How tall is Samuel L Jackson ?

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Samuel L Jackson's Height is 6ft 2in (188 cm)

American actor best known for roles in films Pulp Fiction, Die Hard: With a Vengeance, The Long Kiss Goodnight, Jurassic Park, A Time to Kill, Jackie Brown, The Negotiator, Unbreakable, Django Unchained and as agent Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe. He says on an MSN Chat when asked how alike he and his 'Changing Lanes' character are: "He's black, I'm black. He's 6'3, I'm 6'3. He weighs a little more than I weigh now, but other than that, not at all."

How tall is Samuel L Jackson
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Comment on the Height of Samuel L Jackson

TJE said on 4/Feb/16
I don't think he's lost more height than Morgan Freeman.
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jan/16
Looking below, Sam thought exactly the same thing haha!
Arch Stanton said on 18/Jan/16
@Rob, I think he's lost a bit now, he's really getting on. Agree he doesn't look shorter than Ronaldo. I think similar peak and current to Morgan Freeman, perhaps you'd tweak to 6'2.25 peak and 6'1.5 now? In the early 90s I think he could really look around 189, similar sort of look on screen to Freeman I thought. The Hateful 8 was OK, but there's too many above to also mention it. Perhaps you could squeeze it in for Kurt Russell (one of his greatest performances IMO)
Editor Rob: the 2.25/1.5 is entirely possible...I think even going back 10 years he could still look about 6ft 2, now maybe he looks a fraction under 6ft 2.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 8/Jan/16
187cm at worst today and a solid 189cm guy in his prime
Idk said on 7/Jan/16
Definitely full 6'2. As for that Ronaldo pic it just goes to prove that he's 186
LoganNoll1996 said on 28/Dec/15
I've got a feeling Hateful 8 will be added to his list of films above. I always got the impression he was a 6'2 guy. Not sure if he's lost height. He could be 6'1.5" nowadays.
the shredder said on 4/Dec/15
Rob , what would you give his weight for Pulp Fiction? He looked in shape.
Rory said on 26/Nov/15
In the pic with Ronaldo id have said he was taller, not the other way round..CR7 6'1..SLJ 6'1.5.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Nov/15
He can appear 6ft1 range at times but straightened out I think he's still 6ft2 or very close to it
007 said on 11/Nov/15
I think Samuel needs a little downgrade. 184-185 cm.
007 said on 9/Nov/15
Rob, Samuel took a photo with Cristiano Ronaldo(185cm) and C.R looked a little taller, but mind you I don not know of their foot wear. Click Here I would say Samuel is around 184 cm. What is your take Rob?
Editor Rob: I wouldn't have guessed he looked shorter than ronaldo there. Both may not be at their best stance.
Andrea said on 21/Sep/15
Rampage, it's funny how you ask if Kobe could be 194 and then say Samuel is (still) near 6'2: Click Here
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/15
190.5cm out of bed
188.5cm before bed

189.5cm out of bed
187.5cm before bed
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/15
190.5 out of bed
188.5cm before bed

189.5cm out of bed
187.5cm before bed
Mike said on 17/Sep/15
I would say about 6ft 1.25/186 cm today and around 6ft 2-2.25 188-189 cm peak
Mike said on 17/Sep/15
I would say about 6ft 1.25/186 cm today and around 6ft 2-2.25 188-189 cm peak
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Sep/15
Near 6ft3 in his 30's, IMO. I'd be hard pressed to find him in anything pre-1987
Aza said on 5/Sep/15
'Snakes on a plane' .......not his best acting moment for sure!
james said on 1/Sep/15
He was a strong 6'2 during the 90's and early 2000's now he has lost in inch ..I say 6'1 today
Sam said on 21/Aug/15
Rob, would you consider doing a 189 cm/6'2.25" peak listing and a 187 cm/6'1.5" current listing for Samuel L.? He's looks quite youthful for his age but is in his late 60s now and some loss would be expected, right?
Mike said on 9/Aug/15
Strong 6ft 2 peak and closer to 6ft 1 nowadays.
BorkLaser said on 28/Jul/15
Looked taller than solid 6'1" Colin Firth on Kingsman: The Secret Service. I think the current listing is good! If anything, he's maybe 187cm now but no less.
nick said on 22/Jun/15
6'1 prime. Pictures with Danny glover prove this
Peyman said on 10/Jun/15
Peak 188
Today 186

I think He looked 6 1" in coach Carter
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 4/Jun/15
189-190cm peak
187-188cm today
Sam said on 2/Jun/15
He looks nearly the same height a lot of the time recently with Chris Evans and Evans strikes me as a not particularly strong six footer.
Click Here
On the other hand, I wouldn't question a peak of 6'2.25", he looked pretty dead-even with Ben Affleck not that long ago in Changing Lanes.
Click Here
His posture might not be the best but I wonder if he can straighten up that much due to his nearing 70. I could see 6'2.25" peak, 6'1"-6'1.25" now, the latter is generous!
Dmeyer said on 28/May/15
188 peak 186-7cm now
Lorne??? said on 9/May/15
You should give him 6ft2.25 peak, or otherwise drop Travolta to 6 feet flat.(Which has always been a distinct possibil
Not, 6ft1.5 range. He only looks 185-6 with poor posture/lesser footwear.

