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James Arness's height is 6ft 7in (201 cm)

American actor best known for roles in TV shows Gunsmoke, How the West Was Won and films such as Big Jim McLain, Island in the Sky, The Sea Chase, Hondo, Gun the Man Down, Horizons West, Carbine Williams, Hellgate and Her Twelve Men. In the 1970's he said "I'm 6-6 and weigh 225 pounds", although he also said in 2005, "I was 6 feet 7 when I started and I've shrunk up a little bit. I'm probably 6-5 or so now. But up here at 82 I feel pretty good"

James Arness
James Arness

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Shadow2 said on 24/Aug/15
Yes Sam, if you look at the height of typical basketballers and certain other athletes of today. But it was Jim's perserverance (and good luck getting friendly with John Wayne), along with his natural amiable personality, obvious in early roles, that led to his acting success despite towering over most of his co-stars.
Sam said on 21/Aug/15
So, considering the generation he came from, would Arness have been roughly the equivalent of a 6'10"-6'11" man from today?
Shadow2 said on 20/Aug/15
VC, good to see there's now a Jeff Chandler page on this site.
VC said on 16/Aug/15
Shadow2, my favourite is Clint Walker because he is both tall and imposing and my next favourite is James Arness because Gunsmoke has great cast and plots so no wonder they lasted for two decades and later followed by 5 stupendous movies. Too bad, Clint was never a guest star on Gunsmoke. Otherwise, it would be an unforgettable episode with two amiable giants together upholding justice in Dodge.
Shadow2 said on 13/Aug/15
VC, my favourite is of course Jim Arness, who started off at 6' 7" but was closer to 6' 6" later in his career, possibly due to his leg injury in WW2. Many of us enjoyed Jim's blog on his website in the years before he died, he was so humble and friendly to everyone and just a true gentleman, just like we all expected.
VC said on 11/Aug/15
Shadow2, thanks for reminding me of Liam Neeson because I like all his recent movies due to the gritty parts he portrayed. Liam also reminded me of a current "Dirty Harry". Other than that, I can't think of any current tall leading men. Who is your favorite 6'6" actor?
Shadow2 said on 9/Aug/15
VC, we should be pleased that Liam Neeson at 6' 4" has been playing action heroes recently, he's a current day version of Jeff Chandler who stood up well to Jim Arness in those early movies (including the 1951 boxing film "Iron Man"). Some other 6' 6" guys to mention are Fred Dalton Thompson, the politician and occasional actor, and Esther Williams' second husband Ben Gage, an actor/singer who did non-speaking cameos in some of her films.
VC said on 7/Aug/15
Shadow2,you are right on the dot because nowadays is an average-height guy business in the movies. Too bad for Brad, he is tall but weak in character so most action parts ain't suitable for him. Do you have anymore info for tall guys? Meanwhile, I am watching the "Walking Tall" films with Big Bo. I prefer him than shorter Joe Don Baker. It was a mistake that Brian Dennehy was cast as Buford. The real Buford was a large man; he stood 6'6".
Shadow2 said on 6/Aug/15
VC, you raise a very good point, and particularly where biographies are concerned. Thank goodness they got Ben Affleck (6' 2" range) to portray George Reeves in "Hollywoodland" rather than a much smaller guy like Tom Cruise or Robert Downey Jr. Perhaps Brad Garrett would be one of the only actors truly elegible today to play Jim or Clint, or their famous TV characters, in bios or remakes. At the very least he would make a great Don Megowan!
VC said on 4/Aug/15
Shadow2, too many shorter stars today such as Daniel Craig,Tom Cruise and many more whom are playing remakes of old movies whom starred by many taller actors. So just continue to enjoy Jim, Clint and the rest of the tall guys of yesteryears films. I assumed Hollywood isn't keen on tall men these days. Perhaps, big guys are cast for villians.
VC said on 3/Aug/15
