How tall is Kristen Stewart ?

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Kristen Stewart's height is 5ft 4in (163 cm)

American actress best known for playing Bella in the Twilight series of films and for roles in Snow White and the Huntsman and Panic Room. She said "I'm 5'6". I feel like I should be taller. I feel like I'm smaller than my mental stature. I should be 5'10". 5'10" would be very good" and also in Parade, "As soon as the armour goes on, you feel untouchable - but it's a different thing for a 5ft 5ins, 110-pound girl to go into battle"

Dakota Fanning with Kristen
Photo by PR Photos
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Bammer says on 30/Mar/15
I think the fanatic Kristen Stewart fans finally discovered this site!

- 5'6" LOL :D
5'6 says on 8/Mar/15
Clearly 5'6!
Bishop says on 4/Mar/15
Barely 5'4". Can look 5'3" or a bit shorter when she slouches.
Mila6 says on 18/Feb/15
Saw her in a restaraunt, I'm 5'11 and was a good 5 inches taller. 5''6 for sure
Eyesle says on 13/Feb/15
She just said that she was 5'6 im 5'6 but have a terrible posture too that makes me looks like I have 5'4!!!!!!!!!
KrisRocks says on 8/Feb/15
5'6. She said it herself. Now all we need is people to deal with it.
Tania says on 6/Feb/15
I remember checking her movie-page-that-must-not-be-named profile way back in 2009, before New Moon's release, where her height was listed as 5'4.5". Six months later, it was up to 5'5". Around the time of Breaking Dawn Part I, her page said she was 5'6".

I had no idea girls could grow half an inch every 6 months even well past puberty :P
Bammer says on 30/Jan/15
... I know, I have way too much time on my hands, but... :D

Here's a screen dub of Kristen and Kelly, made by me and with added grit, and you can clearly see, that in this Kristen actually standing tall, whereas Kelly bending backwards in her knees, and with Kristen closer to the cameras, I would say there's max one inc. between them, and with Kelly listed as 5'2,5" (which I doubt - I'd say max. 5'2" for her) I still claim max. 5'3,5" for Kristen. :)

Pic: Click Here
Bammer says on 30/Jan/15

Yep, just saw the show myself, and while definitely taller that Ripa, it's not by more that an inc or so.

Kristen Stewart? I still say max 5'3,5" ;)
RentGirl says on 26/Jan/15
She's on Kelly and Michael right now and looks almost the same height as Kelly(5'2 1/2). Maybe 5'3-ish? Both wearing similar heels.
Owen says on 17/Dec/14
5'5 to 5'6 people. She said it herself! lmao. Also she seems to be that tall. After all that height it average. So she can be. Kristen is not short.
Culprit says on 17/Dec/14
Can't be right. You're putting both Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore at 5'3,5" and they're both equally as tall (or short) as Kristen. Max. 5'3,5" I'd say.
[Editor Rob: she can look just 5ft 3, but this girl's posture is pretty loose a lot of the time.]
Leonie says on 16/Dec/14
@Realist I did it. I am 5'4. I wish I was 5'6 like her though!
guys says on 16/Dec/14
She is 5'6. That is for sure.
Realist says on 8/Oct/14
@Leonie, You are probably 5'2.5-5'3 claiming 5'4. Check with Aerosol bottle and measuring tape your height. 5'4 tops she looks a midget with Charlize and Taylor Lautner.
Realist says on 8/Oct/14
@Leonie, You are probably 5'2.5-5'3 claiming 5'4. Check with Aerosol bottle and measuring tape your height. 5'4 tops she looks a midget with Charlize and Taylor Lautner.
Leonie says on 27/Aug/14
I've met her guys. She is for sure 5'6''. I am 5'4'' and I am shorter!
k says on 27/Jul/14
@ jules, look at robert pattinson next to florence welch and cameron diaz both 5'9, he's still taller. and look at kristen next to charlize Theron 5'10 next to each other with similar heels, k is dwarfed over. She's between 5'3.5 and 5'4.
Click Here and Click Here
and slightly shorter that taylor with 5 in platform heels
Click Here
kay says on 27/Jul/14
She's not 5'6 or even 5'5. Pattinson does look 6' next to her, given that she barely reaches his chin,even when he's always slouching. k is shorter than selena gomez and emma stone, I've seen then all three and ks is the shortest, there're pics that proof this. I'm 5'7 myself, and I was really surprised by how short she looked right in front of me, literally, I was looking down at her. No way she 5'6 or even 5'5.
Jules says on 28/Jun/14
Kristen is 5'5-5'6, I know quite a lot of people who have met her and have said she's this height. And plus she's often not in heels so in comparison to some of the other celebrities she looks short and she also slouches. She's listed as 5'6 in many places such as the twilight official film archive which would have measured her because of all the costumes and wardrobes. She's really petite so people think she's shorter than she actually is.
mm says on 26/Jun/14
People keep wondering why female actresses lie about their height, it is to help out their male co-stars. If Kristen is 5'3", then Rob would be shorter than 6'. He is taller than her, but he does not tower over her. By saying she is 5'5", Rob get so lie about his height. Some many male actors are on the short side. Actresses lie to make the men taller.
Laura says on 21/May/14
In regards with pics with Vanessa Paradis, they look to have on very similar sized footwear, yet neither is standing up straight in most pics, yet I do think Kristen is a smidgen taller than Vanessa. What's interesting is that Vanessa has said that she is 156cm. That means Kristen Stewart is at the very most 159cm.
gd says on 8/May/14
Look here: Click Here
She's less than 160 cm. She's 157-158 cm.
Sabreen says on 5/May/14
i think bella is a small beautiful girl.. 5.3 5.5 and 5.6 height is enough for a girl. her height is perfct. she used high heels and sandles
Bammer says on 1/Apr/14
Nice pic of Kristen and Dakota, but here's a couple more from that event. ;)

