How tall is Ian Somerhalder ?

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Ian Somerhalder's height is 5ft 9.25in (176 cm)

American actor best known for playing Damon Salvatore on tv series The Vampire Diaries and Boone Carlyle on Lost. In film he can be seen in Rules of Attraction and Pulse. These photos are from 2006 and 2013 (he had about 1/3rd inch thicker shoes than me).

Ian Somerhalder is 5ft 9 and change
5ft 8 Rob/Jenny and Ian
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twocb says on 16/Mar/15
In "lost" he looked 174_176 range .average not tall or short.
Andrea says on 11/Mar/15
I recently "caught" him on tv in Smallville, like 10 years ago and i was surprised because he kinda looked shortish against other people! But he doesn't look under 5'9 with Rob (at least in the more recent picture)... I'm wondering if he really is a guy who would wear lifts, at this point! Is it possible, Rob?
[Editor Rob: I think he has a good posture from seeing him a few times, he certainly could have a little lift at times.]
Silent_D says on 5/Mar/15
chris141 says on 4/Mar/15
he looked 5'9 flat on csi miami
Salman says on 28/Dec/14
Rob, is 5ft 9 flat possible?
[Editor Rob: well unless he had a lift in his boot I would say he was more a fraction over 5ft 9.]
Joe says on 27/Dec/14
@lol93: he looks shorter in bottom pic because his stature isn't straight. He's leaning in a bit which could bring his height down.
lol93 says on 17/Oct/14
In the bottom picture he looks about the same height as Rob,he is wearing a hat also so that can add some height,I really think he is a weak 5'9 somewhere around there
Danny says on 16/Sep/14
In the top picture he looks a solid 5'9.25, whereas the bottom picture he looks closer to 5'8. I would guess that he's about 5'8 without shoes. says on 17/Aug/14
haha his boots are literally about to burst open..he is never without lifts
Nice Try says on 15/Aug/14
Not sure who is wearing bigger heels at 2014 Teen Choice Awards... Ian Somerhalder or Ariana Grande lol

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Nice Try says on 15/Aug/14
May be a bigger lift wearer than Robert Downey jr...
new guy says on 1/Aug/14
Rob I have thick hair like him making people think I look taller. How much height do you think his hair adds
[Editor Rob: I think he always has a bit of volume, like about 0.75in worth of hair.]
Tyler says on 29/Jul/14
5'9 flat !
Dan says on 16/Jul/14
That's about right 5'9. By the way he looks like smallville Tom welling.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 13/May/14
Rob this guy looks like he is 5ft 10.5in in this picture is he wearing timberlands boots to make himself look taller.
[Editor Rob: He looked around 5ft 9.5 range to me, but a bit thicker footwear...of course he has thicker hairstyle than me which adds another fraction!

Natasha says on 11/May/14
Rob, out of curiosity what was he like when you met him? I've seem him in interviews and he seems like a really nice guy.
[Editor Rob: he is a nice guy, kind of relaxed]
Natasha says on 11/May/14
Actually he could possibly be 5'10" flat. Looks pretty much the same height as Paul Wesley.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 26/Mar/14
Rob is there a chance he is a 5ft 9in flat he is clearly a strong 5ft 9in guy he doesn't drop below that.
[Editor Rob: it depends whether he is a guy who puts a little lift in his footwear, but 176 is probably a fair shout.]
chrissss says on 8/Mar/14
every guy on tvd wears some serious lifts
Freddy says on 15/Feb/14
considering the boots ian usually wears, I'd say he is barely 5'9....and a weak 5'10 for paul wesley

average height for americans I guess
Mr. R says on 15/Feb/14
Bran says on 7/Feb/14
Maybe Latifah changed because she was going to be dancing, not so easy in 3 inch heels,?

Actually Latifah danced in heels with Cameron Diaz. After Cameron's segment, Latifah had changed into the sneakers she had on to dance with Ian. CLEARLY, Latifah had to switch shoes so that she did not dwarf Ian.
richkid123 says on 14/Feb/14
I saw him at Wb last year. I remember thinking he was REALLY goodlooking. He looked 5'9"-5'10"
James says on 10/Feb/14
Oh so you recognized me hahaha
[Editor Rob: it's simpler for me to talk to one name. Ultimately it isn't a big deal, because if I have time to answer I will, but I like to speak to the same moniker ;)]
James says on 9/Feb/14
Hi Rob, is there any stretching exercices that can make me grow taller? (Even 1cm would great, because I'm 173cm and I want to be like 174-176). And I will be 18 on March 2014.
[Editor Rob: it's easier to use original name on here like Mike ;)

