How tall is Beyonce Knowles ?

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Beyonce Knowles height: 5ft 6in (168 cm)

American Singer known for songs such as Single Ladies, Crazy In Love and Halo. As an actress she has appeared in Dreamgirls, Obsessed and Austin Powers:Goldmember. She has stated "5ft 6.5" as her height early in the Destiny's Child era.

Jennifer Lopez, David Beckham and Beyonce
Photo by PR Photos
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chichi says on 22/Feb/15
Watch Destiny's Child live performances (they wear same shoe designs & heels) and you can see that Kelly & Beyonce are about the same height. Michelle is slightly taller than the two. These ladies are rather tall, Kelly & Beyonce around 5'6.5"/170cm
hmdmk says on 17/Feb/15
hmdmk says on 16/Feb/15
littlesue says on 12/Feb/15
The heels have no platform so would probably give about 3 to 3 and half inches in extra height
hmdmk says on 11/Feb/15
Ed Sheeran is listed as 5'8". With shoes in this pic, he's about 5'9. Beyonce's heels are about 5 inches in the pic. Standing next to each other, they're about the SAME height. This puts Beyonce at 5'4", 5'5" max.

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Rachel says on 23/Dec/14
I mean Beyonce is taller than Jlo 5'4 or 164 cm ; Britney Spears is also 5'4 or 162 cm ; Kelly is 5'7 and she's shorter of 1 or 2 inches so she's 5'5 or 5'6 better say 167-8 cm that's it.
Jonathan says on 23/Dec/14
She's higher than 5'5 Olivia Culpo (Miss Universe). Watch this: Click Here
BGee says on 21/Dec/14
5'6 at her highest.
kay says on 20/Dec/14
Not always, they wore matching shoes a lot and they were still similar in height. Click Here Click Here
Taylor says on 20/Dec/14
@kay Beyonce's a heels have always been bigger though
Kay says on 18/Dec/14
she's always seemed about an inch shorter than kelly, same height in a lot of pics, but 5'6" is probably accurate.
Anita says on 17/Dec/14
@Laura for me Beyonce is more in the 5"5.5 (166 cm) case solved out.
Laura says on 16/Dec/14
Whitney Houston's height on her autopsy report is 5"6. Mariah Carey is around 2" shorter than Whitney. Beyoncé and Mariah appear to be very similar in height in this photo with Donatella Versace: Click Here
Mariah isn't wearing platform heels, but Beyoncé looks to be wearing heels with a small platform, slightly smaller than Donatella's: Click Here Neither Beyoncé or Mariah are standing up straight, and even though Beyoncé's heels aren't visible, it looks as though the heels are probably the same height or Beyoncé's could be a smidgen taller. Since Whitney was 5"6, I would put both Beyoncé and Mariah at no taller than 5"4.25. I think Jennifer Lopez is more in the 5"2-5"3 range.
Tabie2 says on 13/Dec/14
@kay Click Here here's the shoes she was wearing, they're monsters.
[Editor Rob: those are potential ankle breakers, you would definitely get over 5 inches, maybe close to 6 out of them.]
Tabie2 says on 13/Dec/14
@kay oh and the weave definitely adds to her height as well
Tabie2 says on 13/Dec/14
@kay okay kay in that photo Piers is not standing straight and to mention again Beyonce is wearing massive heels with huge pumps, as you can see during the interview. If B is 5'6 -5'7 she would have been the same height as Piers but she's not. Maybe 5'4" is short but 5'7 is definitely pushing it, considering her best friend Kelly Rowland who is a true 5'7"
Recovered Data says on 12/Dec/14

Kay says on 8/Dec/14

@tabie2 there weren't really many scenes of them standing together in that interview so it's hard to say but from what we could see, she really wasn't much shorter than him at all Click Here

Candiijack says on 5/Dec/14

Sisqo is supposed to be 5'4". There is a pic of her standing next to him in small heels without the platform front, and she's only 3" taller than him at best. IDK, but if she were 5'7" and the heels gave her 2", then that would put her at 5'9 " total. Considering Sisqo is cheating and adding an inch to his height, Beyoncé should be towering over him.

