How tall is General Height ?

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General Height's Height is 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
Comment on the Height of General Height

Emil 183 cm said on 8/Oct/15
189-190 cm is pretty much stand-out tall in USA/Canada. Normal tall is 183-185 cm range I'd say ..
I live in Denmark though and 189-190 is still a little stand out but not that much what so ever
Thomas6ft1 said on 8/Oct/15
6'2.5" is precisely 189.23 in cm. You're not really close to 190cm (6'3"). I'd be like me claiming 6'2" when I'm only 6'1.5". Just tell people I'm 189cm.

You're height of 6'2.5" is stand out tall if that's your nighttime low.
David said on 8/Oct/15
I was just browsing your pages and I got a little curious as to what the average height loss a person experiences daily should be. I am a 19year old male and am about a fraction under 1.76 (5'9.5~) after a good night's rest (8-10hours) but I dip to about nearly 1.73 (almost 5'8 flat) after a long day and just before bed. Thats slightly more than an inch (~3cm) loss. I feel that this is kind of strange considering I am not a very tall guy and the average loss per day is closer to ~3/4inch. I was in a serious accident when I was 17 which kind of messed up my spine and it resulted in me having two compression fractures with a height loss of about half an inch, meaning my original morning height would have been around 1.77. Could that be why there is such a big difference between my morning and evening height? What do you think Rob? Also what are the chances of me regaining that lost half inch at 19 or am I done growing?
[Editor Rob: that's a lot of shrinkage compared to average, but when you are young your discs are in their best phase and able to retain/rehydrate more than when you begin to age and their ability to rehydrate might reduce. Injuries like fractures could have a permanent effect by a small fraction.]
Thomas6ft1 said on 8/Oct/15
Hey Rob, I stood in front of the tape measure and stared straight ahead. In front of my eyes on the tape measure was 173cm. Does that indicate or prove that I'm in 185cm+ zone?
[Editor Rob: it can mean you could be near 185, it would be believable, unless you were tilting your eyes up a bit.]
Firestarter said on 7/Oct/15
I'm 6'2.5 on the dot, can I call myself 190CM?

And how would you classify this height in America/Canada? Is it a stand-out TALL, or just a normal, everyday tall?
SportsHeight said on 7/Oct/15
Rob, how much height do you gain (momentarily) from standing on your toes? This is assuming proportions are within the normal range.
[Editor Rob: size 9-10 you should get a good 3 inches, size 14 maybe 3.3 inches, size 3-4 maybe 2.7...that's if you can go full tip-toes, but not like 'ballerina on-point']
SAK said on 7/Oct/15
many said: how many inches do you start to tower over people
Thomas6ft1 said on 7/Oct/15
Hey Rob. I have an idea. Could you make a page listing all the height differences? For instance, you can have a page that has a picture of a 3 inch height difference and it says "3 inch height difference". This could be very helpful.
1 inch height difference: picture
2 inch height difference: picture
3 inch height differencr: picture
4 inch height difference: picture
And so on until maybe a foot.
plus said on 7/Oct/15
I finally measured. I am 176. 176.7 morning 8:00, I bet that sleeping more than 8 hours and at 8:00 (I sleep just 7 hours and I need more) I will reach 177 cm. At 11:00 I am around 176 cm. If I work all day I measured at 20:00: 174.5 my lowest!! Then I sat down and had dinner and I grow up around 175.2 at 00:00 pm. So most of the day I am around 176 cm. If I am not exhausted in a day off I would not go lower that strong 175 cm at night., and 176 cm afternoon
many said on 6/Oct/15
how many inches do you start to tower over people
K2 said on 6/Oct/15
What do you all think is the height of the average American white woman under 40? I think it's now 5'5, give or take a centimeter.
elio said on 6/Oct/15
hey rob, do you believe that around 184 at night in the western world is an height that gets lots of benefits in life in general and that is tall most of the time but not stand out tall?
Chase Witherspoon said on 6/Oct/15
Re perceptive vs actual heights: I find this height psych amusing; I claim 5'10" (whenever I'm asked which is like several times a day) though my employment med caught me at a wee moment and I tanked at 176... In my RMs, that would elevate me to a towering 179, and I'm rarely barefoot in company, so I just figure 5'10" is believable if not entirely accurate. My licence shows 178 and it's never been an issue in any context. Now, after reading some of these 'celebrity' ruses I wonder whether I should be upgrading? I have a m8 who wears the Cuban heel RMs and claims 6'0" - I always thought he had an ego, but I'm beginning to wonder if I'm selling myself short. Maybe I can treat myself to a 5'11" claim? Would anyone believe that though? Reckon I'd come off sounding like a prat.
K2 said on 5/Oct/15
About 5'3 women: they're common in much of the world. They're rare only in places like northern Europe, the Dinaric Alps and "tall spots". In fact, they're taller than the average in many countries.
mrtguy said on 4/Oct/15
Click Here
Rob, here is Sultan Kosen supposedly measured 8'3'' with 8'1'' Brahim Takioullah. Do you see a 2 inch difference in this pic from your eyes?
[Editor Rob: yeah probably there is that amount, both those guys will have a bigger head than an average sized head.]
FiveNine said on 4/Oct/15
@Emil 182-183
Here in the seattle area lots of 5'4 ladies...however lots of 5'3 woman and lots of 5'8 dudes...

However womans footwear are a game-changer. Lots of times in a group both male and females are very close in height...footwear
zyzz said on 4/Oct/15
rob how much does smoking affect height?
[Editor Rob: it may be hard to measure in teens how much effect, I don't think I've read any study on actual results of height/smoking in teens, but when you think about it, smoking will effect the density of bones, both in teens and adults.

You might smoke early and find your skeleton doesn't develop as well as it would have, also meaning you have a weaker bone long-term you might lose more height on average due to bone related problems as a result of smoking. ]
Bryan said on 4/Oct/15
@Editor Rob this is a hard question perhaps

What percentage of the world male population would wake up at 180cm barefoot and above??
[Editor Rob: I'm not so sure on the percentage]
Emil 182-183 cm said on 3/Oct/15
Where are you from? 5'3 women ain't that common where I live lol (Denmark)
184.3cm (Night) said on 3/Oct/15
@martin Depends on the country but it seems most have a 5 inch difference.

For instance 5'4 for women 5'9 for men

My own country is 5'6 for women and 5'11 for men - The Netherlands. This was measured not self reported.
K2 said on 2/Oct/15
@Marc and others: Just as there's a 2-inch rule for many actors, there's a 3-inch rule for many actresses and other women. I think that's one reason why Marc encounters women who claim they're taller than they really are.

@Martin: I think the average height gap between men and women is 4 to 6 inches. It depends on the location.
Copper said on 2/Oct/15

It's about 6 inches.
FiveNine said on 2/Oct/15
I feel kinda tall also becuase of the many ladies that are 5'3.
Anytthing under 5'3 is also to short for me...
FiveNine said on 2/Oct/15
I feel kinda tall also becuase of the many ladies that are 5'3.
Anytthing under 5'3 is also to short for me...
grizz said on 2/Oct/15
Thomas6ft1 said on 1/Oct/15
Hey Rob, does being tall give you advantage in life? For example, jobs, attracting girls, and sports
[Editor Rob: overall it can. How much is harder to measure, although there are those studies that say for every inch above average height, a man can earn xxxx more per inch.]
But there has to be a tipping point, right? For instance, average height for a male in x country is 5'10 - once you reach 6'6 or go past it, the added height might not do you any favor, on the contrary.
[Editor Rob: maybe once near 6ft 5 and over that the disadvantages could increase.]
Korean said on 2/Oct/15

my height chart:

162cm : Very short
169cm : Short
171cm : Weak short
176cm : Average
181cm : Weak tall
183cm : Tall
190cm : Very tall
Thomas6ft1 said on 2/Oct/15
@martin. 5 inches (12cm)
Thomas6ft1 said on 1/Oct/15
Hey Rob what does 2 inch rule mean?
[Editor Rob: the idea that an actor adds 2 inches to the actual height he is.]
Matthew190 said on 1/Oct/15
Luca said on 1/Oct/15
Dear Rob ,I measured myself out of bed and I was 190.2 cm... then I measured myself after a six hours school day and I was exactly 188.1 cm... can I claim I am 189 cms tall?


I'm not Rob, but that sounds ok to me.
Marc said on 1/Oct/15
Hey rob. Why some girls are claiming to be 5'9 when they truly are not taller than me for example and i am 5'8. Which intension is there?

Do some girls think that heel height matters?
martin said on 1/Oct/15
how much is the average height difference between an adult man and an adult woman
Thomas6ft1 said on 1/Oct/15
Hey Rob, does being tall give you advantage in life? For example, jobs, attracting girls, and sports
[Editor Rob: overall it can. How much is harder to measure, although there are those studies that say for every inch above average height, a man can earn xxxx more per inch.]
Luca said on 1/Oct/15
Dear Rob ,I measured myself out of bed and I was 190.2 cm... then I measured myself after a six hours school day and I was exactly 188.1 cm... can I claim I am 189 cms tall?
181cm said on 1/Oct/15
Btw those are night heights as I know most measuremnts are usually 1cm higher e.g the 178.5cm for young americans was done at midday and with small slipper-socks on. Yes I researched that
181cm said on 1/Oct/15
165-168cm short range 3/10
169-170 barrier to short range 4/10
171-174-below average/shortish range especially with young guys 5/10
175-178cm average height with 175 lower average and 178 higher average. 6-7/10.
179-182 cm above average/tallish range. 7.5-8.5/10
183-184cm low tall/weak tall. The barrier to solid tall range 9/10
185-188cm classic tall/solid tall. 9.5/10
189-192cm barrier to very tall range but comments on how tall are you start here
193-196cm very tall range. Basketball comments e.t.c
197-200 barrier to huge range. Very many comments could become annoying
201cm + huge, rare
french guy m said on 1/Oct/15
183 cm is average, 185 cm is above average, 188 cm is tallish, 190 cm is tall.
For young men, overall 183 cm is above average/tallish and 185 cm is tall
Thomas6ft1 said on 30/Sep/15
I don't really know what the perfect height for girl is, but for me personally and based on my own height I think perfect for a girl would be somewhere around 5'7"-5'11". I'm too tall for some girls because I feel like I'm talking to a child from time to time.
6 ft guy said on 30/Sep/15
@lelman @grizz I feel the same way my dad is 6'1 I'm 6'0 while my mom is 5'8. My sister can also feel the same way being 5'7.
Dio said on 30/Sep/15
On the subject of achieving one's height potential, do you guys believe it's possible to shoot over it? I'm asking because I see some people who despite having taller parents than my own, are shorter than I am. For example Grizz's parents are 6'1" and 5'10" and he's only 6', which isn't short but I think he could have been 6'4" or taller. Same with the man Lelman was talking about who has a 6'4 dad but is 6'1. On the other side I have a 5'11.5 dad and a 5'5.5 mom and I'm just a few mm shy of 6'3 during the day while my sister's almost 5'9. All of the relatives on my mother's side are short, her brothers are 5'7 and 5'8 and my father's entire family tree is made up of dudes who are 5'9-5'11 except for 2 of his second cousins who are around 6'4 or 6'5.
To summarize, I want to know how much of an impact you think one's upbringing has on his final height and what would be the best conditions to ensure a child's maximum development.
grizz said on 30/Sep/15
Emil 182-183 cm said on 29/Sep/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM
Sounds like an error, bro, or maybe you should lay down the brownies for a second
Crypto139 said on 30/Sep/15
Hey Rob! I want to know your opinion on well leg lengthening surgery. I want to know because I am considering it as I am only 5 feet 7.25 right now. I just want to be quite a bit taller. I don't think I will be too happy with even 5 feet 10 or 5 feet 11. All the people I know have grown more now. I also am quite short next to teens my age. I think this is probably the leading cause of me not having any friends or a girlfriend. If i was 6 feet 1 life would be so much easier. Sadly I don't know when I will be able to get it. I don't have much money as I am not rich at all. So thanks!
[Editor Rob: if height gets to someone to such an extent that they feel 2 or 3 extra inches in barefeet height would help them immensely, and they understand cost/risk and recover, then I would say they should be able to make an informed decision.

