How tall is Angelina Jolie ?

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Angelina Jolie height: 5ft 6.5in (169 cm)

American actress best known roles in films such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Girl Interrupted, The Bone Collector, Gone in 60 Seconds, Hackers, Salt, Mr & Mrs Smith and Changeling.

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Arch Stanton says on 28/Jan/15
Well that's utter BS Zee, as that would make Clint Eastwood a weak 5'9!!
Zee says on 26/Jan/15
I met her at a priemere and she was no lie about my height WITH heels on. I'm 5'6. I deffinetly think she's shorter, which comes as a surprise because she has long legs. Beautiful nonetheless and had surprisingly delicate features.
jamie179cm says on 16/Jan/15
@charlie lol lmao what made you think that?
Charlie says on 13/Jan/15
I thought she was 180cm...
Mel says on 30/Dec/14
Yeah I saw the pic of Angelina with Jack Black and she's about his height in heels. Brad Pitt is listed at 5'11" and in Mr and Mrs Smith when they are standing together she looks significantly shorter than him.
jamie179cm says on 3/Dec/14
sorry i wasn't ment to put my name in the comment lol
jamie179cm says on 2/Dec/14
jamie179cm ok 5ft5 is the max she definitely isn't taller than due to jack black being taller
jamie179cm says on 25/Nov/14
shes not over 5ft4 the pictures of jack black proof that jack is taller than her when shes in heels and hes in flats
Arch Stanton says on 29/Oct/14
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 28/Oct/14
Angelina at her prime, age 26 was 5 ft 7 and about 130 pounds in Tomb Raider, and her measurements were 36C - 26" or 27" waist - 36" Hips --these circumferential measurements agree volumetrically with 130-135 lbs. Some listings have her at 5 ft 8, but I think her peak was maybe a strong 5 ft 7, because all the early listings from the 90's have her at 5'7".

You do realise that she's still not even 40 LOL? I hardly think she's lost height.
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 28/Oct/14
Angelina at her prime, age 26 was 5 ft 7 and about 130 pounds in Tomb Raider, and her measurements were 36C - 26" or 27" waist - 36" Hips --these circumferential measurements agree volumetrically with 130-135 lbs. Some listings have her at 5 ft 8, but I think her peak was maybe a strong 5 ft 7, because all the early listings from the 90's have her at 5'7".
Arch Stanton says on 11/Oct/14
It's just Changeling rather that The Changeling too :-)
Arch Stanton says on 11/Oct/14
Rob can you add some photos like the Brad page, cheers.
[Editor Rob: one day, but most of her pics (well ones I can host) are with brad]
jamie179cm says on 6/Sep/14
look she is about 5ft4 i saw a picture some were of her being shorter than jack black in heels jack was in flats btw so rob how can she be 5ft6.5?
lalala says on 4/Sep/14
tomb says on 6/Jan/14
Hey Rob how much do you think she weighed in the first tomb raider?

I'm not Rob so I prob shouldn't be answering this, but I think 130-135 is closer to the truth. She carries her weight in her torso+appeared to be on the muscular side in that movie.
queenie says on 21/Aug/14
I always thought she was quite tall but was reading Jennifer Saunders' autobiography this week and she said she couldn't believe how 'titchy' she was when she met her in Cannes. Also referred to her as 'very small'.
Tom says on 17/Aug/14
Dear Rob I noticed you changed Angelina Jolie's height. You used to have her at 1.73. Why is that? You haven't met her in person else we would have a photograph. I also noticed (ang LOLed) that you have Jack O'Connell at 5.8 how is he 5.8? On heels? There are several photos of him on their new movie Unbroken and Jolie is in flats even Ballarina and she is the same height as him when he wears military boots. What's going on?
[Editor Rob: she's never been 173cm on here, but she was 170cm back at the start and then changed to 169 which she's sat at for a good number of years. I think 168-9cm is quite an arguable range for her.]
Spiderman says on 10/Aug/14
5'7" the most
Lara says on 7/Aug/14
Oh... Gerard Butler and Angelina (ignore the title :D )

Click Here

Jennifer and Gerard

Click Here
Lara says on 7/Aug/14
Jennifer A. and Jack Black
Click Here

Angelina and Jack

Click Here

Unrelated... But here's allegedly 5'7 Monica with Jack. However, keep in mind that Monica ALWAYS wears gigantic heels.

