How tall is Misha Collins ?

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Misha Collins Height is 5ft 11in (180 cm)

American actor best known for playing Castiel on tv series Supernatural. This photo was at Collectormania in London, 2009. On a interview he said "fans usually think that I'm short. I'm actually six feet tall, but when I'm being filmed next to Jared Padalecki, who's 6'6" or something, I look like a tiny wood-elf."

Misha Collins at Collectormania
5ft 8 Rob and Misha
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Comment on the Height of Misha Collins

Paleman said on 4/Feb/16
He doesn't seem like a person who is insecure of their height, the 6 foot claim was probably something off the top of his head, like "oh, I'm think I'm around 6 feet". Anyone in the 5'10'5"-5'11"5 range can get away with claiming six feet. Now, if they were using the metric system it would be a completely different matter...

Collins is definitely closer to 5'11 than 6', and even if someone said that to his face I don't think he would start jumping up and down and arguing, he'd probably just be like "yeah, that's possible."
Andrea said on 4/Feb/16
Rob, does he look similar to a Connor Trinneer in person? One claims to be a hair under 5'11, the other one 6'...
Editor Rob: yes they can look quite close.
Rifle said on 29/Nov/15
How tall do you think Misha is in this pic if the guy is 184cm?
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Editor Rob: wouldn't guess him under 5ft 11
Carter said on 18/Nov/15
176-177 cm range
nothing more than that
Sam said on 16/Oct/15
Strong 179cm/weak 5'11 guy.
Andrea said on 12/Oct/15
Only 99.999? I'd say 100%, 5'9.5 is just crazy for this guy! How much difference you see in the photo with you? Maybe over 2 but not quite 3 inches? Have you got any photo of him with a 5'10 and a 5'11 guy? That would be interesting because i'm sure he'd be closer to the 5'11 guy than the 5'10...
[Editor Rob: there was a 5ft 11 guy in front of me who got a photo and Misha was similar, although he actually ended up looking taller in the photo...]
Andrea said on 11/Oct/15
What do you mean with "arguing"? I know you say that till someone is measured nothing is impossible but even without measuring him you could safely rule out 177, 100%! Do you think 179 is possible at his low or there's 0 chanche he's that low? Another thing you can rule out is his claim because there's noway he's 6 feet tall or even near that! My guess is somewhere around 180, from watching him with guys like Jensen and Jared! 5'11 is actually a smidge over 180, so i guess i wouldn't be surprised if he measured a fraction under 5'11, maybe at his low but generally this mark fits him!
[Editor Rob: I mean it's impossible in my opinion to argue he is 177cm, I've seen him up close and with other people and he's taller than that...

but, you could still make an argument for own argument is around 5ft 11, I'd say 90% more chance he is nearer 5ft 11 than 5ft 10.5 and 99.999 he's nearer 5ft 11 than 5ft 9.5]
Andrea said on 10/Oct/15
Really 179, Rob? I thought the lowest you'd argue was just a few mms under 5'11, like 5'10.75 at worst! Do you really think 179 is possible? Of course "176-177" is out of question, he generally looks near enough 5'11 to me!
[Editor Rob: I'm saying you could argue 179, but arguing 177 seems infinitely more harder. I think near to 5ft 11 is fine for him.]
gachakun said on 10/Oct/15
176-177 range.
[Editor Rob: the lowest I'd argue would be 179cm, under that I don't think I could, in person I think near enough 5ft 11]
WAF said on 19/Sep/15
@Mat 5'10

What does someone who is truly 5'11" say when he says he is 5'11"? The same as the 5'10" guy but in a more relaxed fashion?
Triplescrew said on 8/Sep/15
Click Here

That's a funny picture. Looks like Misha has an inch on Jensen.
[Editor Rob: looks like he's pulled the old Jeremy Piven Trick on jensen there.]
joe @@ said on 1/Sep/15
Rob, seems a perfect 5'11 with you or below ben above the mark I would say solid 5'11, you guys had such footwear?
[Editor Rob: I was in I think adidas and him just a normal inch shoe, so basically very similar.]
Mat 5'10 said on 31/Aug/15
When a 5'9 guy lies about being 5'11 quotes: ''I'm only 5'11 man...''

When a true 5'11 lies about being 6 feet: ''I'm tall, I'm like 6 feet.''