Oops, I meant now, he's 6ft1.5 range.
Lorne??? said on 9/May/15
You should give him 6ft2.25 peak, or otherwise drop Travolta to 6 feet flat.(Which has always been a distinct possibility)

Not, 6ft1.5 range. He only looks 185-6 with poor posture/lesser footwear.
Lorne??? said on 5/May/15
He used to have a current...

I always thought 6ft2.25 was closer, but you now think he was 6'2 flat? If that's the case, no way Travolta was even a mm over 6ft in 1994.

What made you downgrade?
AlexMahone said on 5/May/15
I have no stadiometer (not measured Jackson himself) and no eagle eyes but in this picture (he's leaning a little bit) he has the same height like Tom Hiddleston. They both wears same shoes but look at Chris Evans boots!

Click Here
Andrea said on 5/May/15
Yeah, today he doesn't look much over 6'1... Not a chance he's 6'2! 6'1.25 is probably fairer!
Sam said on 2/Apr/15
Rob, would you consider a current height, he can look 6'1.5" tops these days IMO.
Dmeyer said on 22/Mar/15
Strong 6'2 peak looking 6'2.5 in big shoes , to day near enaught 6'2 looks 6'1 in bad posture so no léss then 6'1.5 today
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" said on 21/Mar/15
He was 6'2.25" in his peak, and he's 6'1" today. He consistently appears shorter than actors who are actually 187-188 CM today.
Judd said on 5/Mar/15
noway today he's still 6'2"...i think he might need a downgrade...actually in the last years he did look 6'1.25" (6'1.5" being very very generous).
Agree about his peak.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Feb/15
Didn't drop below 6ft2½(189cm) in his prime and probably cleared 6ft3 out of bed. I think he's around 6ft2 today.
5'11' Barefoot said on 25/Jan/15
never 6'3" even with shoes.
Sam said on 9/Jan/15
Rob, could you add Jungle Fever, A Time to Kill, Jackie Brown, The Negotiator and Django Unchained to his credits?

Django and The Sunset Limited remind you he is a damn excellent actor even if these days he basically always plays almost innerchangeable badass, bald, one-liner-spouting "Samuel L. Jackson types".
Celebheights 188 CM said on 30/Dec/14
He's 6'1" today.
184.3cm said on 29/Dec/14
Easily shorter than Dwayne Johnson in The Other Guys. I thought he was 6'1 range.
slothee said on 27/Dec/14
Peak: 6'2", today: 6'1".
Lonestar said on 15/Dec/14
Rob, don't you think uncle sam had drop a half inch at 60s now? He really look no more than 187cm and could even look like a legitimate 6'1.25 guy
Danimal said on 9/Dec/14
Mike says on 3/Dec/14
Again Rob can you add more movies like Patriot Games, The Incredibles, Shaft, the Star Wars prequel Trilogy, Jungle Fever, Jackie Brown, Unbreakable, The 51st State and Django Unchained. He's in a lot of movies lol.

This isn't a movie site. This is a height site. Why should Rob have to list all of your favorite movies?
Sam said on 5/Dec/14
How about a peak and current height for him?...he looks sub-6'2" quite a bit recently such as near Dwayne Johnson or Chris Evans in The Winter Soldier.
Mike said on 3/Dec/14
Again Rob can you add more movies like Patriot Games, The Incredibles, Shaft, the Star Wars prequel Trilogy, Jungle Fever, Jackie Brown, Unbreakable, The 51st State and Django Unchained. He's in a lot of movies lol.
[Editor Rob: yeah he has too many good movies he's been in over the years!]
Mike said on 3/Dec/14
Very strong 6ft 2 peak and probably woke up at 6ft 2.75 or 6ft 3.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Nov/14
Still got 1in on Colin Firth in The Secret Service and Mr. R spotted him at an exact 6ft2. Closer to 6ft3 in his 20s-30s, quite possibly about 190cm. Was still looking 6ft2-6ft3 in the early 2000's
177cmGuy said on 17/Nov/14
189-190cm could be his peak height and he was listed at this height previously. Today I can see him at 186-187cm.
Judd said on 15/Nov/14
today can't be taller than 6'1"...he looks as tall as Tarantino (6'1") with a better posture and probably a shoes advantage:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
mike said on 11/Nov/14
Rob, can you also add other films like Jurassic Park and Snakes on a Plane?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 31/Oct/14
He did a solid 6ft3 in Jackie Brown.
Dmeyer said on 31/Oct/14
Rob i do think he looked solid 6'2 peak and near 6'2 now and course can look 6'1-1.5 when in 1-1.5cm trainer and weak posture
AlexMahone said on 31/Oct/14
Another downgrading topic. John Cusak IS NOT I repeat, IS NOT 187cm. At least 188.

In the movie 1408 Cusack had a massive hair advantage but the eyelevels of this two are the same. I think Jackson didn't loose any height at age 66.
Arch Stanton said on 30/Oct/14
Looks 6'3.5" in Jackie Brown!
Judd said on 14/Oct/14
mike says on 19/Aug/14
peak: night/morning 6ft 2in-6ft 2.75in 188-190 cm
today: night/morning 6ft 1.5in-6ft 2.25in 187-189 cm

