How tall is Kevin Bacon ?

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Kevin Bacon height: 5ft 10in (178 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films like Footloose, Tremors, X-Men:First Class, A Few Good Men, Mystic River, Apollo 13, Flatliners, Hollow Man, She's Having a Baby, Diner and the TV series The Following.

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6 degrees of bacon said on 13/Aug/15
Ed kline your mental trying so hard to convince strangers. Bacon is betweein 5'9" and 5"10" with or without shoes
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jun/15
I'd have thought a strong 5ft10 range when watching Mystic River. Easily 2in on Penn if not a bit more.
Ed Kline said on 8/May/15
Danimal, that's about what two inches looks like through the face. Cruise's eyes are well above Bacon's mouth. Even if you give Bacon credit for a much bigger forehead, that's just gonna add a half inch at most. 5'10 vs 5'7.5 at worst for Cruise, if Bacon is really 5'10, and their footwear is even and their postures are even.
There are just so many variables that go into any one picture, not een think about the fat that some people have more variance in their relaxed posture than when they stand straight up. ( e.g. my nice is about %'5 1/2 relaxed and 5'7 1/2 standing as straight as she ca, and my daughter is 5'6 1/4 relaxed, and 5'7 1/4 standing straight. My niece has lourdosis, and a very flexible back).
amigranny said on 19/Mar/15
His head makes him look taller and also being so thin.
Greg said on 6/Mar/15
He's 5ft 11, same height as me. Saw him on set of the Following.
Danimal said on 28/Jan/15
Rob, Kevin had way more than 2" on Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men.

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That's minimum 3" (look at the top of their heads). Cruise is under 5'7" as I've been saying for years.

And another pic of 5'10" Kevin Bacon and Cruise.

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Johan said on 2/Jan/15
I believe this guy is 5'11, I've been lucky to walk passed him back in 2009 and he's taller than me, I'm 5'10 (1.78m)

Vibram said on 19/Dec/14
177cm. Possibly 178cm 10-15-25 years ago.
Rhonda said on 15/Oct/14
He has been estimated between 5ft8-6ft1 in comments. The mean of that would be 5ft10.5", the picture of Jamie Oliver and him he looks a little taller, I've heard Jamie Oliver say he was 5ft10.
cole said on 19/Aug/14
Very often on The Following he appeared 2-3in shorter than 5'11 Shawn Ashmore. Not saying Kevin is 5'8-9, as there may have been thicker footwear on Shawn and some crafty camera-work involved, but I do think 5'9.5 / 5'9.75 is more believable for Kevin. He can look closer to Shawn in some premiere-pics, but then he's the one having a footwear advantage. His hair also helps.

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And Rob would you please have another look at James Purefoy, surely 6'1 is a bit much for him?

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James B said on 17/Jul/14
Rob 177cm possible today?
[Editor Rob: I still think he can pass for 5ft 10, but then being a 1/4 inch or so under isn't impossible today]
James B said on 5/Jul/14
How much do you think Kevin weighs rob? He's in good shape for his age.
[Editor Rob: could be near 160s]
the shredder said on 31/May/14
Look good 2 inches shorter than Jimmy Fallon earlier . 5 '9 .
MaskDeMasque said on 12/May/14
Looks about two inches taller than cruise in a few good men. 5'10 is fair.
Yazz said on 23/Apr/14
It really is hard to see him at 5'8 in Friday the 13th. He was at his leanest there.

Now 5'9 is mayyybe a possibility.
divincodino92 said on 25/Mar/14
173, could be Rob?
[Editor Rob: I can't really see him being that short]
Bubba said on 22/Mar/14
@MD Those boots give at least an inch and Ian is also closer to the camera. On top of that it's not a proper camera angle to compare height with.
MD said on 11/Mar/14
I'm having a hard time with this listing. Here he is with 5'9"(ish) Iam Somerhalder:

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And, here are Somerhalder's boots, which are rather regular looking:

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Even if we are to entertain Kevin is in flat shoes (and I don't see any reason to just assume that, but let's just for the scenario), it would seem that had Ian straightened up, we'd be talking a more than an inch difference. I don't see a full 5'10" in any kind of scenario in these pictures, but since we can't see his footwear, this can't be good evidence.
Lorne said on 23/Feb/14
I think 5ft10.25 would be closer; actually I thought the 179cm was believable but he is slender which can make him appear taller. But I do think he's a solid 5'10; Look at him with Michael Fassbender who is listed at 5'11, but is likely a fraction under, and also he is comfortably taller than Charlize Theron; actually if I recall they we're barefoot, and he looked 2cm taller! And he was 2.5in taller than Cruise. He definently pulled off 179cm at times, I give him 5ft10.25...
harvard said on 22/Feb/14
Kevin Bacon 5'10
Jamie Oliver 5'9.75

