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Chloe Moretz's height is 5ft 3.5in (161 cm)

American Actress best known for portraying Hit Girl in film Kick Ass, aswell as appearing in Let Me In. She claimed (as mentioned by visitor pedro) in The Independent to be "five-five and still growing" although in 2013 then said "I'm 5 foot 4"

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Pedro says on 21/Jan/15
Here is ChloŽ next to Julianne Moore: Click Here
random guy says on 1/Dec/14
she is 5'4", she said twice in two interviews that she is 5'4"
lol says on 6/Nov/14
are you kidding me guys, she's _17_! she will NOT grow.
littlesue says on 26/Oct/14
I think she too late to get a growth spurt now!!! maybe if she was a lad it might be possible but women usually have their growth spurt when they start to have periods. I never grew after the age of 12.
Haha says on 25/Oct/14
I think she'll grow very tall because she comes from a tall family and she still needs to have one more massive growth spurt since everyone gets three of them and every growth spurt she got was really massive she'll probably be like 5'8 for the minimum but be 5'10 or 5'11 for the max but in my opinion she'll probably be 5'10 or 5'11
Haha says on 25/Oct/14
I think she'll grow very tall because she comes from a tall family and she still needs to have one more massive growth spurt since everyone gets three of them and every growth spurt she got was really massive she'll probably be like 5'8 for the minimum but be 5'10 or 5'11 for the max but in my opinion she'll probably be 5'10 or 5'11
Arch Stanton says on 14/Oct/14
Haha she gave Clint Eastwood a run for his money in the bad ass stakes in Kick Ass! Surpisingly her delivery and facial expressions really mimicked that of one of the bad ass action actors of the 80s! I'm sure a lot of mothers and grandmothers were cringing LOL!!
Harry Saal90 says on 17/Aug/14
I think she will eventually grow into a full 5'4" in a couple of years. I've seen a lot of girls reach their maximum height or experience a tiny growth spurt in the ir late teen years. Who else is with me on this one?
Pedro says on 17/Aug/14
@Arch Only Trevor is 6'4". The other 3 brothers are tall as well, but not in the same way as Trevor. But it's true that ChloŽ seemd to have had a little bad luck with her height genes. Even her mother is taller.
Amaze says on 17/Aug/14
shes the same age as me and im 17. ill be lucky to grow more inches im only 5'8.
she's 18 in like 5-6 months. she's 5'3.5 alright. if she's lucky shell get the 2cm for 5'4". but yeah remember girls stop growing before guys right? guys are typically mostly done by 17. shes been 5'3.5 for 2 -3years now shes stopped
Arch Stanton says on 17/Aug/14
I doubt it dead pool, isn't she like 17 or something? She'd be fully grown by now. Her brothers are supposed to be all like 6'4-6'5" or something so yeah you'd have expected her to be at least 5'9" so she is surprisingly short but it happens. One 5'4" actress on here had a 6'4" brother and tall parents.
dead pool says on 15/Aug/14
I think she'll grow very tall because she comes from a tall family she'll at least grow to 5'8 or 5'9 she is 5'5 now but will probably have one more massive growth spurt like when she was 12 and 13
dead pool says on 15/Aug/14
I think she'll grow very tall because she comes from a tall family she'll at least grow to 5'8 or 5'9 she is 5'5 now but will probably have one more massive growth spurt like when she was 12 and 13
Pedro says on 9/Aug/14
@Arch Trevor Moretz himself claimed being 6'4" on twitter: Click Here
I think that's believable. There are many pictures where he makes ChloŽ look like a little girl: Click Here
Arch Stanton says on 2/Aug/14
Trevor Moretz is listed as 6 ft 4 I think but he easily looks it doesn't he?
Arch Stanton says on 2/Aug/14
Rob how tall does her brother look to you? Click Here He stood out as very tall to me, look at his legs!! He looks lankier than Chris Hemsworth although similar sort of look but not as tall as Peter Crouch. He looks like he might be a strong 6 ft 4 and near 6'5" doesn't he? He looks near a foot taller I think as she's got footwear advantage so would probably be about 5 ft 5 for comparison.
[Editor Rob: he can look somewhere in 6ft 4-5 range yeah]
Hipbull says on 28/Jul/14
Chloe looks about 3-4 cm taller than Jenna so 160-161cm
Once again Rob is right :D
Pedro says on 25/Jul/14
Here is ChloŽ standing next to Jenna Dewan-Tatum: Click Here
Hipbull says on 16/Jul/14
Looking at Pedro's photos she seems to be 161cm
Pedro says on 6/Jul/14
Here ChloŽ is standing next to Kate Mara Click Here and Keri Russell Click Here
Penwomkey says on 27/Jun/14
In her picture with Kristen Stewert, Stewert has her legs bent... There is a possibility they are the same height? So Rob may be correct in his listing for Chloe at 161
Penwomkey says on 25/Jun/14
Kristen Stewert is 161 Chloe is 163cm
Just says on 15/Jun/14
@FUTCHER She looks an inch taller than Kristen Stewart.
Penwomkey says on 5/Jun/14
She seems 162-164
FUTCHER says on 31/May/14
Upgrade to 5 5,Rob Click Here
Pedro says on 15/Apr/14
@Vecrotus Maybe she has one side of the family which is much taller than the other one and ended up getting her height genes from the shorter side? I heard somewhere that ChloŽ is apparently now estranged from her father. Which leads me to believe that the relatives on that instagram-picture were all from her mother's side, including some people who are just married into the family.
Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that being a "late bloomer" envolves pretty much everything about puberty and not just height. From what I have seen from older pictures, ChloŽ seems to have had a completely normal development for a girl. She had a massive growth spurt at ages 12/13 and also seems to have developed pretty fast in general. She also doesn't really seem to have grown anything substancial in the last couple of years. So I am pretty convinced that ChloŽ stopped growing a while ago and that she is around 5'4" at best.
Vecrotus says on 7/Apr/14
I think she'll be 5ft 5in at her peak in all honesty. I do feel that she could potentially reach 5ft 7in given that she comes from a tall family; she has the genetic potential but it's well known that most child actors rarely get tall, although 5ft 5in is above average for a woman. What do you think, Rob?
Lilmonsters says on 3/Apr/14
I don't think she'll grow to be very tall but, ya she be at least 5 foot 5-7 feet
Vecrotus says on 3/Apr/14
I agree. I was just pointing this out because Chloe comes from a rather tall family, and may just be a late bloomer. Check out this family pic she posted on twitter via instagram:

Click Here

As you see, her family is rather tall on the whole.
Pedro says on 2/Apr/14
@Vecrot You said it right, "some" females are known to grow until 21. But those are just a very small minority. The majority stops growing around age 15/16. ChloŽ is 17 years old, so I think that the most likely case is that she is done growing.
Vecrotus says on 29/Mar/14
I think that this listing may need a slight upgrade as Chloe looks a solid 5ft 4in in Carrie and Kick-Ass 2. Although she looks tiny next to 5ft 11in Aaron Johnson, she is almost as tall as 5ft 7-8in Christopher Mintz-Plasse. And she was just 15 at the time these movies were shot. Since some females are known to grow until 21, I reckon she will be 5ft 5-7in at her peak.
Joe says on 10/Mar/14
No more than 5'2"
Pedro says on 2/Nov/13
@someone ChloŽ is claiming 5'4" now.
Her 5'5"-claim came from an article where she was having an argument with Asa Butterfield, who was making fun of her for being short without heels. So she probably exaggerated her height on porpuse to defend herself against being mocked by him.
someone says on 1/Nov/13
why is she claiming shes 5'5? she has short legs she looks no taller than 5'3
Pedro says on 9/Oct/13
@Cherilyn ChloŽ is definitely around 5'3" or 5'4". But it is pretty clear that she has around the same height as Julianne Moore. As you can see here: Click Here
So I think that 5'3.5" is a fair estimate.
Stephanie says on 4/Oct/13
@Just It is possible but extremely rare. I would not count on it. ;)
Cherilyn says on 3/Oct/13
what is Chloe Grace Moretz 5'3" or 5'4"???!!!!... I know she's 16 however and Pedro said girls stop growing at 16..I know this is off topic but wonder if the new Carrie movie will be any good with her and Julianne Moore
Pedro says on 11/Sep/13
@Just Girls are normally done growing at age 16. They stop growing much earlier than boys.
Just says on 20/Aug/13
She's still a kid, she's 16 now. She can grow to 5'5", I think. From age 17 to 21 I grew 1,5 inches.
gsbr says on 17/Aug/13
She also says she's 5'4" in this interview when discussing the contrast between her and Kick-Ass 2 co-star Olga Kurkulina:

Click Here

However, while discussing the same subject in another interview, she says she's 5'5".