i perfectly agree with you...strong 6'2" on his prime...
in 2008 he was a bit shorter than 6'1.75" john cusack, so 6'1.5" as his current height is a fair listing...
Dejavu said on 14/Oct/14
He can look 6'1 when he slouches. Maybe he is a weak 6'2 today .
mike said on 9/Oct/14
Peak: 6ft 2-2.25in 188-189 cm
Today: 6ft 1.5-1.75in 187 cm
mike said on 19/Aug/14
peak: night/morning 6ft 2in-6ft 2.75in 188-190 cm
today: night/morning 6ft 1.5in-6ft 2.25in 187-189 cm
mike said on 18/Aug/14
Samuel L Jackson's height is 6ft 1.75in (187 cm)
Peak height was 6ft 2.25in (188 cm)
177cmGuy said on 18/Aug/14
Rob do you think there's a chance he hit 190cm with his peak height? Maybe that's where he got his 6'3 claim.
berta said on 10/Jul/14
not peak height of 189 anymore?
mike said on 6/Jun/14
6ft 2 peak 6ft 1.5-.75 today.
SaveUsY2J said on 5/Jun/14
@jtm: I don't know what photos of Jackson and Hiddleston you've been looking at, because Hiddleston is barely taller, if at all. He's under 6'2 nowadays but a flat 6'1 is too low. I'd go 6'1.5 in 2014, maybe 6'2.5 peak.
Andrea said on 3/Jun/14
Lol, Rob, at first i thought he was dead, because you removed his peak height... This is for sure more accurate because he never looked a mm over 6'2 to me, not even at his peak! Now he can look barely 6'1 a lot!
AAAA said on 21/May/14
with jeff goldblum back in 1993

Click Here
cole said on 20/May/14
@Editor Rob: He really isn't a 6'2 guy anymore. He has consistantly looked nearer 6'1 as of late. Time for a downgrade.
[Editor Rob: today he can be 6ft 1.5...he also sometimes wears flatter footwear at events]
jtm said on 20/May/14
inch shorter than tom hiddleston. he is not 6'2 anymore.
the shredder said on 14/May/14
He is 6 '1 , He looks it with waltz also. Peak 6 '2
Alex 6'0 said on 12/May/14
Here are pics of Sam Jackson and Chris Evans together. Evans is listed 6'0 on here and looks about that maybe 5'11.5 at worst. He has a bit more footwear than Jackson has but still Jackson doesn't look anything over 6'1 if Evans is 6'0. No way a 2 inch difference even taking into account the small footwear advantage.

Click Here
Alex 6'0 said on 9/May/14
He looked 6'1 with Chris Evans in Captain America
Andrea said on 24/Apr/14
Rob, do you really think he was two big inches taller than John Travolta in Pulp Fiction? He looked maybe 1.5 inch taller than John, to me... And considering that John was 6' range, it's hard to believe he was ever over 6'2. Today he looks more and more 6'1... His 6'3 claim is quite hilarious
[Editor Rob: he could look just 6ft 2 flat]
Magnus said on 24/Mar/14
Strong 6'2 peak

