How tall is Jason Momoa ?

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Jason Momoa's height is 6ft 4in (193 cm)

American actor best known for appearing in films Conan The Barbarian and Bullet to The Head. On tv he can be seen playing Ronan Dex in sci-fi series Stargate Atlantis and Khal Drogo in Season 1 of Game of Thrones. These convention photos were taken in 2007 and 2009 at Collectormania's. In InkedMag in 2011 he commented on his stature saying, "No, man. I was short. I started growing my freshman year of college. I didn't get to 6'4" until I was out of high school. And I think I'm 6'5"? now. I'm still growing". That would be a first, growing at 30!

Jason Momoa is 6ft 4 tall
5ft 8 Rob, 5ft 8 Jenny and Jason
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Matthew190 says on 29/Jul/15
I have a tough time envisioning him only 3 cm shy of challenger 15.
Matthew says on 1/Jul/15
It is NOT 8" he has on Rob in these photos. Maybe he could measure a weak 6'4" under a stadiometer, I don't know, but he certainly doesn't look 6'4" here.
Sam says on 27/Jun/15
Its possible being a tall guy like that could lose a full inch, but he could also only wake up just under 6ft5 as well.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 23/Jun/15
If he measures a little under 6ft5 (i.e. 194.5cm) out of bed it would be understandable for him to round up.
joe 193cm night says on 27/May/15
I still think a weak 6'4
Matthew says on 26/May/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/May/15
195cm out of bed isn't impossible. Probably where the 6ft5 claim comes from.


I don't see him there in these photos, not that tall.
george says on 25/May/15
Rob if you search Jason Momoa, Brandon Routh you can see recent pictures of them together. He looks quite a bit bigger than Routh..1 1/2 maybe 2 inches taller at least. Solid six four in my opinion. What do you think Rob?
[Editor Rob: I still go with a decent 6ft 2.5 for Brandon and around 6ft 4 for Momoa.

Up close Momoa I believe pulls off 6ft 4.]
joe 193cm night says on 20/May/15
I so confused in relation to Jason Momoa seems 6'4 mainly with Jenny
Andrea says on 17/May/15
He doesn't look over 6'3.5 with Rob...
Willes190cm says on 13/May/15
Momoa never looks 192, he's probably 193,5
joe 193cm night says on 12/May/15
I think 192-194 fits better
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/May/15
195cm out of bed isn't impossible. Probably where the 6ft5 claim comes from.
Andrea says on 8/May/15
Rob, do you think he's dropping an inch in this photo?
Click Here
Considering Shane is max 5'11, he looks no more than 6'3 here...
[Editor Rob: when shooting that close, you can always hide height - G had this at times in his photos!]
Arch Stanton says on 8/May/15
Rob what would you guess for his weight here Click Here He looks bulkier than he used to. I'd guess 235-240, near 17 stone. opinion?
[Editor Rob: yes he may be nearer 235 there.]
The beautiful 6'3 guy says on 1/May/15
He's 193-194, sometimes he can look 195
Andrea says on 27/Apr/15
Rampage, do you realize that there is (almost) nobody that gets measured out of bed, unless you're height concerned and you wanna "lie" on purpose (a guy who measures himself out of bed does know he will shrink by the end of the day)? You seem convinced that many celebrities' claims come from an "out-of-bed measurement"... I can see how someone gets measured quite early and maybe genuinely thinks to be that height (withouth knowing he might shrink another cm before evening) but still i find it hard to believe a person wakes up and thinks "let's see how tall i am"...
joe 193cm night says on 23/Apr/15
it is quite possible
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Apr/15
[Editor Rob: 194-5 range I'd think was possible. Maybe on a bad day he goes nearer 192cm]