Shadow2,strange, many of today's celebrities are under 6'. Perhaps, demand for big & tall guys are over. I recalled watching many taller leading actors between 50's and 80's.Too bad that no current actors could equal Jim or Clint and the rest of the tall guys. Just imagine,Hollywood remakes whereby a "small" chap playing either Matt Dillon or Cheyenne Bodie. That is atrocity. I missed those big guys on the Tele.
Shadow2 said on 30/Jul/15
VC, I fully agree that either Clint or Rock would have made a great "Superman". This is not to detract from the wonderful George Reeves as the man of steel on TV in the 1950's. But George at 6' 1" (maybe nearer 6' 2" in the super boots) looked a bit short alongside guest stars Chuck Connors and Buddy Baer in a couple of the episodes. Referring to "McLain's Law", Jim Arness, then almost sixty, may have been an even 6' 6" by then, playing a no-nonsense, world weary cop with a bit less patience than Matt Dillon.
VC said on 28/Jul/15
Shadow2,I recalled an article quoted by Clint Walker that adventure roles are great for him due to his size and height. So, too bad that Clint was not cast as "Superman" because he is just perfect for the role. Another actor would be suitable and he is Rock Hudson. As for James Arness, he would be super in cop shows. I remembered his detective series "McClain's Law". His co-star, Marshall Colt was a tall fellow too, he is 6'4".
Shadow2 said on 25/Jul/15
VC, no, just a bit over 6', so really look up to those 6' 6" guys. From about their height and beyond it is very hard for actors to get work as leading men. 6' 5" seems to be the threshold. However Jim Arness, Fess Parker, Chuck Connors, Clint Walker, Bo Svenson, Fred Dryer, James Cromwell, and Ken Howard are the exceptions. Alan Napier, Don Megowan, Roger Ewing, Roger Torrey, Buddy Baer, Mike Lane, Richard Kiel, and Ted Cassidy were relegated to supporting roles. Just a few more tall actors from 1960's, 70's, and 80's TV and movies are Hugh Gillin (6' 6"), Dr Milt Kogan (part time actor and LA MD, about 6' 5.5" but only admits to 6' 4"), Herman Poppe (a Gunsmoke regular, about 6' 5.5" but only admits to 6' 4"), and Pat McCormick (about 6' 7", from the Burt Reynolds' comedy films).
VC said on 23/Jul/15
Shadow2, your knowledge of 6'6" actors are both vast and impressive. I assumed you are a tall gent yourself. As for me, I am a big fan of 6'6" heroes bec they always rescues the damsel in distress, towers everybody, intimidate the villians and in return, the bad guys have to be big and scary too in order to even the odds.
Shadow2 said on 22/Jul/15
VC, Michael Lane (aka Mike Lane) mostly did TV, an ex boxer/wrestler who often played a handsome version of 6' 5" classic movie "heavy" (muscled stand-over henchman) Mike Mazurki. I'm very familiar with Ken Howard's work. Generally he portrayed characters that did not use their size to intimidate others, a "friendly" 6' 6", similar to Jim Arness's TV roles.
VC said on 21/Jul/15
Shadow2, I don't know Michael Lane but I will look out for his films. Ken Howard did appear much on TV or film and he was in a Bonanza episode(26th Grave). He towered most of the cast. Forrest Tucker stood beside Bo Svenson in Walking Tall:Final Chapter and he was shorter than Bo.
Shadow2 said on 20/Jul/15
VC, your description of Rod (at 6' 5") appearing taller than Forrest seems to be more evidence that Forrest was indeed 6' 4". In 1948's "Two Guys from Texas" Forrest played a self described 6' 6" cowboy, wearing thick heeled boots that would accentuate his real 6' 4" height. His co-stars were the regular Warners' team of 6' 2" Jack Carson and "occasional" 6' 2" Dennis Morgan (just 6' 1" in his other movies without Jack). 6' 1" character actors Fred Clark and Gerald Mohr also appeared.
VC said on 16/Jul/15
Shadow2,another western classic (The Plunderers)in 1948 starring Rod and Forrest. I guessed those days, not many tall actors so they appeared together in several fims. Mostly, Rod plays the good guy while Forrest played the heavy. Rod looks taller in most scenes.
Shadow2 said on 16/Jul/15
Michael Lane (at 6' 6") was another very tall supporting actor in the 50's, 60's, and 70's. He first became noticed in Humphrey Bogart's final film "The Harder They Fall" where he played a huge 6' 8" immigrant boxer (using special boots to lift his normal height). Lane appeared in one of the final "Gunsmoke" episodes but never did a scene with Jim. Forrest Tucker did several "Gunsmoke" appearances but seemed no taller than a strong 6' 4" alongside Jim. I don't remember if 6' 6" Ken Howard ever did the show.
