How tall is Michael Jackson ?

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Michael Jackson height: 5ft 9in (175 cm)

US Singer.
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andre says on 26/Oct/14
5ft9 prime and 5ft7.75 at dead
Liam 176 says on 26/Oct/14
5' 9". But his height could vary a lot. You could argue anything from 5' 7.5" to 5' 10"!
Max says on 12/Oct/14
According to John Landis' wife, Jackson was 5'6", she wrote it in a Sony Magazine about Thriller. She's the one who designed the 'Thriller' costume. She also says he weighed just 99 lbs. These are obviously errors.
Dr. Russell says on 10/Oct/14
At peak, he was 5' 8", over the years he had developed osteoarthritis and spine degeneration which causes a person to lose height, scientifically proven as much as up to 6 inches.

My guess is that he lost approximately an inch or so, and was around 5' 7" when he passed away. The Autopsy had him at 5' 9" but people's spine gets elongated around 1 to 2 inches afer lying down for such a long period of time, but he had his spine damaged meaning he wouldn't have been able to have his spine produce water for it to elongate. Meaning the Autopsy height was very close to his peak height. So his peak height would be anywhere from 5' 8" to 5' 9". I've been studying his height very thoroughly over the last few years and I've learned a lot about the human body. His peak was approximately 1.74 m
Mjj lover says on 7/Oct/14
I think 5'7 or 5'8... I think 5'8 then when he "died" 5'7. Cause something happened with his spine and u get shorter when u get older.
David says on 23/Sep/14
He was a leggy 5ft 9in hn I mt him.
tylerdurden says on 22/Sep/14
5'10 peak, always looked average height. Possibly lost height with age as comments below har suggested he had arthritis of some kind
Normal Norman says on 29/Aug/14
Yeah, looks 5' 9" more than any other height. Although his height could swing a bit.
Joe says on 23/Aug/14
Michael Jackson is of average height. 5'9" for him.
Spirit Level says on 10/Aug/14
Looked the same height as Jon Bon Jovi when they met in the 1980s - who I have at 5' 9".
gregorovich says on 7/Aug/14
I saw his brother jermaine tonight. I would peg him right at 5'11"
rosa says on 29/Jul/14
his official file in Chinese has been 5'10-6'. i believed that for 30 years.
Victor says on 27/Jul/14
I just think 5' 9" seems about right. Michael never looked tall to me. And that's pretty much dead on for him, I think.
Joe says on 20/Jul/14
I think he was 5'9 in his peak, he looked every bit of 5'9 with 5'8.5" Marlo Brando in the 1980s, I think he just shrinked to a weak 5'8", around 5'7.75".

Here is a 1983 pic:

Click Here

He looks 5'8.5 to 5'9 in that pic.

Now here is Michael Jackson just a few years ago:

Click Here

Looks an inch shorter than him.
tony says on 29/Jun/14
I met the man myself throughout the 80's and I can say he's a strong 5' 9" and 5' 10" max.
chintu says on 28/Jun/14
I think michael is more than 5.9.During his interview with oprah in 1993 he is as tall as oprah who is 5.7 then wearing 3-4 inches.He was definetly 5.9-5.10 tall.
Lysa #JoeNotJoseph says on 21/Jun/14
I think it's too short for Michael if his height is 5'9 / 175cm bcoz as we can see on his Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Dept picture n there have said that his height is 5'11 / 180 or 181cm n I hope that was the true height of him ^_^ =)
Kendall says on 6/Jun/14
I'd say 5'10 in photos next to Whitney Houston and Michael Jordan
Heylo says on 4/Jun/14
It's fascinating cause he could look much taller than he was. He could look about 6ft on stage sometimes. Maybe it was for his pretty long legs and that he always wore heeled shoes and his shirt in his pants so that the illusion of a smaller upper body. I actually think he was more about 5'9.5 or something in his peak.

I am a big fan of the guy too, must be mentioned cause it's the king of pop! :D
Lillo thomas says on 4/Jun/14
Howard stern is talking BS. Michael jackson was never near his height at all. Michael jackson never look tall . Michael looked taller than 5'9 at times but he never looked tall.
Steve says on 3/Jun/14
Michael was probably about 5'10 during his peak. Despite this, he was very thin which could have contributed to the perception of him being tall. It's a tough one.
MJKoP says on 31/May/14
Always been a fan(hence my username), but his height is hard to pin down. Not under 5'9", but why would Howard Stern claim 6'2" for him? A lot of people meet Michael and are taken aback by how tall he is. He prefers to walk around severely hunched over, so maybe Howard is onto something? Howard was at least 6'6" peak so at 5'9" or under Michael would be dwarfed by him...but instead Howard said, in addition to his 6'2" estimate, that Michael was about his height!! Not insinuating that Michael was 6'6" or even 6'2", but things just don't seem to add up.
SaveUsY2J says on 27/May/14
Good to see some sensible posts on this page again following Knowitall's "tragic" departure.
Dmax says on 23/May/14
Michael Jackson is 5'10 and 5'9.5 or 5'9 at the end of the day because of shrinkage END OF STORY that guy comparing him to bill clinton and bill clinton is 6'4 not 6'2 smh ridiculous
Dmax says on 23/May/14
Michael Jackson is 5'10 and 5'9.5 or 5'9 at the end of the day because of shrinkage END OF STORY that guy comparing him to bill clinton and bill clinton is 6'4 not 6'2 smh ridiculous
cobra says on 23/May/14
He looks a little shorter than 5-10 guys like Mike Tyson and Mr. T in pics, this listing seems accurate.
Celeste says on 17/May/14
sportsman -

I recall hearing that Howard Stern said that... I couldn't tell if he was being serious or not, I mean 6'2"? LOL. I agree 5'8 - 5'9 for him is spot on, anything else is a joke.
sportsman says on 16/May/14
He was 6' 2", according to Howard Stern. No, but seriously Michael Jackson was at least 5' 8", at most 5' 9". Anything under or over 5'8-5'9 is laughable.
the king says on 15/May/14
176Ish and a legend.
Xscape is plain epic.
industry says on 11/May/14
Michael Jackson had degenerative spondylosis in his full lower spine according to his autopsy report.

Incase you didn't know, if all your spinal discs have degenerated you'd lose up to 2 inches, Michael had his lower half degenerated meaning he'd lost about 1 inch. You get taller up to 2 inches when an autopsy is taken due to no gravity pushing the body down. If his spine degenerated by 1 inch, the most he could have got taller was by 1 inch, because of course half of his spine was damaged. So that would put him at 5' 8", but he would have lost an inch in height meaning his peak was 5' 9".

I believe he was around 5' 8" 1/2 at peak, 5' 7" is laughable for Jackson he's not that short, although his posture got very bad.
thegroove says on 28/Apr/14
I have bad posture and when I first started to get it I went down from 5'8 to 5'6.5 and then I developed arthritis making me lose another 2in, putting me at 5'4. so I'd say MJ must have shrunk about 2in if he had arthritis in his spinal column. 5'9 sounds like MJ's original height.
Heylo says on 21/Apr/14
Next to Slash (listed as 5'10) he looks around his height. Depending on footwear, Slash seemed to be some cm taller but he had thickheeled shoes on stage while Michael had his dance shoes with a 1-1.5 inch heel.. I'm not sure but i think Michael was around 5'9, he could be 174cm.

His long legs and long arms (afro-american tends to have longer arms and legs than Caucasian people in relation to their upperbody) makes him look tall. He was probably 5'10 at stage with his shoes on and his build + clothes gave him that tall appearance. At least i think he often looked tall when he performed, especially on HIStory Tour when he performs Stranger In Moscow, he looks 6ft on that one.
strangerinmoscow says on 19/Apr/14
He had very bad arthritis in his spine, he had to take strong drugs for severe back pain since the 1990's. Look how bad his fingers got.

I also have arthritis, but not that bad for the need to take powerful drugs. I had shrunk an inch and a half in a year. He DEFINITELY had decreased in height from the fact his was far worse than mine.

I would have to say if he was 5 ft 9, he went down to 5 ft 8 or maybe even more than that, I would have imagined he lost approx. 2 inches, so it would make sense that people thought Michael was shorter than they thought he would be.

Knowitall, what year did you meet him in?
math says on 18/Apr/14
I just realized something. When your laying down your body gets taller by at least almost an inch than your true height.

