How tall is Michael C Hall ?

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Michael C Hall's height is 5ft 10in (178 cm)

US Actor from Dexter and Six Feet Under.
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bodwaya says on 13/Jun/15
ketih from six feet under would u say hes five feet 11 he looks 2 inches tall then hall is possiable hall is 5 foot 9 barefoot
an anonymous peach says on 27/May/15
How tall do you reckon Eric King is? He certainly isn't 5'10", he looks more like a 5'7" guy, although I think he's a lift wearer.
[Editor Rob: wouldn't put him as low as 5ft 7, I think his posture at times certainly could make him look that short, but I think I'd start him at 5ft 8.]
Josh says on 8/Apr/15
Legit 5'10. Holds well against some pretty tall guys who have been on Dexter.
mike 1.82 says on 26/Feb/15
i Think he is 1.75 or 1.76 max. All actors says height in shoes, just downgrade 3cm of wich one and the real height.
THEguy says on 12/Feb/15
enigma, in literally no country on planet earth is 5'10 "short". 6 feet for a man is only average in less than 5% of countries on planet earth.
Enigma says on 28/Jan/15
I looked up Dexters height after seeing him with Jimmy Smits. Smits towers over Dexter and is huge in both height and bulk compared to Dexter. It surprises me how short actors are in America. I suppose it's because being 5.10 and a female and my sons are all over 6.4, 6 feet seems average. It must be the viking stock! I adore Dexter and couldn't care less how tall he is!
andrew says on 19/Jan/15
Thank you rob. And I have another question; How is better to measure your height, pushing your chin low, in your neck so the top of the back of the head will reach the maximum height, or having your chin a little bit higher, so the top of the front of your head will be higher. Personally I saw that if I push my chin lower so the top of the back of my head go higher, I gain 5 mm. Sorry for my english. Thank you again.
[Editor Rob: the idea is to try to keep your head level, don't raise your eyes up or lower your chin...when measuring most people I found would raise their eyelevel a bit. it doesn't really make much difference but, still I think trying to keep it level is best.]
andrew says on 19/Jan/15
Rob, I have a question for you. I woke up at 10am and measured mayself after 6 hours(4pm) and my height was 182.7 and then measured myself again at night(2am), after 16 hours of only staying on my chair and on my feet, never lying in my bed, I had 182.2, so 5mm less than in the afternoon. So waht exactly will be my height rob, the second one or the first one? Thank you !
[Editor Rob: at worst you seem to hold 182 range, I'd just claim that, or if you use feet/inches, you are close to 6ft so about 6ft.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 30/Nov/14
On Six Feet Under he looked 5ft10-5ft11 next to 6ft1 Peter Krause
Gx79 says on 16/Nov/14
Look ?5 foot 11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 12/Nov/14
Markus, Zayas is listed 180cm here.
Markus from Italy says on 20/Oct/14
A few years ago Jennifer Carpenter was listed everywhere not under 177, but you can clearly see that she's shorter on Showtime's Dexter. Michael seems 176/177 while Desmond looks taller especially next do David Zayas who's 183/184. I can buy 177 for Michael and at least 180 for Desmond. Jennifer instead is probabily 175 top (you can see it especially when she's next to "Masuka" who's not over 164/165 and there's a big difference between the two).

Anyhow, I'm still watching Dexter, it is a wonderful show, probabily one of the best ever made. I wish it would continue with a Spin Off.
[Editor Rob: yeah Dexter is one show even in a 'poorer' season still is well made.]
LNguyen says on 7/Oct/14
He looks about 2 inches shorter than Desmond Harrington. I'm not sure who has thicker shoes, but he might be 176/177 ish. He's a pretty average man, in my opinion.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 4/Oct/14
Rob, has Hall always listed here as 178cm?
[Editor Rob: on this mark for a number of years but can't remember if he was 179 at the start.]
vishal says on 4/Oct/14
he is solid 178 as he was taller than johny lee miller 177cm in dexter season 5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 30/Sep/14
Rob, how tall do you think David Zayas (aka Angel Batista) is?
[Editor Rob: can look a bit over 5ft 10, his posture at times can maybe make him look less.]
RogerH says on 26/Aug/14
No way he's 180... Not even sure he's 178. 176/177 would be more accurate.
gianb92 says on 24/Aug/14
For me he is 5'11
bodwaya says on 11/Aug/14
rob in six feet under how tall u think keith he looks 1-2 inches on hall
cole says on 7/Jun/14
He looks pretty much like a typical 5'10 flat guy the more I see him.
I've thought maybe 176-177 cm was possible in the past but I see now that's too low a guess.
Clarke says on 29/Apr/14
A true 5'10, rare case for an actor
Seriously you see so many ****ing actors lie about their height, we get it any shorter than 5'10 you are considered short in move land. But come the **** on, it pisses me off seeing so many guys lieing about their height and saying they're 5'10. Matt Damon is a good example of that.
johnny says on 24/Apr/14
Click Here another pic that proves that anything under 177/178 is not accurate
johnny says on 16/Apr/14
Sid says on 31/Mar/14
Anyone trying call out his height because "that's what he looks like on TV" is so incredibly stupid I can't even describe how stupid that is