if you are over 25 it becomes hard...have we seen any celebrities who look as though they have grown 1 or 2 inches after that age? While it isn't impossible it is very hard and although the height guru guy has his videos with volunteer growth they aren't 25 year olds but under 20. There is the Agrow bics gym program...but I haven't read anybody apart from a few journalists who have tried it - one claimed to gain height...]
Bran says on 7/Feb/14
Maybe Latifah changed because she was going to be dancing, not so easy in 3 inch heels,?
dmeyer says on 5/Feb/14
Looks legit 177cm minus 1cm footwear 176cm maybe He had no lifts
Mr. R says on 26/Jan/14
Mr. R says on 23/Jan/14
Rob, can you add the video from The Queen Latifah Show the other day that shows QL wearing heels with Cameron Diaz, but switching to sneakers later when Ian comes on? He is wearing thick boots. My guess is Ian is closer to 5-8.
[Editor Rob: he'd only be 5ft 8 if he was wearing a noticeable 3cm lift in his boots...I didn't think they looked bulging

Clip of Latifah show]

Thanks Rob. I will try to get the Cameron Diaz video up for that same show. Latifah changed from her 3 inch heels to these sneakers when Ian came on.
Mr. R says on 23/Jan/14
Rob, can you add the video from The Queen Latifah Show the other day that shows QL wearing heels with Cameron Diaz, but switching to sneakers later when Ian comes on? He is wearing thick boots. My guess is Ian is closer to 5-8.
[Editor Rob: he'd only be 5ft 8 if he was wearing a noticeable 3cm lift in his boots...I didn't think they looked bulging

Clip of Latifah show]
Adamz says on 23/Jan/14
I am 173cm afternoon height. o gawd i wish i was 176/7 so i could appear average! Rob, do you think being 176cm instead of 173cm makes the difference of a typical american white guy appearing avg versus short?? Please reply!
[Editor Rob: an extra 3cm might not seem as much, but if you think about it - from your eyes you are now nearly looking eye to eye with 177-8 guys. At 176 you also then feel 3cm taller than all those 172/3 guys and now 5-6cm taller than the 170-1 guys]
Mr. R says on 22/Jan/14
The other day, Ian was on Queen Latifah's talk show. But first, she had on Cameron Diaz, listed here as 5-8. When QL and Cameron did a dance skit, they both had on huge heels which were at least two inches. When Ian came on, I noticed that QL had changed into sneakers, and Ian came out with big heeled boots/shoes. When they did the dance skit, they were almost the same height.

THIS is why you cannot trust what you see when comparing heights. QL changed her shoes to accommodate Ian's relative shortness. If you cannot see the shoes or the floor, your perspective will be altered.

Comments Rob?
[Editor Rob: I always look at shoes myself when I see a celebrity as what's an estimate without knowing if there's any footwear difference (especially women)'s rare I don't have a decent idea.

