How tall is Kate Middleton ?

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Kate Middleton's height is 5ft 8.75in (175 cm)

The Duchess of Cambridge, the wife of Prince William.

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mm says on 26/Jul/15
If you look at photos of Kate and Zara Phillips, you don't see too much of a height difference. Since Zara is an athlete, her height is officially reported to be 5'6". When standing next to Kate as in this photo Click Here Kate only appears to be an inch or so taller, so probably about 5'7" or 5'7.5"
dutch says on 9/Jun/15
How tall schould be the dutch queen Maxima? Maybe around 5'10?

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[Editor Rob: she may well be close to that mark.]
Phoenician says on 8/May/15
She is not taller than 5'8''. Queen Mathilde and Queen Maxima are way taller than she is and the internet is not accurate.Kate is also wearing platforms or wedges very frequently.
kyla says on 2/May/15
with her build and frame as mine 5ft 8.75in (175) is correct
jacksy says on 19/Jan/15
Her sister Pippa is 5'6 and she is 2 inches taller than
her she is 5'8.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Dec/14
Rob do you have a photo to add? How tall do you reckon George will end up? William at 6'3" and Kate at 5'9" are borderline very tall but they're the tallest in their families relatively speaking. Kate's family are pretty average in height. Still, he has a chance of being 6'5" or something doesn't he?
BGee says on 27/Nov/14
She's definitely not over 5'9 or even 5'10 as some claim (which is only to draw out unfair Diana comparisons). She's at a great height at about 5'7 - 5'8 (not too short but not too tall and gangly like some models are) and is thin hence making her seem taller.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Nov/14
If she's 5 ft 10 Prince William is a strong 6 ft 4. The rest of her family are average to tallish range so proportionally she's the tallest member I think at a weak 5'9" which is solid tall range for a woman.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Oct/14
Oh c'mon she doesn't look 50 but she could pass for 40.
Arch Stanton says on 24/Oct/14
True, both her and William look near 10 years older than me and they're only a year older!!
gosh says on 24/Oct/14
She's just 32, born 1982 LOL
GungAlba says on 15/Oct/14
She also looks really old for someone who is 36 years old, I would say she even looks old to be around 46 years old.
GungAlba says on 9/Oct/14
Kate Middleton is no way 5ft 9inch at the most she is 5ft 7inch but do be honest she is more like 5ft 4inch
nope says on 1/Oct/14
This is not a 2" difference. Click Here
Moreover Kate's heels are higher than Michelle's.
tiny says on 1/Oct/14
Kate looks about 2" shorter than the 6'0" Michelle Obama wth both wearing similar heels, so that would make Kate 5'10". Mowever MO at close to 180lbs is much bigger than the 130lbs Kate.
James B says on 19/Sep/14
Looks 5ft8
ROJINA says on 7/Aug/14
I would have had her down as 5"7 or maximum 5"8-but NOT 5"9!
Gosh says on 5/Aug/14
Another proof Kate isnt 5'10" as she claims or even 5'9". Here in the pictures with Queen Mathilde,who is 5'9". Both are wearing similar footwear, Kate with a platform, Mathilde simple pumps.Kate looks 5'7"!
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lanky tom says on 10/Jul/14
175cm is 5ft 9 and she isnt that
Gosh says on 16/Jun/14
What do you think about these? She was wearing flats which is quite rare
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5'10man says on 13/Jun/14
About 2 inches taller than myself from afar of what I saw of her, wearing heels, which give about 3 inches. I think 174-5 is spot on.
Bishop says on 5/Jun/14
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SK says on 1/May/14
I agree with Zimzoe. There's no way that Kate is 5'10". If she were 5'10", she would be almost as tall as William when she is in heels (and she's always in very high heels, even when she's casually dressed). To me, she looks like she's 5'7"-5'8" and probably 5'10" in heels. She's still tall, but not 5'10". Just look at pictures of her with women like Michelle Obama and Nicole Kidman. She's consistently shorter than they are, even though she always wears huge heels.
Natasha1 says on 1/Jan/14
truth says on 25/Dec/13
Zimzoe says on 28/Nov/13
Wow, so much discussion about Kate's height. The only reason I am commenting is that I get irritated with the reports that she is 5ft 10". I am 5ft 10 and married to a man who is 6ft 3. With high heels on I am almost as tall as he is! She is much more likely to be between 5ft 7 and 5 ft 8 which is a great height for a woman so she is very fortunate!
pitiful says on 10/Nov/13
@Jon46 No need to insult people who give their opinion! When you look at her opicture she is 6ft without the hat. So 6ft without the heels means that she is not 5'10 it make her around 5'8.
Jon46 says on 9/Nov/13
I think Kate is a genuine 5'10 or very close.
Never mind comparing if she is taller than Mrs X or Mr X, who's heights can vary alot. Compare her with known constant values like cars or vehicles. Look here
Click Here
Stood next a 2013 Range Rover which is listed as 1837mm (6ft)
Suck it up bi@tches haha
Gosh says on 3/Nov/13
Look at her pictures with Charlene, who is 177cm(wife of prince Albert).Kate is wearing higher heels(like usual) and still is shorter by about 1.5 inch.She is consistently shorter than true 5'10/5'11 females like Nicole Kidman, Michelle Obama, which puts her at 5'8!
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Barclay says on 23/Oct/13
I've seen her in person and she's about 5'8; with heels she was 5'10-5'11. I'm 5'7 in flats. Reporters like to say she's 5'10 to compare her to Diana.
hello says on 9/Sep/13
@Nikita Let's agree to disagree (ps: I said 15 to 18 cm shorter not 20)
nikita says on 8/Sep/13
Another picture;
Click Here

