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Charles Bronson height: 5ft 8.5in (174 cm)

American actor best remembered for films such as Death Wish, The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, The Dirty Dozen, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Mechanic, Mr. Majestyk, Hard Times and Death Hunt. His shoes maybe made him appear taller than he was. A would be 6ft 1 actor who wanted to audition for Death Wish 2 once said "I heard from somebody in the office that Bronson [said that] nobody could be in a scene with him who was taller than he was."
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Justice says on 28/Mar/15
Another great example that Bronson was only 5'7. In the movie the Stone Killer he works with Norman Fell. Fell is said to be 5'9, No Way! He stands next to 5'11 John Ritter and he is always looking up at John Ritter's Character Jack Tripper from Three's Company sitcom. In the Stone killer Bronson and Fell are the exact same height. Plus look smaller than many of the the other actor's. Add 2" heels to Bronson now he's 5'9.
Dago Red says on 13/Mar/15
Wonder what he weighed? He could look pretty built at times. 180 maybe?
justice says on 12/Mar/15
I still say Bronson was 5'7. Watch the Valachi paper's as he walks away in the end with Gerald S.O'Loughlin who plays the investigator. In his biography O'Loughlin is described as "SHORT, dark, rough-looking and-tough-talking American character actor Gerald S. O'Loughlin" In the movie Valachi Papers they walk away side by side and are the same height. Just as Bronson is the same height as 5'7 Strother Martin in Hard time's. Bronson always kept fit and thin which made him appear taller than actors the same height who would look shorter due to their more out of shape bodies. I have seen pictures of identical twin's where one is thin and the other heavier. Even though they are the same height the thin one appear's taller till they stand side by side. Their where people who argue Bronson was 5'11. Even in Chato's land you could easily see Bronson was short while standing at the bar in the begining. Too many instance's where Bronso looks A lot shorter than what is claimed. I'm 5'7 and I can always tell everyone I am 5'9 and pass a such until someone actually measure's me.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Feb/15
And it's not as if the 5'9" range he could often look was always in lifts either, we have him barefoot with Susan George in Lola looking clearly much taller than 5'7.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Feb/15
He's elusive though Justice, and it's not as if he only ever looks 5 ft 7 like Waltz or somebody. But I agree that just when you think he's obviously close to 5 ft 9 he can look 5'7" range. I think he'd be pretty similar to Sean Penn in height and weight.
Justice says on 11/Feb/15
Also check out those enchanced heels in Kid Gallahad as he is walking away from Elvis near the ring, where Elvis character see's Bronson's character has a deformity to his foot. Stallone has the same hang up with his height. Half the women in hollywood lie about there height now.
Justice says on 11/Feb/15
Bronson is 5'7 as was listed in the autobiography. Bronson used camera angles and lift's. As a past poster noted same height as 5'7 Strother Martin in Hard time's. If you look real close in Hard Time's Bronson has pretty big heel's on his boots, enough where it arche's his stance and makes him stand a bit strange. A good indication is stop the scene where Bronson is talking to Coburn on the balcony of the hotel, he puts his foot up on the railing, unrealistic heel's on those boots. Autobiography's don't tend to lie. Bronson's father who was a coal miner was 5'7 also.
Danimal says on 17/Jan/15
He was bare minimum 5'8.5" and most likely taller in the morning.
Arch Stanton says on 16/Jan/15
His height and build remind me quite a bit of Sean Penn, built like a rugged wiry boxer.
Anon says on 15/Jan/15
Watched him in many films over the years. Never looked under 5'10", even in his sixties.
jtm says on 15/Jan/15
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
Watch him BAREFOOT with Susan George in shoes. If he's just 5 ft 6 or 7 are you telling me she is just 5 ft 1? I don't think so. Look at his proportions. 5 ft 6 or 7 is ridiculous. He's slouching in the Borgnine picture and standing further back than him. He does look shorter in that comparison but he never looked under 5 ft 8 to me!

