How tall is Jeff Goldblum ?

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Jeff Goldblum height: 6ft 4in (193 cm)

American actor best known for roles in classic films such as Jurassic Park, Independence Day, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, The Fly and as the lead in the aptly named 'The Tall Guy'. In a 2005 edition of Playbill magazine he said "I'm 6-foot-4".

Elliot Gould with Jeff
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Mike says on 16/Dec/14
And don't forget the TV show Law & Order!
Arch Stanton says on 14/Dec/14
Rob can you add a photo and films like The Big Chill, Earth Girls Are Easy and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou? Click Here Still looks tall as hell, in fact he looks 194-95 still in that photo anyway.
Mike says on 8/Dec/14
Strong 6ft 4 peak.
James D says on 17/Nov/14
In the scene from independence day where he's walking across the desert next to Will Smith, Jeff seems to tower over him. Will is apparently 6'2".
Judd says on 14/Nov/14
as i said before a close friend of my parents met him when jeff was still young and said he thought he was 6'5" need to consider that this man was at peak 6'1" for sure and he felt "quite short" next to jeff...
now, 6'5" is too much, but i'll bet he was 6'4.25" at peak!
James B says on 11/Oct/14
Yeah closer to 6'4.5 than 6'3.5 at his peak
Judd says on 11/Oct/14
he was at least 6'4" with a good chance of 6'4.25".
he always looked taller than a lot of tall guys from different height range like 6'3 (vince d'onofrio, liev schreiber), 6'2 and 6'1 (kevin kline, william hurt, will smith, bill pullman...).
i starting to realize that he maybe dropped a 1/4th inche when he claimed his height...
for sure he looked closer to 6'4.25" than 6'3.75"
James B says on 28/Sep/14
Schreiber could be 6'2.5

Compared to Sutherland jeff looked 6'4-6'5.
Sam says on 25/Sep/14
Agreed he could have been 194 cm at peak. In Spinning Boris with Liev Schreiber, he could seem around 4 cm taller. They look a little closer to each other in height here but Schreiber's closer to the camera.
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Judd says on 16/Sep/14
honest 6'4"
James B says on 25/Aug/14
6'4.25 in the 90s
6'3.75 today
the shredder says on 17/Aug/14
Rob , do you agree he looks 6'3 at best with Khalid ?
[Editor Rob: it is harder to say how much either was losing in height...I would have guessed Goldblum looked to be losing more height (his legs might be a bit loose) but I don't know, today he could be a bit less than the 90's of course.]
Realist says on 29/Jul/14
6'4 not lost much today atleast 6'3.5 today. Good actor too.
James B says on 2/Jul/14
he looks 6'6 with Sam
AAAA says on 21/May/14
With Sam Jack back in the day (1993)
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James B says on 18/Apr/14
Maio says on 12/Apr/14
Sorry 3 inches on Will Smith and Pullman, not 2!

Yeah your right I think he looked around 6'4 in independence day, will smith and bill Pullman did not really look over 6'1 in the film though. Adam Baldwin also looked 6'4 as well.

Randy quaid looked the tallest. Looked not far of 6'5 in the movie.
James B says on 29/Mar/14
Arch Stanton says on 28/Mar/14
James B says on 25/Mar/14
In Independence Day looked 6'3 (191cm) about the same sought of size as James reborn. In the fly as well I'd say he looked more 6'3.

And he had an easy 3 inches on Will Smith. When has he ever looked under 6'4" on screen??

I guess it can be tough telling apart 6'4 and 6'3 guys on screen?
Arch Stanton says on 28/Mar/14
I'll watch The Tall Guy later and give my two cents.
Arch Stanton says on 28/Mar/14
James B says on 25/Mar/14
In Independence Day looked 6'3 (191cm) about the same sought of size as James reborn. In the fly as well I'd say he looked more 6'3.