I do feel people should try first to improve other aspects of their life so that they might begin to think less of the need for the surgery and eventually accept it...but many simply can't.
Matthew190 said on 30/Sep/15
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 29/Sep/15
Has anybody else grown after 23? My self measurements with the top hinge on refrigerator suggest that I have grown from 6'1 1/2" to being over 6'2" nowadays (I'm not going to go against them since it specifies the height, and that's the minimum that it is since it doesn't specify if that's including the wheels that it's on). I did this with a hard object, and if that's not including the wheels, then 6'3" seems possible (which I had no idea was in the realm of possibilities). I guess that I'm another very late bloomer.


Measure yourself for real. You most likely haven't grown if you're 23, comparing yourself to a refrigerator probably has a margin of error.
[Editor Rob: I did a test today on a few places around a house to show there could be some variations in your own measurements: Click Here.]
Rory said on 30/Sep/15
Rob, im just curious about height the UK as a 22 year old at 6'0.75..what would you say was the equivalent height for men in their 20s in the 1960s ?
[Editor Rob: maybe an inch less]
Sammy Derrick said on 30/Sep/15
I'm 5'8 and I have to admit it's a very ambiguous height for a guy...
I walk down the streets and feel average and sometimes I feel like a dwarf...
What do you guys think?
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 30/Sep/15
Nevermind, I'm 187 CM (after somebody else did the measurement).
Thomas6ft1 said on 29/Sep/15
Hey Rob how tall are the average male mannequins? I seen them at stores all the time and they seem to be close to my height or slightly taller.
[Editor Rob: I would expect them to be 6ft 1 or 2]
Emil 182-183 cm said on 29/Sep/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM
Sounds like an error, bro, or maybe you should lay down the brownies for a second
182 cm evening height said on 29/Sep/15

Yeah, it'd be worth a visit just to see if you feel below average. It would probably be a weird experience, lol, although, at 6 ft, you wouldn't exactly be dwarfed.


Has anyone had an unexpectedly high measurement at the doctor's office? At home, I measured myself a while ago at 182cm at my absolute lowest. When I went into the doc's yesterday, the wall-mounted stadiometer said 184.8cm (!). That's more than an inch higher than expected and I wasn't even standing as tall as I do at home. Are these wall stadiometers even accurate? I haven't been able to replicate the measurement at home but I figured that someone else measuring my height, a medical professional no less, is probably more accurate than what I was doing before.
Thomas6ft1 said on 29/Sep/15
5'11" isn't tall at all. It's the last average height before you enter tall zone. Trust me 1 to 2 inches male a big difference in height
Thomas6ft1 said on 29/Sep/15
Hey Rob how many inches does it take to "tower" someone,n
[Editor Rob: I think over 6 inches and it starts to become a noticeable amount, but I think the word is misused a lot.]
Korean said on 29/Sep/15
I'm 6'1" too. what do you think perfect female height? I think 5'8".
grizz said on 29/Sep/15
@lelman, I have the same "inferior" feeling (me-6ft, dad-6ft1, mom-almost 5ft10). If I were at least 6ft1, I'm sure I'd never notice it. This way, it's kinda unavoidable because I always have to look up a bit to my dad when talking to him. Luckily, my mom never wears heels, so she's never taller than me.
Thomas6ft1 said on 29/Sep/15
Hey Rob, I wear Converse All Stars a lot. Would I be at a footwear disadvantage wherever I go? I notice when I put on New Balance tennis shoes I feel a bit taller.
[Editor Rob: on average yes, a fraction less than what I'd call average shoe/sneaker.

We have 2 heights, measured height and perceived height. Your footwear can definitely effect the latter.]
Thomas6ft1 said on 29/Sep/15
Hey Rob what height do women consider ideal for a man? 6'0" - 6'2"?
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 29/Sep/15
Has anybody else grown after 23? My self measurements with the top hinge on refrigerator suggest that I have grown from 6'1 1/2" to being over 6'2" nowadays (I'm not going to go against them since it specifies the height, and that's the minimum that it is since it doesn't specify if that's including the wheels that it's on). I did this with a hard object, and if that's not including the wheels, then 6'3" seems possible (which I had no idea was in the realm of possibilities). I guess that I'm another very late bloomer.
James B said on 28/Sep/15
Anything above medical average is considered tall

Maybe 5'11 is a very weak tall though and is increasingly considered to be more average these days.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 28/Sep/15
@182 cm evening height
Sounds really interesting. I wonder how it's the case. Must be something certain :)
Anyways, Hamburg is a beautiful city so I wouldn't mind to pay it a visit
Emil 182-183 cm said on 27/Sep/15
@french guy
So effin what if you'd be below average in Hamburg? Take a chill pill, mate
Thomas6ft1 said on 27/Sep/15
@saibot 196cm is simply very tall. Don't kid yourself 183cm is still tall for a man. Since height is relative though anything shorter than you is short. I have a cousin who's 201 cm and you'd be short to him.
Thomas6ft1 said on 27/Sep/15
french guy doesn't think 6'0" isn't tall. That's BS. I'm only an inch taller so I can relate. I have met people who seriously tower or dwarf me even girls and I have felt average heighted before, but even after all that I still consider myself a tall guy.6'0" is tall whether you like it or not.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 27/Sep/15
@182 cm evening height
I find it very interesting too. Long time ago I've been to Hamburg but I should go there to see. Sounds mind blowing with a 6'1 average cause it's a very large city!
Thomas6ft1 said on 27/Sep/15
Hey Rob what does a 3 inch and 5 inch height difference look like? I have a friend who I know is lying about his height so I need your help.
[Editor Rob: if you just think about eyes. If 3 inch then the smaller person might be looking around mouth of taller person, and if 5 inch, they could be looking around edge of chin.

In photos though, sometimes it can appear even more or less.]
Davikia said on 27/Sep/15
One last thing. I measured myself once with a digital stadiometer at a doctor's office. It read 180,2 cm, but I had been laying for a couple hours before it, even though it was at night and I had exercised earlier. Also, I think I didn't press it enough against the top of my head so that might have added a couple mm. I just think the wall that gives me 178,2-178,7 (lowest and most common height) has to have some sort of inclination that makes the number 0,5-1 cm lower than other walls. No way I'm less than 179 cm solid if I got measured at 180 cm by a digital stadiometer. I'm OCDish about this sorry lol.
Davikia said on 27/Sep/15
I'm no longer sure about my exact height lol. I measured myself multiple times on many different walls and doors from my house at night after exercising, so I was around my absolute lowest. The highest I got was 179,2 cm and the lowest was 178,2 cm on another wall lmao. Almost all walls were in the middle though. So I would say 178,7 cm. Just to be safe I think my absolute possible lowest on a stadiometer is 178,5 cm, could be 179 cm though. I think my most common height is about 3 mm over my absolute lowest, since I exercise with weights and run almost everyday. Even if I wake up at 7 am go exercise and come back home just two hours later, I can drop to my lowest in just 2 hours and usually go back up 3 mm throughout the day. It can be 5 mm or more though depending on my activity levels.
So from now on I will claim 179 cm and not 180 like I have been claiming for the past three years (at some point I even claimed 181-182 and people believed it no problem lol) I figured it's actually favorable for me to claim 179 cm, since I am a little more muscular than average, but my weight is kinda low lol, so people tend to think I weigh more than I actually do.

Now I will comment how I feel about my height where I live. I live in Medellín, Colombiain a sector that's more wealthy than average and that's why probably why people here are taller than the average height of the country (170-171 cm). I would say the average here is about 173 cm (taking night height), so about 5,5-6 cm shorter than me.
For some clowns here saying they sometimes go months without seeing a legit 6'3" in Canada or something like that, I can say I see people taller than me everyday. At the gym usually the tall guys are about 182-185 cm, but there are some close to 190 cm and even a few around 192-193 cm. Now, I always feel above average, but by a small margin, like 5-6cm, which is not that much. When I'm at a large mall in a wealthy sector, I see lots of people taller than me. Usually they are 182-185 as I said before, and above 190 cm is quite rare. Mostly it stops at 192-193 cm and to see a legit 195 cm guy or more is not common, but it happens. There's even a guy living in the same building as me who is 198-201 cm tall (hard to calculate when the person is so much taller than me).
That's for men. For women, I almost never see anyone taller than me, but it happens, even though it's more rare than seeing 195 cm+ dudes. So 180 cm here for a woman is like 195-198 for a man, in terms of how often thar height is seen.
Most women here average about 162 cm I would say. My sister is 165 cm and she says she feels kinda short sometimes and kinda tall others. It's almost equivalent to my height, considering gender variation.
Most tall girls here are 169-173 cm and it gets very rare above 175 cm and at or above 177 cm is extremely rare.
Thomas6ft1 said on 26/Sep/15
I highly doubt the average is 5'10" in America maybe except for the younger white generation.
Heylo said on 26/Sep/15
Rob, what do you think is the general start of short in most countries in Europe + America?
I personally would say that 5'6-5'7 is the start of legit short in most countries? But that in a few countries it would stretch to 5'8 or even 5'9?
[Editor Rob: yes 5ft 6-7 in a lot of countries...but, that can still be average in some nations.

Then 5ft 8-9 could be viewed as short in taller nations like Holland....heck, some women even in UK/US would call 5ft 8-9 men short!]
niko said on 26/Sep/15
if i am 168 cm barefoot and i have the money should i do leg lengthening cause you know i am very short
i am 18 and don't think i will grow any more
Thomas6ft1 said on 26/Sep/15
I've always wondered if tall women like tall men.
lelman said on 26/Sep/15
Rob, might be completely off-point but do you think guys being insecure in their height might stem from being shorter than their dads / other male family members? Obviously not the case ALL the time, but I was talking to a chap at work who was about 6'1" and he said he wishes he was taller, as his dad is 6'4" and he feels he failed his genetic potential, and that he feels generally quite short for it, despite being fairly tall.

I on the other hand am quite happy with my height (5'10.5"), but I am 1.5 inches taller than my dad. Since most guys grow up aspiring to be similar to / better than their fathers, it seems reasonable to think that height insecurity could stem from this.

