How tall is Patrick Dempsey ?

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Patrick Dempsey's Height is 5ft 9.25in (176 cm)

American actor best known his role of Dr. Derek Shepherd in TV series Grey's Anatomy. In film he has appeared in Enchanted, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Valentine's Day, Made of Honour and Sweet Home Alabama. In 2008 Bicycling Magazine he mentioned his height/weight, claiming "I'm 5 foot 10" and around 160 pounds range.

How tall is Patrick Dempsey
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Comment on the Height of Patrick Dempsey

Height obsession said on 12/Nov/15
About 5'10 with them shoes shown. 5 foot 9 seems right.
Axaros said on 22/Oct/15
I thought he were 177 cm
Dmeyer said on 19/Oct/15
Rob i worked as an extra for several weeks on greys anatomy i met the cast a lot my guess for all the cast was dempsey 5'9.5 pickens jr about 5'11.75 dane 6'0.75-1in Washington 6'1 , heigl 5'8-8.5 , tr looked close to 5'7 but had thick shoes at Times , the red har girl 5'8-8.5 , sandra 5'5 and greys wasnt as tall as 5'6 more 5'5ish
[Editor Rob: maybe 176cm is the better overall fit.]
dmeyer said on 18/Oct/15
I was about 6'0.5in shoes on so he was still 1.5in , i mean 5'11 shoes on
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Oct/15
So Dmeyer, he wasn't far from you when wearing Nike Shox and the big hair
Dmeyer said on 14/Oct/15
Rob please pt him back. At 177cm i met the Guy 15 Times aleast he seemed 177cm at worst he could be 176cm but he looked bang on 5'10 but had shox so 5'9.5 , i am sre this Guy is taller than van damme and sly at peak i vn thaught he could be 5'9.75 at some point
Dmeyer said on 13/Oct/15
Looks near his claim in person
dmeyer said on 13/Oct/15
Maybe his hair fooled me , nike shox plus hair he is defenetly 5'11
dmeyer said on 13/Oct/15
Rob i met him a lot like 20 times and have seen him with diferant shoes he isnt that small he almost allwais had nike shox and looked a 5'10 Guy he is 5'9 and 1/2 no less , i also saw him with racer shoes flats he is not as short as 175cm the smallest is 176cm but to me176.5-177 is better he was about 5'11 with the shox on ,
Sam said on 22/Jul/15
Rob, how tall do you think he was around age 20-21?
Boubi said on 18/Jun/15
Click Here

With Franois Hollande, what do you think Rob ?
Sean penn is 5'8/9
[Editor Rob: I can't see Dempsey as short as 5ft only have to look at him in the 80's, he was comfortably taller than Christian Slater Here...]
Patrick said on 8/May/15
come on rob, don't you think he is shorter than shia labeouf?
Dwalin said on 7/Feb/15
5'9 for dempsey is laughable
very weak 5'8
Sam said on 29/Dec/14
5'9 .. Really?
Realist said on 3/Nov/14
Rob fsd's pics look good. But he does not strike me as low as 5'7.5. He could be strong 5'8 or weak 5'9 region, not less. I don't think he is a strong 5'9.
fsd said on 9/Sep/14
he's only 5'7.5 ft or a flat 5'8ft max
shia labeof 5'9ft has an inch 1-1.5 inches on him Click Here
Dmeyer said on 6/Apr/14
H has grown aleast 4cm as he looked just about 5 ft 10 evry Time i met him ,
Realist said on 6/Feb/14
Rob Question, Almost 18 barely 174 cm(around 3 p.m.)and 172.8(exact 5'8)at night, i wanna reach about 177-178 is that possible, my dad grew from 180-183 from 18-21. With proper diet and exercise is it possible?
jean said on 8/Dec/13
He cant be 177cm , he is the same height as shia labeouf who is a very weak 175 at best. They are both 5"8
Dmeyer said on 8/Sep/13
Looked a solid 178cm in person but had Nike shox
Effie said on 11/Jun/13
I met him in Turin, we took some pics. I'm 160cm, and he didn't look more than 175cm (though he's sure one of hottiest men I've ever seen!!!)
Arch Stanton said on 31/Mar/13
Rob do you think 190cm for Randy Gerber might be accurate?
[Editor Rob: I don't think he looks over 6ft 2]
Arch Stanton said on 31/Mar/13
Rob, this is a good comparison Click Here barefoot with Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber. He looks more than 0.5 taller than Cindy Crawford but looks about 4.5-5 inches shorter than Randy Gerber who is surely a strong 6'2" weak 6'3" guy.
71 inches said on 25/Feb/13
rob i am 20 yrs and am 5'10 1/2 , will i grow any more taller?
[Editor Rob: at 20, you'd be very lucky to gain anything]
Silent d said on 13/Sep/12
He looked 5 foot 9 next to ellen. He has bad posture so 177cm could be a possibility.
SolidSnake said on 10/Sep/12
Hope I get this too. At 18 I was 5'11''. Very close to 6ft now at 19
BigT said on 27/Jul/12
173 cm at 18, hed be lucky to hit 175-176 cm today. My bet would be 175 cm in the morning, 174 cm rest of the day.
dmeyer said on 3/Oct/07
is 5'9.75 possible for this guy thats wath he looks whenever i met him