Strong 6'1 today
Rey said on 22/Mar/14
Clearly taller than Travolta in Pulp Fiction. Six-two and some change in his peak.
James B said on 15/Mar/14
In 51st state looked a strong 6'2 but then that was a very long time ago now
teamcoco said on 15/Mar/14
looks the same height as conan
viapto said on 8/Mar/14
see photo with tarantino 6' 1 shoulder to shoulder, same height. Click Here
viapto said on 8/Mar/14
samuel looks sometimes same height forest witaker but actually in photos with justin timberlake 6' or chris evans 6' looks only one inch taller that they, he also look smaller that Quentin Tarantino 6' 1, tom hiddleston 6' 2, morgan freeman 6' 2 or the rock 6' 3. Click Here I thing he actually is 6' 1.
Freddy said on 15/Feb/14
hmm, I can buy 6'2 in the 90s but nowadays he looks 6'1
Johnny Blaze said on 30/Jan/14
I'm 6'2 and walked right next to him in a store and he was a little taller than me. 6'2.5-6'3 is correct.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 21/Jan/14
Rob is 187cm range today closer?
Angelaa said on 12/Jan/14
Click Here
Inch taller than 6ft1 Christano Ronaldo
Lenad is sexy said on 11/Jan/14
probably a weak 6'2 now. not convinced he was ever 6'3 though
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 9/Dec/13
Honestly looked 189-190cm in the 90s
Shorty said on 30/Nov/13
He is 1.5 to 2 inches shorter than 190 cm rock
Manza said on 27/Nov/13
He is 6.1 he is 2 inches shorter than rock 6.3
Nigel said on 14/Nov/13
He said on Letterman today that he's 6'3" :-)
cole said on 21/Oct/13
He's for sure not 6'2 range anymore. 185-186 cm range as of 2013.
Dejavu said on 12/Oct/13
He could be 6'1.5 now.
Silent d said on 5/Oct/13
187cm. One of the greatest and coolest actors! Pulp fiction is epic! He always looks around 6 foot 2 range.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 27/Sep/13
Rob, would have been 6ft3 in the morning at his peak?
KROC said on 9/Sep/13
6'1.5 as of now, 6'2.5 peak
Lo sgozzatore said on 18/Aug/13
Agree with Dmeyer...
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Aug/13
Near 6ft3 in Jackie Brown.
HULK said on 1/Aug/13
Deffo 6ft 1.5 next to will smith
looks same height as ronaldo
Dmeyer said on 17/Jul/13
Péak 6'2 2.25 on a good day now 6'1-1.25
cole said on 27/Jun/13
Personally I think he can look 6'1 or a tad under now a days, with a slouch of course. You can still see that his spine is quite intact, and his shoulder-height is close to what it used to be, but his head seem to have fallen down a bit in his neck, and he's more hunched over, and therefore looks 184-185 cm range next to 183 Hayden Christensen for example. If he stood straight he would probably measure around 186-187 cm, but he is not 188 cm anymore, probabl wasn't much taller than that at peak either.
6'2 or 6'2.25 at peak - 6'1.25 or 6'1.5 today.
Sam said on 25/Jun/13
He's about 1.5 to 2 inches taller than Christian Bale and Leonardo DiCaprio:
Click Here
Click Here
But does look shorter next to the taller Avengers, like barely 6'1" next to Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans.
Click Here
Click Here
Brandon said on 17/Jun/13
Why do so many people on this website constantly have to downgrade people. It's annoying.
Dejavu said on 11/Jun/13
A tad under 188cm?
Lenad is sexy said on 2/May/13
6ft1.75in now
6ft2.5in peak.
wiltonstilts said on 23/Apr/13
6'2 still
lenad is sexy said on 13/Apr/13
187cm now. 189cm peak
lenad is sexy said on 30/Mar/13
I think hes a weak 6'2 now. Nipping 188cm. The 6'1 max claims are utter bull though
Dmeyer said on 29/Mar/13
6'2-2.25 peak 6'1.5-1.75 now
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 2/Mar/13
189-190cm/6ft2.5-2.75 prime
187.5-188cm/6ft1.75-2 today
Nerfherder said on 28/Feb/13
looked super tall in the parking lot scene in Spike Lee's "School Daze". still 6'2 nowadays, but only just.
TheDiva said on 6/Feb/13
I've know sam for 12 years. He has shrunk over the years and is now just over 6'1"
he was close to 6'3" when we met. he's lost about an inch.
Balrog said on 7/Jan/13
6'2'' at peak is possible but now he looks 6'1'' at the very most.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 17/Dec/12
Looked 6ft2.5-6ft3 range with ease up until to the late 1990s and Mr.R has confirmed that Jackson is still 6ft2 on the dot.
DanMan said on 14/Dec/12
More like 6'1
Click Here
Lenad is sexy said on 16/Nov/12
I think he still is 6'2ish
Mr. R said on 8/Nov/12
I saw Sam at an awards show Monday night. He is exactly 6-2.
James said on 4/Nov/12
Strange he could look under 6'2 next too Jeff goldblum
Aragorn 5\'11 said on 25/Oct/12
He looked 1.5 inches shorter than David Morse (6'4) in the Negotiator.
Silent d said on 21/Oct/12
I think he was 6 foot 3 at peak. Now about 187cm is right.
logan noll 1996 said on 21/Oct/12
He shrunk but is 6'2 despite being 63-64 years old. Really tall guy.
Larc-186.7cm-188.6cm said on 20/Oct/12
Take a look at the shoe difference in the movie "The Other Guys".
The Rock has always shoe advantage over him (he wears always 1.5-1.6 boots), while Jackson wears thin shoes, that's because you can see a difference of 2+ inches between them.

The Rock is 6'2.5-6'2.75, and Jackson today is 6'1.5 and was 6'2-6'2.25 at peak.

Just take a look at "Unbreakable", he looked a lot taller than Bruce Willis in that movie, and Willis is still 5'11 today.

Conclusion? A peak of 6'2-6'2.25 for Jackson is reality.
matt678 said on 8/Oct/12
looked about 6 ft 2.75 peak now a days i would say nothing over 6 ft 1.75
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 7/Oct/12
Yeah I think 187cm looks plausible now, but no lower than that.
I'm confidant that he was close to 6ft3 as a young man.
Silent d said on 3/Oct/12
Considering he is an old man, i think 187cm is solid.
matt678 said on 18/Sep/12
smauel l jackson looked 6 foot 3 next to hayden chrisensen
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 12/Aug/12
Die Hard 3 - had about 2in on Bruce Willis so 6ft1.5-2 tops. Bad posture though.
Patriot Games - struggled to look over 188cm with Harrison Ford who had hair advantage.
Pulp Fiction - looked at least 6ft2 standing in the hallway with Travolta who was slouching terribly.
Shaft - looked near 6ft3 (approx.189-190cm) with Christian Bale.
Jackie Brown - 2in on Chris Tucker. Only time he's ever looked his claim.
SWAT - a good 1in on LL Cool J and dwarfed Colin Farrell.
Jungle Fever - made Wesley Snipes look like a kid. Easily the tallest cast member
shorty said on 10/Sep/07
I wrote this over a year ago and I can't believe this discussion is still going on.
"anon says on 4/May/06
he is 6'1.5 - 6'2". I'm 5'2 and my hair is usually about mid arm / mid bicep.
I have not noticed him to have lost height in the years I've known him."

I have 6 brothers all over 6 feet so I'm pretty good at judging the height of men. But seriously people. I've seen him 4-5 times a year for the past 7 years and I'm still 5"2' and I still come right below his shoulder. I asked his wife in August and she told me "about 6'2" His stats were somewhere on the morehouse university site because he was a cheerleader and they listed him as 6'2". He has *never* been 6'4. That's morgan freeman.

I think his height gets a little distorted because he always wears Kanglo hats and they puff up at the top.

This guy"6''11 guy says on 25/Aug/07
i have meet samuel not to long ago and he was 6'4-6'5 and my freind
roger mason,jr standed right next to him and and sam was about the same height
and rm jr is 6'5."

