How tall is Bradley Cooper ?

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Bradley Cooper's height is 6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

American actor best known for roles in movies like The Hangover, A-Team (as Face), Limitless, American Hustle, American Sniper and Silver Linings Playbook. On Entertainment Weekly he claimed 6ft 1 and in a HemispheresMagazine interview he said "I'm a thirteen, thirteen and a half... I had size twelve feet with I was eleven, and I was so excited. I thought I was going to be, like, six-five and a great basketball player. Instead I'm almost six-two, just with huge feet. I've got boats at the bottom of my legs, for sure"

Bradley and Jennifer Lawrence
Photo by PR Photos
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SportsHeight said on 20/Aug/15
Rob, a while back you said of Cooper's earliest height: "I'd expect him to clear 6ft 1 mark maybe 1.25 range or on a great day near 1.5."

What would you say is the average difference between your listing of a person and their out-of-bed height? Seems like anywhere from 0.5-0.75 inches, maybe even a little more?
[Editor Rob: 0.5-1 inch. The taller someone is, the greater chance they would shrink in the inch range.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Aug/15
Rob, how likely is 6ft flat?
[Editor Rob: I think the odds are better that he clears over the six foot mark.]
Arch Stanton said on 12/Aug/15
Rob scroll down Click Here How tall do you think he looks in the one where they're standing facing each other. If she's 5 ft 9 he looks no more than 3 inches taller to me if you knock off the hair. Is 5'9 and change possible for her?
[Editor Rob: Arch, I think the high angle will flatten the difference, so it becomes harder to really tell the true difference.]
Arch Stanton said on 11/Aug/15
Recent pics barefoot with Irina Shayk and he's looking no more than a flat 6' with her. I think we can now safely rule out 6 ft 1 anyway!
Balrog said on 9/Aug/15
Seen enough of him to say he's not under 6'0". He is taller than guys like Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale. I think 6'0.25" - 6'0.5" suits him but I do suspect he wears lifts at times, he can pull off looking more than 6'1" which is weird.
Rory said on 23/Jul/15
Rob, do you think hed be 184.5cm at night or slightly under ?
[Editor Rob: I think he will reach around 184cm by teatime]
Dmeyer said on 17/Jul/15
I see nô more than 3cm under Affleck so either Affleck is 187cm or Bradley is 185. In any case Affleck is a 188cm flat Guy to me
184.3cm (Night) said on 13/Jul/15
Only problem is Rampage none of those guys are solid 5'11...I thought he looked an inch or so smaller than Carrey which leaves him 6'0.25" absolute minimum.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Jul/15
C'mon...180cm is worse than 188cm. He's comfortably 1in+ taller than 5ft11 range guys (Alec Baldwin, Matthew McConaughey, Owen Wilson, Michael Vartan).
Mikey said on 10/Jul/15
Looks shorter than Jim Carrey in Yes Man. I´d say he´s closer to 180 cm than 188 cm. And by the look of his footwear he´s using lifts. Did you see the size of his boots in American Sniper?
Judd ISR said on 5/Jul/15
[Editor Rob: it sounds better if you think of almost as being just that, 'reasonably close' or 'within half inch' of the mark.

For G, of course within 'half a foot' might be a more acceptable definition in his book :)]

ah ah ah XD
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 3/Jul/15
He's 1"-1.5" inches taller than Vin Diesel in some of the photos of the two together, and he might be dropping a bit of height.
Idk said on 1/Jul/15
Dwarfed by krasinski, and barely looks taller than bale even with bales terrible posture in American hustle. Both solid 6 footers but cooper is a lift wearer. Also seems to be very height conscious.
Judd ISR said on 30/Jun/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 29/Jun/15
Rob, do you think 6ft1½ qualifies as 'almost 6ft2'?

I think he'd be that range out of bed.
[Editor Rob: I reckon many people have differing opinions of what 'Almost' means :)

For me, it usually means quite close, for others it could be an inch or so.]

under this assumption, G is almost 6'...XD

personally i call "almost" someone who is max 0,5" shorter than his claim...
for example, i am 187 cms so i am almost 6'2", my cousin is 182 cms and he's almost 6'...
BC could easily claim to be "almost 6'1"" but no way he's almost 6'2"
[Editor Rob: it sounds better if you think of almost as being just that, 'reasonably close' or 'within half inch' of the mark.

For G, of course within 'half a foot' might be a more acceptable definition in his book :)]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Jun/15
Rob, do you think 6ft1½ qualifies as 'almost 6ft2'?

I think he'd be that range out of bed.
[Editor Rob: I reckon many people have differing opinions of what 'Almost' means :)

For me, it usually means quite close, for others it could be an inch or so.]
gian92 said on 26/Jun/15
mike 1.82 178 cm for Bale is absolutely ridiculous !
Judd ISR said on 26/Jun/15
Mat 5'10 says on 11/Jun/15
Rob, If we list all the claims of Cooper, he is basically claiming 6'1.5" right? (''Almost 6'2'', 6'2", 6'1")
[Editor Rob: maybe he measured in shoes nearly 6ft is beleivable]

it is possible, of course, but personally i think he has never been measured and he simply claimed almost 6'2" (which means 6'1.51.75") because he felt taller than the average...
MikeFinn said on 18/Jun/15
I don´t think he´s anywhere near 188 cm. He looked shorter than Jim Carrey even though he wore lifts. And did you see the height difference between him and Vince Vaughn? He looks like max. 180 to me.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 14/Jun/15
He looks taller than Clint Eastwood:

Click Here
James B said on 14/Jun/15
A bit arrogant claiming 6'2.
Danimal said on 13/Jun/15
Rob, you have Bradley at 6'0.5" and Clint at 6'0" flat, but a recent pic of them shows that Cooper has minimum 1" on Clint. So, Either Bradley is a full 6'1", or Clint is 5'11" these days.
[Editor Rob: it can be hard to tell how much height a guy like Clint could lose when just standing versus being measured.]
RoDawg said on 12/Jun/15
Saw him in London after his performance of the Elephant Man recently. I got a picture with him but we weren't standing on even surfaces and we were both tilting in. He also had a bit of a heel advantage. That being said, he seemed to be very comfortably in the 6.05"+ range. I could buy 6'1 potentially but I can't really tell because of his footwear and the ground we were standing on. But he is definitely no less than 6 foot. He still had a solid inch-inch and a half on 5'9 listed Alessandro Nivola (who was wearing 2-3 inch boots) while he (Cooper) was barefoot.
Mat 5'10 said on 11/Jun/15
Rob, If we list all the claims of Cooper, he is basically claiming 6'1.5" right? (''Almost 6'2'', 6'2", 6'1")
[Editor Rob: maybe he measured in shoes nearly 6ft is beleivable]
James B said on 5/Jun/15
For some reason people think this guy is under 6ft?
Jay ZZ said on 28/May/15
i think he is a solid 6ft 1´´ .....out of bed, at least.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/May/15
I wonder how he'll stack up beside Bill Murray and Alec baldwin in Aloha...
Judd said on 5/May/15
Rey says on 26/Apr/15
Bradley Cooper 5'11"7/8..will round if off as a 6 footer. That's it. He is not 6'1".

anything under 6'0.25" is simply ridicolous...he does look an honest 6' and half!
b-mint1994 said on 29/Apr/15
@Mike: There is no way that Jackman is as low as 184cm. There is just no way.
Rey said on 26/Apr/15
Bradley Cooper 5'11"7/8..will round if off as a 6 footer. That's it. He is not 6'1".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Apr/15
Out of bed: 6ft1¼-6ft1½
Before bed: 6ft0½-6ft0¾
mike 1.82 said on 18/Apr/15
how can someone explain this....? Luke Grimes's height is 5ft 11.25in (181 cm) listed here is the same height of Cooper in American Sniper. the same movie Cooper looks to me a 1.80- 1.81 cm guy. 1.84 cm is insane, never, impossible. that hangouver trilogy Ed helms listed 6 Ft police station Scene, Ed always uses sneakers, Copper looks 1,5 cm taller and always uses casual shoes that i think its at least 2.5cm to 3cm advantage. that pic with jennifer take a better look at the casual shoe, looks the legs and body quite curved to front (sorry my english) its a 7cm advantage Im sure. So this is the reason he claim 6Ft2. hugh jackman is a 1.84 to 1.86 barefoot max. Christian bale is 1.78 - 1.79 max this is the real deal
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Apr/15
He did claim 6ft2
spainmen191cm said on 10/Apr/15
Rob, how tall do you think he would be out of bed?
[Editor Rob: I'd expect him to clear 6ft 1 mark maybe 1.25 range or on a great day near 1.5.]
delaware said on 9/Apr/15
186 in the morning, just under 185 at night. perfect male height
Pete said on 7/Apr/15
look at pictures of bradley cooper in elephant man. He is barefoot in that musical
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Apr/15
186cm out of bed and rounds that off as 6ft2
Danimal said on 4/Apr/15
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 23/Feb/15
He claimed to be 'almost 6'2", not 6'2" in it of itself.

You mean not 6'2" itself.
184.3cm said on 4/Apr/15
hmm maybe he is 6'0.25" as i think Idris is more 6'2.25"-6'2.5" range. With his big footwear he can pull off 6'1. Idris was shorter than 6'2.75" listed Prince William Click Here
Amaze said on 2/Apr/15
@Andrea yeah idris elba is 190cm or nearly 6'3 Bradley copper is 2.25inches shorter at 184cm
Mat 5'10 said on 31/Mar/15
Rob do you think 6'1 for Cooper is not a possibility?
Judd said on 31/Mar/15
yeah i agree he can get close to 6'2" with dress shoes, which gives averagely 1"+ (2,5-3,5 cms)...In limitless, with similar shoes he was more than 4" taller than bob De Niro, because de Niro was very close to the top of his ears...i think if standing both at their tallest, De Niro will be 172 cms and Cooper 12 cms taller, so 184 cms fits him very well...
Dave618 said on 30/Mar/15
Probably almost 6'2" in shoes. I just saw American Sniper and he looked like a legit 6'1". I'd say anywhere between 6'0" and 1/2 inch to 6'1" barefoot is a good call. This is the height most guys would like to be: comfortably taller than most guys but not freakishly tall. Can still find clothes off the rack taht'll fit, and can fit somewhat easily into most cars--altough I'm 6'2" and have trouble fitting into mine.
Mat 5'10 said on 23/Mar/15
Rob as the guy below me said, Cooper claimed ''6'2'' in this interview. You should add that to the top
[Editor Rob: there's already the 6ft 1 and almost 6ft 2, I think we should spare his blushes with a full 6ft 2 claim.]
SportsHeight said on 21/Mar/15
Click Here

In this Wedding Crashers interview, he claims 6'2". To be fair, a lot of people really do consider "height" to be the number with shoes on. If Cooper's around 6'0.5" barefoot, with the right pair of athletic or dress shoes, he could be truthfully rounding up to 6'2".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Mar/15
Can really look anywhere from 6ft to 6ft2
Judd said on 20/Mar/15
Alex says on 18/Mar/15
5'11.5 or 6ft max

that's funny...nice story...XD
Alex said on 18/Mar/15
5'11.5 or 6ft max
Emil 183 cm said on 18/Mar/15
Agree with you Andrea.
b-mint1994 said on 16/Mar/15
This is like the Brad Pitt page with all the talk about lifts
Silent_D said on 14/Mar/15
Ryan Mason 185.0 cm said on 9/Mar/15
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 23/Feb/15
He claimed to be 'almost 6'2", not 6'2" in it of itself.

