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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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6ft1 guy says on 22/Jul/14
6ft1 is not perfect..
184.9 on a bad day says on 22/Jul/14
@Rob V
How you boost your height to 6 ft 2 for 6 ft 5. 2 cm lifts is max you could put in shoes. And if you hit 196 with shoes+ lifts, you still not legit 6 ft 5 in comparison with other people, most shoes give you 2-3 cm. Your height is better than 6ft5(my opnion)
Amaze says on 22/Jul/14
So Josh I say that 6'1 is ideal. perfect. not too tall or short. 6'2 is ok, 6'3 is getting bigger, 6'4 is near too tall, 6'5 is borderline 6'6 is too tall. I would certainly not enjoy ducking down doorways and towering everyone etc. imo 6'1>6'0>6'2>6'3>6'4>5'11>6'5>5'10>6'6
184.9 on a bad day says on 22/Jul/14
I'm 6ft 0.75(185.1) and it after a long day when i jump, run and stay standing for two or three hours and after that I measure myself at evening.I dip under 1-2 mm with aerosol measurement, in a stadiometer I never dips under 1.85. and out of the bed I'm 187.2. I think my height is pretty decent( of course I'm brazilian and average here is lower like 5ft 7- 5ft 9). My uncle is a guy who never dips under 1.87.5 at night and he is Pretty Big. I'm pretty close with her height. 1.85-1.88 is perfect range
Amaze says on 22/Jul/14
I know lots of tall people mate, and my 6'6 friend complains. but my 6'5 friend has to duck his head under doorways, and in cars he says he feels uncomfortable etc.

you know what aaron183cm, you are still tall but lower end but with what you just said I completely 100% agree. 6'1 is just right. 6'2 can appear too big at times. being tall is nice but I certainly wouldn't wanna be too tall or anywhere near it. obvs I would be picking 6'4 over 5'10 but given the choice 6'0-6'2 is the best range and id pick 6'1.
jamieorr4 says on 22/Jul/14
Aaron183cm i agree 61 is the perfect height
Amaze says on 22/Jul/14
I know lots of tall people mate, and my 6'6 friend complains. but my 6'5 friend has to duck his head under doorways, and in cars he says he feels uncomfortable etc.

you know what aaron183cm, you are still tall but lower end but with what you just said I completely 100% agree. 6'1 is just right.
RobV says on 22/Jul/14
@ Josh. You ask whether 6'1" or 6'2" is the ideal. I think imho neither. I am 6'2" and for me the ideal is 6'5" / 6'6", which is why I wear lifts and elevators to get the height that is, for me, the most effective and best.
Aaron183cm says on 22/Jul/14

I think a solid 6'1 evening height is ideal, and would easily pick it over 6'2 if given the choice. A lot of people (not just on this site) will say 6'-6'2 is the best height range for a man (which coincidentally is the preferred height range for male models), so clearly the best height in that range must be right in the middle. 6' can be too average at times, and 6'2 can *sometimes* (keyword, sometimes) appear a little too tall especially if you have a thin frame. But 6'1, I think that is just right. Not too tall, not too average, a great 90th percentile height with no downsides.
Dane says on 22/Jul/14
@Solid Snake: I think posture can be really important. I remember Rob saying, that you can lose near near 2 inches with really bad posture. So a man at 5'10 can easy look taller with good posture. I know a 5'9 guy who can look 5'7 with his bad posture.
Mike says on 22/Jul/14
@Josh, neither imo I think its 6'4.
RobV says on 22/Jul/14
@ KROC You suggest that I say being 6'5" 'guarantees you the world'. I have of course never said that and would regard it as an absurd comment for anyone to make. I have never seen anyone write anything like that here. What I have always said is that I am 6'2", I like wearing elevators/lifts to take me to around that 6'5"/6'6" height and find that it really works for me personally. I believe that height really works up to a certain point (I suspect about c2m/6'6") and then the advantages tail off unless you have a really good body. And even guys around 6'5"/6'6" need a bit of shape or they can look gaunt and lanky. Indeed when I was a mid teen, and very skinny, that is how I myself felt as a 6'2" kid.
RobV says on 22/Jul/14
The idea that today tall people find it hard to fit into clothes is pretty odd. The main problem for men's clothes, specially fashion at the younger end, is in weight and waist size. If you look at websites for all the big brands, you will see endless stuff which would fit a very tall guy (36" inside leg is now pretty much standard), but just try going much above a 34" waist and the options are much more limited. I notice this because I am a 33" waist and am certainly not overweight there, but if I have to go for a 34" (even number sizing being more common), I notice it is almost always the top end of what is available.

It used to be very difficult for tall people until about 15/20 years ago (certainly in the UK). I am 6'2" and when I was a younger teenager (15/16), I was really frustrated buying jeans etc. But now, even wearing elevators and taking me to 6'5"/6'6", I find no problems at all.
RobV says on 22/Jul/14
@ Late 187cm I think in general you are stretching this a little. What Zen Master said was that the bar for height had risen. You may not agree that there are more guys around 6'5"/6'6" around now than there were half a century ago but all the stats about height tend to suggest you would be wrong.

He was simply making the point that (probably because of this) most people no longer say that these heights are 'too tall'. I have never heard in all my experience someone genuinely say that a 6'6" built guy is 'too tall' or 'too big'.
Josh says on 22/Jul/14
Most here seem to say the ideal height is either 6'1 or 6'2.

So, which is it?

Let's here your best arguments, fellow height connoisseurs.
Dane says on 22/Jul/14
@Tom: Could not agree more with you! You got it spot on. Only people interested in heights do really take notice of it. 99% of people would not mind the exact numbers, and 5'10 in shoes can easily look "6'1" to women who don't know anything about it.
JohnGB says on 22/Jul/14

That is a true statement I think. It's all about perception really; if you look tall, that is as good as being tall most of the time, regardless of an actual measurement. You can be anywhere between 5'10 and 6'0 and still appear tall or very tall in the views of women, even though it's a very average range. I am guessed at 6'2 a lot and I am 6'0
gregory says on 22/Jul/14
Morning - 5'11.1(180.5cm)
Night - 5'10.3(178.5cm)

Am I a legit 5'10.5(179cm)?
Ben says on 21/Jul/14
There are sooo many people with small man syndrome on here hating on tall guys and giving poor reasons.
Mike says on 21/Jul/14
@Amaze "Find it hard to fit into clothes" I have a 6'5 friend and he wears a large and can easily find jeans, also taller people wear clothes better imo, do you even know any tall people?
Late 187cm says on 21/Jul/14
@ RobV

I think you're stretching this a little, haven't made it clear, or else I am becoming a little confused, because you seem to be contradicting yourself. Namely here, "I take your point about posts that might appear to suggest that the average height is higher than it is," and here, "he does not say that the bar for AVERAGE height has been pushed up," So which is it? Because with the first it is said that the bar for average height is being pushed up and with the second it is said that the the bar for average height is not being pushed up. Are you talking specifically about Zen Master or other people's posts as well?

Zen Master's statements about height ranges skew the measured facts.

- "there are more guys clustering around 5'11-6'5"
- "I'd say most guys ranged from 5'8 to 6'3"

There's a real suggestion there that the average is higher than it really is. Most guys don't range between 5'8 and 6'3. They range between 5'7.5 and 5'11.5, according to normal bell curve distribution with a 5'9.5 average. He goes about 2 inches lower than the average, because he knows he has to, and then 5 inches over, to support his skewed view.

And of course he explicitly states, "I wouldn't be surprised if the average height continues going up." No inference needed here, it's stated explicitly, along with the statement, "You have to be 6'7 and over these days for your height to be the principle thing that defines you." Suggesting that people are becoming quite radically taller.

I find statements such as this a little absurd, "you can be a 6'6 guy today and blend in pretty normally." Really? You are about 1 in 500 at this height. That's not standout?

There are many people on this site who post comments saying 6'5 + is too tall. There are also many who say it isn't too tall. But you post comments such as, "And even there if you are built, no-one ever says 'too tall' at 2m then." Well I'm sorry, they do. Week in week out. Built or otherwise, it's regarded as too tall for some, but you seem to want to justify the idea that it cannot be too tall with the right build. Like this is some kind of objective fact and not an opinion, and you seem to do this in order to justify your own opinion. If you think it can never be too tall, that's ok, that's your opinion, but not everyone's. It's not a fact and it's fallacious to suggest that it is.

I find it quite interesting that someone who has had exposure to psychology would support, maintain and propagate these views.

Or maybe that's why you do it? You know, it's not what's actually true, but what you can make people believe is true...
Bryan says on 21/Jul/14
I remember back in late 2009 when I first stumbled upon Celebheights, my friends were convinced I was at least 180cm but I generally felt short :| and then at the school gym stadiometer it turned out I was only 175cm in the afternoon. Anyone else measured themselves shorter than they expected ? I was 16 at the time.
Solid Snake says on 21/Jul/14
I'm 5'11 but regularly get pegged at 6' or even 6'1, even in flat shoes. I have good posture - do you think most people tend to slouch, making me appear taller? How much can posture effect perception of height?
SAK says on 21/Jul/14
MrTBlack says: 'Generally speaking, an ideal height for a man is anything from 6'-6'2". Anything more than 6'2" will diminish returns from women.'
I have witnessed totally different attitudes from women. Yes many women do prefer 6'0-6'2 guys. But they also like the very tall men 6'3-6'5 just as much.

If you want to talk about women's attitude towards opposite sex, well there are numerous sites online where short guys(5'8&under) are complaining thay they are being totally ignored by women.

