How tall is General Height ?

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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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Amaze says on 28/Aug/14
@crash does anyone ever call you skinny at 6'1 and 145lb, and do all people think your generally slim? what do you think a good or perfect weight is at 6'1? Ronaldo is your height and 180lb and hes got a good build, and have you watched/seen friends? what would you describe ross as?

your very lucky lol. and at 125lb and 5'8, am I skinny or very skinny? am I near slim in ur opinion
Amaze says on 28/Aug/14
a few days ago I filmed my friends do the ice bucket challenge
my friend 5'11 125lb, looked very skinny
but my other friend who was 5'11 140lb was slim and not scrawny and long at all,
15lbs made a big difference (they are both cousins)

im 125lb and I don't look that skinny at all
Amaze says on 28/Aug/14
at 5'8 I still can't reach my kitchen/dining room's top windows. you have to be atleast 5'10 to reach it. but I wish I had everything in direct view plus went Tesco today and although I can reach the top shelf its a bit high up in a 5 ft 8 guys view if youknow what I mean, I could reach it but I wish it was infront of me like I could see it right infront instead of looking up. and sometimes I wish I could look over it. like you know at Tesco and stuff etc imagine looking over the top shelf and seeing whos there. but I wonder how tall you would need to be for that? right now I really feel bad for shorter guys and sad
Dan says on 28/Aug/14
Reading through the comments, I thought it would be interesting to see how our heights compare to those of our parents. Did you get bonus inches or were you short changed?

For me my mum is 5'7 and my Dad 6'2. I'm 6'1 which is a good height, although slightly gutted that I never reached my Dad's height! Rather annoyingly too, have a couple of mates at or near my height whose parents are shorter than mine.
De says on 28/Aug/14
Hey Rob,how big is their height
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
jamieorr4 says on 28/Aug/14
truth sorry i didn't see your comment until now so you think 6ft2 is the perfect height ok
jamieorr4 says on 28/Aug/14
truth sorry i didn't see your until now so you think 6ft2 is the perfect height ok
Crash says on 28/Aug/14
afflictus, you have a point, but those processes continue even beyond 21 so it's a bit of an odd age to choose even if referring to maturation in other ways. It always struck me as weird that they went with an odd age like 21 rather than an even one like 20, and considering that 21 used to be a more significant age it got me thinking.

Seems to me it's just based on the old age of adulthood, which was 21 in the past. Maybe 100 years ago it might have been right, what with people beginning puberty much later than they do today. Today adulthood is 18 in the majority of places and coincidentally it's about the average age to complete growth in height today. Makes me think it's not so much a coincidence that they decided to grant the privileges of adulthood at an earlier age and as they noticed people were maturing (physically) earlier, they decided to bring the age more in line with the body.

But nothing special starts to happen to your bones after 18; they just continue the same process that they have been doing since childhood, which is just getting denser. That and muscle are still increasing naturally until mid 20s. So although your height might not increase after 18, your body is still developing in other ways, but this continues even past 21.

I'm 99% sure now that the myth wasn't such a myth in the past and it's something of an anachronism these days.
Zoro says on 28/Aug/14
How much should someone stretch while measuring his height? (obviously taking for granted that the top of your head must always be parallel to the floor)
french guy says on 28/Aug/14
according to every growth charts i read, males stop growing at 19 years old, and the growth between 17 and 19 is negligible.

Click Here(new%20style)2pps.pdf
Amaze says on 28/Aug/14
oh aflictius I understand. I get what your trying to say.
jamieorr4 says on 28/Aug/14
Lamont Lovebuckle i would say 6ft3 is tall for a man or maybe really tall
afflictus says on 27/Aug/14
17 and still growing. My dad didn't stop till he was 20-22 and he is 6'6". And that "men don't stop growing till 21" is actually true. Maybe not height wise, but it is a fact that the male skeleton is not fully developed at 18. After 18, your bones stark to thicken and that is when a lot of guys put on weight. And your brain is not fully developed till your 25.
Amaze says on 27/Aug/14
@aaron183cm you must be happy about that lol. yeah that kind of growth can happen after 18. that was a finisher for ur height
Amaze says on 27/Aug/14
what has stunted my growth apart from my scoliosis must be the lack of sleep. all those late nighters on cod and fifa defo took an inch off. nutrition probs another few cms. if only I had delorean...
truth says on 27/Aug/14
@T1000 interesting...thanks for that link, it shows that 4th year high school statistics can come in handy studying height :D
Aaron183cm says on 27/Aug/14
I grew 1/4 inch when I was 19 (almost 21 now). It's not much but it took me from 5'11 3/4" evening height to my now legit 6' evening height. I think for most people any growth after 18 is going to be negligible at best.
Amaze says on 27/Aug/14
Crash i agree man. It does
"Oh your body grows until 21"
Someone said 25 and stuff etc
No way
It ends at 18-19
20 it has defo stopped.
Too much bs going on
I hate false hope
Amaze says on 27/Aug/14
@smash i. Say around 6'

Your mother is not short. 5'3-4 for a woman is not short. 5'4 is avg. So is 5'3.
5'2 is short
5'2 and below.
jade says on 27/Aug/14
im 17 and 176 cms , will i grow any taller ?
T.1000 says on 27/Aug/14
@French The tourists whom you saw in Paris aren't good representantives of the norwegian height distribution as a whole due to small sample size. Plus there aren't that many countries in the world that average 180cm+ except very few places. So 180 cm average shouldn't be taken for granted.

you are right. check this info:
only 24.7% are 185 cm +.
Late 187cm says on 27/Aug/14
@ grizz

My teenage years were similar. I wouldn't advise it, but it's hard to know if it made any difference. I'm about 7cm taller than my brother who had a much healthier lifestyle than me during his teenage years.
truth says on 27/Aug/14
I fully agree Crash, people need to stop spewing BS about growing till 21, I only know 2 guys who have stopped now at 21-22, most are done at 16-20, a lot even 13-15.
grizz says on 27/Aug/14
@Smash, you're still young. I think you'll hit strong 6ft, maybe even 6ft 0.5in.
Just take care of your body, do sports, rest and eat well.
truth says on 27/Aug/14
@Ceasar Any evidence? Usually the mean collerates to the average, so it is measured within each year. So at 19 height is not going to increase (unless before/after if you are a late/early bloomer) and it is not more than 180cm.
Crash says on 27/Aug/14
Caesar that's false, the average age is generally around 18 to stop growing. So that height chart can be taken to be average heights for 20+ as well, in fact if you look at the chart you can see that the curve has become flat by 19.

Growing until 21 isn't so common, it's a myth that all men stop growing at that age, or even that it's the average age. It's about as common as growing until 15, it happens occasionally but not too common. Certainly not the majority of the time like you would believe if you just spent 5 minutes on Yahoo Answers lol

This grow until 21 thing needs to die already. It gives way too many guys false hope.
grizz says on 27/Aug/14
I was just thinking...
Throughout puberty I treated my body badly. I slept 5-6 hours a day (studied a lot), worried about school throughout day and night(I still have nightmares),I was always slouching (hence mild lordosis), my nutrition was poor (instead of protein-rich food like eggs and milk, I mostly ate cookies and chips). In my mid-teens I had a ridiculous diet that made me drop to 155 lbs (my normal weight was 180).
Oh, and I was too lazy to do sports. 2 years of gym is everything I did during puberty.
Is it possible that I have lost 1 inch due to these external factors?
Lamont Lovebuckle says on 27/Aug/14
Is 6`3 tall for a man or average??
Caesar says on 27/Aug/14
@truth The growth chart ends at the age of 19.
Usually the mean height increases up to 21 so the average may really be 182.
truth says on 27/Aug/14
@french guy Seems pretty accurate to me, conscripts measure 179.9cm at 19 and 180.9cm the other, so about 5ft11 or 5ft10.75-5ft11.25. I dunno why you think they are taller than this, 25% over 185cm is still quite a big amount IMO, it is the same in my country and I see a lot of guys 190cm+, roughly 10% of them.
Smash says on 27/Aug/14
Hi guys, I've had some really strange growth patterns and
I'm wondering if you guys could tell how tall I'm going
To be and when Ill stop. I use to worry I'd be to short as my family are really
Small, but now I'm worried Ill end up a giant.
14.5- 180cm ( all measurements were taken at night)
At 14.5 I noticed I was quite tall for my age and wanted to
Reach 6ft badly, but for 6months I didn't grow at all so I
Suspected I was an early bloomer as my mother was 163cm and
My dad was 176cm and I thought I was lucky to that height at all
15 - Just after 6months I grew 0.5cm and I thought that was it for me
15y and 2mnths- 182cm After not checking my height for a couple of mnths one day I decided to measure Myself again as my friends thpught I had grown and I was 183.5 cm in the morning and 182 at night.
This made me realise I may not have finished growing.
15.5 182cm Once again I hadn't grown for a wile and I thought I'd probably only grow
Another 0.5cm at best.
15( 7mnths)- 182.5cm at night - 184cm in the morning
- I just grew 0.5cm again in 3wks and now I'm really interested in how tall I'm going
To be again as I was certain I wouldn't reach 6ft and now I have. I'm also worried that
I may end up super tall as I have now found out my deceased Granother
Was like 5ft 10 1/2 or in comparison a 6ft 4 or 5 guy
I am also the first person to reach 6ft on my fathers side that we know of So I'm pretty
Sure my heights not from him
Grandfather- 5ft 4
Uncle 1- 5ft 7
Uncle 2 - 5ft 8
Dad - 5ft 9
Male Cousins are both 5ft 6