[Editor Rob: maybe he is honest, I might look again.]
Anonymous said on 24/Aug/07
dmeyer, what do you do at grey's anatomy? cause he looks a lot taller than Ellen Pompeo, in one episode she tiptoes to hug him.
dmeyer said on 21/Jun/07
chambers is 1 to 1.25 in shorter than me i met him a few times
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/07
the tallest are eric dane (dr. sloan) and washington (burke), both 185cm then justin chambers 180cm. but kate walsh (addison) is pretty tall with 178cm...
dmeyer said on 21/Jun/07
i worked with him several times he look 5'9.75 to 5'10 but wears nike shox so 5'9.5 no a hair less and aleast 5'10 to 5'10.25 in morning
Anonymous said on 21/Jun/07
I read somewhere that Addison is the tallest of the cast, they use weird angles to help everyone else, especailly the guys, appear taller.
wasa said on 21/Jun/07
I think he's 176(.5) cm . Would make sense since he looked only 5'8 at 20. Lucky ****..
antron said on 14/Jun/07
I saw an episode of grey's where he is referred to as tall...he isnt short, but he simply isn't tall. Stuff like this bothers me. It is as if he needs to be tall to be good looking.
MD said on 7/Jun/07
There you go, again, repeating (3rd time) yourself for no apparent reason. And you can top that off with the fact that you've had the last 7 consecutive posts on this thread since February. Seriously, do you have a problem or something?
dmeyer said on 6/Jun/07
his nike shox make him look 5'10
dmeyer said on 25/Mar/07
i worked with tr,, patrik, eric, dane ,pickens ,chambers, all theyr shoes are low cut but eric dane and pickens wear 0.75 in heels to 1 inch no big heels patrick wears the same nike shox each time i see him he can looks 1 to 1.25 shorter than me
dmeyer said on 16/Mar/07
i met both dempsey and helen and he has easy 10 cm on her
dmeyer said on 16/Mar/07
he looks 5'10 with nike shox so about 5'9.5 to 5'9.75 176.5 to 177 barefeet
dmeyer said on 8/Mar/07
for some reason you dont list eric dane he looked a shocking 186 cm on greys when i met him he had 1.5 in heels and i had 1.2 he claims 6'0.75 185 cm and he isnt 1 mm less that must be his evening height he was like 6'2.25 in shoes so minus 1.5 heels 6'0.75 but wears most of the times 0.75 puma and gave me the impression of 6'0.5 184 so he realy is the 185 he claims
dmeyer said on 13/Feb/07
i met him he looked 177 but 178 isnt out of the question its possible he does look over 5'9
dmeyer said on 7/Feb/07
he looks a proper 177 cm guy when standing tall could be 5'9.75 nothink under 5'9.5 possibly 177 strong
Anonymous said on 30/Jan/07
He's not that tall, he's average. It's funny I'm about his height (Maybe a half a inch less), and some people refer to me as tall. Only people who are like 5'1"-5'4" though. Otherwise I am just average, because we have really tall guys at my school! We've got guys who are like 6'9", and my head doesn't even reach their shoulders. Are tallest guy is about 7'1" though. People are getting taller and taller by the day. Guys have to be at least 6 foot to be models, and if they want to play basketball they have to be at least 6 foot or else they are mocked. Same thing for girls the average height for a female model is 5'8"- 5'11" Tallness is a commodity. Shortness really isn't.
dmeyer said on 25/Jan/07
you dont list eric dane on this website but i met him he looked 1.25 taller than me possibly 1.5 so 6'0.5 in he does look taller than isiah so isiah might be 6 flat i didnt meet isiah but after seing pics he looks close to my height near 184 dane dane claims 6'0.75 185 cm i think he is easy 6'1 morning but at night closer to 6'0.25 to 6'0.5 about 184 cm i dont hink 185

