How tall is Usain Bolt ?

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Usain Bolt's height is 6ft 4.75in (195 cm)

Jamaican Sprinter. 100m record holder. On his official site he is listed 1.95m. He mentioned once on twitter his weight, saying: "I am 216 [pounds] and I am 6'5"

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Tunman says on 20/Jun/15
6'2.5?lol he's 194-95 no more no less.
Even if we consider that Jonathan Ross lost a small fraction that still makes Bolt nothing under 6'4.5.Could he dip under that mark after a day of training?that's the big question.It's not impossible.Ultimately that could explain why he looks shorter than guys like Barkley or Bryant who everyone will agree won't dip under 6'4.75".
Maybe he could be the same as Ibrahimovic but not shorter than him for sure.
Sal says on 11/Jun/15
I googled a pic of Peyton Manning and Michael Jordan and one of him and usain bolt came up and Bolt was looking more like 6'2.5" I was shocked
AdeyP says on 10/Jun/15
@ gokul. I don't think his body fat is exceptionally low for an athlete, it's normal for an athlete. There are athletes with more extreme body fat percentages than bolt. As already pointed by archstanton, weight of boxers, athletes, swimmers will fluctuate most based on the muscle mass they carry. There slight body fat change affect their appearance far more than their weight.
Arch Stanton says on 9/Jun/15
Rob can you add a photo?
Arch Stanton says on 9/Jun/15
@Gokul, muscle weighs more than fat. If you consider how long his legs/limbs are and muscle, in a guy as tall as 6 ft 5 it's going to weigh a bit. That said, I agree he looks more in 200-210 range than nearing 220.
MD says on 9/Jun/15
I mean, yeah, he's very low bodyfat, but he's also quite muscular, especially now. I could completely believe the over 200lb listing for him. He's lanky as hell, but he's also packed with muscle in his torso.
Gokul says on 8/Jun/15
i have no doubt that Bolt is 6'5". Its his weight that i am circumspect about. At that low a bodyfat i think he's no more than 200 pounds
hijoputa says on 18/May/15
Christian, Ben Johnson was 176-177 cm and 75 kg at least in the 80s.
Christian says on 28/Apr/15
Rob, do we know the height of former sprinter Ben Johnson?
bobby h3342 says on 24/Apr/15
rob your an inch off bolt is 6 4 not the same size as barkley or kobe byrant
MD says on 13/Apr/15
I've only seen a grainy cellphone video of the meeting with Obama, and it's at such an angle that you almost can't tell anything. Where there other photos I missed from their meeting? I generally think he's around what he's currently listed.
Jacob says on 12/Apr/15
Didn't look 4 inches taller than Obama. I'd say he's closer to 6'4" than 6'5".
SportsHeight says on 11/Apr/15
Rob, how tall do you think Olympic gold medalist Michael Johnson is? lists him at 6'0", everywhere else I could find lists 6'1". Never any higher. Carl Lewis was sometimes listed at 6'3", usually at 6'2". Never any lower. And yet here's a photo of them together in 2012:

Click Here

Johnson was 44 at the time, and Lewis was 50. Do you think Lewis has lost a significant amount of height, are the shoes exaggerating here, or have either of them been listed wrong their whole career?
[Editor Rob: you can see him with Bolt, somewhere in 6ft-6ft0.5 range might be possible...I think the photo with Carl, maybe he's closer and looks bigger? He can look 6ft 1 at times...
Peter says on 11/Apr/15
Joe Manganiello Usain Bolt Kobe Bryant 195
Stan says on 17/Feb/15
I bet he was under 216pounds nowadays. He get off like 10-15punds and doesn't look like a barefeet 6'5 guy like Kobe Bryant where i remember Kobe edge Usain by an inch or abit over in a close up picture
Tunman says on 17/Feb/15
solid 6'4 would be quite too low,Andrea.Of course he can look that sometimes but generally he looks closer to 6'5.I think 195 is fine,not sure he would be shorter than Ibrahimovic.
Andrea says on 20/Jan/15
Even with 6'1 C. Ronaldo he look more 6'4 range than 6'5... So, i'm not convinced he's a big 6'5 anymore! Could be just a solid 6'4 guy...
Andrea says on 18/Jan/15
Arch, you must admit that with measured 6'4.75 like Charles Barkley or Kobe he does look shorter! I always thought he was easily near 6'5 but now i wouldn't be surprised if he was something like 6'4-6'4.5! Just saying... A 6'4.75 would be better to begin with, since 195 is his "official height"...
MD says on 18/Jan/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" (you need a easier screen handle. lol), well, Bolt is listed as 195 cm on his own personal website, so 6'4.75" is more accurate. He's just under a full 6'5".
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 17/Jan/15
He looks 6'4.75" by Cristiano Ronaldo.
Arch Stanton says on 17/Jan/15
LOL is there anybody Andrea you think might be a legit 6'5"? How about Clive Mantle and Ralf Moeller? You can't dispute those guys being 6'4" range!!
Andrea says on 16/Jan/15
Rob, i have always thought he was near enough 6'5 but with Charles Barkley and Kobe Bryant he actually looks shorter than that! Could he be 6'4-6'4.5 rather than a big 6'5? Maybe you could start by downgrading him to 6'4.75 which is actually what his official site says!
[Editor Rob: he can look at times 6ft 4-4.5 range, other times he looks near 6ft 5]
176,2Tunman says on 24/Dec/14
Excellent pic Arch,and for one time we could say it's as perfect as the HC pics as Bolt isn't tilting his head down.
Anyways Jonathan Ross reaches his eyebrows I would say and maybe a very very small fraction over them.I think he's at least 3.75" taller and maybe 4" depending of his eyebrows level.6'5 is honest and the lowest arguable is 6'4.75"
I always thought vaughn was not a full 6'5 rather 6'4.5
WalkingTall 6ft3.25 says on 13/Jun/14
But with Kobe here Click Here looks almost the same...i think Bolt's range should be 194-195 cm....he's not a full 6'5 guy!
WalkingTall 6ft3.25 says on 10/Jun/14
Click Here with Charles Barkley looking way shorter....maybe the angle/footwear/posture has something to do with this...
Nick says on 3/Jun/14
I disagree with 6'5" listings here is the proof quite clear indeed Blanka 193cm listed is same height if not a tad taller then Bolt consider even a little camera angle disadvantage for her Click Here there're also other pictures around they look identical or in some Blanka is a wee bit taller
Arch Stanton says on 30/May/14
Click Here Looking a solid 6'5" next to Jonathan Ross. In fact he looks a bit taller in comparison than Vince Vaughn looked.
Nick says on 28/May/14
Bolt looking slightly shorter than 193cm listed Blanka Click Here she is not wearing any heels it might be a tad closer to the camera though that makes them same height at worst or best depends on how you see it ;)
KROC says on 18/May/14
I could be wrong... there's always a surprise with some people. I wish there were some better pictures with Kobe. He's a legit 195cm.
Andrea says on 24/Apr/14
KROC, you really think he might be 6'4 flat? I'd be shocked in that case... I do think he's no less than 194... And yeah, i think Kobe would be taller, but just a bit...
Patrick says on 20/Apr/14
1.95 official
KROC says on 13/Apr/14
He barely looked 6'4 in person. I'd bet money that Kobe Bryant would edge him out.
176,2Tunman says on 8/Apr/14
Yeah,about 6'5 or a hair under it at worse,and Blake is 7"shorter,so 6'4.75"for Bolt and 5'9.75"for Blake makes all sense.
MD says on 7/Apr/14
He is AT LEAST what he's listed. Not every athletes lies about their height, and I believe we have more than enough evidence to say he's bang-on what he's claimed. He could have claimed 196cm and he actually claimed 195cm. If Rob wants to put him at 195cm - which I think he should do - that'd be fine, but he's absolutely not shorter than that.
176,2Tunman says on 5/Apr/14
No way 6'3,if Bailey (listed 6'4 but rather 6'3 in my opinion) thinks he's 6'6 then they can't be the same.Honestly the worst he could be is 6'4.5" and 6'4.75" (195 like in the official site)is probably the truth.
Jay says on 5/Apr/14
HE's 6'5, quit underestimating his height people.
Adiaino says on 3/Apr/14
Height and weight for this guy is exaggerated.Not 6'5 208 lbs.Looks more at 6'3 193 lbs.That's why this guy is the fastest runner in the world,because the weight for his height is very light.I heard the average weight for 6'5 is 240 lbs and 6'3 220 lbs.
KROC says on 28/Mar/14
I saw him at Madison Square Garden a couple years ago participating in a warmup with some of the Knicks players. He looked more 194cm to me...
Lillo thomas says on 20/Mar/14
James kobe briant is about 6'5 ( 6'4.75 without shoes 6'6 with shoes on) by his own admission. Usain bolt is looking 6'4 flat next to kobe.
James says on 20/Mar/14
Bolt can be a full 6'5" and still an inch to inch and a half shorter than Charles Barkley. Barkley is 6'7" in b-ball shoes. As I have said many times, Chuck purposefully lowers his stated height to heighten his rebounding accomplishments! I think the picture of Bolt with Kobe looks dead on. 6'5" and 6'6" respectfully. Has anyone seen Bolt dunk? He does it with absolute EASE!
Tor says on 15/Mar/14
i don't see Blake more than 176-177cm, but also no less than 175
176,2Tunman says on 14/Mar/14
Tunman,not Truman,MD,I'm from Tunisia.
I meant that being listed 3-4cm or more over real height proves that they aren't measured.SO,why giving an official listing if you don't measure someone?
You agree it's sad to provide fake data,right?All I wanted to say is that since the global informations about sportsmen(unlike singers,actors,etc...) include their height these sportsmen should be measured before being listed at a mark to give accurate data to the readers. If you list OFFICIALLY someone at 180 and you don't know if it is true,the information becomes just useless.
MD says on 11/Mar/14
Truman, are you serious? You think approximately an inch difference is an unusual gap between an atheletes listed heights and what he or she actually is? That's a rather a rather small listing difference. Athletes can be two or three inches (sometimes even more) shorter than what they are listed.

