How tall is Donald Sutherland ?

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Donald Sutherland's height is 6ft 2in (188 cm)

Peak height was 6ft 3.5in (192 cm)
Canadian Actor best known for roles in films such as Don't Look Now, MASH, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Kelly's Heroes, Ordinary People, Klute, The Italian Job (2003), Space Cowboys and The Hunger Games Trilogy. In his early career he was described as 6ft 4 and weighing 185 pounds.

How tall is Donald Sutherland
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Comment on the Height of Donald Sutherland

Arch Stanton said on 20/Sep/15
Rob can you add a photo?
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 19/Sep/15
His posture is pretty bad nowadays. He can look barely over 6ft
Judd ISR said on 18/Sep/15
6'3.5" at peak and 6'2.25" today...
Pedriscovery said on 13/Jul/15
Un the film"puppet masters"hace two partners un the cast ,listed un 6" 2 and he is cleary two inches almost more tal than hem,he was 60 yeards old un this time
James B said on 27/Jun/15
6'3.25 was probably his true peak height. Just look at him next to clint eastwood who wasn't even a full 6'4
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 22/Jun/15
Rob, could you add Ordinary People and A Time To Kill to the list?
Dmeyer said on 21/Jun/15
He steel looks 6'2 or 2.5 at Times he hasnt lost so much for near 80 at that height
Sam said on 15/May/15
I agree with the man who said Sutherland was pretty dead-even with Max Von Sydow, but there's a chance Von Sydow was more 6'3.5" than the full 6'4". In his 50s, Von Sydow seemed to be edged out by 6'4" Daniel Stern in Hannah and Her Sisters.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 18/Mar/15
He was also described 6ft5.
Joe said on 29/Nov/14
Sutherland was 6'4" during his prime years, he has lost a lot of height as he is now nearly 80 years old. He looked considerably shorter than Liam Hemsworth who is 6'3". I think his current height is more around 6 feet even and nothing more.
pedriscovery said on 19/Nov/14
Its a film with max vonn sidow "oviri" are the same heigth.con sidow was 6'4"
pedriscovery said on 1/Nov/14
if you look six degrees of separation,donald suderland is minimum five or six centimetres more tall than will smith,the diference of heigth is considerable like james avery in a "fresh prince"donal sutherland in this time was a strong 6,4"
pedriscovery said on 28/Oct/14
Donald sutherland ever was more tal than eastwood un kellys héroes he adopted bad postures if you look móviles with cristopher lee 6'5" the diferente of height is 0.5" with Roberto ryan he look the same height
Sam said on 23/Oct/14
This is more accurate than 6'4" I think, although at times he could seem a weak 6'4" guy along the lines of Jason Segel, Conan O'Brien, John Wayne or, uh, Clint Eastwood.

His advantage over Connery in The Great Train Robbery and advantage over Caine in The Eagle Has Landed seems to be more so around 1.5 than a solid 2 inches.
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Also, a similar 1.5 inch advantage over Jim Brown and Lee Marvin in The Dirty Dozen.
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James B said on 11/Oct/14
Well he could look closer to 6'3 flat compared to Goldblum and clint eastwood.
pedriscovery said on 29/Sep/14
Sorry the film is out break
pedriscovery said on 19/Sep/14
In "disclosure" film he is cleary two inches more tall than morgan freeman,look the final scene
thebad7 said on 14/May/14
filmfan says on 22/Mar/14
I don't understand the comments about Eastwood being taller. Sutherland is clearly taller in Space Cowboys and in Kelly Heroes they don't really stand close together often and when they do Sutherland looks slightly taller.

If you're talking late 1969/early 1970, then YES, Eastwood has the advantage. No, they don't stand close together often, but in a few instances where comparisons can be made, Eastwood has a slight but noticeable advantage. If you're talking 1999/2000 when SPACE COWBOYS hit theaters, then YES, Sutherland has the advantage since Clint has been losing height since about the early 90s. Compared to Eastwood, Sutherland has kept most of his height as he's advanced in age. In 2011's THE MECHANIC--good action film, but nowhere near the perfection of the 1972 Charles Bronson film--he looks bare minimum 6'2 1/2" and this around age 75.

Arch Stanton said on 1/Apr/14
Yeah they didn't share many scenes standing together, only a couple and briefly but Eastwood definitely had the edge on Sutherland in the close up scene although we don't know what the ground level was like.
pedriscovery said on 18/Feb/14
in comander in chief geena davis have tall shoes,and sutherlan is more tall,6,4"is posible today
176,2Tunman said on 8/Feb/14
I think this listing is accurate.He looked very similar to Eastwood in Kelly's Heroes though Eastwood may be 1cm taller.He still looked about 6'3 comparing to 6' Geena Davis in Commander-in-Chief.
thebad7 said on 30/Jan/14
Gifted actor. To this day, my favorite role of his is Ronald the Firebug from 1991's BACKDRAFT--the guy's only in one scene, and he steals the entire film. As for his height, Rob's spot on. He wasn't quite 6'4", but close. Of course, 1970's KELLY'S HEROES is the favorite example. As several other posters noted, Don and Clint were very close--with Clint having a hair (1/2") on Sutherland and both men were wearing WWII era combat boots.

