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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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william says on 31/Mar/15
Im tired of this it goes like this 18-25 young adult, 26-44 adult, 45-64 middle age, 65+ old
h says on 31/Mar/15
Anything over 6 feet is tall. But extremely tall considering women average 5'4 in the USA. how many 5'10-5'11 women date guys their height?
Kourosh 176 cm night-178cm morning says on 31/Mar/15

Learn to read okk!!! I always said im 5'9 barefoot (176cm) which is actually over 5'9 and with my trainers im easily 5'10 (178.7 cm). So what is your point?i did not lie. If you read my comment i said that i felt short and dwarfed by 6'3-6'4 guys in the crowd. i feel short next to 6'2 guys of course.And i feel short next to 6'1 guys as well but not that much to feel be dwarfed or something. I never feel short next to 6'0 men.

@Dario i saw maybe 3 guys out of 300 people in the 6ft 3-5 range??!!!
Where do you live? Because i spotted 7 or 8 6'3-6'4 guys in small crowd of 100-150 people when i was in F1 Formula racing event last weekend. I'm solid 5'9 i never dropped below 176cm in late night my lowest was 175.9cm and my morning height is 177.8 to 178cm. But i wish my night height was 5'10 and morning was 5'11 so i could feel solid average not weak average. Being 5'9 1/2 does not satisfy you as plenty of guys are taller than you probably around half. They are just many 5'11 guys around.
Dario says on 31/Mar/15

i believe average height girls would still consider the 6ft 4 guy as very tall as that's a foot taller than them and as for 6ft 1 they'd still consider 6ft 1 as tall just not as tall as 6ft 4 (if they're both standing tall.)
184.3cm says on 31/Mar/15
@James Edward Crowley

You can feel like your young, you can act, behave and dress that way but the reality is that after 40 you are middle aged. Unless the average male lives longer than 80 years. Statistics do not back this up. You can still be perfectly fit and healthy, middle aged is not old. However after 65 years you are old as this is the last chapter of your life. Depending on your health you can rapidly go downhill or maintain good health for another 10- 15 years. After 80 years though your body is spent and i would term you elderly. There is no shame in getting old, even although our society would tell you otherwise.


Average woman is 8 - 9 inches shorter than a 6'1 guy so unless she is rocking huge heels she wont be able to tell the difference.
Zoro 5'9.5 says on 31/Mar/15
@Cilic: I think he'll be considered tall even standing next to a 6'4 guy.

The 6'4 guy would be referred as giantish or very tall, and usually she'll find him a bit intimidating and less attractive

Imo for average woman best height is 6-6'3, with 6'1.5 being absolute top. 5'11 better than 6'4, 5'10 nearly as good as 6'4.

Remember that at 180cm you are 15cm taller than the average girl, so you are towering over her, it's fairly enough. At 193cm (almost 1 foot more), it's probably just too much, except for girls who have a fetish for height, but they are a minority
Amaze says on 31/Mar/15
Yes he will and 6'1 is tall for a guy end of all over the world and in this earth anyone who is 6'1 is tall a male at 6'1 is tall and no next to a 6'4 guy he will be tall just not very tall like a 6'4" guy get it and no he will be still same attractive and more people would prefer a 6'1" guy over a 6'4" guy. 6'1 is a better height than 6'4" anyway
Cilic says on 31/Mar/15
In general a 6foot1 guy will be considered tall by average height girls. But what if he is standing next to a 6foot4 guy, will the average height girls still consider him tall or will they now find him to be of average height and hence less attractive?
5'10_tommy says on 30/Mar/15
@ 2toes
Thats such a racist comment .... And stop making assumption about me please. Rob , what do you Think about what he said ?
[Editor Rob: he could word it better. There are some disparities between different ethnicities.]
5ft10guy says on 30/Mar/15
@ Kourosh hey man your 5ft9 if your 5ft10 in shoes so your not 5ft10 barefoot the only time 5ft10 guys look short is around 6ft2 and over guys.And with a 6ft2 guy it's not that bad it's just when that person is able to see the top of your head. However a 5ft10 guy is only considered tall with below average height people from my experiences. But on one occasion I had a 5ft9 girl call me tall. She thought she was 5ft11 and me 6ft so she said "Why are you so tall?"
Crash says on 30/Mar/15
2toes, I get your point, but saying a 5'10" will get dwarfed *most of the time* in any part of the world is just daft.
Crash says on 30/Mar/15
James, you're not being very sensible and I'm getting tired of this, so I'm simply going to post some quotes from that article which you love so much

"And the survey of 1,000 adults aged over 50 found seven out of ten people in their early 50s defined themselves as middle-aged."

And thenn..

"The average age at which middle age was perceived to start was 54 years and 347 days. But nearly one in five thought middle age did not begin until after 60."

WTF, the article appears to contradict itself. So I would take it with a grain of salt.

But according to the first quote, even people in their early 50s don't see themselves as young on average.

So I'm done with going in circles with you.
Dario says on 30/Mar/15

I guess it's debatable in saying 5ft 10 is the start of tall for a 16 year old. For me it's tallish for that age and i think proportions strongly influences this for example, having long legs.


You shouldn't feel short at 5ft 9 unless your standing next to someone 6ft 2+. Generally 5ft 9 is a very medium height and most short guys 5ft 5 and under would dream to be that height. i honestly doubt 6 ft 4 barefoot is as common as you say it is. i saw maybe 3 guys out of 300 people in the 6ft 3-5 range out on a saturday night at a bar.
Dario says on 30/Mar/15

Not a bad choice putting 5ft
183.5cm says on 30/Mar/15
6ft1 is the most optimal.
Sgort people is the same as women from what I see.
DJD says on 30/Mar/15
what is interesting is if you go back 40 years ago the average height in Spain and Italy and Portugal and Ireland was super short compared to today.
DJD says on 30/Mar/15
it's not uncommon for rich guys to be taller than poorer guys. but let's not make out that all rich guys in the OC are all 6'2 or 6'3. Come on now. Tons of 5'11 guys.
Clement says on 30/Mar/15
If we are 192.3cm after 1:30 hour woke up, does it make sense to tell people that we are 192cm? Otherwise are we 191cm, which one?
2toes says on 30/Mar/15
At 5'8" I'm a shortish guy, but I feel I have the "enough height" to not get intimidated on the street.

I mean, I know I'm shortish for a male adult, but the difference is not TOO BIG to make me "psycologicaly insecure", and also I'm lucky to have a broad chest.

Of course, that doesn't change that If I could choose a height, I would choose 187.5 cms LOL
Amaze says on 30/Mar/15
5'10 is tall for men in Asia. In India Bangladesh and Pakistan you'd be referred to as tall. But everywhere else its average. Solid height. Neither short or tall.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 30/Mar/15
Dwarfed commonly at 5'10"? That can't be forthright.
truth2 says on 30/Mar/15
@Cam123 Around 5ft7
Kourosh says on 30/Mar/15
There is no way on earth 5'10 guy can be described tall. I'm 5'10 with shoes and i get dwarfed many times by tall young Caucasians. 6'2 6'4 is common height in big crowds like in malls or festivals.

Last night i was in an events for F1 (Formula 1) where i got dwarfed by 7 or 8 6'3 + guys. They were plenty of 6'0 and 5'11 guys were there too which that made me short guy.

I noticed few 5'10 to 6'0 young girls as well.
6 foot 2 poor guy says on 30/Mar/15
no. 6 foot 4 is a my ideal height. my dream and fantasy. "6 foot 4."
2toes says on 30/Mar/15
Calling 5'10" "tall" in anglo-saxon countries is hilarious.

I'm from Spain and here 5'10" isn't even 2 centimeters more than the total intermediate height for the 20-35 age bracket, let alone England, Australia or Ireland.
2toes says on 30/Mar/15
5'10_Tommy says on 29/Mar/15
Im 5'10 (178cm) and i feel tall most of the time. I live in the states and people are 5'8 ,5'9 on average. Most people describe me as a tall guy.

You must live in a Mexican neighboorhood, because if you go to a high class- white neighboorhood like the ones in Orange County, California, at 5'10" you'll get dwarfed most of the time.
waringo says on 29/Mar/15
short peoples say:
very good tier 175, 176cm
great tier 177, 178, 179cm
demi god tier 180, 181cm
god tier 182, 183, 184cm
demi good 185, 186cm
great tier 187, 188, 189cm
very good tier 190, 191, 192cm

tall peoples say:
very good tier 182, 183, 184cm
great tier 185, 186cm
demi god tier 187, 188, 189cm
god tier 190, 191, 192cm
demi god tier 193, 194cm
great tier 195, 196cm
very good tier 197, 198, 199cm

fence sitters(me) say:
very good tier 177, 178, 179cm
great tier 180, 181, 182cm
demi god tier 183, 184, 185cm
god tier 186, 187, 188cm
demi god tier 189, 190, 191cm
great tier 192, 193, 194cm
very good tier 195, 196, 197cm
jkkkk says on 29/Mar/15
so what is the average height of guys from
Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands? I'd wager the Eastern Europeans average at 179 and the Scandinavians are 181 and the Germanic guys are 182-3.
Amaze says on 29/Mar/15
short is only below 5'8, or below 5'9 if you're in the netherlands/denmark scandanavian countries. 5'10 is average height. good height.


yeah most 16 year olds get 2 inches. but i'd say then 5'10 is tall for a 16 year old, 17 year old 5'11, and 18+ onwards 6'0 is tall for them because 18 onwards your an adult and to be a tall adult+ you have to be 183cm/6'0
James Edward Crowley says on 29/Mar/15
Any under 55 is young not under 44 your still young at 44 55 is the start
of middle age not 45 like it used to old age starts at 75 for males and 70 for females old age used too start at 60 for females and 65 for males not
women lose their hormones but men never lose their hormones men continue
until they drop i will never lose my strength never meaning i will
never lose my hormones never.
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Rifle says on 29/Mar/15
That's probably because the pic was taken in the evening( 7 P.M.)
5'10_Tommy says on 29/Mar/15
Im 5'10 (178cm) and i feel tall most of the time. I live in the states and people are 5'8 ,5'9 on average. Most people describe me as a tall guy.

@ shortguy12345 , stop trolling please.
Dario says on 29/Mar/15

5ft 8 is almost exactly average for a 16 year old in the uk who is active and sleeps regularly. On average at that age you can gain about 2 inches and then that's about it. Tall for a 16 year old is at least 5ft 11, maybe even 6ft 0.
shortguy12345 says on 29/Mar/15
Hallelujah i am tallish at 5'10" ha ha ha,wtf i am a legit 178 cm i checked several times on the stadiometer and i feel short lol
Rifle says on 29/Mar/15
Hi, Rob
Do you think this gentleman is taller than his claim of 200 cm (6'6.75")?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he looks like he'd be not over 6ft 6 mark.]
5ft10guy says on 28/Mar/15
I hear people say their 6ft2 and don't feel tall . Either their trolling or live with extremely tall family members.Like in the show HIMYM where Marshall who's 6ft4 said he was the shortest in his family and Ted stared at him with disbelief but it was true.His brothers were like 6f7,dad 6ft8 and mom 6ft1. Lol
Lisa says on 28/Mar/15
@tiny: Hi! I'm closer to 165 right now. I think the v-ball players might be telling the truth. There are a lot of factors that produce an appropriate height for ones weight. They might have relatively light frames, for instance. Or they could be underweight.

@Nona: I was referring to some areas in the United States where the younger women seem to be taller than the national average. I also think that your estimate of 5'3 is one to two inches too short for many other European countries. I'm limiting the average to younger women in those countries btw.
6ft1 is really good height says on 28/Mar/15
6ft1 is average??? wtf
Fog181 says on 28/Mar/15
Is losing around a full inch before the age of 60 quite a lot? I have an uncle who was 6'0 only a year ago, however i saw him recently and he had shrunk to around 5'11, which is similar to me. Does this sudden drop mean he will likely drop another inch soon? He is 57 and his posture is quite poor.
[Editor Rob: part of it could be worsening posture, but still being able to measure a bit taller than he might look. You'd expect around half inch by near to 60 and more like a solid inch by time you hit 70 on average.]
Amaze says on 28/Mar/15
@Ice he's pretty close to the tall mark but because he's 5'11.5/182cm he's a tallish guy
Lillo thomas says on 28/Mar/15
5'11 guy you only have 1 inch over young white and black guys. Saying you are tall in a country like USA is ultra BS. 5'10 guy, 6'2 isn't very tall in a country like USA . 6'2 is only regular tall.
Chris says on 28/Mar/15
@Ice 5ft and 19ft?
184.3cm says on 28/Mar/15
"Grazing the 6 foot mark in combat boots Azam was a big man"
" 6 footers are shorter nowadays because of generation next"

More drivel trying to make out this generation are taller, the guy is 5'10.5 max in barefeet ofc he felt average/short at times when in Europe.

I cant argue with men over 6'1 having back problems though, have two friends one is 6'2.5 the other weak 6'3 and both have had serious issues. Heavy lifting on the job + tall guy isnt really a great match.
Ice says on 28/Mar/15
@ 5'11 you honestly are saying that you at 182 cm are consided tall ? Dont make me laugh
Nona says on 28/Mar/15
@lisa: 5'6" maybe average height for women in the Nordic, Baltic & Slavic countries and also in the Netherlands. In the rest of the developed world it is around 5'3"
Tomcat says on 27/Mar/15
6'1" is the highest average. If there was an evolutionary advantage then it would probably be higher than that as long as nutrition allowed.
Tomcat says on 27/Mar/15
6'1" is the highest average. If there was an evolutionary advantage then it would probably be higher than that as long as nutrition allowed.
PetePro says on 27/Mar/15
All re. Early Humans Stature: Here is an article about height and weight varying just like it does now. That the first humans were varied from the start.

Click Here
Connor6'0 says on 27/Mar/15
@Amaze I would class 6'5" as borderline too tall/nearly too tall and 6'6" as legitametly the start of too tall.
GI Jose says on 27/Mar/15
According to the various Internet average claims, the average Chilean male is somewhere between 5'6.5" and 5'7.5", so my guess would be 5'7".
SportsHeight says on 27/Mar/15
Interesting quote from one of the world's leading anthropometric historians: "Men who grow taller than 6'1'' experience medical problems like a bad back. Also, it has been statistically found that longevity in males increases up to a height of 6'1'' but starts decreasing thereafter." I'd be interested to hear what people on this forum think.

Full article can be found here:
Click Here
Ice says on 27/Mar/15
best heights for men :

Bran says on 27/Mar/15
I wouldnt say 5ft8-9 was still average nowadays, well i go off young men generally , im from England and would suggest 5'10 sharpish was average, and on its day can look anywhere from 5ft9-11 for young people, i'd be very suprised if some study showed 5ft9.25 as average or something ( for young people that i ), because it appears to me, that a growing number are hitting 6ft range.

There does appear to be a steep decline if you look at the older generation, oviously, and even many middle aged men at times struggle to pass 5ft9, however imo one's who say 5ft10.5 is tall !?, are prehaps biased, albeit, it can be catorgrised as that at times.

A question for people on here, ive recently seen a few of my friends, around 18 pick up height, maybe half an inch over 9 months or so, however most seem to have picked up non, how many precentage wise would people say are growing at 18, thank you all.
Ice says on 27/Mar/15
Im a little over 6'2 (188.3 cm) and I dont feel tall . But Im still growing .
5ft10guy says on 26/Mar/15
I think once your much taller then fully grown men who are average height in your area or everyone describes you as the tall guy you can be considered very tall.I'm 5ft10 and I feel average most of the time,tall very few times by below average height people(5ft7 is the tallest height for people who call me tall) and short alittle more then tall at times.

Since average height people don't call me tall I can't be tall or I'm not much taller then average height folks.But a guy with good posture,wide shoulders and goes to the gym he'll definitely take up space and be noticed thats for sure.

My coworker towers over everybody and is goodlooking as well. Even over my boss whos 6ft.I pegged him at 6ft3 but he told me 6ft2. I did'nt believe him one bit but he was wearing doc marten boots. So if he is an international restaurant and he stands out like a tree,then I would say once your 6ft2 and over your very tall range especially with slight footwear advantages.I mean there were alot of guys who visited his height but they were not the majority.And you'll have to wait and see if you can find someone noticeable taller(3inches+).So very tall is 6ft2 and up. 4 inches taller then a 5ft10 guy.Which is most men.
5ft10guy says on 26/Mar/15
Do you guys think 5ft8 is tall for a 16 year old boy who is active in sports and sleeps regularly.
Cam123 says on 26/Mar/15
How tall is the average Chilean male? I'm in 5'105'11 range am I taller than the average I'm Chilean.
Amaze says on 26/Mar/15
@black dude you need help. A lot of help. Go visit a doctor please or a psychiatrist. You have issues boy. I'm not talking regular issues alottt of issues. Or you are a plain troll

@Dan6'2188 lol everyone is gonna be taller than someone . so what if ur not the tallest ur strong tall height 4/5 inches over average you are tall fact and ur at ideal tall not too tall 6'5/6 is kind of too tall even my 32 year old teacher 6'4 wishes he was 6'2. 6'3 isn't bad IMO 6'0-6'3 is best range
James B says on 26/Mar/15
Guys i am 5'7 and look like lionel messi/keanu reeves.

Am i screwed when it comes to attracting girls then? God damn it if i only had keanu reeves height.
tiny says on 26/Mar/15
@Lisa: How are you, long time since I saw any of your comments on here. Anyways I have a question for you which is more or less similar to one of my earler ones. You are 5'11" and weigh 170 lbs (correct me if I'm wrong)and are very athletically built. Ive come across plenty of female volleyball players who are between 6'5" & 6'7" but they all weigh only between 170 & 190 lbs. IMO they should all be between 200 & 220 lbs considering they are elite athletes. Why do these girls lie about their weights
184.3cm says on 26/Mar/15
@The Exorcist

That i agree with fully if we take countries that have a 5'9-5'10 average.
5'8 slightly under, 5'11 slightly above etc.
5'11 says on 26/Mar/15
I believe I am tall, most of you are probably unaware of your barefoot to top of head night time height (after being up 11 hours) I am 182.5cm when I go to bed and people have always said 'quite tall' or 'tall' so I think most exagerate here's my chart.

