How tall is Roger Federer ?

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Roger Federer's height is 6ft 1in (185 cm)

Swiss Tennis Star, winner of 17 Grand Slam titles. On his official site he is listed as: Height 6'1'' (186 cm) and Weight 187lbs (85 kg)
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ray says on 11/Mar/15
For me- Federer- 185.5cm is possible, Djokovic- 187-187.5cm- Murray-189cm, Nadal- 184cm.

Federer at worst looks 6ft1on the nose, possibly a legit 6'1, I would say his lowest his the 185cm but he could measure 186cm possibly I think the 185.5cm could be right- I think Djokovic looks 187-8range, Murray might be close to 189cm in my opinion
jake says on 5/Mar/15
Rob, I have seen Roger listed as both the 185 and 186cm, always 6ft1 but 185 and 186 both go to 6'1 even though 186 is like 6ft1.25 but his own official website has him 186cm so that could be more official do you think it could be he measured say 185.5cm and they could round that to 186cm.

I am similar I measured 176.5cm, I could put 176 or 177 really
[Editor Rob: I think around the middle 185.5 is probably what he could measure]
anon says on 27/Feb/15
Legit 6'1, 185 probably might have measured 186cm tho too earlier in the day, Greatest Tennis Player I have ever seen, He makes it looks so easy
pierric says on 23/Feb/15
185 seems perfect !
anon says on 18/Feb/15
Federer is maybe 185- 186cm its possible he could measured 185.5cm or 185.7cm or something and they could just say 185 or 186cm in that case
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Feb/15
Could be 186cm still. Looks tall. I bet that his early morning height is the height Andy Murray allegedly claimed to have measured at his low (187.5cm)
anon says on 17/Feb/15
Going off Low Heights on here legit- Nadal is probably 6'0.25- 6'0.5- solid 6'1 in trainers- Federer probably around 6'1 flat low, Djokovic might be 6'1.5- 6'1.75 and Murray 6'2 and a bit I am guessing.
matt says on 4/Feb/15
I am a big tennis fan, Roger always looked a solid 6'1, Its tough to say he is 185 oe 186cm you are talking about small fractions here, your height can differ than much just from time of day measured etc, on the greatest f all time, he has 17 grand slams currently so would have to be regarded as that but some cold argue Nadal is etc given his record with Roger he probably wont catch roger in grand slam wins now due to physical injuries and Novak Djokovic is also a great player, I Think they are all great, It pointless comparing stats like that
Tunman says on 2/Feb/15
Nice,it seems you corrected the heights for tennis players. the .25 was just useless for Federer.I think all are at their true height now.
Nadal could be 6'0.25 or 6'0.5 and Djokovic 6'1.5 or 6'1.75
KingofHeight says on 17/Jan/15
Click Here

Roger Federer 6'1", Ana Ivanovic 5'11".,Victoria Azarenka 5'10", Eugenie Bouchard 5'8.5", Nick Kyrgios 6'3.5" and Thanasis Kokkinakis 6'4". (Just my opinion,a few of their official heights are listed slightly taller*)
Judd says on 9/Jan/15
yeah that's a perfect listing for him...he's a strong 6'1", like kevin costner or barack obama! now rob i think you should downgrade a bit maria sharapova...he really never been 1" over federer...i think 6'1.5-1.75" is really the best choice for her...
Silent_D says on 9/Jan/15
Definitely solid 6 foot 1. Greatest of all time!
kevin says on 14/Nov/14
If Liam Payne is 5'11, Federer would be easily 6'1 plus and Murray would be a solid 6'3 guy, Payne is more like 5'10
Bran says on 13/Nov/14
@Rob- Mattew
Although i dont know as much as rob obviously, i tbh personally think liams 5ft9-9.5, ive studied one directions heights for a year or two and no way is liam 5ft10, surely not Rob ?
A.) He looks very simular to harry when both in flat shoes, and when harry has thicker footwear Harry duly looks taller.
B.) His posture is good and he generally has decent footwear. ( harrys is bad )
C.) At times he can look identical to zayn, and in many photos even a 1 inch difference is hard to spot between them.
D.) 90% percent of the time he looks an inch taller than weak 5ft8 range at best louis.
E.) Look at him next to pharal williams, david beckham, nick grimshaw, olly murs, he's not over 5ft9 range.
F.) Look at him next to niall horan, for example, both wearing flat footwear on the day of meeting beckham, no more than about 1.5 inches between them.
G.) Rob, Liam was the same height at 16-17 roughly as now, even at 14-15 on his first appearance on x factor he was same size as 5ft7-8 O'leary.
Finally.... look at the REAL MADRID photos,.. if liams over 5ft9.5 i will give up guessing height for life, i respect your opinion rob and trust you, but this guys not over 5ft9-9.5 is he ?
mattew says on 11/Nov/14
Hi Rob, What are your thoughts on one Direction's Liam Payne?, I am not sure if he claims an height, he has a picture today with Roger Federer at the atp tour finals, Looks a good 3 Inches shorter than Federer who looks a legit 6ft1 guy for sure 185-186cm range I think.

Maybe 5ft 10 for Liam Payne is my guess having seen that picture
[Editor Rob: Payne claimed a few years back that he wasn't 5ft 10 but closer to 6ft and then said '5'11", so that's his claim.
I think Payne probably could edge styles out a little, he looked as though he might have gained a little bit of height around age 18]
Luc says on 9/Nov/14
Federer: 1.86
Nadal: 1.84-1.84.5
Djokovic: 1.87
Murray: 1.87.5
Wawrinka: 1.84
Gasquet: 1.82
Silent D says on 1/Nov/14
6 foot 1. Taller than nadal, gasquet and other tennis players shorter than 185cm.
ray says on 29/Oct/14
185-186cm around that range, Looks 6ft1 guy
Josh says on 3/Oct/14
Thanks Rob all the tennis guys are accurate now imo...very fair listings

Voiceless, that's because Sampras is 6'0.5 like Nadal
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 3/Oct/14
Sampras seems to be not quite as tall as Federer

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Fred says on 26/Sep/14
But really you'll never be completely accurate unless you get a special laser measurement of their heights. All of what is said on this site is based on speculation, comparing images, and maybe at best meeting up with these celebs and then guestimating their height. I agree you are probably within a few mm of their actual heights but they are still just estimations at best.
Josh says on 26/Sep/14
No hair split just want top 4 guys accurate...Rob has done right by making Murray 188 and Djoko me it is clear Fed is 185 max as as listed early in career...

