How tall is Jennifer Lawrence ?

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Jennifer Lawrence's height is 5ft 7.5in (171 cm)

American Actress best known for roles in movies like The Hunger Games, Winter's Bone, Silver Linings Playbook and X-Men: First Class. In 2010 she said her height on her own website: "I'm 5'7 1/2". She also commented in Fabulous magazine that "When I'm in high heels I feel like an ogre, I can't walk and my feet are uncomfortable."

Jennifer Lawrence is tall
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Bishop says on 22/Mar/15
No need for name calling. I'm sure Judd would have apologized for saying that. She looks great to me. Not overweight by any means.
Ally says on 22/Mar/15
She does look pretty tall so I guess 5'7.5 seems fair
Elena says on 21/Mar/15
She said in 2011 oscar luncheon she is 5"9
Josh says on 21/Mar/15
She looks like she could be 5'7 flat. Was the same height as James McAvoy.
JaceCee says on 17/Mar/15
Hey're the reason women have insecurities. She's not over weight you moron. She's perfect without a doubt. Even in Hollywood terms, she may not be a stick but she's radiant. Again...Judd...she's not overweight. You're just judgmental.
rosesnhay says on 10/Mar/15
I think 5'7 is a decent height for a woman, 5'8 max, sometimes it depends on your appearance, i have long arms and long legs and even though i am 5'7 people always think i am 5'9 or sometimes 5'10
youssef 5'8 says on 9/Mar/15
Next to bradley cooper (listed 6'0.5 here) she seemed 6.5" shorter than him considering the heels and i don't think she's over 5'6" at all
Tania says on 2/Feb/15
Ah I see, thanks for that link Rob! :)
It's weird that despite her claiming to be 5'7.5" most websites still inflate her height to 5'10" - something she doesn't do herself. 171 cm is still tall for a woman, IDK why they insist on inflating heights. Just odd.
littlesue says on 31/Jan/15
Lol!! 60 kg overweight for someone 5ft 7+!!! its a lightweight for that height!! more average for someone around 5ft 3 or 4
Arch Stanton says on 31/Jan/15
No she's NOT overweight Judd, in fact it's a refreshing change to see a healthy looking girl working in Hollywood, she looks absolutely fine as she is and a great actress to boot.
Judd says on 30/Jan/15
She's overweighted at 60+ kgs...
ranger says on 24/Jan/15
in your opinion what is her weight on these pictures?
Click Here
Click Here
I think that she's 65kg range and you?
[Editor Rob: 63-4kg maybe around there in that shot.]
reza1378 says on 22/Jan/15
Looks 5ft 9
2toes says on 13/Jan/15
Nice female height (accompanied by a pretty face, forms and a great personality)
jess says on 22/Dec/14
Possible 5'7" even?
Samantha says on 7/Dec/14
Would a man equivalent to 5' 7.5" female be 6' 0.5"?
[Editor Rob: probably that range]
Mike says on 4/Dec/14
No less than 171. 171-172 is her range.
BGee says on 27/Nov/14
5'7 at max and not a hair over it. Some like to use a comparison of her to Lupita Nyong'o to confirm her 5'9 claims while ignoring Lupita isn't even a full 5'4.
max says on 24/Nov/14
175cm in sooo off, 171/172cm
Nikki says on 22/Nov/14
After seeing her with Fallon I think she needs to be downgraded.
Janet says on 14/Nov/14
I think this listing is absolutely on the mark. I once saw a JLaw fan blog on Tumblr say that she's 5'10.5", and I laughed out loud. Barefeet, she's no taller than 5'8". Just look at pictures of her standing next to Nicolas Hoult. Even when she's in heels and standing next to someone as tall as Liam Hemsworth, he towers over her. If she was really 5'10.5", she wouldn't be towered over by those two guys while wearing heels. Every time I see a public appearance of hers whether on the red carpet or talk shows, she's always wearing heels that are at least 4"
Rhonda says on 7/Nov/14
I thought she was about 5ft5
Arch Stanton says on 29/Oct/14
Chris says on 18/Oct/14
After her nude pictures have been leaked, her height has increased to 5ft 9

You do realise she's female ;-) A refreshing change from commenting on Bieber and Hemsworth anyway!!
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 25/Oct/14
Jennifer is 5 ft 7-1/2 (172 cm), and 130 to 140 pounds, so that gives her a very ideal Body Mass Index of 21 to 22 -- she is moderately tall, so in heels could be 5'9" to 5'11". Her boyfriend the 6 ft 1, 175 pound Chris Martin also has an ideal BMI of 23, and is 8% taller than Jennifer, which makes them a near perfect physical match for each other in terms of height and body mass.
Chris says on 18/Oct/14
After her nude pictures have been leaked, her height has increased to 5ft 9
Morecrumble says on 18/Oct/14
How much do you think she weighs? A lot of sites quote around 63kg. Does that sound about right?
evil says on 1/Oct/14
5'7.75-5'8. That's her height
just my opinion says on 22/Sep/14
The original link I posted works on my computer. Forgive me because I'm not tech savvy, but I'm using Firefox as my browser. Maybe that makes a difference?
[Editor Rob: the picture might just have been deleted now]
just my opinion says on 22/Sep/14

That's fair. I'm not firm on exactly 5'6" but I'm not convinced she's as tall as the majority thinks she is. Truthfully, though, my particular observation is dependent on the assumption that Jimmy Fallon's listed height is indeed accurate.