When Jackson was measured for his autopsy, obviously they gave him 5-9, that would mean he was about 5-8, right?

But Jackson had arthritis and osteoporosis in his legs and spine, which mean it would have obviously been impossible for that to happen. The most he could have got taller by was half an inch, giving him 5-8 and a half, but of course arthritis and osteoporosis decreases height, which means if he did get to 5-8 - 5-8 and a half, he was originally 5-9. We have our answer. His peak was 5-9. There's nothing wrong with this site's listing at all.
Nobody says on 4/Apr/14
It is very easy to judge Michaels height.Look at the picture of him standing next to Ronald Regan and Nancy Reagan. Michael wearing flats and he is in good posture.Nancy Reagan 5'4" Ronald Reagan 6'1" she had on huge hills and and ron did too. Looks like Michael is 5 8. ..No way around it 5 8
the shredder says on 31/Mar/14
5'7 is a joke , but he can look 5'8.
Celeste says on 30/Mar/14
I don't believe he was as short as 5'7... I think 5'8 is definitely possible though, especially when he was older. He didn't looked that tall to me, sometimes he even looked on the short side. In a crowd of people he didn't stand out, (in terms of height) he looked average height. I find 5'7 as unbelievable as 5'10 or 5'11 for him, I think 5'8 - 5'9 is accurate. Many things can affect height including camera angles, posture, shoes and the posture of other people standing around him.

Other than that I have to say his height can be quite confusing but all the evidence suggests 5'8 - 5'9. It's quite obvious.
leonari says on 30/Mar/14
He often had the losest posture. That explains the 5'7" estimates. When applying good posture with a heeled shoe looked tallish due to his great proportions and slim figure. Thats what 5'9" is. Not here nor there. Same with Stallone.
james says on 30/Mar/14
If you think about it, all Michael's dancers he selected for shows had to range from 5-9 to 5-11 (Knowitall's height)

Wouldn't that mean all his dancers were a lot taller than him if he was only 5-7 or 8. He certainly looks the same height as background dancers in performances to me.

He's definitely 5-9.
Dural says on 30/Mar/14
doggystyle says on 28/Mar/14
Dural that picture you show is very interesting.

If Nelson is 6' 0" then Michael looks 5' 9" in that photo, but if Nelson is 5' 10" then that would make Michael 5' 7" in that photo. Heights can be very confusing.

Michael never struck me as over 5' 9" though, but I wouldn't think he was as short as 5' 7". 5' 8" is just very questionable.

Rob, how tall do you think Mandela is?
[Editor Rob: there is a page with a 6ft mandela listing ]


6ft could have been his peak height. That photo was taken in 1999 when Mandela was 81 years old....

Lisa Marie Presley looks tiny compared to everyone.

with barely 6ft Nicolas Cage

Click Here

with Michael and many kids

Click Here
simon says on 30/Mar/14
Jackson was definitely 5-9, no less, no more.
He may have even had a peak of 5-9.5 in the late 70's, since he always used to look 5-10 next to 6-0 brother Jackie but due to his drastic weight loss in the early 80's could have made him a bit shorter along with his arthritis and lupus which interfered with his posture and bones.
littlesue says on 30/Mar/14
Can never see Jackson as low as 5ft 7, look at him with Lisa Marie Presley, too much of a height diference to be only 5 inches, its more like 7.
176,2Tunman says on 29/Mar/14
5'7 is just as ridiculous as 5'11.Certainly he didn't look more than 5'9 with Jordan.God knows how poor his health was in the end.When he performed Thriller,he was probably at his top,slim build,good posture,he definitely gave the impression of being tallish then.In the last years,he became rake thin and drugs certainly didn't help his posture.
Knowitall says on 28/Mar/14
Jackson was five-seven. That's it. I'm finished here. Argue away.
mr.johnson says on 28/Mar/14
If Michael is 5' 7" then that would mean he stopped growing at the age of 15, because estimating on that picture of Michael and Landis is the exact distance of Michael and Jackie's head from a full body picture from 1973/74.

But Marlon was taller than him by at least half an inch to an inch and Marlon if I recall is 5' 8" and Michael seemed an inch or two taller than him in the later 70's, meaning he would have at least got to 5' 9".

Either he's 5' 7" - 5' 8" or 5' 9", or he could just somehow magically change his height since the age of 15 in every picture.

I had met someone who looked about only an inch taller than me and we were in similar shoes, but on the day we wore the same shoes, somehow he looked almostt 3 inches taller than me and I thought he grew but he's 32. So its hard to judge on height all the time. 5' 9" sounds about right for him, could be shorter but I would doubt it.
doggystyle says on 28/Mar/14
Dural that picture you show is very interesting.

If Nelson is 6' 0" then Michael looks 5' 9" in that photo, but if Nelson is 5' 10" then that would make Michael 5' 7" in that photo. Heights can be very confusing.

Michael never struck me as over 5' 9" though, but I wouldn't think he was as short as 5' 7". 5' 8" is just very questionable.

Rob, how tall do you think Mandela is?
[Editor Rob: there is a page with a 6ft mandela listing ]
smart3 says on 27/Mar/14
Knowitall...I never said he wore lifts, but he could be wearing shoes with a slight heel we never kow, but what we do know is for a fact in those pictures, Michael is obviously wearing his flat loafers to dance. Just a thought.

What year did you meet him? Because in the 80's he never looked 'too thin' he just looked slim and healthy.
Dural says on 27/Mar/14

If you believe Jackson was 5'9", please provide obvious hard evidence (only full body photos). Landis doesn't strike me as someone who would wear lifts.

with 6'2" Bill Clinton he obviously doesn't look 5'9". (don't tell me Clinton was wearing lifts)

Click Here

with Nelson Mandela. His passport from 1990 says 1.83m (6') Click Here
while an older passport from 1962 lists his height as 1.78m (5'10") Click Here .

Click Here
Knowitall says on 27/Mar/14
John Landis doesn't wear lifts. This is becoming laughable.
Knowitall says on 26/Mar/14
I guess for his fans, any photo is invalid that tends to prove Jackson was under five-nine.

Look, I met the guy. He was several inches shorter than me. He was shorter than most people at the studio. And terribly thin. Painfully thin. Almost anorexic thin.
smart3 says on 25/Mar/14
Dural, we don't know what's under their feet so that's invalid.

I believe Jackson is 5' 9" based on obvious hard evidence, although he can come off awfully short in some photos - same issue with me.

He was measured at 5' 9" when he was measured for his This Is It outfits and they obviously had him take off his shoes (alsso they obivously needed to check his shoe size). He even had spine degeneration and arthritis in his legs at the time. He just wouldn't have been measured at 5' 9 if he was 5' 7-5' 8. He may look very short compared to some people in photos, but then again he can look 5' 9" next to others.

Paul McCartney is 5' 10" just an inch under John Landis - why doesn't MJ look almost as short as he did with Landis with McCartney? Well, Landis may have had heeled/lifts in his shoes while MJ had his flat 'music video' loafers on. Never forget Michael had completely flat loafers for music videos and performances, while Landis could have wore anything.

Look at Tupac though. Its funny he was 5' 7" and measured at 6 ft on his autopsy = How ridiculous.
Dural says on 24/Mar/14
Compare 5'9" - 5'10" Paul Newman & Steve McQueen with 6'2.5" Sidney Poitier and Michael Jackson with Sidney Poitier.

Click Here
Click Here
king1 says on 23/Mar/14
According to Michael Jackson's autopsy report, he had arthritis in his lungs, spine, legs and fingers. He's had it since the early 2000's. So it would be quite obvious he's lost about an inch in height. His autopsy recorded his height as of 5' 9" and when lying down you could get measured an inch taller due to gravity, so if the arthritis put him at 5' 8", it would make sense why his autopsy would put him at 5' 9".

His peak was definitely 5' 9", but arthritis reduces height meaning he went down to 5' 8". He could have started getting it in the mid 80's - early 90's since he started getting leg injuries and back injuries around those times.
joseph says on 22/Mar/14
Knowitall, please measure yourself without shoes and then say exact height you are and explain more detail about your meeting with MJ and how you estimated his height.