Murray 188
Djoko 187
Federer 185
Nadal 184

Please Consider Rob I promise you this is accurate have seen all of them many in line with dropping all the other guys a cm as you did.
[Editor Rob: yeah, the 1/4 inch for Rog maybe isn't needed, the 6ft 1 on it's own is probably been a better mark to list him.]
Fred says on 12/Sep/14
you guys are really splitting hairs. Federer is 6 foot 1, plus or minus a few mm!
Josh says on 11/Sep/14
Federer looks at least an inch shorter to me and remember Murray is actually a hair under 6'2 according to him
avi says on 9/Sep/14

There is hardly an inch between Murray and Federer. Murray at 6'2 makes sense. Federer at a strong 6'1 is fine.
Josh says on 6/Sep/14
Rob, I've been at the Open all week and Fed is def more 185...a weak 6'1...please consider is what he was listed at for years like Novak at 187 and is a lot more in line with Andy Murray who we now know is a weak 6'2, as there is clearly and obviously at least an inch between them.
lee says on 15/Aug/14
I noticed his website has his height listed as 186cm not the usual 6'1- 185cm so I am assuming thats a more official thing and perhaps he measured 186cm The ATP do not list to 1/2 inches or anything like 6'1- 185cm- 6'2- 188cm they wont put 186 or 189 down for example.

He always looks a solidly tall man, Legit 6'1 seems right- At worst he might be between 185 and 186cm somewhere
ray says on 12/Aug/14
Federer looks 6'1/ 6'1.25 legit, He is not under 6'1, There is no chance I could see him being under 185cm legit, Novak is around 6'2 looked Inch taller than Roger when they play but Federer is for sure at least 1/2 inch on Rafa Nadal and I am not convinced Nadal is just a flat 6'0 guy
kevin says on 4/Aug/14
I am just giving my opinion I still think Murray could measure 6'2.25- 6'2.5 he recently said he is 6'3 in shoes so he is at least a legit 6'2 guys I am just going of how he looks to others like Djokovic, Federer etc He looks at least 1/2 inch taller than Djokovic who Rob has at 6'1.75 and at least an Inch and a bit on Federer who is listed on here at 6'1.25.

It might just be Andy is 6'2.25ish or something, It's tough to say but he always looks taller than 6'2 guys like Roddick, Haas, Tsonga fror example and these guys are not under 187cm
Josh says on 4/Aug/14
kevin if Murray is 6'2.5 why did he himself say he is 187.5cm, a very detailed figure?
kevin says on 2/Aug/14
For me the listings are accurate on here expect Andy Murray who I still would give 6'2.5 189cm.

I would say
federer- 186- Nadal- 184- Djokovic- 188- Murray 189
Rocket says on 31/Jul/14
Click Here
Click Here
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Federer: 185,5-186 cm
Nadal: 184-184,5 cm
Josh says on 28/Jul/14
Rob, I would bump him down to a flat 6'1 and 185 cm, he was listed at that for a long time then all of a sudden 186, similar to Novak being 187 for a long time, then all of a sudden 188. This would very much be in line with Andy Murray at 6'2 as he is clearly a full inch if not more taller than Federer.

Nadal at 184 cm is right, but he could possibly go down to 6'0.25, although that is a minute squabble.

To me is is clear Murray is almost 6'2, Djokovic a hair less...Federer 6'1 and Nadal more than a hair less, but not a full inch so.

So Rob, I lobby you to be consistent with Murray coming down, as well as Novak a cm, and knock Fed down a cm to his long time listed height :)
Josh says on 7/Jul/14
He probably weighs less than his listed weight (a lot of player do during the season), but not by that much.He could be around 180 in matches, same for Nadal and Murray. Djokovic probably is down around 170 at the end of a tourney.

Federer is underdeveloped in terms of muscle size, but he has a large frame and is very his "stout" father. Someone like Nadal has a medium frame that is bulked up, whereas Roger has a large frame that is underdeveloped, but they end up weighing around the same.
Tomcat says on 2/Jul/14
Rob, there's not a chance he weighs 185lbs, so why give any credibility to the height claim?
[Editor Rob: he does look about 6ft 1 generally ]
SAK says on 26/Jun/14
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pjk says on 2/Jun/14
When estimating other players heights you have to really use the only reference we have on the subject which is Andy Murray's height of 187.5 ( 6'1.8" ? ) - which he gave himself and because it it is somewhat lower than his ATP listed height you have to concede he is telling the truth due to its accuracy. With this in mind Roger looks around his ATP listed height to me - 185 ( 6'0.75" ) or possibly a bit lower like 6'0.5" but it is difficult to tell from photos.
Yazz says on 3/May/14
Im 6'3.5 in the morning and I dont claim 6'4. If you dont hit 6'4 at any point you cant claim it.
avi says on 5/Apr/14
I think 6'1 is fair if Murray is 6'2. If Murray is 6'2.25 Federer can be 6'1.25 . I think its safe to say strong 6'1 for Roger. Fools still think Murray is 6'2.75-6'3 even after he said 6'2!
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 2/Apr/14
I think he's slightly south of 6'1.