5'5 165cm - short
5'6 168cm - quite short
5'7 170.5roughlycm - quite short
5'8 173cm - small average
5'8.5-5'8.75 174-175cm - average range
5'9 175cm - upper average range
5'10 178cm - tallish
5'10.75 180cm - tallish/tall
5'11 180.3cm - tall (very lowest)
5'11.5 182cm - low regular tall
6'0 - tall
6'1 - tall upper range
6'2 - the tall typical stand out
6'3 - very tall
6'4 - rareish tall

Agree or not? Honest people, do you agree as a whole rob?
[Editor Rob: I'd still keep the 5ft 10 in the average/upper average zone]
The Exorcist says on 26/Mar/15
I think average height for men is anywhere in the range of 5'8" - 5'11". I consider tall to be 6'0" and above, and short to be 5'7" and below.

Rare short: 5'2" and below
Rare tall: 6'6" and above
Black dude says on 25/Mar/15
Is it possible to become at least 8foot or 7foot then I would be happy but If I can't reach those heights am going to try and work on getting to 6"10
william says on 25/Mar/15
I need Tall people heights vs Short people heights and age group for Youth and Old. Thank ya
John says on 25/Mar/15
I think your younger brother is going to reach 6ft 2in easily. At his age I was about 5ft 7 and my father is only 5ft 5 like yours, but my mother is 5ft 7. My elder brother is 5ft 6.
Now I am 6ft 7 (2m) tall, but I assure you that I think thereis no major advantage in exaggerating with that, because 6ft 2 is absolutely ideal.
Yesterday I went shopping and I felt some of the inconvenients of being too tall, starting by getting above all fitting room pannels (just like what happens with almost all shower and toilet cubicles), having to duck under all curtain bars and door-frames, and let alone the poor choice of clothes that fit you.
Of course there are advantages too, but being too tall it is almost as bad as being too short.
Anyway I am sure your brother is enjoying being a normal adult man at 12, taller than his mother and just two inches shorter than his father. I remember that sensation when I was 10, and it was just great, but embarrassing at the same time, because all my school fellows were much shorter, and at 14, when I was 6ft 3 I had a sort of identity crisis for being so much taller than my father and my brother, by almost one foot.
BTW, what is your brother's shoe size?
french guy says on 25/Mar/15
If 6feet is tall then 6'2 is very tall, 6'4"is extremely tall...would you believe that ?
it s not because "every one" say 6feet is tall that is true, Galileo demonstrates heliocentrism and was the only one who believe in .
You have statistical facts, 178 cm is average for young people, add a good centimeter for white people which put 6'0" at the 70-75 th percentile, you can't deny it, it's a fact.
now take a rule and see how 4-5 cm looks.
4-5 cm is quite a difference, each centimeter between 178 and 188 cm will make you feel more and mord solid, but I don't think 4-5 cm above average can be called tall
A legit 6 footer won't tower over more than 15 % of the young male population, and a legit 6footer can look short or even be towered.
french guy says on 25/Mar/15
If 6feet is tall then 6'2
alex 183 says on 25/Mar/15
i'm 6'0 and i'm always at least tallish or solidly above average, and just above average when im at my university, definitely a solid good height to be...i like my height and the most i wanna be is 6'1 max
Lillo Thomas says on 25/Mar/15
Dan 6'2 is a solid tall height. Sure you can encounter a few guys taller than you sometimes like 6'3 and 6'4. Or a rare 6'5 and plus guy but 6'2 is 4 inches taller than average. 4 inches is a solid difference.
Kourosh 176 cm night-178cm morning says on 25/Mar/15
Thank you guys for your comments and making me happy she did not mean to call me little fellaw :D
Its true im so paranoid and insecure about my height and i fking hate myself for that. I have tried like half dozen times to get over it but everytime when sombody walk by and taller than me it just remind me how short i am. Thats why its hard to get over it.
mike321 says on 25/Mar/15
Dan 188 cm says on 24/Mar/15
I honestly don't feel that tall. I mean yeah,I am a stand out height,but I don't feel THAT tall. 6'2 is a good height but I would love to be taller (6'4-6'5). I see kids in the 6'4-6'6 range who are taller than me in school nearly every day. There are even some girls out there that are nearly my height. I mean,I'm still taller than probaly about 85-90% of people that I see in school and on the street everyday,but I would love to be taller.

I'm 188cm at night and this si exactly how i feel lol. I think perfect height would be 190-194cm at night. Basically a solid 6'3 to a weak 6'5.

People are just getting taller in general.
Chilean says on 24/Mar/15
Rob could you add Dave Gahan , Martin Gore , Fletcher ..
Dan 188 cm says on 24/Mar/15
I honestly don't feel that tall. I mean yeah,I am a stand out height,but I don't feel THAT tall. 6'2 is a good height but I would love to be taller (6'4-6'5). I see kids in the 6'4-6'6 range who are taller than me in school nearly every day. There are even some girls out there that are nearly my height. I mean,I'm still taller than probaly about 85-90% of people that I see in school and on the street everyday,but I would love to be taller.
Amaze says on 24/Mar/15
@Emil183cm they're just silly in one of my friendship groups one boy is 183 like u another 190 another 193 and the 190 and 193 say they are a tall group , they are the very tall ones and their call their 183 just tall guy because he's in the 6ft club . 6ft is still tall lol even taller guys know it
Amaze says on 24/Mar/15
@Connor6'0 well yeah. Hope u don't get that because its completely pointless waste of money and pain as well completely useless. I would only do that if I was very short or something. Even at 5'8" I wouldn't do it

Your height very good height
Just walk around and compare yourself to people
You are golden height range
Better than everybody Cept 6'1/2 people

@6ftMagician 100% correct.
Lillo Thomas says on 24/Mar/15
Amaze people will not laugh if I say 6'0 isn't real tall in the USA , it's only above average in the USA. The truth is that 6'0 classification as tall or not is subjective. It depends if 2 inches over average is enough to classified the person as solid tall. If you ask everywhere many people if 6'0 flat is tall in the USA some people will say YES others will say NO. In this site also I'm not alone about 6'0 classification others agree with me in that regard. I like my height very much the only negatives is fitting in regular cars and finding my clothes in stores isn't easy. Apart from that I don't have complaints. My tallest brother is 6'6 and my shortest brother is 6'3. My sisters are 5'6 and 5'8. My mother is 5'6 and my father is 6'0. The best heights for people that want or like to be tall is 6'3 and 6'4.
TJE says on 24/Mar/15
Embrace your height, man. The world's built for 5'9-5'11 guys.
truth2 says on 24/Mar/15
@Kourosh lol she meant you are normal sized or average...jesus christ you are insecure.
Amaze says on 24/Mar/15
@Kourosh man you ain't short.that 5'0 lady was just being nice don't be paranoid. She probably likes guys your size and noticed you ain't tall(you ain't short) so you won't have problems hitting ur head on the ceiling. Anything less than 173cm is shortish

@Lillo Thomas I get ya but most people who are 6'0 do get called tall and people will laugh if u say to them 6'0 ain't tall because it is but yeah I wanna ask u something
I notice u said 6'5 has some negatives but in ur opinion positives outweigh negatives.
Wouldn't u like a height with no negatives ?
Do you sometimes you wish you were shorter ? Like all the time u must feel huge and gjantlike(not saying ur a giant but u are strong very tall) ur lil bro is 6'3" right? IMO that's a good height and Max I'd go. Would u wanna be like that. And yes I agree 6'0" is a very good height .
183,5cm says on 24/Mar/15
@gi jose
75-85kg is the best depending on frame. ramos whos 6ft is 75kg. david beckham who is more skinny is 75kg, messi is 5ft7 and hes 150 pounds and these are soccer players who don't really have upper body muscle and your saying thats okay for a 6ft person, no ways. Around 80kg is the best. 165-190 is where you want to be depending on frame.
Emil 183 cm says on 24/Mar/15
Lol she probably meant what she said: that you aren't a very tall person like someone who's 6'2+. Neither am I and you should just be happy about it basically. 176-178 range is a good range. I'd rather be your height than 6'4+ I guarantee you that.
I've been called short too, but only from people who are 190 cm+ and from their perspective they are absolutely right. Everything is relative and at the end of the day you are who you are so be happy. I wouldn't worry if I was you.
GI Jose says on 24/Mar/15
I don't think that it's referring to you as short, but rather, saying that you're not tall. You don't have to be short in order to not be classified as tall. For example, you would probably consider a 177 cm guy in the average range, neither short nor tall.
183.5cm says on 24/Mar/15
@6ftmagician and @gi jose
no way 150-170 for a 6ft person. 170-190 is much better look at nadal hes 184cm or so and hes 186-8 pounds. im 6ft and ive gotten told by some girls i have a really good body some even joked swimsuit modelling- no brag- and ive been around 80kg.
184.3cm says on 24/Mar/15
The Netherlands: YOUNG(18-35) WHITE men (just them)

5'3 and under Start of stand out height in public.
5'4 Strong Very Short
5'5 Solid Very Short
5'6 Very Short
5'7 Strong Short
5'8 Solid Short
5'9 Short
5'10 Under Average
5'11 Average
6'0 Above average
6'1 Tall
6'2 Solid Tall
6'3 Strong Tall
6'4 Very Tall
6'5 Solid Very Tall
6'6 Strong Very Tall
6'7+ Stand out heights in public.
6'11+ Start of Giant

For all men you can deduct at least an inch from all those.
Rifle says on 24/Mar/15
Hi, Rob
How tall due you think Pete Holmes is in this pic with Conan?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: link unfortunately doesn't work...but he can look around similar range, but also taller than conan ]
Lisa says on 24/Mar/15
Does anyone think the average height of white women, 21-30, may be close to 5'6 in some areas of the United States? It certainly seems that way when I go shopping. :)
6ftMagician says on 23/Mar/15
6ft will remain the gateway to 'tall' of male height for the forseeable future: Until the average woman is within 4 inches (being generous here for arguments sake, more like within 5/6 inches) of 6ft then it will remain the gold standard.
Which brings me onto my next point, human height (in developed nations) has plataued - Netherlands has seen less than 1cm average height increase in the last 30 years. Doesn't look like women are catching men up anytime soo, this is one glass ceiling that for better or worse won't be broken.

So, everyone (Conor mainly, lol) breathe a sigh of relief. Not that there was anything to worry about.
Connor6'0 says on 23/Mar/15
@Amaze thanks mate, yeah you're right I shouldnt take any notice, I'll ignore them. 6'0 is fine I suppose, but still 6'2 is better, oh well I'll just have to live with the fact I'm 6'0 and accept it unless I go and get leg lengthening surgery.
Kourosh 176 cm night-178cm morning says on 23/Mar/15
a quick question? if somebody says " you are not a very tall person" does it mean you are short?

this is my case :" today i was running up stairs in a mall and suddenly an old small security lady stopped me and said " mind your head when you go up the stairs. People knock their heads against the ceiling when they go up through the stairs because the ceiling is quite short. But later she said you are not very tall person so dont worry. But if somebody who is tall would bumped his head against the ceiling".

so technically she called me a short person right? :( .... tiny little crazy 5'0 lady just killed my manhood pride there :D

i get called short few times in a year like 4-5 times. but not usually!it sucks when you get it because its going hunt you for few days. :/
Lillo Thomas says on 23/Mar/15
My posts are about debating the height classification of 6'0 but I never said 6'0 is a bad height. Isn't at all. 6'0 is a very good height regardless if one consider it the start of tall or not in countries like USA.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 23/Mar/15
@186southern I originally thought it was what 5'9.5"-5'10" was in person (which seemed above average for sure). The ones who are my height or taller always have an appearance that makes it so it's clear that they are tall.
GI Jose says on 23/Mar/15
I am working on getting up to the 170 range; I'm 151 now. I think your range is accurate, but I'm wanting to be on the higher end with muscle weight.
183.5cm says on 23/Mar/15
Your height for women is way off 5ft7 for women is the same as 6ft for men.

No one should really complain if their lowest height is 177-178cm.

And for every cm closer to 185cm at your lowest you should be grateful

Ive seen models both male amd female woth my own eyes and most are around 184-186cm with females 174-177cm.
daylejust 6ft :) says on 23/Mar/15
If I'm 6ft what height would come to my lips?
Jake: 1.84 m- 1.85 m says on 23/Mar/15
In my opinion: 5ft 11.5in/182 cm is tallish. An inch above that - at 6ft 0.5in/184 cm - and you're in the solid tall territory. An inch above again - 6ft 1.5in/187 cm and one begins to stand out. One looks very tall at 6ft 2.5in/189 cm. 6ft/183 cm is in the tall region.
whatthis says on 22/Mar/15

Hey Rob how tall do you think this rapper, Big KRIT is?
Click Here (alone)
Click Here (next to 5'8 Ludacris)
[Editor Rob: looks like he'd clear the 6ft mark, how much I'm not sure, not looked in detail at him.]
6ftMagician says on 22/Mar/15
Rob I need some advice from you or anyone reading this.

I am 19 years old and situated in the UK (Rob you probably can find my location), and I am nearly done Uni (college to you Americans). I have played football (soccer) for an array of teams from the age of 11 to 18 and have played for fun since age of 3 to 11. The highest level I have played is semi-pro. Would you think its wise to try and pursue another final attempt at joining a team, but in a different country or should I say ''that was that'' and just work 9-5 like 99% of people? I was thinking after final exams, to go and try abroad and use a small country as a spring-board into the big leagues if I impress?

Obviously, this is a short description but it summaries my situation well. Thanks everyone for reading and any contribution is appreciated.
[Editor Rob: to be fair if I was giving myself advice at 14 I'd have said 'pursue football'. I was discouraged and ended up more academically focussed. For every teen who thinks/dreams of making a career there's hundreds who fall away for a variety of reasons. Dedication, practice, seeking to always improve diet/fitness/skill/tactics is the basis, that even at 19, can be improved in next 2 years...

I know guys who made it in Scotland who I played against at 13-14 range...some of them were average players but they spent their late teens keeping progressing forward, maybe spending that extra hour every day working on say close control techniques etc.]
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 22/Mar/15
The most underrated heights:

6'1.5". People think that we are always 6'3" or above with how tall we appear in the crowd. It's at least the 95th percentile
5'11" range.
5'9"-5'10" range
5'8" as well
Alex says on 22/Mar/15
In real life 5'11 is tall my friend who is 5'11 get called tall a lot and people think he's 6'1 most people are bad at estimating heignt
183.5cm says on 22/Mar/15
I know what you mean Hopefully I can eek out a cm or 2 before my 19th birthday which is in august. Last year at this time I was 176-177cm and now im 183.5cm.
Legit (i cannot stress this enough) 184-186cm nightime I feel is ideal with 185-186 as the perfect if such a thing exists
Amaze says on 22/Mar/15
@Connor6'0' thing is ur dads 5'6 And ur mum 5'0? Both short parents and you did very well considering your short genes. You ended up tall !. Connor be happy with your height lol, its ur identity you can't change it and you ended up with a good identity. 6'0 IMO is 9/10 6'1 is 9.5 and 6'2 10/10 but what can you do lol. At least you ended up at a height girls love and boys wanna be - your a gall man in general lol. Who cares if people hate 6'0" here they're all ignorant bro. Got a good height u did
GI Jose says on 22/Mar/15
If I am going with metrics, which isn't really common in real life considering I live in the US, I'll say "A tad under 184", but if I'm going with imperial, I'll say "A little over 6 foot". I can't really say what my height is to the nearest quarter inch anymore because of the growth that I am currently experiencing, which is why I go with these general statements.
aidenford says on 22/Mar/15
To chime in on the discussion. I am from Central Europe and a male in my early twenties. I range from roughly 180cm to 182cm and I never feel tall but there are times - not often though - where I feel short(ish).
ncl says on 22/Mar/15
I think many of the average heights listed are a bit of an under estimate in some aspects. Where I live in north-east England 5'11 is average height for young men in their late teens and twenties. I'm 17 and that was the average height of my class. Where I live is like 100% white though so that is a factor. The average man down south in areas with high immigrant populations is probably only like 5'9. For this reason I can understand the lower estimates but for indigenous people average is no doubt 5'11. If they were to do survey in my area that is what they would find. In so far as perceptions of what is tall and short I have found that 5'9 is the beginning of where most people will consider someone short and 6'1 the start of where you will be labelled tall most often.
smile says on 21/Mar/15
I've been needing to say this: You have the most calming smile and eyes I've ever seen. It takes me forever to browse this site because I just get lost in your smile
RobV says on 21/Mar/15
@ Justanotherguy. You are right in not taking a lot of these 'studies' seriously. The problem with them is indeed small samples, and then those citing them taking info out of context.

The other problem is that people often cite 'studies' or 'research' when in reality what they mean is a collection of e-mails and opinions on websites. They have selected these snippets to back up or 'prove' their own bias or view.

In general it does appear that there are of course differences (eg in Holland 21 year old guys are obviously on average much taller than those in Indonesia!) but getting to the real figures is almost impossible because of the circumstances you refer to. We really do not know whether the minutiae of any 'league table' of national heights is actually accurate and could in fact be out by a fair bit.
Darren510 says on 21/Mar/15
Technically a giant is 7'0 or taller but 6'8 is pretty much a giant because it dwarfs most everyone and is still substantially taller than very tall range.
186southern says on 21/Mar/15
Ok, I feel like I should post here as well.

I am 186.5CM night height and I live in South Europe. I get called tall or 'big' a lot of times. I also have a big frame so I guess that helps.

What I want to say is, I claim to be 186 and when people ask my height I say 186, they are surprised and say "No way. You must be taller" or "ONLY? I thought you were much taller!" and this is from people who are...shorter than me! so my point is, a lot of people don't really know how big 6 feet/6 feet 1 is and it's probably because of this guys claiming much bigger heights than they are.
A guy from my work is 175cm and claims 180. Another guy who is about 1cm shorter than me claims to be about 189/190cm...

Of course it's all about prespective. To shorter people, I'm tall and to giants, I'm normal but on a daily basis, 6 feet/6ft1 is a 'tall' height. Might not be stand out but it's definitely tall.
6ftMagician says on 21/Mar/15
I'd be interested to know what you guys think is optimal weight for a 6ft male. I think the best weight at that height would be 150-170lbs. Muscular build, yet lean and athletic.
6ftMagician says on 21/Mar/15
Rob, got round to measuring that friend who rips on 5'10'' guys. It was a hilarious moment when he looked at the measurement and was trying to remain composed at the 176.5cm reading.

Nonetheless, my height guessing ability is very good according to this isolated case, as I did mention (on this site) that I thought he would be around the 176 mark before the measuring occured.
[Editor Rob: it's a decent guess.