Tabie2 says on 5/Dec/14

@kay actually, if you watch at the interview you'll see she's significantly shorter than Piers

Laura says on 3/Dec/14

@Megan but Beyoncé's heels are a couple of inches higher than Blake's, and Blake is still taller. Blake is in the 5"7-5"7.5 range, so personally I think Beyoncé is probably 5"4-5"5 at best.

kay says on 3/Dec/14

@Tabie2 Those heels probably gave her about 5 inches of height. She didn't look much shorter than Piers, only about 1-2 inches. That would put her at about 5'6"-5'7".

Megan says on 28/Nov/14

People claiming she's 5'4 or lower are delusional, she looks at least 168/ 169cm! In pics next to Blake Lively who's around 5'8 there's a difference of about 1/2 inches between them. B isn't any lower than 168cm.

Tabie2 says on 18/Nov/14

Rob how could Beyonce be 5'6 when she wore 6 inch heels with large platforms and was still way shorter than Piers Morgan? He also admitted Beyonce is a very petite woman as well. Beyonce has also stated she tends to look larger on stage and television too; therefore, I believe there is a great chance she may be 5'4.

Kenya says on 10/Nov/14

Rob do you think B is 5'5 or 5'4 because during the Super Bowl performance Kelly and her were wearing the same heels and she looked 3 inches smaller than Kelly who is a solid 5'7? I honestly don't think celebrities know what a real inch, foot, or centimeter looks like because many height claims are completely unrealistic.

[Editor Rob: I find the idea of her being that small hard to believe, but I guess you can't rule out the chance of her in the 5ft 5-6 range, 5ft 4-5 I think is too low to argue.]

Dom says on 13/Oct/14

Never really looks under 5'7"

Big man says on 29/Sep/14

My mum met her and said she's 5"3 in flats

j says on 22/Sep/14

Bey is 5.7ft more taller than rihanna who lie about her hight

i told you says on 21/Sep/14

IF jlo is 5'5" beyonce is about 5'5.5" taking her hair pouf into account. Definitely possible bey is only 5'5" flat since jlo seems a bit shorter.

Candiijack says on 9/Sep/14

Look up beyonce and prince performing purple rain live. At the 2004 26th annual Grammys. Watch them side by side very closely. Then tell me if you truly still believe beyonce is 5'7" tall?

Ashley says on 19/Aug/14

Yes I thought around 5-6 inches taller but wasn't too sure, Thank you. Rob if someone wakes at 5ft 6.75 but can be from 5' 6-5' 6.25 by night, what do I say my height is?

Amaze says on 17/Aug/14



always add 5 inches etc.

so a 5;6 woman is a 511 man

5 7 woman 6 0 man etc

Emmett says on 16/Aug/14

@Ashely, I think 5'11-6'0 range.

Ashley says on 16/Aug/14

What height would a man equivalent to a 5ft 6 woman be?

Kay says on 12/Jul/14

Wow, people claiming 5'3"-5'4" are deluded. Here she is with 5'4" Britney and she's a good amount taller:

Click Here

And in this picture she's a good 3-4 inches taller than Pink and Britney:

Click Here

This listing is spot on. I don't get the obsession people have with constantly downgrading celebs, I see it on every page.

ice says on 30/Jun/14

Okay, explain this. Everyone knows that Lady Gaga is around 5'1", some people even argue shorter. In this picture, with the same outfit and same size heels, Beyonce is not 5+ inches taller. I still giver her 5'5" to Gaga's 5'1" Click Here

mysteryblogger says on 7/Jun/14

First off, beyonce is not short. If she is 5 3, which is an inch shorter than kim kardashian,she wud not have had to bend to greet kim at the BET awards a few years back. She stood beside blake lively last week at the chime for change reunion (I think) and she is 5'9 or 5'10. She wore 5 inch heels and beyonce was around 2 inches shorter. She is def not 5 3. 5'6 seems just about right. Ebony lied. Beyonce SAID she was 5 6 so y ask further

Joe says on 30/May/14

Let's clear it up:

Jay z is 6-6'1 feet tall, even if he's mentioned 6'1.5 here, he is shorter than 6'1 larry johnson, if beyonce is like 3 to 4 inches shorter than jay z on heels, then she should be between 5'5 to 5'7 range.

truth as is says on 19/May/14

Click Here

here is the same picture as with jlo and david beckham, clearly beyonce is much taller than jlo, more than 2 inches, she is at least 5'6.5"

az says on 15/May/14

i am the assistant director for casting and a producer for fashion shows in nyc, london, paris, milan. i see a lot of celebs and i look at height in casting for a living. i never work in heels. solange knowles comes to a lot of the shows i produce and she is about 5'4. i'm aaalllmst 5'8 in the a.m. and when she is in heels she is about an inch smaller than me. big hair included:)

height lies really bug me. i think it's lame and sort of a mystery. my friends in the big agencies say you add inches to a short client to make them more model/casting-worthy as more big brands hire actresses than real models these days, hence the contant fudging on heights. an agent i am friends with who handles all the supermodels of the 90s said height fudging started when shorter girls were much smaller framed (90s chic) but "image coucelors" wanted them to be perceived as larger than life.

some models are marked shorter on their card than they are in person, althoug this is rare. and it usually ends if they become very big/famous. ummm....that's all i have for now.

tiny says on 3/May/14

J'Lo is 5'4" & 140 lbs and Beyonce is 5'5" & 145 lbs but these 2 ladies are noticed not for their height but their smoking hot curves

Dom says on 29/Apr/14

J-Lo always looks about 5'5, definitely not under 5'4,5 and Beyonce has almost 2 inches on her

ice says on 15/Apr/14

I'm saying 5'5", because based on Rihanna's height, she can't be too short. Looking at her and J-Lo makes it seem like she could be under 5'5", but not when she is next to Rihanna. 5'5" is the only height that seems to fit her appearance for both ladies.

beyoncecomeoutandsaywhaturrealheigtisPLEASSE says on 14/Apr/14

Based on you're calculations, she's still under 5'5. 5'7- 3(heel length) = 5'4.

5'7.5 - 3 = 5'4.5.

beyoncecomeoutandsaywhaturrealheigtisPLEASSE says on 14/Apr/14

@ice.. I've posted several pics of Bey and J.lo standing right next to each other, do you honestly see a 2 inch difference? I only see about an inch difference, nothing more. My calculations of her height (which I think is 5'4 or 5'4.25) is based on J.Lo's height since most people are certain she's about 5'3 or 5'3.5

beyoncecomeoutandsaywhaturrealheigtisPLEASSE says on 14/Apr/14

@ice.. I've posted several pics of Bey and J.lo standing right next to each other, do you honestly see a 2 inch difference? I only see about an inch difference, nothing more. My calculations of her height (which I think is 5'4 or 5'4.25) is based on J.Lo's height since most people are certain she's about 5'3 or 5'3.5

ice says on 13/Apr/14

Looking back over my calculations, i gave her more benefit than I should have. Look at what I said:

"Let's say Beckham is getting 1.5 inches from his shoes. That would put him at 6'0.5" Beyonce is under his eye level, even if her head was straight, so that's about 5.5 inches, which puts Beyonce at 5'8 in heels. The heels are very tall, but there is not platform, so she's likely getting about 3 inches, making her 5'5". I don't think she is under 5'5", but there is not way I'm seeing 5'6. She MAY be 5'5.5", if something is off with my calculations, but I don't think so."

If Beckham is 6'0.5 in shoes, and Beyonce is 5.5 inches shorter, that would make her 5'7" in heels, not 5'8"! Even if you want to be more conservative and say she is only five inches shorter, then that puts her at 5'7.5" in heels. Now, I really can't see her as being over 5'5". Can someone that does show me their calculations. I don't see it from mine.

divincodino92 says on 11/Apr/14

166 for me, no more!

ice says on 31/Mar/14

leonari: Look at the photos I posted on Khloe Kardashian's page. Next to Lamar Odom and Tyra Banks, I'm not seeing 5'8", at all.

leonari says on 30/Mar/14

ice: Khloe Kardashian is well above 5'7". She is over 5'8"

