How tall is Chris Pine

Chris Pine's Height

6ft 0.5in (184 cm)

American actor best known for playing Kirk in Star Trek and Star Trek: Into Darkness. He has also appeared in Unstoppable, This Means War and Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. In Entertainment Weekly he remarked on his height and weight, saying: "I'm six-foot, I weigh about a buck sixty-five".

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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/May/16
A legit 6ft0½, maybe a weak 6ft1. Looked the same as Kar Urban...
Mark said on 5/May/16
5'11" going by Johno's rules.
Pine Tree said on 4/May/16
Rob, how come Chris credits himself as 6'? He was above Chris Evan's eye level when they spoke to each other at D23.
Editor Rob: maybe he just rounded down, I think most people agree he can look over a flat 6ft, but if you are 6ft 1/2 inch range maybe at times you just say six feet rather than six one?
h said on 10/Apr/16
it all depends on average. I would say you need to be 10cm above average to be considered tall. Now 7cm can be start of tall.

so 178cm is average so you need to be 188 to be solid tall and 185 to be start of tall. Norwegians average 181 just like other Scandinavians. 182 is tall to women (and even then many gals wear heels) but as you mention no 1 considers it tall. Though i spent years in sweden and i'm 179 and i felt average in Stockholm. Sure lots of 185-190 guys but rarely did i come across a guy who was 195 or so. It just seems like every Swede is between 180-188 and you rarely see someone who is 170 or 195
berta said on 8/Apr/16
This llisting seems to be spot on. Cant see him shorter than this though. really Close to 185
Johno said on 7/Apr/16
Has to be one of the most honest celebs out there and would put to shame most 6-foot claimers.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Apr/16
Somewhere in the 6ft0½-6ft0¾ area is plausible. A full 6ft1 guy though? Certainly for a portion of the day, like Cavill, Hamm and Cooper
Norwegian said on 27/Mar/16
Here in Norway, I don't think we consider 184(little more than six feet) as tall at all. My brother is 183, and has never considered himself tall nor by others. I think "tallish" starts at 186(6'1), 1cm more than my father at his peak(185). Me myself is 188(6'2) and do not feel tall, although I'm often considered that and classify that as tall because after all I'm taller than most(average Norwegian height is 180-181). In my opinion, you have to be at least 190 before everybody notice you are tall in Norway, which my oldest brother is. Tall starts at 187 to me. I know it's relative though, and with an average height of 176 in the US, six feet is recognised as tall by many.
Rory said on 23/Mar/16
@jake..yh but Chris might well be more 6'1 than 6ft anyway.
jake said on 23/Mar/16
Just goes to show that six-foot is still tall!. Chris Pine is a tall man no doubt about it, he's not "above average" or "tallish" he's TALL full stop.
Gary said on 5/Mar/16
He probably is less than 6ft1 range, it's that foot wear that makes him look 6ft1-6ft1.5 range. Meh.. But who am I to judge....
I would say 6 ft 3/4 is close...
But no cigar, sorry rob I'd have to say 6ft 1/2.
S.J.H said on 20/Feb/16
Rob, how about 6'0.75 for pine?
Editor Rob: he can pull that mark off at times
mook65 said on 7/Feb/16
I am currently working on Wonder Woman. Really surprised at how big Chris is. I have stood next to him on a flat surface, he's at least 6'2 and well built, his head and hands are huge.
Duda M said on 1/Feb/16
Next to 5'5" emma Watson he looks like he's around 6'2"
Jack said on 31/Dec/15
Rob, can you upgrade him to 6'1 instead of 6'0.5?
Editor Rob: I don't think he's a full 6ft 1
176.2 cm (5ft 9.37in) said on 8/Dec/15
Sometimes suspicious footwear but at least 6 feet.
grizz said on 21/Nov/15
74kg@184cm -that's one seriously lanky dude. No wonder many people would give him full 6'1- thinner always looks taller.

Tatum was considered 6'1 until he gained some serious mass-nowadays people even doubt if he's 6ft tall!
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Nov/15
Out of bed: 186-187cm
Before bed: 184-185cm
Sam said on 4/Nov/15
Looked 6'0.75" minimum IMO in premiere photos from Star Trek with his co-stars.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 28/Oct/15
He was maybe a tad below Costner in Jack Ryan so a full 6ft1 is unlikely
Andrea said on 28/Oct/15
Sam, to be fair there's also a big number of people at his height who even say 6'2! If you are 6'0.5 at your low, it's not bad to "round up" to 6'1, though...
Sam said on 27/Oct/15
Yeah, almost every other actor of his height claim 6'1" rather than rounding down.
Anonymous Height Researcher said on 27/Oct/15
The Strongest 6 foot height alive.
Big C said on 26/Oct/15
Tall guy defo looks 6'0.5 I think he would just edge me out In person.
Dan said on 10/Oct/15
Tall guy, good looking and great actor!
Idk said on 28/Sep/15
Really close to 6'1 I think. Tall guy
Judd ISR said on 21/Sep/15
6'0.5" seems fine to me! For sure nothing under 6'0.25" for him!
SportsHeight said on 10/Sep/15
Rob, do you think he gets up towards 6'1.25" in the early morning, like some of the other guys listed at this height? It would seem very odd for him to be measuring that high and yet always claiming to be a flat six feet.
[Editor Rob: he could be near that mark out of bed, generally he is a guy who I think has just dropped a fraction when saying six feet.]
dmeyer said on 31/Aug/15
Looks 3-3.5in over 175cm but never 4in so no 6'1 but 6'0.25-0.5
Belgique said on 31/Aug/15
if he's 6 foot, then Jason Bateman is 5'10.