Really, 20 centimeters shorter?
nikita says on 8/Sep/13

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hello says on 6/Sep/13
@nikita you forgot to mention that in your photo Kate has boots with heels, that changes things a little bit, don't you think?
nikita says on 4/Sep/13
@Hello, kate is standing on lower grounds and it's not nearly 18 cm. :)))) LOL.

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Samanta says on 3/Sep/13
Definitely she's not as tall as princess Diana according to this picture!!
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Kate is not more than 170-172 cm.
hello says on 2/Sep/13
@CK: actually in the photo there is still a big height difference (around 15-18 cm) which would make kate 175-173 cm but you fail to take into account that William is slouching, it reduce his height by around 5 cm which would make Kate really around 170cm.
CK says on 31/Aug/13
Kate is 175 cm at least. Here she is with W. on the beaach!

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Mmm says on 29/Aug/13
Kate and Nicole kidman (5'10.5 according to this site)
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Kate's wearing platform (about 5") Nicole's wearing 3" heels but Kate looks a few inches shorter than I think she's about 5'7.
hello says on 28/Aug/13
Rob, I think that kate needs a downgrade to 5'8(maybe evenn 5'7.5).
SK says on 27/Aug/13
You can tell that Kate isn't 5'10" when you look at photos of her with Pippa, who is apparently 5'5". Kate is taller than Pippa, but I'd say only by 2-3 inches. She's not 5 inches taller than Pippa.
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SK says on 27/Aug/13
ursula wrote, "I am 5'10", my husband is 6'2" and when I wear heels I AM STILL shorter than him. I think Kate is at least 5'9".

We don't know what kind of heels you wear, but a woman who is truly 5'10" should have no problem looking at least 6' in the kind of heels that Kate wears (4"-5" heels). Of course, 4" heels don't necessarily make you look 4" taller, but they DO add a few inches, or else women wouldn't wear such high heels. Even when Kate is wearing huge heels, she consistently looks about 5 inches shorter than William, which would mean her height in high heels is around 5'10". She can't be 5'10" (as the media claims she is) if she looks 5'10" only in such high heels. 5'7"-5'8" maybe, but not 5'10".
chica says on 21/Aug/13
"4 inch heels DO NOT make you 4 inches taller!"
Why is that?
Dominika says on 20/Aug/13
Chica: 4 inch heels DO NOT make you 4 inches taller!
chica says on 9/Aug/13
@ursula "I am 5'10", my husband is 6'2" and when I wear heels I AM STILL shorter than him. I think Kate is at least 5'9""

Well if in heels you are not his height you are either shorter than 5'10 or your husband is taller than 6'2 because it is just not possible not to be his height if you wear heels andf if you are only 3 inches shorter than him.
ursula says on 7/Aug/13
SK says on 3/Aug/13
5'10" is very tall for a woman, and if she were truly 5'10", she would easily be over 6' and much closer to William's height in her high heels, but she always looks about 5" shorter than he does. She's probably 5'10" in heels ....