Looks a full inch at least below Federer, maybe slightly more.
MD says on 1/Apr/14
I continue to believe this is the best picture showing the height difference of the three, since all three are in similar footwear and fairly close next to one another:

Click Here

Andy has been clearly taller than Roger for quite some time. It's not a huge difference, but yes, it's a good inch difference at least.
Balrog says on 30/Mar/14
Nah, he is a full inch taller than Fed, but it's okay if you think he's not. Seahawkfan why Murray would claim 187.5cm if he is 6'2.5"? I think 6'2" or 6'2.25" is the max for Andy after his claim, is possible he got measured after a match so that is his very lowest.
avi says on 29/Mar/14
No way its not a full inch. I've seen them obviously. You just choose a few of your favorites with Murray standing closer to camera
Balrog says on 28/Mar/14
Federer is at least a full inch shorter than Murray. There are several pics to compare
avi says on 27/Mar/14
@Balrog says on 26/Mar/14
Rob, now you should bring down Federer to a 6'1" listing and Nadal to 6'0.25"
nah i think Federer is okay at 6'1.25 maybe at night he is 6'1.1 area but i think this is a good listing. look at him next to Murray who 6'2 and Will Ferrell (6'2.5ish) not much difference at all.@Fred says on 26/Mar/14

@Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 22/Mar/14
Now that Andy Murray claims to be 6'1.8 the chances of Federer being a full 6'1 look incredibly less likey.

no Murray is 6'2 the difference is less than an inch so its more likely Federer is 6'1.25 than Murray 6'2.25
Balrog says on 26/Mar/14
Rob, now you should bring down Federer to a 6'1" listing and Nadal to 6'0.25"
Fred says on 26/Mar/14
Stood next to Federer at Indian wells again this year, he's no less than a full 6'1, or as you said 6'1.25
MD says on 25/Mar/14
lol! Yeah, okay.
avi says on 23/Mar/14
Andy is probably a strong 6'2 leading to 6'2.25-.3 . Ferderer is over 6'1. probably 6'1.25 like Rob has. there does not seem to be a true 1 inch difference between Murray and him but if they both measured i think it is possible as Federer can have a tad better posture than Murray.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 22/Mar/14
Now that Andy Murray claims to be 6'1.8 the chances of Federer being a full 6'1 look incredibly less likey.
Josh says on 31/Jan/14
Federer is 185, as he was listed for years and years.

Andy is clearly and obviously taller than Novak, come on man.
MD says on 23/Jan/14
Huh? Andy looks taller than Novak in EVERY picture. Your sight must be going.
Vandal says on 22/Jan/14
Murray is 187 cm , Federer 185 and Novak is 188 , try to find 1 picture where Murray looks taller than novak
MD says on 12/Jan/14
Yeah, as everyone has been saying on every other major tennis page, Rob, if you're going to take as much off from Murray as you have, then that sets into motion changes to these pages.
avi says on 11/Jan/14
@Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 9/Jan/14
Rob, do you still believe in 186cm for Feds?
[Editor Rob: well he could be 6ft 1 on the nose]

Strong 6'1 probably 186.5cm. Looks close to Murray who is a strong 6'2

Federer is pretty tall he must be over 6'1
Pleb says on 9/Jan/14
Roddick is often edged out by Murray, so maybe 187cm for Roddick.

Nice bias selection of pic BTW, can't even see how they're standing, bravo, bravo!

How's this one: Click Here

All at the back, Murray 187.5cm, Roddick 187cm, Federer 184cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 9/Jan/14
Rob, do you still believe in 186cm for Feds?
[Editor Rob: well he could be 6ft 1 on the nose]
Pleb says on 6/Jan/14
Federer is around 183-184cm. Looks it next to 187.5cm Murray, looks it next to 184cm Cameron, looks it next to 186cm Kaka...
james says on 29/Dec/13
Rob I met federer at wimbledon and I think he might even be 6ft 2 by the way rob did you hear about that press conference that vika azarenka had at a tournmanent in 2012 when you used 105 swear words
[Editor Rob: I'd be surprised if he was that tall, never read about azarenka swear session]
niall says on 29/Dec/13
He is the same height as sampras who is 6ft 1 they played an exbition match once. He played one with victoria azarenka at january just before austrlian open and he said to her why did you use all those swear words in that press conference back in april last year the one with all the 105 cuss words in and she repield I not sure but I meant it federer is a true pro manners impecible she is a vugar classless champion
Tidal Cruiser says on 2/Dec/13
Pjk, the players height are measured in the morning. Because literally everyone that is enlisted in the ATP computer are measured that way, the tennis shoes is a immediate +1 inch. So they are enlisted like that. Believe it or not, players like Djokovic who is enlisted 6'2 is the same height as some 6'0 players.
pjk says on 1/Dec/13
Federer is always listed as 185cm on bbc sport coverage and Nadal always looks 2cm shorter to me. If Federer is this height, which i believe he is then Nadal is around the 6 ft mark or 182.8cm. David Cameron looks at least an inch taller than Nadal from that line up. I love watching Nadal but from the photo evidence i don't believe he is over 6ft. Also, i am assuming tennis players heights are measured in the morning ( which would be their optimal height ), but i don't know this for certain.

All the best to you fellow affected individuals. We fight tooth and nail nail over half a centimetre - what is wrong with us ? He he
Pleb says on 12/Nov/13
You could had easily searched "Kaka Federer" and come across this clip Click Here , granted the camera position favors Kaka but you can easily gage that Federer is shorter, would had also answered your footwear query.

I thought Kaka must be nearer to 6'2 but he is clearly shorter than a 6'2 Thierry Henry. Click Here This also calls into question Zidane being 6'1, more like a flat 6'-6'05. Unless Henry is 6'3 which I seriously doubt.

Federer also looks dead even with a 184cm David Cameron, just hit up search images. Nadal being under 6ft is no joke. Clearly shorter than a 184cm David Cameron.

Guess Tennis players can get away with inflating there height with those thick tennis shoes.
Pleb says on 9/Nov/13
Shorter than a 186cm Kaka, I peg the Fed at 184cm. That makes Nadal 181-182cm.

