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Karl Urban height: 6ft 0.75in (185 cm)

New Zealand actor best known for roles in movies like Dredd, Star Trek, Doom and Lord of the Rings. His new zealand acting agency listed him as 185cm, and another management agency lists him as 184cm. This photo is from the London Film Convention in 2012, I had about a quarter inch more thicker sneaker than him.

Karl Urban at London Film Con
5ft 8 Rob with Karl
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Emil 183 cm says on 24/Jan/15
He looks around 183 cm when slouching a bit.... 184-185 cm is fair enough I think. Doesnt look taller than that though
Peyman 5ft 10.25in says on 7/Jan/15
6ft 0.25in for Carl
sorry but I can't see a 185 guy here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 5/Jan/15
Rob. how tall would you say Urban look beside Dwayne Johnson?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: about 6ft 1, although Rock might be a bit looser, in the film with them I think around 6ft 2 with karl/deobai looked ok.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Jan/15
I reckon 184-185cm range is spot on for Urban and Pine
Dmeyer says on 9/Dec/14
Rob to me this Guy when in good posture and equal footwear can look a har taller than 184cm pine , this should stop the people who say pine is over 184cm , as Karl himself could be just 184cm solid
[Editor Rob: 184 or 5, he could be either figure.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 30/Nov/14
Rob, do you think Urban would measure 187cm out of bed?
[Editor Rob: I think he can look 184 or 185, out of bed 186-187 range.]
Lebensdorf says on 20/Nov/14
A 5'8 guy like Rob should come up to about the brow line of a 6'1 guy. Rob is about an inch over Urban's brow line, but Urban is not standing pin straight. I think 6'0.75 is dead on.
John says on 14/Oct/14
Judd says on 13/Oct/14
6'0.5"-0.75" is spot on for him
Triplescrew says on 23/Sep/14
Kostas, don't be fooled by that dude's small head and lack of neck ( offense). He's clearly only 183cm at best; barely beats out 182cm Matt Smith.

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Urban's got an easy 2-3cm advantage over both of them.
Concerned 181 cm says on 15/Sep/14
Legit 6'0.5
Kostas says on 3/Aug/14
How can this guy be 1.84-85 and the guy here (Click Here) only 1.83? He looks taller.
[Editor Rob: I think they look roughly similar in their photos, but Urban has fraction less footwear and maybe fraction less posture. He's in the 184 or 5 zone.]
hyrda says on 17/Jul/14
6'0.75 looks spot on
184.9 on a bad day says on 16/Jul/14
I asked if he was 6ft 1 because he looks very tall on screen. Not much different than Paul Bettany. He is an awesome actor.
Mathew says on 15/Jul/14
Hmm I suspect more 184 cm than 185 but 1 cm is pretty tough to spot. It's interesting one agency only gave him the 184 though.
Alex 6'0 says on 1/Jul/14
Looks more of a strong 6'0 than weak 6'1. Looks a good 4 inches but no more. Id peg him at 6'0.25
Hypado says on 23/Jun/14
Looks 6'0 / 183cm, maybe 184cm
bot123 says on 22/Jun/14
no doubt above 6'0 barefoot and a little under 6'1. maybe hits above 6'1 mark when in footwear.
184.9 on a bad day says on 20/Jun/14
Full 6ft1(185.5) it is possible, Rob?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he really looked that tall, either 184 or 5.]
Arch Stanton says on 29/May/14
I saw the photograph and guessed 6'0.5 (184). But if Rob has a 1/4 more sneaker then 6'0'75 is spot on!
sxer3 says on 17/May/14
6'0.75 flat and hits the 6'1 - 6'2 range in footwear
TNT says on 9/Apr/14
I actually saw Karl at Megacon in Orlando a few weeks ago. He appeared to be around the 6'0" range or so, although I thought he might even be around 5'11". I was a distance away so it was harder for me to gauge.
kirill14 says on 24/Mar/14
since i'm 5'3" anything taller is great to me.but I would say at6'1", Karl is perfect.
Alex 6ft 0 says on 10/Mar/14
I think he looks more 6'0-6'0.25.
Freddy says on 1/Mar/14
strangely he looks under 6ft next to rob....but still, I think that a strong 6ft is accurate ( 6'1 is a bit exaggerated though)
Alex says on 2/Feb/14
If Karl is 6'0.75 then Vin is no taller than 5'11.
cole says on 1/Jan/14
6'0.5 or 6'0.75 is fair.
PLB says on 27/Dec/13
Karl Urban is tall enough. That means his height is never an issue in any of the roles he plays. Henry Cavill is about the same height and he is excoriated for being too short. It depends on role and audience expectations. For example, everyone thinks Stallone was too short while the shorter Robert De Nero gets a pass. But De Nero played a middle weight and Stallone played a heavyweight.
maximus says on 21/Dec/13 less...good height for Hollywood...doesn't need lifts....with regular shoes he is 6'1 to 6'2.
royce says on 15/Dec/13
looks 6'0.5 here, but look at him in pictures next to the near 5'11 viggo mortensen and karl had a noticeable 2 inches on him. I think 6'0.5 - 75 is right for karl.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 5/Dec/13
Standing tall, he's not shorter than Pine.
Ted says on 22/Nov/13
Am just not seeing 4.5" of height difference in the photo Rob posted (plus the 0.25" footwear edge for Rob as noted). I suspect Rob's being a tiny bit misled by Urban's hair.

