How tall is Michael Jackson ?

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Michael Jackson's Height is 5ft 9in (175 cm)

American Singer best remembered for songs such as Billie Jean, Thriller, Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Black or White, Man in the Mirror and Bad. On his own driving license in the 1980's he had his height down as 5-09 and weight as 120 pounds. Songwriter Siedah Garrett mentioned "He was a few inches taller than I am, and I'm 5'7".

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Comment on the Height of Michael Jackson

Johno said on 4/Feb/16
Upto 5'9 --- yeh.
5'11 Guy said on 24/Jan/16
I met his coreographer and dancer LaVelle Smith Junior...Guy seems to be strong 5"9 and he was as same height as MJ...(sorry if my english is bad)
Celeste said on 17/Jan/16
I visited Madame Tussaud's and stood next to Michaels statue, I was taken by surprise how much taller he was than I thought, I am close to 5'8" and even with slightly heeled shoes on it felt like he still was taller than me by a few more inches, odd. I still don't think he was over 5'10" though, a strong 5'9" would have been his tallest I think.
Micho said on 10/Jan/16
Rolling Stone magazine:"Jackson was painfully thin – although pushing six feet, he weighed only 127 pounds – and he'd suffered several injuries over the years".
RacingJamie said on 4/Jan/16
Rob, what would you do if you were to meet Michael...and he was 5ft 4!
Editor Rob: I'd say: Stop Slouching and Stand Taller.
Micho said on 3/Jan/16
He is an inch taller than 5"10.5 Luciano Pavaroti.How is that possible????
Randy said on 28/Dec/15
"He was a surprisingly tall man - over six feet in fact. To think that such a tall man could be felled by something like this is really quite something." - Paul Gambaccini on BBC News in June, 2009 after Michael's death

Sorry about my last comment, this is what he actually said in full. Over, not under. Where got these figures...I don't quite know...
Randy said on 28/Dec/15
"Michael was much taller than people realise. He was almost 6 foot."
— Paul Gambaccini on BBC News in June, 2009 after Michael passed away.
RacingJamie said on 28/Dec/15
he's been described as everything from 5'4 to 6'2

One girl described meeting Michael and said he was slightly shorter than her and that she's only 5'5, she estimated him as between 5'4 and 5'4.5
On the other hand, Howard Stern described meeting Michael and said he looked 6'2 to him

I'd say both of those estimations are WAAAY off, and that he was around 5'9, more or less around that.
morrisons said on 25/Dec/15
yeah guys i don't think he could stand up straight even when young

i found this photo on google, Click Here
lulu bangugu said on 25/Dec/15
hi Rob,what happened to my links?
Editor Rob: I fixed them, with links they need a space before and after for them to get converted properly.
Anthem said on 24/Dec/15
According to Madame Tussauds, they accurately measure each part of the body, here's an example Click Here

He was reportedly measured by them in November, 1984, so his height would have been taken during his peak of age 26. He definitely wasn't 5'11, he looked exactly 5'9, not under or over. Exactly an inch taller than me at 5'8.
lulu bangugu said on 24/Dec/15
Michael was a hunchback of the worst kind Click Here Click Here
in these picture taken at the same event he looks shorter than 5'10 rob lowe when standing hunchbacked Click Here then looks taller when standing straight Click Here
this explains why so many people that met him said he was taller than they expected
coatguy said on 22/Dec/15
Rob, I know he's dead, but if you were to meet Michael, how much do you really think he'd edge you by?
Editor Rob: I think he'd still look near 5ft 9 if in early 40's...I do wonder if by his final couple of years he could have lost a little bit with general wear and tear.
warren said on 22/Dec/15
he was 5'9. but he looks so tall because he has long legs and long arms and small head.
his head is smaller than women.
Anthem said on 21/Dec/15
I've just been to Madame Tussauds a few days ago, he looked around 5'9, maybe slightly over. I'm 5'8 and he owned me by at least an inch. His head looked quite big, 9 inches ish. He's as average as average can get really.
RisingForce said on 20/Dec/15
Didn't he claim 5'10" in his autobiography from the 80's? In any case, I think he's 5'8" or 5'8.5" max, since that looks more believable in comparisons. I agree his build can give him a 5'10" impression, but he can look just 5'7" in comparisons due to his posture. Remember, he was shorter in cowboy boots in full body pics and a video than a 5'9" range Eddie Murphy was in flatter looking shoes.
Cantchooseaname said on 5/Dec/15
This guy had serious back problems, no wonder he always slumped over and had a low posture

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Some say he was a 6 footer that wanted to look smaller, others say he had serious spine problems.
I mean...the guy had been standing like that since his late teens....Click Here
Cantchooseaname said on 29/Nov/15
Only slightly shorter than John Landis (listed 5'10.5" here), he could look around 5'9.5" with him

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here (Landis is leaning in this one)

Rob, do you mind doing a comparison with the photo i just posted and your photo with Landis to compare?
Cantchooseaname said on 25/Nov/15
Michael Jackson was stated to have rigor mortis all over his body in his autopsy. Rigor Mortis would shorten height with tightening of muscles, and he was measured at 5ft 9, meaning its very likely he was taller than this.

Not to forget, he was stated to also have degenerative osteoarthritis in his spine. Again, that would shorten height.
andre said on 18/Oct/15
Rob why he is same height or even shorter then frank sinatra

please see their picture in google and tell me
[Editor Rob: sometimes Sinatra could wear lifts, sometimes Jackson might have stood a little loose. He could quite close to an ageing Brando, who himself might have worn lifts.]
plus said on 8/Oct/15
He was 5,9. Driver's license stated that in the 80's. There's no fractions so he can be from 174,5 to 176 more ore less

Click Here

175 cm sounds right and accurate
Bambiohe said on 7/Oct/15
Michael was at least 5'9" never did he look short. Which is always the case when youre 5'9" or raller. He even looked 6'0" when he was on stage.if he was 5'8" or shorter he eouldnt have looked nearly as tall as he did. Even with "elevator boots" or whutever.
coatguy said on 6/Oct/15
Rob, the photo of Michael with Lisa Presley - Lisa is CLEARLY nearer the camera, there's even other better photos showing Jackson to be a lot taller than her

Have a look at it again, Jackson's a strong 5ft 9er
plus said on 5/Oct/15
Michael was 5,9, at least in his last years, he could have been 5,9.25 younger. But just look at the pics with NSYNC. He is no taller than Chris (174-175) and Lance (175 cm)
Noni said on 3/Oct/15
It seems like every once in a while someone on this page will post pics where he clearly could've been under this listing. They also seem to go completely unnoticed or commented on. Rob, feel free to comment on any of the following.

MJ with:
5'4 Diana Ross: Click Here
5'3 Martin Scorsese: Click Here Click Here Click Here
5'3 (maximum) Janet Jackson: Click Here
5'2 Lisa Marie Presley (MJ is also in boots with 2-3 inches): Click Here

And then a couple of obvious ones with Reagan and Bush, 6'1 and 6'2 respectively: Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: I wouldn't say he looked far off 5ft 9 in those images, a couple he might be a bit further away and look an inch smaller though, with reagan/bush especially, but with Scorcese, I think close to 5ft 9 looks possible.

I forgot though, sometimes (as with Lisa), you can see he wore heeled boots...]
Randy said on 28/Sep/15
A recent news article features statements from Michael's Irish plastic surgeon. The surgeon says

"Michael was slightly taller than I had expected"

Here's the article Click Here
ask said on 28/Sep/15
Rob, have a look at these photos. Michael easily looks taller than 5ft 9.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here
Heylo said on 26/Sep/15
You should add a better photo of him. Michael next to Eddie Murphy in 1989 is a good suggestion.
clarkson said on 24/Sep/15
i was just watching his videos on DVD, he gives me the impression as being lanky and tall, i'm shocked to find out he's only average height.
Pea Sea said on 18/Sep/15
5' 9" is correct. He was the same height as Jon Bon Jovi.
sparkly said on 16/Sep/15
What's your favourite MJ track Rob
[Editor Rob: too many great songs stretching back to all the Jackson 5 hits, I don't think I'd have a favourite.]
Jim said on 13/Sep/15
Rob, what height do you personally believe Michael was?
[Editor Rob: I think in his 30's he was an honest 5ft 9, at times looking taller or shorter, moreso in his last couple of years.]
Matthew Halliday said on 7/Sep/15
Hi Everyone the reason Michael Jackson was different heights at different times is because he could have being impersonated by different people black adult Michael was a smaller person than white Michael.
Heylo said on 29/Aug/15
I think he could have been 176cm judging by the photos with Eddie Murphy.
Before I read about his height I thought he was 6ft or something, To me, he looked tall but now when you look back at photos you can see that he looked very average. It was just his slim figure and build. He had long legs, big hands and wide shoulders which is all stereotype characteristic of a tall man.
coatguy said on 29/Aug/15
Wow, nice quote from Garrett, where did you hear/find it, Rob?
[Editor Rob: it's on her twitter feed]
Tim said on 25/Aug/15
Always looked like a strong 5'9, are you going to add a peak height for MJ, Rob? As listed below his medical issues surely caused him to lose some height, so possibly 5'9.5 when he was younger.
coatguy said on 24/Aug/15
Steve, actually there is a photo of Michael and Dick Clark in 1988. Michael looked almost 2 inches taller than him! And they both were in line!

So either Michael shrunk a whole lot by 2002 or it was camera angles.

I would post the photo but I'm not exactly sure how to shorten links.
Steve said on 22/Aug/15
He never appeared to be tall, not at least to me.

Here is is not looking any taller, perhaps even shorter than 5'8" Dick Clark

Click Here
coatguy said on 21/Aug/15
Rob you might want to read this. Here's all info gathered on his height

• He was measured 5'9 on his autopsy but the report also states he had spine degeneration and osteoarthritis which shortens height and causes it lose its water

• Staff said his dancers had to range from 5'9 to 5'11, which she said is around his barefoot height

• He claimed he had a massive growth spurt as a teenager and went from 5ft to 5ft 10 and felt uncomfortable with the sudden change, he said this in his book, Moonwalk. His sister Latoya confirmed this.

• He was billed at 5'11 on his mugshot, but likely wore shoes with a heel

• Howard Stern described Michael as 6'2, others such as Bo Jackson, Adam Curry, Raymone Bayne, Carson Daly, Mary Hart, Bruce Springsteen and David Gest have also described Michael as being 6'+

Michael was a solid 5'9, but I wouldn't rule out 5'9.5 for him. He looks slightly above average height.
weirdo said on 17/Aug/15
In autopsy he was listed at 5" autopsies lie?
Rez said on 16/Aug/15
Oprah and Michael 12:03
Click Here
DogMan173cm said on 15/Aug/15
Rob, would you say he's a weak 5'9 or strong 5'9
[Editor Rob: I think that can be hard to say, at times he really could be a strong 5ft 9er.]
Alex said on 15/Aug/15
In videos he always looks at least 5'10
an anonymous peach said on 15/Aug/15
175-176cm was most likely. He was extremely skinny and had long legs which seemed to fool people into thinking he was taller.
DogMan173cm said on 13/Aug/15
I think the reason he looked so tall was because of his thin, lanky build and long legs.

I've seen him, 5'9.25"-5'9.5" is what he could have peaked at. I'm 5'8", he looked over an inch taller than me.
man170cm said on 12/Aug/15
Rob, do you think Jackson could have been as tall as 5ft 9.5 in his peak, maybe 5ft 9.25? He definitely looked taller than just a flat 5ft 9.
[Editor Rob: at times Jackson could give a bit over 5ft 9 appearance. ]
Cycle said on 9/Aug/15
Have you ever been a fan of MJ, Rob?
[Editor Rob: Cycle, I appreciate he made great music.]
Steve said on 5/Aug/15
He never looked 5'11" to me. Max look was 5'9".
184.3cm (Night) said on 5/Aug/15
Its possible he scraped 5'11 with those 2 inch boots hes wearing with Eddie Murphy. Eddie would be 5'10 in a dress shoe he looks slightly taller. I think 174 cm is also possible but Rob's listing seems fine.
Smart said on 5/Aug/15
Rob, have you seen This is It? If you have, how tall do you think he looked in it?
[Editor Rob: Smart, I have never watched This is It. ]
weirdo said on 3/Aug/15
In music video with 5"9 eddie murphy he looked
as same as 5"9 or aproximately 5"10...
Marshall said on 3/Aug/15
Michael's height sure is confusing, he can look anywhere from 5'8.5" to 5'11"
jtm said on 2/Aug/15
he wan't even 5'9. look at the pictures with eddie murphy.
Royce said on 2/Aug/15
I'm a lifelong fan of MJ but I'm going to post the following pics just to show how he could have easily been under 5'9. I've been to this site frequently in the past so I understand some people won't even look at these and just continue to say "he was 5'10". One thing that posters below have been saying is how tall he looked. Long arms, long torso, huge hands and a perfectly proportioned (although incredibly skinny) body gave him that imposing figure when standing by himself.