Might explain why you see taller guys (5'8" - 6'0") fretting about being too short, while a lot of shorter guys (<5'7") don't seem to give a ****. I'm sure there's more to it, just an idea.
[Editor Rob: there could be an element to that, or being shorter than siblings, or having an experience surrounding height when young that had lasting influence.]
Thomas6ft1 said on 25/Sep/15
Hey Rob, what does a 4 inch height difference look like?
Amaze said on 25/Sep/15
@saibot you are more than very tall, 6'3-4(191-193) starts very tall, your solid strong very tall. 183cm is still tall worldwide and in general. E.g. I'm 173 but short from someone 186 perspective but in general I'm not short lol
grizz said on 25/Sep/15
@french guy, you will never,EVER feel shortish at 185(unless you spend most of your time at basketball court),not even in Dinaric Alps! You really need to seek some help,seriously.
182 cm evening height said on 25/Sep/15
@french guy m

No, the average for young men in Hamburg was 6 ft 1.

@Emil 182-183 cm

I post on another forum and a couple of guys from Hamburg (one at 184cm and the other at 185 cm) basically agree with what is said in that report. Others who have been to Hamburg also seem to agree.

Self-reporting also doesn't explain why Hamburg is so far ahead of some regions and why some of these regions were happy to report in heights below the national average. The table I posted seems to fit in with the measured average of ~5'11" for young, urban German men.

Regardless, even if the data is unreliable, the more striking point for me is that such big variations in average height can occur from region to region.
Ivy 5ft 7 said on 25/Sep/15
@Lillo Thomas yes 6'0 is tallish in the USA but most of the world it's tall I agree.
6ish said on 25/Sep/15
Hi rob, what would you classify my height as if i was theoretically listed on this site.

Morning: 184.5cm
Before bed: 182.5cm
Dio said on 25/Sep/15
@Rob: Am I disproportionate? Height: 189-191cm Wingspan 197cm Neck 37cm Chest 103cm Waist 76cm Hip 95cm Inseam 93cm
Also, are my feet small? Eur 44.5-45 US 10.5 UK 9.5
Akatsuki said on 24/Sep/15
I believe average male height in america is 5'9"-5'9".5 range, finding it hard to Believe that the average American male is a legit 5'10" at night.
Thomas6ft1 said on 24/Sep/15
Hey Rob I'm 6'1" and my friend claims 5'10", but he his comes up to my eye level. Somehow I know he's lying
Amaze said on 24/Sep/15
@french guy yep I'm studying accounting at a London university (queen Mary) and I still do believe 183cm is tall here in UK and Us also. You cannot deny the fact that 183cm is tall worldwide - you'd have be to insane to not accept that. You can argue if 183cm is tallish in certain countries which it is(its above avg/tallish in Netherlands etc, tallish in Germany) 183cm is still definitely tall in England usa etc even rob agrees. However it's low tall weak tall however you wanna phrase it. 185cm or 6'1+ is solid tall. 188cm 6'2+ is strong tall.
Matthew190 said on 24/Sep/15
Thomas6ft1 said on 22/Sep/15
Hey Rob for someone who is a height of 6'1" what is the average leg length, shoe size, arm span, inseam, and torso length


I believe I've seen it mentioned that the average armspan is 1.02 times height and the average (properly fitted) inseam is 0.45 times height. So for 6'1" that would be just shy of 33" inseam and just shy of 6'2.5" armspan, which sounds pretty accurate to me.
andre said on 24/Sep/15
people say 6ft1 is short but i'm only 5ft6 and 24 years old so for me a 5ft9 man is tall
andre said on 24/Sep/15
when will we see pro skater and mtv star ryan sheckler

for 4 years we ask ryan and you never put him , please put him he is 5ft7 berefoot
Saibot said on 24/Sep/15
@French guy m
183 cm is from my perspective short ( im around 196)
You can be tall only for person who is 160 or so
Thomas6ft1 said on 24/Sep/15
@French guy m

You have mental problems. 6'0", generally speaking, is a tall height. I experienced feeling average, feeling short, and feeling inadequate at 6'1", but that rarely happens. I'm very aware that white people are tall. I always feel average when I'm in a crowd with all white people. However, 97% of the time I feel tall.
Thomas6ft1 said on 24/Sep/15
I personally consider 6'0", 6'1" and 6'2" as tall heights. I have encountered people who tower over me but such encounters are rare. I'm taller than most people on daily basis. Sure, sometimes I can feel average heighted, but that doesn't occur often and only happens it certain places or circumstance. So far I've only seen 5 girls who were taller than me in my life.
french guy m said on 24/Sep/15
@182 cm evening height
So average in Hamburg for white young men must be 187 cm,
Lol , I would still be below average , with leg lenghtening or not, that's crazy.
I think a man has to be 190 cm to feel solid, not 185 cm as I used to 185 cm you may be average in most places, but there are still a few places where you're shortish
Thomas6ft1 said on 23/Sep/15
The only time I've ever felt average height is with white people. Hanging out a bookstore, or visiting Mesa Verde park and New Orleans I felt average. White people are pretty tall. Other ethnicities like Asian, black, Mexican I feel tall 100% of the time.
Thomas6ft1 said on 23/Sep/15
What do you think is the ideal male height? I would pick 6'1" (185cm) because its close to perfect, not too tall and never short, and ideal for modeling. Girls love this height.
Anna said on 23/Sep/15
Hey heylo! My comment was again just an opinion so chill! Sorry but when a guy is 6ft and more he is often disproportionate because he will certainly and in most cases have long arms and a very long torso or very long legs and he will look like an avatar! Of course there are exceptions but I find tall and very tall guys a bit scary and can't understand why the height of a man is such a big deal especially for some girls..
Thomas6ft1 said on 23/Sep/15
Hey Rob what is considered the ideal height for male modeling? 6'1"? And what is considered the golden "ideal" "perfect" male height?
[Editor Rob: I think there is ideal/desired, but I wouldn't call use the term perfect.

6ft 1-2 range is quite desirable. You can go through life never really feeling short, but usually feeling tall, but not so tall that you get triple the eyeballs/attention. Some men like that though, being 6ft 5 for one man would be perfect.

Emil 182-183 cm said on 23/Sep/15
The chart for Norwegians looks more trustworthy. I find it unlikely that people in Hamburg are taller
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 22/Sep/15
How tall would y'all guess that the average male height in the UK (in a city like London is nowadays). While I would say that it's shorter than the average in the US, the tall ones that I've seen there were often REALLY tall. I was just there, and I saw several people who were seriously like 6'8"-6'10". There was also one who was like 6'10"-6'11", and everybody around noticed how tall he was. Nevertheless, I still felt tall there.
french guy m said on 22/Sep/15
Are you studying at university?I remember that you were in high school last year, do you still believe 183 cm is tall?
french guy m said on 22/Sep/15
@Aaron183 cm
What would be the average height at your university?
Thomas6ft1 said on 22/Sep/15
Hey Rob for someone who is a height of 6'1" what is the average leg length, shoe size, arm span, inseam, and torso length
[Editor Rob: you might expect size 10.5UK (or 11/11.5US)6ft 3 armspan, 32 or 32.5 leg, but torso I'm not sure.]
182 cm evening height said on 22/Sep/15
@John (The 5'11" one).

Yeah, for sure. Some girls look stumpy at 5 ft 4 while others look very graceful. With girls, I'd say it's more important how they 'pull off' their height than their actual numerical height itself. With guys, there tends to be more of an emphasis on their numerical height and the raw size of the guy when he is alongside other men or women.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 21/Sep/15
This is a weird observation, but I've noticed that people who are from Washington are more likely to grow later than most (with an 18-19 year old on average seeming quite a bit shorter than one who is 20-23 years old there). Has anybody else noticed that late bloomers are common there? What causes for this to happen?
Lillo Thomas said on 21/Sep/15
1 inch difference is quite a lot Emil ? Really ? What the heck you are talking about? 1 inch is a very small difference. A notable difference is 2 inches. 2 inches isn't a big difference but it's a notable difference.Aaron 183cm 6'0 in a country like USA is tallish or above average . The start of solid tall range is 6'1 or 6'2. But worldwide 6'0 is definitely tall. When people argue that's 6'0 is tall in the USA , it's fine by me. I don't agree but atleast the difference between average and 6'0 is 2 inches. Now when people are arguing that 5'11 is tall in the USA , that's is really BS. It's barely taller than average . 1 inch is a very small difference.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 21/Sep/15
@182 cm evening height

Take into account that those data might be self-reported.
I really doubt that average height in Hamburg for male 18-39 is 1.856 m ;D!
But still interesting to see the regional differences.
french guy m said on 21/Sep/15
@Aaron 183 cm

Even if 178 cm was average, 183 cm wouldn't be tall.
ManKo said on 20/Sep/15
182 cm evening height

That also happens in Norway, there are differences between regions:

Click Here
Pea Sea said on 20/Sep/15
Maybe also a few more notable athletes.

Paula Radcliffe, Bradley Wiggins, Seb Coe and Daley Thompson would be worth adding I think.
WAF said on 20/Sep/15

I'm Danish too. I have had similiar experiences, but I usually find that guys below 180 cm claim to be 179 cm. They presumably do this because they know they are below average (perhaps the median as well), but they think they can get away with claiming 179 cm.

I think that many people don't know their exact height, and thefore that they are not necessarily lying when giving an obviously false number. I remember when I was younger and my mother "measured" me at 180 cm, but when I was then measured at my school I was slightly above 179 cm. Obviously such a small mistake doesn't account for the huge exaggerations that some people make, but I think it's part of the explanation.

Another thing might be that people remember being measured something when they were, say, 16 years old, and then they expect to have grown a lot more from then till 18, when, in reality, they have only gained a small amount.

@Emil 182-183 cm

As the link by @ManKo indicated, average male height in Denmark among the younger generation is essentially 180 cm. If a guy is around 185 cm in Denmark, he will not be noticed for his height, but he will be described as "somewhat tall" or something similar, if it becomes relevant. If someone is 187-190 cm, I think they will be described as "tall", nothing more or less than that. When you get to guys at 193-196 cm, they will be described as "very tall". You are "extremely tall", if you are >=198 cm. Some (most?) people don't even distinguish between guys who are around 200 cm and guys who are 205-210 cm. Obviously peole in the latter group is *very* rare, but I definitely notice the difference standing next to someone who is 200 cm versus standing next to (and talking with) someone who is roughly 210 cm.