Karl seems like a 6'0" guy at very most. Maybe a bit less, since Rob seems to be leaning in with his head a bit.
wingwalker says on 22/Nov/13
looking at his Star Trek pictures is confusing - he seems to have an noticeable edge over Chris Pine in every group picture but with just two of them in the frame it's really hard to tell, but I'd think he is still marginally taller than Pine as he does seem to have a relaxed posture while Pine stands as tall as he possibly can with him.
Len says on 9/Nov/13
jim says on 21/Oct/13
Looked a shade shorter than Pine in the Star Trek films, leading me to believe that Urban is about 6'0.5".
Rusty says on 17/Sep/13
He certainly looks a legit 6'2" on screen standing alone. yet next to 5'3" olivia thirlby in dredd looked strong 6'1" yet he looks weak 6'1" in this photo. i think the camera makes him look tall when in real life hes just tallish and he could be 184.5 cm and just is modest and rounds down
Rusty says on 4/Sep/13
I actually saw Chris Pine write that he was a little over six, more like a half inch or so. I think Pine is honest about his height.
Jack says on 30/Aug/13
The listing looks correct and he is a very handsome man. Karl Urban isn't so bad either
Lucas says on 29/Aug/13
6'0.75'' seems fair to me. He's 11 cm taller than Rob, considering rob has advantage for a quarter of a inche...good estmate, rob!
DMP says on 26/Aug/13
I just saw him now walking down the street in Vancouver. I'm 6'0" and he seemed at least 2" taller than me. He's a tall lanky guy
Rusty says on 14/Aug/13
He did look a good 6'1" in Dredd, he does look tall in most things he is in. Id say hes about 185cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 28/Jul/13
Sala's a much bigger guy, so maybe he just looks shorter than he really is?
Connor 184cm says on 26/Jul/13
Karl is 184cm he looks identically the same height as height challenger 10 karl i think maybe he could be 185.0cm in the morning perhaps?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Jul/13
Rob, who struck you as taller, Urban or Sala Baker?
[Editor Rob: sala could be 184 range I mean he claims 6ft 2 which is a bit of a stretch...don't want to upset sala though!]
wartank says on 14/Jul/13
On the mark.. nuff' said!
Tim says on 5/Jul/13
6 ft 1/2 seems right, my height
Sam says on 25/Jun/13
Rob, I get the feeling that most of the celebs you meet in person tend to shrink in their listings by an inch...sometimes rarely even more. Few of them are taller than their listed. Do you feel like most of celebs round up?
[Editor Rob: a good chunk i think are pretty accurate in what they say and a large chunk would round up a bit]
anonymous says on 14/Jun/13
Probably between 6'0.5/6'0.75 being specific a weak 6'1 guy, I would say somewhere between 184- 185cm
gsbr says on 31/May/13
Whenever he gets face to face with Pine in Star Trek, he's taller. He has to be at least 6'0.75".
Balrog says on 22/May/13
6'0.25'' . Pine is hard to judge, he has a great posture and constantly looks over 6 foot.
Johno says on 17/May/13
He is shorter then challenger 10 so circa 6'0 could be fair.
johno says on 25/Apr/13
I would pretty confident in putting urban as a weak 6'0. He does to me judging by the above pic dip below 6'0 at some point of the day. If rob were to stretch then it would become blaitently obvious. He was also does look shorter then the 6'0.5 chris pine.