Click Here
James Richardson says on 2/Mar/14
110 lbs.LOL, I thought she was like 85.
Bammer says on 11/Jan/14
If you look at the old pics of her with her Mini Cooper S, you can calculate her height.

The Mini Cooper S is exactly 1408 mm high (factory specs)which equals 4 ft 7,4 in. and Kristen isn't more that 9 in higher than that, - her 1 in. sneakers.

I'd say she's between 5 ft 3 in and 5 ft. 3˝ in.
Just says on 9/Jan/14
She slouches a lot. I've not once seen her standing straight up. So it's hard to estimate her height. Maybe ad one or two inches since her bad posture.
light says on 31/Dec/13
Hey Rob i totally agree with 4'3'' but in this photo is she really 11olbs ?
shy says on 19/Dec/13
I agree with Onemia ,heels were 11cm!And in twilight when ashley takes kris in her arms she's much taller than kris.Sure she's under 5'5''.
Rob i've a question,i was measured at 3pm and i was 164.5cm do you think that early morning i could be 166cm?
Onemia says on 24/Nov/13
Just remembered, Ashley Green has been listed 5'5". So, it's kind of weird Kristen being the same height given the obvious difference.. 5'3" sounds more likely to me. I cannot understand why some people lie about their height. Especially beautiful actors/actresses have so many things going on than worrying and wishing they had some inches on top.. I agree that a slender figure makes one appear taller. And Kristen has long legs and she's really slim.
Onemia says on 24/Nov/13
I dunno what kristen's actual height is. But have anyone noticed that in breaking dawn part 1, when Bella is wearing her high heel wedding shoes (how high where they anyway?), she is standing next to Alice who is wearing ballerinas. They are just about the same height while Kristen is wearing the shoes on...
someone says on 1/Nov/13
she looks 5'4
Randomgirl says on 14/Oct/13
She is not 5'3...she is at least 5'4 closer to 5'5. I was in Kitson in LA wearing a hat and the paparazzi took pictures of me for 2 full minutes thinking it was her until they realized. I'm 5'5.5. If she were 5'3 there would be no such confusion.
Stephanie says on 4/Oct/13
Dakota was 5' 3.5" when "The Runaways" was filmed (according to a casting call for a double for her). So Kristen *was* taller at that point (assuming the height on here is correct). Although I'd guess Kristen is closer to 5' 5" than 5' 4".
reynoffire says on 17/Sep/13
shes 5'5 with chuck taylor
reynoffire says on 17/Sep/13
shes 5'5 with chuck taylor
Rudi Bukit says on 6/Sep/13
I agree to people who said that she is 5'3. Maybe she is between 5'3 - 5'4". More than 5'4" is really impossible.
LOOKIE says on 28/Aug/13
really? i thought she would be way taller
Kristen real height says on 26/Aug/13
Kristen is 5'5, people saying her height when they clearly never met her is beyond ridiculous. I met her 4 times. She slouches a lot,but she is 5'5!
XOXO says on 12/Aug/13
SHE IS 5 ft 3.5 inches. She is so tiny and skinny. Skinny girls look taller than they realy are plus she wears vans and converse which gives her 2 inches.
@ Jasmine:I have very long legs too but yet I'm 5 ft 3.25 inches so that doesn't mean anything. :)
Jasmine says on 10/Aug/13
You have Dakota Fanning listed 5'4 here, and I was listening to the Runaways commentary and there's a scene that they(Kristen, Dakota and Joan Jett) were saying How Kristen was taller. So yeah and plus you don't get legs like Kristen being the height you have her listed here.
Sophie says on 26/Jul/13
To Arch Stanton or whatever your name is, he's not a foot taller than her. And Kristen always wears very flat shoes while other people have heels and dress shoes usually always have more than an inch on them and plus Kristen slouches in some of her photos.
Len says on 8/Jul/13
Stewart fibs pretty hard about her height. You can see many pics of Charlize Theron towering over her by 6-7 inches.