Don't forget many females ideally want a guy to be taller then them with their heels on. Heels ad on around 4".
SAK says on 21/Jul/14
jamieorr4 says: SAK ok maybe your right maybe over 6ft isn't as common as thought but sometimes it feels like it is
@jamieorr4, 6'0 is a commonly occurring height here in England. 5'8-6'0 are the most abundant. And the most represented heights are 5'9.5-5'11, so your height is very common.
Connor 183cm says on 21/Jul/14
@Amaze so you think my height at 6ft is the best? i dont know , i think 6ft 2 is better, i am somewhat happy with being 6ft but im not overjoyed or anything .
KROC says on 21/Jul/14
Oh yes, being 6'5 guarantees me the world. It guarantees me a job with a six figure salary, all women worship me like a God. I have no worries or issues whatsoever! All because I'm tall. Sorry guys that's not reality. Reality is that I work a 9-5 just like everyone else, have bills, tuition, ectr. Just like everyone else. My height doesn't change that. Being tall is nice for the ego I suppose. It gives me an edge in social situations, but its not the end all be all. Confidence and personality are much more important.
Tom says on 21/Jul/14
Obviously a big reason why men want to be in the 6-62 range is for attracting women. In reality its not how tall you are but how tall you look. Unless a women asks to measure you she will never know your true height. It simply about how tall/short you look to them. The point im making is unless you 'study' heights like the people in the comments its simply best guess and many women overestimate. For example i am 5'10 and the majority of women i meet think im 6ft.
James says on 21/Jul/14
Growing up I always wanted to hit the 180cm mark, I made it to 183cm. Now i'm 23 and 183 I see 6ft 1 as my ideal height but I can't see that happening.

5ft 11+ is a good height for a male.
Sam says on 21/Jul/14
I'd say it's true that self-confidence and esteem matter considerably more than any physical attribute and that superficial things like how well you dress seem more important than height or weight to attracting women. Short, overweight or skinny gawky (including tall ones) guys might have more to overcome for self-esteem but I believe that personality (i.e. humor) and confidence can overcome almost anything physical. Saying over 6'2" gets diminishing returns is a silly statement IMO, you can look like Shrek and still get lots of play if you're charming.
RobV says on 21/Jul/14
@ Late187cm I take your point about posts that might appear to suggest that the average height is higher than it is, but I am not sure that what you have said really negates the core point that Zen Master makes, which relates to the 6'6" area not now being thought in any way too tall - he does not say that the bar for AVERAGE height has been pushed up, I genuinely think he means a bar in its sense of being an upper limit/high point for being considered very tall. It may be a little ambiguous the way it is phrased but I took that to be the point, specially reading the rest, which is all about height at that end. If he had then talked about 5'11" being an average I would agree with you but he doesn't.

There is a reality I have noticed since my teens - and that is that in many societies there appears to be more people around that area that he talks about, and that being considered either very or too tall means really around 2m+. And even there if you are built, no-one ever says 'too tall' at 2m then. That is a lot different than when I was a teenager (16 years ago). And my parents tell me that anything much over 6 foot (say 6'3"+) was considered too tall when they were young.

It may also be that height is at a greater premium today than it was, say 50 years ago, in western society, which then has a knock-on effect on what is considered excessive and what is considered desirable. Running club nights, I assure you that I do not know one person who has ever said that a guy around 6'6" is too tall. It is simply a plus, even a mega plus if well built.

But it is what he says afterwards that for me makes clear he is talking about a bar
Jewel says on 21/Jul/14
MrTBlack you said,
""It's not bad but it isn't ideal. Generally speaking, an ideal height for a man is anything from 6'-6'2". Anything more than 6'2" will diminish returns from women.""

May I beg to differ. Over and over on this site, people have repeatedly addressed 6.2 as perfect height. 3 or 4 standard deviations either way that height are just as good masculine heights. that means either 6.6 as highest and 5.10 as lowest are still very cool heights.

As a woman, the taller they are, the closer they are to God. Anything more than 6.2 CAN NOT yield "diminishing returns"! contrary to that, those are alpha/godlike, powerful, thunderous heights (6.3 - 6.6)and trust me they WILL yield returns - wink wink :)

Just look around and see how many tiny women are dating MUCH taller guys :)

(Having said the above, we as women eventually pick our guys based on the connection. any day I would pick my 5.10 soul mate over some 6.4 big blond dude!) Love triumphs over all. if its true it will accept.
Amaze says on 21/Jul/14
Now mr tblack i agree with you on the 6'-6'2. I think being below 6' isnt good but 5'10 and 5'11 are good heights. 6' is near perfect or perf. Its a 9/9.5/10 height imo. I think your previous post must have been a typo. But yeah 6'5 isnt that bad but 6'-2 is better imo, and 6'6 is getting bad.
6'7 and over is defo baaad.
JohnGB says on 21/Jul/14
175 cm says on 20/Jul/14
Rob are the electronic height measurement machines accurate?

I've always found electronic measuring machines to under-measure by 1-2cm. On a stadiometer and measuring in numerous other ways they all point towards a taller measurement than the one I get from the machine, so I am pretty sure they can under-measure.
Damon Gant says on 21/Jul/14
Rob , do exercises such as squats or deadlifts reduce height permanently?
[Editor Rob: excessive weights over a long period could lead to an increased risk injuries and once one disc is effected, it has more potential to effect other discs.]
Roar1 says on 20/Jul/14
Thanks for answer all my questions rob
K says on 20/Jul/14
@RobV: I think "confirmation bias" is the phrase you're looking for. We all fall victim to it at one time or another. I notice my own version of it when I look for occult symbols. Suddenly, they're everywhere. I don't notice ordinary symbols as much. It may also explain why I see so many female celebrities fudging their height. I don't take notice of the ones who don't.
MrTBlack says on 20/Jul/14

It's not bad but it isn't ideal. Generally speaking, an ideal height for a man is anything from 6'-6'2". Anything more than 6'2" will diminish returns from women.
Chris says on 20/Jul/14
@Wez Are you schizophrenic?
jamieorr4 says on 20/Jul/14
SAK and Late 187cm ok maybe your right maybe over 6ft isn't as common as thought but sometimes it feels like it is
Jon189 says on 20/Jul/14
RobV - what parts of London out of interest. I live in Brentwood. In the city all the time.
Jon189/RobV says on 20/Jul/14
Apologies RobV - wierd that your name came up lol......I am jon 189, not Rob lol.

Yes was just wondering if a pic was possible, would be quite unusual to see the difference in someone already tall.
Amaze says on 20/Jul/14
Peter you and your bro are far from ideal height

You are 3-4 inches below average and are short.
Your bro is 9-10 inches above average and is extremely tall near giant. Small has that advantage but thats the only one. Disadvantages outweigh the advantages heavily at that height. If your bro was 6'0 or 1 then that would be perfect tall but oh well and it would be ideal. No negatives at that height at all, even maybe 6'2. Around 6'6 is when disadvantages outweigh advantages beyond 6'5 is way too tall. 5'10 - 6'2 are heights that have no disadvantages. I am 2 taller than you and i still feel a little small. At 5'6 i felt very small and hated it.
Amaze says on 20/Jul/14
@MrTBlack i disagree with anything less than 6'1 is unfortunate. Being 6'0 is a very good height perfect if not near it. Its over 80 percentile. Yes you are shorter than some men but you are taller than the most and taller than nearly all women except for giant women. 6'6 is getting bad but its not that bad like 5'3 etc. But i wouldnt mind 6'5. 6'0 is tall and is not unfortunate. Id say anything below 5'9 is unforunate. 5'8 is borderline. 5'7 and below is defo unfortunate. 510 and 11 aint bad at all.

Wez how can you not understand? It means perfect height with everyday living. Fit into clothes, cars not stick out too much, comfortable etc. Example of this would be 6'0 or 1, tall but not too tall or anywhere near short. Its ideal or near it. Now 6'6 is extreme height, its better than being very short but nowhrre near ideal. Get it? I see no jealousy either
TJE says on 20/Jul/14
As long as you're in good shape, 173-177 is a good height range for males. Although, I'm 178 and like to be in the 180-182 range. 183-187 is the tallest range I'd wanna be in; anything above that is just too tall for me.
175 cm says on 20/Jul/14
Rob are the electronic height measurement machines accurate?
[Editor Rob: if you stand in the perfect position (not leaning forward/back) and hair is flat then it is ok, but I wouldn't use them. You will get a more accurate measurement by doing it yourself I believe.]
Late 187cm says on 20/Jul/14
@ RobV

I see the logic behind your argument regarding the height range. But I really don't think that's what Zen Master is driving at. He seems to think the average is higher than it actually is and is preoccupied with this.

This post is quite telling.

"Zen Master says on 14/Jul/14
The bar for height has been pushed up, you can be a 6'6 guy today and blend in pretty normally. What this really means as that there are more guys clustering around 5'11-6'5 which makes what used to be seen as "giant" seem like no big deal.

You have to be 6'7 and over these days for your height to be the principle thing that defines you.

I wouldn't be surprised if the average height continues going up"

This doesn't reflect statistical evidence, rather a skewed view of average height and height in general.
RobV says on 20/Jul/14
ah indeed Editor Rob, that is so obvious (that the guy was asking for a 'before and after' of me in my elevators), I should have grasped it.

Two problems here. Firstly an interesting one. My mother is a psychologist and she has always pointed out the degree to which people think they see things (to back up their bias or advance perceptions) once they have been led in the general direction. It happens with witnesses to crimes where rumours lead people subconsciously to believe they have actually 'seen' something backing up a rumour they are inclined to want to believe. This applies big time with appearance. If you were to publish a photo and say "this is me wearing elevators" all I would get back is "Oh God, it's so obvious. You should just be happy with being yourself. Man". Once told you cannot get something like this out of the mind. My mother has done some amazing experiments about just that kind of thing in relation to perceptions in sensitive areas. She once did a test with 100 students where a guy said he had had a hair transplant (he hadn't) and the comments of those being tested were literally ranged right across: "it looks totally unnatural. It's so obvious that he had a transplant. It looks all wrong. It totally isn't right or natural. It's odd. He really shouldn't have. It looks totally different to real hair. Why on earth did he." Etc. Just one said "No way, or either that or it's bloody superb". All the rest were that it (not a transplant) looked 'obvious' that it was. There is a phrase/condition for this kinda response. Forgotten it.