I think CP is a legit 6'1.
dmeyer said on 30/Aug/15
I agree he looks 184-5cm alot , but can look a solid 1cm smaller than 185cm quinto can look just 7-8cm over 175cm brady also can look 1cm under 184.5-185cm today costner , and the fact that he claims 6ft i think he might be 6'0.25
Rampage(-_- 🍀 -_-)Clover said on 24/Aug/15
"Chris Pine's height is 6ft 0¾in (185cm)"

Can look bang on 1in taller than 5ft11¾ Cumberbatch 🎯
TNT said on 19/Aug/15
He looked around 6'1" in Star Trek. Also, in Unstoppable, he was a smidge taller than Denzel, who I believe is a legit 6 footer.
samuel pinkerton said on 11/Aug/15
he's wearing lifts? I agree with your listing, I think he's a strong six footer but at certain events looks close to 6'2 with suspicious footwear :)
WhoCares said on 8/Aug/15
Rob, are you sure Pine is 184? He looks shorter than or at most the same height as Patrick Wilson, who you listed as 181, in STRETCH.
[Editor Rob: most of the time he looks over 6ft flat, I've not seen what he looks with Wilson, but from a few stills they can appear close.]
samuel pinkerton said on 7/Aug/15
Look at his footwear in this pic Click Here
linke said on 19/Jun/15
He rarely looks over 6'0 on screen but if you look at his pictures with Jason Sudeikis, who I dont think is under 183 cms, he appears to be atleast an inch taller.
Silent_D said on 16/Jun/15
Just watched horrible bosses 2 and he was taller than jason sudeikis. Maybe camera angles. He was also taller than jason bateman. 184cm.
OneNamePlease said on 4/Jun/15
183, he have good posture and athletic
Dmeyer said on 27/Apr/15
Click Here , in that very pic denzel looks just 1in smaller while chris had 0.3-0.4in more shoes about 1cm so léss than 1in diferance so 5'11.75-6ft for denzel and 6'0.5in for pine
Mr. R said on 12/Apr/15
Chris Pine is a little over 6-1. Saw he and Chris Noth at a play.
JJF said on 10/Apr/15
correction to my below post:

"...not a difference you always see with the naked eye and certainly DOES'NT need specifying once you are over 5’11” in my opinion… "
JJF said on 7/Apr/15
As said by a few people here: a genuine 6-footer can often look pretty tall, depending on many things - his posture, build and of course the size of people around him.

At 6’and-change I frequently find myself well above eye-level of guys who say they are ‘six foot’ - so of course you're often going to look tall amongst those who always round up (yeah, high up).

Pine is just a solid 6' guy who prob measures smth like 6'0.75" at the top of the morning... But no man who is comfortable with his body will quote his 'out of bed' height - I mean c’mon! I dialled in at 6’0.5’ on our club’s stadiometer so I say I’m 6 foot if asked – Pine simply does the same.

I mean 0.5 inch is A MERE 1,27cm, that is not an difference you always see with the naked eye and certainly does need specifying once you are over 5’11” in my opinion…
Andrea said on 15/Mar/15
Well, he looks a bit shorter than Callum Blue (just from looking at their pictures on the net) and Callum himself looks a weak 6'1 at best next to Rob and Tom Welling, so yeah, he's likely over 6' flat but not that much! I don't think he'd be over 6'0.5...
Jake Hassler 184.0 CM said on 14/Mar/15
He's 183 cm i think.
He looked that in horrible bosses 2 and is listed everywhere as 183 cm.
[Editor Rob: Pine is one of the few guys who has rounded down. I think objectively, he looks to clear 6ft comfortably, I would be surprised if he measured just 6ft flat...]
Hypado said on 3/Feb/15
Chris Pine

Morning - 185cm
Day - 184cm
Night - 183cm
Dmeyer said on 3/Feb/15
Andrea says on 1/Oct/14
Dmeyer, remember Rob said Lutz is shorter than the 184 (183.8 to be fair) challenger guy in person! So he's more a strong 183 and that shows that a real 6' guy can look quite tall, especially in Hollywood!
I agree since to me lutz can easily look 6'1-1.5 with Guys Like sly , while he is Max 6'0.25 from wath rob saw
Dmeyer said on 3/Feb/15
Pine can look a solid 1cm under 6'1 quinto and 6'0.75ish today costner , strong 184cm yes but not over also if he was 6'0.75-1in he wouldnt day 6 ft
S.J.H said on 1/Feb/15
The 4 star trek 1 cast i likely to believe 6'0.75 all same for Karl Urban, Pine and Zachary Quinto , while eric bana could be a flat 6'2 and change.
Stan said on 27/Jan/15
6ft0.5 Kidding? He had to be 6ft0.75 to 6ft1
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jan/15
Cumpatch is 183cm
Njp said on 29/Dec/14
Edges out 182cm Cumberbatch by an inch
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Dec/14
186cm out of bed is possible
ArjunaKorale said on 21/Dec/14
One of my wife's favourite actors in terms of looks & on screen persona. He is certainly NOT 6 ft 1 (185 cm)! At most he is 183 or 184 cm as even Chris himself says that he is an even 6 feet tall - no Hollywood actor today is going to state a shorter height for himself than the height that he actually is.
B said on 9/Dec/14
Pine may wear lifts sometimes he can look taller other times shorter.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Dec/14
Costner did edge him out in Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m said on 29/Nov/14
6ft 0.75in could be a good listing.
Jake said on 28/Nov/14
Rob, is the full 6'1 ok for Chris Pine? He does look like it.
[Editor Rob: I'm not sure he'd be that, a 184 guy though yes.]
Dejavu said on 28/Nov/14
Chris pine is taller than 184cm listed Jason Sudeikis. Pine is a full 6'1.
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 23/Nov/14
I'd lean more toward the 6ft0¾ for Pine, if not the full 6ft1. He's a tall dude.
Fidh said on 21/Nov/14
6'0 flat and maybe 6'1 on a good day
Lebensdorf said on 17/Nov/14
He's 6'1, I don't doubt it.
InLA said on 9/Oct/14
I thought he was so much smaller! Maybe because he's such a convincing Shatner. That's a nice pic, with the beard.
Andrea said on 1/Oct/14
Dmeyer, remember Rob said Lutz is shorter than the 184 (183.8 to be fair) challenger guy in person! So he's more a strong 183 and that shows that a real 6' guy can look quite tall, especially in Hollywood!
Dmeyer said on 30/Sep/14
Both pine and lutz are about 184cm with there posture they Côme across 6'1-1.5
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 29/Sep/14
"Chris Pine's height is 6ft 0.75in (185cm)"