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DjocE said on 12/Feb/14
it's incredible how some people want absolutely reduced the size of some personality when you watch "the following" next to james purefoy, Kevin Bacon look absolutely 5'10, No offense to liars.
HN said on 18/Jan/14
I've met him at a party in CT. Talked for a while. He is 5'9" max, probably 5'8 1/2". I'm watching Stir of Echos now, and you notice that they don't cast any tall guys with him and many of the women are as tall as the guys. The one tall guy in a scene was carrying a kid and was stooped over, obvious direction. Real regular guy, very normal, not 5'10".
191 guy said on 30/Nov/13
watch picture perfect, he looked a little shorter than 5'9 Jay mohr.
DjocE said on 22/Nov/13
Mr R stops constantly saying for several years that Kevin Bacon 5'8 or 5'8 .5 this is stupid, just see him next to Gary Oldman, Senn Penn, Matt Dillon and Josh Brolin to find he is 5'10 can be a bit more might be a little less but the reality is 5'10. So stop saying bullsh ...
Arch Stanton said on 3/Nov/13
He looks 5 ft 11 next to Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men. Minimum 3 inches.
183CM said on 24/Oct/13
In Mystic River he is 1 inch taller than Sean Penn, no more. And even if Sean was using lifts, that would make Bacon 5'9
Mr. R said on 18/Oct/13
kevin is 5-8.5 I met him at a screening of a film. This is a case of the camera giving off the appearance of taller height.
Soupeman said on 17/Oct/13
i literally bumped into bacon once. he seemed tallish like minimum 180 cm i would say inbetween 180 cm and 182 cm in shoes/boots didn't notice the footwear but it was winther and he might have had boots on.
lelman said on 17/Oct/13
@goose Either he's wearing huge lifts, or you're not 5'10". There's no way in hell he's any taller than 5'10".
goose said on 18/Sep/13
Waaaaaaaayyyyyyy off on this one. I've seen him in NYC numerous times and he is tall. I'm 5'10 and he had me by 3 inches but I will admit I didn't see his shoes but from all accounts is a very down-to-earth guy so I doubt he wears lifts.
183CM said on 17/Sep/13
He is not 2 inches taller than Sean Penn in Mistyc River. And Penn is not 5'8, he is 5'7...

Bacon must be 5'9
Viper said on 23/Aug/13
jackie says on 15/Jun/12
5'10!? I though he was like 5'8! He looks short in footloose

yep, he does look closer to 5'8 in Footloose
Viper said on 23/Aug/13
Hes really, really hard to pin down. I mean physically he looks like a 5'10 guy in Friday the 13th, being as lean as he was in that movie.

But other times I think his real height is 5'8 range, from what Mr R saw.
Uncle Bechu said on 19/Aug/13
He looks max 176cm-177cm in the final scene of X-Men First Class with 180cm Fassbender.
Lorne??? said on 13/Aug/13
He was taller than Charlize Theron, and five foot nine faith hill. I thought 179cm was fine, so maybe 5ft10.25?
Arch Stanton said on 24/Jul/13
Spot on I'd say. He had 2 inches on Sean Penn in Mystic River, who I have at just about 5'8", at worst 172cm.
Knette L said on 8/Apr/13
I seen the photo of the guy, who co-stars on the following with Kevin bacon Shawn Ashmore and Kevin Bacon is still taller,than that guy, even if he's not even standing up straight. He is taller than 5 foot 10 or six foot, I do not know where some had came up with 5 foot 10 as the man's height and you can clearly see is taller than that. And in the other photo he's the tallest one in the group of the x man cast.
Giles Du Croix said on 15/Mar/13
Guttenberg seems to be a lot taller than Bacon in The Diner, and they are both listed as 5' 10.5" How can this be?
Sam said on 15/Mar/13
I think he is around as listed. Looked to be the same mark as Michael Fassbender on screen but in premiere pictures Fassbender seems to have a cm's advantage or so.
Giles Du Croix said on 11/Mar/13
5.9.5 max.
Chowder26 said on 24/Feb/13
Saw him around Union Square NYC area from 98' to 2002. I'm 5'10 and he looked at least 6'1 to me.
TonyV said on 24/Feb/13
I think I saw him (or someone extremely similar) in the New York Subway (which he himself admitted he rides on an almost daily basis). He was the same height as me (5'10), at least at first glance (didn't have much time to examine it though).
Byron T. said on 26/Jan/13
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I'd say a weak 5'10'' compared to his other 5'11'' X-Men co-stars, Michael Fassbender and Shawn Ashmore.
Silent d said on 16/Jan/13
179cm is fine unlike those crazy 5 foot 8 rumours.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/12
Body fat under 10% for sure.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Nov/12
He's one of those actors who are difficult to guess. His build and gaunt features can give different impressions at times. I think he looked 5 ft 11 in River Wild but on other occasions he can seem a scrawny 5 ft 9 guy.
MaskDeMasque said on 21/Oct/12
I've always seen him as 5'10. Maybe he is 5'10.5 if he stood up properly.
Silent d said on 1/Oct/12
If he is 174cm than brad pitt would be 172cm according to someone who said he was taller than pitt. That would make charlize theron 172cm. It doesn't work out. 179cm.
jackie said on 15/Jun/12
5'10!? I though he was like 5'8! He looks short in footloose
SIlent d said on 25/Jan/12
Sorry i believe you but i choose not to believe you. I guess i have to see him for myself. 179cm. I doubt cruise is 165cm. Someone said he is taller than brad pitt.

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