Because its funny I met him at a studio and I gave him a hug and he looked just an inch under me and I'm 5' 10" on exact. He was wearing regular loafers while I was too. This was back in 1985. So we both met him at similar places and timings I guess, so that makes one of us right and one of us wrong. He didn't seem several inches shorter than me at all and he wasn't wearings lifts or heels either.
Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14
Michael is clearly two inches shorter than five-nine Rudy Giuliani:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14
It's clear that McCartney is taller:

Click Here

He's wearing what look like deck shoes while Michael has on cowboy boots.

Even with those boots with two-inch heels, Michael is two inches shorter.
Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14
That's about how short Michael looked next to me and I'm the same height as Landis.
Knowitall says on 20/Mar/14
Those are clearly standard issue cowboy boots with high heels. Look at them. Probably two-inches.

Paul is definitely five-ten. Or at least he was when he was younger. And I doubt he ever wore lifts. He did wear boots with a slightly higher heel back in the 1960s which was the fashion.
Dural says on 20/Mar/14
There's clearly more than a two inch difference between Landis and Jackson. Here's another photo

Click Here
johnson says on 20/Mar/14
Actually we don't know if there are heels in his cowboy boots and we don't know whether Paul is wearing lifts either?

Paul looks clearly closer to the camera if you compare their feet size, leg size and face size to each other.
Knowitall says on 19/Mar/14
I agree. It is ridiculous.

No heels? He's swearing cowboy boots in the second photo:

Click Here

You mean you think there's only two inches separating them in this photo?

Click Here

If so, you definitely need to pull out a ruler and take a close look at just how long an inch happens to be.
mrsmith says on 19/Mar/14
This is getting ridiculous, he's not wearing heels in those Paul McCartney photos, but he did wear heels in his later years when they became popular, otherwise he wore normal loafers.

Michael roughly looked 2 inches shorter (standing straight) next to John Landis in photos not 4, unless your bad at estimating heights. My father's peak heigth was 5' 8" 1/2, and now he's 5' 7" just the same as me at age 61. Landis' peak height could have been 5' 11".

Rob, don't you think that it would make more sense that Jackson was 5' 9" if he selected dancers of the heights of 5' 9" - 5' 11" (he may have accidentally THOUGHT he was in the middle at 5' 10")
Knowitall says on 19/Mar/14
I know John. He's roughly five-eleven.
Dural says on 19/Mar/14
doctor8 says on 18/Mar/14
Dural, I'm guessing your pictures are way more accurate to judge on than 'The Girl is Mine' single cover and the whole Say Say Say video.

He looks almost as tall as McCartney on the single cover of 'The Girl is Mine' and in the 'Say Say Say' video because he has a significant footwear advantage (2inch heels).

I guess that's the single cover you are talking about (it also seems as if Jackson is standing on higher ground).

Click Here

Click Here
Dural says on 19/Mar/14

Rob lists Landis as 5'10.5" peak and 5'10" current height. Can you explain why Michael looks so short compared to Rob?

Click Here

Rob, you look taller than Michael with John Landis. I'm just saying. Still wears the same glasses btw..
[Editor Rob: he does look quite short with Landis, how much height Jackson loses in posture is a question, 5ft 8 for him is very arguable.]
doctor8 says on 18/Mar/14
Dural, I'm guessing your pictures are way more accurate to judge on than 'The Girl is Mine' single cover and the whole Say Say Say video. For one, your photos. Don't even show their feet, two on one of them Michael is leaning down on the fense or whatever it is he's leaning on, and if he was standing up straight in the picture he'd be almost as tall as Paul.
Dural says on 18/Mar/14
How tall is John Landis? He looks about 4 inches taller than Jackson.

Click Here
Knowitall says on 18/Mar/14
Why would Brando be five-six? In photos he looks to be either the same height or slightly taller.
Dural says on 18/Mar/14
Paul McCartney was taller than Michael

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
doctor8 says on 17/Mar/14
If Jacko was 5' 7", then Jackie is 5' 8"/5' 9", Martin Bashir is 5' 3"/5' 4", Marlon is just under 5' 6", Paul McCartney is 5' 7"/5' 8"...come on, man.

Jacko was about the same height as Paul McCartney on The Girl Is Mine cover and the Say Say Say video. The most sir Paul McCartney could have been taller than him was by half an inch. Paul is around 5' 9" 1/2 - 5' 10" by his peak I believe, and don't say he lost height because he was about 40 around the time him and Michaael were working together.

Hey Rob, what do you think about this big debate with Michael Jackson's height? It varies a lot.
[Editor Rob: I don't see him over 5ft 9, I think for me that was what he could look]
words says on 17/Mar/14
Met Mr. Jackson myself back in 1984 and I can tell you he was 3 inches taller than me when I met him.

I'm 5' 7" and when I met him he was wearing normal loafers like in the thriller video, I could literally see his socks. I was wearing VERY similar shoes. So he was DEFINITELY not wearing any heels/lifts whatsoever since I could see his socks.

He looked 3 inches taller than me and I was looking at him head to toe accurately, so I can tell you for a FACT he was defintely taller than 5' 7". If he was 5' 7" he should have been the same as me. I would have thought 5' 10" based on what I saw, but 5' 9" sounds about right.

Marlon whom I met on the same day was maybe a couple cm taller than me. So knowitall I find it strange he looked 5' 7" to you, I find that VERY strange.

My sister met him in 1988 and she said he was about 5' 11" or 6' 0"when she met him. I believe he was wearing lifts/heels by then since he was definitely not that tall. But I can assure you he was definitely not under 5' 9"

Let me add on the day I met him he was slouching a lot, I didn't even realize he was slouching until he stood up straight. When he slouches it doesn't even look like he's slouching. When you met him he could have been slouching.
jam says on 15/Mar/14
My father died 3 years ago and he was 5' 11". His autopsy had him at 5' 9". But we know that's not true for a fact, since I'm 5' 9" and he was a couple inches taller than me. I even had a cousin who was the same as me all his life and his autopsy had him at 5' 7" which we knew was wrong but he had artharitis but it wasn't severe. So that makes ssense. Maybe the same applied for Michael Jackson's autopsy report. He's most likely 5' 9" and I've read he had artharitis too.
Tape Measure says on 12/Mar/14
Looks the same height as Jon Bon Jovi here:
Click Here

5' 9"
Knowitall says on 11/Mar/14
My shoes had a normal heel about an inch. So I'm six feet in shoes. I'd estimate he was at least three and a half to four inches shorter than me. I could almost look over the top of his head. He was short. Very skinny. I doubt he weighed more than 120 lbs.
time says on 10/Mar/14
I'm not trying to say you're wrong or anything Knowitall, but you guys were in shoes, so its hard to tell really.

His shoes could have had an inch heel, while yours had 2, or yours could have had half an inch while his had never know.

Same with me, my brother and I were outside and he looked at least over 2 inches taller than me and as we go home took our shoes off and all of a sudden he was only about an inch taller than me again and our shoes are very similar and have no heal. I do understand you're point, but I wouldn't doubt he's 5'9. Where did you meet him and what were you guys wearing from head to toe?
Knowitall says on 9/Mar/14
One of his staff said.....

I'd hardly base anything on what someone claimed.

I worked in the entertainment industry for forty years and can tell you without reservation that much of what you hear about celebs from official sources is made up.

It's after all a business of make believe.

I saw Jackson in the flesh. I stood right next to him. He was considerably shorter than me. And I'm an inch under six feet.
time says on 8/Mar/14
I find it VERY confusing. When Michael Jackson was selecting dancers for This Is It one of the staff said all dancers must be around Jackson's height and then she said if you're not 5' 9", 5' 10" or 5' 11" you're not going to get the job and then for his HIStory concert rehearsals they said dancers had to be 5' 9" - 5' 11" back then as well.

My question is...if Michael was 5' 7" - 5' 8"...that would mean he's selecting dancers quite a bit taller than him, when that's not what he wanted. Wouldn't it make sense that he was 5' 9". They would have obviously done measurements and things, especially for the costumes (trousers, jackets etc).

I believe the autopsy wasn't real or had loads of errors, since he definitely weighed no where near 136lbs in 2009, more like 100lbs - 110lbs. They could have borrowed old information.