It's possible he rounded that to 6ft5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 19/Apr/15
Rob, is 194cm out of bed possible?
[Editor Rob: 194-5 range I'd think was possible. Maybe on a bad day he goes nearer 192cm]
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/15
Lisa looks shorter to me Sue, in fact in some photos she can look about your height.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/15
Rob, what about Lisa Bonet, with Kravitz Click Here Click Here 5 ft 2 is impossible isn't it! I get nearer 4 ft 10 for her.
[Editor Rob: both I think look similar, neither look over 5ft 1, but 5ft isn't improbable.]
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/15
I mean check out this with Penn Badgely who you have at 5'8.5 Click Here She can look taller in other photos though.
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/15
Rob any chance of adding Zoe then? She's had a fair few roles now. Nice girl, I wouldn't go over 5'1" for her, and would probably go with 5'0.5 myself although not compared her to others. Somewhere around 5'-5'1 I'd say.
littlesue says on 7/Mar/15
I would say Zoe and Lisa just over 5ft 1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 6/Mar/15
Rob, is it possible we could throw this guy into the 6ft3 herd?
[Editor Rob: I think he is close enough to 6ft 4, always chance of a fraction below though.]
Arch Stanton says on 6/Mar/15
Rob how tall do Lisa Bonet and Zoe Kravitz look to you? G image her and Jason she doesn't look 5 ft 2 to me! Zoe neither. Both look noticeably short, I wouldn't have thought either were over 5 ft. Click Here They both look similar sort of height to Jada Pinkett to me.
[Editor Rob: zoe can look anywhere from 5ft to 5ft 2, but maybe 5ft 1 is possible.]
joe 193cm night says on 23/Feb/15
Momoa in this area and 6'3 6'4 looked the same height as Conan O'Brien
Stan says on 17/Feb/15
Look like a 6'3 guy and probably 6'2.75 is nearer
Emil 183 cm says on 15/Feb/15
Is there a chance he could be 6'3 range?
[Editor Rob: there's always a chance he is a small fraction under 6ft 4 if measured.]
joe 192cm says on 3/Feb/15
J.M 193cm morning
J.M 192ccm afternoon
J.M 191cm night

J.P 195cm morning
J.P 194cm afternoon
J.P 193cm night
asim says on 28/Jan/15
was never skinny to me, had the genetics to develop a physique that we see these days, i would say 6'3.5 but maybe hits 6'4 on a good day
Maximus says on 30/Dec/14
So he is between 6'3" and 6'4"...pretty damn tall for Hollywood standards. Doesn't matter which one he is, that's tall either way. As far as weak acting, I though he did a pretty damn good job in Game of Thrones.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Dec/14
That might be spot on Mike. Padalacki does generally look a strong 6ft4 on Supernatural (sometimes even near 6ft5) while Momoa for the most part struggles to look 6ft4, let alone is claim!

Rob, did Momoa appear taller in person than Kevin Sorbo?
[Editor Rob: yes, up close when standing tall Momoa looked very near 6ft 4, if he dips under it I believe it might only be a tiny amount.]
Mike says on 6/Dec/14
Jared: 6ft 4-4.25
Jason: 6ft 3.5-3.75
bobbyh says on 30/Nov/14
six 3 no more no less
joe says on 17/Nov/14
compare to challenge 13
joe says on 1/Nov/14
He is 63
joe says on 24/Oct/14
never over 195
joe says on 24/Oct/14
never over 195
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 10/Oct/14
The guy in the middle is 6ft1 Michael Bergin...
Arch Stanton says on 7/Oct/14
Click Here Actually he looks 6'4" there, the guy in the middle is about 6'1" and the guy on the right about 5 ft 11. Just didn't seem it in the series, I've not seen it though since about 2005.
Arch Stanton says on 7/Oct/14
Hemsworth looked 6'4" in Home and Away and looked way taller than other actors in it who were even tallish, even in his late teens. Momoa on the otherhand yeha, he didn't even look near 6'4" in Baywatch to me which is odd as I think he was like 20 or 21 at the time. He looks 6'2" range in it.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 6/Oct/14
Hemsworth had very good proportions to begin with looking at Home and Away. I got the impression that he have grown a bit after that. He was 19. Similar situation with Mamoa on Baywatch Hawaii. He was barely 20 when he was on that. He didn't look 6ft4 at all there. But next to Rob, it's quite obvious that he's close to it. His 6ft5 claim is plain stupid though...
Arch Stanton says on 6/Oct/14
@Rampage Momoa didn't look 6'4" in Baywatch for some reason. He looked more a slender 6'2" range guy. I was quite surprised actually when i found he was 6 ft 4. I mean he's looked near it ever since but back in the Baywatch days it was hard to really see a towering 6'4" height for him. @Sam If you see him in the Baywatch Hawaii days he's naturally a slim guy, much like Chris Hemsworth was. Those guys have to work really hard in the gym and on a restricted diet for months to get those gains. Nowadays you'd find it hard to believe that Mamoa was once like that, everything about him now seem big, even his face gives a heavy impression hehe.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 5/Oct/14
Rob, since you've met both Mamoa and The Hoff in person, who struck you as taller?