Ian definitely can look taller at times...he looked a bit taller than I remembered from 2006, but then maybe all that working out and toning himself helped make him a fraction taller, either that or his boots help at times!]
SAMMY DERRICK says on 16/Jan/14
truth says on 5/Jan/14
he is 35???? would have guessed 25-30
Mike says on 3/Jan/14
Hi Rob, what is your and Jenny's morning height?
[Editor Rob: last time I checked mine I was in the 5ft 8.75 zone, but have been nearly 5ft 9 aswell - Jenny used to be 5ft 9 out of bed but I've not checked hers for a long time.]
Joe says on 29/Dec/13
Hi Rob, I have a question : do you think that weight training can stop growth?
PS : I'm 17 and 5'8 (173,1 cm ~).
[Editor Rob: doing some weights can certainly improve your physique and posture, but making you stop growth? I doubt that, exercise can help with growth hormone's when you start overdoing weights and trying to lift big using back that might end up doing some damage to your discs.]
Sarah says on 25/Dec/13
He seems to be about 5'9", but why does he look so much taller in the top pic?
[Editor Rob: bigger boots]
Gambit says on 16/Dec/13
Great pictures, Rob. Seems like a nice guy, for his fans too. Or am I mistaken?
[Editor Rob: yeah he's a cool guy]
Sam says on 7/Dec/13
Rob, did he recognize you when he saw you in 2013? =)
[Editor Rob: nah, you need to leave a lasting impression for someone to remember you, I don't think I would!] says on 5/Dec/13
Josh,thats exactly how i see it..the lifts are in his boots obviously
Josh says on 29/Nov/13
5'8 without lifts 5'10 with lifts
Balrog says on 19/Nov/13
Yeah and Wesley appears 177cm next to Rob and also Welling did towered him.
MD says on 23/Oct/13
What I don't get is how Paul Wesley is listed nearly an inch taller than Ian, when the height difference between the two is negigible.
Randy says on 22/Oct/13
Rob dont you think that ian's wearing lifts all the time to look taller?
[Editor Rob: it's hard to say, but certainly not big ones, putting 1/2 or 3/4 inch lift into boots and making it seem natural is easier than trying to put 1.25-1.5 inch lifts]
Nick says on 21/Oct/13
Ian somerhalder is a great looking guy we all know this. with regards to his height, he is no more than 5'7 to a strong 5'8. he wears lifts, this much is obvious, if I were 5'9 and standing next to a 5'5 nina dobrev then I would tower over her by 4 inches. However judging from some of the pictures on this site, he clearly doesn't.
SAM1010 says on 12/Oct/13
Hi Rob. I'm 5 ft 8 and I'm 17. My doctor said I'm gonna be 5 ft 9/5 ft 9.25. Do you think it's possible?
[Editor Rob: there's still a chance, best just getting on with life, not measuring for a year, eating well, sleeping and doing a bit of exercise - that's my advice to most youngsters.]
Samuel says on 9/Oct/13
rob(irrelevant) is it possible for a man to grow taller after 18 years old ?
[Editor Rob: still possible for a proportion to grow noticeabley (half inch or more) between 18 and 21, but it's a smaller amount]
Tim says on 14/Aug/13
Zac Efron?
Balrog says on 13/Aug/13
Well, I didn't considered that, you might be right but still think he could be a guy who wants a boost (a small one) on his shoes.
Pinocchio says on 13/Aug/13
Some of you write that he was a model so he should have been taller but he was modelling only when he was a child.
Balrog says on 13/Aug/13
Rob, was he listed under this? To me he looks like a solid 5'9" who wears boots a lot but after your comment below now I'm sure he's a lift wearer. I mean he didn't grown in the last seven years so why in 2006 he gave you a 175-6cm impression and now he looks closer to 5'10"?
[Editor Rob: he's been on 176 for a while and was 175 for a few years. He naturally looked a bit taller as he had a bit thicker footwear and maybe workouts over the years have helped his posture/height a little?.

It's easy to have a small lift in a boot and not be able to tell, just a wee 1cm boost.] says on 1/Aug/13
i think even a 5'8 guy could appear in the 5'9-5'10 range.. and his boots are usually big
lol93 says on 31/Jul/13
Its not only posture that makes him taller than this listing,but also lifts
Bran says on 27/Jul/13
He does appear to look around his 177cm listing, its weird after watching the Vampire Diaries I assumed Ian was close to 6ft, it just shows how big apart posture plays in the image we portray of people's heights.
Step92 says on 26/Jul/13
1,76-1,77 no more.
truth179cm says on 1/Jul/13
Rob (off topic, but still have to insist) what about Cerina Vincent?
[Editor Rob: yes, very fit!]
Linebacker28 says on 1/Jul/13
Yeah, a good 5'9"er is on the target for this fellow. Looked it in comparison to Welling in Smallville and in these pics, especially the recent one.

Just a side note, if he were 3-5" taller, he'd make a great Bruce Wayne/Batman. No doubt he's got the looks for it!
jim says on 25/Jun/13
rob i think 5'9.5(177cm) is fine
matheuscore says on 25/Jun/13
People here still doubt that ian wear lifts ?

In the second pic he is wearing a lift, no doubt, see the first pic.


Rob, is a off topic question but, which is the most beautiful men/woman that you have seen ? you would met so many models and actors...

Ian is very good looking too personaly ?
[Editor Rob: ian (when not wearing a hat) and jensen are very good looking men, women off top of head I think karen gillan, elyse levesque, christina hendricks, maggie grace are some I thought looked very attractive.]
cole says on 24/Jun/13
175-176 is right.
matheuscore says on 20/Jun/13
In new pic he looks 5'10.
I think that ian is wearing a small lift

I think that he is 174 or 175.
KJK says on 19/Jun/13
Ian easily look at least 5-9 in the new pic with Rob. The current listing seems good.
Milo says on 18/Jun/13
Take away his hair and shoe advantage and he doesn't look over 1.76m.
Balrog says on 17/Jun/13
Rob I'd say he's for sure wearing a small lift because he's approaching 5'10'' on the recent pic.
satchy says on 17/Jun/13
maybe he had some hidden insoles as well, on the first photo he does looks close to your height, but on the recent one he looks exactly 2 inches taller, which is weird, he couldn't have grown an inch since then, could he. btw its good to see you together again and you look kinda sad Rob, probably starstruck :)
[Editor Rob: photographer was very fast so before I think 'smile' it snapped :)]
Lo sgozzatore says on 17/Jun/13
He actually look closer to 5'10 than 5'9 in the new pic. You met pther celebs, Rob?
lol93 says on 17/Jun/13
Ok I never thought I would say this but think Ian Somerhalder might be wearing some small lifts
Kyle says on 15/Jun/13
Rob he looks same height as you
[Editor Rob: really no chance.

