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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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height182 says on 25/Oct/14
Click Here
5ft11-6ft1 is perfect with 6ft the best imo
184.3cm says on 25/Oct/14
Im the same height Jay and ive never been under 185 lbs (84kg). Like you say though it depends on your genetics and if you do alot of cardio. When i was 84kg i felt super skinny but then ive been lifting for almost 20 years since i was 14, that coupled with my large frame means im usually 91-92 kg in the summer and 93-94kg in the winter. Been this way for years. As long as you feel healthy it shouldnt really matter. That BMI nonsense really needs to stop, its the same with the so-called experts opinion on calorie intake. I usually eat double what they recommend hehe. Although it is necessary as i do 24km cycling 5 times a week and gym 4 times a week so my body needs the fuel.
GI Jose says on 25/Oct/14
I have a few problems with your argument, and I have compiled them into this list:
1. Your statistics are outdated by a study conducted from 2007-2010. Click Here Page 22
2. You blatantly misquoted the study by saying the overall average was 5'9.75" when even the outdated study said 5'9.4" (the most recent study in the US provides 5'9.3"). The study also said 70.4in not 70.7in.
3. The most recent US studies provide a 5'10.2" measurement for the tallest group which is young white males which is 1/2" lower than your claim.
4. British average is measured at 5'9" on the nose, and 5'10" for the absolute tallest age range, and 92% of the UK is white so it doesn't change anything to say only white males. Click Here
5. The measurements taken were likely recorded while patients were well rested which is customary for a medical appointment. If this is the case, all measurements would be about .5" too high meaning the tallest group would be 5'9.7" in the US and 5'9.5" in the UK, and overall average would be 5'8.5" in the UK and 5'8.8" in the US. Even without this, the tallest group is still 5'10.2".

Even if you take out the last point, your arguments do not add up to recent data. If you were truly posting facts, this would not be a problem.
Amaze says on 25/Oct/14
@Jay184cm and that's all that matters. I'm happy for you dude.

@Tim very tall category. at 6'3.5/192cm that is very tall
Jay 184cm says on 25/Oct/14
I'm 6'0" and weigh 70kgs. Probably light for a dude but I've always been slim, come from a slim family and I have a high metabolism. I eat what I want, when I want, and I play football (soccer) and go running once a week, most weeks. People shouldn't have hang-ups about other people's weight. I have a healthy BMI and I feel great!
french 182-182.5 cm says on 25/Oct/14
lol vibram, in Scotland the average height is 178 cm for men who are 25-34 years old, and 94-95 % is white, so just tell me how young white men are 3 cm taller.
It goes the same for england (87% is white),for germany (91-92 % is white) and every eastern countries.

I don't want to waste my time with you, i just listed some fact.
Mid190s says on 25/Oct/14
The conclusion I crash into over and over again is that 'height is relative'

every single one of us I don't care what your height is, has felt short before , we've also all had our tall moments, and mediocre movements. How ____ you feel really depends on your surroundings and who else is in the room.
nona says on 25/Oct/14
@Lisa: Thank you for your inputs on my build. Guess because I am small framed my weight is ok for my height. Going by what you have said at 5'11" & 160 lbs you have a medium frame for a girl, am I right?
Further w.r.t your reply to Cole you have mentioned that you have come across a sister who is 6" taller and 50 lbs heavier than her younger brother. Now this is like a very very rare occurance, maybe a 0.0001% chance of that happening, Are these 2 children of the same set of parents? I know siblings where the sister is taller but then they are all step sisters. The biggest difference is this family where the sis is aged 17, is 6'6" & 230 lbs whereas the brother is aged 32, is 5'6" & 130 lbs. The father of both is 5'11" & 170 lbs but the boys mother was only 5'2" & 95 lbs whereas the girls mother is 6'2" & 220 lbs
Tim says on 25/Oct/14
Wat is the youth age range?? Also i am 6`3.5. Am i tall or very tall?? Plz answer both
Vibram says on 24/Oct/14
GI Jose says on 23/Oct/14
I understand your methods to try to intimidate me by personal attacks, but statistics don't lie. The sample size provided was given a .02in error bound. I'm sure the UK has a much higher white percentage than the US which is why the studies provide accurate sample sizes of each demographic. Show me a study that shows a different average, and if you can't, you have no credentials to speak about the average.