If not 6ft1 on the nose. He's a lot taller than I thought.
Jay 184cm said on 29/Sep/14
This guy is interesting. He towers over Denzel Washington by about 2 inches in all the 'Unstoppable' premiere photos. Look at pictures 4, 6 & 13 in particular - and Denzel doesn't look happy about it, ha! Click Here
Could Pine wear lifts though?
Soldier 5.11.75 (182.24) said on 6/Sep/14
that's odd how could pine be just 6.0.5 when he always look taller than guys like karl urban & zachary quinto when they both are listed taller than him in this same site pine could have measure his height when he was 17 at 6.0 and never again that's why the 6.0 claim but i believe that he is like 6.0.75 or 6.1 at least

Click Here
Luke said on 28/Aug/14
He's 6'1 (185.5 cm) with a really good posture.
Sam said on 21/Aug/14
Yeah, he's a rare actor who seems to underlist his own height. I agree a slight upgrade of 6'0.75"-6'1" seems more accurate. He's for sure a lot closer to 6'1" than many actors who actually claim that height.
sabot said on 11/Aug/14
Spot on listing Rob. I always saw him as a weak 6'1.
Michael said on 5/Aug/14
What Do You Think is Being 6 Feet Tall A Good Height.
Hypado said on 2/Aug/14
This guy makes me proud my height.

norman said on 3/Jul/14
if karl urban is 6'0.75, then chris pine must be a little over 6'1, maybe 6'1.5
184.9 on a bad day said on 17/Jun/14
This guy makes me proud my height.
KROC said on 17/Jun/14
He'd be lucky to be the full 6'1... 184cm seems better for him.
Dmeyer said on 16/Jun/14
I think 6'0.25-6'0.75 covers the Guy not 1mm above or under can defenetly look 1cm under 185cm quinto and defenetly looks above 183cm and costner when in equal posture costner can look similar to 1cm taller , of course he can look 185-186cm have you seen the Guy posture
Dejavu said on 15/Jun/14
I think he is a 6'1, lowest 6'0.75
Mr. R said on 10/Jun/14
Dejavu, this is what I was saying. When I saw Chris he was standing totally straight and he was at least 6-1 and a little taller.
Dmeyer said on 8/Jun/14
Pine with gréât posture easily looks 185-186cm , i can look 0.5in taller than 6 ft Guys in pics because of excellent posture , both urban and quinto can look solid 1cm taller than him when in equal posture
Jenny said on 7/Jun/14
Hey Rob, what do you think about this picture of Chris Pine and Emma Watson at the Golden Globes? Considering Emma is 165 cm tall, and that she's wearing heels which would make her about 170 cm tall, Chris appears to reach the 185 - 186 cm range.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe that moment Emma had lost a little height, like This moment the difference is less. I think her being just under 5ft 5 and him above 6ft flat is still ok for them]
Balrog said on 2/Jun/14
He never has looked 182cm. At least 6'0.5'' if not a smidge over.
MarcusTheSwede said on 23/May/14
He did look 182-184 in Jack Ryan Movie. Next to Kiera Knightley. He is tall but this listing is correct and generous. Nothing over 184.
Dejavu said on 3/May/14
Looks 6'1. He can give an impression of 6'2.
cole said on 29/Apr/14
People rounding down a bit is quite rare, but it does happen. A good friend of mine has claimed 193 cm for years, I always knew he was taller just based on how he looks next to myself at near 180, and when we measured him on a stadiometer he was actually 195,7 cm. Pine is definitely somewhere in the strong 6 foot range, and I wouldn't bet on him dipping under 6'0.25 even after a rough day.
Dejavu said on 29/Apr/14
He looks 6'1 in almost all his pictures. He looks 1
inch taller than 6'0 Chris Cumberbatch.
Lorne said on 26/Apr/14
Damn at the pic with Costner! But, Pine has better posture, and appears ever so slightly closer to the camera. But in every other pic, Pine never looks smaller. Certainly he looks taller than Man of Steel guy(cannot remember his name!agh!) who does look a bit shorter than Costner(Henry Cavill, that's him!) But yeah I can't see him less than 184. Could he be 6ft0.75? I wouldn't rule it out. I did have a friend who claimed 6ft, but was clearly taller taller, he measured 6ft5/8ths and another time right at 6'1, so it Apparently does happen.
SaveUsY2J said on 24/Apr/14
@Dietmar: *sigh* You're still clinging to the delusion that Cumberbatch is only 181cm despite the photo at the top of his page where he's a solid 4 inches taller than Rob. Pine is no 183cm guy. He always looks over that mark and is a rare case of someone who rounds downwards rather than upwards.
Dietmar said on 24/Apr/14
Chris is a solid 6 footer. He's just not uppgrading his height, like Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban are. These guys are 182-183cm. Benedict Cumberbatch is even shorter, 181-182cm.
Damon said on 23/Apr/14
This guy definitely looks 6'1. All the pics with Watson and Costner totally make him look big. 165 lbs? I would've thought he would be heavier though...
SaveUsY2J said on 23/Apr/14
@Nedstark- Because 99.9% of the time he looks over it.
Nedstark said on 23/Apr/14
I dont understand why you guys keep saying he is more than 183,when he claimed himself 6ft
Shan said on 12/Apr/14
looks about 5'11' to me.
hayze said on 3/Apr/14
Hi rob,I rilli think chris is a solid 6.1(in dress shoes),most celebs tend to give their shoe height! Wen chris said "I'm 6ft!" he must hv mnt,barefeet!
He is taller than Karl urban in almost every pix of em together!
hayze said on 3/Apr/14
Hi rob,I rilli think chris is a solid 6.1(in dress shoes),most celebs tend to give their shoe height! Wen chris said "I'm 6ft!" he must hv mnt,barefeet!
He is taller than Karl urban in almost every pix of em together!
Balrog said on 31/Mar/14
Pine next to 5'5'' listed Emma Watson:

Click Here

Her footwear: Click Here

His footwear: Click Here
Balrog said on 12/Mar/14
Costner and Pine:

Click Here
Click Here

Pine is 184-185cm
Banshee said on 11/Mar/14
As you can see, even if the ground works against Costner, that he still manages to be taller: Click Here
Notice how 'long' a head Pine has, lol.
Pine is 183 cm.
yeah said on 25/Feb/14
bcs he is only 78kg, he looks taller!
Hypado said on 24/Feb/14
Balrog said on 22/Feb/14
Rob why the link of bitly doesn't work? If you copy and paste they open the pic but not directly
[Editor Rob: ah you need the so the comment submission page recognises it as a link and then makes it clickable!]
Balrog said on 21/Feb/14
Pine next to 6'1'' listed Zachary Quinto:

Pine next to Quinto and listed 6'0'' Benedict Cumbertach:

No less than 6'0.5'' for this guy, could easily pass for 6'1''
Dejavu said on 18/Feb/14
He looked taller than Kevin costner in the premiere photos.
berta said on 18/Feb/14
When he stand alone in photos he look 183-184 but when he stand with othher guys he look 184 to a weak 186. a very strong 184 ore weak 185
TNTinCA said on 16/Feb/14
He was taller than Denzel as well in Unstoppable. I believe Denzel is a 6 footer, or near that. So somewhere between 6 foot and 6'1" sounds about right.
Lorne said on 7/Feb/14
Yeah, Pine edged out Cumberbatch, in fact it surprised me, because Cumberbatch seemed a solid 6 footer in that movie, but it is clear Pine is taller. This is most Apperant in the face to face in the holding cell, and running through the bridge. What's more, I believe Cumberbaych had a slight footwear advantage, but I would need to see again.
Balrog said on 4/Feb/14
Pine is taller than Cumbertach. That was clear in Star Trek,
Pine is similar to Quinto's height or Costner.
pjk said on 3/Feb/14
On second thoughts… on every photo with chris pine, benedict looks more than an inch shorter than him, so i think the listing is right after all and cumber batch is less than 6' - maybe 5'11"/11.5
[Editor Rob: in Star Trek his character had good posture, I think he could look 6ft in the movie, in person maybe at times he's not as bothered with his stance.]
Jesse Stone said on 3/Feb/14
If Costner is still 185cm, Pine should be at least 183,5cm. In Jack Ryan they were almost eye to eye.
pjk said on 3/Feb/14
I watched star trek 'into the darkness' the other night. After a lot of people here were saying he looks taller than a flat 6 feet I was surprised to see he looked the same height as benedict cumberbatch. There looked nothing in it. Benedict is listed as a flat 6' ( which i agree he looks ) and i would say chris is the same - he did say that is his height after all.

Balrog said on 2/Feb/14
I agree with you Lorne, I've seen enough of Pine and my guess is exactly a weak 6'1" = 6'0.75" and with good posture can look 6'1" easily. Don't know why he rounds down that much though.
Lorne said on 2/Feb/14
Yeah, 6ft0.5-6ft1.5 is a great range. Actually, I'd argue 184-5cm is the perfect height.
Lorne said on 2/Feb/14
Dmeyer/Balrog: I agree Pine is a solid 184cm guy who gives a taller impression, but 183.5? I struggle too see that. The more I see this guy, the more I think he could accept 6ft0.75. I mean look at him with Denzel Washington. Dmeyer, I know you agree Denzel is still close to 6 feet, well Pine at 6ft0.25 would make him struggle with 5'11! Look at Pine with Costner, who in person you said was flirting with the 186cm mark, and not less than 185.3. And I still think he's 185cm today; even with loose posture(obviously he doesn't stand as well these days) and yet he edges out Henry Cavill, who stands just as well as Pine. Now, Cavill is a guy who could measure 183.5cm evening. He's listed 6ft0.5, the same as Pine, but doesn't come across a 185cm guy like Pine does, and his posture is just as good! My point is, Cavill and Pine are both listed 184, and both hold excellent posture. Yet, Cavill is shorter than an aged Costner, and Pine looks taller! And the movies we're filmed within a year of each other, so Costner couldn't have she'd more than 2mm or so in such a short time. Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I have to say I struggle with Pine at 183.5. I think he's a guy who never dips under 6ft0.5, like 184.1-3 dinner time, and he could even be 184.5 legit. Anyway, wanna hear your thoughts on this, guys!
Balrog said on 31/Jan/14
dmeyer, is just that he looks close to 6'1'' with everyone. Look at him next to Callum Blue, Denzel Washington, Costner, Quinto, Bana and Urban. Yes, he holds good posture but still, can't see him under a solid 184cm.
dmeyer said on 31/Jan/14
Yeah 184cm fits him , 184 185 and 186 are great heights
dmeyer said on 29/Jan/14
Rob is 6'0.25 at very low possible for him
[Editor Rob: He could hit that after a night on the town, generally 184 range I think suits him.]
dmeyer said on 29/Jan/14
He Is Just a very strong 6'0.25-0.5in dinner guy , at 5'11.25-11.5 I look oftenly as tall or taller than 6ft guys in pics , he hold good posture
Balrog said on 21/Jan/14
In this one I could agree with Mr R but not that much. I mean Pine can look 6'1'' a lot. He looks more 6'1'' than 6'0'', but I think over 6'1'' is just too much for him. I could definitely buy a 185cm listing for him, 6'0.75'' could be spot on.
Mr. R said on 17/Jan/14
Ok, all you Mr. R Chris Pine is 6-1+ haters. Check out the pics of Chris and Kevin Costner together at premiere of Jack Ryan movie. I still can't figure out how to post pics here, but I know somebody can find them. At the premiere pics, Pine is taller than Costner in every shot.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 5/Jan/14
Gosling and Pine both look 184-185cm. The latter has better posture
kikomo said on 8/Dec/13
listing could be right but i always get a 5-9 to 5-10 impression of him
Yves said on 3/Dec/13
Very close to Zachery.
Dejavu said on 27/Oct/13
Looks 6'1 next to Colin Farrell
richkid123 said on 22/Oct/13
the strongest self proclaimed six foot guy i have ever seen. probably better to say near 6'1"
Dejavu said on 7/Oct/13
Looking at all his photos next to stars above 6 feet, I don't think he will be questioned if he ever claims 6'1.
Dejavu said on 5/Oct/13
He really looks 6'1, even if he claims 6'0 only.
jk said on 13/Sep/13
met chris before. he's much taller than i'd imagined. i'm 5'11" - 6' and chris was easily 1 inch taller. big dude.
Brad2 said on 8/Sep/13
Pine is the 6' flat he claims to be. When looking at photos from premieres you have to take into account footwear, perspective (who is closest to the camera) and the angle (is the edge of the frame level with the ground?)
Dejavu said on 7/Sep/13
Rob has him nailed. Although he could give an impression of being over 6'1, I don't think he is over 6'1 when he stood next to Quinto.
Balrog said on 26/Aug/13
Rob here's with Callum Blue (who you met): Click Here