Must have some confusion. I promise you that Sam is not 6'4 or 6'5.
Alex said on 5/Sep/07
He never looked 6'3 to me. 6'1-6'2 is my guess.
Rut said on 27/Aug/07
Referring to an old comment of mine (last year)I meant he (Jackson) looked about two inches taller (at North Sea Jazz)than me when I saw him..
Viper said on 26/Aug/07
He also looked a half inch shorter than 6-1 Barry Bonds as well.
vtec said on 26/Aug/07
go to getty images, looks shorter than 6'2 damien fahey. probably 6 05- 6-1
Viper said on 25/Aug/07
Are you friends with Roger Mason when he was at UVA?
6''11 guy said on 25/Aug/07
i have meet samuel not to long ago and he was 6'4-6'5 and my freind
roger mason,jr standed right next to him and and sam was about the same height
and rm jr is 6'5.
James said on 2/Aug/07
In Fifty First State towerd over Robert Carlye and I think he was taller than almost everyone in that film. This movie was made back in 2001 so he was probably close to 6ft3 when it was made. Now he might be a cm less.
donkys said on 25/Jul/07
he is definitely 6'3 in 'Pulp Fiction' when he is standing near John Travolta
dmeyer said on 17/Jul/07
travolta and willis looks very close to his height sometimes even sayng lifts i think sam is no more than 6'2 even at peak
runt said on 22/May/07
In Die Hard with a vengeanc, Bruce Willis who is well known to be a phoney 6-1, Jackson looks taller in most scenes.
sam 2 said on 13/May/07
Sammual L. is 6'2". Check him out in Patriot Games with Harrison Ford. Maybe an inch taller. He is 2" taller than Travolta, who is almost 6'
5'11 guy said on 17/Apr/07
Jackson has never struck me as a 6'3 guy. More 6'1.5.
Vaqas said on 17/Apr/07
Vaqas Khan from sheffield stands at 6'2
Arjun said on 13/Apr/07
Viper, Bonds is a tall fellow, no doubt. He definitely looks 6'1" in that golf course pic. He has INCHES on every single one of those guys. A legit 6'1" is still pretty tall even today. Not toweringly tall, but legitimately tall.
AAAA said on 2/Apr/07
Yeah... I know. I am usually pretty accurate and consistent, but i was way off with him. I think the bulk is deceving as well, It can make you look shorter from afaras withdth takes away from length, but when you have really big trapezieus like barry, it makes you seem taller in person because you have deceptively high shoulder peaks. Whatever the case i agree with you he is a 6'1 guy. I just never saw it till you showed me.
Viper said on 31/Mar/07
Wow AAAA, you thought Bonds was only 5-11?? Hes always looked 6-1. Especially when he was very thin. Hes got long legs and limbs of a guy over 6-0. He was described as being tall in the 80s. With the added bulk he can look taller at times. Hes always one of the tallest looking position players on the Giants every single year. I linked a picture last year of him and 6-1 1/2 A-rod in formal clothes at a function, and Bonds looked just barely shorter. Barry is looking tall here on the golf course with average height guys. Click Here
anonymous said on 30/Mar/07
david morse does appear shorter at times.
AAAA said on 29/Mar/07
I was watching the Negotiator and he only seemed max 2 inches shorter than David Morse....I think we can all agree morse is a LEGIT 6'4 guy. SO I believe he is 6'2 maybe a bit more. But those Bonds pics are strange. I never pegged bonds as anything more than 5'11, especially early in his career. I thought the 6'1-6'2 listings I saw were total bull, but he sure must be 6'1 in those Jackson pis Maybe HGH does help adults
Snapper G said on 24/Feb/07
Looked about Letterman's height tonite - about 6-1.5 or so.
Viper said on 11/Feb/07
He looks 6-1 to me.
G-unit said on 10/Feb/07
he looks somewhere between 6'2-6'3.
dmeyer said on 3/Feb/07
maybe sam was a 6'3 morning and now 6'2.5 morning so 6'2 for him
Heightcritique said on 3/Feb/07
In the scence where both are exiting the diner (Pulp Fiction), both are side by side and wearing sandals (no camera tricks) and Travolta is a bit taller than Jackson. If Travolta is 6'.5" barefoot, than Jackson is a 6' barefoot.
Ade said on 2/Feb/07
In Pulp Fiction Travolta is always a little closer to the camera.