I have no intent to intimidate anybody, GI Joe. I am merely putting forward facts.

White young Americans 20-39 averaged 179cm (5ft10.7) from a report (or 178.9cm if you want to be a preek), and that was measured 2003-2006; over or nearly 10 years ago. HERE IS THE STATISTICS of that measurement; Click Here

So, I'm a TROLL am I ? I made that pdf myself your probably sgoing to say next haha.

Now, why would Great Britains White average be any different when our average has mirrored Americas for several decades now? If you include all ages and races... well Americans and brits are very similar, averaging about 5ft9.75. Just keep holding on to your belief that the average white young british male is 5ft9.75. lol. What ever makes you sleep at night and makes you feel bigger. And to the poster "Concerned 181 cm", you'll find that 6ft1 is nothing special on a University campus among white Great Britains. It is above average for sure, but not tall enough to stand out as legit tall. Only 6ft2 6ft3+ guys get called tall today by other young men.

Why am I denying reality when it is the truth? I think your own cosy lil world belief is upset, you feel challenged, so naturally lash out. Your a young boy or young man of 181cm that wants to feel well above average by 4 to 5cm or so, but are nothing but medicore /average in height yourself. You have every reason to call yourself "Concerned" because average will be at 6ft before your 60 years old, by which time you'd of shrunk to 178cm. You want me banned from this site because I am a threat to your own sense of bigoted pride based solely on your height.
RobV says on 24/Oct/14
People who suggest others should be banned. I don't understand why people make comments like "can you ban x because his comments lack reality". Irritating though people can be, specially when they might be trying to be, the answer is quite simple - don't ever respond: you just ignore their comments and let them shout until they realise they have no-one to engage with. It's like when the nutter on the bus tries to talk to you - just act as if you don't understand, mumble incoherently if necessary, look straight ahead and he'll soon move on.
truth says on 24/Oct/14
@french guy I completely agree man, for a young white guy 6ft2 is the best height. Above average, but not too much to stick out like a sore thumb that 6ft4+ guys often do.
GI Jose says on 24/Oct/14
@Concerned 181 cm
I somewhat agree with what you are saying. I don't think a ban would be the best, but I definitely think that any post with clearly false information should not be published. If he provides a source to validate his claims, I wouldn't mind at all, but all evidence points to completely different results. I think just not publishing a comment like that would be better than a complete ban is what I am trying to say, but I would be okay if he got banned.
truth says on 24/Oct/14
well I am 5ft10 and 165 pounds of muscle and consider that to be perfect IMO. I look lean but not skinny.
Crash says on 24/Oct/14
Basically the same thing as with the women but in the opposite direction.
Crash says on 24/Oct/14
People talk about women having an unhealthy body image because of the media, to be honest in many cases men's body image doesn't seem to be much better. Just a quick look on the internet (or even this site) would confirm that, "I'm 6'ft 165lb and skinny as a rail" blah blah. When that's most likely a perfectly good size for the man in question, just his own distorted perception is the issue.
Crash says on 24/Oct/14

Yes, like truth said it would still be weak tall overall in places with a 5'11" youth average, as overall population would probably be nearer 5'10". it's only among the younger people that you'd still just be average range.