Urban 5'11.75
Emil says on 22/Apr/13
He's tilting his head which makes him look 6'0. He is as listed
space balls says on 2/Apr/13
i envy this guy,cause at 1.85cm,his height is the most ideal height for a men.and he sure does look like a legit one.
Dmeyer says on 23/Mar/13
Looks about 9cm taller than Rob so 182cm plus 0.6cm more shoes about 6 ft In the pic but is likey 184/185
truth178.5cm says on 16/Mar/13
I believe 184.5cm at the lowest, could be 185cm (6ft1). Looks tall, not 6ft or lower.
Johno says on 3/Feb/13
About 5'11.75 judging from that picture and taking rob's shoe advantage into consideration.
Joey says on 3/Feb/13
prime example of a 6feet man (183cm) no arguments here...but the 184/185cm claim is slighly exaggerated
185-186 says on 18/Jan/13
185 at peak
Dmeyer says on 10/Jan/13
I do believe h is 184-185cm but at 173cm the top of your head should be at his eye level , 6'0.5-0.75 in Guy should have a 5'8-8.25 in eye level , you are like 2.5-3cm above how a 181cm Guy will look
Balrog says on 6/Jan/13
Urban I'm sure he's over 6 feet, 183-184 is his range, but Rob can you explain why Chris Pine looks taller than him in almost every pic when he claims 6 feet nothing? Pine also looks pretty close to Quinto's height, I mean if the guy claimed 6'1'' I'd believe it!
[Editor Rob: they both look very close. Urban's agencies give him 184 and 185, he could be either really.]
Yaspaa says on 26/Dec/12
Shame Dredd flopped.
Joey says on 16/Dec/12
solid 6 footer (183cm)...he is agood actor,.. would like to see him in more movies
Aragorn 5\'11 says on 20/Oct/12
He's very close to 6'1. He's a little over an inch taller than Bruce Willis (5'11.5) and he's about 2 inches taller then Viggo Mortensen (5'11). And he's not that much shorter than Paul Bettany (6'3). Anything less than 6'0 for him is insane!
Ajax says on 17/Oct/12
Even if that is so the reality is that most people celebs or not will usually ad anywhere from .5-1.5" inches to their height so in essence, more actors and people will exaggerate their height instead
of being honest until they hit 6'2" and above.
MacReady says on 16/Oct/12
I also agree. Being height-obsessive I love this site, and especially appreciate the pics with the stars, which give us a better idea of true heights (unlike a certain film database). I find that, in general, actors upgrade their heights (as do a lot of ordinary men I've met), whereas posters on this site DOWNGRADE those heights, some ludicrously so. The people who proclaim: "So-and-so is 5'6''. Deal with it" etc are the funniest.
Ps I've been a Dredd fan since I was a kid (I'm 40), and I'm also an Urban fan, so when I heard that HE was a fan, and that he would only do the film if he KEPT THE HELMET ON I was chuffed. He's reassuringly tall/big too :~)
Dave618 says on 11/Oct/12
I agree, Brad, some people on this site automatically deduct almost an inch from whatever Rob has them listed. Some listings being challenged are valid, but some are challenged, it seems, based on the challenger's lack of self esteem.
Brad says on 10/Oct/12
Around 6'1" The listing is fair. Stop trying to downgrade everyone just because. It won't make you any taller.
balrog says on 10/Oct/12
Looks 6'0'' on the dot. 6'.25"" since Rob has ticker footwear.
Denis says on 6/Oct/12
Urban looks 6'0" beside Rob.
Dmeyer says on 3/Oct/12
There is an agency call central casting in burbank i think , all you hav to do is pay 20-25 dollars and take pic and you CAN be in Movies with all celebs There is smaller casting called Jeff olan , also sande alese casting she makes all Spielberg movies thats How i got to work with Cruise and hanks
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 2/Oct/12
Rob, thanx. I was pretty built when you had met me but that was over 3 years ago. But since then I had bulked up to 205-210lbs but this summer I ended up cutting down to 184-185 and now bulking slowly again. See my weight goes up and down kinda often depeding on my diet etc. I may look into it
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 2/Oct/12
LOL no way is he anywhere close to 6'2! Solid 6'0.25-6'0.5 guy
[Editor Rob: yeah he's not as tall in person as guys I know between the 6ft 1 and 2 range.

