How tall is Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan's Height

6ft 1in (185 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 2in (188 cm)
Indian Actor best known for films like Sholay, Deewar, Anand, Amar Akbar Anthony, Don, Agneepath, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Mohabbatein, Aankhen and Chupke Chupke. He says, "I'm six feet, two inches tall. They've got to look up to me".

How tall is Amitabh Bachchan
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Ren said on 15/May/16
Amitabh Bachchan is 6'1. Same as Morgan Freeman.
Johno said on 7/May/16
The fact that Mr Bachan has a few inches on Leonardo, is pretty telling of Leo's height.
Johno said on 7/May/16
His son, Abhishek is upto an inch taller than him so put him at 6'1.

Amitabh 6'0
Abhishek 6'1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 15/Apr/16
Looks 186-187cm w/h DiCaprio

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Gotta love the suit he's wearing!
Rahul said on 8/Apr/16
Mr.Bachchan does not look even 6' 1". May be a shade lesser than that now
Johno said on 7/Apr/16
Mr Bachan looked around 6'0 with Mamun and "Uncle Shahzad" from them old pictures and Federer doea have a inch on him.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Apr/16
Just saw an old movie from the 60's where he looks 6ft2½-6ft3!
Rahul said on 4/Apr/16
Gayle is 6' 3"
lalitha said on 29/Mar/16
Amitabh bachan next to chris gayle who is 6ft2

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John said on 13/Mar/16

couldn't agree more

If we were to go by the picture then Ambitah was almost 6'5 which is impossible he was 6'2 max in his prime, which was considered to be very tall for an indian at that time and even today.
Rahul said on 10/Mar/16
Amitabh, the photograph that you hv posted here is affected by all the possible factors of still camera. Thats why Ali is looking much shorter than Bachchan. It is not the ground that is affecting their heights. Photographs at times can throw up unbelievable images and absolutely mislead.
Ali in his younger days was 187.5 cms to 188 cms. Bachchan's peak height was nothing more than 187cms
Houdaloth said on 19/Feb/16
Amitabh has claimed in a BBC Asian network interview that he is 6'2 which is true and was at his prime and peak. He has lost height since then and is most likely 6ft tall now.
People lose height from their 40s onwards and height needs to be rechecked.
thunder said on 7/Feb/16
I am 6ft3 inch tall but whenever I go tocrowd or anywhere outside I am verymuch shorter all people are 6ft5 or6ft6 in india only whenever I see outside thats y I feel my height is just middle height only its 6ft3 which is mine and whenever i went outside people are 6ft5 or 6ft6 thats y i am only at their half nwadays these steroids and capsules have come thats y they are dwrafing 6ft3 guy like me
Amitabh said on 3/Feb/16
Look at this pic Rob which has both Amitabh Bachchan and Mohammad Ali
Click Here
What will you say about the height comparison(after considering posture and camera angle)
Editor Rob: hard to say without knowing what type of ground they are on.
Cutie said on 21/Jan/16
Peak height 6' 1.5'', current height 6' 0.25''
Hfjjjcjcncn said on 18/Jan/16
Met arjun kapoor and he said was 6' in good shoes, so 5'10-5'11 barefoot and he is among the tallest actors, so u can imagine ho w short others are, dad met salmaan Khan in 1994 or so and he was 5'6 with decent footwear, 5'5 for real
Rahul said on 20/Dec/15
Amitabh is 6' 1" all right. But he is just half an inch over Kapil Dev. Watching multiple videos will confirm this. One or two still photographs will not give you the clear picture of difference between their heights. Kapil Dev is 6' 0.5" (184 cms). Azharuddin is 6' 0.5" too. Vengsarkar is 6' 0.75" (184.5 cms). I am very sure about these heights.
Abhishek Bachchan is nothing more than 6' 1.5" (187 cms)

Amitabh, I think was never a full 6' 2". Probably 6' 1.25" to 6' 1.5" during his young days. 6' 1" now
Comets said on 19/Dec/15
6'1 tops when he is not slouching, he is 73 years old now and i do believe he could have been 6'3 at his peak but he did lose height after an injury in a movie 40 years ago..he is here with Kapil Dev, confirmed 6 footer, both wearing same shoes Click Here and Amitabh does have an inch on him..
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 17/Dec/15
About 40 yrs ago my mom saw him at the airport while doing security check and chatted with him.She says he was slightly taller than 6ft area in-charge by an inch or so. She also says he was not as tall as me so 6ft 1 to 2 during that time is possible.
arif khan said on 14/Nov/15
I think amitabh is 6.2 ft , srk is 5.8 ft, salman is 5.8 ft , amir is 5.6 ft, hritik is 5.10 ft etc.
John said on 9/Nov/15
@True heights said on 8/Oct/15
Roger Federer is a Legit 6' 1" tall guy. In the photo with Amitabh, Amitabh looks 1 inch shorter. Present day Amitabh is 6' on the dot. In his young days he was 6' 1" to 6'1.5" max. His son is 6' 0.5". Akshay Kumar is 5' 10", Arjun Rampal & John Abraham are 5' 11". Ranbir Kapoor is 5' 10.5". Hritikh is 5' 10" max, could even be 5' 9.5". Shahrukh is 5' 6.5". Salman Khan is 5' 5". Aamir Khan is 5' 4".

I totally agree with the other heights but don't you think 5'5 ist a bit too low for Salman, he can easily look 5'6 or even 5'6.5 and Arjun might be 5'11.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Nov/15
A lot of Indian people insist that this guy was really 6ft4.
Bulleter said on 11/Oct/15
Why no mention of arunoday singh?? He is the tallest bollywood actor sharing the position with Nikitin Dhir. He is legit 6 feet 4 inches.
True heights said on 8/Oct/15
Roger Federer is a Legit 6' 1" tall guy. In the photo with Amitabh, Amitabh looks 1 inch shorter. Present day Amitabh is 6' on the dot. In his young days he was 6' 1" to 6'1.5" max. His son is 6' 0.5". Akshay Kumar is 5' 10", Arjun Rampal & John Abraham are 5' 11". Ranbir Kapoor is 5' 10.5". Hritikh is 5' 10" max, could even be 5' 9.5". Shahrukh is 5' 6.5". Salman Khan is 5' 5". Aamir Khan is 5' 4".
Kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 12/Aug/15
Nikitin dheer is huge..he is surely taller than abhishekh and kunal kapoor...he should be also added..I would put nikitin at 6ft 4
nikki said on 30/Jul/15
pic can play tricks, in one pic when roger Federer and akshay and other stars took pic, he looked a lot taller than akshay, then in some pick akshay shaking hands closeup with Federer, feder appeared 1.5 to 2 inch taller than akshay. akshay's real height is 5ft 11.5 inch and max 6ft, he can't be 5ft 10 when he's slightly taller than hrithik.
Arch Stanton said on 1/May/15
green says on 24/Apr/15
he was at the nba all star games and looked very tall

I think you're confusing him with his son Abhishek.
Arch Stanton said on 1/May/15
Rob can you also add best known for films like Sholay, Deewar, Anand, Amar Akbar Anthony, Don, Agneepath, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Mohabbatein, Aankhen and Chupke Chupke? Sorry I added Don twice haha!
Arch Stanton said on 30/Apr/15
Rob can you add a photo? See 1:50:53 Click Here I think it's clear he was around a legit 6'2.
raj said on 28/Apr/15
LOL@ height specialist. Rob, you have a bad@$$ competitor.
green said on 24/Apr/15
he was at the nba all star games and looked very tall
Amaze said on 13/Apr/15
@height specialist don't be foolish salman is 5'8ish and shahrukh 5'7.5... Hrithik is 5'10

@rampage clover probably did that to make him intimidating or even more impressive whatever. He's always been 6'2 but 6'1 now cause he's 72 lol. This height specialist guy is annoyin
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Mar/15
I've seen 6ft4 descriptions for this guy.