BTW, I still don't see Yohan as being closer to 5'10" than 5'9".
176,2Tunman says on 8/Mar/14
One thing is sure,he didn't appear the 180-81 listings,he reached the bottom of Bolt's nose which is maybe 7" rather than 6.75" difference if we assume that Bolt has 9.5-9.75" head.177-8 is perhaps more accurate so 5'9.75-10 but no less.
I find it strange that Professional athletes could be that far from their listings.1cm variation is possible if someone is measured rather in the morning but 3-4cms? some aren't measured,that's clear.
[Editor Rob: some national athletic bodies may measure athletes and give actual measured listings, some might not though!]
MD says on 6/Mar/14
Maybe it's because he's muscular, but I actually think Yohan Blake looks more 5'9" than the 5'11" listings I see of him.
176,2Tunman says on 4/Mar/14
Rob,how tall is Yohan Blake if Bolt is 195? Maybe 178-9 is more likely than 180?He looked a good 16 or 17cms shorter than Bolt in London Olympics.
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't put him over 178cm]
baller says on 21/Feb/14
Needs to be downgraded to a full 6'4".

Click Here

Kobe was measured by his wife at 6'4.75"

Here he is looking just about 2 inches taller than ronaldo

Click Here
Jaywha says on 30/Jan/14
196cm. So your listing is right.
Lu says on 14/Dec/13
alan brisco says on 14/Feb/13
Probably he is a little shorter than 6'5". I saw a pic with him and blanka vlasic. She is a legit 6'4" (192-193 cm). They were very similar. So a more realistic height for bolt is 6'4" (192-193 cm)