Click Here
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 1/Nov/13
Do you guys think Ferrer is a legit 5'9?
avi says on 11/Sep/13
@anon says on 6/Sep/13
Nadal is strange he can look at 6'0 at times. Murray is more 6'2.5 as Rob has it.
avi says on 5/Sep/13
@late 187cm

I think Rob has it about right Murray isn't 6'3 6'2.5 is believable but he can look 6'3. Federer can look close to 6'2 solo but the evidence points to Federer being 6'1 and change and Murray being 6'2.5 if lucky. I believe there's an inch difference TOPS between them it can look like less in some pictures.
Radd says on 3/Sep/13
Nadal 185 cm , Federer 186 cm, Djokovic 187-188 cm , Murray 189 cm.
Late 187cm says on 1/Sep/13
@ Ok, but Federer could be more 185cm and Murray could even be 191cm, I see more than 1 inch in the 2nd photo. But I know you think it's more along the lines of 186.5cm and 188.5cm.

By the way, I think the 'fools' comment is totally uncalled for. It's all just speculation and idle opinion on this site. You can't be so sure about your opinions. Nobody can. It's insulting to call someone a fool when they don't share the same opinion as you.
avi says on 30/Aug/13
@late 187cm
Yes I was coming to a conclusion plus I said it can look .5 and in SOME pics they look around equal. I think there is 1 inch and the hand picked photos you showed there is. I can pull photos off Google to that fit the .5-.75 inch theory. Anyway Federer could be weak 6'1.5 and Murray 6'2.5 which is kind of what Rob has and the fools still argue Murray is 6'3 when Rob may actually be too generous with him.but you're right its a matter of mms at this point.
Late 187cm says on 29/Aug/13
@ avi


I'm not going to push this, because I can see you feel very strongly about it. Arguing about a cm or 2 is pointless for me. Also, your comments vary too much. You've posted various comments stating anywhere between 1/2 inch to a full inch difference. Maybe this was just you making up your mind or coming to a conclusion. Either way I'm not arguing over a cm or 2.

But I will say this, if there's .75 inch, or 2cm, between two people the difference in height should be hard to notice. There would be times when the taller guy would drop 2cm and both guys would look similar or the same. Murray almost always looks clearly taller. Which for me would suggest over an inch, or maybe a 4cm difference.

Here's a few pics. No full lengths, unfortunately. Federer's hair is usually more voluminous by the way. Murray's is starting to thin.

I don't expect you to agree, or even want you to. I'm just expressing my opinion. That's all we can do. You, me, Rob or anyone else. No opinion is 'correct'. You need stadiometers and informed and competent operators to prove that.

Click Here
Click Here
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Click Here
avi says on 28/Aug/13
@Late 187cm says on 25/Aug/13

absolutely not!! if you learn one thing from this site its NEVER just judge by eyeline. Federer's head is down too and Murray has a 1/4 minimum of hair there plus a spiked style. i think there its looking like a .75 inch difference there. but if you measure Andy h'ed be 1 inch taller than Federer. Murray is struggling with over 2 inches on Nadal there. just ask Rob. point is Roger looks taller than his claim and Murray looks under his claim. is Murray 6'2 flat? no im not saying that but he could be weak 6'2.5 (Rob has him at 6'2.5)
Late 187cm says on 25/Aug/13
@ avi

I see more than .75 of an inch between Federer and Murray there. If you copy the image to a paint editor programme and draw a horizontal line from Federer's eyes across to Murray it should end up around Murray's mouth. That suggests a lot more than .75 of an inch to me.

I think it's a very good picture. Full length, almost perfectly side by side, footwear appears similar, posture appears fairly uniform. Can't really ask for more.

Murray looking close to 6'3 there, if 187/188 Djokovic, 185/6 Federer and 184/5 Nadal are correct. Murray looks good for 190cm.
Lurk says on 11/Aug/13
Looks an inch taller than Nadal most of the time.

Djokovic may be a hair taller than Federer.
avi says on 11/Aug/13
@James says on 14/Jul/13
yep James Murrays may be off but Federer may have been measured at 6'1.25 or 6'1.4 or something weird so they rounded down. M
@late 187cm
not the best picture but decent. as you can see Del Potro struggles with 4.5 inches on Federer and no way in hell theres more than .75 inches between Federer and Murray. Nadal looks barely 6'0 there. Murrays hair is sticking up at least 1/4 inch maybe 1/2 he looks like my 6'2.25-6'2.5 firned except Murrayis waaaay skinnier. i look like Nadal next to him. calling Murray 6'2.5 is fair i think he could be less. no way hes 6'3 flat barefoot. that would make Federer 6'2.25! Soderling is a true 6'3.5
JB says on 10/Aug/13
James, I was at wimbledon also in'79 & I think you are right Borg was 5'11" & I think McCenroe was marginally taller maybe 5'11.5.Official Djokovic 6'2" always looks equal in height to Murray unless Murray slouches,so I think Murray's official height is maybe 1/2" overestimated.I would agree Federer is slightly above 6'1",slightly taller then sampras 6'1". Just to add Tim henman was listed at 6'1" but always looked marginally taller than Federer or Sampras & I've seen him stood besides Becker at wimbledon commentaries, not much difference so I would put him at 6'1.5 6'2" perhaps
Late 187cm says on 17/Jul/13
Click Here

Very good picture.
James says on 14/Jul/13
AVI comments are spot on, The official tennis heights are usually very accurate, I used to think Bjorn Borg to be very small but stood by him at wimbledon in 1979, he was clearly 5'11", Federer Djokovic, Murray, Nadal all most definiteley their officially listed heights, except maybe Murray 6 2.5" but sureley we are not arguing about 0.5" here or there as your heights can vary from morning to evening by as much as 0.5"
avi says on 14/Jul/13
@anon says on 12/Jul/13

Yes Murray seems over 6'2 flat but federer really does well next to him. Looking maybe 1/2 shorter in many pictures and NEVER looking more than 1 inch shorter than Murray. I'd say federer is over 6'1 maybe close to 6'1.5 no more though. Murray is a weak 6'2.5 or 6'2.5 exactly. Del potro can look 6'5.5 but is obviously 6'6. Djokovic is probably 6'2 flat. skinny built. Had 3 solid inches or so on 5'10.5 agassi.
anon says on 12/Jul/13
Del Potro is a solid 6'6, not a chance he is a hair under 6'6 tbh, I think Murray is 6'2.5 really but I still think Murray is nearer 6'3 than a flat 6'2, I am not convinced one bit Murray is under 189cm, Have you seen him next to flat 6'2 guys or at worst 6'1.5 men like Tsonga, Haas etc he looks at least 2cm taller, How can he be just 6'2?.

