How tall is Vladimir Putin ?

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Vladimir Putin's Height is 5ft 7in (170 cm)

The President of Russia.

How tall is Vladimir Putin
RIA Novosti archive, image #100306 / Sergey Subbotin / CC-BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons
Comment on the Height of Vladimir Putin

MD said on 29/Sep/15

Obama could nearly rest his chin on the top of Putin's head:

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Obama's even leaning and has an angle disadvantage in these shots. This is not the difference between 6'1" and 5'7".
[Editor Rob: he can look at most 5ft 6.5 today, at 60 it's possible he's lost a fraction.]
Elevator shoes said on 4/Sep/15
Putin was just excersise with Medvedev both using jogging shoes ( most likely without elevation). Putin looked shorter on pics than medvedev. So he is max 165cm, even 162cm is possible.
ShortRussianDude said on 30/Aug/15
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Vladimir is looking shorter than medvedev here I am still not going inside the realms of craziness with 5 ft 3 but don't you think somewhere around 5 ft 6 might be possible rob ? maybe 5 ft 7 peak possibly ?

Also vlad does a bit of Judo could being thrown on your back make you lose a bit of height or would is it inconsequential
[Editor Rob: he can look about 5ft 6.5 range now, it is possible at 62 to have dropped a fraction.]
ShortRussianDude said on 18/Aug/15
LOL Come on Artur estimations and opinions are fine but 5 ft 2 - 5 ft 3 is just Laughable ! his on the short side yes but not even remotely THAT Short.

5 ft 6 - 5 ft 7 168cm - 170cm

could be anywhere in that range IMO
Artur said on 15/Aug/15
Back in 1999 when he was Prime Minister for the first time, I stood very close to him. I'm 5 foot 9 and I looked down at the top of his head without difficulty. He's no more than 5 foot 3, and more like my sister's height, about 5 foot 2. Since he became president (again, the first time) his image has been built up by the Russian press, which is why so many Russians here can't believe he's less than about 9 feet tall. But he is a shorty.
M said on 12/Aug/15
The same height like Sarkozy 1.65m :)
MD said on 28/Jul/15
Wow, those are some ridiculous shoes. lol
JohnnySmall said on 25/Jul/15
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Medvedev and his elevators. Sly is jealous.
Finn said on 2/Jul/15
Putin looked like 5'5" and a half (166cm) with president Sauli Niinistö.

mande2013 you shoould come to finland and say 5'7 is pushing average in here, well no way :)
mande2013 said on 1/Jul/15
Well let's settle it:

Putin-5'6 (don't think he's 5'7 but 5'5 may be too low)
mande2013 said on 29/Jun/15
Why is 5'7 considered a 'short' height if so many legit 5'7-ers have a knack for giving the impression of pushing average rather than being 'short dudes'?
spainmen191cm said on 3/Jun/15
Rob, how tall is Sarkozy? He is the more insecure guy with his height I have ever seen!
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MD said on 1/Jun/15
Were he as tall as Putin, you sure as heck better believe he'd have been listed taller than he is, even in friendly local press.
FlameBoy said on 27/May/15
5 ft 3 is Absurd he is 5 ft 6 - 5ft 7 anything below or above that i think is Highly Unlikely.

