How tall is Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin's Height

5ft 6in (168 cm)

Infamous Russian Leader. President Truman's white house physician, Wallace H Graham, said in 1989 ( "Before I met him, I had thought he was a large man. I thought he would be a great big huge person, but no, he wasn't at all. He and Hitler were about the same height, approximately five feet, eight. I saw Hitler many, many times, and Goering and Goebbels. Stalin was a broad fellow, with a very heavily pock-marked face"

Stalin has also been described as 5ft 4,5,6...Harry Truman once commented in Life "I was surprised at Stalin's stature - he was not over 5 feet 5 or 6 inches tall. When we had pictures taken, he would usually stand on the step above me. Churchill would do the same thing."

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5ft 5.42in (166.2cm)
Nik said on 22/Dec/16

Yes I agree with what you said. To be honest when I did quote the word dwarf I wasn't using it as an insult and I wasn't referring to anyone in particular or meaning it in a dirogatory way to any group of individuals either. I see midget as more dirogatory myself than the word dwarf but there's no way I would describe short men or women in a way that is insulting.
VeryShortRussianDude said on 21/Dec/16
Morons, throw around words like dwarf & midget to describe short men as a way to insult them, I'm sure even they know it's nonsense.

Stalin also never looked as short as 5'4, 5'6 - 5'6.5 is far more likely.
Nik said on 21/Dec/16

There is no way that he would be classed as anywhere near a dwarf, even even at 5'4".
Astaroth said on 19/Dec/16
Man was a dwarf, 5'4" and many sources confirm that
Giorgi said on 7/Dec/16

I don't know whether Stalin is wearing lifts or anything but must be hardly an inch shorter than repordtedly 5'8" Truman here.
Peter175 said on 5/Dec/16
5ft6 maximum. Looks 165-7 range
James said on 23/Nov/16
Police reports were notoriously inaccurate. Stalin began World War II by agreeing to invade Poland in conjunction with the Germans. He was 5'6" at most.
Dingus said on 21/Nov/16
I've read two biographies on Stalin. One stated that he was 5'07.50". It was based on a police report from his younger days. Another put him at 5'06.00", which was, according to the author, average for a man of his time in the Russian Empire/early USSR. I would be skeptical of repots of him below 5'06.00". They seem to be similar in nature to British claims of Napoleon being very small and are based more on political rivals trying to make them appear diminutive than truth.
Orlando said on 12/Mar/16
According to his Army physical record of May 1917 (aged 33) Harry Truman was 5ft 8in tall (Source: "Truman", by David McCullough, Simon & Schuster, New York, 1992, page 102): Click Here
The Master said on 15/Mar/15
Rob, the second picture link above is not working. I think he was 5'8" and needs an upgrade.
Panda said on 17/Feb/15
Hey Rob, I'm pretty sure Harry S. Truman was actually 5'8" because in his biography written by David McCollough it states towards the beginning of the book that when Truman went in for physical to join the army he was measured to be 5'8", an inch taller than the average recruit. Not sure if that makes a difference but I thought I'd point that out.

"Harry S. Truman's height is 5ft 8in (173 cm)"
gwp said on 13/Feb/15
According to History Channel and Smithsonian Channel, he was 5' 4" and had a life-long inferiority complex.
Orlando said on 13/Jul/14
Mr. Paul, if the man was listed 1.74 m in his police file, and in the photo with Churchill and Truman he looks about the same height as Churchill (5'8") and about 1-2 cm shorter than Truman (5'9") then in no way Stalin would ever be 5'6"! Please, put him at 5'8"!
stalin said on 18/Apr/14
was 5' 7"-8"-9"
176,2Tunman said on 14/Mar/14
Rob,if Graham said he was about 5'8 then we may assume he's near that mark,possibly a 5'7 wearing an inch lift? Honestly,he didn't look short in most pics.If he was measured 174 (possibly 173,5?)with normal shoes then he's probably 171 without them.169 in 1945 and 171 peak seems fair,he was a heavy drinker and his health wasn't really the best in 1945,so about 2cm loss is plausible at 66.Would you consider a little upgrade,Rob?
[Editor Rob: I think 5ft 6 is probably the low for him, maybe in his youth it is possible he was taller than his late 50's.]
JC said on 7/Mar/14
Stalin was 5'4"
THE_MAD_BOMBER said on 24/Jan/14
mjd said on 14/Oct/13
Orlando: The picture is obviously deceiving.