He was on the oe show and he looked at least 4 Inches over Matt Baker and according to this site he claims 5'10.5 and Murray was way over him, I doubt he is 6'2.

If Murray is 6'2.25, Djokovic might be under 6'2 by 0.5 Inch and to me Djokovic does look 6'2.
avi says on 11/Jul/13
@anonymous says on 9/Jul/13
Murray is more than 0.5 over Federer he looks at least an Inch taller are you blind, Djokovic is a bit taller than Roger and Murray is a bit taller than Djokovic so how does your comment make sense, Murray is more than 6'2 he looks nearer 6'3

Many pictures Murray seems only 1/2 taller than Roger. I admit there probably is about an inch in actuality but no more.even so Murray is close to 6'2 than 6'3. Next to 6'6ish Del potro he looks over 3 shorter. I'd say Murray is almost 6'2.5 roger close to 6'1.25 Djokovic 6'2 flat.
anonymous says on 10/Jul/13
Djokovic to me never looks under 187cm, He is 187/188- Murray 189/190, Fed 186, Nadal 184- 185 range
anonymous says on 9/Jul/13
Murray is more than 0.5 over Federer he looks at least an Inch taller are you blind, Djokovic is a bit taller than Roger and Murray is a bit taller than Djokovic so how does your comment make sense, Murray is more than 6'2 he looks nearer 6'3
Tor says on 9/Jul/13
federer 185
djoko 186
murray 189
nadal 183
avi says on 5/Jul/13
Murray is hardly taller. Maybe 1/2 inch or a touch more . I'd say Murray is 6'2 and federer 6'1 and change.
Silent d says on 26/Jun/13
Lleyton hewitt is 180cm and federer is 186cm.
Fred says on 23/Jun/13
Agreed. Federer's definitely a solid 6 foot 1. Nadal on the other hand is a weak 6 foot 1, maybe even 6 foot half inch. This is clear when you see them standing side by side.
anonymous says on 19/Jun/13
I think his official website have him listed as 6'1- 186cm that sounds spot on,He always looks a solid 6'1
anonymous says on 15/Jun/13
Federer is not under 6' not a chance, he always looks solid tall, 186cm looks very legit,
anonymous says on 14/Jun/13
Federer is not below 6'1 mate not a chance, 186cm is his offical hieght, I think 186cm is correct for Roger, 6'0,5 is not rigjt, I think Nadal is 184- 185
Johno says on 11/Jun/13
6'1 laser measured ronaldo looks taller next to nadal then federer does.

Ronaldo 6'1
nadal 6'0
Federer 6'0.5
anonymous says on 11/Jun/13
Gilles simon looked inch under Roger in paris last week, he probably is 6'0 if not he is surely 181/182cm at worst

For Roger 186cm seems legit, it is on his official website too, so the listing here seems dead on
Dean 5ft 9.25 says on 11/Jun/13
@ StrongEverything - I disagree with that, I think out the 4 Nadal looks like a very average height when looking at first glance. The other 3 look pretty tall to me.
My guesses are:
Murray 189cm
Djokovic 187-187.5cm
Federer 185.5-186cm
Nadal 183.5-184cm

Nadal gives off an impression of being like average/above average..a typical stocky 5'11 guy but when looking closer he does look a 6footer. Id be suprised if he was 185cm though, he just doesnt look more than 184cm IMO.
SAK says on 2/Jun/13
Does anyone know how tall Gilles Simon is?

He usually gets listed between 5f11-6ft (180-183cm).
Johno says on 29/Apr/13
Johno says on 29/Apr/13
Fred says on 21/Mar/13
Stood next to him at Indian Wells just a few weeks ago. He is the 1.86 m that he gets billed at.
Balrog says on 10/Feb/13
Federer 185
Nadal 183
Djokovic 187
Murray 189
StrongEverything says on 9/Feb/13
Anyone think Federer looks small on TV? I mean with Murray, Nadal and Djokovic I can actually tell that they're tall. Federer's strikes me as average. I honestly used to think he was average height.
John says on 27/Jan/13
Federer is taller but not a whole inch. Thats all I said. At times, they look equal. I think the diff btwn them is the same btwn Djoker and Murray which is Negligible at best
John says on 25/Jan/13
Sak, yeah they actually have talked a lot about this on the espn commentary this AO. Look at the top 4 who have dominated and been at the top of the field for so long. All between 184-189 cm.

I think there is more to it than the serve or power though, I mean that def plays a role but if you think about it there is something else I can't quite put my finger on. Players noticeably under 6'1 (I consider Nadal the minimum at 184) or noticeably above 6'2 (Murray is the max at 6'2.5) seem to just not look as perfect on court. I think especially now, tennis is a very 'athletic' sport. Of corse you see great athletes at any height, but all else being equal as they often are at the top of any sport, I think that a little above 6 foot is where you see the most all around athletic guys. Think Ronaldo, Theirry Henry etc.
SAK says on 22/Jan/13
Height plays a major part in tennis; while serving,movement,strength.

6f-6f3 seems to be optimum height. Under 6ft; serving disadvantage and (usually) less strength. If you are 6f4+; mobility is reduced.

Many recent major winners have been between 6f-6f3; Federer(6f1),Nadal(6f0.5),Djokovic(6f2),Murray(6f2.5),Roddick(6f2).
Winners outside this range: Safin(6f4),Del Potro(6f6).