He has claimed 6'2 in various movie interviews, just for your information.
Also wears elevaor shoes most of the time.
youssef 5'8" said on 9/Mar/15
Actually this photo shows j.lawrence's real height she has 2-2.5" advantage over cooper for her heels and still shorter than him by 4.5-5"that makes her shorter than him by 7" at least 6.5" ithink you should downgrade her now to 5'5.5 or 5'6 (she can never be taller than beyonce) is that possible Rob ?
Andrea said on 6/Mar/15
I mean, look at him with Idris Elba, who himself claims 6'2:
Click Here
His idea of "almost" (6'2) is quite optimistic since he looks at least two good inches shorter than him...
Andrea said on 6/Mar/15
"Andrea says on 5/Mar/15
To be fair, he looks as tall as the 182 NFL player at best! He certainly can look 6'1 on the screen, but i rule out anything above 6'0.5 and he very well might be just about 6'...
[Editor Rob: in some of the photos he might just have a bit of camera disadvantage.]"
That's why i said "as tall"... In fact, to be fair, he can look shorter than him in some photos but i agree he might have some camera advantage! I wouldn't put Bradley under 6', but i doubt he'd be taller than a guy like Kellan Lutz! 6' range is a fair listing for him...
Andrea said on 5/Mar/15
To be fair, he looks as tall as the 182 NFL player at best! He certainly can look 6'1 on the screen, but i rule out anything above 6'0.5 and he very well might be just about 6'...
[Editor Rob: in some of the photos he might just have a bit of camera disadvantage.]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Mar/15
Afternoon/Evening: 184-185cm
Out of Bed/Early Morning: 186-187cm
Judd said on 5/Mar/15
Arch Stanton says on 4/Mar/15
I really think he can pass for a proper 6'1 a lot of the time, but with that measured NFL player I think it was 6'0.5 is probably accurate.

i agree.
Arch Stanton said on 4/Mar/15
I really think he can pass for a proper 6'1 a lot of the time, but with that measured NFL player I think it was 6'0.5 is probably accurate.
Judd said on 4/Mar/15
penguinboy25 says on 3/Mar/15
This is generous. EVERY TIME I see this guy he is wearing clunky heeled shoes that look like much bigger than average dress shoe heels. I am telling you right now if we measured this guy barefoot during the day he'd be 183.

Brad Cooper is an example of a real 6'0.5" can see him with a lot of tall actors (Ben Affelck, Hugh Jackman, Dax Shepard...) and nobody towered on him...
In a lot of pictures he wore similar shoes of those tall actors and he always looked a 6'0.5 or even 6'0.75 guy...Actually i don't think he wears secretly lifts inside his shoes...
penguinboy25 said on 3/Mar/15
This is generous. EVERY TIME I see this guy he is wearing clunky heeled shoes that look like much bigger than average dress shoe heels. I am telling you right now if we measured this guy barefoot during the day he'd be 183.
Judd said on 27/Feb/15
N says on 21/Feb/15
Didn't look more than 3 inches taller than De Nito in Silver Linings Playbook

Actually he looks 4" taller than de Niro and sometimes even more! There're a couple of scenes where the top of de Niro's head is as the same level as the top of Cooper's ears!
grizz said on 24/Feb/15
In Silver Linings Playbook, he was constantly wearing running shoes. I know he was running a lot, but in dancing rehearsals with Lawrence and on their date he was still wearing them, even though they're not necessary for such things.
Why not Converse shoes or boat shoes - because Jennifer was tall in heels?
6 foot barefoot said on 24/Feb/15
I was a size 12 at age 13. I too never grew after 8th grade. Funny everyone else grew to like 6'4 or 6'6. But I never played sports. If I would have played my pituitary would have produced more growth hormone. Now I'm on roids and more explosive at age 28. I could dunk and out jump guys almost a foot taller. BC never grew after age 15 he said in another interview.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 23/Feb/15
He claimed to be 'almost 6'2", not 6'2" in it of itself.
Dago Red said on 22/Feb/15
Look at the size of the elevators he's got on in the pic above with Jennifer Lawrence. Look like Don's. He's up at least 2 inches i those babies!
N said on 21/Feb/15
Didn't look more than 3 inches taller than De Nito in Silver Linings Playbook
Judd said on 14/Feb/15
Ryan Mason 185.0 cm says on 12/Feb/15
His 6'2 claims are ridiculous
6'0 barefoot, no more than that

Personally I think he always looks taller than a flat 6'0" guy...
Rarely he does look of those occasion has been when he stayed next to Dax Shepard! Here he did look no more than 6', considering that I think Shepard is 6'2.5" (look at him next to Kutcher he did look as tall as him or even shorter), but I think Dax maybe had a little shoes advantage on Brad, so that could explain why Cooper did look a flat 6'...
6'0.5" for Bradley Cooper IMO is legitimate!
grizz said on 13/Feb/15
Rob,is it possible that he's 6ft 0.25in at his low?
Ryan Mason 185.0 cm said on 12/Feb/15
His 6'2 claims are ridiculous
6'0 barefoot, no more than that
Judd said on 12/Feb/15
184.3cm says on 10/Feb/15
I agree with all of those Judd with one exception, Clooney. I thought as well that he had shrunk to 5'10 but the guy just slouches something awful. I would give him 5'10.5, him and Pitt are closer than most think.

mmmm i am not sure...Pitt has 0,5" on Clooney, he showed it a lot of times...recently i have watched Seven (1997) with Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt...with similar shoes, Freeman showed 4" on Pitt:

Click Here

Rob has listed Freeman at 6'2.25" (peak) but i am sure that he touched 6'2.5" when was young, but likely he was never 6'3" and that makes Pitt a legit 5'10.5" and Clooney a legit 5'10"...
184.3cm said on 10/Feb/15
I agree with all of those Judd with one exception, Clooney. I thought as well that he had shrunk to 5'10 but the guy just slouches something awful. I would give him 5'10.5, him and Pitt are closer than most think.
Shamrock said on 8/Feb/15
all way off Pierre, Cooper in 5'10 range is laughable, affleck is not under 6'2, just as leo isnt shorter than 5'11 and i doubt clooney drops under 5'10 anytime during the day.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 7/Feb/15
George Clooney: 5'10.5"
Leonardo Dicaprio: 5'11.5"
Bradley Cooper: 6'0.75"-6'1"
Brad Pitt: 5'10.5"-5'11"
Ben Affleck: 6'2.5"-6'2.75"-He always strikes me as a real tall man on screen.
Judd said on 7/Feb/15

George Clooney: 5'10"
Leonardo DiCaprio: 5'11.25"
Bradley Cooper: 6'0.5"
Brad Pitt: 5'10.5-10.75"
Ben Affleck: 6'2"
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 6/Feb/15
178 CM? 186 CM for Ben Affleck? Then Henry Cavill is 5'11"-5'11.5" at best.
Pierre said on 6/Feb/15
for me
Georges Clooney 176/177 cms
Leonardo Di Caprio 178/179
Bradley Cooper 178/179
Brad Pitt 177/178
Ben Affleck 186/187 cms
all seem very nice men
Pierre said on 6/Feb/15
on the picture with Jennifer Lawrence(Bradley's homepage) Bradley's shoes seem very advantageous(lace's angle).Look at the picture(rob's site)at Liam Neeson's homepage .Look at eye's height between Bradley,Sharto Copley (relaxed posture),and Rampage Jackson.we can see their shoes(Classics shoes?).Bradley seem the shortest,no?
Judd said on 4/Feb/15
184.3cm says on 3/Feb/15
Well not exactly honest since he claims to be almost 6'2 Judd:) But yes i agree that he is around 6'0.5 - 6'0.75.

"honest" about rob's listing, not his claim! i agree 6'1.75-2" is overestimated for him, but i think rob's listing is the best choice.
since 2009 i thought he was an honest 6'1" guy, but recently i paid more attention about him and his height and i think 184 cms is actually the best guess!
184.3cm said on 3/Feb/15
Well not exactly honest since he claims to be almost 6'2 Judd:) But yes i agree that he is around 6'0.5 - 6'0.75.
Judd said on 2/Feb/15
penguinboy25 says on 31/Jan/15
Lol. This guy is 183. Looks like the exact same range as 182 Victor Cruz.

i do not agree, Cooper is a genuine 6'0.5" IMO. Those pictures with cruz don't mean anything...maybe cruz had 0,5-1" shoes thicker than Bradley's one...Cooper at 5'11.75"-6'0" means Ben Affleck at 6'1-1.5", Christian Bale at 5'11-11.25", Jennifer Lawrence at 5'6.5" has no sense!
He's an honest 6'0.5" guy, like Henry Cavill.
penguinboy25 said on 31/Jan/15
Lol. This guy is 183. Looks like the exact same range as 182 Victor Cruz.
burtmacklin said on 30/Jan/15
This guy always looks like he is wearing lifts.
PLB said on 22/Jan/15
How big are his feet? I wear a size 16.
Judd said on 21/Jan/15

Bradley Cooper: solidly 6'0.5"
Ryan Gosling: 6'0.25"
Appe4 said on 21/Jan/15
Click Here @ rob, you have listed cooper and gosling both 184. I ve seen many photos of them standing together, don t you think cooper is slightly taller? I think for him a weak 185 and gosling 183-183,5
[Editor Rob: it's not impossible Gosling was 0.25, but I think in some of the photos of those 2 together the angle might help Bradley more.]
jamie179cm said on 18/Jan/15
@silent timberlake is not 6ft his barely taller than diaz
Andrea said on 17/Jan/15
Rampage, have you seen him with Victor Cruz?
Click Here
Now Victor has been measured at 5'11.5: Click Here
Do you still believe 6'1 is possible? I have hard time to believe he's a big 6'0.5 next to that MEASURED guy, let alone 6'1!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 16/Jan/15
I think he'd be 6ft1 for a sizeable chunk of the day and then drop a small bit below it before bed. Put it this way, he's more entitled to claim it then the likes of Bruce Willis, RJ Mitte and Jensen Ackles
2toes said on 13/Jan/15
Rob what makes you think he is not the full 6'1"?
[Editor Rob: he's been near some footballers and from their height I think he looks more in the 184 than solid 6ft 1 range.]
Silent_D said on 12/Jan/15
He is more 184cm than justin timberlake is 6 foot. 184cm is about right.
Arch Stanton said on 11/Jan/15
Rob can you add American Hustle and American Sniper?
Jerjer said on 5/Jan/15
Like 6 ft and 3/4 6 ft 1 1/2 tops
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Dec/14
184-185cm range bare minimum.