I spoke to one of the staff who worked for Jackson on tours and measurements, she told me he was 5' 10" in regular loafers and then told me that he's probably 5' 9" without his stage shoes. I asked if he had heels on those loafers and if he was much shorter and she told me he can't dance in heels and that he dances in shoes that are almost flat at the botttom. My loafers are almost 2 inch heels, yet only make me about an inch taller. I'd say he's about 5' 9".
Dural says on 8/Mar/14
Tucker isn't 6'1" and Jackie Chan is not 5'10 in regular loafers. Jackson was also the same height or a hair shorter than 5'8" listed Usher.

Click Here

Shorter than 5'6" listed Cher. (in heels i guess)

Click Here

5 inches shorter than 5'11" Brooke Shields in 2inch heels.

Click Here
Click Here
jo71 says on 8/Mar/14
Sorry but Tucker is 6' 1", look at him in all the rush hour movies and compare his height to Jackie Chan.

I've met Jackie Chan several times over the years and he was always about 5' 10" in regular loafers.
Knowitall says on 8/Mar/14
Six-four Conan O'Brian had Tucker by five inches. No way is Tucker close to being six-one.

Click Here

I'd say five-eleven max for Tucker. So subtract four inches and we get five-seven for Michael.
johnson says on 7/Mar/14
Met Jackson myself back in the early 80's. He was wearing socks, I was wearing loafers that gave me 1 inch. He was certainly no less and no more than an inch taller than me.

I'm 5' 7", and I had to look UP to him when we were talking. From that point on I believed MJ was 5' 8", until I remembered Jackson was an inch taller than me while I'm in shoes, meaning if I took off the SHOES he'd be at least 2 inches taller. The shoes I was wearing were 1 inch heels. So the Jackson I saw was most likely a legit 5' 9", definitely not 5' 7" or 8" since he should have been shorter or the same as me when I met him if he was. This site's listing is completely fine.
jo71 says on 6/Mar/14
This is just stupid.

Have you guys seen the pictures of Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker on the 'Rock My World' set. Or have you gus even seen the music video.

How come Chris looked just 3 - 4 inches taller than Mike. Chris is a legit 6' 1 btw.

Brando could have been wearing some heels or lifts on, Michael was dancing so he was wearing regular loafers. Lifts can go up to 3" on men. Now go ahead and say Chris is 5' 10".

My whole point is Michael was 5' 9" end of. He certainly didn't look 5' 7" - 5' 8" next to Chris. I'm not trying to back Jacko as a fan or whatever, but you have to admit, I clearly have a point.
Dural says on 6/Mar/14
Thanks Knowitall! Brando must have been at least 5'11.5" if Jackson was 5'10". Now it all makes sense!
Knowitall says on 4/Mar/14
Great pictures Dural! As everyone can see, Jackson is clearly shorter.

The man was not anywhere near being five-ten. He wasn't five nine. At most he was five-eight. But from what I saw in person I'd say closer to five-seven.
Dural says on 3/Mar/14
Jackson and 5'8.5" Marlon Brando.

Click Here
truthseeker says on 2/Mar/14
Sorry excuse my lame explanation...Jackie's CHIN meets the bottom of the bottom of Marlon's nose, whereas me standing next to my 6' 0" brother, at 5' 7" his chin meets to the top of my nose

Meaning that Marlon IS 5' 8". That should make sense now.
Knowitall says on 2/Mar/14
Lame excuses? Please.

I guess for fans, he will always be taller than he really was.
truthseeker says on 28/Feb/14
I told you I met Marlon in 1984, he was an inch taller than me and we were in very similar shoes almost same. Looking at photos of the Jacksons, Marlon's head comes up to the bottom of Jackie's nose

Me next to someone who is 6 ft, my head meets the TOP of their nose and I'm 5' 7" So if someone was 5' 8" their head would meet the bottom of the nose!!

And like I said, MJ looks several inches taller than Marlon 1974/75-present. Check all this for yourself if you don't believe me. So if I met Michael in 1974, he would have OBVIOUSLY been taller than Marlon. I'm not even talking about official heights here mate, I'm telling you my own experience.

If he was 5' 7" - 5' 8", I swear to god he should look same height as Marlon since I even met him myself and Michael shouldn't look closer to Jackie's height, his head should meet the bottom of his Marlon...which it clearly doesn't.

Looking at your evidence I'd believe he's 5' 7", but then again if I look at the J5/Jacksons videos I'd think he's 5' 10"...his official height is 5' 9".........he's 5' 9". There you go. Stop trying to come up with lame excuses.
truthseeker says on 28/Feb/14
I told you I met Marlon in 1984, he was an inch taller than me and we were in very similar shoes almost same. Looking at photos of the Jacksons, Marlon's head comes up to the bottom of Jackie's nose

Me next to someone who is 6 ft, my head meets the TOP of their nose and I'm 5' 7" So if someone was 5' 8" their head would meet the bottom of the nose!!

And like I said, MJ looks several inches taller than Marlon 1974/75-present. Check all this for yourself if you don't believe me. So if I met Michael in 1974, he would have OBVIOUSLY been taller than Marlon. I'm not even talking about official heights here mate, I'm telling you my own experience.

If he was 5' 7" - 5' 8", I swear to god he should look same height as Marlon since I even met him myself and Michael shouldn't look closer to Jackie's height, his head should meet the bottom of his Marlon...which it clearly doesn't.

Looking at your evidence I'd believe he's 5' 7", but then again if I look at the J5/Jacksons videos I'd think he's 5' 10"...his official height is 5' 9".........he's 5' 9". There you go. Stop trying to come up with lame excuses.
Knowitall says on 27/Feb/14
Official is meaningless. Almost every celeb lies about their height.
truthseeker says on 25/Feb/14
Official heights of Jacko's brothers (in a book I had in 1979)

Jermaine - 6' 1"
Jackie - 6' 0"
Marlon - 5' 8"
Tito - 5' 8"
Randy - 5' 7" 1/2
Michael - 5' 9" 1/2 (according to the book)

I met Marlon in 1984 and he was at least an inch taller than me and I'm 5' 7". So I agree with that book.

Michael does clearly look taller than Marlon in videos 1974-present.

Michael's height in comparison to Jackie's height from J5 performance videos, show right before hitting 16 he shot up to 5' 9" unless Jackie is 5' 10" which I doubt, since he's a very big guy.
kingofking says on 25/Feb/14
Fred's official height back then was 5 ft 9 either way (even if he was 5 ft 7). So THAT's probably why she said MJ is the same as him, besides MJ is 5 ft 9 isn't he
Knowitall says on 22/Feb/14
Fred Astaire was five-seven. I met the man three times beginning in the mid-1960s.

The last time I saw him was at a Frank Sinatra concert special event held at the Universal Amphitheater. That was back in the early 1980s. By then he had dropped to five-six.

Bing Crosby was five-seven and always wore lifts.

I've watched Astaire's films. He comes off taller because he was extremely thin. But watch him in Top Hat. He's several inches shorter than Edward Everette Horton who was five-ten. And at least two inches shorter than Eric Rhodes who was five-nine.

Here's Astaire with five-eleven Robert Wagner:

Click Here

He's clearly four inches shorter.

And here:

Click Here

Astaire with five-seven Gene Kelly:

Click Here
Renae says on 21/Feb/14
I really dont see how Michael Jackson is 5ft and 9in
Arch Stanton says on 21/Feb/14
@Know it all. Not a chance. Unless Bing Crosby was a weak 5'6" guy. I've seen 3/4 of Astaire's films and he looked 5'9" ish or at least close to that in most of them.
Knowitall says on 19/Feb/14
Fred Asaire was five-seven.
emperor says on 18/Feb/14
He looked 1-2" shorter than 6' Jackie in the late 70's performances and videos (mind you, they were all wearing the same outfit and shoes)

Michael looked 3-4 inches taller than 5'6 Bashir (exluding the scenes where he is seen wearing lifts/heels giving him a 5" taller than Bashir impression)

The lady who designed his 'Thriller' costume has stated that he was the same height (5'9) and weight (approx. 100lbs) as young Fred Astaire and she would have obviously done measurements and things

In This Is It, one of the lady's who worked for him said that people had to be shorter or either same height as him when he performed, and then she went on to say if your not 5'9, 5'10 or 5'11 you're most likely not going to get the job.

If Michael Jackson was 5'7, 5'8...why would he select people who are taller? Especially when that's not what he wanted??