And he had an easy 3 inches on Will Smith. When has he ever looked under 6'4" on screen??
James B says on 27/Mar/14
In the lost world Jeff looked 6'4 1/2 but then he was wearing heeled shoes, wearing all black and is very slim
Gonzalo says on 27/Mar/14
He looks 1`93 in every movie I have seen. the odd thing is he didnīt look over 1`90 when I saw him in the flesh in 2005, outside a Broadway Theater. I guess I had ground advantage or he wasnīt standing straight. My cousin is 1`94 and Goldblum did not look as tall as him to me that day. As Glenn once said one encounter is not enough to judge someoneīs height.
James B says on 25/Mar/14
In Independence Day looked 6'3 (191cm) about the same sought of size as James reborn. In the fly as well I'd say he looked more 6'3.

However I'd say he looked 6'4 in many of his movies and was taller than Donal Sutherland so 193-194cm peak.
berta says on 5/Feb/14
194 at peak. maybe still is but probably 193 now
Lenad is sexy says on 10/Jan/14
any chance he was 194cm peak rob?
[Editor Rob: he could pull off looking a strong 6ft 4]
Viking says on 10/Jan/14
6 4 thats it
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Jan/14
Rob, is 6ft4.5 peak a good shout?

I'm beginning to lean toward 194-195cm peak after watching Jurassic Park. Really not much between him and 196cm Vince Vaughn in and I'm confident he'd edge out Liam Neeson and Conan O'Brien.
jordydecke says on 7/Jan/14
just watching him in The Switch (2010) if Jason Bateman is 5'11 then Goldblum looks to be around 6'3 now unless Bateman is wearing lifts of course. However at his peak in Death Wish (which I re-watched the other day) he looks 6'4 and a bit easily!
Ud191cm says on 10/Nov/13
Nothing over 6'4 flat he is.He's got a very small head for a 6'4 guy and long neck so he gives a taller impression and also in the fly(1986) he was only about 4 inches taller than geena davis when they both were barefoot after they make love.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Oct/13
Ali says on 13/Oct/13
He looked about 0.5 inch taller than Conan.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 9/Oct/13
I always knew he was a tall guy but didn't know he was as much as 6'4 seeing him in the Fly.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Oct/13
Edged out Conan and looked pretty similiar to Vince Vaughn and Craig Kilnborn.

Legit 194cm peak.
Ian C. says on 2/Oct/13
Are we really sure about this business of getting shorter with age? I'm the same age as Jeff Goldblum and the same height, and I measured my height a few weeks ago, which is the first time I've done that since I was nineteen, and I'm the same height now as I was then, even though just about everything else about me has changed considerably. Also, can you really tell anybody's height to the nearest inch without actually measuring them? That seems a little fanciful.
DB Cooper says on 21/Sep/13
has always looked taller than conan and other 6'4-even men. 6'4.5 peak.
Lurk says on 2/Sep/13
Nowadays 6'3. Probably 6'4 at peak height. He looked shorter than Conan, and was easily shorter than Jermey Clarkson.
Lorne says on 21/Jul/13
He was on Conan recently, and I'll be damned if Conan didn't look just a tad taller. I actually agree with Mr R, he's Lost a cm or so within 4-5 years... Still tough one to age. My official estimate has to be 6ft4.25in peak, 6ft3.75in now, standing tall I think he is still very close to 6'4, though 6'3.5 is a possibility.
Mr. R says on 6/Jun/13
I hung out with him tonight at a jazz club in hwood. He has lost a little. He is closer to 6-3 now.
Balrog says on 26/May/13
I agree with most comments, he was over 6'4'' at his peak and now he's 60 years old he lost a quarter of an inch or maybe half. Still looks close to 6'4''.
filmfan says on 23/May/13
In Invasion of Body Snatchers he is asked how tall he is and his character replies '6'4'' and 170 lbs'. I know this is a line from a film but it does seem an accurate description of himself when very young.
Lenad is sexy says on 28/Apr/13
he was barely shorter than Vince Vaughn in the lost world. Pheraps Vaughn isn't quite 6'5
Lorne? says on 31/Mar/13
Why did you take the half inch off? 6ft4.5 peak isn't unreasonable at all, he is/was taller than Vince d'onorfio
James says on 16/Feb/13
He looks 6'8 or 6'9 next too Laurence.

A young Jeff Goldblum would have measured 197cm out of bed so 6'4.25 or 6'4.5 peak. In 2013 6'3.5 is possible?
Klaus says on 15/Feb/13
Alongside Laurence Fishburne, who is a tall man (183/184 cm), Jeff seems to be about 10 cm higher than Laurence, so its average height is between 192 cm to 194 cm. Surely if Jeff Goldblum when young were measured lying down in the morning hours, the length of his body would be 196 cm or more.