Stewart is very likely around 5'3", tops.
Lee says on 6/Jul/13
Kristen Stewart lies about her height SOOOOOOOO bad. Why she does I don't know, she's certainly cute enough, and most guys don't care about a woman height (if she's hot).

Check out the link below for pics of Charlize Theron TOWERING over Stewart by a good 6-7 inches. They're both wearing heels too, and Stewart looks like a little girl next to Charlize.

Stewart's likely 5'3", at most. Petite gal with a Napoleon complex.

Click Here
Blaumgarten says on 4/Jul/13
I've just seen some pics. of Kristen, standing next to Vanessa Paradis at the Chanel Show in Paris. You list Vanessa as 5 ft. 3.25 in., and in the pics, Vanessa was clearly higher than Kristen and they had the same hight on their footwear, so it doesn't seems right to list Kristen as a 5 ft. 4 in. girl.

I'd say she's max. 5 ft. 3 in.
Chris says on 25/Jun/13
Please do not use the pic, I sent in, I did not realize it had my full name by the side thanks. I just sent a fanpic a couple hrs ago.
Chris says on 25/Jun/13
Funny not one person has met her here that commented, I am 5'7 and she was taller then me with heels. She is 5'5.
Imetkristenstewart says on 27/May/13
Hi Guys
Kristen Stewart is the same height as me - 5'4" inches. She's often wearing Vans and other sneakers that give her about a 2 foot lift so I'm sure at time she appears 5'6". You will notice that celebrities pretty well always say they are exactly 2 inches taller than they actually are!
kg says on 11/May/13
i think it's the good size because when she stands next to selena gomez who is 5'5 she's smaller ( see the link of violet whose talk about katy perry)
An says on 10/May/13
I once read that one of the reasons she was cast as Bella was because her measurements are the same as the caracter in the book: 5'3, but I could be wrong, I don't remember who wrote that and I never read the book.
N says on 30/Apr/13
she's 5'3.5. get over it.
K says on 18/Apr/13
Kristen dunst shoes look maybe 2 inches taller but she looks to be about 4 nches taller in thise shoes. She's definately 3 inches taller at least. That means DUnst is without a doubt at least an inch taller at 5'5.5". So kristen stewart. would be 5'4.5" max and 5'3.5" min.
Jeannie says on 16/Apr/13
Click Here
In these pictures you can see the top of Kristen's hed levels with Rob's ear, so if Rob is 6' or 6'1, then she must be taller than 5'4. I'm gonna say 5'6 or at least 5'5.
Violet says on 11/Apr/13
And for all those other peioole who still think kristen is 5'6", here is a pic if her with kristen dunst who is 5'5.5". So if kristen was 5'6" she should be taller, right? But yet there is a 4 inch difference between them! Dunst has platform shoes. Kristen does not. So that is a 3 inch difference. This places kristen at 5'2.5". But Kristen's posture is awful so add an inch to her for her awful posture. You get 5'3.5"!
Violet says on 11/Apr/13
Click Here