Hypado says on 30/Mar/14

Looks 166cm

beyoncecomeoutandsaywhaturrealheigtisPLEASSE says on 29/Mar/14

Click Here

One more pic of J.Lo and Beyonce.

beyoncecomeoutandsaywhaturrealheigtisPLEASSE says on 29/Mar/14

I think Beyonce's just an inch taller than J.Lo. Whatever J.Lo's height is Beyonce's about an inch taller. Like I said if J.Lo's 5'3 Bey's 5'4. If J.Lo's 5'3.75, Bey's 5'4.75. That's still puts Bey under 5'5 for me.

ice says on 28/Mar/14

Honestly, there are quite a few ladies' heights I question on this site. Luckily, they've all been filmed or photographed together, so I've got some idea of what height they really are. Here are my guesses:

Beyonce - 165cm (5'5")

J-Lo - 162cm (5'3.75")

Shakira - 155cm (5'1")

Miley Cyrus - 164cm (5'4.5")

Halle Berry - 163cm (5'4") (Compare her to Vivica Fox in Why do Fools Fall in Love)

Ana Paquin - 162cm (5'3.75")

Emma Watson - 163cm (5'4")

Khloe Kardashian - 170cm (5'7")

Angelina Jolie - 168cm (5'6")

Jennifer Aniston - 161cm (5'3.5")

ice says on 28/Mar/14

Bey, those heels are indeed 4 to 5 inches, but because heels provide a slope, so you don't get the full height. I'm not sure if you are male or female, but if you are female, measure yourself without heels, then in heels. You will see that you don't get the full height. For the size heels she's wearing, she's only getting about 3 inches.

beyoncecomeoutandsaywhaturrealheigtisPLEASSE says on 28/Mar/14

ice, those heels are somewhere from 4 to 5 inches not 3. If J.Lo's 5'3(or 5'3 plus a little) that would make Beyonce 5'4'(or 5'4" plus a little). says on 27/Mar/14

Rob Beyonce is 5'6 or better say 167 in cm ; jlo is 5'4 or164 in cm ! but also Piers Morgan said in a interview with Bey : In the stage you look giant but in the reality you are quite tiny aren't you? She answered yes it's true , they say to my mother , to my husband ; so??? What do you guys think?

[Editor Rob: there is a chance beyonce could be under 5ft 6, it isn't ruled out!]

beyoncecomeoutandsaywhaturrealheigtisPLEASSE says on 27/Mar/14

Click Here

Rob if you look at this pic she's standing up straight, her head is slightly raised, plus the big hair. I still think she's about an inch taller than J.Lo. She's definitely under 5'5".

beyoncecomeoutandsaywhaturrealheigtisPLEASSE says on 27/Mar/14

Click Here

This picture is PERFECT!! Even looks like they're the same height! Only thing is Beyonce's hair's bigger!

ice says on 26/Mar/14

Beyonce's head is tilted,so she looks similar in height to J-Lo, but if you look at Beyonce's shoulders, they are higher. For me, I see J-Lo at 162cm(5'3.75"), Beyonce at 165cm (5'5")and Beckham at 180cm (5'11"). Let's say Beckham is getting 1.5 inches from his shoes. That would put him at 6'0.5" Beyonce is under his eye level, even if her head was straight, so that's about 5.5 inches, which puts Beyonce at 5'8 in heels. The heels are very tall, but there is not platform, so she's likely getting about 3 inches, making her 5'5". I don't think she is under 5'5", but there is not way I'm seeing 5'6. She MAY be 5'5.5", if something is off with my calculations, but I don't think so.

ice says on 25/Mar/14

Editor Rob: I don't get it. How can a true 5'6" with very tall heels be so much shorter than a 5'11" man? Something is not right!

tick says on 22/Mar/14

seems like j.lo and beyonce are the same height. j.lo's definitely shorter than 5'5. Let's rule out 5'5 for beyonce guys! =)

nicki says on 18/Mar/14

@bb Jennifer Hudson is 5 foot 9 not 5 foot 5. lol

BeYlOVed says on 16/Mar/14

Beyonce looks tall but she isn't ! she is 5'5 for me or 166 cm that's it , no more! because Jenifer Lopez is 5'4 and a half so 164 cm , the difference is two inches. ROB what do you think??

bb says on 6/Mar/14

In the movie dream girls Beyoncé is a little bit shorter than 5 foot 5 Jennifer Hudson from what I can see of

BAPS says on 4/Mar/14

She's definitely not 5'3". She was towering over 5'4" Tina Turner during their Grammy performance.