If Churchill is 5'6-5'7, and Truman 5'9, then how can he be "About their heights"? They're different heights!

Here's the problem. In the picture, Truman is standing a foot back from Churchill and Stalin: this creates the illusion of Truman being smaller than he actually is. If both had been standing side by side to Truman, and not a foot forward, I think the 5'6-5'7 height range for Stalin would hold up.

Now, as for the soviet documents - maybe it's forged? Joseph Stalin wouldn't be beyond trying to be bigger than he actually was. Or, conversely, Stalin may wear serious footware that helps him pull off 5'8, hence the impression Wallace H Graham had of him being the same size as Hitler.
Hias said on 28/Jul/13
It could have been a mistake. Police files aren't free from errors
Orlando said on 4/May/13
If Stalin's mugshot Click Here clearly shows him listed at 1.74 m (maybe 1.72 m barefoot) and in the photo with Churchill and Truman he looks about their heights, I don't understand why you keep him listed short at 5ft 6in when in fact he was an average tall man...
Alex said on 29/Jan/13
Honestly, he could claim up to 6'6'' and no one would dare to even remotely object at the time.
Will said on 22/Aug/11
Stalin was 5'6 1/4".
Iluminata said on 27/May/11
Stalin was using elevator shoes and I think his height was 165-170 cm.
TruebloodFan said on 19/May/11
@Delia says on 15/Feb/11
Joseph Goebbels was 5 feet, 4.2 inches. I took all the measurements in 27 different websites and did the median, and this is what I came up with. Anyone who does not believe me is...CRAZY!!!! BOO YAH!

I've also read in the newspaper Goebbels was 164cm and that he had major sexual appetite for women in their mid 30s. he was perverted in many ways.

Stalin didn't look short. He always looked around 5ft8. The photo of him with Lenin was never really taken so that makes it useless.
Fed said on 6/Apr/11
171 cm (5 ft 7,5) - clinical record
Click Here
Delia said on 15/Feb/11
Joseph Goebbels was 5 feet, 4.2 inches. I took all the measurements in 27 different websites and did the median, and this is what I came up with. Anyone who does not believe me is...CRAZY!!!! BOO YAH!
The Historian said on 9/Feb/11
How can you conclude 168 cm, when all historical records suggest somewhere between 172 & 175? That's a mystery to me! I may add yet another personal anecdote: One of my (late) granddad's friends had been a convinced communist in the thirties & fourties, and been to Moscow.. I remember him some 25 years ago saying something like "He (Stalin) was about my built with a scared face..." My granddads (now late)friend was about 173-75 & heaviely built...
Sam said on 26/Dec/10
I looked at a lot of video clips of him and he never looks short, sometimes a little tallish, sometimes shortish, but always average. Lenin for a fact was 5'5, and he was noticeably shorter than everyone around him. Plus there's a record of Stalin being 174cm in his youth, and Truman said he was 5'8. I think it's pathetic and rude to short people to put stalin at 5'6.
gg said on 8/Dec/10
Akirum byn Anaq said on 7/Sep/07
BTW Hitler was 5-8 to 5-8 1/2 and I find it hard to imagine Dugashbili only 2" inferior.
Akirum byn Anaq said on 7/Sep/07
Stalin was 2 archin 4½ vershoks. 5 feet 4 inches at 23. Perhaps he grew a few millimeters above that at his prime, though unlikely. We need to list Stalin at 5 feet 4, not 5 feet 6.
Kevin said on 26/Aug/07
Wait... let me revise my previous statement. Mao Zedong was probably 5'11, but POSSIBLY 6'0" according to another website I went to. 6'0" would be roughly 183 cm tall! Wow... but that would mean Mao was slouching big time in that phot of yours, Hombre.
Kevin said on 26/Aug/07
To Hombre: Actually, Mao Zedong was 5'11. (180-181 cm approx.) I know, Mao's much taller than I thought myself. Does anyone know how tall Chiang Kai-Shek was?
Heinrich said on 24/Aug/07
Stalin was one of the shorter WWII leaders (next to Hirohito and probably Tojo) I'd say he's around 5'4 (anything less than 5'6), Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Adolf Hilter, Harry Truman, Chiang Kai-Shek, Mao Zedong and definately Douglas MacArthur were all taller than him.
Steevn said on 16/Aug/07
"that was the most primitive thing some one could have ever said Anonymous. What you said was so stupid and incredile as it seems. Is one of the reasons why humans haven't progressed in society as they have in science and math. Thanks to individuals like you who keep on reproducing."