i know he is slouching and i think borgnine was taller than 5'9 but i still think bronson wasn't over 5'7.5. the funny thing is he was actually listed 5'7.5 here before and btw that video wwith george is not helping.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
Bronson looks a good inch taller than Lino Ventura in The Valachi Papers who is listed at 5'9 1/4!!
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
"In Cold Sweat 5'11 James Mason did look much taller than Bronson. " was meant to read as "didn't".
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
About two inches shorter than 5'11 listed Walter Chiari in The Valachi Papers.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
If there's still any doubts on 5'8.5 check out 1 hr 26 range with Liv Ullman in flats. Click Here No way was he only 5'6-5'7"!! It could look less earlier in the movie because she had footwear advantage and Bronson was slouching.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
In Cold Sweat 5'11 James Mason didn't look much taller than Bronson. It could seem less than 2 inches actually.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
In Cold Sweat 5'11 James Mason did look much taller than Bronson.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
He tends to slouch a lot though doesn't he. He looks about 1.5 inches taller than Liv Ullmann when stood his best but I got a glimpse of Liv's footwear and she had a low-medium heel which would make her perhaps 5'7.5-5'8, and Bronson had on plimsols which probably don't give even an inch. Somewhere in 5'8 range makes sense actually, even with Ullmann, although he slouches and hunches a lot so can look shorter.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
He does look shorter in Cold Sweat with Liv Ullmann actually. He's really hard to nail down, just when you think he's looking 5'9" barefoot he'll look 5'7" range.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
I'm going to have a Charles Bronson movie spree I think and I'll let you know if I ever think he looks just 5 ft 6.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
Click Here

Must be in 4 inch lifts here with Henry Fonda...
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jan/15
Watch him BAREFOOT with Susan George in shoes. If he's just 5 ft 6 or 7 are you telling me she is just 5 ft 1? I don't think so. Look at his proportions. 5 ft 6 or 7 is ridiculous. He's slouching in the Borgnine picture and standing further back than him. He does look shorter in that comparison but he never looked under 5 ft 8 to me!
jtm says on 13/Jan/15
he wasn't over 5'6 if borgnine was 5'9 but i think borgnine was 5'10-5'10.5 and bronson 5'7.
Steve says on 12/Jan/15
Bronson never looked any taller than 5'8". He could have been even shorter. Check this out.

Click Here
jtm says on 12/Jan/15
even 5'8 was generous. it makes no sense that he was 5'8.5 and ernest borgnine was 5'9.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Jan/15
He does generally give a 5'9" impression but there's something about it and him which I'm still not convinced about, you get that same feeling? 5'8.5" is a fair compromise though and still possible of course.
Arch Stanton says on 12/Jan/15
Rob how about 5'8.5 then? He could look taller than that with Susan. I think that would be fair. 5'8.5
and lifts to pull off looking 5'10 range at times I think. He's one of those guys I know you're very dubious about his real height, his shifty demeanour doesn't help either but we do have him barefoot there which is better really to judge from I think.
[Editor Rob: I think it could be possible, how he beats out Chuck, it must be from bigger heels.]
Arch Stanton says on 11/Jan/15
I think he often wore lifts to pull off looking 5'10 range but you can see in that barefoot clip barefoot he was a bit taller. Perhaps 5'8.75 might be a good shout I dunno.
Arch Stanton says on 11/Jan/15
It's difficult to see under 5'9" with Susan George put it that way!, but I think she was shorter than 5'4.
[Editor Rob: I think at times he had to have something, he could pull off taller at times, look with Chuck Norris, he's managed to beat him!]
Arch Stanton says on 11/Jan/15
Rob are you sure he was quite as low as 5'8" flat? I never thought he looked that low See 7 minutes range barefoot with Susan George. Click Here He could pull off looking 5'9 but I think you'd be more accurate with 5'8.5". Can you add a photo?
[Editor Rob: maybe 8.5 is better, barefoot he pulled off looking above the mark!]
Sam says on 7/Jan/15
Rob could you update his credits?: "American actor best remembered for The Magnificent Seven, The Great Escape, The Diry Dozen, Once Upon a Time in the West, The Mechanic, Mr. Majestyk, Death Wish, Hard Times and Death Hunt."

