How tall is Will Ferrell ?

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Will Ferrell's height is 6ft 2.5in (189 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 3in (191 cm)
American actor best known for films such as Anchorman, Elf, The Other Guys and Blades of Glory. Speaking of Elf, he once said: "They just put me in the foreground and everyone else in the background so that it gave the illusion that I was taller.". He has said in Sports Illustrated, "I was a center as a freshman and I grew to 6-3 so I ended up as a forward."

Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes and Will
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Sam says on 23/Jul/15
Rob, would you consider adding Adam McKay? A director, Ferrell's frequent collaborator and sometimes comic actor. This Newsweek article states "he is 6 feet 5 inches".
Click Here
Here with Ferrell and yeah that could be a 2 inch difference, although at times it looks like McKay's about 1.5 inches taller than Ferrell.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: not sure about adding him.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/May/15
He hasn't lost height, he's just always been a little shy of 6ft3...even going back to SNL
Dejavu says on 17/May/15
I think 189cm is too short for him
Niggurd says on 23/Apr/15
He looked more than just an inch taller than John C. Reilly at the end of Step Brothers, but John did look almost the same as Will at the start. Michael Clarke Duncan looked a full 2 inches tall than Will though and towered John by what appeared to be around 3-4 inches.

6'1.75 for John C. Reilly
6'2.75 for Will Ferrell
6'4.75 for Michael Clarke Duncan

Are my predictions. I could be wrong though.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 18/Apr/15
"Will Ferrell's height is 6ft 2¾in (190cm)"

Always been that mark. Edged out slightly by Sacha Baron Cohen (6ft3¼) and roughly 1in taller than John C. Reilly (6ft1½).
Mathew says on 10/Apr/15
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 7/Apr/15
Will Ferrell was no more than an inch taller than John C. Reilly.


Nah, he was a little more than just an inch taller. Inch and a half is a better estimate.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 7/Apr/15
Will Ferrell was no more than an inch taller than John C. Reilly.
Dejavu says on 28/Mar/15
I think he is more 190cm today.
Mathew says on 2/Mar/15
Blackhawks says on 21/Feb/15
Looked about 2 inches taller than 6'1.75 ( 187 cm ) listed John c Reilly in step brothers.


Yes he did but Reily isn't that tall really.
James says on 25/Feb/15
Rob he must have not taken great care of himself to lose half an inch at only 47. Its not like this guy does any stunt work or heavy weight lifting either.

Taller guys like liam neeson held onto 6'4 well into his 50's even with his bad posture etc......
Blackhawks says on 21/Feb/15
Looked about 2 inches taller than 6'1.75 ( 187 cm ) listed John c Reilly in step brothers.
Lorne??? says on 18/Feb/15
Interesting... I wonder if half inch loss is possible for a guy like him. I think it's more i key he was always a weak 6'3, and has dropped a fraction.

With that said I can't see him under 190cm in his 20-30's, even Dmeyer said he was about 6'3 in person, but 6ft2.75 peak and 6ft2.5 now is certainly possible.

Remember, guys well over 6ft like him can lose height faster than an average height person, though unlike say, The Rock, Ferrel hasn't had any (extensive) abuse to his body I know of.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 16/Feb/15
Nah...can't be! He's only 47.