With some people I meet for this site I still get surprised, even in photos you will get people looking taller or shorter than they while overall photos are good, sometimes I scratch my head as to added or missing height...

same applies when photographing with friends.]
tx183 says on 21/Mar/15
I dont get the discussion over averages. The government study conducted in 1999-20001(cant remember exactly) places 6ft at the 80th percentile and 6'2 at the 95 percentile. 6'2 is not common at all. Cant believe people think that. I'm 6ft flat and even I get called tall though that probably has more to do with my really broad shoulders giving me more presence. Still, I'm definitely above average and I go to a school with rich white kids
SaveMyBrother says on 21/Mar/15
My dad is 5'5 and my mother is 5'2, i turned out to be 5'7.5 When i was younger i rarely played outside, was underweight and had a Vit D deficiency basically whole my life. Same goes for my parents bad nutrition.

My little brother just turned 12 and he is a solid 5'3, the doctor estimated that he will be 6'1-6'2. How likely is the chance of this happening.

Things he already is doing
- Plays soccer twice a week
- Eats fruit/vegetables and is normal weight
- Vit D and C tablets

I'm thinking of buying him a pull-up bar and have him stretch for a couple of minutes every day? Do you think this would help and what i can do for him to have him achieve his maximum height?
Crash says on 21/Mar/15
@James Edward Crowley

"crash should apologize"

LOL, I'm going to be straight with you hear. Do you realise how silly that sounds? Firstly, why should anyone have to apologise for bringing the topic up? It's not some kind of serious issue that upsets people or something. Don't blow things out of proportion.

And I only pointed out the fact that it's a survey because you kept going on and on and referring back to it as if the results of that survey are some kind of fact, when they are simply the OPINION of some people.

But anyway, regardless of what that survey says, calling anything up to 55 young is ridiculous. Sure, it's not old either, but that doesn't make it young... you need to use some common sense some times and not just believe everything you are told.
6ftMagician says on 21/Mar/15

Well I played soccer all my life so my experience is similar. Every team I joined (7 in total throughout my teens, very loyal, I know!) I was among the tallest, usually with the exception of the goalkeeper. I was 5'10'' at 15 years old, and was tall for my age. Yet my old man made fun of me for being slightly shorter than him - he was 181-182 range at this moment in time. Well, I grew a solid 5/6cm over the next few years (while stupidly lifting heavy weights, luckily no injuries :) + I stopped a while back), and now I am tall in general.

Not that I expect you to believe this (although, you should, honest!) but on the train the other day I was told, by a complete stranger: ''you're tall enough to model''... obviously, I kept a calm exterior but in my head was surprised as all though I am a handsome chap (not being cocky, just honest), and do get the occasional compliment, to have a stranger say that was ego/morale-boosting, yet strange, to say the least.
PetePro says on 20/Mar/15
All re. Britain's DNA: This week the results of a comprehensive genetic mapping were published.
Although World War One and since has seen much intermixing, the white British still have very traceable origins to certain locations. There are 17 of these clusters. The majority of white English have (starting with the highest) French, German, Danish and Belgian origin. Also, the Cornish are, as they've claimed, very unique. And that there is much English blood in Scotland.

I guess we would find height significant variation in these clusters. I hope some scientist does do such a survey. There's a thesis for a PhD student...

Click Here
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 20/Mar/15
Wait, people are really claiming that the average height in the Netherlands is 6'1" on here? Are we thinking of the same country here?
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 20/Mar/15
184.3 CM I agree that 6'2" is really tall. In the Netherlands, I was definitely not average in height (at 187 CM). I felt tall there, and the ones that I interacted with generally ranged from 5'10"-6'1" (185 CM). I hardly saw anybody taller than me (but I may not have been in a tall region). I don't get why people think that they are all above 6'4" there. My height alone was referred to be as being tall there (just not to the same extent as it has been in other countries, however).
GianFranco says on 20/Mar/15
Yeah, 6'2 is definitely solid tall. So many guys online lie about their height - so many 5'10 men claim to be 6' and so on. I'm 5'10 and can accept that.
Laf says on 20/Mar/15
I've just been to London. I would say the overall average is 5'9, and 5'10 for young guys, but definitely not any taller than that. Just an inch shorter than Scandinavia with 5'10 overall and 5'11 for young people.
Amaze says on 20/Mar/15
@GI Jose don't worry I agree lol 6'0 is tall just not strong tall or anything. Its just basic tall. Was.around several 183cm guys today and they all defo looked and were tall and people call em taller all the time. They even make my 5'10 friends look small.
Amaze says on 20/Mar/15
@Lillo Thomas 6'0 is tall still in western countries 2 inches is a difference you can feel plus the average range is still 5'9-10
5'11 is above average(180cm) tallish(181/2)
6'0 is low tall. I think when you don't say 6'0 is tall is when delusion coms in.
Connor6'0 says on 20/Mar/15
@Amaze yeah from what I read from their comments 6'0 seems to be a very disliked height on here, now I definitely wish I was taller! 😧
michael says on 20/Mar/15
i was 177cm since 15 years old (I was quite tall back then) but I started slipping in the charts since then because I grew nothing until late last year when I noticed I am a little bit taller and measured at new best 177.5cm, but thought it was a simple case of improving my back (I have some scoliosis), however now I noticed I'm 178cm after being up 20 hours (Australian GP weekend) at nearly 20 years of age. Am I growing? By the way I am very happy about that.
Bryan (Queenslander) says on 20/Mar/15
If a father is 6'2 whilst the mother is 4'10, how tall would the son/daughter usually end up?
LILO fraud says on 20/Mar/15
LILO Thomas is 6ft 3. Definite troll
olol says on 20/Mar/15
My General Male Height::
S.O.M. (Short or Midget)*165-168cm
Pure SHORT*169-171cm
Flawed SHORT*172-174cm

AVERAGE*178cm (1cm)

Flawed TALL*182-184cm
Pure TALL*185-187cm
T.O.G. (Tall or Giant)*188-194cm

My General Female Height::
S.O.M. (Short or Midget)*150-153cm
Pure SHORT*154-156cm
Flawed SHORT*157-159cm

AVERAGE*163cm (1cm)

Flawed TALL*167-169cm
Pure TALL*170-172cm
T.O.G. (Tall or Giant)*173-180cm
Kourosh says on 20/Mar/15
i wake 178 cm (177.8) so 5'10 and go to bed 176 cm. But i always claim my lowest.

I'm living in a multicultural community and this is my height in compare to other ethnics:

out of 10 woman, im taller than 9 (all races).

out of 10 man, im taller than 4 ( Caucasian), taller than 8 (asians) , taller than 9 ( middle easterners) and taller than 8 ( Indians) and taller than 6 ( Africans).

For Europeans the tallest people i have seen are Danish and Dutch. I was the 3rd shortest guy in their group of 12 men.

For Asians the tallest people i have seen are South Koreans. I do not feel short among them but they are many koreans who are my height and inch taller.

For Middle Easterners the tallest people i have seen are Iranians. 5'11 to 6'0 are common heights in their groups.
Arabs are one of the shortest people i have seen. Average is like 5'6 or 5'5.

For Africans the tallest people i have seen are Sudanese and they are probably the tallest nation in the world. I never seen a Sudanese man to be shorter than 5'10 and they are super skinny and slim people.
Lisa says on 19/Mar/15
Panda's height chart would be accurate in "shorter" countries. FE, 5'6 women really would be seen as tall in those countries. I think they're just above average in most of the industrialized countries. When I go shopping in some sections of town, 5'6 women seem to be just average AT BEST.
Triple says on 19/Mar/15

The 5'8" average for Chinese guys is a pediatric stat for urban boys born in the 1990's, very young people.

If you are 5'10", facing a big amount of young chinese boys you'll find a considerable number of them who would own you easily.
James Edward Crowley says on 19/Mar/15
@184.3cm guys that are 5ft 7in are common more common then people think guys
under 5ft 7in are rare guys 5ft 7in and over are common.
grizz says on 19/Mar/15
@GI Jose, when someone asks you how tall you are, what do you say (given your range 183.8-185.8)?
Amaze says on 19/Mar/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5-2 dw a lot of people Herr like to bs a lot and chat rubbish for fun. Keyboard warriors like to come here don't worry lol 6'2" is comfortably strong tall 4-5in above average you'll always be tall.

@Connor6'0 trust me saying 6'0 isn't tall is crazy but saying 6'4 isn't very tall is ultra bs its taking bs to another league. Some people need to lay off smoking before coming to this page. 6'0 is tall and 6'4 is solid very tall.
Connor6'0 says on 19/Mar/15
@Amaze yeah this 6'0 ain't tall thing and 6'4" being almost very tall is a load of BS, just absolute nonsense, I haven't had a good laugh in ages, you know what I think? I think that they are either simply trolling or they have no idea what a legit 6'0 or a 6'4" person looks like, claiming 6'5" or 6'6" to be the start of very tall is ludicrous.
184.3cm says on 19/Mar/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5-6'2

If you where to believe claims online you would think the average is 6'2 nowadays. At your height you should feel nothing less than solid tall. I have a friend a little taller than you (6'2.5) and he gets called very tall alot.
184.3cm says on 19/Mar/15

What loads of people tend to forget is an average can be knocked way off if you have a large number of extremely tall people. I wake around 6'1.25 and shrink down to 6'0.5-6'0.75 and i never feel bang on average. Thats why i call bull**** on the 6'1 average here everytime, you see alot of guys here who are 5'8-5'11 young and old. Ofc anything under 5'8 is rare here for a white guy. 6'2-6'3 is common but not to the extent that many think. Anything over 6'5 is still pretty rare in a crowd but then you get the giant guys who appear every now and then. For instance in the depot where i work only 3 guys are taller than me in my group so out of 30+ people i feel pretty tall but then i wander over to other side of the office and legit 210cm guy says hello and i look like a gnome in comparison.
Almost everyone i know privately thinks that they are 3-4cm taller than their actual height, i dont really care about their claims only when it affects me as you get 'upgraded' to suit their muddled perception of their stature.
Gamerdude24 says on 19/Mar/15
191-6'3 1/4
201 6'7 1/4
209-6'10 1/2
211-6'11 1/4
GI Jose says on 19/Mar/15
I am pretty similar to you in height, 185.75cm in the morning and 183.8cm at night, and I get referred to as tall quite frequently. In my basketball class of 12, I am either the tallest or second tallest (there is one guy who is really similar to my height, and it's tough to gage in motion). One game, we were on the same team, and someone on the other team I estimated at 5'7.5" said "You guys have all the tall guys" and pointed out me and the other guy. I really don't see how the 85th percentile isn't tall.
Lillo Thomas says on 19/Mar/15
In the USA and several western countries the height classification of young white and black guys is like this: 5'10 is average , 5'11 and 6'0 above average . 6'1 is the start of tall , 6'2 regular tall , 6'3 regular tall, 6'4 borderline very tall or almost very tall, 6'5 the start of very tall range , 6'6 very tall , 6'7 extreme tall or very very tall, 6'8 extreme tall , 6'9 extreme tall and borderline giant and 6'10 the start of giant. And I SAID 6'4 could be consider very tall ( what I mean is that I don't argue with people saying 6'4 is very tall) but the official start very tall range is in the USA is 6'5 -6'6 . 6'6 is not extreme tall . Extreme tall are the heights approaching the giant range like anything over 6'6. 6'6 guys look big but not like giants. Again I always laugh when 6'0 guys in the USA and western countries claim to be feel tall , when they have only 2 inches over average. They are very delusional indeed.
Lillo Thomas says on 19/Mar/15
In the USA and several western countries the height classification of young white and black guys is like this: 5'10 is average , 5'11 and 6'0 above average . 6'1 is the start of tall , 6'2 regular tall , 6'3 regular tall, 6'4 borderline very tall or almost very tall, 6'5 the start of very tall range , 6'6 very tall , 6'7 extreme tall or very very tall, 6'8 extreme tall , 6'9 extreme tall and borderline giant and 6'10 the start of giant. And I SAID 6'4 could be consider very tall ( what I mean is that I don't argue with people saying 6'4 is very tall) but the official start very tall range is in the USA is 6'5 -6'6 . 6'6 is not extreme tall . Extreme tall are the heights approaching the giant range like anything over 6'6. 6'6 guys look big but not like giants. Again I always laugh when 6'0 guys in the USA and western countries claim to be feel tall , when they have only 2 inches over average. They are very delusional indeed.
Justanotherguy says on 19/Mar/15
I never take these 'studies' seriously. Alot of studies are just surveys. The Netherlands studies are 'self-reported' and "estimates" (Seriously? Ever hear of the scientific method?). Some have such a small sample size there is no way they can be completely accurate in their conclusions. Some use poor or unknown methods of measuring, and in the case of height, time of measuring. People are generally 1 inch taller in the morning than in the evening, that can have a dramatic effect on the accuracy.

But I don't believe that they are wildly inaccurate either. All I'm saying is that I don't believe the average height for a Chinese man is 5'8. Every Chinese guy I've seen in person I have towered over, and I'm 5'10. So when you tell me the average height for a Chinese guy is 5'8, I'll try not to laugh.

These studies always have an a hint of competitive feeling behind them. Who has the biggest, tallest men? The Netherlands, of course. At least, according to their "estimates". And whenever height is mentioned, you better believe the Netherlands has something to say. China just wants to be taken seriously.

In the USA as a legitimate 5'10 man, I can confidently say most men are close to my height, give or take a few inches. I've never been been called short by women. I've been called short by really tall guys but it doesn't bother me, I'd rather be 5'10 than 6'5. I do see a guy that's LEGITIMATELY 6+ as being tall, but most guys who are 6 feet are my height. 6 feet tall might not seem big in relation to my own height, but in relation to everything around him (cars, desks, doorways, women) a 6 foot guy looks tall, and with the right build can look big.

I guess its easy to say 6 foot isn't tall because there exists men of up to 8 feet in height. And its not uncommon to see men who are 6'4+, although they represent a fraction of the population, and all play professional basketball.

The average height in the NBA is 6'7. Does that mean a NBA player who is 6'7 is just average? In relation to other NBA players he is just average. But in relation to the rest of the world around him, he is tall. Very tall.
Amaze says on 19/Mar/15
Idk for white guys I still think 6'0 is tall but for an Indian male its defo tall lol saying a 6'0 tall Indian isn't tall in a western country is ultra stupid. I still think 6'0 white guys tall but Indian guys defo tall. Plus 6'0 looks tall as well

A good tall height to be @Lillo is one with no negatives
6'5 obv has negatives
I say 6'0-6'2 are perfect with 6'1-2 being golden IMO
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 19/Mar/15
Am I the only one who feels tall in real life, but then only feels above average to average online when people who are my height claim that they are not my tall, or when some people claim to be ridiculously tall (not on here, but on other places)? I see so many people who are short in my college all the time, so I don't think that people of my generations were that much taller than before.
Rusty 190cm says on 18/Mar/15
Hey Rob how accurate are ultrasound height measurement machines? I stood on one and it came up around 190 cm.
[Editor Rob: if you are in the right position then it should get within the cm, but say you leant back or forward too much, the beam might not get the highest point of your head!]
James Edward Crowley says on 18/Mar/15
Rob do late bloomers who are male grow faster like have fast growth spurts when they hit
puberty one minute they can be 5ft 2in at 16 before highschool breaks up
for the summer the next minute they are 6ft 1in at 16 in the autumn the
begging of highschool term.
[Editor Rob: they can have a late large surge of growth...I remember a few from high school with noticeable 4-5 inch spurts around 15-17 range.]
James Edward Crowley says on 18/Mar/15
@2toes the average height for English people and Americans of English Irish
Scottish and Welsh ancestry is at least 5ft 11in 5ft 11in is above average
height for men in the UK and USA.
Panda says on 18/Mar/15
Well I didn't expect my list to get this much attention. This is just my PERCEPTION and OPINION about what certain heights would classify as. No my height chart may not be perfect (I do think 6'3" and 6'4" are pretty tall but I personally do not view it as anything extraordinary because I think it is nothing super rare, I've seen a sizable number of 6'3"/6'4" guys so imo it's nothing rare. And 6'0" I think is the start of tall. No it's not super tall, especially in this day and age when average is only two inches shorter, but considering how MOST, not all, guys want to be 6'+ I think that constitutes the beginning of tall) and may not apply for everyone in the world (yes it is based off american standards but I still feel it's how height is perceived in the world. Or at least how I view it) and my chart for women is possibly inaccurate (I still think 5'6" and over is tall for a woman. For european women like German women who average 5'7" or whatever the list is not accurate to them but again this is how I feel about height in general) but this is what I perceive. Again it is just my opinion and how I perceive the world. You are free to make your own perceptions but I stand by my list.

tl;dr The list is my personal perception of heights. If you disagree with it then that is fine.
6ftMagician says on 18/Mar/15
For what it's worth... Guys I am almost 185cm in the morning, just about holding onto 6ft at night after a strenuous day, so maybe a weak 6ft to some of you.

I get refereed to as 'quite tall' in person, when the topic comes up once in a blue moon. (I have by my own admission a slim, muscular build 165lbs/ at a legit 9% bodyfat).

From my own perspective here in London, 6ft remains the gold standard. Sure it is just a few inches over most men, but it is a full 4'' or so above most women, so in that regard it is ideal.

6ft or not, just enjoy life. Health is more important than height/money/fame/power. Remember that.
Connor6'0 says on 18/Mar/15
Rob what do you think about this saying 6'4" isn't very tall? laughable in it? This takes BS up to a whole new level
[Editor Rob: remember on the Internet a lot of people display the worst side of their personality and exaggerate a helluva lot of stuff. I can't believe 90% of the insults or rubbish I've read since 1993 (when I started using the web!) would be uttered in person. The web is full of keyboard warriors!

6ft 4 is very tall, a man that height will walk by another 100 men and then he might see one taller.]
Connor6'0 says on 18/Mar/15
I have never heard 6'4" not being called very tall before that is the most ridiculous BS I've ever heard of and I thought saying 6'0 isn't tall was crazy.
Amaze says on 18/Mar/15
Lol Netherlands has an average of 180-2cm so 183cm is only above average there

In UK and US 6'0/183 is low low weak weak tall lemme emphasise the weak weak weak weak but the tall does not disappear lemme repeat the tall does not disappear so 6'0 is still a low end tall LOL. Two inches is enough. Near 5'6 people I feel significantly taller not dwarfing but I don't look short like like they do .

@Connor183 DW man you are tall just not very tall or solid or strong just tall lol. 6'0 is tall in UK.

@rusty 190 so what Netherlands is different lol 6'0 is tall in most places but tallish in those places like netherlands

@Lillo Thomas 5'11 feeling tall is bs I agree but 6'0 is 85% percentile... they do look tall as well 6'0 people just not tall like you.. And saying very tall range begins at 6'5 is ultra BS. 6'6 is extreme tall lol no way is it near start of very tall range

6'0 is never just"above average" call it tallish at the very least.. What's the hate against 6'0 on here lol... Is 183cm that hated?

