How tall is Kit Harington

Kit Harington's Height

5ft 7in (170 cm)

British actor best known for playing Jon Snow in tv series Game of Thrones. In film he can be seen in Silent Hill: Revelation and Pompeii. In a GQ interview he claimed: "I'm five feet eight"

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Ghoto said on 23/May/16
In ep.5 of Game of Thrones, he looks quite a bit shorter than Sophie Turner @ 5'9ish (Sansa) when she's giving him the coat.
Dmax said on 22/May/16
But Jimmy Fallon is standing closer to the maybe he is that height for real.
Dmax said on 22/May/16
This dude looked so tiny I'd give him 5'5 doesn't even look the 5'7 next to Jimmy Fallon like Justin Bieber did.
Powerhouse said on 20/May/16
Looks 5'5.5 next to Jimmy Fallon in that clip.
dan said on 14/May/16
Is a lot smaller than Rose Byrne in heels Click Here
Peter175 said on 21/Apr/16
His head is gigantic. Even bigger than Tom Cruise's probably. Makes him look even shorter despite having a great torso-leg length. Accurate listing, he is a solid 5'7. A bit below average but not very short by any means
Skeptic said on 16/Mar/16
@Getalife: Wrong. You can predict someones height purely by photographs, and no, you can't take peoples word for it. Most of them lie about their height and add at least an inch.
TJE said on 21/Jan/16
If this is the case, then Alfie Allen is weak 5'7.
Mike said on 19/Jan/16
Didn't you have him listed as 171 cm a while back Rob?
Editor Rob: yes. With a lot of people I've seen in person, I think around 5ft 7ish is maybe as close as possible, he may well hit 171 but maybe earlier in the day.
Getalife said on 8/Jan/16
People you can't tell someones height purely by photographs.

If he says he is 5ft 8 then he is probably that, or just under.
Ryan said on 31/Dec/15
He looks really small Click Here
What would you say his weight is Rob?
Editor Rob: looked over 140 near 150's maybe, at least in Pompeii he looked like he put on a few pounds.
CD said on 29/Dec/15
He looks to edge out Alfie Allen in that shot where they are standing near the pool, but has an obvious footwear advantage. He's a very flat 5ft 7 if not a fraction under.
Editor Rob: 5ft 7 on the nose is probably the most realistic mark to put him on.
Ryan said on 27/Dec/15
Hello Rob,
In your website Alfie Allen from GOT is listed 5'7.
In these pictures Kit Harington seems to be smaller than him considering shoes and hair. Am I right?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Editor Rob: typically Kit can look roughly 5ft 7, I think 7.25 is about the most I'd guess him at now, with 5ft 6.75 probably the lowest I'd estimate he could look.
Dan said on 2/Dec/15
In some pictures he does look to be even a little lower than 5'7.
JV said on 6/Oct/15
You're quite right, but on second thought he does seem to wear a thick heel a lot, maybe that could be why he appears taller, especially on Game of Thrones.
Tom said on 3/Oct/15
"I am 55.5. Kits eyes are flush with mine although he is leaning slightly. Id say 56 and not a half-inch taller." ---> Click Here
What do you think?

This is the page where I found the info and the picture: Click Here
JV said on 3/Oct/15
Howcome he looks taller than John Bradley in every picture if he is listed shorter?
[Editor Rob: bradley can walk around like a 5ft 7 guy, but I think standing tall John would be bigger.]
maybe flat 170cm? said on 21/Sep/15
Could he possibly be a flat 170 cm, barefoot, nighttime ? (5'7")?
[Editor Rob: 170 is very arguable for him, a fraction over 5ft 7 is about as much as I'd argue for him.]
Andrea said on 17/Sep/15
Yeah, 5'11 is a little too optimistic! You're suggesting he's not even 5'9, actually! Anyway, he actually "convinced" imdb to put him at his claim! You should add him, just to make them downgrade him to 5'8 again (or at least closer to that than 5'11)! And, since i'm watching GOT, 5 season now,do you have any idea on the young guy who plays Tommen? 5'7-5'8?
[Editor Rob: Tommen isn't much taller than Cersei, 5ft 7 range in that season is possible.
I will add Daniel this year.]
Andrea said on 15/Sep/15
Did he claim 5'11 or 5'9? I didn't even know he was Donachie's son, to be fair... So, did you meet him?
[Editor Rob: I've seen him several times over the years, he complained about imdb having him at 5ft 8 when he is 5ft 11!