Let me try the link again. This is the perfect shot for a comparison between the two..

Click Here
Judd says on 20/Sep/14
5'7.5" is spot on. shE looks that height next to Cooper (6'0.5")
Ras says on 18/Sep/14
Phantom says on 12/Sep/14
@just my opinion

The link doesn't work, but it's important to note that 4 inch heels aren't actually going to add 4 inches of actual height, because a woman's ankle will compress to a certain extent.

So her being a flat 5'6" seems very unlikely.

The thing is she could have been using heels with boosts on the front. That could probably give her 4 inches if she's got a 1.5-2 inch boost on the front.
Phantom says on 12/Sep/14
@just my opinion

The link doesn't work, but it's important to note that 4 inch heels aren't actually going to add 4 inches of actual height, because a woman's ankle will compress to a certain extent.

So her being a flat 5'6" seems very unlikely.
just my opinion says on 12/Sep/14
I think she's closer to 5'6" This is a shot of her standing next to Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. The heels she's wearing are tremendous (I'm no expert, but those have to be like 4-inches right?) and Jimmy is wearing a standard dress shoe so he's probably right about 6ft in this shot and he still edges her out some. So.. assuming she's more like 5'6" and wearing 4-inch heels; in this pic she'd be standing at around 5'10" and Jimmy gets a liiitle out of his shoes, but still stands taller by at least an inch. I think she's actually south of 5'7"

Click Here
Phantom says on 8/Sep/14
How much height would you say her footwear gives her here Rob if Cuba Gooding Jr. really is 5'10" barefoot?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: she must have a shoe with at least a 2-inch front platform to get that amount of height gain, like a true 5-inches worth of height out of them. His look just under an inch dress shoes.]
Phantom says on 8/Sep/14
@Voiceless Dental Fricative

When you wear incredibly massive heels like she does during events, it's not too hard to get away with that claim.

Here she is with 5'10" listed Cuba Gooding Jr. who's in dress shoes.

Click Here
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 5/Sep/14
More recently she has been claiming 5'9
SamL94 says on 2/Sep/14
How much do you guys think she weighs?
[Editor Rob: I think at times she has trimmed down to 125-128 range]
Amaze says on 2/Sep/14
@avi for a guy 5'6-7 is short. for a girl, 5'6 is tallish and 5'7 is lower end tall. yes for a guy 5'6-7 is generally short, but for a girl naah
avi says on 1/Sep/14
@Realist says on 18/Jun/14
avi, if she is short for a girl whats tall ? At 5'8 male i dont feel short, think before u say something.

dont be foolish. in general 5'6-7 is short.
someone says on 1/Sep/14
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 27/Jun/14
Yeah she can look 5'9", especially with heels, but 5'7.5 or 5'8" seems realistic. Supposedly her measurements are 35-26-36, that would indicate a body weight of some 130 pounds, so perfect figure yet tall and lean

She does not look particularly lean to me tbh...i would assume her weight to be 140+ lbs at least. Also I do not buy the 26 inch waist measurement.
People lie about their height all the time, and they are even more likely to lie about their weight.
Realist says on 25/Aug/14
Whenever you talk to an average Joe and ask about their height, they will tell you 1.5 inches more usually. Guys my height 5'7.5 say 5'9 , 5'10.5 say 6'0, 5'6.5 say 5'8. All girls and guys do this. She is about 5'7 flat i believe.
Sean says on 11/Aug/14
She's not wearing much of of heel, and she's still taller than McAvoy, who'll be getting at least a little height from shoes. I think 5'7.5" is perfectly spot on for Lawrence.
LiarLiar says on 7/Aug/14
Jennifer Lawrence is wearing heels and she's still around the same height as 5'7 James McAvoy!

Click Here
rockitbaby says on 1/Aug/14
She looks to have the same height as James McAvoy, who is 1,70 or 1,71m.

Click Here
TJE says on 28/Jul/14
I agree with Mc51295 5'6.5-5'6.75 is a better range for Jennifer. That would topple that discrepancy that she's 2.5 inches taller than Josh Hutcherson, which is clearly untrue, yet most people have been defending it for so long. I don't get it.