6'4 almost very tall? What.. It is very tall.. 6'3 guys look massive and are factually very tall and statistically remember the solid average isn't 5'10_yet the higher average ofc I'll agree with you is 5'10 but 6'3 is 13cm over 5'10 or 5 inches a 6'3 weak very tall guy will make a higher solid average guy 5'10 look small lol even tho he isn't.

6'0 183cm - weak tall
6'1 185cm - solid tall/regular tall
6'2 188cm - strong tall
6'3 191cm - weak very tall
6'4 193cm - solid/regular very tall
6'5 196cm - strong very tall
6'6 198cm - nearing 2m/200cm mark and 8 /9 inches above average man dwarfing him 6'6 is weak extreme tall

I know a lot of guys at 6'0 who feel tall in western countries but saying western countries is too vague obviously in England its different to Denmark or Sweden Netherlands etc. 6'0 starts tall in UK USA
6'1 in Netherlands Denmark
Connor6'0 says on 18/Mar/15
@Lillo Thomas 6ft 4 isn't very tall? that is BS.
183.5cm says on 18/Mar/15
On wikepedia even it states 92.6% of the poplualtion in netherland in 2010was measured at 181cm. Of all the averages provided for the netherlands this one is the only one that is measured and for a large percentage, the rest are self reported. Statistics netherlands also states this. Averge for young guys in netherlands is around 5ft11.5-6ft. Stats netherlands even has 181cm as the average for all age groups. Most on this site actually agree that 5ft11.5-6ft is average for young males there with 181cm for the whole population.

@lillo thomas its more of a weak tall/tallish . But saying 6ft4 isnt very tall is b.s thats 6 whole inches are you kidding me. Thats from ones nose to the top of their heads.
german says on 18/Mar/15
Living in Germany while 6'3 and im just average here hahaha
183.5cm says on 18/Mar/15
I actually agree with you I think 181-183 has a case but anymore no. heres why
statistics netherlands( official stats keeper for netherlands) in 2011 have the average male of all ages as 1.81m. Plus stats show in 2006 average in Netherlands was also 1.81m . I find it hard that average height would jump from 1.81 in the late 2000s to 1.85 in 2015. Some guy on here on here also showed averge in denmark is of by like 1-2cm as military heights were around 181cm not the 183 wikepedia says. Plus considering your observations and knowing how people have blaintantly argued with me saying im around 4cm or more taller than what I say I am. I honestly believe around 90% of the population dont know how tall they are or they lie to themselves
nicholas says on 18/Mar/15
today i was measured barefoot at 170 cm or 5'7
i am 16 with a bone age of 18
what does that really mean?
will i grow more if my bone age is 2 years more than my chronological one
it is confusing :/
i need help to understand this
Lillo Thomas says on 18/Mar/15
Feeling tall at 6'0 in western countries is a joke. 6'0 guys only have 2 inches over average young black and white guys.
2toes says on 18/Mar/15
6'0" is not tall for today's youngest generations of white anglo-saxon populations. All recents studies point that boys born in the 1980's or 1990's of White British ancestry (English, Scottish, Welsh) have an average between 178.0 cms (the lowest estimations) and 178.9 cms (the highest estimations).

Obviously, if you add Hispanics of Mexican Ancestry, Chinese Americans, Indian Americans, Salvadorian Americans, Filipino Americans, British Pakistani, British Indian, British Chinese, mixed ancestries, the average of young guys goes down to 5'9.5", but whites have their own kind of genetics/nutrition.
184.3cm says on 18/Mar/15
Rusty 190cm You might think you're tall, but don't ever visit places like the Netherlands where the average is close to 6'1" you'll never ever feel tall ever again

/facepalm Again for like the tenth time young guys average here MAX 5'11.5.
James Edward Crowley says on 18/Mar/15
Rob is there any chance you have a height page for rugby players anytime
soon you already a height for football players what about a height page for
rugby players some of new rugby newest six nation players are only 19 they are not
finished growing yet it wouldn't be uncommon for rugby players too still be
growing at 19.
[Editor Rob: not sure there is as much interest...]
Lillo Thomas says on 18/Mar/15
Rusty190 . I don't want to be taller. I don't mind being like 6'6 but anything over 6'6 is too much. My height 6'5 is fine . The positive outweight the negatives. But the best heights for people that want or like to be tall are 6'3 and 6'4.
Lillo Thomas says on 18/Mar/15
You could say 6'4 is very tall but officially 6'5 - 6'6 is the start of very tall range in the USA.
Lillo Thomas says on 18/Mar/15
Amaze 6'3 isn't very tall in the USA . 6'3 is the last height of the regular tall range. 6'4 is almost very tall. 6'5 - 6'6 is the start of very tall range.
Lillo Thomas says on 18/Mar/15
Connor you should go out more often because there isn't way 6'0 is tall in western countries . 6'0 is only above average . You only have 2 inches over average guys. The start of tall in USA and most Europeans countries is at very least 6'1. And celebheights 6'1.5 - 6'2 claiming 5'11 is tall in the USA is super BS.
186southern says on 18/Mar/15
Thanks for the answer Rob. I wook up at 5AM and measured at 14:30 and only had drunk 0.33cl of water so I guess so :)
184.3cm says on 18/Mar/15
@186southern Yes you will lose more height that in weekends/day off. JUst drink plenty water and rest after work if you can. During working week i get 184.3-5 in evening , during weekends i usually get 184.6-8 so a good 3 mm difference for me.
186southern says on 18/Mar/15
Rob or anyone really, let's say one person started in a new job, it's very physical, a lot of harsh movements on the lower back/neck and a lot of slouching...would this affect my 'standing tall' height? Because I have been feeling shorter, feeling like I have worse posture and it seems to affect my 'standing tall' height by about 0.5CM.
[Editor Rob: I believe it can, but if you are also becoming dehydrated a bit then that could contribute to another few mm of loss during the day.]
Connor6'0 says on 18/Mar/15
@Amaze I agree with you 100%, saying 6'0 isn't tall is completely utter BS because I'm 6'0 myself and I feel tall/low tall most of the time, very little i feel "above average" and calling 6'1" as the start of tall is laughable because that's 87.4% taller than most, not far off from 90%!
Zoro 5'9.5 says on 18/Mar/15
I think GI Jose posts are almost the only ones here that can be considered well balanced and weighted.
Many ppl here are not interested in height in a healthy way; instead they are letting height define themselves.

Wake up: being tall (but even tallish) is for sure an advantage, but it's worthless if you suck or average in all the others parameters (that are also way more relevant)
being average is not good, not bad: stop complaing about that and start to raise other qualities
same goes if you are short: it's not the end of the world, I know a lot of short guys who succeedeed in love or studying/working.

Sorry for my english and for being a bit too rude, but that's how it works according to my experience.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 18/Mar/15
5'11" is tall in some places in the US (but not in others). I've heard people refer to it in person as being tall as well. Head to the cities I've mentioned down below and people will refer to 5'11" as tall there. Some might even say that 179 CM is tallish.
Rusty 190cm says on 18/Mar/15

Yeah being 6'2 7/8" used to really annoy me. Its like I made it 90% of the way to the mark only to stop just short of it. Especially since im 23 so its my peak height. Once I start shrinking I will dip even further down the 6'2" range. I think its normal to want to be taller. Most people I seem to notice would like to be 2 inches taller than they are. Kinda how you wanna be 6'2" and I wanna be 6'5". I have never seen a man more than 6'5" or 6'6" want to be taller though. Much of what RobV says on that is true.

I know I am tall as Terrell Owens (he has a page on this site) is my exact same height and he looks tall in every photo he is in.

@Lillo Thomas

I fully agree with you. You have to be 185cm to be tall. 6 feet used to be considered tall 100 years ago when people were an inch shorter than today. 6'3" is weak very tall in the same way that 6' is weak tall. Your height of 6'5" is very tall.

I think normal tall is 185-190cm and very tall 190-195cm. Anything over 195cm is getting into extreme tall.
truth2 says on 17/Mar/15
@Crowley Surveys are subjective, I use median ages calculated from statistical offices per each country. Statistical research > own perception.
french guy says on 17/Mar/15
lol rusty, you'are 190 cm, what i am supposed to say at 182-183 cm?
I'm considering leg lenghtening, and even with that i won't reach your height! 190 cm is a very good height, most people will say it's the perfect height.
Marc says on 17/Mar/15
Hi Rob, I have a question, if you are just tall enough to see the top of someone's head when standing beside them, how much taller are you than them??
[Editor Rob: you could be over 4 inches taller, it depends if you subconsciously raised your eyes to do so or if you are holding a level head.]
GI Jose says on 17/Mar/15
I don't know that not knowing your own height is the problem though as most people on this forum probably know their own height inside and out. What I think the main problem is that it's easy to focus on people who are taller and stand out rather than people who are shorter. It's easy to point out a guy who is 6'3" in a reasonably crowded area, but it's not the same for a guy who is 5'3". You are likely not even going to see the guy who is 5'3", so it can skew the perception of average height. That combined with the fact that many always want to be the best (in this case tallest) contribute to people dwelling on encounters with people taller than them. It's when we forget about height as something that determines self worth that we begin to see it as what it truly is.

The reason I see it as lower than almost every study is for basically 1 reason. That is the fact that the amount of people measured compared to the number of people in the United States is ridiculously uneven. There are approximately 160 million men in the United States, and the studies that are most commonly cited measured a measly 5,400 men. That means that each man being measured is representing 30,000 men, which doesn't seem reliable at all to me. I base the average off of what I observe on a day to day basis rather than the measurement of 1/30,000 of the US population. You can throw all the studies you want at me, but they aren't going to change anything unless they have a relevant sample size.
Amaze says on 17/Mar/15
We could keep going on about 6'0 but its 85th percentile its defo tall 5'11 is tallish not tall but 6'0 is more tall than above average. 6'0 is just tall.
6'1 is solid tall. No way tall begins at 6'1 then very tall begins at 6'4 and means 6'2 isn't strong tall thing is tall is 6'0 and up everything makes sense that way . if 6'0 isn't start of tall everything doesn't make sense

6'0 tall
6'1 solid tall
6'2 strong tall
6'3 very tall
6'4 solid very tall
6'5 strong very tall
Connor6'0 says on 17/Mar/15
@Rusty 190cm I wish I could be taller all the time, I would like to be 6'2", for me 6'0 isn't tall enough.
Lillo Thomas says on 17/Mar/15
5'11 isn't tall anywhere in the USA. 6'0 is also above average. The start of tall is atleast 6'1. Please cut the BS.
truth2 says on 17/Mar/15
@Wipeout I would say its more around 5ft11 for young white guys in their 20s in the USA these days. There was actually a study for men around age 30 in 2008 which showed an 178-179cm average, but I guess that does not comply with your trolling right?
James Edward Crowley says on 17/Mar/15
@PetePro yes i agree with you i am in the same boat even though i am 31 52 is not even old it's not even middle age anymore 52 is not old 62 is not old unless your 16 and under 52
is young
younger than it used too be i read a survey on the bbc that 55 is the start of middle age middle age used too start at 45 now middle age starts at 55 if your a female your old by the age of 70 if your male your old
by the time your 75 i wouldn't say 52 is old or middle age your still a
young adult but on the last stage of true adulthood 53 is the start of the middle age end of
young adulthood your still young but not young like you were in your
20s 30s and 40s more people are looking young for their age these most
people think i am 18 too 20 years old i hope when i am 52 i will look 38 too
40 years old i have young looking genes despite the fact my hair started
going gray at 13 since my hair is dark i can't see the gray hairs i have
heard age reversing is possible i would love too start my life all over
again i would have changed a lot of things 62 is still middle age for both
these days since middle age begins at 55 which is a lot later than used too
begin which was 45 in the past.
2toes says on 17/Mar/15
mike321 says on 15/Mar/15
What would you suggest the average height is for Spanish people?

See this (Men of all Spain combined):
Click Here

That study was made in 2013 and 2014:

21-34 5'9 with 1/10s" 175.5 cms (boys grow about 1/4 of an inch between 18 and 21 on average, so this should be accurate)

35-54 5'8 with 3/8ts" 173.6 cms

55-70 5'6" 167.4 cms

But in Basque Country Community, in northern Spain, the percentiles are higher:

Click Here

Men born in 1982-1983 5'9.5" 176.4 cms (at 18, they grew even more later) It's the 50th percentile

6'2.25" 188.5 cms 97th percentile

5'4.75" 164.46 3th percentile

Women 50th percentile is around 5'4.25"
5'9.5 says on 17/Mar/15
@GI Jose yes the heights are very wrong for people, they think 5'10 is average, it really isn't, most people don't know there own height! my brother is 5'11 and get called 6'1!
Anon says on 17/Mar/15
I've always thought around 5'11 is the start of tall. I'm 5'9.75".
truth2 says on 17/Mar/15
@2toes Me neither, they are neither old nor middle aged but mature aged. My mom is 56 and my dad 57 and while they have a few gray hairs and maybe a wrinkle or two they are not that old and still acively working, participating in sports etc. Old age comes when a person goes after 38-40 years of work in retirement, that is around 65 yers of age.
dayle says on 17/Mar/15
If a guy is 185.93cm after 6 hours awake whould he be a flat 6ft1?
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 17/Mar/15
If I'm 6'1.5", then 5'11" is the start of tall from what I've seen in person lately. If I'm the full 6'2", then 5'11.5" is the start of tall. 5'11" is such an underrated height that was always regarded as being tall in big cities like Seattle, New York City, Boston, San Francisco, San Jose (especially here), Miami, Dallas, Chicago, New Orleans, Twin Cities, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Phoenix (especially here) by the citizens there. I can't speak for smaller cities though as it may change there.
Rusty 190cm says on 17/Mar/15

Do you sometimes wish you were taller? Sometimes I wish I was a big 6'5" 6'6" guy.
PetePro says on 17/Mar/15
@ James Edward Crawley re. Ageing: I am now aged 52, and until about 50, I was not aware of physical decline due to my age. Like you, my heart and lungs were assessed by my doctor as good as 20somethings. My BP had been a bit high, but I was going through much stress at that time.
My strength is probably as strong as I ever was, and due to better diet, my weight has steadily decreased since it maxed/plateaued throughout my 30s. I am now actually quite lean, after being always slightly podgy. And if I have shrunk in stature, I think it will be just by a fraction.
However, in these last two years, grey head hairs have become obvious, my whiskers are getting quite grey, my skin is not as taut or sheer, my body is less flexible, my bones sometimes ache and my erectile function has decreased....
GI Jose says on 16/Mar/15
I pretty much agree with your chart, except I would probably move the start of tall to 5'10.5" and extent the average range from 5'7" to 5'10". It's hard to find other people who think average is anything under 5'10" which I think is absurd.
James Edward Crowley says on 16/Mar/15
@Kourosh are you on facebook there is a page called grow taller guru you
can grow taller at any age even if your growth plates are closed you can grow 5 inches
taller even 6 inches i don't think your a bad height you could be 5ft 9in
which is not bad it's average height for a white male for a asian male 5ft
9in would be considered tall.
2toes says on 16/Mar/15
5'9.5 says on 15/Mar/15
my opinion on heights,

5'8.5" is "average" and only 3 centimeters more is "start of tall"??!! Excuse me but that's not serious.

By the way It's supposed to be "all the world" combined? Because if you're refering to anglo-saxon countries 5'8.5" is shorter than every 3 of 4 guys easily.
Amaze says on 16/Mar/15
@5'9.5 that is accurate for men in india, asia etc.. in developed countries like uk and us certainly not.
James Edward Crowley says on 16/Mar/15
Rob what is your secret too not dropping below 5ft 8in i bet in 10 years time
when your 48 you will still be the same height some people never lose
height some people lose height everybody is different i bet in 20 years
30 years 40 years and 50 years you will be 5ft 8in and nothing less
i wonder if you will keep your beard when your 58 68 78 and 88.
[Editor Rob: well I'm 38 and a half (the half is important! j/k)....if I'm still around and 5ft 8 at 60 I would definitely have a party! My beard and hair will all be grey by then though...

Here's a snippet of Jenny following some of my 'Height Loss Reduction Routine'.

Basically it boils down to:

* Good nutrition.
* Keeping your brain active - doing something like Sudoko/puzzle
* Basic stretching / assisted stretching / hanging using a Hanging Bar
* Correcting bad postural habits - this is the hard part for people as they need to work on both back and core muscle groups.
* 30-60 minutes of walking 4-5 times a week.

James Edward Crowley says on 16/Mar/15
@5ft 9.5in
my opinions on height
5ft 5in short
5ft 6in short
5ft 7in below average
5ft 8in below average
5ft 9in average
5ft 10in average
5ft 11in above average
6ft 0in above average
6ft 1in tall
6ft 2in tall
6ft 3in very tall
6ft 4in very tall
6ft 5in very tall
6ft 6in very tall
6ft 7in upper very tall
6ft 8in upper very tall
6ft 9in the start of giant
richkid123 says on 16/Mar/15
@5'9.5" Your chart is a bit off. 5'11" is not tall and 5'9" is not upper average.
James B says on 16/Mar/15
I am 5'7 flat and i used to know an eastern european ayrian looking man (blonde hair blue eyes) who worked on a construction site. He was 6ft4 or maybe a hair more and from my perspective at times he could look massive like out of the ordinary/freakishly tall and other times just struck me as looking at the upper end of normal tall.

i think he wore timbs or special boots for work which can make you look taller.

I am under adverage height so i am not a good judge lol i mean even 5'9 or 5'10 guys can look tallish from perspective.
177tallwomen@5FT10 says on 16/Mar/15
thank! everyone!
184.3cm says on 16/Mar/15
@James Edward Crowley

You misunderstand i do not say that men will see drastic changes while in 30's. I am 34 years myself and just as fit as guys 10 years younger. However it has been proven that end 30's is when your body starts to lose testosterone year by year. This is in small amounts which doesnt become noticeable until your 50's. Living healthy can slow this down but its inevitable..just like height loss. I wouldn't compare yourself either to bodybuilders like Ferringo as these guys well lets just say they are on something.
For me young is 18-35 , grey area 36-49, middle aged 50-65, elderly 66+
I dont see any of those terms as negative.
2toes says on 16/Mar/15
I don't consider 55 year olds middle-aged... Althought It's true that in some Western countries the 40's are supposed to be the new 30's... Especially in those countries which have very low fertility rates since the 1970's, like Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece, Eastern Europe... In the US it's different, because Americans of all origins tend to be more family-oriented than europeans, even the "white ones" tend to have more children than europeans. The european countries with the youngest populations are those with the largest muslim populations, like UK and France.
Wipeout says on 16/Mar/15
5'10" is average height for a male right? Think again. The data source for this chart is the NHANES III survey, conducted in America during 1988 to 1994. It is now the year 2015 and average height is over 6 ft for American males under 25.