Maria Minuano says on 13/Feb/14

It's very common artists and models lie abouttheir height. I'd take one inch of hers.

hmm says on 11/Feb/14

@ice: I said about. So between 2-3in difference I think..She could be anywhere between 5'4-5'5.

ice says on 7/Feb/14

I don't see three inches between Beyonce and Kelly, but I do see two. Rob, do see her as being 5'5"? To me, she looks it on quite a few occasions.

Fran says on 7/Feb/14

I just realized most people don't know their own height. I had to go do a check up recently and I was disappointed I was 1.7 meters tall that is approximately 5ft 7 inches. I was disappointed because I've always thought I was 5ft 10. So all the people claiming to be a head over Beyonce and that makes her 5ft 3 don't know their height.

hmm says on 5/Feb/14

Click Here

2013 Superbowl performance: they're all wearing the same boots, same heel length.

Kelly's 5'7

Click Here

Beyonce looks about 3in shorter than Kelly in the link above. If Kelly's 5'7 wouldn't that make Beyonce 5'4 and NOT 5'6, Rob?

J.Eje says on 3/Feb/14

Rob, how tall is beyonce ?? 5'3 ; 5'4;5'5; 5'6. Anyway in some picture she seems tall in others short or petite . We want to know her true height , in my opinion she is 5'5 but what do u think??

[Editor Rob: I can't believe the 5ft 3 stuff, she looks too tall to be just that short!]

J.Lee says on 27/Jan/14

Rob, if she looks 4 inches shorter, would that make her 5 ft 10.5? Jay Z is 6 foot 1.5 and in shoes 6 ft 2.5. So how could her footwear only be 2.5 inches thicker?

[Editor Rob: I think their height listings are ok, 6ft 1 range and 5ft 6 range ]

J.Lee says on 27/Jan/14

Rob look at this link Click Here

Jay Z is 6 ft 1.5. With shoes on, he's taller. How tall do you think Beyonce looks compared to him in the pic and how high would her shoes have to be?

[Editor Rob: she looks maybe 4 inches smaller, I wouldn't say she has anymore than an extra 2.75-3 inches more footwear footwear, they don't look particularly thick.]

Dawg says on 21/Jan/14

rob, beyonce says shes 5'3 in a ebony magazine interview in 2009 and attributed her height to 6 inch heels or some **** Click Here

Click Here

[Editor Rob: I'd be very surprised if she was really that low...I mean 5ft 5 range is arguable but 5ft 3 would be a big shock ]

DD says on 10/Jan/14

She is 5 foot 6 or 7

James says on 1/Jan/14

Why not go with 5'6.5 rob?

AshleyBurgaretta says on 22/Dec/13

BibiAlexis so Beyonce is 5'4 i mean she looks taller on tv!!

BibiAlexis says on 19/Dec/13

Just saw (Dec. 2013) Queen Diva and her husband at vegan restaurant in West Hollywood. I am 5'7, she looked just about my sisters height 5'4. Online search claims 5'7, well I must be 5'10 then. She was very sweet and nice to everyone who spoke to her.

AshleyBurgaretta says on 9/Dec/13

Amy are you sure bout her height 5'3.5 i think she 's taller , like 5'5 or near that. But i heard people say she's short , so 5'3 is right.

AmySue says on 7/Dec/13

Met her at the Cadillac Records Preem and she's shorter than I am - 5'3.5"!

simonstanfield says on 19/Nov/13

Just lovely! Nice to see someone like Queen B repping us 5ft 6 boyz!