I caught an episode of Baywatch Hawaii and could look as much as 1in shorter than The Hoff. Granted, this was circa 2000 when he wasn't quite 50
PepsiCola says on 2/Oct/14
Pic of Jason with Sylvester. remember Sylvester is known for wearing big lifts: link Click Here

Hes a big guy, a true 6ft4 guy
Clay says on 9/Sep/14
He does not look skinny in these photos? He looks broad.
Sam says on 21/Aug/14
He looks relatively skinny in these photos, broader shouldered but almost built like me. I believe he's been bigger and bulkier in more recent times from GOT on, maybe bulking up 20-30 pounds.
[Editor Rob: he did put on more muscle for Conan, probably that amount.]
robert says on 5/Aug/14
between 6ft3.75 and 6ft4 hey rob you do know this guy tends to wear big footwear like 1.5 inch and sometimes 1.75 inch shoes
[Editor Rob: yeah he does sometimes.]
Astaroth says on 2/Aug/14
Strong 6'3" definetely. Handsome in a picaresque way - weak actor though.
Mike T says on 26/Jul/14
This guy's gonna do pretty good as aquaman
Tommo says on 15/Jul/14
Looks all the 6'4 with that photos James posted, if Tyson's a legit 5'10.
James says on 11/Jul/14
Jason standing along side a 5 ft 10 mike tyson Click Here
haris says on 6/Jul/14
6'4 easily
Berek says on 25/Jun/14
Accurate 6' 4". Looks about 8" over Rob, accounting for his ridiculous headpiece.
Andrea says on 15/Jun/14
Yeah, but would you say he looks a big 6'4 in these photos? Just basing on these photos...
[Editor Rob: in the photo with me, maybe 6ft 3.5-4 range rather than 6ft 4 solid]
kyuss says on 13/Jun/14
Im 6-2.75" I grew after 21 about 1.5". I was very active and still are,same height 20 years after.
Andrea says on 12/Jun/14
Rob, i'm just curious... How much difference you see in these photos with you? I know you said he's gotta be close to 6'4 but if you saw this photo of him and a 5'8 guy like you, would you say he looks 6'4? To me, he looks near 6'3 (not saying he's only this though)
[Editor Rob: I think pretty close to 6ft 4. The day jenny got hers I saw him several times up close and thought he looked more 6ft 4 than 6ft 3.]
Ace says on 10/Jun/14
Spainman, my dad had a two inch growth spurt at 21 (shortly before graduating college). He went from 6'2 to 6'4. It's rare but not impossible.
spainmen says on 11/May/14
Rob do you really believe that this guy started growing at college at age 18?
[Editor Rob: he could have gained some last stretch]
Swamp says on 2/May/14
If the short guy is 5ft 8 then I would gues the tall guy is around 6ft 2 - 6ft 4, So I'd say 6ft 3
Tommo says on 8/Apr/14
I think Jason's what you'd call a weak 6'4. As others have said, not sure why he'd try claim being even taller when he's 6 foot 4 and built like Zeus. Did he seem a nice guy when you met him/was there much interaction Rob? Comes across well in interviews and such.
176,2Tunman says on 28/Mar/14
Sam,Parrack is probably a little less than 6'4 probably somewhere between 6'3.25" and 6'3.5".Momoa I think is a solid 192 like 6'3.5" or 6'3.75" they would be very close though Momoa could be a little taller...
Well listing both of them at 6'4 is still fair since sometimes they can give the impression of being at that mark.They won't be far from it that's sure.
Sam says on 21/Mar/14
Rob, do you think he would edge out Jim Parrack or are they really exactly the same?
[Editor Rob: they could look similar, but then the days I saw jim I had less footwear so...]
Emmett says on 19/Mar/14
@RobV, I agree there are definitely settings where the bigger the better is the philosophy, and I think you're right in that the cut-off for wanting to claim taller is probably 6'6. If you're in a nightclub, or a crowded indoor space, 6'5 or 6'6 doesn't stand out as awkwardly tall as it might in other places. I go to concerts a fair amount, and I always wish I was 4 or 5 inches taller so I had a better view. Everywhere else I'm pretty content with 5'11.
RobV says on 17/Mar/14
@Ian C. I think that the point is that, whatever is said about 'ideal' heights, there is just no doubt that 'bigger the better' often seems to have great kudos in many situations. I know from working in clubs the number of very tall guys who like being the biggest - "I'm definitely taller than you" kind of thing. And like you say about your own height, when it comes to it, you don't like it seeming downgraded. It's only when you are around that height, maybe, that you realize its great advantage and still push it! I think the desire to claim taller stops at around 6'6" though generally.
Emmett says on 16/Mar/14
@avi, 6'4 is no biggie? He's the one with the personal experience of actually being 6'4, not you. I do agree that 6'1-6'2 is probably ideal, and 5'11-6'0 is preferable to 6'3-6'4, unless you're an athlete where hugeness is an advantage.
chucker says on 12/Mar/14
Could be six 4. I'd say a fraction under.
avi says on 5/Mar/14
@Ian C. says on 20/Feb/14