Would have been interesting to see him in a part for Quentin Tarantino, even as an elderly man, I bet Bronson would kill it.
qashid says on 28/Nov/14
5'9 peak and later dropped to 5'8.
Robby D says on 17/Jul/14
I saw him in a 1964 episode of Bonanza entitled "The Underdog" and he appeared to me to be the same height as Michael Landon if not slightly taller. I would say he is either 5'9", the same as Landon's listing or else if this 5'8" listing for him is correct then Michael Landon was also 5'8".
jtm says on 10/Jul/14
too bad frank2 is not here anymore.
RisingForce says on 9/Jul/14
Good to more people agreeing. I think 5'9" is the best guess, and he often looked 5'10" without suspicious looking shoes. I also agree that Bronson was still at least 5'8.5" by the time of say Death Wish 3 when he was 63 through at least the 80's. I just can't see 5'8" flat at all for Bronson.
Minty says on 19/Jun/14
5'9 at peak possibly hit 5'10 in footwear
5'8.5 after
very not tall says on 6/Jun/14
really can't see him under 5' films like The Mechanic he actually looks above average in height without suspicious footwear
RisingForce says on 5/Jun/14
Just watched Kinjite: Forbidden Subjects a while ago and Bronson looked average as always in it, though he did appear a bit shorter than James Pax who Rob met and has listed at 5'9.75" here, but Bronson would have been about 66-67 when filming it, so he definitely could have shrunk a bit and depending on how old James Pax is, it's possible he was slightly taller in 1989 than he was in 2010. Peggy Lipton is also in it and listed at 5'6" here. Bronson was several inches taller, but I didn't see her shoes that well.

I also saw the ending of the Dirty Dozen again on TV recently and Bronson didn't look short next to Lee Marvin. Some were full body shots and if Marvin was 6'2" then Bronson was looking at least 5'10" during those ending scenes.
RisingForce says on 16/Apr/14
Rob, is Bronson someone you might have another look at? I definitely didn't see more than 4 inches between Bronson and Anthony Perkins in "Someone Behind The Door" and even at 70, he was visibly taller than Sean Penn in a few premiere pictures.
RisingForce says on 15/Apr/14
Well, I think Bronson's later movies might have used shorter casts since there were less recognizable stars, and Cannon was paying Bronson a lot of money to start in otherwise low budget movies. But even then, it doesn't completely make sense because Ed Lauter who is listed at 6'1.5" here was in Death Wish 3 and shared scenes with Bronson.

By the way, Bronson once again looked well over 5'8" next to James Mason in "Cold Sweat" Click Here Mason walks by Bronson around 52:20 and there doesn't look to be much of a height difference, and Bronson wasn't wearing boots in this movie. Mason was about 60 so he could have shrunk a bit from the 5'11" he's listed at here, but Bronson still looks above 5'9" in that movie and without suspicious footwear.
Sam says on 14/Apr/14
It's funny the quote at the top of the page about Bronson not wanting to be in scenes to be taller than him because almost all of his major roles back in the 1960s-1970s show him next to taller guys like Marvin, Coburn, Fonda, Garner, etc.
RisingForce says on 13/Apr/14
Yeah, Walter Hill mentioned that when talking about Bronson's lack of stamina while filming "Hard Times."