There is at least a 4 inch height difference between Katy perry and kristen. Rob is right. She is between 5'3.5-5'4". Also I think Robert pattinson has almost as bad or worse posture than kristen Stewart. The rare times when they are both standing straight there is quite a bit of height difference there. Also, if she was 5'6" , she would be just 3 inch in height difference between rob in 4 inch heels and she never is. People that have actually met her think she is 5'2". Probably because of her bad posture, but what's that tell you? I've never known a 5'6" girl being guessed at 5'2".
TILA says on 7/Apr/13
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Caroline says on 5/Apr/13
I'm a weak 5'3 and next to Rob Pattinson she looks just a smudge taller than I look next to my brother (who is the same height as Pattinson). So I believe she's 5'3.5? I'm 5'2.75 so it seems right. Ans she's really skinny with a tiny and petite frame, I think that's why she looks soo small in some pictures.
Violet says on 2/Apr/13
I don't understand why she lied at least 2 inches about her height or why celebs do. When you are 5'4" or under its kind of laughable to claim 5'6". I've only lied by 1 inch before and that's because it's the height they tell me at the dr(in shoes) every single time I go! I would not know how tall i really am if i had not measured myself barefoot!....and I think a lot of people give their height in shoes so I tell a white lie to compensate ;) lol. Lying by 2 inches is just embarrassing though! She is shorter than ashley green who has said she is 5'5" who is actually a weak 5'5" because rob has a picture of her. I don't understand the below comments that still believe she is 5'6"? Is it trolling?
[Editor Rob: a lot of the time Kirsten does come across 5ft 3-3.5 as others have pointed she just 5f 3.5?

It isn't impossible, but I think half the time she's got a loose stance and maybe is dropping more height than is obvious.]
Sophie says on 31/Mar/13
I'm still pretty sure that Kristen is 5'6 cos she looks like she is slouching quite a bit in those pictures. And Selena's heels look slightly taller as well
merry says on 30/Mar/13
@Jamie... Kristen doesn't stay straight, actually you can see she bent but Selena is straight.
Click Here
and I saw selena upgraded here but that's not true she's 5'4'' weak. ashley green is 5'5 and selena is way shorter
Click Here
maybe Kristen is 5'3'' but I think there is a slopping floor and they are both a weak 5'4''.
marla singer says on 27/Mar/13
I changed my idea about Kristen being 5'4 after seeing these photos. First, to me it looks like Kristen is standing on the higher side of the floor, not Selena so I think that between the two there is no less than 3 cm difference. Since Selena can't be as tall as 1.66 (see Bieber) it means it's Kristen the one whose height has to be changed to 5'3.75 or 5'3.5. Yes, Kristen is not standing straight but neither is Selena... anyone agree?
reena says on 27/Mar/13
so true!! she is 5 4 !! she seems even shorter next to selena who is 5 5!
Jamie says on 26/Mar/13
@merry: Dou really think that Kristen is standing lower than Selena here? I'm not sure ground differences can explain the whole height difference ...

