How tall is Steve Tyler

Steve Tyler's Height

5ft 9in (175 cm)

American singer-songwriter, best known as the lead singer of band Aerosmith.


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5ft 8.93in (175.1cm)
Sandy Cowell said on 7/May/17
Ronnie James Dio WAS, at 5ft3, short - I saw him onstage singing with Black Sabbath; Bruce Dickenson was also rather short - I saw him standing behind me in a pub! But Steve Tyler is not at all short at 5ft9! 😝
A. said on 6/May/17
@Candy Ever notice how much of an idiot you are? 5'9 is average, not short.
Candy said on 4/May/17
Ever notice that all the great singers on that Era are short? (Bruce Dickenson, Ronnie James Dio, Axel Rose, Steve Tyler, etc.) Little guys with BIG voices...
Ian said on 23/Feb/17
Think he might be shrinking some, he did look like a solid 5'10" guy at his peak.
Arch Stanton said on 28/Oct/16
Don't blame him, she's hot!! I bet Seagal would have tried the same LOL, he has a certain reputation on that.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Oct/16
I realized Jaime Pressly and Margot Robbie looks very alike!! Got to watch that video again!
Johan said on 10/Oct/16
Arch Stanton said on 8/Oct/16
Rob can you add a photo of the Dude Looking like a lady? Looks more masculine these days, in the 90s and early 2000s he looked a lot more androgynous. How hot is that blonde in this video though seriously, anybody know who it is? Click Here

Jaime Pressly? Funny story back then, Jean Claude Van damme tried to put the moves on her and she slapped him. He had loose hands apparently ;)
Sandy Cowell said on 8/Oct/16
I hadn't played any Aerosmith for ages but suddenly this Tuesday just gone, I decided to put some on and it sounded SO GOOD! A way above average voice coming from an average size fellow, a very charming one at that! I love him!
Arch Stanton said on 8/Oct/16
Rob can you add a photo of the Dude Looking like a lady? Looks more masculine these days, in the 90s and early 2000s he looked a lot more androgynous. How hot is that blonde in this video though seriously, anybody know who it is? Click Here
ErinM said on 12/Jun/16
I saw Steven on the Big Island several years ago at the Hilton. I am 5'9" and he was several inches shorter than me. And very thin.
Hardi said on 10/May/16
I think Tom is now regular 6footer as he's over 60 and may have shrunk a little. He's just very thin and gives that tall appearance.
Adam M said on 1/May/16
Met Steven Tyler backstage and I thought he was taller than me. I was wrong. He's 5'10 and I'm 5'11
Victor B said on 21/Mar/16
I passed Tyler in the airport in 2015. I was shocked that he was shorter than me, and I'm 5'7. He's probably 5'6 or 5'5.
Jason said on 23/Nov/15
I met them both in Vegas back in August & got a picture with them, I am 5'9. Steven was about an inch taller than me, & Joe was about an inch shorter. I didn't look to see what kind of shoes they were wearing. I'd say 5'10 for ST & 5'8 for JP would be pretty close. I have the pics posted on my Instagram if anybody would like to see them & some other cool pics from their concerts & some others. @JasonGresham8 . I've met Joey, Brad & Tom 3 times each. Joey 5'5. Brad 5'7, Tom 6-6'1. Met Slash backstage @ Aerosmith 2014, he's 5'10 w/o Hat, 6'4 with lol. Bret Michaels 5'9. Myles Kennedy 6'. Todd Kerns was really tall. 6'3-6'4.
J said on 4/Oct/15
Im 5'9.. he is shorter than me.
VegasBitch said on 29/Jan/15
I stood next to him in the MGM casino. I am 5'3 and he was a couple of inches taller than me.He wasn't wearing boots.
ProfessorButtercup said on 16/Dec/14
Met the guy once. Without his boots. He was one of the shortest people I have ever met. Maybe about... I'd say 5'5'', maybe 5'4''. No joke.
breedlove said on 11/Oct/14
Take away a 2" heel of the boots Tyler and Perry wear and you will see they are 5'7-8". Im 5' 7 and just met Perry yesterday. He was wearing boots with at least 2 inches. Thats how i add it up.
Pedestrian said on 27/Aug/14
Was close to everyone of the bandmembers and from my experience Steven was like 5-9, 5-10 with his boots, Brad like 5-6,5, 5-7, JOE PERRY SEEMED SURPRISINGLY 5-6 to me (maybe slouching too much, but still not what I had expected, wore flat shoes), Joey 5-5, 5-6 and Tom close to 6 feet
Danimal said on 25/Aug/14
Brad says on 20/Aug/14
Still 5' 9" 5 feet from me yesterday.