By the way, I haven't seen the movie, but here's a clip of Bronson with Elvis who was probably about 5'11.5", though Bronson's boots give him an advantage. Click Here Here's a picture where Bronson does look a solid 5'9" in comparison with his footwear advantage, though the low angle also gives an advantage to the taller person(Elvis) Click Here And here are a couple of more stills. Click Here Click Here
Clinton says on 11/Apr/14
Surprisingly, although Bronson always looked very fit, he was actually a heavy smoker for much of his life.
RisingForce says on 11/Apr/14
Anyway, as far as his height, he looked about 5 inches shorter than James Coburn who looked every bit a solid 6'2" in "Hard Times." The difference could look less, but that's usually when Bronson was closer to the camera and you couldn't see his feet. And here are a couple of stills of Bronson and Lee Marvin who is also listed at 6'2" here from "The Dirty Dozen." Click Here Click Here Bronson definitely looked taller than 5'8" in the scenes with those 2 towards the end.
RisingForce says on 10/Apr/14
Yeah, his age was definitely borderline, though that's not a real surprise. Worse examples of this were De Niro and Pacino in "Righteous Kill", John Wayne in "Brannigan" and "McQ", Jerry Orbach in his later years on "Law and Order" and quite a few more.

But it is surprising Bronson got that bloated look in his face considering I'm unaware if he was a heavy drinker, and still looked to be a strong guy in good shape for his age even a couple of years later in Death Wish 3. But Bronson's age was unfortunately pretty obvious during the scenes where he had to run. Of course, there are loads of cops, both young and middle-aged who are out of shape and aren't going to be able to move too quickly. With that said, Bronson did age a lot between Hard Times and this movie. You'd think there was more than 8 years between the movies considering what great shape he was in for a man who was already 52-53 when he made Hard Times.
Patrick says on 8/Apr/14
The biggest problem was that Bronson was 60, and looked far too old and puffy to be a cop.
RisingForce says on 5/Apr/14
While we have gotten a bit off track on a height site, I'll just say this. I don't know what the statute was in early 80's LA, but you never know what kind of plea deals are made, how politics factor in, and whether or not a prosecutor will be sympathetic since they may be aware of information that would be inadmissible to a jury. Granted, Bronson wouldn't have too much leverage due to his admission, but your past record often works in your favor during sentencing. I do also know there have been cops who have done worse things and not seen jail time, though in those cases, there typically hasn't been an admission and those tend to be dragged out in lawsuits and usually wind up in forced retirement, at least from what I've seen, though I'm neither a cop nor a lawyer.

Either way, this is a bit besides the point since there is obviously a process, and Bronson wouldn't be remanded without bail during this time, so him being out on the streets in itself until the end of the movie isn't unrealistic itself. His biggest legal problem would be the shooting at the end of the movie with too many witnesses for Bronson to claim imminent danger.
Eddie says on 4/Apr/14
For faking evidence in a murder case a police officer would certainly be sent to prison.
RisingForce says on 3/Apr/14
I like the movie regardless of how realistic it is, some of it due to nostalgia as well as the fact that I'm a fan of Bronson and like 80's slasher-type movies, but while Bronson would be in hot water legally, he certainly wouldn't be remanded without bail, and I doubt he'd actually serve time, especially with a decorated career as a detective. I'd say what's most likely is, he'd lose his pension.
Zediah says on 23/Mar/14
10 to Midnight was garbage. Bronson would have been arrested for faking evidence.
RisingForce says on 18/Mar/14
I agree, Efoersaan. 5'9" is the safest guess, imo, or 5'8.5" minimum, and I believe he was still that tall even in the 80's. He could definitely look 5'10" in the 70's and 80's, and I don't whether he wore lifts, but they clearly weren't big enough to give near 3 inches. He could give a smaller impression in early movies, but look at the series of pictures with Sean Penn in 1991 when Bronson was 70 and he looked a couple of inches taller, or with Chuck Norris in the 80's, and how about The Mechanic? If Jan Michael Vincent was anywhere near the 5'10.5" he's listed here then Bronson wasn't under 5'9" since there wasn't much of a difference, and I believe Bronson is even in slippers in one scene.

