How tall is Elvis Presley ?

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Elvis Presley height: 5ft 11.75in (182 cm)

US Singer, The King of Rock n Roll has in the past been listed as standing as tall as 6ft 2. Now, in person he probably did appear quite tall but often wore big heeled footwear.

An Army medical suggested he was 6ft 1/2 inch, although site visitor Ramiro got hold of Elvis' army medicals and he is mostly listed 6ft, with one 5ft 11 listing - See Here
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Steve says on 24/Dec/14
Elvis with 5'11" Robert Wagner.

Click Here
Steve says on 24/Dec/14
This is more like it.

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And with Jimmy Dean.

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Gx79 says on 24/Dec/14
Rob do you think elvis wore lifts in 60s,70s which could make him look in 6'2 range
[Editor Rob: maybe sometimes a kind of big heel, but nothing like say elton john used to wear. Maybe with some large 2 inch heel he'd look nearer 6ft 1 to folk.]
TJ says on 23/Dec/14
At least three inches shorter than Cash? There's two pics with Cash where both are standing. They look almost identical height in the first and Cash looks probably maximum two inches taller in the other. Both are here:
Click Here

Whatever the first one shows, I do believe that Cash was the taller of the two, but it is fair to note that Cash is in country gear in the second pic and Elvis is in a tux (ie Cash might well have had a footwear advantage over Elvis' dress shoes). In any case, there's no pic where Cash looks at least three inches taller. Cash's self claimed height was 6ft 1.5, which I think he was in his prime, but not in his final years. I find it much more plausible that he was around 1.5 inches taller than Elvis than 3.5 inches taller.

And you are right that it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but being geeky about height is pretty much the point of this place :-)
Mike F says on 23/Dec/14
I can't see the army being incorrect by two inches,as he is mostly listed as 6 foot with at least one record in existence also showing 6ft 1 3/4 with the word issue next to it, which to me suggests that this is with boots on, and most people who meet Elvis describe him as being tall.There are also plenty of photographs and video , such as Karate shots when Elvis is barefooted and he doesn't appear to look any different in height. With all the official records showing 6ft I do find it odd that Elvis isn't listed on this site at this height, when other stars have little evidence to support their heights, however it is interesting. Happy Christmas
Steve says on 22/Dec/14
I try to look full full shots showing feet to judge height. But most of the time they're hard to find. A lot of foooling around occurs.

Fact is Elvis was no taller than Milton Berle. And quite a bit shorter than Steve Allen. And at least three inches shorter than Johnny Cash who reportedly was 6'1".

But as I said earlier, it really doesn't matter how tall Elvis was. He was one of the greatest entertainers of pop music. There was only one Elvis.
TJ says on 20/Dec/14
Exactly Steve. We can't see footwear in the shot you posted with Forrest either and, as you say, angles can give a slightly misleading result too. I have a pic on my hard drive of Ringo looking the same height as McCartney and I'm sure someone could post that to make a downgrade McCartney or upgrade Ringo claim. It wouldn't be credible, but they could. At least with Elvis we do actually have some official documentation/height measurements to support the height claims. That's often not the case.
Steve says on 14/Dec/14
We can't see the footwear in that shot with Elvis, Forrest and Barbara Eden.

Steve Forrest was 6'3".

Here he is with his brother Dana Andrews who's peak height was 5'10":

Click Here

The photo appears to be slightly tilted to make Andrews appear taller.
TJ says on 12/Dec/14
And this pic with Forrest shows the height difference to be a little less:
Click Here

Neither are particularly conclusive as we don't see footwear or full body, but Forrest is a little nearer to the camera in the one you posted. It's clear that Forrest was comfortably taller than Elvis though and there was no effort to diminish that in the movie that they were in together as Forrest was playing the older brother and somewhat of an authority figure.

If talking about Forrest though, here he looks the same height as John Wayne, who was either 6'4 or close to it:
Click Here

I think that Forrest was probably his listed height of 6'3, but we could easily look at that image and conclude that he was nearer 6'4 or that he inflated his 6'3 height a little with lifts. Hard to say, but it's clear that movie stills and publicity shots aren't always conclusive.

