How tall is Emma Stone ?

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Emma Stone's Height is 5ft 6in (168 cm)

American actress best known for roles in movies like Easy A, Superbad, The Help and as Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spiderman.

Emma and Taylor Swift
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T-ara said on 27/Nov/15
phil said on 16/Aug/15
Rob, in the pic with taylor swift you see 3.5 inch between them ?
Swift's heels also look a little bit higher
[Editor Rob: probably more like 3-inches in that photo.]
sama said on 6/Aug/15
Anonymous its not true ,many people like celebs style and just like to know their measurements in order to try to achieve their styles.
Leanne said on 15/Jun/15
Anonymous said on 15/Jun/15
Met her, she's 5 ft 7, wonder how you guys can spot any inch difference between 5 ft6, 5 ft 6.5 and 5 ft 7, and even guess the height of the heels they are wearing on the Internet. And why does this website love degrading celebs' height, do you guys have anything better to do? Or do you guys have height issues? It's not like she's billing her height way too far from her original. And whether she's 168, 167 or 170cm, there's no difference at all. While you guys are staring at celebrities' height hoping you have magical powers to shrink them irl via Internet community , they are busy making tons of money and loving what they do. For goodness sake please stop what you are doing now and start doing something productive in your life. I respect this website for stating the real height, but not downgrading it. Same thing applies to other celebrities. Please.
[Editor Rob: until you measure somebody it is still always going to be a guess.

This site provides entertainment, and actors are also providing their form of entertainment. Here it is based around discussing how tall somebody looks, whereas actors are pretending to be other people for a living. Height is something actors themselves speak about, put on resumes and win [or lose] roles because of. If height wasn't of interest or unimportant, then nobody would visit sites, type in how tall somebody is in search engines.
A6'2Guy (Formerly A6'1Guy) said on 14/Jun/15
@Emma 5'6 is low end tall for a woman in my opinion, hardly "really tall", 5'4 is average.

@Joey 180.5cm or 5'11 is is the average for Germany when it comes to males, so you are definitely above strong average.

@mina She held or own because there is actually about a half an inch difference between them, not an inch, Bryce is actually about 5'6.5.
teamhough said on 1/Apr/15
shes not 5'1!!!!! she TOWERS over Kristen bell who is 5'1
They are wearing a similar heel and Kristen is standing with a good posture.
she definitely looks 5'6 in the photo

Click Here
Lorne??? said on 20/Mar/15
U agree with Arch. Full body shots in film/television is much better for height comparisons than pictures, which can be quite deceptive. Guys like Will Smith look more they're listed height on film then in pictures.

Emma, she could be 167 range, for sure, actually, she can even look 166 in Spider-Man, for example, but generally she looks more 5ft6 than say, Kaley Cuoco, who is definitely 166-7, IMHO.
kay said on 3/Dec/14
Click Here Same height as Rumer Willis who is 5'6", and clearly taller than Anna Farris who is 5'4", so that's not even an option. 5'1" is just absolutely laughable.
Kam said on 11/Nov/14
GungAlba, she is not 5'1. Not even close. At the least, she's 5'4. There's actual picture evidence of her with people that proves she's not 5'1. I don't know where you got that number. That would put her below even Rooney Mara, and she was noticeable several inches taller than Rooney, so your logic fails.
GungAlba said on 10/Oct/14
She is about 5ft 1 not 5ft 6, why do celebs lie about there height Rob.
chloe said on 4/Aug/14
Click Here
how tall would u say she is here ?
5'6 or 5'5
[Editor Rob: above 5ft 5 flat there, I think she can look anywhere in 5ft 5.5-6 range most of the time]
littlesue said on 6/Jun/14
Those shoes are not 5 inch heels, maybe 3 3/4, if you look at both pics above and the ones you posted it looks as though she has a very high arch on her left foot
giving the impression that her foot not flat in the shoe
Intermission said on 4/Jun/14
Rob, I want your opinion on this:

Click Here

Emma's wearing AT LEAST 5 inch heels (I mean, her foot angle is clear in the shot and it's insane!!! :P) yet there's a clear 1.5 inches of difference between her and Andrew AND he's got a loose posture. How do you explain that? She also seems to be in advantage in terms of the pavement. I would appreciate it if you answered me.
[Editor Rob: she won't be getting 5 inches, but yeah the extreme angle of these shoes means it could give near 3.5 inches. At times she can look a fraction under 5ft 6]
Just said on 25/Apr/14
Taylor Swift seems 3 inches taller while wearing higher heels with platform. I think this listing is accurate and Stone is 5'6.
J.Lee said on 6/Feb/14
Rob how tall would these make a 5 ft 6 Emma? Click Here
[Editor Rob: those are the kind that will definitely give over 4 inches and put her nearer to 5ft 11 mark in them]
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jan/14
I disagree Macsfactor. Obviously close up shots where you can't see feet or uneven ground, and dodgy heels etc are to be avoided and having seen tons of films and generally been acutely aware of the devices they're using to make the actors seems taller (Richard Widmark in The Alamo etc), but in films if the camera lens is level and the ground looks normal and you can see the full length of the actors it is really one of the best ways to guess actors heights. Or rather compare actors heights. I stick by this as I've seen many films of different actors, Grant, Heston, Eastwood, Peck etc and generally the comparison with other actors of listed height etc almost always looks right. With women though heels can confuse things and 5'6 women such as Doris Day etc can often seem 5'8"-5'9" next to guys like Grant.
Arch Stanton said on 7/Jan/14
I disagree Macsfactor. Obviously close up shots where you can't see feet or uneven ground, and dodgy heels etc are to be avoided and having seen tons of films and generally been acutely aware of the devices they're using to make the actors seems taller (Richard Widmark in The Alamo etc), but in films if the camera lens is level and the ground looks normal and you can see the full length of the actors it is really one of the best ways to guess actors heights.
chris said on 26/Nov/13
looks 5ft5.. similar height to emma watson and she just may be even shorter.
Next to Andrew Garfield, who is for sure in the 177-179cm range she is probably about 165/166
Ceanna said on 2/Oct/13
In my opinion I think she's just 5'4
truth179cm said on 28/Jul/13
@Joey I am from Slovenia, so we are close. In my experience men average 180-181cm so 184cm is strong average/tallish. As for women I think there are way too many in the 160-170cm section to consider the 172cm average. 170-180cm is common tall for a female and 155-165cm common short. and 185+ I only know 1 . I also know a few around 180cm yes but they are considered very tall (just like 193cm for guys). I thought average was 167/168cm for women or so, I could wrong since I know male height very accurately but not for women lol.
Joey said on 27/Jun/13
@truth 178cm

I live in germany, and here women my age (early-mid 20s) are 170-172cm in average so a weak 5'8.......its not a number from any list or similar, but my personal experience....I almost never see women that are shorter than 164cm and I do see a moderate amount of women who scratch 180cm or any case no one would consider emma tall here, but weak average....again this only applies to younger women...the 35+ generation tends to be shorter from my experience...

as for men my age, Im 184cm and I never feel tall..Im pretty much in the strong average section..
J.Lee said on 9/Apr/13
Hi rob, how tall is emma in these monster Click Here and how tall in your pic above?
Violet said on 5/Apr/13
I always thought she looked around 5'6". Perfect height for a woman in my opinion. If I was to choose a height to be, it'd be 5'6".
marla singer said on 2/Apr/13
@clint actually, a woman standing 5'4.25 is only taller than 51% of all women infact 60th percentile is for a woman who stands 5'5.25... 5'6 = 73rd perc.
truth178cm said on 5/Feb/13
Joey for a woman emmas height is average, not 5ft8. WTF are you talking dude.
Silent d said on 18/Jan/13
5 foot 6.
Sam said on 15/Jan/13
She seems to be exactly 5'6" to me. Don't really see her being any taller.
Skylar said on 8/Jan/13
Ehh 5-6 is kinda tall hard for me to tell im 5-10 almost 5-11 so it seems short but Im just really tall
Emma said on 24/Dec/12
@ 173 actually in Canada young girls are really tall too . I'm 5'2 and almost every girl I know towers over me by at least 5-6 inches
Emma said on 24/Dec/12
@ 173 actually in Canada young girls are really tall too . I'm 5'2 and almost every girl I know towers over me by at least 5-6 inches
173 said on 20/Dec/12
@Joey: what country do you live in? The Netherlands?
Joey said on 19/Dec/12
that guy is andrew garfield and he is only about 5'10 (178cm) ..i give emma 165cm maybe 166cm...