Click Here
Click Here
Dom says on 14/Jul/14
I think she's more like 5'8,5"
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 27/Jun/14
Yeah she can look 5'9", especially with heels, but 5'7.5 or 5'8" seems realistic. Supposedly her measurements are 35-26-36, that would indicate a body weight of some 130 pounds, so perfect figure yet tall and lean.
Mc51295 says on 24/Jun/14
Looks slightly under a 5'7 James McAvoy in X-Men First Class. I'd say 5'6.5-5'6.75
Me says on 22/Jun/14
I've met her, a couple of times when she had flip flops on, I'm 5'8 and she was a bit taller than me. 5'9 I'd say.
Benjamin says on 19/Jun/14
She really needs to be upgraded to 5'8. At the Oscars standing next to Matthew Mcconaughey, she had to be two inches taller than him in heels, and he was probably 6 ft in shoes
Realist says on 18/Jun/14
@avi, if she is short for a girl whats tall ? At 5'8 male i dont feel short, think before u say something.
Penwomkey says on 5/Jun/14
171 cm definitely
Ezra says on 1/Jun/14
Just stood next to her in Berlin. I would say she is exactly 5'7.5". Honest girl.
Amelia says on 30/May/14
5'8 seems about right for her. Such a beautiful woman :)
sky says on 22/May/14
She has a perfect height
Hypado says on 17/May/14
avi says on 10/May/14
@Jay says on 9/May/14
i said she looks 5'6 most likely she can be 5'7
Jay says on 9/May/14
I see people are starting to downgrade her from her actual height now. She's not smaller then 5'7.5.
avi says on 3/May/14
she looks short. 5'6 area maybe weak 5'7
Lee says on 27/Apr/14
I think she is about the same height as Josh Hutcherson out of heels, when she is in heels though she is so much taller. I don't know why but I think that is so awkward! BTW Josh and Jennifer are so made for each other! Joshifer 4 eva!!! ❤️❤️❤️
BB says on 24/Apr/14
I don't she's any taller than 5'8 at the most. I think she's really 5'7.5 but just rounds up half an inch like most people would.
Just says on 12/Apr/14
@Joanna Jennifer claimed the height of 5'7"5 herself.She doesn't wear 4" heels, she wears 6" heels with platform. And she's almost 3" shorter than 5'10 Nicole Kidman. Click Here
Joanna says on 11/Apr/14
I'm wondering if all tall actresses claim to be shorter than they really are because so many actors are short. Maybe being tall can get an actress excluded from a project by her shorter A list male co-star? Look at all the photos of her with Matthew McConaughey. I've actually seen him in person and spoke to him briefly and he is 5'11 - 6ft. Somebody had his old driver's license up on the internet which gave his height as 6' and at the Texas DMV they don't ask you to estimate your height, they actually measure you with shoes off. If she is under 5'8, there is no way even in 4" heels she could have looked that much taller.
JB says on 10/Apr/14
Lol at people actually thinking she's 5'10". She's no where close to 5'10". 5'9" I could buy, but just barely. Also, she has NEVER claimed to be 5'10" so why do people keep making this up?
Sam says on 10/Apr/14
If she was 5'9"-5'10", why would she claim the specific height of 5'7.5"?
Joanna says on 9/Apr/14
She is much taller than 5'7". Why would she underestimate her height? At the Oscars, she was taller than Matthew McConaughey. I've seen Matthew in person. He is at least 5'11". Maybe she had 4" heels on, but she still has to be at least 5' 9", maybe 5'10".
Sam says on 21/Mar/14
If she also claimed 5'7", 5'8" and 5'9", could this be added to the top of the page?
Drift says on 15/Mar/14
A lot of websites have her as high as 5'11?
Kourosh177cm says on 13/Feb/14
Shes been claiming 5'7, 5'7.5, 5'8 and 5'9. cant she just make up her mind?
Logan Hedlund says on 28/Jan/14
From Hunger Games, miss Lawrence appear to be 5ft 7.5
Rob once again has her height accurate.
loook says on 28/Jan/14