Other good players also in optimum height range: Tsonga(6f2),Gasquet(6f0.5),Wawrinka(6f).

Players outside range this doing well: Ferrer(5f9),Tipsarevic(5f10),Almagro(5f11.5),Raonic(6f5),Cilic(6f6),Berdych(6f5)

Very tall players tend to have very big serves. Shorter players have amazing movement.
jasperwazup says on 20/Jan/13
Hewitt looks like a Lilliputian next to the Federer's,and Safin's of tennis. that's fair to say.
Balrog says on 20/Jan/13
Federer and Nadal:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Federer: 6'1''
Nadal: 6'0''
Balrog says on 19/Jan/13
Hewitt is 5'10'' he wears baggy shorts and he's constantly slouching on court.
Joel says on 19/Jan/13
I met Roger here in Melbourne Australia in 2009. I have been measured flatfoot in hospitals several times and am never under 184cms. Roger was noticeably taller than me. He is definately taller than the 185cms he is always listed at. he is no shorter than the 186cms he is given here. I question whether he is actually 187cms, which is edging close to 6'2. I have been looking at the Tennis bios, and it seems they never update the heights and weight after the player is about 18, and I am guessing the height is self-reported as Lleyton Hewitt is in no way 180cms. Funnily I saw 6'6 (possibly taller now) juan Martin del Potro still listed as 82kgs on the Aus Open Website. He has been updated to a more realistic 97kgs on the ATP site.
SAK says on 17/Jan/13
Thanks John. Commentators kept saying (during Australian Open 2013 match), he is a small 5f11 man. But didn't look 5f11 at all. He also has a long body and short legs. I agree he is most likely 177-178cm.
John says on 15/Jan/13
Sak, 5'9.5 I think
SAK says on 14/Jan/13
How tall is Lleyton Hewitt?
John says on 13/Jan/13
Agree to disagree then. I've seen them together numerous times and they always look just like in that clip when close together.
Balrog says on 12/Jan/13
John I saw the clip and it isn't the best because both are carrying the trophies so they aren't standing at his best posture. Well Federer is legit 6'1'' man to me (185.4) and I'll put Nadal at 6'0'' (182.9).
John says on 12/Jan/13
Balrog, look. You can't deny this. They're standing right next to each other, still and flat both in tennis shoes of presumably equal height.

7:31-7:38...perfect to tell height. Nadal's shoulder height is actually higher.

Fed is taller but marginally so, looks only 1 cm there. I think Fed may be 185.

Click Here
Balrog says on 12/Jan/13
John I'm going to do some research and post some pics. I've seen Federer and Nadal for a long time and I'm sure Roger has an inch on him.
John says on 11/Jan/13

I disagree, look at Wimby 08 when they stand right next to each other @ trophy presentation, they look VERY close in height.
SAK says on 10/Jan/13
@Balrog. Yeah I wasn't too sure about Gasquet. So what would be your estimate for him?
SAK says on 10/Jan/13
Thanks John.

Many of the male Tennis players on ATP website are listed correctly or near to there height. Other sports seem to be out 1-2" at times.
Balrog says on 9/Jan/13
Nadal is more 183 than 184. Scroll down and look him next to Djokovic and Ibrahimovic. Also Federer always looks taller than him, more than just half inch.
John says on 6/Jan/13
SAK, agreed with all, but Nadal is really more 184. No way there's an inch or more between him and Fed. Fed has a taller looking body with longer limbs and more slender appearing, but when they stand close together they are very similar in height.
Balrog says on 6/Jan/13
Djokovic: 187 cm
Federer: 185 cm
Murray: 189 cm
Nadal: 183 cm
Ferrer: 173 cm
Berdych: 195 cm
Del Potro: 199 cm
Tsonga: 188 cm
Tipsarevic: 179 cm
Gasquet: 183 cm

I'll agree in many players with you SAK. Btw I met Juan Martin Del Potro here in Argentina and he's a little over 6'6'', because I'm over 6'1'' myself and he has 5in over me. Juan Martin is really, really tall, because I'm a tall guy in my country and I felt quite average next to him.

Ferrer is 5'8'' and pretty short for a tennis player, Djokovic is just under 6'2'', compare with legit 6'2'' guys like Tsonga or Roddick. Federer is legit 6'1'' and has always listed at that height. Gasquet is not 6'1'', look at him next to Federer.
SAK says on 5/Jan/13
Current top 10:
Djokovic: 188cm
Federer: 186cm
Murray: 189cm
Nadal: 183cm
Ferrer: 175cm
Berdych: 196cm
DelPo: 198cm
Tsonga: 188cm
Tipsarevic: 179cm
Gasquet: 185cm

The average height for this top10 is 186.7cm(6f1.5).
Balrog says on 5/Jan/13
A legit 6'1'' man.
John says on 5/Jan/13
Jake, agree for the most part, good list.

I'd put the top 4 like this, if I put a range it means I can't tell past that:

Fed: 185-186

Nadal: 184

Djokovic: 187-188

Murray: 189
Balrog says on 5/Jan/13
I really can't see Nadal over 6 feet. Federer legit 6'1''. Djokovic 6'1.5'' .
Silent d says on 4/Jan/13
186cm. Sharapova tends to lower her height next to guys.
ryan says on 3/Jan/13
Gasquet is 5-11.5 Standing next to federer he is at least an inch and a half shorter.
ryan says on 31/Dec/12
Saw nadal practice at WTF, as I live in Somerset I went to watch his match last year. Believe he played Fish. I was 3 rows back from his chair, and I can tell you that he is not that imposing. FIsh is quite a bit broader than he is and a couple inches taller. I'd say 6 feet even is a good guess.
John says on 27/Dec/12

What do you think Djokovic is? 6'1.5?
balrog says on 3/Dec/12
John. Djokovic is not a solid 6'2'' guy compare to Tsonga and Roddick. Nole is more 187 than 188 and Nadal looks 182-183 next to him and Zlatan. If Nadal is 184 then Ibrahimovic is over 6'5''.
John says on 2/Dec/12
Balrog, Nadal is 184 and Djokovic is 188. Difference between them is clearly at about 4 cm.
Balrog says on 1/Dec/12
Terrible pic to compare. Look at this.
Click Here

Djokovic around 2'' taller than Nadal. Novak is 187-188 and Nadal is 182-183.