In the UK, weak tall for under 35 (5'10") and solidly tall for all men (5'9").
Crash says on 24/Oct/14

Good point. Of course if you are bodybuilder you would want to be bigger, but why apply that same standard to the average man who just wants to be healthy and not too big or small, who really wouldn't need to be that heavy. The people who are say 6ft and 170lb saying that they are skinny as hell or whatever, seem to have a distorted perception of reality, just because they might look small compared to the stereotypical muscle-bound guy that seems to be portrayed as the ideal in the (particularly American it seems) media. When they are probably just fine in reality, not too big or small.
Crash says on 24/Oct/14
grizz, if you wear an M shirt, that sounds perfectly fine to me, you personally might want to be bigger for whatever reason but you definitely don't sound too thin from that description. In fact even at my weight, I am an M (sometimes even L depending on make) and definitely don't look too thin.
Crash says on 24/Oct/14
@Late, that might be the case with you but most guys akash's height and weight would definitely start looking too thin. Of course it's hard to say without seeing him in person, but then looking at his measurements, he definitely doesn't seem too thin to me, so in person I doubt he looks too thin. Around 75kg would be a realistic minimum weight for an average 6'1" to look slim but not unhealthily thin I'd say.

But I'm similar to you, 6'1" and 67kg, with very low body fat. People say I look much bigger. Everyone says I must be joking with my weight.

@grizz, yes I'm well aware of muscle weighing more. The point was that your post was totally unrealistic, saying that someone of 6'1" should weigh at least 80kg on average, and that the 76kg guy was "anorexic" thin, when that sounds very unlikely at his weight. And then also stating that people worry about your weight at 170lb, on what planet would that be too skinny lol.
GI Jose says on 24/Oct/14
It's sad to see something so hateful on the Internet, but anyone can say anything on the Internet, which is why people who would normally be unwilling to say a word about it in real life are so verbal online. It's just a matter of not sinking to their level and keeping a rational mindset.
Late 187cm says on 24/Oct/14
grizz says on 22/Oct/14
@Akash, you are really, really skinny for your frame. I know a guy who is 6ft1.5 and weighs 76 kg- he is really anorexic thin, no sign of muscles. I am 6ft tall and with 170 pounds people worried about my health. For your height, anything between 80 and 90kgs is normal.

Not true, Akash's listed measurements give a bmi of 19 which is comfortably in the normal range.
I weigh about 70kg. I run and cycle a lot. I have a lot of lean muscle and I don't carry much excess weight. People generally say I look well.
karman says on 24/Oct/14
guys i am 14 and lift 8 kg dumbbells i am 5'8 at time wil my height reach 6 at 16??
karman says on 24/Oct/14
guys i am 14 and lift 8 kg dumbbells i am 5'8 at time wil my height reach 6 at 16??
Lisa says on 23/Oct/14
IMO, Jose's posts are much more accurate and realistic than Vibram's fantasies. They are more mature too. Jose sounds more like someone in his 30s. Vibram sounds more like someone in his teens. This shows that age doesn't determine credibility!

@Cole: It probably is more random than my experiences would show. I'll be the first to admit that I don't have any studies to show that my anecdotes reflect the majority of situations. The most extreme example I've come across is an older sister (in her 30s) who was about six inches taller and fifty pounds heavier (not fat) than her younger brother (in his 20s). I would never have guessed that they were related.
Concerned 181 cm says on 23/Oct/14
Rob, can you ban Vibram or something? He's not only being rude, brooding, and toxic, he's denying reality. Examples include saying 5'11.25 is average in Britain for young white males even though all studies say the average is 5'10 or less, and saying 6'1 isn't tall.
Judd says on 23/Oct/14
rob in your opinion if someone will be measured on stadiometer inside a plane with an elevation of 35.000 ft he can be slightly taller? the pression generated by gravity force is a weaker than the pression that is exercised at the sea level, so you vertebral discs are a little less stressed...
[Editor Rob: never thought about that, I don't know how much difference if any it would make.]
GI Jose says on 23/Oct/14
I understand your methods to try to intimidate me by personal attacks, but statistics don't lie. The sample size provided was given a .02in error bound. I'm sure the UK has a much higher white percentage than the US which is why the studies provide accurate sample sizes of each demographic. Show me a study that shows a different average, and if you can't, you have no credentials to speak about the average.
Amaze says on 23/Oct/14
@mike321 I agree

