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Josh said on 26/Jul/16
Imperial College London published results of a 100 year study into human height this week in the elife journal, ( Click Here ).The research team, which included almost 800 scientists and was in collaboration with the World Health Organization, used data from a wide range of sources, including military conscription data, health and nutrition population surveys, and epidemiological studies. They used these to generate height information for 18-year-olds in 1914 (who were born in 1896) through to 18-year-olds in 2014 (who were born in 1996).
Loads of interesting stuff in there but officially as of 2014 "Dutch men are the tallest on the planet, with an average height of 182.5cm (5ft 11.85). Latvian women are the tallest on the planet, with an average height of 170cm " , "The top four tallest countries for men are the Netherlands, Belgium, Estonia and Latvia. The top four tallest countries for women are Latvia, the Netherlands, Estonia and the Czech Republic"

Uk men are 31st in the world (average height 5ft 9) and those from the USA are 37th! Interesting stuff
James B said on 25/Jul/16
Johan said on 24/Jul/16
James B said on 23/Jul/16
Johan -I don't agree that 6'6 is extremely rare. I live in quite a small community in the south of England and I have seen guys in that range in my town centre and infact I saw 3 people who were over 6'5 yesterday.

I think 6'7 is the cut off though because where I live its a lot harder to find people that height compared to how many 6'3-6'6 guys I see around.

@James B

At 5ft 7 how can you tell the difference between 6ft 4 and 6ft 6 in person? When you have almost a foot of difference in height.

The reason I know that legit 6ft 6 is rare is because those guys tower me and that happens rarely.

Guys who are 6'3" I reach the end of their nose (eyelevel), 6ft 5 Im looking at their chin and its when they are 6'6" it feels like they are a full head bigger.

Its true I have friends who are 6'8-6'11" but those guys are extremely rare. Most of the time when Im walking around or at an event the tallest guys are 6'4-6'5".

Johan- I am actually 5'7.75 (5'8 or a little more in the Nike trainers I wear when I go out in public)
Canson said on 25/Jul/16
@Peter179cm: I'm about as tall as I'd want to be but yea it's a nice height. A cool height lol. I close business for the day usually right at a solid 194cm and ideal for me is where I am but don't think I'd want to be over maybe the 195 range. I've seen the whole spectrum as I'm 196 out of bed (which isn't terrible either def manageable but once over this it can become burdensome). I can also get into 193 range some days if lifting etc and have gotten almost to 6'4 flat in the last year. I'd be as cool with 193 just as I am 194. But legit 6'5 guys 196 don't have big problems and even 197 don't have a ton but in my honest opinion for a really taller height you wouldn't wanna be above that. I mean 197 guys (esp at their lowest) get limited on shoe selection and even more so for 198+.
Johnson said on 25/Jul/16
I am very skeptical about mugshotp pictures due to the angle. This is Paul Newman in the army

Click Here

This is me: about 175.5 cm tall at the moment in the picture. Different shots.

I have 5 marks on the Wall: 180 cm, 178 cm, 175 cm, 168 cm, 165 cm, 160 cm

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Joe said on 25/Jul/16
@ TheDude
There are several possibilities.

1) Most likely, your height recognition wasn't as accurate as you think. Have a look at the picture below.
Click Here
2) You wore flatter shoes compared to other people there on that day.
3) Game fans (at least in Spain) are either taller than other social groups, or having a culture to wear lifts for some reason.
4) Your precise barefoot height measurement is shorter than your statement.

btw, Spanish average height you mentioned are all "self-reported" height (National Health Survey only collects what respondents write down). The "measured" average young Spanish height given by a relatively reliable source is 175.3cm (Instituto de Biomecánica de Valencia in 2013, as far as I know, this one is the only recent research in Spain to measure actual subjects.). It also more or less makes sense to me from my personal experience when I met Spanish university students.
truth said on 25/Jul/16
@RobV Well for large scale parties in a home is very different - I was thinking a small group of 5 friends playing PS4 at home, then yes of course.
Deann said on 25/Jul/16
Most people do not know what the database reveals. For example, according to the record of U.S. institution, 3-5% of young American is 190cm plus. It seems a very low percentage. However, if you attends a school/college over 3,000 boys, which would be 90-150 guys are 190cm or taller. It sounds like you may meet a lot of 190 cm every day when they walk on campus. Yes, 190 cm is still tall, but it also common.
175 cm said on 25/Jul/16
How many measured?
TheDude said on 25/Jul/16
Hi Rob.
I attended this week to the Euskal Encounter (Videogame & Computer fans convention )-
4.000 souls inside the premises at Barakaldo's BEC.
The thing is that I felt most of the time average or close to the small side of the average.
I run constantly into guys that towered me. I'm a smidgeon over 5'11", in my late thirties and It seemed like 6'2" plus twentysomers where more common than in the street, so to speak.

My educated guess is that my being enclosed with so many youngsters exposed me to a different sample, in which not only the average was a lil higher but the standard deviation was significantly altered.
Do you agree on that? Do you think that our notions on what the standard deviation is ( between 2.5" and 3" in most populations) significantly change once the numbers sample surpases a threshold?

Is a suspicion of mine, and as time goes on I seems to be more and more clear.
Any statistics lover is welcome on board, love to hear all of your opinions.

(BTW: Spanish young guys are nowadays 177cm and change , 177,26cm according to "Cambios generacionales de la estatura en la España del siglo XX a partir de la Encuesta Nacional de Salud" and 177.67cm according to "Estudio de Crecimiento de Bilbao , Curvas y Tablas de Crecimiento, Estudio transversal ; Orbegozo 2011)
Ice said on 24/Jul/16
Im 189 cm at my highest , 187 cm at my lowest , and today in a group of many men and women I felt below average for a guy . I felt like a legit short dude . the average among these ~30 men must have been 6'4" , and ~ 30 women at least 5'11 . there were 2 women who towered over me . and no , this was not a tall persons meeting . just average people .
Idunno said on 24/Jul/16
Rob, can your height be different from one day to the next, because i measured myself just over 188 and then the next around 190 this was about 3-4 hours after i had woken up
Peter 179cm said on 24/Jul/16
@ Canson It must be a great perspective up there at 193cm++ though,isn't it?Come on,admit it you love being that tall...
Johan said on 24/Jul/16
James B said on 23/Jul/16
Johan -I don't agree that 6'6 is extremely rare. I live in quite a small community in the south of England and I have seen guys in that range in my town centre and infact I saw 3 people who were over 6'5 yesterday.

I think 6'7 is the cut off though because where I live its a lot harder to find people that height compared to how many 6'3-6'6 guys I see around.

@James B

At 5ft 7 how can you tell the difference between 6ft 4 and 6ft 6 in person? When you have almost a foot of difference in height.

The reason I know that legit 6ft 6 is rare is because those guys tower me and that happens rarely.

Guys who are 6'3" I reach the end of their nose (eyelevel), 6ft 5 Im looking at their chin and its when they are 6'6" it feels like they are a full head bigger.

Its true I have friends who are 6'8-6'11" but those guys are extremely rare. Most of the time when Im walking around or at an event the tallest guys are 6'4-6'5".
The Wolf said on 24/Jul/16
Absolutely, location, nutrition/diet, overall health play a huge part in our growth.

Yeah, Judging a picture only gives us on idea/estimate and even then the camera can be a trickster that can throw us off. Kudos to your friend for being honest, he may not know it, but he's little by little helping shatter people's misconceptions. A legit 5'11" has always given off a tallish look to me.
Canary said on 23/Jul/16
@The Wolf: My first message wasn't posted. On the subject we tried to discuss, I read that the average height is 5'5. This was from statistics based on MEASURED heights.
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
@JamesB: in the states it is still sorta rare to see a legit 6'6". To be quite honest a "legit" 6'4 is not seen daily. I don't see ppl as tall as I am or taller on a daily basis with the exception of a 6'5 coworker who recently began working with us. He's maybe 1/2"-1" taller than I am (don't know what he claims but I'm guessing 6'5"). And I don't mean someone who is 6'3 or 6'2 claiming 6'4 or someone measuring 6'3.5-.75 in the AM I mean someone who falls to maybe 6'3 7/8 at their lowest. This carries weight to say the national avg may be less than its stated
175 cm said on 23/Jul/16
I'm 100% German (proud;)) and can assure you the average (18-40y/o evening/night) is no more than 5ft 10 - at least in NRW. If I wouldn't exclude the group of refugees (~5ft 7) and the other nations it is closer to 5ft 9.
Most values you can find are self-reported or late morning measurements. 5ft 11 range is more than inflated.

If we consider all groups of ages I feel well above average...
Sammy Derrick said on 23/Jul/16
Click Here
There is a theory that Natural Selection is the reason why the Dutch have grown 8 inches while Americans have only grown 2 inches.
RobV said on 23/Jul/16
@truth on taking shoes off in people's homes. In the UK it is regarded as unhygienic to take your shoes off in people's homes. And no-one anywhere in the countries you have mentioned organizes parties and asks everyone to take their shoes off. I know - I have actually only recently a few weeks ago organised several parties in Austria (and before that earlker in the year in Germany) at people's homes. The idea of 100 young people all taking their shoes off at an admittedly big home is honestly just a joke. Yes I imagine that some older people do it at staid small scale homey events - but nowhere else.
ahmed said on 23/Jul/16
Hi Rob , im 174cm barefoot and im a 19 year and 5 month old boy ,i grew an inch over the past year ,can i get to 175 or 176 , i really want to be a legit 5'9" ,do you think i can get
ahmed said on 23/Jul/16
Hi Rob , im 174cm barefoot and 19 years and 5 months old ,i grew an inch over the past year ,can i get to 175 or 176 , i really want to be a legit 5'9" ,do you think i can get there?
Editor Rob: you gained height through age 19 so you have had some later growth which may not be finished. I'd still say there was enough of a chance to get 175cm.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 23/Jul/16
Rob is it possible for a 5ft 0in woman and a 6ft 3in man too produce a son that is 6ft 5in usually if the woman is short and the man is very tall there is a chance the son will outgrow the father.
Editor Rob: there is a chance, but the odds are more the child would be shorter than the Father.
James B said on 23/Jul/16
Rob I used to know someone who was quite a well know basketball player in the BBL.

I remember one of his old basketball profiles listed him at '6'5 194cm'............yet in person he did not look over 6ft1.

Surely basketball inflations of near 4 inches must be unheard off?
Editor Rob: yeah that seems an extremely large inflation...maybe he walks smaller than he measured.
175 cm said on 23/Jul/16
I don't know why guys on here are so obsessed with extremely tall heights. IMO as long as you're not under 5ft 7 that's still lower average and a respectable height.
I mean do you guys have a fetish with tall girls? I do not see any good reason to stand over 6ft if you don't fancy a supermodel ;)
Crazy thread
Deann said on 23/Jul/16
@Abraham said on 18/Jul/16
Why is it that these new generation kids are so tall. Seems like everyone agrees that university students are already really tall, and these middle schoolers are yet almost if not already taller than most of these university students..... I'm 187cm and taller than almost all adults I encounter on a daily basis. And in my school I barely edge out the heights of these 7-8th graders, even girls. Many 9-10th graders are tall as or taller than me even ... While I am tallest in my class in grade 11

Where are you from? Abraham? That is interesting, students at 9-10th are usually 14-15 years old, they usually have not grown their peak height. It is rarely to see 9-10 grade are taller than 12 grade. I say 18-19 years old people are the tallest age group, generally. So I am little curious that where are you from..
Deann said on 23/Jul/16

Of course, Germany has many short guys, every country has many short guys. It is not possible that every one is over 180 cm in one country. However, if you saw many Germans are over 190 cm and some of them are over 200 cm in Berlin, German in Berlin a very tall group.
Deann said on 23/Jul/16
Aaron183cm said on 2/Jul/16
Yeah 6'0 is tall in the US, all demographics considered. I can tell you I definitely feel tall walking around a busy airport or mall. I'm 6'0.8" morning and never dip below 6' at my lowest. Even only considering people in their late teens/20s, I think 6'0 is still a weak tall height.

In a university setting, though, 6'0 isn't really considered tall. More upper average or tallish. University students are taller than youths I see elsewhere. I'm not sure why it is. I never saw more 6'4+ guys and 5'11+ girls than I did when I was attending Washington State University.