10 To Midnight has always been my favorite 80's Bronson movie, I'll watch that one again soon and try to note how tall he looks next to Lisa Eilbacher who plays his daughter in the movie compared to how Lisa looked next to Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop.
Zediah says on 13/Mar/14
In "Vera Cruz" Bronson looked 3-4 inches shorter than Ernest Borgnine.
Efoersaan says on 7/Feb/14
I've recently watched Death Wish again and have noticed multiple times that Charles doesn't look much shorter than Steven Keats who is listed at 5ft 10.5in (179 cm). The Height difference I saw was 3 to 4 cm max. I'm starting to think that Charles Bronson was a legit 5ft 9in guy.
The Exorcist says on 27/Jan/14
Hi Rob, hopefully this one will work.

Charles standing in front of a height chart in Death Wish 3.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: that kind of shot will add height to him]
The Exorcist says on 26/Jan/14
Standing in front of a height chart in a scene from Death Wish 3.
Click Here

Probably standing on a box! LOL! ;P
[Editor Rob: the site doesn't allow hotlinking]
frank p says on 24/Jan/14
5"7 or 5"8
Bayou Bill says on 14/Jan/14
In "Hard Times", when he stood next to 5'7" Strother Martin, he was no taller than Martin.
Arch Stanton says on 16/Nov/13
For some reasn Garner only looks about 3 inches taller and James Coburn looks more 5-6 inches.. That's odd. Coburn makes him look 5'8"-5'9".
Arch Stanton says on 16/Nov/13
Rob he must have worn massive lifts, he looks almost 5'112 next to James Garner in The Great Escape. He also looked 5'10" it a lot of other films I've seen him in.
pillsberry111 says on 31/Oct/13
In 79 I was a ride operator at the S. Cal. Expo. With fans chasing him I let him and a little girl on the ride free to escape the mob. We stood inches away from each other, spoke and looked each other in the eye. I'm 5' 7" 1/2.
RisingForce says on 16/Sep/13
Bronson's height is tricky. He could look shorter in earlier movies, but in his 80's films he looked more 5'9"-5'10" than 5'7"-5'8". For example, in Death Wish 3, he usually looks roughly 5'9" next to Ed Lauter listed at 6'1.5" here, and next to Deborah Raffin listed at 5'8.5" here, he looks slightly shorter than her when she wears heels and a bit taller when she's in flats leading me to believe they were about the same height, and Bronson was in his 60s at the time.

And there's this photo from 1986 with Chuck Norris. Click Here Unfortunately, it's not a full body pic, but Charles looks close to if not 5'10" if Norris is 5'8.5" as listed here.

I doubt Bronson was ever the 5'10" he was usually listed at, but I think 5'8.5" minimum is more likely, possibly 5'9".
Nicky says on 1/Sep/13
5' 8" to 5' 9" flat is about right. But he wore lifts in the movies. Not so good looking but effective in action movies.
Dolomite says on 30/Aug/13
I met Bronson and talked with him briefly and he was about 5'9" but that's a solid full size 5' 9" not a chicken chest, weenie armed guy.
Elfoersaan says on 20/Aug/13
Bronson gave the impression of a 175 cm guy next to 188 cm Coburn in Hard Times. Anything in between 5ft 8 and 5ft 9in is believable. I'd guess him at 174 cm in the '60s and '70s. Probably 173 cm in his last fifteen years. He became after all famous at an old age.
jtm says on 11/Jul/13
5'7 range
Wild Bill says on 21/May/13
We were both in boots, with around one and a half inch heels. Standing next to a guy for several minutes at a time gives you a good idea of his height. I was there and that's it! I spoke to him later near his dressing room and our eyelines were exactly the same level. I'm 5ft 8 and so was Charlie.

Why ever would one of us be crouching?
Spock says on 18/May/13
Wild Bill says on 9/May/13
I did a scene with Charlie Bronson in Death Wish 2 - a terrible film - in LA in June '81. I am 5ft 8in and exactly the same height as Bronson.

Hello there, Wild Bill.

Im not convinced yet.