I am 5'10", my husband is 6'2" and when I wear heels I AM STILL shorter than him. I think Kate is at least 5'9",
SK says on 3/Aug/13
I agree with Barbara that Kate doesn't appear to be any taller than around 5'7". She's definitely above average in height, but there's no way that she's 5'10" because she looks several inches shorter than Michelle Obama, who is a legit 5'10" (and Kate always wears higher heels than Michelle Obama does).
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5'10" is very tall for a woman, and if she were truly 5'10", she would easily be over 6' and much closer to William's height in her high heels, but she always looks about 5" shorter than he does. She's probably 5'10" in heels, but definitely not barefoot. If you look at Kate's photos from over the years, you'll notice that she didn't look as tall as she does now when she was dating Wiliiam and her heels got much higher after her engagement. She also lost a lot of weight before her engagement, which makes her look taller. In any event, it's hard not to notice that she always wears at least 4" heels and you rarely see her in flats or even moderate heels. Even when walked out of the hospital with her baby, she was wearing high heels. I think she always looks great, and I love the way she dresses. I just don't think she's 5'10", as the media has claimed.
SAK says on 2/Aug/13
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says: That kid will be really tall. A 6ft3 father and an almost 5ft9 mother. I'd say he'll be at least 6ft4.
I was thinking the same. He will most likely be 6f3+.

Kate maybe glad she had a boy, if she has a girl, she may easily be 5f11+.
question says on 28/Jul/13
Rob,what is your stand on the pictures of kate leaving the hospital ?is she shorter than we thought ?
[Editor Rob: nearly 5ft 9 I think is still ok for her]
little sue says on 27/Jul/13
She wore 3 inch wedges when she left the hospital, not the usual high heels with a small platform she usually wears. The would have given her just under 2 inches of extra height
Dominika says on 27/Jul/13
It is interesting that Kate's height is the same next to William either she is with or without heels. Check the photos from her first hospital visit and pictures leaving the hospital with the baby.

For your information I am 178 cm tall and I had a boyfriend who was 192 cm. WhenI was in heels I was still shorter, just like Kate is.


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chica says on 26/Jul/13
Kate's height is obviously inflated
Helo says on 26/Jul/13
It's true, she wore big heels when she left the hospital and she was still 3 to 4 inches shorter than willima shorter than william. Either Prince William is taller than what is stated or Kate is not 5'8.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Jul/13
That kid will be really tall.
A 6ft3 father and an almost 5ft9 mother. I'd say he'll be at least 6ft4
Barbara says on 24/Jul/13
In the photos of her leaving hospital after the birth of her baby, she is standing next to William, who is 6'3, and wearing about 3 inch heels she is several inches shorter than him. If she were 5'10, she would be the same height as William in those pictures. It appears she is no more than 5'7. She always wears at least 3 inch heels, usually 4 or 5 inches.
Jon46 says on 24/Jul/13
Why is height such a fascination? I wonder...
mmm says on 23/Jul/13
She looks shorter than usual next to William in this one:
Click Here

Next to Tom Hanks, who is about 6 feet tall, she's about the same height. So in 4-5 inch heels, she is probably about 5'7/5'8 tops.:
Click Here

P.S. Sorry- I couldn't get the hyperlinks to work
Mar says on 23/Jul/13
Congratulations to Prince William and Princess Kate on their baby boy :-)
This is a pic of Kate and Nichole Kidman (who is 5'10) This beautiful princess looks about 2 inches shorter than Nichole, and Kate's heels are much bigger than Nichole's
Click Here
avi says on 21/Jul/13
she looks your height barefoot but i could buy 5'8.25 or almost 5'8.5
analyst says on 25/Jun/13
My friend's daughter was at school with the Middletons and says that Kate is around 5ft 6ins to 5ft 7ins
Mike says on 19/Jun/13
Met her at the London Olympics. I had a girlfriend who was a legit 5'9 and she
was about the same height. Definitely around the 5'9 mark.
MK says on 13/Jun/13
Have a look at Kate in flats with Pippa. They're almost the same height, only an inch or so different. Pippa never looks more than 5 ft 5, 5 ft 6 at a push, I don't think Kate is pretty much spot on 5 ft 7
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Jon46 says on 10/Jun/13
Have a look at the pic's at the Queens 60th Anniversary, when she is getting out of the Range Rover and tell me what you think?
I recon she is incredibly beautiful, and very tall too. This Range Rover Autobiography she is stepping out of, is listed as 1885mm (74.2 inch or 6ft 2). Its safe to say that Kate is level with the car and she is not stood up properly. This makes her 6'3 in my opinion minus some big heels (which she loves) I recon she is a solid 5'10.