VC said on 16/Jul/15
Shadow2, thanks for the info. I'll check out the monster classics later.
VC said on 16/Jul/15
Another tall gent that I recalled, Ken Howard is 6'6".
Shadow2 said on 15/Jul/15
VC, I completely agree, Rod Cameron looked like Don Megowan's twin brother! Also apologies for a major error in my previous post. The third and final Creature from the Black Lagoon movie I referred to was actually "The Creature walks among Us", not "Revenge of the Creature" (the No 2 movie). All three of these films had 6' 5" or taller actors playing the Creature on land, with the underwater scenes played by the much smaller Ricou Browning who later worked on TV's "Sea Hunt" and "Flipper".
VC said on 15/Jul/15
Shadow2,Forrest Tucker(6'5")was with Rod in a 1953 "San Antone" western film. They stood together and fought too. Sometimes,they looked similar and some scenes,Rod seemed taller. Anyway, check it out.
VC said on 15/Jul/15
Shadow2, forget about it because I've found the tall actor that I mentioned earlier. He is Rod Cameron and he was 6'5". He reminds me of Don Megowan.
VC said on 15/Jul/15
Shadow2, I will check out these 2 classics monster-mash. I forgot his name but he stood six feet six and he starred in several westerns back in the 50's and 60's. Perhaps, you can help me out on that.
Shadow2 said on 15/Jul/15
VC (and others interestd in Jim on this page), both Jim and his occasional co-star/"adversary" 6' 6" Don Megowan both did a similar role in their early careers, that of playing the title monster in a famous science fiction movie of the 1950's. Jim was "The Thing from Another World" in the 1951 film, and Don was the (land based version) of the Creature from the Black Lagoon in 1956's "Revenge of the Creature". In this final film of the trilogy, the Creature is captured and surgically mutated into a sort of Frankenstein monster. Don's height, muscle, and sheer bulk were needed to make the Creature tower over a mostly tall cast led by 6' 3" Rex Reason, 6' 2" Gregg Palmer (later a regular villain on "Gunsmoke" with Jim), and 6' 1.5" Jeff Morrow.
VC said on 13/Jul/15
Shadow2, thanks for your input. I guessed not many actors could equalled Jim's height. Speaking of tall actors, not many whom are 6'6"-6'7" leading men today. So far, Hollywood has several considerable tall guys such as Chris Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson but they are not even close to Jim's height. Therefore, I just continue to watch reruns of yesterday's tele or watch some classic westerns.
Shadow2 said on 10/Jul/15
VC, as already mentioned, various actors have equalled Jim's height in "Gunsmoke" but I'm not aware of any that were actually taller (Richard Kiel and Ted Cassidy didn't appear, although they both did episodes of "Daniel Boone" with Fess). Chuck Connors and Buddy Baer had to wear thick heeled boots (lifts) to appear slightly taller than Jim for their particular "Gunsmoke" appearances playing town bullies. By the time of "How the West was Won", Jim may have been starting to lose some height, i.e. in his scenes with 6' 5.5" Michael Conrad. And also later in his detective series "McLain's Law".
VC said on 10/Jul/15
Shadow2, that's a good one! So have you seen anyone taller than Jim in "Gunsmoke"? Besides, 2 actors were taller than Jim in "How the West was Won" tv series. These 2 guys were Richard Moll and Ben Davidson,both(6'8").
Shadow2 said on 6/Jul/15
VC, further to Jim Arness and Jeff Chandler, they also both appeared together in a low budget crime movie "Roses are Red" from 1947 (available on-line). When Jim arrests Jeff, he (Jim) says to him "hold on there shorty!". This humourous line refers to Jeff playing a very tall and arrogant thug who finally meets his match in the even taller and more intimidating Jim. Minor acting roles for both these future stars.
VC said on 5/Jul/15