I think your comment is incredibly stupid. Who are you? Doctor of the University of Height Judging?
Sam says on 1/Apr/14
I saw him several years ago on stage in Chicago. This is roughly what he seemed to be, neither particularly short nor tall.
Sid says on 31/Mar/14
Anyone trying call out his height because "that's what he looks like on TV" is so incredibly stupid I can't even describe how stupid that is
Finn says on 13/Mar/14
Argue? This is a celebheights. We are disgussing about heights.
johnny says on 10/Mar/14
some people here even argue about a 1/4 inch.
Adamz says on 28/Feb/14
he could be 177 on some days and 178 on other days depending on how long he slept or activities he did. dumb to argue one centimeter.
Finn says on 17/Feb/14
Website can't be published here but that height stands up there and besides it seems to fit for Michael. This was just a one height recommentation among in other requests, and I decided to publish it in here.

Of course I don't underestimate you, patriotic people stands there. But we are talking just about height, so what where country you are from.

Hope my english is good enough :)
MD says on 17/Feb/14
No offense, but why should we care what it says about his height on a Finnish website? Do they know more about him than his countrymen?
Finn says on 16/Feb/14
Finnish website informs he's 5'9.75" or 177 cm.
Adamz says on 14/Feb/14
Average height man. 178 cm fits.
johnny says on 2/Feb/14
Click Here MCH is a full 5-10. No doubt. Erik King is like 5-7 and that is probably generous with the thick soled shoes he always wore on the show.
lelman says on 27/Jan/14
Rob, How tall do you think Erik King (Doakes from Dexter) is? He always looked noticeably shorter than Dexter despite being listed at 5'10" (obviously a bogus listing). His bulk probably made him appear shorter, but I have a hard time believing he's taller than 5'8".
[Editor Rob: around 5ft 8 is ok]
JAJ says on 23/Jan/14
He doesn't look 5'10" More like 5'9" or 5'9,5" (175-176cm). 100% sure he's no more than that.
mjb says on 19/Jan/14
Doakes ain't ****ing 5'10 that's bull****
Chris says on 4/Oct/13
No way Jen Carpenter is a flat 5'8. She looks taller than that
Jason says on 30/Sep/13
Looks like he is 1-2 inches shorter than 5' 11" listed Desmond Harrington. Might be 5'9.5" - 5'9.25".