From my own point of view, I would really love to post shots, specially to show others what can be achieved, but the danger is that a simple view of that area will either show too little (just the boots) or obviously reveal to some that it is me and that I myself wear elevators - I could easily be identified in a way that is rather difficult right now. Don't imagine that anyone I know actually knows or has ever been told for sure. They haven't. I run club nights in London and some European cities and thousands of people come into contact with me. I'm always happy to advise or answer questions as I have worn elevators and lifts for so long and with such success. But photos online confirming absolutely that you add to your height are not a wise idea really if you want to keep up the illusion. It is an illusion I like and it really works for me. That becomes the story. Then people start saying "that's the guy over there - he is only really 5'2". I have seen him without them. He's TINY." (I am 6'2" without elevators or lifts, 6'5"/6'6" with).
Wez says on 20/Jul/14
How come some people are saying 6'5-6'6 is a bad height I personally think its the best height coming from an average male, I smell jealousy.
Wez says on 20/Jul/14
People make me laugh on here stating the "perfect height" perfect height for what exactly, grow up.
RobV says on 20/Jul/14
PS Editor Rob, I have noticed that someone else is using Robv (lower case 'v') and posted today about elevators, the 20th July. This could be confusing and it's just to point out it is not myself who has been on this site for some time as RobV.
[Editor Rob: I think he was just asking 'robv, how about a pic of you with/without elevators', but put your name in the name box]
RobV says on 20/Jul/14
@ Late187cm on heights seen around in a day in central London, posted by Zen Master - what you are really saying is not that you disagree that you will see a handful of guys at 6'5" and a tiny number at 6'6" in a typical day in central London - you are disagreeing with Zen Master's range of 5'8" to 6'3". I can see why you say that, but of course you cannot take from that that the average height he claims you are seeing is 5'11.5" (the midway point). That's not how statistical averages work in situations like this unless you are, say, seeing 250 exactly of each.

So for example, out of 3,000, he might have seen 150 guys around 6'2"/6'3", 1000 around 5'8/5'9" etc. He is talking about a range without specifying exact numbers. The point I think he was making is that he saw enough of those at that higher end to make him think that it is not specifically rare when you are seeing so many people (I pointed out below based on TfL figures how many people you would see or have sight of in a day including just 5 tube journeys and a couple of walks through shopping areas - it is in the thousands). Given that 6'2" is apparently in the 95th percentile (meaning 5 in every 100) while 6'5" is near 99% (about 1 in every 100) Zen Master's observation is surely fairly logical. Think about this - you are 4 to 5 times more likely to see a 6'2" than a 6'5" - and in a day of seeing several thousand people, you will indeed see in the low 100s at that higher end.

It is my own experience totally. You may, however, have a point about the lack of reference to those below 5'7" in relation to that perception. But it was surely not designed to be totally scientific, just an observation backing up a point about really how 6'4" being the start of when you really notice someone's height.
Late 187cm says on 20/Jul/14
@ jamieorr4

How you feel is up to you. But I would say that if you are 179cm and the average is 177cm then you are in the average range. After maybe 4cm I would suggest that you are beginning to become 'tallish'. This is just my arbitrary opinion.
Robv says on 20/Jul/14
How about a pic of you with and without elevators. Interesting to see a guy your height wearing them.
SAK says on 20/Jul/14
Crash says: SAK you can look more than just "decent" at that height even without much muscle. It purely depends on the guy...
I am not saying become a bodybuilder to look good at 5'10/5'11. Just add some muscle tone it can help. Wider shoulders and narrower waist.
Giulio says on 20/Jul/14
Bran says on 8/Jul/14
@DLB Crypto and Amaze
Listen im nearly 18 and have grown loads in recent months; you can become taller at 16-18 with the right drive and determination believe me, i pushed for a goal not believing anything would happen, im currently flabbergasted by my current height, to the level i wont come on here and talk about my recent increase as it sounds unrealistic and i wouldn't personally believe one saying it, push for it, and seriously concentrate on boosting hgh levels; it doesn't take much effort and i didnt use a program, just plugged toghether some routines; trust me it works, this is not a post done for attention.

how did you do this ? i m close to 17 and would like to grow more
SAK says on 19/Jul/14
jamieorr4 says: i feel im normal height thats one of the reason why i think over 6ft is common.
Jamie you aren't making much sense here.
At 179cm you are a height which is one of the most common amongst young men in England. Height follows a bell curve distribution. So the most common heights are mean/average heights. Therefore 178cm is most common then 177cm&179cm are next, then 176cm&180cm and so on.

Yes 6'0/183cm is a common occurring height in England, but it's definitely not as common as 5'10.5/179cm. The middle heights are the most represented due to bell curve distribution.

In a reasonably large population (such as England's) with an average height of 178cm/5'10, heights between 5'6-6'2.5 (168-189cm) will be very regularly occurring.
MrTBlack says on 19/Jul/14

I'd agree but most Id want to be is 6'6". But anything less than 6'1" to be is unfortunate. You'll see so many guys taller than you if your under 6'1". I personally wanted to be in the 6'2-6'4" range and I am 6'2". Finished growing at 17.
Roar1 says on 19/Jul/14
Rob about my last question do you think the 5'9 13 years old boy can get 6'3?
[Editor Rob: there is a decent chance, if his parents are tall then maybe more of a chance.]
littlesue says on 19/Jul/14
Assuming both guys are equally good looking, which appeals more to the opposite sex: One who's slim and 185cm tall or one who's well built and 175cm tall?

well bult and 175cm, I'm that small that 175 would look like a giant to me!!
Late 187cm says on 19/Jul/14
@ RobV

A lot of people on here regularly overstate and overestimate height ranges.

If you went for a walk down Oxford Street you would see many different people representing almost every ethnicity on the planet, due to the cosmopolitan nature of the location and the number of tourists, as Zen Master has already mentioned. You would basically be looking at a microcosm of world height. The average height of males in England stands at roughly 5'9.5". The average height of males worldwide would be markedly lower than this. So, using logic, walking down Oxford Street I would expect to see an average height of a maximum of 5'9.5", but really it would probably be lower, due to the cosmopolitan nature of the location.

But let's assume it's an average of 5'9.5". Let's veer on the high side. I would then expect the most common range of heights that I would see to be 3 inches either side of the average. This would be logical. So a typical range, that would be most common, might be 5'6.5" to 6'0.5". This would be in line with almost all statistical evidence and bell curve distribution.

I would not expect to see a range of 5'8 to 6'3. This would suggest an average height of maybe 5'11.5. This does not make logical sense to me. This strikes me as the conclusions of someone who is focussing on those who are tall and making an assumption that there are a lot more tall people than what really exists in objective reality.
What would also further my belief that Zen Master is doing this is the fact that he makes no reference to those who are markedly below average. There is no mention of any 'handful' or 'common' examples of men who are 5'5" or 5'6". Of course, they are walking down Oxford Street too. That is because, I believe, he, like many others, is focussing on what he wants to see, in this case taller than average people, rather than what statistical evidence tells us actually exists.
jamieorr4 says on 19/Jul/14
Late 187cm what i mean is that if being over 6ft isn't common shouldn't i atleast feel tallish not average?
RobV says on 19/Jul/14
One further point about being out and about somewhere like Central London, and it boils down to numbers. I was just doing a quick calculation based upon TfL figures. If you take 4 or 5 journeys on the tube, change trains through tunnels twice, walk down Oxford St and another shopping area. Well the 5 journeys with partly full carriages amounts to 500 people, a further 1,000 on the platforms and 500 in intersections and changing trains (all at least) with the numbers in Oxford St you will pass running into a further 1000 +. If you are even not specially looking out, that's thousands of people in a day you can scan - and with the established percentiles of 6'4" and up - well, the likelihoods that Zen Master pointed out are pretty standard I would have thought.
Peter says on 19/Jul/14
This week I took a long bus trip with my brother and I could experience the advantages of being small.
It was a reasonably confortable bus, and for me there was far more than enough legroom, width, everytining. I, at 5'6, could sit or even lie down on any seat confortably, etc. The only disadvatage was that I could hardly reach the luggage lockers, unless I stepped on the seat.
My brother, at 6'7, had a very tough time, until he could lie on the back seat of the bus for a while. Space was not enough for him in any direction: legroom was far to little, seats were not fit for his back and his head was far above the headrest, even foot space was clearly short and seats were too narrow, doors were too short and he had to duck all the time. In service stations, he had to mind all doorframes, sheds, shelves, lamps, ceilings, etc. In toilets and shower cubicles it was embarrassing because his head was above all compartments, as well as in fitting rooms. Also in urinals and lavatories he has to almost kneel ...
It is not enviable.
So, little people like me, do not complain all the time because there are advantages in being short and small!
Of course there is the other side of the coin: he is much stonger than me, he can reach everything everywhere, and he looks fantastic and quite impressive.
We went to a christening and he looked absolutely gorgeous in his dark suit and his size 14 black leather formal shoes.
He was a good head-and-shoulder taller than almost everybody else, except a few other young men who were about same height as him. And I found quite surprising that they became spontaneously acquainted afterwards, and the issue was exactly their respective heights. And of course they were extremely happy and excited about that of being so young and tall.
Unless he is very ugly, a big man always looks splendid. A small man goes more unnoticed.
But once more there are pros and cons: big men have to be more careful with all they do or what they look like because they are always in the spotlight, they are literally more visible.
RobV says on 19/Jul/14
@ Crash on height and muscle. I partly agree with you that generally muscle can be overrated, but in general if you are in that very top percentile of height, say from 6'4", then a bit of muscle really cancels out any slight suggestion of 'too tall' which might come from you being very skinny.