He was always 190cm
Rusty 190cm says on 6/Feb/15
He and Sacha Baron Cohen were eye to eye in Talladega nights, how did he lose a half inch at 47? My mother is 57 and has only lost 1/2-3/4 inch despite being 10 years older than him and a woman.
Celebheights 6'1.5 says on 5/Feb/15
Would "6'2.75"' be more suitable for his height today than 6'2.5"? I don't think that he has lost a full .5" at 47. He does appear shorter today than he did 5-6 years ago though.
[Editor Rob: from what I've seen of him last few years I think 189 is ok, he generally can look a bit smaller than over 10 years ago. ]
Mathew says on 29/Jan/15
He looked within a cm of Sacha Baron Cohen in Talledega and looked to edge out Jon Krasinski by a cm in the Office. Couldn't have been less than 6'2.75" until recently, but maybe he's started to creep down a bit.
Ben says on 28/Jan/15
Looks very tall, when he appeared on the office he seemed a little bit taller than Jim who is a legit 6'3 so he's around that range
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 19/Jan/15
@Tymmo that's with his hair, and with his shoes on.
jtm says on 19/Jan/15
wahlberg is much closer to the camera and he is still over 6 inches shorter than ferrell. i have said this a million times already but he is not a legit 5'8.
Danimal says on 18/Jan/15
Never looked to have a full 2" on 6'1" Norm MacDonald on SNL back in the day. Then again, Norm always struck me as being closer to 6'2" than 6'1".
Danimal says on 18/Jan/15
Used to see both 6'3" and 6'3.5" listings for him during his SNL days. I do remember him appearing with Sacha Baron Cohen on an awards show and Cohen was noticeably taller than Will.
cole says on 17/Jan/15
@James B: He hasn't actually lost 2 full cm's. 0.5in = 1,27 cm (~ 1,3 cm). 6ft 3in = 190,5 cm (~ 191 cm). 6ft 2.5in = 189,2 cm (~ 189 cm).
Tymmo says on 15/Jan/15
the sign behind him puts him at like 6'5'' lol it must be way off
James B says on 12/Jan/15
2cm Height loss at 47 rob?
[Editor Rob: half inch yes]
Lonestar says on 15/Dec/14
He always look a solid 6'2.5 not 6'2 and not quite 6'3
Judd says on 3/Dec/14
6'2.5-2.75" in my opinion...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 7/Nov/14
He could look a strong 6ft3 next to Rob Riggle (Strong 6ft2) in Step Brothers and The Other Guys.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Oct/14
190cm is still possible but no less
Sam says on 11/Oct/14
My brother has met my celebs as a part of the Dan Patrick show & said, he's 6'3", that Ferrell is around his height.
Dmeyer says on 19/Sep/14
Did look about 6'3 in person but i met Vince a lot he is 6'5 but no more and Will looks more 2.5-3in shorter so 6'2.5 is possible for him
Andrea says on 14/Sep/14
In fact he's over 6'2 but not quite 6'3... 6'2.5 is right!
Andrea says on 14/Sep/14
Rob, something weird is clearly goin on in that pic... A weak 5'7 guy like Galifiankis appears a bit shorter than Lampard!
[Editor Rob: well he's a few inches shorter but Zach is several inches in front of those guys, I think there's a good chance there is more than 2 inches between them.]
Joey says on 14/Sep/14
Rob, if you look at the 'quality' of the evidence though, the John Terry and Ronaldo shots are most definitely the best benchmarks, as both are full body shots, with posture and footwear visible. Frank Lampard is around 5'11"/6ft, but in that picture with Will, Peter Cech and the other Chelsea goalie, Ross Turnbull, he looks about 5'7". The problem is, we don's see their feet, they are not all stodd in line, and Lampard clearly has a strange leaning posture in that shot. The Terry and Ronaldo full length clear body shots have to be the marker for me, and both of those say to me 6'1" as he stands..probably 6'2" if he sleeps on a board or we stick a broom up his back :-) Everyone likes to be a bit taller, and i'm sure Will is no different!
Editor Rob says on 14/Sep/14
With Murray and Ronaldo you could definitely argue he doesn't look over 6ft. Although one thing with Andy, he has over 1 inch sneakers, Will has no more than 0.5in sneakers.
But look at Will here:
Click Here
Lampard in person is a lot similar Big 6ft Alex from this site!
anon says on 3/Sep/14
Looked an inch or so shorter than listed 188cm Murray in this clip