No way is Travolta 6'2".
Anonymous said on 28/Jan/07
In this pic he looks the same height as John Travolta
Click Here
Anonymous said on 6/Jan/07
Viper: Yes, I saw the pictures of Jackson with Bonds and I think that because of his age, he has lost height which is normal. Jackson is probably close to 6' and with the right footwear, he can increase his height to 6'2".
Viper said on 28/Dec/06
Anonymous, he did look marginally shorter than 6-1 Barry Bonds at the espys a few years ago.
dmeyer said on 28/Dec/06
it make sens 6'2 because bruce willis and travolta dont look that short near him
anonymous said on 26/Dec/06
Saw him in LA and he is 6'1". I am close to 6' and he was a bit taller than me. If you see the scene in Pulp Fiction where Jackson and Travolta (6'1/2") are leaving the diner, you will notice that Jackson is even shorter than Travolta. There is no camera trick and both were wearing sandals so the comparison in my book is very accurate. Jackson is 6'1" with shoes, and probably 6'1/4" without shoes.
Viper said on 24/Dec/06
I think Christensen could be as low as 5-11 1/2.
Ed said on 22/Dec/06
Viper, do you think Christensen is under 6ft, if you think Jackson is 6ft1.
Viper said on 22/Dec/06
I thought Jackson was at least an inch taller in Sith.
Ed said on 21/Dec/06
I'll be the first one to admit when I'm wrong, and I thought Christensen and Jackson were the same height in Sith, and after a recent viewing they're not. Jackson is a good inch taller maybe more. Christensen looked at times about 2 to 3 inches taller than McGregor(5ft9.5). If Christensen was between 5ft11.5 and 6ft0.5 to Mcgregor's(5ft9.5), Jackson was definitley 6ft1.5 possibly 6ft2.
Now I thought Christenen was wearing lifts, and I know he was in the Vader costume, but as for his Jedi boots, I doubt it considering the amount of running and jumping him and McGregor had to do. They were probably an inch at most.
Ed said on 3/Dec/06
Christensen was shorter than Jackson in Attack of the Clones, by close to 2in. By the time Revenge of the Sith rolled around, Lucas obviously decided it was time to call in the Jedi lifts, because he is the exact same height as Jackson(see the seen of them walking together near the end of the film). Christensen needed to look even bigger for the transition to Vader,hence the weightlifting to bulk him up and some height lift. Based on the movies, and the premiere photos I think Jackson is still standing tall but around the 6ft1.5 range(6ft2 maybe a little more years back), and Christensen is just about 6ft. In the pic from Unbreakable below, I haven't seen the movie in a while, but I remember Jacksons character wearing boots with big cowboy boot heels.
sleuth said on 2/Dec/06
Sam's got 2" on Hayden Christiansen in the Star Wars Films. I'd say a good 6'3" unless Christiansen is not 6'1"
Viper652 said on 1/Dec/06
He looked the same, exact height as 6-1 Barry Bonds.
Ed said on 15/Nov/06
Cantstop25, the guy is a an odd one, and I'm not kidding, the story is true!
Ed said on 8/Nov/06
If Christopher Lee has been downgraded to 6ft3 these days, then Samuel L needs a downgrade as well. He needs to be 6ft1, maybe a hair more. Look at the pics of Jackson and Lee, only a few years ago and Lee has him by at least 2 inches.
sam said on 9/Oct/06
In Changing Lanes, he was certainly at least an inch taller than William Hurt, who has always seemed his listed height of 6'2".
Joey said on 3/Sep/06
In "The man", he is 6'1", look at the computer.
dmeyer said on 25/Aug/06
he looks in the 188-90 range similar height with ben affleck
Viper652 said on 23/Aug/06
He was never 6-3.

[Editor Rob: remember that film he done with Caruso, there I think he looked near enough 6ft 3, I mean Frank2 thought Caruso was an inch taller than himself...]
kerry77 said on 18/Aug/06
his old nowadys.. might be shrunk an inches.. i did gave him mildly 6ft3(1.9m) at best of his 30s.. nowadys he looks more like a 6ft1max(1.87m)..
Rut said on 16/Jul/06
Saw him (I think)at North sea Jazz in Rotterdam, looked about two inches shorther than mine 183-184, so this would be a good guess I say...
Charles said on 22/Jun/06
im confused becuase on the back of the pulp fiction collectors edition video case Bruce Willis stands atleast 2 inches bigger than Jackson, and about 4 inches taller than John Travolta, yet is considerered only 6', the smallest of the 3!!!
Anonymous said on 30/May/06
could have lost height, my fathers the same age as jackson and has lost an inch in height.

[Editor Rob: I'm starting to think this might be likely, well 1cm anyway]
Ball-A-Hallic said on 14/May/06
Probally a solid 6'2 maybe 6'1.5 but i think 6'2 is more right.
anon said on 4/May/06
he is 6'1.5 - 6'2". I'm 5'2 and my hair is usually about mid arm / mid bicep.
I have not noticed him to have lost height in the years I've known him.
Ed said on 25/Apr/06
If you look under the Christopher Lee page there are two photos of Jackson, Lee, Lucas, and Christensen, now I haven't met any of them but by the looks of these pictures Jackson looks 6ft1 at best. If he's still 6ft2, making him 6ft3 plus with those dress shoes he's wearing than Lee is 6ft6 plus in his shoes, and general consensus on Lee is that he's now barely pushing 6ft4 in his 80's. I think Jackson is smaller than 6ft2 these days.
sam said on 24/Apr/06
I noticed that for most of Pulp Fiction, Jackson doesn't look much taller than John Travolta, but when they are barefoot (and getting blood cleaned off) the height difference is more pronounced. Travolta probably wears large-heeled shoes.
Viper652 said on 6/Apr/06
Sam doesnt even look a full 6-1 in these pics with 6-1 Barry Bonds. Id say he is no more then 6-1 Max now. Click Here
Anshelm said on 19/Mar/06
Shaft is on TV, and Sam's looking not quite 2 inches taller than Christian Bale. If Bale's 183 cm, I'd put Sam at 187 cm. Based on this single movie scene, that is.
sam said on 12/Feb/06
here is proof that Mr"6 foot 1.5, 16 and still growing" wrote his name here but this time he was "175cm16andgrowing" thats around 5'8 so how many 16 year olds are there who grow about 5.5 inches in a couple of weeks to a month.
what lier.
and maybe i'm wrong and who knows it was someone else but what are the chances of someone else having the same type of screening name unless it's a common name but how many people think of writing their height, age, and still growing as their name. i just hate fakers who think their bigger then what they really are.
sam said on 12/Feb/06
I swear Mr"6 foot 1.5, still growing" was like Mr"5 foot 6,7 or 8, still growing" like a week ago. I say this cause i've seen another person or this person post comments about other celeb heights under the "5foot 6, 16, still growing" or something like that. so how can you grow like 6-7.5 inches in a week. also in the beginning of this celebheight he posted "6 foot 1, 16, still growing" so he grew .5 inch just recently. and then when tubbs said he come across guys who are 6'1 but really 5'11 mr 6 foot whatever, thought it was towards him like he has something to hide. and why are you writing your height, that your 16 and still growing like your trying to brag or something. if you ask me i think Mr"6 foot whatever" is lying and isn't even close to 6 feet. what a loser.
Viper652 said on 10/Feb/06
Also that pic with Canseco puts Sam at around 6-1. Rob, I think its time for a downgrade.