He can pull off the 6ft1 look
Johnny said on 27/Dec/14
Looks like 6'2 in the photo above.
Judd said on 23/Dec/14
Sean73 says on 21/Dec/14
I am 6'1" flat at a 3pm measured by my doctor.I stood next to him LAX airport 2 years ago.I am 41 and he's close to my age.I had to have been 0.5" taller.We both ironically had on sandals that day.6'0.5" would be my guess too.

blessed words...6'0.5" is the best listing for him...he always looked a bit taller than a flat 6'0".
Joe said on 22/Dec/14
I think his listing here is true, most other listings have him as 6'1", which is probably what he is in shoes.
Sean73 said on 21/Dec/14
I am 6'1" flat at a 3pm measured by my doctor.I stood next to him LAX airport 2 years ago.I am 41 and he's close to my age.I had to have been 0.5" taller.We both ironically had on sandals that day.6'0.5" would be my guess too.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Dec/14
Looks 6ft1½(187cm) in Failure To Launch...
Joe said on 20/Dec/14
@Mike 1.82: lol you're trying too hard to bring him down to your height. He's taller than you, accept the fact. You shouldn't have height issues at 5'11.5"
Judd said on 15/Dec/14
typical example of a flat 6'0.5" guy
Mike 1.82 said on 11/Dec/14
take a look in that picture with Jennifer Lawrence, his body is curved. cleary lifts 5cm minimum.maybe 7 cm Just pay attention guys. that guy Ed helms was listed 6ft in that movie The Hangover 2 police station scene. he uses sneakers. So he is 1.82cm barefoot. Brad is 1.80 - 1.82 max
Celebheights 188 CM said on 4/Dec/14
There's not three inches between him and Timberlake, however.
jamie179cm said on 29/Nov/14
@AG i don't considered 6ft tall but i do agree that he is a 6ft guy i think 183cm is his height
AG said on 28/Nov/14
He is definitely a true 6'0 man, who can give an impression of 6'1 - 6'2. Maybe he has the same height with Chris Pine, but at least Chris is honest about his height. Again most people don't have opinion about height so they guess a solid 6'0 man like 6'2, which shows that 6'0 is a really good and tall height for a man.
jamie179cm said on 28/Nov/14
thinking about it Justin Timberlake could be a 5ft10 range guy
Radd said on 22/Nov/14
Cooper is taller than listed HE is slighty taller than 6'1.25 Roger Federer.

Click Here

BRadley is clearly 1,5 inches taller than Bale, and the later one is listed as 6'0 in this site. Bradley cooper is not below 6'1 1/2.
jamie179cm said on 20/Nov/14
Justin Timberlake could be as low 5ft9 because of the picture of him next to cameron daiz
jamie179cm said on 20/Nov/14
Celebheights 188 CM there is no way Justin Timberlake 182cm because there is a picture of him next to cameron diaz who i think is no more than 5ft7 timberlake was only like 2 inches taller than her and they are both in barfeet cooper probably is 183cm though
rmv said on 20/Nov/14
i would say this is accurate, he's not much taller than bale if at all. however he is a chronic lift wearer. every picture on a red carpet he's wearing 1.5 to 2.5 inch lifts. seems bizarre for somebody over average height to wear lifts so often
Dejavu said on 13/Nov/14
I think he could be a lift wearer. He looks anywhere from 6'0 to 6'2
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 26/Oct/14
That's the Bob DeNiro episode from 1999...
Arch Stanton said on 25/Oct/14
I saw that one, about 1995 and he had floppy curtains didn't he and seemed a bit of a geek.
Sam said on 24/Oct/14
@ Arch & Amaze, interesting to see Cooper as a long haired acting student at the Actor's Studio, seemed rather nerdy, intense & serious compared to later if ambitious.

He's in one of my favorite comedies, Wet Hot American Summer (much better than the Hangovers IMO) & upon the cast reunion reportedly Cooper didn't show & his reps had no comment, which sounds standoffish. Embarrassed by his gay character? Paul Rudd was able to participate & he played an awful sod.
Dejavu said on 19/Oct/14
Robs listing looks right on. He was 2 inches shorter than dax shepard, not the 3 inches most of you were saying. He can look 6'1.5 alot in other photos though.
Andrea said on 12/Oct/14
I, unlikely many people here, provide pictures and talk based on what i see... He doesnt look 6'0.5 for sure next to a 182 measured guy... If you wanna believe him to be 6'1 just do it but don't piss me off!
Andrea said on 12/Oct/14
I, unlikely many people here, provide pictures and talk based on what i see... He doesnt look 6'0.5 for sure next to a 182 measured guy... If you wanna believe him to be 6'1 just do it but don't piss me off!
Judd said on 12/Oct/14
if copper is 5'11.75"-6'0" then Affleck can't be taller than 6'1" and de niro max 5'7"...i dont' think so...
i think flat 6' or even a bit under for bradley is a bit underestimated...he's at least 6'0.5" in my the most of the pictures he looks closer to 6'1 than 6'...just one picture with kellan lutz doesn't mean anything!
184.9 on a bad day said on 12/Oct/14
common andrea you're annoying give us a break and stop to visit this site with your arrogance.
Andrea said on 5/Oct/14
6'1 my ass, 6'0.5 is his best case scenario, there's big chance he's under that!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Oct/14
At least 6ft0¾/185cm if not the full 6ft1
Andrea said on 2/Oct/14
I wouldn't say Lutz looks an inch taller than Bradley, he's got some camera advantage there... But, yeah, he might be a little taller... 6' flat is not impossible at all! And Dmeyer, i wouldn't base Leo's height just basing on that pic! There might be some tilt plus possible uneven ground... 5'11 flat for Leo is very possible, i'm not so sure on 179 flat...
Jay 184cm said on 2/Oct/14
@Andrea Interesting photos - he looks an inch shorter than Lutz which I wouldn't have expected. Maybe Cooper is 183cm at best and when he looks taller he's in generous footwear?
Dmeyer said on 1/Oct/14
If he is under 184cm Like 183 then DiCaprio is 179cm Like mr r saw him , i start to bélieve 5'11 flat for leo is possible
Andrea said on 30/Sep/14
Dmeyer, 184 is the top range for him! I mean, look at him with a guy who has been measured 5'11 5/8 (so basically 182)...
Click Here
Click Here
And he's not taller than 183-183.5 Kellan Lutz! So he could be 6' flat and i wouldn't be surprised if he dipped below the 6' mark, to be fair! But, yeah, he's a gut who holds a good posture and also tends to wear quite thick shoes, so he can give a 6'1 impression on the screen for sure!
Dmeyer said on 29/Sep/14
Rob do you agree bradley is a strong 184cm he dosnt dip under the mark ,leo can look 5'11-11.25 a lot i think 180.5-181cm is closer than 181.5cm
rockitbaby said on 24/Sep/14
Next to 5'11 Leo DiCaprio, Bradley looks 1,84m or 1,85m tops!

Click Here
cole said on 22/Sep/14
@Editor Rob: If the listing is to be adjusted, he really shouldn't be taken up a quarter. 6'0.5 is fine, but 6'0.25 seems like a good shout as he's the same height as Kellan Lutz. Think 6'0.25 could be a good listing for both Cooper and Gosling. Gosling looks like he could drop to 6'0 though, Bradley just seems that wee bit taller.
Rey said on 20/Sep/14
I am convinced he is 6 feet. The rest is hair.
Jay 184cm said on 19/Sep/14
Solid listing, Rob. Interesting to look at him with Ryan Gosling - in some photos they look an identical height, in others Cooper has a clear inch and looks near 6'2". It can only be the help of an extra inch in those shoes. 184cm for both Gosling and Cooper in my view.
TJE said on 18/Sep/14
Found some good pics supporting Rob's listings.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Amaze said on 7/Sep/14
@Arch Stanton. same here. he gives off that vibe. I really did think he was 6'1 but hes 184. and hes 185lbs too. arch what would you describe his build as? he's an exact celeb my brothers size.
184.9 on a bad day said on 7/Sep/14
Rob you rule out 6ft 0.75 for Cooper ? I kinda agree he looks 185-186, but for sure his footwear is a little suspicious.
[Editor Rob: he can pull that mark off at times yes, but barefoot I'm not sure he'd really measure nearly 6ft 1 anymore.]
Arch Stanton said on 6/Sep/14
He seems a nice guy but I definitely get a "I'm a movie star" vibe from him whenever I see a picture of him. As James says generally he can look a solid 6'1" in films but the comparison Rob showed me convinced me this is accurate.
legend 03 said on 5/Sep/14
he's taller than dicaprio
he's teller than kellan lutz
he's taller than bale

the real is 187cm
James B said on 21/Aug/14
In the hangover films looked a strong 6'1 like 186cm. His hair can make him seem taller though.

Leo does not look over 181cm next to cooper
Billy Dawg said on 18/Aug/14
Hmmm his height seems to fluctuate, largely depending on his style of footwear, which can make him appear taller!
Mastro said on 5/Aug/14
Do all the people here saying he looked short in Wedding Crashers realize he was often standing next to Vince Vaughn?

I have no idea of his height- I don't think he's that tall- maybe sixish?
Sam said on 1/Aug/14
I don't see Bradley Cooper as anything but 184 cm...the only evidence I know of his being shorter (besides that weirdly angled picture w/ Kellan Lutz) was when Dax Shepard was listed as 6'2", which would make the 2.5 inch shorter-looking Cooper 5'11.5" but Rob upgraded Dax an inch, so there's no evidence IMO.
Dejavu said on 1/Aug/14
He looked more than an inch taller than Dicaprio. Looks 184cm and I would give Dicaprio a 181cm.
Click Here
cobra said on 29/Jun/14
Those heels on his shoes in the picture at the top of the page look massive, he always looks taller than Christian bale so I'm wondering if it's the footwear.
Emil said on 28/Jun/14
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM. says on 13/Jun/14
By 6'9.75" measured Deandre Jordan:

Click Here

Deandre Jordan appears to be slouching (don't let the hair advantage fool you) and Bradley Cooper appears to be a full face shorter. The other guy is Matt Barnes who was measured in at 6'6.75", and he appears 6'.5" inches shorter. I think this guy mainly appears to be 6'1" because of his hair.