Blanka is no way near 6'4... and if she appears Bolts height, that thanks to her heels! she is around 6'2 and Bolt is 6'4
Lo sgozzatore says on 6/Dec/13
I doubt he'd measure just 193, he always looks huge to me! Maybe he's not a full 6'5 but he does look pretty damn close to that mark!
Lu says on 5/Dec/13
Asafa Powell were always listed 6'2 (188 cm) before he became a huge star, and it was the same with Blanka Vlasic, i remember for sure that she was listed 6'2 or tops 189 cm like 10 years ago (because i had a crush on her ;)

And about Bolt, i have seen numerous of 6'4 listings for him long time ago (before he became this superman)

So all of these grew over night together with their superman/woman status.
Search images! Asafa and Blanka next to each other - similar height.
Powell: 188 cm
Vlasic: 188-189
Bolt: 193
MD says on 25/Nov/13
Well, Rob, and you forgot to mention in your comment that you don't even see Harry above 6'1.5".
[Editor Rob: there's a number of photos and 187 I think fits him with bolt, 6ft 1.75 might be his height]
daddy cool says on 25/Nov/13
Yeah, 3in might be closer to the truth. That pic definitely proves Bolt is minimum 6'5". They are standing face to face, on even ground and both are wearing sneakers. Harry is a solid 6'2.5" guy. No arguing there.
daddy cool says on 24/Nov/13
Here's a very good pic with Prince Harry (6ft2.5in)

Click Here

I can see a solid 2.5in difference. Harrys eyes reach barely to Bolts mouth.
[Editor Rob: bolt looks to have no less than 3 inches on harry in that shot.]
daddy cool says on 24/Nov/13
6ft 3in is ridiculous for Bolt, he is at least 3 inches taller than Jonathan Ross who is 6ft 1.5in.

Click Here

I would say 6ft 4.5in for Bolt. Maybe 6ft 5in.
dick dastardly says on 15/Nov/13
bolt is in the 6'3" range. Max 6'3.5". he looks taller because of his bodyframe, small waist with "skinny long legs". The pic with legit 6'5" charles barkley is more than clear. And of course asafa powell is not 6'3", but closer to 6'1".
Mathew says on 1/Nov/13
6'4" range.
Duhon says on 26/Oct/13
Bolt looking significantly shorter next to charles barkley. Click Here
Manuel says on 19/Sep/13
There is something strange in Bolt about his size,i would say he is 1,90 max. but also his weight is 95 kg and he looks not more than 80 kg.
Lo sgozzatore says on 13/Sep/13
Yeah, noway he's just 6'4! He could be 195, 6'5 is right for him...
Kyuss says on 23/Aug/13
6-4" looks more real world.
JJ says on 19/Aug/13
Yaspaa says on 4/Aug/13
He looks easy 2" taller than Asafa Powell who is listed 6'3 and he looks huge on track. Not under 6'5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Jul/13
I think that 195cm listing from the website is legit.

6ft4.75, Rob?
Thebigman says on 13/Jul/13
He has scoliosis so that would knock off a bit from his height as I'm 16 and 6'1 but have scoliosis slightly worse than bolt and I'll be roughly 6'2.5 after surgery so he is easy 6'5 If he had proper spinal structure
cole says on 8/Jul/13
Samuel Eto'o is in the 175-177 cm range at most.
Arch Stanton says on 23/Jun/13
mag67 says on 8/Apr/13
"ectomorf" is thin,skinny "endomorf" is stubby,fat