What that guy said has some truth to it, the book he got it from probably explained it better though. No need for alarm... you wimp.

Oh and Stalin looks shorter than 168cm in almost every picture I´ve seen him. I´d say 5 ft 4 in.
hombre said on 13/Aug/07
how tall was Mao Zedong?

Click Here

175 cm?
Anshelm said on 5/Mar/07
Note that 2 archin 4½ vershoks converts more precisely to 5 ft 3⅞ in. This has significance for his metric height, making him 162 cm rather than 163.
Jim said on 10/Oct/06
The media still presents a Stalin of stalwart proportions, and camera angles seem to show him as tall as Churchill, but infact he was a legitimate 5 ft 4 according to his police records from 1902, which state that he was "2 archin, 4 1/2 vershoks" in height. An Archin is 28", a vershok 1.75 inches.
JW said on 9/Oct/06
The earliest Police/medical files mention a Iosif Djugashvili: "Height 2 archins, 4 1/2 vershoks. Body medium. Age 23." Click Here Click Here

An archin is 28 inches, and a vershok 1 3/4 inches; This puts Stalin at 5 ft 4 inches during the prime of his life. The measurement likely does not include his shoes, as it seems he had a physician measure him and note his physical particulars as he was imprisoned for a long period.

I believe that giving Stalin a credit of 5 ft 6 is too generous, when the clearest, earliest proof shows he was infact 5 ft 4. Even if you look carefully at the Yalta conferences, with a comperison next to Truman he looks only a bit taller than this, probably thanks to camera angles and a 1-inch lift.
Anonymous said on 11/Sep/06
that was the most primitive thing some one could have ever said Anonymous. What you said was so stupid and incredile as it seems. Is one of the reasons why humans haven't progressed in society as they have in science and math. Thanks to individuals like you who keep on reproducing.
Gotxo said on 24/Aug/06
Nice finding Orlando.

The problem is that a recent History channel on Stalin and Hitler ("paralel lives" or such) gives him 5'6" and insist that this was a partial reason for his insecurities (the main one a brutal beating father).
On the other hand comunist propaganda was very famous for photo editing, removing whole persons from old official pics, when they were state-murdered or imprisioned. The letters on posters and banners are ofthen changed too, in one Lenin is givin a discourse in a square crowded by people. In the original photo was a banner from a jewerly, wich was erased as it was not fitting comunist propaganda.
Anonymous said on 2/Apr/06
H.itler, stalin and churchill were short men . Short men get power through the use of their mind and then use large men to carry out the physical side of power. Most short men have an inferiority complex about their size and many short leaders use lifts or surround themselves with smaller men. Ruling is far easier if one is tall and large as the animal kingdom shows. However not all large men have the magnetic charisma required to be a leader. simple psychology.
hombre said on 6/Mar/06
Pretty cool that im in same height-range as Stalin. :)
Buster said on 8/Jan/06
Pretty much the same range as Andre The Giant at over a foot shorter!

I suppose there's a possibilty that the history books are biased against him, as he isn't the most well liked of historic figures.
A-Bomb said on 7/Jan/06
Hmmm. I'm really not sure about this one. Every history book I've ever read on Stalin has spoken of his height complex and his use of platform shoes. Maybe he was the original lifts user. I would look at all pictures of him dubiously.

[Editor Rob: I was doing some more reading into this guy and yes, I think he could pull off looking taller to people but the lifts issue and his dodgy boots makes me think the oft-quoted mention of his elevator shoes is enough to list him lower...5ft 1-3, which has been mentioned seems improbable though...but down he goes! 5ft 4 though? Hmmm, the range for this guy is pretty astounding. I've read 5ft 1 up to 5ft 6...]
hombre said on 7/Jan/06
Cool,I am 1 cm taller than him. :)

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