How tall is Tobey Maguire ?

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Tobey Maguire height: 5ft 7.75in (172 cm)

American actor best known for films such as Spider-man, Pleasantville, The Cider House Rules and Seabiscuit. On the Today show he talked with Matt Lauer and Jill Rappaport about the aforementioned Seabiscuit, saying: "You know, Red was tall for a jockey. He was five seven, I'm five eight, so we're pretty close."
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cupponi says on 18/Jul/15
rob you really sure on many sites it wrote 1.70 ... ..and you say ' important
171 boy says on 6/Nov/14
yay i have the same height with Spidey :D
Dylan says on 23/Sep/14
173 cm
kevin mask says on 27/Aug/14
172 is perfect for an early days spiderman, the young Peter Parker could've been even shorter than that
178cm says on 9/Aug/14
Tobey Maguire is 174 cm.
hi says on 27/Jul/14
he looks 5'9, he is about 3 inches taller than kirsten dunst in the spider-man movies
Amaze says on 26/Jul/14
Tobey for sure is more than 170. Maybe you guys that dislike him are saying hes 5'5-6? Andrew garfield is 5'10.5 or 179cm. I'd say tobey is 172 for sure. Hes 173 out of bed 172 during day and 171 before bed. Nothing less than 5'7.5. Below 5'7 is ridiculous. Hes a strong 5'7 guy going onto 5'8.

JAJ i am around that height and i can definitely tell you its not a good one. Anything below 5'9 is not good but 5'9 isnt ideal either. Im saying this from the UK. Ok being 5'7 - 8 isnt that bad bad like obviously 5'6 5'4 guys are really unfortunate but 5'7 8 is not a good height either. 5'7 is short and 8 is below average but not short. I wish i could be be 6'0. I am like tobey if not a tiny bit bigger(im 173) i'd say 175/6 is where it gets ok. Around 178 it gets better. 180 even better. 183 bang on. Maybe your from a very short country ? I dunno but 1.72 is definitely not a good height.
JAJ says on 3/Jul/14
1.72 is definitely good height. Maybe Aki is from Holland or Scandinavia and for him 1.72 is a short one :D

Maguire looks 1.70 with Willem Dafoe (listed 1.70).
Realist says on 8/Jun/14
Rob 171 listing would be better 5'7.5". Looks about 2.5-3 in less than Franco.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 3/Jun/14
@AKI he is not short he is a oak height he is below average height anything above 168cm is what is called below average height if he was less then 170cm he would be short he is not far from average height.
AKI says on 2/Jun/14
1.72 is Not a "okey" height, it's too short for a guy sorry.
Pop says on 4/May/14
He is 5ft 7,75 about 5ft 8 but he look 1.71 about 1.72 cm
Arch Stanton says on 3/May/14
Rob can you add The Cider House Rules? Oddly looks near 5 ft 9 next to Michael Caine in The Cider House Rules.
Billy says on 26/Apr/14
I'd Say 5'8.25
Ginny says on 24/Apr/14
1,72 only? Ok 1,72 is really ok !
Henk says on 11/Apr/14
171 about 174 is not average. 176 177 is average middle height so a normal height
the shredder says on 11/Apr/14
U.S. Average is about 5'9 .
Paravito says on 9/Apr/14
Tobey maquire is 172,5 cm the neck is higher
MD says on 9/Apr/14
Seahawk, you are really off your rocker. I don't know what's happened to you. 5'7"-5'8" is not above average here in America.
Nattynanth says on 31/Mar/14
I had gussed he is 169 cm.its ok moderate height to him
Arch Stanton says on 8/Mar/14
I'd guess 171cm.
Persian says on 7/Mar/14
He is very short about 173 174
chloe says on 7/Mar/14
Agio says on 17/Feb/14
I think he is 172 173. I know he look 171 172 but 172/173 is possible
MD says on 7/Feb/14
I debated posting this picture, because of the elevated camera angle, and not everyone is standing right next to each other but Kristen Wiig (5'5") and Tobey in this shot, but to the left is 5'4" Haley Joel Osment, and to the right 5'5" David Spade:

Click Here

Not sure what can be discerned from this shot.
Gustavo says on 6/Feb/14
172 cm is correct but i think he is more about 172,5 cm ( 172 173 ) he have a long neck same as tom. And 172 173 174 is for me same maybe shoulder is difference, if 172 is short than is 173 174 too short.
Balrog says on 19/Jan/14
He looks a solid 3in shorter than Franco and Topher, 171cm would be better.
Realist says on 2/Jan/14
If he was 5'8.5 he would be taller the Carey Mulligan even with her in heels.Same for Oscar Isaac.
Gustavo says on 27/Dec/13
172 cm clean or more 172,5
Lenad is sexy says on 27/Dec/13
He probably is 5'7 give or take a fraction
anonymous says on 8/Dec/13
I've met him in person. I'm 5'11" and towered him, both of us in sneakers

My dad is 172cm so I am very familiar with that height and he is definitely shorter.