Click Here
PetePro says on 15/Mar/15
All re. Scotland: Last week the survey results were published about how much larger North Sea Oil Workers have become (since the mid-1980s). The average is now 19% heavier and 2% taller (average height 178.7cm).
If the composition of nationalities is very similar, with mostly Scotsmen but also many Englishmen/others, I don't know. Whatever, quite a substantial increase.
Click Here
PetePro says on 15/Mar/15
@2toes Prehistoric Times: Yes, I read that the Hunter-Gatherer diet was very healthy, where they foraged for foods like fruit from trees and ate much meat (eg. Mammoths). Then, as mankind became farmers, the diet was limited to a narrow range of actually poor-quality foods. Then, as mass production meant plentiful and cheap food, we have had plenty to eat. Indeed too much! Hence rising obesity, and for some cancers, them too.
James Edward Crowley says on 15/Mar/15
@truth2 i am not funny i'm not making this up this is the last time i will
mention this lets end all this once and for all and find something else too talk about 40 too
45 is still young 55 is the start of middle age 63 is still middle age it's
not old 63 is not old 70 is the start of old for females 75 is the start of
old for males 39 38 37 36 35 and 34 33 32 31 and 30 is no different too 29
28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 and 18 all those ages are young adult the
prime of your life women's hormones run out eventually men's hormones never
run they continue until they drop 18 too 25 year olds are no different too 30 too 37 year olds 30 too 37 years old are also in their prime just like 18
too 25 year olds once again my hormones will never run never until i drop
i always have my muscles and i always be fit i look young for my age despite
being 31 i always look youthful i have the same energy i had at 20 that
never change please mention this again lets not mention this comment about
the survey sorry i apologize crash should apologize he was the one started
the comment about this survey in the first we want peace not war .
mike321 says on 15/Mar/15
2toes says on 12/Mar/15
Panda says on 11/Mar/15
For women I think it is:

Tall: 5'6" to 5'10" (168 cm to 178 cm)

Calling 5'6" "tall" for women in an anglo-saxon country is, with all respects, complete B***s**t.

I'm from Madrid, Spain, Southern Europe, and when taking the train to college I see 25% of girls 5'6" or taller every day.

What would you suggest the average height is for Spanish people?
mike321 says on 15/Mar/15
188ish says on 14/Mar/15
185cm is perfect height?

I think 190cm at night is perfection.
5'9.5 says on 15/Mar/15
my opinion on heights,

5'5 - short
5'6 - short
5'7 - short
5'7.5 - lower average
5'8 - lower average
5'8.5 - average
5'9 upper average
5'9.75 - start of tall
5'10 - low tall
5'11 - tall
6'0 - tall
6'1 - upper tall
6'2 - upper tall
6'3+ very tall
Amaze says on 15/Mar/15
@kourosh allow cussing video games they are not to blame lol. Blame ourselves. BTW bro you on Xbox or PlayStation?
Rifle says on 15/Mar/15
Good evening Rob,
How tall do you think the taller guy is?

Click Here

The shorter guy is reportedly between 5'8" to 5'9".
[Editor Rob: he's in that near to 6ft 6 zone]
RobV says on 15/Mar/15
@ Dan 189cm Ha I too have a pair of those Timberland 6" premiums. I bought them two sizes larger, as I usually do with boots, to make it easier to get in over 3" of lifts without detection - this gets me to about 2m (just over 6'6"). They are some of the best non-elevator boots around which you can use to get 5" of additional height by the boot+lifts.

Just recently bought some GuidoMaggi Shanghai elevators (5") in a burnished grey and they are also superb and get me to that magic 2m (6'6"+) mark.
James Edward Crowley says on 15/Mar/15
@184.3cm i don't believe it sorry don't buy it my testosterone nor my muscle
never decrease never women's hormone levels run out but men's don't men can
continue until they drop late 30s is not even old it's even middle age either
nowhere near your in the prime of your you can strong in your 50s look at
lou ferringo he is in his 62 and stronger than ever he still has his muscle sorry
i am not being funny i am being straight and honest with you i don't want hear this talk anymore i have heard enough don't mention this again please
again please
life sorry i am stronger and healthier than ever
Crash says on 15/Mar/15

It's 5'9.75" to the nearest quarter inch, so much closer to 5'10" than 5'9". Just say 5'10", or if you wanted to be really precise, 5'9.75"; that's more accurate than either 5'9" or 5'9.5"
Connor6'0 says on 15/Mar/15
@Rusty 190cm no im not on Facebook but we can still chat on this site right? btw I changed the 6ft bit in my nickname to 6'0 now, I don't know why I just felt like it I guess, anyway id like to talk to you more you're a nice guy.
Tania says on 15/Mar/15
177tallwomen says on 14/Mar/15
177cm is 5FT10? 5FT9?

I'd say it's in between: not completely 5'10 but close enough that nobody will doubt you claiming so. I consider 177 cm to be 5'10" anyway.
Roger says on 15/Mar/15
@truth2 18-25 is young adult 26-35 adult 36-59 middle age 60+ is old
Chris says on 14/Mar/15
@dayle About 180 cm.
Lisa says on 14/Mar/15
@Tania: lol I was referring to body build rather than weight issues. I can see how you would think that, though. I was referring to a robust, rather than chubby, physique. I was thinking that it would be unusual for girls to date shorter guys who are on the skinny side or are of smaller build. To be honest, that may be quite awkward for both the girl and the guy.

I agree with 5'6 being only above average. The average here is 5'4.9 so that may as well be 5'5, which I believe is the real average now, anyway.
James Edward Crowley says on 14/Mar/15
@truth2 look i'm not being funny i'm being straight and honest with you 35 is still young your in the prime of you i don't believe this stuff i don't buy it 55 is the start of middle age 40 and 45 are still young men
sexual peak never drop they can keep going until they drop they keep their h
hormones women lose their hormones 19 and 23 are no different too 30 and 35
people in their late teens early 20s early 30s and mid 30s are all young
adults 63 is middle age for both genders not old old starts at 70 for women
and 75 for men you can be fit and healthy at age some people use age as a
excuse i don't buy that sorry not being funny rugby players up too their mid 30s
still have the same energy they had in their early 20s.
Click Here
Dario says on 14/Mar/15

177cm is 5ft 9.69 so almost a 1/3 of an inch under 5ft 10 but you can round up if you like. Nobody will notice your 8mm under 5ft 10.
Amaze says on 14/Mar/15
@177tallwomen 5'9.5
Dan 189 cm says on 14/Mar/15
Yeah,I also started to wear my 6 inch premium Timberlands a lot more often.(they give about 1.5-2in in height) so they make me around the 6'4 range. I feel huge when I wear my Timberland boots.
184.3cm says on 14/Mar/15
@James Edward Crowley

In your late 30's as a man your testosterone starts to reduce year by year so by your 50's you have far less muscle mass. Ofc living healthy you can slow those effects but it still happens.

@177tallwomen 5'10 is closer to 178cm , i would say 5'9.5 for 177cm.
Kourosh says on 14/Mar/15
I was so stupid when i was in my childhood and early teenage years. Instead i paid attention to my health and nutrition, i was just spending my times playing stupid video games and skipping my breakfast , lunch and dinner whole freaking day. i wish i could back in time and start all over again otherwise i wouldnt be so insecure about my height. Now its too late im 24 years old and i have to live with my terrible height for rest of my life.

now my brother is strong 5'11 and 6'0 with shoes. The reason why hes taller? because he joined his basketball college team and thats how he got much taller than me. I'm smarter, got better personality and more hardworking both in my studies and work and have higher education. But he gets more girls than i do why? its simple because hes taller. Because height and physicality is the first thing that girls see in a guy not their personality or education or how hardworking you are in your studies and work. They are like " oh look hes got sexy body and damn tall im down with him".

so if you are still young and still got some times to grow please dont waste your time doing unnecessary things, and please watch out your diet and play some sports or you will be ending up like me that leave you with sorrow and regret.

Cheers and have a nice day.
Crash says on 14/Mar/15
truth, tbh I've always thought it was delusion to suggest that males peak so much later in life than women. I've always said that women peak 20-22 on average (and I think it's a similar story for men, a few years later perhaps, but definitely not a decade or more after women), then there's a pretty big drop after 25 (not 30) due to aging. Non-white often seem to keep their looks in their early 30s though.

I base this on my own observations, and my sister strongly agrees with me. The number of women I see who were really hot in their late teens and early 20s but drop significantly by 25 is ridiculous, and it's clearly seen even with celebrities.

James, please stop with the walls of text and use some paragraphs. I'm getting a migraine reading your posts.

It's been PROVEN that women's fertility takes a big hit in the mid 30s, and believe it or not something very similar has been found for men. This can only be due to a breakdown in the body that starts earlier than many seem to realise.
After 35 the body really isn't in its prime any more, for both men and women.
Kourosh says on 14/Mar/15
@ Kerem
your height chart for Asian countries specially for Singapore , Malaysia and South Korea is perfect. I spent some times in those countries and me being at strong 5'9, i feel average-tall or solid average there.

Young generation in those countries are getting taller due to nutrition and 5'10 to 6'0 is not that uncommon. I bumped into many young asians that are my height or little taller.
188ish says on 14/Mar/15
185cm is perfect height?
John says on 14/Mar/15
Yes, in fact I am exactly twice your weight, and you get me right by the shoulder. You are two inches taller than my brother (22 yrs old) and three inches taller than my father (41). My brother is just less than 120lbs and my father is about 130lbs.
In fact I took up from my mother's family, among whom there are very tall people. One of my cousins is actually 6'10". He lives in Scotland. But yes it is not very comfortable to be that much taller than your close family, especially when you are very young. At 12 I was as tall as you are now.
I am not what you can call fleshy, people even find hard to believe when I tell them about my weight. I think I am really very massive and my tissues are extremely heavy, and my shoulders are really large. I find difficult to find out formal wear for me, except on the extra-tall department.
177tallwomen says on 14/Mar/15
177cm is 5FT10? 5FT9?
James Edward Crowley says on 13/Mar/15
@Amaze sorry please don't take this wrong thing i am going be straight and honest
with you i don't buy that peoples bodies decline later in life unless they e look older their age that is down too hard partying like drinking too the excess and smoking too the excess and eating junk too the excess that means their bodies are more likely too decline later in life because they haven't taken care of their bodies even rugby players up too their mid 30s can have the body and
energy they in their early 20s at 31 my body is no different then it was in
my early 20s i am fitter than ever some people in even their later years
can still have a health body i don't believe peoples decline at 35 is still
young your in the prime of you my sister is 37 and still fitter than ever
i look young for my age my lungs are younger than a man in his 30s my
body is that of a much younger man always will be i look always look
youthful i don't think my body will ever decline it never will as long as
i take of myself i never smoked too the excess never drinked too the excess
and never eat junk too the excess i never did hard party in my teens some
people keep themselves fit until they drop some people look younger
than because they stayed away from hard partying like drinking too the
excess smoking too the excess and eating junk food too the excess.
truth2 says on 13/Mar/15
@Amaze around 40-45 is middle aged in Europe anyway. 35 is early middle age, 55 old middle age, 63+ is old, anything 32 or less is young. Guys hit their peak around 34-38, girls 19-23 and drop significantly after 30, while us guys can still be in top shape in our late 40s and 50s. Nature punishes us that we die much earlier (almost a decade), so women do not have it that bad lol.
dayle says on 13/Mar/15
If a guy is 189cm in shoes what would he be bare footed?
Anon says on 13/Mar/15
@Sala: Which country are you in?
Wipeout says on 13/Mar/15
richkid123 says on 13/Mar/15

Your height chart is about 2 or 3 decades late.
Kerem says on 13/Mar/15
I did a chart for Asian countries for men... agree?
160-164cm really short
165-169cm short
165-170cm average-short
171-175cm average
176-180cm average-tall
181-185cm tall
186-190cm very tall
191-196cm really tall
197cm-201cm giant.
202cm and over extremely giant/abnormal men.
french guy says on 13/Mar/15
complaining when you are 185 cm is silly, the average height for young men is 180 cm, so you're atleast 5 cm above average
GI Jose says on 13/Mar/15
As a member of this year's graduating class, I can testify that the average is actually shorter than his description based on my observations. The average range I have observed is around 5'8.5" to 5'9.5". From the post you made, it appears that you are saying that the average range for 17-19 year old males is between 6'0" and 6'2", which is absolutely absurd. The average 18 year old in the US is 5'9.4" (according to CDC study), and the 85th percentile is 6'0" on the nose.

Click Here Check page 19.
Berdych says on 13/Mar/15
Leaving factors such looks, physique and personality aside, what would be the minimum height where a guy will be able attract women based on his height?
Verba ll 6'1.25-6'1.5 says on 13/Mar/15
My Morning height is 188cm, from lunch until the early afternoon ~187cm and in the late evening a bit above 186cm. Just by walking through the city and comparing the eye level of young men or generally men walking by I can see that there are quite a lot how edge me out or even tower me (though latter is realitvely rare.

I feel neither tall or short..kinda stuck in the twillight zone.

My Ideal height would be 189cm-194cm .. Being 21 I dont think there's much growth yea I have to arrange myself with being 'kinda tall'.

If I had to make a height chart for men it would like this (based on the average height in Central Europe)

6'1:Above Average,generally solid height but not tall enough to be considered tall or do you think "WOW that guy is tall" every time a 6'1 footer walks by?
6'2:Normal tallish
6'3:normal tallish (the end of normal tall)
6'8<:very tall

Of course it's all relative and subjective and height shouldn't play a big role in your life.
Tania says on 13/Mar/15
@Lisa: Nope, no weight issues at all. Her last boyfriend was about 5'8", I think. She has dated guys taller than her, but they're like unicorns in India anyway.

About the whole "height charts" thingy - I agree with Kerem, 5'6" for a woman is tall in Asia but not in Europe/the Western Hemisphere, where it's average to slightly above average at best.
richkid123 says on 13/Mar/15
@Panda This is a height chart for american men
Men: under 5'5": very short
5'5"-5'7" : Normal short
5'8" : below average
5'9" : average
5'10 : average
5'11" : above average
6" : above average/tall
6'1" : tall
6'2" : tall
6'3" : tall/very tall
6'4" : very tall
6'5" : very tall
6'6" : very very tall
6'7" and above: giant
Wipeout says on 13/Mar/15
Panda says on 11/Mar/15

You must be living in the 60s. Today's graduating class is about 3 inches taller than your description.
Lisa says on 13/Mar/15
I'm not one for charts and labels but Panda inspired me. I don't fully agree with his opinion on women's heights. Heights are for American black or white women 21 to 30.

6'0 - abnormally tall
5'11 - somewhat abnormally tall
5'10 - very tall
5'9 - somewhat very tall
5'8 - tall
5'7 - somewhat tall
5'6 - above average
5'5 - average
5'4 - below average
5'3 - somewhat short
5'2 - short
5'1 - somewhat very short
5'0 - very short
4'11 - somewhat abnormally short
4'10 - abnormally short
neo super says on 13/Mar/15
my height is 6f2(187cm) and my head is 23inch. length size is 24.5cm.
I have big head?
Rusty 190cm says on 13/Mar/15

Do you have facebook?
GI Jose says on 12/Mar/15
I haven't posted on here in about a week, but I thought I would just post some general information on my height just since that seems like a common topic on here lately. Throughout my childhood I was always the shortest in my classes, and by the time I was 15, I was 5'3", which I found out later to be about the 10th percentile for my age. Even my parents had doubt that I would get much taller than 5'6", but by the time I turned 16, I had grown to 5'9". This extremely rapid growth has caused knee problems for me which still plague me today. From the age of 16 to the age of 18 I grew to 5'11", and since I turned 18 in October, I have grown to just over 6'0". I measured myself at night on a day that I played an hour and a half of full court basketball at 6'0" and 1/8". I don't know if my current growth pattern will continue or if I will stop growing soon, but my growth has definitely been an interesting thing to track. To recap everything, I am going to provide my growth chart from the age 12 to the present, and I think it would be cool to see how everyone else's growth charts look like:

12: 4'9"
13: 4'11"
14: 5'1"
15: 5'3"
16: 5'9"
17: 5'10"
18: 5'11"
Present (18 and 5 months): 6'0" and 1/8"
2toes says on 12/Mar/15
Panda says on 11/Mar/15
For women I think it is:

Tall: 5'6" to 5'10" (168 cm to 178 cm)

Calling 5'6" "tall" for women in an anglo-saxon country is, with all respects, complete B***s**t.

I'm from Madrid, Spain, Southern Europe, and when taking the train to college I see 25% of girls 5'6" or taller every day.
Kerem says on 12/Mar/15

your chart is not good; you say that 168cm women is classified as tall so, according to this chart, 178-179cm men should be classified as tall but you say that at least 183cm is tall for males. Really tall for man is 191cm and over.
183.5cm says on 12/Mar/15
Once your solid average in your country ,height is almost meaningless, but it depends with the girls in question, considering around 90% of young girls are 5ft8 and below in the USA 5ft10 amd above should have no problems
Amaze says on 12/Mar/15
@James Edward Crowley you have a point but I learnt in school
that the male body starts decaying at 35, at 35 you aint old but you aint young either, your bodys organs start decaying obviously not rampant but they start going weaker and stuff. and my brother is 34 I just dont see him as young or old. Im not 5'8.5 btw I measured myself im around your height 172-173cm 5'7.75-5'8 my 5'8.5 friend edges me out proper so yeah lol. im same as you. it sucks to be our height. well I dont like it being honest

@Kouroush yeah if you were 5'11. tbh yeah your height aint that bad I hope I get to urs lol

@Panda decent list but I wouldn't put 6'0 and 6'3/4 in the same category
RobV says on 12/Mar/15
@ Dan 189 Your experience is exactly the same as mine - being 6'2.5" and wanting to be in that 6'4" - 6'7" bracket. It is weird I know but when you are the tallest around in a smaller group, when you go somewhere else and there's guys who are noticeably taller, it really hits you. In all my experience I think that it is TALLER guys who are a bit more height aware usually than shorter guys.