Canseco is not 6-4, he is 6-3. He was always listed at 6-3 till his last few years in the league, where he got bumped up to 6-4.
Mario said on 4/Feb/06
Dogg is at least 6 foot 4, and he could be taller than that!
Samuel really isn't shorter than 188/189 cm nowedays.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 2/Feb/06
Samuel Jackson's height is in no way 6 foot 2.5 inches. If he's 2 inches shorter than snoop dogg, then isn't he 6 foot 1???
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 2/Feb/06
sorry to break it to you brett, but I've been suffering from alignment (subluxation) issues where my disks have been misaligned and compressed. So it was very easy for me to lose at least 1.5 to 2 inches throughout a rough day. now, with my back better, i'm only shrink about 2.5 inches
Mario said on 29/Jan/06
Hey ed, Samuel was an inch shorter than Christopher Lee (around 6 ft 4 nowedays) In Attack of the Clones, so it's more likely that Hayden did wear lifts. I agree with the most here that he is around 6 ft 2, but in the past Samuel was for 6 ft 3. Some seems to forget that the man is almost in his 60s and that a bad posture can make someone look shorter!

Ed said on 29/Jan/06
I know he wore lifts as Vader, but I didn't think he wore them as Anakin, at least not such severe ones to give him a 3 inch height boost. In ROTS there's a scene where he walks with Jimmy Smitts' character, and Jimmy Smitts towers over him. He's 6ft3, apparent same height as Jackson, so what gives? Did Hayden only where lifts in scenes with Samuel L? Or is Samuel L shorter, more like 6ft1 to 6ft1.5. On HAyden's website there are premiere photos for ROTS, and big group shots and closeups of all the stars. There is one of Samuel L and Hayden together, and there is not much of a difference between the two, maybe an inch. It is a clear cut shot, no one is leaning to much, both are standing up straight, wearing basic dress shoes. So, if you say he is 6ft, that would put Samuel L at my estimates.
brett said on 29/Jan/06
Ed, Christiansen wore huge lift boots in that movie, that isnt a fair comparison, as Ive said on other pages, my encounter with Hayden put him barely at 6'0" even, so comparing him to Jackson in that movie is not accurate.

Mr " 6 foot 1.5, still growing" you realise it is not possible to shrink 5 or more cm during the course of a day. I go from just over 186cm in the morning to 185 and a half at night, so unless you live on another planet where gravity is stronger 9.8m/s/s I think that is impossible
Ed said on 23/Jan/06
I was never skeptical of Samuel Jackson's height until recently, due to Revenge of the Sith. Samuel Jackson and Hayden Christensen looked nearly identical on screen, and that made me wonder if he was really 6ft3 or 6ft2 for that matter. I never saw Christensen as anything over 6ft barefoot, maybe more like 5ft11. I realize I also haven't taken into account that Samuel Jackson is pushing 60, and he definitely could have lost an inch. My buddy met him in LA at the Staple Center, and said he was a little taller than himself, and he is 6ft1.5 with shoes. So maybe he was a legit 6ft2.5 in his younger days, but is now hovering around 6ft1.5. In A LONG KISS GOODNIGHT, he looked a good inch and half or two taller than the 6ft Geena Davis, and thats about 10 years old.
6 foot 1.5, 16, still growing said on 22/Jan/06
I don't know about the 5 eleven mark for myself, because in the morning I'm pretty much 187 centimeters, but definitely in the night I've sometimes shrunk to 5 eleven and a half, 6 foot, but my back problems are probably making me shrink even more.
Tubbs said on 22/Jan/06
I've come across a lot of guys who claim to be 6'1, but you can obviously see they are hovering around the 5'11 mark, they are normally pretty self assured, and think that by boosting there height by a couple inches, they seem more manly, but as Ed says, sometimes when people are adament about a specific height, you feel bad, or just dont have the heart to point out that there not as tall as they think they are. Samuel L has always looked atleast 6'2".
Ed said on 19/Jan/06
I swear to God this kid was absolutely serious in his perceived stature. He is no more than what I said 6ft2.5 to 6ft3 with shoes, and he was telling me stories about his amazing basketball skills, dunking on guys, and a whole bunch of other crap! I flat out asked him how tall he was, and 6ft6 was his stonefaced response. That's why I told you I couldn't call him out, cause I felt bad.
Mario said on 19/Jan/06
A 6 ft 2 guy who says that he is 6 ft 6 is joking.
Samuel is probably 6 ft 2 today, we have seen him in tin sneakers en there is no way that he is under that mark. If you watch some of his older movie's as Jurassic Park, Coming to America etc... you will see that he was 190/ 191 cm.
Jason said on 19/Jan/06
An ex-boss of mine once claimed to be 6'7'' when he was really 6'3 1/2''.