I think girls need to be around 175 cm to be described as tall here, which fits well with guys having to be around 188 cm for a similiar description, since the average difference between men and women is about 13 cm.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 19/Sep/15
Lillo Thomas,
1 inch difference is not "barely taller"
That's a noticeable difference.
joe @@ said on 19/Sep/15
guinness book measured barefoot my mistake the
joe @@ said on 19/Sep/15
Rob, for me this couple overcame the couple listed on the guinness book seem that measuring the guinness book was measured with shoesClick Here
Heylo said on 19/Sep/15
Anna, stupidest thing I've heard and yes it is only your opinion. Not because I feel offended(I'm 5'10) but a man's proportions doesn't get magically disproportionate when you get above 6ft. There are disproportioned bodies of all heights. A known fact wether you wanna admit or not is that tall in most cases is an advantage, wether it's about love, work or in social groups. This doesn't mean that height is everything though, it's far from everything.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 19/Sep/15
It's 5'10 for African American and the Caucasian population. 1 inch difference is also quite a lot ø
Lillo Thomas said on 19/Sep/15
The average height for young white and black males is 5'10 in the USA
grizz said on 19/Sep/15
@Anna, I have to disagree with you. Girls, especially short ones, tend to appreciate height more than other characteristics. I really can't do nothing but SMH when a 5'3 girl starts telling me that she'd never consider a guy who's shorter than 6'3.
I would say nothing but "fine, live with your ridiculous criteria" when she mentioned a guy she's into:"he's 6'3, you know". Erm, no, he's 6'1, I know because we went to the same high school, same class.
Not only she ditches guys because of their height, but she also does it using her horribly disfigured perception.
John said on 19/Sep/15
I'm happy to see that someone else is about my height when I was same age. At 14 I too grew from about 6ft to 6ft 3. At 15 I was 6ft 3 1/2 and at 16 I was your height. Now at 18 (turning 19) I am 6ft 7 barefoot, 6ft 8 in dress shoes. Your son must be end about my height, 6ft 7 (about 2m).

You must have been a late bloomer, if you were just 5ft 11 at 14, because that was my height at 12 to 13.
BTW what are your respective shoesizes?
Mine is a UK 14 / Eur 47. I have always had very big feet and hands eversince. My hand span is practically one foot too.
I have always been very tall for my age, so I have grown up gradually.
John said on 18/Sep/15
@182cm evening height. I will second that. Being as kind as i can, i have a female friend who lets just say likes her food. She isnt the stereotypical overweight person as she looks more 'chunky' than fat. She is always thought of as short/very small in terms of height. We measured her the other day and she surprised us coming in at a little over 5'6. I honestly thought 5'3 max. The perception of height is massively effected by 'your composition' I myself at 5'11 night height have a swimmers physique and often people think im 6'1 even 6'3 a few times. (i know madness). But i agree that facial attractiveness is more important than height. For me my preference would be 5'6-8 for female height.
182 cm evening height said on 18/Sep/15
Interesting German study. Highlights the regional differences that you can get within a country:

Click Here

18-39 year old men in Hamburg were 1.856m (6 ft 1) on average but 18-39 year old men in Thüringenwere 1.754m (5 ft 9) on average.

I think it lends weight to French Guy's observations. Maybe people are genuinely just taller in his city.
SportsHeight said on 18/Sep/15
Rob, how many hours out of bed before you hit your absolute low?
[Editor Rob: from my own tests, I can get there within 5 hours if I am doing a lot of activity.

I did do a test recently as I was working on a ceiling and up to all sorts of wacky angles. I got down to 173cm against the wall at noonish.]
Channel said on 18/Sep/15
SAK said on 16/Sep/15
@Channel, at 6'3-6'4 you are too short to go to these countries. You will be towered .

oh really? sounds like sarcasm lol anyways , seriously speaking , how tall are those average Montenegrins?
Amaze said on 17/Sep/15
6'0 is just low tall, 6'1-2 is solid tall

181-182 tallish
183+ over tall
182 cm evening height said on 17/Sep/15

No, your height is in the insect range in those countries. Wear bright clothes or people may step on you by accident.
(Unknown) said on 17/Sep/15
@Lillo Thomas

I 100% agree.

Quick question:
Do you really think the average American man is a legit 5'10"?
I have my doubts.
Aaron183cm said on 17/Sep/15
@Lillo Thomas

Just want to say I agree completely. I go to a university and 6'0 is an unremarkable, slightly above average height here. There are loads of guys and even a few girls that are my height. I even saw a huge guy that had to be a legit 7 feet the other day, probably the tallest guy I've ever seen. Of course it's not the norm to see someone above 6'7" here, but I'm just saying that when around predominantly white 18-24 year olds you need to be 6 foot something to be tall, just 6' flat doesn't really cut it, let alone 5'11 which you would probably get laughed at if you tried to claim being tall at that height.
ManKo said on 17/Sep/15
Lillo Thomas I doubt that the average height in the USA is 5'10, considering that in Denmark or Norway is 5'11.
Anna said on 17/Sep/15
To be honest girls do not really care about height and personally i find it ugly and disproportionate when a guy is above 6ft
Again this is just my opinion
Aaron A said on 17/Sep/15
Hey Rob, I've been wondering for a while what happened to Mamun? He was a great contributor. Thanks in advance. Regular at celebheights here for half a decade and love what you do.
[Editor Rob: you can find him on his facebook.]
Korean said on 16/Sep/15
Thank everyone!
Heylo said on 16/Sep/15
"Legit short"(considered short by most people) list:
US: 5'6-5'7
In most part of Europe: 5'7-5'8
And in Scandinavia, Netherlands, Germany etc: 5'8-5'9 (might in some places extend to 5'9.5?)

Do you guys agree?
182 cm evening height said on 16/Sep/15

I don't have perfect height for women, tbh. A small and slim (petite) girl has a different charm to a tall and leggy girl and I don't think one is better than the other.

As long as the girl doesn't look 'squashed' and stumpy, her height is largely irrelevant to me. I guess the benefit of having a taller spouse is that your kids are likely to be taller but that's not something that influences my subconscious sexual attraction like a pretty face would.

@rob Thanks for the info on the lifts. I've found some that you just put under your heel like a wedge and some which are like a full insole. How much do you think these (Click Here) would add? I reckon that if I'm going to use something like those, I'll need to put them in ankle boots to conceal them or something.
[Editor Rob: those lifts are a sharp angle so even though it says 2.5 inch might get 1.5 inch range maybe.]
Emil 182-183 cm said on 16/Sep/15
Of course, you'd be tall in any country you go.
Lillo Thomas said on 16/Sep/15
Unknown the average height in United States is actually 5'10 for young white and black males. With all minorities included the average is 5'9.5. I agree with you 6'0 should not be considered legit tall in the USA . 6'0 is more above average . 2 inch above average isn't a enough difference . The start of legit tall is 6'1. I don't want to continue the silly debate about the classification of 6'0. But saying 5'11 is tall when is only one inch above average is very silly. 5'11 guys are barely taller than average guys lol.
Lillo Thomas said on 16/Sep/15
Unknown the average height in United States is actually 5'10 for young white and black males. With all minorities included the average is 5'9.5. I agree with you 6'0 should not be considered legit tall in the USA . 6'0 is more above average . 2 inch above average isn't a enough difference . The start of legit tall is 6'1. I don't want to continue the silly debate about the classification of 6'0. But saying 5'11 is tall when is only one inch above average is very silly. 5'11 guys are barely taller than average guys lol.
184.3cm (Night) said on 16/Sep/15
F.F said on 14/Sep/15
@184.3 cm (night)
I have found two sources pointing out that the young dutchmen average approximately 6' tall. One of them claims to have measured the sample size but it's in dutch (thanks to google translate!). Do you agree with the statistics?

So in that first link it says that in 2006 the average height for a man was 181cm and for a woman 168cm and that the last 20 odd years this has been an increase of 3cm for men and 2 cm for women. It also says that the last 5 years there has been little change but that in the north of the country, people are 2cm taller on average than in the south. Then some stuff about how we are getting fatter hmm interesting apparently women overestimate their height more than men.

They also think they weigh a bit less than reality compared to men.

Second one is in english so there we are.

Yes i agree with those estimates i always thought it was around 5'11 as im just over 6'0.5" at my absolute worst, i wake at 6'1.25".
So after experimenting ive found that on easier days i measure very close to 6'0.75" in the late afternoon when shopping and 4-5cm is what i usually have on alot of the younger guys. Ive said before but most of the time if i see someone taller here then its a 6'2+ guy which arent that rare but not as common as most would think.

Anyone taller than tends to be 6'5+ which really arent common at all, infact just as common as the 6'8 + guys.
SAK said on 16/Sep/15
@Channel, at 6'3-6'4 you are too short to go to these countries. You will be towered .
Daniel said on 15/Sep/15
6'1.5 here, sometimes I feel like a giant,and at times I feel barely above average. I do tend to wear low shoes like Vans alot though.
Kreyzig 6ft 3 said on 15/Sep/15
6ft 1(186cms) is the height from where people will consider that you are tall..My cousin who is 6ft 1 at times can look 3 inches shorter than me...though I believe that he is more 6ft 0.5 than 6ft 1..but recently he has started claiming 6ft 2 which is of my arch enemies was 6ft 2 tall and I can surely say that he is not as tall as that guy.
grizz said on 15/Sep/15
@Channel,not sure about other countries,but in Montenegro you would be tall,but not standout tall. You'll be fine there
(Unknown) said on 15/Sep/15
@Lillo Thomas

If the average male height in America is really 5'10"(I doubt it) than I think the same can be said for 6'0" as well.
2 inches doesn't make much of a difference.
Mr175 said on 14/Sep/15
Hi @rob if I wake at 6'5" and end the day at 5'6.3 what height should I go with?
Channel said on 14/Sep/15
hello you all
im about to go to Chech Republic , Montenegro and then Hungary
i am 190cm or 193 cm somewhere 6ft 3 or 6ft 4 - do you think its a tall height for all these 3 countries or no? will i stand out ir is it short and i should grow some more?
F.F said on 14/Sep/15
@184.3 cm (night)
I have found two sources pointing out that the young dutchmen average approximately 6' tall. One of them claims to have measured the sample size but it's in dutch (thanks to google translate!). Do you agree with the statistics?

Click Here

Click Here
Ivy 5ft 7 said on 14/Sep/15
@John yes I agree for guys tall starts at 6'0 (182.9-3cm), if not 6'0 then maybe 6'0.5 (184.15cm).
Justanotherguy said on 13/Sep/15
How can the perfect height for a woman be 5'8-5'9 inches when the majority of men are close to that range and prefer women to be shorter than them?

I believe that if you were to poll men on what height they preferred women to be it wouldn't be anywhere near 5'8-5'9.
AymenBns said on 13/Sep/15
i think perfect height for women is from 158cm to 169 cm exactly 165cm by the way i'm 174cm
Triplescrew said on 13/Sep/15
@Fluffi Fluffson

I think this proves without a doubt that people have no idea what a legit 5'11" looks like, let alone a legit 6'0".

And funnily enough, almost all of the 5'11" guys I know claim 6'1". Might be what's going on in the Netherlands.
TJE said on 11/Sep/15

My preference is 5'6.5-5'7. Basing this off of how well it pairs with my own height (5'10.25-10.5).

