How tall is Mario Lopez ?

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Mario Lopez height: 5ft 9.25in (176 cm)

American actor from Saved by the Bell Actor and tv Presenter. On Twitter he claimed: "@tdasiaf: @MarioLopezExtra Please settle a bet...How tall are you? I say 5'10 my husband says 5'8 - what is it?"Actually I'm 5'11.. u won!"
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dirtybirdy says on 25/Mar/15
I saw him at restaurant in LA, he was standing next to me and barely 5'7 and had a pretty small frame too. It boggles my mind how he got 5'9.25, or how he ever beat Valley.
hijoputa says on 24/Mar/15
He tried to be on Expendables 3 haha this guy is too funny!
Silent_D says on 19/Mar/15
Definity not 180. 176cm.
hijoputa says on 9/Mar/15
5'11"?? Hahaha...
Frank McCullin 6ft says on 18/Feb/15
I would put my money on 5'8.75 or 174 CM
172.4 guy says on 4/Feb/15
I was watching a clip with Mario and Jennifer Lawrence in heels at a carpted event, and she was noticeably taller than him. She was in heels, probably around 178-179cm, and Mario was around 177cm, but with elevator shoes. My guess is that he's somewhere between 173-174cm. His picture with Jeremy Piven that MD posted lends evidence to this speculation.
Rachel says on 18/Jan/15
Met Mario in 2008 at a book signing. Totally a joke he claims to be 5'11". He is 5'8" in person. Look at his shoes. Probably wears lifts.
The Shredder says on 15/Oct/14
Rob , does this seem off? I read that in 1990 he wrestled at 189 lbs , does he look anywhere close to 190 in 1990?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: hmm maybe not quite that much, a few pounds less I'd have guessed, unless he had more mass in his legs.]
Kourosh177cm says on 20/Sep/14
rob , is he wearing lift in this picture :?
Click Here
those shoes at least give you a solid inch.
[Editor Rob: the heels give over 1 inch, maybe 1 and 1/3rd range, there is potential for a half inch lift in those.

This is what some actors might do, just use a 1cm lift and a shoe like that to help 'solidify' their height a bit more]
Clay says on 6/Sep/14
5'11''? He may fool a few niece twitter followers but he won't fool this site when he's clearly in that 5'8.5-5'9 territory.
ehg says on 17/Aug/14
Jay cee says on 9/Dec/13
5'11....lmao..with 2 in lifts yea...I met him and I'm 5'8 we were about the same height he was only about an inch taller than me

yeah, I met a girl who took a picture with him at night and it only looked like he was 5-9 and she's a 5-7 legit
Bishop says on 12/Aug/14
I agree with Dmeyer. His 5'11" claim is a joke.
th ekid says on 30/Jun/14
He meant 5'11" with his boots on that have like a 3 inch heel like a woman. He's abot aerage height who cares, he gets girls and he's lean.
Kosuke says on 7/Jun/14
Met him many times. 5'8 max. Good guy but terrible actor presenter or wannabe celebrity.
Dmeyer says on 31/May/14
This Guy is nearer 5' 8.75 he is shorter than van damme and statham who i think are just légit 5' 9 guys
BoboAshanty says on 28/May/14
There's a 2-3" difference between him and William Levy so Levy is probably between 6'0"- 6'0.25" no more
Yazz says on 2/May/14
I thought Williams Levy was an easy 6'0 until I saw him with Mario. Was pretty surprised.
RisingForce says on 14/Apr/14
He really doesn't look a strong 5'9" to me next to other guys who are around 5'9". Click Here