Comparing with other people is a bit hit and miss. Comparing with a car is very reliable IMHO taking into account camera angles and such :)
Nervous says on 5/Mar/13
Yes Stephanie, Michelle Obama consistently looks about 3 inches (if not more)taller with about an Inch Less Heel than Kate in the pics I have seen. If Michelle Obama is around 5"11, that would make Kate 5"7. Arch, David Beckham isn't 5'11, so you have a woman in let's say 4-5 inch heels next to him and she would look very tall. I think he is Maybe 5'10. There is a photo here of Shawn's I think, where Prince William towers over him. Every pic due to angles and what not is different, but when she's photographed next to tall women who have no reason to fib about their heights, she continually looks around 5'7. People at my university think I look 5"9, but I'm not. I have seen pics of Kate looking 5-6 inches shorter than William in heels, over and over. Trust Prince William's height, Michelle Obama's height but not the heights of actors and sport stars who need and want to look bigger than life.
Stephanie says on 4/Mar/13
The people who knew her at university said she was 5' 8" or 5' 9". And when she is in flats next to William she looks closer to 5' 8". Next to Nicole Kidman, Kate is visibly shorter. And Michelle Obama towered over Kate.
Arch Stanton says on 27/Feb/13
Not really Nervous, she gets within 3-4 inches of William in heels, she's typically pulling off 5'11.5-6' in heels which typically give about 3 inches.So barefoot she's 5;8.5"-5'9 range. Charlize Theron is a good example of a woman who is 5'9,5"-5'10" legit and she looks taller in comparison to 6'3" Chris Hemsworth and seems to reach 6'0.5"-6'1" in similar heels, she's about an inch taller than Kate.
Nervous says on 26/Feb/13
A woman near 5'9 would look much taller next to a 6'3 man, given she usually has a 2-3 inch heel advantage and would not have looked so much shorter than Michelle Obama. In the photos of her and her husband without shoes, she is clearly closer to 5'7..her eyes are not to his adam's apple.(not including the photo of them walking downstairs, which is misleading). Beautiful woman, but not this tall.
Arch Stanton says on 22/Feb/13
You're entitled to you opinion of course but Click Here looking at that it's pretty hard to consider her less attractive in anyway than the Kardashians!
Arch Stanton says on 22/Feb/13
Mila's attractive of course but she isn't anything special. Kate has a lot more class, elegance and style. I agree that she has British aristrocratic features much like William though.
Arch Stanton says on 22/Feb/13

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jenna says on 19/Feb/13
I met her in person and she's 5'9-5'9 1/2, maybe even 5'10. I am 5'7 and she's was only a little taller then me and she was on 4 inch heels.
robert says on 14/Feb/13
I always though 5'10 was too high for her and thought she could actually be 5'9 or 5'8.5 worst, I think a weak 5'9 is fine for her, glad pippa is no on here saw her listed at 5'9 which I thought was way off considering she was always a fair few inches shorter than Kate I think 5'5 is fairly good estimate for her.