Click Here
merry says on 25/Mar/13
@K, that picture is not relevant, the girls are't on a floor. regarding selena and kristen picture, I think there is a sloping floor which makes selena look taller. actually, there are same height.
merry says on 25/Mar/13
@K, thet picture is not relevant, the girls are't on a floor. regarding selena and kristen picture, I think there is a sloping floor which makes selena look taller. actually, there are same height.
K says on 25/Mar/13
Vanity fair photo shoot back scenes! In a few of these pictures amanda seyfried and kristen Stewart are standing side by side (one of them is their backs standing side by side with amandas legs crossed and she is slouching while kristen is standing up straighter) and they are the same height! Click Here
Do you think she could be less than 5'4" rob?
K says on 25/Mar/13
Ok, here is a picture of Kristen Stewart, Blake Lively, Emma Roberts, and Amanda seyfried barefoot at a beach photo for a vanity fair photoshoot. I have a really hard time believing she reaches a full 5'4"
K says on 24/Mar/13
Click Here
Kristen Stewart gets dwarfed by 5'4" Selena Gomez in same sized heels?
K says on 24/Mar/13
Click Here
Kristen is at least an inch shorter than Selena Gomez with same heel size? Or are Selena's heels an inch taller?
Click Here
They look like same sized heels but Selena seems to dwarf kristen? Thoughts?
Jamie says on 24/Mar/13
I was quite surprised to see the height difference between her and Selena Gomez (both assumed to be 5'4) at the latest Kids Choice Awards ... they had the same footwear (no platform heels, and IF there was a difference then Kristens heels would even be slightly higher(?) than Selenas) ...

Kristens heels - Click Here

Selenas heels - Click Here

Selena and Kristen standing next to eachother
Click Here
Click Here

What would the height difference be? 1 1/2 inches? I think either Kristen needs to be downgraded or Selena upgraded ...
Elle says on 24/Mar/13
Hey Rob! You have listen BOTH Selena & Kristen as 5'4, but in this picture: Click Here there is a HUGE difference between them. It's very confusing! Do you think Selena should be upgraded? Thank you!
[Editor Rob: selena certainly looks taller, more of a 5ft 5 than kristen's 5ft 5 claim.

we've seen stewart look 5ft 3 in the past, but I think at times kristen posture is very loose.]
Rocha says on 24/Mar/13
I actually think she's shorter after seeing a picture with Selena G.

Click Here

Selena Gomez is listed here as 5'4", and in the picture they're both wearing about the same inch heels, yet Selena seems to tower over her by at least 2 inches. I'm going to say KStew is 5'2" or 5'2.5" at most, but has a shorter torso compared to the length of her legs which makes her look taller than she actually is.
sparky says on 24/Mar/13
Just saw her backstage at the Kid's Choice Awards, she is about 5'2". It was very surprising, she looked like a little kid. This was 2 hours ago.
gsbr says on 20/Mar/13
There's no way she's 5'6", she's shorter than the 5'5" Mario Bello.
Anonymous says on 16/Mar/13
I think 5ft. 6in. is perfect. Considering the average height for a woman is 5ft. 4in.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Mar/13
Sophie says on 16/Jan/13
Kristen is 5'6 end of story

LOL, have you seen her in flats next to Chris Hemsworth? 5'4" flat is the most she could be. He has about foot on her.
tasfi says on 13/Mar/13
I think kristen long about 5'4 inches tall and i am 5'4 inch.
JP says on 13/Mar/13
5'5 seems legit. She has beautifully shaped long legs which make her looks taller.
Tempest says on 5/Mar/13
Kristen Stewart looks tiny in some of these pictures. Simi's first picture makes her look like a dwarf. 5'3" at the most.
simi says on 28/Jan/13
Click Here
Click Here
K says on 19/Jan/13
She can look very tall when standing alone. She's very skinny and has long legs. I bet she's 5'3.5"-5'4". She doesn't look shorter than that....
heightyy says on 17/Jan/13
She has to be 5'4 at the most. I saw a picture of her and charlize theron who listed on this site as nearly 5'10. Charlize looks extremely taller than kristen in the picture. My friend is 5'10 and im 5'6 and the height difference isn't that big. So kristen is definately not 5'6
Sophie says on 16/Jan/13
Kristen is 5'6 end of story
P.J. says on 26/Dec/12
As I said, Kris is 5 ft. 3,25 in. No need to discuss this any further.
TSO says on 25/Dec/12
I always love Kristen Stewart.. And i think she is quite short.. Maybe 160-162cm in my opinion
se says on 20/Dec/12
i just dont understand why all sites say she is 5'6....can someone plz explain cause i dont really think she is that height...
Cliff says on 14/Dec/12
It's difficult to judge height in red carpet photos when both ladies are wearing huge heels, bending kness, arching, etc; There are several other photos of K-Stew and Kiki together (Cannes comes to mind) from other events where Dunst enjoys a 3-4 inch height advantage. When someone gets a shot of them together in trainers togetehr standing straight, then we'll have more of an idea.
Elizabeth says on 13/Dec/12
I think K. Dunst needs a downgrade because in this pic both of them are wearing heels ans K. Stewart appears only about an inch shorter.
Click Here
173 says on 6/Dec/12
@Margo: she says she weighs 110 lbs in the quote up top.