[Editor Rob: I've never watched grey's more than 2 episodes, your in better position to estimate up close.]
dmeyer said on 25/Jan/07
i met him today i worked on greys he loked exactly 5'9.5 looked 5'10 but had nike shox so 5'9.5 no less
dmeyer said on 21/Jan/07
5'9.5 make sens sice he looked 1.5 inches shorter than me and i am 5'11
Realme said on 19/Jan/07
Wow, thought he was atleast 5' 10" that sucks for hom. He's only average. The rest of men on Grey's Anatomy are taller than him.
dmeyer said on 25/Oct/06
i dont think he is less then 177 very close to 5'10
DMEYER said on 20/Oct/06
thanks rob he looked about 177 when i met him on greys anatomie 2 years ago
Glenn said on 2/Oct/06
Yes,Chris is a little over 5-9.
george said on 1/Oct/06
On Grey's Anatomy, when he stood right next to Chris O'donnell, he was exactly the same height. I would say 5,9.5.
dmeyer said on 17/Sep/06
more 177 i met him but 178 isnt impossible
dmeyer said on 14/Aug/06
i met him he is like 5ft9.75
Brooke said on 30/May/06
I've met him a couple times and I'd say he's about 5'9" and a half....
Sucker said on 16/May/06
I don't think he's a tad over 5'8". They shot the finale with him and Kate Walsh at wierd angles to hide his height. I was on set. So I would know.
Dave said on 18/Mar/06
In the 1990 movie RUN, Dempsey is said to be 5'10 on his driver's license. That description seems reasonable. So, id say that he is between 5'9-5'10 without shoes on.
gass said on 3/Nov/05
I always thought he was a really short guy, but he really doesn't look that much shorter than Josh Lucas. I'd buy 5'10".
Gigy said on 17/Oct/05
The actress playing Izzie on Greys Anatomy is 5'9/175 cm and Patrick is just a tad taller than her, so he must be about 5'10!
anonymous said on 10/Aug/05
I actually read an interview with him from years a go and he something about being short in highschool and having a growth spurt after he dropped out. I think he dropped out when he was 16 or 17. If that's true I think it is plausible that he grew an inch or two past the age of 18. Although I think he is probably 5 foot 9 not 5 foot 10.
anonymous said on 8/Aug/05
I would say he is closer to 5ft 9 than 5ft 10.
Kat said on 8/Jul/05
He's currently listed as 5 foot 10 and a half inches on the Internet Movie database. That seems about right to me.

[Editor Rob: I would agree with the 178cm, but 179cm I think maybe pushing it. Compared to Josh Lucas who I now believe was telling the truth about his own height, he could be this.]
dmeyer said on 23/May/05
i met him he is 177 cm max

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