Shadow2, thanks again for the info because I won't know who is who because there are so many episodes and tv series back in the 60's, 70's and 80's with tall protagonist and guest stars. I will check out the input and I come from Hogan era too but I followed him all thro his retirement days at WCW whom he was wrestling beside Kevin Nash who was billed at 6'10" but actually 6'6"-6'7".
Shadow2 said on 3/Jul/15
VC, the "Gunsmoke" episode I referred to is "The Fourth Victim" from late 1974. It is above average, a serial killer murder mystery almost like a "western film noir". The very tall guys appear right near the end. I'm quite familiar with the work of Bo Svenson and Fred Dryer. One of Bo's early guest roles was in "The Virginian" as a young deputy (similar to "Thad" in "Gunsmoke") who towers over 6' 3" sheriff Tom Tryon. I'm not familiar with Kevin Nash, I come from the Hulk Hogan wrestling era!
VC said on 2/Jul/15
Shadow2, thanks alot for the input. I really appreciate it very much. I will check out the final seasons of Gunsmoke and look out for those tall cast. It looks like you are well-versed with Gunsmoke so are you familiar with other tall actors/celebrities such as Bo Svenson, Fred Dryer and Kevin Nash? These guys are somewhat between 6'5"-6'7".
Shadow2 said on 30/Jun/15
VC, I haven't seen "Cheyenne" for decades but know "Gunsmoke" fairly well. Dennis Weaver (6' 2") and Roger Ewing (6' 5.5") were regulars at different times with Jim. Other regulars Burt Reynolds, Ken Curtis, and Buck Taylor were only "six footers" in their cowboy boots. Re. "Gunsmoke" guest stars, apart from Chuck Connors (6' 5.5"), Buddy Baer (6' 7"), Don Megowan (6' 6"), and Roger Torrey (6' 6"), I remember Mickey Morton (6' 7") and also Ben Bates (6' 7"). The latter actor appeared in one of the final season episodes where two very tall townsfolk are called in to impersonate Jim ("Matt Dillon") in order to distract a sniper from killing him. At the very end of the show there is a long shot where Jim thanks the two men who seem at least his height.
VC said on 27/Jun/15
Shadow2, do you know how many tall actors were regulars on "Cheyenne" and "Gunsmoke"? And how many guest stars were taller than Clint or Jim in their series?
Sam said on 25/Jun/15
Jeff Chandler could look only a fraction taller (0.25-0.5 in or the same) than Jimmy Stewart in Broken Arrow, although you could argue Stewart was more in the 6'3" to 6'4" range than a flat 6'3" and Stewart probably wore bigger heeled cowboy boots against Chandler's "Indian moccasins" or whatever he was wearing.
Shadow2 said on 24/Jun/15
VC, Jeff had "very short" friends too, such as Sammy Davis Jnr. What a shame Jeff died during emergency surgery at only 42, he would have had an even bigger career in the 1960's and beyond. I first remember seeing him in "The Lady takes a Flyer" and was surprised to observe a lead actor almost as tall as Chuck Connors. For a change Chuck is just one of the boys rather than typically dominating the scene with his height. Rob, bring on the Jeff Chandler page!
VC said on 23/Jun/15
Shadow2,speaking of Jeff Chandler, I came across an old story of Jeff and Clint Walker goes back a long way as buddies (on/off screen). They used to go on hunting trips together. What an awesome pair, Jeff was 6'4 & Clint is almost 6'6". Their physical stature were almost equally matched. Unfortunately, Jeff was poisoned by a jellyfish while making a movie.
Shadow2 said on 23/Jun/15
VC, here are some more: Jim Arness, Rock Hudson, and 6' 4" Jeff Chandler in 1951's "Iron Man". Jim, Rock, 6' 4" Robert Ryan, 6' 2" Dennis Weaver, and 6' 1.5" Raymond Burr in 1952's "Horizons West". Jeff Chandler with 6' 6" Fess Parker and Don Megowan in 1959's "The Jayhawkers, along with 6' 2" Henry Silva and Leo Gordon playing the "short guys" for a change. Hey Rob, what about a long overdue page for Jeff Chandler who was a major Hollywood action star and leading man in the 1950's. At 6' 4" Jeff stood tall alongside Jim, Rock, and Fess.
VC said on 20/Jun/15
Shadow2, I really appreciate your data and please do share if you have more.
Shadow2 said on 17/Jun/15
VC, you may want to check out Fess Parker and Alan Napier (both 6' 6") in a confrontation in TV's "Daniel Boone" (clip available on-line), Fred Dryer and Bo Svenson (both about 6' 6") almost head to head on Fred's TV cop show "Hunter", and Fred and Rock Hudson in a confrontation in the TV mini series "The Starmaker" (early 1980's).
