How tall is Jon Stewart ?

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Jon Stewart's Height is 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

American tv host known for The Daily Show. In Esquire a few years back when they had described his height as being 5ft 6 he said "I'm 5'7", but I'm told I can play 5'6" but he also said "I'm Five Six" on an earlier episode of his show.

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Comment on the Height of Jon Stewart

Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Oct/15
A lot shorter than I thought
MD said on 1/Oct/15
I guess some people see different things, but he's almost always struck me as a classic short guy. Like, even in solo pictures he appears short. It's even more apparent when he's not in suit. He's quite a bit heavier than he looks on television.
Wow said on 30/Sep/15
He looks MUCH taller than what he is. Out of all people who are short on TV that i've ever seen he is the best illusionist. He appears as a normal, average height guy 5'9-5'10 range - you'd never expect him to be a 5'6 guy.
Just looked said on 28/Jul/15
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David said on 26/Jun/15
Jon Srewart is around 5'5,165-166cm no more then that.
tony t. said on 18/Mar/15
He should do a back to back with the beibs.
kellykellykelly said on 22/Jan/15
I'm 5'6 3/4" tall and I once saw John Stewart in an elevator. I could see the top of his head. No way he's 5'7".
Danimal said on 28/Dec/14
Bart says on 9/Apr/14
John Stewart is a Napoleon Complex 5'6".... Meaning, his personality is that of a man even shorter than his physical height.... His big mouth makes him seem a bit bigger on TV, via a shortened set, and etc....

Sounds like you don't like his politics and so you're making it personal.
Danimal said on 28/Dec/14
Barker says on 26/Dec/14
Jon is 5' 4 3/4" in his bare feet, if he strecthes.

Does that make you feel like a bigger man by saying that?
Danimal said on 28/Dec/14
He's claimed 5'8" in the past as well as 5'7" and 5'6".
BGee said on 28/Dec/14
5'6 at his lowest.
Barker said on 26/Dec/14
Jon is 5' 4 3/4" in his bare feet, if he strecthes.
Concerned 181 cm said on 16/Oct/14
Stephen Colbert loudly declared himself to be 5'11 on the most recent episode, after getting pissed about that search engine listing him at 5'10. Then again, he also said Depp was 5'10.
Angelaaaa said on 19/Jul/14
I'd always thought he was in the 5ft10 - 6ft1 range. He hides it well on TV.
Jones said on 19/May/14
@ dwerb "Most good musicians and actors are not very tall" Most people in general are not very tall. I think that only about 5% of the population qualifies as "very tall". IMO very tall is 6'3+
Sam said on 2/May/14
Caught a bit of (the all-time classic) Big Daddy on TV the other day and I wouldn't guess under 5'7" from his appearance there as he doesn't appear that much shorter than Adam Sandler.
Brad A. said on 25/Apr/14
Hey Rob, how tall do you think Stephen Colbert is, 5'10?
Sam said on 10/Apr/14
It's possible but most comedic celebrities in his size range crack jokes about their stature.
Bart said on 9/Apr/14
John Stewart is a Napoleon Complex 5'6".... Meaning, his personality is that of a man even shorter than his physical height.... His big mouth makes him seem a bit bigger on TV, via a shortened set, and etc....
Randy said on 16/Nov/13
@mjd: What pontificator said isn't much different from what you said, I don't see why you had to nitpick over a half inch. Are you by any chance 5'6.5" trying to convince pontificator that you're in average range? Because IF so, you can't for two reasons. 1) The 68% is actually 5'7-6'0" from the 5'9.5ish average, meaning 6'1" (outside of standard deviation) IS tall (as you type it) in the same way 5'6" IS short. 2) You are still below 5'7" at 5'6.5". You can round your height up all you want, but like the 20.5 year old who is still a 20 year old and unable to drink (in the US), you still carry that 5'6" prefix and are still below the 68%.
NXR said on 15/Nov/13

"Although 5'9 is "average" that does not mean most men are 6'9."

I think you meant to type 5'9" here. Anyway, I don't see what 'pointificator' said that yielded such a 'nitpick', what he said wasn't THAT far off from what you said. For the record, regarding the 68%, why do you include 5'6 1/2"? Oh wait, I know, the half rounds up, a 5'6.5" guy can call himself can round up to 5'7", the beginning of 'average range', thus deeming him part of the 68% and living happily ever after unlike the 5'6" 'on the dot' guy in the corner, BOO HOO for the 5'6" flat guy, am I in the ballpark with this? If you say yes, then you are WRONG!!!!!! Like a 20.5 year old who's not 21 and able to drink, the 5'6.5" guy is NOT 5'7" hence how he still carries the 5'6" prefix in his height. He is just a legitimate/strong 5'6"-er, nothing more, nothing less.
mjd said on 28/Oct/13
@pontificator. Hate to nitpick. You said at 5'6 1/2, Jon is short. But at 6 foot, someone is tall. You wrote "but barely" in brackets. 3 inches down from 5'9 1/2 is Jons height. 3 inches up from 5'9 is 6 foot. Thus, 5'6 1/2 is short "but barely" in the same sense that 6 foot is tall *but barely.