@ I feel the same way, students at hIgh schools/universities/colleges are taller than people off campus, usually. Perhaps when many young people gather together, the percent of tall people is much higher than general group. My university has 17 colleges/schools, each one has 1-3 male over 2 meter. By the way, Washington State University has many tall athletics students, the men's basketball team has a guy reached 7 foot(213), and another guy is 6'10, and a couple of players are between 6'7-6'9. And a couple of football players are over 6'7. Besides those athletics, I assume there are regular students have some students are 200cm+.
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
@the Wolf: I'll add to it that from my post way down to French Guy I have a friend who said he's either 5'11 and a half or 3/4 (I think actually it's the former) and I figured he was an easy 6' and change years back but he wore higher shoes. He said nope I'm 5'11 and change but because all these guys shorter claim 6' the perspective is skewed then those guys get annoyed when they're called out on it. I tend not to call ppl unless they are close in height with me and are undermining my claim or there is obvious difference. But what you said too about comparing pics etc. it's why a lot of people here on this site with some of the taller guys the pro basketball players are hell bent on them being a certain height like 6'5 when in reality 6'4.5 and 6'5 look the exact same especially a guy like Michael Jordan who probably doesn't drop under 6'4.5 so he will look 6'5 to 90% of the pop esp those who are shorter inflate thier heights and inflate everyone else to go with it. I get 6'5 regularly esp if in a pair of Jordan's or Timbs when I choose to wear all because I don't get all the way down to 6'4 and in my life I've seen a lot of guys who measure 1 hr from bed at 6'3.5 or 6'3.75 claim 6'4 and in reality they aren't. They don't know any better most times but it isn't the real thing
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
@theWolf: that is a great comment and that is exactly what I'm talking about. It is very skewed and TBH legit 6' tall people are tall and look tall even from my perspective. I can look at someone who is 6' tall and someone (5'10-5'11) and tell whether they are lying now a days. I love the ones that (an example from one friend of mine) claim something like 5'8 (he admitted he's 5'7) and said "you look taller than 6'4" until I heard him one day tell another friend he's 5'7. The other friend said well he's 6'4 and a little bit the friend is 6'3 and he called him 6'4 before he corrected him
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
@TheSlav: 6'5 is tall but TBH if you aren't meant to be a pro athlete don't see why it's needed. Don't get me wrong I like being tall at 6'4+ but TBH nothing it gains me that a 6'3 guy or even 6'1 doesn't have
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
@Dee: if you fall to 185 you def are legit 6'1. But You're in reality if 184 range esp mid a strong 6'0 footer. You seem to lose a lot tho over the course of a day. I only lose 2 cm and am 9cm taller unless on feet and working out staying out late then I'm in the 193 range. Nonetheless you're a good height even if a strong 6 footer
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
@Roy: you've said everything else to finish my sentence that I didn't say lol. Well put! Thank You! I don't get people who like "receiving compliments about their height" and want to be taller than they are makes no sense to me. Don't see what adding an inch here or there really does for anyone because you are still you masking a problem or insecurity with yourself.
Canson said on 23/Jul/16
@Dee: if you live in the US it's definitely understandable because you fall above a flat 6'1 and you measure it late in the day. So for a person who if they measure in the morning themselves they will automatically classify you as 6'2 especially when basing it off their own height. You are a tall height overall and a good height. Someone in the 6'1 range legit often can catch a "6'2 or 6'3" connotation esp for those who inflate. It's a known fact that the lying and the exaggerating and shoe heights exist. I recently had an acquaintance ask me how tall I was (he was a bit tipsy and overestimated me to be 6'6). He is between an inch and inch and half shorter than me. When I told him 6'4 1/2 he said oh I'm 6'3 but since I say 6'4 you should say 6'5 before I told him I don't do that and that he needs to be satisfied with his own self. So that right there shows you
James B said on 23/Jul/16
Johan -I don't agree that 6'6 is extremely rare. I live in quite a small community in the south of England and I have seen guys in that range in my town centre and infact I saw 3 people who were over 6'5 yesterday.

I think 6'7 is the cut off though because where I live its a lot harder to find people that height compared to how many 6'3-6'6 guys I see around.

That said if I lived in a bit city like London I would guaranteed to **** loads more 6'7 and over heights.
truth said on 23/Jul/16
@ly Sounds true, Germans are around 5'11 on average.
MrTBlack said on 23/Jul/16
Hey Rob what do you consider tall for a Caucasian male? My personal opinion is 5'11.5" and 5'6.5" for females since 6'0" is conventally tall but the difference between it and 6'0"'is barely noticeable.
Editor Rob: once over 5ft 11 near 6ft I think is in the start of tall range.
Roy said on 23/Jul/16
Wow..this thread. Wishing your taller. Height is nothing we can change, it's just genetics. You may as well be wishing your eyes were blue or that you had exceptional skin. To be congratulated on your height. Lol. May as well be thanking your parents or god forbid that matter. It's nothing we can change. I can see where people would want to compare themselves to celebs to get a perception of where they stand, but dont put down others for something they don't have any control of. Everyone has a stand in this world whether there 4
feet or 7 feet.
Deann said on 23/Jul/16
And guys, 190 is tall, of course. But 190+ is also common to meet, it is not rare, at least from my personal experiences, "tall" does not mean " rare". I have attended a university over 10,000 people, including boys and girls. There is a rumor say our university has 400-500 guys over 190+. Comparing to 10,000 students, no doubt 190 is tall, however, hundreds of 190+ people walk down on campus every day. It is also safely to say" we have many 190+ people at our university."

So I understand why ice said he only feels average as 186 cm in Austria. If many of his friends and classmates are taller than him, he would not feel his is tall even his height is 186+.
jajamen said on 23/Jul/16
Rob, what's an average foot size for 6'2 guy like me?
because I wear size 10 (9.8) and my hands 7.5 and feet look quite funny small..
Editor Rob: size 11US might be quite a common foot size for 6ft 1-2 range fellows.
Deann said on 22/Jul/16
Guys, database is not the same as daily life. If the city you live is 175 average, you and other people would not think you are tall as 180 cm. For example, I lived in Germany over 7 years, the average height of young German male students is around 180 cm, and I am 187 cm without shoes. As database, I am much taller than average height there, however, I did not feel tall when I was among German young men, there were many German youths are taller than me. Another example, 175CM is average height of youngest in USA, but 180-182 cm may not be considered tall here. You must be 185 cm barefoot as a tall man. I have attended an university in U.S.A, there are a lot of 190+ guys walk down campus every day. Sometimes, I have met 200+ guys when my class is dismissed

Anyway, I had been different countries in Europe, Northern America, Middle-east, Asia, and Africa and met those young generations there. No doubt, Asian is the shortest group generally. Of course, some young Asians are taller, but many young European and Americans are much taller.
NX said on 22/Jul/16

I measured my height two ways, the 1st time I placed my hand on the top of my head and then placed it on the wall ahd I measured just under 5'9 where as on the stadiometer and using the can method I got 177/178cm

which measurement do you think would be more accurate?
mrtguy said on 22/Jul/16
Rob, actually when I take a closer look at the Giant I would say his head is near 13 inches rather than 14 it's so easy to overestimate when he is next to someone average Click Here
Editor Rob: if they are the same distance then it doesn't look more than 13 inches yeah, but with the other guy it does look bigger.
Canary said on 22/Jul/16
@The Wolf: I recently checked the Wiki article on height. The average MEASURED height, for younger white American women, was 5'5. That felt right to me. Do you think that the average height, of that specific group, could vary by location and other variables?
truth said on 22/Jul/16
@Robv I guess you do not care about higiene that much, this stuff is pretty common in Slovenia/Austria/Czech republic/Germany.
truth said on 22/Jul/16
@Robv !?
Morpheus said on 22/Jul/16
@ Dee

Yes you are a very respectable height. Anywhere from 180-188cm is really good.
Johan said on 22/Jul/16
Dutch women were measured at 5'6.5" which is what I think as well currently. So there is max 2 inches between the Dutch and American women.
truth said on 22/Jul/16
@Canary Young white American women are 5'5 / 165 cm (164.9 cm to be precise) on average (from a 2007-2010) study. Young Dutch females are 5'7.25 / 171 cm (170.7 cm to be precise) on average (from a 2009 study). So there is a difference of 2-2.5 or 2.25 inches. I don't know where did you get 3-4 inches from, young Dutch women are definitely NOT 5'8-5'9 inches (no female demographic is), more like 5'7 range at best and 5'6 range for the entire Dutch female population.
truth said on 22/Jul/16
@Johan I agree also with that last post of yours. 6'3 is definitely at the start of very tall, in the Netherlands/Scandinavia/Balkans it might be more common tall height but still anywhere in EU 6'3+ is very tall, not to mention around the world since the world male average is no more than 5'8 it is extremely tall. Same could be said for 6'4 only to a larger degree. 6'5 I would describe as upper very tall and at the end of the normal range in EU (5'3-6'5) and 6'6 would be the same for the taller EU countries (5'4-6'6). 6'7 would be the start of the lower giant range as the tallest guys I see daily (or sometimes in weeks/months) are 6'6-6'7 and I live in Slovenia. There are still a couple of guys I see daily at 6'3-6'5 but the tallest ones daily are always around 6'6-6'8, 6'8-6'10 is like once a year or in a few years event unless I see a basketball team (lol).
Johan said on 22/Jul/16
Another point about 6ft 2 being a tall height ;

If you live in a country with a 5'9" average then 6ft starts tall.

Most people start to feel towered at 5 inches so 6ft 2 would actually be considered by many as very tall in those countries.

Only in the tallest countries with a 5ft 11 average is it considered just plain tall but again it is still considered TALL.

Even taking it from the 6ft 2 guys point of view I still don't see how anyone can not feel tall at that height.

You are barely shorter than 6ft 4 guys who are very tall everywhere. The 6ft 5 guys will start to make you feel short and it takes legit 6ft 7 + to make you feel towered.

So you feel a bit short next to very tall guys and get towered by the extremely tall guys...yeah thats a bad height to be haha.
Ice said on 22/Jul/16
@Bobby184cm thats because I live in Austria , not Malasya lol
Ice said on 22/Jul/16
@ RobV Well personaly , Id still never wear more than 4 cm lifts , just because I want to avoid that eventual shock void if I do (for what reason whatsoever) have to take my shoes off . Its cool that youre so satisfied with the 10 cm height enhancement , and Id like to appeare 6'6 as well , but for me it would just be too extreme . I would just feel very strange doing so . at the end of the day , as sad as it makes me , wearing lifts doesnt change youre real height .
Dee said on 21/Jul/16

I measure 187cm in the morning and at night I'm around 185cm, maybe a bit closer to 184cm. How would you feel about my height? Most people assume that I'm at least 6'2-6'3. And I don't even wear shoes with high soles, I usually wear sneakers that barely give height like Vans and Converse. I even have friends who are legit 6'3-6'4 and they've guessed me at 6'2 at least. I feel pretty tall but at this height it's not uncommon to see people who are taller than me. Would you consider me(a legit 6'1 guy) a respectable tall guy?
RobV said on 21/Jul/16
@ truth in the uk it is considered bad form to take your shoes off in someone's home, or to ask someone to do so - it rarely happens - apart from anything else it is considered rude to ask. Why not ask them to take their trousers off as well?!
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 21/Jul/16
Rob if you were single would you rather date someone 10 years older or someone 10 years younger that would you choose a 50 year old woman over a 30 year old woman i would prefer to date someone 10 years older instead of someone 10 years younger would it be better for men no matter age they are like 30 40 50 and 60 too date older women instead of dating a younger i personally think men have a better of chance finding older women for a relationship instead of a younger women too date.
Editor Rob: I hope not to be single anytime in the future!

It really would be who you get attracted too, age for me isn't a big deal breaker...sometimes it brings wisdom and more common sense to the relationship if you have a partner who has 5-10 years on you.
NX said on 21/Jul/16
I found this video recently Click Here

What do you guys make of it?

It seems that short men really are seen as 'inferior' by everyone.
Editor Rob: I do think there is an overall bias within many people towards taller being better.
the Slav said on 21/Jul/16
No, Rusty,
You're wrong. You have to be at least 6'5 to be considered tall since that is statistically the 100 % percentile and no one is taller than you except for 0.1 % of the time.
I eat, sleep, dream 6'5 everyday and I pray to the 6'5 God every night before I go to sleep.
One day, I may - whatever it takes

Maybe I am a bit sarcasstic ;) who knows
ly said on 21/Jul/16
i was in berlin this week and certainly germans are some of the tallest people out there.I am 186 cm barefoot at afternoon and maybe a bit below that after a long day if measured late at night.I`ve never seen so many guys over 2 meters in my life and guys my height or taller were common.But there were still many short or average guys aswell so i have to say that berlin average height felt like 180-1 cm.And something i noticed is that alot of guys there like were big shoes aswell like military shoe style.I felt there how a 181-2 cm guy would feel in london just above average or tallish at most.
Morpheus said on 20/Jul/16
@ Rusty

I completely agree. 6'1-6'2 is absolute perfect range for a man. MOST guys above 6'2 have very odd looking bodies. Of course there are exceptions, but even if you are a well proportioned and developed 6'3 guy, you are now generally TOO TALL for most other people and especially women. 6'2 would be my absolute upper limit.
Canary said on 20/Jul/16
@truth: Speaking of different nationalities, do you think that younger Dutch women are much taller than younger white American women? Supposedly, there's a height difference of three or four inches.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 20/Jul/16
Rob do you think you will be 5ft 4in if you live to 100 that's if you make it too your 100s that means you would lost as much height as Clint Eastwood 4 inches is a lot of height you will go from below average height to very short.
Editor Rob: I think there is a chance of being 5ft 4-5 yes, especially at that age.
The Wolf said on 20/Jul/16
It's possible, I'm kind of going off of anecdotal evidence, I wouldn't be surprised if the average American woman is 5'4".5 - 5'5" range.