Rob, does the 2in rule also exist in Bollywood?
Amaze said on 4/Mar/15
@teej yeah I agree with you. abishek is 6'2 too but probably not as strong as his dad just .25 shorter probably. hrithik never claimed 6'2, its silly fans saying hes 6'0, 6'2, refusing to accept hes 5'10 when that is still is a good height and for a indian a very good height lol still tall there.. hrithik has claimed slightly below 6 feet, he probably took 5'11 but its a morning measurement, other places he said hes 5'10. hrithik is 5'10 and everyone sane knows it.

silly indian fans, listen I like his films but he is not over 5'10. he is 5'11 when wakes up but drops to 5'10 after for the rest of the day, no way is he 6 feet.
amit said on 23/Feb/15
The real height of amitabh is 6'2 now peak was 6'4
Abhishek bachchan is 6'3.5
Akshay kumar 6'1
Arjun rampal 6'2.5
Ranbir kapoor 6'2.5
Sonu sood 6'4
Arjun kapoor 6'2.5
Irfan khan 6'2
Hrithik roshan 6'2
Ranvir singh 6'
Varun dhawan 5'11
Srk 5'10 bec he is taller than 5'9 deepika and 5'7 ash
salman khan 5'9.5 bec he is taller than 5'8.5 katrina and 5'7 ash.
teej said on 14/Feb/15
Hritik roshan 6'2 lol are u mad? Anyways going to Amitabh, he defo was a strong 6'2, not taller or shorter. Im half indian my grandfather had the privilege of meeting amitabh bhachan in the early 70's and told me he was a very strong 6'2 then without a doubt. My grandad being 184cm (quite tall for an indian, especially back then) told me amitabh was comfartably taller than him i think peak amitabh was probably 189cm. Today probably about 185-186cm. Now to hritk roshan to me looks like a 5'10 guy tryna pass off as 6ft, but he's making it ridiculous now by claiming 6'2. He must be wearing heels or something. On the bollywood website he was listed as 5'10 then changing to 6'0 now 6'2 lol. This guys worse than vin diesel in the 'height claim' department
theta said on 8/Feb/15
Amitabh is that type of guy who you just cannot imagine below 6 feet. Tall, great actor/personality, well spoken well mannered.
rohan said on 7/Feb/15
I also feel amitabh is 6'2 now peak was 6'4
Srk is 5'10
John 6'2
Hrithik 6'2
Arjun kapoor 6'2
Arjun rampal 6'3
Ranvir singh 6'
Ranbir kapoor 6'2
Aidtya roy kapoor 6'2.5
Akshay kumar 6'1
zarb said on 5/Feb/15
Rofl @ Rahul "actually height of bollywood stars". You have no idea what you are talking about.
devi said on 1/Feb/15
salman khan - 5'6"5 Max
devi said on 1/Feb/15
I met Paresh rawal [ 5'9 solid ]. akki has 2 inch taller than Paresh n Sunil is 1 inch !!!"n salman khan is 2.5 or 3 inch shorter than Paresh rawal so Sallu is 5'6" 5 Max !!! Sure
John said on 31/Jan/15
@ linke
Arjun Rampal is a legit 6 footer(183cm) but he does give the impression of being very tall though.He was max 2 inches taller than 5'9.25-5'10.25 range Sunil Shetty and a good inch(1.5 at times) taller than Akshay(5'10.25-5'10.75).He was also slighty taller than strong 5'11 (181-182cm).

Agree with you.Siddhart might be strong 5'11(181cm).
Aditya always looked 6'1 to me.
Sonu Sood is the only legit 6'2 actor of bollywood,he is clearly taller than strong 6'1 Abishek who is taller than his 6'0 father.
day said on 30/Jan/15
Aditya Roy Kapoor seems to be 6-6'1, he is taller than Siddharth Malhotra who is probably no more than 5'11. If you look at picture of them together, Aditya looks at least 1.5 inches taller. Oh and Sonu Sood/ Abhishek, tall guys, the same height as Big B or a little taller.
day said on 30/Jan/15
I think him and Arjun Rampal are the only legit 6 footers in Bollywood. The rest who claim to be 6 ft actually range from 5'9-5'11. Maybe John can be an exception, although I think he is a weak 6 foot.
linke said on 25/Jan/15
Rob, whats ur guess for Arjun Rampal? He looks nowhere near 6'2.
[Editor Rob: he could clear the 6ft mark, but yeah his own claim of 6ft 2 might be a bit much for him.]
xin said on 23/Jan/15
His feet are a size 9, I think. (Dialogue from movie Suhaag)
Linke said on 15/Jan/15
Rob, have you heard of Arjun Rampal. I found a claim that he had made in 2003, his personal claim is 6'2.

Click Here

Here he is next to Amitabh:
Click Here

Next to Ranbir Kapoor
Click Here
jaak said on 6/Jan/15
akshay kumar is 5ft11.5 to 6ft tall, I mean he stood next to 6ft 2 inch candaian prime minster who had shoes on and difference was 2 inches, even less.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Jan/15
He really did look easily 6'2" in the 70s.
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 1/Jan/15
@rampage I agree with you 100%.In his old movies he looks about 6ft 3.He has about 3in on 5ft 11 actor and model milind soman. So he can be over 6ft 1 even today.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Dec/14
He still looks minimum 6ft1 today sometimes even 6ft2!

He could look near 6ft3 in his old movies
smith said on 23/Dec/14
Amitab is 6.1
Akshay kumar is 5.11
Staton said on 22/Dec/14
Amitabh with roger federer he is a clear 6'2 even today no doubt's see the pics below should upgrade him i think
Click Here
kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 20/Dec/14
Akshay kumar doesn't look much shorter than brandon routh

Click Here

Skip to 4:45 in the video and you will see clearly.
Ricky said on 17/Dec/14
Rob.I think son of amitabh bachchan.(Abishek bachchan) present in celebheight coz he is leading actor from fenomenal bollywood movie dhoom 1,dhoom 2,n dhoom 3
clement said on 6/Dec/14
Amitabh Bachchan is about 6'1/2"
Vinod khanna is 5'11"
Shatrughan Sinha is 5'11 1/2
Aksahy Kumar is 5'11 1/2
Anmol said on 1/Nov/14
My name is Anmol Kuahal.I am of 15 yrs and my hieght is about 6'3 inch. And want to play role in any type of film or adverstivement of any type of product
linke said on 19/Oct/14
Abhisekh is Strong 6'1, weak 6'2 at best. He's shorter than 6'2 sonu sood.
Raj said on 9/Oct/14
I think Big-B is 6'2" inch..
Brownie said on 17/Sep/14
i dnt know about amitabh height much, but if pierce brosnan is even 6'1 nowdays which can be seen by seeing him with robert pattison or bradley cooper who are 184cm listed here then by seeing the whole video or these pics u can make out that amitabh is easy 1' over brosnan if not more
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Hypado said on 10/Sep/14
Amitabh Bachchan

Peak: 188cm
Now: 184cm
Realist said on 31/Aug/14
I know one thing for sure, Bollywood and some of the south indian cinema especially Telegu are far more obsesed with tall heroes than people with average height. All the new guys who are coming are about 6'0-6'1 minumum. Thats like 7-8 inches above national average. In hollywood you are able to find many more guys in the 171-175 range.
arun said on 25/Aug/14
He is 188cm and 6.2 ft..!!!
arian said on 3/Aug/14
I think he is (185)cm
Amit said on 11/Jun/14
Amitji looked slightly taller than Leonardo and that was due to his long hair. Otherwise, their shoulder level were the same. If Leonardo is 5'11" then, Amitji is no more than 6', no more.
Kreyzig123 said on 29/May/14
Rajat kapoor..the famous actor from movies like bheja fry,corporate,dil chahta hai etc.In the movie rann he was like 2in taller than amitabh bachchan..he is one of the least discussed celebrity in this forum.I would guess him at 6ft 3 or 6ft 2.
rathore said on 27/May/14
Earlier i used to think that mr amitabh bachchan would be taller than me....but after exloring this site i came to know that...he is not as tall as i am....and my age is only 14 years and i am 6'4'' tall....i know no one would believe on my comment after reading my age and height
Ricky said on 19/May/14
Amitabh bachchan height 100% 184 cm
rik said on 26/Apr/14
Elizabeth Debicki makes Amitabh look short
Rahul said on 3/Mar/14
Amitabh is not 1 inch taller than David Cameron. He is just 1 cm taller (which is less than half an inch)
prado said on 18/Feb/14
Amitabh bachchan is taller than 1 inch with David Cameron 6.1
Rahul said on 7/Jan/14
Aditya Pancholi is certainly 1 inch taller than Mr.Bachchan
Amit said on 4/Jan/14
Mr Bacchan looks 1" taller in the most dependable pics.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Dec/13
186-187cm with Leonardo DiCaprio in Great Gatsby....