My mum is short as well at 5ft 3 - 4 and I thought I had no tall relatives
As the men on her side are around 5ft 9 to 5ft 11 and the girls 5ft 3 to 5ft 5
Until I was told my grandmother who died before I was born was 5ft 10 and a half
Does this mean I'm going to end up a giant?
I know this is boring for you guys but I interested and was hoping that someone had
Similar growth patterns when they were younger so I can predict my height?
french guy says on 26/Aug/14
so the norwegian boys is only 181 cm (180 cm at night) and only 25% is 185 cm or taller?
It seems pretty low, scandinavian tourists whom i see in paris are tall.
jamieorr4 says on 26/Aug/14
Amaze sorry i really Don't remember when i start puberty
Amaze says on 26/Aug/14
jamieorr4 oh I see. that's given me hope for 5'10.5 then. are you a late bloomer or normal bloomer. when did you hit/start puberty. I think I started in year 7. if I hit your height I would love it
jamieorr4 says on 26/Aug/14
Amaze i might have be 5ft8 at 17
Hh says on 26/Aug/14
I went to the doctor in june and i was 5'9(176 cm) then i measured myself at home in august and i was 5'10(178cm.4).I don't knnow how i suddenly grew 2 cm in 2 months.Btw i pressed a roomspray on my head while facing towards the wall.
Is this method of measuring accurate?
And do you think i still have some growing left and will i be at least 5'11-6'0 tall?My elder brother,19 is 182 cm tall.So do i still have some hope?
truth says on 26/Aug/14
@Riidd it is possible, but the odds are more against then for you at this point. At most a few mm or 1-2cm max at this point where on average young men stop at 19.
Connor183 says on 26/Aug/14
Ok Rob if he does come to my house i will do just that.
Amaze says on 26/Aug/14
@Connor183 lol yeah dw mate im fine, little keyboard warriors roaming around here aha.

@Ridd well yes, some users have, some have just grown 1cm and some havent at all

Jamie you were 5'7 at 16 right(same as me at 16)
What were you at 17?
18 you were 5'9..
19 5'10.5!
Imagine if i got this hehehe
Connor183 says on 26/Aug/14
Well it's good for me that the Bo-Gee-man doesn't live in the UK! my 14 year old bro is still growing! and he desperatley wants to be 6ft! but anyway im sure the little girl is safe with you Rob, if he does come to the UK Rob what can i do to protect my bro from the Bo-Gee-man?
[Editor Rob: have a screenshot of celebheights on his door, that'll scare him off.]
Connor183 says on 26/Aug/14
Amaze says on 25/Aug/14
@Connor183 trust me mate, I agree. people like that should not come on this website. thanks for sticking up for me though, you said nice things and you were on point. GOONGI is the one crying now. haha :)

Well thats what friends are for right?, im glad you feel i helped you, are you alright after what happened with that GOONGI guy? (what a stupid name) i feel sorry for you mate.
Riidd says on 26/Aug/14
Hey everyone, just asking that is it really possible to grow about 1-1.5 inches after 18? or at least minimum of an inch?
184cmsharkz says on 25/Aug/14
Hi Rob,

Do you think that 184cm is closer to 180cm than 188cm in terms of how it looks to other people who are shorter.Hope that you understand me, my english is not that good.
[Editor Rob: not sure about that one, maybe because 188 is more stand out and not as common as 184, then maybe more people would think 184 men nearer 180 than 188.]
Amaze says on 25/Aug/14
@Connor183 trust me mate, I agree. people like that should not come on this website. thanks for sticking up for me though, you said nice things and you were on point. GOONGI is the one crying now. haha :)

you will get away with it with girls for sure
jamieorr4 says on 25/Aug/14
Amaze yes ignore GOONG his immature
Connor183 says on 25/Aug/14
[Editor Rob: let's say 6ft 2 :) I think it would be a perfect height for this site aswell (getting photos).

G became that which he fears - the Height boGeyman. A creature who crawls the streets of New York at night, lurks in shadows and jumps out at strangers screaming 'I'm 5 F***ng 8'...

heck, I have a niece who actually is scared of him - I told her, when you go to sleep at night, this bo-Gee-man comes and tries to steal your height...I know, I'm cruel!!! Look at her Fear as she asked me to make sure she didn't shrink!]

XD hahahahahahahahaha Rob you are awesome at making G jokes! you are so funny!
[Editor Rob: Connor it is no laughing matter for the little girl!!!...imagine at her age I showed her a picture of the Bo-Gee-Man: Do Not Click if you have a Nervous Disposition]
Connor183 says on 25/Aug/14
@Amaze ignore him mate he's an idiot.
jamieorr4 says on 25/Aug/14
bran i can't remember how tall i was at 16 probably about 5ft7
Amaze says on 25/Aug/14
@Dan 185cm I think you are 186cm. you are a solid 6'1.
Amaze says on 25/Aug/14
@GOONGI you little troll. Quit the BS and grow up. I'm 5'8.. I was 5'4.5 like 3 years ago.. What do you do all day? Go on websites and try to insult people? You fail at life brah. "My inferior presence" i for sure am a better human than you and more people like me and would prefer me on this site over immature people such as yourself. Troll.
Emil 182.5 cm says on 25/Aug/14
You have a descent chance to reach 179-180 cm
Connor183 says on 25/Aug/14
GOONGI says on 23/Aug/14
HAHA Amaze you midget stop crying about your inferior presence. How tall are you, 5'4". GOONGA

Shut up! >:O, leave Amaze alone he is'nt a "midget" at all, he's 5ft 8 that is not short at all it's barely average, i bet he's offended now by what you just called him! and actually he was talking to me not you! what gives you the right to just but in n pick on him and call him names for no good reason?! he wasn't crying" about anything! all he was saying was if he would grow a bit more he would be happy but he's not upset about it, he's fine with his height, seriously whats he ever done to you to deserve that?! >: (, and i bet because the reason you was picking on him is cos you're jealous! for all we know it might be actually you who is a midget, dont you ever pick on him again i dont take kindly to name calling, i hope you are happy with yourself jerk !
Emil 182.5 cm says on 25/Aug/14
@Dan 185cm
You're a solid 186 cm guy
Cilic says on 25/Aug/14
Hi everyone, if I am 185cm out of bed and 183cm at night and I claim to girls that my height is 185cm, will they know that I am lying, or will I be able to get away with it since I wear one inch sneakers as well? Really hope to get some responses on this. Many thanks.
new guy says on 24/Aug/14
Rob I turned 16 in mid may and I'm 5'10.5 I wanna be 6'1 flat or more is possible. Ive grown 3 inches at 15 and I dont think I'll stop growing out of nowhere after 3 inches growth
[Editor Rob: you might still have the potential, so keep up your eating/sleeping and some exercise and see what happens!]
dude1e says on 24/Aug/14
Ccan anyone help if I'm 184cm what would my shoulder height be please help
Josh says on 24/Aug/14
Rob if you could be any height, what would you choose?