I agree 100%, perception of height is very skewed, due to shoes(lifts), lies and genuine misinformation. A lot of people on this site should try opening their eyes and observing the people around them, judging a picture of a 6'0" guy is not the same as judging a 6'0" guy in real life.
mrtguy said on 20/Jul/16
Rob, you believe this giant's head is 14'' ?? Click Here
Editor Rob: looking a bit more closely, actually this photo shows a guy with near 14 inch head!
SportsHeight said on 20/Jul/16
Interesting to see the way the ideal height polls at the top have turned out. For the men, through 53 votes, more than half have voted 6'1" or 6'2", 70 percent have voted between 5'11" and 6'2", with the overall average coming out between 6'1.25" and 6'1.30". (Women don't have enough votes yet to get a very clear picture.) I wonder how accurate people's perceptions of height are on this message board? Probably pretty good, relative to the general population. Still, they might be thinking slightly shorter or taller (usually shorter) when they think of a specific height, as most people tend to do.
Johan said on 20/Jul/16
Continuing on from that last post :

Legit 6ft 3 guys - Billy Campbell, Liam Hemsworth, Ray Stevenson, JImmy Smits.

6ft 4- Jared Padalecki, Coiln Salmon, Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson ( peak), Steven Seagal.

Now for the people saying that 6ft 3 starts tall just take a look at those 6'3 celebs. They are always described as very tall and mostly listed as being taller .
The legit 6ft 4 guys are generally described as being huge and many times people have said 6ft 5 , 6ft 6.

Now the truly big guys so over 6ft 5 - alot of those guys seem to lose height quickly as they age.

Guys like Tony Todd, Ken Kirzinger, John Cleese (still about 6ft 4) but there isn't that many in the world of celebs who get up that high.

Joe Manganiello and Vince Vaughn are two who come to mind but maybe they are slightly under the mark after lunch.

Once your over 6ft 6 its very rare and alot of people don't realise quite how rare those heights are. I see that mark getting thrown around alot nowadays like its a normal height like 6ft 3 or 6ft 4. Its not even remotely similar.
Canson said on 20/Jul/16
@Pucko: also want to add that you are likely 6'3" or over out of bed so you fall in line with even the most honest 6'3 guys, not necessarily those that fall to that at their lowest, more with a guy who measures 6'3 in the morning or even the 6'2.75 and rounds up. The latter group while they may specify 6'2.5 or .75 may not be aware that they can't measure it in the afternoon. if they are only that in the morning someone who falls to 62.75-6'3 low will edge them out as they'd only be 6'2 1/4-1/2 at night. With Conan I'll be honest in his prime he may have been one of those guys measuring around 192 in the morning and being 191 at night (potentially near or at 193 out of bed). I doubt he'd ever measure a solid 6'4 barefoot even 1-2 hrs out of bed. That's impossible with pics with Barkley Kobe Neesum etc. I can def see him as a solid 6'3 who measures around 192 out of bed maybe and then at solid 6'3 flat. It's also possible he claimed his shoes all along just like most of the other guys who people make comparisons against. This is exactly why the perspective is skewed. Guys like Conan make 6'4 look shorter than it is. A real 6'4 is closer to how Neesum looked on his show (Neesum would've prob been a strong 6'4 like 6'4.25 low/6'5 out of bed prime) or Haysbert in his prime both were taller than Conan. Other guys as well. And Joe M had over an inch on him. People assume because Conan claims 6'4 that he is and that everyone else is full of it that claims it and is taller than he is. Bobby3342 said it once a "legit" 6'3 sets off tall radar even for someone 6'4.5 like both of us are. I can attest to that as I have to 6'3 friends that depending on footwear I can look within an inch taller and not 1.5 with one or 1.25ish with the other.
Canson said on 20/Jul/16
@French Guy: a legit 6'0 looks tall here in the states even at 6'4 1/2. Interesting story I have a friend who is 5'11 1/2-3/4 and I thought did sure years ago he was over 6'0. He said nope I'm either 5'11.75 or 5'11.5 is what he said. Another friend who I met him through said see it's because all these guys that claim 6'0" tall have thrown the perspective off, At least he is honest about is height were his words.

@Pucko: not sure where you live but 6'2 3/4 190cm is noticeably tall in the states where ppl inflate height. Many people here especially if you don't drop below 190 will guess you at minimum 6'3. That's just how it is. Some will even guess you 6'4" because of the shoe measuring. Which is why I keep telling you Conan for example looks taller than he is. I fall to 6'4 3/8 at the end of the day 194 cm. truthfully I don't look any diff that someone that is 195 to most people. And 195 and 196 look alike. In my case I have a 36" inseam as well. A guy like Michael Jordan has similar inseam to me and he drops (in my honest opinion using logic and not biase like everyone else on that page is using) 6'4.5 at his lowest. That's common sense in that people guess him 6'4 and 6'5 and in the middle. A guy who is 6'4.5 at the lowest is an easy 6'5 to most. And 6'6 in shoes almost is the case. So when I give my estimates it is because that is the reality here and being this height I am telling people (as has Bobby3342) how it looks. I am regularly guessed at minimum 6'5. Then even 6'6 or 6'7 but I am honest and say I'm 6'4 and change or 6'4 1/2.

So when people think I'm downgrading people I'm really not. I know how some of these heights (6'2-6'5) look unlike someone like 184guy who conveniently upgrades people to make them accommodate someone else or James who idolizes someone and makes them taller. Even Height isn't but around 6' so may not know how it looks truly because proportions vary. But if you hear Shane, KROC or Bobby3342 or Ali Baba or Lillo Thomas, their estimates are always much closer to mine. All of which are taller than the 3 I mentioned. Even at my height because of the lying I've been exposed to and the fact that I claim my honest true height and only 1/8 above my normal lowest heights like 182 stand out because it is refreshing to hear them claiming almost 6'0 or 5'11.5 or the truth rather than hearing them say 6'1. Every now and then you get honest ppl.
Canary said on 19/Jul/16
@175 cm: It's not that much, but one centimeter is like one foot on this message board. ;) I have great posture. I don't have any back problems. In fact, I have a very straight, very strong back. I've been doing various forms of resistance and strength training since I was twelve. I think that I likely gained a centimeter since I stopped regularly lifting weights.

@truth: I know; right? I feel like an amazon or a giantess in some places, and I feel "ordinary tall" in other places.

@The Wolf: I think it's closer to 5'5. I THINK that a measured sample of younger women showed that it was 5'4.9, which might as well have been 5'5. However, it wasn't limited to white women. If it was, the average might have been a tad over 5'5. Anyway, I think much depends on demographics because some groupings tend to be taller than other ones.

@CS: I agree. I think it's 5'5. It might be as high as 5'7 in some places and as low as 5'3 in other places. I think that's the right average height, though.
The Wolf said on 19/Jul/16
Public perception of height is very skewed, I know so many 5'9" guys claiming 5'11" and so many 5'10" guys claiming 6'0" and most people believe them, either to add credibility to their own lies or just going with whatever someone else says. I see people calling 5'10" short, my cousin is 5'10".5 and there's nothing short about him.
truth said on 19/Jul/16
@Canary I think more 5'4.5-5'5 than 5'4-5'4.5, same in Europe (and add 5 inches to males so 5'9.5 minimum and 5'10 maximum). They are the tallest demographic as a whole if we discount some taller white nationalities whithin the same group.
Rusty said on 19/Jul/16
Longtime lurker here. I measure roughly 183cm in the morning and 181cm at night. I live in a part of the U.S. in which the population is overwhelmingly white, and a good percentage has German ancestry. I usually feel upper average, sometimes tallish. Sure, there are moments when it seems like there is a rather large number of 6'0"-6'2" guys, but those are offset by the groups of 5'6"-5'8" guys. Comments about my height almost never occur, but I have been referred to as "tall" by guys as short as 5'6" and as tall as 6'2". Generally, I agree with what is said on here by the regular posters, but I still don't understand Ice's fascination with 6'5". I guess it works if you want to tower everyone, but 6'1"-6'2" is usually said to be THE hands down best height for a guy. It's solidly tall, but not exceedingly so. There will still be people taller than you every day. It doesn't mean you aren't tall.
Pucko said on 19/Jul/16

I'm wondering the same thing, how do you view 6'2.75 (190cm) ?
truth said on 19/Jul/16
@Justanotherguy The 5'10.25 figure was definitely measured. 6'0 is average in 3 countries around the world (Montenegro, Bosnia and the Netherlands).
truth said on 19/Jul/16
@Robv I always take my shoes off when I come to my house or to a friend, it is simply polite from the guest to do that.
truth said on 19/Jul/16
@Johan I mainly agree with those listings. The 6'0 guys you listed tend to look above average or weak tall, 6'1 guys solid tall and 6'2 guys upper tall if we based it on 5'10 flat western world average. Of course I can understand certain people here seeing 6'0 as not that tall and above average, since 1-2 inches or 2-5 cm is not a big height difference (the same can be applied to 5'11). However an inch above that i.e. 6'1 flat or more is 100% tall, so people here saying that 6'1 is average/upper average and 6'2 barely tall should check the legit heights of celebs that you have listed or simply stop trolling.
french guy m said on 19/Jul/16
Since you're very tall how do you view 6'0"?
Johan said on 19/Jul/16
Average American woman is 5ft 4 3/4 to the 5ft 9 3/4 male (rounded) according to statistics.
Johan said on 19/Jul/16
NPH is 5ft 11.5 inches and that guy is an inch shorter so he is 5'10.5" tops.

He is leaning in that pic but I would say solid 3.5 inches taller than the blond plus she has some type of heel which is maybe giving her 1.5 inches advantage.

So my guess for her is 5 ft 5 .5 or 166cm.
Peter 179cm said on 19/Jul/16
@ OG Loc It probably won't surpass 6ft in the tallest countries, atleast in the next 15-20 years...
@ Peter at 168cm you felt tall in Jakarta??Thats in Indonesia right?Thats a surprise considering Australians are further southern than Indonesians but are considerably taller than them.
Justanotherguy said on 18/Jul/16
And all the popular studies used on Wikipedia as "measured' studies actually use a self-reported survey methodology. Even the popular USA study that says the average height young white men in the USA is 5'10.25 is just a self reported average of a rather small sample size. Furthermore, there is no such thing as a measured 6 foot average anywhere in the world. All those studies in Denmark, Norway, etc are all surveys and self-reported studies as well. If you don't believe look at the sources on Wikipedia and look at the methodology used in the studies. Our 'scientific' knowledge of height is based off mostly false information. I would say that it wasn't meant to be taken literally but if you cant take that liberty with science... I still think these statistical averages are not far from the actual truth. But I refuse to base my assumptions about height based off a collected census of peoples estimates of their own height because we all know how real that is, if anything, this site underscores the problem with that.
Dee said on 18/Jul/16
I'm 6'1 and it's a weird height. There are times where I feel really tall, and then there are times where I feel barely above average and see lots of dudes taller than me. I mean this height isn't bad but I wanna be 6'3-6'4.
CS said on 18/Jul/16
@Canary I'd say closer to 5'5.
Bobby184cm said on 18/Jul/16
@Ice seriously you don't feel tall at solid 6'2? May i know why?

6'2 is tall worldwide and its considered "the start of very tall" in my country, Malaysia.
The Wolf said on 18/Jul/16
In my opinion, I would say the average height for White American Women(21-40yrs) is closer to 5'4" than 5'5". That seems to be the range of majority of the young women I come across.
truth said on 18/Jul/16
@Canary You are roughly the same height as me ( I am a male).
Canary said on 18/Jul/16
@Morpheus: It's safe to say that isn't the cause of my seeming height increase. :)

@The Slav: You might be onto something. I haven't experienced any recent injuries or surgeries during the past year. However, I don't lift weights as much as I did in the past. It could be that I have less pressure on my joints because of it.
RobV said on 18/Jul/16
@ Canary No I don't work for anyone in the business, but I mention lifts and elevators because they have worked for me and over a 15 year period I have refined techniques to make them work the best - I mention all the different companies I have bought from (not just one!) and indeed when I first posted here I had only ever used lifts, and bemoaned the then lack of fashion elevators. I specifically mention them in the context of tall guys wanting to be taller. For us, I happen to believe they are near perfect and almost undetectable. Getting much taller for me was what I firstly wanted to do after seeing a group of really tall guys dominate a club I was then helping out with over 15 years ago (I run nightclubs). It has worked for me in what I do perfectly, but as I have always made clear, it is not ideal for everyone.
RobV said on 18/Jul/16
Ice ps, you mention going into an apartment and having to take your shoes off and how that would make you look shorter - I know in some cultures people are a bit obsessive about this type of thing, but not over here in the Uk and in most European countries I go to. I run nightclubs and if we party at someone's home before/after/whenever it would seem almost comic to take our shoes off (why not take your underwear off or shirts instead?) - for most women it would radically spoil their outfits, and for most guys they would not be seen dead without their sneakers/trainers or whatever they were wearing. I think that tends to be an older more suburban staid middle class type of thing in some countries, but I have never known it anywhere I have been. But you are of course right that if that were the case, and I was stood next to a guy who I had been taller than, then yes it would between the two of you be obvious you had lost height. It's so rare for me that it's not an issue (well non existent so far, and I'd just say 'sorry no can do').
RobV said on 18/Jul/16
@ Ice on wearing elevators and lifts above a certain height. I can totally see why you suggest that if you add 4"/10cm+ of height, then go home with a woman, take your shoes off and you assume they would get a 'shock'. But I can tell you that they don't get a shock: I have done it often enough in the past (I'm now with my gf of a few years), and there really are sound reasons for this which I only discovered as I added height over the years (I too thought absolutely that would be bound to be the case, so for a long time I just added a couple of inches of lifts) - firstly, like you, I am over 6'2" already. That makes an enormous difference to perceptions at the top end of height, specially by women who are rarely anywhere near that height. When you are already tall, that much extra really counts to US who are into height, but not to most other people. They just see you as v tall anyway. And 2nd, women themselves, short tall whatever, wear heels and footwear of all sorts that takes them up and down all the time. It is quite difficult for them under both those circumstances to get anything other than a general impression that you are tall however many or few clothes you are wearing. And of course the other thing as well is that ALL shoes and boots add some height.