His son I think is 188cm/6ft2
cole said on 14/Dec/13
2 inches taller than DiCaprio. 6'1 is right.
Shorty said on 30/Nov/13
Amitabh bachchan is 5.11 due to his 2inch hair style and elevator shoes make him look like tall
Rahul said on 14/Oct/13
Rob, Amitabh is certainly 6' 1.75" even today. He has a good half an inch on Pierce Brosnan, whom you hv rated 6' 1.25", in every still with him.
KROC said on 11/Oct/13
@ Arch Stanton I agree with you concerning Abhishek. I believe hé is 6'1.5 or 186cm-Thé same height Amitabh was in his prime. Obviously Amitabh has lost about an inch which makes him just shy of 6'1. You can look at pictures of Abhishek in his late teens with his father. They were virtually the same height.
Arch Stanton said on 27/Sep/13
I still think Abhishek looks around 6'2", but that Daggubatti bloke really did make him looks 6'1" range but I think Daggubattu looks nearer 6'3" than 6'2".
Arch Stanton said on 27/Sep/13
Rob would you agree that proportionally he can still give the illusion of being 6'2" range? Click Here He looks 189-90 in that photo to me. I know he's 185 tops nowadays but he really can still give the illusion of being taller.
[Editor Rob: you can always get people looking a few inches taller or shorter on their own]
Kj said on 18/Sep/13
I think 6"2 in
kali said on 16/Sep/13
Amitabh Bachchan's height 6.2 inch.
caaq said on 12/Sep/13
Like I said, one man's 6 footer is someone else's 5 -10. Depends on how you define height. How one measures, time of day, how one stands when being measured, etc. Watched Satyagraha yesterday. Amitabh wearing flat sandles looked about 3 inches taller than 5-9 ajay devgan in shoes. Both their hairs were similar and so negated any advantage to any one person. So I think 6-05 inches solid to 6-1 at most is a good assessment for amitabh. He used to be 6-2 even 7 or 8 years back. In ek ajnabee he was half an inch over arjun rampal, but here arjun rampal looked a bit taller in most scenes. So, I think Arjum rampal is a solid 6-1, wearing regular shoes or keds making him look 6-2, which made him look 1.5 to 1 inches taller than amitabh here. Also he looked about 4 inches taller than ajay devgan most of the time, sometimes 3 inches. this explains it.
Rahul said on 11/Sep/13
Yuvraj Singh is 6' 2"
Vikas said on 10/Sep/13
Ambitabh Bacchhan is 6'2 same as Shatrughan Sinha. Sanjay Dutt and Akshay Kumar are both 6-0.5 Yuvraj is 6'1.Sunil Shetty is 5'11.
caaq said on 9/Sep/13
In addition to some more heights I sent in, I need to say something to everyone. Wno need to argue on differences in estimates of up to 1.5 inches or so, as it all depends on what method of measurement has been used and also time of day. Most heights I have listed are as these people appear during most part of the day. Neither when they are at their tallest when they wake up in the morning, nor after a very hard days work by which time people shrink by upto 2 to 3cm (0.7 to 1.2 inches). Also, depends on the height measurement mechanism. Majority of people press a scale down on their heads in a way that it slopes downwards from the crown of the head up to the wall. And the slope is at a 15 degree angle and people measure themselves often up to 1.5 inches lesser. I have recently proven 2 people who said they were 5-11 and 6 respectively to be 6feet and 6-1.5 in reality and to their own surprise. Perfect height measurement is when someone stands barefeet but feet together, nice and straight in front of a. Scale. Whatever height mark u cover (including normal about 1/2 inch hair, which is common for all), is the height that u are. Pressing a scale down, and at an angle below the head, will always subtract an inch from u. Many actors overstate their heights while some understimate themselves. That's why the tallest 6 footers and casually described 6-2 people are therefore the same.
caaq said on 9/Sep/13
Would like to add to the list below. Fardin khan: 5-10.5, ritesh deshmukh- 5-11, shreyash talpade: 5-8.5, aditya roy kapoor - solid perfect 6 (loose 6-0.5), sonu sood- solid 6-2 (casual 6-3), emran hashmi: solid 5-7 (casual 5-8), niel nitin mukhesh : solid 5-8.5 (casual 5-9)
caaq said on 1/Sep/13
Ignoring footwear, after much observation, comparison and adjustments I have concluded the following heights. But let me clarify- these heights refer to people's original barefeet heights, standing straight but comfortably, but not stretching the spine, measured up to the highest point of the head:amitabh-6-1now, abhishek -6-1.5, kunal kapoor: 6-3, shahrukh khan:5-8,salman khan: 5-7; amir khan: 5-6, saif khan:5-9,jackie shroff: 6-0, sanjay dut:5-11, ajay. Devgan: 5-9.5, ranbir kapoor:5-11; arjun rampal: 6-0, john abraham: 6-0.5, akshay kapoor: 5-11, sunil shetty: 5-10, suny deol:5-9, bobby deol: 5-11.5, milind sonam: 6-0, boman irani: 6-1.5, arjun kapoor: 6-0, hrithik roshan: 5-10.5, anil kapoor:5-10, priyanshu: 6-2, kabir bedi:6-3, nikitin dheer: 6-4.5/5, vinod khanna: 5-11.5, akshay khanna: 5-9, jimmy shergil: 5-9, kapil sharma: 5-8.5, manish paul: 5-11.5, uday chopra:5-8.5, karan johar: 5-10, shahed kapoor: 5-9.25
Rahul said on 1/Sep/13
Rob, 6'1" for Amitabh is very less. He looks as tall as 6'2" Indian Cricketer Yuvraj Singh in just about every still and video with him.
Also what do you think could be Abhishek Bachchan's height?
Any way, can you include indian cricketers in 'celebheights'? There are lot of them in the range of 6'1" to 6'4". You will have lot of responses from indian cricket fans.
Rahul said on 15/Aug/13
Amitabh is certainly 6' 1.75" to 6' 2" even today. He looks as tall as Yuvraj Singh who is a certain 6' 2".
Abhishek is around 6' 2.25" or even 6' 2.5"
teej said on 11/Aug/13
Why are indians in india so small? Im indian in the uk and im 6'1 not many people look up to me im just a little over average
KROC said on 10/Aug/13
I think 6ft is reasonable now. That would make his son Abhishek what 6'1, 6'1.5?
Ankit said on 2/Aug/13
Amitabh is 6ft 1inch only
prasad said on 29/Jul/13
Amitabh bhachan is 6ft 3 inch
AMR said on 7/Jul/13
Anushka is 5'9" and with 5" heels she stood at 6'2" that is why she is looking taller than nowdays Amitabh of 6'
Arch Stanton said on 2/Jul/13
Rob, I thought you used to have him at 6'0.5"? I agree that he did look near 6'2" in his prime and can still look around 6'1" today.
[Editor Rob: about over a year ago I did, but thought he might have still been near 6ft 1]
Real Heights said on 23/Jun/13
@Engineer- Its a Good Picture you have shared. Anushka Sharma is 5' 8" and the heels she is wearing is 4". She is 6' with the heels in the picture. Amitabh Bacchan is waering 1 inch shoes and is not standing straight and both appear to be of the same height. I would say nowadays Amitabh is 6' and with 1" shoes he is 6' 1".
Engineer said on 19/Jun/13
some reality check, look at this picture with Anushka, agreed she is in heels probably giving 3" advantage making he close to 6'. AB is also has at least 1" of shoe, which proves his current height is just about 6'
Click Here
real truth said on 18/Jun/13
@rahim akshay kumar is 6'1" tall without shoes.Amitabh bachchan is 6'2" now but peak was 6'4.5" vijendera kumar is listed by the boxing association as 6'1.5" (187 cms).I stand for ths truth.
real truth said on 18/Jun/13
@rahim akshay kumar is 6'1" tall without shoes.Amitabh bachchan is 6'2" now but peak was 6'4.5" vijendera kumar is listed by the boxing association as 6'1.5" (187 cms).I stand for ths truth.
Daniele said on 12/Jun/13
Elizabeth Debicki is one of the tallest women I've ever seen. In that photo she's in heels for shure. In other pics they looked almost the same. Debicki is 6'1.5 and Bachchan also or half inch shorter. Consider DiCaprio wears well heeled shoes...
Atul said on 17/May/13
Watch this Click Here