He is around 5'6.5"
Lenad is sexy says on 8/Dec/13
171 guy
Peter says on 2/Dec/13
172 cm !! Long neck
Good Day says on 18/Nov/13
I think he is 170cm~172cm
joey says on 17/Nov/13
5 foot 9 inch 175 cm.
Scott five eleven says on 7/Sep/13
5'7.5 in spiderman with 5'11 Franco (who possibly wears lifts.)
lelman says on 31/Aug/13
Definitely no shorter than 5'7", just look at cole's pictures. He's probably just over 5'8" in the morning, and about 5'7.5" at night. Rob's listing is spot on.
Lorne says on 1/Aug/13
171cm. He's 5'7.5. Can really look 5'7.25 at times. Look at him with 6ft Dylan Baker, 179-180cm JK Simmons... He simply isn't a 172cm kind of guy.
cole says on 31/Jul/13
I think Tobey looks more or less the same height with Leonardo DiCaprio as he does with James Franco and Topher Grace. But there is always the possibility that both Topher and James are 5'10.75 guys, and DiCaprio is a 5'11 guy (or if you want to stick with Leo at 5'11.5, it would make James and Topher 5'11.25 range). I seriously doubt that Leo would be 3 cm taller than Topher and James.

Maguire with Franco: Click Here
Maguire with DiCaprio: Click Here (Leo's head is slightly bent, but he is closer to the camera)

What do you think Rob?
Nica says on 12/Jul/13
5'7.5-5'8 sounds about right.
cole says on 25/Jun/13
He is around 171-172 cm, rather than 173. But that kind of listing for Maguire also contributes to making Leonardo Dicaprio 180 flat at most. If Leo were to really be 182, Maguire would be 174 cm, which he clearly is not. There is mostly about 8 cm between them in any picture you can find. If Maguire gets a 5'7.75 listing, the most Leo could be is 5'11.
Dmeyer says on 22/May/13
172cm fits him well
lenad is sexy says on 9/Apr/13
He doesnt look under 5'7 to me
LelandParker says on 30/Mar/13
I have met him before. He possibly 5'5, but no taller than 5'7.
fti78 says on 28/Mar/13
he is 175 cm
Elijah says on 22/Mar/13
Didn't look all that much shorter than Joe Manganiello in the first Spiderman film. Maybe he really is a liftwearer after all?
Sam says on 6/Mar/13
Quite generous there fa, even Maguire himself claims 5'8".
Bet says on 16/Feb/13
I'll bet his no more than 5'7".
Mikey T says on 28/Jan/13
he is 5'8" just watch Seabiscuit. Chris Copper claims 5'10" and he was about 2 inches taller than Tobey
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/13
He looks 5'7 range to me.
small man says on 19/Nov/12
johhnyfive your a joke 184cm is not tall...let alone your neck is like a pencil and i doubt you lift your a pu88sy and you know it...I'm 6'2" and the shortest guy on my basketball team...but I can bench press 375 and deadlift size is irrelevant in your a bit44...
SAMMY DERRICK says on 11/Nov/12
Silent d says on 28/Oct/12
Johnnyfive says on 18/Sep/12
Dear Short guy,

If you must know, I am 184cms tall so therefore I am taller than 85% of men in the USA and therefore, do not qualify as a short guy (maybe in the NBA)
There's nothing wrong with being short, don't get me wrong, but people over-analyze celebrities because most of them tend to lie about their height by wearing lifts, etc, so that's why the extra scrutiny by people out there, especially when you got arrogant little boys like Justin Bieber claiming more than 3 inches above their real height. Besides, people do it for fun. I admit it I do it too, and i'm not short.

I'm not saying Maguire wears lifts, I don't think he's that type but he is not a full 5'8, i'm sorry. I still think he's closer to 5'7 flat.
Fellow short guy says on 13/Sep/12
Dear fellow short guys,

Your obsession and constant undermining with celebrity heights disgusts me. It leads me to believe that you guys are under 5 9 because only short people care so much about heighr. stop bringig everyone down so much.. maguire is a solid 5 8... deal with the fact that most men are taller than you

good day,
fellow short guy
bodwaya says on 12/Sep/12
in pleasanville he got towered by 5 foot 10 joan allen. 5 foot 7 seems right. Plus he always looks shorter then 5 foot 9 actors hes with.
SAK says on 10/Sep/12
Toby has a smaller physique compared to other 5ft7 guys. His shoulders are narrow and rounded. So i think people assume he is shorter then he actuslly is. 5ft7.5 seems right for him.

Click Here

Click Here

Dont these actors earn enough money to own a nice suit, Rudd looks awful.
Willy says on 9/Sep/12
5'7.5'' certainly isn't out of the question, but in all three of the Spider-Man movies, James Franco seemed to have a bit more than two, but not three, inches on Maguire. So, the 5'7.75'' listing for Tobey is accurate as long as James is 178 cm which I believe he is. But nothing over it.
johnnyfive says on 9/Sep/12
He looks 5'7 flat on this picture next to 5'9 Paul Rudd and 5'9.75 Charlize Theron.

Click Here

His posture does seemed slightly more relaxed than Rudd's but even with that, he looks 5'7 flat.
roses says on 1/Aug/12
Seen him in real life before and he is not even close to 5'8". I would put him at a solid 5'6". There is no way he is taller than that.
Ciccio says on 12/Jun/12
Met him in person, he's not under 5'7. I think 5'7.75 is right
Kuogarbait says on 26/Jan/12
Met him face to face and shook his hand. I'm 5'7" and was in flip flops. O stodo at least an inch or two taller. I'd say 5'5"

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