Unfortunately, we don't get a particularly good comparison with him and Sly since Mario is noticeably closer to the camera throughout that interview, but it looks like they'd be similar. However, at about 1:27 we see him next to Chuck Norris and he's clearly a bit shorter, and Chuck seems like an obvious lift wearer, but he was probably never more than 5'8.5" and he was 72 at the time. After that, we see him interview Statham and he looks shorter than Statham who really doesn't look more than 5'9" himself. He's closer to the camera when he interviews Van Damme, but he did another interview with Van Damme where Van Damme clearly seemed taller.
SHAHROOZ says on 14/Apr/14
would u plz guess william levy's height?
[Editor Rob: he can look between 2 and 3 inches on Mario, so it's possible he's almost 6ft]
Gilipollas says on 31/Mar/14
Dom, Mike Tyson is shorter than 5'10". So you mean Mario is 5'7"? It is a joke this guy said he was 5'11". Why did he have to LIE?
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 31/Mar/14
Looks strong 5'9 with Tyson.
Balrog says on 22/Mar/14
He doesn't even look a full 5'9". His 5'11" claim is laughable.
RisingForce says on 21/Mar/14
I believe you, Mr. R. 5'8.5" sounds like it's about accurate. Shorter than 5'9" Emmitt Smith and Van Damme who I believe is 5'9" max both on video, not much taller than 5-7ish Ryan Seacrest in full body pics, slightly shorter than 5-9ish Chris Jericho on video and I remember those pictures with Jeremy Piven now that they were re-posted. Granted, we don't know how solid of a surface the sand was for comparison, but I think Piven is around 5'7.5" and he barely looks any taller. Granted, he barely looks shorter than Tyson, but who knows? He might wear lifts at times. Either way, I wouldn't bet on anything taller than 5'9" flat, and 5'8.5" could be right.
fsd says on 19/Mar/14
mariois no more than 5'7.25 ft in "MD's" pics lopez wore flip floops piven'5'6ft' had 1 inch sneaker they were the same height Click Here this pic proves piven is 5'6ft next to5'7 ft wahlberg
Mr. R says on 18/Mar/14
Mario is 5-8.5 (if that). He was in line in front of me at Ikea.
MD says on 17/Mar/14
I posted these years ago, but they've since been pushed off the page. Anyway, here he is with 5'7.75" (maybe?/No-even-really-likely?) Jeremy Piven at a triathalon years back:

Click Here

Click Here

Since this is a grueling sporting event, you can be assured Piven is not running in lifts, so this is rather easy to calculate. Just take the difference between a flip-flop/thong and a regular trainer/gym shoe/tennis shoe.
Dom says on 22/Feb/14
bob says on 9/Jan/14
here is a video Click Here where he is talking to Mike tyson (legit 5´10) he looks 4-5cm smaller than him so he is 172-173cm (5´8)

He´s like 2cm shorter in the vid than Tyson, you´re a retard...
MD says on 3/Feb/14
The difference between William and Mario is like two inches at least, but I'm still convinced Mario is closer to 5'8" barefoot than he is 5'9". Levy is probably either 179cm or 180cm. 5'10" flat seems a little short for him. He was shorter than Donald Driver and Maxim (one of the pro dancers) on DWTS, though.
SHAHROOZ says on 1/Feb/14
HEY ROB. can u plz help me to know william levy's height?
he has pics with mario lopez,J lo,blanca soto and also he intends dancing with stars.......I think he is max 178-179 but as helisted in the web he is 183!
tnx a lot
NickA says on 30/Jan/14
Rob, what's your guess for William Levy's height? Do you believe he's an actual 6-footer?
bob says on 9/Jan/14
here is a video Click Here where he is talking to Mike tyson (legit 5´10) he looks 4-5cm smaller than him so he is 172-173cm (5´8)
HeightMan says on 2/Jan/14
LOL at 5'11''. He looks 20 cm shorter than Tom Selleck.

Click Here
Jay cee says on 9/Dec/13
5'11....lmao..with 2 in lifts yea...I met him and I'm 5'8 we were about the same height he was only about an inch taller than me
IR says on 6/Dec/13
Mario Lopez is 5' 9 1/2"
George Lopez is 5' 10" (no relation)
the shredder says on 9/Nov/13
MD , its called being 5'9 minimum plus lifts , agree nobody is taller than him , not all of these guys are under 5'7.
MD says on 9/Nov/13
Let me walk that back a little bit. Only one of the guys (in the boy band) is taller than Mario.
MD says on 8/Nov/13
I don't think he's much shorter than this. I'd probably put him more in the 5'8.5" range, but not lower. For the second year in a row, there is not a single guy on the X Factor taller than him. It's so bizarre. The Tim Olsted guy MIGHT be 5'9" and that's only if Mario is in lifts on the show.
RisingForce says on 5/Nov/13
I had heard he claimed 5'11" even before that twitter claim so as ridiculous as it is, he seems to have claimed 5'11" over the years.