Click Here

The tall Amitabh Bachchan looks so tiny in front of western people. Elizabeth Debicki towers him by good 4-5 inches.
height expert said on 14/May/13
amitabh bachachan peak height 6'4.5" now around 6'2" without footwear
hrithik roshan 6'2" without footwear
arjun rampal 6'2.5"
john abhram 6'2'
akshay kumar 6'1"
srk 5'10"
salman khan 5'9.5"
saif 5'10"
imran khan 6'
ranbir kapoor 6'2.5"
abhay deol 6'2.5"
arjun kapoor 6'2"
the 100% true heights of our bollywood stars without footwear.I have been seeing them from years.I tell the truth and only the truth.
Observer said on 8/May/13
6ft only. Look at any picture from the Great Gatsbys, he is about .05inch taller than DiCaprio.
Swoosh said on 18/Mar/13
I think Hrithik is 5'10.5 or 5'10.75. Ajay devgan 5'10. Sunil shetty 5'9.5-5'10.
rahim said on 23/Feb/13
boxer vijendra kumar who is 6ft 0.5 inch tall, standin next to akki looked exactly the same, and his hair made him look little taller as akki had a shaved head, akki is 6ft tall. minimum 5ft 11.5inch
suroor said on 22/Feb/13
6ft 2 inch
engineer said on 29/Jan/13
@honest, i agree with your observations
Aloy said on 29/Jan/13
@Rob, Please make two more pages on Arjun Rampal and John Abraham.
Bindi said on 25/Jan/13
@honest, you've got most of them just right. Amitabh is 6'0.5 on a good day and if you look closely Jr Bachchan is always wearing cowboy boots with atleast 1.5 inch heels, so you can calculate how tall he really is. Its true, the only reason Amitabh looks unusually tall is cause most actors in India are of short stature.
honest said on 10/Jan/13
Shahrukh Khan is 5' 7" Max. Salman Khan is 5' 5.5", Aamir Khan 5' 4.5"
Amitabh Bachchan Present 6' 0.5" (Peak 6' 1.5"), Abhishek Bachchan 6'1",
Akshay Kumar 5'10.75", Sanjay Dutt 5' 10.5" (peak 5'11"), John Abraham & Arjun Rampal 5' 11.5". Jackie Shroff 5'11" (peak 5'11.5"). Anil Kapoor 5'9". Sunil Shetty 5' 8.5", Ajay Devgan 5' 8.75".
persian blood said on 27/Dec/12
u ppl simply fight for nothing rob here has better knowledge than all of u besides u all seem to be short no wunder u fight i m 5'9.5" and happy with it i m not complainin!
Malik said on 5/Dec/12
farzaan correct
honest said on 16/Nov/12
Dear Rob- Amitabh was never a legit 6'2, not even in his young days. He was 6' 1.5" at best (could even have been 6'1"). He was very slim came with actors who were mostly in the 5'6 to 5'10 range making him look even taller. At present he is 6' 0.5" at best, some times he even looks like 6' on the dot.
Bollywood actors are not as tall as their fans think:
Salman Khan 5' 5.5" (wears elevator shoes)
Shahrukh Khan 5' 7" (wears normal shoes 1 inch, though could wear 1.5 inch heeled shoes some times)
Aamir Khan 5' 4.5"
John Abraham 5'11.5" to 11.75" (Not a legit six footer)
Akshay Kumar 5' 10.75"
Sanjay Dutt (5' 10.5" peak was 5'10.75 to 5'11 max)
Jackie Shroff 5'11" (Peak 5' 11.25 to 11.5 max)
Anil Kapoor 5' 9" legit (same at peak, not lost any height to date)
Abhishek Bachchan 6'1" legit to 6'1.5" at most.
Saif Ali Khan 5'7"
Shahid Kapoor 5' 7"
Sunny Deol 5' 7 to 7.5" (Peak 5' 7.5")
Bobby Deol 5' 10.5"
Dharmendra 5' 7" (Peak 5' 7.5")
Shatrugun Sinha 5' 10" (Peak 5' 10.5)
Vinod Khanna 5' 10" (Peak 5' 10.5 to 10.75")
Arjun Rampal 5' 11.5" legit
Ranbir Kapoor 5' 11.5 max (5' 11" solid)
manish said on 10/Nov/12
Actually Big B is 6'3" and he is 1 inch taller than John .
Ejel Khan said on 2/Nov/12
Salman says on 6/Feb/12
Rob, why did you upgrade Amitabh Bachchan's height to 6 ft 1 from 6 ft 0.5?

Please enlighten us a Rob.
[Editor Rob: maybe not lost as much as I thought]
john said on 12/Oct/12
Click Here at this arjun rampal 1inch taller than abhay deol who is 6-1.........
Aloy said on 3/Oct/12
John is and was always good 2" shorter than Amitji.Amiji is 6' now. Compare him with 5'8"Sushmita Sen in Ankhein.He was max 4" taller. Arjun is 5'10.5"-5'11" and Akki is 5'9.5"-5'10." Paresh Rawal is actually shorter than Sushmita Sen. He is 5'7" max.
® said on 17/Sep/12
6'0 - 6'1. Rob do u think his lad is any taller?

He's nowhere near his 6'4 claim, looks strong 6'1 at his very very best or a weak 6'2.
Sasikumar said on 19/Aug/12
i have seen a picture of a 5 ft 8 mamun with amithab. In that picture mamun stands upto amithab's no way to be 6 inches between them.just look at the recent pictures of 5 ft 9 rajini with 6 ft 2 sathyaraj and amithab.rajini can stand upto amithabs eyebrow but his head is slightly under sathyaraj's nose in the film "Mr.Bharath".I wont be surprised even if amithab is 5'.11.5".
Aloy said on 18/Aug/12
@ Fakhrul, I guess you are pretty accurate. These stars exaggerate their heights for business-purpose. But Sanjay Dutt was a good 1.5" taller than Mithun Da.
I think Mithun Da was 5'9" peak and now 5'8." Sanjay Dutt I think was 5'10.5" and now he's 5'9.5." Arjun is maximum 5'11" its silly that he always claims 6'2"!John FAKE Abraham has always exaggerated his abilities. In his website he claimed to have performed 385 pound Incline press. Well 385lbs for incline press is very heavy even for ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER! John has claimed 6' in Desi boyz unlike his usual 6'1" claims!
Fakhrul Islam said on 1/Aug/12
sorry Ive sending so much but I just want get this right
amitabh 6 ft
jackie shroff 5 ft 10 peak 5 ft 8 1/2 now
arjun rampal 5 ft 10
akshay kumar 5 ft 10 peak 5 ft 9 1/2 now
sanjay dutt 5 ft 9 1/2 peak 5ft 9 now
mithun chakraborty 5 ft 9
anil kapoor 5 ft 8
sunil shetty 5 ft 8
sunny deol 5 ft 8
ajay devgan 5 ft 8
shahrukh khan 5 ft 7 1/4 peak 5 ft 5 1/4 now
salman khan 5 ft 5 1/2
saif ali khan 5 ft 5 1/4
trust me guys these heights are pretty much correct if amitabh was 6 ft in that picture with mamun which he was, then these heights are correct people just love to upgrade heights personally I think its more people that are in the fame industry.
Fakhrul Islam said on 31/Jul/12
mithun chakrborty 5 ft 9 1/2
sanjay dutt 5 ft 9 1/2
Fakhrul said on 30/Jul/12
Hi have now a different height estimation from hearing even newer news
amitabh bachchan 6 ft 1/4 peak this is because Amitabh only looked 4 to 4 1/4 inches taller than mamun
jackie shroff 5 ft 10 1/2 peak being 1 3/4 inch smaller than amitabh
akshay kumar 5 ft 10 1/2 peak
arjun rampal 5 ft 10 1/2
mithun chakraborty 5 ft 9 3/4
sunjay dutt 5 ft 10
sunil shetty 5 ft 8 1/2 because anil kapoor is 5 ft 8 1/2 and he sunil, ajay devgan and sunny deol are same height, also somneone said that sunil is 5 ft 8 1/2 when they met him.
shahrukh khan is 5 ft 7 3/4 at peak because was around 3/4 inch smaller than sunny deol.
salman khan is 5 ft 6 1/2
saif ali khan is 5 ft 6 1/2 and there was accounts of him being 5 ft 6 1/2 I wouldnt call that a lie.
so its pretty simple indian people do try and exaggerate heights, I think there just trying to make them look big which I dont quite know why.
Fakhrul said on 29/Jul/12
following amitabhs height at 6 ft 1 I have a list some bollywood actors heights
amitabh bachchan 6 ft 3/4
jackie shroff 5 ft 11 peak
akshay kumar 5 ft 11 peak
sanjay dutt 5 ft 10 peak
mithun chakraborty 5 ft 10 peak
sunny deol 5 ft 9
shahrukh khan 5 ft 8 1/4 peak makes sense cause his given height is 5 ft 8.
sunil shetty 5 ft 9
salman khan 5 ft 6 3/4
this is my list, from looking at these heights maybe you can have a stab at some of the other actors heights.
Fakhrul said on 29/Jul/12
Hi guys I think amitabhs height is 6 ft 1 some people used to say that hollywood added an inch to their height maybe bollywood did the same since evidence shows that amitabh is 6 ft 1. With Jackie shroff he said to someone that hes 5 ft 11 and amitabh was 1 inch 3/4 taller than jackie so kind a makes sense. Unless of course hes lost an inch of height.
avi said on 16/Jun/12
i remember that pic with Manum. really seemed close to 6'1 but never ever was 6'2. could give the 6'2 to 6'3 impression but a lot of those indian actors he starred with were really short. between 5'0 -5'8 especially for the older generation.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Feb/12
This looks spot on.
avi said on 9/Feb/12
never was 6'2. maybe 6'1 in past now 6'0
1.85 m, 83 kg said on 9/Feb/12