I saw him again literally this week and he appeared no shorter than 177cm range, got another photo to show this! I had a good look at him and with thicker footwear than me (about 1/3rd inch, but no more than that) Ian managed to pull off looking nearer to 5ft 10 than any case, he definitely looked taller to me than he did 7 years ago and was still - according to ladies who were with me of course - as good looking in person.

Is he a kind of guy who might wear a small lift? Hard to tell, slipping a half inch lift is easy to do without giving it away to people...

If he had no small lift I'd say he could be nearer to 5ft 9.5 than you'd think.] says on 8/Jun/13
its so obvious...
superman says on 6/Jun/13
if your 5'8 rob he looks .5 to 1 inch shorter than you so how can he be 5'9 when he doesnt look as tall as you, or maybe just the same height as you 5'8.
Nety W says on 27/May/13
That is a really handsome white guy, and I still think he is taller than you Rob. He is at a leaning level and he is still of pretty good height over you. I say he is 5' 11 or 5'11 and a half.
Ash says on 15/Apr/13
Crazy how much his height can seemingly fluctuate! Pictured here with 5'10" Paul Wesley Click Here
Matheuscore says on 1/Apr/13
He wears lift.

This pic reveals this fact

Click Here

Obama is 6'1 and ian is in exact height as him.

He use lifts and big heels
Matheuscore says on 31/Mar/13
If you are 173 rob, no way that ian is pure 5'9.

He could be 174 but no way 175.
Matheuscore says on 29/Mar/13
Rob, are you 173 or 174cm ?
[Editor Rob: 173, I'm only 174 much earlier in the day and drop to 173 by lunchtime]
Matheuscore says on 24/Mar/13
I doesn't look 5'9 and doesn't look 5'8.

I think he is 174 (5'8.5)
Craig 176 says on 21/Mar/13
Ian's 176, quality! Same height as me, maybe I can become a hunk afterall.
lol93 says on 21/Mar/13
He is not under 174 cm for sure says on 16/Mar/13
5'6 no way. but i bet he is about 5'8.
I met Ian says on 8/Feb/13
He is around 5'6. I was shocked when I met him because he looks 6 foot on tv! If Rob is 5'8, look at where Ians head would come to under the hat. And who cares how tall he is. He is so amazingly gorgeous, height is WAY OVER RATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
being real says on 6/Feb/13
Matheuscore says on 27/Jan/13
Rob, you seen the footwear of him ? him appeared using lifts ?
[Editor Rob: hard to tell when jeans cover a lot of shoe, but that day he had normal looking heels.]
Balrog says on 27/Jan/13
Rob you think Ian could be 5'8'' range? The pic next to you isn't the best way to tell because he's leaning but if you said he's a good 5'9er I believe you.
[Editor Rob: he didn't look 5ft 8, he looked 5ft 9 range...]
anthony watts says on 26/Jan/13
great analysis vendetta an average 173cm (5'8) fits perfect for such an average guy. if people think thats short well then obviously we have some very judgemental jealous human beings here, the average man worldwide reaches 172cm and with this mans high physical attraction i would say he's a 6 footer in the eyes of many women and tv/film casters. Thank you rob for a great picture.
vendetta says on 25/Jan/13
Not to sound weird or anything but if you look ar where ians chest height ends and get a slight idea of where robs would then we're looking at about the same level if we drop robs shoulders thus giving robs right and ians left shoulders the same height and obviously as you all can see ians right is on a slight angle and robs is raised so we cant determine them, now move onto ians chin and nose level, if rob gets in line with them we have the same if not a higher rob. A legit good 173 barefoot and 175 public height fits perfectly for mr somerhalder. Good on you for being modest though mr paul.
vendetta says on 25/Jan/13
Not to sound weird or anything but if you look ar where ians chest height ends and get a slight idea of where robs would then we're looking at about the same level if we drop robs shoulders thus giving robs right and ians left shoulders the same height and obviously as you all can see ians right is on a slight angle and robs is raised so we cant determine them, now move onto ians chin and nose level, if rob gets in line with them we have the same if not a higher rob. A legit good 173 barefoot and 175 public height fits perfectly for mr somerhalder. Good on you for being modest though mr paul.
Matheuscore says on 25/Jan/13

Its because him was using big heels (own rob say it) and lifts.