I'm not seeing as much as 5 inches difference in the Elvis/Allen pic.
Steve says on 12/Dec/14
Elvis with Steve Allen:

Click Here

And with Steve Forrest:

Click Here
TJ says on 10/Dec/14
Rob has Bronson at 5'8 and notes that he often looked taller because of footwear. He could certainly look much taller than expected against tall men such as Lee Marvin, so no surprise that the same was true with Elvis in Kid Galahad.
Steve says on 9/Dec/14
Charles Bronson was 5'7".
TJ says on 8/Dec/14
Another example would be Elvis' height compared to Tom Jones. Rob has Jones listed at 5'10.5 in his prime, which seems fair when you see him against others, including members of the Beatles. Elvis was always taller than him and Tom was known to wear flattering footwear (not necessarily lifts, but he was a fan of the heeled boots etc). Do you ever see a pic of the pair together and conclude that Tom was the same height or marginally taller? I don't.
TJ says on 8/Dec/14
You seem quite hung up on those two examples Steve. Could just as easily ask why he looks 6ft next to numerous other people whose heights we know/think we know. I don't think he was 5 inches shorter than Steve Allen. There are pics where the difference looks less than that and he only tends to look 5 inches shorter on video when he's stood a little behind. Plus, again, we don't know if footwear has an impact with Allen or Berle. And are you completely confident in the 5'10 and 6'3 heights for Berle and Allen, respectively? I've seen Berle listed at 5'10 1/2 and 5'11. A minor difference, but significant when we are dealing with an inch here and there. With all the other evidence pointing at Elvis being somewhere in the range of 5'11.5 to 6ft, the 5'10 idea is weak.
Sam says on 8/Dec/14
I'm not convinced at 5'10" for Elvis, he was at least 3 inches over Charles Bronson and around 2 inches under Johnny Cash at 6'1.5".
Steve says on 7/Dec/14
Then explain why he was the same height as Milton Berle. And was five inches shorter than Steve Allen.
Gx79 says on 7/Dec/14
Elvis was 5'11 3/4 and he wore 6 cm lift whitch is 2.3inch whitch would post his height to 6 foot 2
TJ says on 7/Dec/14
You are right forest. Unfortunately, the autopsy show wasn't reliable (one document they trusted was a proven forgery) and they likely guessed the height/weight. Steve, I think Elvis looked a little taller than Berle, but hard to say by how much as both seemed to slouch. Plus, we obviously don't know whether or not Berle was a lift wearer. The heels and/or lifts that Elvis wore later made him look more like 6ft 2 than 6ft.

Rampage - Elvis claimed "an even 6ft" for himself in the 50s. The 6'2 must have been the publicity machine or someone making a wrong guess and it spreading.

Vernon Presley was probably around 6'2 in his prime. I've seen a couple of pics of Vernon with Muhammad Ali when Vernon was in his 60s and in poor health. In one pic, he looks about the same height and in the other one inch shorter. Elvis usually looked a couple of inches shorter than Vernon, unless in the big boots.
forest says on 5/Dec/14
That programme was wrong...they also listed him as 220 pounds..fact is that his height and weight are not written on the released autopsy report.
Steve says on 5/Dec/14
Elvis was five inches shorter than 6'3" Steve Allen.

And Elvis was the same height as 5'10" Milton Berle.

Conclusion, Elvis was probably 5'10".

I think later in his career he wore lifts which made him appear six feet.

But it doesn't matter if he was 5'3". He was a tremendous talent. No one today comes close.
dci says on 3/Dec/14
Autopsy programme tonight stated his bmi and height as 5"11
dci says on 2/Dec/14
Autopsy programme tonight stated his bmi and height as 5"11
average slacker says on 29/Nov/14
he was probably 6ft 1/4 in his peak, in the morning...
he had a very nice physique, slim and tall
Yytt says on 24/Nov/14
How tall was vernon Click Here
[Editor Rob: could be in 6ft 1-2 range]
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 15/Nov/14
Click Here