also question rob looking at pictures with medvedev putin looks around the same height in almost all of them so i am taking the 5 ft 4 listing is not accurate ? more around 5 ft 6 for medvedev maybe ?
[Editor Rob: you only have to look at putin with guys like obama/cameron. I think some media would like him to be 5ft 5-6 range. I'm sure medvedev is a bit taller than guys like berlusconi and sarkozy]
MD said on 26/May/15
How in the world is he still listed at a barefoot 5'7"?! At this height, he could pull off looking average or just below in the right footwear. This guy ALWAYS looks easily below average.
M said on 25/May/15
A. Merkel is taller then Putin and Sarkozy :), I would say Putin is strong 5'5" and Merkel is 5'6".
diavolo said on 10/May/15
He looked 5'5" next to 5'7" Viktor Orbán, the Hungarian prime minister. Orbán is often ridiculed because of his height, and yet he was taller than Putin.
Jim said on 10/May/15
Forget his height...what's his shoe size? That's more likely the root of his insecurity.
Ramzan K said on 30/Apr/15
Putin is about 5 foot 3. I have stood near him. I'm 5 foot 9 and I looked down at the top of his head without difficulty. Anyone who claims he is 5 foot 7 is either really bad at judging height or (more likely) a Kremlin shill trying to make up for VVP's deficient height.
diavolo said on 28/Apr/15
Putin is 5'6" maximum. Possibly a tad shorter. He looks this height next to everyone he ever posed with.
Viktor said on 16/Mar/15
Brad: I suspect he wear lifts sometimes.
Brad said on 1/Mar/15
I'd put him at 5' 8" after this week.
just because said on 22/Feb/15
valuv and putin Click Here
Steve said on 11/Feb/15
Putin was a good five inches shorter than George W. Bush. If Bush is truly 5'11" then Putin is 5'6".
Finn said on 16/Dec/14
I think he can use some lifts sometimes?
Lizardman said on 17/Oct/14
170 is a joke guys. Putin is max 165 as you can see when you compare him to short Medvedev who's like 162. Putin wears lifts and with those he barely reaches his 170.
Lebensdorf said on 15/Oct/14
About 5'6 I think at the most. Not 5'7 standing next to Obama.
Tim 181 said on 1/Oct/14
I think he is a weak 5'7
Micke said on 19/Aug/14
Rob is there a chance he might be more 5'6.5"? I mean he's known to wear lifts and he's 61 years old
avi said on 18/Aug/14
Guys he's not a legit 5'7 . 5'6 flat is better
Look at him next to Bush solid 5 inches and Bush is possibly 5'10.5
Billy said on 9/Aug/14
168-169 cm
John86 said on 2/Aug/14
Looks my height, (5'7.25" evening height) and it's nice to see someone of our size making it to the top, regardless of his character.
fsd said on 28/Jul/14
hes 5'5 ft 5'7 is a joke
Growtallerguru said on 27/Jul/14
Definitely 5'6" to 5'7" maybe wears thick shoes. Fact: he hand picked short workers to stand behind him onstage at a speech to make himself look taller
afkam99 said on 3/Jul/14
he is quite short. he might be 5'6 but he is really very charismatic leader
Iron255 said on 2/Jul/14
@Adianio Obviously someone's going to round a bit when comparing human height to whale length ...
JAJ said on 19/Jun/14
People doesn't shrink in the 40's bull****. Maybe after 50's or after 60's it starts to show.
Yeah said on 7/Jun/14
This is a little bit confusing: Putin looks 5'5" to 5'6" with 6'1" Barack Obama. Then He looks about same height as Medvedev who can't be as short as 5'4". Putin also looks same height with Francois Hollande who is listed 5'7". Hollande still looks a bit shorter than 5'7".
Makes me wonder is Obama full 6'1"? Maybe a hair shorter? Or then he's not always standing straight..
Adianio said on 4/Jun/14
Iron255,they did mention about adult male height in the USA claiming 6'0 comparing to an adult 80 foot whale.I mean't for the younger age people from 20-35 because people shrink in the 40's.
Naima said on 23/May/14
He 5'7 maybe 5'7.5!!!It many times compared with Russian celebrities at various Russian sites and that is exactly) I'm sorry for the mistakes)Medvedev- 168 cm not 163 it's lie
milo said on 22/May/14
5'5" the most
Vitaly said on 22/May/14
Ok, Dmitry Medvedev is definitely 5 ft 5 MAX but nothing over that. I'm sure of this.
Putin looks two inches taller which would make him as listed here (5ft 7)
Arch Stanton said on 22/May/14
@rob, I'm not sure. In some photos Medvedev can look a few inches taller than at other times, I think he might be a lift wearer. In some photos he looks as tall if not a bit taller than Putin but in others he looks noticeably shorter. Still I think 5 ft 4 is exaggerated, but 5 ft 5 range is possible if he wears lifts.
Ulysses 5'9 said on 21/May/14
Putin is a classic case of little man syndrome.
MD said on 29/Apr/14
I can't be 100% sure, but I don't think it was just unfriendly media that had him (Medvedev) listed as being 5'4", I think it was also some domestic media. I guess I'd have to see him lined up with other worlds leaders, but I do not think he is 5'6".
[Editor Rob: I think once a height is out there in some outlets, it can just get copied. He is taller than someone like berlusconi, who of course exaggarated a bit his own height.]
MD said on 28/Apr/14