We can't see footwear but I think both are in casual shoes.

Pine can come across as 6'1'' a lot of time.
Balrog said on 7/Aug/13
If he's a lift wearer then why claim less height? He would claim six one or two instead of just six feet.
Yaspaa said on 2/Aug/13
I think this guy likes the odd lift or two. A lot of group pics his shoes seem to be a little chunkier.
Balrog said on 27/Jul/13
Watched Star Trek 2 (very good movie IMO) and one more time Pine one more time looked over 6 feet really close in height with Urban and Quinto.
wartank said on 13/Jul/13
A 184cm guy would say to be 6ft rather than 6ft.0.5in. C'mon how many people would just like to say "six feet" and just leave it at that. No hassles. :)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Jul/13
So many 183-185cm range actors in the recent Star Trek movies.
Chris Pine, Benedict Cumberbatch, Karl Urban
averia said on 25/Jun/13
i'm a exact 6' girl flatfot and when i met chris at a convention he was from what i could tell exactly eye level with me so?
cole said on 10/Jun/13
I see why you'd give him the 184 cm, he can look it, or even 185 at times. But the man said 6ft himself, and you could fint pics where he looks it next to legit 6'1 Zachary Quinto as well. But it doesn't really matter, he's a legit 6 foot man at some point in the day, maybe he just claims his mid-day height, and that he really wakes near 185 cm.

Click Here
This is a strange one. I don't know how tall Cho is, but I recon around 178 cm. They have similar footwear, with Cho maybe a little closer to the camera and with his hair adding a little, althouh he drops a bit in posture. Chris looks about 3-4 cm taller imo...
AG said on 18/May/13
People just don't know, how tall a real 6 foot man can look like. Chris Pine is a good example of a legit 6 foot tall man. My guess is he wakes up an exact 6'1, 6'0.5 during the day, and exact 6'0 before going to bed. He claims his minimum height, which i also do when people ask mine.
Theo said on 17/May/13
Balrog - really? He looks thicker than that. I have a 30-31" waist and wear mostly medium shirts (although I do wear a 42 suit). I consider myself thinnish with some muscle, medium framed at the biggest, by no means a muscleman or a bodybuilder... What would he weigh if he was my height? 145? I weighed that much after a surgery and I looked like I was dying of a wasting disease.
Balrog said on 14/May/13
165 for a 6'0''+ guy isn't that light. He's thin but not skinny.
chas said on 14/May/13
this is weird--he looked very tall when he shook hands with Letterman and Dave is very tall to begin with
Luther6ft said on 13/May/13
He looks 185 cm to me, at least 184 cm.
Theo said on 10/May/13
Bigger question is how he is so light.... I'm 5'9" with low body fat and I weight 165!
jabs said on 2/May/13
My uncle ever since I was a kid claimed to be 6'4.. He's twice as wide as Chris Pine and exactly the same height... When We measured him he was only 6'1" in his shoes...Tall for me but doesn't seem so when standing next to him, and i'm always shocked when i look @ photos w/ me.. I'm 5' shoes..:)
HellBoundPower said on 23/Apr/13
Just saw a pic with him, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, and J.J. Abrams, where Chris is the tallest. Either, Zach and Karl are under 6', or Chris Pine is 6'2".
Jed said on 15/Apr/13
He looks taller than Zachary Quinto
Balrog said on 2/Apr/13
He constantly looks over 6 foot. Next to Urban, Washington, Quinto, Bana, Durand, Hardy, etc.
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 22/Feb/13
I believe his 6' claim, but he's not taller than that. I think he and David Duchovny are exactly the same height, both textbook examples of legit 6'ers.
Jones said on 21/Feb/13
"Legitimate 6 foot people are tall"
It really depends on proportions, there are plenty of legitimate 6'0-6'1 guys who don't look tall
Jones said on 10/Feb/13
Met him tonight and he is 6'1. I'm 6 foot exactly and he had a good inch on me, footwear was the same. I expected to be the same height as him but he is definitely over 6 foot and not by a little.
Balrog said on 4/Jan/13
No, Paddie Urban doesn't have an inch on Pine, in fact Chris looks taller than him.
Paddie said on 3/Jan/13
In the "Into the Darkness Star Trek" prolog, there's a scene when Pine and Urban stand next to each other, wearing the same shoes. The shot is from their chest up later on, and you can clearly see that Urban is about 2-3 cm taller than Pine, making it a fair bet for Pine to be 182-3 cm tall and Urban around 185 cm mark.