I'm guessing 6'1 or 6'2?

I'm just speaking hypothetically, I get that you probably are happy as you are. So another way to ask it would be what do you consider the perfect male height?

BTW, the on going Glenn jokes are hilarious.
[Editor Rob: let's say 6ft 2 :) I think it would be a perfect height for this site aswell (getting photos).

G became that which he fears - the Height boGeyman. A creature who crawls the streets of New York at night, lurks in shadows and jumps out at strangers screaming 'I'm 5 F***ng 8'...

heck, I have a niece who actually is scared of him - I told her, when you go to sleep at night, this bo-Gee-man comes and tries to steal your height...I know, I'm cruel!!! Look at her Fear as she asked me to make sure she didn't shrink!]
grizz says on 24/Aug/14
@Dan 185 cm, neither. You should say 186 -for the most of that you're around that height.
JohnGB says on 24/Aug/14
Maybe you will grow up to 3 inches to 6', or maybe you won't grow at all. If you feel you've been a late bloomer then there's more chance you will continue to grow. If you shot up in height early on and haven't grown much recently, there is much less chance.
cole says on 24/Aug/14
Some poor misinformed soul posted this on tumblr:
Click Here

Lots of diabolical estimates there, but Tom Felton at 6'1 has to be the worst lol.
grizz says on 24/Aug/14
@Philemon, depends on many factors? How tall are your parents? Did you experience any growth spurt till now? If you have a well developed beard already, your growth is over.
truth says on 24/Aug/14
Philemon at 17 if you started puberty at an average age (12-14) you are done or at best you will grow up to 2-4cm. If you are a late bloomer (15-17) you can grow more.
Connor183 says on 24/Aug/14
Philemon says on 24/Aug/14
Hi I'm a 17 year old weigh at 134 pounds and I am 5'9 (176CM) how tall will I grow?

If your'e 176cm 5ft 9.25 now then perhaps when you turn 18 maybe you will grow to177cm, almost 5ft 10.
Amaze says on 24/Aug/14
@philemon you are a solid 5'9.25. you are pretty slim too at 134lbs/60kg/9.5 stone. you could have stopped growing, but maybe you could grow to 178 or 5 10
Philemon says on 24/Aug/14
Hi I'm a 17 year old weigh at 134 pounds and I am 5'9 (176CM) how tall will I grow?
Philemon says on 24/Aug/14
Hi I'm a 17 year old weigh at 134 pounds and I am 5'9 (176CM) how tall will I grow?
wondering says on 24/Aug/14
If I am 189.5cm in the morning and 187.5cm at night what height should I claim? At the moment I'm going with 6'2/188cm? Any thoughts on what I should claim?
Amaze says on 24/Aug/14
@Emil i just turned 17 3 months ago. I'm a solid 5'8 like rob. Yeah i do still have hope left. I would love to be your height or even a bit taller hehe.

I had a very good dream last night. I was 6ft0-2 range. I dont know which one of the lot but i felt solid tall hahaha. It felt nice being tall in a dream wish it came to reality. I was walking around and everything i was looking down on/room looked smaller haha
Dan 185cm says on 24/Aug/14
if i'm 187 cm in the morning but 185.5 cm at night,which one is my real height? should i say i'm 187cm or 185.5cm?
GOONGI says on 23/Aug/14
HAHA Amaze you midget stop crying about your inferior presence. How tall are you, 5'4". GOONGA
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 23/Aug/14
Hey Rob if you took a photo 2 two 5ft 8in guys if the 1st 5ft 8in guy wore flat shoes and the 2nd 5ft 8in guy wore Cuban heels is it possible for the 1st 5ft 8in guy can look 5ft 7in and the 2nd 5ft 8in guy too look 5ft 9.75in camera angels can make some people look shorter and taller.
[Editor Rob: of course, there are always some factors that can change heights or suddenly make the difference greater than it really is.]
Kourosh177cm says on 23/Aug/14
French Guy
New Zealand
T.1000 says on 23/Aug/14
growth chart norway boys!
Click Here
Anon183cm says on 23/Aug/14
Does anyone else find it annoying when most of your friends are about 1-2 inches taller than you? I find it frustrating, I am always looking up very slightly at them. I am a legit 6'0 they're all 6'1-6'2. It's also strange since the chances of being friends with so many people who are that height range seems small.
dude1e says on 23/Aug/14
5ft on a 6ft person?
Connor183 says on 23/Aug/14
Emil 182.5 says on 21/Aug/14
But I aint gonna change my username, although it sounds a bit stupid

Well it's up to you but i would change the 182.5 bit to at least 182.9 if not 183, im not forcing you to change it but you clearly are 6ft not 5ft 11.75.
Emil-solid6'0 says on 23/Aug/14
Amaze, how old are you?
I can tell you that I was 5'11 at my military check at 18 so you still got hope, mate :)
@Rob, I changed my username from Emil 182.5 is it ok?
[Editor Rob: you can call yourself anything you like within reason, although if I ever see a new visitor with the name 'Glenn-solid 5'8' they'll be getting banned!!!]
Cilic says on 23/Aug/14
Are guys able to get away with claiming morning height to girls since our footwear will give us back an inch which is what we lose throughout the day
RobV says on 22/Aug/14
On my last post, of course I should have added that I sometimes make clear I wear the thin insoles to divert attention form the fact that I wear bigger lifts as well!
Amaze says on 22/Aug/14
Tbh 5'9 is the bare minimum. Jamieorr4 was 5'9 at 18, he could have been like 5'8 at 17 like me for example. Then he grew to 5'10.5.
Amaze says on 22/Aug/14
@connor183 yeah lol. Heres how i think of it
Grow to 5'8.5 - ok bare minimum NO one can call me short lol.
Grow to 5'9 - ill be happy. Turned out avg
Grow to 5'9.5 - a bit happier
Grow to 5'10 - i'd be very happy
Tbh i doubt i will grow over 5'10 max but if i did id be very happy and thrilled. Being 5'11 would be something very very lucky like a miracle etc xD
Concerned 181 cm says on 22/Aug/14
If the myth about girls never wanting to get with any guy less than 6'0 and CEOs not wanting anyone among their ranks less than 6'0, then this world would look like a different place, because the average CEO height is 5'11, and less than one fifth of males are 6'0 or over. Unless those guys are solely the ones who are reproducing, and yet somehow the average stays 2-3 inches below 6'0 anyway, something doesn't add up.
Connor183 says on 22/Aug/14
@Amaze im pleased for you mate, i hope you will grow to 5ft 9 like you wanted. .' )
new guy says on 22/Aug/14
6-6'2 are perfect male height you look better in clothing.You look more attractive to girls and you will be taller than almost all of them even with high heels.anything under 5'8 is when you should start worrying about height
french guy says on 22/Aug/14