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was routinely listed as being 5'4" by both domestic and international media upon his initiatial rise to power. Do you think Putin is really 3" taller than Medvedev? I see a significantly smaller difference; in fact, I think they look about the same. And I think Putin's height is considerably boosted (and in a way Medvedev's never never was, oddly enough).
[Editor Rob: absolutely no way is Dmitry that short.

who is putting out that propaganda :) Send em to Siberia!]
iron255 said on 25/Apr/14
@Adiaino A biology class wouldn't tell you anything on this subject, but a statistics class would. In my statistics course, we've probably analyzed height distributions at least a dozen times now, and the data always pointed to 5'10" as being average male height in america.
RAwr said on 24/Apr/14
Lol the average height won't be 6'0 if you include people of all age ranges since the majority of people aged 65+ are significantly below 6'0. When you talk about 6'0 being the average height you're probably talking about younger generations since the majority of people aged 20-35 probably are around that height
176,2Tunman said on 16/Mar/14
Adiaino,just consider this:In US you have about 66%whites,13%blacks,15%hispanics and around 6%for the rest (Asians,Indians,Arabs...)
Average for Young whites:178,9*66=11807,4 blacks 178*13=2314 Hispanics 170,6*15=2559 and let's suppose 173,5*6=1041 for the rest since they enjoy good life standards.Add the totals and you will have 17721,4/100=177,214 so about 5'9.75.This obviously is an approximation on which I applied mathematics,LOL.You may still argue whether it could be closer to 5'9.5 or 5'10 but 6' is definitely excluded.
Adiaino said on 8/Mar/14
Issuetall,the average height of a male in USA is 6'0,not 5'9.Although you missed by 3 inches so no big deal.
176,2Tunman said on 2/Mar/14
Actually Hollande looks more 5'6 with 6'1 Obama but sometimes he seems dropping a little height,btw he was listed up to 174 on some sites,lol.
Putin looked even shorter than 5'6 with 5'9.5 Depardieu.5'5-6 is more plausible than 5'7 still he can manage to look close to some average persons with good shoes.5'5.5 is perhaps bang on.For sure he's small but I wouldn't call him very small.
Maoe said on 2/Mar/14
He don't seem to tower Medvedev at all who is 5'3 or 5'4. He looks less than 5'7. Maybe Putin was 5'7 in younger days.
Md said on 21/Feb/14
There is no way Hollande is 5'7".
176,2Tunman said on 18/Feb/14
He looked about the same than 5'7 Hollande but had very probably lifts.Hollande is a legit 5'7 since he was a little taller than 164-5 Sarkozy who is known for wearing heels.Question is how much lift advantage Putin had when he met Hollande.5'6 is more likely than 5'7
JAJ said on 12/Feb/14
I give Putin 5'5" to 5'5,5". I've heard that Medvedev would be only 5'4". It also stand in finnish newspapers.
MD said on 4/Feb/14

Upon his ascent to the presidency, Medvedev was routinely called 5'4" in the media, which is the top of the scale for him. Not sure if his height got boosted later, but I distinctly remember in media his height being made known as 5'4".
Alex said on 2/Feb/14
Not even buying 5'6. Check out his pics when standing next to Medvedev who himself is also fairly short. I will give a 5'5 to Putin. Medvedev no taller than 5'6.
PootyPoot said on 22/Jan/14
Before Putin became President, I stood right behind him in a crowd and I easily looked down on the top of his head. I'm 5 foot 8. There is NO way this guy is 5ft 7 - more like 5ft 3, max 5ft 4.
Aja said on 16/Jan/14
Looks a legit 5'7, he always looks taller than the 5'5 - 5'6 guys and when he sits down and his pants raise up his ankle it is always very close to the floor so no lifts. Rob you really should ban the female posters on here who try to gauge others height while wearing heels.
adrian said on 6/Jan/14
If he's saying he's 5'7 then he's very likely 5'5. A 5'9 240lb muscular/cardio guy versus a 6' 170lb fit guy, there's no comparison in likely fighting ability.
Sammie said on 23/Nov/13
met Putin in London, I am 5'7 & had on heels...he was much shorter.. I would say he is maybe 5'6..not taller than that..he is pretty hot though..
Sammie said on 23/Nov/13
Met him at dinner in London no way he is 5'7..more like 5'5.
I am 5'7 & wore heels..I was way taller..he is.kind of hot though..
simon said on 19/Sep/13
rob dont downgrade him or he will kill you lol
[Editor Rob: I think that would be a bit extreme!

but, best be safe than sorry!]
Chris said on 17/Sep/13
Lol @ Rob: Everyone on this site has a height complex. That's why we're here.
Size Matters said on 13/Sep/13
Size matters.