alex you should try to get into background extras like dmeyer did, I saw your recent pics on facebook and you've now got even more muscle!
Johnnyfive says on 30/Sep/12
I thought this dude was 6'2. Looks between 184 and 185 so this listing is spot on for Urban.
Andy says on 30/Sep/12
His hair makes him appear shorter than he really is.
Ajax says on 28/Sep/12

He did look shorter than 6'2-3" Wood Harris (not listed here) by about 2". He could be 6'0.5" but I don't think more than that.
TNTinFL says on 28/Sep/12
I always pegged him to be a little taller. 6'2"-ish.
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 28/Sep/12
Macready, LOL just realized I wrote that by accident. I meant he edges me out slightly.
Alex 6\'0 1/8 says on 27/Sep/12
Larc, this guy looks very close in height to me compared to the pics I had with Rob. Hes def over 6'0 but I wouldn't say hes over 6'0.5 though
Alex 6\'0 1/8 says on 27/Sep/12
Rob you wouldn't rule out 184cm for this guy? He looks right at 184cm
[Editor Rob: 184-5 range I think is a good shout for him]
MacReady says on 27/Sep/12
Alex, you just said 'judge' :~)
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 27/Sep/12
Still I don't see 6'0.75, it's true that you have shoe advantage Rob, but your head is well above his eyelevel, to not count the fact that you're bending a bit in the pic.

He is more like 6'0-6'0.25 max.
Alex 6\'0 1/8 says on 26/Sep/12
This guys looks to judge him me out slightly compared to the height I had on Rob. I could see him at 6'0.5.
maximus says on 25/Sep/12
yea right.....the rock is under 6'2"....he is minimum 6'2" less...probably closer to 6'3" so Urban being near 6'1" is very likely but even if he is 6' that is not short by hollywood standards....if he is 6' then with shoes he is pushing 6'1" to 6'2"
Ajax says on 24/Sep/12
I think 6'. He was at least 2" shorter than Wood Harris in Dredd and he's listed and looks 6'2".
tom says on 24/Sep/12
6".0-75 looks spot on imo.
Peyman says on 24/Sep/12
I thought this guy is easilly 6ft 1in but your solid 5ft 8in height destroys the 6'1" mark for him, okay 1/4in shoe advantage of you , but really looks a hair shorter than # 10 , accept it rob , 6ft 0.25in is more possible even by being generous enough .
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 24/Sep/12
Would look 186-187cm with better posture.
Alex 6\'0-6\'0.75 says on 24/Sep/12
6'0-6'0 1/4 is looks more of in this pic
Ras says on 23/Sep/12
5ft10guy(Not Growing) says on 22/Sep/12
5'11.5 half guy IMO. I know somebody who's 5'11.5 and hes slim with a small head so many people consider him 6'0,6'1, and even 6'2! 5'11.5 can look tall this guy looks just that small head+slim=6'1 looking guy 5'11.75 tops.

I have to agree, if this guy was even 6'0, the top of Rob's head would have to be just below this guys eyebrow level, which it clearly isn't:

Click Here

If he really was a 6'1ish guy he'd need to look like this next to Rob:

I'm not taking into account Rob's slouch, yet I'm taking into account his slight footwear advantage so it about evens things up.
daryl says on 22/Sep/12
Im still kicking my self for not meeting him at london film con. He looks a good 6ft 1" to me. Awsome actor
Mathew says on 22/Sep/12
6'0.5" maybe, rather than the 3/4.
kevin says on 22/Sep/12
woah looks no more than 6ft to me. pretty suprising.
5ft10guy(Not Growing) says on 22/Sep/12
5'11.5 half guy IMO. I know somebody who's 5'11.5 and hes slim with a small head so many people consider him 6'0,6'1, and even 6'2! 5'11.5 can look tall this guy looks just that small head+slim=6'1 looking guy 5'11.75 tops.
Josh B says on 21/Sep/12
Seeing more 184cm than 185cm, taking footwear disadvantage into account. Did he drop height rob?
Ian from Auckland says on 17/Sep/12
I too have seen both Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban in person; Mr Urban many times (we go to the same gym). Karl Urban is definitely over 6 feet; but not by much - I would put him at 184cm; ie 6 foot and half an inch.
Johnny G says on 26/Jul/12
I don't understand why there are so many disgruntled people who dont use any evidence at all when it comes to claims... for example, steven says definitively that "none of them we're 6 feet". I've seen both Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban in person before. I am 6 feet myself with a sliding scale of 1" more or less depending on time of day. Zach looked to be my height on the dot, and Karl looked taller than me by at least an inch.

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