He claimed 5' 10" in his Moonwalker book, 5' 9" Babyface claimed Jackson grew to be taller than him, he was said to have arthritis and LAST OF ALL, he was measured at 5' 9" on his autopsy report, there was not ONCE he was measured below that dead or alive. What does that tell you?
spike says on 16/Feb/14
Well...then Jackie must be 5' 9 or 10 if Mike is 5' 7/8 and Carman already explained Jackie being a bit taller than him.

If he REALLY was 5' 7"/8"...why didn't he look that height next to 5' 6" Martin Bashir in the living with mj documentary.
Knowitall says on 15/Feb/14
Driver's license? Please! Just about everyone lies about their height on a driver's license. When was the last time you were measured at the DMV?

As for an autopsy, when the body is layed out flat on a table, it tends to measure longer than it really is when standing up. And who's to say the people doing the autopsy didn't make an error?

Jackson wasn't five-nine. Not the Michael Jackson I met.
carman says on 15/Feb/14
Guys, he is 5' 9" now calm down. If he was 5' 7", TRUST ME, we would all know, it would have been VERY obvious and he wouldn't have been measured 5'9 1/2 on his drivers licence, 5'9 on autopsy and 5'11 on mugshot. Let's get real here. He was 5'9 and it was obvious.

In the Jackson days he ALWAYS looked about an inch or so shorter than 6'0 Jackie. I've met Jackie back in 2010 after some theatre thing and he was about exactly an inch taller than me, I'm 5' 11" and we were wearing similar shoes with a slight heel.

Mike was 5'9. Jackie's height has been proven and the 1977 J5 videos Shows Mike looking almost same height as him. He's 5'9 guys, even though he looks 5' 10 or 11 in the J5 videos.
kim says on 15/Feb/14
He's been measured 5'9 on his drivers licence and autopsy report...DONE.
He even looks the same height as 5'10 Paul McCartney.
Knowitall says on 13/Feb/14

First off it's not at all obvious he was five-nine.

Second, he was considerably shorter than me. No way in the world was he five-nine. More like five-eight max, but he could have been five-seven or slightly taller.
metal says on 13/Feb/14
According to his Autopsy Report, he had arthritis in his spine, legs, lungs and fingers. I have a family member with arthritis in the spine and legs and what it does is shrinks these areas or makes them stick together, hence making them look smaller.

Michael's hands in the Press conference did look pretty small and chubby to what we seen in the past, if it affectted his lungs, legs and spine he could have most definitely lost about at least half an inch if it wasn't that bad.

The family member who has these problems had shrunk 2"and she's young. Michael could have peaked at 5' 9" 1/2, but we don't know WHEN he started to have arthritis, this could explain why he thought he was 5' 10.
jamesbond says on 12/Feb/14
Michael Jackson was 5'9, it's pretty obvious.

2" shoes can give him a closer to 6' 0" appearance, while his bad posture could make him look a little shorter at times. This site's listing is completely fine.

Knowitall, you claim when you saw him he looked 5' 8" to you, don't you ever give it a second thought and say 5' 9" is just an INCH over what you thought he was.
Knowing all says on 31/Jan/14
I guess being in denial will forever keep fans from ever being objective.
mId says on 31/Jan/14
If you scroll down you can still see the video I posted of him and Oprah Walking side by side.. She's in heels.. he has his usual Michael-dress-shoes and they are dead even in height. So whatever Oprah is.. add 1 or 2 inches(heel difference) and you've got Michaels height.
MJ Fan says on 29/Jan/14
Anywhere From 5'9 To 5'10.5 - Nothing More - Nothing Less
Knowitall says on 13/Jan/14
Michael with Bill Clinton:

Click Here

I see a six inch difference.

Taking into consideration that Clinton is six-two, that means Michael was no more than five-eight.

Check other photos and videos showing Michael with Clinton. He!s very short in all of them. In some he looks seven inches shorter.
Knowitall says on 8/Jan/14
Janet Jackson age 17 with Sammy Davis Jr:

Click Here

At age 17, most girls have grown to their full adult height. They grow earlier than boys.
Knowitall says on 8/Jan/14
According to Janet Jackson?

Stop believing celebs. They all exaggerate, even lie about things, especially height.

I've seen Janet Jackson in person. She is TINY! Very short and petite. I doubt she's over five-two.
Icarly Fan says on 6/Jan/14
random says on 5/Jan/14
according to his sister janet jacksons heigth she is 5.4 feet
and usally a brother is 5 inches taller than his sister so then i'5.9 sounds accurate

A brother isn't usually 5 inches taller than their sister. Your height goes by the height of your parents which can get pretty unpredictable at times due to one sibling having more of another parent's height genes or the mix between the two genes can give one sibling a height completely different then that of anyone in the family.
random says on 5/Jan/14
according to his sister janet jacksons heigth she is 5.4 feet
and usally a brother is 5 inches taller than his sister so then i'5.9 sounds accuarte
Knowitall says on 27/Dec/13
Tim, please explain further.

It's quite obvious Michael wasn't anywhere near being five-ten.

President Reagan towered over him.

Prince Charles was at least two inches taller than Michael. And Prince Charles was a couple of inches shorter than President Reagan.

Michael was the same height as Frank Sinatra.

He certainly didn't tower above five-seven George Lucas.

Michael was shorter than five-ten Francis Ford Coppola.

I've posted dozens of photos plus three videos showing Michael to be short.

If you base your opinion on dismissing everything then you need to do a lot more research before publishing your book.
tim says on 26/Dec/13
There's enough proof to convince me that Jackson's 5' 10". I looked at everyone's comments and judged everything on all the proof I know. And I have to say 5' 10" might be it. I used to believe 5' 8", but my mind has changed.

The evidence of Jackson being 5' 10" kind of, in a way stomps on him being 5' 7" per say. I'm not a so-called fan as you may say, I'm actually writing a little book on him so I wanted to make his height accurate.
Knowitall says on 25/Dec/13
Michael with five-eight & a half Marlon Brando:

Click Here

Remember that by the time of this photo, Brando could have lost height due to his extreme weight.
Dural says on 24/Dec/13
5'7.5" seems to be correct. Watch the behind the scenes to his music video with Naomi Campell (claims 5'9.5"), she's barefoot and Jackson with 2in cowboy boots is the same height as her. He's also barely taller than George Lucas and Frank Sinatra, that's not 5'10". It's impossible to convince fans Knowitall.
Paul177 says on 23/Dec/13
He looked the same height as Jon Bon Jovi when they met - who I have at 175 cm. But I couldn't see what footwear each of them had on. Michael could look 5' 8" an awful lot of the time too...
Knowitall says on 23/Dec/13
If Jackson was five-ten then I must be well over six feet tall. Ditto that for Reagan.

Sinatra had to be five-ten.

Let's see. That would mean Dean Martin was at least six-one which would have made John Wayne six-seven.

And that would mean Rock Hudson was six-eight!

Come on! Back to reality.
The Lizard King says on 22/Dec/13
Knowitall is right. Five eight. No more than that. Why are people so blind? Why is it so hard to accept concrete facts??? Check the pics the fella posted!
live says on 22/Dec/13
Nah 5'10 sounds most accurate
johnmcc says on 21/Dec/13
I thought he was round 5'9 but after seeing those pics he could be 5'8 range.
Stefani says on 19/Dec/13
Knowitall that first picture that you posted of Jackson and McCartney is one of the worst photos for judging height and you know it is, Paul is much closer to the camera and it has already been proven in other pictures where they have stood next to each other that they are the same height, just accept it and realise Michael wasn't as short as you think he was
Knowitall says on 17/Dec/13
I always pick the worst pictures. Here's another 'terrible' photo you can dismiss:

Click Here
Knowitall says on 16/Dec/13
A picture is worth a thousand words:

Click Here

Click Here
illuminatipuppet19 says on 16/Dec/13
EXCUSE ME Mr.Knowitall you're picking the WORST pictures of MJ AND Paul, the pictures you shown don't show their feet (whereas the one where he looks 5'10 shows both their feet to their heads)and Michael's head was turning down and he still looked same height. How do you know what they were even wearing on their feet anyway. Michael Jackson was a man of 5 foot 10 inches or at least not far from that. The "Girl Is Mine" Cover proves it, but you don't want to believe it. This site has provided enough evidence to show how he's 5'10 and you my friend have provided evidence of him being 5'7. Now we all have good enough evidence to back ourselves up, you can't just say YOU'RE right, because face it, we don't really know.
Knowitall says on 15/Dec/13
When did he look five-eleven?