Speak softly and carry a BIG stick.
Shaw said on 4/Sep/13
Hey my husband was 5'6 and people knew better than mess with him. He was In our Army at 17. At 19 he was airborne with the 82nd . he went into special forces when he was in his thirties. He became a special forces trainer. He could beat Anyones booty, out fight, out run, he could do anything he took his guns apart cleaned them blindfolded himself and put the gun or guns back together. Height doesn't matter attitude and willpower and knowing what you want to do is what matters. Trust me don't duck with him or his for real. He was 5'6 but watch out I miss him he died at 66 on march 12, 2010 if you never met him you miss someone special.
John said on 11/Aug/13
What is it with Russians trying to convince others that their people are tall?

"The average height of young Russian men is about 175cm compared to 179cm-180cm among the Central-Europeans" (18-20 years).

Click Here
Click Here
biologist said on 2/Jul/13
Height as an adult is strongly correlated to nutrition as a child; yes, of course genetics has a significant role. On the other hand, growing bones need nutrition. If you get it before the growth plates fuse, then you have the opportunity to be taller.
TruthTeller said on 5/Jun/13
Actually the old Russian generation is not that tall, however the new one is extremely tall, for instance I know plenty of 6.9 to 7.4 guys. I myself am 6.7.
hamsgawd said on 8/Apr/13
I think Russians are usually regarded as tall because of the stereotype and the fad of all the Russian models in the fashion industry. I'm sure they have a wide range in height because of the large geography they inhabit. Like someone mentioned China has a wide range of heights too usually with the northern people taller than the southerners. But like Russia the younger generations in China tend to be taller, I think mainly because the generations that came up during the Communist era didn't get that much nutrition or a good standard of living. I don't think America should be a good example to compare with because countries like Russia or China are much more homogenous in ethnic and genetic variety. America is a hodgepodge of different ethnicities. Unless you mean to compare an Asian American's height with an African American or Puerto Rican. Or if you were just being ignorant and considering only 'white Americans' as Americans.
max said on 24/Mar/13
5'6'' is my guess, especially when you look at the pictures with gerhard schröder, former chancellor of germany, who is 5'8''. and putin doesnt seem much taller than medevdev, who is about 5'3 or 4.
TonyV said on 24/Feb/13
5'7 seems to be right. I've never or seen the man in person, but know at least two people who have. I saw a photo of him and my grandma (who is 5'5) and he appears about two inches taller. Also, the dean of the Moscow state university (whom I have met, and whose height I estimate to be around 4 inches shorter than mine - 5'6) is about 1 inch shorter than Putin in these photos:
Click Here
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@Daniil,I still insist that russian high school students are taller than the old generaion. It's very strange, a lot of Russian couple are not tall, but their Children are damn tall! Like one Russian couple I know, father is only 172cm, mother is only 165cm, three sons, Eldest one is 183cm, Second on is 182cm, the third one is 192cm...
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@the guy: Like I said, the standard of tall depends on everyone's personal experience. 5'9 is average height of USA, however, you cannot expect each cities and towns are 5'9 height. I have two American friends, one lives in California, the other lives Wisconsin, the former is 181cm, and he told me he is tall in high school, most of his classmates are shorter than him, but the later guy lives Wisconsin is 185cm, he told me that he is only average height when he was in high school, there are many guys are much taller than him, 6 of men in his Class is over 200cm! the tallest man in the school is over 220cm. You see, they are both American, but their experiences are not the same. So one thinks 181cm can be considered tall, the other feel 200cm is tall at least. Lilke I said, tall is different that depends on different person's experience.
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@Daniil, I can't agree anymore. The average height of all Russian men is not 6'1, but in some Russian high school, it is highly possible that the Russian youngest are almost over 185cm.
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@Cal. I agree with you. Russia is the biggest country in the world. West Russian are taller east Russian, and consider the young Russian men, they are much taller than their parents. Of course, all the Russian men are not 185cm of average height , but Russian male students from many high schools are mostly over 185cm, it's not exaggeration.
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@Random: northern Chinese youthes are taller than sounthern Chinese them, northern chinese youngest can't be consider short, but they are still not tall. Russian younger generation are taller than northern and southern chinese both.
issuetall said on 8/Jan/13
@the guy : Hey, man. Both USA and Russia are big countries. So there are so different average height among the differnet region. The average height is 5'9 in USA, that's right, however, that means all male. In some American high school, it is highly possible that the average height of American boys can reach 6'1. Yet, that depends on regions. As far as I know, for instance, Iowa and Mennisota are far too taller than California and New york ,etc.
Bolton said on 6/Jan/13
Looks more like 5ft 6 to 5ft 6 1/2 in pictures circulating today of him embracing Gerard Depardieu. Depardieu who is not an especially tall man and has bad posture towers over him
Ayzzz said on 23/Oct/12
He actually looks shorter than 5'7.. Don't mess with Putin
Cal said on 9/Oct/12
Younger Russians are much taller than the older generation. 18 year old women probably average about 168 - 172 cm and 18 year old men 180 - 183 cm. I have met Putin ina judo match in person (barefoot). Politics aside, I hate to dissapoint, but he is 170 cm. Medvedev is very short and wear 3 inch heels. He is about 162-163 cm.
Anshelm said on 27/Sep/12
With Sauli Niinistö (177 cm), President of Finland
Click Here

