How tall is Peter Mayhew ?

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Peter Mayhew's height is 6ft 10in (208 cm)

Peak height was 7ft 0in (213 cm)
British actor best known for playing Chewbacca in the original Star Wars Trilogy. He said he was over 7 foot in his prime, claiming to be "7' 3".
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Cliff says on 6/Mar/15
@ The Tall Kid:

You've proven my point. He was never over 7'0" tall. I saw a fairly recent interview where he claimed 7'4"! I couldn't believe it... I think he peaked @ maybe 7'0" and no higher. More likely 6'11".
The Tall Kid says on 25/Feb/15
Here he is with with several other tall people
7'1'' Ian Whyte Click Here
6'9'' Kristian Nairn Click Here
Here he is with a guy who claims 6'7'' Click Here
with 6'10'' guy Click Here
with 6'8.5'' Michael Kingma Click Here

Rob, based on these photos, do you think it's possible he could be 6'9'' maybe?
[Editor Rob: yes he has lost a few inches anyway from the 70's, I think he did get his knee operation so maybe can stand better in past year than previous few years.]
Terence says on 23/Jan/15
The taller you are-the more relative height you lose
Cliff says on 26/Sep/14
I was doing some math on some of the group promo shots for Star Wars... Peter was never over 6'11. More likely 6'10, just like now. He was full of it the whole time just like a lot of them. He never 'lost' 4 or 5 inches over the years. It's asinine. He was never as tall as he claimed.
miko says on 12/Sep/14
I can imagine you tearing into Mayhew for not standing up and Jenny holding you back Rob haha ;)
[Editor Rob: you seen my criminal face right, you don't want to get me too upset ;)]
Tommo says on 11/Sep/14
Have you never managed to get a pic with Mayhew Rob? Seems like he does a lot of conventions or at least used to.

[Editor Rob: refused to stand up twice.

A line of argument with him was that if I met him on the street and asked for a photo, would he say 'hold on a minute till I get a chair'.

I'm here paying money for a photo with you, not a freebie on the street...there's 10 of us here, you happily just stood for a tall girl but discriminated against shorter people in the queue by refusing to stand with them...

Anyway, he came back the next day since the photographer screwed up the photos and I had him alone, but he still refused with me.

Fair enough, he took a dislike to my line of argument, but height helped his career, without it he might have been a far poorer man...]
Chaz says on 25/Jul/14
we can end this 6'6'' rubish or under 7'2''Click Here
Dave Prowse was 6'6''.I have seen him next to Geoff Capes,in 1982,and he was taller,he's at least 8'' taller than Prowse here
ck says on 15/Jan/14
@Yaspaa - there's a scene when the rebels are being led by their captors out of the sheild generator bunkef on Endor. There's no doubt a stand in for Mayhew in this shot as the character doesn't appear more than 6'6" next to 5'1" Carrie Fisher.
ck says on 15/Jan/14
@Yaspaa - there's a scene when the rebels are being led by their captors out of the sheild generator bunkef on Endor. There's no doubt a stand in for Mayhew in this shot as the character doesn't appear more than 6'6" next to 5'1" Carrie Fisher.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Sep/13
Chewbacca in my opinion really is one of the greatest assets to Star Wars. His mild-tempered groans and big cuddly appearance in such a setting really makes him wonderful! So cute the way his head bobs about in the space ship and his groans! He definitely looks around 7 ft 6 in the bacca suit though.
Jordan says on 25/Sep/13

I have been out of touch for awile but didn't you used to have Pic with Mayhew?
Arch Stanton says on 6/Sep/13
I don't know how tall he measured in the Chewbacca suit but he looks around 7'6" next to Harrison Ford. The head itself probably gives 4 inches. He could have been a little over 7 ft but difficult to tell in that suit. He must have been absolutely baking in that thing.
Yaspaa says on 23/Aug/13
@Poster B - When did Chewy look 6'5 exactly.
Yaspaa says on 19/Aug/13
Yeah, if Mayhew is only 6'10 now, Nairn certainly isn't. Could Mayhew be possibly taller?
Duhon says on 23/Mar/13
How tall would you say kristian nairn is? He plays hodor on game of thrones. He's listed at most places as being 6'10". Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'll probably get him at a con this year, I'll add him then]
James says on 16/Mar/13
I met Peter in 2011 I am 6'11 tall and he was slighter taller , he clearly has lost height as he is around 68, but I believe he was 7'2 at peak, maybe today around 6'11 to 7'0 but he defintely taller than the 6'10 listing on here
Ali Baba says on 11/Mar/13
I don't know what year this picture was taken Ferrigno could have been as tall as ~ 6'4 here with Mayhew. Click Here
stefo says on 26/Feb/13
8 inchs actually sean
poster B says on 20/Feb/13
The Character of Chewbacca was never more than 7'6" (never close to 8') and the head of the mask was elevated to look simian-esque. Peter, at best, was certainly no more than the given 7'2" in his prime. He may have already shrunk a bit by the time Return of the Jedi was produced. There are a couple scenes in Jedi where there was no doubt a stand in playing the character in his stead. Way too short... more along the lines of a 6'5" Prwose in height! But I'm sure Peter was a solid 7'1" to 7'2" at the filming of Star Wars.
logan noll 1996 says on 4/Dec/12
His peak height is usually listed as 7 foot 3 so I am going with that. He did look 7 foot 3 as Chewbacca.
Tall Joey says on 30/Nov/12
My father met this guy at a convention about 5 years ago. According to him, he was able to look Mayhew at eye level and was about the same height as him. My father is 7 foot and Im more inclined to believe that an aged Peter Mayhew who's lost some height already is closer to the 7 foot mark than the 6'9'' or 6'10'' claims people list him at.

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