"As soon as the armour goes on, you feel untouchable - but it's a different thing for a 5ft 5ins, 110-pound girl to go into battle"
Margo says on 4/Dec/12
just out of curiosity does anyone know how much she weighs?
P.J. says on 30/Nov/12
Kris is exactly 5 ft 3,25 in. no more, no less. I know her in person.
jj says on 29/Nov/12
in these pictures kristen seems more taller.. i think their heights are pretty close.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
176cm says on 14/Nov/12
yeah. Dakota looks 5'5" in the pic below.
Jamie says on 13/Nov/12
In these pictures 5'3 Dakota Fanning is about 2 inches taller than Kristen while her footwear advantage is about 1 inch ... which still makes her 1 inch taller (plus Dakota seems to be slouching even more than Kristen). So either Dakota needs to be upgraded or Kristen downgraded ...

Click Here
173 says on 9/Nov/12
5'4" as listed.
JohnDoe says on 5/Nov/12
@ LOL, okay Rob, but that still doesn't explain the 3 in difference in their hight. Even IF Nikki IS in fact 5ft 5, Kristen is still approx. 3 in shorter than her, wearing the same footwear, so what you actually say is, that Nikki is 5ft6in, not the 5ft 4in stated by you, but nevertheless Kristen would still be only 5ft 3in, no more.

I must say, I'll stick to my American friend's estimate of her hight - she meet her in person and she have no reason to lie about it, so for me, Kristen is 5ft 3in. until proven wrong. ;o)
[Editor Rob: to be fair to kristen she does stand worse than others she is with in some photos, so she may drop more height in posture than it looks.]
JohnDosen says on 1/Nov/12
Sorry to "spam" the board, but look at this pic, where Kristen stands with Ashley Greene and Nikki Reed. You Rob, state Ashley Greene to be 5'4,75" and Nikki Reed to be 5'4" so why in gods name can you state Kristen to be 5'4", when she's clearly shorter than both?

They have approx. the same type/hight of heel in the pic., but still both Ashley and Nikki almost "towers" over Kristen - something doesn't add up here Rob! Either both Ashley and Nikki is way higher than you claim, or Kristen is not - which one is it then? ;o)

Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah stewart usually always looks shorter, could be nikki is nearer 5ft 5 and stewart with poorer posture at times can look a 5ft 3 girl.]
JohnDosen says on 1/Nov/12
@ jj:

I haven't actually met her in person, but as I stated in a earlier post, I have a friend in L.A. who met her at the Florence & the Machine concert recently. My friend is 5'5" and she was approx. 2" higher than Kristen, wearing the same type of footwear.

I think the reason some people thinks she's higher than she actually is, is because her head is quite small, it fits perfectly to her bodytype/hight, and that make her seems higher. Her whole body is very harmonic, everything fits perfectly together.
jj says on 26/Oct/12
has anyone actually met her?
apparently people that did meet her say she's about 5'2.5 ~ 5'4 range..
bella flux says on 23/Oct/12
well i don't think she is 5'6,as i feel she is of my height i.e. 5'4.But the thing is she heels it & truly looks amazing:-).
Larc-186.7-188.6cm says on 22/Oct/12
lol...5'6, she's lucky if he reaches a full 5'4.

Terrible actress however.
marla singer says on 14/Oct/12
From the pic Jeannie posted, I'd guess 5'8" lol :D
No, I think she really is 5'4", 5'5" tops
JohnDosen says on 13/Oct/12
I have to withdraw my earlier statement. She's not 5'5, but 5'3 at max.