i think she is between 5'7 and 5'8 and she wearing heel this is why she look tall she beautiful
Balrog says on 26/Jan/14
She does wears high heels a lot in premiere, normally around 4in heels, so she contradicts saying that "are uncomfortable"
f says on 26/Jan/14
hilarious how josh hutcherson said he's taller than her when he heard people said she was taller than him and that she's at best 1/2 inch taller than's clear josh hutcher is 5-5 way is he 5-7 when he's she said herself she's 5-7 1/2....I think shes only listed at 5-9 online to make josh hutcher to appear taller...when she's in those big heels(I seen in pics) that would make her about 5-10 1/2 or 5-11....and she would be 5-6 inches taller than him
Chachi says on 24/Jan/14
Forgot to post the link: Click Here
Chachi says on 24/Jan/14
Arch Stanton is on the money. 5'7... maybe even less. I'm sure most of you have seen how Lawrence's height has been incredibly inflated (5'10? Really?) - just take a look at this behind the scenes video of Catching Fire and you'll see her fooling around with Josh Hutcherson on the beach. The general consensus is that Hutcherson is no more than 5'5 (if that)...and there's maybe two inches between the two co-stars. As we've also seen, Jennifer wears pretttaayyyy tall heels to her premiers.
Arch Stanton says on 20/Jan/14
There's a scene at the end of Silver Linings where it's really difficult to see over 5'7" next to Cooper. 170-1 is fine for her, but she's definitely not over 5'8 barefoot!!
Jasmine says on 20/Jan/14
I'd say she is 5'7. She looks the same height as Josh Hutcherson. Plus she has really short legs for her height.
Vintageous says on 18/Jan/14
She is at the most 5'7 and wears 5 to 6 inch heels like every actress in Hollywood. Saw in person (didn't meet or talk though) and she is average height but taller than petite costar Amy Adams. I really think people (men especially) are forgetful of how huge todays pumps and heels are. 5 inch heels are the norm now. And it really can though height gauging off.
Lorne says on 16/Jan/14
171cm, flat... Take a quarter inch of this listing, you've got her evening height.:) It is worth noting that with her shorter legs(for her height) she could lose a little more than you expect. For example, I know a girl, bang on 5 ft 7.5, barely 5'8 out of bed(under ideal conditions) but she has very long legs, Jeniifer on the other hand would definently wake at 173, but 171.5 afternoon, and I'd say 171 at her low...
flyeaglesfly says on 13/Jan/14
G*ogle now claims that she's 175cm, 5'9".. still too tall
Phantom says on 13/Jan/14
@Realist Efron has got to be standing on a step or something.
Realist says on 8/Jan/14
This pic was taken in 2008, how did she become this tall after 18 almost 2.5 inches. Click Here
flyeaglesfly says on 4/Jan/14
@katherine it may be joke, but I don't know... Appaently it is better for actors to be taller, don't know why...
katherine says on 3/Jan/14
@flyeaglesfly oh, i had no idea, sorry, but why on earth is she listed on googl as being 5'10.5, it makes no sense
flyeaglesfly says on 2/Jan/14
@katherine she said it on her website, before she got seriously famous.
katherine says on 30/Dec/13
i believe she's between 5'8-5'9...i was looking at some photos with 6'2 nicholas hoult and the height difference is exactly the same as mine (5'9''5) next to my boyfriend who's 6'4...also, she doesn't really seem to be the type of person who would lie about something like her height, what's really the point of it...
Sam says on 30/Dec/13
She's shot up to 5'10.5" on that infamous movie website...God, people really want her to be taller than she is. Strange
Just says on 26/Dec/13
She's not only shorter than Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron. But also shorter than 5'9"5 Taylor Swift. Click Here
Not only men claim to be taller, women claim to be taller too. Taller is considered more beautiful; look at beautiful tall supermodels. Rob has estimated her height right.
J.Lee says on 25/Dec/13
Rob why is five ten the consensus now? Is it that important or productive for her image to make her seem that tall?
[Editor Rob: no idea, it's a bizarre one when she's on record saying 5ft 7.5...and looks about that.]
Cazorla says on 25/Dec/13
@Raz I met her in Berlin. I am currently only 1,73m (5'8) and I would be definitely a littlebit taller, if we would compare.
Budd says on 24/Dec/13
@Raz: She's not anything above 5'8. I'm not calling you a liar, but she's not 5'9 or above. She's 5'7.5-5'8 max. Don't be thrown off my the insane 5'10 listing that someone put up as a joke.
Just says on 23/Dec/13
She is towered by Nicholas Hoult. Click Here If she's really 5'10, she wouldn't be towered by a 6'2 guy.
She's about 4 inches taller than Josh Hutcherson Click Here with 6 inches heels with platform Click Here
Raz says on 20/Dec/13
I'm sorry, and I know she doesn't look it, but she really is a lot taller than you'd think. I've looked at several images of her filling up her car, and changing clothes beside it. I then looked up the exact dimensions for a few key parts of the car that are easily visible and at the same distance from the camera as her. She is no shorter than 176 cm (assuming all the possible measuring errors add up in the same direction, unlikely), and my best estimate is 178.5 cm. 171-172 cm is just not possible. If it is, her car must have shrunk in the car wash...
MakoMori says on 17/Dec/13
Certainly 5'7 or 5'7 1/2.

Look at this picture of the first Hunger Games promotion with Liam Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, where she's clearly not wearing any heels. She's taller than Josh Hutcherson alright, but not nearly as much as we think.

Find images of James McAvoy, Jennifer Lawrence and Nicolas Hoult She's relatively the same height as James McAvoy and for points of comparison Liam Hemsworth is listed as 6'3 while Nicolas Hoult is 6'2.
Goth Man says on 16/Dec/13
Did you know that Tom Cruise used to listed as 5'11" at first and he was only 5'7"? I'm 6'2" and I met Jennifer at the presentation of Hunger Games 2 and she was wearing 4 inch heels and was just slightly taller than me. So yes the 5'10.5" is very accurate. But when I met Tom Cruise he really was more 5'9" but not 5'11".
The Horse of FUNK says on 14/Dec/13
I think she's a genuine 5'7" - 5'7.5" girl. People forget how tall that height can look for a woman, especially when considering footwear. Also, a girl who is 5'7.5" is at least in a high height percentile in most western nations, easily 80th+ percentile for women.
Ted says on 13/Dec/13
It is so hilarious that 5'10" and up is claimed for her elsewhere.

I think 5'7.5" is spot on.
Realist says on 13/Dec/13
She is between 5'6.5 and 5'7.5 no more. 5'10.5 is nonsense,she would tower over Bradley Cooper in Heels.
Gourab94 says on 12/Dec/13
5' 7.5' .. yup .. something like that . and lol .. she listed herself as 179 cm ???
Just says on 9/Dec/13
If she really is 5'10"5 as listed in some sites, she would have been the same height as Nicole Kidman. She obviously is not. Click Here
She's at least 2 inches shorter. This height 5'7"5 seems right for her.
Cazorla says on 7/Dec/13
I think she is 5' 8"... golden middle :D
santi says on 6/Dec/13
Click Here in this video she says she is 5' 9''... do they get more roles or something if they are taller?
Balrog says on 4/Dec/13
Exactly I completely agree, I can buy 172cm for her but that's it she wears 3-4in heels at events so she looks taller but it's obvious that after she won the oscar her height got inflated way too much
Balrog says on 3/Dec/13
Near 5'8" I can buy but nothing over, if she's 5'9" she would be taller than Kravitz
[Editor Rob: there's a full body shot in the first film of jennifer and kravitz...who has normal looking footwear and he's obviously taller than her.