My bad, I know!
Lo sgozzatore says on 17/Jun/13
Rob, this guy, Eto'o, is a pretty famous footballer. He claims 180 but i dont think he looks it next to Bolt. What's your guess?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: samuel looks at the very most 5ft 10 and maybe 5ft 9.5 is nearer...certainly not a 180cm guy]
anonymous says on 15/Jun/13
seems 194 to me
teej says on 13/Jun/13
Usain bolt is a legit 6ft5, no doubt whatsoever, he has been proffesionally measured barefoot, he's 6ft6 in his casual shoes, which are very flat so id say he's a strong 6ft5
mag67 says on 8/Apr/13
"ectomorf" is thin,skinny "endomorf" is stubby,fat
alan brisco says on 14/Feb/13
Probably he is a little shorter than 6'5". I saw a pic with him and blanka vlasic. She is a legit 6'4" (192-193 cm). They were very similar. So a more realistic height for bolt is 6'4" (192-193 cm)
Arch Stanton says on 13/Dec/12
An inch is not much Sylinher, but I do think a genuine 6 ft 5 guy will stand out more as "huge" more than a guy who is weak 6'4"-6'4". If you watch Bolt run he towers above all of the other runners. But he's pretty skinny and lean, an endomorph, if he was built like Yohan Blake at 6'5" and a mesomorph he'd be an absolute monster physically but that would slow him down running I think.
Sylinher says on 4/Dec/12
i dont understand how people say that bolt doest look much taller than cristiano ronaldo who is roughly this photo...Click Here
bolt totally towers him..thought he is a little bowed
i cant see the point of tried to downgrade bolts'height...i mean the guy is really huge and wouldn notice the diference if he is 6'5 or 6'4
tom says on 30/Nov/12
was in manchester this year,wasnt more that 10 feet away from me,i'm 6-2.5 and hes not 6-5 for sure,id say more 6-3.5/6-4 max.
Arch Stanton says on 25/Nov/12
Is Vidic really only 189cm? Looks taller than that next to Bolt and Bryant.
joe joe says on 19/Nov/12
A 6'5 guy would tower a 6'2 guy like vidic a little more me thinks. to be honest alot of sports measurements can be inaccurate with some being with shoes on making people taller and some measurements still being online form people youth days making it seem they are shorter. For years the brazilian Ronaldo was touted as 1m 80. mainly because of lazy stat keeping. He started playing pro soccer at the age of 14 and by 17 he was 1m80. he had a growth spurt at 21 to 1m 83 but it took a good 5 years before this was on record. I also have a friend who is a pro soccer player and he is down everywhere as 1m 96/6'5 but he isn't that tall. he will tell you he's 6'4 but he is closer to a big 6'3. Im 6'1 and don't ever feel towered by him like a 6'5 guy does. but everywhere he is listed as 6'5 even though he says he is shorter. The moral of the story is you cant trust the number. sometime they lie
James says on 14/Nov/12
He was the same size as Jeremy clarkson so I think 194-195cm is closer
miko says on 13/Nov/12
Maybe if Bryant was leaning in like that then he'd look 6'3 as well...
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in says on 12/Nov/12
I found these 2 interesting photos:

Here is Usain with 189 cm tall Nemanja Vidic Click Here

Here is Vidic with 195-196 cm tall Kobe Bryant Click Here

Bolt doesnt look 6'5'' as opossed to Bryant who does(if not taller),but i'm not sure about posture or footwear.I thought that Bolt and Bryant are the exact same height,but maybe they are not.What do you guys think?
thereel says on 30/Sep/12
LeBron6 says on 25/Sep/12

Here we go again with this Kobe is 6'4 1/2 crap, Kobe Bryant has two inches on Dwyane Wade. Wade is a measured 6'3 1/2, BAREFOOT. Click Here
LeBron6 says on 25/Sep/12
Rob look here with 6'4.75" Kobe Bryant and Usian Bolt. I don't think Usian Bolt is 6'5". Click Here
SolidSnake says on 10/Sep/12
Kevin Garnett isn't in a position to make estimations off his height lol. Paul Pierce however is clearly a little taller but thats expected as he 6'6''
LeBron6 says on 28/Aug/12
Rob, why did you round him up from 6'4.75" (195 cm) to 6'5" (196 cm)? I thought his legit height was 195 cm not 196 cm.
Shaun says on 20/Aug/12
Anything under 6'5" is a joke