That's why I always wear very good lifts in boots a size or two larger than my actual footsize, and really good quality elevators - most people think I am about 6'6" now and the vast majority of comments I get are from guys in that 6'1" to 6'5" range who feel towered and are almost always quite envious. You have got to do it right though.

This morning I was in a shop and I got talking to a very tall guy who works there (around 6'3" - 6'4" I guess) and almost his first words after the preamble were "Great height man, wish I was as tall as you". And this is from a guy who is that height.
Sala says on 12/Mar/15
I'm 6'1.25 and I hate my height. I wish I was at least 6'4 tall. When my girl wears heels we are almost eye to eye and I hate it (she's 5'9" and that's way too tall for me).
2 says on 12/Mar/15
how tall do you believe is possible for average human height in the future? Like average male height worldwide is probably 5'8 or 5'9. But do you think say in 2050 human male height worldwide might be 5'11? Do you think average male height in say Western Europe could be over 6 feet on average? Is an average height of 7 feet for a male possible in the future?
Panda says on 11/Mar/15
For me, what I consider certain heights of men are as follows:
Really Tall: 6'5" and over (196 cm+)
Tall: 6'0" to 6'4" (183 cm to 193 cm)
Average: 5'9" to 5'11" (175 cm to 180 cm)
Short: 5'6" to 5'8" (168 cm to 173 cm)
Really Short: 5'5" and under (> 165 cm)

For women I think it is:
Really Tall: 5'11" and over (180 cm+)
Tall: 5'6" to 5'10" (168 cm to 178 cm)
Average: 5'3" to 5'5" (160 cm to 165 cm)
Short: 4'11" to 5'2" (152 cm to 157 cm)
Really Short: 4'11" and under (> 150 cm)
Amaze says on 11/Mar/15
everyone be proud of the height that was given to them
I seriously dont give a toss about people being taller than me, everyones different
Lisa says on 11/Mar/15
@Tania: Did the 6' guy post on this board? ;) You're right. Most women don't fret about centimeters but most do prefer a TALLER SO, although it's not a total deal-breaker. There are more important qualities that supersede height. Your friend may be more open-minded than a lot of girls here. How tall were her shorter boyfriends? Was she "larger", as well as taller?
spainmen191cm says on 11/Mar/15
@Editor Rob
I decided to measured my highest(out of bed), and my lowest(16 hours out of bed) to compare both of them:
Out of bed im a couple of mm over 6ft4, 193.2-3, but then I measured my height 16 hours out of bed, after doing more than an hour of basketball training, and at a very active day(university, homework...) And I get 190.8, so Im a 6ft3.25(191cm) guy?Because even at my very-extreme lowest I am a little over 6ft3, and also at lunchtime(5hours out of bed) I measure 191.5.
Im 19 now and I dont know If I will grow more, the last year at 18, I was measuring 6ft2.75(189.7-8). I also as I have commented a couple times get measured once 192cm at the doctor at afternoon, but I trust more my own measurement at home using the aerosol can.Also I was 6ft0.5 at 16 and 6ft2-2.25 at 17.
James Edward Crowley says on 11/Mar/15
@Amaze 34 is still young late 30s is still young your still in your prime
at that age i consider anything under 55 young middle age starts at 55 not
45 40 is still young it's not middle age 45 is young not middle age you
don't become middle age when you hit late 30s 34 is only 4 years away from
38 both ages are young adult ages 30 is 8 years away from 38 like 38 30 is still young you don't become middle age overnight just because your 8 years
past 30 people don't see themselves past it early these days.
Kourosh says on 11/Mar/15
yes i agree with you. If i was 4 cm taller i would have never complained about my height.
Berdych says on 11/Mar/15
Leaving factors such looks, physique and personality aside, what would be the minimum height where a guy will be able attract women based on his height? 5ft10? 5ft11, 6ft?
Connor6ft says on 11/Mar/15
@Rusty 190cm yeah I remember you telling me, thanks mate yeah Id like to talk to you about it more I think it will help, you seem like a nice guy by the way. ☺
Kourosh says on 11/Mar/15
@french guy what am i dreaming?
average in my country is 5'9 or 5'8.75 to be exact (measured in 2007).Plus, 180cm is not tall in my country but just above average. Plus i do not live in Europe.

180 cm is pretty common height

@Tomcat nice advice smart ass. i didnt ask to be taller or go for surgery. I just simply stated whats the feel like to be in below average height and barriers you face.

I'm old enough and im done with my growth. So i have to live with this height for rest of my life. I need to accept that im not tall and never will be . its hard but im trying.
James Edward Crowley says on 11/Mar/15
@Rusty 190cm i have asperger syndrome too
James Edward Crowley says on 11/Mar/15
@Amaze I'm also 5ft 8in too but a weak 5ft 8in 5ft 7.75in i'm almost 1 inch
shorter than you hardly much a difference i never look short next too 5ft
9in guys i feel close too their height i always boots all the time with
insoles in them.
chris says on 11/Mar/15
I have a big doubt
the other day i went to the beach with a friend and his girlfriend and when we sat to talk he asked me if i liked girls taller than me and i said that no girls were taller than me but he replied that with his gf they both saw a lot of girls taller than me
so i deduce that i am kind of short but i didn't realize it
so my question is what would be my height if there are a lot of women who pass me
tx183 says on 11/Mar/15
Hey Rob, I'm a 17 year male. About a year ago I suffered a minor slipped disc. Does this effect my height? I'm curious because when I was 16 I measured 6'0.5 at the doctors but I seem to be as low as 5'11.75 now a days. Is there anything I can do?
[Editor Rob: maybe a small fraction, also possible that you might not stand as tall as normal.]
Tomcat says on 11/Mar/15
I'm sure there is some way to increase your height. Limb lengthening is merely the surefire way to go about it, but you can experiment on your own as long as you're willing to be a guinea pig. Try jumping, stretching, sleeping flat, increase microfractures through exercise. They say growth stops at a certain point but if you break the bones through intense exercise they also have to remold--
They won't grow but perhaps will get forced thicker after healing, adding a mm here and there. But it should add up if many bones are micro fractured. There's a wide rumor basketball increases height. Exploit these rumors and experiment.
Rusty 190cm says on 11/Mar/15

I think I told you this but I have asperger syndrome as well. If you ever wanna talk about how to cope with it feel free to talk to me further.
french guy says on 10/Mar/15
Kourosh says on 9/Mar/15
i wake close to 178 cm in the morning and i go to bed at 176 cm on the nose give or take a mm. I dont like my height at all. Yeah im insecure and obsessed with my height. I hate myself for that but cant help it. Being tall is always an advantage despite people wont want to give in. Like if you are tall enough that means you are more imposing, more appealing to women, would have better job position in company because they want a tall bloke to be their representative, you got the confidence and feel more superior and women love and prefer you more. So if you are not tall enough you would not get any of those advantages. And height is something that you are dealing with on daily basis, so you cannot simply ignore it.

Today i bumped into a tall girl in train station. She was about an inch taller than me. You dont like to stand next to a girl who is taller than you because thats where you feel you have lost your masculine credibility. it made me less of a man. She was from Estonia and i guessed her at 180 cm.

i wish i was in 5'11 ranges. like 180-181 cm where i could feel solid average not shortish or below average.

I dont know why people that are in 6'0-6'1 ranges complaining about their heights? Your height is golden and perfect just be thankful you fall in tall categories.


maybe because we live in europe and european are taller than asian.
Serioulsly, 180 cm is not average in your country, stop dreaming, it's average for a young man in Europe but not in your country.
Amaze says on 10/Mar/15
@Kouroush so you are a solid 5'9" or 5'9.25 to be precise. that's an alright height bro, average here well not short or tall at all but it shouldn't be that bad. i'm a solid 5'8" an inch shorter than you. I wouldn't mind being your height but obviously its better being taller. forget the people that complain who are 180+cm over its ridiculous. i'd love to be 6'0-1
James Edward Crowley says on 10/Mar/15
Rob how long did it take you too lose all that weight like going from
190 pounds too 150 pounds.
Tania says on 10/Mar/15
@Lisa - A friend of mine who's 6'1" has dated guys almost half her size in the past because they didn't care about whether a girl was taller or shorter than them. It's the guys who go "oh no, you're an inch taller than me, we can't date" that annoy her to no end; there's more to a person than centimeters, which they didn't seem to realize. So as long as any guy doesn't do that, he will have a legitimate shot at getting dates.
184.3cm says on 10/Mar/15
Following on from that last post i made, i was just wondering if any men here actually had a height preference in a partner? Or is there a range that you look for with women above or below it falling out the boat?

Personally, i would say no but if i consider my past exes i don't believe i ever dated a woman under 5'3 or taller than 6'3. Ofc taller than 6'3 is very rare but women smaller than 5'3 are still quite common.
184.3cm says on 10/Mar/15
Ofc it depends on the woman involved but just by observing people, which i did alot when i put myself through uni doing security anything over 5'10 seems safe for a man( 5'9.5 could be an exact number since many get away with 5'11). I always noticed that short guys had loud personalities and that they tried alot harder which many taller guys dont get since most of the time it is just effortless. So yes i do think anyone regardless of height can be successful with women but be prepared for comments if your under average, i have alot of respect for short guys because they take alot of **** from the fairer sex.

Many women wont get this as it doesnt work the other way round, men are accepting of short or tall, so long as they are taller than their partner.
A survey was done in Europe recently asking the top 5 qualities in a potential partner. Height took the second spot from women, not even on the radar for men.
5'11 says on 10/Mar/15
Rob do most people exagerrate their height. Do you reckon people think 5'11 is what 5'9 1/2 is? And 5'10 or 180cm as 6ft?
[Editor Rob: you probably have those who
* exaggarate wildly by 2-3 inches
* a proportion who round up from 0.5-1 inch.
* a percentage who claim their height in shoes.
* those who are honest and
* a smaller percentage who round down fractions or women who round down.
Lisa says on 9/Mar/15
@Tania: There's also a BBC article where you can compare your height and weight to 2012 Olympic athletes. You enter your height and weight and it brings up athletes who are your exact size or close to it. BTW, great post about guys' height insecurities.
James Edward Crowley says on 9/Mar/15
Rob do guys 6ft 0in and over wear lifts i have heard somewhere John Wayne
who stood 6ft 4in wore lifts in his films too pull off looking 6ft 7in is
this true.
[Editor Rob: a good guy to ask about that might be one of the people who runs elevator shoe sites/shops!

I believe you will find people of all heights might simply like/want to look taller, but moreso shorter-average range compared to average to tall range. It might be something like 80-90% 5ft 10 and under and 10-20% 5ft 10+ but this is a guess, I haven't done research!!]
Connor6ft says on 9/Mar/15
@Rusty 190cm yeah your'e a legit 6ft 3 guy then, no doubt about it.
verylow184.9 says on 9/Mar/15
hey rob. What do you think is perfect height for general male/female?
[Editor Rob: there are heights that many would find desirable. If you offered people a choice, you might find a Man would pick something like 6ft 2 and a women maybe 5ft 8.]
Kourosh says on 9/Mar/15
i wake close to 178 cm in the morning and i go to bed at 176 cm on the nose give or take a mm. I dont like my height at all. Yeah im insecure and obsessed with my height. I hate myself for that but cant help it. Being tall is always an advantage despite people wont want to give in. Like if you are tall enough that means you are more imposing, more appealing to women, would have better job position in company because they want a tall bloke to be their representative, you got the confidence and feel more superior and women love and prefer you more. So if you are not tall enough you would not get any of those advantages. And height is something that you are dealing with on daily basis, so you cannot simply ignore it.

Today i bumped into a tall girl in train station. She was about an inch taller than me. You dont like to stand next to a girl who is taller than you because thats where you feel you have lost your masculine credibility. it made me less of a man. She was from Estonia and i guessed her at 180 cm.

i wish i was in 5'11 ranges. like 180-181 cm where i could feel solid average not shortish or below average.

I dont know why people that are in 6'0-6'1 ranges complaining about their heights? Your height is golden and perfect just be thankful you fall in tall categories.

french guy says on 9/Mar/15
Editor Rob says on 8/Mar/15
I saw this article, I don't know how legit the last part is, but for spine curvature this Reality guy claims his surgery made him taller:
Click Here

they did not say what kind of curvature he had, but i believe you can fix it without surgery, if it's not too extrem and you might gain 1 or 2 cm
Ridxz says on 9/Mar/15
Hey guys, just wanna ask about this guy's height. The guy on the very right claims that he's 5'9.25 but looks like 5'10.25... And what about the 2nd guy from the right? He claims he's around 5'8-8.5... Is it legit? Click Here

And can anyone describe how tall they all are cause i'm not good at it... I just wanna know that's all
2toes says on 9/Mar/15
I read this: Apparently, hunter-gatherers in the Paleolithic had the 50th percentiles around 5'7" (male) and 5'2.25" (female) in Africa, Middle East and a big part of Europe, but with the arrival of Neolithic the percentiles went down by 3 inches aprox. Then we grew massively in the past century.

What do you know about this, Rob and visitors?
francis says on 9/Mar/15
hey guys!
when i was 16.5 years old i was 178 cm barefoot at school but i had a growth delay of 2 years according to my bone age(14.5 years of bone age)
i am now 20 years old, what should be my height barefoot now?
Rusty 190cm says on 9/Mar/15

I never really have paid attention to morning height since you're it very briefly so I've rarely measured myself out of bed but it seems I lose a similar amount of height as Rob does, about .75". I have always thought 8-12 hrs out of bed is safe. On this site, I claim what I am 12 hours out of bed.
Rusty 190cm says on 9/Mar/15

I wake at just over 192cm, like 6'3 5/8" and 6'2 7/8" is my typical low after 12-16 hours awake or if I am on my feet all day. I just claim 6'3" because 1/8 inch shy of a mark is nothing.
Dan 189 cm says on 8/Mar/15
I'm a 17 year old guy and i'm 189 cm(6'2.5) barefoot in the morning,188 cm(6'2) throughout the day,and around 187 cm(6'1.5) at night. I feel pretty tall at my height. I can wear shoes like Vans and Converse and still tower over the majority of people. Plus,girls usually think I'm like 6'3-6'5. But however,(I live in NYC),when I go to Manhattan(the city),I still feel tall,but i dont feel THAT tall. Like in the city,it's actually pretty common to see 6'4"-6'8" + dudes walking around. There are also some women in the city that are around the 5'10-6'4" range. I still feel like I'm a stand out height in the city,like I'm taller than the majority of the crowds of people walking around,but i have seen 6'5+ dudes tower over me,and sometimes women that are around my height,sometimes even taller. My friend and I were in the city a few days ago,and I was on line for a fitting room. There was a woman in front of me in the line,she was slightly taller than me(About 6'3),and a man was in front of her who was around 6'7. My friend(who's 5'9-5'10ish and is used to seeing me tower over most people) was shocked,he was like "Wow,this is crazy to see you looking short". It's crazy. But then when I go back to my neighborhood, I feel very tall. I still wish i can grow to the 6'4-6'7 range though.
Lisa says on 8/Mar/15
@183.5cm: Do I really need to answer? You and I both know that your height is just fine. :)
chrisi says on 8/Mar/15
I am 173cm tall guy living in germany and i find it kind of strange that i don't feel small against other males rather i fell avarge.i don't want to say that 173cm is a avarge height but how does other fell with that (or simlar height)?
James Edward Crowley says on 8/Mar/15
@Crash my comment saying middle young adulthood
starts at 40 and low end of middle age high end of young adulthood starts
at 45 i was going by the survey you mentioned not by reality i found a
article on the bbc it says middle age begins at 55 now not 45 like it used
too your old by the time your 70 if your a female and 75 when your a male
that's in reality.
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James Edward Crowley says on 8/Mar/15
Rob what's lowest ideal for men over 25 these days i would say anything
past 5ft 9in barefoot is more ideal once men hit 5ft 10in barefoot they
have no issues they will be content with their height because they are solid average height in nike air max 90 trainers they can pull off looking at least
5ft 11.25in.
[Editor Rob: many men would desire to be at least average like 5ft 9.

Even men at 5ft 9, 10 and 11 might still not feel content and dream or wish be taller.

The amount of energy, time and thought wasted on wishing to be taller could be better spent working to make yourself better, be it through learning or improving skills, helping others or even just trying new experiences.
James Edward Crowley says on 8/Mar/15
Crash what's the lowest ideal height for men over 25 i would say anything
past 5ft 9in barefoot for men over 25 is more ideal once your hit 5ft 10in barefoot you have no issues because your solid average height you can pull
off looking 5ft 11.25in in like nike air max 90 trainers.
James Edward Crowley says on 8/Mar/15
@Crash i don't see myself past it i'm 31 i am no different too when i was 27 i
happen too look young for my age like at least 18 too 20 hopefully when i'm
40 i can pull looking at 28 too 30 it's not possible look at ralph macchio
even at 53 he looks like a young man of 38 too 40 even though he will be
middle age in 2 years he is still a young man but on the upper end of young
meaning he is not so young anymore i'm still young young 40 is the start
of middle young adulthood meaning your not so young anymore when you hit 55
your officially middle age that goes for both genders old starts at 70 for
females and 75 for males i consider 40 and 45 too be young young adult
these because the 40s is younger than i used too be 45 is no longer the
start of middle age anymore it's 55 that is the start of middle age having
a midlife crisis is part of middle age meaning your sad because your not
a young person anymore youth meaning the young adulthood ends when your 40
middle young adulthood starts at 40 the high end of young adulthood early
young adulthood
starts at 18 20 is the start of young adulthood proper the low end of middle
age the high end of young adulthood starts at 45 once your 55 that's when proper
middle age starts.
Jeff says on 8/Mar/15
Rob, what is the start of short and the start of tall for males in the Western part of the world?
[Editor Rob: 6ft is still a number people recognise as being tall, I think once over 5ft 11 you start getting towards the beginning of tall in many western countries.]
Amaze says on 8/Mar/15
@John that's a good height still. that's very tall 6'3. 6'3 and 200lbs go well.

you are 18 6'7 and 270lbs? my lord you are massive! I am 18 soon and i'm only 5'8 and 135lbs. if I could pick my body i'd be 6'1 and 180lbs. but if I stay 5'8 i'd probably want 145lbs to be my adult weight.

I checked bmi and it says 270lb is way overweight for a 6'7 guy, can you lose weight like to 220lb or something.

im surprised why you are tall. your father and brother are both short.