Where do you live?
Bran says on 22/Aug/14
@ JamieOrr Thats quite an impressive gain after 18th birtday 1.5 inches but it isn't as uncommon as people think. If someone in your situation never got measured at both times they would probably never realise they had grown. I think average males done by about 18-18.6 months so there must be a good 50 % who pick up height in the that range but by 19-20 i think it becomes quite a small minority. How tall were you on 16th birthday if you dont mind guessing or recolating on it, or your growth chart if you find time, would be interesting.
RobV says on 22/Aug/14
A further point on the fear about being discovered if you wear lifts. I openly make clear I use those very thin insoles, you get them in chemists/drugstores everywhere. Not raised lift type of things to add height, just a kind of slim quarter of an inch soft pad to fit in the whole of the shoe. The purpose being really to indicate that I like to wear something in my shoe for comfort. It diverts any attention away from any possible idea that you use lifts. I have never had any problems with people realising - my elevator boots are even easier, but I would advise anyone buying these NOT to leave the firm's name on the sole or inside where visible - scratch it off and/or stick another name on! - it just leaves too much to chance.
Amaze says on 22/Aug/14
my growth plates are still open after an x ray apparently. got some growing left still to do. I probably won't be finished for a while then
Kourosh177cm says on 22/Aug/14
Ally thanks for your sympathy and support. But this is not me its the society that downgraded me , made me less of a man and led me to lose confidence. What did you except when height is becoming the most important factor to describe a man. Look at this way, i was in interview and i just realized the company set height requirement which means if you are less than 6'0 tall you cannot be sales manager, CEO or head of department. Because company needs a tall bloke to represent their company and must be a person whom to be taken seriously by others. In dating woooow i think everyone knows whats the story there. Women wouldnt even given a second thought on man below 6'0 or hell even 5'11. because most women where im living are ranged from 5'6 to 5'9 and they easily can tower over me with high brother is 184 cm tall which is over 6'0. When we went to the bar, almost 9 out of 10 girls checked him out and came to him said hi. no girls even notice me because my brother was the alpha male so lucky for him. i dont want to be bothered about my height, but the way what society throws at me it makes me sad and force me to avoid people and be on my own. i dont want to be obsessed with my height but people and society making me to be it. i was thinking of leg lengthening last year but my mother stopped me and changed my mind.Yet im still thinking of doing it to be at least be as tall as my brother.
i didnt choose to be this height i had no control over it. Its not fair to discriminate people based on the things that have no control over them. sorry i talked too much.
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
Amaze i guess 5ft11 could be better than 6ft5 but sometimes i would rather 6ft5 than my own height
Emil 182.5 says on 21/Aug/14
Alright, Connor
I'll consider myself 6 foot tall then ;)
But I aint gonna change my username, although it sounds a bit stupid
Amaze says on 21/Aug/14
Jamieorr4 i agree with you on everything except 5'11 over 6'5. 6'5 is a bit too tall in my opinion but still not a bad height. Yeah for sure 5'9s better than 6'6 though
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
Amaze and Connor183 you are both lucky because i live in the North of England which is colder than the South of England
RobV says on 21/Aug/14
@ Anon I completely agree that you should always have some sort of story in reserve - 'I need these for comfort/my heels rub & blister' - if you wear lifts, just in case. And yes you should not assume that there is any guarantee that a close partner will be totally oblivious. But an inch extra is really very unlikely to be noticed. I have done it with 2"+ lifts etc since I was 19 and have just never had anyone ever realise. I even take my boots off at the airport when I am with someone, and I realise it seems weird but no-one notices, a girl/a mate/whatever. I often wonder whether it is because I am already 6'2" but I think it is also because it is only in situations where people are specifically focussed on height that they really take note. Otherwise, posture and shoes and perspective just make everyone's heights always seem so varied (the kind of thing people mention when they refer to the heights of stars on here - different shots that seem to make them look radically taller/shorter).

Surely the real problem is only when it is focussed on - stood back to back no shoes kind of thing. Just avoid that, has been my motto.
Ally says on 21/Aug/14
Kourosh177cm come on man, don't be upset, your height is normal. If you wear thick shoes you'll be around my height, which is not bad at all I think. My friend is just 165 cm and he is not really handsome, but he had like 10-12 girlfriends. All he needs is just confidence. Being tall doesnt mean that u can get any girl u like, I know many tall guys and most of them suck, cant even talk to girls. So, dont worry too much bro, you're not short, not very tall, you're fine. Don't pay attention to people that are taller than you, im sure that there are more people who are shorter than you. Be confident!
Mr.Average says on 21/Aug/14
RE: This article Click Here , most of the comments sound like they were written by shallow 17 year old girls. I wouldn't worry too much about what people have said on there. I'm sure in the real world girls don't actually think THAT brutally! Ouch.
truth says on 21/Aug/14
Jamieorr4 well, to me: 1st 6ft2, 2nd 6ft1, 3rd 6ft0, 4th 6ft3, 5th 5ft11 6th 5ft10 7th 6ft4 8th 5ft9 9th 5ft8 10th 6ft5 11th 5ft7 12th 6ft6 13th 5ft6 14th 5ft5 15th 6ft7 16th 5ft4
Connor183 says on 21/Aug/14
Im 6ft and a 1/4 and i feel my height is reasonably decent, i like my height but im still a little dissapointed with it, 6ft is good and all but 6ft 1.75-6ft 2 range is way better, id class those heights as the ideal and perfect range for men, for women id say 5ft 8.75-5ft 9, btw dont correct me saying im wrong it's just my humble opinion, at 6ft i only feel fairly tall but not that tall, i wish i could be taller, (without lifts, elevators or trainers).
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
new guy im the same height as you but atleast you can still grow because im 25
RobV says on 21/Aug/14
@ all comments saying that it is guys who are between 5'7" and 5'10" who are most obsessed with their height. Well I take your point, and if you are in that group and on this site I understand why you might think that. But actually I find that it is guys over 6' who are most aware, and certainly who comment most.

With me getting to 6'5"+ in my footwear, the guys who check out my height most and say "Wow how tall are you?" or who clearly are aware of my height, are all in the 6'-6'3" range.

I think the truth is that height is an issue for most guys in some way. A tall guy can get put out by being towered and it is an issue, guys who are, say 5'10" want to be 6', shorter guys would like to be a few inches taller. Etc. It really is a case of how you deal with it.

I just got into using lifts (and more recently elevators as well) to deal with the fact that I am well above average height at 6'2" but wanted to be a tad taller.
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
Amaze i have change my opinion bit im starting to think 6ft is better than 6ft2 mainly because of my nephew and starting to think 6ft5 is better than 5ft11 ok this is what think top 10 heights imo 1st 6ft1 2nd 6ft 3rd 6ft2 4th 6ft3 5th 6ft4 6th 6ft5 7th 5ft11 8th 5ft10 9th 5ft9 10th 6ft6
Kourosh177cm says on 21/Aug/14
rob, i have a slim frame. do you think that would give illusion to people im smaller or shorter than my actual size?
[Editor Rob: there's lots of factors. The fit of your clothes can help aswell, but a slim frame and smaller than average head is an advantage at times in creating a visual illusion.]
jamieorr4 says on 21/Aug/14
ok so i know some woman considered me tall but do you think some man would considered tall me like short man? tall woman don't considered me tall my brother in law dad considered me tall because he thought i was 6ft
Kourosh177cm says on 21/Aug/14
Dear rob is it true some people appear shorter or taller than their actual heights in pictures?
Because me and my friend are same height but i appear shorter in pictures and he appears taller. why is that?
[Editor Rob: maybe he has loose posture or just his proportions (head size/body shape) can make it appear he's shorter?]
Kourosh177cm says on 21/Aug/14
Zoro Says on 20/Aug/14
cause you feel "almost there" majority of ppl are so close, but they still taller;

Thats true zoro thats where i get mad and upset about my height.
Cilic says on 21/Aug/14
Are guys able to get away with claiming morning height to girls since our footwear will give us back an inch which is what we lose throughout the day
Anon says on 21/Aug/14
@ Robv. The comparison you make with height and bodybuilding is a good one because they are both 'ego' related, and both the perceptions of height and muscle size can be distorted and easily influenced by the opinion of peers or society.

@ X5. Each to their own, if you want to embark on lift wearing and you enjoy doing it then why not. Robv makes an interesting point about insoles and it's true that most people won't notice if you wear them. The only thing I would say is despite it being true that women are less likely to notice lifts than men, if they are your close relatives or long term partner, or if they are someone that knows what your normal height looks like then it is more likely they just might notice, it's only a slight risk, but you shouldn't think everyone will be oblivious to it. And if someone does notice worst of all if it's your girlfriend then it could come across as being insecure to them. In that case it is advisable to wear elevator shoes instead of insoles or just pass the insoles off as 'comfort cushions for your shoes' if someone asks - (supposing they are made of silicone or gel) ..then you have a backup story which covers you. You can also get special shoes for walkers that have 1.5 to 2 inch heels which are specifically designed in order to cushion the feet for comfort. Unfortunately such is the culture we live in that women are accepted for being a bit insecure and are allowed to wear large high heals, but it's frowned upon for men to wear insoles. Confidence trumps everything in women's eyes. Still. Once a man gets to 6'0 he no longer needs to even consider wearing lifts in my opinion. Why would you want to be taller when you are already tall? One height will always appear better compared to another height depending on the height of the individual viewing it right? And that's what is significant ..especially if we are talking about the already tall 6'0 and over range.