Good luck getting answers from other people.
Ivy 5ft 7 said on 11/Sep/15
@Korean im 5ft 7.25 (in the afternoon) and I would rather prefer to be 5ft 9 i think that's the perfect height for women imo.
Dio said on 11/Sep/15
@korean Like always, it depends on your own height. If you go by male height average best female height is probably 170-173cm, but if you're 190cm like myself, I'd prefer a girl who is somewhere in the 178-182cm range.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 11/Sep/15
@Korean 186-187 CM, and 172-173 for women.
joe @@ said on 10/Sep/15
Rob, eye of the reach of 6'5.25 here seems to be exactly 6'1.75Click Here
[Editor Rob: raising eyelevel a bit or the camera focal length can sometimes make some eyelevels look different.
Shadow2 said on 10/Sep/15
Rob, I much appreciate your recent pages on the classic tall guys Jim Hutton, Jack Carson, Jeff Chandler, Herb Edelman, Bill Travers, and George Reeves. Can I request pages again for Robert Reed of the "Brady Bunch" (my estimation 6' 2.5" based on seeing him at a premiere many years ago) and Buddy Ebsen (6' 3", an inch shorter than "Beverly Hillbillies" co-star 6' 4" Max Baer Jnr). And finally, a page for Mike Connors, star of "Tightrope", "Mannix", and "Today's FBI", he was 6' 1.5" peak. Thanks.
grizz said on 10/Sep/15
@korean, guys rarely think about perfect women's height because that's not so important, as long as it's within average or slighlty above it-it's fine. 5ft7, 5ft8 and 5ft9 are often mentioned as perfect heights in polls.
But I agree with your range - tall, but not taller than me when she's wearing heels (I'm 6ft tall).
184.3cm (Night) said on 10/Sep/15
I would say 5'11 is above average, its not tall amongst men. Ofcourse women find it to be tall as if your 5'4-5'6 you cant tell the difference between 5'11 or 6 foot.

My thinking is 5'8- Under Average
5'9 - lower average
5'10- Upper Average
5'11- Above Average

Anything above 5'11 is tall, anything under 5'8 is short.
This is taking into consideration a country with 5'9-5'10 average which seems to be very common around the world.

6'0-6'2 is regular tall guys

6'3-6'5 is the very tall guys

6'6-6'8- Extremely tall

6'9 + Giant.

Ofcourse if 5'11 is average in your country then 6'1 -6'3 is regular and 6'4-6'6 is very tall etc.
BenC said on 9/Sep/15
So Rob, like what i mean. If you listed me down in this site and you know i'm 5'9.75 in the morning and 5'9 flat at night. what would you put me down at. Anything from 5'9 flat - 5'9.75 on average?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 9 9.25 possibly]
korean said on 9/Sep/15
@all user

what do you think perfect women height?

I think 5ft8 range(173~174cm).
Fluffi Fluffsson said on 9/Sep/15
According to official statistics of Netherlands, the average height is around 181 cm (5'11).

Click Here
[Editor Rob: a good report, all newspapers should reference it when commenting on the Dutch male.]
many said on 8/Sep/15
I was wondering what height in shoes will someone feel tall?
John said on 8/Sep/15
As someone who is a legit 5'11 (morning height 5'11.75) being this height is a hard one to define. Do i personally feel tall, no. The majority of the time do i get described as tall, yes. I think what society defines as being tall is being significantly above average/ a noticeable distance. For me that is 3 inches or so. My opinion is you can only be tall if it is a defining characteristic of how people perceive you. At 5'11 it isn't. However when walking around town i am often surprised by how small the amount of people taller than me is. My legit 6'2 friend thinks im 6'1. Crazy how people overestimate heights. That why i believe people think 6ft is average. All these 5'10' Men claiming 6ft. That being said i still think to be truly tall you have to be a solid 6ft, (meaning 6ft is your lowest height) This is for the UK by the way so obviously depending on where you live it will differ. You can only call 5'11 tall if referring to average WORLD height which is 5'8.
Matthew190 said on 8/Sep/15
Lillo Thomas said on 6/Sep/15
5'11 isn't tall in the USA. Quit dreaming.


For American men today I think you're "tall" once your height starts with 6.
182 cm evening height said on 8/Sep/15
@french guy m

I like the idea of lifts because they're disposable, cheap and easy to use when I feel like it. I don't really 'need' them to feel good about my height but I can see the advantage in using them in some situations, like at job interviews.

For me, leg lengthening feels pointlessly expensive and time-consuming for the returns I'd get. My ideal height for my proportions and physique would be 6 ft 2 but I'm not bothered enough about the extra couple of inches to let someone snap my legs and to spend like a year+ out of the gym and disrupt my studies or career.

I know people have discouraged you from leg lengthening and, in your position, I wouldn't get the surgery, but, if you truly think it's worth it, forget about what we think and go ahead. I'd just urge you to completely rule out the possibility that you're not suffering from some sort of body dysmorphic disorder about your height and make sure you are 110% sure that you really are below average (or whatever you believe) for a young guy in your area and that you're not just imagining it.
Laf said on 8/Sep/15
@182 cm evening height:
Haha nice to know you've had the same experience!
And what's even worse is girls (and most guys actually) rather go by the number people give as their height. Let's say a girls says she is 5'9, but actually is 5'7. And an honest 5'8.5 says his true height, and is clearly taller than the girl. But instead of going by logical sense, the girl would stil claim to be taller (I have experienced this a lot).

And I agree with you. Height is only something that matters to people like us who observes. For everyone else it's just a number and you're either short, avg og tall.
I never speak about in real life either, don't wanna cause trouble or look insecure by calling people out, simply not worth it.
Ivy 5ft 7 said on 8/Sep/15
Yeah 5'11 for a guy isn't tall lillo I agree its just above average only 2 inches above the average height for a guy which is 5'9 I don't think it's 5'10 that's a bit too high but I would say tall for a guy doesnt start until he's a least 6'0 or maybe 6'0 1/2 buts that my opinion disagree if you wish.
PetePro said on 8/Sep/15
@EditorRob Shrinkage: Rob, I am now aged 52. Presently I feel no shorter than when a young man, though am aware my generation were a little shorter than now. I believe we English-British averaged 5' 9.5" back in the 1980s.
Is it possible I haven't yet measurably shrunk, or am I simply not aware of it? Also, the stretching exercises you've mentioned, is there any evidence that they actually slow the amount of actual shrinkage, or do they just temporarily stretch? Thanks.
[Editor Rob:
Yes, I believe it helps doing a routine in 40's/50's, but diet can be a factor in disc health. If I live long it will be an ongoing experiement with me, unfortunately the routine I gave Jenny, she has given it up now...]
Ben said on 7/Sep/15
So Rob, i'm 5'9.75 or 5'9.5 first thing in the morning and i'm 5'9" flat at night. What height should i claim?
[Editor Rob: if you want to claim a height that nobody will ever raise an eyebrow at, then go with your low mark of 5ft 9. If you said 5ft 9.5 you might also find nobody really every says 'nah mate, you're only 5ft 9'...]
ManKo said on 7/Sep/15

Lillo Thomas

Legit 5'11 is taller than average in USA, may not be described as tall, but its taller than average.
James B said on 7/Sep/15
You can call 5'11 tall if the average height is 5'9-5'10 in the USA. I mean technically isn't anything over the average considered to be tall medically speaking?

Obviously too you though Lillo Thomas who is 196-197cm you will view 5'11 as not tall.
182 cm evening height said on 7/Sep/15

'every 170 girl I know claims 175'

So much this. Any taller than average girl is automatically 5 ft 8 to 5 ft 10 in her own mind. I've also met multiple girls off Tinder and dating sites who have just lied about their height to scare off shortish or even average guys, like 5 ft 6 girls putting 5 ft 9 on their profile, presumably to deter guys shorter than 5 ft 9 from contacting them.

I met one girl maybe ~3 and a half weeks ago who had texted me something along the lines of 'Disclaimer: I'm a tall gal, 5'11" ;)' and, when I met her, she was maybe 5 ft 7 max, so she basically frauded a third of a foot. I'd texted her that I was 6 ft and, when I met her, she said she was shocked by how tall I was, lol, even though I'd rounded my height up.

Sad state of affairs, really, and this delusion is why I prefer not to talk about height in real life and prefer not to mention it online (except for here and maybe exercise+fitness forums) or on dating sites etc.
french guy m said on 7/Sep/15
Ahah 182 cm evening height, havn't you said that someone who is altleast should not worry?
So you want to wear lifts, why not considering leg lenghtening? Mouhaha
Darren510 said on 6/Sep/15
6'0-6'1 always standing out in a crowd?not seeing 1 person this height daily?! Going weeks maybe months without seeing someone 6'2-6'4?! No part of Canada I remember ever being like this
Darren510 said on 6/Sep/15
6'0-6'1 always standing out in a crowd?not seeing 1 person this height daily?! Going weeks maybe months without seeing someone 6'2-6'4?! No part of Canada I remember ever being like this
Bryan said on 6/Sep/15

Sounds like my friend who called himself short at "5'11"" but he was actually 5'8 /:
Dr Strangelove said on 6/Sep/15
Height chart for men in Argentina:

160 to 165 - Very short height ( Not a height you see every day)

165 to 170 - Short (I see quite a few people in this range everyday)

170 to 180 - Average (Most of the men you see fall in this range)

180 to 190 - Tall ( No one will doubt that you're tall)

190 to 195 - Very tall (Not a height you see every day)
182 cm evening height said on 6/Sep/15
@ Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM:
'5'11" might even be tall. I'm currently debating as to whether it is. Not many people regard it as being tall, but most who are a legit 5'11" get referred to as being tall.'

The boring answer is that it depends on the setting. Amongst young guys, for example at my uni, I would say no. It is, for the most part, totally and unremarkably average in that setting.

Amongst the general public in a metropolitan area, the vast majority of people are shorter than you but you don't really dwarf anyone with any real frequency. It's 6 inches taller than the average woman here (in dress/work shoes, you'd be ~3 inches taller than the average woman in big heels) and around 2 inches taller than all males of age 16+, which is particularly relevant in a country with an ageing population. So, you feel like you're in that zone where you're not tall but you do look down to meet most people's eyes.

Again, there are odd areas and scenarios, though. I mentioned in another comment that I'm staying with my parents at the moment in a fairly wealthy, predominantly white British area in the Southeast of England, and walking around town, it felt like 60%+ guys of all ages that I saw were 6 ft+ easy. Strangely, the women's heights didn't really correlate with that and 5 ft 5 - 5 ft 6 did seem to be roughly average. I've yet to make any observations while wearing shoes that give me 1 inch+ yet, though.
Lillo Thomas said on 6/Sep/15
5'11 isn't tall in the USA. Quit dreaming.
PetePro said on 5/Sep/15
Hi all! Long time away! Posters have mentioned various sports. Here's Wikipedia's piece on the best and/or typical heights. In a nutshell, shorter are stronger and taller are more powerful (strength plus elasticity). Click Here
Laf said on 5/Sep/15
I know so many people who exaggerates their height by more than an inch - mostly people at my age though, older people seem to be more informed/honest about their height.

I have a 177 range friend claming 184, a 175-175 claiming 183, a 182 friend claiming 188 and it's like every 170 girl I know claims 175. Among my friends 180 is a "short height" even though it's average among us young danish guys.

Once heard a guy at 171 range claiming 180.

It's really ridiculous...
182 cm evening height said on 4/Sep/15
Rob, if I wanted to buy lifts that could boost me 1 to 1.5 inches in actual height, how big would the lifts need to be ie. how many inches?