@Crash I agree with both your posts. 170 and 6'1 thing
yeah 6'0 is start of tall in uk us, bottom end etc. over in such countries 6 ft would be more above average range, but i'd call it tallish tbh in those countries but still tall in places like here etc. I wish I had your height haha
eeng173eeng says on 23/Oct/14
I'm 183cm with high heels(173cm + 10cm). most people are smaller than me. sometimes saw my height range.
grizz says on 23/Oct/14
@Crash, ever heard that muscle occupies less volume than fat? Hence, a muscular 180lbs guy will look slimmer next to fat 180 lbs guy of same height. BMI doesn't take that into account. By their analogy, most rugby players are morbidly obese. With 170 pounds I have a visible six-pack, but I'd rather be heavier than wear M-sized shirts.
Anon183cm says on 23/Oct/14

Many people are just naturally slim / small framed. I am 6ft and slightly under 150lbs. I really don't have much muscle, but my level of fat isn't extremely low, it's just about right. I look lean and slightly athletic.

I find it annoying that guys are made to think they are abnormal if they aren't 80kg+ or 180lbs+. If I was to maintain the same level of fat that I have now, I would have to gain 30lbs of muscle, and do you know how hard that is? It's virtually impossible for someone like me, would probably take 2 years of grafting 4 days a week working out and eating 6 high protein meals a day. That's just completely ridiculous, and there's no way I am going to put on a load of fat just to make me heavy either.

Someone else my height may have more muscle and a bigger frame, naturally weighing at least 160-170lbs. So what I'm saying is that people shouldn't be generalised to fit into specific height/weight categories, everyone is made completely differently.
The Master says on 23/Oct/14
@3H: What country are you in?
french 182-182.5 cm says on 23/Oct/14

5'11-6'1 are the "old" perfect height.Today perfect height is 6'1"-6'3".
freak says on 23/Oct/14
In bold disagreement with 3H
He made it up, and unlike most of us has never traveled across europe.
Crash says on 23/Oct/14
Don't bother trying to reason with the troll, it's a waste of keystrokes.
Crash says on 23/Oct/14
Rob, just ban Vibram already. His stupidity knows no bounds.

Pathetic troll.
Caesar says on 23/Oct/14
Vibram knows what's up that feels like a solid chart I'm guessing you could add 3 cm for us scandinavians.
Also feel like 3H got his chart right -not that I've been to the netherlands but I would imagine that's what it's like. Most of the guys on here lowball the average I think.
Crash says on 23/Oct/14

No, in such countries 6'1" is weak tall, and 6ft is more above average. Basically it's weak tall in countries that have their averages around the 5'10" mark (like UK), and above average in the ones closer to 5'11".
mike321 says on 23/Oct/14
grizz says on 22/Oct/14
@Akash, you are really, really skinny for your frame. I know a guy who is 6ft1.5 and weighs 76 kg- he is really anorexic thin, no sign of muscles. I am 6ft tall and with 170 pounds people worried about my health. For your height, anything between 80 and 90kgs is normal.

People look vastly different despite being the same height/weight. What might look skinny on you, may look different on somebody else. Football players who are around 6'1 are usually under 180lbs yet they all look lean and athletic, not really skinny.
Crash says on 23/Oct/14
grizz, get real. 170lb is a very normal weight for your height, nowhere near anorexic, about ideal in fact. While I can believe that akash is of course probably too thin, you are obviously just exaggerating in your own case, your weight is very good for your height, slim but definitely not too thin.
There's a big difference between slim and skinny...

The other guy you talk about is likely a bit thinner than you of course but I still doubt it's as bad as you make it seem. It just looks like your perception of healthy is really distorted.
cole says on 23/Oct/14
@Lisa: Yeah it does, but it also seems like height is very random in a lot of cases, and wouldn't just be determined by the father's or mother's height alone. Nevertheless, it's very interesting.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 23/Oct/14
Rob is 5ft 8.5in a height men when are shedding the shortish look and going into the average height look.
[Editor Rob: at 5ft 8 you can still look average, well as long as you aren't wearing thin sneakers then you will more often look shorter. With decent posture at 5ft 8.5 and an inch sneaker you are going to blend into the average zone in the UK/US.]
Zoro 5'9.5 says on 23/Oct/14
mike 321 says on 22/Oct/14
Sorry, but what does self confidence have to do with looking tallish?
I forgot a word in that line, the correct one was "A 178-180cm guy look/FEELS always solid, ecc. ecc."
In fact, just after that I wrote that there can be a gap between what you look and what you EXPERIENCE (how you feel and how you think you look in the eyes of others): obviously the less of self confidence you have, the more you will focus only on taller man and/or reinterpret reality according to your brain's wrong beliefs.