6'4 is no biggie. 6'5-6'6 starts to be kind of rarer and much more awkward. i think 6'1-6'2 or so is ideal. 6'3-6'4 starts to get out of whack in which you are better off at 5'11-6'0.
Ian C. says on 20/Feb/14
It is interesting, RobV that Momoa would feel a need to exaggerate his height, assuming that he has. I'm six-four myself, I get ragged on about it all the time, and when I see somebody as tall as I am I usually think, that guy's freaky tall. And Momoa is not just tall but heroically well-built, so what premium does he seek in claiming a fantasy inch of height? Even so, somebody once asked me if I was six foot three and, swear to God, I was offended that he apparently thought me shorter than my magnificent, true height.
chris says on 28/Jan/14
He seems shorter than the 6'3.5'' height challenger. I think he's closer to 6'3'' than 6'4''.
Dago Red says on 20/Jan/14
Stallone looks thrilled to be in that pic with him.
Balrog says on 19/Jan/14
Rob actually basing in shoulders level, Momoa and Padalecki look the same... Also Jared is closer to the camera but honestly this guy isn't under a solid 192cm.
cole says on 9/Jan/14
6'4 is very believable, could be a fraction under it, but he's surely more than a flat 6'3.
avi says on 3/Jan/14
Hes so full crap. He didn't start growing in college. He wasist likely a few over 6'0 in high school the grew to6'4 first year on college. I'd say he grew an inch tops after HS.

Yeah its greed I think. I'd hate saying I'm 6'3-6'6. If I was 6'3 would I say so? Yeah but I'd always feel awkward because its gawky to be too tall. I don't want to be in the same class with those simple minded football players and jocks . If I was 6'2.75 I'd say 6'2. This guy is 6'4 flat bit still has the audacity to try and push for more.
PepsiCola says on 13/Nov/13
Maybe Jason had a relaxed posture with jared like the picture taken with Jenny, He is alot taller with you in the pictures than with Jennys picture.
PepsiCola says on 12/Nov/13
Yea i knew Padalecki was 6,5 because he is the same height as Derek Mears Click Here
[Editor Rob: are you basing that on him and a leaning momoa with unknown footwear?]
John says on 10/Nov/13
Standing next to jared padalecki Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Nov/13
"Jason Momoa's height is 6ft 3.75in (192cm)"
Mathew says on 22/Oct/13
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Sep/13
He's most likely 6ft3.5-6ft3.75


