How tall is Mads Mikkelsen ?

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Mads Mikkelsen's height is 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

Danish Actor best known for roles in Casino Royale (Le Chiffre), King Arthur, The Hunt, Clash of the Titans and The Three Musketeers. On tv he has a memorable role in the show Hannibal. This photo was taken at a Collectormania event in 2008 and a London Film Con in 2007.

5ft 8 Rob and Mads.
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Judd says on 29/Mar/15
Honest 182 cms guy! 5'11.75" is fair!
Tom says on 26/Nov/14
Rob why do you think people slough is it because my back is weak or something or is it just a habit. Also I'm 19 if I slough when I walk it's okay right. But if I was I was like 30 it would be bad for height loss right.
[Editor Rob: it can be a bad habit, but also weak back muscles or pain/spine problems can lead to it.

Just gentle exercise/stretching every few days can help.]
Tom says on 25/Nov/14
Rob thanks for the help man. So my habit of sloughing is okay if I stop now right.
[Editor Rob: I'd try to correct yourself if you find that you are stooping. As I say, maybe do some very simple stretching, like touching toes, rotating, just to help your back muscles and maybe improving your stance a little.]
Tom says on 24/Nov/14
And rob I'm 19 and I have a bad habit of sloughing over when I walk is that bad for my back or no. I don't think it will effect my back because I'm only 19. If I fix that habit now I should be good hey. And when you mean healthy life style, what do you exactly mean. Like eat healthy and excerise a lot.
[Editor Rob: I'd try to maybe do some simple stretches just to help your back muscles and try to maintain an upright posture as much as possible. These bad habits can cause problems as you age and might contribute to more loss of height.]
Tom says on 24/Nov/14
Thanks rob. Also can't it be a genetics thing as well or no. Is just based on a healthy living style. Also there are people that think stretching helps you to grow, I don't believe that's what's your opinion on that.
[Editor Rob: I think if you are young and want to try to maximise or even say beat what your potential might be, then get active, get your body producing as much GH. Of course as I always say, a combination of exercise/sleeping well/eating and destressing yourself might all be little factors to gaining as much as possible. Stretching could help a bit (how much exactly is always debatable and unknown really), but in all things, be careful and don't overdo things.]
Tom says on 24/Nov/14
Hey rob is there a possibility that mads has shrink because he is 49 now. Also is it possible that some people don't shrink or do you think every one does????
[Editor Rob: some people will make it to 70 and only lose a small fraction. It's a small percentage though and it helps if you maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep your back muscles working and avoid injuries and too much wear and tear. I don't think mads will have lost anything.]
Tom says on 12/Nov/14
Hey rob do people appear to look taller if they are lean and skinny, then being more full and chubby?
[Editor Rob: I think it can help a bit at times, but also a smaller head size always helps aswell.]
Sam says on 31/Oct/14
When standing upright, he looks about 1.5 inches taller than Daniel Craig.
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Chris says on 17/Oct/14
His cheekbones are 6ft tall
InLA says on 9/Oct/14
I watch Valhalla Rising monthly just so I can stare at this guy. He's beautiful. I would have thought a bit taller, but maybe because he's so perfectly proportioned. He looks like someone half his age.
Tom says on 8/Sep/14
Rob can you tell the difference between a person that is 5'11".75 to 6' feet. Isn't it hard to tell because it's so close to one another??????????
[Editor Rob: the 182cm is a height fromover 10 years ago from his agency, it's about what he looked in person aswell, near enough to 6ft.]
cole says on 22/Aug/14
@Editor Rob: Was your listing 6ft before you met him?
[Editor Rob: I think it was on the almost 6ft mark since being added]
Sam says on 24/Jul/14
I guess he was in good shape but you must like a man w/ a missing eyeball...something about his face, there's no way this guy could be anything but any rate, a helluva actor.
LAnative says on 24/Jul/14
He was beautiful in Valhalla Rising. I'd believe 6' from the pics above.
Sam says on 21/Jul/14
He's pretty close to six feet IMO. If he's a sub-six footer as listed, I'd guess Laurence Fishburne is as much as a quarter-inch under that, Fishburne never looked taller IMO and sometimes Mikkelsen seemed to edge him out.
Balrog says on 9/Feb/13
Rob, he looks the full 6'0'' on these pics.
[Editor Rob: to me he looks a good couple cm shorter than a 184 guy looks...]
Hew says on 14/Jan/13
I thought he looked near 10 cm taller than you in that top photo Rob? Did he have a slight footwear-advantage perhaps? 182,5 cm at least for Mads Mikkelsen, good height.
Stephen says on 8/Jan/13
classic 182 cm guy...weak tall...good height to be, girls love 181-185cm range.
Elijah says on 30/Dec/12
@Dolkite: that is just you. Maybe you don't consider him tall but it is definitely tall to the vast majority of people, being around 85th percentile.
Original says on 23/Dec/12
Looks 6' in pics.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 27/Oct/12
Looks 5ft11.25(181cm) in the pics
Connor says on 29/Aug/12
Rob what about 181cm, maybe that is around just above coming into the start of the tall range perhaps?
[Editor Rob: I think 182 is still a good enough fit for him]
Connor says on 26/Aug/12
Yeah Rob Mads definatley does look a weak 6ft especially with Daniel Craig in Casino royale who is a strong 5ft 10, fine example of an 182cm man that would appear like with a 5ft 8 man, 182cm seems dead on accurate for him he has pretty good posture in the left picture, what do you think Rob, maybe 5ft11.75 is classed as tall?
[Editor Rob: yes he's getting into start of tall range]
Rikashiku says on 13/Jun/12
Most girls aren't exactly tall Dolkite ;).

He looks like a weak 6'0" which is surprising because in the movies he always looks like the tall mean fighter. Does this guy ever smile?
Dolkite says on 31/Jan/12
Just under six feet tall isn't what I'd call "tall."

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