If you are built and 6'6" or even a full 2m, simply no-one will ever say you are too tall. In fact all a guy gets is Wow at that kind of level if he has muscle. I know from my own experience running a club some years ago and three guys around 6'6", all built/well muscled, simply used to take the place over. I myself am 6'2" and work out, and seeing those guys in action inspired me to add a bit of height through lifts and now elevators, which I have done ever since.
Amaze says on 19/Jul/14
Janowicz the 185cm man would have been picked. 6'1 is a very liked height by women, along with 6:0. All reports have them two around 90% 90 etc. 6'2 76, then at 6'3 60ish etc, i saw several stats. It was basically
6'0>6'1>6'2>5'11>6'3 then 10 then 6'4 etc.
lelman says on 19/Jul/14

You're basically the same height as me, and I was pretty insecure about it when I was like 18-21. 5'11" is a weird height because a lot of people will see you as kinda tall, but there are still plenty of women who are the same height or taller.

It wasn't until I noticed the only people poking fun at my height were my taller friends that I stopped giving a damn, when you see 5'5" guys walking around with attractive 5'10" women you start to realise what a baby you've been.
Crash says on 19/Jul/14
SAK you can look more than just "decent" at that height even without much muscle. It purely depends on the guy...

Honestly I think muscle is overrated by many people on here, it's definitely not a requirement to looking decent or even very good, even when your height is less than "perfect".
Janowicz says on 19/Jul/14
Assuming both guys are equally good looking, which appeals more to the opposite sex: One who's slim and 185cm tall or one who's well built and 175cm tall?
Zen Master says on 19/Jul/14
@ Late 187cm - Take a little stroll down Oxford Street, seeing is believing.

@ RobV - Yes, I've noticed the awareness that tall guys have when passing other guys around the same height, wondering if they edge them out etc.
RobV says on 19/Jul/14
@ Late187cm You say you found Zen Master's 'snapshot out and about in London' hard to believe. What was it in particular? I tell you why - what he said summed up for me what it is like in central London where I live pretty much all the time, certainly from a point of view of seeing 'the occasional' 6'6" and a 'handful of 6'5" guys'. With a big range between 5'8" and 6'3". I'd be interested in what you thought was unbelievable.
TheAverageSizedMan says on 19/Jul/14
I used to have the biggest height insecurity out of anyone I had ever met. I am 5'10.5" which is, if anything, slightly above average in the United States. Nowadays I could care less about my height because I know there is nothing wrong with it. I think that all height insecurities men have are directly related to women. I used to think no girl would ever want me because I wasn't 6ft or above. Well that is crap. Any girl that is worth anything could care less about a man's height. I've pulled girls 5ft and one girl 6'2" and even she didn't care she was taller than I was. Every one needs to get over height insecurities because in reality there is nothing anyone can do about it. Play with the cards you are dealt and I guarantee you will be much more happy in life. Rock on.
Adamz says on 18/Jul/14
174cm is short for a man? A little bit short or disgusting give girl a stomachache short?
K says on 18/Jul/14
Horse of Funk is right. Only in NBA teams and tall clubs would 6'6 guys blend in with the crowd. They would stick out like a sore thumb everywhere else. (sigh)
Blake says on 18/Jul/14
I'm 15 1/2 and about 6'1 3/4 - 6'2
Amaze says on 18/Jul/14
In india now for a holiday, and i see alot of short people. Its common to see women way below 5'(4ft7 onwards). I see alot of men 5'2 5'3 range. I see some men 5' and below too. Also i see some 5'4-5'6 men,. 5'7 and beyond is not that common . in india for men
5' and below very short
5'1 to 5'3 short
5'4 below average not short (like 5'8 uk)
5'5 lower average
5'6 higher average
5'7 above average
5'8 above average but not tall
5'9 the beginning of tall here. weak tall
5'10 solid tall
5'11 strong tall
6' lower very tall
6'1 mid very tall
6'2 higher very tall
6'3 very very tall
6'4 very veeerry tall.
6'5 lower giant. Yes 6'5 is giant here

4'6 - 4'8 very short
4'8 - 4'10 short
4'11 below average but not short
5' lower average
5'1 higher average
5'2 above average
5'3 weak tall
5'4 solid tall
5'5 strong tall
5'6 lower very tall
5'7 mid very tall
5'8 higher very tall
5'9 very very tall
5'10 verrrry tall
5'11 onwards giant for women here. But the thing is 5'10 even 5'9 guys look so tall in crowds here. For women 5'4 even 3 dwarf alot of women if not most. Im coming from a city aswell a popular one. India is a country with short people. Im indian myself. At 171cm i look down on alot of people and i must say it feels great haha.
For an indian male im just above average and dont feel short.
Amaze says on 18/Jul/14
No offense darren but 7 foot is way too tall you are a foot over where tall begins. 7 ft is 6+ inches too much. The limit is 6'5. I'd say even 5'7 is much better than being 7'. Pretty sure the others would agree.
JohnGB says on 18/Jul/14

Lets say though, that you ended up at <6'0 when all those male relatives of yours are comfortably over - surely in this instance, you agree that you might yourself have become insecure about your height? I mean, one big reason you don't think or worry about it is because you're already tall. The majority of the people here are not typically the tallest guy in a room, and that is a big contributor to insecurity. As much as it isn't nice to admit, being tall is seen as a very desirable trait for reasons of getting women, power, dominance, etc.. It shouldn't matter of course, but lets face it, most people believe that it makes a difference and it most likely does.

FYI, I didn't used to care about height at all when I was growing up, I literally never thought about it. But then literally all of my friends started growing taller than me in my late teens, and that has caused my slight height insecurity and obsession.
Roar1 says on 18/Jul/14
Rob do you think 5'9 its a good height for a 13 year old boy?
[Editor Rob: it's a tall height at that age. On average you could still grow several inches and be over 6ft]
RobV says on 18/Jul/14
@ KROC It's all very well to talk about height being 'no big deal' when you are 6'5" yourself and to suggest that perceived insecurity in others is 'amusing'. But of course height is important, whatever you or I might say. Your comment reminds me a bit of rich people who say "of course money is not important". Fine as a comment when you are poor (still untrue!), but a tad patronizing from a rich man.
Bran says on 18/Jul/14
Heights always going to be up for debate; when i 1st posted the height gain claims i expected critiscm; too many of us are locked into believeing set norms and values of height on here; for example height spurt levels and graphs are different for each individual. I think for looking tall without freakishly or too standout 6ft3-4 is gud. 6ft-2 is taller than most and aviodes dwarfing women, i think i would choose 6ft2-3 as a height now if i could but i think im maxed out at 6ft.05 ish; what im more than fortunate for.
SAK says on 18/Jul/14
X5 says: What's the minimum height for a guy to be visually appealing? 
5'10/178cm is where your height starts to become positive imo. When you add muscle to a 5'10guy(or higher) frame it tends to make a huge difference.
Many male fitness models are 5'10-6'0.

It's not perfect by any stretch of imagination. But it can look decent with right physique.
Late 187cm says on 18/Jul/14
"Zen Master says on 16/Jul/14
A little snapshot from the streets of central London UK.."

Personally I find that post a little hard to accept and to believe.
Late 187cm says on 18/Jul/14
@ jamieorr4

5'9" - 5'11" is a common range for most men in most western countries. Fact, not opinion.


"jamieorr4 says on 17/Jul/14
Late 187cm i feel im nomal height thats one of the reason why i think over 6ft is common"

You are 179cm and could be described as being in the average range. Your comment does not make sense to me.
KROC says on 18/Jul/14
You are absolutely right about people on here being insecure about height. It's amusing to say the least. I never realized people felt this way about something so basic. I come from a tall family, my father being 6'7, brother 6'4, grandfather 6'5, sister 5'8, uncle 6'3 and me 6'5. In our family we could care less about height. We know that there's more to life then that. People come in different shapes and sizes-no big deal. Personally, when I'm out in public I don't notice height period. I've got other things to do besides trying to see how I stack up next to other dudes. That's playground stuff.
Dpete says on 18/Jul/14
im 5'10 3/4" (180 cm) at night and 5'11 1/4" (181 cm) in the morning, is this average or short?? rob??
[Editor Rob: in some European countries it could fall within the average range or even slightly tall, but short? Never!]
Zen Master says on 17/Jul/14
@ The Horse of FUNK, to answer you question directly, I'm living in London, UK.

By the way thanks for reposting my previous post, saved me the effort. You seem to vehemently disagree with my comments, but it looks like opinions vary. Re-evaluate in your own time.

@ RobV, I guess we see eye to eye on 6'6 being the cut off point for the tallest desirable regular height, which many seem to be in agreement with. While going beyond that to reach 2m/6'7 (whatever we want to call it) means that in everyday circumstances you will probably be perceived as too tall by many/most.

I also think you hit the nail on the head with your comments about people exaggerating their height. It does seem that even 6'4/6'5 guys sometimes claim an extra inch, especially 6'4 guys, as most people view 6'5 as having reached "that's tall enough" territory as it is. But you don't really see 6'6 guys claiming to be 6'7. Very true.

Again, this would indicate that most people perceive 6'5/6'6 as the upper limits of desirable everyday height, and going over the 2m mark as a stretch too far.
K12345 says on 17/Jul/14
5'10-5'11 is a good height. Either average or tallish, never below
orol says on 17/Jul/14
six two is perfect male height
KROC says on 17/Jul/14
No offense but your freakishly tall so that is strictly your opinion. There aren't really to many "footers" anyway. Realistically speaking, 6'5 is tall and 5'5 is short.
JohnGB says on 17/Jul/14

When you're 7ft, everyone is going to seem small from your perspective, apart from those who are actually anywhere near your height (e.g 6'8, 6'9). But there are so few people your height that your perspective bares little relevance to that of the population at large, who experience height quite differently.

Also in your first post you did assert that 6'5 was short, failing to explain that it is simply from the perspective of a 7ft man, which isn't all that useful..