Click Here

Murray appears about half way in
James B says on 27/Aug/14
Rob his head comes up to the 6'6 mark in the PR photo :)
matt says on 15/Aug/14
He Probably is right on that 6'3 mark or just under it, He was similar to Tennis Player Andy Murray maybe a bit taller but Rob has Murray now at 188cm even though he could be a bit taller than that
James B says on 22/Jul/14
He looks between 6'2-6'3
Arch Stanton says on 27/Apr/14
He looked 6'2" range next to Vince Vaughn in The Internship.
dejavu says on 27/Apr/14
At worst he is a weak 6'3.
guitarman1 says on 1/Apr/14
He's 6 feet 3 inches
dejavu says on 31/Mar/14
He is taller than Will Arnett.
James B says on 29/Mar/14
Dejavu says on 15/Jan/14
190 min
Lenad is sexy says on 10/Jan/14
He did look similar in height to sacha baron cohen. 190cm
James says on 7/Jan/14
His hair can make him look taller like 6'4 at times
Lenad is sexy says on 4/Jan/14
189-190cm could be his range. have a hard time believing he's a legit 6'3
MetalKid says on 2/Jan/14
Emily/Dmeyer - I used to give out my shoe height when I was 13, because I was only 5'7" barefoot and I was 5'8" in the boots I wore to school. Most males in my year were very tall, so I felt insecure. It's funny how much we let height get to us.
MetalKid says on 2/Jan/14
Emily/Dmeyer - I used to give out my shoe height when I was 13, bause I was only 5'7" barefoot and I was 5'8" in boots I wore to school. Most males in my year were very tall, so Ibfw
avi says on 30/Dec/13
6'2.5 tops
dmeyer says on 30/Dec/13
I agree many people claim in shoes height when i said in us i am 5'11 they Say no way more 6'0-6'1in wish I am anywere 6ft-6ft0.5in shoes on 0.6-1.1in
Emily says on 30/Dec/13
If anyone asked me how tall i was, i would only think of my barefoot height in this question. Interesting though that there are people who think of their height in shoes
MetalKid says on 28/Dec/13
Drew, just be honest and say you're 5'10". I'm 5 ft 11.75 barefeet, but a little over the 6 ft mark in my Nike Blazers, and people ask how tall I am - I usually respond with 'just under 6 feet', and if they say I look taller than that, I say 'that's my barefoot height.'
Ty says on 25/Dec/13
He's shorter than sasha baron cohan and way shorter than vince vaughn, look up some pictures in anchorman 2 and you will see that hes only really about 6 1.5 or 6 2
Drew says on 25/Dec/13
I have a question for anyone willing to answer. I'm a 5'11 14 year old and people always ask me how tall I am. But I never know how to respond, I'm 5'10 without shoes on so do I say that? Or should I say what I am with shoes on? It doesn't really matter to me it's just an inch, but I'm tired of people correcting me when I say 5'10 and they think 5'11, or vice-versa.
Late 187cm says on 20/Dec/13
I can't see how he could have more than 1 inch (2-3cm) on 185/186cm Roger Federer.

Click Here
Click Here (sloped in Federer's favour)
Click Here (sloped in Federer's favour)
Click Here (sloped in Federer's favour)
Click Here (both dropping a little here, Federer a little more)

Maybe not as low 186/187cm, because he does shade John Terry in some pictures.
I think now that it could be 188/189cm.

Although notice 187cm listed Andy Roddick to the left in some of the pictures above. Ferrell looks shorter than him.
Lenad is sexy says on 18/Dec/13
190cm guy
Mathew says on 16/Dec/13
@Seahawksfan - as far as weights go, I'd say I'm pretty confident Will Ferrell and John C. Riely are about 15 lbs heavier than that. A lot of the others seem roughly accurate. My gut says Stiller would be less than 165, not positive though.
Lenad is sexy says on 16/Dec/13
weak 6'3
Dejavu says on 14/Dec/13
A weakish 6'3 but 6'3 on the dot is a possibility too. He edged out 6'2 David Koecher.
Mathew says on 8/Dec/13
Seahawksfan says on 5/Dec/13
He looks 2.5 inches shorter than Vince Vaughn and has about 1.5 inches on John C. Reilly.