They were reporting him 6ft2 for years and with his ego it wouldn't surprise me if he actually claimed that for himself. I'd still give him that extra ¼in, though and he might've been measured 6ft0½ early morning for that medical. Back then 6ft wasn't average at all.
rs says on 15/Oct/14
report said he was 6foot 1 160 pounds
Click Here
Carl says on 13/Oct/14
PS: Elvis's boots have been auctioned off at various auctions over the past few years. Most notably was his black 68 comeback special boots that were auctioned off. The size was a 12 and he wore those mainly throughout the entire various segments of the special. He also had another pair for the special too but they were in dark brown by mistake from wardrobe. Elvis gave the brown boots to the wardrobe girl on the show as a gift. They also went up for auction three years ago. Their size was 13D. His chest size in the 60's was 42 inch and leg size and waist size his prime was 32/32. His last waist size at end of death was 40inch. However for most of his life right up until the almost end Elvis was tall, slim, lanky and had a great physique.
Carl says on 13/Oct/14
Elvis was a true a 6ft guy and his boot size as stated previously was mainly 11-12 for much of his life and in his final years he wore a size 13 FACT due to water retention. However he wore mainly a size 12 from entering the army onwards. A true legend.
John says on 2/Oct/14
At 25 1.83m. 170lbs.
At 42 1.82m. 260lbs.
Sam says on 30/Sep/14
Rob, what about Eddie Cochran?
I read he was 5'8 somewhere .. but he looks much shorter than that. Maybe around 5'5 at most.
jlb says on 19/Sep/14
Elvis may have been 6' feet tall, but he's now 6 feet under. Just saying. I wish he was still making music. Who's songs would he be doing now? Also it me or does he 'really' have that great of a voice? I can't think of anyone else with such powerful vocals. So sad.
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 18/Sep/14
I think Elvis was a true 6 feet 0 at his peak in his twenties. "5 feet 11.75" seems almost arguable at best, and perhaps a mute downgrade. Most people's height fluctuates 1/2-inch or more throughout the day anyways, and I think if the majority of Army medicals measured him at 6 feet in the 1950's, then he was a true 6 footer. You can't ask for better records than that. Just my opinion though.
Chuckie Cheese 2 says on 13/Sep/14
Actually, when Elvis was in his early 20's, he wore a size 10 shoe, size 32 x 32 pants, 40 chest/suit, a 15.5" neck, and 7-1/4 hat. The young Elvis was 6 ft 0 and weighed 160 to 170 pounds: Click Here

At his prime, at his 170 lb weight his blood pressure was a perfect 115/60. later in life Elvis hit 255 pounds, his shoe size increased to size 11 or 12, and his blood pressure would hit into the 180's after a performance. His weight gain and unhealthy lifestyle had caught up to him by age 40. All in all, a great singer and true talent and one of a kind - The King of Rock and Roll.
Carl says on 19/Aug/14
Elvis was 6ft and his boot size was 11D to 12 and 13D. He wore on average throughout the 60's and 70's a size 12D boot. His 1968 comeback special boots were auctioned a few years ago and they were a size 12D FACT. Made in Italy black leather. He later wore size 13D at times due to water retention at the end of his life. In his boots Elvis stood 6ft 1.5ins
Carl says on 19/Aug/14
Elvis was 6ft and his boot size was 11D to 12 and 13D. He wore on average throughout the 60's and 70's a size 12D boot. His 1968 comeback special boots were auctioned a few years ago and they were a size 12D FACT. Made in Italy black leather. He later wore size 13D at times due to water retention at the end of his life. In his boots Elvis stood 6ft 1.5ins
Carl says on 19/Aug/14
Elvis was 6ft and his boot size was 11D to 12 and 13D. He wore on average throughout the 60's and 70's a size 12D boot. His 1968 comeback special boots were auctioned a few years ago and they were a size 12D FACT. Made in Italy black leather. He later wore size 13D at times due to water retention at the end of his life. In his boots Elvis stood 6ft 1.5ins
Jim says on 18/Aug/14
Why is he at 5'11 when he is listed a 6ft everywhere even on medical stuff I mean come on
idalil says on 17/Aug/14
Back in about 1965 it was in a magazine, that he was 5"11.. AND He wore a 10 and a half shoe
Giulio says on 11/Aug/14
Gessie says on 4/Aug/14
His own daughter said in this video that he was around 6ft2 ?