cheers for adding her Rob
someone-reply says on 11/Feb/13
Dear 'someone',
Kate is beautiful. And tall for a girl. You clearly need to get your eyes checked. Or your standards re-adjusted.
someone says on 7/Feb/13
She does not look like a high fashion model...Being thin and above average height does not mean that you look like one. I mean, Kate Moss is average height(5 ft 6), yet she looks very modelesque because of her face. THIS Kate, on the other hand, has a long face and her lips are non-existent. I don't find her beautiful and I know lots of people who don't either (even if the media is trying to brainwash everyone into thinking she does). Anyway, the comments should be about her height...
SK says on 6/Feb/13
samanta, I agree. Princess Diana was 5'10", and she was very tall with or without heels. We didn't see her with 4-5 inch heels because (1) she didn't need them and (2) such high heels were not the style in the '80s. To me, Kate looks like she would be 5'7"-5'8" and 5'10" with high heels on. If she were truly 5'10", she would basically be William's height with her high heels on, but she's not. She consistently looks about 5 inches shorter than him in heels. She's definitely tall, but not 5'10". My sense is that the media exaggerated her height to make her seem more like the "model" type.
samanta says on 4/Feb/13
I agree with SK, she's not 5'10"!!!
Princess Diana was 5'10" and never wore 4-5" heels!!! and always was taller than other person, But Kate !!!!
I think she's not more than 172cm.
SK says on 2/Feb/13
This seems more accurate than her claimed height of 5'10," but regardless of whether she's taller or shorter, she's still pretty, elegant, and above average height. I can't believe that someone wrote below that she has "just a typical British face." I'm sorry, but I don't see many British women who look like her--not even celebrities. Granted, she didn't always as fabulous as she is now. She lost weight for the wedding and her look has evolved and become more refined over time. I never believed that she was truly 5'10" because (1) she always wears 4-5 inch heels; and (2) she looked several inches shorter than Michelle Obama (who is 5'10"-5'11") when they met. Still, she looks great.
SAK says on 28/Jan/13
@Arch Stanton, Kate is not an obvious beauty (like Cheryl Cole,Kim.Kardashian etc..). She is almost like a high fashion model; tall, thin, elegant and clothes look goon on her.

She is 5f9. No less.
Kella says on 23/Jan/13
Just because she is a royal and taller than the average doesn't make her automatically beautiful .She is def. under 5ft9 ,no doubt .
someone says on 19/Jan/13
Arch Stanton says on 31/Dec/12
Have you actually opened your eyes recently on the high street?? She is way above average looking!! Yes, there's plenty of girls who are as pretty, if not prettier, but c'mon, she's a good looking gal..

When I think of a facially beautiful person I think of Mila Kunis or Cheryl Cole. Kate MIGHT be good-looking for UK standards, but where I live she would be seen as "average". She has very british features, which are usually not seen as attractive on a woman (such as very thin lips). I am entitled to my own opinion, no?
Maximus Meridius says on 2/Jan/13
Is there any chance you will upgrade too 5ft 9in she is about a good 6 inches shorter than william the photos prove it.
Arch Stanton says on 31/Dec/12
someone says on 29/Dec/12

I don't find her face beautiful either. Just a typical british face.

Have you actually opened your eyes recently on the high street?? She is way above average looking!! Yes, there's plenty of girls who are as pretty, if not prettier, but c'mon, she's a good looking gal..
Arch Stanton says on 31/Dec/12
someone says on 29/Dec/12

I don't find her face beautiful either. Just a typical british face.

Have you actually opened your eyes recently on the high street??
someone says on 29/Dec/12
She looks 5'8/173 to me. Then again, I might be biased, since I read this story about her old classmates claiming she's exactly 5'8 (and not 5'10). She wouldn't be seen dead without her skyscraper heels. Oh, and for the record, I don't find her face beautiful either. Just a typical british face.
nona says on 20/Dec/12
The princess looks abt 4" taller than the 5'5" Jessica Ennis. The pic tho clearly shows the difference in the physiques of an attractive ordinary woman and an attractive female athlete. just check the side view to see what Im talking abt.
SAK says on 18/Dec/12
You should list her as 5f9/175cm.
Arch Stanton says on 18/Dec/12
Didn't realise Ennis was only 5 ft 5. But my god those girls are able to pull off looking far far taller than they are!! Even Downey Junior would be proud.
little sue says on 17/Dec/12
She only looked about 4 inches taller than Ennis, I would say this listing is right.
Arch Stanton says on 17/Dec/12
Also, if Wiggins is 190cm that puts anything under 6 ft 3 for William out as in Kate's biggest heels she usually looks a bit shorter than that in comparison. She must have been wearing some whopping heels, can anybody find a pic of them, its surprised me as I never thought she could ever pull off looking on the higher side of 6' but you've got to say she does look 6'0.5" range here.
Arch Stanton says on 17/Dec/12
Click Here

