How tall is Mr T ?

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Mr T's height is 5ft 10in (178 cm)

Peak height was 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)
US Actor from The A-Team. In the 80's, Mr T's golden rule included "5ft 11...When I'm not standing on my money", although in 1984 Philly Enquirer called him "5-foot-10 Mr. T". His mohikan hairstyle may have made him look marginally taller.
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the shredder says on 27/Mar/15
Agree , 5'11 but no more at peak , still destroys Sly's 5'10.75 claims
HeightcrazyRed6ft says on 28/Feb/15
Always thought 510.5" was as close as it gets...
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This really made me rethink 511" could be possible for peak as it looks he has less footwear than Hogan and I really cant see Hogan under 65" flat there.

Rob do you agree he looks more like 510.75"-511" there?
[Editor Rob: T could appear anywhere in 5ft 10-11 range]
Gr8pimpin says on 28/Jul/14
@rbtroj -- would that restaurant be Juniors? I'm guessing 5'9" tops!
Concerned 181 cm says on 14/Jul/14
I'm taking back my earlier comment. That comment was made under the assumption that Sly is 5'9. I think he's 5'8.5, so 5'10.5 is fine for T.
rbtroj says on 4/Jul/14
I am 6'7 and used to work in a restaurant that Mr. T frequented and I saw him often. Now, this was over 20 years ago, but I remember him being at least a foot shorter than me. He may not be as short as 5'7, but 5'10 sounds too tall for what I remember, even with his mohawk. I also think Sylvester Stallone is shorter than his "officially" given height (also 5'10 I believe). Never stood near him, so I can't say for sure.
Marcus Hickman says on 5/Jun/14
Mr. T 5' 10"
T Junior 5' 8"
watch the WWE award show.
Supemann says on 3/May/14
MR T clip on Conan o'brien. he looked 170 cm MAX and Conan Slouched! open your eyes guys. rockfellas picture with burt young also

no more than
kyuss says on 3/May/14
@rockfellas. Trust me being around 6-2.5" I know what legit height is, Mr T is not over 5-10". Thats a fact.
rockfellas says on 2/May/14
mr t was clearly under 5'11". mr t with former heavyweight champion ken norton, special guest on the "a-team" set:Click Here

norton was in the 6'3" range, he is clearly 5-6 inches taller than mrt. Furthermore Mrt has a good posture, straight, while norton is relaxed, no good posture at all. He towers over mrt.
Mrt with burt young:Click Here
Kyuss says on 5/Oct/13
I met him,Im 6-2.5 and was kind of shocked how much shorter he is than me,hard to say because of the nike baseball shoes on,but no more than 5-10" for sure,5-9" even maybe. Click Here

Many of you do not have any idea how a legit 5'11" really is, how a legit 6ft really is, how legits 6'2"-6'3" really are...there isn't any connection between muscles and height. It seems here if a man has big muscles he is also tall. no no, change your mind, please.
Concerned says on 22/Apr/14
I agree with the group consensus about him being 5'11 at peak. He looks that height in Rocky III; doesn't look more than two inches shorter than Weathers, and looks to have two inches on Stallone. Noticeable before they fight, when they're both facing each other.
Marcus Hickman says on 29/Mar/14
if Hulk Hogan can get away with being billed over 6' 6" which he never was over in his prime, then Mr. T and I should be able to get away with billing ourselves at 5' 11". We're both actually 5' 101/2". I'm up to 205 lbs. and just bench pressed 305.
ceej says on 12/Mar/14
I met The T. at an airport a few weeks ago, and he was around an inch taller than me. And I'm 5'9. Its very fair to say he is over 5'10 even now
cobra says on 12/Jan/14
"Noway, hes 510.5" max facing Sly"

How on earth can you tell a HALF INCH difference from watching a movie. I do agree, he looks more like 5-11 in his younger days.
Yves says on 5/Nov/13
In Rocky III, when he stands in front of Rocky, he's 5'11 for sure.
Kyuss says on 5/Oct/13
I met him,Im 6-2.5 and was kind of shocked how much shorter his is than me,hard to say because of the nike baseball shoes on,but no more that 5-10" for sure,5-9" even maybe.
Andrew M says on 27/Aug/13
I always thought he looked tall in "The A-Team", but then I didn't know how tall any of them were. But when I saw him in a picture from BBC's "The One Show", he almost looked tiny compared to how I thought he would, being not only smaller than Adrian Chiles, but also Christine Bleakley! And she's a bit shorter than Adrian, at 5' 8.5"!
Marcus Hickman says on 26/Jul/13
same height as me, 5' 10 1/2" tall. I'm (almost) as big as Mr. T I am 195 lbs. and bench press close to 300 lbs.
TNTinCA says on 15/Apr/13
I could see 5'11" in his prime.

As other posters indicated, he did appear to have almost two inches between him and Sly in Rocky III.
j says on 26/Oct/12
maybe 511 had inch in half over sly in the last fight in rocky lll
RisingForce says on 11/Oct/12
I'm in complete argeement, shredder. I've always thought he was 5'11". He never looked more than 2 inches shorter than Carl Weathers, not in Rocky 3, not in pictures, and he also looked at least 5'11" with Hulk Hogan and I generally thought he looked about that height on The A-Team.
cobra says on 5/Sep/12
Surprising if believable listing. He always looked absolutely massive on screen. Similar to Vingh Rhames.
Len says on 19/Aug/12
Probably a 5-9 guy with a mohawk that made him seem taller. Clever move on his part.
Mardis gras says on 26/Jul/12
5'10 easy for Mr T
Starchild says on 16/Jun/12
Depends what ratios a person's body is composed of. different lengths of legs torsos necks and heads. Mr .T's proportions are odd. he definitely has an inch on stallone. Mr.t has longish legs a short upper body, short arms and no neck lol If you look at that face to face picture from rocky 3 T's eyes are only 1.5 cm higher than stallone but his chest looks about 2.5 inches higher becauce of stallones longer neck and head.I think Mr t was for sure 5'10.5". 179cm peak for T and 176 peak for Sly
GUK says on 24/Jan/12
Bit shocked here at the height difference with 6ft (max 6ft 1) Adrian chiles.
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