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

Pay attention to the last two. It's generally accepted Eddie Murphy is around 5'9, MJ is in heavy boots with nearly 3 inches of extra height. He's eye level with Murphy, maybe a smudge taller than him. Murphy is obviously in regular dress shoes.

Click Here
Click Here

C'mon people!
Crypto139 said on 30/Jul/15
After watching some videos of him I am shocked that he is this low. He looks tall honestly. I will say there is no way he is Rob's height or under that. A few guys always seem to look taller than their listing though. MJ, Andrew Garfield, Peyton Manning, Charles Barkley, and I guess James May from Top Gear. Though for MJ and Garfield it is their slim build I guess. Not sure about the others they just look taller than they are.
Jack said on 29/Jul/15
Rob, do you reckon at peak he could have been a bit taller than 5ft 9?
[Editor Rob: sometimes he could pull off looking over 5ft 9]
MJjjj said on 25/Jul/15
he is 178cm
thedude said on 23/Jul/15
michael jackson's costume designer Michael Bush stated that Michael was 5'10, WHO COULD KNOW BETTER about michael's height than the guy that made his costumes for 25 years?
Micho said on 19/Jul/15
He look like almost tallest of his brothers,except randy...I think peak for him is 5'10!
Micho said on 15/Jul/15
MJ looked very tall besause of his very slim figure!
About 5 10 said on 11/Jul/15
Michael Jackson looked 5' 9" with Jon Bon Jovi.
Micho said on 11/Jul/15
Someone said he was 5"7?If he was 5"7 Martin Bashir is 5"3...LOL
Bill said on 11/Jul/15
I've seen footage of Michael Jackson on the day he was taken to court and got his mugshot taken. He was wearing flat loafers, no more than an inch. He was measured 5'11 with them on, that would make him 5'10 or near it minimum barefoot. He even claimed 5'10. His autopsy had him at 5ft 9, but also stated spine degeneration and arthritis which would have impacted on his height. Rob, what do you think?
Unknown said on 11/Jul/15
He looked about 5 ft 10 in during his prime. Might have gone down to 5 ft 9 in in his last years due to the numerous health problems he had during his life. The 5 ft 11 in listing by the SBSO in 2003 was obviously his height in shoes.
Micho said on 6/Jul/15
5"9-5"10 never looked shorter than this
Alex said on 4/Jul/15
He had big heels so to me he's about 5' 9
Micho said on 2/Jul/15
in Bosnia Michael wore very big heels(around 1-2 inches) looked taller than 5'10 me, so possible height for him is 5'10-9
Ana said on 30/Jun/15
IF YOU'RE DOUBTING Michael Jackson's height as between 5'11-6' shows how brain-WASHED and ignorant you are who ever you are out there!...Read HIS license and when he was at the police station and see just how ignorantly wrong you are!!
Micho said on 27/Jun/15
I saw Michael when he was in bosnia...I'm 5'10 MJ looked 5'11 with heels,so 5'10 maximum for this guy!
MJKoP said on 30/May/15
Paris has got to be at least 5'9". Her mother, Debbie Rowe is 5'10"(according to every source I've ever seen) and Paris looks about the same height.
FlameBoy said on 27/Apr/15
what is your estimate for his daughter Paris rob ? she is also listed 5 ft 9 to tall ?
[Editor Rob: wouldn't have guessed her as that tall.]
7Million said on 19/Apr/15
Rob, I know Corey Feldman has met you - but is there any other celebrities that you've met that also met Michael Jacksson - as I think this is an easy way to estimate Michael's height.
[Editor Rob: probably a few, Tyson met him numerous times]
MJKoP said on 10/Apr/15
Rob Lowe claims to be 5'11.75 and is listed as 5'10. I personally believe he is somewhere between those two figures, but even at his LOWEst(no pun), that would still make Michael about 5'11", since he's taller than Rob in this picture. And this was backstage during a photo op, so MJJ wouldn't be wearing heels or lifts.

Click Here
Ben S said on 8/Apr/15
Michael Jackson was 5'9 at his peak in his 20's and 30's. I saw him very close up many times from 1988-2009. His height always remained the same, and he was never 5'11.

His official height in the 1980's was 5'9, and his makeup artist Karen Faye has many times over the last 5yrs confirmed that he was 5'9.

Michael said he was 5'10 in his autobiography, but many famous people always say they are an inch or two taller than they really are.
Tech said on 4/Apr/15
He looked quite tall, not far off 6ft. I guess it was because of how thin he was. 5' 9.5" peak for him isn't impossible, he was billed at 5' 11" on his mugshot - with heeled shoes on obviously.
Bluerose said on 1/Apr/15
He measured at 5'10 but he fractured his back on stage some time ago and lost a little bit in his height 5'9.
boombox said on 31/Mar/15
no shorter than 5'9, seemed to wear heeled shoes to give of impression of 5'11, when in fact he was probably around 5'10 peak
Naomi :) said on 19/Mar/15
Same as Naomi, both looks th best, Best couple I could ever saw, but unfortunately: ( they were only friends, hahaha "only"?
PRN said on 15/Mar/15
How big would you say Michael's head looks, Rob?
[Editor Rob: not more than 9 inch, very average.]
queen_moonwalker said on 11/Mar/15
Michael Jackson is 5'9 and his shoes size is 9-1/2 every moonwalker should know this
Brad said on 11/Mar/15
5 feet 10, hunched posture in public, taller looking onstage.
speakers said on 9/Mar/15
He's always looked tall
Moonwalker said on 8/Mar/15
Michael Jackson himself said he was 5'10" in his autobiography, it sounds right to me, the autopsy report says he was 5'9", he must have shrung and inch over the years
Flash1987 said on 7/Mar/15
Read the autopsy report that said he was 5'9".
Kendrian said on 19/Feb/15
Sounds true to me
spacek said on 12/Feb/15
Michael looks taller than Rob for sure
MacJoe said on 9/Feb/15
Michael is DEFINITELY and CLEARLY behind Corey in that photo

MJKoP, I have done a few tests with Michael Jackson's full body photos as well as Rob's full body photos. Michael's shoe size is 9 (UK) and Rob is size 8.5 (UK), comparing both their bodies together in similar postures using photoshop, Michael is clearly taller by an inch or so.
MJKop, you should do the same thing as you did with the Michael/Corey/Rob photo, instead using full-body photos. I'm sure you'll be surprised.
MJKoP said on 7/Feb/15
Here's what Jackson might've looked like compared to Rob, using Corey Feldman as the anchor point. Michael actually looks shorter than Rob does, and who knows what Mike had on his feet... Then again, we don't know if Corey had on his mega-boots in the pic with MJ, so a lot of factors are up in the air. MJ could've been under 5'9", but I still think that a solid 5'9 is the safest bet.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: it is possible MJ was slightly behind Corey in that screengrab, but I'm not sure.]
manwalk said on 31/Jan/15
He looks 5'10, but that's probably due to his extra long legs, 5'9 1/2 peak is possible for him.
Mr.L said on 23/Jan/15
His head is almost 9 inches (I've read that somewhere), his shoe size is 9 1/2 US, and comparing his full-body photos to Rob, Michael appears around 5' 9".
Steve said on 22/Jan/15
5'9' seems accurate.
Julian said on 22/Jan/15
No arguments against this listing - the autopsy report even says 69 inches.
andre said on 20/Jan/15
Michaels 5ft8 prime for sure and 5ft7 at the end
IronFist said on 17/Jan/15
Howard is definitely taller than 6'5 and I will elaborate on this with my next post on the Howard Stern page.
JT said on 17/Jan/15
Are you an MJ fan at all Rob?
jhoney said on 17/Jan/15
i love mj forever
Q7 said on 10/Jan/15
What Howard said is quite puzzling, but if Michael was 5ft 9 wearing 2.5 heels, then I guess he could give a close to 6-foot appearance, but 6ft 2? That sounds like a bit of an exaggeration unless Michael was in super-heels, especially considering Howard may be even taller than 6ft 5.
IronFist said on 10/Jan/15
Strangely enough, legit 6'5 Howard Stern says when he met Michael, he thought Michael was almost as tall as Stern himself.

"He's a very tall guy. For some reason I thought he was slight—he's not. I would guess he's 6'2."

Click Here
[Editor Rob: very funny stuff, 'Dwarfed Eddie Murphy', 'Michael's HUGE', almost as tall as Stern.

A minute of height insanity from both of those people.]
Q7 said on 5/Jan/15
Rob, how tall do you personally think Michael Jackson was?
[Editor Rob: close to 5ft 9 peak I think he could look.]
Mr.L said on 5/Jan/15
I doubt he was as tall as 5' 11" - 6' 0", although with a 2in heel, he could appear closer to 6 foot. In the Extras of This is It, a lady said his dancers had to range from 5' 9" to 5' 11"

5' 9" maximum barefoot for Jackson.
John said on 4/Jan/15
Autospy report 5ft 9in and 136 lbs
Irv said on 2/Jan/15
Michael was certainly nothing under 5'9. He definitely looks 5'10 though.
Arsenal said on 2/Jan/15
His mugshot has him at 5-11, obviously in shoes adding 2 inches maximum. Barefoot he was 5-9. He could appear shorter or taller sometimes.
andre said on 2/Jan/15
Please rob there is a picture with steven spielberg and michael and they are about same height 5ft7.2 and this is prime michael please downgrade this
andre said on 30/Dec/14
Michael jackson same height as steven spielberg who is listed 5ft7.2 please rob downgrade is height
Mr.L said on 28/Dec/14
Michael Lee Bush (Michael Jackson's personal clothing designer) claimed Jackson's Shoe Size as 9 1/2 (US) and height as 5' 10" (I'm asssuming in shoes, since he would have measured him).

The interview can be read here Click Here
andre said on 26/Dec/14
steven spielberg who is 5ft7.2 looks same height as michael
max6 said on 21/Dec/14
Andre, who said michael was 5ft 6.5?
andre said on 20/Dec/14
Some people say michael jackson was only 5ft6.5

Well michael jackson may be a short men in america but genetically he always been tall in India,China,Japan,Tibet,Spain;Portugal and other places

There is only one picture that makes michael 5ft6.5 and is with usher who people claim is 5ft7 too 5ft8 but for sure usher uses plantaforms , there is also another picture where usher towers over michael but again usher with justin bieber they are about same height and justin is not using plantaforms and im 100% sure michael was taller then justin

this is my rate

justin bieber 5ft5.8 and weak 5ft7 with plantaforms
usher 5ft7 and 5ft8.5 with plantaforms
michael jackson 5ft8 normal with plantaforms 5ft9.5
184.3cm said on 18/Dec/14
I wouldnt have guessed him more than 5'8. He always wore chunky heels and had alot of volume in his hair.
Spike said on 17/Dec/14
I agree with Danimal. We shouldd be able to view old comments, do you agree Rob?
Danimal said on 15/Dec/14
Joe says on 20/Jul/14

I think he was 5'9 in his peak, he looked every bit of 5'9 with 5'8.5" Marlo Brando in the 1980s, I think he just shrinked to a weak 5'8", around 5'7.75".

He shrinked? It's shrunk and no, he did not.
Danimal said on 15/Dec/14
andre says on 26/Oct/14

5ft9 prime and 5ft7.75 at dead

50 year old men don't lose 1.25".
Danimal said on 15/Dec/14
question says on 7/Dec/14

Rob how do I view older comments from before November, 2013?