Also, how much bigger would my shoes need to be to fit the lift in? Like, say I normally wear size 10, should I buy a size 11 or 12 to fit the lifts in?

Thanks in advance.
[Editor Rob: you need to really buy a lift that is being called 5cm by the person selling them, then you might get somewhere in 1-1.5 inch range from them. You can loosen off the laces first and see how it feels, but a 0.5-1 inch lift should be fine in the shoes or sneakers you normally wear. Bigger than that and it might squish your feet a bit.]
Triplescrew said on 4/Sep/15

Though depending on heels 6'1" guys can start feeling encroached upon by 5'9" ish women. Actually I see that a lot since most guys wear flats while tons of girls are in two inch heels at a minimum. Gives the illusion that girls are getting taller when they really aren't.
Moke said on 4/Sep/15
I think so too. Everybody is overstating his own height. You don't have to be a wrestler to have that sort of mindset. Even I do like to fool myself: I'm 6'2 in the morning and 6'1.25 at night, so I claim 6'2 for me of course. Not exactly lying but I don't feel honest about it. Having broad shoulders most of other guys think I'm taller anyway, even taller dudes, which "lie" about their height almost as often as regular guys. Like we are never really satisfied with what we have. Btw. I feel short too in some occasions, i.e. in airports in most western countries.
John said on 3/Sep/15
@mrtguy As a basic exercise calf raises on their own will probably not build calf's. As the muscles that make up the calf (gastrocnemius and soleus) are made up of what is know as fast twitch muscles. The only way to make them grow significantly is heavy weighted calf exercises. Such as Barbell calf raises, leg press/sled calf press. A main factor is genetics. With calves some people are able to grow them significantly others struggle to even gain over an inch on calves with a few years of training. As for making you taller the simple answer is no it wont.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 3/Sep/15
5'11" might even be tall. I'm currently debating as to whether it is. Not many people regard it as being tall, but most who are a legit 5'11" get referred to as being tall.
184.3cm (Night) said on 3/Sep/15

I think if a 5'8 claimed 5'11 to my face i would probably die of laughter. The biggest inflation i have heard was from a guy who was 5'9.25" thereabouts claiming 5'11.

It all falls apart when i claim 184-185 on a good day and stand next to them. 8-9cm difference is very noticeable.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 3/Sep/15
184.3 cm
Same thing in Denmark my friend. People claim taller than they are. I have a 180-181 cm tall friend claiming 184 cm lol and he insists that I must be at least 185 cm when I barely hold 183 cm throughout the day xD
Insomniac said on 2/Sep/15
@184.3cm (Night)
I agree, 5'11" isn't short it's above average here in America, I'm always shocked seeing
5'8" and 5'9" guys claiming it.
SportsHeight said on 2/Sep/15
Rob, I saw you mention below that a man at 186 cm is taller than 99.8 percent of women. I was wondering where you get your height percentile data, why you trust that source in particular, and if you could post a link to it?
[Editor Rob: it probably should read 99.9 as I think 99.8 is around the 6ft mark, but the idea is that a man of 186 should rarely see many women taller.]
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 2/Sep/15
My height chart for Canada (so few are discussing the average male height for this country):

<5'3"=A midget there (from what I've noticed at least). You will shorter than nearly everybody around, and characterized for it daily.
5'3"-5'4"=Extremely short. You will be described as short pretty regularly.
5'5"-5'6"=Very short. You probably won't be the shortest person around, and anybody who thinks that they haven't seen somebody who is this height here is kidding themselves.
5'7"=Short, but you will begin to blend in. You will find people who are this height on a daily basis.
5'7.5"-5'8.25"= Below average. You will be taller than a good chunk of the men in Canada, and you will blend right into the average crowd there. However, you will likely more who are taller than you are.
5'8.5"-5'9"=Low average. This is the start of the average range. You might be barely shorter than the average when you're this height, but it's not enough to make a significant difference.
5'9.25"-5'9.5"=Medium average. You will fit right in at this height with no issues. The amount of shorter people will be roughly the same as there will be taller people.
5'9.75"-5'10.25"=Higher average. You might be barely taller than the average person that you meet when you're in this range, but it won't be enough to make a difference. You will blend right into the crowd still.
5'10.5"-5'11"=Above average. You will occasionally be referred to as being tall (especially at 5'11"), and the average person that you meet will be shorter than you. However, people won't make that big of a deal about your height as people will likey see somebody who is this tall on a daily basis there.
5'11.25"-6'0"=Weak tall. This might secretly be the same case for the US (serious). You will be comfortably taller than the vast majority of the men, but not to where you will never see a taller man. People will still see somebody who is this height on a daily basis. If you're very muscular, then people will refer to you as being large.
6'0.25"-6'1"=Solid tall. You will be consistently referred to as being tall, and people won't see somebody who is this height daily. You will always stand out in the crowd.
6'1.25"-6'2"=Strong tall. You will be taller than about 98% of the men around you. You will consistently be asked how tall you are there, and if you play sports.
6'2.25"-6'4"=Very tall. You might go weeks/months without seeing somebody taller than this.
6'4.25"-6'6"=Extremely tall. You will rarely see somebody who is this height.
6'6.25"+=A giant there.
6'9"+=Extreme giant.
mrtguy said on 1/Sep/15
Rob, are calf raises effective to get bigger calves and does it make you get taller?
Rifle said on 1/Sep/15
Yeah the guy is about 210 cm.
184.3cm (Night) said on 1/Sep/15

I think its more the case average is around 180cm but the statistics say 182-183cm which is most likely because of the extremely tall guys yes. We have a problem though because everyone under 180cm claims it, which is why people dont think its that tall.

I have lost count number of men between 175-178cm who claim 180cm.
mrtguy said on 31/Aug/15
Rifle said on 29/Aug/15
How tall do you think this guy is? Considering it is a standard 6'8"|203 cm door.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could appear nearly 7ft, like 6ft 11, unless the door was 6ft 6 and then maybe not that big.] I seen that pic on Reddit, apparently the user claims his height of 7 ft 2 inch.. Tall. If his door is custom 7 ft tall than he looks as tall as he claimed, otherwise if it's a standard door he looks nearly 7 ft at best.
Insomniac said on 31/Aug/15
There's something off about this, there's no way people are that tall and no one but you has taking notice.
The average in America is about 5'9"-5'10"(flat) for men, if the Average height of men who live in the Valley is 6'1" it would have been brought to the attention of America a long time ago.
Either you're not as tall as you think you are or you're exaggerating the heights of these men and women.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 31/Aug/15
6'1" average for the Los Angeles area?
Verba said on 31/Aug/15
Would be cool if you could answer ONE of my questions below @Rob
[Editor Rob: if Zyzz got measured at that mark, then maybe he was, he could look 6ft 1-1.5 zone in photos. Your own height falls into the tall category. In today's society, at 186 you should feel generally a tall guy, when you think about females you are taller than 99.8%.]
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 31/Aug/15
@Rifle The shot is at an upward angle, and he's closer to the door, so he will appear taller by it because of that.
Wipeout said on 29/Aug/15
I'm with Kourosh. Night-time height 175.5 cm and morning 177.5 to maybe 178 cm when I sleep in. I feel short 65-70% of the time, esp with the younger generation. I thought being a solid 5'9.5 or weak 5'10 would secure me as average ht, but I guess not.

BTW, not in LA exactly but in the valley about 30-40 mins north. People are freaking TALL over here. Women are on average 5'7-5'8 with a lot over 6 ft and men are like 6'1 avg. Sometimes I'll see a random group of guys and they are all between 6'3 and 6'8. I'm like what the hell??? Anyway, it's kind of stupid being the height of an average 14 or 15 yr old. Nobody has ever called me short though, but I take note of the people around me and more than two-thirds seem to be taller than me. I am only slightly taller than most women here. Netherlands Part 2!!!
John said on 29/Aug/15
@Rob My 61 year old father recently had a medical. Measured 182.2 at around 11:45 am. He woke up at 8ish so could you conclude that he would have lost around half and inch by the time he was measured from his morning height. Also how much do you reckon he has lost overall at his age.
[Editor Rob: some can reach that age with only a tiny few mm lost, while others have shipped 1/2 or 3/4 inch.
He might be 183-183.2 out of bed.

As we age, our discs don't have the capacity to retain or rehydrate as well as your 20's, so you might have a slightly smaller morning/evening range compared to 40 years previously.]
Rifle said on 29/Aug/15
How tall do you think this guy is? Considering it is a standard 6'8"|203 cm door.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could appear nearly 7ft, like 6ft 11, unless the door was 6ft 6 and then maybe not that big.]
mrtguy said on 29/Aug/15
Rob,a friend of mine sent a video (text is in russian) of two arm wrestlers, they happen to look really obese and they don't look tall what would you guess their weight at? I'd love to hear from you about this Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah they don't look more than average, but in terms of weight, you'd think over 400 pounds]
Guy said on 29/Aug/15
1 cm difference between quite average and easy to tell above average?
Willis said on 28/Aug/15
Why does Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM keep suggesting that people say 6'2" or over is average in the Netherlands? Never seen that stated anywhere on here. It's always 6'1" at most, not more
182 cm evening height said on 28/Aug/15
Currently staying with the parents for a while and was just walking about in town for a couple of hours. Keep in mind that this is a wealthy, predominantly white British settlement in the Southeast of England.

I was walking around in trainers which maybe gave me little extra height and some 60%+ of guys I walked past seemed to be 6 ft + without a problem.

I'm going to go in boots which give me an inch to re-assess tomorrow since I did notice that a lot of guys were in 1 inch+ footwear.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 28/Aug/15
So maybe the AVERAGE height could be over 6'0 for the Dutch males since so many of the taller dudes are 6'7+ but the median height is just 5'11?
Verba said on 27/Aug/15
@Rob what would be your ideal height ? Would be cool to see your height chart of what you consider to be tall or short

How would you categorize my height ( nightime 10 pm) 186,4cm ?

And lastly how tall do you think is the australian bodybuilder 'Zyzz' who died 2011. He stated on the bodybuilding forum "I thought I was 1,86m but was accurately measured by a doctor yesterday. I'm 1,87m."
Caesar said on 27/Aug/15
I meant to say that I don't think 186CM is tall in Sweden, it never looks short and it's easy to tell it's above average yes -but it's not tall.

Tall would be around 190CM, 185CM mostly looks quite average, albeit solid.
Triplescrew said on 27/Aug/15

Hmmm disagree with that. I'm from LA and just attended a concert filled with 16-30 year old guys and girls. I've got two friends around 6'1" and they were comfortably taller than most people. Heck I'm shorter than them by a tad and I could see over the crowd most of the time.