You posted the exact same comment word for work 2 years ago to the day.
Arch Stanton said on 20/Aug/14
Did you see Joe Perry as well Brad? Perry looks like he's lost a bit of height and looks more 5 ft 8 nowadays. If there was one band I could perform on stage in a big stadium with it would be with those guys. I play along to their records with my guitar right from the early 70s onwards all the time!
Brad said on 20/Aug/14
Still 5' 9" 5 feet from me yesterday.
Juliebean said on 13/Aug/14
I stood next to him 16 years ago.
They were at the plaza art fair in kc because they were I'm concert that weekend. He is a tiny man that ca t be any more than 5ft5inchs tall!"
Arch Stanton said on 7/May/14
Joe Perry is more 5 ft 8 I think.
zelda said on 26/Dec/13
my 5'10" son ran into him in a store this Christmas Eve. In the selfie, they are the same height. I don't know what kind of shoes Steven was wearing, though.
Sean said on 25/Dec/13
[Steve says on 24/Jan/12
I shared space in a music store in Boston in '71 or '72. I was 5'8" standing perfectly straight. Tyler walked by and looked like a midget. Was wearing flat shoes. My guess is 5'5".]
There's one in every major thread. . . .
Aerogirl said on 13/Aug/13
I have met Steven Tyler several times (most recent in 2012) and have pictures with him. I am 5'9" and he is just a little bit taller than me
Lemur said on 9/Aug/13
I saw him in person....he was 5'6" at best
Meltdown said on 17/Jun/13
We can see pics of verified 5 ft 8.75 in Johnny Depp with Steven Tyler and Joe Perry all over the internet now. Depp has about an inch on Perry and a half inch on Tyler. So Tyler = 5 ft 8.25 in and Perry = 5 ft 7.75 in now. They were likely both an inch taller in their youth and JD was about a half inch taller in his youth since the speed in height reduction happens when men hit 55-60. Depp just turned 50, but both Tyler and Perry are now past that hump. Ladies and gentlemen, you cannot argue with the facts of gravity over time.
Arch Stanton said on 24/May/13
lightning says on 13/Apr/13
Nope, sorry people. I was onstage with him in 1976 at Norfolk VA and he's 5ft 7in at best. The rest of the band, except Hamilton, were very short and really stoned. People who think their idols are great tend to give extra inches to their height.

He's still taller than 5'6" Oprah Winfrey in heels and with bad posture.Not under 5 ft 9. I think he edges out Joe Perry though who I think is more 5'8.5".
lol said on 21/May/13
He really looks somewhere between 5'9 to 5'10 ...
I think he's 5'9 now , but in his 20's or 30's he were clearly looking 5'9.5''
I think Joe Perry were 5'8 though ...
lightning said on 13/Apr/13
Nope, sorry people. I was onstage with him in 1976 at Norfolk VA and he's 5ft 7in at best. The rest of the band, except Hamilton, were very short and really stoned. People who think their idols are great tend to give extra inches to their height.
Angie said on 21/Mar/13
I met him on the street in LA last year (2012)...he was wearing flats...he was kind enough to stop for a pic...he's 5'9" without a doubt.
80sRocker said on 14/Jan/13
Was on stage during a meet and greet with Aerosmith and met them all first hand during their sound check before the concert. Tyler and Perry were the same height, and no more than 5'7 1/2". I am 5'10" flat footed and the only one in that band that was considered tall was Tom Hamilton who is barely over 6 ft. I remember my first reaction to seeing them was that they were all so tiny, except for Tom. They were wearing sneakers, so I can see 5'9", or close, in boots.
The Exorcist said on 6/Oct/12
@mcfan: He looks about two inches shorter than Mick Jagger in that pic.
Gin Gin said on 19/Sep/12
I met Steven also and he's NOT short, boots I was wearing added about 1 - 1 1/2" inches to my height 5' 8 1/2" and we were eye-to-eye, Joe Perry however is quite a bit shorter
Brad said on 2/Aug/12
5' 9" 5 feet away yesterday.
MD said on 10/Jun/12
This guy looked tiny on idol. I mean, to the point of that most of the girls in normal heels looked his height. He did not look average height.
1O ft tall in my book said on 7/Jun/12
I agree w/ the 5' 9", but he has mentioned he has had issues with his feet from all his activity on stage over the years, that condition alone can shave an inch off of ones height just due to posture. At any height, I love the guy and the band. They are the only band from my youth that I still love and listen to. I love besides the vocals and Perry's "talking" guitar that the long hair and clothing aren't just an act, it appears to be who they are.
Steve said on 24/Jan/12
I shared space in a music store in Boston in '71 or '72. I was 5'8" standing perfectly straight. Tyler walked by and looked like a midget. Was wearing flat shoes. My guess is 5'5". I'll look tonight and compare to J'Lo, if it's possible with their heels.
mcfan said on 28/May/11
Click Here