I have a friend in L.A., and she and some friends was at the same concert with Florence & The Machine, last weekend, as Kristen Stewart, and she was passing so close by her at a point, that Kristen in fact looked at her and even sending her a smile, but here's the fact:

I talked to my friend last night via Skype, and she told me, that she was extremely surprised to learn, that Kristen was SO petite in person (and way more beautiful). They had the same´type of footwear - my friend a pair of Converse All Stars, Don't know Kristen's brand - and my friend's "posse" was walking behind her, when they passed Kristen, and they told her Kristen was at least 2 inch shorter than her, exactly what she thought herself, and therefore she's max. 5'3, not 5'5 or even 5'4.

So Rob, maybe you should revisit this at a point? I think her small and slim body-frame, makes her seems taller than she actually is.
Jeannie says on 8/Oct/12
There's no way Kristen is under 5'5 according to those pics taken at Florence & The Machine concert lately.
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Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
5 foot 4.
Romy says on 29/Sep/12
My friend is 6'1 and I'm 5'2, when I'm stading right next to him wearing a pair of convers I look pretty close to what Kristen looks next to Rob. Min you, I have a skinny frame too so no it's not me beeing kinda big. A friend met her in Mexico and she's an inch shorter than me, she said Kristen couldn't be taller than 5'4 but absolutely stunning in person. I love Kristen, she's beautiful and talented, can't see what the problem with her having an average height is really.
Sufi says on 28/Sep/12
5'3.5 would be my guess. She looked around 3cm shorter than Emile Hirsch in "Into the Wild".
Silent d says on 27/Sep/12
5 foot 4.
marla singer says on 14/Sep/12
She always looked 5'5"-5'6" to me (next to Mangarano she looked tallish) but just saw her next to almost 5'10" Charlize Theron and I must admit it :D she's not that tall. I am myself 1m 66 (5'5") and have pics with a 5'10 range friend of mine in which I looked a little taller than Kristen is here next to Charlize... but he had Timberlands (1.5in) and I had ugg boots (0.5 in) on, not heels.
Considered this, she could be guessed at 5'3" but remember Charlize wears higher heels so yes, Kristen is 5'4".
Click Here
deb says on 13/Sep/12
First, Kristen says she's 5'6", then she says she is 5'5". I think she may be lieing about her height. She always looked a lot shorter than most of the people she is standing with. I would guess she maybe is 5'3".
johnnyfive says on 10/Sep/12
I always thought this girl was closer to 5'3. She never looked particularly tall to me. Her skinny frame can confuse people into thinking she's taller.
Cliff says on 8/Sep/12
Emmerson -

I think that's more than a 2-inch height difference between Dunst and K-Stew in your photo. Something listed earlier that she was 5'3" and next to 5'6" Dunst, that's what she looks at best
emmerson says on 7/Sep/12
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Given the fact that Kirsten Dunst has been stated as a 5'5 (min) to 5'7 (max), which is closer to the truth, Kristen Stewart looks 2 inches shorter here at least. So I'd say she is 5'4, maybe 5'4 and a half.
Selva says on 7/Sep/12
She's not 5'6" at all!!! She's 5'3" 5'4" at top... Kristen Durnst is a truly 5'6" and take a look for yourself at their pix together at the Toronto Film Festival last night!!! Yep, she looks like a troll compared to Stewart!!!!
Kstew says on 6/Sep/12
Rideawhiteswan - why not just post a picture here? If you're really her exact doppelganger, then you've already given away to everyone here what you look like.