@Crash I agree. well said

my brother is gonna be 34 soon and I dont think hes young or old at all. hes just in the middle. yeah by late 30s you are defo not young anymore.
Tania says on 8/Mar/15
Dunno if this has been discussed before, but has anyone seen this? It's a comparison of the ages, heights and weights of London Olympics athletes. Click Here

The height data is interesting stuff.
Tania says on 8/Mar/15
I don't know whether my personal experience is the rule or the exception, but I've noticed that my 5'9.5" brother is more popular with girls than his 6'2" best friend. Their personalities are almost similar, but my brother probably gets the attention because he's better looking and more sociable (The best friend isn't hideous at all, but he has a baby face, so he looks 15 despite turning 25 this year). There were a few boys in my 12th grade class who were no taller than 5'6", but still had girls crushing on them because they were either handsome or charming/intelligent or both.

So, at least according to what I've seen, height didn't matter as much as looks/personality did. IMO most guys should be fine as long as you're not overly fixated or insecure about their height.
Editor Rob says on 8/Mar/15
I saw this article, I don't know how legit the last part is, but for spine curvature this Reality guy claims his surgery made him taller:
Click Here
Crash says on 8/Mar/15
James Edward Crowley

I know your assburger syndrome could make you take such things at face value, but the results of that survey don't have any bearing on reality. The views of a few overly optimistic people don't change the reality that people aren't so young any more once they reach the 40s, let alone 50s. I mean, don't get me wrong; it is great that people aren't seeing themselves as "past it" so early these days, but let's be realistic here.

Realistically, somewhere in the mid to late 30s is when youth would really end. Certainly by 40 it is done. Of course you don't become "old" overnight, but that's what middle age is for.

If you are still early 30s, then I would say you are definitely still young. But once you reach late 30s, it's definitely over, so Rob at 38/39 is definitely early middle aged.
John says on 7/Mar/15
I would pick 6ft 3in. My weight is 270 lbs.

I have always been extremely strong, I may not complain.
I can still remember the day I was 6 and I lifted up my father on my shoulders. I was as tall and big as my 10 yld brother. I actually can't remember being shorter than my brother, ever.
But I think it is not very comfortable.

Bryan (Queenslander)
One of my best friends, perhaps my best friend of all, is of Asian descent and he is about 5ft 2in, I think (because I haven't asked him directly yet). We've just met and I guess we got acquainted because of our difference of statures precisely. I think we both find that curious, but now at 18 you don't dare to ask those things as bluntly as you would if you were just a boy. I'll ask him in due time.

I too consider that at 18 you are exactly what you can call a young adult.

GI Jose,
My father is just 5ft 5in, and my brother is 5ft 6in. My mother is 5ft 7in and her father is 6ft 2in.
JohnGB says on 7/Mar/15
Rusty 190cm says on 6/Mar/15
Rob, I wake up in 6'3.5"-6'3.75" range and after being awake 5 hours I have dipped to 190.4 and after 12 hours 190.3 and then to 190.2 after 15 hours on a typical day. My extreme low after a day of poor hydration or intense exercise is the 190 flat mark, but that's an extreme and not typical. Is this a typical amount of height to lose in a day?
You should really measure your morning height accurately in centimeters to determine the amount you lose. You're very specific about your evening height but it's a wasted effort if your morning height is not specific and you're trying to work out the height lost in the day.

as it is: 6'3.5" = 191.77cm, 6'3.75" = 192.4cm

So if you are awake for 15 hours, you lose between 1.57cm and 2.2cm. Personally I go from 184.5cm to 182.5cm (possibly 182.2 after a very long day) which is around 2 - 2.3cm loss. So that sounds about right to me, I think a height loss of ~2cm is very typical. I recommend that you measure your height out of bed so can work this out as a specific value instead of a range.
lollipop1995 says on 7/Mar/15
@Rob Someone I know is 5'7 and when asked their height they sometimes say 5'7 and other times say "well, a strong 5'7" What does strong mean? I know of some to say their height but then say that they're barely that height too!
[Editor Rob: maybe they have measured themselves a little bit over the mark, like a fraction, hence the 'strong' 5ft 7.
littlesue says on 7/Mar/15
In general, would girls prefer a guy around 5foot10 who's well built(but not overly muscular) or a guy between 6foot to 6foot1 who's skinny?

Would go for the 5ft 10.
James Edward Crowley says on 7/Mar/15
Rob is common for people in highschool and college too have a huge growth
spurts huge growth spurts is anything between 7 inches and 12
the biggest growth spurt in this video is 16 inches that is one big growth
spurt most people don't grow much in highschool and college the most people
can grow in highschool and college on average is like 0.5in 0.25in 0.75in
and 1 inch only very few people grow 2 inches in highschool and college.
[Editor Rob: huge spurs are uncommon like that. The percentage is still small who grow noticeable amounts at college.]
Kerem says on 7/Mar/15
I measured my self after 5 hours woke up at 12:30p.m. I pressed o thick book to my peak point of my head. There are three measurements for me that I did. These are 192.6cm, 192.2cm, 191.5cm and 190.5cm respectively. Does it make me 191cm or 192cm? I might measure myself wrong may be with 192.6cm and so low with 190.5cm but I think I am at least 191.3cm after 5 hours woke up. If I say that to people, I am 192cm, people will think that I am a liar? Please write it guys.
Darren510 says on 7/Mar/15
Better off not dating girls in high heels anyway for they are usually too much maintenance. I would take your 5'10 barefoot minimum and bring it down to 5'8 and a 5'8 guy can easily make himself appear 5'9-510 if he desires.
183.5cm says on 7/Mar/15
@lisa what would you rate my height 185.1-3cm morning and 183.5cm at night. Miday height is close to 184cm. Im basically a weak 184cm.
I think my heights is great buy I think 185-186cm at night is ideal
184.3cm says on 7/Mar/15
For all the young guys who are worried about their height, if you clear 5'10 in your barefeet then you will have no issues at all. I was that height at 13-14 years old and got alot of attention from older girls. That does seem to be the cut off point as 5'4-5'5 girl with 4 inches heel 5'8-5'9 so you are still 2-3 inches taller with normal footwear. Ofc every inch over that is a bonus with in my opinion the sweet spot being between 6'0-6'2. 6'3-6'5 for the very tall girls.
Karl says on 7/Mar/15
Its weird I live in a socal beach city and all the 21 year olds average around 5'11-6'1 while seniors at my school seem to be 5'8-5'9. The tallest kid at my school when I was a freshman was 7'2. Now my senior year the tallest kid is a freshman who is 6'5. The tallest senior is probably a weak 6'4.
Lisa says on 7/Mar/15
@X5: It depends on the qualities of both parties involved in the equation but I think most would prefer the shorter fit guy if we're basing all of this on physique preferences. The thinner guy may have an advantage if the shorter guy was extremely musclebound to the point where it didn't look natural. I prefer a slightly muscled look but that's not the most important factor to me.
claim says on 6/Mar/15
Is there anything wrong with claiming your morning height. Considering most people will get their height measured in the morning and the amount of height lost is probably roughly the same for everyone
2toes says on 6/Mar/15
Bryan (Queenslander)

I'm not 5'7.5", I'm 172.25 cms evening which is more 5'8" than 5'7.5".

No, why should I be jealous?, I am as I am, our physical characteristics cannot be chosen.

It's like if you ask me if I'm jealous of not being born in a rich family, or not having a pretty face like George Clooney.

There's also thousands of millions of asian boys who are shorter than me, do you think I should be happy?

Does a 5'8" white australian gets annoyed when a 6'1" Spaniard towers over him?

He would be stupid if he does.
182 at lunchtime says on 6/Mar/15
It's a close call.
Assuming the skinny is just "kinda" skinny, and the built guy is "kinda" built, then I'd say equally preferred by girls.

But if the built 5'10 guy has like a perfect v-taper/muscularity then he is at the advantage.
Similarly, if the 6'1 guy is very skinny, then again 5'10 would have the advantage.
183.5cm says on 6/Mar/15
Xonsidering girls most girls(80-90%)think 5ft10 is 6ft( this I can swear) the 5ft10 guy would win. Of your tall its amlmost imperative your not skinny. A short guy would rather tlbe shorter than a talk guy it juat oooks weird
Thanks for that. I saw some models at some fashion show and the tallest guy I saw was aroind 187-190 , majority around my height and some guys 5ft10 I kid you not. Most of the female models were 173-177cm I think. Definitely thought they would appear taller. They were just skinny bordering on anorexia except like one or two.
There is proof of how tall most models are considering im 183.5cm at night maybe 183.2cm at worst after exercise.
James Edward Crowley says on 6/Mar/15
Rob is 5ft 8.5in the end of the shortish range for men men under 5ft 9in
like 5ft 7in and 5ft 8in can still look short at times but not proper short
they will never look short like men in the 5ft 5in range and 5ft 6in range 5ft 7in and 5ft 8in
are not short for men but once men get too the 5ft 9in range they are not
shortish anyone they will never look short unless they have bad posture
or stand next too men that are 6ft 1in and 6ft 2in 5ft 9in is where average
height begins for men 5ft 7in and 5ft 8in are shortish for men but not
proper short like 5ft 5in and 5ft 6in.
[Editor Rob: you could call the 174cm range a kind of crossing point between short and average.]
James Edward Crowley says on 6/Mar/15
Amaze that is wrong young adult range is 20 too 54 54 is the end of the young adult
stage 55 is the begging of middle age i'm in my 30s like Rob Paul i am still
a young adult the young adult stage lasts for 35 years not 6 years that's
not long enough.
grizz says on 6/Mar/15
X5, generaly, in Western world, well-built 5ft10 guy would gain more attraction.
However, in parts of Dinaric Alps (I guess the same counts for the Netherlands),6ft guy has the edge. In my school there were two friends-one weak 5ft10, the other strong 6ft1. While both were equally attractive #nohomo , the taller guy had more luck with the ladies,even though the shorter guy had athletic build and the second one is really skinny,like 155-160 lbs
James Edward Crowley says on 6/Mar/15
@Amaze not sorry that is wrong the young adult stage lasts for 35 years not
not 6 years that's not long enough it
begins at 20 and ends at 55 like rob i'm in my 30s i am still a young adult
30s is still young 40s is still young early 50s is still young middle age
begins at 55 your not young anymore at that age.
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Bryan (Queenslander) says on 6/Mar/15

You're 5'7.5 but you're a white spaniard?? Do you feel jealous when you see asian men around 6'1 - 6'2?
X5 says on 6/Mar/15
In general, would girls prefer a guy around 5foot10 who's well built(but not overly muscular) or a guy between 6foot to 6foot1 who's skinny?
Rusty 190cm says on 6/Mar/15
Rob, I wake up in 6'3.5"-6'3.75" range and after being awake 5 hours I have dipped to 190.4 and after 12 hours 190.3 and then to 190.2 after 15 hours on a typical day. My extreme low after a day of poor hydration or intense exercise is the 190 flat mark, but that's an extreme and not typical. Is this a typical amount of height to lose in a day?
Rusty 190cm says on 6/Mar/15
Rob, is 6'3" very tall? I am an American and people tell me I am very tall constantly, both women and men, usually my height is the first thing people comment on when they meet me.

Also, is my growth chart typical? I used to have myself measured at each birthday, so on each birthday I remember my height. I was always measured once a year by my mother as well as at the doctor.

13: 5'3"
14: 5'5"
15: 5'11"
16: 6'1.5"
17: 6'2.25"
18: 6'2.75"
19: 6'2.9" or 190.2-3

I am currently 23 and still the same height. Meaning I finished at 18. I got a lot of growth from 14-16.
188-3=my height says on 5/Mar/15
job for height imo
158 Jockey
168 crossdresser
178 bodybuilder
183 fitness model/soccer
188 most athletic/runway model
198 mma/nba/ballyball
GI Jose says on 5/Mar/15
That's a really neat coincidence.

Anyway, I have noticed that, in the last month or 2, I have been growing rather quickly. In January, I was still measuring at 5'11.75" at night, and now I am measuring at 6'0.25" at night. I decided to measure myself in the morning to see what that would be like, and I got 6'1" and 1/8", which definitely indicates significant growth, because in January, I was getting 6'0.5" in the morning. The weirdest thing about this is that I was 5'9" at 16 and only grew 2 inches until I turned 18. It's only been 5 months since I turned 18, and I've already grown 1 and 1/4". If this pattern continues until my 19th birthday, I will be 6'2" by then. I don't think it will because I am already 3 inches taller than my father, but you really can never tell.
Amaze says on 5/Mar/15
13 14 15 early teenager
15 16 17 mid teenager
18 19 20 late teenager + young adult
21 22 23 24 young adult
25+ adult
in uk young persons are listed in the 16-24 category, from 18 you are an adult but 24 is the end range of young adult. 25 is when you aint young or old lol just a ordinary adult. 25 is also when your brain stops developing too.

you are really/very tall for sure. 6'4 is reallllllly tall.

thing is guys, you guys wanna be taller but then you gotta realise there are drawbacks to really/very tall heights. you cant have something too excessive. e.g. if you wanna be muscular you wouldn't wanna go overboard like Ronnie coleman would you? or if you wanted to be hung down there you wouldn't wanna 13 incher would you? same thing with height. 6'5/6 is excessive or even more look at John he struggles, even he has some pros(strength) it makes life harder. you only live life once so why suffer? 6'0,6'1'6'2 are marvellous tall heights you should not complain with. 6'3 is good too, 6'4 isn't bad and 6'5 is max tbh. 5'11 isn't bad either. I defo think if people could pick their heights, 6'0/1/2 would be the top 3 most picked heights. for women I think 5'7/8/9 would be picked. you wanna be tall - which is good - but never excessive. accept reality. choose something that makes your life better but then doesn't ruinthings/have any drawbacks. that's what perfect/near perf/ideal height is.
Amaze says on 5/Mar/15
@John 6'7 is borderline giant height but even though it is not ideal I guess you can use to ur advantage. what height would you be if you could pick? I think a good height is 6'0-6'1 but if I wanted to be proper intimidating i'd pick 6'2/3. I hope you do not grow more because there are more cons to pros. how much do you weigh, 200 lbs?

@Lisa I agree.
gio says on 5/Mar/15
Being tall doesn't make you more efficient. Its usually harder for most tall people to gain muscle/strength. That's why lankiness is associated with extreme tallness, outside of sports. Its also why a majority of weight/power lifters and body builders are in the 5'11-6'2 range
tier says on 5/Mar/15
I'm 6ft so people who are taller than me dont really intimidate me. I work private security so I really don't care if someone is 6" taller than me cause chances are they aren't going to be big frame wise. As far as ladies are concerned, when I've nearly taken up a door frame with my shoulders girls love that. My favorite was when I was at an MRI and this cute blonde nurse looked at me when I walked in and wide eyed said "my god those shoulders! Wow we may not be able to fit you" the entire time she kept asking me about it, did I play football, was I a bouncer. She ended up my wife.
grizz says on 5/Mar/15
yop says on 4/Mar/15
That's ridiculous. A 6ft guy built like a linebacker would always be more intimidating. Most tall guys I've met fall into the lanky type. I've stood next to a 6'5 guy who called me scary. I live in the country, tall hayseed looking people, and people still point me out as being the guy you dont mess with. Hell I was a bouncer at 6ft. Point is, if you don't have mass to back up height yet you just look like a nonthreatening goofy guy, which is fine in itself since a lot of girls like that. Additionally, taller guys dont usually have that potential. Those that do end up in sports and pro wrestling
Well, I'm considering this from my perspective. If a fit 5'7 200 lbs guy want to feel bossy next to me, I wouldn't consider him a threat.
So I'm surprised that a 6'5 guy would feel intimidated by someone of my size (6ft, 200 lbs).
But, truth be told, I was never attacked by anyone in my adulthood, even though I went to suspicious places when I was younger.
richkid123 says on 5/Mar/15
under 5'5" terrible short, very bad heights
5'5" shortish
5'6" shortish
5'7" below average
5'8" slightly below average
5'9" clearly average
5'10" clearly average
5'11" above average-kinda tall
6' tall
6'1" clearly tall
6'2" clearly strong tall
6'3" lower very tall
6'4" mid very tall
6'5" strong very tall
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 4/Mar/15
Yes, it is possible to have an intimidating build at any height. However, I think that a guy who is like 6'7" will have better luck at being intimidating than a guy who is 5'11"-6'0". Samuel L. Jackson is 6'1.25" today, and he is extremely big/intimidating to others.
Lisa says on 4/Mar/15
183.5 cm is right. A lot of short girls think 5'8 guys are 5'10 and 5'10 guys are 6'. That's why some of these shorties (hypocrites?) think 5'8 guys are short. They think 5'6 guys are 5'8.
Seth says on 4/Mar/15
Hi Rob. I was doing a bit of research and I have found out that I have lumbar lordosis. How much height gain do you think I can achieve if I fix it? I currently measure at 179cm at 8pm. Anyone feel free to chip in with answers. Thank you.
185cm says on 4/Mar/15
Can i claim 6'1 if i'm 6'1.5 in the morning and 6'0.5 at night? I'm usually 6'0.75 most evenings though.
John says on 4/Mar/15
GI Jose,
I think you can grow up yet. it is possible because you are a really late bloomer.

I hope I do not grow up more, but one never knows. It is difficult for clothes, you have to mind your head all the time, for transports, etc., but of course it is good to get access to everything from top sheves and it gives you self-confidence. I have to realise that I am much stronger than an average individual, even some two or three together. If you need to move a piece of furniture, a car or something like, a big man is more efficient than a small one. At 13 or 14 I was the strogest person in my family, by far. And it is more difficult to agress me than a little man: if someone in school felt under threat I have always been called upon for protection, even adult men when I was still a boy. And as a firefighter a 'giant' may be very useful too.
Amaze says on 4/Mar/15
@grizz not necessearilly true I know a 6'0 200lb guy that scared the **** out of my 6'5 friend. the 6'5 guy must be like 140-50, lbs. id prefer to be 6'0 over 6'5 though.