I've also brought this point up about the Netherlands before in a previous post ..the tallest country in the world they may be, but in my opinion they are not as heightist as many other european countries are. Maybe because they have too much height and they know it. Here in the U.K and I'm sure in the U.S as well, people are more shallow about height than the Dutch. I'm 184cm and I never had any problems attracting Dutch girls when I lived in The Netherlands, I'm now in a long term relationship with a Dutch girl. Not one person mentioned my height negatively. I'm also alright looking but I'm not exactly Leonardo DiCaprio. For any guy that likes sweet decent girls then they might be interested to know that there are lots of Dutch girls in rural Holland that are crazy about horses and horse riding, and as everyone knows it's better not to be too tall if you like riding horses. Guys that are 5'10 and 5'11 will not struggle to attract these average height 5'7 to 5'8 Dutch girls. And they are possibly the most beautiful girls in the world, don't believe me? Visit the rural Netherlands (anywhere but Amsterdam) and you will quickly realise that nearly every girl is slim and beautiful. The first time I visited rural Holland I was hooked. And what's more they all speak English very well so you don't need to learn any Dutch, although memorising a few Dutch phrases might help you endear to them.
Bob says on 20/Aug/14
How tall could I be? My dad is 5'6. My mom is 5'1. I'm currently 16 and 5'7.25 (171cm) barefoot. I also started puberty at 13 and never had a growth spurt. My 14 year old brother (an early bloomer) is more puberty mature than me (He shot up to 5'4 at 11 years old). He is now 5'7.5 barefoot and his growth plates are still open.(X-ray)

Could I possibly be 5'10 or at least 5'9.5?
new guy says on 20/Aug/14
I dont feel short in school or in stores im 5'10.5 and 6 feet in my shoes and im barely 16.All the guys on the site who complain about being 6-6'2 must not be cause all my friends who are 6 feet love their height
truth says on 20/Aug/14
@Emil I know a 5ft5 dude who thinks I am 6ft0-6ft1, I am 5ft10 at low by the way lol.

Also the lowest I have been guessed was 5ft8 by some women (women and short men have the most terrible guesses). But more or less 5ft10, followed by 5ft11 and 5ft9, which are quite near or accurate.
Connor183 says on 20/Aug/14
@Emil 182.5 cm your'e not 182cm you are 6 foot!
Amaze says on 20/Aug/14
Jamieorr4 hey bud
Im curious to know now what you think the perfect height is.
Can you write it
And then write top 10 heights etc in your opinion
Amaze says on 20/Aug/14
@emil thats funny lol
If i wake up at 175, then if i get in my trainers ill be 178 for awhile or a strong 5'10! Then ill go down to 176 after an hour or two - solid 5'9. Connor if you wake up and put trainers on your 6'2.
Emil 182.5 cm says on 20/Aug/14
I met a dude once around 1.57/5'2 who thought I was 6'5 lmfao
Zoro says on 20/Aug/14
Kourosh I'm practically same height as you, 177.9 right out of bed and I end the day usually at 176.3
I live in north Italy and feel overall solid average, but among young males (18-30) I am maybe a little under, like the average is 1cm above my height, while when I was in south Italy I felt solid average even between youngsters

Btw I agree when u say that men between 5'7/5'8 to 5'10 are usually the most obsessed with height, maybe 'cause ppl under that mark recognize themselves as short, accepting this fact and focusing on more relevant things, managing to forget about height
In fact for me the most frustrating phase of my growth was when I went from 170 to 175, 'cause you feel "almost there", majority of ppl are so close, but they still taller; and also 'cause I spent so much time from 5'7 to 5'9, at least 2 years (before that my growth was way faster)
Emil 182.5 cm says on 20/Aug/14
People usually estimate me around 185-86 cm :-). When I tell I'm 1.82 they get rather shocked lol
cole says on 20/Aug/14
@Emil 182.5cm: 182,5-6 cm is nearer 183 than 182 cm, so you can claim 183 cm.
jamieorr4 says on 20/Aug/14
Kourosh177cm your welcome mate(:
jamieorr4 says on 20/Aug/14
Kourosh177cm your welcome mate(:
Connor183 says on 20/Aug/14
@Emil 182.5 cm says on 20/Aug/14
Hehe thanks for the words, Connor :).
However, it might be a bit of a stretch if I claimed 6 foot, unless you consider yourself a strong 6 foot.. Connor, your absolute lowest is my usual low, right?

Yes im a strong 6 footer, i measure 183.5cm, 6ft 0.25 in midday and usually just 183cm at worst but sometimes it can be 182.9cm though it's quite rare for me to measure just flat 6ft in the evening but 183cm is usually my normal low, i think it's fair for me to go with 6ft 0.25 since im only 5mm under it at worst, if someone was to ask how tall i am id say "6ft and a quarter" or 6ft and a bit" or "just over 6ft" and yes my absolute lowest can be 182.5-182.6cm but thats also rare for me to measure that low, you are just six foot not over it nor under it.
Amaze says on 20/Aug/14
@truth im the same as rob strong 5'8 barefoot yeah i could say 5'9.5 in shoes

5'9 tall? You from asia?
poor says on 20/Aug/14
187~88cm is very very good height imo..
it's a male models height..perfect height for tenis, soccer, etc sports..
I think 188cm male, 174cm female is perfect height..
powerla says on 20/Aug/14
in my country (average 170-172cm)
150cm dwarf
155cm very short
160cm solid short
165cm short
170cm average
175cm tall
180cm solid tall
185cm very tall
190cm basketball player
truth says on 20/Aug/14
@Amaze If you are over 176cm flat in sneakers you can say 5ft9.5 in sneakers 5ft9.25 is only 175.7cm so 175.5cm not a full 176cm. Depends if you are more 172.5cm ( a flat 5ft8) or 173cm (5ft8.25 or a strong 5ft8) like Rob.
JohnGB says on 20/Aug/14
Emil182.5 says on 19/Aug/14
If I measure 184.3 out of bed, 183.3 midday, usual low 182.5-182.6 cm and Extreme low 182.1-182.2 should I just claim 'weak' 6 foot?
If on an average day you are only 2-3mm below 6ft at worst, then I don't see why that doesn't count as a normal 6 footer. I am approximately the same height (184.5 - 182.5) and I consider myself 6ft, since in the mid afternoon I walk around at exactly 6 feet tall. To claim otherwise seems just wrong.
jamieorr4 says on 20/Aug/14
Amaze yes im about 182cm or 183cm in shoes
grizz says on 20/Aug/14
Emil 182.5 , you can easily claim 183 cm. 182.6 cm is closer to 183 cm than 182. Plus, I bet many people are mighty surprised when you tell them 182-they always picture you as someone who's at least 6ft1, right?
Emil 182.5 cm says on 20/Aug/14
Hehe thanks for the words, Connor :).
However, it might be a bit of a stretch if I claimed 6 foot, unless you consider yourself a strong 6 foot.. Connor, your absolute lowest is my usual low, right?
Kourosh177cm says on 20/Aug/14
Jamieorr4 says on 19/Aug/14
Kourosh 177cm Imo your not short your a weak average imo but still i understand why you feel short though guys over 6ft is quite common nowdays

woow my friend you just summarized my whole obsession with my height in 1 sentence :). You are so right every time i'm walking down in street or shopping malls, airports and gym, i see at least 6 people out of 10 are taller than me and i look at them they are all 6'0 and above. I feel solid average among elderly but with the young generation im shortish. Im 24 years old. I measured my height again in the morning im 177.8 but i round it up to 178cm, and late night im 176.3 cm. Its true men between 5'8 to 5'10 are most obsessed with their heights so im not an exception :). but again thank you for your support and comments it meant alot to me.
Boom10 says on 19/Aug/14
Rob did you know when is the age when you stop growing ? Because all my clasmates have the same height since 1 or 2 years ago and they have 14 years old and they are on 5'5-5'7 range one of them is like 5'11 .and im 13 and im on 5'8-5'10 range can i have the same problem of my classmates because i want to get to 6'2-6'3 range
[Editor Rob: a good majority of men stop at age 18, there is a small minority who might still gain height till 21 but it is small. A lot will be done by 16 aswell.]
Amaze says on 19/Aug/14
@jamieorr4 maybe you were little of a late bloomer or genes etc. 1.5" or 4cm still good though. You went from lower average to slightly above higher average. In shoes it would add 3 cm so you would be 182cm. Like im 173cm now my shoes and trainers add 3cm so im a solid 5'9.25 or 176cm in them. Your just under 6' in ur shoes
Emil182.5 says on 19/Aug/14
Emil182.5 says on 19/Aug/14
If I measure 184.3 out of bed, 183.3 midday, usual low 182.5-182.6 cm and Extreme low 182.1-182.2 should I just claim 'weak' 6 foot?
[Editor Rob: saying 'about 6ft' is probably easier, but you are from Germany right? Do you not say cm values more than feet/inches?]