which of course makes a little bit of an embarrassment for anybody putting out there to people that Kravitz was 170cm and lawrence at 179cm :)]
Ben says on 26/Nov/13
Hey Rob, why does it say she's 5'10 on some websites now?
[Editor Rob: well they don't have a guy - whose job for 9 years has been running a site on the topic of celebrity height - at the helm! ;)]
Silent d says on 23/Nov/13
5 foot 7.5. Cute and sexy.
Pedro says on 22/Nov/13
@Rob Thanks for the link! To be true, Jennifer also said this year at the Golden Globes that she is "like 5'8". Which sounds like she was rounding it up. So 5'7.5" must be right.
[Editor Rob: I knew I hadn't imagined the quote as someone thought 2 years ago!...the site had simply rejigged some pages and it vanished after she gained more roles, but it was still there in the internet archive page!]
Hypado says on 22/Nov/13
Pedro says on 21/Nov/13
@JB It was most likely some troll who changed her height to 5'10.5" at a movie database. Then a few other height-sites updated her height as well with this ridiculous value. But Jennifer herself claims 5'8".
[Editor Rob: here is the snapshot from her website (which her brother used to run, no idea if he still does).

Her own claim is 5ft 7.5 from 2010 before she blew up.]
justme says on 20/Nov/13
On candids with sneakers on she looks exactly 5'7.5" next to Nicolas Hoult.
JB says on 19/Nov/13
I'm curious as to where this 5'10" nonsense has come from all of a sudden. All her profiles online are changing her to 5'10.5" now. Is this the work of a troll changing her height? Or is this what she's actually claiming now?
Arch Stanton says on 19/Nov/13

Mila Kunis I think differs even more. She goes from looking smoking hot to looking like a bull dog.
parametricplane says on 16/Nov/13
She keeps claiming different heights. She's jumped from 5'9 to 5'8 to 5'10 just within the last few months.
Mike T says on 14/Nov/13
5'10.5 is impossible. She's 5'7" max, look at her next to Lenny Kravitz in Hunger Games they're the same height.
Sam says on 12/Nov/13
I've never seen a celeb like her that can seem so very attractive and sensuous (and tall) in some photos and then look less hot and quite goofy in other photos.
JB says on 11/Nov/13
@Pedro I agree. 5'7" is tall for a woman. It's not so tall that you would really stand out, but it's definitely well above average. Average height for a woman is 5'4" I believe.
lola says on 11/Nov/13
its says shes 179cm tall if you search her name up!
Phantom says on 11/Nov/13
A certain search engine that starts with the letter G just started listing her as 5'10.5" (179cm) lol.
Lorne says on 25/Sep/13
5ft7.25in would be better, Rob, a weak 171cm. I'm very good with the 170-172 range for women , I consider it the perfect height, and I am convinced she wouldn't quite measure 5ft7.5.(Look at her with Mcavoy, even if he has a small lift, that's not a strong 171cm.
Pedro says on 11/Sep/13
@Kelly I think that a women can be considered "tall" from 5ft7. At least in most places in the world. Men are on average 5 inches taller than women. So a woman being 5ft7 is like for a man to be 6ft.
Then from 5ft10+ I think that a woman can be considered "very tall". The same as men are very tall from 6ft3+.
lwntgngr says on 9/Sep/13
@Kelly in Holywood 5'8 is tall for an actress
Kelly says on 7/Sep/13
She's only a bit above average for a woman. Tall for a lady is 5'9+.
mary says on 3/Sep/13
Well she is a tall woman.She must be around 5.8 without the heels.
Mike says on 28/Aug/13
There's nothing wrong with it, I was just stating what I noticed.
lwntgngr says on 28/Aug/13
@R Yeah, I agree. Because of her body figure, she may look like a 5'6 lady sometimes. When I first saw her in Hunger Games, I thought she was 5'5 or 5'6, Gale was around 6'1 and Peeta was literally a midget. I didn't know at that time that Liam Hemsworth is really a huge guy. Then as the movie progress, I realized that she is above 5'7. She was the tallest girl in 74th hunger games and with heels she looked quite taller than Lenny Kravitz and Woodey Harrelson.
Also some famous people who met with her say she is a lot taller than they realized.
lwntgngr says on 26/Aug/13
@Mike who cares if her legs looks a stumpy? Everybody knows that she is a little buxom.
R says on 25/Aug/13
@lwntgngr you do realise the ideal proportion for health is a shorter torso and longer legs?
Height has nothing to do with proportions. 'It doesn't look good' in *your opinion*.
Her height is obviously fine, she's a lovely looking girl and has good proportions. Her legs are average-long, she's just got fuller ones (in my own opinion, this is fantastic) which make them look shorter. Which is probably why she seems shorter than her listed height here, which I feel is pretty accurate.
Mike says on 20/Aug/13
No need to get testy. They may be "average" but it pics they cam look actually short and stumpy-ish. Like her on the X-men set.
lwntgngr says on 15/Aug/13
We all know that she is not 5'9. Imo she is somewhere between 5'7.5 and 5'8. I see lots of short woman with long legs. It doesn't look good. I prefer taller ladies who have well proportioned body like jlaw. I think her height range is perfect for an actress. She doesn't look too tall next to short actors, but also when on heels she doesn't look short next to tall actors.
lwntgngr says on 14/Aug/13
@Mike I didn't say her legs are long. It doesn't have to be short or long. Call it normal or average and get over it.
Mike says on 13/Aug/13
There mot stubby legs, but i would not call them long. I think she may have a longer upper torso and shorter legs. A female friend of mine is about 5'7 and has long-ish legs and a smaller upper body, and she looks taller sometimes (at least from a distance) so it can go either way. But Jen is much more the former. If she really was 5'9 i could see the shock at saying she has short legs.
Mike says on 13/Aug/13
This universe, lwntgngr. Why do you think she has long legs, because shes above average for a woman?