Pout sistah


Johnjay says on 17/Oct/13

OMG I just came back from Accra, Ghana and I saw sola be knowles at the airport, Ghana. She is petite and about 5'5 tall if not 5'4 I am 5' 8' and I felt I was about a good 4 inches taller than her. She was with her son. I guess no one recognized her in Africa but me lol. Anyway if she is taller than beyond then bet once is no way 5'8 at alllllllll

Laura says on 23/Sep/13

Anyway ,Bey being a petite how tall she could be? 5'5 at most .

She could be 5'4 (164 cm)

because if you see the pic with Jlo she 's just 1 inch over her.

Beno says on 27/Aug/13

Well I've never seen her before since that I'm mills away but, after reading the comments below and I saw her on TV I'd say she's 168cm tall.

Nicki says on 21/Aug/13

Click Here

In that video at 1:49 she says "5'6 and a....5'7. and with heels..5'10."

I'm 5'7 and I've met her before and we we're about the same height. I think 5'6.5/5'7 is accurate, Google also has her as 5'7.

candiijack says on 6/Aug/13

Not jet, ebony magazine. Oops.

candiijack says on 6/Aug/13

OK. I stand corrected. In a jet magazine interview it clearly states she is a petite 5'3". Why would she lie about that? It also says she wears 5- 6" platforms, which would give the impression she is taller.

ice says on 5/Aug/13

DBL, you stating you saw 5'6-5'7" goes against what my cousin claims she saw, 5'5". Besides, people lie about their heights all the time. Why do you think this site was created?

DBL says on 3/Aug/13

1. She answered the question that everyone has asked and/ or wondered about. It can't get any plainer than that.

2. She was sitting down....... How accurate do you think he could get when she was not even standing up.

3. I saw her in person and I believe she is at least 5'6-5'7........ Very slim (tiny waist) but not short.

4. She answered the question

ice says on 29/Jul/13

DBL, notice that guy thought she was 5'5". It's rare somebody guesses a person two inches shorter that's right in front of them for a long period of time.

DBL says on 24/Jul/13

Please view the following interview to clarify Beyonce's height.

Click Here

s@m@ntha@ says on 8/Jul/13

Wow i was expecting this to say she was 5ft 8 or something. Must be the high heels.

tatiana says on 3/Jul/13

lm just her height but people are telling me that l don't have models height why?

ice says on 18/Jun/13

Personally, I think she can be 165 cm, or 5'5". She doesn't come across as under average, because I've seen her dwarf a few folks, but any more than that seems unrealistic.

candiijack says on 17/Jun/13

I agree. 5'3". May look 5'4" because of her proportions. She is a beautiful woman. It almost seems like taller than average women are hating. Acting like a petite woman can't possibly be as beautiful as a 5'6" or taller woman. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

teej says on 11/Jun/13

She looks 5'4 max next to 5'7 mike myers in austin powers

Sapphy says on 11/Jun/13

I worked for her backstage at a concert, and i am 5'10" and i think she reach me about shoulder height. 5'5" maybe.

ice says on 10/Jun/13

How is she only 7.5 inches shorter than Jay-Z when she has on these monsters, and is STILL several inches shorter? She is closer to the camera and has what looks to be 5-6 inch heels with platforms, yet is half a head shorter.

Click Here

Mathew says on 9/Jun/13

Second thought maybe a weak 5'6" (167 cm) might be nearer than 165 cm.

Mathew says on 9/Jun/13

Looks 5'5" to me.

Lauren Aidale says on 6/Jun/13

Beyonce is a beutiful woman i love her music most of all, i met her in NYC and she was tiny about 5'3 is quite good , i couldn't believe to my eyes...

Tracy says on 31/May/13

I thought she was taller who new.