68% of American males fall between 5'7 (lets include Jon's 5'6 1/2) and 6'1. This is a normal bell curve variation. Although 5'9 is "average" that does not mean most men are 6'9. It merely means when you average out the height distribution - most of which falls between 5'7 and 6'1 - you end up with 5'9 1/2.

To be called "short" in any meaningful sense, you would have to fall outside the normal range. A guy who is 5'3 or 5'4 is conspicuously short. 5'5 is short, but more common. 5'6 is even more common. And as you enter the 5'7-6'1 area, you're entering 68% of men.

Tall, on the other hand, would have to parallel the short. If 6'1 corresponds to 5'7, 6'2 would be about as common as 5'6. 6'3, as common as 5'5. 6'1 IS tall, however you cut it. But yes, in the world of basketball and volleyball where men on the extreme of the curve tend to gravitate, it is a smaller height. In the NBA, for example, average point guard height is 6'1 3/4. The smallest position on the court requires a height that only 2-3% of American males possess. 6'8, a height you find at the wing positions, occurs 1 out every 16,500 births.

So, in context, 6'1 is tall, 5'7 is short, but both are relatively common heights in males.
uwman said on 16/May/13
For Spinoza. I don't know the reasoning or logic behind it but I think at least in American society being tall is looked upon as being a positive thing. People seem to like tall men, find them more attractive and maybe just more impressive. I'm only 6'0 and I get a lot of attention for being "tall" even though I don't consider myself to be so. My dad is 6'4 and I have seen him get even more positive attention for his height...I can't explain it, but I do think it's a reality in the same way some of my muscular guy friends get attention for their biceps and stuff lol
TNTinFL said on 25/Mar/13
I think 5'6.5" is actually about right. He was always much shorter than most guests on his show.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 20/Jan/13
He said "5'6 - 5'7 range" when Paul Rudd was a guest on his show.
Johnnyfive said on 11/Dec/12
Stewart looks much taller than 5'6 range in Big Daddy and The Faculty. In Big Daddy he only apoears about an inch or inch an a half shorter than Adam Sandler and in The Faculty he towers over 5'5 Elijah Wood. I could've sworn he was 5'8 minimum!
Sam said on 5/Nov/12
He was taller than Al Roker and only a weak 1.5"-2" inches shorter than Matt Lauer in the Hurricane Sandy benefit. I never knew either were that short:
Click Here
the pontificator said on 22/Oct/12
below 6 feet is short? maybe in the netherlands. In the US, average male height is 5' 9.6". Jon's a few under average, hence 'short'. A six footer is a few inches above average, hence 'tall' (but barely). I'm 6' 1" and in the world of Tall Men, like playing basketball or volleyball, I'm a runt.
dwerb said on 22/Oct/12
look at it this way most good musicians and actors are not very means nothing(or maybe it means being shorter and hearing all the stuff growing up makes shorter people better at things because they gain strength inside and more talent).only people who are insecure or ignorant will comment about height in a negative way.have confidence in who you are and don't dwell on something you have no control over(none of us have control over height,race,where we are born or anything else like that so use your head).there will always be disrespectful dumb people out there.believe in yourself and you will have the right tall and short people drawn to you.there are good people every where tall and short.
VSC said on 21/Oct/12
Don't really care about his height, but just saw him on Night of Too Many Stars standing next to Chris Matthews and Bill O'Reilly and they looked tall compared to him.
BG said on 11/Oct/12
Tall people have the advantage, both socially and economically, at least in the USA. Of course this is a generalization, but true... in general.
Spinoza said on 7/Oct/12
I believe it would be useful if each of you who visit this site regularly explain why you care about a person's height ? . In particular why many who have commented believe short stature is a disability or an attribute that should be hidden ?
Etoile said on 21/Aug/12
Per Sam's comment of Dec 19th, Jon just explicitly demonstrated this technique on the Aug 16, 2012 show. He shakes hands while the guest is still on the floor level, then when they step up onto the podium he is already far away behind his desk. He doesn't mention his height but he does confirm this is his "short guy" technique.
Sophia said on 20/Aug/12
Its funny because there was recently an episode where he described the though process behind his introduction of interviewees and how it does make him look taller.
Adam Brennon said on 13/Oct/07
How tall are you, Mr Anonymity?
Anonymous said on 10/Oct/07
Wow! I always thought he was ridiculously tall. Goes to show unfortunately how respect is perceived in relation to height.
Adam Brennon said on 8/Oct/07
I'm convinced this gentleman is at least 6' 4".
kris said on 22/Jun/07
i always herd he was short but i never knew how short he was, i meet him and shook his had he was deffnitaly at least 5'7, im 6'1 and he came up almost to my nose.
MD said on 22/Jun/07
That's what this site is all about, arguing over relatively small differences.
woodbridge said on 22/Jun/07
Its only an inch difference. whats the big deal?
Matt said on 22/Jun/07
They were talking about height on The Daily Show last night. Rob Riggle called Jon Stewart out at 5'6". Really surprised, but I think it's time to downgrade him.
Jon Doe said on 17/Jun/07
Thank you Lisa for your comment about how shorter is better, to bad I'm 5'4 and in the range of girlie short.
PJ said on 28/Mar/07
I've seen him in SoHo with his wife and child, this height's accurate.
leonari said on 14/Feb/07
DC: he said himself 5`6 and thats his height...maybe 5`7" but by saying easily you prove you have no clue about heights,especialy since you see him in the flesh..
DC said on 13/Feb/07
I see Mr Stewart often, with his wife and child. He is easily 5-7, maybe a shade more.
Antron said on 2/Feb/07
Anonymous says on 25/Feb/06