Vaughn can look 2.5" taller at times but I don't believe he is that much taller in reality. I think it would be more like 1.75" if you measured them. Both Vaughn and Ferrell have posture that can vary a lot, though Vaughn stands pretty tall often while Ferrell a bit less so. Ferrell has looked short next to Cohen in some pictures, but if you pay attention to their heights in Talladega Nights, they are more or less the same height (I'd go so far as to say any estimates putting SBC more than .5" taller are complete bunk).

I'd go:
Will Ferrell: 6'2.75" (possibly 6'3")
Sacha Baron Cohen: 6'3" (possibly 6'3.25")
Vince Vaughn: 6'4.5" (possibly 6'4.75")
John C. Reily: 6'1.25" (could be a little under or over)
John Krasinski: 6'2.5" (could be a little under or over)
Sam says on 3/Dec/13
In general, Ferrell looks from 0.5-0.75" taller than Dave Koechner, rarely an inch or more as in that pic. Next to Vince Vaughn, Ferrell generally looks a strong 2 inches shorter. Back in Old School, on-screen the difference between Ferrell and Vaughn looked like less than it does in pictures.
Click Here
Mathew says on 2/Dec/13
Looked a little bit taller than Jon Krasinski in The Office. Also look at this image: Click Here even if it's a slightly favorable angle the sub 6'2" estimates are crazy. 189 cm at least, and more likely 190 cm.
Mathew says on 18/Nov/13
Anything less than 189 cm is undercutting it. And 190 cm is more realistic.
cole says on 17/Nov/13
@Seahawksfan: I concur. He's not a full 6'3. To me he looks a little more than 2 inches shorter than 6'5 Vince Vaughn, and it mostly doesn't look like he has Owen Wilson by 4.5 inches either. With his best posture he'd probably measure a flat 190 cm, 6'2.75.

189-190 cm for Mr. Ferrell.
Ud191cm says on 16/Nov/13
Rusty says on 19/Sep/13
I have met the guy when i was in hollywood with some friends. Didn't really talk to him. Im 6'3" on the nose and he seemed to be about my height

I heard he's a jerk in real life. Is it true if you actually met him?
Dejavu says on 10/Nov/13
Will Ferrell is taller than Terry in these photos.
Click Here
Click Here
Late 187cm says on 4/Nov/13

This is a better picture, in my opinion. It's straighter and they are both, more or less, looking at the camera.
Height is measured from the top of the head, not including hair, and not at shoulder level or eye level. They don't indicate anything.

Click Here
Mike T says on 2/Nov/13
6'3 could be his peak height he's 46 now
Dejavu says on 24/Oct/13
It is just an indicator that he is taller than terry in that photo. Plus his eye level is above him.
Late 187cm says on 22/Oct/13

Height is measured from the top of the head, not at shoulder level.
cole says on 20/Oct/13
He comes off as a tad under 6'3 with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, and in general he looks slightly under 6'3, but arguably over a flat 6'2. Rob would you think about putting him at 6ft 2.75in (190 cm)?
cole says on 18/Oct/13
@Late187: I've no idea. The mugshot only appeard on it's own for a couple of seconds, so there is really no way to know.
Dejavu says on 15/Oct/13
I agreed maybe a tad under 6'3 but close to it. Somewhere in the 190cm range. Definitely over 6'2.
Mathew says on 14/Oct/13
I wouldn't be surprised if he's under a legit 6'3" but I'd say he's definitely closer to 6'3" than 6'2". 6'2.75" would be quite likely.
Dejavu says on 10/Oct/13
He is not shorter than John Terry.
Looking 6'3 with 6'5 Petr Cech. He towers over 6'0 claimed Lampard.
Click Here
Look at his shoulder level, he is taller than John Terry.
Click Here
Late 187cm says on 7/Oct/13

Did they take his shoes off?
cole says on 4/Oct/13
"The Campaign" mugshot: Click Here
Late 187cm says on 20/Sep/13
@ Jared

It's the conclusion that I, personally, would draw.