little kids see adults as very tall because of the perspective and they remain with that impression if daddy is no more when they are grown
Gessie says on 4/Aug/14
His own daughter said in this video that he was around 6ft2 ?
Carl says on 15/May/14
Elvis should be put back to his original 6ft or 183m on here as it's pretty much too obvious that there is irrefutable evidence to support his recorded height of six ft. People on this site have a tendency to take away an inch or two on here on each celebrity with ridiculous allegations. Point in question: Robert Wadlow, the tallest recorded human being that ever lived whom was measures every few months of his early life and later life. He was last measured just before he passed away by various dr's recording his physical body weight, height etc at 8ft 11.25 inches, yet you will still find people on here whom will say he was wearing shoes, lifts and was really shorter. I mean it's just ridiculous what certain people will say of everybody including a man who stood almost 9ft tall wearing lifts? Come on get real..! I guarantee most measures celebs on here who have a six foot status on here have all mostly been suggested by people on here to be 5.11 or 5.10 etc. it's ridiculous. Carl
Carl says on 6/May/14
Elvis was only a teenager and this was his first driving license and in the USA you can start driving at 16 which is approximately how old Elvis would have been at the time of this license. All his adult driving license's had Elvis height at 6ft or 6ft 1inches and his last driving license in 1977 when he was listed him as him at six feet tall. on that licence and if you just google Elvis license it always mainly lists this height. Buddy Holly who had his driving license auctioned a few years ago was also his first driving license and listed him at 5ft 3ins at 16. He then must have gone through a height growth speed as buddy's last license before the plane crash listed his height as 5ft 11.5 inches. So you see in fact that Elvis at 16 was already very close to his adult height of six feet. FACT.
Hyptomized says on 5/May/14
Back in the 1980's in Memphis, an enlarged copy of Elvis' TN DL was on display(the old green paper license)and showed him to be 5'11"
Carl says on 28/Apr/14
Elvis was measured 6ft both for the army and when he was in hospital in the army. Nobody even Elvis closest friends would really know accurately how tall Elvis truly was without actually measuring him. The various heights given for is 5.11, 6,6ft 1 ins, 6ft 2ins. It's safe bet to say Elvis was bang on six foot. We could argue about this forever and all have different opinions. The same could be said about his boot size. People will say he wore 11D boots when in fact he also mostly wore 12D too and when his feet started to swell he would sometimes wear 13D. The best answer to Elvis height is basically that he was approx 6ft.
TJ says on 27/Apr/14
Only trouble with that tex is that most people don't actually know the precise height of their friends.
tex says on 23/Apr/14
I know Sonny West very well. He said Elvis was 5'11" and he wore "lifts" or shoes with built up heels. This is from a guy who knew Elvis most of his life.
gx78 says on 29/Mar/14
elvis was 5foot 11 and half
Carl says on 7/Mar/14
Elvis was a strong 6ft anyday of the week.
TJ says on 5/Mar/14
Dean looks to be around 4 inches taller, probably with a cowboy boot footwear advantage, at least in the earlier photo. I don't know how exact Dean's 6'3 is though. Look how comfortably taller a slouching Dean looks compared to Buck Owens, who was apparently 6ft (and looks it in pics with Cash):
Click Here

Looks a very strong 6'3 if Owens really was 6'0. The reality is that there are pics that show Elvis looking taller than 6ft, about 6ft bang on, and shorter than 6ft, depending on camera angle, footwear, posture, and what we know/think we know about the height of who he is next to. The same is true of most heights on here of course. It's less common to have actual official measurements though. Rob does have it about right I'd say.

