How tall is Denzel Washington ?

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Denzel Washington's height is 6ft 0in (183 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 0.25in (184 cm)
American Actor best known for roles in films such as Training Day, The Book of Eli, Deja Vu, Crimson Tide, Malcolm X, American Gangster, Cry Freedom, Glory, The Hurricane and Flight. He said in an interview with IOFilm when preparing for The Hurricane that "I'm six-one and north of 200 pounds."

Denzel with Ryan Reynolds
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Comment on the Height of Denzel Washington

Spencer said on 29/Sep/15
I think 6'0.5 peak and today 5'11.75. He looked near 6'1 in Malcolm X.
ed said on 26/Aug/15
180cm ...???

In "Cry Freedom" he's about the same height as 6'2 Kevin Kline. No way Denzel has shrunk 7 - 8 cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Aug/15
@Tommy: 180cm is 5ft11 flat. 183cm is 6ft
Tommy said on 17/Aug/15
180cm or 6ft tall for denzie
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 9/Aug/15
He looks over six feet by Tony Romo. It's either that he's over 6'0" nowadays, or Tony Romo is shorter than the 6'2" that he was measured at.
a said on 23/Jul/15
On this picture you can see the footwear a bit.It looks more or less the same Rob.
Click Here
A said on 22/Jul/15
more then 3.5 cm shorter then kianu in this pic.what do u think Rob??Click Here
[Editor Rob: not sure what footwear is like, but denzel appears in those photos under the 6ft mark a bit.]
Dmeyer said on 6/Jun/15
Denzel and Taylor look same near reinolds but Denzel has 0.8in/2cm less shoes , Thaugh Denzel looks 6cm while has barely less shoes as Ryan boots are flat 0.8-0.9 in tops , that might suggest 182ish
NBAer said on 6/Jun/15
He doesn't look over 180 with Reynolds,Rob.Even if Ryan has footwear advantage,it probably wouldn't be over 1-1.5 cm so 181 MIGHT be possible for Denzel,since he looks 8cm shorter than Ryan,and he's 187,and looks more 179 range in the picture,so i think 180 is perfect for Denzel.As far as peak height,he may have been 181-182,since he's 60 now,and losing about 2cm at 60 is pretty common.
Darren510 said on 6/Jun/15
Denzel is one of the best examples of a legit 6'0
Sam said on 1/Jun/15
Denzel and Tom Hanks did look pretty close in height but I would say IMO in those photos that Tom has fractional advantage, like Hanks was 6'0.25" & Washington was 6'0", both could have easily measured either of those marks at peak I think.
WalkingTall6ft3.35 inches said on 4/May/15
Denzel was atleast a strong 6 footer in his late 30's even edging out Tom Hanks at times which means 184cm peak isnt out of the question.
These photos with Tom pretty much seal the deal:

Click Here

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 2/May/15
6 feet is accurate. There was literally nobody taller than him in the Equalizer.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Apr/15
Rob, why is there a separate picture of Ryan Reynolds and Taylor Kitsch?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 3/Mar/15
In 1993
Denzel Washington - 6ft0(185cm)
Tom Hanks - 6ft0(184cm)

They were both in their late 30's at that point and looked above average to weak tall
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/15
Decribed as "six foot two, 180 pounds of dark sugar" in one article!
Hypado said on 27/Feb/15
Denzel Washington's height is 6ft 0in (183 cm)
Peak height was 6ft 0.25in (184 cm)

I agree Rob.
CDS said on 26/Feb/15
One of the very rare huge Hollywood stars that I don't think actually feels the need to wear lifts- I point to 5'11"-6' Val Kilmer looking taller than him in "Deja Vu", 5'11" Russell Crowe looking equal to him in "American Gangster", and a red carpet photo of 5'9" Mel Gibson looking as tall, if not taller than him- a particularly strange pic- WTF?? LOL He looked a tad shorter than 6'1" Keanu Reeves in "Much Ado About Nothing", but a tad taller than 6' Tom Hanks in "Philadelphia", so I'll give him a peak height of 6'0.5", and a current height of 5'11.75", which is still near 6'1" in shoes.
Dmeyer said on 5/Feb/15
gian92 says on 13/Jan/15
Denzel in Philadelphia next to 100% 6' Tom Hanks he seems 5'11 0.25in cm max :