@berdych probably a slight advantage at 6'2 over 6'0 guys, but girls all love 6'0-1-2 guys.
Roger says on 4/Mar/15
What is the age range of youth?? Also im 6`4 am i tall or really tall?? Answer both
John says on 4/Mar/15
GI Jose
We are exactly the same age.
John says on 4/Mar/15
Grizz and Briad,
In fact sometimes people get automatically intimidated because of my height, and perhaps when I talk to people they may feel easily offended, because they say I seem to be arrogant, just for speaking from 'above' their level, and it is very uncomfortable for both of us, especially if we do not agree or we are not totally happy with each other. That happens to me all the time. I prefer to sit down to be at the same level as other people, otherwise I look like talking to children, due to my size.
My father used to tell me to do so, because I have always been predicted a great height, and that created a certain stress in school, at home, even on the street, because at 10 I was almost as tall as most adults, even my father. And at 11 we were same height and we wore the same clothes.
Nevertheless, I enjoyed being tall and I used to see Home and Away on TV when I was about 9, and Chris Hemsworth was taller than almost everybody else there. I used to feel identified with him, when he looked very confident and really dominant from the top of his stature. The problem was that I got his height when I was just 13, and that was a little bit too much. I remember how uncomfortable I felt when I looked on the mirror from behind my father and my brother and I saw them getting me by the shoulder. And even now it is not very nice to see that a coat for my father or for my brother looks as long as a jacket for me, and their shoes are the size I wore at 8.
Anyway I got used to that but it is not ideal. However it may have some advantages.
In terms of weight I am literally twice their size: the two of them together are as heavy as I am alone.
John says on 4/Mar/15

Depending on the size of the gate, the bricks, etc, but you look quite tall. I yould say something around my own height: 6'7.
2toes says on 4/Mar/15
And you boys at high school don't believe your classmates have stopped growing.

The majority of european men stop growing completely at 20/21.

A lot of boys have their biggest growth spurt at 15/16.

I remember a lot of guys who at 9th grade I believed they were going to end 5'8.5"-5'9" and they ended 6'0"-6'0.5"
2toes says on 4/Mar/15
It's funny to see these guys who are (or claim) 5'10"-5'11" considering themselves "tall" in a western country of mostly white population, maybe your 2 best friends in life are shorter than you, but guys you don't have to struggle your brains to be the tallest guy in the room, there's always bigger men when being in big crowds of people.

Walk around your campus, go to nightclubs, go to big parties in friends' houses and see what I mean.

And don't compare your height with elders or people of foreign backgrounds.
notamanlet says on 4/Mar/15
6ft-6ft0.5 is the perfect height range
yop says on 4/Mar/15
That's ridiculous. A 6ft guy built like a linebacker would always be more intimidating. Most tall guys I've met fall into the lanky type. I've stood next to a 6'5 guy who called me scary. I live in the country, tall hayseed looking people, and people still point me out as being the guy you dont mess with. Hell I was a bouncer at 6ft. Point is, if you don't have mass to back up height yet you just look like a nonthreatening goofy guy, which is fine in itself since a lot of girls like that. Additionally, taller guys dont usually have that potential. Those that do end up in sports and pro wrestling
grizz says on 4/Mar/15
briad says on 3/Mar/15
Is it possible for a 6ft man to be intimidating given his build. Or would a 6'2 guy, even if he is lanky, be seen as more scary and powerful automatically
Yes, it's possible in this scenario. If a 6ft 220 lbs pro-fighter stands next to a regular-looking 6'2 180 lbs guy, many would be more intimidated by the first one.
However, a 6ft guy, no matter how intimidating-looking, would pose no threat to lanky +6'5 guys -he can literally see your balding head when standing straight.
182 at lunchtime says on 4/Mar/15
@Berdych There is probably an advantage of 6'2 over 6'0, assuming other things equal. But at that height, it is really quite minimal. Those other things would have greater impact.
Emil 183 cm says on 4/Mar/15
@Almost 5'9
I grew 4 cm after 17 so it is possible.
However, it will probably not be a large amount.
kOUROS says on 4/Mar/15
How tall is someone if the eyelevel is 164.5 cm?
182 at lunchtime says on 3/Mar/15
@YETI I would guess you are closer to 7ft than 6ft for a start! I'll go for 6'8".
briad says on 3/Mar/15
Is it possible for a 6ft man to be intimidating given his build. Or would a 6'2 guy, even if he is lanky, be seen as more scary and powerful automatically
James Edward Crowley says on 3/Mar/15
Rob is it possible for men too grow taller at 25 and after 25 like grow 2
[Editor Rob: if they suffer from a medical condition - pituatiry related. There are some people who do indeed still gain height because their plates haven't fully closed (but it's rare), a kind of delayed closure due to Estrogen related medical problems.]
5'10 says on 3/Mar/15
I agree with @Karl, I'm 5'10 1/2 and I don't feel average at all, I'm 179.5cm (at night)181cm in the morning and I feel taller than like 75-80% of men
183.5cm says on 3/Mar/15
Though id say if your good looking like 7/10 amd above, body like c.ronaldo e.t.c you'll be seen as a god. ,Seriously. if you have theese and your between 6ft2-6ft4 then, but getting nice proportions is hard when you are taller. Notice runway models are between 5ft11-6ft2 but underwear models are right around 5ft10-6ft. Once your talle than 6ft2 you almost need to tick all the boxes otherwise you be like the usuall lanky, or fat guys who are that usally that tall
183cm says on 3/Mar/15
5ft4-5ft7 to 6ft is a 5-8inch difference which many would say is ideal. id say 5ft9 and above then 6ft2guys have an advantage. What men and women consider tall is different. Men see ideal male height as 6ft1-6ft2 women see it as 5ft11-6ft and they happen to be 2inches apart which is why you'll hear girls overestimate your height alot. If your a genuine 178-179cm guy I guarante girls 5ft7 and below will think your 6ft. Which is why most girls out a 5ft10 minimum but in reality its a 5ft8minimum
184.3cm says on 3/Mar/15

If you had said 5'9-5'10 we would have something to discuss but over a legit 6' ? There is no advantage unless maybe with a very tall girl who is looking for a 6'3 + guy. You have to remember the average 5'4 or 5'5 woman thinks that 5'9 is 5'10 and that 5'11 is 6'1 because after 6 inches they cant tell how tall you are.
Berdych says on 3/Mar/15
Assuming equal looks, personality, build and wealth, at what height will a guy start to have an advantage over a 6foot guy when it comes to attracting average height girls between 5foot4 to 5foot7 girls based on height?
Darren510 says on 3/Mar/15
If a girl is 5'10-6'0 then a guy who is 6'2 will usually have an advantage. In any other case not really. 6'0 is already tall enough for most girls.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 3/Mar/15
@Ted To be a point guard, you would want to be at least 5'11", and 6'1" for a shooting guard (6'2"+ recommended). Forwards can be anywhere from 6'4"-6'10", with Centers always being at least 6'10". I think that it's also possible for somebody who is around 6'2" to be a Small Forward in the NBA, but no team will ever end up trying it.
Thomas6ft1 says on 2/Mar/15
@Berdych It's not all about height or who's taller. You have looks, personality, and the person's build that comes into play.
Thomas6ft1 says on 2/Mar/15
6'1" or 6'2" is the best ideal height for a guy. You can date 5'10"-5'11" models and tall girls.
Lisa says on 2/Mar/15
@Tania: Yes, he probably would be confined to a wheelchair if he wore the same size as you. ;) I mean there's no way you can predict a specific shoe size based on a specific height. FE, you are 5'4 but you wear a size 5 shoe. Some girls are 5' and they wear a size 7.5 shoe. Unfortunately, my shoe size (12 W) matches my height (5'10-5'11). :(
Dario says on 2/Mar/15

You seem several inches over 6 ft. i would say you look at least 6ft 4 up to about 6ft 6 but that might be due to the angle of the camera.
Red says on 2/Mar/15
@YETI 6'4?
Dario says on 2/Mar/15

It depends on the girl's height because for example, if the girl is under 5 foot she might consider 6 foot a bit too tall. if she's tall she might prefer a guy of 6 foot 4+ over a guy of 6 foot so at least 4 inches is when there is a height difference that even camera angles can't hide but tall girls are more forgiving if their guy is shorter especially if she's very tall like 6ft+
JohnGB says on 2/Mar/15

Yeah normal. I am the same, there's been a number of 6'2-6'3 girls that I have found attractive, I think you can find a woman attractive at any height even if they are extremely tall. The next question is whether you would feel comfortable dating a woman taller than you, or vice versa for them.
JohnGB says on 2/Mar/15
I think you are 195cm. You look pretty tall to me anyway.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 2/Mar/15
Rob is it possible for men too grow taller at 25 and after 25 like 1 inch and 2 inches.
Berdych says on 2/Mar/15
At what height will a guy start to have an advantage over a 6foot guy in terms of attracting girls based on height?
Kourosh says on 2/Mar/15
french guy
i answered 6'0 to be ideal height for a man living in western country. I'm 5'9 1/2 and people say that to me i'm good height for a man living anywhere in globe but in fact its not. Majority of people are taller than me by an inch specially youngsters. i vote my height as okayish height. Because they are times i bump into some girls who are taller than me. When i go out to the big crowded areas, i see good amount of 5'10 to 5'11 girls.
i think minimum good height for a man is 5'11 and 6'0 is ideal.
Tania says on 2/Mar/15
@Lisa: I guess the shoe size is in proportion to height, isn't it? Taller people have bigger features in general - imagine Kobe Bryant with size 5 feet, he'd probably never be able to stand, let alone play basketball.
YETI says on 2/Mar/15
What do you think my height is?

Click Here

Let's see how good are you at guessing
Karl says on 2/Mar/15
Rob is 5'10 really the average height in US for men. I'm a strong 5'11 and about 80% taller than men I see at my high school. Average height even among white males seems to be 5'8-5'9.
[Editor Rob: it's still a bit under 5ft 10]
Lisa says on 1/Mar/15
@Tania: I have the opposite problem. You might try some of the mail-order businesses. You should be able to find their web sites with the right key words. Cinderella is one of the companies that stock tiny shoe sizes in adult fashions. Asian companies probably do so, as well.

To keep this post on topic, I wonder if there's any sort of meaningful correlation between height and shoe size. In my experience, the tiny girls I know all have much smaller shoe sizes. I read that there's no REAL way to make a meaningful correlation, though.
Thomas says on 1/Mar/15
Is it normal that I'm attracted to tall girls? There's a girl I like who is 6'2". I'm a 17 yo guy and 6'1".
Almost 5'9 says on 1/Mar/15
Is it possible to grow any more after 17 if I never had a really large growth spurt. The most I grew was almost 3 inches in a year from 14-15
french guy says on 1/Mar/15
Click Here

hey, would you answer this poll please:according to you what is the perfect height for a man who leave in the western world?
Ted says on 1/Mar/15
Normal human's top height can be 208cm. I read it from somewhere but I do not remember. Over 208cm is not normal growth for a human.
Ted says on 1/Mar/15
What is the minimum height for a position-3 in basketball? 190cm or 195cm? My friend told me that for position 1 you must be between 183-188cm and position 2 190cm-193cm, position3 - 195-202cm. Is it true?
Tania says on 1/Mar/15
@Lisa: I still wish they'd stock small shoe sizes, because at 19 and 162 cm, I have the hands and feet of a 9-year-old (EU 35/UK 2.5/USA 5, and even then, depending on the brand, that tends to be roomy) and sometimes fit into kids' sizes :(
Friends of mine who are around the same height normally have a shoe size of US 7 to 8.
Wow says on 1/Mar/15
Hello Rob, I really value your input, I also have an interest in Human height, heights in different races , variations in sibling heights.

My question is to you as I have been with your site since 2004...

What height(s) would you say globally; can be considered the "rarest" heights??

Example for me, I always noise average heifght in a country is never the common height, as I notice people are taller or shorter than that height. I find it rare to meet or see people at the following heights : 169, 172, 174, 175.5, 179 etc.
[Editor Rob: you might find pockets of heights which don't follow the normal distribution. If you take a large enough sample and split it up to half inches you should still find it follows the bell curve distribution.

With smaller sample sizes you probably wouldn't get as great a representation as if you were taking many thousands of heights.]
Mertcan says on 1/Mar/15

your chart is superb. However, in Asian countries 191cm is even seen as a little bit giant.
Amaze says on 28/Feb/15
@John ofc 6'7 is defo too tall, I hope you dont grow anymore.
lollipop1995 says on 28/Feb/15
Rob, if someone is say 5'6.5 would they be closer to be 5'7 or 5'6? And which would they claim?
GI Jose says on 28/Feb/15
I am 18 as well, and I am having a somewhat similar situation; the difference is that I was always one of the shortest kids in school. Until 10th grade, I was in the 5th to 10th percentile for height, but I had a 6 inch growth spurt from ages 15 to 16. Since then, I've grown steadily to where I am now (6'0"), but I still have very little facial hair. However, when I turned 18 in October, I was measuring myself at 5'11" flat, and now I am measuring myself no lower than 6'0", lately 6'0.25", at night. It's interesting to hear other stories about late bloomers, so thanks for posting.
6ftMagician says on 28/Feb/15
Brilliant idea, Rob!

Got an inkling this will have remnants of the 'Big Grapple', though not sure I will offer any consolation in the form of a satirical photo. For the records, I am guessing he is 177.7cm morning, just about holding a flat 176cm at night. This will be a good test of my height guessing ability.
grizz says on 28/Feb/15
@6ftMagician, do let us know how it turned out with your buddy :)
FiveNine says on 28/Feb/15
Looks to be an accurate method of measuring..
John says on 28/Feb/15
James Edward Crowley
I am a late bloomer, I mean I am still finishing puberty now at 18 in some aspects... But I have always been very tall ever since.
In general late bloomers grow up later and taller than early bloomers. They are shorter than average for most of their teens and then up they go. Early bloomers grow up earlier, they aretaller than average for most of their adolesce and they stop growing early and end shorter than average.
In my case I have always been much taller than everybody else, but I have always had a baby face and looked a big boy. Even now at 18 I do not have much hair and I think I am finhishing puberty right now.
Of cours when you are 6'4 at 14 you are easily taken for a 18 year-old man, and if you wear a suit and tie you are not believed you are just a 14, whatever your face looks like.
My girlfriend is four years older than me and we started dating when we were 12 and 16 respectively. We were about same height by then, I think she was even a little bit taller, at 5'10" perhaps. She ws my brother's colleague and thought I was their age, even that I was the elder brother, because my brother ws just 5'5 at that age and looked really young and small by me.
She grew up a couple of inches, she is now 22, and I grew up to 6'7 at 18.
I really hope I have stopped growing, because 2m is more than enough tall, I think.
Imnottiger says on 28/Feb/15
my minimum height is 184.8cm and maximum height is 186.3cm.
I wish i was little bit taller..189cm is my dream. its a batman height. lol.
Connor6ft says on 28/Feb/15
@FiveNine I did a video of me measuring myself the autopsy way and I got 6ft.25.
Lisa says on 27/Feb/15
@Jose: Thank you for the explanation. It makes sense. I wonder why the site uses only UK sizes. It can be confusing.

As for hand size, my information says that the average hand length for women is 7.10 inches while hand breadth is 3.03 inches and hand circumference is 7.22 inches.

I also have an industry shoe-size distribution chart, which breaks down shoe sizes by percentage of sales. In the year it was published, size 8 was the top seller at 16% of the market and size 8.5 was at 11.8% but I think it may be the average now. Size 9 was the second biggest seller at 13%. All sizes, above 9 and below 7, were all below 10% of the market. The most popular size for guys was 10. I don't have the sizes broken down by demographic groups, which may be as difficult to find as state height statistics. That's one reason why I think that the sizes would skew bigger for younger women. FE, I once read that their average is now size 9 to 9.5 but that seems a tad high to me. I do know that the smallest sizes account for much less stock and sales now than they did in the past.
Tomcat says on 27/Feb/15
Women don't go for tall men because they are tall. Tall is just a means to an end. Really, they are after the positive correlation between height and wealth/status. Tall men seem to make more money, obtain high status. Typically associated with subjective ratings of confidence. In studies, tall people command a greater zone of control: people bump into them less often and avoid invading, similar to the distance of boundary beautiful people possess. It is the halo effect.
John says on 27/Feb/15
I think shoesize is a predicament of your height during childhood. At least that is what I have always been told about myself.
It is somehow like about puppies' paws.
When I was born my feet and my hands were enormous and at 8 I wore a UK 6 size (cont 39). Size 12/43 was my shoesize at 10, but of course I was 5'5 by then.
Now my shoe size is 14/47, and I am 6'7 (2m) tall at 18.
My hand width is also 4" 3/4 (12cm), length 8" (20cm).
6ftMagician says on 27/Feb/15
Guys, one of my buddies is coming over soon, do you think it would be weird if I asked to measure him?

His 180cm claims are starting to -.- me. He's clearly a 176 guy (I can tell to the nearest cm just by looking at him). Absolutely ridiculous, I would turn red as a tomato if I claimed 188 with a straight face.

This is the same guy with the nerve to claim 5'10'' as being meh.
[Editor Rob: maybe turn it onto you and see if he can help measure you...then of course while we're at it, let's check him.]
GI Jose says on 27/Feb/15
That's interesting. I remember when I thought was 181 cm, I thought I was losing 3 cm a day, but that's when I realized that I was 182 cm rather than 181 cm. Then I've grown another 1 cm, so I guess it's possible that your morning height may be higher than 180.9 cm, or it's also possible that you just don't shrink much.
truth2 says on 27/Feb/15
@tomcat it is 173-174cm around the globe, from 164cm to 184cm.
FiveNine says on 27/Feb/15
Being 'G'- Sensitized at 6ft tall is kinda like 'G' claiming he is 5'8..
Its amost like a video of someone 6ft tall becoming 6ft.25 after a self measured 'autopsy' ...
Keep those video's coming...this is way cool
FiveNine says on 27/Feb/15
Being 'G'- Sensitized at 6ft tall is kinda like 'G' claiming he is 5'8..
Its amost like a video of someone 6ft tall becoming 6ft.25 after a self measured 'autopsy' ...
Keep those video's coming...this is way cool
2toes says on 27/Feb/15
I have new great data!

Height percentiles for urban boys and girls of Chinese ethnicity, born in the 1990's!

So this percentiles are for today's youngest adult generations of Urban China.


50th percentile at 18 years old: 172.7 cms


50th percentile at 18 years old: 160.6 cms

Click Here

Rob, do you think this data proves the improvement of living conditions in China in the past few decades?
mike321 says on 27/Feb/15
FiveNine says on 26/Feb/15
Being 'De-Sensitized' at 5'9 beats being 'G-Sensitized' at 6ft...

Sorry but what does being 'g-sensitized mean?
5'11 says on 26/Feb/15
@gijose I only lose 1.4 cm in the day which is less than most people wake up 180.9cm go bed at 179.5cm never drop under 179.5cm
Tomcat says on 26/Feb/15
Some of these posts saying average around the world is 178-180 cm don't make any sense. The highest average anywhere on earth tails out at 182-184 cm. The average for the whole world is just 4-6 cm shorter than the highest? It's more like 168-172 cm most likely for men around the globe.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.