6'3 with shoes and hair.
Rusty says on 19/Sep/13
I have met the guy when i was in hollywood with some friends. Didn't really talk to him. Im 6'3" on the nose and he seemed to be about my height
Jared says on 16/Sep/13
"If not, can you explain it?"

Hint: he ain't 6'3".
Late 187cm says on 9/Sep/13
@ Dejavu

So do you think he looks at least 1.5 inches taller than Terry in that picture? If not, can you explain it?
Dejavu says on 7/Sep/13
He still looks a bit taller than John Terry. I still think he is 6'3.
Scott says on 31/Aug/13
6'2.25" at night.
Late 187cm says on 30/Aug/13
Maybe Ferrell is 6'3 or 190cm range, but honestly guys, how do you explain the John Terry full length side by side picture?

Click Here

Terry is almost always listed as 187cm, but I've seen him listed as 185cm and as 188cm.
cole says on 28/Aug/13
I've ruled out 188 cm as a realistic possibilty for him now. But 190 cm I think would be bang on for Will. 189-190 cm range is the lowest I'd argue. 6'3 range is a fair enough shout, after all, it's 190,5 cm. So I would probably say under 190,5 cm, like 190,1-4 cm range most of the day for Will, and call it 6ft 2.75in (190 cm). Rob is that something you could agree on?
Mathew says on 26/Aug/13
Could definitely be more 6'2.75" than a strong 6'3" but a flat 6'2" is undercutting him. He definitely looks around 6'3" most of the time.
the duke. says on 23/Aug/13
When you hit 6'3 particulars in Hollywood you are going to use every trick in the book not to appear your full height as you will tower over most people.
Not every one is para about their height.191 end of.
Lurk says on 21/Aug/13
6 ft 2.25-5 seems more likely. Slightly shorter than Sascha Baron Cohen
cole says on 21/Aug/13
Don't know about footwear etc. though, but Will certainly doesn't look 6'3 here: Click Here
Late 187cm says on 29/Jul/13
Mathew says on 13/Jun/13

"If Will is 187 cm how tall would that make Gordon Ramsay?"

5'11" maximum. Ramsay at 6'2" is just silly.

Look at the picture of Rob with Brandon Routh. Click Here There's 6.5 inches between the two men.
Now look at the picture of Ramsay beside Van der Sar. Click Here There's at least the same difference between them (6.5 inches) if not more. Ramsay is barely up to Van der Sar's chin. That would make Ramsay 5'11". If he's even that. Looks a very average height to me.

Ferrell doesn't look over 6'2" to me.
cole says on 24/Jul/13
He can be 189-190 cm range, but I wouldn't bet on him being a flat 6'3. I agree that 187 cm is rubbish.
Rusty says on 19/Jul/13
I am exactly 6'3" and have met him. He is about the same height as me.
Silent d says on 23/Jun/13
6 foot 3.
Mathew says on 13/Jun/13
He very well may be under 191 cm but the estimates of Will being in the 187 cm range are bunk. For example, someone use a couple photoss of him with Sacha Baron Cohen and say SBC is 1.25" taller. While in those photos it looks it, that's not the case at all. In this scene from Talladega Nights Click Here they look honestly the same height. I can buy SBC .25" taller or so because it can be hard to spot a small fraction of an inch at times. But unless Ferrell wore lifts in that movie (very doubtful) I really don't think there could possibly be more than .5" between them (probably less). In my opinion anywhere from 189 - 191 cm is in play for Ferrell with 190 cm being the best shout. But this 187 cm stuff is going too far. If Will is 187 cm how tall would that make Gordon Ramsay? Click Here
teej says on 4/Jun/13
No, will ferrell is a legitimate 6ft3, ive seen his pics john terry, and will ferrell is slouching, i saw another pic with him and terry and ferrell had about 3-4cm on him. You cannot judge his pic when hes slouching and terrys standing straight as an arrow. Besides that, its seemingly obvious as he is one to exggerate his height, he doesnt wear heels as he usually wears ankle shoes, and has an extremely bad posture, therefore making him look shorter, i myself am 6ft1 (186cm) and id bet money hes 6ft3, he is a big guy.
Late 187cm says on 22/May/13
He looks the same height as John Terry which is the same height as me. 187cm.
Johno says on 29/Apr/13
Ferrell wasn't even taller then john terry in that side-by-side money shot and infact terry edged ferrell.