I think it might be different between, say, two v tall guys around our height, and that of course is a different issue. And it is almost as well certain to be an issue between a tall-ish woman meeting a short-ish guy wearing 5"/12cm elevators! Taller outside than in the house without the footwear. But not at our level, I assure you. If you are v tall like us and wanna be taller, it is ironically ('unfairly' if you want to use such words) in our favour - if you do try it, try it gradually and you'll see what I mean. It took me 15 years to get there because I too just could not believe it would be that simple.
zanny23 said on 18/Jul/16
what is eyeline of a 6'1 man rob
Editor Rob: on average it would be a fraction over 5ft 8, but generally it could fall anywhere in 5ft 8-8.5 range, that's what you would expect.
179cm said on 18/Jul/16
c-mo said on 2/Jul/16
@179cm . you say "If you're 5'10"+ then you're tall enough." . I am 176cm at night ...not sure what to feel :') jk I feel decent but am I short in your eyes ? just curious

No, not short by any means. 5'10" may actually be generous for an average, it could only be 5'9". I was just responding to the people who still wish they were taller at 6 feet plus. Even 5'7-8" is probably tall enough really.
grizz said on 18/Jul/16
For anyone willing to guess heights.
How tall is the blonde in my pic?
Click Here
I can see claims ranging from 168 to 172 cm.
Standing next to Stjepan Hauser (the shorter guy in 2Cellos).
I believe Hauser is 5'11.25-5'11.5 tall Click Here (he's on the right,next to Neil Patrick Harris).
Peter 179cm said on 18/Jul/16
@Ice I'm not jealous of your height for God's sake,not at all,im content with mine already it could be worse like i could have stopped growing at 14 at 174cm lol but at 179 flat (almost no one believes im just 179 but always 180 plus which is annoying) im perfectly average and fine... It's just that your comments about being 187-188 and feeling short or average sound very wtf to me...Make a proof video of your height if you like, but it probably wont change your false perception of height...No offence
175 cm said on 18/Jul/16
Ice you're a funny guy .
175 cm said on 18/Jul/16
Since you got more height aware you might have improved your posture. 1cm isn't that much really, I guess it's achieved pretty fast if you have scolioses or so...
Johan said on 18/Jul/16
The Wolf said on 16/Jul/16

It seems like all of the more reasonable members have avoided this thread and have relocated to discussing individual celebrity heights. My mind is blown at some of the things people are saying.

I usually post outside of this thread as well. One can only take too much nonsense from General Height :)

All we need now is Charlie here who is convinced that all women walk in stilts and are actually 5ft 4 tops and Alex who thinks everyone is listed with shoes.


As I thought no takers from the 6ft 2 is barely tall crowd. I was mainly directing it towards those people my friend :)

Maybe we should discuss some celebs here of certain heights to help people get an idea how tall certain heights are.

The best example I can think of is Ryan Reynolds , Ben Affleck, Chris Pratt. Those are 6ft 2 guys.

6ft 1 guys are more like Garrett Hedlund, Jim Caviezel. Hugh Jackman is a big 6ft 1 guy also.

6ft guys are Ryan Gosling, David Boreanaz, Nicolas Cage.

Thats just some who I believe are legit. Now ask yourself people, do you look as tall as those guys?
Peter said on 18/Jul/16
James & truth,

That's true. I'm just 5ft 6 and I felt tall in Jakarta.
Peter 179cm said on 18/Jul/16
Honestly now,i think Ice is mistaking 184-185 as 190cm,maybe he's not trolling,he's just wayy off at judging heights...Even if he really is 187-188cm he's probably only "picking up" guys his height or taller in his mind, believing that MUST be the average. Now it makes sense...
Abraham said on 18/Jul/16
Why is it that these new generation kids are so tall. Seems like everyone agrees that university students are already really tall, and these middle schoolers are yet almost if not already taller than most of these university students..... I'm 187cm and taller than almost all adults I encounter on a daily basis. And in my school I barely edge out the heights of these 7-8th graders, even girls. Many 9-10th graders are tall as or taller than me even ... While I am tallest in my class in grade 11
Canson said on 17/Jul/16
In the states, seeing 190 cm guys is rarer than seeing someone 10 cm shorter or even less than that. Keep in mind the average height is 5'10 supposedly (really more along the lines of 5'8.5 since so many people lie). They do take it off drivers licenses as we know and those aren't always accurate as my 6'5 1/2 former HS B ball teammate who used to claim 6'7 until recently should know lol.
Canson said on 17/Jul/16
@Rob v: I have to agree with some of the others. You are just like Ice's height he claims, a very good height. Tall without any drawbacks whatsoever. You're nowhere near a doorway barefoot. And In most places being 2.00 meters is bad height. I mean hitting heads on doorways etc. 6'7 is useful for nothing but basketball honestly and not practical for daily life. i But I will say more power to you if you pull it off. At least if someone can't tell then it looks almost legit to the common person. If you can display it it isn't as much a lie as someone claiming it but not looking it
James said on 17/Jul/16
Click Here

Korean girls prefer men in the 175-180 cm range.

From a universal point of view, 185 cm is the ideal height for men. More broadly, the 183-188 cm range is pretty good for men.
zanny23 said on 17/Jul/16
rob how much can a person grow after his 17th birthday like how many inches?
Canary said on 17/Jul/16
@Rob: Thank you for your reply. I'm quite tall and a bit odd in that I measure myself once or twice a day. My morning height is around 180 cm and my evening height is around 178 cm. However, I recently have measured as tall as around 181 cm. I can find only one plausible explanation for this increase in height. This has been a very difficult year for me, so I haven't worked out on a regular basis. Perhaps this lack of physical exertion "added" around a centimeter of height.

@CS and Wolf: Thanks, guys. I usually lose around one or two centimeters a day. It's closer to about two on most days. I actually have a stadiometer, so I'm one of those oddballs who measure themselves once or twice a day. It seems like I gained a cm during the past months. I now have a question for you two (or anyone). Do you think that the average white American woman, 21-40, is closer to 5'4 or 5'5?
jake said on 17/Jul/16
James said on 14/Jul/16
@Jake Nope. 6' 05" is over 6' 0", pure mathematics, you can't deny that. Therefore tall. Just look at Gareth Bale. He is definitely a tall guy.

sigh dude no I wasn't talking about what I think constitutes as over six-foot I was talking about what IS considered to mean over a certain height, look what you or I think doesn't matter what matters is what everybody else thinks and to everybody else "over six-foot is tall" means 6'1+, people when they say that mean the next height above six-foot which is six-one, ALOT of people again not my opinion would say tall starts at over six-foot i.e.. 6'1+ and over six-four is the start of very tall ie 6'5+, but most think six-five is six-four and six-one is six-foot because of there skewed perceptions of height because as we know men overestimate there height
James B said on 17/Jul/16
Rob why is it virtually impossible to spot 6'8 and 6'9 people on the nights out compared to heights like 6'5 and 6'6?

I don't live in a very big town so if I went out to bars/nightclubs in bigger UK cities like London or Birmingham it would probably be a different story.
James B said on 17/Jul/16
he Slav said on 16/Jul/16
Whatever, James B
Btw, 201 cm is outside the 99.99% percentile. Extremely tall - if you think that's common you're delusional

Of course 201cm is not common lol but on nights out I have seen people who are that big in the past but not recently though. I think there's no denying its much easier to see 6'5 and 6'6 guys around than a 6'7 man.
Roy said on 17/Jul/16
I agree with many of the people here. If an individual isn't happy being 6'2 then they probably aren't really 6'2..because that is a legit tall height. We may have another Rick here, another troller.
NX said on 17/Jul/16
@canary stadiometers can have errors too, they are not as accurate as you seem to think, I find if not assembled correctly they can add 3 to 4 inches in height, I am 5'9 but on my stadiometer self measurement I always measure 181cm barefoot on that but i know i am not that tall, im lucky if i get to 5'11 in shoes, anyway I doubt you have grown a cm at 32, its probably the flooring that gave you that 1cm boost or you may have just measured innacurately.
Ice said on 17/Jul/16
@Slav Im from Austria and live in Vienna during the week , and in lower Austria during weekends .
Peter 179cm said on 17/Jul/16
@Mat I thought the average height in Greece was 176-177cm for youngsters and about 174-175 for the older male generations (40 plus year olds),but it really depends on the demographics,bigger cities generally tend to have taller on average people than islands/suburban cities do,no matter the nation.
french guy said on 17/Jul/16
i would say the average height is 180 cm
187 cm is the first tall height
194 cm is the first very tall height
the Slav said on 17/Jul/16
@Peter 179 cm
I only trust the military measurements - self reports are full of s***
the Slav said on 17/Jul/16
maybe you had some sort of imbalance in your body - I had knee surgery that gained me 1 cm because my knee was locked
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 17/Jul/16
Rob do age gap relationships get smaller as the couples get older like if a 50 year old man dated a 65 year old women would the age gap would the age gap seem small compared too a 42 year old man dating a 56 year old woman once your past 55 numbers matter less compared to when you were like 26.
Editor Rob: it may not seem as apparent at some stages like say 45 and 60 vs 55 and 70, but of course you can have women in their 50's who can manage to look early 40's.
Morpheus said on 17/Jul/16
@ Canary

Are you pregnant or were you recently pregnant? Sometimes women grow a little during pregnancy due to all the growth hormone their body is releasing.
Ahmed said on 17/Jul/16
Hi Rob. If i am 5'8.5" or 174 cm , can i round up and claim 5'9" .
Ice said on 17/Jul/16
Im seriously considering making a height proof video to finaly show Peter179 cm that Im not lying . but hes prob just jealus of my height , bc hes not even 180 cm lol
Ice said on 17/Jul/16
@Peter179 Im 6'2.75" in the morning barefoot , right under a stadiometre . i was also measured BAREFOOT by a doctor douring day time , and oh what a suprise , I was 6'1.75" (I grew since then , was a couple of months ago) . you must be really frustrated with beeing not even 180 cm . sry about your stature and that Id tower over you .
truth said on 17/Jul/16
@Mat Well average in Greece has been measured at 178 cm flat for young men in 20s so I believe you when you say that the average height is 178 cm. In Slovenia, where I am it is slightly higher at roughly 5'10.5-5'11 or 180 cm.
truth said on 17/Jul/16
@ElDuderino In USA since your average guy is no more than 5'9-5'9.5 if we count all demographics I do not doubt 6'0 is around 85th percentile and therefore solid tall. However Europe has definitely a taller average and roughly 2 cm or 0.75 taller so 5'10.25. 6'0 is more above average here or 74-79th percentile. Plenty guys are around this height but if you are at least 6'0.5 or more you are 100% tall even here. 6'1-6'2 is solid tall, 6'0 more above average and 5'11 is upper average.
Bobby184cm said on 17/Jul/16
Rob, is 0.75 inch difference in height visible? if a 186 cm guy stood next to me, can a person really tell the difference or does he/she assume we're the same height?
Editor Rob: sometimes it is obvious, but different sizes of heads, or say eyelevels or hairstyles can easily reduce and make the people similar.
the Slav said on 17/Jul/16
80% percentile is below 6'1... Are you on crack?
Ice said on 17/Jul/16
its funny how all my comments about me feeling not that tall at 6'2 and therefore being unhappy about my height really get to you guys . it just really ruins your illusion of that 6'0 is tall and the perfect height . Im allowed to say my honest opinion on beeing 6'2, wich I 100% am . I dont have to prove anything , but If you guys give me no choice and continue to believe that Im really like 5'6 I might post a link to a height proof vid of a morning measurement of mine , where I measure in at 6'2.75" .
Six Feet said on 17/Jul/16
As a six foot Vietnamese guy who's been through his first year on a college campus, I can tell you that while you are noticeably taller than a decent amount of people, a lot of others are equal to my height or even taller.
OG Loc said on 16/Jul/16
I don't know if somebody ask this but what do you about average maximum of human male height in future? Does it have any limits or not?
The Wolf said on 16/Jul/16
That's exactly what it is, If you live in America/UK than you're definitely considered average height.