I think she's got to be 5 ft 9. She actually looks 184cm here next to 190cm, Bradley Wiggins, has an easy inch on Beckham who I think is more 5 ft 11. JKA needs to see his optician real fast, she's gorgeous.
Ari says on 16/Dec/12
Ive just watched BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012 and she was stood next to David Beckham. She looked about 1.5 - 2 inches taller than him. So if he is 5'11 plus a 1 inch shoe heel, she would be 6'2. take off her heel height of 4 inch and thats a genuine 5'10. She is really good looking too :D
[Editor Rob: when she was standing with ennis (who says 5ft 5) she didn't look 5 inches taller though, although they both quite big heels so she may indeed be near 5ft 9.]
Molly says on 6/Dec/12
She's almost at the same height when on heels with her man. I love her.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Nov/12
She's way above average looking JKA. But she's not perfect, who is?
jka says on 5/Nov/12
I am not a big fan of her face(it looks completely average to me, not beautiful nor ugly), but she has a nice slim figure (even if her legs are a bit on the short side).
Sarah says on 25/Oct/12
I think if she was like 5'10 with those LK Bennet(11 cm) shoes she would have been much closer to William who is listed here at 6'3 .She looks like she is 185-186 with those shoes so 5ft.8.5 seems just the right height
Shaun says on 27/Sep/12
That picture shows you just how light of frame Beckham is. He looks very small boned next to William I read he was 150 pounds at one point. I think though nowadays 155-160 pounds would be more accurate as I think he seems a little fuller than he was a few years back. William I'd say is in my weight range, 14 stone and change maybe. I'm exactly 200 pounds at the moment, I got my weight down to 190 earlier in the year after heavy exercising and dieting but I've been around 14st for a while now, I was too bulky at over 15 st a few years back.
Shaun says on 27/Sep/12
Yeah Silent D

Click Here

He doesn't look under 6'3" there even if Beckham is 181cm rather than 182cm.
Silent d says on 23/Sep/12
If beckham is at least 181cm than william is 190cm easy. Kate just looks taller than 174cm. If michelle obama said she was 182cm and kate is about 6-7cm shortee. She is about 5 foot 9.
samanta says on 21/Sep/12
I agree with Lee, Kate's height is exaggerated. Princess Diana was 5'10" but never wore more than 2" shoes.
Lee says on 20/Sep/12
I am 5'8" tall (by measurement at the doctor) and when I recently wore 5" platform Louboutins to a wedding I was well over 6 feet; taller than the vast majority of people there. If I was a legit 5'10", I would easily be the same height as William. So, I think Kate's height is exaggerated; she's probably more my height, give or take a half inch. Plus compared to Michele Obama she's easily 2-3 inches shorter.
little sue says on 19/Sep/12
I have these similar wedges with a 5 inch heel and inch platform and they add about 3.4 inches on my actual height.
Shaun says on 19/Sep/12
Yeah, knock an inch or maybe a smidge more off of any listed heel for how mcuh it will give. That's what I mean Samanta, if she was 5 ft 10 she'd be looking 6'1.5"-6'2" in such heels but in actuality looks more 5'11.5"-6' tops
rosie says on 18/Sep/12
samanta says on 18/Sep/12
The Stuart Weitzman wedge is about 5 inch heel, when she wears this wedge there isn't only 1inch difference between kate and will!

5 inch heels don't give 4 inches in height, maybe 3.5 at the most.
samanta says on 18/Sep/12
The Stuart Weitzman wedge is about 5 inch heel, when she wears this wedge there isn't only 1inch difference between kate and will!
Shaun says on 18/Sep/12
I don't think the height difference is 8 inches but it could be about 6. I think she's just below his eyeline level and he definitely has a longer than average head and upper head. 5 ft 9 would be a good estimate but nothing more.
samanta says on 18/Sep/12
In the picture that Shaun mention, there is 20 cm different between their heights!
Silent d says on 18/Sep/12
I remember she said she was 5 foot 10 like dianna. 174cm seems to short for her. She has long legs and she definitely has to be close to 178cm. William is huge. I use to think he was 6 foot but after seeing him with his brother and kate, he could be close to 6 foot 3. Kate next to her sister pippa who is about 5 foot 4. There is a huge difference.
Shaun says on 17/Sep/12
Click Here