there is no way that jon stewart is 5'6"
i met him and he's 5'51/2" tops

You can eyeball half an inch??? hmmm
MD said on 14/Dec/06
Wrong thread, Sam?

Rob, you should finally change this one.
sam said on 13/Dec/06
if we all agree that cuba gooding jr is 5'10 Tom can't be that tall because he was shorter than him in Jerry Macguire. I'm more inclined toward a 5'8 - 5'9 estimate.
Glenn said on 22/Nov/06
Your right.Im 5-6.cant you tell by the 1000+ pics? did you forget your meds today?
Snarkygirl said on 21/Nov/06
Glenn thanks for your confirmation but you are actually muuuuuuch shorter than you say you are. I have confirmation of that in one of my lost photos.
J said on 18/Oct/06
I think Jon Stewart is great for admitting his short stature without lying, plus I have seen many taller women go on his show and take a liking to him. Whatever it is, Stewart has it.
D. Ray Morton said on 7/Aug/06
"(shorter is better, by the way.)"

Thank you! ;-)
Glenn said on 7/Aug/06
He's 5-6.and I heard him say that.Im a couple inches bigger in this lost photo I have.

[Editor Rob: shame you've lost some photos over the years...]
Lisa said on 6/Aug/06
It's strange the way I just pictured him as tall. When I heard 5'7", that was a shock... but hey, gimme a break, all those other late-night-talk-show hosts are tall! (shorter is better, by the way.)
J-Dog said on 10/May/06
Jon Stewart is pretty honest about his height I doubt he would ever pull the wool over anyone's eyes, he seems honest in general.
Glenn said on 10/May/06
I heard him say 5-6 years ago,and thats what he looks like to me.
trueheight said on 10/May/06
wouldn't exacly say Stewart has rounded up his height. he's never remarked on it other than that clip from earlier. 5'7 is just the arbitrary figure given to men who appear shortish. I believe it has something to do w/ breaking through that 170cm barrier
trueheight said on 10/May/06
the comments on youtube are quite amusing. He does look 5'7 though; like when he had Howard Dean on a few years back. I've met Dean, even shook hands! Dean is 5'8 , no more and stewart was about an inch under
A-Bomb said on 17/Apr/06
Ok after that Stern interview I think he's max 5'6". Like I said in the past he always looked smaller than 5'7" - confirmed now for the first time.

[Editor Rob: with greater fame, comes greater stature...add Stewart to the pile that includes Jessica Simpson]
Don said on 16/Apr/06
Click Here

Jon here confirms he's 5'6, not 5'7

[Editor Rob: thanks Don, this is from a few years he's 'rounded up' his height the more famous he's got???]
Anonymous said on 25/Feb/06

there is no way that jon stewart is 5'6"
i met him and he's 5'51/2" tops
jtk said on 18/Nov/05
I'm 5'7" and attended a Daily Show taping. He's my height. My short? Something like that.
What said on 1/Nov/05
Sighting: Jon Stewart walking with his wife on 12th st. and 5th ave. A baby was strapped to his chest in one of those snuggly things. Jon was wearing a pink sweatshirt and a cap. Pretty short, I am guessing 58.
MD said on 10/Oct/05
Every place on the net seems to list him at 5'7". Jon Stewart is one of the very few well known people that I think has no reason to lie about his height. This may be one height that doesn't garner much discussion.

Also, if anyone has any pictures, that would be great to confirm this.

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