Ben says on 30/May/13

She's short. It surprised me. Jay-Z and her were walking through the crowd surrounded by bodyguards at the Made In America tour in Philly. I am 6'3" and was able to over the bodyguards and she is tiny. A friend took a bad picture but you could easily see that Jay was about a foot taller since she wasn't in heels due to the wet uneven grass in the park venue. She's timy and that's why I'm on this website.

candiijack says on 19/May/13

Take a look at Beyonce performing with Prince at an old concert back in 2004 (?). She is standing next to him in heels and they are looking eye to eye.

rose says on 14/May/13

Hey ,i.went on the picture with her and i'm about 163 cm and she was a little bit bigger than me so she was about 165 cm :)

MRSBWS says on 21/Apr/13

Please look at the pictures of Beyonce and Jay-Z when they were in Cuba and base your guesses on that. My guess is 5'5" max. But, I'm leaner closer to 5'3"

Louis says on 18/Apr/13

she had concert in zagreb(croatia) yesterday

croatian singer who sang couple songs before beyonce and is no more than 5'5 met beyonce and said she is short

K says on 17/Apr/13

5'5" to 5'6". She's definately not 5'3" or 5'4"! She looks 5'5" to me but maybe it's because she's really curvy?

Leona says on 17/Apr/13

I saw her person ,she was two feet in front of me. She is itty bitty, I personally wouldnt give her more than 125 ibl or 130. I think its just the television that makes her seem so much more curvier. She is curvy but kind of the slimmer side, I compared her to the few girls who happened to be next to me or near me and everone of them was thicker than her. So trust me, if you think aout --oh I wish i had curves like beyone-- believe me there is 8 percent chance that you are thicker than her. The only bizzare thing is, when she is at any distance from you she seems bigger and thicker. the farther she is,even a few tables away she will seem huge,but when she is really close up to you she is quite tiny. Here is a picture that looks exactly like the Beyonce I saw in person

I-ll post the pic in the next post

Cp says on 14/Apr/13

Beyonce is 5'3" it was not only stated but highlighted in ebony magazine, that she stands as a petite 5'3...and it was also note that she regularly wears 6 inch heels. If jay z is 6'2 (he's probably only 6'1) then she cannot be 5'6 or 7 and still appear 3-4 inches shorter than he is... Standing no taller than at his nose

j,s says on 14/Apr/13

definitely 5'3...have seen her in person and lady really is small

Dom says on 4/Apr/13

She never looks under 5'6,5"

Cyruz says on 2/Apr/13

I just saw the clip from a gag show where Beyonce had Justin Timberlake, Andy Samberg, and another comedian play as her back-up dancers for the Single Ladies video. Of course, she wears heels, they don't look that high, and JT wears heels too, but like 2 inches. Standing face to face, BK is almost as tall as JT, maybe an inch shorter. JT is like 6'1 or 6'2.

sykes says on 2/Apr/13

lady gaga is 5'1 watch their music vid

PMP says on 25/Mar/13

she always wearing extreme heels like dafodille by Cristian Loboutin wich is 160mm/6" tall. and she newer attend grammy without 5" heels or taller.

ET says on 21/Mar/13

How u guys say she is 5'3 is beyond me. Im 5'3 and know how that looks. She is 5'6-5'7.

Look at her body. The length b/n her waist-neck,waist-knee, and legs. You can easily estimate that way.

nikkipop says on 17/Mar/13

She is 5'8 look at beyonces pictures with rihanna she is almost taller than rihanna but rihanna 5'9"

J says on 12/Mar/13

Why is everyone saying she's 5'3??? She is 5'6 people barefoot and with heels she's about 5'10

The R says on 11/Mar/13

I'm gonna agree with Kay and say 5'3. I've never met her, but I saw her documentary and she was like shorter than everyone she interacted with. And it's not like everyone in that documentary could have been over 5'7.

Makeup Artist says on 27/Feb/13

I'm sure, she is 165 cm.

theenforcer says on 17/Feb/13

Me007 - I think you've made that up! Beyonce has been in videos with Shakira and Lady Gaga, and she is comfortably taller than both of them so unless they're both below 5 foot (which I don't believe they are) that would put Beyonce at 5 foot 6 (with perfect proportions to boot ;-) !

Kay says on 11/Feb/13

Change it. She's 5'3". She said so in Ebony Magazine. They always add inches to celeb heights to enhance illusion.

me007 says on 11/Feb/13

I met her around 2000 and she is quite tiny. All of the Destiny's Child girls were little bitty things. (I'm 5'6" in flats, which I had on at the time, and I felt like a giant next to them.)

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