Im Danish. I just say 182, but If an American/British person asked I'd say 'about' 6 foot then
jamieorr4 says on 19/Aug/14
Kourosh177cm also height has noting to do with being a man or being tough also there will always be someone who is taller than you unless your the world tallest man
Connor183 says on 19/Aug/14
Rob at 183.5cm could i also say im a weak 184.0cm or almost 184cm?
[Editor Rob: if you are speaking in metric, then the 'almost' tag is good aswell. Yes, you could say that.
Connor183 says on 19/Aug/14
@Emil182.5 if you measure 182.5-182.6cm at your normal low then you are a legit 6 footer, 182.6-5 is only 3-4mm under it at worst, you should change your username to Emil182.9, your'e a flat/regular 6 footer, if i were you id claim 182.9cm or 183cm, you are not nearly 6ft that's taking your absolute low which is'nt accurate, your'e real height is the one you are throughout the afternoon, you are 6ft but just not a strong 6ft.
jamieorr4 says on 19/Aug/14
Kourosh 177cm Imo your not short your a weak average imo but still i understand why you feel short though guys over 6ft is quite common nowdays but still if your fully grown then you need to accept your height and be happy for who are you. you need to learn to be confident beside height doesn't really matter personality that matters and ignore anyone who calls you short they are stupid and immature idiots
Emil182.5 says on 19/Aug/14
If I measure 184.3 out of bed, 183.3 midday, usual low 182.5-182.6 cm and Extreme low 182.1-182.2 should I just claim 'weak' 6 foot?
[Editor Rob: saying 'about 6ft' is probably easier, but you are from Germany right? Do you not say cm values more than feet/inches?]
RobV says on 19/Aug/14
To those who suggest that a girl will notice if you add an inch to your normal height in shoes.

You can only really say that if you have never done it, I promise you. You may have missed the point that almost everyone adds height when they have their shoes on, and everyone allows for that, instinctively. So you cannot say that someone is adding two new inches when one of those inches is the normal shoes. Every time you put your boots on you are not thinking "will I get away with the inch in extra height I have wearing these boots/ shoes?"

It's very easy - just try it even with your regular partner/ girlfriend or with anyone who knows you, male or female, and you can see for yourself the (total lack of) reaction.

This is how it happened with me when I got into lifts and elevators. OK I start out at 6'2", but it honestly is amazing - it may also be that women's tendency to wear all different height heels skews their perception.
jamieorr4 says on 19/Aug/14
rob your right 6ft is a ideal height gald your happy with your height though Amaze i Don't how it happened but i did grow from 175cm to 179cm from 18 to 19
(S)aint 6'1 says on 19/Aug/14
For Caucasian Men under 30 and above 18 when Im walking around downtown. This is what I see:
5'8" and below is short 5'6" being really short
5'9" Borderline average
5'10" and 5'11" average
6' borderline tall
6'1" and above is tall with 6'3" being really tall
RobV says on 19/Aug/14
@ Anon. You make the good point that 'ideal height' MUST vary according to the perspective you have, and the culture you are in/heights around you. There is one helluva difference between your perception if you are a guy in India or China set against the Netherlands or parts of what used to be Yugoslavia. In the latter two you probably would think that only a guy who is over 6'3" is 'tall'.

There has been lots of recent reference to this with body shape for men as well. In the UK there is so much endless media coverage in the popular press of guys who have built massive bodies as if this were the ideal/norm (like George Kay, David McIntosh etc), that kids going to the gym take this as a kind of start point. Not so long ago, that start point was way less - just look at those old-time bodybuilders pre-steroid days. Rightly or wrongly, what is set in front of you as a standard for an ideal affects your perception.

Although you can't affect height in the same way, the principle is similar in how you judge what is ideal/desirable.
RobV says on 19/Aug/14
Custom elevators - does anyone know where to get really good and fashionable custom elevators made? Like by a younger designer who really understands the concept and can make for that market? I have found, until relatively recently, that most firms that do custom boots and shoes generally are rather old fashioned, and certainly not for a younger market in styling.
RobV says on 19/Aug/14
@ X5. You ask if a girl will notice if a 6' barefoot guy adds an insole of 1" to get to 6'2" when including a standard 1" sports shoe. No way will she notice. You are just adding an inch to how you would normally look in boots/shoes. I do much more than that and have never ever been rumbled. Simple reason - most women wear heels - and these add way more height than any elevator or lift. This means that women's perception of others' heights can be skewed so much that the odd inch will not even feature on the radar.

And as you are 6' already (I am 6'2" and I add height), all you are really doing is capitalising on and ramming home your advantage. Just don't drop the insole out of the shoe or be self conscious about it or tell: we are still at the stage where women can openly indulge in 'fakery' of all sorts while with men there is a mild to medium stigma about enhancement. You could never tell anyone "I add a bit of height", where a woman can all the time wear the highest heels and platform combo openly.

I am telling you I honestly get away with 3" in additional height (in the right boots/shoes). Just do what you do confidently with 1" and it will not be an issue. Interested to hear how you get on!
Kourosh177cm says on 19/Aug/14
Dear amaze and jamiore44 thanks for your support and nice comments. But i cant help myself every time i see a guy who is taller than me ( doesnt matter if it is an inch or 5) i start to get jealous and i feel like im less of a man than him. I lose confidence :(. i need to work on that it sucks to be short :'(.
Bran says on 19/Aug/14
Your the one person on this site i never appear to agree with; i respect that you have your opinion and you struggle with things and i do consider that but it's bad enough going from 6ft 1/2 to 6ft to 6ft.25 and etc without saying stuff like 5ft8 isnt even shortish, but you've argued a million times for 6ft being tall. 5ft10 is defiantly average as studies show, 5ft8 is equivalant to 6ft, what dont you understand about that, 5ft9-11 is average range in Uk nowadays. Whys it matter how amaze would look with a 6 footer, it immaterial !!
grizz says on 19/Aug/14
X5, unless she's blindly in love with you, of course she will.
truth says on 19/Aug/14
187cm is 6ft1.75 or a weak 6ft2
Anon says on 19/Aug/14
@ X5. Yes I think it's a noticeable difference, you don't want to add more than a 1/2 inch insole if you're wearing 1 inch shoes. The only time you would wear a 1 inch insole is when you're wearing converse shoes or something. If someone is paying attention they will likely notice. But you shouldn't need to wear any lifts at 6'0 it's a great height. People start to get the physically big chunky head on their shoulders around 6'2 anyway ..I'm not saying it's a bad height, but it does come with a chunky head which in my opinion aesthetically is a slight negative.
Amaze says on 19/Aug/14
@Connor183 thanks man aha, yeah man i agree now with what you said hehe.

I'm a 5'8 guy and its not that bad its ok i guess. Im a lightweight though - 122lbs(lost some weight returning here because i dont eat as much as i did there lol) your height is a weak tall but its still tall. I would love it but 6'0-6'2.5 imo my ideal range. But 5'11 is still good, 5'10 is good too. 5'9 is okayish too.