Click Here
Chris says on 2/Aug/14
Angodlina Jolie is 5ft 8 tall.
Jemma says on 17/Jul/14
Colleen Atwood, costume designer for The Tourist, would know her height better than anyone else. According to Colleen, "She's very, very, very small, quite fine boned and refined. She's probably 5'7 or 5'8, but she was six feet in heels."
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jun/14
come on guys shes no more than 55
Realist says on 6/Jun/14
@Arch Stanton: Schreibers figure is deceiving, he is flabby which makes him look shorter, he looks max 6'1.5 with 5'6.75 Jamie Bell in Defiance premier. If you compare him to 189 guys like Nicholas Hoult or Ashton Kutcher,you'd never think they are the same height. Angelina is 5'6.25.
Arch Stanton says on 24/May/14
She actually looked 5 ft 8 next to Schreiber in Salt, I mean no way did he look 8-9 inches taller, more like 6-7 inches, but in her barefoot scenes and chase scenes in her beanie hat she looked no more than 5 ft 6.
lorely says on 23/May/14
5 7.5 i guess...
SAK says on 16/May/14
Rob how tall is Jolie with those heels on? (The pics with Fanning).
[Editor Rob: I looked for side on Here...from side on I'd say they were close to giving actual 3 inches.]
Lara says on 15/May/14
She seems around 5'4 if you compare both her and J. Aniston next to Jack Black, keeping in mind the size of their heels. AJ and JA are aprox. the same height.
littlesue says on 14/May/14
Interesting pic with Ellie Fanning, Angie looks a fraction taller, similar heels on
[Editor Rob: there is some tilt in that one, you can see other ones In this gallery]
Arch Stanton says on 13/May/14
Rob can you add Girl, Interrupted? She won the Oscar for it. Looks a legit 5'7" in that film.
Pedro says on 11/May/14
Here is Angelina standing next to Elle Fanning: Click Here
Michele says on 9/May/14
I'm exactly 5'5" and I stood in line with her at an airport terminal. We were both wearing flat sandals and I'm absolutely sure she was spot on my height exactly. I was actually very surprised since I had envisioned her as being pretty statuesque and lanky, but she's on the slightly outer range of being petite like me.
Dean says on 9/May/14
Shorter! Make it.
jamieorr4 says on 31/Mar/14
theres no way she 5ft6.5 jack black was taller than her and she was in heels jack seem to be in flats she no more than 5ft4
StopHijackingMyNick says on 2/Mar/14
130 pounds at 5ft11.5? No offence Emily but that is almost dangerously skinny. For a girl your height 160 pounds would be ideal, most of us guys love love love curvy girls lol.
Dan says on 7/Jan/14
I think she claimed (or was listed as) 5'8" a few years back (around the release of the first Tomb Raider film). At the time I was willing to accept that, but now that I think about it, she doesn't seem to hit that height when standing next to other people.