Yup, 1 inch over estimate.
johno said on 7/Feb/12
- 6'0 for amitabh.In the previous picture with mamun, he just about 6'0 since mamun was up to his eyebrows
Salman said on 6/Feb/12
Rob, why did you upgrade Amitabh Bachchan's height to 6 ft 1 from 6 ft 0.5?
HULK said on 26/Jan/12
SANJAY Dutt in his prime was 5'11.5/6FT----NOTHING MORE!!! BELIEVE ME
PEOPLE ON HERE SAYING 6'1 for sanjay dutt HAVE gone CRAZY
HE's DEFINATLY LOST SOME height I'd say he's 5'10.5/5'11.5 NOW
OH YEHH HE ALSO wears shoe LIFTS!!! JUST LOOK AT HIS FOOTWEAR HE usually covers it with his jeans--He likes wearing cowboy boots
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here bob sapp(6'4.5)
Click Here
Anonymous said on 13/Oct/07
I think his peak height was 6'0.5 and now with age just about 6'0 barefoot
Santosh said on 27/Sep/07
People note that I met Arjun when he came to SA to promote his flim Dil Ka Rishta, I am 5.10 and believe me his was a good 3 inches taller than me, so he is no way under 6 feet thats for sure....
jimmy2k said on 25/Sep/07
How come in some screen shots John Abraham and amitabh bachchan look the same height and in others, Amitabh looks an inch or more taller?? Especially offscreen!
sahil said on 18/Sep/07
wats the true hight of salman, shaid,sharuk,hrithik
Saby said on 14/Sep/07
Ken, where did you get this information from, Can I ask? Did you go measuring them all personally or is it your own estimation (which might well be reflective of personal insecurities). Just where did you get this information from? and what is your own height?
Ken said on 5/Sep/07
Here are the accurate heights of bollywood gang:
amitabh and abhishek : 6'0.5"
john : 5'11.5"
sanjay datt: 5'9.5"
sallu 5'6"
aamir 5'5"
shahrukh 5'7.5"
saif 5'6"
akshay kumar 5'10.5"
hrithik 5'10"
Arjun Rampal 5'11.5"
zayed Khan 5'11"
suniel shetty 5'8.5"
ajay devgan 5'8"
shaheed kapoor 5'6"
emraan hashmi 5'5"
AM said on 27/Aug/07
just to come back on dharmendra,during the iifa awards amitabh had 4 inches or even less on dharmendra,not a very reliable proof but still it wasnt 6 inches.
is dharmendra 5'8??????..... thought he would be 5'9 .
AM said on 27/Aug/07
in iifa he had about i inch or maybe 1.5 inches on bobby deol.
now one thing is for sure that bobby deol is not 6'0.amitabh is 6'1 or maybe even 6'0.5.
True Height Explorer said on 26/Aug/07
all of u saw Sholay...
it is said that Dharmendra is 5 8"...if Amitabh was 6 2" in 1975 does he really look 6INCHES or HALF FEET more than Dharmendra????totaly waste....he was 6 1" then and 6 0" now.
dolly said on 25/Aug/07
lambuji,u look kool .u must do films 4 ur a.c.s like me.but u must take care of urself 4 us.because aap hein to hum hein.log kehte hein ki woh aap ke liye jaan de denge.par mein aap ke liye jaan nahin de sakti kyon ke i want to c ur films again and again and again and again and...
AM said on 19/Aug/07
could someone put up pics of amitabh and brosnan again??
AM said on 18/Aug/07
i personally believe this guy is 6'1.
but if you reduce him many people will not agree to this .his height is so
overrated in india ,people think hes a giant whereas hes just decently tall.
harry said on 17/Aug/07
i am 6ft 2.5 i have stood next to amitabh in india and shook his hand i know he is a weak 6 foot as i had about 2-3 inches on him
16 years and 180cms said on 17/Aug/07
after looking at the john-srk pic i conclude that john is max 5"11...he says he is 6"1 but thats with his heeled shoes on....srk is 5"7 or maybe even less because he is shorter than sushmita who is 5" thing is for sure and that is Amitabh is a legit six footer..his peak height was 6"1 but now he is 6'...his son abhi never even touched the height of 6"1 that AB most of the movies he and amitabh are of the same height...even i used to believe that amitabh was 6"2..but after seeing him with pierce brosnan i was 100% sure that he is 6' and not an inch more....
Aryan said on 16/Aug/07
I bring this picture of Amitabh Bachchan and John Abraham back to your attention. As you can see, there is about 1.5 to 2 inches of difference between the two. Now, just imagine the type of dress shoes John would be wearing in accordance to the suit he's in. If he were to wear the boots that he's wearing in the Pepsi pic I posted with him and Shahrukh, then he would easily be Amitabh's height (which is 6'2). Therefore, John Abraham's height is 6'0 feet sharp. Agreed?
Click Here
Aryan said on 14/Aug/07
Yet another comparison. This time between Shahrukh Khan and John Abraham in their new pepsi commercial. As clearly seen, Shahrukh is 5'8 when compared to John Abraham who does appear a good 4 inches taller at 6'0. I intentionally show this photo so that readers can focus in on the shoes that the two are wearing. Shahrukh with basic joggers (flats) and John Abraham wearing 2 inch boots that make him look 6'1. I'd encourage you all to take a look at their footwear. Great angle to examine such details.
Click Here
AM said on 13/Aug/07
somebody post the latest pictures of shahrukh and john abraham pepsi ad.
shahrukh looks 4 inches shorter than abraham.
now if shahrukh is not a solid 5'8 ..neither will john be a 6'0..
JamX said on 12/Aug/07
But isn't Akshay 6'0?? He looked about the same as John Abraham in Garam Masala? 5'10 is too less. Akshay looks like he's 6 feet tall. Besides he's taller than the "supposed" 5'10 Anil Kapoor by 3 inchs. Anil looks like 5'9.
mohit said on 12/Aug/07
hey i just read an interview in the mag 'Stardust' of ranjan malik..he is the extremely tall dude from phir hera pheri....he said in the interview,"I am very very tall i am seven feet five inches tall..i wanted to become a lead actor but i could not because 90% of the actresses are two feet shorter than me"..i think he is 7"5....the guy is huge..he was a good 1 and a 1/2 feet taller than 5"10 akshay in the movie...
JamX said on 10/Aug/07
I say 6'1...European standard. Someone's really got to go up to him and pull a measuring tape on him, flatten that puffed hair he's got and actually measure him from feet to "HEAD" not "HAIR". I'd bet $20 he's no more than 6'1 sharp!
Anonymous said on 7/Aug/07
bachan stands 6-2, i've seen him in the flesh in london. he stands 6-2 no smaller.
deemz said on 6/Aug/07
Arjun is 6 feet FLAT! 6'1 with a decent pair of shoes, and possibly 6'1.5 to 6'2 with chunky ass boots. Amitabh and his son are the only true 6'1 actors in Bollywood. Even John Abraham seems to be the same as Arjun, I'd say not more than 6 feet for John.
Anonymous said on 4/Aug/07
arjun is not 6 feet that is dam sure;his height is bw 6-1 and 6-2;
jemsy said on 3/Aug/07
And whoever said that Arjun is 5'10 is a MORON! and screw saira mohan, she had heels (3 inches). She's 6 feet with her damn heels on. Arjun is 6 feet without shoes and 6'1 with shoes! Therefore, she was the same height as him.
anonymous said on 3/Aug/07
arjun is 5"10 kank he was an inch shorter than 5"10 saira mohan..but saira had 2 inch heels and he had da standard 1 inch heel so i give him 5" far as amitabh is concerned he is only 6' and not an inch more than that.....he is an inch shorter than 6"1 pierce brosnan
thankappan said on 2/Aug/07
Click Here
rampal and amitabh are of same height;just check it
O'Contraire said on 2/Aug/07
Amitabh is looking more like 6'1 nowadays. After seeing that, I'd give Arjun 6'0 FT tops. Indian actors are obviously a lot shorter than Hollywood actors. According to Indian standards, Amitabh is a 6'3 hulk. But living in America, I see him as 6'1.
singh said on 31/Jul/07
i saw arjun rampal recently ;he is very taller he is surely 6-2;i am 6 feet tall;i noticed 1thing he some times look shorter because he is not standing straight
anto john said on 31/Jul/07
yes thats true rampal has slight bend ;thats y he look shorter sometimes;he is really 6-2
Anonymous said on 30/Jul/07
as keyboard master says arjun rampal looked taller than amitabh bachanin ek ajnabee in some scenes;but in don he look slight shorter than boman irani;but in recen iifa awards rampal took taller than boman irani;if anyone has doubt pls check the photos;so i think amitabh is 6-2.5,rampal 6-2,boman 6-2;arjun looks shorter some times bcoz he is not standing straight;he has slight bend
Desi Chickita said on 26/Jul/07
Keyboard Master: I agree on everything except that Boman Irani is shorter than Arjun. In Don, he looked a good inch shorter than Boman Irani and they were standing face-to-face in the building scene. If you have Don on DVD I'd encourage you to forward it up to that scene where he meets Boman to give him the CD in exchange for his son. You can clearly see he's an inch shorter than Irani.
Keyboard Master said on 25/Jul/07
Boman Irani is not 6-2 he is shorter than Amitabh in Waqt. Also Arjun is about 0.75inch taller than John Abraham. In Ek Ajnabee Arjun in some scenes looked taller than Amitabh and in Other scenes looked shorter than Amitabh but Arjun looked 0.25 taller than Boman Irani. So, Amitabh 6-2, Arjun 6-1,Irani 6-0.75, John 6-0.25.
Reema said on 22/Jul/07
Shahrukh is 5'8 tops! He looked an inch taller than Priyanka Chopra (5'7) in Don. Sometimes, even the same height. Maybe she's 5'8 as well, depending on the height of heels worn.
16 yrs and 5"10 said on 17/Jul/07
@ nav we know shahrukh is 5"7..he can also be less than 5"7.. no way is he 5"9...he is a short guy he himself knows that...
nav said on 17/Jul/07
Bull shahrukh khan is 5'7 guys not an inch more. Im 5'8 and I stood next to him at londons festival and the geeza was shorter than me. so to all u out there who are guessing at 5'9 and the rest are are totally confused
cooldude said on 11/Jul/07
hey rob look at this pic...Click Here
it has sienna miller with amitabh in it and as u can see there is only a difference of about 6-7 inches between sienna and amitabh must be maximum 6 feet tall and not an inch more than that...
SurReal Thinker said on 10/Jul/07
Yeyy, Arjun did look like a guy of 6 to 6'1 posture. But how come some over exaggerative sites have him listed as 6'2? I mean, he seems to be only an inch taller than 5'11 Rahul khanna down in Kiana's photo! anyways, my decision stands at around 6 feet for Arjun....
Kiana said on 8/Jul/07, Arjun is tall but Boman was a bit taller. I think you need to watch it again, especially the scene where Arjun meets Boman in the building to give him the CD. Arjun is 6'1 (maybe even 6 and a half) Boman is almost 6'2.
Anonymous said on 7/Jul/07
arjun is not 6-1,he is 6-2;in don itself he stand as tall as boman irani;
Anonymous said on 6/Jul/07
Farzaan, why don't you take a hike! Are you going to say now, that Aamir khan is 5'2?? How is Arjun 5'9. He's clearly 6'1! Grow a brain!
Farzaan said on 6/Jul/07
Arjun is not even 6'..he is only 5"9 the guy is a shorty..and those who think that Amitabh is 6"2 are fool...he is only 6' and so is his son Abhishek
aliya said on 5/Jul/07
Well I can remember in Ek Ajnabee during the scene where Arjun meets Boman Irani in the building to see his son. Boman Irani actually looked quite taller than Arjun. I think Boman is 6'2 and Arjun is 6 and a half to 6'1.
anto john said on 5/Jul/07
boman irani is not 6-1 he is 6 2;so arjun rampal will be 6-2
shaila said on 4/Jul/07
I love arjun, but I'll be honest, he is really between 6 and 6'1. If you folks watched the latest IIFA Awards 2007, Arjun and Boman Irani were the same height. So I'd say 6'1 for both seems right.
Kiana said on 3/Jul/07
Ok I'll tell you something. Watch the song "anderlu manderlu" from Elaan. John Abraham and Arjun look the same height in so many scenes. John is just about 6'1. Akshay and John were the same height in Garam Masala in the song "Ada". So that means Akshay and Arjun are the same. Besides, couldn't Arjun have been wearing lifts in his shoes in Aankhen to be taller than Akshay? And they also say that Paresh Rawal is 6 ft, but Arjun is looks 3 to 3.5 inches taller!
anto john said on 3/Jul/07
kiana u please watch the song "phatela jeb"from the movie aankhen (youtube)in which
after 1 minute all 3 r standing straight(akshay,arjun,paresh) and say ur opinion;they all stand in one angle;very accurate