When a 5'10 guy lies about being 5'11:''I'm 5'11.'' *Poker face*
Triplescrew said on 17/Jul/15
They use camera angles to make Jensen look taller than he is in SPN. Misha is usually stuck wearing shoes with an inch less than Jensen too.

Don't think there's much of a difference between them in reality. I thought Misha looked near 6 feet in
24. Put him and Jensen barefoot next to each other and I think you'd only see a small difference of maybe half an inch; 5'11" vs 5'11.5", or 6'0" vs 6'1.5" when in shoes.
Andrea said on 15/Jul/15
Well, i've just read he himself has claimed 6'5... And also 6'6! So that implies he's not a big 6'6 but maybe measured between them! How tall do you think the black guy is? He's listed at 6' on the net but he can look shorter than Misha in the clip!
[Editor Rob: not sure about that other guy.]
Andrea said on 15/Jul/15
Rob, do you really think he's 7 inches shorter than Ryan Lee Stiles?
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He can look maybe 5-5.5 inches shorter than him in that clip but i doubt 7!!! There's noway a 5'11 guy would looks so tall next to a 6'6 person! He actually doesn't look much different than how he looks with Jared!
[Editor Rob: he can look about 6, maybe a bit more shorter...ryan may well not be quite 6ft 6 anymore.]
Andrea said on 8/Jun/15
While he might a fraction under 5'11 at his worst, i highly doubt he's 5'10! Even with Rob he does look over it...
Ron said on 8/Jun/15
I was just catching up on Supernatural, and in that second to last episode when he has face-face scenes with Dean I was surprised how small be looked. If Ackles is 6' that would make him perhaps 6'1.5 in those big boots he wears, by comparison Collins looked no taller than 5'10, making him perhaps 5'9 without shoes. This obviously seems a little low, and of course this is only one incident skewed by posture etc. I'm starting to think though Collins may be lower than 5'11, and 5'10 is closer to the mark...
Andrea said on 8/Feb/15
Jensen can appear a big 6'0.5 guy a lot on Supernatural but, as Rob said, he's a guy who often wears big boots (like 1.5-1.75 inches) so he's got some advantage next to the other costars who wears thinner shoes... In reality, i think he's just about 182, a weak 6' guy! Misha is maybe a couple cms smaller than him, even if, yeah, he can look 1.5 inches shorter than him at times! Misha at around 180 and Jensen at 182 are fine, IMO! And Jared he's at least a solid 6'4 guy, no less than that!
Richard said on 7/Feb/15
Just looking at various reference pictures now it strikes me that he's a bit like Jude Law - a chameleon of heights. If we take this site's reference for Jensen at 6'0, Misha can frequently look between 5'10 and 5'11.5. Whilst I think his 6' claim is unrealistic I do think he does just mean "oh, you know, I'm about 6' (he does strike me as not caring much - 5'10/11 is basically weak 6' region if you're not making an effort to notice height anyway).
Either he or Jensen sometimes wear lifts or very large heels on shoes, or I'd put him at solid 5'11, possibly hitting a little higher on a good day but generally standing 5'10ish with posture and shrinking. Maybe it's just something as simply as he has a spine which compresses a lot with a larger amount of fluid between the vertebrae, taking him from 11 to perhaps 10 or lower by the end of the day: that would quite nicely account for his slightly erratic height.
And for what it's worth - I've never considered him short! In actual fact when watching Supernatural he always struck me as tall, as a 11 guy would do, it's just that JJ strike you as massive (in height, but I think also predominantly in muscle mass, they both seem to be that rare combination of very tall AND mesomorphic) so that, I think, accounts for why people think he's small.
[Editor Rob: I'm sure in one episode at least he was in something like a vans type sneaker like half inch, then he's up against Ackles in 1.6 inch boots, he's going to be at a 1 inch fact he did look a couple of inches under Ackles in the episode so it made sense.]
Dmeyer said on 27/Jan/15
No léss than 5'10.75 with rob as he looks 2.5-2.75 in and rob is prêtty much 5' 8.25
joe 192cm said on 15/Jan/15
I noticed that the jared uses big shoes times and forced posture in photographs with Momoa