[Editor Rob: unfortunately you can't]

You should find a way to archive older posts Rob. Guys like myself who have been posting here for 10 years have provided some really useful pics and videos over the years and all the newbies would be able to view them. Otherwise, it's as though we constantly have to start all over again to prove/demonstrate something we already did several times before.
photo said on 14/Dec/14
Michael Jackson's shoe size is 9 (UK), and comparing his stature to Rob wearing elevator shoes (Size 8.5), Michael appears between 5'9" and 5'10".
andre said on 14/Dec/14
Rob michael at the end of is life he was shorter then 5ft9 can you put here is last height maby about 5ft8
question100 said on 14/Dec/14
Have you ever met him, Rob?
[Editor Rob: never seen him]
Recovered Data said on 12/Dec/14
question says on 7/Dec/14

Rob how do I view older comments from before November, 2013?
[Editor Rob: unfortunately you can't]

andre says on 2/Dec/14

Rob my opinion is that michael was 5ft8 prime and about 5ft7.5 at the end

what is your opinion , i know in some pictures he looks 5ft11/6ft but you sould downgrade is height

andre says on 27/Nov/14

Rob why michael jackson looks shorter then 5ft7.5 usher in their picture ?
[Editor Rob: I don't think there's much difference there, maybe just usher raised eyes and michael lowered his makes it seem like there's a noticeable difference?]

MJKoP says on 25/Nov/14

A recent issue of Rolling Stones magazine described him as "pushing six feet" during his final days.

andre says on 25/Nov/14

why michael looks shorter then 5ft8 usher ?

tell me rob

Heylo says on 23/Nov/14

I believe he was around 5'9-5'10 in his prime but I always assumed he was taller than average cause to me, he could look 6ft on his concerts. Probably his proportions though + that he was quite thin.

I must say that it's pathetic how fans react to things like this. They want "their Michael" to be just like they imagined him to be. So when people say like "MJ was actually quite average in height" then some fans will disagree without proofs & just claim that he was at least 5'11 cause that's what "looked like".

However, I'm a big fan of Michael & can only say myself that i was pretty surprised that he was under 5'10. With that said, he wasn't short by any means, especially not for his generation.

Can't Stop Addicted says on 10/Nov/14

Looked 5' 9" with Jon Bon Jovi (5' 9") in the 1980s.

andre says on 8/Nov/14

Rob with with 5ft8 usher michael looks 5ft7?

is usher using some type of special boots that make him look taller, well for sure michael lost height over is life and in that picture he is smaller then usher

please rob tell me what you think is michael best height and worst height


shorty says on 5/Nov/14

search Michael Jackson police file mug shot and you'll see he is listed at 5'11. That must pretty much close the debate

andre says on 26/Oct/14

5ft9 prime and 5ft7.75 at dead

Liam 176 says on 26/Oct/14

5' 9". But his height could vary a lot. You could argue anything from 5' 7.5" to 5' 10"!

Max says on 12/Oct/14

According to John Landis' wife, Jackson was 5'6", she wrote it in a Sony Magazine about Thriller. She's the one who designed the 'Thriller' costume. She also says he weighed just 99 lbs. These are obviously errors.

Dr. Russell says on 10/Oct/14

At peak, he was 5' 8", over the years he had developed osteoarthritis and spine degeneration which causes a person to lose height, scientifically proven as much as up to 6 inches.

My guess is that he lost approximately an inch or so, and was around 5' 7" when he passed away. The Autopsy had him at 5' 9" but people's spine gets elongated around 1 to 2 inches afer lying down for such a long period of time, but he had his spine damaged meaning he wouldn't have been able to have his spine produce water for it to elongate. Meaning the Autopsy height was very close to his peak height. So his peak height would be anywhere from 5' 8" to 5' 9". I've been studying his height very thoroughly over the last few years and I've learned a lot about the human body. His peak was approximately 1.74 m

Mjj lover says on 7/Oct/14

I think 5'7 or 5'8... I think 5'8 then when he "died" 5'7. Cause something happened with his spine and u get shorter when u get older.

David says on 23/Sep/14

He was a leggy 5ft 9in hn I mt him.

tylerdurden says on 22/Sep/14

5'10 peak, always looked average height. Possibly lost height with age as comments below har suggested he had arthritis of some kind

Normal Norman says on 29/Aug/14

Yeah, looks 5' 9" more than any other height. Although his height could swing a bit.

Joe says on 23/Aug/14

Michael Jackson is of average height. 5'9" for him.

Spirit Level says on 10/Aug/14

Looked the same height as Jon Bon Jovi when they met in the 1980s - who I have at 5' 9".

gregorovich says on 7/Aug/14

I saw his brother jermaine tonight. I would peg him right at 5'11"

rosa says on 29/Jul/14

his official file in Chinese has been 5'10-6'. i believed that for 30 years.

Victor says on 27/Jul/14

I just think 5' 9" seems about right. Michael never looked tall to me. And that's pretty much dead on for him, I think.

Joe says on 20/Jul/14

I think he was 5'9 in his peak, he looked every bit of 5'9 with 5'8.5" Marlo Brando in the 1980s, I think he just shrinked to a weak 5'8", around 5'7.75".

Here is a 1983 pic:

Click Here

He looks 5'8.5 to 5'9 in that pic.

Now here is Michael Jackson just a few years ago:

Click Here

Looks an inch shorter than him.

tony says on 29/Jun/14

I met the man myself throughout the 80's and I can say he's a strong 5' 9" and 5' 10" max.

chintu says on 28/Jun/14

I think michael is more than 5.9.During his interview with oprah in 1993 he is as tall as oprah who is 5.7 then wearing 3-4 inches.He was definetly 5.9-5.10 tall.

Lysa #JoeNotJoseph says on 21/Jun/14

I think it's too short for Michael if his height is 5'9 / 175cm bcoz as we can see on his Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Dept picture n there have said that his height is 5'11 / 180 or 181cm n I hope that was the true height of him ^_^ =)

Kendall says on 6/Jun/14

I'd say 5'10 in photos next to Whitney Houston and Michael Jordan

Heylo says on 4/Jun/14

It's fascinating cause he could look much taller than he was. He could look about 6ft on stage sometimes. Maybe it was for his pretty long legs and that he always wore heeled shoes and his shirt in his pants so that the illusion of a smaller upper body. I actually think he was more about 5'9.5 or something in his peak.

I am a big fan of the guy too, must be mentioned cause it's the king of pop! :D

Lillo thomas says on 4/Jun/14

Howard stern is talking BS. Michael jackson was never near his height at all. Michael jackson never look tall . Michael looked taller than 5'9 at times but he never looked tall.

Steve says on 3/Jun/14

Michael was probably about 5'10 during his peak. Despite this, he was very thin which could have contributed to the perception of him being tall. It's a tough one.

MJKoP says on 31/May/14

Always been a fan(hence my username), but his height is hard to pin down. Not under 5'9", but why would Howard Stern claim 6'2" for him? A lot of people meet Michael and are taken aback by how tall he is. He prefers to walk around severely hunched over, so maybe Howard is onto something? Howard was at least 6'6" peak so at 5'9" or under Michael would be dwarfed by him...but instead Howard said, in addition to his 6'2" estimate, that Michael was about his height!! Not insinuating that Michael was 6'6" or even 6'2", but things just don't seem to add up.

SaveUsY2J says on 27/May/14

Good to see some sensible posts on this page again following Knowitall's "tragic" departure.

Dmax says on 23/May/14

Michael Jackson is 5'10 and 5'9.5 or 5'9 at the end of the day because of shrinkage END OF STORY that guy comparing him to bill clinton and bill clinton is 6'4 not 6'2 smh ridiculous

Dmax says on 23/May/14

Michael Jackson is 5'10 and 5'9.5 or 5'9 at the end of the day because of shrinkage END OF STORY that guy comparing him to bill clinton and bill clinton is 6'4 not 6'2 smh ridiculous

cobra says on 23/May/14

He looks a little shorter than 5-10 guys like Mike Tyson and Mr. T in pics, this listing seems accurate.

Celeste says on 17/May/14

sportsman -

I recall hearing that Howard Stern said that... I couldn't tell if he was being serious or not, I mean 6'2"? LOL. I agree 5'8 - 5'9 for him is spot on, anything else is a joke.

sportsman says on 16/May/14

He was 6' 2", according to Howard Stern. No, but seriously Michael Jackson was at least 5' 8", at most 5' 9". Anything under or over 5'8-5'9 is laughable.

the king says on 15/May/14

176Ish and a legend.
Xscape is plain epic.

industry says on 11/May/14

Michael Jackson had degenerative spondylosis in his full lower spine according to his autopsy report.

Incase you didn't know, if all your spinal discs have degenerated you'd lose up to 2 inches, Michael had his lower half degenerated meaning he'd lost about 1 inch. You get taller up to 2 inches when an autopsy is taken due to no gravity pushing the body down. If his spine degenerated by 1 inch, the most he could have got taller was by 1 inch, because of course half of his spine was damaged. So that would put him at 5' 8", but he would have lost an inch in height meaning his peak was 5' 9".

I believe he was around 5' 8" 1/2 at peak, 5' 7" is laughable for Jackson he's not that short, although his posture got very bad.

thegroove says on 28/Apr/14

I have bad posture and when I first started to get it I went down from 5'8 to 5'6.5 and then I developed arthritis making me lose another 2in, putting me at 5'4. so I'd say MJ must have shrunk about 2in if he had arthritis in his spinal column. 5'9 sounds like MJ's original height.

Heylo says on 21/Apr/14

Next to Slash (listed as 5'10) he looks around his height. Depending on footwear, Slash seemed to be some cm taller but he had thickheeled shoes on stage while Michael had his dance shoes with a 1-1.5 inch heel.. I'm not sure but i think Michael was around 5'9, he could be 174cm.

His long legs and long arms (afro-american tends to have longer arms and legs than Caucasian people in relation to their upperbody) makes him look tall. He was probably 5'10 at stage with his shoes on and his build + clothes gave him that tall appearance. At least i think he often looked tall when he performed, especially on HIStory Tour when he performs Stranger In Moscow, he looks 6ft on that one.

strangerinmoscow says on 19/Apr/14

He had very bad arthritis in his spine, he had to take strong drugs for severe back pain since the 1990's. Look how bad his fingers got.

I also have arthritis, but not that bad for the need to take powerful drugs. I had shrunk an inch and a half in a year. He DEFINITELY had decreased in height from the fact his was far worse than mine.

I would have to say if he was 5 ft 9, he went down to 5 ft 8 or maybe even more than that, I would have imagined he lost approx. 2 inches, so it would make sense that people thought Michael was shorter than they thought he would be.

Knowitall, what year did you meet him in?

math says on 18/Apr/14

I just realized something. When your laying down your body gets taller by at least almost an inch than your true height.

When Jackson was measured for his autopsy, obviously they gave him 5-9, that would mean he was about 5-8, right?

But Jackson had arthritis and osteoporosis in his legs and spine, which mean it would have obviously been impossible for that to happen. The most he could have got taller by was half an inch, giving him 5-8 and a half, but of course arthritis and osteoporosis decreases height, which means if he did get to 5-8 - 5-8 and a half, he was originally 5-9. We have our answer. His peak was 5-9. There's nothing wrong with this site's listing at all.

Nobody says on 4/Apr/14

It is very easy to judge Michaels height.Look at the picture of him standing next to Ronald Regan and Nancy Reagan. Michael wearing flats and he is in good posture.Nancy Reagan 5'4" Ronald Reagan 6'1" she had on huge hills and and ron did too. Looks like Michael is 5 8. ..No way around it 5 8

the shredder says on 31/Mar/14

5'7 is a joke , but he can look 5'8.

Celeste says on 30/Mar/14

I don't believe he was as short as 5'7... I think 5'8 is definitely possible though, especially when he was older. He didn't looked that tall to me, sometimes he even looked on the short side. In a crowd of people he didn't stand out, (in terms of height) he looked average height. I find 5'7 as unbelievable as 5'10 or 5'11 for him, I think 5'8 - 5'9 is accurate. Many things can affect height including camera angles, posture, shoes and the posture of other people standing around him.

Other than that I have to say his height can be quite confusing but all the evidence suggests 5'8 - 5'9. It's quite obvious.

leonari says on 30/Mar/14

He often had the losest posture. That explains the 5'7" estimates. When applying good posture with a heeled shoe looked tallish due to his great proportions and slim figure. Thats what 5'9" is. Not here nor there. Same with Stallone.

james says on 30/Mar/14

If you think about it, all Michael's dancers he selected for shows had to range from 5-9 to 5-11 (Knowitall's height)

Wouldn't that mean all his dancers were a lot taller than him if he was only 5-7 or 8. He certainly looks the same height as background dancers in performances to me.

He's definitely 5-9.

Dural says on 30/Mar/14

doggystyle says on 28/Mar/14
Dural that picture you show is very interesting.

If Nelson is 6' 0" then Michael looks 5' 9" in that photo, but if Nelson is 5' 10" then that would make Michael 5' 7" in that photo. Heights can be very confusing.