Best regards
mike 181cm said on 30/Dec/12
I thought 5"11
balrog said on 26/Dec/12
This guy is really hard to pin down. He looks closer to 6'1'' than 6'0'' in all the pics I've seen.
G-Man said on 10/Dec/12
I met Chris last week through a friend and he is a legit 6.05-6.1 I am 6.0 w/o shoes and we were eye to eye with shoes on.
Ace said on 18/Nov/12
Rob you should probably give him 6'0.75. He is clearly the exact same height as Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto.
Johnnyfive said on 5/Nov/12
Chris Pine is probably modest just like Rob and rounds his height down a half an inch. I do believe if i were to meet him we would be the exact same height, 184cms.
Lebensdorf said on 3/Nov/12
This guy has to be 6'1, or perhaps more. He looked taller than Quinto and Urban in Star Trek. They're both 6 feet or thereabouts. Funny thing: he towered over Denzel Washington in that train movie. And I've seen pictures of this guy with Washington, and seemed really tall.
Chuck said on 20/Oct/12
he's 5'11 --looks a full 2 inches shorter than 6'1 Alan Richman --here's proof. This site is ALWAYS WRONG ON EVERY HEIGHT --CONSTANTLY OVERESTIMATING HEIGHTS!!
They look dead even. How do you figure Rickman has 2 inches on him????
matt678 said on 12/Oct/12
looks a solid 6 ft flat i dont know if i gibe him the etra half inch but 6ft to ft.5 is close enough
greg said on 12/Oct/12
legitimate 6 foot people are tall. most men under 6 foot round their height to 6 foot which gives us the impression that 6ft is average height or that 6ft is not that tall. which in reallity, a legit 6footer like Chris will definitively stand out from the crowd.
balrog said on 10/Oct/12
Chris has really good posture, I think he's 6 feet even, his own claim. Shows that a legit 6 foot man IS tall.
Armieeee said on 16/Sep/12
@lazlo. If you look at the photo of pine and Alan rich man you can evidently see that pines shoulders are higher than Richmans. It's just the way hes standing and leaning over. If you say richman Is 6 1 then pine is probably closer to 6 2. He's def not shorter
zero said on 9/Sep/12
Dmeyer, why you claim 5'11 if you're 6'.5 at your best and 5'11.5 at your worst, you're a decent 6 footer. Pine looks a little bit over 6 foot.
Ace said on 3/Sep/12
You certain about that Lawyer123: Click Here
It sure doesn't seem that way in this full body shot
Lawyer123 said on 2/Sep/12
It's very clear to anyone of sound mind that Pine is shorter than Quinto. Yet another proof.

Click Here
UHura said on 1/Sep/12
I've met him up close. He is certainly over 6 feet, probably 6'1". I'm a 5'9" woman and he was much taller than me in flats and still clearly taller than me when I was in 3" heels. He is much taller than his dad, who was on CHIPs. In fact, his mom and sister aren't tall compared with him either.
Jake: 1.82 m--1.83 m--1.84 m said on 26/Aug/12
Between 1.83 m and 1.84 m, 6ft 0.25in is good.
Dmeyer said on 22/Aug/12
Its very possible hé measured 6'0.25 or 6'0 3/8 in 183.6-183.8 cm and just say 6 ft some Guy will do that , i many Times clamied 5'11
ANDREA[ITA] said on 5/Aug/12
Saw some pics of him with 6'1 Callum Blue and he looks 0.5-1 inch shorter! The listing is correct...
Mr. R said on 8/Feb/12
Chris is 6-1 heading to 6-2.
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
6 foot.
jake, 1.82 m- 1.83 m- 1.84 m said on 31/Jan/12
So 183.01 cm is unequivocally impossible for Pine LAN JIAO??? Funny...he's 184 cm.
Silent d said on 31/Jan/12
He has to be taller. Did you see him next to tom hardy in this means war? Big difference. If he says he's 6 foot than he is 6 foot. Mayb lifts in that movie.
are you short? said on 19/Jan/12
is celebheights a bunch of short guys trying to bring everyone a few inches shorter?

Guys claiming he is 5'11...

He's clearly at least 6.05
I think he's 6.1
steven said on 16/Jan/12
small head bring up his height to look taller. he is probably 5'11.5 like josh lucas. bang on 181-182cm.
ramsha ejaz said on 8/Jan/12
my height is small and i am very tensed about htis kindly tell me about any totka
LAN JIAO said on 16/Nov/11
im putting a lowest possible:

pine 182.75-183.0cm
quinto 182.25-182.5cm
denzel 179.75-180.0cm (look 3cm shorter than pine)
Physics Enemy said on 14/Nov/11
Quinto and Pine are both weak 6 footers, they are 5' 11.75", a solid 182 at night. They get overestimated, but so does everyone else. People don't know real height, they haven't been measured themselves.
Physics Enemy said on 14/Nov/11
Tman - Quinto looks 6' next to 5' 8" Mamun. I actually think Mamun is 5' 7.75" though (sorry Mamun!), which would make Quinto 5' 11.75". He looks to be the same height as Chris Pine in that vid btw.