He looks exactly 184 range in that pic
jamieorr4 said on 24/Jun/14
Amaze i guess 184cm is possible
cole said on 20/Jun/14
@Amaze: That would be interesting indeed. Personally I wouldn't be surprised if Cooper edged Tatum.
Amaze said on 15/Jun/14
I want to see him next to Channing Tatum. Would be interesting, I wanna see if anyone gets edged out or anything
Thicke said on 14/Jun/14
He's at least 184cm, maybe way 183 or 182!
Amaze said on 10/Jun/14
no way is he 182 come on jamieorr4 maybe he is 183cm just before bed but hes a solid 184 during day, 185 after waking up for sure
184.9 on a bad day said on 10/Jun/14
He wears lifts. He looks the same as Ashton kutcher and with Ben Affleck he looks about 186. I think he's no less than 184 and he could be 185 on the dot( 6ft.075)
dmeyer said on 7/Jun/14
probably 184cm after a long day
jamieorr4 said on 5/Jun/14
i think 182cm is possible but i doubt his under 183cm just look at body frame its quite big
Dmeyer said on 3/Jun/14
When standing near lutz i could see bradley 1cm talle 6'0.5 is perfect
jamieorr4 said on 2/Jun/14
Arch Stanton i mean built how his height looks and he looks like a legit 6ft to me
Arch Stanton said on 16/May/14
jamieorr4 says on 17/Apr/14
i admit that his built does look 182cm to 183cm, he did look179cm in wedding crashers imo but because of his built i doubt hes under 182cm im179cm myself and i think bradley has a bigger built than mine

Depends what build you mean. Currently he's gained 40 pounds and probably around 220 at the moment. He looked like an NFL footballer currently when he's usually a slim build guy.
cole said on 27/Apr/14
@Seahawksfan: Because there's a huge amount of distortion in that shot.
They are the same height, or Bradley could be slightly taller.
MD said on 23/Apr/14

Again, Victor Cruz is a measure 5'11.5". He's not a full 6'0". In fact, the 5'11.5" may be a morning measurement, because I've seen Cruz look even shorter than that.
cole said on 22/Apr/14
6'0.25 I think is the safest bet for him. 6'0.5 isn't impossible, it's the highest end of my guess, lowest is 6ft flat, and I don't think 182 cm range is possible after seeing him with a host of celebs more recently.
Hypado said on 21/Apr/14
with Victor Cruz, yes,

183/184cm for Cooper
jamieorr4 said on 17/Apr/14
i admit that his built does look 182cm to 183cm, he did look179cm in wedding crashers imo but because of his built i doubt hes under 182cm im179cm myself and i think bradley has a bigger built than mine
jamieorr4 said on 7/Apr/14
MD go easy on me my mum died): im not troll i think he looks 6ft but that wedding crashers has made me question
jim said on 7/Apr/14
Seems like a strong 6'1" (186 cm)
James B said on 7/Apr/14
Looks 6'1 or maybe even 186cm
MD said on 7/Apr/14
jamie, you are really trolling these threads and a very bad judge of height. On every page you're taking two or more full inches off existing listings, some of which have already been negoitated down an inch or two. You've really come on this site in a bad way spamming these threads with this ridiculousness.

To answer your disingenuous question: no, there is not way it's possible that he's 179cm. Now, go away.
jamieorr4 said on 5/Apr/14
does anyone think 179cm is possible for cooper? since he wears lifts and on wedding crashers he didn't look very tall
jamieorr4 said on 5/Apr/14
teej I think looks 179cm on wedding crashers still weird
jamieorr4 said on 5/Apr/14
teej I think looks 179cm on
wedding crashers still weird
Dejavu said on 4/Apr/14
He looks a solid 6'0 at least
Mathew said on 3/Apr/14
Generous heel on the shoes he's got in the picture above.
Sam said on 3/Apr/14
The pictures with Lutz show how much camera proximity and posture can make take two guys who are pretty close in height to each other and make one (Lutz) look considerably taller.
MD said on 28/Mar/14
Seahawks, you forgot to mention the other guy in the last two pics of yours is wide receiver Victor Cruz, who is a measured 5'11.5". So, that's at least one guy in those shots we have a measured height nailed down for. Knowing that, heck, Bradly is looking a solid 6'0" in those shots.
Dmeyer said on 26/Mar/14
If. Kellan is 183.5cm cooper coule defenetly 184cm they look similar
Balrog said on 22/Mar/14
If Shepard is really 6'3" then Cooper at 6'0.5" is perfect.
Sam said on 17/Mar/14
I'm pretty well convinced that he's as listed, he probably really does wake up near 6'1" though. I live next to his hometown, maybe I'll bump into him if he visits. I've seen nothing convincing that he's a lift-wearer.
teej said on 14/Mar/14
He wears shoe lifts, to make him 4-4.25 inches taller Look at him in wedding crashers he looks small. He used to be listed as 176cm also. Since hangover and limitless, he's gone up, you can even tell. Its blidinly obvious. Look how hink his shoe wedges are, their huge, gotta be atleast 2 inches, looks 2.25 to me. Then he's got an easy 2 inches in the shoe, and low-cut vein trousers to cover it, so it doesn't look obvious at all.
Andrea said on 7/Mar/14
He for sure can look a big 6'1 on the screen, but i wouldn't be surprised at all if he measured a bit shy of 6'...
WalkingTall 6ft3.25 said on 5/Mar/14
Definitely wears shoe lifts,not the big ones like Cruise or Downey Jr. but he likes to add an inch to his height which makes him appear at least 6'1 on screen.I think he's about 182cm tall.
Hypado said on 24/Feb/14
If McConaughey is 179/180cm, Cooper is 182/183cm.
sss said on 15/Feb/14
6' flat. Gosling is 5'11.5
Dejavu said on 4/Feb/14
He looked at least 6'1 next to ashton kutcher.
Lorne said on 3/Feb/14
His claim is BS. Why? Well for one, he has long legs, so it's unlikely he drops more than 2cm. At 184, or let's even say 184.5, he'd need to drop a full ing to get to even 6'1.5, and I doubt it. Not impossible, but even still, he'd need to measure immediately to get over 186cm, and I just don't buy it. Besides, he originally claimed 6'1, so that is that. He really does look 185cm a lot, though. But with him 6ft0.5, how in the hell can Jennifer Lawrence be 5ft7.5? Even in the pic above she doesn't look 171cm, even with him nearer the camera.
berta said on 24/Jan/14
he wears lift all the tima probably. i dont know how you guys do to make these links to photos but look at this Click Here Look at the knees. His knees are maybe 7,5 cm higher. There is no way that he has that mutch longer legs. It should be more like 3 cm difference. and also his sooks are mutch higher. Probably becouse he have a lift. I think he is 6 foot mauby 182 at lowest and uses lifts that make him look 184-186,5 depending on how big lifts he have. But 183 is a safe bet.
Dejavu said on 23/Jan/14
He often give an impression of being at least 6'1. He always look visibly taller than 6 footers. The shortest I have seen him is when he stood next to dax shepard, who could look 6'3. I think he is at least 184cm.
mare mare said on 21/Jan/14
Looked 6’5 on a scene in Limitless
Balrog said on 20/Jan/14
If Bale is 6'0" then Cooper is a weak 6'1" but since I believe Bale is 5'11.5" or 5'11.75", Cooper listing is perfec, possibly closer to 6'0".
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Jan/14
This is about right

6ft1.5/187cm - out of bed
6ft1.5/187cm - early morning
6ft1.25/186cm - late morning
6ft1.25/186cm - midday
6ft1/185cm - afternoon
6ft1/185cm early evening
6ft0.75/185cm - late evening
6ft0.75/185cm - before bed
Thorsvedt said on 18/Jan/14
Very probably 185 more than 184!...
Hypado said on 17/Jan/14
My guess now is 183/184cm and no more.
Arch Stanton said on 15/Jan/14
Nah next to De niro and Jen in Silver Linings he really doesn't look over this.
calvinator said on 13/Jan/14
6'2" my… wears visible lifts in every movie, only movie showing his real height was wedding crashers…strong 5'11'' guy...
MD said on 7/Jan/14
Saw him, yesterday, on Entertainment Tonight where he was at some film fest standing right next to Tom Hanks. I saw maybe a 0.5" to 0.75" difference between the two, so he's definitely somewhere close to this listed height, though I actually think he looks slightly closer to a flat 6'0" than 6'1". He almost always has impeccable posture as compared to the other folks he's photographer or filmed with.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Jan/14
I can accept 6ft0.75 for Cooper, but nothing under that.
Dax Shepard might be more 6ft2.5-6ft3 range.
Balrog said on 5/Jan/14
Not the best shots but here he looks very similar to Bradley Cooper:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Dejavu said on 4/Jan/14
Looked an inch taller than Christian Bale or a bit more. This guy looks 6'1 often but weirdly looks under it next to Dax Shepard.
cole said on 2/Jan/14
@Arch Stanton: If you haven't seen any photos of them together outside the film - check my post on Christian Bale's page (December 26th 2013).

Cooper can seem abuot 2 + inches taller in some of those pics, but I think that's mainly because of footwear and posture advantage. The current 0.5in difference between them is justifiable. The way I see it 6ft 0.5in is max for Cooper and 6ft flat is arguable. For Bale I'd say 182 cm range seems dead on most of the time (5'11.5 or 5'11.75). He can of course look 183 cm at times as well. And there are times where he looks a little under 5'11.5, although personally I don't believe he's much under that. The question is: has he lost any height from his alledged injury? I don't think so. His posture just seems more loose now than before, and as you'll see - the footwear he's wearing seems flatter than Mr. Cooper's.

Bottom line is: I don't think there's much between them. Cooper could probably have the edge on him by that half inch or so - as the listings suggests, although I'd probably take away 0.25in from both.
James said on 2/Jan/14

Someone posted a picture a while back showing Cooper with some sizeable footwear in the film. Also in the picture you posted, Cooper is stood nearer the camera hence why he looks 6ft 1.
DMEYER said on 2/Jan/14
i have met eckart he isnt under 179cm butler looks easy 186cm near him , looks about identical height so maybe 1cm less 185cm but not 183-184cm ,
DMEYER said on 2/Jan/14
i think he either measured 6 ft 1.5 morning and claims almost 6 ft 2 or measures 6 ft 1.75 shoes on
Sam said on 2/Jan/14
It seems on screen that Bale is dropping a bit more than an inch, looking just over 2 inches shorter than Cooper IMO. Off screen, some pictures reflect that Cooper's still a bit taller than Bale (maybe a bit less than an inch), although Bale is standing loosely in most of them.
dmeyer said on 1/Jan/14
Rob to me Cooper looked easy 4cm on Michael vartan 181cm and a haïr taller than 184cm garber easily 2cm taller than 182-3cm helms , taller than bale , i wouldnt be shocked if He measured 6'0,75in 184.5-185cm
Late 187cm said on 1/Jan/14
@ Arch Stanton

He could literally be wearing high heels in those pictures you posted. You have no idea what those men are wearing on their feet.
Bradley Cooper habitually, consistently and repeatedly wears big heels, and I strongly suspect that he does the same with lifts.
He could be anywhere between 5'10/11 and 6'1.
Personally I don't think he's 183cm evening barefoot.
There's too much funny business going on.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Dec/13
Yeah Bale's posture and frame didn't really look normal in the film, I haven't seen any photos outside of the film of them together, but in the film Cooper definitely looked near 2 inches taller.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Dec/13
Looks a smidge shorter than Gerard Butler Click Here I'd probably go with 185 but I suppose 184 is possible too, but makes you question how he managed to look about 1.5 taller than Bale....
Arch Stanton said on 31/Dec/13
Click Here

That's how they compared in the film. Yes, his hair does make him seem even taller but no way is he only a cm taller than Bale. I don't know if he is a lift wearer or not though and has footwear advantage but proportionally I think he looks minimum 185. I've not seen many photos of him though and if he's looked shorter at times though.
Arch Stanton said on 31/Dec/13
I cannot believe the 5'11 claims below LOL!!
Arch Stanton said on 31/Dec/13
Rob have you seen American Hustle in the cinema yet? I thought Cooper looked about an inch taller than this if Bale is 6 ft. Granted he had permed hair in the film but I definitely saw more than 0.5 difference, if anything Cooper looked 6'1.5" in comparison to Bale. I didn't notice footwear though. Can I ask what it was which convinced you to downgrade to 184? He tends to look a proper 6'1" in his films to me and seems a bit taller that this listing.
[Editor Rob: a proper 6ft 1 is still quite tall, I looked at him with some nfl measured player and thought he's more 184 than 5.