It seems like all of the more reasonable members have avoided this thread and have relocated to discussing individual celebrity heights. My mind is blown at some of the things people are saying.
Canary said on 16/Jul/16
@Rob: I'm a 32-year-old woman. I seemingly "grew" around a centimeter this year! I actually have a stadiometer, so I know that the measurement is accurate. What could account for this tiny increase in height?
Editor Rob: it depends on how often you have measured and time of day.

If you are getting a consistent measurement that seems a cm taller than when you first began measuring on the same stadiometer, then it's certainly interesting.
the Slav said on 16/Jul/16
You're "constantly" seeing 190 cm guys. Do you live in the Dinaric Alps?
ElDuderino said on 16/Jul/16

Where did you even get those stats? In North America and Europe 6 feet has been statistically proven over and over again to be around the 85th percentile.
Peter 179cm said on 16/Jul/16
@ Hey Take Ice's case for example:height in shoes plus 5cm,meaning he's most likely 182 max rather than 188 lol

@the Slav so even the Dutchmen are on average in the 5'11 range and probably closer to 179-180cm range
for the older generation.
truth said on 16/Jul/16
@Ice I would say more 90-95th percentile range depending on country.
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 16/Jul/16
Ice said on 15/Jul/16
@ TheSlav a legit 190 cm in the 98% perticille ? Are you trolling ? I constantly see dudes that are over 190 cm . I doubt 190 cm is even in the 80% pertcille .


190 cm in the U.S. is between the 96th and 97th percentile among adult men. So his estimate is way closer than yours, here at least.
truth said on 16/Jul/16
@Johan Gladly man, it clocks 16:55 here and I am exactly 179.1 cm . To be fair I woke up at 12.10 am today due to being out the night before. I fall usually a bit under that like 0.5 cm at my lowest, the very lowest I measured was 177.5 cm in the after noon when I was heavy lifting the whole day.
the Slav said on 16/Jul/16
Whatever, James B
Btw, 201 cm is outside the 99.99% percentile. Extremely tall - if you think that's common you're delusional
truth said on 16/Jul/16
@James In the Phillipines where the average man is only 5'4-5'5, a legitimate 6'0 man is huge. In Europe it is tallish, in the Netherlands average.
truth said on 16/Jul/16
@french guy It is the general population. Younger guys are not that much different, think of a 0-2 cm difference at most.
Canson said on 16/Jul/16
@Arch: ditto. No 6'2" guy should feel short. Unless they are on a basketball team or live in a country of 6'10 and 7' guys. I can say that I rarely see anyone taller than I am. Maybe once month at most. And most people I meet are even under 6'2. Ice may be claiming his shoes or wasn't measured properly is what I guess is the case but I will say he isn't as bad as Rick was. But bottom line is that's why people assume that 193-194 are 198 and why 196 guys are 6'7. Its ppl like Rick. It's because the perspective is effed due to some insecure effs that can't get over their "shortcomings".
Canson said on 16/Jul/16
@Scott: the reason people think it isn't tall is because so many 5'9/5'10" guys claim 6'0" tall. Sports are where it started and now you have it spreading like wildfire. So now every 5'4 guy is 5'7 every 5'10 guy is 6'0 tall. Hell even a lot 6'3 guys are insecure and claim their shoes or lie about their height as evidenced this week when a 6'3 acquaintance said well I'm 6'3 but claim 6'4. So you need to say at least 6'5. Uh no. You deal with your insecurity on your own time is what I told him.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 16/Jul/16
Rob on one of your vidéos on guess how tall how tall how much do children grow between 5 and 12 i am guessing anything from 1 inch 2 inches and 3 inches 11 and 12 is low end of teens known as 3 inches is normally possible at 11 and 12 between 5 and 10 a growth of 1 inch and 2 inches is possible.
Editor Rob: from 5 to 12 they'll grow a good foot and a bit more.
Peter 179cm said on 16/Jul/16
@ Canson I doubt a legit 183 guy would ever actually feel short,maybe a liitle over average from time to time(social gatherings,night-clubs etc),but in reality any height over 180cm is enough to be considered tall,IMO.Maybe if you're a basketball player you'd feel short at that height,but because height is measured in shoes in most sports,you'd be considered a 185-188cm (example) rather than 183... So height perception is always gonna be skewed/inflated,that way.
a said on 16/Jul/16
Hi Rob ,if i am 174 cm barefoot , can i claim 5'9"
CS said on 15/Jul/16
@Canary I'd be happy to discuss female heights. One thing I wonder is what the average daily height shrinkage for a woman is. I know for guys it's 2 cm range. So 1.5 - 2.5 cm shrinkage throughout the day should cover the vast majority of guys. But what is it for females?
Mat said on 15/Jul/16
I am a 21 year old male from Greece and I'm going on vacation with 6 other friends this summer.

I think that we could be taken as a sample.
There are 2 guys around 5'11, one of them must be fractionally taller, so they are either 5'10.75 and 5'11 or 5'11 and 5'11.25 respectively. They have both claimed 181 and 182 at different times.

Then there's me at 5'10.25 at night, and another guy who I am sure I edge out a little bit, so I estimate him at a flat 5'10 (he claims 179 cm though I'm sure it's an earlier measurement).

There's also a guy who I estimate at a strong 5'9 range, like 5'9.25-5'9.5 (He funnily claimed 180 cm the other day, but I'm sure he is sub 177 cm )

Finally, the shortest guy of the group is around 5'8 and the tallest guy somewhere in the 6'-6'1 range, I don't have a better estimate for these guys since they are further away from my height.

To sum up, out of 7 guys I'm the 4th tallest at 178-179 cm range, so I'm right in the middle. And that's what I usually feel among guys my age. Bang on average.

The average for 20 year olds in Greece must be 5'10-11 range, and that makes sense cause there's 4 of us out of 7 in that 5'10-11 range. The most common heights are the average heights.
The Wolf said on 15/Jul/16
Good. You sound like a levelheaded poster, I'd be more than happy to discuss height with you.
Ice said on 15/Jul/16
@RobV have fun meeting a woman at a nightclub and then going home with her and taking off youre shoes , and suddenly beeing 9 cm shorter . what a shock that would be . seriously , you should go down to 4 cm lifts / elevators whatever . its not that massively noticable (even though it still really is) .. When Im out I wear 4 cm lifts and would not go any higher than that.. Im youre height range and dont like to wear lifts bc its just faking youre height and nothing more , but my insecurity and near desperation about my height really drives me to do it . thing is , we are at that borderline - height range . we almost never get considered by anyone as beeing tall with normal footwear / bearfoot , yet if we add 4-5 cm to our height by lifts whatsoever , we are suddenly seen as tall guys . it sounds strange , but its like that.
Ice said on 15/Jul/16
@ TheSlav a legit 190 cm in the 98% perticille ? Are you trolling ? I constantly see dudes that are over 190 cm . I doubt 190 cm is even in the 80% pertcille .
Johan said on 15/Jul/16
Well firstly its not the first time that someone accuses RobV of that :) To be honest I think he is just a guy who wants to help others who feel the need for an extra boost.

Its nothing for me but I do have friends who also do it and why not? Women use heels, make-up, butt pads, push ups, hair extensions, fake tan, fake fingernails etc etc....

However they are the first to get weird if they find out a guy wears lifts or elevators.! Its not hurting anyone so I don't understand why so many have a problem with it.

Secondly on the comment made by yourself Scott. You like myself have a tall family but that doesn't change the national average. You have a skewed view as I once did, I used to think 6ft 1 was average as most of my male relatives are 6'1"-6'6".

5ft 10 is a solid average height basically everywhere. Only in a handful of countries is it an inch shorter than the median. Which still makes it average as one inch is nothing.
truth said on 15/Jul/16
@Canary You can ask me anything about female heights, I will be happy to answer you. :)
Ice said on 15/Jul/16
@Robv sorry , but wearing 9 cm lifts is ridicilous . 4 cm is already pushing it . but almost 10 cm through lifts ?! what will you do when you walk into an appartment and have to take youre shoes off ? dont you think people will notice the massive height change ? wearing lifts is never a satisfying option because in youre heart you know that youre not as tall as people think you are . I know this , bc Im youre height range and at times wear 4 cm lifts , wich feels like a lot and a big change already .
french guy m said on 15/Jul/16
Am i the only one who think 183 cm is not a good height but just ok?
James B said on 14/Jul/16
the Slav said on 9/Jul/16
A legit 190 cm man is very tall. Thats the 95-98 % percentile.

190cm is upper end of tall and in fact approaching the very tall range but still looks fairly ordinary compared to taller heights like 192-201cm range
zanny23 said on 14/Jul/16
rob do you think 185 is enough to claim 6'1 i measure at around 185 at night can i claim 6'1 and what is eyeline of 6'1 man and that of a 6ft man
Editor Rob: yeah it is enough to go with 6ft 1....if you dropped to 184 then it might be a bit more of a roundup, but 185 is only a few mm under 6ft 1
The Wolf said on 14/Jul/16
I don't even no where to begin. What country do you live in?
Hey said on 14/Jul/16
Do people tell their height with shoes or barefoot
Anon183cm said on 14/Jul/16

As usual it is very subjective as to what people think fits the description of tall, but I think the percentiles charts are a good place to look:
(I used an average of 5'10.5):

5'5 = 3rd percentile
5'6 = 6th
5'8 = 20th
5'9 = 30th
5'10.5 = 50th
6'0 = 70th
6'2 = 89th
6'4 = 97th

so the equivalents are roughly:
5'5 = 6'4,
5'7 = 6'2
5'9 = 6'0

I mean I agree with you really, 6'0 is not what many would call 'tall'.. but situations do occur frequently where it might appear so, when surrounded by women and average or below average men. If everywhere you went, there was a perfect 'normal distribution' of heights then at 6'0 I do not believe you would consider yourself tall, but instead above average.
Johan said on 14/Jul/16
This page is going down the ****ter so to speak.

It was bad enough when people were saying 6ft was average but now we have people saying 6ft 1 is average and that 6ft 2 is barely tall.

@ those posters

Go grab an aerosol can and a measuring tape. Stand facing a flat wall and put the can on your head and draw a line under it. Cmon just try it :)

I will start :

9 pm here and I clock it at 185.3 cm. Was lying down though a fair bit on the sofa so regained a bit.
truth said on 14/Jul/16
@Scott It is arguably somewhere at the start of the tall range, 182-184 cm is the grey area between average and tall. 6'1 for sure is tall, 6'2 and 6'3 are solid tall heights. 5'11 or 180-181 cm is more upper average (5'10-5'10.5 or 177-179 cm is completely average). Your chart might apply more to Germany or Norway, for the overall EU population substract roughly 0.5-1 in.
James said on 14/Jul/16
@Jake Nope. 6' 05" is over 6' 0", pure mathematics, you can't deny that. Therefore tall. Just look at Gareth Bale. He is definitely a tall guy.
James said on 14/Jul/16
I laugh when people being 6' 3'' think they are not perceived as "giants" in Asian countries
Life said on 14/Jul/16
Thanks for replying to my comments rob, it really means a lot to me. Blessings mate
Editor Rob: you asked about Dan Carter...he claimed 180cm
@Scott said on 13/Jul/16
6'0 is definitely considered tall worldwide. It's not standout tall of course but more like "start of tall". If you come to my country you'll realize how tall you are at 6'0.
Canary said on 13/Jul/16
@Wolf: I would be happy to discuss all kinds of subjects related to height, especially female heights, but there are no takers. I love Rob's site, though.

@RobV: Don't take this the wrong way, but it seems like you post about nothing but lifts and elevators. I'm starting to think that you work for a company that sells them. :)
James said on 13/Jul/16
This is an issue that largely dependes on the society. 6' 00" is certainly not tall in the Netherlands, but in the Philippines a 6' 0'' man is kinda tall.

By the way, @Scott you are crazy right? Cristiano Ronaldo isn't tall?

6' 3'' = 191 cm, which is considered "large" or "too tall" for men.