Scroll down , another barefoot pic. Might have a little ground disadvantage but very clearly doesn't look over 5 ft 9. She has such a gorgeous face though, not quite Click Here but still pretty much a stunning girl. Too skinny though, would love to see her slightly plump with chunkier thighs and books and sexy boots!
little sue says on 17/Sep/12
A former work college of mine was 5ft 9 and she wore a size 4 (37) shoe, she was tiny boned though with a very slight frame
samanta says on 16/Sep/12
Is there any relation between height and shoe size?
Is it possible anybody wear shoe size 39 and 178cm height?!
Shaun says on 16/Sep/12
A legit 5'10 woman in big heels shouldn't look much shorter than a 6'3 guy. Nicole Kidman a legit 5'10.5" barely looked shorter than William in big heels. Its obvious Kate isn't near 5'10, but she doesn't look under 5'9" in those barefoot photos either.
Shaun says on 16/Sep/12
The majority of photos though show her struggling to reach 6 ft in heels which surely give 3-3.5 inches in height. I think that's why Rob has her at 5'8.5", not to mention the fact that Prince William could be 6'2.5" if measured on a stadiometer.
Shaun says on 16/Sep/12
Rosie how can you be definite of a picture where you can't see their feet or ground level. The best photo we have is the one of them stood side by side barefoot at the top of the stairs with the taps and monks at the bottom in the link I provided. Everything about her frame screams 5 ft 9. The odd thing is that she wears huge heels and for some reason the height difference between her and William doesn't look that much more than normal. Is William a lift wearer LOL?
rosie says on 15/Sep/12
Click Here

She's def not under 5 ft 9,5!
Jinjoo says on 15/Sep/12
Her height is 174cm, this is her true height. She must be really tall. I like Kate Middleton. ;D
jason says on 14/Sep/12
Shes 5 foot 10 like I always suspected and the picture of kate and will barefoot is proof.
Shaun says on 14/Sep/12
Click Here

Finally we have a barefoot comparison next to William. Surprisingly she doesn't look under 5 ft 9, in fact she can look near 5 ft 10 in some photos. Looks pretty taller legitimately. Any thoughts Rob. Her headline seems to be above Williams eye level; sure he's got a huge long head but do you get at least a 5 ft 9 impression in these barefoot pics?
[Editor Rob: yeah 5ft 9 might be more of an impression there]
SAK says on 13/Sep/12
There is no doubt she is in the tall catergory for females. 5f8.5 female, is equivalent to 6f1.5-6f2. But 5f10 or 5f9 is to high for her. And she is @least 2" shorter then michelle obama(5f10).
Shaun says on 12/Sep/12
Perspective is extremely important in photography. look at the photo of her holding the purple bouquet, she looks like a 6'9" basketball player!! She also looks barely shorter than William in the first pic. But look at the majority of the photographs. She struggles to reach 6' in those big wedges/heels
Shaun says on 12/Sep/12
Jenna, never use beach photographs to judge height, seriously.
Shaun says on 12/Sep/12
She's nowhere near 5'10!

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In huge wedges in the lower pictures and still struggling with looking six foot next to 6'3" William. If she was 5'10" trust me in those wedges she'd be barely shorter and Williams being a full 6'3" has even been questioned and could be 6'2.5". Personally I think he looks 6'3". Based on those wedges and her comparison to WIll about 3 inches shorter? she seems to reach a weak 6' in big heels. I'd put her more at 5'8"-5'8.5" range than 5'9"-5'10"
choril jhane says on 12/Sep/12
some says she's about 5'10"; which is which? ;)
kat says on 10/Sep/12
She is not more than 5'8". I am 5' 10"and tried on the very same "pop fit" zara jeans she wore to the olympics. They are way too short for me.
rosie says on 7/Sep/12
Here is Kate with 6'1" Aled Davies. She's wearing 5 inch heels.
He's 6'2" with shoes on. 5 inch heels don't give 5 inches in height, maybe 4 at the most. That means she's 5'9" or maybe even 5'10".
jenna says on 28/Aug/12
little sue says on 6/Aug/12
If she is 5ft 8 and wearing 4 inch heels she would'nt measure 6ft. 4 inch heels don't give 4 inches in height, maybe 2.5 at the most.

Exactly. If william is stil 4 inches taller than her it means that she's about 5'10". (69 inches + 2,5 inches = 71,5 inches with heels )
SAK says on 27/Aug/12
Selva says on 5/Aug/12 In her school days she stated she was 5'8". I will say she is about that possibly 5'7"... If she truly was a solid 5.8inches with her 4.5- 5.00 inches heel she would be the same as William but she clearly doesn't.
How exactly. If she wearing heels; that give 5" of added height (and we assume she is 5f8.5) then she bbecomes 6f1.5, and prince William is 6f3. So even such large would not make them equal in height. And William himself be wearing shoes which give anywhere between 0.5-1" added height.