Bale is supposed to have loose posture, there was a comment someone posted with a link to an interview where the director said Bale 'lost' 3 inches and had a slipped disc...]

berta said on 27/Dec/13
i remeber first time i watched Wedding crashers with vince vaughn and owen wilson and thought he looked a little taller than owen wilson but in the movies now he looks 185- 186. eaither he is 184- 185 ore he is a 182 guy that wear very high heels a with good posture can manage to look 185. He is a hard one
rolfer said on 25/Dec/13
hes legit 185
Balrog said on 24/Dec/13
Since Shepard is now listed at 6'3" then he looks 6'0"- 6'0.5" with him
and others. 183-184cm
little sue said on 23/Dec/13
Remember that would be American sizes, they diferent to British and European. A size 13.5 in America would be a size 12 in Britain
Shawn said on 23/Dec/13
I'm 5'11 1/2" (barefoot) and wear size 13W shoes, so it's not unheard of.
Because i got height said on 22/Dec/13
Size 13-13,5! I use 12,5-13 being 200 cm (measured in the evening at age 24, am 26 now) so that is huge feet for his length. I guess he needs shoes especially made for him, even here in Norway, one of the tallest countries in the world, shoes size 13 and up is damn near impossible to find.
Balrog said on 21/Dec/13
James now that Shepard is listed 6'3", Cooper height doesn't varies that much since he looked 181-182 only with him. Personally now I'm going to check out Shepard listing, if he really is 6'3" then Cooper at 184cm is perfect and could even be a weak 6'1" guy.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Dec/13
His original 6ft1/185.5cm is debatable, especially after Rob spontaneously decided to boost Dax Shepard up to 6ft3
James said on 20/Dec/13

Tends to be a pattern with Cooper, if he's hanging around with guys 2 inches above his height he dons the big footwear and lifts, someone like Neeson who is 6ft 4, even Cooper knows he isn't going to get anywhere near that height so most likely just wears the big heels.

There is no doubt he is a lift wearer though because his height is all over the place, at best Cooper is 183. My bet is 182cm.
Late 187cm said on 20/Dec/13
@ Seahwaksfan

It's possible if heels and lifts are permissible when measuring height. You can't see Cooper's feet in those pictures.
beaner said on 19/Dec/13
The photos of Cooper and Neeson are good because Liam Neeson seems like the type of guy who is secure about his height and would NOT wear lifts. The question is; Is Bradley Cooper wearing lifts? If not, then 6'.05" - 6'1" sounds right for him. If he is wearing lifts I would assume 5'11".
James said on 17/Dec/13

With regards to American hustle, if you head over to Christian Bale's page you'll see some links a little way down showing the size of Cooper's heels in that film, they are pretty large. Watching trailers of that film it is also clear that Bale's character slouches alot, made clear with the fact he barley has a neck in it.
Cazorla said on 17/Dec/13
Rob, he must be taller. You listed Jimmy Fallon 182cm, and when Jimmy played Faceketball vs Bradley, you can see that there's a minimum of 3-4 cm difference.
Click Here
avi said on 11/Dec/13
@Angelaaaaa says on 29/Oct/13
how maybe more than 2 inches?? cooper is slouching plus even so there is no more than 2 inches.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Dec/13
After seeing Failure to Launch (rubbish movie, BTW) the full 6ft1/185.5cm is possible.
He looked a good 2in taller than Matthew McConaughey, possibly even 3in in some scenes.

At the very least, I think it's fair to give Cooper back the 6ft0.75 listing.
Dejavu said on 9/Dec/13
He was also like an inch or so taller than dicaprio who's at least 5'11
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Dec/13
His feet are massive though. Those would look big on a 6ft4 guy.
James said on 2/Dec/13

If you think that's only a 4cm gap I suggest you either get your eyes tested or have a look at a tape measure. Shepard doesnt have a footwear advantage at all. Both have 1 inch heels.
James said on 19/Nov/13

I didn't think so, especially in the outdoor jogging scenes. Also when they are rehearsing the dance in the studio, Lawrence is barefoot and Cooper is in sizable trainers.
Hypado said on 18/Nov/13
Looking again at the photos with other actors, Bradley Cooper is:

Hypado said on 15/Nov/13
Chameleon said on 12/Nov/13
182cm maximum
Late 187cm said on 9/Nov/13
I totally agree with James. There's so much variation with this guy. You just cannot tell what is true height is unless you actually measure him. He's up and down like a yo-yo, and, on occasion, he clearly wears larger than average heels.
Balrog said on 5/Nov/13
Cooper 6'0"
Affleck 6'2"
James said on 31/Oct/13

It's hard to see but Cooper definetly has a footwear advantage. Cooper is so obviously wearing huge heels and even inserts, the photo where he forget his lifts with Dax Shepard sums it up, that cooper and the cooper we see at the major events are completely different, that's clear by just how long his legs suddenly become due to the excess heels.
Angelaaaaa said on 29/Oct/13
6ft and a half is about right. Here he is with 6ft2 and a half Ben Affleck. 2 inch difference, maybe more. Click Here
Chameleon said on 28/Oct/13
My mom is 164 and my dad 180 and im 180 while my sister is 175, what a joke -_-

As for Cooper, 182cm max without his lifts
James said on 28/Oct/13
@The Exorcist

My only issue with the other photo's you posted is the angle's, none are as flat and forward as the original one where I believe there to be a 4 inch gap, Neeson looks so much bigger in that photo. It's similar to the post I put with Dax Shepard where I put alot of pictures in, must be way down the page now, he looks tall in all the questionable photo's where maybe we can't see footwear or the angle is, but when there is a straight up photo he comes up short quite literally.

@Exorcist and (Saint)

Interesting views, i've never heard of the 5 inch rule for the mother's height it's an interesting one but very vague as there are many contributing factors. You say you have an 18 year old friend at 5ft 10 with a 6ft 2 dad Saint, I had a few friends that height/very close to, at 18 who are now 6ft 2-6ft 3 range, all but 1 of them had a second growth spurt around 19, the 1 who didn't was pretty much short all the way through school and was only about 5ft 9 when we left, he's around 187 now, they all have tall father's and are pretty much identixal height wise now. In contrast I have a friend who is 186, he was pretty much that height since the age of 12 and hasn't changed.
The Exorcist said on 26/Oct/13

I don't think there's a full four inch difference. Here are some more pictures of Cooper and Neeson together. He looks 6'0.5"-6'1" range to me.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Now regarding your parents, you have taken your Mother's height. Her male height (about 5' taller) would be about 5'11.5". That's what range she would be in if she were a man. Now if you were born a girl, you would be shorter (about 5" less) than you are now. About 5'7". Similar range as your mother.
(S)aint said on 26/Oct/13
Alos Bradley looks 6'1" always to me. 184cm is barely plausable as far as I can tell.
(S)aint said on 26/Oct/13
James - Sounds like you got your mothers height. Same happened to me: Mom-5'7" Dad- 5'10" (car accident wrecked his back so now 5'9 1/2"). Only one other person in my family is 6'0 and I am 6'1" at 16.

If your Mom was a guy (weird sounding, I know) She would be 5'11 1/2" and mine would be 6'0".

At the same time I know some guys shorter then their parents.
For reference: Friend: 5'11" male 17 Mom: 5'9" (so 6'2") Dad: 6'0"
Other friend that comes to mind is 5'10" (18 male) . Dad - 6'2 or possibly more and Mom is 5'7" (6')
pjk said on 26/Oct/13
6 Foot max. I would guess 5'11 to 5'11.5". Looked about same height as mike tyson in hangover.
James said on 23/Oct/13
@the exorcist

Cooper looks 6ft and nothing more there, that is clearly a 4 inch gap.

On a side note, my mother is 5ft 6.5 (169) and my dad 5ft 9(175). Im 6ft (183) and 22 years old with no relatives on either side of the family over 5ft 10(178), my sister is 5ft 5(165.). I was however lucky with growth as I grew 8cm from 16-22. Still feel as if i'm growing ever so slightly but we'll see!

It is possible to outgrow the parents, although alot of my friends have actually ended up the exact same height or slightly shorter. It would be interesting to know the heights of Cooper's mother and father.
Parker said on 22/Oct/13
THE excorcist
88 percentile is for (male) adult height, providing he continues at that percintile of course. Anybody know?

little sue said on 21/Oct/13
My Mom and Dad were 5ft 1 and 5ft 6 and they had my younger brother at 5ft 10. Myself at just under 4ft 11 produced to lads of 5ft 9.5, there dad was 5ft 9.5 to so they followed the average height of his family and not the shortness of mine
The Exorcist said on 21/Oct/13
I'd give Cooper 6'1"

He looks it with Liam Neeson. And I do believe that Neeson is still 6'4" range. :-)
Click Here

@Arch Stanton: yeah, with height, the child will either take after the mother or the father. My height is 5'5" and my wife is 5'7". Most of the guys on her side of the family are around six-feet (her grandpa is the tallest at 6'2") and our 24 month old son is looking like he'll take after her side of the family. He's currently 36" which puts him in the 88 percentile for boys of his age. I'm wondering what the 88 percintile is for (male) adult height, providing he continues at that percintile of course. Anybody know?
Arch Stanton said on 19/Oct/13
He must have had a very tall father to cancel it out and for him to be a taller range guy. Women that short typically produce really short sons unless the father is markedly tall. My godmother is 4'10 and a half and her son is 5'4", although his father is Middle Eastern and unknown but I suspect he was pretty short too.That said my old 6'7" friend had a 5'1" mother but I think his real father was around 6'5". It's still odd to see a tall offspring of a super short parent either way.
cole said on 19/Oct/13
scsd says on 17/Oct/13
Click Here 6 feet

Fallon has stronger footwear.
James said on 18/Oct/13

Ignore the eye level for a few minutes and look at the height comparisons later in the video after the 1st 'goal' is scored. Cooper has a tiny head and fallon looks like he edges him out simply due to Cooper's small head. He is 182 max.
Balrog said on 18/Oct/13
Helms could be just 181-182cm and Cooper 183 with boost in his shoes.