the funny thing him and his mates actually got mjf standing, Here...the guy behind Daniel claims 5ft 11 (and is a lot nearer that in person than daniel).]
Andrea said on 13/Sep/15
Rob, did you meet that Daniel Portman guy? He's listed at 5'11 (which i highly doubt)... Maybe somewhere in 5'9 range? He looks average in GOT...
[Editor Rob: he did claim that mark, he made a point of it once on twitter! He's a good inch shorter than his dad Ron Donachie...]
Balrog said on 28/Jul/15
Fair claim, most of guy at that height would claim more. He probably wakes up at 5'8''
john said on 25/Jul/15
He's very well proportioned. He might be even 170 but he just doesn't look short.
berry 5'9 said on 17/Jul/15
Rob, can you guess the height of a person by only looking at a picture?I have a girlcrush but i am insecure about her height. Can i send you a picture and you try to guess her range? Please contact me ;)
Keane said on 9/Jul/15
You are so generous on your listings
MsKitty said on 5/Jul/15
In the books, Jon Snow is said to be smaller in stature compared to other is known. And he's taller than me so as far as I'm concerned he's a 10, easily. :P
TJE said on 22/Jun/15
Personally, my guess for Daniel is 5'9.5.
Rifle said on 22/Jun/15
Sorry I meant Daniel Portman plays Podrick not Jon Snow.
Rifle said on 22/Jun/15
How tall is Daniel Portman who plays Jon Snow?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: if I have time I will try to get a photo]
word1234 said on 17/Jun/15
Rob there is even an article dedicated to the height of this man Click Here

Honestly after all the photo evidence and the fact that kit is often in boots I think it's a safe bet he is a weak 5'7. At least drop him to 5'7. This guy never looks over 5'7 ever.
like myself said on 2/Jun/15
reminds me of myself, height wise, 171 cm mid day probably, around 170,5 cm at night. The hair and thin body adds to him looking taller. The reason other "shorter guys" might look taller than him, is that they also wear heeled shoes, or shoe lifts. Don't be so Quick to call out 5'6-5'5, just because someone looks shorter than other also short dudes.
Voiceless Dental Fricative said on 9/May/15
Peter Firth is 5'8.75 (Rob has photo with him)

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Chuckie Cheese 2 said on 16/Apr/15
I dunno, I think this guy looks an honest 5 ft 8 at some angles. But 5 ft 7 for sure.
Pizzaman said on 14/Apr/15
Therefore, 5'6.5" for him.
Pizzaman said on 14/Apr/15
Barely taller than 5'4.75" MAX Rose Lesie and definitely shorter than John Bradley. Also seems very similar to the woman behind him. He probably even has a footwear advantage on all. Click Here
Chris said on 10/Apr/15
It might be weird if Isaac grew taller because his head is already way too small for his body and it won't grow any bigger of course. He'll look totally disproportionate. But he might, i finished growing when i was 17 i think.
Chloe said on 9/Apr/15
Rob, how tall do you think Isaac Hempstead Wright is? Two inches taller than Kit?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 5ft 9 range now...he may not be quite finished growing yet.]
MD said on 8/Apr/15
You no one can ignore the straight-on photos with Tinie Tempah, though. Not trying to toot my own horn, but it's easily the best shot of any of him with anyone else of known height. He's even got a footwear advantage and is clearly an inch shorter than Tinie. Even being generous, It'd be hard to even give him a full 5'7". Maybe a flat 5'6" is too low, but he really is barely much more than that.
Dr JJ said on 6/Apr/15
No more than 5' 6" - all the photographic evidence points to that, but sometimes Rob just ignores all the evidence. What's guaranteed is that Kit will NEVER allow himself to be photographed next to Rob.
[Editor Rob: I don't see him as 5ft 6, although even a guy around 5ft 7 could look under it for sure at times...but look at him with a guy who is in that near enough 5ft 6 zone Click Here. me and that guy or Hardy and same guy.]
seems legit said on 25/Mar/15
seems correct, looks 170-171 cm next to 5'2 emilia Clarke,
NightCrawler said on 15/Mar/15
OK, Rob, here's B. Cumberbatch next to T. Tempah, both in dress shoes:

Click Here

Comparing that photo to your own photo with Cumberbatch I think we can safely assume Tempah is very close to your height...

Just like @MD pointed out, however, Harington has actually footwear advantage on Tempah and still manages to look more than an inch shorter, camera angles taken into consideration...

Rob, I can't believe I'm saying this but, could it be possible for him to be near Dave Franco's height?!
[Editor Rob: he is somewhere around 5ft 7, I don't think I'd say he was as short as Dave though.]
NightCrawler said on 13/Mar/15
168 I would say is min. and 170 max. Anything below a legit 5'6" is hogwash though, even at night...
On set with 5'8.75" Peter Firth for "Spooks: the greater good" (excuse the quality):

Click Here

I would say:
Morning: weak 171
Noon: weak 170
Night: strong 168.
Also don't forget Aaron Paul's forehead is kinda big so the difference in their heights is probably bigger than their eyelevels might otherwise indicate.
Humble guy btw, and very capable of succeeding in the action film industry, even if he was 5'4".
Surfer said on 3/Mar/15
168cm is my guess
MD said on 28/Feb/15
Yeah, the photos I posted with him and 5'8" Tinie Tempah show more than an inch difference, with the crazy thing being that Kit actually has a significant footwear advantage. I was being generous by even giving him a flat 5'7".
NightCrawler said on 25/Feb/15
Rob, I'm pretty sure he's below 170, he just wears lifts A LOT, just compare his leg proportions:
Prob. 1-2 " lifts:

Click Here

Click Here

No lifts (probably):

Click Here

With 168cm George R.R. Martin:

Click Here

I would say 168-169, he can make 176 Richard Madden look 182 sometimes:

Click Here

Also his hair gives him around 3 cm...
robert said on 24/Feb/15
hes been downgraded i see. is this his end of day height or his evening height ?
[Editor Rob: I think it is still debatable if he is only 5ft 7 flat, but it isn't impossible at night he would hit that.]
word1234 said on 14/Feb/15
Click Here easily in need of a larger downgrade 5'7 max!! Come on rob
MD said on 27/Jan/15

He needs a downgrade.

Here he is with 5'7.75" Aaron Paul:

Click Here

With 5'8" Tinie Tempah, with Harrinton even having a significant footwear advantage:

Click Here

Click Here

Even discounting the photo with Paul, this guy is a flat 5'7" at the most.
sabot said on 25/Jan/15
He looked rather short in Pompeii. Flat 5'7 guy IMHO. He is shorter then Aaron Paul: Click Here
The Master said on 19/Nov/14
Looks like Orlando Bloom, with smaller eyes. Anyone agree?
MD said on 18/Nov/14
This can't be right. Here he is with Tinie Tempah, who is a very weak 5'8", himself:

Click Here

Click Here

To ad to this, Tinie is in some very flat shoes and Kit actually has an advantage being in dress shoes.
Chris said on 17/Nov/14
If he was at least 5 inches taller, he'd be a 8/10 minimum.
mr ocd said on 5/Nov/14
Click Here
Word1234 said on 12/Sep/14
Hi rob I'm hoping you'd be able to answer this question for me,
Okay so in this picture kit harrington stands next to Josef altin let's just say for the sake of the argument there's no lifts or any height increasing insoles involved how tall would you say kit looks in this photo!??
[Editor Rob: the one with the glasses on flat ground, I think he can look maybe 171 at most]
Word1234 said on 11/Sep/14
I agree Robs listing it seems legit. Could be a tad shorter could be a tad taller. And he does tend to wear a thick boot at most events.
Concerned 181 cm said on 10/Sep/14
Dude gets towered over a lot by the tall actors on Game of Thrones. Stannis (6'0), Mance (6'0), Thorne (6'1-6'2), and Styr (?) all make him look like a shrimp. Though to be fair, the guy who plays Styr is huge.
IAN said on 1/Aug/14
Downgrade needed.
Dave said on 26/Jul/14
Hey Rob, If Rose Leslie is 5ft4.75, Kit can't be more than 5ft7: Click Here
Jon said on 22/Jul/14
What would you say his weight is Rob? I've seen one website say 170 but that sounds too high give his lean frame and short height.
[Editor Rob: he did put on some bulk for the Pompeii film, so 165 range is very possible.]
TJE said on 21/Jul/14
He looked 172 on GoT next to John Bradley, but he's 2.5 inches shorter than Madden. I think he's more 5'7.25 than 5'7.25.
Gheist said on 21/Jun/14
He looks somewhere around 174 and 177 in GoT, is there a single possibility he hits 174 at his maximum?
[Editor Rob: from a couple of friends who saw him they said he looked around 5ft 7, I think it is more believable than over 5ft 8 that he is under 5ft 8.]
Duhon said on 11/Jun/14
Kit next to aaron paul Click Here
Ra-Ra-Rasputin said on 9/Jun/14
Met him again in East London at the members club where i work, definite 5'7.5. No Less, no more. I'm 6'0 and he was, again, just below my eyeline. Very lithe build, though, so looks taller. Was wearing 'desert boot' type footwear so not much of a heel. I was wearing standard shoes with the usual 3/4 inch add.
Vladimir Horowitz said on 6/Jun/14
Met him today. I put him somewhere between 5'6" and 5'7". Didn't see his footwear but I had normal shoes on, and I absolutely towered over him at 5'10.5".
Crypto139 said on 20/May/14
You know I was wondering whether this guy was 5 feet 8 or 5 feet 10, but now it seems that he is even shorter than I thought! Where are all the 5 feet 10 sites claims are coming from though?

Well atleast the man was somewhat honest.
Chris said on 19/May/14
His lips are almost 2 inches thick
CeeDee said on 18/May/14
Had the pleasure of meeting him in London last night - lovely fella. And, yep, I'd say 5 7.5 is spot on.
Jeremy said on 18/Apr/14
Rob is he more like 171 or 171.5 ?
[Editor Rob: I think anywhere in that range he could be]
Balrog said on 27/Mar/14
Rob maybe 5'7.75" would be better? He does look closer to 5'8" than 5'7"
[Editor Rob: sometimes he can wear thicker footwear at events, but I am sticking with him being 5ft 7.5 at most for the moment]
SaveUsY2J said on 26/Mar/14
Rob, he doesn't look any shorter than John Bradley who you met. Are you sure he's not the full 5'8?
[Editor Rob: I think he would measure a little shorter than the 5ft 8 mark]
dude said on 26/Mar/14
He calls himself as 5'8" in the new GQ interview. Assuming he would rather round up than down, the listed height seems intuitive.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'll add the claim at the top.]
master jedi said on 19/Feb/14
Was on Jimmy Kimmel last night and he looked VERY SHORT. At least 4+ inches. Side by side. 30 second mark