Nadal was listed 6'0'' before become famous.
argentino says on 13/Nov/12
you are wrong when you say that Nadal is only 182 or 184, look at this picture of Nadal and Djokovic together, they are the same height, but we all know that Djokovic is a little taller so I would say that Nadal is 185 cm
Click Here
Balrog says on 20/Oct/12
Federer: 6'1''
Djokovic: 6'1.75''
Murray: 6'2.5''
Nadal: ŋ?

Not sure on Nadal, because he's listed 6'1'' but he's clearly shorter than Federer by an inch and Djokovic has two inches on him easily, I mean, I can't see Rafa over 6 foot. Look at him next to swede player Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is around 6'5'': Click Here

Nadal looks under 6 feet next to him and Ibra is not even a full 6'5''. The spaniard is shorter than I expected.
Fred says on 3/Oct/12
Sharapova is not a true 6'2'', but rather 6'1'' I believe. That is why Federer looks the same height as Sharapova.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 29/Sep/12
How can this guy be 6'1.25 when he always looks around the same height (or even taller sometimes) than 6'2 Sharapova. Something's wrong here Rob.
Shaun says on 27/Sep/12
Rob how tall do you think Tevez is? I'd guess 5'7" ish possibly 169 cm range. Pretty sure he's not 5 ft 8 as listed he looks short and squat don't you think?
[Editor Rob: yes more 5ft 6-7 range than 8]
Shaun says on 27/Sep/12
Del Potro has near a foot on Tevez Click Here Del Portro's hair looks just like Huey Lewis's in the 80s, same face shape too!!
Shaun says on 27/Sep/12
I know John, he NEVER looks anything under 6 ft 1. i think Del Portro is about 5 inches taller, he must around a legit 6 ft 6.
John says on 22/Sep/12
Lol he's 6'1. Like I said look at him in person. 5'11.5 is a joke.
Jessica says on 17/Sep/12
He's 5'11.5 barefoot or 6 feet at best. next to Tim Hemann who is 6'1 he looked inch and half shorter, next to Del Potro who is 6'6 he looks a least 6 inches shorter so I say 6 feet.
avi says on 12/Sep/12
he is 6'1. i don't think he is over this. he appears 4.5 to 5 inches shorter than Del Potro almost everytime. He is 1 inch shorter than Andy Murray so Andy is 6'2 maybe 6'2.3 at best. Nadal is probably just 6'0 and Djokovic is 6'2 flat. Soderling is a strong 6'3.
John says on 12/Sep/12
Nope, he's 6'1 lol. Some of you guys need to see them in person. :)
Maryla says on 8/Sep/12
I think federer is only 6'0 flat he looks six inches shorter than Juan martin Del Porto who is 6'6. Andy Murray who is 6'3 in a photograph with his Olympic medals looked three inches taller even slouching, federer is 6'0
John says on 2/Sep/12
Definitely more than 6' flat. Seen him many times and is a solid 6'1. Afternoon/night height is 185-186 no doubt about it.

I think the heights are:

Murray: 190
Djokovic: 188
Federer: 186
Nadal: 184
Steve says on 29/Aug/12
6ft flat to me looked 4 inches shorter on today at Wimbledon with greg rusedski
thunderbolt says on 24/Aug/12
The 6ft 2.5 listing at the Olympics was inaccurate information or Roger was wearing very big heels when he was measured. I think Editor rob you should downRoger Federer to 6'0.5 considering that my Murray is 6'2 and has 1.5 inches on him
Hazzer says on 21/Aug/12
Are you kidding me 188cm I am 6ft with my shoes on and was eye to eye when I met him at the london olympics
Jammer says on 20/Aug/12
I saw federer and murray near each other and murray is like 4-5 cm taller so i
guess fed is around 184 since murray is 188
Jessica says on 19/Aug/12
It is possible that the 186cm is taken in shoes, I can see at the lowest for federer is 6'0, he does look 4 inches shorter than 6'4 greg rusedki, so I think 6'0 for federer is accurate.
Preston says on 19/Aug/12
To me Roger does not look anywhere near his 186cm listing to me, next to Victoria Azarenka who is 5'11 he barely looks taller.
Andy says on 14/Aug/12
I think federer is 6'0 he is a little shorter than 6'1 David Cameron
Brock says on 13/Aug/12
aiden, Federer is 6'1 and a bit, Djoker is 6'2, and Murray is just a hair under 6'3.
Aiden says on 13/Aug/12
From this picture, Murray, who is listed as 6'3, doesn't look that much taller than Federer:

Click Here

So, I would say 186 cm for Fed is legit.
andrew says on 10/Aug/12
6`2 is a joke he is 6`0
Shaun says on 5/Aug/12
The 6'1" listing for Sampras I always believed. But if I had the choice of 6'1.25" and 6'0.5" I'd go for 6'0.5". Sampras could be 184cm but Federer lowest I can see is 1.85m.
Shaun says on 5/Aug/12
Watching him as we speak, I'd estimate him as 6'1" and 185 pounds. I think he has perfect proportions for a tennis player, not very tall range or muscular, elegant above anything really. You're kidding yourself if you think he's under 6'1". He looks about as 6'1" as you can get to me!
eddie says on 30/Jul/12
Wait, did the same person comment as Ramon, james and Andrew just to get their point across? LOL not that serious. I would barely buy 6'0. Under 6'0 is crazy.This isn't the Nadal forum. Good height listed.
clive says on 26/Jul/12
roger is 6 feet 1 he is not much shorter than 6ft2andy rodwick. under 6ft absurd
andrew says on 25/Jul/12
federer is not 186m he could be in trainers i met him attp tours final last year he is exactly the same height as me 6 feet no more no less
james says on 25/Jul/12
met federer in the a charity tennis event in canda earlier with year. i am 5 feet11 in shoes and federer was the same height. roger federer is not even 6tt
ramon says on 25/Jul/12
i met roger federer at the 2012 wimbledon championships. i am 5 feet 11with my shoes on and was eye to eye with him federer is not even 6ft
mister says on 17/Jun/12
He's 6'1 or 1.85. He is actually really broad shouldered and looks a lot more built than he does on tv. He often looks skinny on tv. Roddick is a big strong looking guy, but Federer isn't far away.
Ali says on 11/Jun/12
My guesses are:

Nadal 182cm
Federer 183cm

Sampras and Federer are about the same height, but
Sampras looks shorter because he slouches.