They're both 5' 11.75".
Tman said on 14/Nov/11
Physics Enemy says on 10/Nov/11
5' 11.75". Very close to his claim. As Viper said, this is a great height to be. You appear tall but not overly tall, will routinely be estimated as 6' 1", as per many posters on this page. Denzel is 5' 10.75" as he's 1" shorter.

How tall is Zachary quinto then? Click Here Go and look at Quinto standing with Mamum and tell me if he looks less than 1,85m
Physics Enemy said on 10/Nov/11
5' 11.75". Very close to his claim. As Viper said, this is a great height to be. You appear tall but not overly tall, will routinely be estimated as 6' 1", as per many posters on this page. Denzel is 5' 10.75" as he's 1" shorter.
LAN Jiao said on 31/Oct/11
to be fair rob should leave quinto same listing as pine 6'0.5 here and urban 6'0.25 since karl urban is shortest among three of them.
LAN Jiao said on 17/Oct/11
Pine is few mm edge on quinto height. I can argue million times pine is 6'0.5 quinto 6'0.
Tman said on 16/Oct/11
he is a few mm shy of zachary quinto's height Click Here so 1,85m(6ft.75) he rounds down
LAN Jiao said on 16/Oct/11
Lazlo, stop funny trollin Pine is 5"11? He is taller than Alan in picture u posted. Don think everyone is nuts like u see in pictures. Be honest i think pine is just 6ft by lowest, he had his word his 6". I just don want to rule out quinto n karl urban who is merely shorter than pine n say they are 181-182cm. Cos the fans will think im troll just like u. Lol. Pine is what given 6'0.5 the 2 is 6flat and eric banana look 6'1.25 best to me.
Lazlo said on 15/Oct/11
he's 5'11 --looks a full 2 inches shorter than 6'1 Alan Richman --here's proof. This site is ALWAYS WRONG ON EVERY HEIGHT --CONSTANTLY OVERESTIMATING HEIGHTS!!
Click Here
[Editor Rob: why bother visiting if it's wrong on every height then?
If you've measured every celebrity please go ahead and create a site about it and don't get worked up on this one :)]
LAN Jiao said on 13/Oct/11
Rampage, then what do you think about trek-cast height? Your favorite is to upgrade everyone in heights site. Lol.. you must be giving quinto 6'2, pine 6'2, urban 6'1.5,cho 5'11 and eric banana 6'3.. haa..

Hansen say about pine height was indeed accurate. Pine cant get away under 6'1 so do quinto and urban. So stop troll.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Sep/11
Hansen, your estimates are s**t
Hansen said on 15/Aug/11
i believe pine a fraction over 6ft. 6ft0.5in given him sounds fair. zachary quinto 6ft, karl urban 5ft11.75 , bana 6ft1.5 and john cho 5ft9.5
joewhite31 said on 9/Aug/11
He said he's 6'0", there's no reason to upgrade him to 6'1".
r3v001 said on 8/Aug/11
maximus check out the photo of pitt clooney and damon in slippers and socks photo, I think pitt is a strong 5'11 he wouldnt need lifts 6'0 in regular shoes, but I agree vin, pacino and cruise def do! vin not because hes short but because the expectation is he should be huge, like Dwayne or schwarzenneger who are over 6 feet easily. Click Here
Maximus said on 18/Jul/11
If he stated that he is 6' then he probably is that height. Just makes you realize that 6' is a decent height for a male. With shoes on he is 6'1 to 6'2...thats regular shoes not elevator shoes that Vin, cruise, Pitt, Pacino etc...have to wear.
Cranberries said on 6/Jun/11
His own testament seems like the most accurate. Looks a hair over 6'0" and 165 lbs., sometimes down to 155 lbs. Not a very big guy, but he really looked big in Carriers. The camera deceives.
Ace said on 29/May/11
What are you talking about twix? In every picture of him next to the star trek cast, his legs never look any longer. His inseam is no more extreme than anyone elses.
ThaMessenger said on 26/May/11
He seems like a solid flat 6'0.
twix said on 7/May/11
he wears "those shoes" if you know what I mean, otherwise he just got some incredibly long legs ; )
Viper said on 30/Mar/11
Hes just 6-0, said it himself
Jotun said on 28/Mar/11
@Menace no way in hell is Karl Urban 6' 2''.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 25/Mar/11
Looks 6ft0.5-6ft1
dmeyer said on 8/Mar/11
it wouldnt suprise me if he has 0.5 to 0.75 in lifts in his dress shoes , because in converse he looks a good 1.5 in shorter than when he has converse the dirance should be 1 to 1.5 cm not 4 cm , when in dress shoes he looks taller than urben the same as quinto and just about as tall as bana , when in converse he looks mush smaller even thaugh they have similar flat footwear
Chuck said on 15/Jan/11
Hey Anonymous, I have to go with 6 ft. I can understand how you would think he is 5'11" tall though since there is a very slight difference between 5'11" and 6'0". I myself am 5'11", and I have people thinking I am 6 ft, and even a couple of my friends think I am 6'1"! But when you compare me to somebody who actually IS 6'1" or 6'2" you see clearly I am not 6'1".