Michael never struck me as over 5' 9" though, but I wouldn't think he was as short as 5' 7". 5' 8" is just very questionable.

Rob, how tall do you think Mandela is?
[Editor Rob: there is a page with a 6ft mandela listing ]


6ft could have been his peak height. That photo was taken in 1999 when Mandela was 81 years old....

Lisa Marie Presley looks tiny compared to everyone.

with barely 6ft Nicolas Cage

Click Here

with Michael and many kids

Click Here

simon says on 30/Mar/14

Jackson was definitely 5-9, no less, no more.
He may have even had a peak of 5-9.5 in the late 70's, since he always used to look 5-10 next to 6-0 brother Jackie but due to his drastic weight loss in the early 80's could have made him a bit shorter along with his arthritis and lupus which interfered with his posture and bones.

littlesue says on 30/Mar/14

Can never see Jackson as low as 5ft 7, look at him with Lisa Marie Presley, too much of a height diference to be only 5 inches, its more like 7.

176,2Tunman says on 29/Mar/14

5'7 is just as ridiculous as 5'11.Certainly he didn't look more than 5'9 with Jordan.God knows how poor his health was in the end.When he performed Thriller,he was probably at his top,slim build,good posture,he definitely gave the impression of being tallish then.In the last years,he became rake thin and drugs certainly didn't help his posture.

Knowitall says on 28/Mar/14

Jackson was five-seven. That's it. I'm finished here. Argue away.

mr.johnson says on 28/Mar/14

If Michael is 5' 7" then that would mean he stopped growing at the age of 15, because estimating on that picture of Michael and Landis is the exact distance of Michael and Jackie's head from a full body picture from 1973/74.

But Marlon was taller than him by at least half an inch to an inch and Marlon if I recall is 5' 8" and Michael seemed an inch or two taller than him in the later 70's, meaning he would have at least got to 5' 9".

Either he's 5' 7" - 5' 8" or 5' 9", or he could just somehow magically change his height since the age of 15 in every picture.

I had met someone who looked about only an inch taller than me and we were in similar shoes, but on the day we wore the same shoes, somehow he looked almostt 3 inches taller than me and I thought he grew but he's 32. So its hard to judge on height all the time. 5' 9" sounds about right for him, could be shorter but I would doubt it.

doggystyle says on 28/Mar/14

Dural that picture you show is very interesting.

If Nelson is 6' 0" then Michael looks 5' 9" in that photo, but if Nelson is 5' 10" then that would make Michael 5' 7" in that photo. Heights can be very confusing.

Michael never struck me as over 5' 9" though, but I wouldn't think he was as short as 5' 7". 5' 8" is just very questionable.

Rob, how tall do you think Mandela is?
[Editor Rob: there is a page with a 6ft mandela listing ]

smart3 says on 27/Mar/14

Knowitall...I never said he wore lifts, but he could be wearing shoes with a slight heel we never kow, but what we do know is for a fact in those pictures, Michael is obviously wearing his flat loafers to dance. Just a thought.

What year did you meet him? Because in the 80's he never looked 'too thin' he just looked slim and healthy.

Dural says on 27/Mar/14


If you believe Jackson was 5'9", please provide obvious hard evidence (only full body photos). Landis doesn't strike me as someone who would wear lifts.

with 6'2" Bill Clinton he obviously doesn't look 5'9". (don't tell me Clinton was wearing lifts)

Click Here

with Nelson Mandela. His passport from 1990 says 1.83m (6') Click Here
while an older passport from 1962 lists his height as 1.78m (5'10") Click Here .

Click Here

Knowitall says on 27/Mar/14

John Landis doesn't wear lifts. This is becoming laughable.

Knowitall says on 26/Mar/14

I guess for his fans, any photo is invalid that tends to prove Jackson was under five-nine.

Look, I met the guy. He was several inches shorter than me. He was shorter than most people at the studio. And terribly thin. Painfully thin. Almost anorexic thin.

smart3 says on 25/Mar/14

Dural, we don't know what's under their feet so that's invalid.

I believe Jackson is 5' 9" based on obvious hard evidence, although he can come off awfully short in some photos - same issue with me.

He was measured at 5' 9" when he was measured for his This Is It outfits and they obviously had him take off his shoes (alsso they obivously needed to check his shoe size). He even had spine degeneration and arthritis in his legs at the time. He just wouldn't have been measured at 5' 9 if he was 5' 7-5' 8. He may look very short compared to some people in photos, but then again he can look 5' 9" next to others.

Paul McCartney is 5' 10" just an inch under John Landis - why doesn't MJ look almost as short as he did with Landis with McCartney? Well, Landis may have had heeled/lifts in his shoes while MJ had his flat 'music video' loafers on. Never forget Michael had completely flat loafers for music videos and performances, while Landis could have wore anything.

Look at Tupac though. Its funny he was 5' 7" and measured at 6 ft on his autopsy = How ridiculous.

Dural says on 24/Mar/14

Compare 5'9" - 5'10" Paul Newman & Steve McQueen with 6'2.5" Sidney Poitier and Michael Jackson with Sidney Poitier.

Click Here
Click Here

king1 says on 23/Mar/14

According to Michael Jackson's autopsy report, he had arthritis in his lungs, spine, legs and fingers. He's had it since the early 2000's. So it would be quite obvious he's lost about an inch in height. His autopsy recorded his height as of 5' 9" and when lying down you could get measured an inch taller due to gravity, so if the arthritis put him at 5' 8", it would make sense why his autopsy would put him at 5' 9".

His peak was definitely 5' 9", but arthritis reduces height meaning he went down to 5' 8". He could have started getting it in the mid 80's - early 90's since he started getting leg injuries and back injuries around those times.

joseph says on 22/Mar/14

Knowitall, please measure yourself without shoes and then say exact height you are and explain more detail about your meeting with MJ and how you estimated his height.

Because its funny I met him at a studio and I gave him a hug and he looked just an inch under me and I'm 5' 10" on exact. He was wearing regular loafers while I was too. This was back in 1985. So we both met him at similar places and timings I guess, so that makes one of us right and one of us wrong. He didn't seem several inches shorter than me at all and he wasn't wearings lifts or heels either.

Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14

Michael is clearly two inches shorter than five-nine Rudy Giuliani:

Click Here

Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14

It's clear that McCartney is taller:

Click Here

He's wearing what look like deck shoes while Michael has on cowboy boots.

Even with those boots with two-inch heels, Michael is two inches shorter.

Knowitall says on 21/Mar/14

That's about how short Michael looked next to me and I'm the same height as Landis.

Knowitall says on 20/Mar/14

Those are clearly standard issue cowboy boots with high heels. Look at them. Probably two-inches.

Paul is definitely five-ten. Or at least he was when he was younger. And I doubt he ever wore lifts. He did wear boots with a slightly higher heel back in the 1960s which was the fashion.

Dural says on 20/Mar/14

There's clearly more than a two inch difference between Landis and Jackson. Here's another photo

Click Here

johnson says on 20/Mar/14

Actually we don't know if there are heels in his cowboy boots and we don't know whether Paul is wearing lifts either?

Paul looks clearly closer to the camera if you compare their feet size, leg size and face size to each other.

Knowitall says on 19/Mar/14

I agree. It is ridiculous.

No heels? He's swearing cowboy boots in the second photo:

Click Here

You mean you think there's only two inches separating them in this photo?

Click Here

If so, you definitely need to pull out a ruler and take a close look at just how long an inch happens to be.

mrsmith says on 19/Mar/14

This is getting ridiculous, he's not wearing heels in those Paul McCartney photos, but he did wear heels in his later years when they became popular, otherwise he wore normal loafers.

Michael roughly looked 2 inches shorter (standing straight) next to John Landis in photos not 4, unless your bad at estimating heights. My father's peak heigth was 5' 8" 1/2, and now he's 5' 7" just the same as me at age 61. Landis' peak height could have been 5' 11".

Rob, don't you think that it would make more sense that Jackson was 5' 9" if he selected dancers of the heights of 5' 9" - 5' 11" (he may have accidentally THOUGHT he was in the middle at 5' 10")

Knowitall says on 19/Mar/14

I know John. He's roughly five-eleven.

Dural says on 19/Mar/14

doctor8 says on 18/Mar/14
Dural, I'm guessing your pictures are way more accurate to judge on than 'The Girl is Mine' single cover and the whole Say Say Say video.

He looks almost as tall as McCartney on the single cover of 'The Girl is Mine' and in the 'Say Say Say' video because he has a significant footwear advantage (2inch heels).

I guess that's the single cover you are talking about (it also seems as if Jackson is standing on higher ground).

Click Here

Click Here

Dural says on 19/Mar/14


Rob lists Landis as 5'10.5" peak and 5'10" current height. Can you explain why Michael looks so short compared to Rob?

Click Here

Rob, you look taller than Michael with John Landis. I'm just saying. Still wears the same glasses btw..
[Editor Rob: he does look quite short with Landis, how much height Jackson loses in posture is a question, 5ft 8 for him is very arguable.]

doctor8 says on 18/Mar/14

Dural, I'm guessing your pictures are way more accurate to judge on than 'The Girl is Mine' single cover and the whole Say Say Say video. For one, your photos. Don't even show their feet, two on one of them Michael is leaning down on the fense or whatever it is he's leaning on, and if he was standing up straight in the picture he'd be almost as tall as Paul.

Dural says on 18/Mar/14

How tall is John Landis? He looks about 4 inches taller than Jackson.

Click Here

Knowitall says on 18/Mar/14

Why would Brando be five-six? In photos he looks to be either the same height or slightly taller.

Dural says on 18/Mar/14

Paul McCartney was taller than Michael

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

doctor8 says on 17/Mar/14

If Jacko was 5' 7", then Jackie is 5' 8"/5' 9", Martin Bashir is 5' 3"/5' 4", Marlon is just under 5' 6", Paul McCartney is 5' 7"/5' 8"...come on, man.

Jacko was about the same height as Paul McCartney on The Girl Is Mine cover and the Say Say Say video. The most sir Paul McCartney could have been taller than him was by half an inch. Paul is around 5' 9" 1/2 - 5' 10" by his peak I believe, and don't say he lost height because he was about 40 around the time him and Michaael were working together.

Hey Rob, what do you think about this big debate with Michael Jackson's height? It varies a lot.
[Editor Rob: I don't see him over 5ft 9, I think for me that was what he could look]

words says on 17/Mar/14

Met Mr. Jackson myself back in 1984 and I can tell you he was 3 inches taller than me when I met him.

I'm 5' 7" and when I met him he was wearing normal loafers like in the thriller video, I could literally see his socks. I was wearing VERY similar shoes. So he was DEFINITELY not wearing any heels/lifts whatsoever since I could see his socks.

He looked 3 inches taller than me and I was looking at him head to toe accurately, so I can tell you for a FACT he was defintely taller than 5' 7". If he was 5' 7" he should have been the same as me. I would have thought 5' 10" based on what I saw, but 5' 9" sounds about right.

Marlon whom I met on the same day was maybe a couple cm taller than me. So knowitall I find it strange he looked 5' 7" to you, I find that VERY strange.

My sister met him in 1988 and she said he was about 5' 11" or 6' 0"when she met him. I believe he was wearing lifts/heels by then since he was definitely not that tall. But I can assure you he was definitely not under 5' 9"

Let me add on the day I met him he was slouching a lot, I didn't even realize he was slouching until he stood up straight. When he slouches it doesn't even look like he's slouching. When you met him he could have been slouching.

jam says on 15/Mar/14

My father died 3 years ago and he was 5' 11". His autopsy had him at 5' 9". But we know that's not true for a fact, since I'm 5' 9" and he was a couple inches taller than me. I even had a cousin who was the same as me all his life and his autopsy had him at 5' 7" which we knew was wrong but he had artharitis but it wasn't severe. So that makes ssense. Maybe the same applied for Michael Jackson's autopsy report. He's most likely 5' 9" and I've read he had artharitis too.

Tape Measure says on 12/Mar/14

Looks the same height as Jon Bon Jovi here:
Click Here

5' 9"

Knowitall says on 11/Mar/14

My shoes had a normal heel about an inch. So I'm six feet in shoes. I'd estimate he was at least three and a half to four inches shorter than me. I could almost look over the top of his head. He was short. Very skinny. I doubt he weighed more than 120 lbs.

time says on 10/Mar/14

I'm not trying to say you're wrong or anything Knowitall, but you guys were in shoes, so its hard to tell really.

His shoes could have had an inch heel, while yours had 2, or yours could have had half an inch while his had never know.