VC said on 16/Jun/15
Shadow2, thanks alot for the input and if you have more info or movies/tv episodes of any tall guys, please let me know. I have another for you, both Bo Svenson and late John Matuszak in North Dallas Forty. They looked similar in height.
Shadow2 said on 10/Jun/15
VC, thanks. You should also watch the 1963 "Bonanza" episode "A Woman Lost", where Don Megowan and Roger Torrey fight it out in the ring. Lorne Greene has to put his usual boot "lifts" into overdrive to keep up with these two 6' 6" giants.
VC said on 9/Jun/15
Shadow2, I have seen that movie and liked it very much. Another Gunsmoke episode that might interest you very much and it is called "The River". Don was a guest star again along with another 6'6" giant named Roger Torrey. He was in Beverly Hillbillies.
Shadow2 said on 9/Jun/15
VC, if you enjoyed Jim, 6' 6" Don Megowan, and 6' 2" Robert Wilke in the 1960 "Gunsmoke" episode "Big Tom", you will also enjoy their earlier appearance together in Jim's first movie starring role, in "Gun the Man down" made in 1956 (co-starring Angie Dickinson). It still looks to me that Jim is a fraction taller than Big Don when they inevitably fight again.
ladybug said on 6/Jun/15
i am obsessed with Gunsmoke. watching it right now and cannot believe he weighed as low as 220 in these episodes- My bf is 6ft 5 and weighs 220, Mr Arness is way beefier. the man had to be at least 245.
VC said on 2/Jun/15
Shadow2,I can't tell you how grateful am I to see the height comparison between these 2 cowboy legends. It seems that Jim is slightly taller than Clint from the angle shot. However, they looked identical in height. Appreciate your info very much. Don Megowan was standing next to Jim in Gunsmoke and they both looked 6'6". Check out the episode "Big Tom" and you'll find another 6'6" giant at the bar.
Shadow2 said on 29/May/15
VC, the picture of Jim and Clint I'm referring to comes up immediately on a google image search (just type "James Arness Clint Walker"). They are pictured with a small boy, all three of them wearing cowboy hats. Also Jim always had the slight height "edge" on legit 6' 6" Don Megowan whenever they worked together.
VC said on 21/May/15
Shadow2, is it possible you attach the picture of Clint and Jim together? According to my research, Clint is somewhat 6'4-6'5 as confirmed by his spouse so that makes Jim a legit 6'6.
Sam said on 19/May/15
I think it's quite possible that he was in the middle of the range from 6'6" to 6'7" since he claimed both but I agree he seemed probably closer to 6'7", a rare actor who would have been notably taller than myself.
Shadow2 said on 30/Apr/15
VC, it took me watching many episodes of "Gunsmoke" to finally spot a small consistent height difference between actor Roger Ewing (Thad Greenwood) and Jim, and it was in Jim's favor. I agree they usually did look the same height when walking together and in many scenes in the Marshall's office. But Jim was also prone to slouch or hunch over a lot on the show himself, his leg injury from WW2 didn't help. Even Clint said Jim was the taller, and an on-line picture proves it.
VC said on 25/Apr/15
@Shadow2, I wish to share that Thad Greenword in many scenes with Jim was exactly the same height except Thad prefers to hunch over instead of standing straight. Thad was also in another film starring Clint Walker in "None but the Brave". He was as tall as Big Clint. In my opinion, these guys are legit 6'5" barefeet.
VC said on 21/Mar/15
I have to concur with DietMar. Jim Arness was undoubtedly a strong 6'6" man but a weak 6'7" because when he stood next to several 198m actors, his height was similar to them.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Dec/14
Possible that Connors often wore boots to make him look even more imposing. All I know is in a few roles I've seen him in he "looked" like he'd be near a legit 6'6.
dietmar said on 28/Dec/14
Im pretty sure Connors wore lifts in " The Big Country", he really towered over Peck. When he played with 6'3 Cesar Romero, he wasnt wearing lifts, and the difference is noticeable smaller Click Here