@jamieorr4 so at 18 you were 5'9 or 175cm
You grew after to 5'10.5 or 179cm. You grew 1.5" or 4cm. Thats pretty good growth after 18 hehe. I wonder how tall i will be at 19
X5 says on 19/Aug/14
Do you think a girl will notice the discrepancy in height when a 6ft guy goes barefooted if he usually uses a 1 inch insole + a thick sports shoe of 1 inch to increase his height to 6foot2. Hope to hear some responses from you guys.
shrinking angel as a secret shrinking violet says on 19/Aug/14
i think dating people shorter than you is different preferences. if you are lets say 5'11 and your boyfriend is 5'6-7-8 I think it all depends on what you're comfortable with. I happen to be a girl who is 5'9 1/2. my possible new boyfriend is 6ft. I think that boys either your height or taller best suits a tall girl. saying your not 6ft yourself. but maybe. but like I said it all depends on what you're comfortable with. if you don't mind dating a short girl or boy then go right ahead to heck with what anyone else. if he treats you how you deserve to be treated as a lady then that's all that matters. if hes sweet and kind and loving then to heck with his height and peoples judgment. but u have to be ok with it too of course. anyway just thought I would share my opinion :) hope it helps
MrTBlack says on 19/Aug/14
187cm isn't 6'2". It's 6'1.5".
Anon says on 19/Aug/14
I think 5'4 and under is the point when a man will really struggle with his height in Europe. 5'5 and 5'6 are short, however, somewhat o.k in the sense that there are just about enough women shorter than those heights, but it's still a difficult height to be in general. 5'7 and 5'8 are the heights that people often have issues with but really shouldn't as you'll still be taller than the majority of women for sure. And 5'9 and 5'10 is the point of decent enough height, when you are no longer defined by your height as either good or bad and it's totally fine, it's the start of when there are more important factors to be concerned about than height, you may think it's still an issue but rationally speaking it's just not, lots of people think it's better to be tall but the reality is it's really not that big of a deal. I keep on bringing up the northern Netherlands because I find their perspective interesting. I can imagine an average range 6'2 guy thinking if only I was 6'3 that would be great. And the ideal height is 6'5 yeah people are really lucky to be that height - (the equivalent of 6'2 in England/U.S.A). 6'0 - 6'2.5 is the best height range in my opinion, absolutely no more than that. But Mr. 6'2 Dutchie might have a touch of the height neurosis which given that 6'2 is the equivalent of 5'11 in the north it's somewhat understandable. That's hilarious. The same way that Mr. 5'10 Indian or Chinese man is truly the 'big guy' in their countries, but take them to the northern Netherlands and they're truly the 'little guy'. It's wake up time. Also take Mr. ideal 6'5 northern Dutchie and put him in India or China and he'll literally be the circus freak. So now what is the ideal height to be hey??
jamieorr4 says on 18/Aug/14
bran also i stop at 19 or maybe 19 in half
jamieorr4 says on 18/Aug/14
bran to honest im not sure what my night height i might have measure myself in at 178cm or just still 179cm i also myself in moring at 5ft11 and i got by a doctor at 179cm around about in afternoon well i was 18 i was only 175cm
Amaze says on 18/Aug/14
Kourosh in sneakers you must be 180 or 5'11. Atleast your near 6'. Dont be insecure. Stand up straight look forward. Alot of people get worse deals. Yeah sure you didnt get the perfect height but you still ended up ok. Wear sneake
anothernickname says on 18/Aug/14
who cares if you're not the tallest guy. 5 ft 9- 6 ft 1 is a very good range. Fuc@ that bitc%@$ who want a determined height in a man. Has other important things.
Connor183 says on 18/Aug/14
@Amaze yeah im sure you will grow but at 5ft 8 your'e not small mate trust me dont sell yourself short, you would look average-average-ish height with me, dont believe me? then look at the pics of Rob with Alex whos a solid 6 footer i mean 6ft is tall yes but it ain't that tall, it is only 4 inches above 5ft 8 so id say it's only a weak towering difference or almost towering, 6ft isnt really a big height, with 6ft 1 guys you'd probably look on the shortish side, with 6ft 2 you would appear small since 6 inches is the start of towering but you aint short or even shortish, 5ft 7 id defo class that as shortish, you are fine at 5ft 8, it really is not a bad height, the only times you should feel small is with 6ft 2 guys or taller, but with me? nah you would look fine. : )
jamieorr4 says on 18/Aug/14
Kourosh177cm learn to be happy just think why should i be unhappy because of something i Can't control
jamieorr4 says on 18/Aug/14
rob so your happy with your own height ok
[Editor Rob: while being over 6ft is a desirable height, not everybody can be tall. If someone offered me 5 extra inches or a 5% increase in intelligence, I'd take the latter.]
Kourosh177cm says on 18/Aug/14
i'm so insecure about my height :(. i wish i could do something to stop it.
Bran says on 18/Aug/14
I wouldn't suggest most people get 3-5 inches from 15th birthday. I became fasicinated by height at about 14-15 and begun to note many people's heights accurately then. From then till now with most of us 18-20 age range i would pronuce 3-5 inches is only what later bloomers would achieve from 15. I think Truth mentioned 2.5-3 inch, in which i would agree although i would suggest thats the growth pattern of someone on the later side or someone who's done well. I would expect the average 15 year old boy too grow to be two inches taller as an adult.
I think it's highly unlikely you will lose a full inch; if you 5ft10 flat at night morning heights likely to be 5ft10.7/8 and 5ft10-10.25 is more your height. But if you are certain of your 5ft11 morning height i would say 5ft10.5 is fair for you as you would probabaly still be 5ft10.3 at your low and abit above most day howtall were you 18th birthday, and when did you stop growing, i ask because i remember you saying but ive forgot now, cheers.
Kourosh177cm says on 18/Aug/14
sal84 where do you live ? giant land? lol

zoro i tend to underestimate people's height from distance. When i see a guy from far, im like hes probably 5'8 or 5'9. When he gets closer i found he is actually a good 6 footer. Sometimes when i see a person from distance , im like i'm shorter than him by 2 inches but when i get close to him im actually taller. I get that too.
Amaze says on 18/Aug/14
@Connor183 you live in rossington right? that's like a 3 hour drive from me.
my height, 5'8". hmm its not bad but not good. yeah I guess a accurate way to describe it is to call it an ok height. i'd just say ok though. I still feel kinda small though, met my 5'8 friend yday after a long time and we were eye level, and I looked slightly taller. I just wanna be like you in height lol but yeah I hope I get taller soon
Amaze says on 18/Aug/14
@zoro I agree
@new guy your friend is very lucky lol.

@ben I reckon you'll be atleast 5'7 yeah. I predict 5'8ish tho

oh yeah they could, my maternal gdad is the same as yours in height., hmm maybe, lets see how tall you are this time next year. 5'8-9 range maybe yeah

@sal84, lol your very tall! and your bro is very very tall like near giant... lol you should feel very tall, 6'5 is near extreme/mega tall. 6'6 is mega/extreme tall.
Kourosh177cm says on 18/Aug/14
(S)aint 6'1 says on 17/Aug/14
Has anyone else noticed that people look a little taller when you look at them from behind. I guess it because you can't see their eye line.

im 177cm when i see my 172cm friend from behind or back of his head , it gives me illusion hes as tall as me or im as short as him. But when i stand next to him i see the difference.
Mathew says on 17/Aug/14
Ben says on 16/Aug/14
Im 15 and im only 5'5 , my father is 5'3 does that mean i wont grow anymore ? Can i expect to be at least 5'8 or 5'9 ?


It's hard to say. You could wind up at 5'10" or stay at 5'5". I'd imagine most guys your age reach 5'7" - 5'8" if you're 5'5" at 15, but it depends on if you're an early maturer, average, or late to mature.
Josh says on 17/Aug/14
Hey Rob, when I am measuring my own height against my bedroom door I come out at 178.75cm at my absolute lowest ( after about 14 hours of standing), but when I use my gym stadiometer I come out at 179.3 cm, again at my absolute lowest height. The thing is, when I measure against my bedroom door I am holding a ring binder type file above my head with both my hands to mark the height reading, is this action of holding my hands above my head causing an error in my height reading? I obviously don't have to do the same thing at the gym stadiometer and I get a higher height by more than half a cm. Or is my gym stadiometer just wrong? I have measured my bedroom door distances about 100 times, they are definitely correct.