Peak: 6'3 1/2".
2014: strong 6'2"/weak 6'3". For a man his age, he's kept most of his height.

Gomecito said on 13/Dec/13
Sutherland and Goldblum. At first they look the same height. Afetrwards Goldblum looks taller but Sutherland is slouching
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Sam said on 19/Nov/13
There are several scenes and shots of Eastwood and Sutherland together during Kelley's Heroes and they look similar, though at times Eastwood actually looks a smidge taller, not the other way around.
pedriscovery said on 17/Nov/13
ina photograps of premier of hangred games shuterlan is a bit taller than liam hemsworth today with 77 yeards old
pedriscovery said on 17/Nov/13
have a video edition of kellys heroes,in the portait photograph have a image of telly savallas,sutherland and clint eastwood and donal with relax posture an legs open is more tall than eastwood,so eastwood never was a 6,4" or sutherland was 6"5
Arch Stanton said on 12/Nov/13
He's lost height, yes, but his profile still resembles that of a guy near 6'4", long face and long willowy frame
Arch Stanton said on 22/Sep/13
No it wasn't 2-3 inches though Pedri, more 1.5-2 inches. Gould at 6'2" and Sutherland at 6'3.5" looks about right.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Sep/13
Strangely though Skerritt looks taller than 5'11" next to Sutherland in MASH.
Arch Stanton said on 22/Sep/13
Agreed Pedri. Sutherland really looks a big guy in MASH and looks 6'4' ish. The fact that Clint Eastwood was a bit taller at the same sort of period as Kelly's Heroes, I have no doubts that Eastwood was a legit 6'4" peak. Sutherland at 192 peak is spot on IMO and he could have been 6'4" morning anyway.
pedriscovery said on 16/Sep/13
in a film M.A.S.H with elliott gould 6ft2" donald was 2 o 3 inches more tall,in pride an prejuice he was more tall than hes partner,i not remember the name,but he was 191cm an donald he a bit more tall,with 74 yeards in this movie
jtm said on 26/Aug/13
peak height is accurate but he could be shorter than 6'2 nowadays.
jtm said on 26/Aug/13
peak height is accurate but he could be shorter than 6'2 nowadays.
pedriscovery said on 23/Aug/13
in six degrees of separation he is two inches more tall than will smith 6"2,donald is 6"4 today,he declared "in a lot of movies and photograps encorved himself to look to ayes front to front
pedriscovery said on 23/Aug/13
in the tv series mis president donald sutherland have two partners in 6"4 in some photografs he have the similar heigth
Ian C. said on 3/Aug/13
He's in The Dirty Dozen, and the Dozen are ordered to line up according to height. Sutherland is second from the tall end of the line, standing next to six foot six Clint Walker. Probably the only time in his life that Sutherland has felt short. Show me an interview with Sutherland where he does not mention his height.
bookman said on 11/Jun/13
I just saw Body Snatchers again and I would say slightly less than GoldBlum. My guess 6'3 in his younger days.
pedriscovery said on 3/Apr/13
in a imagen with morgan freeman face to face donald was a trhee inches more tall,moran freeman is 6,2".
Arch Stanton said on 17/Feb/13
Disagree, that would put Connery at 6 ft 1 flat peak. 6'3.5" peak is about right.
James said on 19/Nov/12
Eastwood possibly 192cm and Sutherland 191cm in my opinion
James said on 12/Nov/12
Still a legit tall man at 6'2
kevin said on 11/Nov/12
peak height at 192cm seems correct when you have eastwood at 193cm peak.
James said on 10/Nov/12
Rob is 6'3.25 (191cm) possible for his peak height? There's always a chance Clint Eastwood was 6'3.75 peak and he edged him out in kellys hearoes.
[Editor Rob: he's been called 6ft 3 and 4 in his heydey, I'm not as sure he was a big 6ft 4, but one of those guys somewhere in 6ft 3-4 range]
Halb said on 18/Sep/12
Still looked tall in Space Cowboys
Shaun said on 24/Aug/12
6'3.5" peak 6'2" today for Sutherland is spot on in my opinion. Good call Rob, Eastwood definitely edged him out in Kelly's Heroes.
mike said on 24/Jul/12
Didn't look that tall in without limits looked in the 185 Cm range next to billy crudup

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