He can look around 5'10" at times, but I think he might wear lifts. The fact that he was shorter than Van Damme on video, who is around 5'9", shorter than 5'9" Emmitt Smith on video and not much taller than 5-7ish Ryan Seacrest in full body pics tells me he's likely around 5'8.5". Maybe 5'9" at best, but nowhere near 5'11".
ian says on 22/Oct/13
Wendy Williams is 5ft 7! Click Here
Gio\'s boxing gym says on 13/Sep/13
He is about 5'8"; he works out at the same boxing gym I go to. I have stood next to him when I was about to jump rope.
Rey says on 31/Aug/13
I think "Hispanic built" or not, most Hispanic men and those with broad shoulders are misjudged on height. Usually, a bit shorter than their actual height. I give Mario, a weak 5'9" in flat feet.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 25/Aug/13
There's a possibility he's a flat 5'8" but I will be generous and give him 5'8.5" (174cm).
Juicey says on 18/Aug/13
looks almost the same height as gosselaar he's about a tiny smudge shorter Should get an upgrade or gosselaar gets a downgrade
Arch Stanton says on 9/Aug/13
Looking at him he doesn't really look under 5'9", but 5'10" or more is just silly. Him and Gosselaar still look like the high school studs they were back in the Bell days and both are still in very good shape.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Aug/13
5'11 LOL!! Looks a clear 5'9" to me, clearly has to work very hard at his physique as he's naturally built like a typical stocky Hispanic guy.
IR says on 26/Jul/13
Mario does look around 5'9.5" he looked big on Saved by the bell.
RisingForce says on 22/Jun/13
He can look taller, but maybe lifts? Either way, I actually believe he's 5'8.5". Shorter than 5'9" guys like Van Damme and Emmitt Smith and not much taller than strong 5'7" Ryan Seacrest.
Shawn says on 6/May/13
I book celebrity talent for Nascar events and just brought Mario to a race 2 months ago and he's around 5'11-6Ft! I'm exactly 5'9 and he's much taller than me. I have a pic of us and would post it if I could. He's definitely not 5'8, 5'9, etc.. He's much taller.
Meltdown says on 27/Apr/13
Hey he might be 5'9 in real life, but he's 5'11 in Hollywood! LOL!
Shell says on 12/Apr/13
My friend took a picture of him with her teenage daughter and said he is short about 5' 6" which you can see in the picture.
Arch Stanton says on 7/Apr/13
Click Here

Yup, seems 5'8" tops yeah.
Arch Stanton says on 7/Apr/13
Always looked 5'8" ish to me in the Bell and I think in the later years he was fully grown.
Arch Stanton says on 7/Apr/13
5'11!!!!! LOL!! I must admit I've got a 5'8"ish impression of him, I think of him as stocky Hispanic guy but I've barely ever seen photographs of him.Maybe he's around 5'9" then but anything over 176 is joke.
lulo says on 18/Feb/13
help Click Here

how much height gain do you reckon he gets with those shoes and (no doubt a little bit of lift advantage) to get to a height where he is roughly half inch taller than khloe in what apears to be 3inch heels? (both not standing fully erect)
173 says on 30/Dec/12
Yeah I agree Silent d, 5'9.25" barefoot for Mario is right on the money IMO.
Silent d says on 19/Dec/12
He is a lift wearer but 5 foot 8 claims are laughable. 176cm is right on the money. He never looked 5 foot 11 but he does look tall next to some tall girls.
173 says on 13/Dec/12
@the shredder: I know lifts aren't putting him under ~5'9.25", I'm just saying he is ~5'9.25" barefooted but only "appears" ~5'10" with a 0.75"(1 inch) lift in his shoes. So with ~1.25" dress shoes and the 0.75"(1 inch) lifts included, he's probably standing at ~5'11.25" in them - total. I don't know, but most of the male contestants this year do look particularly short to average height at best, so Mario lucked out if his goal was to "look" taller on TV, lol XD
Mr. R says on 13/Dec/12
173 says on 10/Dec/12
@MD: LOL! You're right! I saw a video of Emblem3 and they're very short looking so it's back to 5'9.25"/176cm TOPS for a barefooted Mario Lopez IMO... he only "appears" 5'10" with a one inch lift on! And I do think he wears them on X Factor.
Mr. R says on 10/Dec/12
I was standing behind Mario at Ikea a few years ago. He is not quite 5-9.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 9/Dec/12
Barefoot 173-174cm TOPS for this guy, he looked it next to Seacrest, Cowell and Maher. He's a lift wearer.
173 says on 9/Dec/12
@Shredder yeah, I read MD's post a while back about how he makes all the male contestants on the show look short on the height request page. So, i'd say 5'9"-5'10" for him is a good shout depending if he's on lifts.
173 says on 8/Dec/12
@the shredder, So do you think he's 5'10.25" barefoot then? Because looking at his dress shoes, it looks like he wouldn't be able to fit anything more than a 1 inch lift in them?
173 says on 5/Dec/12
Yeah, it does look like Mario Lopez does wears a 1" lift in his shoes making him "appear" 5'10 at times but barefoot, I think he's 176cm as listed. His dress shoes probably give him around 1.25" and a 1 inch insole inside them, so he probably stands around 5'11.25" in them, at total?