Ian is 5'8.
Balrog says on 24/Jan/13
I doubt the guy is shorter than 174 cm, I mean if Rob met him I don't think he would be that wrong. says on 19/Jan/13
a picture with ian and zac efron would be really useful here...that would explain whether he is 5'8 or 5'9.
MrX says on 14/Jan/13
I Think he is 176 out of bed, in the afternoon 174.6-7. what do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: i think 5ft 9 range is what he looks, I don't think he'd drop below it.]
Balrog says on 14/Jan/13
Well he wears heeled boots but lifts I'm not sure. The shredder could you post some pics of him next to Sandler?
Hew says on 14/Jan/13
5'8.25 - 5'8.75 range.
lol93 says on 12/Jan/13
176 out of bed
Matheuscore says on 11/Jan/13
Jared (175cm [5'9] ) is taller than him too.

Click Here

Ian is a true 5'8. Every height over and down 5'8 is a joke for him.

Him almost always use big heel and lifts as you can see in the picture below.

Click Here
Matheuscore says on 10/Jan/13
Click Here

With 5'5 nina dobrev.

He use lifts and big boots.

Ian is max 5'8.
Balrog says on 7/Jan/13
Agree with the listing, a proper 5'9'' guy. I don't think he wears lifts, he does wears boots a lot so he could pass for 5'10''-5'11''
No way again! says on 6/Jan/13
@ B Well, some smaller model agencies tend to lower their standards when they're short (:-D) on people.
B says on 10/Dec/12
@No way..i thought male models had to be a minimum of 180cm/5'11 ? At least the ones here in Australia require it
Yaspaa says on 4/Dec/12
The picture proves nothing, it's just one shot with the guy leaning in, Rob says he looks a good 5'9er. I seem to remember mark Wahlberg being a model for Calvin Klein, and that guy ain't 6'1. And who said he was a supermodel? says on 24/Nov/12
I am sure Ian needs a downgrade... even the picture proves he is not his listed height. He is an average guy but definitely not 176. Anyone else agree?
No way says on 23/Nov/12
@ jase: Theres no way he can be a proffesional model. Maybe a commercial model, but male supermodels have to be at least 185cm. If you don't believe me go check the website of any big model company. You won't find anyone below 185cm. Cheers!
Matheuscore says on 21/Nov/12
He have 173cm. says on 28/Oct/12
he is clearly shorter than jared. 175 with shoes on,173 on foot.
RobertAntonio says on 24/Oct/12
Ian with 5 ft 9 listed Jared Leto.
Jared Letoīs Celebheights page:
Click Here
We canīt see footwear, thought

Click Here
balrog says on 22/Oct/12
He does look a legit 5'9'' guy.
satchy says on 14/Sep/12
176 lol...174on the nose
Silent d says on 14/Sep/12
I was surprised how short he was. When i saw him at the kids choice award, he looked barely 5 foot 9. I always thought he was a 6 footer. 5 foot 9.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 6/Sep/12
Seriously Rob, he looks shorter than you in this pic, it's his hat that adds quite a bit of height.
tralalalals says on 12/Jun/12
delete his hat from picture so he is even smaller than if they stands straight they are pretty much same height + Ians lifts.. this guy is no more than 5ft 8
Peyman(182.3cm-184.2cm) says on 14/Feb/12
on lost he seemed 173-174cm , at least I saw that I thought he is a weak inch shorter than Maggie Grace but to be fair he is taller than her for 1cm
Dan says on 12/Feb/12
@Balthier says on 16/Dec/11
Re: "Dan says on 19/Aug/11
i agree with you Bella, he could be anywhere between 5'9 and 5'10,"

You mean you wish he was! =)

i don't wish anything, so no i don't wish he was, i think he is, and if you don't that is your thought, not mine. no wishing is going on here
karl says on 7/Feb/12
5'10 for that guy seem fair
jase says on 6/Feb/12
How much can his boots give anyways? Max would prolly be around 2 inches I think. Highly doubt it goes beyond that. If you notice his footwear and his stance, you can see him leaning akwardly at times. As a lift wearer, I have seen pics of myself in akward poses as well as opposed to standing straight.
lol93 says on 2/Feb/12
he wears big boots but not lifts !weak 5'9 with rob i cant see an inch dereference here
tallone06 says on 30/Jan/12
maybe a stupid question, but why don't u just ask him?? I mean I have read at least two times: I've met him! so why not ask him??

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