185 cm is the ideal height for men. Tall but not excessively tall.
french guy said on 13/Jul/16
truth said on 12/Jul/16
@NX, I would say more like:

5'8-5'10 southern Europe (5'8 Portugal, 5'8.5 Albania, 5'8.5 Cyprus, 5'8.5 Spain, 5'9 Italy, 5'9 Bulgaria, 5'10 Greece, Macedonia 5'10)
5'9-5'11 eastern Europe (5'9 Ukraine, 5'9 Romania, 5'9 Moldova, 5'9.5 Hungary, 5'10 Belarus, Poland 5'10.5, Slovakia 5'10.5, Czech Republic 5'11)
5'10-5'10.5 western Europe (5'10 France, 5'10 Switzerland, 5'10 UK, 5'10 Ireland, 5'10.5 Belgium, 5'10.5 Luxembourg)
5'10.5-5'11 central Europe (5'10.5 Slovenia, 5'10.5 Austria, 5'10.5 Germany, 5'11 Croatia)
5'10.5-6'0.5 northern Europe (5'10.5 Estonia, 5'11 Finland, 5'11 Denmark, 5'11 Norway, 5'11.5 Iceland, 5'11.5 Sweden, 5'11.5 Lithuania, 6'0.5 Netherlands)
5'11.5-6'0.5 southeastern Europe (5'11.5 Serbia, 6'0 Montenegro, 6'0.5 Bosnia)

does your chart apply to young men?
Do you think bosnia has an average height of 6'0.5? i don't think they are taller than croatian an serbian
Pucko said on 13/Jul/16
Only 1 vote for 190cm????
the Slav said on 13/Jul/16
Measured average height in the Netherlands for young males is 181 cm. End of story
Mark said on 13/Jul/16
As a guy of 5'9, i feel like a couple hundred years ago i'd have been a giant, but in this day and age i feel both average and short. It's fair to assume that when i'm out and about i tend to notice more the people taller than me than the people shorter than me, is that indicative of height envy?
truth said on 13/Jul/16
@Ice 183-188 cm is not stand out tall or anything like that but it is still a few cm above average (average height is 177-180 cm for whites tops).
Ice said on 13/Jul/16
@Peter179 cm yes , 100% sure that Im 6'2. I have a stadiometre and measure 189.5 cm out of bed .
Alex said on 13/Jul/16
If you feel average at almost 185 cm, probably you don't like your height.
the Slav said on 13/Jul/16
I agree, truth
the Slav said on 13/Jul/16
@french guy
Somewhere between 65-75 then.
the Slav said on 13/Jul/16
Alex said on 11/Jul/16
@the Slav, 190 cm is pretty common in Dinaric Alps, Netherlands and more or less in Sweden, but not really in all the other countries of the world right now.

Alex, maybe in the Dinaric Alps and some small parts of Netherlands but definitely not in Sweden.
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jul/16
Sorry, but no sane legit 6'2 guy would "feel bad" about his height unless he plays on a basketball team full of 6'6 + guys. Take a guy like Hugh Jackman who considers himself "too tall to sit comfortably in chairs". You'd never think yourself short, c'mon, what are you really Ice, 5'5?
Arch Stanton said on 13/Jul/16
@ Ice, so you think Andy Murray or the 189 Challenger isn't tall LOL? You're just trolling. Any guy who doesn't dip under 6 ft barefoot I think can be considered tall. 6' range is lower end but guys like David Cameron, Gareth Bale and David Duchovny in public would generally be considered tall men, whatever country they're in, though in Netherlands, Sweden, Germany and Croatia at times it might feel nearer average...
Lynxy said on 13/Jul/16
If i am just under 191 in the morning and 189cm at night, can i claim 190cm?
Scott said on 13/Jul/16
5' 6" - short
5' 7" - upper end of short
5' 8" - highest short measurement
5' 9" - lowest average measurement
5' 10" - lower average
5' 11" - solid average
6' 0" - upper average
6' 1" - highest average measurement
6' 2" - lower tall
6' 3" - solid tall
6' 4" - upper tall
6' 5" and over - giant

I don't understand how people think 6' 0" is tall. It's not short, but it certainly isn't tall. I'm 5' 11.5 and I feel dead average. Standing next to a six foot guy I look the same height. I have two aunts who are six feet tall and my dad and brother are 6' 1", my other brother is 6' 0", and my uncle is 6' 3" and so is his son. I laugh when I hear six foot men say, "I'm tall!"
Chase said on 12/Jul/16
Rob I just slept for 13 hours. I didn't get very much sleep the night before and I definitely hit my low. How much more height would I gain from that much sleep instead of a 8 hour night of sleep?
Editor Rob: it might not make any difference going from 8 to 12 hours.

It is more the position and hydration which could take you to a maximum morning.

I've slept longer and measured lower at times in the morning!
Canson said on 12/Jul/16
@Peter179: either that or he lives in a country rich in Kevin Nash's, Big Shows, Shaqs, mutombos, Manute Bols and Yao Mings because I've never heard anyone say 6'2 is small unless they are a 6'0 guy maybe 6'1 claiming 6'2. A legit 6'2 is within 2 1/2" of me and I consider myself very tall at 6'4 1/2 194-195
James B said on 12/Jul/16
Rob do you agree with me that a 189-191cm man in public doesn't look that impressively big?

Certainly not as striking as how tall the 194-196cm range can look on the street.
Editor Rob: 6ft 3 is still a pretty stand out and noticeable height, but 6ft 4 is just that notch bigger which suddenly puts you an inch over all the 6ft 3 and 4 inches above 6ft people.
Canary said on 12/Jul/16
It wouldn't surprise me if Ice was really 5'6. Read NX's post if you're interested in average adult male (never female here) heights in Europe.
truth said on 12/Jul/16
@NX, I would say more like:

5'8-5'10 southern Europe (5'8 Portugal, 5'8.5 Albania, 5'8.5 Cyprus, 5'8.5 Spain, 5'9 Italy, 5'9 Bulgaria, 5'10 Greece, Macedonia 5'10)
5'9-5'11 eastern Europe (5'9 Ukraine, 5'9 Romania, 5'9 Moldova, 5'9.5 Hungary, 5'10 Belarus, Poland 5'10.5, Slovakia 5'10.5, Czech Republic 5'11)
5'10-5'10.5 western Europe (5'10 France, 5'10 Switzerland, 5'10 UK, 5'10 Ireland, 5'10.5 Belgium, 5'10.5 Luxembourg)
5'10.5-5'11 central Europe (5'10.5 Slovenia, 5'10.5 Austria, 5'10.5 Germany, 5'11 Croatia)
5'10.5-6'0.5 northern Europe (5'10.5 Estonia, 5'11 Finland, 5'11 Denmark, 5'11 Norway, 5'11.5 Iceland, 5'11.5 Sweden, 5'11.5 Lithuania, 6'0.5 Netherlands)
5'11.5-6'0.5 southeastern Europe (5'11.5 Serbia, 6'0 Montenegro, 6'0.5 Bosnia)
truth said on 12/Jul/16
@RobV When Roy makes a good argument that lifts are unnecessary at a certain above average height or 6'0+, you immediately jump to the Hitler argument, LOL classic. No one cares, if you wear lifts or not: The point is I and Roy are just worried about the mental health and insecurities of certain people here, I mean 6'2 is above average pretty much in almost every setting (excluding only basketball, where talent is actually more important rather than height) and even in club settings where there are more tall than average or short people the majority of guys are still 5'11-6'2 or a bit taller than average. If you want to be taller than every guy you see then you would need to be 7'0 or something, honestly most guys like me are secure enough to think anything 6'3 + is pretty much unnecessary.
The Wolf said on 12/Jul/16
I'm with you, man. I remember when this site featured actual discussion of height, now it's just blatant trolling and lies.

@Peter 179cm
He's clearly not 6'2" or anything close to 6'2", but he'll continue telling us all how 6'0" is short and 6'2" is average.😒

You've built an awesome site and I honestly hope some of these trolls disappear soon, because they're really dragging this place down.
Strong 5ft9 said on 12/Jul/16
If anyone is curious how tall you are in Yards? Well here's a chart?
Note: it is all rounded up. I did this because i was bored.

4' - 1.33
¼ - 1.34
½ - 1.35
¾ - 1.35
4'1" - 1.36
¼ - 1.37
½ - 1.38
¾ - 1.38
4'2" - 1.39
¼ - 1.40
½ - 1.40
¾ - 1.41
4'3" - 1.42
¼ - 1.42
½ - 1.43
¾ - 1.44
4'4" - 1.44
¼ - 1.45
½ - 1.46
¾ - 1.47
4'5" - 1.47
¼ - 1.48
½ - 1.49
¾ - 1.49
4'6" - 1.50
¼ - 1.51
½ - 1.51
¾ - 1.52
4'7" - 1.53
¼ - 1.53
½ - 1.54
¾ - 1.55
4'8" - 1.56
¼ - 1.56
½ - 1.57
¾ - 1.58
4'9" - 1.58
¼ - 1.59
½ - 1.60
¾ - 1.60
4'10" - 1.61
¼ - 1.62
½ - 1.63
¾ - 1.63
4'11" - 1.64
¼ - 1.65
½ - 1.65
¾ - 1.66
5' - 1.67 yards
¼ - 1.67 yards
½ - 1.68 yards
¾ - 1.69 yards
5'1" - 1.69 yards
¼ - 1.70 yards
½ - 1.71 yards
¾ - 1.72 yards
5'2" - 1.72
¼ - 1.73
½ - 1.74
¾ - 1.74
5'3" - 1.75
¼ - 1.76
½ - 1.76
¾ - 1.77
5'4" - 1.78
¼ - 1.78
½ - 1.79
¾ - 1.80
5'5" - 1.81
¼ - 1.81
½ - 1.82
¾ - 1.83
5'6" - 1.83
¼ - 1.84
½ - 1.85
¾ - 1.85
5'7" - 1.86
¼ - 1.87
½ - 1.88
¾ - 1.88
5'8" - 1.89
¼ - 1.90
½ - 1.90
¾ - 1.91
5'9" - 1.92
¼ - 1.92
½ - 1.93
¾ - 1.94
5'10" - 1.94
¼ - 1.95
½ - 1.96
¾ - 1.97
5'11" - 1.97
¼ - 1.98
½ - 1.99
¾ - 1.99
6' - 2
¼ - 2.01
½ - 2.01
¾ - 2.02
6'1" - 2.03
¼ - 2.03
½ - 2.04
¾ - 2.05
6'2" - 2.06
¼ - 2.06
½ - 2.07
¾ - 2.08
6'3" - 2.08
¼ - 2.09
½ - 2.10
¾ - 2.10
6'4" - 2.11
¼ - 2.12
½ - 2.13
¾ - 2.13
6'5" - 2.14
¼ - 2.15
½ - 2.15
¾ - 2.16
6'6" - 2.17
¼ - 2.17
½ - 2.18
¾ - 2.19
6'7" - 2.19
¼ - 2.20
½ - 2.21
¾ - 2.22
6'8" - 2.22
¼ - 2.23
½ - 2.24
¾ - 2.24
6'9" - 2.25
¼ - 2.26
½ - 2.26
¾ - 2.27
6'10" - 2.28
¼ - 2.28
½ - 2.29
¾ - 2.30
6'11" - 2.31
¼ - 2.31
½ - 2.32
¾ - 2.33
7' - 2.33
¼ - 2.34
½ - 2.35
¾ - 2.35
7'1" - 2.36
¼ - 2.37
½ - 2.38
¾ - 2.38
7'2" - 2.39
¼ - 2.40
½ - 2.40
¾ - 2.41
7'3" - 2.42
¼ - 2.42
½ - 2.43
¾ - 2.44
7'4" - 2.44
¼ - 2.45
½ - 2.46
¾ - 2.47
7'5" - 2.47
¼ - 2.48
½ - 2.49
¾ - 2.49
7'6" - 2.50
¼ - 2.51
½ - 2.51
¾ - 2.52
7'7" - 2.53
¼ - 2.53
½ - 2.54
¾ - 2.55
7'8" - 2.56
¼ - 2.56
½ - 2.57
¾ - 2.58
7'9" - 2.58
¼ - 2.59
½ - 2.60
¾ - 2.60
7'10" - 2.61
¼ - 2.62
½ - 2.63
¾ - 2.63
7'11" - 2.64
¼ - 2.65
½ - 2.65
¾ - 2.66
8' - 2.67
RobV said on 12/Jul/16
@ James, I honestly doubt that all these tall guys in the clubs I have mentioned were wearing lifts to get them 4" taller. Lifts themselves only can give you really about 2" (and that IS still effective), you need elevators etc to get really up there. I HAVE met one of two that I am sure do wear added height, and I have put my e-mail address on here several times and about 40 guys have written over the past 2/3 years, most who are around my height and add height, and wanted to know my techniques - I have been doing it for 16/17 years since I was 19 and gradually you learn all the techniques of doing it properly, and also the mistakes you can make. Through here I have met in person one guy who is taller than me and who adds height. So it IS more common than you might think but still not usual.