You think the dozens of photos and videos are all fake?

McCartney and Jackson were not the same height:

Click Here

Click Here

Michael with five-foot-seven Frank Sinatra:

Click Here

Michael with five-foot-ten Prince Charles:

Click Here

Michael wasn't five-ten. He wasn't five-nine.

He was most likely around five-seven.
kkidd says on 15/Dec/13
5'10 sounds about right to me
Stefani says on 15/Dec/13
The photos with Paul McCartney prove Jackson was approx 5'10', end of story. The media took every opportunity to make fun of him and if he was as short as 5'7' he would have been ridiculed even more. Apart from that he has never looked that short, I understand that his small frame made him appear taller but it's impossible for a 5'7/5'8' man to look nearly 5'11' consistently, just accept that he was of average height
Knowitall says on 14/Dec/13
Truth is, never trust what celebs claim, especially about themselves.

Kirk Douglas once told Dick Cavett he was five-eleven back in the 1970s when Cavett had him on his show. Cavett then said that makes you taller than Richard Burton.

Not even in lifts could Kirk reach five-eleven. Not unless they were Frankenstein boots.
666 says on 14/Dec/13
For one, Michael Jackson said "he didn't have any DRASTIC plastic surgery done on his face", he's not stupid, he knew we knew he had surgery. That was HIS private information and he was obviously too sad and embarrassed to say so.

Height is COMPLETELY different, ALL he said in his book was at age 14 when he first started noticing puberty he was "heading towards 5 foot 10 inches" he said it exactly like that, meaning he was close to it. He said he felt like a gangly kid and said he grew too quick, He didn't say he WAS 5 foot 10. All we know is he was close to 5 foot 10 at age 14.

He was 5'8 around the time he just turned 15, so if he only grew to be 5'8 then he stopped growing at 14-15, but tbh he did look taller like he grew again in mid 1970's right before he became an adult AND he's got quite tall brothers who are above 6'0, so I'm just saying I wouldn't be surprised if he was 5'10.
john 182 says on 14/Dec/13
Average sized bloke who wore big heels 5'9 on a good day.
Mr. Kaplan says on 14/Dec/13
Lance Armstrong once said he never took PEDs.
Knowitall says on 13/Dec/13
"The man is 5 FOOT 10 INCHES. He said it in his own book.

First of all, he WAS five-ten. He's dead.

Second, he claimed he never had any plastic surgery done to his face.

If you believe everything celebs claim then you'll never get to the truth.
halo99 says on 13/Dec/13
I actually believe he was 5'10 rather than 5'9.
Knowitall says on 12/Dec/13
I did meet him and I did shake hands with him. I even talked with him about his Rolls limo. It turned out his mechanic was my mechanic. I even sat in the limo. His driver/bodyguard was a son of Marlon Brando.

I've posted over two dozen photos plus two videos. They all show him to be short.

It's impossible to change the minds of people who are fans. They see their favorite celeb as they want to see them.
ricky says on 12/Dec/13
The man is 5 FOOT 10 INCHES. He said it in his own book. He just can't be 5 8, because he was 5 8 when he was like 15. The man is FIVE FOOT 10 INCHES!!!!!!!!

And knowitall if u REALLY think Jackson was 5'7-5'8, tell me how tall you think he was when he was 15 years if age
lipsynch says on 12/Dec/13
Big fuss over height? Ridiculous.

He was 5 foot 10 inches - he said it himself in his book, end of story.
lil\'kimnicki says on 11/Dec/13
Lol I bet Knowitall never even met the guy and IF HE DID, he never shook hands with him, come on now. He's been ridiculous...where's the proof, any photos?
MartinX says on 11/Dec/13
yo, listen said 'I guess only when they show Michael being short. But they're accurate when they occasionally show him to be the same height as people such as Paul McCartney'...FIRST OF ALL

The pictures that show him to be approx. 5'10, like the ''Girl Is Mine'' cover, those are OFFICIAL CLEAR photos, whereas the pictures that you show us could have been taken with any low quality camera. I even look very short in low quality photos, even my face shape varies in photos, because of the lenses probably.

And if you say Michael deliberately made himself same height or a little taller than Paul McCartney deliberately in the photos and videos, then THAT my friend is delusional. Why the hell would he care to make himself look the same height and they probably didn't have good enough technology back in the early 80's anyway. Look at The Jacksons Facebook page. Michael certainly doesn't look any more than 3 inches shorter than Jermaine and Jackie. You tell me.
Knowitall says on 10/Dec/13
Go to the third picture down. Notice how John Landis towers over Michael. Landis is five-eleven:

Click Here

And here:

Click Here

I'll keep posting them. You can keep denying what you see.
Knowitall says on 10/Dec/13
Ricky, you're being ridiculous. I've posted at least two dozen photos proving he was nowhere near being five-ten.

I guess it's rough constantly being in denial.
strairwayfromheaven says on 10/Dec/13
I'm 5' 7" in height and I can assure you that Michael doesn't look 5' 7"

And mr."knowitall" you know that pic that you showed of Mikey and President Bush.

In one of my wedding photos I looked 5 inches shorter than my 5'10 brother and I am DEFINITELY not 5' 5". I'm a strong 5' 7". So I'm sure pictures aren't as accurate as they may look sometimes.
Ricky says on 9/Dec/13
Knowitall you're 'utterly ridiculous''re COMPLETELY ignoring every proof of Michael being 5'10", you ignore it all. And then 1 picture is right and the rest is wrong.

I can guarantee you Michael is not that short. It's almost want him to be short.

I'm NOT saying he is 100% 5'10" because of course...I don't really know...but there are videos, there is information, there are pictures which show Michael to be at least 5'10" AS WELL as 5' 7". You just have to pay attension to everything. Mike's height does look different in pictures is what I'm really trying to tell you.
Knowitall says on 9/Dec/13
"Cameras are not always accurate"

I guess only when they show Michael being short. But they're accurate when occasionally they show him to be the same height as people such as Paul McCartney.

Check this out:

Click Here

Same height? Hardly.

As for questioning me being 100% right! well I am 100% sure he was several inches shorter than me. And he wasn't hunched over. He stood up straight when we shook hands.
Knowitall says on 9/Dec/13
"Michael is standing further back from President Bush "

Excuses, excuses.

They're both standing on a step that's slightly over a foot deep. If Michael is behind Bush, he's behind by inches. And he's wearing boots with at least two-inch heels.

Come on! This is getting to be utterly ridiculous.
kid says on 9/Dec/13
Cameras are not always accurate. If Michael was that short why didn't he look that short in "Say, Say, Say" next to Paul McCartney, or why did he even look 5'10 in "You Rock My World" whenever he was next to Chris Tucker - who is 6'1.

I just don't believe Mike is in the 5'7-5'8 range at all. Chris Tucker is taller by two inches than President Bush and Michael doesn't look anymore than 3 inches shorter than him so...knowitall, you can't 100% say you're right.
Knowitall says on 8/Dec/13
Michael with six-foot-two Bill Clinton:

Click Here

I see at least a five inch difference. Perhaps even six inches.

Five-eleven George W. Bush with six-two President Obama and Bill Clinton:

Click Here

Maybe Michael was always standing in a hole.
smartass says on 8/Dec/13
Um...Michael is standing further back from President Bush and on top of that, if Michael was standing RIGHT NEXT to President Bush without the 2-inch heels he'd look at least 5'9", which means President Bush IS approximately 4-5 inches taller.
Knowitall says on 7/Dec/13
Michael wearing boots with two-inch heels is still five inches shorter than six-foot-two President Bush:

Click Here

There is no way he was five-ten. Nor five-nine.

I'm beginning to think some people are in serioys denial.
Knowitall says on 6/Dec/13
Click Here
MichaelMouse says on 6/Dec/13
This is how it goes guys...

Early 1973: Michael was around 5'1" - 5'5"
Late 1973: Around the time Michael just turned 15 he was 5'7"
Early 1974: Michael turns 5'8"
Late 1974: He seems to be 5'9" by now
Some point in 1975: It was most definitetly he grew another inch to 5'10", but then again could have ended on 5'9".