Cooper at times looked a solid 6in taller than Galiafanakis.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Oct/13
If Ed Helms is 183cm, Cooper looks 186cm at least.
Arch Stanton said on 17/Oct/13
Rob how tall does his mother look? Click Here She looks super short like 4'10 or something to me. His father must have been 6'4" or something because with a mother like that he's lucky he isn't Bieber height!
[Editor Rob: yes under 5ft by 2 inches probably]
scsd said on 17/Oct/13
Click Here 6 feet
Lo sgozzatore said on 17/Oct/13
Dmeyer, granted he can really look near 6'1 at times, i don't think he'd measured that tall! Remember the photos with that 182 measured guy, he didn't look taller than him! I think he might be anywhere in the 182-184 zone... 6' range is ok.
Dejavu said on 15/Oct/13
182cm is too short for this guy. He can look close to 6'2 in some photos which is difficult to pull off if he is under 6'0. You may argue that he is only 6'0 but not under it
cole said on 13/Oct/13
@dmeyer: Well, if he's getting an upgrade now, that's just plain and simple giving all reason and logic the finger.
dmeyer said on 11/Oct/13
rob i think this guy could be 6 ft 0.75-6 ft 1 185cm probably measures 6 ft 1.5 morning and claims almost 6 ft 2
dmeyer said on 10/Oct/13
rob to me this guy looks a 185cm guy he does beat 5 ft 11.5-6ft ed elms he was also about 4cm taller than 181cm vartan in alias to me this guy pulls off 185cm alot
Balrog said on 10/Oct/13
Rampage he's 6'0". Helms 5'11" and McCounaghey 5'10" range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 10/Oct/13
@Dejavu: quite possibly, yes. There's also the possibility that Shepard is a little over 6ft2
Chameleon said on 9/Oct/13
Bet your trolling ass ur gonna get heat for it, in Hangover 1 he had lifted dress shoes making him barely taller than Ed Helms who was in flat shoes, how about that now.
Nenninn said on 8/Oct/13
Conclusion: Bradley wears ca 1 inch lifts sometimes, doubt they give him more, he wasnt wearing them in the photo with dax. He´s 183.5-184 cm
Dejavu said on 7/Oct/13
But next to Dax he seemed to have less footwear?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Oct/13
"Bradley Cooper's height is 6ft 1in (185cm)"

Measures 187-188cm out of bed and claims 'almost 6ft2'. Reasonably fair claim. I'm gonna get loads of heat for this I know. But if he's 5ft11-6ft, then Ed Helms is 5ft10 max, Matthew McConaughy is 5ft9 max and Robert DeNiro is like sub-5ft7. You can play the lifts card all you like but you don't enough proof. As for Dax's one movie.
cole said on 4/Oct/13
@Rhonda: DJ Qualls is in the 184-185 cm range, no doubt. Bradley does appear a tad taller in that shot, but from what I have experienced, Qualls is a converse/regular dress shoe kind of guy. With Cooper on the other hand, you never know what kind of footwear he could be wearing. A picture of their footwear from that event would have been nice. My bet is Cooper probably had a solid footwear advantage in this one, and that he would be a bit shorter than Qualls barefoot.
Rhonda said on 1/Oct/13
Cooper next to DJ Qualls looks taller either lifts or DJ Qualls is smaller. If DJ Qualls is smaller then Jim Parsons isn't 6ft1.25 as they are the same height on BBT and Qualls is 6ft. Something not accurate about these listings as Cooper looks no taller than 6ft on many occasions but next to Qualls looks 6ft2 in this photo. In my opinion there is a lot of lift wearing going on.
Click Here
Nenninn said on 24/Sep/13
but perhaps Brad wears lifts sometimes, because this is the only time ive seen him under 184 cm. 1-2 inch lifts?
cole said on 23/Sep/13
6ft flat - 183 cm, is the most fair shout imo. I think if he's ever measured 184-185 cm range it would be straight out of bed.
Nenninn said on 22/Sep/13
He does not look under 183 cm with Dax, besides Dax is prob. a bit over 188 cm, just look at him with Will Arnett. And his hairline is very high up and his hair is spiked up, brad is around 184 cm.
James said on 21/Sep/13
Looks no more than 182 in Silver linings playbook.


He pulls off 6ft 1 because of his sizeable heels as seen in the picture above.
Late 187cm said on 20/Sep/13
"Balrog says on 17/Sep/13
Granted he can look 182cm with Shepard but he also pulls 6'1" in a lot of pics."

Because he wears big heels and/or lifts. All the evidence is there.
Balrog said on 17/Sep/13
Granted he can look 182cm with Shepard but he also pulls 6'1" in a lot of pics. I'm still going for a 6 feet flat.
Emil said on 16/Sep/13
Chameleon says on 10/Sep/13
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

This guy is not even 6'

Thats pretty much how I look next to a 6'2 person and I'm 5'11.6
Chameleon said on 10/Sep/13
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

This guy is not even 6'
Balrog said on 9/Sep/13
Rampage there is a solid 2in difference between him and Shepard.
Chameleon said on 9/Sep/13
182cm max
James said on 9/Sep/13

I take it you havent seen the photo's of Cooper and Shepard since you believe there is only a 1 inch difference?
Late 187cm said on 9/Sep/13
Guys, do you really only see 1-2 inches in the picture with 188cm Dax Shepard?

Cooper looks no more than 5'11 in that picture.

Both men look like they have thick soles on.

When compared with the picture of him in the grey suit above it looks like two different bodies.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Sep/13
Bradley Cooper - 6ft1in(185cm)
Dax Shepard - 6ft2in(188cm)
Dejavu said on 6/Sep/13
He looks 6'0 with Dax Shepard. 182-183. Maybe Shepard has footware advantage?
Late 187cm said on 5/Sep/13
Click Here

Looking very average here in comparison to 188cm listed Dax Shepard.

When you look at Bradley Cooper in the picture in this post and compare it with the picture of him in the grey suit on this site the difference is striking.
Lurk said on 1/Sep/13
Looks a flat 6 feet. I don't think he's a lift-wearer - if so his height would be more "suspicious" at times - thin Stallone or Vin Diesel. At his shortest he looks about 5ft 11.5 and at his tallest he could look 6'1. That difference could easily be explain by some differences in shoes (big heels), posture, camera angles, etc.
Balrog said on 31/Aug/13
Cole I agree with your comment. 6'0" and use lifts at times. Wouldn't surpirse me if this guy looks taller than Christian Bale in the new movie since Bale his around his same height, so he will put his lifts to appear taller than him.
Late 187cm said on 30/Aug/13
He's one of the most interesting celebs on this site simply because his height varies so much. This is obviously due to footwear and/or lifts.
I think James' excellent post below shows this clearly.

Although there's always the chance that Dax Shepard is the one who is a habitual lift wearer and Bradley Cooper is just an honest guy! ;)
cole said on 30/Aug/13
I'm not so sure if I would label him a "lift-wearer". Sure he's known to wear a suspicious looking heel at times, that might give him a boost, but he doesn't do it consistently, like Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt for example.

At times when he looks close in height with 6'2-3 guys, I suspect he's put on a decent set of lifts that could add a good 2" or more. He also does this sometimes when he's around people of the same height or slightly taller than himself, at least it seems that way (see Ed Helms, Ryan Gosling and Chris Tucker).

My guess is he's a 6ft flat guy (at best). I think so because there are times when he looks nothing over 182-183 cm range alongside 5'7 people like Christoph Waltz and Elen Degeneres, and 5'8ish guys like Robert DeNiro. Giving him 6'0.5 is being generous imo.
James said on 30/Aug/13
@Balrog and Dejavu

Your comments pretty much say that he wears lifts. "He can look from 6 to 6'2" and "He can look from 5'11.5 to a solid 6'1". There wouldn't be so much discrepancy if he didn't wear lifts, the heels he has on a lot of his dress shoes are huge.
Dejavu said on 29/Aug/13
Rob, do you think that he is a lift wearer?
[Editor Rob: this is the thing...if average joe's buy and wear lifts, surely a proportion of celebrities do it aswell. It's figuring out who actually wears them that's the harder part!
cole said on 29/Aug/13
In Silver Linings Playbook he also didn't look over 6ft.
James said on 29/Aug/13

That sums up his footwear then.
Balrog said on 29/Aug/13
No he can look from 5'11.5" to a solid 6'1". There is something weird about this guy.
Dejavu said on 28/Aug/13
He can look from 6 to 6'2.
James said on 27/Aug/13
Like people are saying, the Dax Shepard photo's have killed off any chance Cooper has of being 6ft. The following photo's show the extent of footwear this guy actually wears.

Both the following photo's show Cooper with 6ft 2 Dax Shepard, Cooper looks 182 absolute maximum.

Click Here
Click Here

Granted the following photo's don't show footwear, I could not find any but anyway you get the gist of it. All of a sudden Cooper is now within an inch of Shepard, so lets assume Shepard is 190cm in shoes, Cooper goes from 182 to 188 in Shoes.

Click Here

Maybe not so much an inch in this one but certainly more than the first photo's:

Click Here

This final photo is the cream of the crop, Cooper now looks equal to Shepard.

Click Here

Now I understand the photo's where Cooper gains a lot of height don't show footwear, if anyone can find them please do I can't. This is really all the evidence you need though, guys like Cooper who are known to wear lifts should be judged in their shortest height as anything more than that is fake height with heels/lifts etc.
cole said on 24/Aug/13
Click Here
The Thinker said on 24/Aug/13
The pics with Dax Shepard seal the deal... This guy is no more than 5'11.5"(182cm) tall!!!...(on his best day i.e.)
Rusty said on 24/Aug/13
That footwear looks pretty big. I think he wears that to look 6'2" and that his barefoot height is what Rob has him at.
Dejavu said on 23/Aug/13
He can pull off looking taller than Ashton Kutcher. I don't think he is under his listed height.