Yeah I think so too. Weak 6'4".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Sep/13
He's most likely 6ft3.5-6ft3.75
Lillo thomas says on 8/Sep/13
I don't know this guy don't give me a legit 6-4 impression . He looks 6-3 next to rob .
Lurk says on 2/Sep/13
6'5 is ridiculous. Though not s ridiculous as his claim that he is still growing at 32!
lelman says on 31/Aug/13
Strong 6'3" / Weak 6'4". Damn big guy.
RobV says on 24/Aug/13
It is interesting isn't it that Rob, who is a dispassionate third party trying to source an accurate impression of people's heights, feels Momoa is not 'a big 6'5" like he claims'. The quote above from Momoa in the intro claiming that height is surely a classic PR job to try and claim for yourself taller than you might be ("I think I'm 6'5" now" - think?! - and "still growing" - when you're well over 30? What height might you claim next year? 6'6"?). This is not a criticism, just making the point about the importance of height, even to very tall guys, of which he undoubtedly is one. It's my assumption that he is laying down the marker to be able to claim more than he probably is. What this shows is that even guys who are in that top percentile still feel the need to push at the limit in claims. If it were felt to be such a disadvantage being that height, they would be claiming 6'2"/6'3". Many years ago I met Dolph Lundgren several times and had a similar impression, that he pushed his claimed height an inch or two more than it was. Interesting.
avi says on 8/Aug/13
definitely 7 inches here minimum. if you draw lines you'll find it is more 7 inches than 8 inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Aug/13
He does look a strong 6ft4 in the bigger photo, I will admit.
berta says on 2/Aug/13
i think he is 194 never under 193 and never over 195
Lo sgozzatore says on 23/Jul/13
Pepsi, it would be interesting to see them next to each other. These pics are pretty bad... I think Jared would be a little taller because he's a full 6'4 and Jason Momoa more 6'3-6'4 range
PepsiCola says on 22/Jul/13
i forgot to tell you guys here jasons head is facing a little bit down, im sure if he looked straight forward his face matches jareds face height
PepsiCola says on 22/Jul/13
there are other pictures with Jared but jason is prettty far behind him Example Click Here the other picture he is standing direct beside him
PepsiCola says on 22/Jul/13
Jason momoa with jared padalecki
Mathew says on 21/Jul/13
Somewhere between 6'3" and 6'4" imo.
Jason says on 19/Jul/13
He stood next to me at a comic con in London recently. I was intrigued that he wasn't as tall as billed. I estimated he was about 6'3". Didn't see what his footwear was (he was wearing that same Ecky thump hat, though!).
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Jul/13
Oh another addition to the fake 6ft4 club.
That's now 7
Emil says on 11/Jul/13
He was still growing at 32 years of age? LOL
Silent d says on 10/Jul/13
Sasha can you please tell me the exercises to get a little taller? I'm 5 foot 10 and I know some people who are shorter than me who want to get a little taller. 6 foot 4. No way 6 foot 5 or taller. I think he was joking when he said he was still growing. How tall do you think he was in high school rob? He said he was short so i'm guessing about 170cm.
cd says on 10/Jul/13
Actually theoretically, once the epiphyseal plates fuse the bones cannot get any longer. The only way you are possibly increasing your height is by stretching exercises or by improving your posture.
Sasha says on 9/Jul/13
cd says on 9/Jul/13
Lol, this guy is definitely a solid 6'4" guy but it's ridiculous him claiming that he was still growing after age 30!