Usually on here people are trying to qualify heights without the bias of their own perspective getting involved. It is from this basis that your comment would have been judged, hence any complaints of your trolling.
jamieorr4 says on 17/Jul/14
Late 187cm i feel im nomal height thats one of the reason why i think over 6ft is common
jamieorr4 says on 17/Jul/14
Late 187cm what do you think is a common height for a man?
Dane says on 17/Jul/14
Connor 183cm says on 16/Jul/14
@Crash yes thats what i meant i know its much closer to 6ft 7 than 6ft 6 i just like to be precise when it comes to height thats how i am, im a precise guy theres nothing wrong with that is there?, and its nothing to do with my aspergers syndrome at all i was only speaking the truth thats all im not being "nitpicky", and i have no problem with 6ft 6.75 guys claiming 6ft 7 either if thats what your getting at, after all like you said its much closer to 6ft 7 than 6ft 6 most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two heights.

Connor 183cm: Why the hell did you point it out then????!?!?!
Crash says on 17/Jul/14

His post would still have been valid whether 200cm was exactly 6'7" or not, so your post really did not add anything. You made your point as if him saying that 200cm was 6'7", was an issue or somehow inaccurate. It was completely irrelevant.

Picking up on irrelevant details such as that is the definition of nitpicking. Nitpicking is also one of the many traits of asperger syndrome. My point was that although it could explain your behaviour, you should at least try to be more "tolerant" when people aren't so exact.

And nobody mentioned anything about whether it was okay or not for a 200cm guy to claim 6'7", you're just putting words into my mouth now. Again the point was that sometimes there is such a thing as being too precise, when it becomes more annoying than actually contributing anything.
RobV says on 17/Jul/14
@ Zen Master. Once again, I agree with you totally on a posting. I too was out and about shopping in central London yesterday, on the tube, out all day, and saw probably 8 or 9 guys who were about as tall as me in my elevators (around 6'5"/6'6"), maybe two of them being for sure a tad taller (at 6'6"). But I am almost sure I saw no guys at 6'7" or over 2m.

And yes, most guys are in that 'up to 6'3"' range, with 6'4" seeming to be that leap, the start of very tall. Have you noticed how really tall guys (straight I mean) really check each other out on height? And are very aware of the differences? When I was on the tube a guy around 6'4" got on at Oxford Circus and stood next to me in the crowded compartment and we both had to avoid the edge where the train slopes down, me moreso because I was 'taller'. He actually said "F@#* you're tall, are you over 6'6"?", and this response is not uncommon from other tall guys who see you as taller. Tall guys appear to be more height aware in these circumstances - it may just be that they are not used to being towered.
Connor 183cm says on 17/Jul/14
@Troncho 6ft 4-6ft 5 is more than just tall, in that range its more like very tall, 6ft is when you are just plain tall.
Darren7ft says on 17/Jul/14
Not trolling just offering the perspective of someone who is 7'0 1/4 and 5'5 appears dwarf like and 6'5 appears small. I didn't actually mean the former was a dwarf and the latter was short.
The Horse of FUNK says on 17/Jul/14
Every time I check out this general height thread, it never ceases to amaze me how many people clearly have deep-seeded psychological issues with height. Many of these people are even 'regular' sized. It's especially evident by some people's obsession to pigeonhole heights with lists in terms of "good, bad, weak tall, pitiful".
The Horse of FUNK says on 17/Jul/14
"Zen Master says on 14/Jul/14
The bar for height has been pushed up, you can be a 6'6 guy today and blend in pretty normally. What this really means as that there are more guys clustering around 5'11-6'5 which makes what used to be seen as "giant" seem like no big deal.

You have to be 6'7 and over these days for your height to be the principle thing that defines you.

I wouldn't be surprised if the average height continues going up. "

HAHAHA ^ What a load of crap. Seriously, where are you living, man? North of the wall among the giants?
Late 187cm says on 17/Jul/14
@ jamieorr4

That's natural. You are 2cm over the UK average. So why should you feel big?
185 says on 17/Jul/14
I'm 185cm and i don't feel always tall.
sometimes tall, sometimes normal. wish i was taller.
Andrews says on 17/Jul/14
Rob, do you think I developed unusually early? Do you think I will grow more?
13: 5'7
14: 5'10-5'11
15: 6'1
16: 6'2 (growing?)
I hope I won't grow anymore.
[Editor Rob: not really, you gained more than average from 13 to 16 and still could finish a bit taller. Already at 6ft 2 you are pretty tall. ]
max says on 16/Jul/14
by William Jordan in Front Page and Life
Fri July 11, 2014 10 a.m. BST

New YouGov research into the subject of height finds that men and women both tend to think it's ideal to be slightly above average – but people are fairly open-minded.

On average, women say a romantic partner 5’3” or shorter is generally too short for comfort, while a partner 6’3” or taller is too tall, and the “ideal” height for a man is 5’11”. The survey also finds that for the average British man, a partner becomes too short at 4’11” and too tall at 6’. The ideal height for a woman, according to the average man, is 5’6”.

The meaning of average

However, the vast majority fall within the "comfortable" Goldilocks range. Fully 94% of men are between 5’4” and 6’3, while 95% of women are between 5’ and 5’11”.

It's also worth remembering that even these ranges are based on averages – overall, there are variations in preferences, such as according to the respondent's own height.

Women between 5’ and 5’7” think 5’11” is ideal, but women above that height prefer a man to be 6’1”. Conversely, 47% of men between 6’ and 6’3” say the ideal woman is between 5’8 and 5’11”, compared to just 26% of men who are between 5’8” and 5’11” and want a woman in the same range.
Troncho says on 16/Jul/14
For a man, do you think 6'4'' is tall? And 6'5''?

Zen Master says on 16/Jul/14
A little snapshot from the streets of central London UK..

Was out and about shopping for a good few hours with my GF, taking the natives and the tourists as a whole, the tallest guys I saw all day were 6'6, not really "very common" or very many of them, but not so rare they'd really "stick out" tremendously. After them I saw a handful of 6'5 guys too.

Don't think I saw anyone 6'7 +. Although if I was out and about all week I'm sure one or two would crop up. I've seen this pattern before.

As for everyone else, I'd say most guys ranged from 5'8 to 6'3.
6'0/6'1 seemed very common. Based on all this I'd say 6'4 is the point you'd start edging out the majority of guys, but still enough 6'4 guys around that it didn't stick out. There seems to be a bit of a leap from 6'3 to 6'4, the former being the end of "regular tall".

Bottom line 6'4 is the start of very tall, where you are likely to be the tallest in your immediate surroundings. Only to be edged out now and again by a 6'5 guy, who in turn is likely to be the tallest around unless the odd 6'6 guy passes by. Who could safely assume they are the tallest around unless a much rarer 2 metre plus guy is passing by. My guess is this would happen about once or twice a week if you are are among large crowds of people in a big city.

I wonder how this pattern compares to other big cities?
Connor 183cm says on 16/Jul/14
@Crash yes thats what i meant i know its much closer to 6ft 7 than 6ft 6 i just like to be precise when it comes to height thats how i am, im a precise guy theres nothing wrong with that is there?, and its nothing to do with my aspergers syndrome at all i was only speaking the truth thats all im not being "nitpicky", and i have no problem with 6ft 6.75 guys claiming 6ft 7 either if thats what your getting at, after all like you said its much closer to 6ft 7 than 6ft 6 most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the two heights.
RobV says on 16/Jul/14
@ comments about 2m and/or 6'6"/6'7". Of course the two systems do not exactly tally, but interestingly it seems that many feel that 6'6" is not too tall but 6'7" is (in usual circumstances). And that kinda means that 2m itself is a sort of watershed for male height in North America and Europe right now. In the same way that for those two generations ago until the 1950s, 'a 6 footer' was the watershed.
jamieorr4 says on 16/Jul/14
Late 187cm i don't know im 179cm and i don't feel very big
Troncho says on 16/Jul/14
Hi, Rob, about the two rules that I showed you yesterday, what I'm saying is that in the first one (Click Here), the rule starts in the number 1, there is not a '0 to 1 centimeter'. The second one (Click Here) starts with the number 0, a number that is not in the first. So, what I was trying to say was that the first rule should measure one centimeter less, because it starts in the '1' and the other, with the '0'.

But my question is why do both measure the same? Shouldn't the first measure one cm. less? Thanks again :)
[Editor Rob: they should be like This...what you are saying is your cloth/plastic tape measure has the first 1cm missing? I wouldn't use it then :) Stick with the metal one, it is easier to measure]
Crash says on 16/Jul/14

I know it probably is your aspergers syndrome that makes you so nitpicky, but come on. 200cm is 6'6.75", so close enough to say 200cm/2m is 6'7", and much closer to 6'7" than it is to 6'6". You don't always need to be so precise.
Pelise 5'9" says on 16/Jul/14
5'1" (155) is a 100% pitiful height..
Late 187cm says on 16/Jul/14
@ jamieorr4

Sometimes you see what you are looking for, rather than what objectively exists.
Connor 183cm says on 16/Jul/14
@RobV 2m isnt 6ft 7, its 6ft 6 47/64 to be exact so its very close to 6ft 7 but just below it,
Jewel says on 16/Jul/14
pelise 5.9 neither of those women are pathetic or pitiful at 5.1 or even 'barren or lonely' at 5.10/11

the whole height range u stated is for normal women accross the board.

A woman 5.1 is HONESTLY not pitful. Neither r the model heights of 5.10 - 6ft

please pelise!
Emil 182.5 cm says on 15/Jul/14
Stevie says on 14/Jul/14
@Emil 182.5: What would you say is avg in Denmark?

