How tall is Sam Trammell ?

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Sam Trammell's height is 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

American actor best known for playing Sam Merlotte on tv series True Blood. In film he has appeared in The Fault in Our Stars. This photo was taken at a Massive Events convention.

5ft 8 Rob and Sam
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Arch Stanton says on 20/Dec/14
LOL, maybe an Alexander Colin Farrell....
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Dec/14
He looks like an Aryan Colin Farrell!
jasperwasup says on 4/Mar/14
Rob, what size is your head if you don't mind me asking. It's got to be above average for your 5'8.25''. 9.7''-10.1'' it looks bigger than 9.25''. most 5'10''-6' guys have got only 9.25-9.5'' heads.
[Editor Rob: about 9.5-9.6 range]
MD says on 6/Feb/14
With 5'10" Mike O'Malley:

Click Here

Click Here

I'd argued this earlier, but there is no way he's taller than Rob, not even by a half-inch.
Nick says on 5/Feb/14
Just noticed that he's been upgraded from 5'10 to 5'11 on other sites. He is neither 5'11 or 5'10. 5'8.5 seems to be right.
Emily says on 16/Dec/13
His head isn't unusually small at all. He's below average, his head size looks about average, more on the taller end of average, for his height.
Emily says on 16/Dec/13
How long is his head? Around 9,25 inches? According to this pic:Click Here does he have a longer head than Michelle Forbes?
[Editor Rob: around 9-9.2 inches range I'd have said]
Sam173cm says on 15/Aug/13
Hi Rob, are you and Sam standing straight ?
[Editor Rob: in this shot he isn't as tall as he can be]
Joejoe300000 says on 11/Aug/13
PEOPLE ! Look at his hair ! Sam's hair are much taller Rob's. Even with his Air Force One. So I think he is 5'7.5. Am I wrong Rob ?
[Editor Rob: I saw him a few times and he was taller than myself I thought.]
Z-Man says on 3/Nov/12
People, look at the shoulders! Sam is a bit taller than Rob and he is not standing straight. I am this exact height as well. I am 5'8.5 and even 5'9.5 sometimes when I wear boots.
mike 181cm says on 11/Oct/12
5"8.5 morning height
avi says on 5/Oct/12
same height
LG69 says on 4/Oct/12
He's the same height as you with his .5" thicker shoes. He's not 5'8.5" based on this photo and the given info. He's 5'7.5".
Modorx says on 3/Oct/12
Rob i am preparing to bodybuilding program and my wieght is 203p and my night height is and i have bely fat and tight chest my quistion is if i lost fat and get great muscular posture can that change mz height؟
[Editor Rob: doing exercise and having good core muscles can help with holding your posture close to your measured height.]
Alex 6ft 0 1/8 says on 3/Oct/12
Rob, same footwear here? You 2 look the exact same height
[Editor Rob: I have converse slim edition and he had air force one this weekend, so he actually had 0.5 inch more.]
Modorx says on 2/Oct/12
Rob does belly fat and weak abdominal muscles make you look shorter?
[Editor Rob: excess fat might effect posture, but 1-2 stone overweight not so much...3-4 stone over a much higher chance of making you stoop a bit]
witchdoctor says on 2/Oct/12
Rob's head has near 2 inches on this guy's head!
Modorx says on 30/Sep/12
Rob im 184.15 as my lowest and my maximum at morning im 186.7 so what 7hould i cla4m?
[Editor Rob: I'd say 184 or 185, I wouldn't go with a morning height.]
TNTinFL says on 28/Sep/12
Sounds about right. Never looked more than 5'9" on True Blood. Always about eye level with Steven Moyer.
Tim says on 25/Sep/12
Isn't he leaning over just a little bit? Can you really claim 5'8" from this pic?
Drew says on 25/Sep/12
His head seems unusually small for a guy.
Ras says on 23/Sep/12
He looks 5'8 flats.
Mohit says on 22/Sep/12
Hey, Rob and Sam you both are accurate height Clearly Trammell and Rob are the same height.
Adamz says on 21/Sep/12
I think the listing is close to accurate.
Jason says on 20/Sep/12
He looked big in true blood with boots. To rob, I'm a bit confused with this listing as you guys are identical in height, unless that is, you're basing your judgement on you meeting him rather than this pic.
Stiffelio says on 19/Sep/12
Also his forehead is higher than yours; that may contribute to explain the optical ilusion of him being taller.
hahaha_XD says on 19/Sep/12

list him what you want but doesn't the fact that he has his arms wrapped around your shoulders give him a slight boost on you? To me he looks the same height as you plus with his arms wrapped around your shoulders, could possibly be slightly shorter than you, maybe?
[Editor Rob: sometimes that can effect the other person, but only if they are putting a lot of weight or pulling you etc. In this photo I don't remember it effecting me, but I just went over my files and realised, I was in converse this weekend and sam in air force to answer lol93's, he has advantage!]
lol93 says on 19/Sep/12
Rob you dont mention the footwear!!And I think you would measure the same height with Sam
Stiffelio says on 18/Sep/12
This picture is a clear example of how easy it is to be tricked by our own perceptions of other people's heights. The optical ilusion one gets is that Trammell is taller than you; yet you are almost exactly the same height.
Josh B says on 18/Sep/12
@MD Scroll the screen down and you'll see their eye levels are exactly the same to the millimeter, I think there's some sort of optical illusion that looks otherwise.
hahaha_XD says on 18/Sep/12
Looks same height as you, Rob.
Johnnyfive says on 17/Sep/12
Same exact height as you. I guess you're 174 in that picture as well.
185cm or so says on 17/Sep/12
Looks like he's the same height as you Rob.
Sceptic says on 17/Sep/12
Did you think he was dropping more height than you in this picture Rob? Because otherwise he really doesn't look taller. If anything he looks a little shorter.
jtm says on 17/Sep/12
i actually think he be shorter if he didn't have his arms around rob's shoulder.

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