I have an old book from the 80s on celebrities and it lists Tyler as 5'7 1/2. However, he looks more in the 5'9 range compared to Mike Myers and Dana Carvey, so this must be inaccurate. The same book also lists Rod Stewart as 5'7 3/4, Paul McCartney 5'9, George Harrison 5'8.5, and Ringo Starr as 5'8.
Donna said on 6/Apr/11
I met him. I'm 5'8. He was shorter than I.
Shaun said on 14/Mar/11
Click Here

Looking like Sarah Palin here! Tom looks 6'2" range to me. Apparently he's 6'1" was he looks a lot taller than Kid ROck who is supposed to be six foot!!
Julie said on 11/Mar/11
Saw him at Idol taping Tuesday night, he walked right over to my friend and gave her a kiss. Probably helped that she was carrying a sign that read: "Steven Baby! Walk This Way and just Gimme a Kiss!" He was in rocker boots (about two inches) and he was barely eye to eye with me (standing 5'9" in my heels).
Danimal said on 9/Mar/11
5'9"-5'9.5" guy in his younger days... I think he claimed 5'10"??

Today, he probably has shaved off an inch of that peak height...
Mark said on 8/Mar/11
I got to meet him back in 1976 on the "Rocks" tour in Pontiac Michigan. I am a 5'10 guy and he was very close to my height in converse sneakers. He is (or was) a solid 5'9 guy back in the day and skinny as a rail. I imagine now he is slightly below that due to aging. But yes back in his younger days he was a very solid 5'9 guy.
mike said on 25/Feb/11
I went to high school with steven..he is about 5 7
Viper said on 12/Feb/11
hes nowhere close to 5-9
MD said on 11/Feb/11
He really does look SO small on idol. I'm guessing anywhere between 5'6" to 5'8". Even in his rocker boots the guy rarely looks taller than most of the female constestants.
joe said on 10/Feb/11
I'm 5'8". I met Steven Tyler after a show in L.A., eyeball to eyeball and I was looking down a he is shorter than 5'8". Best guess 5'6" maybe a bit less. What matters, he's is the best male rocker in the world. Period! He can sing in two octaves at once. Incredible.....
curly said on 10/Feb/11
steven tyler is lucky to be 5'6". Look at ryan seacrest on idol, he's supposed to be 5'8". steve is way shorter than him.
Rachelle said on 6/Oct/07
Steve and Me: Click Here
Amelia said on 21/Sep/07
I always though steven looked pretty tall, you know - six foot ish, perhaps it's because of the heeled boots =)
whatever it is, he remains a sexy rock god =D
Anonymous said on 5/Jul/07
this makes me think Brian Johnson from ACDc is a midgit and I know he is around 5'6" and in footage of them together both in sneakers Steven towers over him, never having met him I expected him to be over 6'.
PJ said on 12/Jun/07
Tyler himself has said 5'9 many times, Joe Perry has said himself he's 5'8.
Remi said on 15/Apr/07
yeh, I didn't think Tyler/Talerico wsa over 5'9"
mcfan said on 9/Apr/07
I don't think Steven Tyler was over 5'9.
glenn said on 26/Feb/07
both flatest sneakers.
Roger said on 26/Feb/07
Glen, is Perry waring boots in that photo above? He weres boots in alot of hte pix I see with him, if so hes' more like the 5-7 I always thought.
Edwin said on 25/Feb/07
I always though Tyler (Tallarico) was 5-9 max maybe slightly less, and Perry about 5-7.5 or 5-8 max.
glenn said on 17/Feb/07
whitford is 5-7.kramer is 5-6.tom is 6-2.
Anthony said on 15/Feb/07
Your friend needs glasses. Tyler certainly isn't less than 5'9 and I'm more inclined to believe he's closer to 5'10. 5'9 looks about right for Perry. I'd say Whitford's 5'9, Kramer's 5'8 and I guess Hamilton's 6'4.