Click Here
In this pic he looks a har taller than hanks and he has lss shoes
TJE said on 4/Feb/15
Rob why you use the same pics from the Ryan Reynolds page?
Joe said on 4/Feb/15
Denzel is 6 feet tall, also Denzel's hair is shaven while Reynold's has mane like hair making him look taller. Also add to the fact that Reynold's wearing thick heeled shoes and Denzel is tilting his head to the floor. Denzel is over 6 feet tall, during his peak he was 6'1", he is now 6'0.5".
james said on 4/Feb/15
He was 6'0.5 at his peak "the mighty Quinn" he and 5'11 Robert Townsend are about the same height .he probably says 6'1 because hez 6'0.5 .
HULK said on 30/Jan/15
5'11 now
6ft Peak
gian92 said on 13/Jan/15
Denzel in Philadelphia next to 100% 6' Tom Hanks he seems 5'11 0.25in cm max :

Click Here
James B said on 6/Jan/15
But rob look at him next to Lithgow. Maybe john had footwear advantage
James B said on 5/Jan/15
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Rob 5'11 range possible for denzel after looking at those pics? To be fair though maybe john was pushing 6'4.5 peak?
[Editor Rob: no, I wouldn't go anywhere that low for him.]
cole said on 27/Dec/14
@Georgy: Didn't think he looked much shorter than Marton in the movie at all, and in premiere pics Marton only looks to edge Denzel in stronger footwear.
Georgy said on 21/Dec/14
In "The Equalizer" he looks approx. 4 cm shorter than 185 cm Marton Csokas. Nowadays, closer to 5'11 than 6'0 for sure.
grizz said on 19/Dec/14
Lebensdorf, lol. Well, then Reynolds must be 6ft tall based on your estimate.
Lebensdorf said on 12/Dec/14
Strong 5'11 at peak, never more.
Mike said on 3/Dec/14
Rob, maybe you should give him a full 6ft 0.5 peak?
cole said on 3/Dec/14
@Editor Rob: Could you put the picture on the right from the Ryan Reynolds page on Denzel's page? That shot shows why he's still 6ft.
Spencer said on 1/Dec/14
He looked pretty close to 6'1 to me in Malcolm X. 6'0.75 peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 20/Nov/14
184-185cm peak
spike said on 20/Nov/14
a young Denzel in Carbon Copy is no taller than 5ft10.5 George Segal. and to be honest, to me, denzel never looked taller than a strong 5ft 11in barefoot.
cole said on 15/Nov/14
Fair upgrade, he can still look 6ft. 6ft 0.5in for his peak height would also be fair imo. The page of legends like Denzel and Hanks should have a picture, Rob!
GP said on 31/Oct/14
in Safe House he looked to be about 3 inches shorter than Ryan. Rob, do you think that he has developed bad posture or he could have lost more height?
[Editor Rob: not sure he looked quite that short, but if you look at something like Flight, he can still pass for 6ft when standing normally]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 30/Oct/14
Solid 6ft0 peak with a chance of 6ft0. I only noticed now that Ethan Hawke is listed at 5ft11. If that's the case, Denzel easily looked 6ft1 range in Training Day if not a tad more!
Dmeyer said on 22/Oct/14
Tanks rob this Guy is closer to 6ft than arnie , the only Time he didnt look 6ft is by pine , but can Still look 5'11.75-6ft tiday
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Oct/14
Rob is the full 6ft0 be closer for his peak?
[Editor Rob: wouldn't rule the possibility out, I thought he can at times look a little under 6ft but generally even last 2 years probably would still measure near enough the mark.]
Arch Stanton said on 21/Oct/14
Rob can you add a photo and films like Malcolm X, American Gangster, Cry Freedom, Glory, The Hurricane and Flight?