No way he is 3in taller than Romero there. Moore like 2in, at the most. You can also see below, that Chuck is shorter than Michael Conrad. There's actually an inch difference there, that would make Chuck only 194,5cm. If you look at the pic above, i can buy that.
Arch Stanton said on 26/Dec/14
Chuck only 195? Can't see it. He had virtually 3 inches on Gregory Peck, more a weaj 6'6 guy.
dietmar said on 15/Dec/14
Chuck Connors towered over Jim in an early Gunsmoke episode, he was 2-3 inches taller. Its obvious he wore lifts. He was really huge Click Here Click Here

In real life Chuck was shorter than 197cm Michael Conrad. They played together in one "Cowboy in Africa" episode Click Here

I believe Chuck was no moore than 195-196cm. Definitely shorter than Michael Conrad.
Shadow2 said on 12/Dec/14
dietmar, thanks for the pics of Jim with some super size co-stars. For two seasons on "Gunsmoke", Jim ("Matt Dillon") had a deputy "Thad Greenwood" described in the script as being 6' 4", but played by actor Roger Ewing who was in reality 197cm (6' 5.5"). It was only in certain scenes that you could clearly see that Jim was an inch or so taller than Roger. As I mentioned here in a post a long time ago, they looked like father and son on the show.
dietmar said on 11/Dec/14
Here's some pics to judge Jim's height.

With mentioned 198cm Don Megowan Click Here

With 197cm Michael Conrad Click Here

With 196cm Christoffer Lee Click Here

With 196cm Med Flory Click Here

With 198cm Fess Parker Click Here

And finally, just to compare, how a legit 191cm guy like Jim Davis, aka Jock Ewing, looks with Arness Click Here

Anything under 198cm is out of the question for Arness. He was somewhere between 198-201cm.
Shadow2 said on 5/Dec/14
Rob, great photo of Jim Arness that's now on this page. In his first movie starring role "Gun the Man Down", Jim appears an inch taller than legitimate 6' 6" big guy Don Megowan.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Nov/14
Rob can you add a photo and add the TV series How the West Was Won and films like Big Jim McLain, Island in the Sky, The Sea Chase, Hondo, Gun the Man Down, Horizons West, Carbine Williams, Hellgate, and Her Twelve Men.