Judging on photos and video footage - this is EXACTLY what it shows.
Charlz says on 6/Dec/13
A man of 5'10 inches he was.
Marcus says on 5/Dec/13
Look at the Jackson 5/Cher performance from 1974. Michael and Jackie look the most 2-3 inch difference, so I'd say Michael reached 5'9-'5'10 at age 15.

In 1973, around the time he just turned 15, he was by the most 5'8. I looked at every picture and video and that's what I can see, also Michael also claiming in his Moonwalk book that at around age 14 he was "HEADING toward 5'10" so I'd say he could definitely be 5'10, I'm sure he grew an inch after 15/16 at some point.
Knowitall says on 4/Dec/13

There are over a dozen photos taken of Jackson with Reagan. And two videos. Look at them.

Look at how short Jackson is next to Reagan in this clip:

Click Here

Time to realize Michael was not anywhere near five ten.

I met him. I know what I saw. He was several inches shorter than me. I'm very close to Reagan's height. I know since I met Reagan on more than one occasion. He wasn't much taller than me. Maybe half an inch. I'm five eleven.
Knowitall says on 4/Dec/13
Reagan was not six one when he was president. He was under six feet. Just look how short he appeared next to six five Rock Hudson.

And if Reagan was six one, why did he always appear to be at least two inches shorter than six foot two VP George Bush?

Click Here

Time to get real here.
Arocky says on 4/Dec/13
Go on The Jacksons official Facebook page and you will see their heights at the top. That should be the best to estimate on their heights.

Michael Joseph Jackson SURE does look in 5'10-5'11 range.
Simpson says on 4/Dec/13
When MJ was 14-15, he grew to 5'7-5'8. So in my opinion, he grew another couple of inches at 16 (1975). I'd believe he is 5'10.
MD says on 4/Dec/13
No, Reagan was not 6'1".
stefani says on 3/Dec/13
Knowitall, in the comments way below it has already been found that Jackson wasn't much shorter than Reagan, who was wearing shoes with a thicker heel(if you look down the image was posted by someone somewhre)
I still believe that Michael was 5'10
Asap says on 2/Dec/13
I'm sorry Knowitall, but Yes, Reagan is 6'1 - which means he's the EXACT same height as Jermaine Jackson.

Why the hell doesn't MJ look THAT short next to Jermaine, or even Jackie. You might say I'm being delusional, but let's just be realistic. He SHOULD look that short next to Jermaine if he's that short next to Reagan.

he's not 5'7, nor is he 5'8 though. He's been that height at 15 years old. When he finished growing in 1975, he must have AT LEAST been 5'10 judging photos of The Jacksons in 1975.

You could be right? I could be right? Who knows. There's proof of him being 5'7, then on the other hand...we have proof of him being 5'10. He himself said he is 5'10. Next to his brothers he looks at least 5'10, and by the way his father used to be 5'11 and now must be 5'9. So compare pictures of him and Jacko in the trial years (2005), you'll see Mike was about an inch taller.
Arocky says on 2/Dec/13
Um...Paul McCartney was actually 5'10 at his peak. He's 5'9 or even shorter now due to getting older. He was only about 40 when "Say, Say, Say" came around.

How can 2 pictures only convince you?? Why when Mike was about 18, did he look almost the same height as his brothers. If he were THAT SHORT, he'd look like a midget next to them.
Knowitall says on 1/Dec/13
I'm afraid many of you are delusional.

Can look six-two? Jam, tell me. Are you on this planet?

Please explain this photo:

Click Here

And no, it wasn't Photoshopped.

If Michael was indeed five-ten, then Reagan was six-four!

If Reagan was six four, Rock Hudson was six-nine!

Click Here

I know a lot of you are fans. But please, try to be a little realistic.

Michael was max five-eight and easily could have been five-seven.

Believing celebrities is your first mistake. If he claimed he was five-ten then automatically consider it suspect. He claimed a lot of things. Many celebs do. And lie all the time, especially about their height.

And believing the families of celebs is another way to be misled.

Autopsy height reports are not always correct. My father's was off by at least two inches. The body reclined appears taller than it actually is. Any forensic medical specialist knows this.

So there you have it. Michael wasn't close to being five-nine, much less five ten.
David says on 1/Dec/13
MJ must have been wearing lifts with 2 inches hidden inside the shoe to give the impression that he was 5ft 10!!! Most people on this site still can't accept it.I know i'm right.
David says on 1/Dec/13
Just look at the pictures of MJ with 5ft 11 Lionel Richie c'mon he's not 5ft 10!!
considerably 3 inches shorter.On the screen Michael Jackson looks 5'10 to 6ft but is in fact not.It is so deceptive to think Jacko is 5'10 or taller no one on here seem convinced?Lionel Richie is 5ft 11 but he carries great posture and looks taller than what he only is.Frank Sinatra a little guy who stood barely 5ft 7 is only one inch shorter than MJ take a look at pictures of them together on the web.I myself used to think MJ WAS 5FT 10 BUT HAVING SEEN PICTURES WITH sINATRA AND Richie i don't think so anymore.Paul Mc Cartney used to be around 5ft 11 the tallest Beatle in their heyday and now Paul is barely 5ft 9.Having said that Paul Mc Cartney must have shrunk a little in the 1980's and probably was about 5ft 9 in 1983 and in the say,say,say video Paul was not the same height as MJ but slightly taller by one inch on MJ.Rob the height listing for Michael Jackson is not totally accurate but 5ft 8 really is to me believable.A downgrade is needed.
Arocky says on 1/Dec/13
He actually looks at least 5'8 in those photos from 14-16. He LOOKS 5'3 because of his brothers looked so frickin' huge compared to him (meaning Jackie & Jermaine who are 6'0 and 6'1). I started to think wtf too, but when I compared my height to my dad's height I realized Mike must have been 5'8.

My dad is 6'0 and I'm 5'7 and I look like a midget compared to him and a few of my brothers, so 5'8 at best. By the way, he covered his acne with makeup. Very good makeup.
slim says on 29/Nov/13
Michael Jackson claimed at about age 14-15 he had a massive growth spurt from 5'0 to 5'10 and that his nose started getting bigger and acne slowly started breaking out at that age...WHY THE HELL DOES HE LOOK ABOUT 5'1-5'3 IN EVERY PHOTO FROM age 14-16??
slim says on 29/Nov/13
How tall do you think Michael Jackson was when he was 15?
curryface says on 29/Nov/13
You Know What? 5'10 sounds right to me. Michael Jackson and his own sister, Latoya Jackson said that he is 5'10 in their own books. I have no reason to NOT believe that.

And claim that MJ was at least 5'8 when you met him...WHY THE **** does he look taller than Tatiana in "The Way You Make Me Feel". She's 5'7 and was wearing a good 3-4 or even 5 inch heels and Michael looked practically same height. If he was REALLY around 5'8 then...he should have looked a couple of inches shorter than
spirit says on 29/Nov/13
forgot to add...Howard Stern HATES Michael too.
jam says on 28/Nov/13
I would say Michael Jackson is a legit 5'10, with 2 inch lifts and his slim figure could EASILY make him look 6'2. If 5'9...then I have NO IDEA where the 6'2 thing came from. Howard Stern actually says he sat down with MJ in a room in his book.
spirit says on 27/Nov/13
Hay, didn't Howard Stern say when he met with Michael Jackson in 1997, he said he was very tall and guessed he was about nearly as tall as him at 6'2. Howard is 6'5 btw.

Here is the video of him talking about it Click Here at 4:55 is where they start talking about it.

StOrY2013 says on 27/Nov/13
My father said he met Michael Jackson backstage in 1984, then after I saw all these comments on this website, I asked him how tall Michael was and my father said Michael and his brothers were all about 6 ft. My dad is 5'8 btw. He said Michael was just about 5 inches taller than him.
ken says on 27/Nov/13
The model in IN THE CLOSET video is 5'10 and Michael Jackson looks exactly the same height, maybe a little taller than her in the video.
RichGold says on 27/Nov/13
Michael Jackson looks pretty much same height as 6'0 brother Jackie...2 inches would be the shortest he looks to him. Not 5'9.