John terry himself is more then an inch short then the 6'2 listed rio ferdinand and shorter then the 6'1 laser measured ronaldo. John terry edges out the 6'0 frank lampard thus he is around 6'0.75.

You can really push down ferrells height using john terry. By me estimating 6'1.5 is more then generous since terry isn't even that tall.

John terry 6'0.75 - 6'1
ronaldo 6'1
Ferdinand 6'2.25
will ferrell 6'1.5 (Honestly is shorter then terry but i think that might give some individuals an heart attack so leave it 6'1.5 for now)
Johno says on 29/Apr/13
Ferrell wasn't even taller then john terry in that side-by-side money shot and infact terry edged ferrell.

John terry himself is more then an inch short then the 6'2 listed rio ferdinand and shorter then the 6'1 laser measured ronaldo. John terry edges out the 6'0 frank lampard thus he is around 6'0.75.

You can really push down ferrells height using john terry. By me estimating 6'1.5 is more then generous since terry isn't even that tall.

John terry 6'0.75 - 6'1
ronaldo 6'1
Ferdinand 6'2.25
will ferrell 6'1.5 (Honestly is shorter then terry but i think that might give some individuals an heart attack so leave it 6'1.5 for now)
Johno says on 29/Apr/13
6'3 is a very large exaggeration
joey says on 23/Apr/13
6'2. doesn't look much taller then jason sudeikis in the campaign.
Penguinboy25 says on 3/Apr/13
Looks very similar to John Krasinski height wise on the office. If I had to guess I'd go with 6'2.5.
Magnus says on 25/Mar/13
He never was a full 6ft3 but close probably more like 188-189cm.
Heres Will Ferrel in a photo with 6ft2 Jay Z: Click Here
Anon says on 22/Mar/13
@Trent: Wasn't trying to say he's only 184cm, that's Hamm and yes, Ferrell is definitely taller than Hamm. I'd say a strong 6'2" MAX.
Ud190.5cm says on 22/Mar/13
hey people i dunno how to use the tiny url but if u see this guy with jay z,they both are similiar and jay z is not 6'3!!
Duhon says on 15/Feb/13
This is an older SNL skit with Will and 7'1" shaquille o'neal
Click Here
nick says on 15/Feb/13
Click Here . hmmmmm
nick says on 15/Feb/13
good job trent. Seems plausible but with the tennis play his feet are wide apart taking slightly over a half inch. I myself see ferrel as 6'2.5 lower than the listed height. He definetly isnt a true 6'3. For example, to be a true 6'3 you would have to be close to 6'3.75 in the morning. There is no way ferrel is that tall in the morning. CASE closed
Silent d says on 13/Feb/13
Why does will ferrell barely look 6 foot 2 next to john hamm? He looks really tall next to paul rudd and steve carrel but he struggles to stay consistent with other 6 foot 3 guys. Weird. 6 foot 2.
Allen 189 -187 cm says on 13/Feb/13
look at this video with Shaq on youtube:
"Will Ferrell escorts Shaq out of Staples!"
Trent says on 31/Jan/13
Hamm is in dress shoes, while Ferrell is in casual sneakers; so we're looking at 1 - 1.2 inches and .75 - 1 inch respectively.

So maybe add .3 or .4 to Ferrell to account for footwear. He also seems to have some weird stance that could make him lose half an inch. Plus if you look at the curtains in the background you can see the ground is slanted to Ferrell's disadvantage.