Looked 6'1" in Training Day.
[Editor Rob: today actually I think Denzel can still pull off near enough 6ft.]
Judd said on 19/Oct/14
6'0-0.25" as peak height is fair and 5'11.75" today is right...good listing!
Realist said on 10/Oct/14
So 6'1 is out of the question.
Dmeyer said on 1/Oct/14
Denzel is closer to 6ft that arnie is , i think robs realy is scared of arnie , once arnie hits 5'11 flat he Will be listed 5'11.5
Sonny Black said on 27/Sep/14
Honestly he seems more like a tall 5'11. When he stands next to Spike Lee, who's 5'5, he's noticeably taller but doesn't dwarf Spike as you'd expect a 6ft+ tall guy would.
grizz said on 26/Sep/14
He looked identical in size next to 182 cm Jimmy Kimmel. However, Jimmy was wearing regular shoes, while Denzel was wearing some casual converse-styled sneakers, so he is 183 cm tall IMO.
Jack Spratt said on 13/Sep/14
There is a pic of him with Justin Timberlake at a basketball game and he is at least 1" taller than Timberlake. Timberlake says he was 6ft even on the Jimmy Fallon show.
cole said on 2/Sep/14
@Editor Rob: Think this is spot on, fairly recently he can still pull off looking 6ft imo.
Although giving him a solid 6'0.5 peak height wouldn't hurt.
Arch Stanyon said on 31/Aug/14
Rob have you seen The Pelican Brief? He looked 5 ft 11 next to peak 6'4 John Lithgow. Lithgow looked massive next to him. I'm trying to figure how Lithgow could have only been 9 cm taller!
[Editor Rob: seen but barely remembered.]
tk said on 30/Jul/14
Just watched Flight again. He seemed to have at least one inch on Bruce Greenwood (5'11.5 here) and more than four on Don Cheadle (5'7.5). Probably still a six footer...
Dmeyer said on 15/Jul/14
In training day was Still 6'0.25 rangr
grizz said on 4/Jul/14
I think he's full 6ft (183 cm) rather than 5ft11.5in.
In Pelham 123 John Travolta commebted on how big and tall Denzel is. Travolta is 182 cm tall, it kinda wouldn't make sense that someone comments on how tall that man is,even though they're equally tall :D
Hypado said on 26/Jun/14
6ft 0-6ft 1 range at peak
one of my favourite actors.

mike said on 20/Jun/14
6ft 0-6ft 1 range at peak
one of my favourite actors.
James B said on 10/Jun/14
Looked about 6ft or 6'1 in pelican brief
jamieorr4 said on 6/Jun/14
my guess is that hes 5ft10.5 but in some picture he look 59
Alex 6'0 said on 14/May/14
MrTBlack, yea some guys who claim 6'1 are more 6'0-6'0.5 range. Even 6'0-6'0.5 guys claim 6'2 as well.
MrTBlack said on 7/May/14

Yeah probably. Almost every guy I met and I'm willing to throw out %99 or more percent
Who claimed 6'1" to me was usually 6'0 or 6'0.5" at most.
Alex 6'0 said on 1/May/14
Always looks a solid 6'0. Today maybe a hair less as Rob has him.
anon said on 21/Jan/14
He used to live in the apt building beside my office in Tribeca. Would see him, walking by. 6 ft is definitely accurate.
yalo said on 5/Jan/14
i still think he's a stong 6 foot 183cm today
anon said on 31/Dec/13
Rob, are sure not 6 feet flat...I don't think he has lost that much height yet!
dmeyer said on 22/Dec/13
184cm peak fits him well a lidl on183cm hanks
Lenad is sexy said on 22/Dec/13
yeah I wouldn't rule out a full 6'1 for a young denzel. No more than that though
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Dec/13
Lenad, it could've been Hanks 183-184cm, Washington 184-185cm?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Dec/13
184cm peak, 183cm today.
dmeyer said on 8/Dec/13
To me denzel today looks more 183cm than arnie does
Lenad is sexy said on 8/Dec/13
in Philadelphia he was at least the same height as 183cm tom hanks if not a tad taller. Hanks could have potentially been 184cm though so I wouldn't rule out 185cm for denzels peak but I think more to reality, 184cm
Umar184 said on 7/Dec/13
I stood next to him he's 6ft max.
Sam said on 6/Dec/13
Not a good comparison shot, Freeman is further away but the difference looks closer to 2 than 1 inches. I've meet Freeman and he's quite tall, 6'2"-6'3" range.
Tim said on 30/Nov/13
lol he did an interview on Dave Letterman when making the movie American Gangster and he said he was 6"1
Silent d said on 29/Oct/13
182cm. Not bad for a nearly 60 year old man.
Yves said on 10/Oct/13
I agree with Tom, it's weird they changed he's height, but 6'1 for him all the way..., perfect shape :)
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 6/Oct/13
"Peak height was 6ft 0.5in (184cm)"