Click Here

Leaning and still looks easily this height. Tom Daly and Colin Farrell looks strong 5'9"ers.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 12/Aug/12
6'5 is actually 195,58, so a strong 195! So the listing covers his site's listing! Btw, Bolt claimed 6'5 in different occasions, so this is ok!
avi says on 10/Aug/12
@avi says on 8/Aug/12
Rob is Bolt 6'4.5 or what? you agreed the other day that he isnt a real 6'5

i am not disagreeing but i am wondering it is possible he could be 6'4.5 correct? Next to Yohan Blake (5'10ish) he seems a solid 6 or 6.5 inches taller.
avi says on 8/Aug/12
Rob is Bolt 6'4.5 or what? you agreed the other day that he isnt a real 6'5
[Editor Rob: I think the metric listing for him is fine, just about 6ft 5]
Shaun says on 8/Aug/12
kevin garnett is scary, makes Bolt look small!!
Shaun says on 8/Aug/12
ANDREA[ITA] says on 7/Aug/12
Rob, who do you think would be taller between Bolt and Ibrahimovic?
[Editor Rob: tough to call, Bolt can look very tall even amongst fellow sprinters, but then so can Ibrahimovich amongst team mates when at Barcelona, having a head on some of their midfield players.]

Same height, but Bolt could edge him out by a cm.
ANDREA[ITA] says on 7/Aug/12
Rob, who do you think would be taller between Bolt and Ibrahimovic?
[Editor Rob: tough to call, Bolt can look very tall even amongst fellow sprinters, but then so can Ibrahimovich amongst team mates when at Barcelona, having a head on some of their midfield players.]
Duhon says on 7/Aug/12
Bolt standing between 6'6" paul pierce, 6'3" sam cassell with 6'1" rajon rondo in front as well as 6'11.75" kevin garnett.

Click Here
Mathew says on 6/Aug/12
T says on 5/Aug/12
Usain Bolt is a legit 6'5", measured barefoot.

Proof? I believe the 195 cm, don't think quite 196.
Fern194cm-192cm says on 6/Aug/12
Hey Hob,
Guess what?
6,4.75 is 6,5 and Bolt is not 6,4.75. He is 6,5 and easy 197 out of bed.
Rob, U have him at the correct height.
YOUR-NOT-AS-COOL-ME says on 6/Aug/12
usain bolt is 6'6 thats what donavon bailey said yesterday because you mesure them cause usain bolt is 6'5 but you mesure with the shoes so bolt is a legit 6'6 but i am 5'8 with my shoes and im 11
ANDREA[ITA] says on 6/Aug/12
In an italian interview, he said to be 6'5. Anyway, that doesnt mean he cannot be 6'4.75... That's still a guess, not a measurement so 6'5 is good for him! He looks huge
mike 6 feet out of bed says on 5/Aug/12
Rob usain bolt is listed 195 Cm so 6"4.75 but can be that tall. I don't doubt it
Fern194cm-192cm says on 5/Aug/12
I saw him today next to 6,4 bailey at the 100m final. Bailey is probably closer to 6,3.5 but Bolt had a minimum of 2 inches on him. Imo, i believe seeing him next to legit 6,4.25 clarkson is enough proof that he is indeed a legit 6,5 or 196cm. I am 6,3.75 (legit) and I am telling u that he would no doubt have me by an 1.5 inches. Also, today Donovan Bailey was describing him as 6,6 (he did 2x in fact).
T says on 5/Aug/12
Usain Bolt is a legit 6'5", measured barefoot.
John says on 30/Jul/12
Josie, calm down please. Looks 6'4.5
josie says on 8/Jun/12
All you haters.Calling bolt 6'4?Have you ever seen usain bolt next to a tall person?have you ever seen him in pictures standing Bolt is at least 6'5 and is probably 6'5 1/2 when he isn't stooped,or not having back trouble.Look at him next to 5'6 allyson felix,he towers!
ANDREA[ITA] says on 11/Feb/12
Min 6'4.5, max 6'5
talker says on 26/Jan/12
he looks 6'4.5"(1.94m)next to Cristiano Ronaldo,thats what i believe he is.
Anshelm says on 24/Jan/12
Asafa Powell has also been listed as 188 cm (the only height I've heard from a sports commentator's mouth, but then again I don't watch a lot of sports)

Powell's XVIII Commonwealth Games entry:
Click Here

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.