Click Here

Funny thing is Moretz also upgraded Kurkulina's height in the second interview. First she claims she's 6'8", then she says she's 7 feet tall. According to a female bodybuilding website, Kurkulina is really 184 cm.
Jane says on 12/Aug/13
With Chris Mintz-Plasse at Teen Choice Awards 2013: Click Here

I'm not good to recognize people's height or height differences, but CGM's wearing these heels Click Here Chris is suppose to be 5'7 or 5'7,5 I believe that her 5'4 claim is ok. If so, Julianne Moore for sure needs an update, as she's clearly taller than Chloe.
Pedro says on 4/Aug/13
I think that ChloŽ's new "5 foot 4"-quote from the video should be at least added to the top. Because she was now definitely much closer to the truth.
Pedro says on 1/Aug/13
In this recent interview ChloŽ said that she is "5 foot 4": Click Here
Pedro says on 20/May/13
@marla ChloŽ also made her "five five" claim on the "Independent", in the mittle of a disput with her co-star Asa Butterfield, who accused her of being a "little midget" without heels. So she probably exaggerated her height on purpose, to defend herself against being mocked by Asa.
marla singer says on 4/May/13
I agree, she looks shorter than 1.61 Julianne Moore, but maybe Julianne is nearer 5 ft 4 than 3, because she looks more average height rather than shortish.. if not, then Chloe is a weak 5 ft 3. I also saw her next to Johnny Depp, and in 3inches heels she looked a good 5 inches shorter than him, and she looked miniature compared to Blake Lively, so she could really need a downgrade. One thing is for sure, she is faaar away from 5 ft 5
Artyzip says on 19/Apr/13
A possible downgrade?
Click Here

CGM is clearly shorter than Julianne Moore who's listed as 5ft 3.5in.
Pedro says on 11/Feb/13
ChlŲe is at least 5ft 5in (165 cm). She said this on this article from 2011: Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'll add that quote to the top, although I'm not sure she looks as tall as 5ft 5.]
theblacklab says on 22/Dec/12
marla singer, I got first period at 12 (my 12th birthday to be exact!), but I grew after 15. And by quite a bit too as you can read from my previous post. I know I grew a lot more than the average girl would, however. In the UK girls seem to grow to 18 - perhaps even 21. The only girl I know who stopped growing by 15 started her periods at 9, which I thought was quite unfortunate. The rapid growth later in my adolescence may be thanks to my maternal side as my mother clearly remembers growing out of her horse/pony very suddenly at age 17. She had to sell him. Here in the UK, at 5'5.5" alot of girls my age (17) are shorter than me (about 5'4"), whilst the average for a fully grown woman is around 5'4.5" to 5'5". Ever since I was 14 height was always a sensitive subject for me. I don't know why, but I always wanted to be tall (never wanted to be a model though). I think I got it into my head that height = success, when it doesn't (though to my shame society sometimes seems to pedal that, particularly with males). Although you supply good evidence to back up your point, for some reason that just doesn't happen where I live (maybe there's something in the water...). But perhaps for Chloe your point rings true.
marla singer says on 19/Dec/12
@little sue: it is also because of genetics, are your parents short? my parents are, both, but I was predicted to be 5'8": then I got my periods at just 11 years old (I was 5 ft) they ruined my growth xD and I ended up being even below 5'7", 5'5" measured in the afternoon). It does make me angry sometimes, but when I look at my genetics base (not just parents, the whole family), I think I've been lucky enough :D
little sue says on 17/Dec/12
Probably why I only reached 4ft 11 then as I started my periods at 10 and never really grew much after age 13.
marla singer says on 16/Dec/12
@theblacklab: I think what happens is the contrary, as Chris said. Our PI professor compared my class' 2012 heights to our 2009 ones (we are now 18) and he said about girls that only 6 out of 14 grew since that (me included, with a growth of 1 inch), one got measured shorter than before (I guess it was a mistake, she just didn't grow xD), so 6 grew, 8 didn't. The girl who grew most gained exactly 4 cm. You see, it's difficult for a female to grow much after 2-3years she gets her periods, and most females get them at 12-14.

Now about Chloe, next to 5'3 Scorsese she looked barely taller even though she was in heels...
Brick-a-Brack says on 1/Oct/12
Here's a recent picture of her in front of a brick wall. Click Here

A regular brick with mortar would be about 2.75 inches. She appears about 22.5 bricks high there. If she stood with good posture right next to the wall, 5' 3" would be pretty close.
theblacklab says on 17/Sep/12
Chris, it depends on the girl. Perhaps for some, yes. Most grow around 2 inches after 15. Some less, some more. I grew 4 inches. There is no way you can put a direct pattern to it without it being a complete guess. All you can say is that girls still grow after 15, however much is to be seen.
Chris says on 20/Aug/12
@theblacklab, girls don't grow much after age 14-15. She's probably already reached her adult height. At best she'll be 5'4.
theblacklab says on 3/Aug/12
Chloe is 15, so she still has more growing to do. It's difficult to guess a growing girl's height using photos because it all depends on the date of the photo in question. If she's 5'3" now, she can expect about 5'5" to 5'5.5", however if she's 5'4" now (i.e she's grown since Rob added this height) she can expect about 5'6", maybe even a little more.
Jamie says on 29/Jan/12
Next to 173 Blake Lively 160 seems to be right for Chloe ... Click Here

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