Jackie said on 6/Feb/07
My friend just ran into him this weekend in Boston and said he was lucky if he was 5' 6"!!
Glenn said on 9/Jan/07
Read my post below John.please.or maybe I was 5-7 then,and Im off an inch.
John said on 8/Jan/07
Glenn And Steven Tyler look the same height to me im going to guess 5'8 or 5'9
which is the same for me. Joe Perry on the other hand looks a tad taller.
Anonymous said on 2/Jan/07
Saw him in Raleigh NC, I would say 5'8'' no taller
Mr. Stench said on 28/Dec/06
I met Tyler at Disney World in Orlando. Pretty sure 172/173cm or so since I'm 173.5 and there was a slight difference between me and him.
He was wearing sneakers as high as mine. Believe it or not, he is one of the few celebrities I met in my life and I really paid attention to his height.
Glenn said on 16/Dec/06
Tyler is 5-10.Perry is 5-9.
Amadeus said on 16/Dec/06
How tall is Perry? Saw a pic with him on Pete Townshend's site and he looks to be about 5-8ish or just under next to Townshend's 6 ft. Usually looks a little under Talarico.
Glenn said on 6/Oct/06
He is slouchin.Im kinda straight.I have an amazing pic,where you see a 2 inch difference.both of us same stance.him in skippies,me in one inch 5-9.5 minimum.I have 15 photos with beween 1990 and 1997.he holds the title for the most.
mike said on 6/Oct/06
glenn hes really close to 5'10???, he looks closer to ur 5'8 in ur pic, even though hes slouching a bit
J. said on 26/Sep/06
He's usually referred to as Steven Tyler. If you'd type in 'Steve Tyler' on Google, you'd get directed to 'Steven Tyler' links.
Anonymous said on 8/Sep/06
I met him in the narita airport in japan. i can personally vouch that he's only 5'7"
Brad said on 11/Aug/06
5' 10" at a bowling alley in Armonk N.Y. in '73.
Glenn said on 27/Mar/06
I believe it.good that you got him sans shoes.
Tony said on 25/Mar/06
He's 5'9 for sure. I'm 5'8 and I met him backstage at a concert in Detroit and he was barefoot and still a tad taller than me.
Glenn said on 21/Mar/06
Maybe.but ive seen him look 5-10 in white skippies with no ankles spilling out.
Anonymous said on 20/Mar/06
He is 5'10 in special shoes. My friend has photographed Tyler for Blender and NME and he says that Tyler is the shortest celeb he's shot (and my friend is 5'10"). He estimsted 5'7" . However, when you wear heeled boots, yeah, 5'7" can become 5'10".
Glenn said on 19/Feb/06
he called mick jagger short once to a tourist who mistaked him for the the stones singer.he said"mick is uglier and shorter".not true.both same height.
CelebHeights Editor said on 16/Jan/06
Just a pic added...Glenn had said previously Tyler is a 5ft 10 looking guy.
Glenn said on 30/Nov/05
I have 15 photos with him.he is 5'10''.for sure! all kinds of shoes and the flatest of soles ive stood next to him.
CelebHeights Editor said on 23/Aug/05
From "Impression: Unassuming, polite, and just way shorter than what I thought (almost my height 5'6")."
blah said on 21/Aug/05
Im 5'9" even, I met him. hes 5'9.5" tall. and hes skinny like me, i weigh 128 pounds
McFan said on 8/Jul/05
I have an old book of people that lists him as 5'7.5. It wasn't a shock to learn he was actually 5'9.5... as I always thought he was a very tall-looking 5'7.5.
J. said on 24/Mar/05
I was actually suprised he was this tall. I spotted him in Flordia around five years ago. He's extremely skinny. I honestly wouldn't be too suprised if he and Liv share clothing.

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