5'6.5" might be a bit off in either direction - her frame makes me think she's taller, but standing next to others makes me think she's smaller.
tomb says on 6/Jan/14
Hey Rob how much do you think she weighed in the first tomb raider?
[Editor Rob: possibly between 120-25]
mouse says on 2/Jan/14
I saw Angelina and she was not tall at all!
Spock says on 30/Dec/13
Rob, please say something about those Jack Black pics, 169? theres no way :/
[Editor Rob: 168 could be nearer the mark]
Emily says on 22/Dec/13
I have almost no body fat, and i'm very skinny too. I weigh about 130-135 pounds at almost 6 ft height. I think this is another factor which makes my head appear big.
jordydecke says on 21/Dec/13
@emily do you have a pic of your head? I would say she has quite a wide face, although maybe looks more so due to her low body fat percentage.
Emily says on 20/Dec/13
I wonder how wide (cm/inches) her face is. Her cheekbones are obviously the widest part of her face. I guess my head isn't big at all (in length), but i have the same face type as Angie (my cheekbones are the widest part of my face, and they're about 14 cm). Guess that's what makes me think my head is so big.
The Jez says on 17/Dec/13
I have met both of them in person, I was shocked by how tiny she seemed because I thought she would be way taller. I wouldn't put her any taller than 5'5" either. Maybe even 5'4". He seemed average height of 5'10-6'.0.
Nadya says on 27/Nov/13
5"5 is correct in my opinion
little sue says on 2/Nov/13
I have one of those of Daniel Craig from Casino Royale and its about 6ft 2. They can make them as big or short as they want, probably because they both action hero#s in these films they make them appear taller
Sotos says on 1/Nov/13
Okay I have a life size Standee from her Tomb Raider movies and they are both 1.75 cm. They do add a couple of cm from the buttom plus another 1.5 cm if you count the boot heel but she is 1.72 at least. And it is a life size standee. I have the first one from this link Click Here
John95 says on 1/Nov/13
Jolie: 165 cm
Pitt: 175.5 cm
(both evening height)
I'm 100 percent sure that Jolie is max 166 cm, and that means Pitt is around 176-177 cm.
He is NOT 5 inches taller than her.
Sarah says on 30/Oct/13
I think her head is long(Oval shaped) and she has a skinny frame, giving her the illusion of a bigger head. I noticed women with an oval face shape look like they have larger heads. Mine is a diamond (the face shape with the highest cheekbones- think Native American) and my face looks quite small. I also have a 17.5 bmi so I'm in the slim side. It's just women with oval face shapes (supposedly the perfect face shape like Mona Lisa)- I think it's called the golden ration.
Emily says on 29/Oct/13
@Arch Stanton Now that you mention it, i see it too. I have very wide cheekbones too, they're actually the widest part of my face, but i'm not sure this can create the illusion of having a big head.
Arch Stanton says on 26/Oct/13
@Emily. Yes her head doeslook large, it's a mixture if her ultra skinny frame and the fact that she has very broad cheekbones, a strait which she inherits from her father which can make her head seem bigger.
Mony says on 9/Oct/13
Do you mean inches or cm?
Imetangelinajolie says on 6/Oct/13
I've seen angelina I'm 166cm she a couple of inches taller than me and she was wearing flats
johnny says on 27/Sep/13
This site has a lot heights pretty spot on but 169cm is 5 cm taller than she really is. Don't know why you keep her at that height. 5'8'' Jonny Lee Miller (who you have wrongly listed as 5'10'') has 4 inches on her.
SK says on 1/Sep/13
Kik, just because she played a model in a movie doesn't mean she's at least 5'8". Naomi Watts is only 5'4", but she's playing Princess Diana, who was at least 5'9".
truth says on 26/Aug/13
She is 166cm and Brad Pitt is 179cm, He is 5 inches taller.
Arch Stanton says on 29/Jul/13
There is a barefoot scene in the nuthouse in Changeling where it's really hard to buy that she's over 5'6".
Sal says on 19/Jul/13
I am 5.7 and. I saw her and have pictures with her and she is half a head taller than me. She wore heels but she must be like me. She wore short heels
julie says on 18/Jul/13
I've actually stood next to her and worked on a project for her and she's about 5'4", maybe 5'5" max -- I'm 5'9" and I was far taller than she was. (Very nice person by the way.)
Emily says on 28/May/13
Rob, do you think she has a big head? I noticed it is pretty big, even enhanced by her very skinny frame. 9,25 inches long?
[Editor Rob: maybe 9 inch, I don't think it looks huge, although with her ultra skinny frame at times, maybe there is a sense of her head being bigger than you think?]
little sue says on 17/May/13
The heels she has on with Hague would only give her about 1.75 inches at the most, they are only about 3 inches high with no platform
Arch Stanton says on 16/May/13
Obviously I'm assuming flats because she'd hardly wear heels to such a place and she's suddenly shrunk 3.5-4 inches from the photo further up and showing her real height!
Arch Stanton says on 16/May/13
I hadn't noticed the lower pictures but on location they're both in flats and you can see how much height Jolie is getting from those heels. The photos are right at the bottom. Hague is 5'10 ish I think so I think 5'6" and a bit is what she is, almost 4 inches.
Arch Stanton says on 14/May/13
William Hague is about 5 ft 10 I think and Jolie is fractionally shorter than him in heels, I think he'd be about 5'10.5" in those low dress shoes and might be a bit under 5'10" but he's near that mark you can tell. Click Here scroll down. I think the heels would give her 3.5 inches maybe. If she is reaching about 5 ft 10 in those sort of heels (she looked it next to Eastwood) then I'd say she is somewhere between 5 ft 6 and 7 barefoot. I think this is spot on actually.
perry says on 13/May/13
5' 5"
Claudia says on 7/May/13
Well, what about this? Oliver Martinez is stated 174 cm here, and here are two photos from Taking Lives premiere and Jolie is in heels and she is SHORTER than Oliver even in heels.
Click Here

Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 8/Apr/13
LOL, 160 cm. She's within 3 inches of Clint Eastwood's height in sizeable heels, a woman that short wouldn't come close. The lowest she could possibly be is 5'5.5" and I rarely see her look that short. Yes she looks shorter next to Jack Black but look at the majority of photos where she is reaching near 5'10" in heels. She's around 5'6".
Average Joe says on 4/Apr/13
Click Here Zack Black minus 2-3 inches is Jolie's height, so she is no taller than 5'4 if Jack Black is 5-6.
truth178cm says on 31/Mar/13
She seems average height; 5ft5 without shoes 5ft6 with them, 5ft8 in heels. Pitt is 5ft10, 5ft11 in shoes.
Anonymous says on 30/Mar/13
Stop lying about height in Hollywood. She is not 5.7 she is 5.6 flat so she is average.Is time to downgrade.
lara girl says on 20/Mar/13
And how tall for you does she look here?

Click Here
Anonymous says on 14/Mar/13
Google her with Emma Thompson. 5'4. Or shorter...
Anna says on 3/Mar/13
She's definitely 5.5. I saw her when she was shaking hands with the crowd at TIFF September 2011.
Kik says on 21/Feb/13
She played a model, so she has to be 5.8 at least.
lady says on 3/Feb/13
modeling height stats are 90% of the time total BS. Just look up any model in one agency, then compare those stats to other agencies she's listed at.Jennifer A is 5'4ish. Angie is between 5'5.5 to 5'6.5. She is extremely skinny, and has long legs to a short torso making her look taller.Look at pics of AJ in flats compared to Brad, heels can be pretty deceiving since you can never be sure how tall they really are.
EAS says on 1/Feb/13
Angelina Jolie is 5'8 people NOT 5'6 nor is she 5'6.5. 5'7 and a half would be acceptable, but she is clocked at 5'8 on her modeling stats. With 3-4" heels she's darn near 6ft tall. You can see that when she's satnding next to Brad Pitt. Jennifer A is 5'6 for future reference.
JHL says on 25/Jan/13
She is 5'7" same height as Jane Fonda, Pamela Anderson and Oprah .....5'7" is not is average height
john says on 19/Jan/13
angelina jolie is so thin....seriously she is not made for action movies..she can't even beat a normal are far apart..
Joliepitt says on 14/Jan/13
Look at this photo:

Click Here

Angelina and Natalie look like they were standing together side by side, Portman is 160cm so how high is Jolie????
Charles says on 13/Jan/13
Could you update her height? We all know she's far below 169, rather 165, wanna more proofs?
little sue says on 11/Jan/13
Gillian's shoes would give more height than Angelina's though it proves she can't be much over 5ft 6.
Guest says on 11/Jan/13
Hey check out this photos with Gillian Anderson, according to your site she's 159cm, so I think Angelina has 165cm. Notice they are both in heels