Federer is not 186cm IMO.

Agassi is 2-3 inches shorter than Nadal. So he is
5'10 at best. 5'11 is completely nonsense. John
Mcenroe is 5'11 and he is clearly taller than Agassi.
Agassi is very little taller than his wife Graf who is
around 5'8-5'9.

I believe all ATP tennis players are listed an inch taller
than they are in reality.

The most difficult height to judge is Fernando Verdasco's.
He is listed at 6'2, but he can look exactly the same
height as Nadal. He is definitely no 6'2. 6'1 at best and
to be honest I think he is 6'0. He is definitely shorter
than Feliciano Lopez who is 6'1.5.
tom says on 9/Jun/12
ive seen him up close a dozen time in majorca,seems a nice chap btw,but a shade over 6.0" he was in beach shoes so they are pretty much 1/8" rubber things,i'm 6-2.5" and he was really close to me in height. met andy murray hes pretty much same as me imo.
Alex says on 7/Jun/12
If You Go To Click Here It Says He Is 185.
mister says on 11/Feb/12
Rob, if it isn't too much of a hassle could you make a Rafa Nadal thread? He seems like the most disputed on the Federer, Djokovic, and Murray page.
mister says on 6/Feb/12
Jaek, Wawrinka is close to listed height. I saw him at IW and he is very close to the 6'(1.83) he is listes as. His weight on the other hand, I disagree. He is at least 195. He is definatly not 179 anymore. He is build like a lumberjack, and very broad and muscled.
SAK says on 6/Feb/12
@Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP, good pics.

I stick by Federer being at least 185cm, not sure on Sampras I never watched tennis when he was around.
John says on 2/Feb/12
Federer is 6'1 but not much more...not positive about the extra quarter of an inch...Nadal is 1/2 inch shorter than Federer and a little over an inch shorter than Djokovic.

The players are all measured, usually barefoot but not always. (It should be apparent who isn't since tennis shoes usually add about an inch). Also there are cases where the measurement is clearly not accurate, disregarding whether they were measured barefoot or not. So the measurements while a good guide are not verbatim.
Dicky curtis says on 1/Feb/12
sampras is a slouch, he is 1.85 allright.
mister says on 30/Jan/12
Shrimp, AND you gotta remember that Sampras is a notorious sloucher and he looks to be "at ease" whilst Fed appears to be at full height. I would go with a hefty 6' for Fed, but no more.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 30/Jan/12
SAK says on 28/Jan/12
Sampras is also wearing black shoes which will add extra height then Federers sports trainers.

I agree Sampras is 182cm, but Federer is 185cm.

Here are some more shots of Federer and Sampras, wearing similar footwear:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

They look pretty close in height to me. If Sampras is 182, I could buy Federer at 184, but I think 185 is pushing it. He's definitely lower than his 186 listing.
mister says on 29/Jan/12
Yeh Jake, I think some are measured in shoes and others barefoot. I remember Mcenroe saying that he had hit with David Ferrer. The other commentator said Ferrer is a smaller guy at 5'9, and Mac laughed and said "barely" 5'9.
SAK says on 28/Jan/12
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 24/Jan/12
I'm not buying 186cm for Federer either. He's only a fraction taller than Sampras.
Sampras looks 5'11.75"/182cm MAX next to 5'11" McEnroe in HULKO's pictures.
Click Here

Sampras is also wearing black shoes which will add extra height then Federers sports trainers.

I agree Sampras is 182cm, but Federer is 185cm.
Ras says on 26/Jan/12
Federer may be 6'0.75". Nadal I think is 5'11.5".
mister says on 26/Jan/12
Jake, I once got David Nalbandian's autograph at the Legg Mason and I was surprised how short he was. I got on the internet and he was listed at 5'11, but I can tell you he maybe is 5'10 with help.
richard says on 26/Jan/12
he is 185cm all the sites and the player information before tennis matches say he is, 185cm is a fraction under 6ft 1 6'0.75
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP says on 24/Jan/12
Ivan is correct, I'm not buying 186cm for Federer either. He's only a fraction taller than Sampras:
Click Here
Sampras looks 5'11.75"/182cm MAX next to 5'11" McEnroe in HULKO's pictures.

Federer: 183-184cm MAX
Sampras: 182cm MAX
Nadal: 182cm MAX
mister says on 24/Jan/12
gasquet at 6'1? Click Here
ivan says on 24/Jan/12
I would say Fed is 184 cm, i donīt buy him being 186cm......Del Potro is no less than 2 meters, maybe 2 meters and 2 or 3 cms. He is just a Giant and if you compare Federer to Delpo at the Open when Delpo beat Roger in 2009 i see Delpo being 17 or 18 cms taller than Roger, 184cm for Roger is right on spot....
Silent d says on 23/Jan/12
Jim courier is listed as 182cm on a certain page starting with w. He looks 6 foot 2. Maybe lifts. Federer is 186cm. Mardy fish is definitely taller than andy roddick. If roddick is 6 foot 2 than mardy is 189cm.
HULKO says on 23/Jan/12
with pete sampras
Click Here
Click Here

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.