Bobby... I doubt that Rob has it in for Elvis :)
Knowitall says on 1/Mar/14
Elvis with Jimmy Dean:

Click Here

Dean was supposedly six-three. I see anywhere from a four to five inch difference.
BobbyJ39 says on 1/Mar/14
Nobody is exactly any height. Obviously a listing at 5'11.75" is this website's shot at the man. Be fair go in and lower all the rest of those 6 foot stars that you know that "special" mark brings some "special" status
TJ says on 26/Feb/14
Yes, Cash very likely was the taller of the two, but it looks less definite when you look at this pic instead:
Click Here

The one you posted was the one I mentioned before with Cash in the cowboy gear and Elvis in a tux, so if anyone had the footwear advantage you would think it would be Cash.

Hard to say which pic gives us the most accurate impression of their respective sizes. Maybe it's somewhere between the two.
Knowitall says on 25/Feb/14
Cash was definitely taller:

Click Here
TJ says on 24/Feb/14
Hollywood tailor Nudie Cohn took complete measurements for Elvis when tailoring the famous gold lamé suit in 1957. Proud of his association with Elvis and the popularity of the suit, Nudie apparently displayed a poster in his store which listed Elvis' measurements. This had Elvis at 6ft in his stocking feet. The complete measurements are here:
Click Here
Mike says on 22/Feb/14
A lot has been made of the six foot and a half army medical measurement and most people are saying that this relates to when Elvis was wearing boots however I am positive that there is another measurement from this medical claiming elvis to be six foot one and three quarters with the word ISSUE in brackets next to this which could suggest that this was the measurement taken whilst Elvis had his boots on.
Carl says on 20/Feb/14
Medical records for Elvis list Elvis at 6ft. End of story. There is much evidence to support that Elvis was 6ft in his stocking feet. He wore boots in the 60's and 70's as did most people which was the fashion at the time. Elvis should be put back to 6ft on this site as there is much fact to support that Elvis was indeed 6ftf and over 6ft with his boots on. Carl
Carl says on 20/Feb/14
Medical records for Elvis list Elvis at 6ft. End of story. There is much evidence to support that Elvis was 6ft in his stocking feet. He wore boots in the 60's and 70's as did most people which was the fashion at the time. Elvis should be put back to 6ft on this site as there is much fact to support that Elvis was indeed 6ftf and over 6ft with his boots on. Carl
TJ says on 20/Feb/14
My view is that Elvis was probably what people here call a "weak 6'0" in that he was likely 6'0 (or perhaps a tiny bit over) when he woke, but walked around at 5'11.5 or so for much of the day.

Maio made the point about the time of day Elvis was measured when he entered the army and it's actually a valid point. Elvis was up all night before his induction according to the most trusted biography, and so he probably was at his absolute shortest by the time he was measured that day.

The point about Elvis and Johnny Cash is also true. The two pics that exist of them standing together have them looking almost identical height in one and Cash looking taller in the other (the one where Elvis is in a tux and Cash is in cowboy gear and likely cowboy boots). I think Cash was the taller of the two (Rob has him at 6'1.5), but there's probably not much in it.

And yes Mr R, Elvis did dye his hair, starting early in his career. It was never a secret.
Knowitall says on 17/Feb/14
Elvis wasn't six feet tall. More like five-eleven.

Milton Berle was around five-eleven when he was younger. But like Bob Hope he lost quite at bit of height as he got older.
Mr. R says on 17/Feb/14
Slightly off topic - But did you notice that on those medical forms his hair is listed as brown? I guess it was true he died his hair black.
Carl says on 17/Feb/14
Elvis was a true six foot man. He was tall and in his size 11D-13D boots he would have been just under 6ft 2ins. 6ft 1ins plus 3/4 inch tall. It's silly to base assumptions on photographs as you don't know what they are standing on or posture. I've seen elvis appear the same height as Johnny cash in various photos then when Johnny cash in cowboy boots and elvis in dress tuxedo shoes he was little shorter. But if you look at candids of Elvis throughout the years he was mostly quite tall and DEFINATELY 6ft. He was listed for many years in both newspaper and his movies as being 6ft 2ins but the reality was Elvis was just over 6ft and with boots on he would have been 6ft 1ins plus 3/4. Thanks Carl. PS: His boot size ranged from 11D to 13D but mainly he wore size 12D. His 68 comeback boots were sold at auction a few years ago. One pair was size 12D and another pair size 13D. Yet his designer got it wrong in a interview when he said Elvis wore size 9 boots. He was a regular 6ft guy with big feet at size 12.:-)
Jeff C says on 15/Feb/14
Has anybody seen footage of Elvis at the Milton Berle show. Berle is listed at 5'10" and they look about the same height or actually berle seems half an inch taller, unless uncle milton is wearing lifts which I doubted. This is Elvis early in his career which he wore mostly regular shoes not boots. Based on that video He looks 5'10 max. Rob, if you get a chance go to youtube to take a look, you will be surprised.
Sam says on 8/Feb/14
Well now we know he's more likely closer to 5'11 than 6ft.
jtm says on 17/Jan/14
5'11.5 tops
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Jan/14
"79 uf still alive"