I think the young lads I have seen in my nights would not at present go beyond a pair of socks or shoe lifts/thicker boots (as I did at their age, and progressed!)
RobV said on 12/Jul/16
@ truth, no it wasn't an Austrian tall person's club (!) but it's just one of those things that sometimes happens. I once sussed out a bar in Amsterdam for potential - now I know they are a tiny tad taller than average in Holland but in this bar were about 30 guys and they were all that height and more (6'4"+). The chances of this of course are tiny, they have to be, but the taller the average the greater the numbers of occasions where you will see really larger numbers of tall people. On the Austrian situation, I didn't see many other guys walking about in Vienna so tall as were in that maybe I had my quota and the rest of the tour was pushing it back down to the average...
RobV said on 12/Jul/16
@ Ice, I very easily get 9cm out of a combination of lifts and elevators, as I say in my postings. Lifts on their own of course are limited by the fact that footwear is constructed in a certain way & I would never try to get 9cm out of lifts. even in big boots. Max of 7cm really - max. But for elevators, I wear GuidoMaggi 5" (12cm) and 4" (10cm) elevator boots with an added inch of lifts (and a tiny bit more if I know there are going to be v tall guys around). And also i wear Don's d'Etnas, 5" (12cm) + a a bit more as well. It's v easy to add just under 5" (11-12cm) to my 6'2.5" height, so I easily get to 2m (sorry for the mix of measurements but it's how I do it/think it). If elevators are called 5" you probably get just under 4" in extra height.
ayo said on 12/Jul/16
@everyone who thinks 5'10 is average....
tall people tryna be normal lol
or height conscious people trying to be taller that doesnt really matter all that much with girls...
ayo said on 12/Jul/16
@truth lol tall people tryna be normal lol
Ice said on 12/Jul/16
there are a lot of arabs and some asians in vienna , they bring the average height down . I feel tall among them , as their average height is prob in the 175 cm range . however there are the whites , who are very tall , and the Balkans , who are even taller , all over the place . I also at times see very tall black men in Vienna .
EstonianBoy said on 12/Jul/16
Anybody can say if masturbation stunts growth for boys 17-20 years old?
the Slav said on 12/Jul/16
Ice and RobV, stop trolling
truth said on 12/Jul/16
@James Well my father just recently turned 59 and was a legit 5'11.5 in his prime, now he is roughly 5'11.25. So he lost 0.25, a pretty average loss for his age I would think? Most men are around their peak height pretty much the majority of their life until they turn at least 62-63 then start loosing on average cm per decade. My grandfather for example before passing at 79 was 5'7 but was an easy strong 5'8 peak so he lost no more than 3-3.5 cm.
181cm said on 12/Jul/16
I can bet people here saying avergae is 5ft11 and above and your not in the northern countries or serbia e.t.c are no where near their claims. No wonder people guess me like 2 inches above my height. You wanna know how tall 6'1-6'2 is. Have you seen the mannequins in most clothing shops. If your shorter than that and claim 6'2
SportsHeight said on 11/Jul/16
Rob, the CDC height percentile calculator deems the average American male height to be around 5'9.625". How accurate do you imagine that is? Do you think that's meant to imply a barefoot height? Are numbers like that usually arrived at via self-reporting, or through more reliable methods (i.e. precise without-shoes measurements)?
Editor Rob: I don't know how they amassed the data for the studies and whether they sampled proportionally from the age ranges and groups so that it is a true representation of American height.

If it was self-reported then on average it might be at least half inch more than the true average.
Rory said on 11/Jul/16
@robv, do you really think wearing lifts symbolises diversity lol ? I wouldn't criticise you at 189cm for wearing lifts but rather just say it is very odd. Many would argue, myself included,that you are the perfect male height so why you'd need to wear them is's kind of weird that probably most 5'4 guys etc wouldn't even wear lifts yet you at 6'2.5 do.
James said on 11/Jul/16
Regarding the Austrian nightclub, it could be either the guys in there were wearing lifts since lifts are pretty common in nightclub settings OR these lads could be part of a local basketball team.
Anon183cm said on 11/Jul/16
Anyone else know some people who actually underestimate their own height? I have measured my height quite a lot in different ways, and I am always around 6ft (182cm lowest measurement, 184.5cm highest measurement out of bed.) However I know someone who claims he is 178cm but when I stand next to him he is very nearly the same height as me, which makes me think he is 180cm at least. It's frustrating because then people think you are overestimating your own height, because the logic is that people only overestimate their own height and don't underestimate it.

An example: If you observed two people and one said he was 6ft, the other 5'10, but they looked the same height, I imagine most people on here would condemn the person claiming 6ft as being a liar due to how common it is to see such an inflation of height. However in my case, the person claiming 5'10 is actually incorrect.. I also know someone else who claims 190cm but whom I strongly believe is actually 193-194cm. Again, I appear short of my 6ft claim when being compared to him.
6ft guuy said on 11/Jul/16
im 184.7 lol feel average most the time
truth said on 11/Jul/16
@Bobby184cm As a 179 cm guy during the day (does not dip below 178 cm) I fully agree with you. 5'11-6'0 is more above average than tall but a legit 6'0 guy or a guy that does not drop under 183 cm at worst would be at the start of the tall range. Average is no more than 5'10-6'0 at the tallest places.
NX said on 11/Jul/16
It makes me cringe reading some of the stuff on here

Lets be realistic with the heights of countries here

Southern Europeans are the shorter bunch of the rest of Europe they average anything from 5'7 to 5'9

Northern Europeans are the tallest averageing 5'11 to 6'0

The rest of Europe averages at 5'9 to 5'10

Those are statistics and very accurate ones at that. Those who feel short at the a average heights I have listed are clearly not the height they say they are.

I see a lot of guys saying they are short at 5'10 and 5'11 and its absolute nonsense and quite laughable to be honest. Half of these people need an eye test or a accurate measurement.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover said on 11/Jul/16
I think 6ft1 at night barefoot is the starting point of solid tall.
Peter 179cm said on 11/Jul/16
@Ice your ideas about height are VERY delusional and out of reality...Are you really sure you're 6'2 flat-footed??
french guy m said on 11/Jul/16

I forgot to mention that my goal height is 189 cm at night
Ice said on 11/Jul/16
Why do people think that anything under 190 cm is tall ? Why does everyone on this site think that 6 foot is the start of tall ? You guys are aware that youd come across as a clown in a white populated country claiming to be a tall guy at 6 feet ? 6 foot is NOT TALL . Period .
french guy m said on 11/Jul/16

When I tell people I have planned to do leg lenghtening , they just get mad ....
In a way , I think they re jealous...
I am 183 cm and it s okey, but I want to be tall so...
french guy said on 11/Jul/16
@the slav

if the average height in Denmark is 180 cm, and you are 183 cm, then, you are at the 65 th percentile
Alex said on 11/Jul/16
@the Slav, 190 cm is pretty common in Dinaric Alps, Netherlands and more or less in Sweden, but not really in all the other countries of the world right now.
Ice said on 11/Jul/16
@ RobV

You must be trolling . What lifts would get you up 9 cm ? Youd have to be walking around in high heels , literaly .
Life said on 11/Jul/16
Have you been to NZ before rob? Bloody hell mate, you think Denmark have tall people. Come here haha we call our country the land of the long white cloud; or so some do. But really it's the land of the giants here mate. Us teens, kids, adolescents, etc would tower over many.
Editor Rob: I've never been, but I know Jenny wants to return to Australia and New Zealand for a visit one day.
Ice said on 10/Jul/16
5'10 = wannabe average height range
6'0-6'2 = wannabe perfect height range
6'5= perfect height range
Ice said on 10/Jul/16
6'0 - 6'1 is THE wannabe tall guy range .
Ice said on 10/Jul/16
Im 6'2 " and sometimes I wear lifts to get me to about 6'3.5" . I def feel better and more comfortable as a man at that height . I feel bad about my height , hence why at times I wear lifts .
Ice said on 10/Jul/16
Im 6'2 " and sometimes I wear lifts to get me to about 6'3.5" . I def feel better and more comfortable as a man at that height . I feel bad about my height , hence why at times I wear lifts .
truth said on 10/Jul/16
@RobV OK, but even so I find it almost unthinkable that the average height in a random Austrian nightclub was several inches over 6'0. Was it a tall people's night out or something?
RobV said on 10/Jul/16
Roy - you say "if you are 6'2.5" and need to wear lifts, you have issues". Not sure what you mean. I don't 'need' to wear lifts (no-one needs to do anything like that, as far as I am aware). I like to, as I like being that tall. The most simplistic form of failed argument always suggests that 'if you do something I don't like the sound of then you are mad' (that's what the Soviets did and the Nazis). We're all different - the key today is surely to embrace diversity and differences, learn from others' situations and try not to jam everyone into a narrow band of your own experience and call hate on anyone that doesn't do exactly what you do.
James said on 10/Jul/16
Probably the guys in the nightclub you were in were wearing lifts. That brings them from 6 ft to 6'4 . No wonder you see many guys at 6'4 and approaching your height. Who knows?
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius said on 10/Jul/16
Rob is it possible for men not too lose any height until their early 60's some men can get too late 60's early 70's without any height loss at all the average age range for height loss for men is between 55 and 58 those are the ages for men when height loss start's most men when they hit their late 30's and early 40's mid 40's late 40's and even early 50's don't lose any height all is height loss more noticeable in the early 60's for men then it is in the mid 50's and late 50's most men only lose a fraction or half an inch in their mid 50's and late 50's is the early 60's for men the start of a 1 inch height loss would early 60's be considered late for men too start too lose height if you didn't lose height until your early 60's would you be considered a late bloomer in terms of height loss meaning if you start losing height in your early 60's would you lose height as you get older is it possible for men not too lose any height in their mid 50's and late 50's.
Editor Rob: well with good genetics and exercise/stretching routine there will be people who get to 60's without anything noticeable...they may still lose a small fraction, but nobody would know.

Inactivity and poor habits and diet might speed up the loss in height.
Bobby184cm said on 10/Jul/16
Honestly this is my point of view as 6'0.5 guy.

5'6 and below = legit short
5'7 = regular short
5'8 = borderline short and below average
5'9 = solid average
5'10 =upper average
5'11 = upper end of average or start of tall (depends on the country)
6'0 = minimum height to be considered tall
6'1 = regular tall
6'2 = solid tall
6'3 = start of very tall but not giant
6'4 = definitely very tall
6'5 = very tall
6'6= upper end of very tall
6'7 and ovet = giant

Who agrees with me?
Alex said on 9/Jul/16
Rob how much cm from the tip of the nose to the tip of the head? 16 cm? How tall should be a guy if a 177 cm guy reach his tip of nose? 193 cm?
Editor Rob: can vary between almost 16 to 18cm really...but 16-17cm is a common range for men as long as the person's head is straight on.

Of course, we tilt our heads down and that adds a cm, or 2 if it is a bigger tilt....
truth said on 9/Jul/16
In the majority of EU countries (noon-afternoon so near low height):

178 cm is bang on average (for younger people it is higher so 178.5 to 179 cm) +/- 2 cm so 176-180 cm range (176.5 cm-180.5 cm for young people)

179 cm still average or strong average
180 cm strong average
181 cm strong average and above average, more the latter.
182 cm above average height and never seen as tall
183 cm above average height, sometimes seen as tall
184 cm tall height, sometimes seen only as above average
185 cm 100% tall height from this point on
186 cm strong tall height and mostly seen as ideal
187 cm strong tall
188 cm start of upper tall range
189 cm upper tall
190 cm seen as either upper tall or very tall
191 cm + very tall
the Slav said on 9/Jul/16
@french guy m
According to Danish military measurements (18-20; years old so fully grown) average height is 180 cm. Im 3 cm above that meaning Id probably be around the 70-75% percentile. Depends on where you are too of course, but for real, to think 190cm is very common is a delusional lie. Thats tall everywhere even at University
the Slav said on 9/Jul/16
@french guy m
Because Im honest with my height and not delusional like most of the people in here. And 70% isnt even that much... not enough to consider myself as tall anyways
the Slav said on 9/Jul/16
A legit 190 cm man is very tall. Thats the 95-98 % percentile.
c-mo said on 9/Jul/16
delancey said on 6/Jul/16
@c-mo I also totally agree with your 5'8 listing! I'm 174.5cm for most of the day (flat 174cm in the evening) and most of the time I honestly do feel right on the cusp of where "shortish" begins and "average" ends. That's from my experience in Australia anyway, I personally find it a kinda strange limbo height here. Doesn't help that I'm in my early 20's, I really do believe that the average for young guys (gen y, gen z) in Australia must be over 5'10 these days.


thanks man . I dont want to blow my own horn but well as I said I am very content with my height chart and also trust my observation skills and logic a lot . and I make these height categories with a pure impartial unbiased . my goal is neither to offend anybody nor do I try to make the average seem higher or shorter than it is to "please" my own feelings . we have some trolls here who say either things like towering over a lot of guys at 170cm or that heights like 180cm are short or below average and what not .....

so again since there have been many posts since my height chart and people wouldnt want to scroll so much down to see it I will write it one more time more shortly

the average height for young males in the western world (europe mostly and probably also in usa/australia/canada but I have never been there) is about 177-178cm at night ...lets be a bit optimistic (or maybe that would be pessimistic ;) lol ) and say it is 178cm at night

3cm height difference is not that much noticable and I noticed that at 4cm it starts where you see a obvious height difference between 2 people without looking at them closely . of course if you give attention and look closely you can also see 1-3cm without problems but anything under 4cm you really have to look a little more precisely . in this case if we take 178cm as base and take 3cm + / - then we get an :

average range of 175 - 181cm

now you might think "but there is a noticable between 175 and 181 because it exceeds the 3cm difference you are talking about when you compare these both heights to each other how can both be in the same category ?" . well simply because even though at 175cm you might feel a bit short sometimes or look a bit short sometimes (or to some people) and at 181cm you might feel a bit tall or look a bit short sometimes (or to some people) your height is so close to the average height that in most situations and to most people you will just feel/look "medium" and your height wont be noticable most of the time.

now since we have the average range we can make the other categories

obviously at your height of 174cm at night you dont suddenly become plain/straight up short . there is no way that most people will be like "that guy is short" to a 174cm night man even though it is touching the short area now. so in case you are worried dont worry bro your height is decent . just keep attention to not walk around with bad posture and favor thicker sneakers over thin shoes and you will be allright

same as most people wont be like "damn youre tall dude" to a 182cm guy . but it is touching the tall area now

173-174cm = below average and a bit short but it is not a height you can group in the same category as lets say 168cm which is plain short

182-183cm = above average and a bit tall but it is not a height you can group in the same category as lets say 189cm which is plain tall

172cm is where short starts and 184cm is where tall starts but even these heights are obviously still in the "norm" and blend in with most men

I would say the typical short man height is 167 - 172cm and typical tall man height is 184 - 189cm .