Besides that, lack of self-confidence can also give you a shorter LOOK (and not just a FEELING), if it makes you slouching or often looking down.
truth says on 23/Oct/14
@Amaze yeah it is weak tall for overrall population, more above average for young people under 30. My siblings are: 5ft7 sister, on my fathers side 5ft8 (peak) grandfather, 5ft7 (peak) grandmother, 5ft5 female cousin, 5ft5 mother, other 3 aunts on the mothers are in the 5ft3-5ft5 range, cousin male 5ft9, cousin male 6ft0, uncle 6ft1.
Amaze says on 23/Oct/14
@grizz it depends on the person. when my brother was 77kg at 183/4cm he did not look skinny at all. he was slim/lean. however when he was 67kg he did look skinny because he was. 77kg or 170lbs+ is fine for 6 ft, for 6 ft 2 its skinny yeah but 6 ft its fine and generally slim/lean. plus we all have different genetics - akash is indian like me and we are different he probably doesnt look skinny at 77. 77 is generally in the middle of bmi too, its about 22/23 kg . if i was 6' id prefer to be 77kg, its not skinny.

@3h you are about 4cm off for tall, lol incorrect
Azer says on 22/Oct/14
Hey Rob, awesome videos. Loved "Monstrous Measurement"
[Editor Rob: cheers, Jenny actually hurt herself falling onto the ground at the end!]
Lisa says on 22/Oct/14
@nona: I was just kidding about being "a freak of nature". I might look like one in Vietnam but anyway. About your weight, it really depends on your frame. You're fine if you have a small frame but you could stand to gain weight if you have a medium or large frame. FE, a medium-framed 5'10 woman should weigh around 150. Add 15 pounds for a medium-framed 5'10 man. The most important thing is to go by how healthy and fit you are at a given weight. People make things way too complicated so, as a rule of thumb, a 5'0 medium-framed woman should weigh around 100. Add fifteen pounds for a 5'0 medium-framed man. Add five pounds for each inch after that. Add five to fifteen pounds if you have a large frame. Subtract five to fifteen pounds if you have a small frame. This rule applies less if you're older and your metabolism has slowed down or if you need to maintain a certain weight range due to health concerns. You probably should start the scale at the age of 21 too since a lot of people, especially guys, are still filling out before then. It's also true that muscle weighs more than flab and a certain amount of "heavy" active people may actually be healthier than light "skinny-fat" people. And, last but not least, bodybuilders and powerlifters are in a category by themselves! hope that helps :)
Amaze says on 22/Oct/14
@Lisa yeah i didnt see damn xD its all good

@truth I see. I think 6 ft must be weak tall there? It defo is tall in UK still. What are your siblings heights
mike 321 says on 22/Oct/14
Zoro says on 21/Oct/14
Average for 16+ in England is 175.3 cm.

Average for 16-24 and 25-34 are respectively 177cm and 177.8cm
I can say it's almost the same for CENTER-NORTH and NORTH Italy.

A 176cm man is overall solid average, but if he focuses only on white young males, then he's just weak average cause is shorter than 6/10 of youngsters he meets, but not short 'cause majority of youngsters can't tower him since they are just slightly taller.

A 178-180cm guy looks always solid, sometimes (25-30%) even tallish, if he has a normal level of self-confidence.

In fact there can be a difference between the height you look and what you experience, that's why some 5'9ers feel short.