I don't know about shoe advantage, but have a look:
Click Here
johnny says on 27/Sep/13
Jennifer Carpenter is 5'8'' (gets even listed as 5'8.5'' here). MCH is clearly taller than her in all photos were they both wear flat shoes. Just do the math. He's 5'10''.
roy says on 22/Sep/13
Id say he is closer to 5'9 but definitely taller than 5'8....176cm seems spot on...5'10 in slippers
Slick Vick says on 15/Sep/13
Perfect example of a man with a fairly proportional build.I too have a similar body type.Although my leg to torso ratio is pretty balanced.My observations are that guys 5'9 to 5'11 have got the most balanced proportions (normal head size and a strong looking body)
Patrick 1.75.5m says on 9/Sep/13
Hey Rob, i watched all seasons til the season seven in the last months. Hall always looked average tall to me. Some people are taller, some are smaller. I haven´t the impression of a tall or a small michael c hall yet. Do you think hall could possible be 1.76 or 1.75.5 (latet at day) like myself?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he'd drop that low, always thought he looked a typical 5ft 10 guy]
Len says on 12/Aug/13
He looks 5-8 or 5-9 in most everything.
Shawn says on 10/Aug/13
Michael is the epitome of "averaged-height man." On Dexter he never looks tall, and never looks short.
lelman says on 28/Jul/13
@HommeVert Maybe about 5'9.5", I met Desmond Harrington (Quinn from Dexter) and was marginally taller than him (I am 5'11" even, max) which woud lead me to believe he is about 5'10.5" - he always appears to have about an inch on Dex. Still, I think 5'10" is fair, he's probably about that in the morning.
Roger H says on 20/Jul/13
@ Silent d : Jimmy smits is supposed to be 191 cm after celebheights...
HommeVert says on 15/Jul/13
I think he looks like a shorty on Dexter! I can't believe he's 5'10" -- I bet he's 5'8"
cole says on 11/Jul/13
He could be 176 or 177 cm, he's about 2 cm shorter than Desmond Harrington, and I don't believe he's the full 180, more like 178 or 179 cm.
Silent d says on 10/Jul/13
I have long legs and i'm only 5 foot 10. Those really tall actors have long legs emily. I think more girls have long legs. He looks about 5 foot 10 but i thought he was closer to 6 foot. jimmy smits has to be bigger than 191cm. He looks 6 foot 4 at least. He is huge.
Emily says on 6/Jul/13
He's all torso? I think his legs are shorter than his torso but isn't that the norm with males? Which male celeb has long legs? I can't think of one.
Roger H says on 14/May/13
1) Just glance at Ian Sommerhalder next to Rob. After Rob he is supposed to be 176 and they look like there's no difference on the photo in spite of 1 inch between them.

2) Now, look at "Desmond Harrington" photos supplied by Vayne. He stands next to MCH and then seems to tower him by 2 inches or so if Rob estimate of Ian is correct.

MCH really must be in the 175-177 fork.
Bloke says on 4/May/13
This guy is all torso, looks like a 6' at least before he stands next to someone, then looks much smaller.
lelman says on 27/Apr/13
Definately no less than 5'10", he just has the look of a tall guy. Most of the other males on Dexter are about 6ft+ and he never looks much shorter than them.
johnny says on 11/Apr/13
Click Here 5'10'' spot on, 5'11'' morning height. prob one of the few big time actors who is 5'10'' and doesn't claim 6 feet.
Emily says on 10/Apr/13
He´s no taller than 5´10. I´m a little over 5´11 and he doesn´t look my height whenever i see him on TV.
RazzberryBeret says on 10/Apr/13
Yeah, pushing 5'11". Jennifer is 5'8" and only towered over him at formal events when she wore block high heels.
Roger says on 25/Mar/13
Remeber season 3, when we see Michael and Jimmy Smits facing on the marina. It was flat and Jimmy had something like a head over Michael. Watch it again. If Smits is 191 cm, Michael cannot be more than 176 or 177 max.
johnny says on 20/Jan/13
there is really no way that he is under 5'9. i've watched all 7 seasons of dexter.
Knoxville says on 22/Dec/12
Look at this : Click Here

He is with Matt Willig who is supposed to be 2 m... Less than 5' 9 possible for him ?
MaskDeMasque says on 30/Oct/12
Yup 5'10. maybe 5'10.25 but i doubt anymore than that.
Hew says on 29/Oct/12
I think 5´11 flat.
ray183 says on 11/Oct/12
i think he is 179 cm tall,and he is a great actor!!
ytvm says on 10/Oct/12
heres both in flat shoes. looks like she isnt 5'10 too, as listed. or if shes 5'10, hes 6'
Click Here
Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
5 foot 10.
Rhino says on 22/Sep/12
5.9 tops. In many shots J. Carpenter is taller than mike.
Mike says on 12/Sep/12
Agree with Tyler on this one.....he's got broad shoulders and a strong upper body which makes anyone look taller than they actually are. So even though he's 5ft 10 he easily passes for 6ft.
barney says on 11/Sep/12
if i remember right he claims 179cm... i think he is honest about his height...anyway 5-10 is a good guess rob...
[Editor Rob: He's listed 5ft 10 by agency and that's generally what he looks I believe on tv.]
barney says on 11/Sep/12
5-10.5 rob???
[Editor Rob: I think he's an honest 5ft 10 guy]
Drew says on 27/Jul/12
Never looks anything less than 177cm on Dexter. 178 is perfect, heck that may be even a little modest for him.

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