Click Here
cole said on 23/Aug/13
The times he looks over 185 is when he's wearing lifts, that's obvious to me now. Other than that he looks 6ft or slightly less. Next to Dax Shepard I would say is the biggest tell-tale that he's not a legit 184-185 cm man, but rather in the 182-183 range.
Balrog said on 22/Aug/13
Rob how does Cooper can go from looking taller than 185cm listed DJ Qualls to struggle to look 6'0" with Shepard and Lutz?
[Editor Rob: everyone can vary over a range, cooper can look 182,3,4 and even 5 at times]
Big B said on 14/Aug/13
No way he's over 6'0. If I had to guess he's 5'11 on his best day. Without any help from lifts of course.
Dmeyer said on 13/Aug/13
Many Times aprears 6'1/185cm
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Aug/13
Jimmy Kimmel is now down to 5ft11.5in(182cm). I think Cooper is a full 6ft1 though. More than 1in taller than Ed Helms who himself is also 5ft11.5-6ft.

Looked 6ft1-6ft2 in Failure to Launch with 5ft11in(180cm) Matthew McConaughey
Pierre said on 12/Aug/13
When Bradley was on Jimmy Kimmel, he seem at least 3cm taller than jimmy who is listed at 6ft1(185cm) that would make bradley at least 6ft2(188cm) but if jimmy is 6ft(183cm) then I see bradley at 185cm. He's between 185-188 discussion, he's definitely taller than 6ft(183cm).
Mathew said on 10/Aug/13
Could be a guy who would fit with a 6'0.25" listing.
cole said on 9/Aug/13
@Nate: Why put him at 185 cm if he in fact isn't that height? He can look that range in bigger footwear, sure, but I seriously doubt he'd measure much over 183 cm barefoot. Of course it is possible he is 183 cm and some millimeters, around 183,5 cm perhaps, but over 184,5 cm (barefoot measurement if he were to be listed 6'0.75), I doubt that.

Remember he can look a weak 6ft as well. 182,5 - 183,5 cm range is my estimate, 5'11.75 - 6'0.25 range.
Late 187cm said on 9/Aug/13
Nate says on 7/Aug/13

"This guy is taller than Gosling, taller than Sudeikis, and pretty much gives the impression of being a solid tall guy..."

Because he's always wearing massive heels and lifts!
Nate said on 7/Aug/13
Rob, personally I think that just as you did with Jon Hamm you should upgrade this guy to a weak 185cm. This guy is taller than Gosling, taller than Sudeikis, and pretty much gives the impression of being a solid tall guy so maybe between 184 and 185 is more reasonable since we will never measure this guy with a stadiometer if you put him at 6ft.75 the range will be there...just saying man :)
Balrog said on 6/Aug/13
Rob, you think Cooper use lifts at times? He can look a big 6'1'' guy but with Shepard he looked under 6'0''.
Sam said on 5/Aug/13
Yeah, Bale seems to be slouching a lot for this character. He also looks close to Jeremy Renner's stature and we all know that Bale and Renner are not the same height. We shall see when this movie premieres how Cooper and Bale compare.
Click Here
Click Here
Late 187cm said on 2/Aug/13
@ cole

That's a great picture. How big would you say those heels measure?
This guy's 5'11 tops.
SAK said on 2/Aug/13
Cooper is a tall man, no way shorter then 6f. I would say he is 6f1/185.
Balrog said on 1/Aug/13
I saw that and Bale was also slouching. Quite the heel, nice pic cole.
cole said on 1/Aug/13
Jed says on 1/Aug/13
Rob watch the start of the 'American Hustle' trailer. He looks significantly taller than Christian Bale.

That might be because of these babies: Click Here
Jed said on 1/Aug/13
Rob watch the start of the 'American Hustle' trailer. He looks significantly taller than Christian Bale.
cole said on 26/Jul/13
To be honest he could be 6' flat. He tends to wear thick heeled footwear, and often he will look shorter than guys like Chris Tucker, and the same height as Ed Helms and Todd Philipps, both close to or dead on 6'.

At least I find 6' rather than 6'0.5 easier to believe. Rob you've said it yourself; he looks a weak 6' with Dax Shepard. He can look 6'1 range or more but that's only in big footwear. At 6' he'd have no problem pulling off near 6'2 in a decent pair of boots.
Silent d said on 24/Jul/13
cole said on 18/Jul/13
Click Here

Rob, doesn't he look 5'11.5-range here?
[Editor Rob: he c an look a weak 6ft there]
Silent d said on 17/Jul/13
Can't see him any taller. His height fluctuates from lift to lift. 182cm.
Late 187cm said on 17/Jul/13
Emil says on 14/Jul/13
The day I get a pic with Cooper, Tatum and Gosling, I'll show that they are no taller than me at 5'11.5 ;).

You'll have to insist that they remove their shoes :)
James said on 16/Jul/13

Whats not real is his height claim ;)

Personally I think Cooper is a strong 5ft 11, with a range of 183-181 over the day. He does have superb proportions for his height though which allow him to pull off the extra 2 inches of footwear he usually slaps on. Next to 6ft 2 Dax Shepard, Cooper had normal footwear on, as did Dax and looked no more than 180.

Arch Stanton said on 15/Jul/13
Yeah I know what you mean MD, there's something about him which doesn't seem quite right. There were pics of him in the paper yesterday looking like a young Robin Williams and a bit creepy looking. I think he generally looks a handsome guy but as I say there's something not quite real about him, maybe it's his eyes not sure. He did look close to 6'1" next to McConaughey though.
Emil said on 14/Jul/13
I just watched Wedding Crashers again, and next to Owen Wilson, Cooper looks nothing over 6'0 and that's pushing it. He's 5'11.5-.75 and that's it
Emil said on 14/Jul/13
The day I get a pic with Cooper, Tatum and Gosling, I'll show that they are no taller than me at 5'11.5 ;).
Chameleon said on 13/Jul/13
Agree with Silent d, 182cm max..
Silent d said on 10/Jul/13
Arch Stanton said on 9/Jul/13
I mean compare him above to Click Here in 2006. He looked pretty average looking back in those days.
Arch Stanton said on 9/Jul/13
Has Bradley had surgery or something, he looks many times better looking nowadays than he did back in 2006, I'm not sure it is just the thicker hair nowadays, he looks somehow advanced, probably normal in Hollywood that they pay to improve their looks. That's an awesome looking suit he's wearing above!
Arch Stanton said on 9/Jul/13
I watched the atrocious Failure to Launch yesterday from 2006 and Bradley Cooper had Matthew McConaughey by about 2 inches. I remember thinking yeah that's about right Rob has Cooper at 6'0.5" and McConaughey at 5'10.5". But McConaughey now has a full 5'11 listing which I'd generally agree with, but Cooper was referred to as the "tall guy" in the film and did look around 6'1 if McCon is 5'11".
Chameleon said on 8/Jul/13
182cm max
Rey said on 7/Jul/13
Voiceless-- he is not looking taller than Butler!!!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jul/13
He appeared 187-188cm in The A-Team with Liam Neeson. He also could look near 6ft2 in The Hangover movies if Ed Helms is 6ft. I think the measured 5ft11.5 NFL player that he stood with had a heel advantage.

"Bradley Cooper's height is 6ft 1in (185cm)"
Emil said on 3/Jul/13
His footwear looks really auspiciums here. Honestly, I think Cooper and Lawrence are equal in shoe height. Lawrence is even leaning next to a metal bar straight Cooper.
I believe he's 5'11.5-6'0
Late 187cm said on 2/Jul/13
@ cole

Maybe. The heels above are a different shade to the shoe. Those heels look at least 2 inches to me. Who knows what he has inside the shoe.
I might be wrong, but he looks more 177-180cm barefoot to me.
The shoes make me suspicious (he does indeed have boats on the end of his legs!).
Also, most leading men in Hollywood are a strong 6'0 at least. It's important for him to give that impression.
Be Honest said on 30/Jun/13
I'm watching the Hangover right now and he's the same height (maybe a shade taller) as Ed Helms who is listed at 183cm. However, Helms is wearing flat shoes and Cooper is wearing some heavy footwear. He is 6 feet max. Probably same as Matthew McConnahey (sp) like 5'11.75 in
cole said on 30/Jun/13
@Late 187cm: I don't think they would add that much, but I see your point, and I agree he is hard to pin down. I can see him being 182-183 cm barefoot.
Late 187cm said on 29/Jun/13
Hard to tell with this guy. Could be very creative with the footwear. Just look at the picture above. Those shoes alone could be adding 6-8cm.
cole said on 28/Jun/13
Click Here
Eddie Redmayne is listed 5'11, Bradley Doesn't look all that much taller.
Alex said on 27/Jun/13
Looks tall but not so much, i think 184 is an accurate guess, maybe he is 183 or 185
Silent d said on 22/Jun/13
I know he's tall but not close to 6 foot 2. Another guy that claims he is close to 6 foot 2 like justin timberlake. I'll stay with 182cm.
cole said on 19/Jun/13
182/183 cm is what he looks, nothing wrong with that.
Silent D said on 18/Jun/13
182cm considering he is a constant lift wearer. Still a very cool guy. He looks 6 foot 2 next to jennifer lawrence in heels. That proves he wears lifts.
Jones said on 18/Jun/13
@ Get Real
You really think that 3 inches makes someone look short? I'm 6'0 and never look or feel short next to 6'3 guys! oh well height's a very subjective thing I guess
Height obsession said on 12/Jun/13
Tempest has it right on the money!!!!
Get Real said on 12/Jun/13
What are you guys talkingabout!!??He Looks 185 just right. I'm 190-191 barefeet (in the afternoon even) and I know he looks the part. Gosling is definitely not as tall as cooper. And of course if he's standing next to Liam Neeson he will look short, the guy is 6'4. That's a difference of 3 inches! Gotta get real people! And yet, who cares if he's 6'1 or 6''8 for that matter, I bet he's definitely more successful and good looking from most of you. Nobody cares about and inch or two.
James said on 10/Jun/13

Gosling 180, Cooper 181, Tatum 184
Emil said on 9/Jun/13
James says on 5/Jun/13

I agree on Cooper and Gosling but Tatum to me has always appeared a solid 183/184 guy.

Yeah, Tatum does look 6-6'0.5 at times but Gosling and Cooper never looks over 6'0 to me
cole said on 7/Jun/13
I have allways seen him as a 6 footer, starting to think he's more 5'11.5 - 5'11.75, and Ryan Gosling is about 0.25in shorter from what I've seen. 5'11.75 for Bradley and 5'11.5 for Gosling.
Woody181 said on 7/Jun/13
Gosling 180
Cooper/Helms 182
Tatum 183
Tempest said on 6/Jun/13
Cooper 5'11.5" Gosling 5'10.5".
James said on 5/Jun/13

I agree on Cooper and Gosling but Tatum to me has always appeared a solid 183/184 guy.
Emil said on 5/Jun/13
Cooper, Gosling and Tatum dont look taller than 5'11.5
James said on 4/Jun/13
Think it's time for a downgrade on Cooper Rob, been getting away with his tricky footwear for too long! Personally I would say 181 is a fair listing, 182 would be generous.