Looking at that video Click Here it also looks like Khloe (nearly but not fully) does claim her 5'10 height with 2.5-inch heels on. Barefoot she probably stands around 5'8.5" if Terri Seymour is 5'8". What do you think shredder? 5'8.5" for Khloe barefoot? She looked about the same with Terri in that video IMO.
Vegas says on 23/Nov/12
alex thought jericho was ~5'9 in person, jericho is taller than lopez in this clip Click Here

danimal btw thinks 5'7 range for chris...
Bakel says on 19/Nov/12
@ the shredder
Well his shoes looks very thick (like 1.5-1.7 inches maybe even more).
And I don't think Taylor Swift is really 5'10, she looked max 5'9 with 5.8.5 Taylor Lautner. Besides the reason why Michelle Obama and Taylor Swift looks the same height is because Taylor is wearing bigger heels than Obama's
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 12/Nov/12
After seeing Lopez next to Bill Maher, Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest, I think this listing is too high. Lopez was also shorter than Jean-Claude Van Damme whose life-size statue is 174cm. I believe Mr. R's 13/Oct/11 eyewitness account, Lopez can't be taller than 173-174cm, 5'8" range.
Mama Costa says on 11/Nov/12
Standing next to Khloe kardashian, he looks about two inches shorter but she is probably wearing heels. If her heels are 3 inches that would put him right at 5'9. He is really cute but he is not 5'11.
173 says on 11/Nov/12
@Chiara: Oh, you'd be surprised, I've seen lots of girls do it...
Chiara says on 10/Nov/12
Lol who would claim their height in heels? That´s like the dumbest thing
173 says on 9/Nov/12
Mario Lopez is just another "Hollywood 2-inch rule" user. And Khloe Kardashian is just another tallish girl who claims her height in heels.
173 says on 9/Nov/12
Mario Lopez was also about 1-inch shorter than 5'10" George Lopez in an interview and both had equal footwear.

Z-Man says on 9/Nov/12
Rob, you really NEED to upgrade this dude hahaha. He is definitely taller. I say 5'11 at the most! He was standing next to several of the One Direction band members and he was definitely taller than them. The height you have for him is ridiculous. :D
No! it's not that Mario Lopez is taller, it's that One Direction is shorter than you guys think. Here's them on Chatty Man Alan Carr Click Here . Alan Carr is 5'9" (listed here on CH and claims it himself) and you can all see for yourselves that they're all shorter than him. Notice how even some of them have to TIP-TOE just to hug Alan! One Direction is all under 5'9"!
bandet says on 9/Nov/12
Hey Rob, think this is a rare error on your part. Even if he is wearing lifts. He has to be at the least over 5ft10. Take another look why don't-ya.
SAK says on 9/Nov/12
He is no lower then 176cm, could be 177cm.
173 says on 9/Nov/12
Also, Mario Lopez always looked 5'9ish next to Mark Paul Gosselaar aka Zack Morris on "Saved By the Bell". And trust me, I'm a HUGE "Saved By the Bell" fan and I've seen every single episode more than once!... and that's including "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" and "Saved By the Bell: The College Years". While watching, I was sizing him up next to Zack Morris every episode lol.

the shredder says on 5/Oct/12
Exactly , he was 15 to 17 in SBTB , but looked 5'7 or 5'8 in the first season 1989 . I think he is 5'10 .
Yeah that's true, he did look 5'7"-5'8" in the first season, but by the end of the high school years and in the college years he looked 5'9ish next to Zack. By then he was finished growing at 5'9". Alex, who won the height challege also says