There was a video for this somewhere (can't find it sorry) and they were both standing real straight and Michael looked about an inch shorter + they were both wearing those same old black loafers. Guys...Michael said he's 5'10 didn't he? I don't see a reason for me to not believe that. I wish this site would change 5'9 to 5'10...
bob says on 25/Nov/13

Watch the "Enjoy Yourself" Jacksons video Click Here Michael practically looks the same height as 6'0" Jackie. 2 inches the most. Even next to 5'10" Paul McCartney in "Say, Say, Say" he looks the same height.
ken says on 25/Nov/13
look at MJ in the You Rock My World video and look at Michael's height compared to 6'1 Chris Tucker, I say Mike looked at least 3 inches shorter, NO MORE THAN THAT. Autopsy reports are NOT accurate AT ALL. My uncles autopsy had him at 5'6, when my family knows for a fact he's 5'8. So this site should change it back to 5ft 10in (178 cm) that would be a LOT more accurate. Besides from all that, he even said HIMSELF that he stands at 5'10 in a book and an old interview from the early 80's.
jimmy says on 24/Nov/13
GUYS!! just watch the Martin Bashir interview and compare Michael's height to him. By the way, Martin Bashir is 5'6. Tell me Michael doesn't look 5'10 in that!!
David says on 23/Nov/13
Even more questionable is pictures of Michael Jackson and Frank Sinatra.Sintra at just being 5ft 7 inches tall.
David says on 23/Nov/13
Just seen pictures of Michael Jackson with Lionel Richie.Richie is believed to be 5ft 11 and Jackson looks 3 inches shorter so 5ft 8 for Michael Jackson.Time for abit of a downgrade Rob.
Mark6 says on 23/Nov/13
I've actually met Michael backstage in 1975 or 1976 - one of those. It was after a Jackson 5 performance and yeah, I stood RIGHT in front of Michael, all of them. Michael Jackson must have been at least 3 inches taller than me, excluding the afro which made him look 6'0. I would say he just CAN'T be near my height (5'7), that's impossible for him to be that much taller than me. Jermaine must have been over 6'0 though. They were very tall. I'm 61 years old also so I was in my early 20's back then. My mother was with me and she is 5'7 and she was wearing very high heels, which made her 5'10 and she looked about half an inch shorter than Mike. Just letting you guys know.
1969razorblades says on 22/Nov/13
um yeah Fred...HOW DO YOU KNOW?
Fred says on 21/Nov/13
Michael Jackson was 1.78 cm tall, believe me I know.
1969razorblades says on 19/Nov/13
If you put Michael back on the ground in this picture Click Here you'd realize that Michael Jordan is at least 5 inches taller than him, and Michael Jordan is 6'4 if i'm not mistaken.
Charlie says on 18/Nov/13
Michael Jackson is very close to his brother Jermaine's height (who is 6'1). So I know for a fact Michael is DEFINITELY not under 5'10.

I myself actually know a person who's about 6'1 and he makes me look like. Alittle child (I'm 5'7 also). So Michael can't be anywhere around 5'7 or 5'8 at all. He should be MUCH shorter than Jermaine. It's actually funny how Michael can look a lot shorter than people who are 6'0 in photos, but when he's around his brothers (Jackie 6'0 or Jermaine 6'1) he looks 5'10, or even 5'11
Knowitall says on 18/Nov/13
Reagan wore lifts. Ah huh, sure.

What planet are you living on?

Look, I met the guy. He wasn't anywhere near five ten. But you believe what you want. I know the truth and for me that's enough.

I'm out of here.
KingOfTheUnderground says on 17/Nov/13
MJ is 5'10". There is enough proof to support that. He also HIMSELF says he is. That's it.
spirit says on 17/Nov/13
Look here everybody!...rock solid proof that MJ was taller than most would give him credit for...Click Here
stefani says on 14/Nov/13
Also, in the first few seconds of this video with Nelson Mandela, Jackson doesn't look much smaller than him Click Here
I am not sure of Nelson Mandela's height but I beleive he is quite tall
stefani says on 14/Nov/13
'several inches' This has already been discussed in the comments below, Reagan was wearing shoes with a bigger lift and looked taller yes but Jackson still looked 5'10'.
In the video of him and Prince Charles you can't estimate the height because of the angle the video was taken from, and also you can never rule out Prince Charles wearing lifts, which he seemed to do more of when with Princess Diana.
Knowitall says on 14/Nov/13
Jackson was shorter than Ronald Reagan by several inches. Look at the photos which there are many. If he was five ten he'd have looked almost the same height since Reagan was under six feet by the time he was president.

Jackson was visably shorter than five foot ten Prince Charles. Look at the photos and video. If he was five ten, the two men would have been the same height.

Jackson was no taller than five foot seven Frank Sinatra. Look at the photos

Time to get real here.
Stefani says on 13/Nov/13
Him being a professional dancer does not mean that he had good posture. Also, because he often wore hair pieces and wigs because of hair loss (due to the Pepsi accident in the 80s) his hairline seemed to be quite low which I think may explain why some of the people posting are saying he looked around 5'8'. Your height is measured up to the top of your head, which with Jackson was difficult to tell where this was because of his constant hair pieces
1969razorblades says on 13/Nov/13
I walked RIGHT PAST Michael Jackson after a concert in 1997, I think it was the history tour. he was wearing regular loafers, same ones he wore on stage and he was at least 5 inches taller than me, and I'm 5'6. I'm not saying he's 5'11, I'm just saying he's not far from 5'11.

If the dude was 5'7/5'8 like you are telling me (knowitall), then he shouldn't have been much taller than me. My dad is 5'8 and MJ was definitely taller than that.
ringman says on 12/Nov/13
5'10" is more believable imo. I don't no why people are even saying he's shorter than that.
Knowitall says on 11/Nov/13
Jackson was short. He was also razor thin which tended to make him appear taller.

I stood right next to him in a crowded recording studio control room. He was shorter than everyone including myself. Shorter than me by at least three inches. And he didn't walk like a hunchback! He stood up straight. He had excellent posture. The man was a professional dancer!

Nothing will ever change my mind. I know exactly what I saw that day.

Now, does that diminish his incredible talent? I think not. Remember that the best dancers were almost always on the short side. Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly were five foot seven.
91204757623937208 says on 10/Nov/13
Michael Jackson is a legit 5'10. There are pictures that slightly make him look taller or shorter, but then again just like Stefani stated, there are the Paul McCartney photos, and he appears to be 5'10 as well. So if Michael Jackson said he's 5'10 himself, why is it so hard to believe? This site should change his height too. Autopsy heights are not accurate at all.
stefani says on 9/Nov/13
If he was only 5'8' then how was he so much taller than George Lucas who was 5'6 Click Here
And how he was a similar height as Paul McCartney who was 5'10'/5'11'?
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Jackson wasn't as short as 5'8 or as tall as 5'11, he was a very average 5'10.
The photos that 'prove' that he were shorter are not good to estimate height from because of the angles and other factors that make him appear shorter than he was
KingOfTheUnderground says on 6/Nov/13
I don't believe he was anywhere under 5'9". He's not THAT short, come on people! His brother Jermaine is 6'1" and Michael ain't much shorter than him.

My uncle is 6'1" and I'm 5'7" and he dwarfs me, so MJ must be taller than 5'7"/5'8"
Delahunte says on 5/Nov/13
@Knowitall: Massive hands, broad shoulders and an extremely well-proportioned (albeit skinny) body gave MJ the illusion of being much taller. I think you're on the money with your listing as well.
Chachi says on 3/Nov/13
Knowitall is on point. I'm one of the biggest MJ fans on the planet but its honestly pretty absurd to ignore all of the photos that clearly prove Jackson was 5'8, at best. Take a look at these.

Click Here

Click Here (the huge heels)

Click Here (in heavy heeled boots, barely even eye level with Eddie Murphy who's 5'10 at the most)

Click Here (Brando was 5'8, maybe 5'9 in big shoes)

Click Here

Click Here (George Lucas is known for being on the short side, around 5'6 most likely)

Let's be real people.
Knowitall says on 2/Nov/13
Jackson was never five ten. I'm five eleven and he was at least three inches shorter than me.

NEVER believe official publicity, family members or even autopsies since there are always innacuracies involved. I don't know how many times I've read utter nonsense coming from family members about the height of a celebrity. My own father's autopsy had him two inches taller than he really was.

Jackson was several inches shorter than slightly over five eleven President Reagan.

He was the same height as five seven Frank Sinatra.

He was visibly shorter than five ten Prince Charles.

I have posted loads of photos and a video proving this to be true.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes by the actors themselves in interviews, resumes or articles.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.