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James says on 8/Feb/13
Robbins has never been 6'6
James says on 6/Feb/13
Vince Vaughn 6'4.75 (195cm)
Tim Robbins 6'4.75 (194cm)
Jeff Goldblum 6'4.25 (194cm) peak
Steven Seagal 6'4.5 (194cm) peak
Liam Neeson on 6'4.5 (194cm) peak
Mathew says on 31/Jan/13
I'd go:
Vaughn 194 - 195 cm
Robbins 194 - 195 cm
Goldblum 193 - 194 cm
Segal 193 cm
Neeson 193 - 194 cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Jan/13
Vince Vaughn 6ft5(196cm)
Tim Robbins 6ft4.75(195cm)
Jeff Goldblum 6ft4.5(194cm)
Steven Seagal 6ft4.25(194cm)
Liam Neeson 6ft4(193cm)
The Exorcist says on 19/Dec/12
Closer to 6'5" at his peak, I reckon.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Dec/12
He's still at least 6ft4, IMO.
James says on 13/Nov/12
He looked 6'5-6'6 in some pics with Donald Sutherland from invasion of the body snatchers... with slouched posture next too Sutherland goldblum still looked a solid 6'4.5. However with Vince Vaughn Jeff looked barely 6'4.

It could be more of case of Sutherland being under 192cm peak?
Arch Stanton says on 11/Nov/12
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Rob do you think he looks only a flat 6'4" here? I know he's closer to the camera but his posture isn't the greatest either.
James says on 31/Oct/12
Conan O'Brien 6'4 (193cm)
Jeff goldblum 6'3.5 (192)
jj says on 28/Oct/12
@Silent d, he was on Conan & at the 2:08 mark it does seem like he is taller than conan
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Silent d says on 22/Oct/12
I saw him on the late late show with craig ferguson and he had a few inches on him. 6 foot 4. Craig said he was really tall. Didn't someone say he was taller than conan?
James says on 5/Oct/12
Yeah if Vince Vaughn was truly 6'5 then Jeff looked a solid 6'4.5 back in 1997 and looked 194cm range with 6'1-6'2 will smith. These days though I'd imagine he would measure in at 6'3.5.

Rob so do you think now since he is virtually 60 he might not measure over 192cm?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 6/Sep/12
"Peak height was 6 ft 4.5 in (194cm)"
Likewise for Hasselhoff and Seagal. Today 0.5in shorter
Shaun says on 25/Aug/12
Well, I cant say he was "certainly" a strong 6'4", but he did very much appear to be 6'4"-6'5" anyway!
Shaun says on 25/Aug/12
Khalid says on 24/Jul/12
I met Jeff Goldblum 3 weeks ago, I took a photo with him standing, I just compared his height with my photo with Jason Momoa, and it turned out that they both have the same height. Jeff Goldblum is definitely 6 ft 3 in.

Well Mamoa is taller than 6'3", clearly taller than Chris Hemsworth and I would never state a height estimate ever to be "definite" unless you actually measure them and even then height fluctuates throughout a day. 6'4.5" peak for Goldblum is likely, certainly a strong 6'4", three inches on Will Smith, at least 4 inches on Geena Davis etc.
mimi says on 17/Aug/12
I stood next to Jeff Goldblum in a deli once 20 years ago. I am 5'6" (female) and he is VERY tall. Definitely 6'4". My brother is 6'5" and he was clearly in that range. He was very goodlooking in person. Beautiful skin (granted, this was a while ago). Long legs and arms.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Aug/12
Looks 6ft4(193cm) today. But 15 years ago was definitely near 6ft5.
Peak height was 6ft4.5(194cm). Just watch Jurassic Park.
Hob says on 7/Aug/12
i believe 6'3. he only look 6inches taller than 5'9 justin long when they perform a stage acting.
Khalid says on 24/Jul/12
I met Jeff Goldblum 3 weeks ago, I took a photo with him standing, I just compared his height with my photo with Jason Momoa, and it turned out that they both have the same height. Jeff Goldblum is definitely 6 ft 3 in.

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