'' tall in heels.i met her and i'm 5'9''.she was in not habitually 6 inch heels,she was awesome taller than me.

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