Same with me, my brother and I were outside and he looked at least over 2 inches taller than me and as we go home took our shoes off and all of a sudden he was only about an inch taller than me again and our shoes are very similar and have no heal. I do understand you're point, but I wouldn't doubt he's 5'9. Where did you meet him and what were you guys wearing from head to toe?

Knowitall says on 9/Mar/14

One of his staff said.....

I'd hardly base anything on what someone claimed.

I worked in the entertainment industry for forty years and can tell you without reservation that much of what you hear about celebs from official sources is made up.

It's after all a business of make believe.

I saw Jackson in the flesh. I stood right next to him. He was considerably shorter than me. And I'm an inch under six feet.

time says on 8/Mar/14

I find it VERY confusing. When Michael Jackson was selecting dancers for This Is It one of the staff said all dancers must be around Jackson's height and then she said if you're not 5' 9", 5' 10" or 5' 11" you're not going to get the job and then for his HIStory concert rehearsals they said dancers had to be 5' 9" - 5' 11" back then as well.

My question is...if Michael was 5' 7" - 5' 8"...that would mean he's selecting dancers quite a bit taller than him, when that's not what he wanted. Wouldn't it make sense that he was 5' 9". They would have obviously done measurements and things, especially for the costumes (trousers, jackets etc).

I believe the autopsy wasn't real or had loads of errors, since he definitely weighed no where near 136lbs in 2009, more like 100lbs - 110lbs. They could have borrowed old information.

I spoke to one of the staff who worked for Jackson on tours and measurements, she told me he was 5' 10" in regular loafers and then told me that he's probably 5' 9" without his stage shoes. I asked if he had heels on those loafers and if he was much shorter and she told me he can't dance in heels and that he dances in shoes that are almost flat at the botttom. My loafers are almost 2 inch heels, yet only make me about an inch taller. I'd say he's about 5' 9".

Dural says on 8/Mar/14

Tucker isn't 6'1" and Jackie Chan is not 5'10 in regular loafers. Jackson was also the same height or a hair shorter than 5'8" listed Usher.

Click Here

Shorter than 5'6" listed Cher. (in heels i guess)

Click Here

5 inches shorter than 5'11" Brooke Shields in 2inch heels.

Click Here
Click Here

jo71 says on 8/Mar/14

Sorry but Tucker is 6' 1", look at him in all the rush hour movies and compare his height to Jackie Chan.

I've met Jackie Chan several times over the years and he was always about 5' 10" in regular loafers.

Knowitall says on 8/Mar/14

Six-four Conan O'Brian had Tucker by five inches. No way is Tucker close to being six-one.

Click Here

I'd say five-eleven max for Tucker. So subtract four inches and we get five-seven for Michael.

johnson says on 7/Mar/14

Met Jackson myself back in the early 80's. He was wearing socks, I was wearing loafers that gave me 1 inch. He was certainly no less and no more than an inch taller than me.

I'm 5' 7", and I had to look UP to him when we were talking. From that point on I believed MJ was 5' 8", until I remembered Jackson was an inch taller than me while I'm in shoes, meaning if I took off the SHOES he'd be at least 2 inches taller. The shoes I was wearing were 1 inch heels. So the Jackson I saw was most likely a legit 5' 9", definitely not 5' 7" or 8" since he should have been shorter or the same as me when I met him if he was. This site's listing is completely fine.

jo71 says on 6/Mar/14

This is just stupid.

Have you guys seen the pictures of Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker on the 'Rock My World' set. Or have you gus even seen the music video.

How come Chris looked just 3 - 4 inches taller than Mike. Chris is a legit 6' 1 btw.

Brando could have been wearing some heels or lifts on, Michael was dancing so he was wearing regular loafers. Lifts can go up to 3" on men. Now go ahead and say Chris is 5' 10".

My whole point is Michael was 5' 9" end of. He certainly didn't look 5' 7" - 5' 8" next to Chris. I'm not trying to back Jacko as a fan or whatever, but you have to admit, I clearly have a point.

Dural says on 6/Mar/14

Thanks Knowitall! Brando must have been at least 5'11.5" if Jackson was 5'10". Now it all makes sense!

Knowitall says on 4/Mar/14

Great pictures Dural! As everyone can see, Jackson is clearly shorter.

The man was not anywhere near being five-ten. He wasn't five nine. At most he was five-eight. But from what I saw in person I'd say closer to five-seven.

Dural says on 3/Mar/14

Jackson and 5'8.5" Marlon Brando.

Click Here

truthseeker says on 2/Mar/14

Sorry excuse my lame explanation...Jackie's CHIN meets the bottom of the bottom of Marlon's nose, whereas me standing next to my 6' 0" brother, at 5' 7" his chin meets to the top of my nose

Meaning that Marlon IS 5' 8". That should make sense now.

Knowitall says on 2/Mar/14

Lame excuses? Please.

I guess for fans, he will always be taller than he really was.

truthseeker says on 28/Feb/14

I told you I met Marlon in 1984, he was an inch taller than me and we were in very similar shoes almost same. Looking at photos of the Jacksons, Marlon's head comes up to the bottom of Jackie's nose

Me next to someone who is 6 ft, my head meets the TOP of their nose and I'm 5' 7" So if someone was 5' 8" their head would meet the bottom of the nose!!

And like I said, MJ looks several inches taller than Marlon 1974/75-present. Check all this for yourself if you don't believe me. So if I met Michael in 1974, he would have OBVIOUSLY been taller than Marlon. I'm not even talking about official heights here mate, I'm telling you my own experience.

If he was 5' 7" - 5' 8", I swear to god he should look same height as Marlon since I even met him myself and Michael shouldn't look closer to Jackie's height, his head should meet the bottom of his Marlon...which it clearly doesn't.

Looking at your evidence I'd believe he's 5' 7", but then again if I look at the J5/Jacksons videos I'd think he's 5' 10"...his official height is 5' 9".........he's 5' 9". There you go. Stop trying to come up with lame excuses.

truthseeker says on 28/Feb/14

I told you I met Marlon in 1984, he was an inch taller than me and we were in very similar shoes almost same. Looking at photos of the Jacksons, Marlon's head comes up to the bottom of Jackie's nose

Me next to someone who is 6 ft, my head meets the TOP of their nose and I'm 5' 7" So if someone was 5' 8" their head would meet the bottom of the nose!!

And like I said, MJ looks several inches taller than Marlon 1974/75-present. Check all this for yourself if you don't believe me. So if I met Michael in 1974, he would have OBVIOUSLY been taller than Marlon. I'm not even talking about official heights here mate, I'm telling you my own experience.

If he was 5' 7" - 5' 8", I swear to god he should look same height as Marlon since I even met him myself and Michael shouldn't look closer to Jackie's height, his head should meet the bottom of his Marlon...which it clearly doesn't.

Looking at your evidence I'd believe he's 5' 7", but then again if I look at the J5/Jacksons videos I'd think he's 5' 10"...his official height is 5' 9".........he's 5' 9". There you go. Stop trying to come up with lame excuses.

Knowitall says on 27/Feb/14

Official is meaningless. Almost every celeb lies about their height.

truthseeker says on 25/Feb/14

Official heights of Jacko's brothers (in a book I had in 1979)

Jermaine - 6' 1"
Jackie - 6' 0"
Marlon - 5' 8"
Tito - 5' 8"
Randy - 5' 7" 1/2
Michael - 5' 9" 1/2 (according to the book)

I met Marlon in 1984 and he was at least an inch taller than me and I'm 5' 7". So I agree with that book.

Michael does clearly look taller than Marlon in videos 1974-present.

Michael's height in comparison to Jackie's height from J5 performance videos, show right before hitting 16 he shot up to 5' 9" unless Jackie is 5' 10" which I doubt, since he's a very big guy.

kingofking says on 25/Feb/14

Fred's official height back then was 5 ft 9 either way (even if he was 5 ft 7). So THAT's probably why she said MJ is the same as him, besides MJ is 5 ft 9 isn't he

Knowitall says on 22/Feb/14

Fred Astaire was five-seven. I met the man three times beginning in the mid-1960s.

The last time I saw him was at a Frank Sinatra concert special event held at the Universal Amphitheater. That was back in the early 1980s. By then he had dropped to five-six.

Bing Crosby was five-seven and always wore lifts.

I've watched Astaire's films. He comes off taller because he was extremely thin. But watch him in Top Hat. He's several inches shorter than Edward Everette Horton who was five-ten. And at least two inches shorter than Eric Rhodes who was five-nine.

Here's Astaire with five-eleven Robert Wagner:

Click Here

He's clearly four inches shorter.

And here:

Click Here

Astaire with five-seven Gene Kelly:

Click Here

Renae says on 21/Feb/14

I really dont see how Michael Jackson is 5ft and 9in

Arch Stanton says on 21/Feb/14

@Know it all. Not a chance. Unless Bing Crosby was a weak 5'6" guy. I've seen 3/4 of Astaire's films and he looked 5'9" ish or at least close to that in most of them.

Knowitall says on 19/Feb/14

Fred Asaire was five-seven.

emperor says on 18/Feb/14

He looked 1-2" shorter than 6' Jackie in the late 70's performances and videos (mind you, they were all wearing the same outfit and shoes)

Michael looked 3-4 inches taller than 5'6 Bashir (exluding the scenes where he is seen wearing lifts/heels giving him a 5" taller than Bashir impression)

The lady who designed his 'Thriller' costume has stated that he was the same height (5'9) and weight (approx. 100lbs) as young Fred Astaire and she would have obviously done measurements and things

In This Is It, one of the lady's who worked for him said that people had to be shorter or either same height as him when he performed, and then she went on to say if your not 5'9, 5'10 or 5'11 you're most likely not going to get the job.

If Michael Jackson was 5'7, 5'8...why would he select people who are taller? Especially when that's not what he wanted??

He claimed 5' 10" in his Moonwalker book, 5' 9" Babyface claimed Jackson grew to be taller than him, he was said to have arthritis and LAST OF ALL, he was measured at 5' 9" on his autopsy report, there was not ONCE he was measured below that dead or alive. What does that tell you?

spike says on 16/Feb/14

Well...then Jackie must be 5' 9 or 10 if Mike is 5' 7/8 and Carman already explained Jackie being a bit taller than him.

If he REALLY was 5' 7"/8"...why didn't he look that height next to 5' 6" Martin Bashir in the living with mj documentary.

Knowitall says on 15/Feb/14

Driver's license? Please! Just about everyone lies about their height on a driver's license. When was the last time you were measured at the DMV?

As for an autopsy, when the body is layed out flat on a table, it tends to measure longer than it really is when standing up. And who's to say the people doing the autopsy didn't make an error?

Jackson wasn't five-nine. Not the Michael Jackson I met.

carman says on 15/Feb/14

Guys, he is 5' 9" now calm down. If he was 5' 7", TRUST ME, we would all know, it would have been VERY obvious and he wouldn't have been measured 5'9 1/2 on his drivers licence, 5'9 on autopsy and 5'11 on mugshot. Let's get real here. He was 5'9 and it was obvious.

In the Jackson days he ALWAYS looked about an inch or so shorter than 6'0 Jackie. I've met Jackie back in 2010 after some theatre thing and he was about exactly an inch taller than me, I'm 5' 11" and we were wearing similar shoes with a slight heel.

Mike was 5'9. Jackie's height has been proven and the 1977 J5 videos Shows Mike looking almost same height as him. He's 5'9 guys, even though he looks 5' 10 or 11 in the J5 videos.

kim says on 15/Feb/14

He's been measured 5'9 on his drivers licence and autopsy report...DONE.
He even looks the same height as 5'10 Paul McCartney.

Knowitall says on 13/Feb/14


First off it's not at all obvious he was five-nine.

Second, he was considerably shorter than me. No way in the world was he five-nine. More like five-eight max, but he could have been five-seven or slightly taller.

metal says on 13/Feb/14

According to his Autopsy Report, he had arthritis in his spine, legs, lungs and fingers. I have a family member with arthritis in the spine and legs and what it does is shrinks these areas or makes them stick together, hence making them look smaller.

Michael's hands in the Press conference did look pretty small and chubby to what we seen in the past, if it affectted his lungs, legs and spine he could have most definitely lost about at least half an inch if it wasn't that bad.

The family member who has these problems had shrunk 2"and she's young. Michael could have peaked at 5' 9" 1/2, but we don't know WHEN he started to have arthritis, this could explain why he thought he was 5' 10.

jamesbond says on 12/Feb/14

Michael Jackson was 5'9, it's pretty obvious.