For military conscripts It's usually around 180.2-180.5 cm
Overall average, according to statistics, is 179 cm.
Dont know why some people believe its over 6 foot, sure we're tall, but not giants.
Connor 183cm says on 15/Jul/14
@Amaze well if he isnt joking then omg yeah that is really daft rofl
Troncho says on 15/Jul/14
Hello, Rob. I have two rules to measure myself. One is this: Click Here and the other is this: Click Here

With both two, I do 20 marks of 10 centimeters each one (2 meters in total). My surprise is that both rules measure the same, but the first has its beginning in the centimeter 1 (starts in the '1' mark), but the second has a number '0', a number '1'. Shouldn't the first rule mark one centimeter less because it has no zero mark? Do you think both two are reliable?
[Editor Rob: they both look normal to me, the metal tape just has the '1' cm mark covered up, similar to the other tape with the black end part covering up the first cm. There's nothing wrong with either.]
jamieorr4 says on 15/Jul/14
Amaze thanks and yes i need to lose some of weight im abit fat lol
jamieorr4 says on 15/Jul/14
Late 187cm really it does see common sometimes
RobV says on 15/Jul/14
@ Zen Master You are 100% right when you say that the bar for height has been pushed up and that 6'6" is no longer considered too much. And yes it would seem that 2m/6'7" is the kinda height where some people really do start to think "too tall" (but again it depends upon the build - a 2m bodybuilder looks awesome and no-one would genuinely say 'too tall'). But as a general rule, and as one who uses elevators and lifts to get to around 6'5"/6'6", I have to agree with you. That top end height is great but almost never regarded nowadays as too tall - that wasn't the case even when I was 15 (20 years ago) - people did appear to think 6'6" was too tall.

One additional point - outside of basketball (where you do seem to get crazy claims and height is almost everything), when you see tall actors and celebs talk about their height, almost always even the ones who are 6'4" etc claim anything up to 6'6". So they actually claim more even at the serious height they already have. You see this on this site when you look at various tall celebs and the comments they themselves have made inflating their height - but if they really are 6'6", they rarely claim they are 6'7" or 6'8". I think this is a reflection of what you have said - somehow 6'6" is alpha tall but right at the top end of desirable and not considered generally giant or out of the frame.
littlesue says on 15/Jul/14
X5 on General Height
What's the minimum height for a guy to be visually appealing? 178cm? 180cm? 183cm? or 185cm
surely it depends on what his face looks like?? if the 178 is the best looking out the 4 heights he would be the best, same for the others
X5 says on 14/Jul/14
Between the range of 178cm to 185cm, what's the minimum height for a guy to look visually appealing, assuming he has a decent look and physique?
Stevie says on 14/Jul/14
@Emil 182.5: What would you say is avg in Denmark?
Late 187cm says on 14/Jul/14
@ jamieorr4

It really isn't an awful lot more common than it was. Some people just 'see it' more, because that's what they are looking for.

I think Zen Master is a little misinformed.
Zen Master says on 14/Jul/14
The bar for height has been pushed up, you can be a 6'6 guy today and blend in pretty normally. What this really means as that there are more guys clustering around 5'11-6'5 which makes what used to be seen as "giant" seem like no big deal.

You have to be 6'7 and over these days for your height to be the principle thing that defines you.

I wouldn't be surprised if the average height continues going up.
Amaze says on 14/Jul/14
connor look what this silly darren7ft guy is saying hes defo a troll whos not been sleeping very well it seems, but yeah 6'3 is lower end of very tell, with 6'5 being higher end of it. 6'6 is lower extreme tall. after 6'5it defo isn't good anymore.
Amaze says on 14/Jul/14
@Darren7ft no anyone above 6'5 will get excessive looks and 6'6 is not the end of the world but it isn't good. are you a troll? you cannot be serious. let me say it again. 5'5 and below is very short. not dwarf? what you on mate
5'6-5'9 , 5'6 and 7 are short, 8 is below avg, 9 is avg. what you on? 5'10-6'0 tiny and 6'1-6'3 very short, 6'4-6'6 short? I haven't had a good laugh in a long time. this is just silly. I hope you are joking, for your sake. if you are being serious you need to get some medications bro. that is beyond RIDICULOUS.

and yes jamieorr4 it is a very good height imo just lose a bit of weight no offense go to 11 stone xD you look slim nice and tall(even thogh you aint if you know what I mean)

darren7ft you are the silliest person here for sure.
jamieorr4 says on 14/Jul/14
Late 187cm its just that seeing a guy over 6ft is common nowdays
Darren7ft says on 14/Jul/14
6'4-6'6 short. 6'1-6'3 very short. 5'10-6'0 tiny. 5'6-5'9 dwarfish. 5'5 and below dwarf.
Rhonda says on 13/Jul/14
@Conner, 6ft5 is the start of too tall, in most trainers you'd be over 6ft6 and therefore prone to banging head of many door frames, I know there are taller doors but a lot of homes have 6ft6 doors and when you get things like laminate floor wooden flooring or carpets than that is less than that. I've seen people been called lurch when they have to duck under door frames.
Emil 182.5 cm says on 13/Jul/14
I did some stretching routine once and all I experienced was that I kept a more consistent and strong posture and that my height shrank less during the day. My morning height, 184 cm, didn't change a bit though. Pretty cool to experience
jamieorr4 says on 13/Jul/14
is179cm a good height? i do feel short sometimes
Darren7ft says on 13/Jul/14
6'6 is still good. After that is where one will get excessive looks
Pelise 5'9" says on 13/Jul/14
woman height.

under 5'1" - pitiful.
5'2" - faint.
5'3" - pathetic.
5'4" - humble.
5'5" - frivolous.
5'6" - soft.
5'7" - cozy.
5'8" - decent.
5'9" - elegant.
5'10" - lonely.
5'11" - barren state.
Morganguy007 says on 13/Jul/14
I'm 6" 1.5 73.5in 187cm I'm 275lbs solid 6.3 percent body fat size 12 skate shoes wish I coulda made 6"2" flat but w.e. If I have to write my height down I say 6" 1" but if people ask I say 6" 1.5" I should round up everyone's taught that but I don't want a women saying your not 6" 2" but w.e. I'm 6" 1" - 6" 2" lol I'm from alberta canada and average males are exactly 5" 9" and women are exactly 5" 4" from what I see in the city and statstistics so I'm like 92 percentile for 6" 1.5" 4.5 inches taller than average everyone what should I round up or down opinions please everyone I got OCD lol thank you greetings from edmonton alberta canada
Amaze says on 12/Jul/14
Rob years ago Netherlands people were average 5'5 to 5'6. so we were we in the uk. ok now our avg went up to 5'9, but how come Netherlands went up to 6'0? why are the dutch so very tall? any idea
[Editor Rob: maybe a combination of better nutrition, child health over several decades?]
Emil 182.5 cm says on 12/Jul/14
French guy,
I can assure you that average height for young frenchies is nowhere near 6 foot so stop being insecure :)
Toliver says on 12/Jul/14
188cm male & 174cm female is start "tall" height.
today white average is 181cm & 167cm.
Zen Master says on 12/Jul/14
What makes "Too tall" may all really be a matter of opinion. Based on my social interactions, I would say anything up to 6'6 is fine. Personally I would say that "too tall" would be 6'7 and above.
Tuffy says on 12/Jul/14
188~195cm is a best height.
Fire Bunny says on 11/Jul/14
5ft3-5ft7 short people
5ft8-6ft0 normal people
6ft1-6ft5 tall people

5ft3 short people "short" - real short -
5ft4 short people "weak short"
5ft5 short people
5ft6 short people "weak tall"
5ft7 short people "tall"

5ft8 normal people "short"
5ft9 normal people "weak short"
5ft10 normal people -real normal-
5ft11 normal people "weak tall"
6ft0 normal people "tall"

6ft1 tall people "short"
6ft2 tall people "weak short"
6ft3 tall people -real tall-
6ft4 tall people "weak tall"
6ft5 tall people "tall"

under 5ft3, over 6ft5 is a "bad" in my opinion.
dude says on 11/Jul/14
@Zen Master, nah, younger generations are not getting taller anymore, it has peaked, according to many new-ish studies I just read. Nutrition, environment etc. affect that and westerners have had that stuff all good for many years now so no there will be no more progress, really.
efgg says on 11/Jul/14
6'3' perfect imo
Connor 183cm says on 11/Jul/14
I think 6ft 6 or taller CAN still look good i mean some guys do suit being extremley tall they might not suit being only just tall or above average height, but anyway they still can look good if they are fit and healthy and maybe wear nice clothes so yeah it can still look decent but in general 6ft 6 is the starting point of too tall, 6ft 5 is on the bordeline i agree with you Amaze but indeed it isnt a bad height its very tall but not quite too tall, i used to think 6ft 3 was the start of too tall but nah its no where near, Amaze how tall would you class 6ft 3 as?, id say its at the lower end of very tall range maybe?.
Undersized says on 11/Jul/14
How much bigger did anyone here get after 17/18? I am 17.5 and just under 5'10.5 and frankly dont like it, I want to add about an inch
Amaze says on 11/Jul/14
DLB if i stopped growing now i would be very annoyed , but if you end up at 5'9 thats not bad imo your taller than alot of girls still, at my height i am taller than girls but not Enough if you know what i mean, i think 6' with a nice body would be perfect but 5'10-11 is close enough. 5'9 just about cuts it in my opinion.. the low end part of the deal with 6' being the high end. i know i will grow lol
Amaze says on 11/Jul/14
@frenchguy yeah your father may look short(guys under 5'9 can look it at times, and to you yeah) but factually they aint short, 5'8 is neither short tall or average. and yeah connor and jamie 6'6 is starting for too tall, no offense though and yeah zen you are right
RobV says on 11/Jul/14
@ comments suggesting that 'you have to very lucky or hit the gym hard' to look good at 6'2". This is simply not the case. I am 6'2" (before my lifts/elevators!) and from my own experience (and seeing others) it is relatively easy at my own real height with a programme that is not too taxing to create a very good shape indeed. Even if you are very skinny at that height (as I was in my early teens) you can gain weight and muscle very easily to a point. And that point is sufficient to make you look very good.

