How tall is Danny Trejo ?

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Danny Trejo's height is 5ft 5.75in (167 cm)

American actor best known for roles in movies like Machete, Con Air and Spy Kids. He's an actor who exudes a bigger presence in movies than his actual height suggests. These photos are from London Film Con in 2009. Danny had a fraction thicker sneakers than us.

Danny Trejo is short
5ft 8 Rob, 5ft 8 Jenny and Danny
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Alucard says on 30/Mar/14
This is another proof of how camera tricks, magic shoes and movies are able to make actors and celebrities look much taller than they really are... He always "looked" average, above average in movies, lol...
Mick says on 30/Jan/14
Seriously he always looked tall I'm shocked by this lol
I always thought he was around the five ten mark
He looks big in movies lol
the shredder says on 3/Dec/13
Rob is he stand correct with you ? Btw Mel Gibson towers him.
[Editor Rob: he's pretty much not that different to how he looks in this photo and how he appears in size up close.]
Hawk says on 3/Dec/13
he is also 65 yrs old in that pic. Bio says he is 5 ft 7 in. he is 69 yrs old now...
richkid123 says on 13/Nov/13
i see him in LA every now and then. He is slightly short. This height seems right
Hola says on 9/Nov/13
Pretty good example of how a 5'6 man can avoid being dwarfed by having mass. And boy does this guy have mass.
romanspqr says on 9/Oct/13
He looks 5'6-ish next to you. Maybe 5'10 without the shirt. Lol.
dicksock says on 29/Aug/13
He looks 5'5" next to Rob.
Jonathan says on 17/Jul/13
Leaning in on Jenny, he looks like he could be 5'6", even with the slight footwear edge.

I'd just give it to him.
SolidSnake says on 19/May/13
wtf lol In Machete his file says 5'11'', 210 lbs in one scene then in another scene with a mugshot where he looks 5'9'' says 6'4'', 200 lbs!
Gaz says on 28/Apr/13
I would say his 5'5.5'' - 5ft 5.75in range
[Editor Rob: please keep the 1 name thanks ;)]
Joe257 says on 23/Jan/13
Was it optional for him to wear a shirt? LoL!
[Editor Rob: well it worked, I'm sure he sold a few more photo tickets on the sunday!]
VV says on 22/Jan/13
Wow no idea that he was that short! Whenever I see him in movies I think he is 5'10 or so. Hes still a badass though.
6ft under and over says on 15/Jan/13
hey rob do you think this guy needs a downgrade to 5ft5 flat, hes lookin shorter then usally in his movies lately
[Editor Rob: he could be heading towards 5ft 5 next few years]
richkid123 says on 18/Nov/12
I've seen this guy in person and he is like 5'5.25"
GRAMMA K says on 15/Nov/12
HE'S 5'6".
matt678 says on 17/Oct/12
I would say 5ft5 flat now and days and mabye 5ft6.5 in his hay day.
johnnyfive says on 10/Sep/12
Love this guy, super Mexican badass! He looks 5'5 with you and Jenny especially with his footwear advantage. He looks various heights in Robert Rodriguez films, usually taller like in Once Upon A Time In Mexico they make him look taller than 5'9 Johnny Depp! The magic of cinema I tell you, but that badassery is ALL Danny, that ain't no Hollywood magic!
[Editor Rob: he's done well in late 60's, not short of work when most men would be winding down their careers.]
thorterr says on 23/Aug/12
how did u find danny? and why didnt you go topless to rob?
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't want to scare the ladies away by going topless :) Danny was in good form with people, even jenny decided that day to buy a pic the following day with him.]
c-mo says on 30/Jul/12
looks 165cm - 5'5 on the dot
BigT says on 25/Jul/12
166 cm is bang on.
matt789 says on 23/Jul/12
rob how much do u think danny trejo weighs? and is it posible he's 5 foot 7?
[Editor Rob: nah man, he never looked that tall...weight? Maybe 200 pounds. ]
tom says on 9/Jun/12
still a cool guy,big on the inside type actor.
Silent d says on 5/Feb/12
I thought he was 5 foot 7. He did look tall in predators. The above photo shocked me how short he is. 166cm is probably more accurate. Sorry nat wu i don't think he is 5 foot 3.5. That is outrageous. Are you saying that he is the same height as johansson. I don't believe it.

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