Click Here

Click Here
Original says on 2/Jan/13
Jolie heights is 164, 165 or 166
Pitt can be 12 or 13 taller.
Spock says on 29/Dec/12
Theres no way that she is 1.69, Angelina has admitted that she is short, and 1.69 is the height of a "tall" woman. Rob, what do you say about that pic with Jack Black? Jolie is more like 1.60 and Pitt 1.77, i think.
[Editor Rob: jolie can certainly look 5ft 6 flat]
Peyman says on 28/Dec/12
@ Joey ,
165_166 is not short my friend , It's well above average .
Angelina is 167cm with full posture & above average but she's skinny & has longish legs that makes her appear tallish.
Calling her short just makes me laugh.
Also pitt seems like a 6footer with his lifts on
176 is just too short for him , solid 178 is spot on IMO
Joey says on 27/Dec/12
i go with 165-166cm without heels she is short...and pitt is only 176cm-176cm without his hidden heel lift shoes
Peyman says on 27/Dec/12
I think in Tourist she was taller than johny depp with heels on , not sure though.
I'm pretty sure that he doesn't measure under 5'9'' even at lowest .
So maybe 5'7'' for angelina jolie
but the pics sent by the visitors destroys any 5ft 6in+ chance for her.
So , I'll say 167cm end of the story
& pitt is still 5ft 10.25in in my book
little sue says on 26/Dec/12
So is Kate Moss and she barely 5ft 6!
anonangel says on 24/Dec/12
She was a model. She is at least 5'8"
johnny says on 10/Dec/12
wolfgang puck the famous hollywood restaurant chef says that everyone has the perception that angelina jolie is a really tall and strong but she's actually tiny. he said that in a documentary about his life on austrian tv (she often comes to his restaurant). also her ex-husband johnny lee miller who is barely 5'9 towers over her. she can't be more than 5'5.
zz says on 6/Dec/12
with macgregor...she is wearing heels.
Click Here
kiki says on 29/Nov/12
I have seen her up close she is Tiny I am 5'2 and A.J. can't be more than 5'4- 5'5
its true , she has unrealistic body proportions she is very slender hence tiny , delicate in person. First thing I noticed how tiny she is and how much prettier she is in person and shes got incrediable energy.
yasdnil says on 25/Nov/12
I came face to face with her at a wildlife park in Kent a couple of weeks ago and was surprised she wasn't taller. I am 5'3" and she was a couple of inches taller - no more.
zz says on 21/Nov/12
its so clear next to Jack black and alpacino!! she is 5,3 or 5,4 max!!
jamieorr4 says on 5/Nov/12
rob why do you ignore the proof of Angelina Jolie being under 56.5 look at her next to jack black shes the same height but she has heels on and we don't even know if jack really is 56
[Editor Rob: for sure she could be no more than 5ft 6, 5ft 5 I'm not as sure she'd measure just that height.]
kevin says on 4/Nov/12
with jack black its obvious shes not 169 cm.
worked closely says on 2/Nov/12
5'6.5 ? Are you kidding me? Yeah! Angelina Jolie looks tall but she is not that tall, trust me she's def 5'5"
Davidp says on 1/Nov/12
5'6 or 5'5 1/2"
DanMan says on 27/Oct/12
She looks 5'8" with heels on. Great example is when standing next to his 6'1" brother.
Pinky says on 21/Oct/12
I thought she was 5'7, but after seeing these pictures:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
I think the people who knew her(lucky you!)and says 5'5, they are right.
Anyway, for me it's great that she doesn't always wear high heels with platform and that she's not afraid to go with flat shoes like the people who are not celebrities.
sabot says on 27/Sep/12
I think this will proof that she is under 5 ft 6...
She is the same height as Jack Black who is listed 5'6 here, WITH high heels.
Click Here
little sue says on 7/Sep/12
Well 5ft 4 is the average height for someone over 30 in Britain, I would put 5ft 3 as under average and 5ft 5 as over. 5ft 6 to me would be a fairly tall. If you say 5ft 6 is average then you have to say the same about someone 5ft 2.
Kristy says on 6/Sep/12
How is five foot six short? I thought five foot three was average? Wouldn't that make Angelina tall? Um
@Editor Rob, Is five foot three considered average for a female?
heya says on 23/Aug/12
I always thought she was taller than that, probably 1.75-1.77. Disappointed. She is still beautiful though!!
Rach says on 9/Aug/12
She's tall.5 7 or 5 8
amela says on 2/Aug/12
i saw her in sarajevo, i can tell you that she has almost unrealistic figure proportions and i think she's probably shorter than average girl in sarajevo (or close to average). she was shorter than most average girls on the streets where she went, but she's really underweight! her bra size isn't that big like people think although it could be the dress that i couldn't see it well, but her waist is so tiny, it's like she wears corset or something, her hips look bigger because she has tiny waist!
my guess of her height is about 165cm because i was wearing flats and was close where she went, so i did the calc and removed her estimated heel height and that should be it, i could be wrong in one cm up or down though. that is about 5'5" by american measures or maybe a cm more if i did a conversion well, thank you.
oh and just to say that she's really a great person, and she's very kind!
Celia says on 31/Jul/12
I've met her, she was standing right next to my friend & me and she was really short. I'd say well below 169 cm.
India says on 23/Jul/12
Met her! I'm 5'6' and she seemed about an inch shorter. I'd say she's a solid 5'5' but no more. Both my friends and I were surprised at how petite she actually was.
Really great woman!
Shaun says on 12/Jun/12
Ellen Degeneres is a weak 5'7" more 5'6.5" probably. Jolie looks as if she'd be 5'6"-5'6.5" as in her biggest heels she comes close to 5'10".
Yessir says on 12/Jun/12
She's 5'7 the same height as Ellen degenerous
ANDREA[ITA] says on 5/Feb/12
5'6 is closer...

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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