Were you both barefoot, at the time? Was any of you crouching? How did you measure your own height?
Wild Bill says on 10/May/13
I forgot to mention in my 9th May post that actors auditioning for Death Wish 2 were asked their height. Anyone more than an inch or two above 5ft 8in was out of the loop. This was not the case in many of Charlie's '60s films, nor in Death Hunt, in which he was paired with the superlative Lee Marvin.
Wild Bill says on 9/May/13
I did a scene with Charlie Bronson in Death Wish 2 - a terrible film - in LA in June '81. I am 5ft 8in and exactly the same height as Bronson.
Mike 181 says on 5/Apr/13
Just was watching death wish I guessed him 5"9 so I was close
Parker says on 13/Mar/13
Somebody I've not really looked at, but I watched Death Wish 2 tonight (awful dated film with some terrible acting), but aside from that I would have guessed him at 5'10, not saying he is, but that's what he looked. Maybe they just cast a lot of short actors in it.
Rasmussen says on 8/Mar/13
There a Films like the Mechanic in which Bronson played with short men like Jan-Michael Vincent. And so he looks tall. But in old movies, You can see, he is really small (as small as Alan Ladd). And near Gary Cooper he looks like a midget. But there are very much tough guys in cinema, who are small: Kirk Douglas, McQueen, Robinson, Bogart. And if you read official sites, the are all very often 5,9... But these sites are lying. Bronson and McQueen are as small as someone like Dustin Hoffman or Tom Cruise!
Spock says on 10/Dec/12
Ive just watched "You cant winem all", featuring 5ft 8,75in Tony Curtis and Charles Bronson. Both share many scenes and in many of them their shoes are clearly visible, and its the same type of boots for both, and also the flat floor theyre standing on is clearly visible in some scenes. Tony Curtis seems to be clearly taller Than Charles Bronson, one inch at least, so maybe Charles Bronson is 5,7 or midway between 5,7 and 5,8, but a sharp 5,8 seems improbable to me, if Tony Curtis really is 5,8.75.
Arch Stanton says on 15/Nov/12
Click Here

Rob, pause at 1:14:30. LOL his casefile claims he is 6 ft and 155 pounds!
Arch Stanton says on 14/Nov/12
Watching The Mechanic right now and he looks 5 ft 10.
SuzyQ says on 26/Oct/12
I saw Charlie with Jill in Beverly hills in about 1968. They were nearly the same height. She was wearing low heels.
Suzyq says on 26/Oct/12
I saw Charlie with Jill in Beverly hills in about 1968. They were nearly the same height. She was wearing low heels.
Brucey says on 24/Jul/12
The comment says that no actor could be in a scene with Bronson that was taller than him. I watched Death Wish last night and very few of the actors, a handful at the most, were taller than Bronson, so maybe he really did have a height complex.
He could come across as a tall man because of his tough looks, presence and build but I would say 5'8" is a fair estimate.
To people who say he was 5'6" because of something they saw of him as an old man, maybe he was 5'6" as an old man, people shrink with age but I presume this is a listing of his prime height in which case 5'6" would be way off in my opinion.
Lee Costa says on 9/Feb/12
If we think about it, guys like Cagney, Raft, Donlevy and Eddie G, Bruce Lee and Bob Steel were all well under six foot tall physically just like, Bronson but guess what ? So is Hal Needham highest paid stuntman in the world at one time who made guys like, Richard Boone look good on camera. When you get right down to it the smaller guy tends to be tougher and stronger pound per pound. Agility is harder to come by when you are larger as well. Bigger is often slower although not every time. Point is it's all about attitude. At 5' 6" I can intimidate guys twice my size because really mean it and they never have had to :-)
Dan says on 6/Feb/12
bronsons height on i.m.d.b now is at 5"8 and a half inches down from 5"10 as originally posted. i would say this height is spot on for him
RisingForce says on 30/Jan/12
Interestingly, Clint Walker did say Bronson had a height complex, but Bronson's height could look all over the place. In the 70's, he looked at least 5'9", but he could look more like 5'8" in earlier movies. In The Dirty Dozen, his height varies a lot in comparison to Lee Marvin. And he didn't look that short barefoot next to James Coburn in boots in The Great Escape.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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