2" shoes can give him a closer to 6' 0" appearance, while his bad posture could make him look a little shorter at times. This site's listing is completely fine.

Knowitall, you claim when you saw him he looked 5' 8" to you, don't you ever give it a second thought and say 5' 9" is just an INCH over what you thought he was.

Knowing all says on 31/Jan/14

I guess being in denial will forever keep fans from ever being objective.

mId says on 31/Jan/14

If you scroll down you can still see the video I posted of him and Oprah Walking side by side.. She's in heels.. he has his usual Michael-dress-shoes and they are dead even in height. So whatever Oprah is.. add 1 or 2 inches(heel difference) and you've got Michaels height.

MJ Fan says on 29/Jan/14

Anywhere From 5'9 To 5'10.5 - Nothing More - Nothing Less

Knowitall says on 13/Jan/14

Michael with Bill Clinton:

Click Here

I see a six inch difference.

Taking into consideration that Clinton is six-two, that means Michael was no more than five-eight.

Check other photos and videos showing Michael with Clinton. He!s very short in all of them. In some he looks seven inches shorter.

Knowitall says on 8/Jan/14

Janet Jackson age 17 with Sammy Davis Jr:

Click Here

At age 17, most girls have grown to their full adult height. They grow earlier than boys.

Knowitall says on 8/Jan/14

According to Janet Jackson?

Stop believing celebs. They all exaggerate, even lie about things, especially height.

I've seen Janet Jackson in person. She is TINY! Very short and petite. I doubt she's over five-two.

Icarly Fan says on 6/Jan/14

random says on 5/Jan/14
according to his sister janet jacksons heigth she is 5.4 feet
and usally a brother is 5 inches taller than his sister so then i'5.9 sounds accurate

A brother isn't usually 5 inches taller than their sister. Your height goes by the height of your parents which can get pretty unpredictable at times due to one sibling having more of another parent's height genes or the mix between the two genes can give one sibling a height completely different then that of anyone in the family.

random says on 5/Jan/14

according to his sister janet jacksons heigth she is 5.4 feet
and usally a brother is 5 inches taller than his sister so then i'5.9 sounds accuarte

Knowitall says on 27/Dec/13

Tim, please explain further.

It's quite obvious Michael wasn't anywhere near being five-ten.

President Reagan towered over him.

Prince Charles was at least two inches taller than Michael. And Prince Charles was a couple of inches shorter than President Reagan.

Michael was the same height as Frank Sinatra.

He certainly didn't tower above five-seven George Lucas.

Michael was shorter than five-ten Francis Ford Coppola.

I've posted dozens of photos plus three videos showing Michael to be short.

If you base your opinion on dismissing everything then you need to do a lot more research before publishing your book.

tim says on 26/Dec/13

There's enough proof to convince me that Jackson's 5' 10". I looked at everyone's comments and judged everything on all the proof I know. And I have to say 5' 10" might be it. I used to believe 5' 8", but my mind has changed.

The evidence of Jackson being 5' 10" kind of, in a way stomps on him being 5' 7" per say. I'm not a so-called fan as you may say, I'm actually writing a little book on him so I wanted to make his height accurate.

Knowitall says on 25/Dec/13

Michael with five-eight & a half Marlon Brando:

Click Here

Remember that by the time of this photo, Brando could have lost height due to his extreme weight.

Dural says on 24/Dec/13

5'7.5" seems to be correct. Watch the behind the scenes to his music video with Naomi Campell (claims 5'9.5"), she's barefoot and Jackson with 2in cowboy boots is the same height as her. He's also barely taller than George Lucas and Frank Sinatra, that's not 5'10". It's impossible to convince fans Knowitall.

Paul177 says on 23/Dec/13

He looked the same height as Jon Bon Jovi when they met - who I have at 175 cm. But I couldn't see what footwear each of them had on. Michael could look 5' 8" an awful lot of the time too...

Knowitall says on 23/Dec/13

If Jackson was five-ten then I must be well over six feet tall. Ditto that for Reagan.

Sinatra had to be five-ten.

Let's see. That would mean Dean Martin was at least six-one which would have made John Wayne six-seven.

And that would mean Rock Hudson was six-eight!

Come on! Back to reality.

The Lizard King says on 22/Dec/13

Knowitall is right. Five eight. No more than that. Why are people so blind? Why is it so hard to accept concrete facts??? Check the pics the fella posted!

live says on 22/Dec/13

Nah 5'10 sounds most accurate

johnmcc says on 21/Dec/13

I thought he was round 5'9 but after seeing those pics he could be 5'8 range.

Stefani says on 19/Dec/13

Knowitall that first picture that you posted of Jackson and McCartney is one of the worst photos for judging height and you know it is, Paul is much closer to the camera and it has already been proven in other pictures where they have stood next to each other that they are the same height, just accept it and realise Michael wasn't as short as you think he was

Knowitall says on 17/Dec/13

I always pick the worst pictures. Here's another 'terrible' photo you can dismiss:

Click Here

Knowitall says on 16/Dec/13

A picture is worth a thousand words:

Click Here

Click Here

illuminatipuppet19 says on 16/Dec/13

EXCUSE ME Mr.Knowitall you're picking the WORST pictures of MJ AND Paul, the pictures you shown don't show their feet (whereas the one where he looks 5'10 shows both their feet to their heads)and Michael's head was turning down and he still looked same height. How do you know what they were even wearing on their feet anyway. Michael Jackson was a man of 5 foot 10 inches or at least not far from that. The "Girl Is Mine" Cover proves it, but you don't want to believe it. This site has provided enough evidence to show how he's 5'10 and you my friend have provided evidence of him being 5'7. Now we all have good enough evidence to back ourselves up, you can't just say YOU'RE right, because face it, we don't really know.

Knowitall says on 15/Dec/13

When did he look five-eleven?

You think the dozens of photos and videos are all fake?

McCartney and Jackson were not the same height:

Click Here

Click Here

Michael with five-foot-seven Frank Sinatra:

Click Here

Michael with five-foot-ten Prince Charles:

Click Here

Michael wasn't five-ten. He wasn't five-nine.

He was most likely around five-seven.

kkidd says on 15/Dec/13

5'10 sounds about right to me

Stefani says on 15/Dec/13

The photos with Paul McCartney prove Jackson was approx 5'10', end of story. The media took every opportunity to make fun of him and if he was as short as 5'7' he would have been ridiculed even more. Apart from that he has never looked that short, I understand that his small frame made him appear taller but it's impossible for a 5'7/5'8' man to look nearly 5'11' consistently, just accept that he was of average height

Knowitall says on 14/Dec/13

Truth is, never trust what celebs claim, especially about themselves.

Kirk Douglas once told Dick Cavett he was five-eleven back in the 1970s when Cavett had him on his show. Cavett then said that makes you taller than Richard Burton.

Not even in lifts could Kirk reach five-eleven. Not unless they were Frankenstein boots.

ACG said on 14/Oct/07
michael has a major, MAJOR slouch in that pic. he is hunched way over. it looks at though if he straightened up, he would tower over usher.
Anonymous said on 11/Oct/07
look at this picture with usher he may not even be 5'9'' slim frames tend to fool us and believe people are taller then they really are, not to mention the more you weight the more your spinal cord is compressed and precious cms are reduced from an individual and iam pretty sure this is the heaviest michael ever was

Click Here
Lets not forget at his peak he could of ruled the world there goes to show you don't have to tower people to be somebody big
Anonymous said on 11/Oct/07
look at this picture with usher he may not even be 5'9'' slim frames tend to fool us and believe people are taller then they really are, not to mention the more you weight the more your spinal cord is compressed and precious cms are reduced from an individual and iam pretty sure this is the heaviest michael

Click Here
Lets not forget at his peak he could of ruled the world there goes to show you don't have to tower people to be somebody big
Kat said on 6/Oct/07
Actually, I think that Michael could easily be 5'10'' or 5'11''. A good way to tell is by looking at him next to Chris Tucker in the music video, "You Rock My World."
john said on 26/Sep/07
lookings some videos and pics, he looks like 5-8 or 5-9 at most. He is not tall, but he is very thin and that helps him to look taller than he really is.
maria said on 25/Sep/07
he 5'10, he says it in his book
Leon said on 14/Sep/07
With his slim frame, the young (semi-black) Michael always seemed 5'10" to me. No shorter.
glenn said on 5/Sep/07
true james.i hear that anthony.
James said on 4/Sep/07
The Frank pic is simple:Poor posture by Michael. It's obvious he is slouching, also Frank MUST wear lifts here or big shoes. Mike often wore very flat shoes so that could be the reason too.
Anthony said on 31/Aug/07
It was around 1984 when Frank did an album with Quincy Jones. Jackson visited the studio. I saw it in a book. I suppose it's not out of the question Frank has lifts, but Frank surely wasn't more than 5'9 in them, and for Jacko to look shorter is something.
glenn said on 29/Aug/07
interesting pic.i dont think i ever saw it.
Anthony said on 28/Aug/07
Here's the pic:

Click Here

A bit hard to gauge with Michaels' hair. Frank's eyes and shoulders are over Michael's.
glenn said on 28/Aug/07
thats the most bizzare one yet.
Anthony said on 27/Aug/07
I saw a pic where Sinatra, aged 69 and probably below his 5'7 peak, looked taller than Jackson.
glenn said on 27/Aug/07
now thats interesting pete.cause murphy can look 5-9 to 5-10.tops.
Pete said on 27/Aug/07
in the whatzupwithyou video with eddie murphy, eddie appears taller than jackson
glenn said on 25/Aug/07
i also remember reading 5-9 years ago and thought,wow he really is 5-9 when i saw him.
glenn said on 25/Aug/07
yeah,it was very maybe i was fooled.but he does have a habit of looking 5-9 at times.
ACG said on 24/Aug/07
did you notice his posture when he was in front of you?
glenn said on 23/Aug/07
its possible he is 5-11.plenty of 5-11 people i know can look 5-9 due to posture.but michael has looked 5-9 even in the thriller days sometimes.and 5-9 in front of me.
Jackson Girl said on 22/Aug/07
I am almost certain that Michael is 5'11 for serveral reasonss. Now due to age, stress and his health, he may not be exactly 5'11 anymore but at his prime he was 5'11. His sister Latoya stated that and if you look at Mike in pics with his Nephews 3T he is the smae height as Taryll who is also 5'11. Plus Michael is the third tallest brother out of the Jacksons. Jackie and Jermaine are obviously over 6ft tall maybe being at 6'1-6'2 Marlon, Tito and Randy are all probably in the 5'8-5'9 range and Michael towers the three of them so there is no way Michael is 5'9 unless his body has deteriorated.
sam said on 15/Aug/07
peak height for mike 5'11, now maybe 5'10.5
Sarah said on 18/Jul/07
I think he's got to be at least 5'10, because here he is with Elizabeth Taylor and Nelson Mandela, and Mandela is 6'4!
Click Here
kramer said on 13/Jun/07
Click Here
looks the same height as Mike Tyson in this picture, who is listed here as about 5 ft 9 also
glenn said on 11/Jun/07
thanks guys.ill check that as soon as i get in front of a computer.usher might be 5-8.5 tops.5-8 minimum.
ACG said on 11/Jun/07
yes, markymark is completely right!! check this link: Click Here

towards the end of the song Usher comes on and there are some very good comparison shots; if anything Usher is taller than Michael....very strange.

And isn't Usher something like 5'8 at the very maximum?