I agree that Jackson is only a solid 6'1'' minus shoes.
Viper652 said on 19/Jan/06
Ed,are you serious??? A guy 6-2 thinking he is 6-6?
Ed said on 18/Jan/06
I agree, a lot of people have a bizarre perception of their own height. I know a guy who is 6ft2.5 maybe 6ft3 with shoes on, and he told me is was 6ft6. Now, I know most guys round up to the next inch mark, if their 5ft10 3/4, they'll say 5ft11. Understandable, but a 3 inch difference is just out of control. I didn't have the heart to call the guy out, he seemed so proud of his imaginary stature. So, Sam Jackson is probably 6ft1 in his bare feet, and 6ft2 in shoes. That sounds about right.
6 foot 1, 16, still growing said on 17/Jan/06
From what I've seen from photos, it seems like jackson is about 2 inches shorter than snoop dogg, who is 6 foot 3 after I saw in a video with him and the usc football team, whose heights are very EXACT. Samuel L. Jackson is 6 foot 1, and travolta is 6 foot. People ALWAYS boost up their height not because they are lying, but because they really don't know what their heights are. I believe that Samuel Jackson THOUGHT he was 6 foot 3, because ALL THE OTHER celebrities are unsure about their height too. For example, snoop is 6 foot 3, but says he's 6 foot 5. jackson prolly thinks snoop is 6 foot 5 when he gets next to him, so he subconciously thinks he's about 6 foot 3 because he's about 2 inches shorter than snoop. it's all in the mind, it's all in the mind. I have a friend who plays basketball and he tought he was 6 foot 1 and he thought i was 6 foot 3 and a half!!!! i thought i was 6 foot 3 and a half for a while and I felt like a GIANT because i thought he was correct! But I have a history classmate who claims to be 6 foot 2.5 and he was clearly at least an inch taller than me. Turns out the team did a height check and my friend turned out only to be 5 foot 10. Makes me 6 and a half in the afternoon and 6 foot 1 in the morning. So it's all in the mind. I'm pretty sure many commenters on this site don't know about their real heights because they're too afraid to check it, they just wanna believe in something that's not true. Knowing the truth is the best thing.
6 foot 1, 16, still growing said on 17/Jan/06
I'd like to believe that samuel jackson is 6 foot 2.5 inches, because his role as coach carter really blew me away. But check out this pic with him and 5 foot 11 50 cent. (50 cent is 5 foot 11 for sure). They are THE EXACT SAME HEIGHT.

If you go to the site and go to the bottom of the page with all the pictures, click on the picture on the bottom on the left. It shows 50 cent and jackson eye level. either 50 cent wore 3 inch lifts, or he was on his tippy toes.

Ed said on 12/Jan/06
In Pulp Fiction he does look about the same size as John Travolta, 6ft 1, maybe a little taller. In Swat he looked shorter than LL Cool J, who is listed as 6ft 2. He appeared the same size as Ben Affleck in Changing Lanes, another 6ft2, supposively 6ft3. Lastly in Revenge of the Sith, he appeared exactly the same height as the 6ft1 Hayden Christensen. I don't know what to think. Either he wears lifts, or some of these actors are lying.
Tubbs said on 9/Dec/05
It also says he's 11st4, he aint been that since school me thinks, not sure why it says that in it, is there one for Travolta?
jello said on 9/Dec/05
What do you say about the Jules Winfield driving licence? Why 5ft11?
dmeyer said on 1/Dec/05
i have to say big sam does look 189 190 cm in movies but compare to willis he looks at best 4 to 5 cm taller
kenneth sohz said on 19/Nov/05
watch back the long kiss goodnight while he was standing next to 183 geena davis,he look more like 188.. in his other movie he look even same no big diffrentz..
=rod said on 17/Nov/05
thats cuz snoop is taller than "6,4" hes "6,5" cuz im a for sure "6,5" and i seen him in real life .. and sam is in between "6,2.5" and "6,3.5" trust me i seen snoop b for
jello said on 11/Nov/05
He looks tall but not that tall. I think that he's 6ft1. I watched Pulp Fiction yesterday and he's the same height like Travolta.
holla said on 4/Nov/05
if you watch jackie brown, when he is talkin to chris tucker he apears an inch and a half taller than 6ft 1 tucker while jackson is wearing boots, so i would say jackson is no taller than 6ft 2
Heightcritic said on 5/Aug/05
In the last scene of pulp fiction, when he is exiting the dinner with Travolta, he is shorter than Travolta, and Travolta is listed to be 6'1". My guess is that Jackson uses special made shoes to make him taller, like many Hollywood actors.
Jason said on 25/Jul/05
I reckon Sam is really 186cm.
J.J.F said on 11/Jul/05
6'1.5" more likely (1.87m) He's a good 2 inches shorter than The Rock
Mr. Klaus said on 10/Jul/05
In is heyday i'm sure that he was 6 ft 3, he just looked to big to be under that. Those days he looks 6 ft 2, it's normal he is 57 years!
Viper652 said on 15/Jun/05
Ive read some encounters where they say Sam Jackson is 6-1. It could possibly be true.
Ball-A-Hallac said on 18/May/05
I think Jackson's 6'3 cause in Coach Carter Rob Browns what 6'1 i think and Jackson did look two or three inches bigger so I think he's 6'3

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