165-166cm is starting to touch the very short area while 190-191cm (at nighttime as I said remember not morning height) is starting to go into the very tall direction but depending on where you are / who you are with these heights can either be very short/tall or just regular short/tall

below 165cm is definitely very short and 192cm + is very tall doesnt even matter anymore where you are and who is besides you (except if you are surrounded by basketball teams or something)

I know my height categories sound too complicated and over-particular ...broken down too much etc. but trust me this is how it is

that being said short men even though they have it harder they should never give up . there are a lot of short guys who are still successful in life and didnt let their height bother them . one of my friends is about 162cm and he is sporty , strong , intelligent , and has had a girlfriend now since over a year or so . he often had problems due to height in life but he always had a "*uck it I wont let height bring me down" alltitude
RobV said on 8/Jul/16
@ truth, ignoring the personal insult, I do not understand your 2nd point. when you say 'no' and interpret my comments as me holding out my one-off experience of loads of tall lads in Austria a statistical average in the country. Let me repeat what I said. I am 6'2.5" and i wear lifts and elevators to get me to around 6'6"/2m. I was surprised at how tall many of the guys were in the club night I was running, in the 6'4" mark - I made no comment at all about these guys representing a statistical average for the country - how can they be? I do not work in stats and was not measuring large numbers of people all over the country on a scientific basis. I was running a nightclub, I am 6'2.5 and get to 6'6" in elevators, as I said, and as I also said, I noticed to my surprise loads of guys who were almost as tall as me. It's that simple! Not trying to claim I work in the height measurement ministry for the Austrian Republic.
RobV said on 8/Jul/16
@ James, re my experiences in Austria. you misunderstand what I said. As I said, I am 6'2.5 and i wear lifts/elevators to get me to around 6'6". As I also said, I was surprised at how tall many of the guys were in the club night I was running - I made no comment at all about these guys representing a statistical average for the country - how can they be? I do not work in stats and was not measuring large numbers of people all over the country on a scientific basis. I was running a nightclub, I am 6'2.5 and get to 6'6" in elevators, as I said, and as I also said, I noticed to my surprise loads of guys who were almost as tall as me. It's that simple!
The Exorcist said on 8/Jul/16
5'1" and below - rare short
5'2", 5'3", 5'4" - very short
5'5", 5'6", 5'7" - short
5'8", 5'9", 5'10", 5'11" - average range
6'0", 6'1", 6'2" - tall
6'3", 6'4", 6'5" - very tall
6'6" and above - rare tall
Peter 179cm said on 8/Jul/16
@ nick:183cm
Or you could claim 184 since you shrink too much for your height,and you'd probably be around that mark for most of the day.
Canary said on 8/Jul/16
Ice claims that Wikipedia statistics support his erroneous claims about height, but they really contradict them. They indicate that he's "mistaken".
CS said on 8/Jul/16
I'd say "you're tall" comments have a lot more validity when it's coming from someone taller than you are. The other day I was talking with someone who is 6'2 range and I brought up someone's name curious if he knew him. He said "oh yeah, he has... and he's a tall guy, right"?

I wasn't expecting him (who's around 6'2") to refer to this mutual person we both know as being tall. The guy we both know is 182 cm range late morning so he likely doesn't fall below 5'11.5 at night. I think it does help support the idea that if you're 5'11.5 range at night, you will be considered tall by the majority of people (at least here in the U.S.). Also, Rob himself has basically said 181-182 cm range at night is the start of the tall zone.
Sam said on 8/Jul/16
A lot guys in the 181cm-182cm area (low) can just about be classed as tall IMO. Maybe not genuine tall like 183cm+ but close. Admittedly I've seen a few others around this height that didn't appear that much above average for whatever reason but there are plenty that give a (kind of) tall vibe around this height.
the Slav said on 8/Jul/16
Pucko, I live in Scandinavia and your claims are not true lol
Pucko said on 8/Jul/16
Rob be honest now, do you relly think 6'0 flat is considerd tall? And i'm not talking about 184cm range guys, but 182.5-183.5cm (6ft) guys. I mean maybe it's because i'm 189-190cm myself, but i just can't see guys 182-183 being tall. But 184cm however i can definitely see as being the start of tall, for some weird reason 184cm gives me different vibes compared to 182-183cm.

170cm> verry short (verry bad IMO)

170-175cm short (for girls this would be ideal IMO)

176cm shortish (this is ok IMO, in the middle of low average and short)

177-179 low average/average ( IMO this is as good as 187-189cm)

180-183cm high average/average ( wannabe tall guys range, usually rediculusly over the top posture, high footwear and always claims to be taller the they are)

184-186cm start of tall/low tall ( very good height range)

187cm low tall/regular tall (IMO this is the best height to have if you are a guy, i could wright a list about why, but it would take to much time)

188-190cm regular tall/tall ( i personally think that anything over 187cm is unnecessary, but it's still very good don't get me wrong)
Roy said on 7/Jul/16
If your 6'2.5 and need to wear lifts you have issues. Most people only dream of being that tall flat footed. Be grateful. Don't look like travolta in Saturday night live..tall as hell and wearing stilts.
french guy said on 7/Jul/16
I have talked to a guy (he is french) who live in Munchen, he is 180 cm and he told me that he is overall, taller than germans, but it's not uncommon to spot a bunch of 185+ cm guys
A2Z said on 7/Jul/16
@Editor Rob, Hey Rob, what is your estimation on the Miliband brothers?

Here's my estimation:
Ed Miliband=5'11"-5'11.5" (5'11.25 overall)
Dave Miliband=5'10.5"-5'11" (a rather weak 5'11")

The reason how I know this is because my dad's friend (a politician) who is around 6 foot met Dave Miliband (also a youtube video of it) and even though there isn't much of a big difference (despite the two of them wearing the same footwear aka dress shoes), but then again when I met my dad's friend I was wearing converse while he was wearing dress shoes and both of us were eye to eye and he was wearing his dress shoes (though he might have had a slight fraction loss since he's mid-late 50's). I didn't have any pics for comparison but it would be great to show you.
Editor Rob: Ed can look 5ft 11 one minute then over 5ft 11 near 5ft 11.5 range the next, so he may well fall over that 5ft 11 mark.
Morpheus said on 7/Jul/16

Do you think that people are getting taller with each generation? What do you think the optimum human development height is?

I personally think that for men we are not physiologically designed to grow taller than 6'2 before long-term health gets sacrificed. Look at how many really tall people develop serious medical conditions later on in life.
Editor Rob: with better health/nutrition maybe in the last 50 years a lot of countries average heights have improved.
sully said on 7/Jul/16
Hi Rob, if someone is 5'9" in shoes can they claim that height since , they wear shoes of pretty much the same heel length everyday (men) or should they claim 5'8" when no one sees them like that ever
Editor Rob: barefeet is the great leveller for height measurement.

You could claim 5ft 9, but if you say in shoes then it lets others know you are saying the height in shoes...
F.K said on 7/Jul/16
Netherland is indeed a tall nation, never in life have I come a cross a situation were 6 random female passerbys were taller than me and many being closer to my height of 177-178 cm.
This happened a few days ago as I was transiting from Schipol airport to Norway. It might have been a coincidence that I noticed several dutch women in the 178- 185 cm range and some happened to have heels on making them even taller. In Norway 2-3 women are usually taller than me in crowded in places.
Plus very few dutchmen were shorter than me but I did feel closer to average with the older generation.
So I do agree that the average evens out at 181cm for all ages as Johan points out but the 183-184 cm average for young men seems plausible based on my observation.

@ Pucko
It was Interesting reading your post. Although Scandinavians are generally tall, fewer men are taller than 190-192 cm, which made me noticed that there are fewer very tall people there compared to the Netherlands because men at height range of 190-195 cm seems to be common.
truth said on 7/Jul/16
5'3 or less extremely short
5'5 very short
5'7 short
5'8.5 below average
5'10 average
5'11.5 above average
6'1 tall
6'3 very tall
6'5 or more extremely tall
Mathew Robinson (190 cm) said on 6/Jul/16
Ice said on 4/Jul/16
5'7-5'10 = legit short
5'11= THESE DAYS , On the shorter side
6'0 - 6'2 = average
6'3-6'4 = above average
6'5+ = legit tall


In the U.S. it's more like:

extremely short - under 5'2"
very short - under 5'5"
short - under 5'8"
average - 5'10"-ish
tall - over 6'0"
very tall - over 6'3"
extremely tall - over 6'6"
John said on 6/Jul/16
Sammy Derrick,

What fantastic, accurate height games!
Canson said on 6/Jul/16
@truth: a lot of what you said is spot on! I doubt tho that Johno intentionally does that. He just like me has seen a lot of bull****ers in his life that inflate. Maybe his thinking goes far as it does for a lot but fact is it does exist and is very prevalent. On the flip side I see a lot of 6'1 guys claim 6'2 a lot 6'3 guys claim 6'4 more because they receive Early or "rounded up" measurement early where doctors just say your 6'4. Guess you can claim what you please but don't inflate everyone else like I see ppl often do just to make yourself taller is what I'm getting at. But then again I saw something very interesting that was an eye raiser when I saw Mike Glennon's 6'7 1/8" pre draft but he's listed 6'6". Now it's possible he got an eye opener and would lose an inch maybe to get to around 6'6 3/8 or 1/2 but normally if they measure the morning height even in the NFL they don't downgrade it. I mean I'm staunch for not lying about heights but to me uniformity is also important
Canson said on 6/Jul/16
@truth: a lot of what you said is spot on! I doubt tho that Johno intentionally does that. He just like me has seen a lot of bull****ers in his life that inflate. Maybe his thinking goes far as it does for a lot but fact is it does exist and is very prevalent. On the flip side I see a lot of 6'1 guys claim 6'2 a lot 6'3 guys claim 6'4 more because they receive Early or "rounded up" measurement early where doctors just say your 6'4. Guess you can claim what you please but don't inflate everyone else like I see ppl often do just to make yourself taller is what I'm getting at. But then again I saw something very interesting that was an eye raiser when I saw Mike Glennon's 6'7 1/8" pre draft but he's listed 6'6". Now it's possible he got an eye opener and would lose an inch maybe to get to around 6'6 3/8 or 1/2 but normally if they measure the morning height even in the NFL they don't downgrade it. I mean I'm staunch for not lying about heights but to me uniformity is also important
Canary said on 6/Jul/16
@Marideth: That's quite a height range. Do you think that you inherited your height from your mom or from your dad?

@James Edward: I think that the "cougar phenomenon" is greatly exaggerated, especially by the entertainment industry.

@truth: I noticed the same kind of thing when I worked around girls in a lower-income neighborhood. They were much smaller than girls in a nearby higher-income neighborhood. Most of the girls, in both neighborhoods, are white and of NW European ancestry.

@Pucko: I have some Scandinavian ancestry FWIW. I think that regional differences are products of both genetic and environmental factors. Few populations are consistently tall or short. FE, Dutch women were incredibly little in the 1600s. Their average height increased when their local environment improved. On the other hand, pygmies' average heights will be affected MUCH less by environmental factors.
Ice said on 6/Jul/16
@ Pucko in pretty much every white - populated country one would be a laughing stock whilst beeing 5'11-6'0 and claiming to be tall . This page is just full of guys who are in that range and insist that its tall and the perfect height , and think that their perception of what could be average outweighs the facts listed on Wikipedia .
Peter 179cm said on 6/Jul/16
@Ice 183-188cm range average??Seriously what are you smoking?!And all the rest ranges you posted: 5'10-5'11 very short?...
I get it,you are probably about 5cm shorter than you claim,so you obviously have a bad and exaggerated sense of height...

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