Kiana said on 2/Jul/07
Anto John: I'm not assuming that Kunal is 6'2. I can clearly see it! Second of all, Arjun is only 2 inches shorter than him, not 3, which means he's 6'0. By the way, did u even check out the photo I posted? (Rahul Khanna, Arjun etc.) You should get a pretty clear-cut sense of how tall Arjun is. And if he's 6'2 like you say, then are you telling me that Rahul Khanna is 6'1!?! After all, Rahul is just about an inch shorter. Right? AND as for my friend Rico, where the HELL did you pick up those ridiculous stats from?? HONESTLY! Sunil Shetty 5'11!!????? ahah!
Anonymous said on 2/Jul/07
rico how u say that bobby deol is as tall as arjun rampal;heis shorter than arjun and also even akshay kumar
RiCo said on 2/Jul/07
Lets compensate... Arjun Rampal is 6'1... happy every1 ?? LMAO how can rani be 5'6, she shorter than aamir khan and that takes some doing... she's 5'1 or 5'2!
Amitabh - 6'3, shrunk to 6'2
Abhishek - 6'2.5
Kunal Kapur - 6'2
Bobby Deol - 6'1
Arjun Rampal - 6'1
Sanjay Dutt - 6'1 - now shrinking onto 6'0
Hrithik Roshan - 6'0.5
John Abraham - 6'0.5
Dino Morea - 6'0
Zayed Khan - 6'0
Akshay Kumar - 5'11.5
Other famous actors -
Suniel Shetty - 5'11
Ajay Devgan - 5'9
Emraan Hashmi - 5'8.5
Shahrukh Khan - 5'8.5
Shahid Kapoor - 5'7.5
Salmaan Khan - 5'7
Aamir Khan - 5'5.5

Deb said on 1/Jul/07
abhishek is not taller than amitabh ... please watch the youtube video to check it out for yourself.....
Both of them are 6'2" something...Click Here
anto john said on 1/Jul/07
if u say that kunal kapoor is 6-2 then accourding 2 u rampal will be 5-11
Kiana said on 30/Jun/07
Ohh and Anto, just incase the other link isn't working, check this link out. Rahul Khanna and Arjun side by side in Elaan. Arjun looks only an inch taller than Rahul who is 5'11. So I'd say Arjun is 6 to 6'0.5 ft tall MAX! Same with John Abraham!
Click Here
Kiana said on 30/Jun/07
By the way Anto John, if you watched 'Pyaar Ishq Aur Mohabbat', you can see that even Sunil Shetty who is not more than 5'10 max, is just a BIT shorter than Arjun. In many scenes they even look the same height! Isn't that funny? Soo, this basically teaches us not to believe everything we see in films.
Kiana said on 30/Jun/07
Anto John: First of all Aankhen is filmed from various angles, so there is an obvious error in some character dispositions. Second of all, visit this link: Click Here Arjun is just an inch taller than Hrithik Roshan. Kunal Kapoor is a true 6'2 according to this picture. But if you still believe that Arjun is 6'2 then Kunal must be 6'5! And that sounds pretty damn weird my friend!
anto john said on 30/Jun/07
in the movie aankhen arjun rampal is even taller than amitabh;in recent iifa
awards arjun rampal and boman irani came together ;in that arjun looked taller than him;boman irani is 6-2;so arjun rampal must be 6-2
anto john said on 30/Jun/07
no arjun rampal said in an interview that he is 6-2
Kiana said on 29/Jun/07
Anto John: Akshay Kumar and Arjun are exactly the same height. If Akshay and John Abraham were the same height in Garam Masala, then he's definately the same as Arjun so I'd say 6 feet for both of them.
Bombay Rocker said on 29/Jun/07
His official modelling height is 182 cms which is 6 feet.....check indiatimes model watch, sanjay suri is listed 5 feet 9, jas arora 5 feet 11, dino 6 feet.
anto john said on 28/Jun/07
in the movie aankhen arjun rampal is very much taller than akshay kumar
so he is surelu 6.2
Kiana said on 26/Jun/07
I don't think Arjun is 6'2. He looked a good inch shorter than Amitabh in Ek Ajnabee. I think Arjun is between 6 and 6'1 and Amitabh is a solid 6'1.5 to 6'2! For the record, Arjun could very well be 6 feet, because in many pictures he only looks half an inch taller than Hrithik Roshan who is 5'11.5
anto john said on 24/Jun/07
amitabhis 6 2,abishekh-6 3,arjun rampal-6 2,john zayed-6 1;
rampal dont stant straight thatswhy he look shorter
Kiana said on 23/Jun/07
AGREED! 6'2 in his prime....6'1.5 now!
Peyton said on 21/Jun/07
Amitabh is 6'2. However I'm sure he has shrunk an inch because of age. And his son Abhishek is 6'3
Bombay Rocker said on 21/Jun/07
Did you even watch that scene when they are dancing, its on a floor...a hard floor...i have dvd of salaam namaste, i checked it again. He looks around 5 inches taller than her +-.5 inch so he has to be somewhere in the 5 feet 9 range...i always thought and read that he was kinda very short....i have read at many places that he is one of the shortest actors in bollywood but i don't think at 5 feet 9 he's very short....i mean i think even in hollywood 5 feet 9 is not considered very short.....confusing...isn't it?
666 said on 20/Jun/07
Well there is a minor error in this picture. First of all the wedding scene is on a sand beach...there are bound to be uneven surfaces when on sand. But aside from that, in every other normal scene I'd say she looks a decent 5'4 and Saif's got a good 4 inches on her, so 5'8 to 5'8.5 seems right for him.
Bombay Rocker said on 17/Jun/07
Well for me preity zinta is a minimum of 5 feet 3.5 and a max of 5 feet 5. 163 sounds reasonable but no more than 165 for sure. One thing that strikes me is that saif ali khan looked about a max of 4 inches taller than her barefeet while they are dancing in the wedding scene in salaam namaste( they are both barefeet in that scene, you can actually see that) but when he is in casuals and she's in casuals too he strangely looks around 5 - 5.5 inches taller but am pretty sure saif is no more than 5 feet 9 which makes me think that he might be wearing lifts since he's not the tallest guy around but he's wearing chuck taylor's mostly so i kinda doubt he would be wearing lifts, very confusing. Anyone has any answers to that.
Bombay Rocker said on 13/Jun/07
Hey rob, just a quick question, if preity zinta is 5 feet 4, how tall do you think is saif ali khan, since they have done lots of movies together so you can judge very very easily. I don't have access to many image providing sites since they are restricted....Thanks
rahul tiwari said on 12/Jun/07
amitabh bachchan---6'2"1"
rajat bedi(koi mil gaya vilain)--6'4"
kay kay---6'1"1"'
sanjay dutt--6' exact
boman irani--6'1"1"'
akshay kumar---5'11"'
hritik roshan--5'11'1"
shahrukh khan--5'9"
saif ali-------5'8"1"'
Bombay Rocker said on 12/Jun/07
Hey Rob, any idea on the height of preity zinta and saif ali khan, shahrukh khan.....I think you should add a page on one of them....they are quite popular atleast preity zinta and shahrukh khan....she's an international figure...not as much as aishwarya rai but still she's got a big fan following.
Anyways rob there are some pics of preity zinta with this model eva herzigovaon, i think you mentioned somewhere that she's a legit 5 feet 11.....just want to know how much height difference you see between them, just a rough guess. Thx.

