How tall is Keira Knightley ?

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Keira Knightley height: 5ft 7in (170 cm)

British actress best known for roles in Pirates of the Caribbean, Bend it Like Beckham and Jack Ryan. She says in the Sunday Mirror magazine in July 2004 after meeting Natalie Portman, "There is a huge height difference. I'm 5ft 7 and she's 5ft 3"

Kiera and Carey Mulligan
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d says on 1/Jul/15
funny how her inseam is short yet short white guys tend to have short legs in proportion to their height....white guys that are 5-7 tend to have an inseam under 30 which looks odd
Zarrin says on 26/Jun/15
She is definitely lying! Compare her height to Ellen DeGeneres (who is supposed to be 5'6.5 on this website), bearing in mind that Keira knightly is only a little taller than her in about 5 inch heels, whereas Ellen is just wearing trainers. I think Keira is about 5'3 to be honest.
az says on 16/Nov/14
with 5'2.5" Felicity jones. keira is 5'4 max
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Radd says on 11/Nov/14
Looks like a weak 5'6 to me

167 cm
177cmGuy says on 30/Oct/14
Yeah 5'7 looks right. Back in 1999 when she was 14 she played Natalie portman's double in one of those star wars films. They must have been the same height around then.
anon says on 23/Oct/14
she looks 3in shorter than 5'7 James Mcavoy in atonement when she's barefoot and he has shoes on.
GungAlba says on 11/Oct/14
She is obviously lying about her height she is smaller than someone who is 5ft tall with no heels while wearing heels that increase her height by about 6 inches. so to my calculations she must be about 4ft 6inches, which is so tiny GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
GungAlba says on 9/Oct/14
she is 5ft 7inch with heels on, so she must be around 5ft 1-5inch
stan says on 4/Oct/14
i suppose shes 5'7, maybe a bit under now that ive seen more photos of her. She is thin framed, but she has short arms and legs though. strange body proportions.
someone says on 9/Sep/14
I think she is shorter than 5'7.

The actor she is with is usually listed as 5'9-5'10 (could be shorter than that):
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ap says on 20/Jul/14
Keira KNightly in big heels next to 5'8(ish) alexa chung in flats: Keira is 5'5" or shorter

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Pinky says on 6/Jul/14
Keira with Alexa Chung
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Alexa is in flats and Keira wearing high heels:
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for me she is around 5'5"
Realist says on 10/May/14
I think 169 is perfect. Carey Mulligan is 166-167 her heels are aggressively large. Her husband is about 174-175.
divincodino92 says on 3/Apr/14
could be 168, Rob?
chrissss says on 21/Mar/14
her 5'9 husband looks 3 inches taller than her, 5'6
littlesue says on 18/Feb/14
She has extra long body and very short legs, I'd say her legs were like someone of an equally proportioned 5ft 2/3 girl. Can't see her being anything under 5ft 6.
thatgirl says on 18/Feb/14
I really like her appearance, her height is perfect for a woman but i don't think that she's 170 cm. Look at her and James Mcavoy, according to James height (170 cm ) i think Keira's height is 165-166. her slim body makes her look taller. of course she isn't short, as i said her height and body is perfect but let's be honest,her height isn't 170 cm.
Just says on 27/Dec/13
She's 5'7 just like me. This height makes me sometimes look short and sometimes look tall.
There is nothing wrong with her proportions. Everyone has different proportions. Some have long legs, some have a slim waist. Each frame has it's own charm.
Slr says on 28/Nov/13
She looks pretty tall but i think her legs are very very short for her height. She doesn't have good proportions
Silent d says on 16/Oct/13
Slightly taller than 169cm carey mulligan. 170cm. Lion your claim of 162cm is ridiculous.
Logan Hedlund says on 2/Oct/13
Rob: there's something strange about the HTML coding of this particular page. When trying to access with Firefox and Opera, all comments appear to be links.
[Editor Rob: thanks for pointing out, it was a missing inverted comma causing it!]
Lion says on 5/Sep/13
You should know the truth: Keira is 162 cms. During the film festival in Rome I met Johnny Depp and other actors (like brad pitt..)and he is nothing more than 170 cms. Orlando Bloom that is 173 cms (I'm talking about Orlando thanks to my study with photos of Johnny e Orlando's height) has been Keira's boyfriend, and if you see the photos of her and him walking on the street you will give me reason! She is 13-15 cm (the photos in which they have very low shoes, like barefoot) shorter than him!
The true says on 5/May/13
Actually she's 5'7
James says on 5/Feb/13
WOW I thought she was 5'9 or 5'10. Her slim figure makes her look taller.
5\'7\" short says on 25/Jan/13
I'm 5'7" (~172) tall and considered as short here in sweden since the average length here is at least 5'8", (174 cm). And I actually do see myself as short, but also that its quite an agreeable length to be. Not tall, not short.
logan noll 1996 says on 7/Oct/12
Looked 5'7 next to Johnny Depp. I'm currently 5'7 so her and I are eye-to-eye. I'm supposed to reach a peak of 6'4. If I reach that, I better start learning to look down at a lot of people. Anyways, 5'7 sounds right for Keira. She seems honest about her claim.
Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
5 foot 7.
Alexa says on 12/Aug/12
To the person saying 5ft7 isn't tall, don't be stupid! 5'7 is well above average height for a woman and while it's not as tall as 5'10 it certainly isn't regarded as short by any means!
5'7 women can look just as statuesque as those a few inches taller than them plus they can reach a good 5'11 in heels, I wouldn't say that's 'short' seeing it's taller than most men.
Q says on 9/Aug/12
5'5". People who have met Natalie Portman put her around 5'1" at best. If you look at photos of Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan together wearing similar heels, they are the same height. People who have met Carey Mulligan put her at 5'5". It seems the first thing you learn in the business is to add 2 inches to your actual height. It would be more accurate to quote Keira Knightley talking about how she towers over most actresses in Hollywood.
Attila _194cm. says on 24/Jan/12
Somewhere i read 5'8.5(174) but i knew immediately that was false.I think 5'7 is right for her.

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