With Paavo Lipponen (194 cm), former Prime Minister of Finland
Click Here

Heights of both Finnish politicians self-reported to Helsingin Sanomat newspaper during the 2012 presidential campaign, figures consistent with previous reports.
valleyboy said on 19/Aug/12
I visited St Petersburg in March and I was astounded at how tall the women are.

Maria Sharpova, the tennis player, is 6ft even, but she would not be especially tall for a woman in St Petersburg. I think height in Russia is very regional. Recall that Peter the Great was 6'8"/203cm. When he visited Europe, he would pretend to be a corporal in the honor guard. I thought he be so obvious, but maybe not.

Regarding Putin, I met in St Petersburg a woman would had worked with Putin many times. She said she would tower over him if she wore tall heels. She was 4'11". So, if Putin were actually 5'7" then she wore 8 inch heels (or more).

Which is doubtful.

She estimated his height at 5'2-5'3".

Which as we all know has no real bearing on his skills, leadership, or qualifications any more than color of eyes or hair. I'm 6'1"(185cm) so this is
not some short guy defending other short guys. I've met idiots and geniuses of
all heights.

The discussion has been very interesting regarding the height of Russians. I have no opinion, just interested in the discussion. Thanks for all who contributed.
Ras said on 16/Aug/12
If Putin is 5'7 there's no way Felipe is over 6'4
Click Here
Andrey said on 5/Aug/12
2 Arkadiy. You just want to present Russian higher than they are because of ur own inferiority complex. And in fact, the average growth of men in Russia is equal to 173-175 cm. I'd rather not say anything about " many russian girls 180-185 cm without heel" cause this is just a complete lie.165-168 for girls
UkrainaLove98 said on 31/Jul/12
Putin is a dwarf because he is a merciless thug who rose to the top of Russia. He allowed two Russian women demanding women's rights in Moscow to be imprisoned for 7 years.
UkrainaLove98 said on 31/Jul/12
I am half Asian half Ukrainian, and actually am going to reach an adult female height of 4'10" and a weight of 86-87 pounds. I am a 12 year old female who has reached her final adult height: 4'10" with a slim build of 86-87 pounds, meaning I will always be 147 cm. Putin, I believe is a midget. Not because of his height, because I will always be a petite 4'10" and a skinny 86-87 pounds, yet I am rising to the top because although I will always be a petite, but good person, I will be a successful person, even though I will always be the height of an older 10-year-old girl. Putin is a midget because in the inside, he is like an ugly dwarf. I am not saying that because he's short, because I'm going to be a very tiny lady as an adult, but because he is a corrupt prime minister. He is as evil as Tansu Ciller, who both deserve to be gunned down.
truth said on 6/Jun/12
In what world is 6'1 the average for a Russian man?
Arkadiy said on 6/Jun/12
Andrey, you should stop judging about height from your height and height of your friends...In Russia average men's height(include old men) is 183-185cm...Average height of russian yongsters is 187-190.

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