Could also look 6ft1 in his early career. He definitely edged out Hanks.
jordydecke said on 3/Oct/13
I'd always thought he was about a 6'2-6'3 guy. Camera angles ey? I was watching Deja Vu (good film too if you haven't seen) last night and one of his workmates describes him as "6'3" - I would have believed it too if I hadn't looked him up before on this site!
Silent d said on 21/Sep/13
Viper he is not 5 foot 10. Maybe 182cm. Quite tall now.
Johnny Blaze said on 17/Sep/13
I'm 6'2 and I stood right next to Denzel, he is 6 feet even
Mathew said on 13/Sep/13
Viper says on 19/Aug/13
5'10 range today


If so then Tom Hanks needs a serious downgrade.
Viper said on 19/Aug/13
5'10 range today
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Aug/13
I think 6ft0.5in(184cm) peak is fair for Denzel. He held his own with taller guys like John Lithgow, Michael Moriarty and Liev Schrieber. Edged out 6ft Hanks in Philedelphia.

Today about 6ft give or take.
Dmeyer said on 6/Aug/13
Rob to me denzel today is easily as tall as arnie today so whi list arnie as full 6 ft
Dmeyer said on 31/Jul/13
Rob to me denzel looks closer to 6 ft than arnie does , whi list arnie at full 6 ft
teej said on 31/Jul/13
I heard he was only 5'8? And in blade he was? He certainly looks taller than that though.
Tom said on 29/Jul/13
Editor Rob, why have you put down 1.82 for Denzel when the Internet Movie Database says 6'1'' (1.85).
[Editor Rob: because I think he looks that height, I don't believe he's over 6ft today]
jtm said on 11/Jul/13
182cm when he was younger. 180-181cm nowadays.
cole said on 10/Jul/13
I believe he is 182 cm now, and was about 183-184 cm at peak. But how tall does that make Tom Hanks? Certainly not 183 cm. In this pic Denzel has a pretty small heel, and Hanks is wearing regular dress shoes, and they look the same height. Granted that picture is from a few years back, so Denzel might have been 183 cm at the time, but still I can't see Hanks much over 182 cm:

Click Here

If he was 182 cm at peak, a drop of roughly 1 cm is normal at his age.
Sam said on 19/Jun/13
He can look shorter but in the movie Flight, he did look close to an inch taller than Bruce Greenwood, listed here as 5'11.5".
Terry said on 18/Jun/13
I agree with 5'11.75. Denzel never looked like a solid 6ft to me. Terrific actor, he is up there with the best.
bodwaya said on 11/Jun/13
rob why the downgrade
Nety W said on 26/May/13
Denzel must be bending down a lot, because I saw the movie unstopable and he looks taller than Chris pine. I don't think he's five eleven, but I do think he's taller than that. I think he's over 6 foot and Chris pine is not over six foot. Besides some pictures do not capture a person's true height if they are standing in a certain pose and the camera pointed at a different angle.
dmeyer said on 28/Apr/13
rob denzel looks a solid 1.5-2cm over 5 ft 11.5 greenwood through out the all movie flight , to me denzel looks closer to 6 ft than a guy like arnold , denzel is 5ft 11.75 by nightime and close to 6 ft
Lenad is sexy said on 19/Apr/13
I doubt he was under 6'0 at peak
Dmeyer said on 10/Apr/13
To me exept near 184cm pine , he usualy looks 6 ft today at peak a bit more
Dmeyer said on 4/Apr/13
Rob denzel CAN realy Look solid 1cm taller than 6 ft Tom
Hanks denzel has lost height 1-2cm zone
Mr-KILLER-SHRIMP said on 11/Mar/13
5'10.5", 179cm for Washington. I think the current 182cm listing was his peak height. Nowadays I think he's 179 at the absolute MAX. Morgan Freeman had several inches on him and he was also a lot shorter than legit 6' Chris Pine.
Dmeyer said on 16/Feb/13
Strong 182cm fits him today peak 183-183.5cm
Balrog said on 14/Feb/13
Rob, you really think he looks 6'0.25'' with Chris Pine? Chris has footwear advantage but still the difference between those two can't be just .25''

Click Here
Lo sgozzatore said on 11/Feb/13
He really looks around 6', maybe 182 but i doubt he's any less than that
TG said on 9/Feb/13
Being a 6' tall guy, Denzel appears to be right at about my height. I'll see him in movies and notice that he is between 5'11 to 5'11&1/2. Just by comparing him to other actors & taking into account actors placement & Hollywood tricks, I am pretty certain that's how he stands. A GREAT actor! Doubt he wears lifts like Sly, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr...
Silent d said on 4/Feb/13
James said on 1/Feb/13
near hugh jackman
Click Here
mike 181cm said on 6/Jan/13
184 prime 182 today
Joey said on 18/Dec/12
classic 5'11 guy..maybe a tad taller (181cm) in his prime
bodwaya said on 18/Dec/12
someone post pictures of dean caine and denzel prove their r the same height
juju said on 17/Dec/12
5 foot 11. shorter than legit 6-0 chris pine who i think is a strong 6 footer.
WalkingTall 6ft 3.25in said on 17/Dec/12
Yeeah,184 cm is his peak height,nowadays in the evening he might be dipping below 6 feet,during the day a solid 183 cm.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/12
I think 6ft flat is closer today. 0.5-0.75in more in his prime
runt said on 12/Dec/12
Nobody is standing up straight, but with 6'3" listed Terrell Owens and 6'4" listed Gary Payton, he looks as listed or a little above considering that eye level to mouth level is 3".