Anyways, I agree with this listing. 5'4 seems accurate.
rideawhiteswan says on 4/Sep/12
in reality Kristen Stewart is
5'6 now was 5'4 aged 13 5'5 aged 15 shoe size 6 dress size 8 okay. I know this because I get told all the that I am the complete double of Kristen Stewart by people all the time I agree with them I am the complete double of Kristen Stewart we have the exact same everything (if you don't believe me I will send you a photo of me by email okay) here's the reality some girls actually thought I was Kristen Stewart yesterday when I was at the airport in belfast they stood next to me and I heard the words 'Kristen Stewart' 'i was going to ask if she'd sign this for me' 'cheat' 'shhhhhhh she's there eejit' 'i can't believe this' they didn't realise until they heard me speak a different accent then 'oh my she's the spiting image of' this has happenes al the time. people literally shouting out to me in the cinema 'you look like snow white' (snow white and the huntsman) so stoping being so nasty and trying to say lies about Kristen Stewart. yeah.
heyhey says on 2/Sep/12
She looks like she's 5'3 or maybe a bit shorter next to Chris Hemsworth in photos from the snow white and huntsmen premiere.
heyhey says on 2/Sep/12
She looks like she's 5'3 or maybe a bit shorter next to Chris Hemsworth in photos from the snow white and huntsmen premiere.
D. says on 30/Aug/12
i met her at the breaking dawn premiere last year, after she took her heels off to sign autographs she was around my height (5'3). i was actually surprised i thought she would be much taller.
Lean says on 20/Aug/12
Access Hollywood described her as 5'3, 95 pounds this past week.
JohnDosen says on 16/Aug/12
I would say 5,5" is pretty much spot on.
She IS a very beautiful and talented actress, regardless what some (mostly stupid) people says.

@ Ams. This is NOT a gossip-board, so please keep your venom to your self.
Piggy says on 14/Aug/12
She's 5'6"
Ams says on 7/Aug/12
she is just 5'4 not much taller than this. she lies over her height so much as if she is taller than Emma. Emma's a hardworking and dedicated actress not a cheater like u..:(
RK says on 30/Jul/12
I think she is 5'5" approx.
marla singer says on 29/Jul/12
I think she's at least 5'4.5"
Stephanie says on 8/Jun/12
I'd say 5' 3" to 5' 4" range, closer to the 5' 4" end. She doesn't look 5' 5" to 5' 6", especially next to her 'Twilight' co-stars.
caroline says on 10/Feb/12
All who saw her in person say she is small. I think 5'5. In the pictures of Paris in a few days ago she looked really small.
My friend is 6 '1 as Rob and I'm 5'2 and almost came to his shoulder. Kristen does not reach Rob's chin, so, 5 or 7 cm more, I think. Taylor is 5 '10 ˝ "and seems more than 10 cm taller than Kristen, as shown Jamie.
*Jamie* says on 10/Feb/12
@MS: Because she is compared to people who's height is known? As for the original guess I'd say that humans are quite able to make out the height of another person from experience with their own height and friends' known heights. I'm not sure but it might even have been mentioned in some magazines (which are not always correct though, but they give you an idea).
MS says on 7/Feb/12
how do you lot know her hight is correct, she might be taller, she never mentioned it .
M M says on 7/Feb/12
Ya, Sometimes she does look taller. She has long legs and keeps her hair fluffy which makes her appear 1-2" taller than she is.
I found that pictures taken when celebs were on the move are pretty deceiving when it comes to height. And also picture from movies, magazines etc are always deceiving. That's why it's better to believe in those who saw these celebs in person like the Editor of this site.
Silent d says on 6/Feb/12
5 foot 4 but i thought she was taller.
M M says on 5/Feb/12
I think she's a weak 5ft 4". She wore these platform heels in the breaking premier Click Here (probably 5-6") and still she stands at least 4" shorter than Pattinson Click Here (Pattinson is slouching).
thamyxx_ says on 2/Feb/12
She said once she's 5'6.
Silent d says on 23/Jan/12
5 foot 4 is right on the money. No way she is 5 foot 3 or shorter. She looks taller than mila kuni, natalie portman and scarlett johansson. 5 foot 4. My head is 7.5 inches and i'm 5 foot 10 so my head is really small.
M M says on 23/Jan/12
@Jamie thank you. Anyone with a logical mind will agree with this estimation.
Jamie says on 22/Jan/12
Well 5'7 is impossible.

@M M: Your estimations seem right, my head is between 8 and 9 and I don't have a big head so Rob's might actually be about 9 or 10 inches long which would make Kristen just about the height she is listed as here.
Sonia says on 22/Jan/12
But, if you see her pics when she was 13 (speak movie), she looks 5'4 or 5'5. after that she must have grown 2 she is definitely 5'6.

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