In comparison I think Ed Helms is also the exact same height as Cooper, 181 to be fair and 182 to be generous, helms just doesn't go for the daft footwear.
lelman said on 1/Jun/13
He does have massive feet, jesus! And look at his shoes in that photo, pretty decent heels.

He looks like a well built 5'11" with good posture and footwear.
vic 183-185 said on 1/Jun/13
Click Here
Cooper looking shorter than himself. lol. He may have inflated his height a little...
Jax said on 31/May/13
182cm....maybe 183cm on a good day....classic weak'ish 6ft guy...
penguinboy25 said on 30/May/13
Ya James I I am convinced. His knees look really high with those funny shoes. Even with that he still looked smaller than Will Smith so that pretty much tells us he's in the 5'11 range.
James said on 29/May/13
Definetly a 5ft 11 guy helped out by decent proportions. He was on the Graham Norton show the other night and clearly had some sort of inserts in his shoes. He was still around an inch smaller than Will Smith and when sat down he looked ridiculous because his knees were so high up because of the inserts.

For the video search 'Will Smith Graham Norton' on youtube, you'll see what I mean at certain points, and it's an entertaining video!
Johno said on 26/May/13
Classic 5'11 range guy, strong 5'11.
Tempest said on 24/May/13
I just saw the pics I think you were referring to James. Yeah... In some of the pictures Bradley looks nearly 4 inches shorter! What?!
James said on 18/May/13
Seen some pictures of cooper and 6ft 2 dax shepard. Clearly cooper forgot his lifts because he looks 5ft 11 max next to shepard. I reckon cooper starts the day at 182.5 and ends at 180.
Chameleon said on 13/May/13
182cm max..
penguinboy25 said on 12/May/13
He walked by me tonight in Caesars palace. We were both wearing normal dress shoes from what I could tell. He might have had me just barely and I am 181 to 182 depending on the time of the day. I'd give him 183 max.
Balrog said on 11/May/13
Cooper 182-183 and Carrey 185.
Lenad is sexy said on 4/May/13
Now this is more like it. I always had doubts about Cooper being a strong 6'1. If he is, then Jim Carrey is a legit 6'2 easily.
Tempest said on 11/Apr/13
The Place Beyond the Pines should be a goldmine of information with Cooper, Gosling and Liotta all starring in it. We will see.
Tempest said on 8/Apr/13
A series of photos of Bradley Cooper and 5'7" confirmed Christoph Waltz:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Let's continue the fun of determining Bradley's and Ryan's heights. I think Bradley is 5'11.5" and Ryan Gosling is 5'10.5-75".
Steven said on 1/Apr/13
Let the speculation begin Bradley Cooper with Ryan Gosling:
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
AAAA said on 21/Mar/13
Bradley and John Hamm. Hard to tell given Cooper's posture who is exactly taller...Look very close in height.
Click Here
lwntgngr said on 13/Mar/13
he is a soild 6'1
Tempest said on 12/Mar/13
5'11.5" is most accurate.
Vegas said on 7/Mar/13
Silent d says on 5/Mar/13
He looks tall next to some guys but then gets towered by neeson

he looks like a 6 footer should look next to neeson
Silent d said on 5/Mar/13
He looks tall next to some guys but then gets towered by neeson, shephard and a few others. He holds his own against guys in the 6 foot range but he is a lift wearer. 182cm.
Tempest said on 5/Mar/13
I maintain upper 5'11" range. If I took Knight's picture seriously I'd say Bradley was 6'4". That picture doesn't make sense.

@Jenny Yeah, Bradley's heels look slightly bigger, but that looks like a 2 or nearly 2.5 inch difference to me.
Jenny said on 4/Mar/13
Click Here

I think you're right. Here is Bradly next to 6ft2 Ben Affleck. Just look how big Bradley's heels are, and he is still an inch and a half shorter.
Tempest said on 25/Feb/13
Click Here

Appears to be in the upper 5'11" range.
viapto said on 21/Feb/13
6'05 right is same height of rafael nadal 1.84 cm, look photos, maybe dax shepard is perhaps another case of a very tall guy saying that is lower like snoop dog, or models saying that measure 6' 2 when measured over 6'3. James Cromwell's 6' 7 once said "I was told by my agent that a number of big stars won't work with anyone two inches (five centimetres) taller than them and most of them are under six feet , so you have to be prepared to have trouble.".
Burt reynolds 5' 11 said: "Lady, no actor is five eleven. There's not an actor in the world who isn't ever 6 feet" and site visitor RisingForce pointed out Burt saying "I think I'm the only actor under 6 feet tall who admits to it. But I'm 6-foot-3 with my boots on" and in Windsor Star early in his career (3 Aug 66) Burt said you should ignore official biographies: "All actors are six feet tall or over in their biographies...Mine says I'm 6 feet 1 but I'm only 5 feet 11"
Steven said on 21/Feb/13
Check him with Michael Fassbender: Click Here
Vegas said on 20/Feb/13
anybody arguing 5'11 look at rob with mike tyson and cooper with tyson
Tempest said on 16/Feb/13
I will admit that he looked 6'1" in Silver Linings Playbook, but his pics with Dax Shepard make him look much shorter.
Gene said on 15/Feb/13
so at 5'11 you all figure Brad Pitt is as tall as Brad Copper- I bet BC owns BP by probably at least 2 inches
Silent d said on 10/Feb/13
Solid 182cm considering he looks tall next to some guys and gets towered by some.
Arch Stanton said on 10/Feb/13
Actually looks a full 6'1" next to Affleck.
Hew said on 9/Feb/13
Like it has been pointed out by several users, his height flacuates too much for me to believe he's 184 cm barefoot. Under 180 cm barefoot is a joke, but 180-183 cm range without shoes can be more realistic, most likely 182 imo.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 8/Feb/13
Lo sgozzatore, Cooper varies in height all the time, he is obviously a lift wearer. I seriously doubt Cooper reaches 182cm since a legit 182 appears 6' and therefore would never need lifts. But I am prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt and accept a 182cm listing, although I still believe 180 flat is the most likely height for him.
Balrog said on 8/Feb/13
The only time I suspected he could be a lift wearer was with Gerard Butler. But after watching pics of Butler with Bouva then it's clear both Gerard and Bradley are 6 feet range.
Silent d said on 7/Feb/13
There are also photos where he is taller than leonardo dicaprio. 82cm.
Chameleon said on 7/Feb/13
Dont forget the foodtwear of this guy, he is not a legit 6'.
Balrog said on 7/Feb/13
Come on people get real. Cooper is clearly taller than Barnes. This guy is always looking around 6'0'' not 5'11''.
Lo sgozzatore said on 6/Feb/13
Killer-shrimp, i cant see him under 182... 180 sounds delusional!
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 5/Feb/13
Silent d, for once you're talking some sense. This guy is 182cm (5'11.5") at the absolute MAX and most likely 180cm flat (5'11"), same height as Ryan Gosling.
Melina said on 5/Feb/13
Ben Barnes is listed at 5'11.75 and he's .5 inch taller than Bradley in pics. Bradley either needs a downgrade to 5'11 or Ben needs a major upgrade to 6'1.
Silent d said on 4/Feb/13
He is a constant lift wearer so i can't see him past 182cm. No way he is taller than chris tucker. I use to think he was 184cm but he is too inconsistent with his height. Wasn't he taller than gerard butler. That is fishy. Gerard is at least 185cm.
Balrog said on 3/Feb/13
Dmeyer look at him next to Lutz and Shepard. Near 6'0'' than 6'1''.
Dmeyer said on 3/Feb/13
Rob this Guy is easily taller than travolta and bits Chris tucker in all pics by 1 cm solid 4cm taller than than 181 vartan 1cm taller than 184cm garber , évidence scream 6'1 but i CAN buy 6'0.75 , 6'0.5 is a hair too low , of course With bad posture CAN look 6'0-0.25 but this Guy is nearer 6'1 than 6'0 , is 6'0.75 possible
Balrog said on 2/Feb/13
With Shepard looks 6'0''
Chameleon said on 1/Feb/13
Look at him with Shephard, Cooper is under 6'.
Arch Stanton said on 1/Feb/13
You think he's under 6', really Silent? I haven't seen too much of him but I saw a picture of him from a film with a guy listed on here as 5'6" or 5'7" and I thought he looked near 6'1".
Peyman-6ft said on 1/Feb/13
cooper I think edges helms out by a good (0.5-0.75in)
so maybe :
Ed Helms : 182-183
Bradely Cooper : strong 184
& by the way , hangovers were really nice films.
Silent d said on 31/Jan/13
Tony said on 30/Jan/13
Click Here
The guy in the middle is Victor Cruz measured at 5'11 and 5/8. Looks as listed
Silent d said on 28/Jan/13
I can confirm that bradley is a regular lift wearer. There is no way he is taller than 6 foot 1 chris tucker. I saw an interview, i think it was et and he towered everyone in the movie and was a little bit taller than chris tucker. Jennifer lawrence is 5 foot 8 so bradley should not be that much taller than her. In parts of the movie next to chris tucker and jennifer lawrence, he looks 6 foot 2.I think 182cm is good.
Aragorn 5\'11 said on 17/Jan/13
I saw him at the Silver Linings Playbook LA premiere. I would say he's 6'0.25 or a weak 184 cm. He wore 1 inch dress shoes that made him a strong 6'1 if not a little more. I'm 5'10 and he was definitely 2 inches taller than me but I also had an inch of footwear on. My guess..

6'0.5 in the morning
6'0.25 in the day
6'0 at night.

Anything less then 6'0 (183 cm) is an absolute joke for him. JOKE!!!!!

*Sidenote : Correct me if I'm wrong but in Alias he did look a full 6'1 or a very strong 6'0.75. He was clearly taller than Victor Garber and Carl Lumbly (both listed here at 6'0.5) and the same height or even a quarter inch taller than Greg Grunberg (listed here at 6'0.75). If you don't believe me then watch the first 2 seasons of Alias and you'll see. Rob, if you believe this, then is it possible that he could have lost 2 cm?
[Editor Rob: grunberg is the one likely to have lost some height with posture, he can walk like a 6 foot man, but might measure near 6ft 1 if he stretched himself up.]
viennese said on 13/Jan/13
he always wears suspicious footwear. he didn't look that much taller than robert de niro in silver linings playbook. 5'11.5 - 6' max!

Click Here
Click Here(you have to zoom in)
John said on 9/Jan/13
Almost 6'2 in shoes=6'0.5
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 8/Jan/13
Trey I agree a 182cm listing for Cooper is acceptable. 183 or 184 is too high IMO. Same goes for Ryan Gosling.
Balrog said on 8/Jan/13
Both Gosling and Cooper are closer to 6'0'' than 5'11''.
Trey said on 7/Jan/13
I don't think he's as low as a flat out 180 cm, Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP, but 182-183 cm looks more likely than 184-185 cm, imo.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 6/Jan/13
I'm changing my estimate for him to 180cm flat, same height as Ryan Gosling.

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