Theoretically, people may grow till 35. For example, I am 28 and I continue growing. Though, I do special exercises for this. During last 7 years the speed of my growth is approximately 0.5 cm/year. So some people don't notice their late growth, if they are not interested in their height and don't measure themselves.
cd says on 9/Jul/13
Lol, this guy is definitely a solid 6'4" guy but it's ridiculous him claiming that he was still growing after age 30! If that were the case he wouldn't have even started puberty in his early twenties!
Sasha says on 8/Jul/13
The same height difference as with Kevin Sorbo. So 6'3"-6'3.25" will be more accurate.
Sasha says on 7/Jul/13
Looks 7" over Rob. So 6'3", unless Jason stands not very straight.
tommie says on 5/Jul/13
this guy can easily look 6 ft 5 in shoes. a giant to my eyes. no matter where he will show up on earth, people will look up to him.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I saw him quite a lot at a con just this weekend and I think he still looks near 6ft 4.]
cole says on 26/Jun/13
Anywhere between 191 and 193 cm covers this guy, he can look the full 6'4, but no more.
Dave says on 22/Jun/13
Click Here standing near David Hasselhoff in baywatch Hawaii.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Jun/13
192cm/6ft3.5in. In Baywatch Hawaii he was a little shorter than Hasselhoff
Lo sgozzatore says on 18/Jun/13
Ahahah! Your uncle is 6'2 and you are 5'10 and it seems like this? There's something wrong. You're probably 5'7 max and think to be 5'10...
This guy isnt under 6'3!
Arch Stanton says on 7/Jun/13
He claimed 6 ft 5 on Conan. Conan didn't top and dispute it either...
Titan of Engineers says on 3/Jun/13
rob next to his lipps and rob max 173cm. 6inch lipps-had width. 15+173=188cm ..190 max.
e.g i am 5'10. my uncle is 6'2. we together, seems like this.. thats celeb hyperbols
BRUTAL says on 23/May/13
The way you guys go on, it's as if nobody is allowed to actually be more than 6ft 3. Legit 6ft 4 plus actors like Jason and Liam & Chris Hemsworth are all lowered an inch or two by you jealous dudes.
Anon says on 17/May/13
He is 6'5" this is a picture of him next to someone 6'6" and 6'4" Click Here
Lee says on 16/May/13
Click Here standing with nikolaj coster waldau who is listed at 6 ft 1.5
LG69 says on 15/May/13
Jason is 6'4" and not a mm over.
johno says on 15/Apr/13
Bard says on 6/Apr/13
6'3 at least. Doesn't look 6'4 in the photos.
Anon says on 25/Mar/13
6' 3.5" out of bed, I guess.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Mar/13
Not 6ft4...but I'm not buying 6ft3 flat.
6ft3.25, 6ft3.5 or 6ft3.75
Lillo Thomas says on 22/Feb/13
He is looking in the 6-2 range max 6-3 . That's assuming Stallone is wearing lifts . Stallone can look this days 5-10 5-11 in lifts .
Anonymous says on 11/Feb/13
looks 6'4" next to sylvester stallone Click Here
Silent d says on 31/Jan/13
How short was he in high school rob? Was he under 165cm? Is it possible to have a 30cm growth spurt after the age of 18? that is crazy. I thought he was huge in high school. He looks like a really big guy. Joe magniello looks bigger than him though. With jenny he looks about 16cm taller which would make him 189cm. He looks 6 foot 3.5 next to rob. I would say 192cm is a safe bet.
Mikey T says on 28/Jan/13
6'4" is right that's how my friend (who is 6'4") looks next to me
PepsiCola says on 24/Jan/13
Cliff Simon twitter page (baal) from sg1 picture with Jason Momoa:
Balrog says on 9/Jan/13
Yeah he does looks around 6'4'' maybe just 192 cms but not under. Weird that a very tall guy claims more height.
PepsiCola says on 8/Jan/13
He ain't 6'5 i can tell i can see Joe Manganiello is 1 inch taller so 6'3.75 or 6'4 is fine
Maximus says on 8/Dec/12
Thought he was 6'1".....6'3" makes sense and is a tall in hollywood and actually anywhere else.
Fern194cm-192cm says on 23/Nov/12
6,3.25 fits him the best I think. I don't believe he is even a weak 6,4
James says on 14/Nov/12
Looks 6'2 in johns pic
John says on 22/Oct/12
Click Here standing next to a 6 ft 6 Nonso Anozie
Moke says on 21/Oct/12
I think he's very, very tall ;) Click Here
matt678 says on 29/Sep/12
big guy like 6 ft 3 and probalby a solid 220
Shaun says on 26/Sep/12
I'd go with 6'3.5.
johno says on 31/Aug/12
with jenny, he quite clearly is a 6'2 - 6'2.5 and with rob, whose slightly leaning with his arm over his shoulder, he looks 6'2.5

Jason Mamoa 6'2.5
TNTinFL says on 15/Aug/12
Actually thought he was taller. Like 6'5". He pretty much dwarfs almost all other cast members in the shows he has been in. Except maybe against some of the Wraith extras in SG-A.
ray 6\' 158 lbs says on 8/Aug/12
i think he seems really tall but he is 191 cm in my eyes he is 230-240 lbs in his prime and usually 200-220 lbs ia guess
Mathew says on 6/Aug/12
192 cm / weak 6'4". Very tall guy but he's no 6'5".
trotter says on 6/Aug/12
id say 6 foot 4
ANDREA[ITA] says on 4/Aug/12
Rob, you look quite unsure about this guy! It seems you too are not convinced he'd measure 6'4... You usually are quite sure with people you met! With this one, you just say he looked taller than 6'3, closer to 6'4... Is 6'3.5 a possibility?
[Editor Rob: I've not changed him since adding him, but one thing he doesn't look is a big 6ft 5 like he claims.]
avi says on 31/Jul/12
what the hell? he isn't a true 6'4 let alone 6'5!!!! i believe he grew in college but probably was a weak 6'3 in high school and by end of college hit a weak 6'4. Not seeing 8 inches especially not in the Jenny picture.
getting taller says on 29/Jul/12
In that 2011 interview,he's already 32 yrs. old and still he said he's still growing?wow is that even possible?lol.
Maximus Meridius says on 27/Jul/12
Rob is it possible he could be 6ft 5in range he was 6ft 4in out of high school he said he is 6ft 5in now is it likely he grown taller after highschool.
[Editor Rob: saw him again a few times over a weekend and think he.s nearer six four]
matt789 says on 24/Jul/12
defintley 6 foot 4 i actually thought he was more
Ngrganto says on 4/Jun/12
He looks 191-192cm but not taller.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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