Click Here

Those are not long legs, and any pictures of her outside of heels and a dress will show it.
lwntgngr says on 11/Aug/13
@Mike In which universe are those legs short?
Mike says on 26/Jul/13
@Reh - I think that there are many actress' who will boost their height a bit, or maybe their being nudged a bit to say they are. She's 5'7.5, so saying she's a mere half inch taller isn't that extreme. Her 5'9 claim is silly because she's clearly not that height. Even for women, taller height can be a positive idea. Julia Roberts said she's 5'8 or 5'9 but next to 5'7 Ellen Degeneres their the same size.

And whats interesting is that she doesn't have long legs, there actually kind of short.
ReH says on 23/Jul/13
@Mike You know, an actress around 5'8'' would not feel the need to boost her height. In fact, she might lowball it. An 5'8'' actor would usually claim 5'9'', but an actress doesn't want to send the signal that she's going to make her costars look shorter simply because she's tall.
ReH says on 23/Jul/13
hmm, don't know why, but I thought she was more around 5'9''. I guess she has long legs. Anyway, she's very good looking!
Byron T. says on 21/Jul/13
No shorter than 5'7.'' At SDCC 2013, she appeared taller than Anna Paquin and Halle Berry (who were both wearing heels). Also, she's the same height as Patrick Stewart who can stand as tall as 5'10'' in the right cowboy boots, which he's wearing in this photo:
Click Here
Nica says on 21/Jul/13
Sorry I messed up your name! I would say in SLP there's a good height difference between she and BC. Not looking really short, but someone between 5'7-5'8. Scenes without her monster stilettos of course where she's much more at eye level with him.
lwntgngr says on 17/Jul/13
@Nica Sorry to write your name wrong but also mine is lwntgngr not lwntangr or lwntggr.
What I meant is some of her male co-stars are above the average. Bradley Cooper is 6'1 , Nicholas Holt is 6'2.5-6'3 , Liam Hemsworth is 6'3-6'4. There are good amount of difference but still she doesn't look short next to them.
Nica says on 17/Jul/13
@lwntggr - It's Nica. She and Bradley have a good amount of height difference, so I don't know what you mean.
Mr. R says on 17/Jul/13
I think that she is closer to 5-10. When I met the cast of Silver Linings Playbook, she towered over Robert DeNiro.
lwntgngr says on 16/Jul/13
@Lica she mostly don't wear heels in movies. And bradley cooper is 6'1
Bryan says on 14/Jul/13
@lalala how can you tell the difference between a 5'8 girl and a 5'7.5 girl from a distance especially if you have 2 inch inflaters hanging about
lalala says on 13/Jul/13
I thought she was 5'8+ :(
and even half an inch can be noticeable, I would never claim to be half an inch taller than I actually am...
Nica says on 12/Jul/13
Also, I suspect she never looks short next to male actors because one one her shoes/heels will boost her up, or the male is average height 5'9-5'10.
Nica says on 12/Jul/13
@lwntangr: On this specific page were not really downgrading her, as she did say she was 5'7.5. When she says 5'8 she's probably rounding up because its a mere half inch and not a big deal to "fib" about such a small difference. But the tallest she would be is 5'8.
lwntgngr says on 6/Jul/13
why everybody on this site need to downgrade every celeb's height. She said that she is 5'8 and she never looks short next to male actors in movies. I think she is either 172 or 173.
Mike says on 1/Jul/13
The reason I ask is because even for the sharpest eye, it can be hard to see half an inch of difference, especially in shoes. That's why I think she could be 5'7 at the very least.
Lorne says on 25/Jun/13
Yeah, she's 171cm, raising her height, post-fame. Not as crazy as it sounds. Have a female friend, she's a good 5'7.5, and always claimed 5'8, which is fair enough, looked 172cm with ridiculously good posture. Then one day she pulls a 5'9 claim out of her, eh. Anyway, point is it's not that uncommon, and hey, look at Julia Roberts, fame brought her from 5'8 to 5'9!!!
Mike says on 9/Jun/13
Rob, could she be as low as simply 5'7? Because she claims 5'8, she very well might be 5'7.5 and rounds up. However, she could be 5'7 flat and just gave herself an inch? I don't know.
[Editor Rob: 5ft 7.5 I think is reasonable for her, I believe she might measure near enough that mark ]
Ian McGrinty says on 1/Jun/13
She adds the ol' 2 inches now.
Tony Greene says on 20/Apr/13
I read a lot and yes people do continue to grow but not for free. You'd have to stretch a lot to gain height. I was 5'7.75" at age 18. At age 23, I managed to grow to 5'8" And now I'm 30 and managed to grow to 5'11". You have to stretch your ass off and an extreme strict diet to to it. I bet that's what Jennifer has done. Because of my experience I'd say she's probably 5'11" now like me if she done the daily stretch workouts.
JenSS says on 7/Mar/13
On the Oscars red carpet she said she's 5ft 8
backfiring says on 3/Mar/13