Chris Pine looked a small bit shorter than Zacharh Quinto, who is listed at 6'1" on this website and many others. Also I hear Chris looked an inch taller than Denzel Washington (who is probably 5'11" nowadays.)
Anonymous said on 14/Jan/11
I'm still not convinced he's 6'1", neither is he 6'0.5". He's more 5'11" to me, does anyone agree with that?
Menace 195cm said on 8/Jan/11
Chris Pine 6'1"
Zachary Qinto 6'1.5"
Karl Urban 6'2"
Zac Efron 5'7"
Pau Gasol 7'0"
Billy Ferelden 7'3"
Ace said on 4/Jan/11
Anonymous, Urban looks the same height as both Quinto and Pine.
Menace 195cm said on 2/Jan/11
Needs an upgrade, 184.5cm is just right
anonymous said on 21/Dec/10
Saw him at Lemonade's in LA few days ago. He easily clears 6 feet. The surprise? He's skinnier than he looks.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Dec/10
Can certainly look near 6"2
DejaVu said on 1/Dec/10
Can 6'1 be closer?
Ace said on 23/Nov/10
Viper, to be fair, he looks 6`1 next to 6`1 Karl Urban and Zachary Quinto. Not to mention, he hardly ever looks much more than an inch shorter next to Eric Bana. Nearly all photo evidence points to a solid 6`1.
dmeyer said on 20/Nov/10
denzel is 6 ft at worst he is 5 ft 11.75 now considering he was 6 ft 0.5 in his 20s and he is in decent shape that makes pine near 6 ft 1
Viper said on 16/Nov/10
He physcally looks the same height as Paul Walker. Both 6'0.

And why in the world did Rob upgrade him to 6'0.5? Hes 6'0

Denzel is 5'11
jake said on 14/Nov/10
sounds like youre the exact same height as me dmeyer
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 14/Nov/10
This is about right, Rob.
dmeyer said on 11/Nov/10
i have seen the movie with pine and denzel at some point they stand togheter with good posture and pine is clear 1 in taller denzel with good posture isnt under 6 ft so 6 ft 1 for pine
Legend said on 11/Nov/10
He's just about 6 feet, I'll give it to him, but no more. Looks 5'11 if you ask me. Remember when comparing him to other celebrities that we don't know who is lying about their height or not. Also maybe Mr. R didn't notice the way the ground was, if the ground was completely level or not when he saw him. And what about the difference in footwear? Also, he could still be packing lifts in ordinary sneakers. He doesn't need boots to do that.
Mr. R said on 11/Nov/10
Hey dmeyer. Sorry I did not see this post until after I had posted to you again. I will check out these casting companies. Stay in touch.
dmeyer said on 10/Nov/10
when he has converse he looks a good 2 in under bana who has 0.25 more snekers the guy can look 6 ft 0.25 at his smallest and 6 ft 2 at his tallest i wonder if he dosnt have small lifts in his shoes like 0.5 to 0.75 to look 6 ft 1 plus at times
dmeyer said on 10/Nov/10
i cant wait to see unstopable pine and denzel great
dmeyer said on 10/Nov/10
i wish i could i am in france i am married and i have a lidl daughter 11 month old i work as a delivry guy for a computer company i wish i could come back to the us but i need a lot of money for that anyway i use to work for jeff olan casting and sande alese also central castnig we are about the same height at night i mesure 5 ft 11.5 sometimes 5 ft 11.3 in the morning a lidl over 6 ft kinda like you if you ever come to paris email
Mr. R said on 9/Nov/10
dmeyer are you back? We should hook up some extra work together.
dmeyer said on 8/Nov/10
a friend of mine for years i thaught he was 6 ft 0.25 in and he actualy claimed that and looked it we both mesured at 5 ft 11.7 in by 2 pm he was 5 ft 11.7 and i was 5 ft 11.75
Mr. R said on 8/Nov/10
He was at least 2 inches taller. I am 5-11.5
dmeyer said on 4/Nov/10
best guess is 6 ft 0.75 in
dmeyer said on 4/Nov/10
0.5 in of hair plus denzel is 6 ft flat now also pine has 1 ti 1.1 in dress shoes while denzel seem to have 0.7 in type and less hair that could give an impression of 1.5 in bigger better angle for pine it is a shame there is no pics were pine and denzel have same posture with normal angle
dmeyer said on 4/Nov/10
mr r i dont have a problem believing you for 6 ft 1 in , how mush taller than you was he you are about 6 ft
dmeyer said on 4/Nov/10
rob how come he is so mush taller than denzel in pics like 3 to 4 cm even considering posture and angle there should be 1 cm bettween them denzel is not under the 183 mark now

[Editor Rob: he could appear an inch bigger, but maybe he does at least have an extra 1/2 inch in hair nowadays.]
Mr. R said on 4/Nov/10
dmeyer, the night I saw him at close at the theater, he wore regular converse so no lifts or boots. He stood straight up, and was the tallest person on the patio.
dmeyer said on 3/Nov/10
he can look 6 ft 0.25 to 6 ft 2 in pics this guy is tricky there are pics were he looks 4 in on denzel and then wearing converse and looking weak 6 ft
dmeyer said on 3/Nov/10
mr r are you sure he didnt have lifts or big heeled boots wish will explain the 6 ft 2 ilusion
Mr. R said on 3/Nov/10
Thanks Rob for ignoring me again! LOL! (I need to find my lost digital camera to prove how right I am!)

[Editor Rob: I don't believe he's 6ft 1-2 range, well I'm not convinced!]
dmeyer said on 3/Nov/10
6 ft 0.5 in it closer i think in america wath matters is to be aleast 6 ft so guy like costner duchovny pine just say 6 ft
Mr. R said on 3/Nov/10
I stand by my 6-1 to 6-2 sighting. He is much taller than he looks. I saw him one night in LA, and my friends even remarked that he was way taller than they all thought.

[Editor Rob: well I'll put him 6ft 0.5]
kevin said on 1/Nov/10
yeah in pics hes taller than denzel washington. pine is close to 6ft 1in.
dmeyer said on 31/Oct/10
mr r 6 ft 2 might be too high but 6 ft 1 is possible
dmeyer said on 31/Oct/10
he looks taller than denzel this guy is 6 ft 1 no less
paul86 said on 29/Oct/10
Rob's off on Pine's height for sure unless he's wearing lifts I don't see him under 6'1' he looks closer to 6'2' with Eric Bana, my guess is 187 cm.
Maggie said on 18/Apr/06
He looks about 6'- 6' 1" compared to Anne Hathaway.

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