So I definitely think 184 is a good bit too low. But yes, he isn't 191. I have estimated him at around 187.5.
Anon says on 23/Jan/13
Click Here

Any idea of footwear on this pic? Hamm is 184, this lad ought to be 191.. doesn't seem at all on that pic.
Trey says on 21/Jan/13
6'1.75 - 6'2 tops
Trent says on 19/Jan/13
~~Case for a 6'1.75 Will Ferrell~~

Here are some stills of him with another 6'3 claimer, Sacha Baron Cohen, along with pics proving they were both in dress shoes: Click Here

I estimate ~1.25 inches between the two.


Also see him with footballer John Terry, who gets listings of 6'1.5: Click Here

To me they look so close it's impossible to call who is standing taller. However, Ferrell is probably disadvantaged slightly in footwear. That shoe he is wearing gives 1 inch new and .75 after a few weeks, as measured by Rob. Soccer shoes, however, are fairly thickly padded inside and have cleats that measure around an inch. Of course that cleats would sink slightly into the grass, lowering one's height, but it doesn't seem a wet day at all. So, assuming Ferrell's shoes aren't brand new, Terry probably takes about .25 in footwear.


And see Ferrell merely edging out tennis-player Roger Federer, commonly listed as 6'1, and listed as 6'1.25 on this site: Click Here
Hew says on 18/Jan/13
He was the same height or shorter than John Terry (187 cm). Come on now Rob, he's not 6'3.
185-186 says on 16/Jan/13
will ferrell now :189.5
sacha baron cohen now :191.5
Peyman says on 5/Jan/13
Rob ,
if he is 6'3'' then why in The Campaign he seemed shy of 6ft 2in in the jail mugshot ?
Don't tell me please that it was just because of camera angle or something
he is not 6ft 3in , maybe 6'2'' for him & 6'2.75'' for Sacha Baron Cohen does make sense .
I've even heard that in those mugshots people are not barefoot , Ferrel was truly barefoot tgough .
[Editor Rob: he is likely a weaker six three, if someone gets hold of still from that movie in the future it'd be good]
Lo sgozzatore says on 29/Dec/12
He does look shorter than Sacha Baron Cohen, who's probably a LEGIT 6'3... 6'2.5 could be on the money! You can argue anything in the 6'2-6'3 range, under 6'2 is clearly too low for him
Arch Stanton says on 28/Dec/12
LOL, Rob you must really get some amusement from some of the posts on this website. Obviously a half inch is SOOO detectable when meeting somebody in person.
Peyman says on 24/Dec/12
will ferrell's real height :
6ft 1.75in now & solid 6ft 2in at peak
I strongly know what I'm saying .
It seems that Rob likes to upgrade guys with the first name of will !!!
I mean 6ft 0.75in will smith of course
Alex says on 19/Dec/12
I am 6'3" and I met him last month, and I was just taller than him by a good half inch. He's gotta be no more than 6'2 1/2"
Johnnyfive says on 11/Dec/12
Will just DID NOT look 10 inches taller than 5'5 Genesis Rodriguez in Casa De Mi Padre when they were side by side barefoot after their sex scene. He looked 187-188cms max. I think he's 6'2.
The Exorcist says on 1/Nov/12
6'2"-6'2.5 range.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm says on 20/Oct/12
Seems 1.5in shorter than Conan O'Brien, although we can't see their footwear:

Click Here

I think 6'2.5 is closer, Sacha Baron Cohen gives me a taller impression than this guy.
James says on 5/Oct/12
I think 191cm is his very max. His 6'3 1/2 listings as well are silly cause he is probably near 1 inch shorter than that.
Nick says on 26/Sep/12
6'2 1/4" at night I'm betting. The hair gives him a boost.
Alexander says on 19/Sep/12
Hes 186-187, looks shorter than john terry and 2 inches shorter than baron cohen
Silent d says on 14/Sep/12
6 foot 3.
matt678 says on 6/Sep/12
will ferrel is a ligitment 6 foot 3 in my book
Mathew says on 25/Aug/12
6'1" is ridiculous for Will, at the very least he's 6'2.5" but honestly 6'2.75" - 6'3" is a better estimate. He's no more than .25" shorter than Sacha in Talladega Nights if you actually pay close attention, in a lot of scenes they look dead even. I'm usually pretty skeptical and I believe 6'3".
Jon says on 10/Aug/12
Looks close to a full head taller than Zach Galifianakis (who's 5'6), even when their footwear is pretty flat, so I'd say he's over 6'2 for sure without shoes (probably 6'2.5 or so.)
BigT says on 5/Aug/12
If he's 6'3 there's a lot of people in need of an upgrade, for instance Danny McBride would be 6ft and Roger Federer would be 6'2.75". Will is 6'1.5" at the absolute max.
Chameleon says on 2/Aug/12
Thats odd, because in that vid Cohen really had a few cm on him which makes 190cm impossible, so does 5'10 Danny McBride. I dont know what to think.

Click Here
Click Here
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here another full body pic
Click Here
ANDREA[ITA] says on 2/Aug/12
Chameleon, 6'2 is actually too short for him! He looks taller than that, at worst he's 6'2.5!
Chameleon says on 29/Jul/12
He is 6'2 at the absolute max, I remember it in a video that was posted years ago where he was CLEARLY shorter than Cohen. If anyone remembers its the vid where they Kissed.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Jul/12
Looks 6ft2 tops beside Federer
kevin says on 28/Jul/12
with the terry and federer pics there is no way hes a full 6ft3in.
BigT says on 27/Jul/12
He´s not 191 cm, that´s for sure. 186-187 cm is all I see. His 175 cm tall wife reaches his eyelevel, and looks close to his height in heels.
ed says on 27/Jul/12
Federer is 6'1 maybe 6'1.25 and I've shook his hand before. Here is a pic of Federer and Ferrell side by side Click Here
No way he's 6'3.
MaskDeMasque says on 9/Jun/12
johno says on 10/Feb/12
btw, most of the pictures online don't present full body shots so you can't out what footwear shes wearing. But on a majority, shes about 3.5 inches shorter and in some it looks closer to 2inches, i assume it is sometimes reduced 2 because those the times she wears heels so you can indirectly make out that she isn't necessarily wearing them when shes 3.5 inches shorter.
johno says on 8/Feb/12
As i stated earlier when i first post the clear john terry comparisons, where they were level in height, with terry edging him and with terry being listed 6'2 max in most sites but more rather a 6'1.5. I will yet again post another comparison where he looks between 6'1 - 6'1.5 at best and thats with his 5'9 wife, viveca paulin

Click Here

He is in most pictures about 3.5 inches taller then her. Making him look 6'0.75 in comparison even but i'm going with 6'1 - 6'1.5, somewhere between that those parameters

Vivica palin 5'9
will ferrell 6'1 - 6'1.5 ( As we can see with the height challenge pictures, how tall 6'1 - 6'1.5 can be, this height range is perfectly acceptable for ferrell
ANDREA[ITA] says on 31/Jan/12
I just saw some pics with Eva Mendes, who is max 5'5, in very big heels. I dont think she's over 175-176 in those heels and he looks max 15 cms taller. Counting he's wearing shoes and he should be about 6'4 with shoes on, i think he could be 6'2.5. He can look 6'3 for sure, but 6'2.5 maybe is closer. 6'1 is ridicolous for him. I think 6'2.5-6'3 range is a fair guess. Remember he looked shorter than Sacha Baron Cohen, who's a legit 6'3 man in my opinion, maybe 6'3.25 but no more.
Silent d says on 23/Jan/12
John terry is the soccer player right? 6 foot 3. Kidman is 179cm. Next to steve carrell, he is 6 foot 3.

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