Great site by the way Rob . cheers.
16 says on 17/Aug/14
For me the ideal height is 6ft2 for a man and 5ft8 for a woman

in my country being measured a little above 183cm in the morning and between 183 and 182 cm through out the day I feel pretty tall sometimes and sometimes I feel just a little above average .... I never felt my self short by any means and in my school I'm taller the most of the students at my age only 7 or 8 boys are taller than me
Sal84 says on 17/Aug/14
Both me and my younger brother tower over everyone in my family. Me being 6'5 and my brother being 6'7. I've had people be way off on their estimates for my height. I get the usual you're 6ft?! Right?! I politely tell them they are way off. I've always felt average in school since most of my friends were above 6'1..
Ben says on 17/Aug/14
Thanks @amaze and @truth , now i know i'll be at least 5'7 (it's not short for the parents i have) could my maternal grandfather's genes make me grow a little bit more cause he's 6ft , he was 6'1 younger , could it help me to reach 5'9
Connor183 says on 17/Aug/14
@Amaze i think your height is ok
new guy says on 17/Aug/14
@ben I have a friend who had a 5'8 dad and 5'2 mom he turned out to be 6'1 and at 16 could still be growing he sleeps 8 hours minimum which is the key to getting taller.
Amaze says on 17/Aug/14
@truth i know several people at 15 who grew alot
E.g. 5'7 at 15 now at 17 hes 6'0
5'3 to 5'8
And 5'4 to 5'7
Most people i know prob 3-5 inches yeah
Zoro says on 17/Aug/14
I noticed that I tend to underestimate my height when watching something/someone from a distance greater than 2.5-3mt. I have the perception that my eyelevel is at a certain point, but after getting close to the object of my observation, I realize that my true eyelevel it's like 1.5 inches above what I thought.

That makes me feel around 5'8 while I'm above 5'9, kinda awkward
jamieorr4 says on 17/Aug/14
rob whats your ideal height?
[Editor Rob: I've said this before, but I am happy to take the height I have...I might not have had as much interest in the topic if I kept growing after 14! Then I might be working in some office and not be able to work as I please.

If I was an ideal height like 6ft 1-2, you might have ended up with no celebheights site...and one of the other clones might have taken over. Or...G might have been the guy running the height site :(]
(S)aint 6'1 says on 17/Aug/14
Has anyone else noticed that people look a little taller when you look at them from behind. I guess it because you can't see their eye line.
jamieorr4 says on 17/Aug/14
Connor183 i have be guess at 6ft which was quite common and about one person guess at 6ft1 and some even guess 6ft2 for reason but the bad thing is i have also had one person guess 5ft7 i think one said 5ft8 and 5ft9 unfortunately it was common one said 5ft9.5 5ft10 was quite common and about 2 people guess 5ft11 the most common guess i would say is 6ft and 5ft9 and maybe 5ft10 i don't think anyone has guess at 5ft10.5 which is my real height although in the moring im 5ft11 and at night i think im just 5ft10 flat and in shoes im 6ft
truth says on 17/Aug/14
well Ben at 15 on average you do not have much left, on average for young guys I knew grew about 2.5 to 3 inches. At least you can grow to 5ft7 but at most 5ft8-9, nothing over 5ft9. I was a strong 5ft7 at your age, 5ft10 at 18.
Amaze says on 17/Aug/14
jamieorr4 yes I say ashtons 6'2.5-75 area. defo 6'3 in footwear. I think channing tatum is 6 ft.
@connor when I was 5'6.5 some teacher guessed me at 5'4 or 5. I had very very bad posture. it annoyed me a lot
now at 5'8 well my family say yeah ur 5'8 but my friends dont say anythin . still think 5'8 isn't good etc they wonder if or when ill be like my bro
Amaze says on 17/Aug/14
@ben how tall is your mother? never forget your mothers height...
at 15 yes you should grow more, 5'7 minimum
I think you will be 5'8-9 range max coz of very short dad, whats your mothers tho

I have 5'11 dad 5'4 mum, at 15 I was 5'5.75, now at 17 i'm 5'8.
JohnGB says on 17/Aug/14
@Aaron183cm says on 15/Aug/14
Do you guys who are 6'0 ever get people who think that you must be taller than 6ft when you tell them your height?


Yeah quite often. It's embarrassing though when they are quite insistent about it, because they are deluded about their own height or the height of someone close to them. For example if someone thinks they are 5'11 but you're like 3 or 4 inches taller than them, and you say you're 6ft... You're asking for trouble really. It's easiest to pretend not to know your own height exactly, than to shatter their delusion.

People usually guess me at 6'2 or 6'1
Ted says on 17/Aug/14
Its funny if u meet someone who in evening is your morning height. Becos you see how you would look if u lost no height during the day.
I actually think i would lok tall if i was 6'1 all the time.
Caesar says on 17/Aug/14
I think people overestimate other peoples Height alot. Especially when going down the street.
Ben says on 16/Aug/14
Im 15 and im only 5'5 , my father is 5'3 does that mean i wont grow anymore ? Can i expect to be at least 5'8 or 5'9 ?
Emil 182.5 cm says on 16/Aug/14
@French guy
Either your eyes are at your chin or you just ain't 183 cm
jamieorr4 says on 16/Aug/14
Amaze actually i doubt ashton Kutcher is under 6ft2.5 even 6ft3 wouldn't shock me
jamieorr4 says on 16/Aug/14
Amaze sorry i do know channing tatum i just forgot his name i say 182cm or 183cm and ashton Kutcher at 6ft2 or 6ft2.5
jamieorr4 says on 16/Aug/14
Amaze i don't know who channing tatum is
Connor183 says on 16/Aug/14
@Amaze well he was short-shortish about 5ft 6-7 range so that must be why he thought i was 6ft 6, but i know it's such a crazy claim, no man at 6ft should be over estimated by that much! at 6ft, people generally guess me at 6ft 1, 6ft 2, i mean i know im tall but im only just a normal size tall guy but im no where near extremely tall, 6ft is quite tall but not that tall, also Amaze it's annoying when you tell a person(s) your height and they disagree with you and think your much taller or shorter than what you really are, did that ever happen to you? but ive never been guessed shorter before though i guess being estimated shorter is hell of a lot worse wouldn't you agree? id rather want to be estimated taller than shorter!.
Ed91 says on 16/Aug/14
Hi Rob do you know if height change through the day and if some factors can influence like being tired (compression of the disk) or after sport ?
[Editor Rob: yes our heights vary...the average is around 1.9cm from out of bed till evening or the low point.

During the night your discs can recuperate and absorb fluid. Then during the day, the effect of gravity/force/stress on your discs mean some fluid then seeps and so the thickness of each disc decreases very slightly.]
jamiecorr4 says on 16/Aug/14
Amaze i don't know about 6ft2 or 6ft2.5 ted i agree
lucky says on 16/Aug/14
i think best height is 189-191cm
Amaze says on 16/Aug/14
jamieorr4 how tall do you think ashton Kutcher is? and how tall is channing tatum in ur opinion too?

imo id like to be like one of them I dont mind
Ted says on 16/Aug/14
I think that 6'1" is the start of tall. I am a weak 6'1. so end up abt 184 evenings. I measured my nephew who is a strong 6'1 in evening. He does appear tall. And he stacks up well againts his strong 6'3 father and 6'4 uncles. So I no longer think 6'2 is tart of tall.
Kourosh177cm says on 16/Aug/14
im 177cm and with shoes on 178 5'10. people never guessed me over 5'10 let it alone 6'0.
Amaze says on 16/Aug/14
My brothers bro in law is 5'10 only(178cm) and gets guessed at 6-6'1.. His own father guesses him at 6' and thinks my bro is 6'2-3 range... And when 5'10 people get guessed at 6' or more they generally go along with it and accept it then they think that 5'10 is a 6 footer.
Amaze says on 16/Aug/14
@connor183 trust me bro. my bro is similar to you and when my friends saw him at parents evening. wow your bros a solid tall guy! 6'2 is he? when I said 6footer they were like no way bro he's atleast a 6'1 or 6'1.5. 6'0 is just pushing it. I said naaah man hes 6'. lol trust me 6 ft is tall enough already, how can you be estimated 6 6 that's nuts!!
Ally says on 16/Aug/14
Rob is it just me or do we all look shorter when we see ourselves in the mirror? When I look at the mirror I look at myself like I would look at 5'9 guy in real life. I'm 5'11(181cm)
Izayah says on 15/Aug/14
Im 6 ft 5 and 16 considering when I'm in public I tower over people but when I play let's such as basketball and rugby there is usually people a lot taller than me, but being 197 cm has its perks :)

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