79 if still alive....are you a conspiracy theorist, Joe?
joe says on 13/Jan/14
rob i too met him at international 1970 aug 5'11 to 6 79 uf still alive
Jon Burrows says on 13/Jan/14
If 6' is good enough for the US Army then I am satisfied. That's The Way It Is. TB.
james says on 5/Jan/14
He was 5,11 to 6.o thats what army records saidbhe was always 6,2 7n m8viesvwith his boots on melody I think you were the luckest woman in the world
melody says on 4/Jan/14
I think elvis was around 6 he was tall. It is now 43 years since I was kissed by elvis when he walked into the crowd at the las vegas international as it was known then in august 1970 editor rob go ontonyou tube and put in thats the way is and the blood towards the end is me incredible I saw it after sll the years great man miss him
joe says on 4/Jan/14
I too saw elvis at the international in august 1970 I was not kissed by him I neve4 stood next to him but I h3lieve he was 6 tall that was the documentary elvis thats the way it is wae beingbfilmed st the ttime and I saw myself I was 24 then 43 years on still unforgettable n7ght
alex6969 says on 27/Dec/13
he was 6 foot. ali was 6 foot three and he was diminutive compared to the champ.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 11/Dec/13
"Elvis Presley's height is 6ft 0in (183cm)"

In boots I'd say minimum 6ft2. I honestly thought he was 6ft4!
Carlos says on 6/Nov/13
Elvis was measured at six foot and his boot size ranged from 11D - 12D depending on boot type.
In his boots Elvis would be around 6ft 1ins.
Carlos says on 6/Nov/13
Elvis was measured at six foot and his boot size ranged from 11D - 12D depending on boot type.
ian c. says on 30/Oct/13
Yes, yes, I'm being annoying about this, but Ernest Hemingway gets listed as six feet tall. Well, did anyone measure? Maybe he was five feet eleven and three quarters. Okay fine. Be that way. Elvis was a giant in any case. Thank yuh vera much.
Ian C. says on 23/Oct/13
I am delighted to read that Elvis was a nice man, an observation that has been repeated by quite a few people. I'm just passing through on a load of turkeys, but I think that his height should be updated to six feet even, in recognition of his pleasant personality. Like, a lousy quarter of an inch? Come on, Celebheights, be a mensch and put Elvis over the magic line.
psibet says on 13/Oct/13
I met Elvis in the early 70's in Las Vegas and he appeared to be just over 6ft. tall. But what I recall most is how pleasant a person he appeared to be. While in his presence, I had a very good feeling about him. Definitely, a good soul.
charlie says on 4/Oct/13
Elvis was a true 5'10" Flat footed.. he wore heels and lifts Making him 6'0 to
6'1/2inches. This was his true height. He was not a big framed man which also made him appear taller.My brother is a ETA and had the Aloha From Hawaii suite made and they said his measurements were 42 for chest 35 waist 32 length.
Knowitall says on 25/Sep/13
I met him back in the late 1960s. He seemed to be around five eleven or a tad over that. One of the nicest people in show biz that I ever met.
James Kinnear says on 17/Sep/13
I had the great pleasure of not just seing elvis but my then girfriend was kissed by elvis at a concert back in august 1970,at the then international hotel, it was an amazing night to be there and I still and always will remember it, honestly can't believe 43 years have past, he probably was around 6'0, it was sad to think just 7 years later he would die, a true enternater best ever

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