Lifts perhaps? But would they be even possible with all those intricate dance moves he's pulling off?
MarkyMark said on 10/Jun/07
Take a look at this Click Here Michael singing U rock my world at MSG 2001, at the end of the song Usher join Michael and they dance together , Michael seems not taller then Usher !
glenn said on 9/Jun/07
MarkyMark said on 9/Jun/07
5'11" is absolutly impossible. Have you seen the madison square garden live in 2001 ? At the end , Usher and Michael sing together you rock my world and Michael is not taller then Usher !
Pete said on 1/Jun/07
met him hes 5-10 with shoes one.
ijb7 said on 30/May/07
judging by that pic with Oprah, i give him 5'11"
MarkyMark said on 30/May/07
Michael and Naomi appear the same height in the video "in the closet" but Michael wears small heels and Naomi doesn't have shoes !! I think he's 172 cm and I wouldn't be surprised if he was 170 cm ...
sweetcharity said on 5/May/07
He is 5'10" and like 120 lbs maybe less now--he slouches a lot and it makes him seem shorter 5'10" because Oprah is only 5'6'' and Naomi Campbell is 5'9.5" actually they appear the same height because he is slouching...he was perhaps 5'9" back in the 70s
Brad said on 1/May/07
5' 9" or 5' 10" depends on his posture. He can stand lean & mean and get the height or just drop his body down a bit. Hard to tell.
Anonymous said on 24/Apr/07
He's 5'8 look at the link where the person, taking the picture with him, claims to be 5'8 and she is actually a bit taller than he is.
trueheight said on 8/Apr/07
he's as average as one can get - maybe 5'10 in his 20s (all that dancing is stressful on the spine). Anyway in 2001 in his tribute concert and danced w/ Usher, they looked exactly same in height maybe a little more for MJ
Sumz said on 27/Mar/07
Michael Jackson is 5 ft 11 inches no more no less. He had his loafers on that day no heels no nothing so his shoes may of had half an inch heel on them but he is measured at 5 ft 11 he is no shorter than 5 ft 10.
glenn said on 18/Mar/07
it can work both ways.usually,stocky guys look shorter.skinny guys look short due to slouches.heavier guys have their weight way them down.
Vixan said on 17/Mar/07
Being freakishly skinny,makes you look short I thought being skinny made you look tall being fat made you look short.
Jenna said on 15/Mar/07
It's hard to tell how tall he is. I've seen him look like a midget in photos next to Brooke Shields and the late beloved Lady Diana. They are both around 5'11, and probably in heels, but still. At other times, he can look very tall! It's strange!
glenn said on 19/Feb/07
exactly leonari.i know for a fact they guesstimate too.
leonari said on 18/Feb/07
Joe: police records are taken with shoes on! he had big heeled shoes that day...whats so hard to understand?he is 5'9
Joe said on 18/Feb/07
MJ is 5'10 and a half at least. 5'11 is credible enough. How can you question a police recorded height?
Glenn said on 7/Feb/07
He could be those 5-11 guys that look 5-9 due to posture ala DMX.but I think he is 5-9ish.
Al capone said on 6/Feb/07
jermaine looks around 3-4in taller then 5ft8 shilpa shetty.
Viper said on 6/Feb/07
5-7 is hard to beleive. hes at least 5-9
hb45 said on 6/Feb/07
I just can't believe he's only 5'7". I personnally think he's 5'10" though I consider it possible he's a bit shorter nowadays, but surely not under 5'9". He has often bad postures, possibly due to health problems at his back, making him look a bit shorter than he really is...
Robert.R said on 22/Jan/07
I heard Jermaine was 6'2" but I don't know how accurate that is.
tubbs said on 21/Jan/07
Anybody have any idea what height Jermaine is, thought he may be touching 6ft, but haven't had any good comparisons on Big Brother to judge his height.
Anonymous said on 21/Jan/07
i agree with the 5'7. i saw him outside the courthouse where he was tried and my friends and i were all shocked at how tiny he looked........i'm just surprised that the article was from the 80s, i thought he slumped down a little since then and was taller back in the day. he does sometimes wear ridiculously high heels which probably contributes to his "tall" reputation.
Robert.R said on 20/Jan/07
A magazine article I read in the mid-eighties described Michael Jackson as 5'7" an 119lbs.
hb45 said on 17/Jan/07
Yes MarkyMark, that's true: Michael and Usher seem to be the same height on this photo. But once again, the posture of Michael doesn't seem very good, he's slouching a bit, his head downward. If he stood straight, Michael could be a bit taller.
Glenn said on 14/Jan/07
He was around 5-9 when I saw him.
Megan said on 13/Jan/07
If you want to hear something funny, The Book of People in 1981, lists him as 6'2" and 140 lbs! I doubt he weighted that much even back then. I think he is around 5'9" because sometimes he really does not look like he could be close to 5'10" or 5'11".
MarkyMark said on 13/Jan/07
Hi, Naomi Campbell's height is 5 ft 9.5. In the video clip "in the closet", Michael wears small heels and Naomi doesn"t have shoes and it seems they have the same height (but there's never a perfect view to compare). I think he's shorter thant 5ft9, it would be more realistic to say 5ft8 or 5ft7.5. Moreover Michael seems to be a little bit shorter than Usher Raymond who is 5ft 8 !
hb45 said on 12/Jan/07
The fact that he claimed to be 5'10" (178cm) in his autobiography, plus the fact that the police report put him at 5'11" (180cm) maybe with high heeled shoes are enough to convince me, definitely, that Michael is really 5'10" (178cm) when he stands straight. No way he's only 5'9" (175cm). Some people may have this impression, but it's because sometimes he's slouching.
Jenna said on 10/Jan/07
Michael had boots with *huge* heels at the WMA (as seen in the link below posted by Editor Rob). He was insanely thin at the event. I think he suffers from anorexia or the like. A pity really, if he were not quite so thin, he would probably look quite beautiful.
tubbs said on 10/Jan/07
Seems like Jacko has indeed developed a height complex....when he performed at the World Music Awards in London a few weeks ago, it had in the Daily Mirror a photo of a marker on a wall backstage stating that no one above the height of the marker o be on stage with Michael Jackson....He has seemed a lot taller recently, I think he must be in a lot better shape than when he had his court case, he seemed to look around 5'9 then, looking around 5'11 at the world music awards.
Jenna said on 9/Jan/07
He claimed to be 5'10" in his autobiography, so I think that was correct at that time. I don't think he used to have any problem whatsoever with his height, he was usually in completely flat shoes, and still he towered over lots of people. I can't imagine why he'd bother lying about it. It seems to be a recent change with him, that he tries to be taller, maybe because he lost height. It could also be because the next generation is taller. I was a 6' girl at 15 myself, I towered over every other girl I knew, except one. Nowadays, 15 years later, I frequently run into women who are taller than me. Now with Michael at almost 50.. There is bound to be a difference in the expected height of a man?
hb45 said on 9/Jan/07
Michael Jackson really looks tall, but that's true that he is very thin, making him taller than he really is. But for me, he's taller than 1m75. 1m78 seems a good estimation to me. The height (1m80) from the police report is a good proof that he's surely a little bit over 1m75. So I'm OK for 1m78!
Glenn said on 29/Dec/06
Jackson can look tall.maybe he is a sloucher,looking 5-9,when 5-11.DMX style.Jackson appeared an inch bigger than me.
Editor Rob said on 28/Dec/06
Click Here
Hmm, person in that photo says they are 5ft 10 and Jacko was taller...
Jenna said on 14/Dec/06
What's with Michael's recent choices of footwear? If you see him in this clip on yourtube walking on a treadmill his height is enhanced by at least 4". Click Here But I do not think that is the main point of the shoes, do they indicate a foot problem? They look like they are sculpted specifically to help with problematic feet of sorts? He also had similar shoes in the infamous Bashir documentary, it was very visible compared to the reporters normal footwear. Michael's looked as though they had lifts or something, but that is odd considering he was teaching the reporter to moonwalk in them. :)
Brad said on 19/Nov/06
Stevie's latest was dead out of gate. Radio avoided it cause it meandered aimlessly in a style that was stuck in a ditch in 1989. He needs a Prince to punch his sound up. Put on "Innervisions" and you'll see cutting edge.
Glenn said on 16/Nov/06
I love Stevies 80s output.
J. said on 15/Nov/06
I agree Viper652. "Bad" was pretty much a spotty re-do of "Thriller". He actually though that "Bad" would outsell "Thriller", hence why he reused the formula of that album. That was sign that he was becoming delusional, because NOBODY has a phenomeon of that nature happen to them multiple times. Nobody. The last Stevie album, Time 2 Love, was merely decent (by Stevie standards). But then again, if any younger R&B artist were to release that album, it would be considered the album of their career! I personally think that 1985's In Square Circle, is a classic although most persume his '80s work to be much lesser than that of his '70s wonder years. Lionel's album was weak because he used a bunch of of-the-moment producers. The album was an attempt by Lionel's record company in the US to get him back into the good graces of the US mainstream R&B/pop market.
Anthony said on 15/Nov/06
I haven't gotten the new Stevie cd yet, or Lionel's. I've heard clips from Stevie's new album, doesn't sound too bad, but not as good as what he used to be. I mean, every single 1970s' album from him is a masterpiece. I think when you're an artist of Stevie's prestige, almost anything from him that isn't incredibly groundbreaking the way "Innervisions" and "Songs In The Key Of Life" were, naturally it won't be seen as very good. Just my opinion.

I don't like Lionel's new work at all.
Viper652 said on 15/Nov/06
I thought his "Dangerous" album was better than the "Bad" album overall.
Glenn said on 15/Nov/06
How about the last Stevie Wonder cd? I thought it was Lionel Richie I didnt like either.liked the 2001 and 2004 cds.
Anthony said on 14/Nov/06
I love "Bad", but everything after that was quite spotty.

5'9 seems right.
admjg8 said on 14/Nov/06
but he's Michael Freakin' Jackon for gosh sake THE GODDAMN KING OF POP....i call blasphemy.....just kidding Glenn some of his later stuff was crap...
J. said on 14/Nov/06
Michael's like Stevie Wonder in that nothing he has released is awful but much of it does miss the mark. Also like Stevie, he has a penchant for mush. The first half of his Dangerous album is pretty much his strongest work since Thriller.
Glenn said on 14/Nov/06
Never cared for this guy.Jackson 5 up until Off The Wall for me.after that it was suger candy for the masses.given,Thriller doesnt suck,but everything after did.sorry.
Viper652 said on 13/Nov/06
Thriller is a sweet album.
admjg8 said on 13/Nov/06
just saw the special on michael jackson collaberating with from the black eyed peas. is said to be under 5'9 himself and michael looked shorter.....up until about the mid 1990s jacko looked very tall, but now he not only looks like a completely different person(of course) but appears to be much smaller-is this really the same man who brought us thiller?!?!
Stef said on 7/Nov/06
McCartney was 5'10.5 in the 80s, that puts jackson at 5'9" max (maybe 5'8.5)
Annet said on 8/Sep/06
Another thing, if you know the video with naomi campbell, I believe she's taller than michael! Then what is it... Naomi over 6 feet or michael jackson short? Tell me cause I don't know!
Glenn said on 7/Sep/06
Heard she was 5-8.
Anonymous said on 7/Sep/06
Yeah, he's taller there, but he's wearing a hat too! I'm confused right now! He doesn't seem to be much taller I think...
Danny said on 6/Sep/06
Click Here
That is an interesting picture of Jackson and Oprah, who's standing on a box for a photoshoot, and he's still taller than her, is she wearing high heels too? How tall is Oprah anyway? Some say he is 5 ft 2 some say 5 ft 7.
Annet said on 6/Sep/06
I've just seen the old oprah winfrey show with michael at neverland and she's about the same length. But I don't no what her height is!
Brad said on 3/Sep/06
I remember him being very thin close up. He wasn't tall or short, just lean.
Glenn said on 26/Aug/06
I couldve sworn I was looking down on him.
Viper652 said on 26/Aug/06
If Joe is 5-6,5-7 there is no way in hell he was anywhere close to 6-0.
dumbdude said on 25/Aug/06
can someone please tell me then why the hell the police have him listed as 5 11. Do you really think they would try to protect the secret of Mike's height, if they're trying to book him as a child molestor?
Brad said on 25/Aug/06
5' 9" on the nose. Magic is 6' 7".
Glenn said on 17/Aug/06
Michael is 5-9.his father shrunk to 5-7 or 5-6.though some say Joe was 6ft.
Viper652 said on 17/Aug/06
And you are a fool for thinking Magic is 6-9. Hes always been 6-7 tops.
Viper652 said on 17/Aug/06
The 6-0-6-1 claims for Mike are pretty out there. Hes officially listed at 5-10. He looks close to this height or shorter in most pics. Id say 5-9 Max.
tenaciousC said on 16/Aug/06
dumbdude, da 3 beatles minus ringo hovered around 5-10... paul wuz tallest id give him 5-10.5 at best.. makes jacko around 5-9, 5-9.5 at best....
Anonymous said on 16/Aug/06
no offense dumbdude, but your name really suits you.....Jacko is 5'8=FIVE FOOT EIGHT-not at tad more.

Glenn has stated it and also remarked how his father is only 5'6"-now look at photos from the trial of the two walking together, in many instances Michael looks barely taller.

And about Michael being "close to" Howard Stern's height(6'5")-good one I needed a good laugh!