Lonestar said on 15/Dec/14
Jared 6'6 LOL.. He must have exaggerated too much. His not even 5'11. I see a 5'10 guy with solid 5'8 rob here
Andrea said on 20/Oct/14
You really think he's shorter than Jim then? I mean, i think near 5'11 is fine for Misha, not impossible he measures a bit under it, but he looks around 180 next to Jared and a couple of cms under Jensen, sometimes more but Jensen wears big shoes a lot!
[Editor Rob: they both can look similar]
mike said on 5/Oct/14
Rob, what do you think is more likely for Misha 5ft 10.75 or 5ft 11.25?
[Editor Rob: at 9am 11.25, at end of day after being thrown about set, maybe 10.75!]
Andrea said on 16/Sep/14
Rob, you think a guy like him, who claims 6' but actually isn't over 5'11... He knows he's not 6' or he really thinks to be that mark? He always says that he's 6' but he clearly is not...
[Editor Rob: he certainly is what I'd call an entertaining personality, at least he tries his best. But I wouldn't take him too seriously, he probably is giving his shoe height.]
mike said on 19/Aug/14
he could be a strong 5ft 11 181 cm.
RogerH said on 31/Jul/14
Around 178 compared to Jensen imo...
TJE said on 19/Jul/14
Looks like a 2.75 inch difference. Unless Rob's got more footwear or he accidently forgot to drop to 5'8, I'm seeing 5'10.75.
Tommo said on 1/Jun/14
Another guy upgrading Jared to make himself feel better about his own height, same as Jensen. That must get tiresome!
Emmett said on 21/May/14
@Andrea, Most people can't tell the difference between a 5 and 6 inch difference in height just by eyeballing it.
freddy said on 22/Mar/14
@andrea he says that jared is 6'6 to make his own claim seem more realitly misha is about 179cm without shoes and 180cm in the morning when the spine is at its longest
Andrea said on 8/Mar/14
Well if he looked a solid 5'11, i guess you would have listed him at 5'11.25 :)
5'11 is probably his max... Strange he says Jared is 6'6, i mean he claims 6' and thinks Jared is 6 inches taller than him... He looks about 5 inches taller for sure, but i doubt he would be 6 inches taller!
Lo sgozzatore said on 8/Mar/14
Rob, could he be a bit under 5'11? Or he lOoks a solid 5'11 in person?
[Editor Rob: he's probably more of a 5ft 11 than jim beaver, possibly beaver is weak 5ft 11 and misha is just about on the 5ft 11 exact]
Dan said on 4/Mar/14
Rob is spot on as I've met Misha at Asylum 8 Supernatural convention and he is definately at least 5'11"! I didn't think he was that tall until I met him
Hypado said on 20/Feb/14
179cm in Supernatural.
Emmett said on 10/Feb/14
I don't think he was saying that he was 6'0 exactly, just that he was in the ballpark of 6 feet tall-- not particularly short.
kyuss said on 8/Jan/14
i see 5-11 here,sorry not 6-0.
Misha said on 26/Sep/13
If Jensen is really 6'0, Misha must be 5'10, 5'10.5 because on the show he looks about 2 inches shorter than Jensen.
vj said on 15/Sep/13
I think he is between 5'9 and 5'10
lelman said on 31/Aug/13
@mdl c'mon man, Rob has met all of them. They are all tall(ish) guys. Jared is easily 6'4.
sherry said on 24/Mar/13
I am really surprised, he does look short, I wouldn't have thought he was six feet tall.
tom said on 25/Dec/12
a very weak 5-11" imo
ANDREA[ITA] said on 14/Aug/12
Next to jared, he doesnt look under 5'11!
ray 6\' 158 lbs said on 8/Aug/12
i think he is 179 cm jensen 182 cm and jared is 193 or at least thats the way how i saw in the past 7 years in supnat and i guess bobby is 178-9cm
lol93 said on 27/Jan/12
i thought too that he was like 5'9 or something when i saw him in supernatural nex to other actors but he really is 180cm
nice guy said on 24/Jan/12
accurate listing ..however I guess its more like his morning height with perfect posture..jensen is actually 5'11 too but wears fat boots to appear an inch taller..I always had jensen for a 6 feet guy but after I noticed his huge shoes and saw season 2 ep 1 of supernatural in which he was barefoot 5'11 is max for him
....jared is around 6'3 flat i think and 6'4 in sneakers or something

btw I like Misha's claim...he only rounded up by about an inch unlike the majority actors rounding up by at least 2-3 inches and wearing lifts -.-

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