Click Here
chrissss said on 17/Feb/14
no way in hell this guy is 5'9 or 5'10. looks tiny around the females in the game of thrones cast, and never looks tall, spot on listing rob
Emily said on 13/Jan/14
@Hola Are you male or female?
Hola said on 12/Jan/14
I saw your comment about head size here rob, I'm 5'5 range with a 9,25 inch head, ive aleays considered myself to have a somewhat large head, would i be correct in relation to my height?
[Editor Rob: yes, it would be more than average at that range.]
183CM said on 15/Nov/13
@JossBoss she is 5'5, not 5'6
183CM said on 28/Oct/13
@JossBoss She is 5'5, not 5'6.
JossBoss said on 12/Sep/13
when he was next to Rose Leslie (who was in heels) he was still taller than her. and according to this website it says she's around 5'6.. and there was no way she was wearing 1inch heels. he's AT LEAST 5'9...
Chris said on 28/Aug/13
@Rob do you substract his hair on top from that estimation? In this pic:Click Here it's clear his hair is quite thick. Lena's head would be about how many inches long?
[Editor Rob: his hair can vary from about 1/2 to an inch in thickness]
Emily said on 20/Aug/13
Rob do you agree his head looks disproportionate to his body? His head looks quite big. How many inches long from bottom of chin to top of head?
[Editor Rob: I think with hair being long and wavy it can add to the size, looking at him with a few other people I think nearly 9.5 is possible. Certainly, he doesn't have a small head for his height.]
dude said on 20/Jul/13
He's definitely no taller than 5'8.

Click Here

Co-star John Bradely, standing directly to his left is listed as 5'8 and appears quite visibly taller, although Harrington's posture is probably making him look a little shorter than he is. If Bradley's listing as 5'8 is exaggerated, which it likely is, Harrington couldn't be much more than 5'7.
Bradi said on 3/Jun/13
On second thought, John seems to have a lil' bit advantage

Click Here

Probably 0.5'' to 1''
Bradi said on 3/Jun/13
He looks to be the same height as John Bradley which you got at 5'8''.

I'd say 5'8'' for Kit, he doesn't looks short enough for 5'7''
hurricane brat said on 13/Apr/13
definitely looks taller on the show. Rob, how come you list 171 as 5ft 7.25in sometimes and 5ft 7.5in other times? Ive noticed this quarter inch discrepancy in other heights (174, 176 etc.) too
[Editor Rob: I store the height is feet/inches and show the cm beside it (the nearest whole cm) so 5ft 7.25 = 170.8cm, the nearest is 171 and 5ft 7.5 = 171.45, so it's closer to 171 than 2.]
Duhon said on 5/Apr/13
Doesn't look very tall next to these 2 ladies and judging from his expression he knows it. Click Here
Len said on 2/Apr/13
Yep, 5'8" or so is about right, though you only notice it when you see him standing right next to other characters.

He's well-proportioned and slim, so in many scenes he can look taller than he really is.

The 5'10" they try to claim for him some places is ludicrous. They should've tried for 5'9" and maybe some would have believed it.
Monkey said on 30/Mar/13
Standing next to Richard Madden he looks as tall as Peter Dinklage, and Madden is listed as 5' 11" some places, which is probably exaggerated. 5' 7" may be generous.
R4v3nh34rt said on 2/Feb/13
Yeah he's listed 5'10 almost everywhere but he doesn't look that tall. I thinks this is accurate
balrog said on 25/Dec/12
Wow I though he was 5'9'' at least. Tv is so amazing, makes you look taller ahaha.
173 said on 18/Nov/12
171 as listed.

I wouldn't say he's 'wee' as he is only a bit below average range and looks normal height on screen as most 5'7" guys do. But below 5'7"... now that's 'wee'.
little sue said on 11/Nov/12
I know a few women who love him and it would'nt make any diference if he was 5ft 7.5 or 6ft 2!!
Chiara said on 10/Nov/12
Oh my god i cant believe hes so short. The camera can be so deceiving, this site is opening my eyes, and i dont like it with some celebs lol!
Sharpshooter said on 10/Nov/12
5'7.5 is short, but its not critically short. He's only 2 or so inches below average height?
Sam said on 8/Nov/12
Wow, didn't think he was this short from GOT, but he really does look 5'7" next to his co-star Adelaide Clemens, 5'9"+ heels, in Silent Hill.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: one thing is pretty sure, he's no 5ft 10 guy.]
leeniebean said on 8/Nov/12
yeh - 171cm is definitely more accurate. he's wee. ;)
Jack said on 7/Nov/12
He's listed at 178 cm on many sites. hmm....

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