I personally see her minimum 5f8, maybe 5f8.5./
Kevin says on 27/Aug/12
She doesn't look that tall but it looks to me that she is about 173 cm
samanta says on 11/Aug/12
she is not more than 170-172. If you see her pics with team GB hockey, you can find that she is with 12-14 cm wedge is approximate equal to Ashleigh Ball (181cm) and Sally Walton (180 cm).
samanta says on 11/Aug/12
she is not more than 170-172. If you see her pics with team GB hockey, you can find that she is with 12-14 cm wedge is approximate equal to Ashleigh Ball (181cm) and Sally Walton (180 cm).
little sue says on 6/Aug/12
If she is 5ft 8 and wearing 4 inch heels she would'nt measure 6ft. 4 inch heels don't give 4 inches in height, maybe 2.5 at the most
Selva says on 5/Aug/12
In her school days she stated she was 5'8". I will say she is about that possibly 5'7"... If she truly was a solid 5.8inches with her 4.5- 5.00 inches heel she would be the same as William but she clearly doesn't.
jenna says on 3/Aug/12
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She is at least 175 cm.
Leets says on 1/Aug/12
She is 5.7 or 5.8 ins that's it. If you see her current photos at the Olympics walking in her high 4.5 ins wedges alongside Princess Beatrice (who is 5.4 ins and wearing flats) you will see there is not a huge difference in their heights.
August says on 31/Jul/12
Here is she with 184cm (186 cm in shoes) David Cameron. She is (with her 11 cm high heels) almost as tall as he.

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SK says on 29/Jul/12
I still don't understand why people and the media feel the need to inflate her height to 5'10". Given the fact that she always wears very high heels (at least 4 inches), I always figured that she was somewhere between 5'6" and 5'8" and that 5'10" was her height with heels on. She's still tall or at least above height, but there's no way that she's 5'10" barefoot. If you look at photos of her and Michelle Obama, who is a legit 5'10-5'11", she's consistently shorter than Michelle Obama even in her high heels. Look at the photos from the Obamas' visit to Buckingham Palace last year and also photos of Michelle Obama and Kate from the London Olympics.
johno says on 28/Jul/12
As i said before, she's about 5'8.5. She has a very warm look to her that makes her look even more attractive.
Bigralph says on 28/Jul/12
Princess Kate is much better looking that almost all English women I have seen. She is about 5'9" and has excellent fashion since. She is thin and beautiful and that pisses off most ugly women!
St. Andrews Girl says on 27/Jul/12
I am going to hopefully put an end to this speculation by telling you ALL the following. I have attended uni with her and yes her height is a legit 5'8!!!! Nothing more and nothing less.....and also that she was and is average looking in every way. No one at Uni thought much of her except that she was a nice and quiet girl with cute face. Hopefully you Americans can accept this and move on for you guys seem to make an awful lot out of some who is mocked in the UK for being lazy and boring hence the name Waity Katy.
Stephanie says on 8/Jun/12
I am glad this site actually has the correct height for her. According to people who knew her at university, Kate is 5' 8" or 5' 9". So 5' 8.5" is perfect. She is not 5' 10", despite the media giving that as her height, and although she looks tall in heels she looks short next to William while wearing flats.
Kam says on 7/Jun/12
Guys, just be quiet about the 5'10". She wears heels nearly all the time, still only up to the princes forehead and she has very very strong posture (probably because of thinness)
Kam says on 7/Jun/12
More like 5'9" peaking about 9.3
Lauren says on 6/Jun/12
Shes 5'9.
she wears LK Bennett hees which are majority only 9cm-10cm heel so on average adding 3-3.5 inches. When Kate Stands still you can see how tall she really is as she is, in heels extremely close to prince williams height. Prince William is 6'3 not 6'2.
Kate Middleton is on Average definetly 5'9-5'10 as when talking to the public you shall see she is alot taller than them and if you look at her when with royal guest (even males who are about 6'1) she does seem to meet there same height.

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mel says on 4/Jun/12
thi is wrong kate is 5'10
bailey says on 11/Feb/12
based on the pix and given she wears the various, beautiful 10 cm pumps mostly ad that Wills is 6'3", i do think she's somewhere btwn 5'6" and 5'8" - but what does it really matter? Click Here

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