Rob, I have met her. I have been measured 15 times in the last 2 years (on 6 different tape measures and doctors offices) and it says i'm 172 cm (5'7 and 3/4) Same height as Tom Cruise, and it looked like she was exactly the same height as me! We both met eye to eye! So your calaculation was almost exact Rob! :)
SAK says on 28/Feb/13
@Liebling, Hoult is closer to 6f3 then 6f2. Lawrence looks 5f7 in that pic.
Liebling says on 27/Feb/13
In an Golden Globe interview, she listed her height as 5ft9, and in an interview around the same time, she said she was 5ft8. I used to find her endearing, but she is obviously giving contradictory claims about her height. I believe people can grow half to a full inch in their twenties, but not 2-3 inches.
Click Here
If Nicholas Hoult is really 6ft2, how can she be 5ft9?
Liebling says on 27/Feb/13
In an Golden Globe interview, she listed her height as 5ft9, and in an interview around the same time, she said she was 5ft8. I used to find her endearing, but she is obviously giving contradictory claims about her height. I believe people can grow half to a full inch in their twenties, but not 2-3 inches.
Nervous says on 27/Feb/13
Many people grow a bit in their twenties but not 2 - 3 inches or more, and many women lie about their if being tall is some great accomplishment or makes them more attractive. I truly do not believe she was around 5'6 at age 18 and 5'8 or 5'9 now. In photos next to Charlize Theron when she was 18, she was obviously average height. She is prolly wearing higher heels than Anne Hathaway too.
little sue says on 26/Feb/13
She was at the Oscars with her Mom and Dad, her Mom was tiny, under 5ft so she obviously got her height off her Dad who looked around the 6ft mark.
Anne says on 25/Feb/13
I stretched another inch from the age of 20 to 22. My sister grew more than half an inch from 20 to 21. I don't know how normal that is for girls but it does happen, so I think it's possible that Jennifer grew a little since she was measured at 5'7 1/2". I'd put Jennifer at a little over 5'8".
Liebling says on 25/Feb/13
Click Here
I wonder what mega heels she wore here. She looked a full inch taller than Anne.
Hailey says on 24/Feb/13
She just said 5'8 on the Oscar red carpet. But I see her as a sting 5'7!
[Editor Rob: I've said before on her own website before she hit the big time she had put down 5ft 7.5, I suppose her rounding to 5ft 8 is better than 5ft 9 some believed she was.]
Sophie says on 24/Feb/13
She's 5'7 and no more I don't know why she claims to be taller than she actually is.
Grace says on 18/Feb/13
She is 5'8. She said it in an interview for the Golden Globes 2013: Click Here
Silent d says on 28/Jan/13
One of the real hot girls of hollywood who is not obsessed with weight. 171cm. I thought she was 5 foot 8.
Pedro says on 21/Jan/13
According to this interview, Jennifer is 5'9'' tall: Click Here
Lexi says on 16/Jan/13
She said so herself on her website that she's 5'7.5", so that's how tall she is. You can't all just say she's 5'8" or 5'9" because you think she's grown or looks taller. It doesnt matter much anyway, she's gorgeous!
Sunny says on 16/Jan/13
I would say that it does matter. She is proportioned so well and has a sexy round voluptuous body. Why is it that everyone is consumed with her height?
tallish girl says on 15/Jan/13
I think shes 5'8 or 9. I am 176 or 7 cm tall (more than 5'9) and i dont have long legs,so i get tht people think shes shorter than she really is
Conti says on 13/Jan/13
I would say 5'8 barefoot.
Balrog says on 12/Jan/13
She was 21 at X Men First Class. What is the chance a woman of grown after 21? Very low.
PEOPLE LISTEN says on 10/Jan/13
she's young enough it's perfectly possible she WAS 5'7.5" when she did First Class and then grew to be 5'9". Honestly what kind of a woman would lie to make herself TALLER when she knows men are intimidated by a tall woman next to a male lead
Balrog says on 10/Jan/13
171 cms seems legit. Funny now she's famous claims 5'9''. The two inch rule of Hollywood!
hello says on 25/Nov/12
I thought she was 5'6
Raz says on 9/Nov/12
A basketball has a diameter of 9.5" (24 cm). Based on that fact, and the picture with her holding a basketball, she is almost exactly 5'7.5" or 171.5 cm.
little sue says on 9/Nov/12
If the heels are about 4.5 inches they would give about 3 inches actual height
[Editor Rob: if they have a 3cm platform they've a much better chance of actually getting 4 inches, I've measured one person with a 6-inch and she got 4.25ish out of them, the platform was nearer 1.5 inches though on the front which is a big amount.]
tk says on 8/Nov/12
I think she looks close to 5'11'' in that photo. But she must be wearing really big heels.
SAK says on 8/Nov/12
Click Here

How tall does Jennifer Lawrence become wearing the heels in the pic above. Anyone??
J says on 10/Oct/12
She's exaggerated since her first Pscars, and it's likely her prior claim of 5'7.5" was a bit exaggerated too. 169cm on a good day.