There were of course anomalies. Saw one guy around 6'10" and one girl around 6'3".
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 27/Aug/15
Are the ones who are claiming that the average height in the Netherlands is 6'1"-6'3" referring to Amsterdam? I didn't think that it was that tall when I was there. When I was in a bar, I was the tallest one there, and while some were taller, it was more like 2 out 10 (or 15 out of 100) were than 5-6 out of ten. I did obtain one or two comments about my height while I was there, but that's far fewer than the amount that I obtain in the United States.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 27/Aug/15
Sounds cool. Same time of the day? Did you have a bad posture beforehand? I mean, I go from 6'0.75 out of bed to 5'11.85-5'11.9 at night and sometimes 5'11.75 at worst.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 27/Aug/15
@Guy 6'1.5" wouldn't be bizarre to claim. 6'1.25" wouldn't either, but I think that it would be a bit too much of a hastle to say 'I'm 6'1 and a quarter of an inch'. I always say '6'1.5"-6'2"' in person' (since I'm still not sure).
FiveNine said on 27/Aug/15
You mentioned deltoid workouts...if you keep working out and building your arms up
no one will really concentrate on your arms bieng thin but will notice lots of 'lean mean' muscle.
Thin arms have an advantage of looking more muscular. Flabby fat arms normally do
not show much muscle definiion...
F.F said on 27/Aug/15
But Heylo and F.F., I think that you at 5'10 have a very good height, and I also see the perfect height as being in the 6 foot range.

Would you agree that 5'10 to 6 foot mark is where you feel/look average height, and when people don't mention your height as either tall or short - but just normal?

And also do you feel different depending on your footwear? Do you feel different if you wear trainers, boots or dress shoes with 1 full inch?

Yeah I agree 5'10 to 6' is an average is just that I am on the other side of 180 cm. When it comes to average height in Norway it depends with different sources but most of the seem to lie between 179-181 cm men and women 166-168 cm.

I am pleased with being 5'10, the only time i have been teased for being short is when I hanged out with 6'+ guys but such comments are rare. Normally I am described as just normal height. I am currently working on my posture since I tend to walk with a curved back due to carrying heavy books.

I like wearing boat shoes/ vans so it comes as a disadvantage but lifts are not my thing. The funny thing is that when I wear my timberland boots (3.5 cm) and have a full grown puffy hair (2cm) (I have a buzz cut atm!) then yeah there is a significant difference. I feel less shorter compared to my 6- 6'1 friends especially if my posture is good . Once I stood behind a 184 cm tall fridge as I was looking at my reflection,I noticed that I was exactly the same height ofc with timberlands and puffy hair.

Nowadays I care less about height as I used to tbh. Anyway what's your height Laf and are happy with it?

@184.3 cm
I will take that into account whe I am in the Netherlands. ;)
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 26/Aug/15
A few more:
1. Liam Neeson-6'3" instead of 6'4". He could be a fracrtion above the mark.
2. Maria Sharapova-187 CM. We were about the same height. I might have been fractionally taller (by like .25").
3. Serena Williams-5'9", or fractionally above the mark.
4. Alex Rodriguez-6'3" is a joke for him. Try 6'1"-6'1.25". I was barely taller.
5. Patrick Schwarzenegger-6'0.5"
Dio said on 26/Aug/15
I've been working out for about 5 weeks and I think I'm losing height. I used to wake up at over 191 cm and go to sleep at 189.5 but today I measured myself and I was 190.6 out of bed and after hitting shoulders I was 188.5. Do you think I should start stretching and hanging as a countermeasure?
[Editor Rob: yes, I think it is good to get into a habit of even 5 minutes a day. Once you do a few weeks of something it can then become a habit. I do only a few minutes a day just to maintain a little flexibility and help my discs.]
RobV said on 26/Aug/15
@ Mid190s My weight in lb. i am 230lb right now which is my ideal weight as I train a lot. In terms of proportions it seems not to matter that I add 4"+ to my height using elevators, taking me from 6'2.5" to over 6'6". I am very aware of proportion and at times have wondered whether it might devalue my bicep measurements in particular, but it doesn't seem to.
Matthew190 said on 26/Aug/15
Guy said on 24/Aug/15
Do you guys think it' reasonable to claim 6'1.5" when I'm 6'1.35 in the afternoon?

I think when talking to people who don't frequent this site it may seem odd to be more specific than half inch increments, and I'm closer to 6'1.5" than 6'1", but then again I don't want to exaggerate too much (though I wouldn't be surprised if the average person gave themselves a bigger boost).


You're absolutely correct, people IRL don't care about 0.15 of an inch typically. 6'1.5" is going to be fine for you to claim, as you're closer within 4 mm of it in the afternoon.
184.3cm (Night) said on 26/Aug/15

From my own observations i guessed 5'11 for men. Statistics say it is 180-182cm.
You still get a number of men who are 5'8-5'10 they are just as common as the 6'0-6'2 guys.
Somewhere around the 6'3 range though things get crazy and 6'7+ guys start appearing. Its been a while since i saw a legit 6'3 or 6'4 i tend to see guys over 6'7 more which is nuts.

So in other words you will see guys anywhere from 5'8-6'2 here regularly across all ages but instead of having some normal very tall guys in the mix you get these guys over 2 meters here.

For women it seems to be changing a little now with the younger generation. I always thought 5'6 was average ( my wife is this height) but seeing the students in the cities nowadays when im working it really does look like 5'7 is the new average or very close to that.

5'4-5'10 is what is common here. So far no giant women yet, tallest ive seen was around 6'4 give or take a cm or so. Add the heels though and you have a legion of tall women walking around.
Alex said on 26/Aug/15
I grew an inch from yoga after 2 months I was 5'8.5 now I'm 5'9.5 yoga helps people
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 26/Aug/15
To list the heights of some of the celebrities (not all) that I've met:

1. Jim Carrey-6'1.25"-6'1.5" (I edged him out)
2. Will Smith-187 CM (we were exactly the same height).
3. Eric Bana-6'1.75"-6'2"-I think that we were roughly the same height. I think that 6'2" on the dot would be a better shout than 6'2.25". He really isn't as tall in person.
4. Jason Lee-187 CM. We were the same height.
5. Seann William Scott-5'11.25"-5'11.5"
6. Skip Bayless-I've met him twice, and he's somewhere between 5'9.5"-5'10".
7. Robert Patterson-6'0.5"-6'0.75"
8. John Cena-6'0.5"-6'0.75"
9. Jonah Hill-5'6.5"-5'7".
10. Alexander Skarsgard-6'4.25".
11. Angry Joe-5'7.5"
12. Nick Robinson-6'0.5".
13. John Cusack-6'1.5"-6'1.75"
14. Luke Hemmings-5'11.5"
15. Samuel L. Jackson-6'1" today.
grizz said on 25/Aug/15
@f,I'm 6 ft tall,wish to be at least 6ft1(like my dad),strong 6ft2 would be perfect.
From where I come from,where around 5ft11 is average,at 6ft sometimes I feel shortish,sometimes average and on very few occassions above average (among men),but I never felt short or tall. At 6ft1,though,I'd rule out the "below average" possibility :D
RobV said on 25/Aug/15
@ f asking 'how tall do you want to be?'. Well it is one of those questions that has a whole host of answers depending upon what height you are. I am 6'2.5" and would ideally like to be 6'6"/2m. Most taller-than-average guys seem to like to be the tallest in a given situation, which wasn't always the case. An answer given by someone who is 5'7" will always be different to the answer given by someone who is 6'2".

Perhaps a more relevant question would be "how much taller than you are NOW would you like to be?" I think for almost everyone up to 6'3" you would get that they wanna be taller in varying degrees: for those well below average it would be more inches (but not massively more), while for those well above 6'3" it would on balance be either no more or just a little. But I hasten to say that I have had several very tall guys in the 6'4" region tell me that they wish they were 'my height' (6'6" in elevators/lifts!).
Kourosh said on 25/Aug/15
I am 5'9 176 cm night time. I am ok with my height but i always wish to be little bit taller because they are times i feel horribly short.
NBAer said on 25/Aug/15
f said on 24/Aug/15
I'm 5'10.5-5'11(usually about 5'10.75 in the evening,so i round up to 5'11 in most cases,otherwise i just say 5'10.5).I wish i was 6'1,or atleast a strong 6'0 just to feel more in the 'tallish' range among my peers.Given the fact that my mother was 5'5 and my father 5'11.25 while younger, i've done pretty well at almost 5'11,but if i were 6'0-6'1,i would be more than happy of my height.
matthias said on 24/Aug/15
hi guys!
i would like to know if any of you know a way or method to reduce your height,because i am very tall and i have some back issues standing at 205 cm
Emil 182-183 cm said on 24/Aug/15
My bad French guy!
Mid190s said on 24/Aug/15
@RobV what is your current weight in lbs?
Caesar said on 24/Aug/15
@Laf Yes I believe 181 to be average (excluding older peaople) typically you see young men ranging from 175-188
f said on 24/Aug/15
how tall do you wish you were? how tall are you?

I think most guys want to be 6 foot which is slight above average in the average white male is 5-10 1/2 but overall american height is 5-9 1/2

I would like to be 5-10 because I don't want to be tall or short

my range would be 5-8 5/8 to 5-11
Guy said on 24/Aug/15
I follow sumo closely and multiple times a year the wrestlers have physical exams in which they are measured (these are often photographed and filmed). What I've noticed is that many of the wrestlers gain a centimeter or two in their early twenties, and it's not uncommon to see someone make this gain at 22 and hold it for the rest of their career.

Is this atypical? Could the extremely high calorie diets contribute to this?
Guy said on 24/Aug/15
Do you guys think it' reasonable to claim 6'1.5" when I'm 6'1.35 in the afternoon?

I think when talking to people who don't frequent this site it may seem odd to be more specific than half inch increments, and I'm closer to 6'1.5" than 6'1", but then again I don't want to exaggerate too much (though I wouldn't be surprised if the average person gave themselves a bigger boost).
Chenk said on 24/Aug/15
If someones eye level is around mouth level on a guy who is 5'10, how tall is he/she?
Wipeout said on 24/Aug/15
I am 5'9.5 mid-day and feel considerably shorter than average here in Los Angeles, CA! Average height here is at easily over 6 ft for men, 5'7 for women. It sucks because a generation ago I'd be considered solid average height and two generations ago I would be considered tallish/high average. All in timing and location I guess...
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 23/Aug/15
I've been in Italy, and there's no way that the average height is 6'1" anywhere there. Even in northern Italy, the average male height seemed to be 174-175 CM (with it being like 5'7" range in southern Italy).
Armandy said on 23/Aug/15
Average height in Netherlands is 180cm, 6'0 not
Armandy said on 23/Aug/15
Average height in Netherlands is 180cm, 6'0 not
Lars said on 23/Aug/15
I never said very tall, i said COMFORTABLY tall! Tall to the extent that i never feel short, unless i stand next to someone who is over 195 cm.
In my oppinion anyone between 190-195 cm barefoot is not just tall, they are VERY tall.