[Editor Rob: at a glance I'd think 5ft 4 for zinta, although my knowledge of bollywooders isn't that great. There's a lot of indian/japanese big names I'd want to add but I don't want to add too many, maybe I'll add some in to replace lesser known brit names that don't get many visits.

ultimately one of the goals of the site is to have as many pics with listings as possible, so some lesser names will still exist though.]
Myra said on 11/Jun/07
I think I'd agree more with Aryan! His picture of Amitabh and John seems very convincing! I also think that "roboooo" has got all the heights messed up! John is a PURE,SOLID,SEXY 6½ ft tall! I believe Amitabh is 6'2 (he does look 1.5 inches taller than John in Aryan's photo!! Aryannn I'm with youuuu!! :)
Bombay Rocker said on 11/Jun/07
Saif ali khan is no ways 5 feet 6 or 5 feet 9, i think he is between 5 feet 7 and 5 feet 8. In salaam namaste, during the wedding when preity zinta and saif are dancing, saif is about 3 inches taller than preity and since preity is between 5 feet 4 and 5 feet 5, probably close to 5 feet 4 maybe 164 cms and shahrukh is about an inch to inch and a half taller than saif, i think shahrukh is a lagit 5 feet 9 and zayed ia about 2 inches taller than shahrukh which makes him 5 feet 11, fardeen is about the same height as zayed or a lil shoretr so maybe 5 feet 10, hrithik is about 2 inches taller than shahrukh so 5 feet 11. Sanjay dutt is about 6 feet not more than 6 feet though, sunil shetty is about 5 feet 10 so is sunny deol. Amitabh is about 3 - 4 inches taller than shahrukh so mayb e close to 6 feet 2, but my guess is 6 feet 1 and abhishek is like an inch taller than amitabh so maybe close to 6 feet 2.5. Salman is around 5 feet 8, maybe 5 feet 7 but i think he is 5 feet 8. Akshaye khanna is about 5 feet 10 and aamir is like 5 feet 6, maybe 5 feet 5
roboooo.. said on 8/Jun/07
hey guyz i'm an auditor working for the hindu..i met many of the bolly go the heights
john--6.1(he was quoted as sayin tht)
abhishek--6.2 or sometimes looked even taller
akshay kumar--6.0
munnabhai--6.1 1/2
neha dupia--5.9
all females on heels mind u..
Anonymous said on 7/Jun/07
ahaha!! pretty corny...nice one Rob!
David said on 7/Jun/07
I was one of the participants of the Gladrags event which John won.He is 6'0.5 to be very precise coz i(6'2.5) could actually see over his head.

[Editor Rob: you must have the world's smallest brain!]
Aryan said on 8/May/07
Well, some of you folks are saying that Amitabh is 6'1. If that's the case, the heights of all other actors have to be reduced. Meaning John Abraham would be lingering in the 5'11.5 to 6'0 range, Hrithik would be about 5'10 and this would end up understating many tall actors' heights. This picture shows John and Amitabh side by side. If John is really 6'1, then I'd say Amitabh is 6'2.5! If you say Amitabh is 6'1 then John is a clean cut 6'0 ft! As usual, my pictures are of high quality! Click Here
ABC said on 2/May/07
Amitabh was in his young age 6.2 inch, in old age one could become a bit shorter, hi might be by now 6.1 inch and this is a fact which is know already for last 30 years. He was the tallest in the industry.
Kia said on 21/Apr/07
Shahrukh is 5'8. That means Gayatri Joshi is 5'5.5 or 5'6! Shahrukh is a small guy, both on and off screen. Minooshka, if you have a measuring tape at home, just see how tall 5'10 is. Check out what they say about Hrithik Roshan. They say he's 6'1 or 6'2. He's shorter than 6'1 John Abraham by 1.5 inches, which means he's 5'11.5! Measuring tapes are accurate and even 5'10 can look tall. Try it out.
Minooshka said on 21/Apr/07
And what about Gayatri Joshi, every it says she is 5'9, but when she stood barefoot next to Shah Rukh Khan barefoot she was about 2 inches shorter. See the scene in swades where they both stand in the water. How can Shah rukh khan be 5'7 or 5'8? I dont get this.
Minooshka said on 21/Apr/07
Im 5'8 myself and I stood next to Shah Rukh Khan and he was about 1 inch taller than me , wearing regular sporting shoes and me 2.
kush said on 13/Apr/07
i've met sanjay dutt and i know for a fact - (i have pictures to prove) that he is less than 6ft as i tower over him even when im leaning forward. As my height is 6ft 2. also, as he is around 5,11 i know that amitabh bachchan is onli close to 6ft 2.5. if u want to see pic post your email.
Anika said on 7/Apr/07
Soo you're saying that John Abraham is taller than Amitabh even after watching Viruddh and Baabul?? *cough cough* RIGHT? I'd say Amitabh is 6'2, John is about 6'0.5 to 6'1. After all, according to normal eye vision, John was a good 1.5 inches shorter to Amitabh! I think you have to check ur stats "TRUE HEIGHT EXPLORER" :P!
True Height Explorer said on 4/Apr/07
Amitabh is 6 0",abishek is 6 2",john 6 1",arjun rampal 6 0"
SRK n salman both 5 8",saif is 5 9"
Arjun said on 3/Apr/07
farzaan, what do you think about Himanshu Malik ? Have you ever met him?
Rajeev [happy @5'11"] said on 28/Mar/07
I think u cut out at least 1.5 inch from ht's of all our bollywood stars
The actual ht's are:
amitabh and abhishek : 6'1"
john : 5'11.5"
sanjay datt: 5'10"
sallu 5'6"
amir 5'5"
shahrukh 5'8"
saif 5'8"
akshay kumar 5'11"
hrithik 5'10.5"
farzaan said on 26/Mar/07
amitabh bachchan is not an inch more then 6'..even abhishek is of the same height...abhishek is not an inch taller then 6'..the indian stars are very short when u see them personally u will come to...its high time people understood that everybody looks a bit tall on are the actual heights of the actors
amitabh and abhishek[6'0
sanjay dutt-5"9
sunil shetty-5"8.5
salman khan 5"5
amir khan 5"4
shahrukh khan 5"6.5
arjun rampal 5"8.5-5"9(i have seen him personally and i can bet on it that he is not an inch more than 5"9)
saif ali khan 5"6(in koffee wid karan he said that he wants to be six inches taller so that he can be 6 feet tall)
akshay khanna 5"7
the tallest actor till date is karan sharma of the flop movie dil jo bhi kahey
he is 6"2.5.they had to use special camera angles and trick photography to make sure that amitabh did not look very short in front of karan..
James said on 22/Mar/07
well according to my obervation Amitabh would b 6'2",Abhishek would b 6'3",Arjun Rampal would b 6'1",Akshay would b 6,Sanjay Dutt would b 6,John Abraham would b 6'1",Salman Khan would b 5'7",Saif Ali Khan would b 5'9" same to me & Shahrukh Khan would b 5'8"
seema said on 4/Mar/07
amitabh is 6'3 he must be more than a foot taller than his wife i think she is 5'1
Coffin_Fodder said on 21/Feb/07
I believe he was 6-3 in his prime. lost an inch over the years.
Samby said on 11/Feb/07
Amitabh 6'3", Saif 5'8 3/4", Salman 5'8", Shahrukh 5'9 1/2", Akshay 5'11" ?????? RIDICULOUS!!!
Amitabh, Saif, Salman and Shahrukh are shorter. Akshay is taller at 6'1". God knows where Anonymous got these inconsistent heights from!!
Anonymous said on 31/Jan/07
Actual Heights:
Amitabh: 6'3"
Abhishek: 6'2"
John Abhraham: 6'1"
Hrithik: 6'0"
Sanjay Dutt: 6'1/2"
Jackie Shroff: 6'1"
Akshay Kumar: 5'11"
Saif: 5'8 3/4"
Salman: 5'8"
Akshay Khanna: 5'9"
Shahrukh: 5'9 1/2"
Anil Kapoor: 6'0"
Aditya Panscholi: 6'2"
Deepak Parashar: 6'3 1/2"
Jag said on 21/Jan/07
you guys need to realize he's up there age wise, as you age you'll naturally lose some inches i totally believe that looking at photos of bachan he is totally the 6'2 he says he is, unlike american actors indian actors aren't ridiculously delusional about their height, they won't grossly overestimate the way american actors do
Sam said on 6/Jan/07
I watched the IIFA awards 2005 where abhishek and amitabh danced together. As for the height i can assure you that abhishek is not taller than amitabh ... if you do not believe please watch the youtube video.. Click Here
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/06
Saw him on TV with Keith Vaz MP. I have met Mr Vaz on several occassions and he is in the 5'7 to 5'8 range. Standing next to Keith Vaz, Amitabh was around 4 inches taller. I was shocked how much shorter he is than being on screen. I would say he is a max 6'0 barefoot.
Anonymous said on 30/Dec/06
rob its high time u change amitabhs height to 6"1 coz noways is he 6"2
Sallu said on 26/Dec/06
I concur with Deb. Watch bunty and Bubly where amitabh and abhishek are of same height. Amitabh always wears those low heeled or flat shoes due to age and unlike his co-stars abhishek , john who sports heeled boots/shoes most of the times.
deb said on 12/Dec/06
amitabh and abhishek are of same height. They r six feet 2 something. Abhishek tends to wear heeled shoes always unlike amitabh which makes him look taller than his dad at times which he is not.
Samby said on 11/Dec/06
I have a friend who clicked a pic with Abhishek when they were shooting Dus. My friend is 6'5" and the top of Abhishek's head was coming upto my friend's lips. I would'nt give him more than 6'1". I'm being generous.
Shiraz said on 10/Nov/06
well, i tried measuring my height the way you had mentioned, monu. i was 5'6 before & i am 5'4 now. But I really don't think Amitabh is less than 6'2.Have you seen KANK , abhishek is taller by an inch than his dad. so how can you say people are boasting about Abhishek's height. he is definetly 6'3. My dad is 5'10 and he dosen't look as tall as Abhishek. What's your height by the way?
ali said on 29/Sep/06
i think amithab is 6-2 and abishek bachan is more than him we saw in afilm ek ajnabee and john ebrahim 6-1half and the rest like arjun rampal and akshay kumar is bit then a6
farzan said on 14/Sep/06
in kank amitabh and abhishek are of the same height so they both must be 6"1 while john is 6'0 and akshay is 5"11-5"11.5
jam said on 13/Sep/06
ok if any one has seen 'agneepat', then you'll know that in the movie he claims to be 6 in half feet tall, 6'6. Now does he look 6'6? hell no. he is probably 6 feet tall and would of been no more then 6'1 in his prime. He is very lean not in an athletic way, thin and long. he has always been like that which makes him look taller. Age has just given him a belly and -1". therfore i think 6'1 is reasonable in his prime and since he is an actor the extra inch is only there to boost his image.
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/06
Ok, here's what's confusing me. I have never met Amitabh so I can't say for sure what his ACTUAL height is. I have however watched alot of his movies, and here's what I know:-
1) He has always claimed to be 6'2" - no more, no less.
2) He always seems to be the tallest person in the movie.