Her recent Vogue article claims 5'10". She will be 6' tall by February at this rate. A strange world where people spin a 5'6" to 5'7" girl into some inaccurate height.
Silent d says on 5/Oct/12
whaatatevskisss says on 1/Oct/12
Actually she is 5 foot nine
Jimba says on 28/Sep/12
No way she has 5'9", i have 6'2" and she is way smaller than me
Sean says on 24/Sep/12
Jos, watch X-men: First Class, which was released just last year. She looks 5'7.5" looks exactly right next to James McAvoy, who himself claims 5'7".
Jos says on 19/Sep/12
Rob I appreciate that you want to use credible sources, but how many years ago was it that you saw that site? I was not much more than 5'7'' at 18 and 1/2, two years later I was standing at almost 5'9''. Jen has been getting taller since you read that site-you forget how young she was/is. A female actress wouldn't lie saying she's 5'9'' when she's really only 5'7'' 1/2- she's not a model! Also, taller female actresses can be given a hard time for their height because of towering over leading men, it makes no sense for her to claim 5'9 if she's not 5'9. Come on now, you've got it on video: her saying 5'9, that is a more credible source than you saying you once saw an official site of her [when she was younger!]!. 5'9 is a height that makes perfect sense looking at her standing next to, e.g., 6'3' boys Liam Hemsworth/Nicholas Hoult. A lot of men in my family are that same height, and I'm 5'9'---the height difference between Jen and L & N are exactly the same as that between me and my male relatives, it really couldn't make more sense.
[Editor Rob: it was when she was 20 the 5ft 7.5 was published on her site. It's more credible to me because it is actually the height she looks to me and was before Hunger Games.]
Jos says on 12/Sep/12
You need to change her height, she said herself at the Oscar Lungeon that she's 5'9''. So it's confirmed. Plus, even before that I knew she was about that height. I'm about 5'9'' myself and it's easy for me to recognize women who are around that same height. Why do the people here at celebheights always feel the need to downgrade tall women's height? You almost give me a complex...
[Editor Rob: she got popular and raised her height...I saw with my own eyes on a page of her official site - the page was shortlived and removed, but in her own words she said - "I'm 5'7 1/2"!...her brother is the owner of the domain, so it's a good enough source :)

I'll stick with that since I believe she looks around her original pre Hunger Games claim.]
mina says on 7/Sep/12
Jennifer can pull off looking 5'9 on screen.Compared to actress Charlize Theron 5'9.5,you can definitely see the height difference.Jennifer is 5'7.5.
In the photo above,she look's 5'5-5'6.
Insider says on 1/Sep/12
this site wrong!! Jennifer Lawrence is 168 cm.
I\'m in Denial....? says on 21/Aug/12
hemsworth and cyrus on the beach, with that slant cyrus is at least half a foot taller. so calculate and work it out.
little sue says on 15/Aug/12
Girls of 5ft 9 can have long bodies and short legs!! My mate is 5ft 9 and only has about a 29.5 inside leg but she is pear shaped so her body is really long
Marie says on 14/Aug/12
She's claiming 5'9 lately which is total B.S. Her body proportions look like somebody who is around 5'5-5'7 at most. I'm 5'9 and my arms are a good 4 inches longer than hers and my legs are way longer than hers when she's wearing the longest heels. She has stubby legs! Girls who are 5'9 don't have short legs. Honestly, I think she's 5'6 or maybe even a weak 5'7.
5\'5\" says on 11/Aug/12
LaineyGossip described her as "petite" when she met her at the Grey Goose Party during Oscar season last year. Jennifer Lawrence is 5'5" at most by that description. 5'6" is a stretch for "petite", especially since Lainey herself is around 5'3".
Clara says on 6/Aug/12
I wanted to know what kind of magic heels this girl wears to fo from this
Click Here

to this
Click Here

She looks the almost the same height as josh on the 1st pic but looks A LOT taller than him on the 2nd
She wears some really really high shoes
Eddie says on 8/Jun/12
She's 5'6
Cliff says on 7/Jun/12
What cat said.......the 5'7 1/2" claim was made at an earlier age as Rob stated in the header. She's closer to her claimed 5'9."
theblacklab says on 7/Jun/12
Katniss Everdeen (a character play by Jennifer) had always been described as below average height in The Hunger Games books, however Jennifer is clearly above average height. I'd say she could be 5'6.5" at a minimum, and 5'7" at a maximum, which I think is a perfect height for a woman, very comfortably above average.
hahah says on 6/Jun/12
i find it so funny how people compare heights from what they see on tv & movies, you can easily make somebody taller or shorter on tv example tom cruise, so what you see on the screen is not always true, shes deff around 5'7 i wouldnt say any taller
MiniMe says on 2/Feb/12
Jen next to 6 ft 2.5 in Nick Hoult. Click Here Still looks 5'7 1/2?

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