Michael never was and will never be anywheres near 6 foot.
Annet said on 16/Aug/06
leonardi: I don't mean that he would look great with that weight... no please! Just the lengthe would be nice, but I don't think he's over 6 ft I can't believe that.
dumbdude said on 16/Aug/06
If you look at that pic with Jacko and Paul, you see that once again, Mike is slouched, and Mcartney is at a higher incline, yet Micheal still looks about an inch taller!! I may have overestimated Paul Mcartney's height. Paul is probably between 5 10 and 5 11ish. This would still put Jacko at at least 6 ft.

leonari said on 16/Aug/06
Annet: thats ridiculous! Jacko is soooo thin. He would look really tall at 6 feet or OVER?? what a joke! Read "Moonwalk" his official autobiography....They state his height there.
Annet said on 16/Aug/06
Wow I never expect he would be that tall! And how cool some of y'all really met him (I'm so jealous!) In his video's he seems very short too. But I think it's nice that his not that short..
dumbdude said on 15/Aug/06
Michael is about 6 feet tall. Maybe a bit over. I remember an episode of Howard Stern where Howard had stated that he met Michael and couldn't believe how tall he was. He said something about Michael being close to his height. I also saw another picture of him back when he was married to Lisa Marie, and he towered over her, even while being slumped over. Mike's always had that Peter Pan complex. So he tries to make himself look smaller and more boyish. Every pictures he's in he's always slumping down, and he surrounds himself by big huge over 6 foot 6 bodyguards to make himself look smaller. So anyway, Jacko definitely a tall guy, he's got the inverse height complex thing going. But what else could you expect from Jacko..
Jenna said on 9/Aug/06
And those are VERY FLAT dance shoes Michael is wearing next to Reagan who's obviously wearing normal dress shoes.
Brad said on 7/Aug/06
Was 1 foot from him at a trial in Denver. 5' 10" is correct.
Glenn said on 24/Jul/06
No way was he 6ft when I saw him.5-6 to 5-8 if he had a serious slouch.maybe he was 5-10 in his prime which is close to Michael,and gave me a strange appearence of smaller than 5-8.well Clint Eastwood did some serious 3 to 4 inch shrinking,so anything is possible.
J. said on 24/Jul/06
Joe Jackson used to be around 6 feet so if he's around 5'6" now, he must have done some serious shrinking!
trueheight said on 24/Jul/06
The infamously domineering Joe Jackson 5'6? wow, never imagined
Glenn said on 23/Jul/06
I talked to his father a couple of times.he appeared 5-6.and yes,they have lifts in sandles and Im wont doubt slippers.
leonari said on 23/Jul/06
micahels ather is almost 80 years old now. He lost some height probably.
Darren said on 22/Jul/06
Jackson's height is a tricky one. Could it be possible that he grew in his early twenties? I have seen some old pictures of adult Michael with his father and his father was taller, then about a year ago during his court appearance where Michael came straight from the hospital and he was wearing hospital pants and sandals, and he was taller than his father. You can't have lifts in sandals. so I don't know. I try to find some pictures.
Clive said on 10/Jul/06
Great! You finally downlisted him at his real actual height but you could add,like for M.Douglas or R.Redford,his old height which was probably 5'10...
Clive said on 16/Jun/06
Take a look at this reliable photo with Jackson and Uri Geller listed here as 6'. If he's not 5'9 I won't understand anything... Click Here

[Editor Rob: just note - that senator picture wasn't a real one]
Frank2 said on 13/Jun/06
My friend has absolutely no idea. He decided not to question it. Can you blame him? Also, as a recruit, you don't want to make waves.
Viper652 said on 12/Jun/06
Frank, how did the army mess up by 2 whole inches?
Glenn said on 12/Jun/06
Amen Frank.almost exact situation with my friend.his licence says 5-9.he is 5-7 or a hair under.guess Im 5-10.
Glenn said on 11/Jun/06
Ive been arrested before and they had me at 5-10.ok.they add the boots sometimes.sometimes they ask you.and you fib a bit. or some people believe it or not dont know their own height.Depp told me("I dont know,I forgot"). its not accurate.he is 5-9.we stared at each other face to face.tell em Frank.
Nolifts81 said on 11/Jun/06
I think that Micheal Jackson is 5'9". Years ago he was in Italy at "Gran Premio internazionale della TV" and he was 4.5 inches shorter than 6'1.5 Italian singer Claudio Baglioni(very famous in Italy).
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/06
5'8" for MJ is complete BS. Why he the heck would he be listed as 5'11" on an arrest sheet if he were 3 whole inches shorter? Plus, there would be press referring to him as 'slight' and 'small'. I can see someone downgrading him to 5'9" for bad posture but 5'8" is a little low. He's clearly 5'10". Whether you like him or not. Case closed.
J.J. said on 11/Jun/06
I just saw a clip of Michael Jackson's bad tour where he's performing with his then back-up singer Sheryl Crow, and he's taller than her, anh she's in high heels, plus her hair was like 6 inches thick back then ;)
Jackson seems like a 5 ft 9 guy, he was just on some Japanese tv show which was hosted by some Japanese boy band called smap, and Jackson was a bit taller then all of them, but he was wearing boots I think, so he's probably same height as them, any japanese people around here? Does anyone know how tall the members of smap are? ;) Jackson was also towering over some of the japanese people in the studio, it seemed a bit weird 'cos he's usually not towering anyone but children.
Anonymous said on 11/Jun/06
Click Here

On Michael's "life size" statue---"It's 6-foot-4 and he's 5-foot-7."
Glenn said on 10/Jun/06
Frank is right.he isnt bigger than 5-9,thats for sure.
Frank2. said on 10/Jun/06
Try a different computer.
Anonymous said on 10/Jun/06
I'm sorry Frank but MJ as short as 5'8" doesn't compute. It just doesn't.
Frank2 said on 9/Jun/06
Raj, trust me. Jackson is not 5'10". I stood right next to him and he was no more than about 5'8". I was at least three inches taller. And I wasn't alone either. Two other people were with me, one being my former assistant who claims to be 5'10". Rob has seen a photo of him with me as well as others I worked with and my former assistant is more likely around 5'9". He was taller than Jackson by at least an inch.
Clive said on 9/Jun/06
Yes he was but look at the photos I posted with Murphy and Quincy Jones he's currently no more 5'9, I guess he's in the same case that Michael Douglas if you see what I mean...
raj said on 5/Jun/06
seen, sly wears the biggest lifts in the world. hes a short guy no matter if 5-8 or 5-7 and he can reach 6 feet with special huge sole huge heel boots + lifts inside. MJ is 5-10.
Luciano said on 3/Jun/06
I Saw michael at a Viedo music Awards of 1995 , and he looks the same height of Slash(5,9.5) , who is on his left side in a part of the show... mj is a strong 177 cm
5-10chick said on 3/Jun/06
i have met michael jackson before, and he has a soft speaking voice and I shook his hand and he seemed tall to me like 5'9 and I was a bit shorter
lizzie said on 19/May/06
i thought he would be about 170cm or something like that, he looks much shorter in his music videos than what he really is:) but i like him just the same:D:D:D
Seen said on 16/May/06
If Stallone is 5'9 Jackson CAN'T be over 5'8 !!! take a look at this website where Michael is clearly 1inch under Sly, no doubt he has to be underlisted : Click Here

[Editor Rob: yes, this is true, but then you never know what's in sly's shoes, sometimes he can look 6ft in pictures]
Styxfan said on 13/May/06
He's a walking skeleton and suprissly it doesn't give him a taller illusion. Why does being slim on other people give them a taller illusion.
Clive said on 9/May/06
yes of course now you can change or not but if Murphy and Douglas have been underlisted, I think Jackson must be downgrade too !
Clive said on 7/May/06
You will find me insistent but I found another photo with Jackson and Quincy Jones only listed as 5'5 and Michael doesn't look very taller than him...
Click Here

[Editor Rob: ah, that is a case of underlisting this guy...Glenn had mentioned he appears nearer 5ft 7, and I wouldn't argue that much...]
Angel said on 6/May/06
hes about 5'10. I saw him about 12 hours ago.

[Editor Rob: I thought you were Vin Diesel's mean, Jacko was paying a visit to Diesel to buy Bubbles back from him?]
Clive said on 4/May/06
Ok so now look at this photo with Bill Clinton currently listed as 186cm and tell me if he looks more than 175cm ;)
Click Here

I really think you should do with Jackson like you did with Douglas, 5'10 when he was younger and 5'9 up to now !
Clive said on 4/May/06
I saw you've changed Murphy's height so, to remain logic you have to change Michael's one... Take a look at this photo with Murphy and Jackson together :
Click Here

[Editor Rob: yes, wacko though hasn't the best posture, but maybe a little shorter]
Clive said on 2/May/06
When you look at Frank2's photo with Sinatra (5'8.5)you don't manage to imagine that Michael could be 5'9.5... When he sang "Rock with you" he looked 177cm but up to now he can't be over 175cm but that's only my opinion !
Jared said on 20/Apr/06
He's not broke anymore, he negotiated some new deals regarding the atv-catalog with sony. He's very soft spoken and friendly, he acts a bit weird with people, it's no wonder, considering the life he has lived. When I met him he was a little taller then I would have expected, I'm 5 ft 11 and he was shorter than me, not much though, I'm terrible at guessing height so I would say 5 ft 9 - 5 ft 10, and as far as I could see he was wearing his trademark "dancing shoes" so there were no lifts or heels. He sometimes wears boots, and heeled shoes, but I don't think he does it because he wants to be taller, to me it seems he has no problem with his height.
Frank2 said on 16/Apr/06
Jackson's chief driver/body guard is one of Marlon Brando's sons. Jackson is nearly broke. I know since we have our cars serviced by the same shop and he couldn't pay his bill so they kept his limo until he could come up with the money. It sat there for weeks. While it was there I got into the backseat and couldn't believe how garish it was. Talk about bad taste!
Frank2 said on 15/Apr/06
When I met Jackson just outside the Fox scoring stage, he shook my hand in the weakest manner imaginable and this little girl voice emerged saying "Hi. Nice to meet you."
Glenn said on 14/Apr/06
He is very sweet.his security will try to tear your head off before you can get near photo with.I was threatened if I asked him Id be thrown in jail for harrassment.people have photos with him.not friend of mine has one with him inside his limo!

[Editor Rob: I guess when you get to the level of fame that Jackson had, the security becomes 'trigger happy' so to speak...]
Glenn said on 14/Apr/06
Some people have viciously argued with me that he is 5-11.I stood shoulder to shoulder with him.he is 5-9.unless he has cobain syndrome.

[Editor Rob: did you ever shake his hand, what's he like with fans/auto guys actually?]
Clive said on 25/Mar/06
Therefore, in the final analysis, Michael Jackson is 5'9 without any doubt!
You know I'm currently 5'9 and I can make the difference between a 5'9 man and a 5'9.5 man, of course with my shoes I'm as well 5'9.5 and I'm sure it's the same thing for M. Jackson up to now !
Editor Rob said on 24/Mar/06
Pena, unfortunately those links don't work.

However, the following website has a great selection of photos with Wacko...looking at them all he can fall in the 5ft 9 range in many of the pics:

Click Here
qwerty said on 22/Mar/06
Here's Michael With his nephew T.J. Jackson, who's reportedly 6 feet tall. Allthough Jackson is wearing boots, he's still taller, either T.J. is shorter then reported, or Michael's taller. If Michael wasn't wearing those shoes, he might be as tall as T.J. in that picture, and if T.J. added 2 inches to his height, then Michael's really close to 5 ft 10

Click Here
Clive said on 21/Mar/06
OK I thought that for people in police custody it was compulsory to pass in front of the wall height to register their real height like it was the case for 50cent... Otherwise you're right with all has been said he can only be 5'9 without shoes and lightly more within.

[Editor Rob: yes, I askes some officers about this back when cops had the 5ft 8 and 5ft 10 heights for Eminem, and that's what the police told me - there wasn't a set method across the board, they could get it different ways if they chose. Doubt Jacko's complaining as he's regularly described at that 5ft 11 height]
Clive said on 21/Mar/06
Rob I really don't understand how M.Jackson can be listed as 5'11 on his mugshot whereas he's not ? The police station has certainly forgotten to measure him or it's impossible...
Click Here

[Editor Rob: I mentioned this before, but there is no 'set way' the booking will lay down a height. It could be by asking the man, checking his driver license or having him stand beside the wall height chart and using that...8 and a half stone for Jacko is very light even at 5ft 9]

Heights are barefeet estimates, derived from quotations, official websites, agency resumes, in person encounters with actors at conventions and pictures/films.

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