He may have lost an inch or so, due to aging and like I said, I never met the man so I wouldn't know how tall he is today.

But here's what is confusing me: he became a leading man (back in the early 70s) at a time when it was a LIABILITY to be very tall (ie over six feet) as no heroine or leading man would want to be dwarfed by some unknown newcomer. Also, earlier pics of Amitabh are hardly flattering - he looks so ungainly. So, wouldn't Amitabh have had every reason to UNDERSTATE his actual height, in order to get work? Claiming to be 6'2" during the time when the average Bollywood actress was below 5'6" and the average leading man was well under 6'0" would hardly have been a wise move!

So, unless there is a flaw in my logic I would say that Amitabh was indeed 6'2" during his prime - which he may, or may not be today due to his age.
houdaloth said on 26/Jul/06
i have seen hrithik next to john and i couldnt tell who was taller.but i think john was taller by half an inch .i beleive john is no way 6.1, but i do believe 6 foot for john is true picture,i think hrithik could be 5.11
houdaloth said on 26/Jul/06
my friend met amitabh at bade miyan premier in london he told me that he was about the same height or just a bit taller ,my friend is 5.11 and a half. i think amitabh these days is 6.1 at max,but in his prime days he may have been 6.2 at the max. people lose a bit of their height as they get older,and also amitabh doesnt have great posture ,he slouches back then and even now
hite? said on 18/Jul/06
my height is exact 6'1" and i met amitabh in personnel. i dont think that he can be more than 6'2" . maximum 6'1"or 6'0.5".
Monu said on 13/Jun/06
for all you non believers here is how height is ment to be measured,
Click Here

now do you think celebs measure their height like that? i don't think so. now you see where i'am comeing from on the idea and experience of abhishek being only 5'11 or so.
Kenshin said on 30/May/06
How tall would Arjun Rampal be he seems pretty tall and often get listed has 6'2 but it can't be possible cuz he's shorter than Amitabh and also Zayed Khan he doesn't look 6'2 either.
Maverick said on 22/May/06
316, Amitabh is at most 6' even, he does noy look close to 6'2, even on screen! all actors, especially indian actors inflate their height!! its common practice in Bollywood! read the comments from people who have met the Big B ....all say 6 or 6.05 at the most! Have YOU got relevant proof that he is over 6 foot??? have YOU measured him personally? what makes YOU the expert on heights of indian actors??
316 said on 12/May/06
I say Maverick, that u keep ur expert comments in ur pocket. Whats the meaning of "Always add inches to their height". Do u have relevant proof to support ur nonsical comments or have u measured all of them personally??
Maverick said on 7/May/06
Indian actors always add 2 to 3 inches to their height on average!...Amitabh is 6' even and his son is maybe 1cm shorter! still they are both tall for the average Indian Male which is about 5'6 in India!
Monu said on 27/Apr/06
also theres a dude who works at the hospital and says amithabh is measured at 6 in their records know you tell me what is more accurate medical heights or model heights. look below posts for the dude. tushar and farzan are just the average height perdictors they don't know what measuring tape 6 feet is.
Monu said on 27/Apr/06
i told you guys in my previous posts of why i say amithabh is 6.
Monu said on 19/Apr/06
abhishek bachchan is about 5'11.5 - 6. I say this because if you read my posts underneath this one, you'll know why i think Amitabh bachchan is 6feet. but now days he has shrunk due to his age. that's why in movies him and his son seem the same height. His son never in his life has been taller than him. You might hear rummers about Abhishek being taller than his dad now days but thats just to hype up his image, cause before whne he was just starting out in movies and wasn't so popular people always said that he is a bit shortter then his dad. i credit that to since his mother is only like 4'11 - 5 feet tall. this leads to Akshay Kumar and John abraham. first of all anyone who saw the movie they were together in, it is clear that John Abraham is taller then Akshay Kumar. And where did this rumar start about Akshay Kumar being tall, maybe for an indian, but average for north american. John Abraham is tall but not that tall. He seems .5 inch shorter then Abhishek in the movie Dhoom. So he's anywhere from 5'10.5 to 5'11 max. As for Akshay, he may seem taller in bollywood but in hollywood he's just another average heighted actor. He is about 5'9 max. Who ever doesn't believe me then they don't know what real height is. When i say 5'9, 5'11, 5'11.5 and 6 and it exact. So go get a measuring tape and measure these heights agains't a wall bare foot and that is how tall these actors are baldheaded.
R said on 13/Apr/06
Mayb Amitabh is actully 6'2. But is he shorter than Kabir Bedi who has been listed at 6'3. I am 6'1. 186 cms.
s.l said on 10/Mar/06
no one in show business tells their real height! and Kenshin models and actors are Known for boosting there height because who is going to notice. when ever you see them you see them in shoes. and if someone is around 6 with in 1-2 inches no one notices. in show business there's only tall, short and average. john abraham is tallish and so is amitabh bachchan but not that tall like a 6'2. trust me when i went to modelling agencey to try out on the form it lists height and the minimum for ramp was 5'11, (india), maybe 6'-6'1 in north america, so when i handed in the form i wrote down 5'9.5 and they told me what is it in shows which be close to 5'10 3/4 so they rounded me up to 5'11.5. so here is a tip, about every actor who is listed from about 5'5 to about 6'4 - 6'8, subtract about 2 inches for there real barefoot height.
harry potter fan said on 8/Mar/06
Amitabh Bachan is no taller thn 6'1, maybe 6ft and a 1/2 inch, I am 6 4 and he was exactly at my eyebrow level...6'2 is highly generous!
Kenshin said on 6/Mar/06
John Abraham is listed as 6'1 and i totally agree with his height cuz he's a model and that has to be his exact height if he's not then i need to see him standing next to Hritik or some1 that's not 6'0 but i don't think he's shorter than 6'0.

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

Other vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been sourced from newspapers, books, resumes or social media.

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