It is when you get to about 2m/6'6" and are very skinny that it takes more hard work. In London during the Tour de France few days I saw loads of guys around the 6'4" mark, all looking very good and clearly not working out like maniacs.
X5 says on 11/Jul/14
What's the minimum height for a guy to be visually appealing? 178cm? 180cm? 183cm? or 185cm?
DLB says on 11/Jul/14
Bran: Can u post some before and after pictures or any evidence, i believe u, but i would really like to see the difference or something...

Amaze: My sisters boyfriend is just under 6 foot. He is tall id say, and he is lucky with having a nice body. I see a lot of 6' guys that struggle with having shaped bodies. 5'9 -5'11 is probably the "easiest" and most common heights to look "good" at (if you have been training). 5'8 and 6' the edges, and outside this it would be harder to "just hit the gym and gain some muscles". Ofc if you have THE body at 6-6'2 you would look better. Alan Ritchson looks great at 6'2, but not every guy that tall has his body.
Late 187cm says on 11/Jul/14
This whole 'young people getting taller' idea is completely over emphasised. There's simply no evidence to back it up. All the statistics show that while average heights for younger people may be increasing, they are doing so ever so slightly. The averages have increased by about 0.5cm to 1cm over the last few decades, not by inches, which seems to be implied by some.
6'2 places you in the 95th percentile in most countries.
6'3/6'4 is over the 99th percentile, less than one in a hundred at this point.
Bran says on 11/Jul/14
@French Guy
Seriously i would agree with you generally; albeit what ive said is 100 percent genuine. To be described at 6ft2 a few times yesterday helps to reasure me im not going crazy and have grown to about 6ft.05. Listen it seemed to happen over a few days ( not weeks ) the 5ft10.5 to 6ft.05 gain and everyone noticed it; why would i try make people envious /, ive been posting on this site for a year and Rob could retrace every post ive ever done and he'd see no changes in story.
Crypto139 says on 11/Jul/14
I also found that soccer teams in the USA tend to over measure height or use bad numbers. Like this guy I know that plays for some kind of soccer team I guess, well his profile says he is 6 feet 1, but there is no way he is that tall! He is slightly under my friend who claims 6 feet flat(though I personally have him at 182 cm tall as his brother is a weak 187 cm and he does not look a full 183 to me). So that 6 feet 1 soccer play is nothing more than 181 cm at the very best, though I think he is personally 180 cm.
TANK says on 10/Jul/14
At what age did everyone's height increase. I'm curious as I just turned 18. Mine would be: Age 13: 5'5. Age 14: 5'8. Age 15: 5'11. Age 16: 6'1. Age 17: 6'3. Age 18: 6'4. I turned 18 a few days ago so I'm wondering if I can still grow
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jul/14
Zen Master your right people are getting taller 62-64 isn't too tall and 65 isn't that bad but still i say 66 is when your too tall but still no offence if anybody is 66 or more here
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jul/14
Connor 183cm yes i agree 66 is the starting point for too tall
Amaze says on 10/Jul/14
@French guy i know someone who was 5'7 in jan 2013 5'8 in march 2013 5'9 in june 2013 july he was 5'10 and by november he was 6 ft
DanteBonfim says on 10/Jul/14
I think the comment of 'Connor 183cm' is very interesting. From what height do you consider a person 'tall'?

In my opinion:

6'' - Normal.
6'1'' - Normal. The best height.
6'2'' - A bit tall, but still in the normal range.
6'3'' - 190 cm. I would consider this height 'tall'. Even a little bit less. One person who is 6'3'' starts looking very tall.
6'4'' - Definitely tall. Stands up between the people easily. One in more than one hundred.
6'5'' - Very tall. One in two hundred.
6'6'' - In some cases, too tall. One in more than five hundred. This is the limit between a big guy and -in some cases-, a monster.

6'7'' and more - More than 'too tall'. One in thousand. If not ripped, a men of this height starts to look disproportionate.

What do you think?
french guy says on 10/Jul/14
@Splinter Cell and amaze

Maybe we don't have the same definition of "short", but to me my father looks quite short.
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jul/14
Amaze the tallish is my cousin who is 63.5 and yes i would love to get surgery but i would worry what my family would think lol
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jul/14
ok rob i well stop the language if someone is mean to me i well just tell them to go away or i just ignore them
DLB says on 10/Jul/14
@Amaze: Me stop growing now? That is not even an option, haha. For it's more the fact that it sucks being 17 and 170-171 in a country like Denmark, where the avg approx is about 5'11. The worries for me is more if I end up at 5'9, or the "predicted" 179. 175-176 would be a little short in my country tbh. 178-180 would be nice for me. 5'10-5'11 range, then with a nice body and decent looking would be great, haha.
What if YOU stopped growing now??? That would be awful in my opinion.. but you see a lot of 5'7 and shorter guys around.. but it is just not a nice height to be.
Amaze says on 10/Jul/14
@Connor183 yeah i agree with you. 6 ft 5 is borderline but it aint too tall, 6 ft 6 and over is too tall. connor you should be happy with 183cm i think its better than 188cm, 6'0>2

@dane i think 5'9 - 6'0 are the best heights for having a nice build and body. 5'8 and 6'1 aint bad, but 6 foot is a very good height, if not perfect very near it. 6' is better than 5'11 for sure, 6' is easy for having a nice build body(my friend is 6 and he has one) but then his brother is 6'2 or 3 and its way harder for him and it wont be like his younger brothers(the 6') one unless he puts in way more effort. so yeah 5'9-6'0 is ideal, 6'0 is the best pick that, 5'8 isn't short but it looks kind of small if you know what i mean? 5'9-6'0, and yeah i agree with johnny too.
french guy says on 10/Jul/14

i may have misunderstood you, but a growth of 3 inches in only 4 months seems impossible, unless you're 12 years old.
And a gain of 2 inches ( you said you went from 5'10.5' to 6'.05'' ) in a couple of weeks is even more impossible!Who is going to believe these c**ps?
Do you work for the grow taller guru, or you're just trying to draw attention? ( or maybe you're triying to make other people envious).
Connor 183cm says on 10/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 i think 6ft 6 is when you are too tall, 6ft 8-7ft definetly way too tall (no offence to you 6ft 8-7ft guys if are on here and of course the 6ft 6 guys) but 6ft 6 is the start of too tall i believe.
Realist says on 10/Jul/14
ROB i was surprised to see that there are more people in the 5'5 and 5'6 sections for men than 5'7.5 and 5'7. Why would that be ?
[Editor Rob: I don't know!]
Dane says on 10/Jul/14
@Jonny: I totally agree with you. You have to be lucky or you have to hit gym extremely hard to look good at 6'2. 6'1 is a really good height if you are well-build.
5'8-5'11 (maybe 6 feet) is the best heights for easy having a nice and build body. Maybe 6'2 is cool if you would like to go around and tell people how short they are, but else... I am probably going to end up at 5'10-5'11 range myself, about avg. in the tall country like Denmark, but girls think it's 6 foot anyways lol. But would definitely choose 6 foot over 6'2 or even 6'1 anyday!
Zen Master says on 10/Jul/14
A lot of people saying that over 6'2 is "too tall" etc. Or that 6'4 would be "awkward" and make you stand out.

Get real. In some European countries average is around 6 foot. Younger generation getting taller all the time. This is making heights that used to be seen as "giant/massive" - 6'4 to 6'6 for example seem simply "tall" and fairly common.

In the UK there's 5'11-6'3 guys going around in droves (certainly in London where I live) seriously 6'4/6'5 isn't even that big a deal, certainly would not cause any social disadvantage, probably quite the opposite.
Bran says on 10/Jul/14
What ever you do i would strongly suggest to buy nothing ( product wise) height related; i laughed at the height Guru's claim of 6 inches in 90 days as his own gains, but i now firmly believe there are strong ways to increase height 16-10 range. It sounds preposterous to claim to wake up 1 inch taller or whatever but the gains did happen this way for me recently; contray to me slowly gaining 1.5 inch from my 16th birthday to 17th. From 17th birthday through to now, a month shy of my 18th i have got 3.5 inch, interestingly i begun weight training at christmas still at 5ft9 ish then.
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jul/14
rob sorry for the language i get annoyed if you don't want me to do it again just say so do you want me to stop?
[Editor Rob: just be mindful that kids do read this site, so I try to keep it PG. ]
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jul/14
Height fan stop calling me mental health i well stop the language
KROC says on 10/Jul/14
Say what? I've never seen a 6'46'5 guy in my life that was broad. Well besides my father and my grandfather, but they have huge frames even for their height. They are the exception, not the norm.
Crypto139 says on 10/Jul/14
I look smaller than most 5 feet 7 165 lbs guys, and no i'm not fit by any means. My weight goes more to my legs and butt lol. I have a butt some girls would love to have. But my arms and upper body is quite smallish compared to other people my bmi. Even some obese people have smaller legs than I do lol.
Ricky says on 9/Jul/14
I'm 15 years old and I want to be at least 6'2 when I am an adult(I'm 5'8 right now)
poong says on 9/Jul/14
"much taller" is a few inches?
sorry my english is ****.
Amaze says on 9/Jul/14
miles teller is a legit 6' guy who wakes up at 6'1. i consider him tall for sure, and hes very proportionate, his height is very desirable imo, looks nice, i think its a bit crazy not to call him a tall guy but hey its your opinions. hes on this site

yeah jamieorr4 who is the tallest inyour family? 6'1 you getting that height surgery yeah? if you really want it go get it xD, and dlb what would you do if you stopped growing now?
Amaze says on 9/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 6'1 is just too good agree pierce brosnan has best height right? 186cm

heightfan that is a horrible thing to say

@frenchguy that is preposterous. absolutely inaccurate. 5'8 is not even short for a man, how is 5'9? 5'7 and below is short. final. case closed, and 6' is not average , its above average, low end tall in most countries, above average in most/all so yeah i dont know what your on about, and your father is not a short man at 5'8.5. if he was an inch shorter, yeah which he probably will be when he is older then he is a short man, but for now, he is not a short man. that chart is EXTREMELY inaccurate.