Click Here
bodwaya said on 5/Dec/12
then ftw dean caine is also 6 foot since they r eye level either that or rob should upgrade caine height or down grade denzles
FTW said on 30/Nov/12
Denzel is one of the only celebs who doesn't inflate their heights drastically. I'm a hair north of 6'2 in the afternoon, and he was about 2" shorter.
MaskDeMasque said on 17/Nov/12
Looked the same height as Val Kilmer in Deja Vu. Strong 5'11.
bodwaya said on 14/Nov/12
182cms is 5 foot 11 .Denzel was 2 inches taller then 5 foot 10 ethan hawke. I use to think he was 6 foot but that dean caine picture says other i said unless dean caine is truly 6 foot.cuase dean caine and denzel r eye ever hanks is truly 6 foot. he dosent wear lifts he holds hs own well.he had 2 inches on 5 foot 10 jude law. hanks is true 6 foot
James said on 12/Nov/12
182cm like tom hanks
bodwaya said on 10/Nov/12
in my other threads i said he was 6 foot but after looking at his pic with dean caine i am doubting it now.unless dean caine is actualy 6 foot and not 5 foot 11ke he was listed
jtm said on 9/Nov/12
that is correct bodwaya. denzel is not 6'0 and he was never that tall.
bodwaya said on 9/Nov/12
there r the same height if caine is not a 6 footer neither is denzel
James said on 7/Nov/12
Yes 5'11 these days
Ada said on 24/Oct/12
Was on Jay Leno 23/10: only sligthly taller than Leno, but was was slouching alot 1-1 inch taller would be 182-184cm.
Spencer said on 13/Oct/12
He isn't less than 183. No way
Silent d said on 7/Oct/12
182cm. In book of eli he looked 182cm.
Candyman said on 29/Sep/12
No lifts, he just slouches around shorter people obviously. You only see his true height when he is around taller actors.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 13/Sep/12
Looks about 6ft1 opposite 6ft2.5-3 Liev Schreiber and 6ft2-2.5 Jon Voight in The Manchurian Candidate. He stacks up well against the taller guys. I think a peak of 6ft0.5(184cm) and now a solid 6ft. He might have dropped a tiny bit.
bodwaya said on 12/Sep/12
he had 2 inches on 5 foot 10 ethan hawke in training day 6 foot
Chameleon said on 5/Sep/12
5'11 max
matt678 said on 28/Aug/12
next to ryan reynolds he looks 5ft 11.5
Dmeyer said on 25/Aug/12
Near enaugh 6 ft now , look about 182cm today , CAN look near 5'11 flat when he wears 0.6-0.7 in trainers , peak 6'0.25 now 5'11.75 ,0.5 in loss at Late 50s is typical , when in good posture and normal angle h handle himself good near 6'3 shoes on reinolds while h has converse type , a 5 ft 11 flat couldnt do that
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Aug/12
Looks no more than 1.5-2in shorter than Ryan Reynolds
in Safe House. So 184cm is right for Denzel Washington.
Probably a solid 185cm first thing in the morning.
Dmeyer said on 5/Aug/12
Peak 6'0-6'0.25 evening height nothing less today 5'11.5
Chameleon said on 5/Aug/12
Click Here

look I took this screenshot, its manyy years ago during 70s show where Bruce was still at 'peak' and even with his wig on he still looks 5'10 max with Kutcher. Denzel has never seen 6'0 he is 180cm max.
Alex said on 4/Aug/12
I can see 5'10 now but this was back in the 90s where he would have been at his peak which could very well be 5'11. Denzel at 5'11 seems a bit too low but telling 5'11 from 6'0 on TV isn't easy to begin with.
Chameleon said on 4/Aug/12
Well either Denzel had lifts on or Bruce is 5'10 he looks it with Kutcher and alan rickmand.. Denzel is a 180 guy.
Alex said on 2/Aug/12
In the Siege he was a little taller than 5'11 peak Bruce Willis. 6'0 peak for Washington looks right
Chameleon said on 31/Jul/12
He's 180 MAX, he looks under 6'0 with both Freeman and Chris Pine.
Dmeyer said on 29/Jul/12
I doubt he lost more than 1cm if so , Max 1cm taller than today at peak peak 6 ft 0-0.25 now 5'11.5-11.75
BigT said on 25/Jul/12
Hes 180 flat today, was probably a good 6-footer in his prime.
dmeyer said on 14/Feb/12
rob looking at pics of him and 6 ft 2 reinolds when on same ground denzel looks no more than 2 in smaller , so denzel is steel 6 ft , also denzel had a converse type than could give 0.6-0.7 in defenetly not 1 inch and reinolds had a boots with a small heel similar to eartkeeper 0.8-0.9 in type , so at worst denzel has a 0.2-0.3 in less shoes he yet looks about 6 ft maybe 6 ft 0.25 , but 6 ft is more relistic for today , there are pics were he can look close to 3 in shorter than reinolds but reinolds has a bit more shoes and slight higher ground , in most shoes with ryan he looks 183-184cm , so he didnt lost height or max 0.5-1cm
Theenforcer22 said on 12/Feb/12
Looks about 6 ft 1/4
Hi said on 10/Feb/12
He was on Jay Leno tonight and looked the same height as Leno.
Anon said on 8/Feb/12
Just saw Letterman show tonite...Denzel looked a solid 6 footer plus guy easy!
jtm said on 6/Feb/12
washington was closer to the camera in most of the pictures.
Silent d said on 5/Feb/12
tellem said on 30/Jan/12
he looked under 6'0" next to chris pine.

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