and btw 5'5- 5'6 can be tall for a woman in certain countries but in mine the younger generation of women between 16-30 averagers around at 5'8 (not kidding I see many chicks that scratch 6feet at age 13-14 already) and a crap load of 5'7-5'9 ones..whereas the older women are below that mark by a few inches...emma's hot btw *_* totally my type
mina said on 16/Dec/12
@Alexa Just what I've been thinking..Emmas height confuses me at times! I watched The Help and she held her own next to 5'7.5 Bryce Dallas Howard.But compared to 5'9 Penn Badgley,she looks 5'5-5'5.5
Silent d said on 28/Oct/12
5 foot 6.
Alexa said on 22/Oct/12
I don't know why but I just don't see Emma as 5'6. I don't understand how she's always about 3 inches shorter than Andrew Garfield (179cm according to Rob) even in heels, how is that possible? If she was a solid 168cm she could reach 5'9 in decent heels but she doesn't seem to, how do you explain that? And to be honest, she looks really petite, she doesn't have a 5'6/5'7 body in my opinion. My guess is she's 5'5 and no more, now that I can deal with!
little sue said on 23/Sep/12
Lol short?? 5ft 6 the start of tall, taller than about 60% of women, try being 4ft 11, thats short!!
EmmaLover said on 23/Sep/12
Definately 5.6. Cause I took a picture with her and I'm the same
Height. We were the same.
Yeah I know. I'm short.
Willy said on 28/Aug/12
I wonder how 5'6'' can even be considered. 5'4'' for Emma.
zalo said on 14/Aug/12
Well, idk how tall that one guy is but he looks pretty tall and so does she. She's probably taller. My guess, 5'7. Click Here
tony t. said on 10/Aug/12
At the oscars she had a couple inches on Ben Stiller, or maybe 3. Pretty sure she was wearing pretty big heels.
little sue said on 5/Aug/12
She looks about 3 inches shorter than Andrew Garfield in their redcarpet pics for Spiderman and thats in 4 or 5 inch heels so I would say no more than 5ft 5
ANDREA[ITA] said on 30/Jul/12
I think that 5'5.5 is closer (166-167)! Anyway shes near enough to claim 5'6!
Glenn said on 7/Feb/07
HA HA HA HA HA!!!! This Glenn dude has hung out with him in the early 90s and he was 5-6 then! you need to watch your mouth and put your foot in cause you found it on a website that makes it real? celebs have been fudgeing heights since at least Ringo Starr at 5-8 who is another 5-6er.5-5 now.IRONICALLY Ringo is just outside this photo as Billy was in his band.
Billy Supporter said on 6/Feb/07
You people need to do a little more research before commenting or believing everything right off the bat! Billy is 5'8 3/4" and is actually "taller" than this Glenn dude! I did my research and found Billy's true height and maybe you all should check Billy's website to find the truth about him before you open your mouths.
Anonymous said on 11/Oct/06
Billy Squier! Dang Glenn. Interesting. Where did you find him???
Brad said on 3/Sep/06
He sure looked great opening for Alice Cooper in NYC in '80. He looks like a guy who just got his 18 wheeler gassed in Salina Kansas now.
Viper652 said on 26/Aug/06
Had no idea he was this short. These Glenn pictures can really shock you at times, especially with the rock stars for some reason.
Glenn said on 26/Aug/06
Great pose from Squire indeed.wait till you see the other pics.I didnt think anyone would comment.otherwise I wouldve sent all 3.thanks guys for the interest in most of my pics.
Glenn said on 26/Aug/06
Great guy.have another pic from 1991 where he looks classic Squire.and another from that new period just 2 months ago.
Brad said on 26/Aug/06
Gawd has he aged! I don't think anybody would recognize him now. I never knew he was 5' 6". He always wore biker boots in concert.
sf said on 25/Aug/06
Wow...had no idea he was that short. I like the tactics he is using to look taller - shoulder over Glenn's, leaning towards the camera, a little bit slouched.

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