Alex says on 28/Jan/12
His 5'11 claim is a joke. No way does he look near 5'11. Could be 5'9 but at most
173 says on 9/Nov/12
Mario Lopez is a liar claiming 5'11", he's 5'9". Years ago I've seen him claim 5'10" so he's another one to watch for as he keeps upping his claims like Will Smith.
@GP: One Direction isn't all between 5'9" and 5'10", actually they're all 5'9" or under as Liam(the tallest member of the group) is 5'9" at best. 5'9" is even debateable as Liam was even a bit shorter than 5'9" Chatty Man Alan Carr.
Z-Man says on 9/Nov/12
Rob, you really NEED to upgrade this dude hahaha. He is definitely taller. I say 5'11 at the most! He was standing next to several of the One Direction band members and he was definitely taller than them. The height you have for him is ridiculous. :D
GP says on 8/Nov/12
Just saw him on X FACTOR a few minutes ago and he was standing near ONE DIRECTION and they are all between 5'9 and 5'10 and he seemed to have an inch or a bit more over them .They were all wearing running shoes and he was wearing casuals with a bit of a heel.Khloe Kardashian was towering them too with her heels.Wonder if he might really be 5'11
bandet says on 8/Nov/12
Rob, he must be a bit taller than you say. If he was wearing lifts then he would have always - probably - been wearing lifts. Not sure how you came to the 5ft9.25, especially if Khloe Kardashian is anywhere near the 5ft10 she is reported as being....Could it just be the usual 'height-down' that goes on when people judge celeb heights?
Ac says on 3/Nov/12

Have you seen The X Factor this week Rob?
Is wearing lifts on the show? Khloe Kardashian is wearing big heels but isn't really towering over him
[Editor Rob: I don't really watch these shows much]
Silent d says on 31/Oct/12
Considering how tall maria meneounos is and she wears heels and he is still taller. You can rule anything under 5 foot 9 out. Maria is at least 5 foot 7 with three inch heels and he is still slightly taller. 5 foot 10. I assume JCVD wore lifts that day.
RisingForce says on 6/Oct/12
He seems average to me, and I had thought he was a solid 5'9" except these comparisons make me think he might even be 5'8 1/2". Either way, his 5'11" claim is pretty ridiculous.

Shorter than Van Damme on video. Click Here Not a big difference at all, but Van Damme is taller. If Van Damme truly is 177 cm, then Lopez could be 5'9" there, but no more. But I'm not sure Van Damme isn't about 5'9" himself.

I know he was shorter than 5'9" Emmitt Smith in a video posted here a few years ago from that reality show they were on. Couldn't find the video, but there's these pictures. Click Here Click Here The difference is too big in the first pic, so I think the 2nd picture is closer to reality.

Barely looks any taller than Ryan Seacrest who I believe is accurately listed here at 5'7 1/2". Click Here
leonari says on 4/Oct/12
He was a kid in SBDB. Rob has him perfect. Never looks short, but somehow looked tall during the Emmys 2012...Little lift maybe?
Silent d says on 26/Sep/12
According to this site maria meneounos is 172cm. That would make lopez at least 5 foot 10. Jcvd wears lifts. He was a little shorter than alec baldwin and jim parsons. At the emmys he looks 5 foot 10 at least. He is hard to judge. I don't think he is 5 foot 7 like some people claim. I might upgrade him to 5 foot 10 after watching the emmys on extra.
Dmeyer says on 23/Sep/12
Van damme bits him
Silent d says on 23/Sep/12
His cohost on extra is at least five foot five. She loojs tall next to some female guests. I am shocked that mario would claim 5 foot 11. He always looked 5 foot 8 to me. On ellen maybe he looked 174cm but 5 foot 11 is a stretch. 176cm is about right. 180cm is too much.
LG69 says on 14/Aug/12
I've seen him listed as much as 5'11". That's got to be with thick shoes or with lifts. He doesn't look short but not tall. I'd give him a solid 5'9"...max 5'10".
Ralph says on 27/Jul/12
Here is an interesting pic with quote-unquote six feet tall William Levy.

Click Here

If he is that close to levys height, then he must be 5 feet 10 at least...either that or levy is not 183 cm...Rob what do you think?
[Editor Rob: could be between 2 and 3 inches shorter, not sure just 2]
Mr. R says on 12/Jun/12
5-8.5 Stood behind him at IKEA.
MrX says on 9/Feb/12
173 cm before go to bed!
Lillo Thomas says on 9/Feb/12
Nope 5-8 max .
Robbie says on 6/Feb/12
I've got to agree with his 5'11" "claim." I just saw him on The Wendy Williams Show and when they walked out together, side by side, they were practically the same height....and she had on boots! And we all know she's 7 feet tall. LOL! (She "claims" she's "only" 5'11".
Lillo thomas says on 30/Jan/12
Mario is 5-8 at best . He always look shortish .
Alex says on 28/Jan/12
His 5'11 claim is a joke. No way does he look near 5'11. Could be 5'9 but at most

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