I have a friend on my swimming team that is 192 cm tall and has very broad shoulders, he weighs about 95 kgs. I can assure this guy is HUGE. Very big and Very tall! Not just tall.
Your body proportions(wide shoulders/wide back) play a BIG role in how tall you look and how big/tall you are percieved.
french guy 182.5 said on 23/Aug/15
Emil 182-183 cm said on 21/Aug/15
@French guy
I nearly choked myself lmfao. 6'1 average height in Venice? Wtf

ahah no, italians are not that tall, i was talking about the tourist who came here, i said they mostly come from scandinavia, uk and above all, germany.So many people came from germany.
FiveNine said on 23/Aug/15
You mentioned you have thin arms...on you tube a woman with fat arms was in an
arm wrestle with a tall skinny guy. Her arms were at least 5 times bigger and it looked like
she was going to win. The tall skinny guy won the armwrestle and it surprised the onlookers.
Thin looking arms can have alot if power if one continues to work out...!!!.
FiveNine said on 23/Aug/15
You mentioned you have thin arms...on you tube a woman with fat arms was in an
arm wrestle with a tall skinny guy. Her arms were at least 5 times bigger and it looked like
she was going to win. The tall skinny guy won the armwrestle and it surprised the onlookers.
Thin looking arms can have alot if power if one continues to work out...!!!.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 23/Aug/15
True. 186 cm isn't very tall in Scandinavia. More solid tall. Very tall starts at 190 cm in my opinion
Yes, I agree that 5'10-6'0 is the average height range here in Scandinavia. Dead on average falls somewhere between 179-181 cm but hard to tell really...
@French guy
I'm 99.9% sure that the 185 cm average you claim for men in Venice was all in your height.
Caesar said on 22/Aug/15
184,3cm (Night) How tall are the dutch really? There seems to be a lot of rumors floating around.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 22/Aug/15
Rob ,if im ther early morning with an nike air max I'm 6ft 2.25,whats is my height barefoot ?
[Editor Rob: roughly 6ft 1 in the morning sounds reasonable]
Emil 182-183 cm said on 21/Aug/15
@French guy
I nearly choked myself lmfao. 6'1 average height in Venice? Wtf
RobV said on 21/Aug/15
@ Mid190s On training for a taller guy. Check out Aaron Reed who is 6'7" and has a great shape. He makes a number of points about the issues around arm and shoulder exercises when you are much taller than average. It IS different training when you are above a certain height, and in particular the fact certain exercises simply do not work in the way they do for a shorter guy. But that's all part of it and I have built up very well (6'2.5" + my lifts/elevators of course!).
Caesar said on 20/Aug/15

I am 188 CM at my lowest and just under 190 at my absolute tallest. Perhaps we've got different ideas on what "tall" really is but I personally wouldn't consider 186CM to be very tall in sweden. Noticeably above average -yes but not tall.

It is a handsome height though.
Laf said on 20/Aug/15
@Caesar, Heylo, F.F., Lars & Emil 182-183:
It's funny to see so many scandinavians on this site lately.
I think we all agree that 180 range is average up here, with some of you saying it's as tall as 181 or 182.

But Heylo and F.F., I think that you at 5'10 have a very good height, and I also see the perfect height as being in the 6 foot range.

Would you agree that 5'10 to 6 foot mark is where you feel/look average height, and when people don't mention your height as either tall or short - but just normal?

And also do you feel different depending on your footwear? Do you feel different if you wear trainers, boots or dress shoes with 1 full inch?

@French Guy:
That comment with everything under 185 isn't solid here in scandinavia is just so hilarious. Come on man. Average for young people up here is no way near 185.
184.3cm (Night) said on 20/Aug/15
You have to remember here in The Netherlands we are very overpopulated.(I think it was 4 people the square metre) Its very small compared to large countries like France or Germany. So because of this it is very common to see the very tall guys especially if you live in one of the cities.
Retws said on 20/Aug/15
I am from Serbia, where average height for males is around 180 cm. I am myself around 196 cm, and always towering over the crowd. In some very rare cases I see someone taller than me, but not by much, maybe 3-4 cm.
SportsHeight said on 19/Aug/15
Rob, what height do you think would get you the most auditions/roles as a male actor? Too short can obviously be a hindrance, and too tall gets you typecast as a certain type of action-oriented guy.
[Editor Rob: 6ft might be a kind of height that is ideal in acting.]
Lars said on 19/Aug/15
I live in Sweden, and i am 186 cm (6'1.25), 187.5 cm(6'1.8) in the morning to be precise. I stand 189-190 cm in dress shoes! At this height i feel comfortably tall. In fact taller than most people i meet. Granted there will be people taller than me but mostly they are 5-6 cm taller .People ALWAYS refer to me as tall!

Ihave a hard time believing that a REAL 6 footer feels short anywhere in the world. If you do, it is probably all in your head, you simply convince yourself you are short. Stop being INSECURE.

I will add this though, being built/fit and having broad shoulders makes you look bigger and taller. So hit the gym and work on your self esteem.
french guy 182.5 said on 19/Aug/15

i went to venice when i was 18 .Italians are known to be short, so i thought that, at 181 cm (i had not hit my final height yet) i would feel tall.
In Venice, most people were taller than me, i was dwarfed one time in ten.The average height was 6'1".
By keeping out ear, i had understood that most people in the streets were not italians, but they were tourists, mostly from germany, netherlands, scandinavia, belgium and uk.
I remember that i went past a group of dutch tourists:the shortes was 185-186 cm
the tallest was 200 cm and the others were somewhere between 190 and 195 cm.
I ve never felt so short in all my life, even when i was i the of london, i have not felt that short.
From that day, i've decided to do leg lenghtening .Today i'm 23 years old, i have enough money but i just need some more time.
You are right when you say that dutch people are tall, because they are, they are very tall.
Even young scandinavian who officially average 181 cm, seems to be actually much taller than that.
I think that if you are below 185 cm , you will always feel short in scandinavia and germany.
TNT said on 19/Aug/15
Regarding the comments on people from Holland, I totally agree regarding their high average heights.
Several years ago, one of my Dutch colleagues at work was getting married and I got invited. Many of his friends/relatives from Amsterdam came for the ceremony. I can tell that, at my height of 5,9.75", I felt like an absolute midget. The 'shortest' guy from my Dutch colleague's group of friends looked to be about 6'0". The rest were all taller. And the majority of the women appears to be in the 5'8-10" range. Incidentally, my friend himself is 6'3" with bright red hair. His nickname at work was The Viking. :-)
french guy 182.5 said on 19/Aug/15

if you reach 188 cm with leg lenghtening, is your height optimal?
I have an impressive build, and i am an engineer, can i consider myself optimal?
F.F said on 18/Aug/15
@ Heylo

I am also 177-178 cm tall and I feel average among men of all ages in Norway. Plus I am like 95 % taller than most girls despite the occassions where tall girls (5'10-6'1) would pop up especially in a crowded places. Most of the time I just feel below and at worst shortish when I hangout at the university. I am pleased with 178 cm but my ideal height is in the 180-185 cm range especially 182/183 cm which is a good solid height.

I felt really solid when I was in the U.K and a giant in Indonesia where I was almost a head taller than the average guy :O! I am looking forward to Netherlands this fall and see if the myths are true.
Norwegian growth curve btw!
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RobV said on 18/Aug/15
@Mid190s totally agree with you. Whenever I am in Holland there is just no doubt that guys are generally taller and young guys in particular. I wear elevators etc to get me to the best part of 2m and it is indeed humbling to grasp that loads of these lads are at my eye level with no assistance at all. I think one would be surprised at the average heights in some countries if it were broken down much more in terms of age etc.

I have also recently met a large group of young Norwegians, ave age 18/19, and every single one in the group of about 10 is well well over 6 foot. Average 6'3" I would say. That might just be luck and not a reflection of anything statistical but it is still interesting.
Heylo said on 18/Aug/15
I don't live far of Stockholm and have been there multiple times and can understand what you mean cause in the city I can feel short for real.
Yeah, I know that under 180cm in Sweden in general isn't tall by any means and I can at my height with certain groups of people feel short or even very short. But I don't feel as short as people are portraying it sometimes.

I think that there are a lot of people around my height as well. I feel below average but not short in general even though this does depend of course. I never feel tall but when I go on vacation outside of Scandinavia, I tend to feel much taller. 5'10 is a great universal height, though it leans towards shorter territory in Scandinavia, Germany and Netherlands..

I have noticed though that far up in Norther Sweden (where my dad originally comes from) the average height seems to be closer to 5'10 than 6ft. Maybe people feel like they don't want to hurt me when they say that I don't look short? I might just be short, I don't know.
Thanks for your input though.
Saibot said on 18/Aug/15
What is ur height in the morning and in the afternoon?
Tell me in cms?
Mid190s said on 18/Aug/15

What parts of the arms specifically should a longer person target in the weight room? When I work My shoulders grow broad wide pretty quick aLmost to a fault where it makes my arms look incredibly thin. I'm tempted to stop deltoids altogether until I can het a balanced looking arm...Impossible for tall guys?
HITMANS PARADISE said on 17/Aug/15
Here are the facts: If you're under 6'2 (188cm) your height is SUB-OPTIMAL and you aren't tall. Sorry to shatter everyone's dream.

Here's another fact: Being tall means NOTHING if you don't have the build to back it up (ie. builds like Chris Hemsworth in Thor)

There is NOTHING impressive about being 6 foot 3, with a very lanky and weak looking build like some low-testosterone nerd.
NotSure said on 17/Aug/15
Can someone tell me pls if there is an actual limit for our evening height or can it keep dropping until we go to sleep?
Caesar said on 17/Aug/15

Hi mate I'm swedish as well, though 11CM taller than you. Not sure if I agree with what you're saying however, most young men here seem to be around 185CM and less than 180 does look a bit on the shorter side in my humble opinion. Perhaps it varies between different regions, I live a bit north of Stockholm.
french guy m said on 17/Aug/15

182 cm seems to be average for young Swedish, that's not that tall compared to yugoslavia where the average height is 185 cm
Emil 182-183 cm said on 17/Aug/15
Keep in mind that 179 cm might be for everyone regardless of age. Old folks aren't that tall you know ;)
Laf said on 17/Aug/15
Heylo: Where in Sweden do you live? I'm from Denmark and see the average as 180 here.
Interesting you say average is 181-182.
Arjun178 said on 17/Aug/15
Hey Rob. How tall is the guy on the right if the guy on the left is just under 5'10". Sorry for the poor quality picture but I couldn't obtain a digital version. Btw the two lines are my eye level and the top of the head of the guy on the right.
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[Editor Rob: maybe over 5ft 11, near to 11.5]
Heylo said on 16/Aug/15
I live in Sweden and the average (the Wiki page isn't updated so 179cm isn't correct) height is around 181-182cm. I am 177cm and about 20 years old, I do feel like I'm under average, sometimes I feel average but most of the time slightly under it or a bit shortish.

Most people don't think I'm short though and when people guess my height they guess that I am around 180cm (5'11). When I tell them my actual height they call it short so I guess this "short thing" is sometimes more about numbers than actual height.

Why do I write this meaningless post?
Well, I know that there are a lot of people around my height here on this page that want to be taller and you guys are often living in other parts of the world where the average is closer to 5'10. You guys shouldn't feel short at all. Even in Sweden where the average height is quite high, 177cm is actually good enough. I actually feel like upper average/tallish whenever I'm outside of Scandinavia which would mean that you guys around my height should be pleased. If I could change my height I wouldn't even change it that much, I would add about 1.5-2 inches(5cm). The reason for me is simple, I like to just blend in and be around average +- 2-3cm. I know thought that most people would like to feel dominant and tall but I feel like it's a bit overrated trying to be "alpha". We're not cavemen anymore.

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