bran.. whats your growth chart, what age did you grow alot, whats your height now and what were you before.. curious
Splinter Cell says on 9/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 thats him lol i guess yeah, heightfan thats a bit rude shouldnt say that
and @frenchguy that is riduclous your father is not a short man. if he was 170-2 i understand but 173 onwards is not short. your dad is 174 or 5'8.5 that aint short.
Height fan says on 9/Jul/14
Rob, is jamieorr4 allowed to use rude and abusive language?
He needs reminding that it is your website, not his.
[Editor Rob: people need to respect others yes. If anybody goes too far then they wouldn't be welcome!]
Bran says on 9/Jul/14
I know it sounds stupid because i was always under the illusion it was impossible; but the growth pattern is just not normal; firstly i'll let you know some details and explain to you how i measure myself daily on a flat wall ( accuratley measured on numerous walls giving same results), having done this for 2 years and having used this site for a year im genuine and know exactly how ive grown ( eg not standing differently etc). I begun measuring myself at 15 and 8 months at 5ft7.5 and stayed that height through to my 16th birthday.
16th birtday 5ft7.5; reached 5ft8 2 months after my 16, then 5ft8.5 at 16 and a half. From 16 and a half through to my 17th birthday i creeped upto to a weak 5ft9. From 17-to 17 and a half i grew quarter of an inch and fully believed i was destened to max out about 5ft9.5. I reached 5ft9.5 about a month after 17 and a half and then used stretches from this febuary through to now; im now 6ft and a half at night, p.s i was still 5ft9.5 in late may, had a spurt to 5ft10.5 stayed at that for about a month and then literally woke up 1.5 inch taller one day, than the half an inch come a few days later, this is fact btw not faulty measurement or etc; sorry about the long post.
jonny says on 9/Jul/14
I would never want to be more than 6'1. All those crazy short guys saying 6'2 is the perfect height for a man are obviously out of their minds. Personally, I would pick 6 feet any day, any time. C'mon guys... life is not a Batman anime! Would you like to bend over every time you want to kiss a 5'5 girl? More than 6'1 and you are the lanky bend over guy of the group. Not every man are well proportioned at 6'2, arms too long, legs too long. For a normal life it's becoming too tall, unless you live only with 6'5 men and 5'10 women, which is not the case since people averaged way below this. 5'10 - 6'1 are the ideal for a man. 5'5-5'8 for woman.
DLB says on 9/Jul/14
@Bran: What routines? Have you been doing exercises? and how much have you been growing? I really want to hear how much and how! Please!
DLB says on 9/Jul/14
@Amaze: Yea, maybe. I was really a lot behind my mates, and has since got closer. Only 4 cms this year though, i am really hoping for a good growthspurt or just putting 4-5 on each year until i turn 19. 171 now, hoping to be 175-176 at my 18th and then 178-179-180 range at 19-20.
jamieorr4 says on 9/Jul/14
Splinter Cell thanks mate a other reason why i think 61 is the best is because i honest wouldn't like to be really tall my 64 friend likes his height though just his opinion
jamieorr4 says on 9/Jul/14
Connor 183cm yes i have move on it was getting old lol i have a question whats too tall in your opinion?
jamieorr4 says on 9/Jul/14
Height fan i don't have mental health go a way now before you really piss me off
Zoro says on 9/Jul/14
@french guy

According to what u just said, "youngsters are, on average, 2 or 3 cm taller than the national average" and "175 cm is the average for men between 18 and 65 years old".
So, 175 + 2/3cm = 177/178 cm, why the hell 180 cm young ppl average?

It could be 180 just in Germany (or maybe a bit less), Denmark and Scandinavian regions, while in Holland is 182/183 cm

In the rest of the western world 176-177-178 cm are the true young ppl average
JohnGB says on 9/Jul/14

It's great that you are happy with your height increase, but don't be under the delusion that it is all down to some lifestyle change you have taken up; there really is no way of knowing whether it was this or simply genetics (i.e it was going to happen anyway regardless) that has caused this. Environmental factors I believe are an enabler of maximum height potential, but in the end as long as you eat a decent balanced diet and live a reasonably active life, you'll reach this potential. I know people who have grown at least 5 inches since 16 to reach 6'2, and they didn't 'concentrate on boosting hgh levels' or live life any differently than before.
Anon says on 8/Jul/14
@ french guy. Your height chart is way off. Even for Holland it's inaccurate. Unless you are talking about the city of Groningen in the northern Netherlands, which has a large young student population.

This is what your comment looked like:

french guy says on 7/Jul/14
for white young men

-181-183 cm average
185 cm=strong average
187 cm=above average
190 cm=tall
179 cm=weak average
177 cm=below average
175 cm=short

This is what your comment should have looked like:

french guy says on 7/Jul/14
for white young men in the northern Netherlands

-181-183 cm below average to low average
185 cm=strong average
187 cm=above average
190 cm-191 cm=low normal tall
179 cm=shortish
177 cm=short
175 cm=very short

This is what a logical chart for the majority of Europe would look like:

french guy says on 7/Jul/14
for white young men in the majority of Europe

-181-183 cm above average to low normal tall
185 cm=high normal tall
187 cm=solid tall
190 cm-191 cm=low very tall
179 cm=strong average
177 cm=average
175 cm=low average

Are you living in France on planet Earth? ..Or have you been taken in by the Na'vi and accepted in to their community on Pandora the lanky blue Avatar moon
Amaze says on 8/Jul/14
@DLB yes you me and crypto are in the same position. the difference is that i think crypto and me have similiar growth rates and we aint that late, youve grown alot.

this is yours
13: 143 cm
14: 149 cm
15: 160 cm
16: 167 cm
17: 171 cm
you grew 11cm in one year, i've never done that
look at mine, 13 = 157cm, 14 = 164cm, 15, = 167cm, 16 = 168cm, 17 = 171cm
i've been slowing down in grotwh, i want another rapid gain from 13 - 14, and from 12 - 13 i gained around 4cms too, but i liked that 7 cm growth xD
crypto you are very big for someone 5 7, you are bigger than rob who is an inch taller, 165 is too much for 5 7 isnt it, not being rude but are you chubby/fat/overweight? and 6'3 and 500lbs is very bad. i'd never want a body like that. your dad was 5'11 like mine and he weighs 230? thats alot that weights suited to like 6'5 people. my dad 5'11 is 165lbs like you and he is lean and muscular, i'm 5'7.5 and i weigh around 130, its slim/skinny but not too bad, but i'm going to get to 140 for sure. i do get to 5'11 i would get to 165.

answering your q, if i was 5'10 or 11 i'd pick 230, but then i'd defo cut weight down to around 165. no more than 165 tops(74kg,11.5 stone)

and jamie maybe yeah, its ridiculous
meow shot says on 8/Jul/14
my think all height.

5'7(and under..) poor height.
5'9 little short. but not an object of ridicule.
5'11 the only not short.
6'1 good height but not perfect.
6'2 just perfect.
6'3 good height but not perfect.
6'5 very tall.
6'7(and over..) poor height.
5'2(and under..) poor height.
5'4 little short. but not an object of ridicule.
5'6 the only not short.
5'8 good height but not perfect.
5'9 just perfect.
5'10 good height but not perfect.
6'0 very tall.
6'2(and over..) poor height.
Mathew says on 8/Jul/14
KROC says on 6/Jul/14
Agreed. Nothing worse then a lanky 6'4/6'5, although that describes 99% of the guys I see who are that height. If they aren't skinny then their fat, badly shaped/proportioned. I can see why a lot of guys don't want to be that tall. Filling out properly can be an issue. But if you get someone that height that can fill out right it can be a pretty impressive thing. Jared Padalecki from Supernatural is a good example. He's pretty well proportioned for a 6'4 guy.


I don't agree with this "most 6'4"/6'5" guys look too lanky" sentiment. Plenty do for sure, but most people at any height have a less than desirable physique. Usually a 6'4" - 6'5" guy will have broader shoulders and a higher lean body mass than a guy in the average range.
Height fan says on 8/Jul/14
Rob, can you block or restrict jamieorr4?
For the sake of his mental health - and ours!
french guy says on 8/Jul/14
@Splinter Cell, amaze, aaron.

175 cm is the average for men between 18 and 65 years old.
But 178-179 cm is more believable, my father is 174 cm, maybe 173 cm, and he doesn't look weak average, or slightly below average, he is just a regular short man, it has nothing negative, it is just a fact, anything under 175 cm is short, unless you live in a area where there are many arabian, asian immigrants or elderlies, but the uk's population is predominantly white so you should know that 175 doesn't look average at all.

As for young men, the average is around 180 cm, since youngsters are, on average, 2 or 3 cm taller than the national one.I could buy 180 cm, maybe it's more credible than 182 cm.

"How the hell the average is 180 cm for young men, they cannot be as tall as scandinavian??"

well, it is not completely false, but while the scandinavian have stagnated since the 80's ( Click Here ) we are getting taller.Scandinavian have reached a peak, it seems they have stopped getting taller, 180 cm seems a plateau, only the dutch surpassed this one, now they average 183 cm ( at least for young men) but according to recent studies they are staganting too.
We're just catching up delay.
jamieorr4 says on 8/Jul/14
ron actually i say 61 is the best height because you can blend in with people really good and don't stand out at all
Nibbles says on 8/Jul/14 6f2 is really perfect..
Connor 183cm says on 8/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 thanks, this page has seemed to have calmed down now, but now the 6ft argument has moved over to Robs page ridiculous lol cant we all move on?
JohnGB says on 8/Jul/14
184.5cm out of bed, is this a solid 6ft or otherwise? Shorter people guess me at 6'1/6'2 usually, but I am fortunate enough to give a taller impression due to my proportions.
jamieorr4 says on 8/Jul/14
Splinter Cell i think French guy is just guessing whats average for young man to be honest 59 is starting to look below average for young guys and 511 is starting to look average for young guys

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