Even 6'4-6'5 for that period was like 6'6-6'7 today, 6'7" then would be like 6'9 or 6'10 today!
Alicia said on 16/Jul/14
Like the statement (see top of page) says "...I've shrunk up a little bit...". Mr Arness developed arthritis and arthritis can do a number on you through the years. Now, somewhere on the 'net it was stated he was about 6'5"/6'5.5" before he died. Wish I could tell you exactly where this is stated but I had found it many years ago and for all I know it might not be on the net anymore. There is an interview with him a few years before he died and he still looks (although he is sitting for the interview) like he could tower over a person and still muster enough strength to "Matt Dillon back-hand" you into next year. BTW I've also noticed in some of the Gunsmoke episodes where their footwear was visible that Mr. Arness boot heel seemed shorter than some of the other male actors. This may account as to why sometimes he didn't look his stated height against other actors near his height range.
nice girl said on 11/Jul/14
How tall was James Arness when he died?? Had he shrunk??
Alicia said on 1/Jul/14
You have to remember that as people age they can start to shrink. I'm surprised that Mr. Arness didn't end up with a stoop considering how much he had to look down at other actors. Also I've read in many different stories about Gunsmoke that some of the actors were put on something like a crate so they'd appear taller when next to Mr. Arness. Quite frankly, I wouldn't of cared if Mr. Arness and Mr. Weaver were only 4ft high, both were fine actors and people and I'm glad they graced my screen :)
KROC said on 28/Apr/14
I agree. I've looked at multiple pictures of him with other celebs and he never looks anything over 6'5. 240lbs is believable but he admitted to being 235 at his own admission.
VC said on 25/Apr/14
@Shaun, I agreed with Shaun that Clint is almost 6'6 & probably at 245 in his prime
VC said on 15/Jan/14
I read an article from Clint Walker's wife (Susan) & she mentioned that Clint is about 6'5", no more or less. I also read that Clint was at 240 in his prime but I watched Cheyenne season 7 & he looks much heavier than previous seasons thus he was mature & dwarfed everyone in the show including big Leo Gordon.
avi said on 23/Dec/13
How tall do you think Millburn Stone was from Gunsmoke (played Doc)? 5'8 is given online but he looks 5'6 area not even 5'7.
[Editor Rob: not looked at him]
Sam said on 8/Nov/13
Here's Forrest Tucker with John Wayne, he could look about an inch taller.
Click Here
Tucker's the actor who legend has it lost a measuring contest to his size rival Milton Berle, won't tell you what they were measuring (not height).
Greg said on 7/Nov/13
Watching an old Gunsmoke right now, with guest star Forest Tucker. Tucker is listed at 6'4" and looks it, he dwarfs everyone in most scenes. Next to Arness, looks 2 to 3 inches shorter. Arness certainly looks the stated 6'7".
Bobbie said on 21/Aug/13
I never met James Arness however,If James Arness says he was 6'7' when he started Gunsmoke at age 32yrs. then I believe he was 6'7". He had incurred an injury his leg during the war which may have caused some muscle loss resulting in a few inches in height in his latter days.
avi said on 6/Aug/13
Its possible he wore lifts. I doubt he was under 6'6.5.
Sixseven said on 5/Aug/13
James Arness was 196 cm tall(6'5.16")
MyKat said on 10/Jan/13
Dennis Weaver was older and had shrunk but said he was 6'3" and James Arness was 6'7" at his peak. I was about 6' and Dennis was a few inches taller than me, even in tennis shoes.
Answer said on 9/Jan/13
Yes, Jim played the early "Thing." There was one film he was in with possibly John Wayne where they had to cut a rut for him to walk in to not dwarf the star. I confirmed his 6'7" frame at its peak, and the shrinkage down to 6'6" later, in the 1990's in an e-mail with Jim. I really miss him and Gunsmoke.
Answer said on 9/Jan/13
Yes, Jim played the early "Thing." There was one film he was in with possibly John Wayne where they had to cut a rut for him to walk in to not dwarf the star. I confirmed his 6'7" frame at its peak, and the shrinkage down to 6'6" later, in the 1980's in an e-mail with Jim. I really miss him and Gunsmoke.
patrick said on 3/Sep/12
Clint Walker was visibly at least as heavy as peter lupus and probably more, namely 250lbs minimum and Jim Arness was visibly 6'7. As said VC many highly tall actors look notably shorter even 6'4.5 Robert Easton. Clint Walker always said he was effectively just one inch taller than he.
Shaun said on 10/Aug/12

Clint Walker I'd estimate at about 240 pounds in his prime, I doubt he was over 250. And I think he was closer to 6'6".
avi said on 29/Jul/12
Next to a limping 6'2 or so Dennis Weaver he looked over 6'6. There is 5 inches between them. I believe Dennis Weaver was 6'2 NOT over this. I was watching Gunsmoke under the impression he was 6'3 for some reason...He limps so its like hes 6'1ish. Also i think Arness has a boot advantage on the show.

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