Sorry, but what does self confidence have to do with looking tallish?
grizz says on 22/Oct/14
@Akash, you are really, really skinny for your frame. I know a guy who is 6ft1.5 and weighs 76 kg- he is really anorexic thin, no sign of muscles. I am 6ft tall and with 170 pounds people worried about my health. For your height, anything between 80 and 90kgs is normal.
3H says on 22/Oct/14
In my country
#159 very short
#163 short
#167 shortish
#171 average
#175 tallish
#179 tall
#183 very tall

In America
#167 very short
#171 short
#175 shortish
#179 average
#183 tallish
#187 tall
#191 very tall

In Netherlands, East European
#171 Very Short
#175 Short
#179 Shortish
#183 average
#187 tallish
#191 tall
#195 very tall

I wish i was taller......
184.3cm says on 22/Oct/14
Well for the guys who dont think 5'9 is short for a man its only 1 inch above legit short here in Holland so you will get short comments alot here. its lower average yes but most people dont think that way , your either short or tall. My eyelevel is just shy of the 173 cm mark i checked it after watching Rob's vid so that guy from my work is maybe even 173cm. Claiming +7cm without even blinking.
I noticed that one other guy and a woman were also pretty height aware as they guessed alot of us around the mark we measured. Ive noticed in person i can usually judge within 2cm if someone is up to 5 inches smaller or taller than me after that the difference is too great. I alos guessed a bunch of them within 4kg of their actual weight which angered a good number of my female co-workers :)
Vibram says on 22/Oct/14
GI Jose says on 21/Oct/14
The measured average for the UK is 175.3 cm ( Click Here page 20). The absolute highest average was 177.8 cm which is 5'10" on the nose. You didn't provide any source, and I have found no such study to provide the measurements you provided.


Are you a moron or something? It is not about 'overall' average - which includes shrunken old men, small ethnics such as Indians from the country India - completely the PEOPLE i did not want to include. DID YOU NOT READ MY POST OR ARE YOU SO STUPID!!! Aggh. And that was taken from a small sample size. There are some 33 million men in UK, not 18'000 thousand.

I am just talking about the height of young, or non-aged, white British males. That is ALL I AM INTERESTED IN on this website. You will find the average is well over 177.8cm in this case. Now seeing as USA pulled its finger out of its bottom and actually measured white men only, and young (20-39) white men at at that, it produced an average of just under 179cm or slightly over 5ft10.5. The actually figure was 178.9cm but lets round up to 179cm, because hell..what is 1mm? I would say English white males aged 20-39 would be about at least the same; 179cm, possibly slightly more at 180cm.

I have known this all along to be true for young white british males:

Stand out Small: 173cm and below.
5ft8 and below. You are small for a WBM. Just accept it, because even guys 10cm taller aren't quite tall yet. You are small in every sense.

Below average / looks kinda short: 174cm > 177cm
Mid 5ft8 to strong 5ft9. You'll feel short at many times and question yourself. You'll get the odd comment that your short, which has happened to me a lot at 176cm. Welcome to Vibram land where you feel alien and unsure about your height because it is SUCH a grey area for WBM's and they know it. Stop trying to justify yourself you white briths males who feel "great" at 5ft9. You are not. Your height should be a concern if people are being sh*t to you but nicer to taller men.

Absolute average 178cm > 181cm
You should endure no social problems or feel small. Decent solid height. Examples Brad Pitt, Orlando Bloom, Matt Bomer, James Franco. 50% percentile for young WBM.

Above average 182 > 185cm
May sound good. But really nothing THAT special amomgst young white men. YOu might get called tall by older people, your fathers generation, or small women buts its nothing special today. So so many young guys at this height, atleast 2 in 5 on a college campus and you know thats true.

Tall: 186cm-
This is where tall begins for young white british males... at 6ft1.5+
Lewis says on 22/Oct/14
I am 5'9" (1.75m)I feel short and insecure sometimes. Then I remember, awesome actors like Matt Damon, Ryan Phillippe, Daniel Craig, Jason Statham, are all around the same height as me. I shouldn't feel so bad :)
Celebheights 188 CM says on 22/Oct/14
Why don't the individuals who lie about being 5'11" just claim to be 6'0"? It's a nicer height to be as it's tall.
truth says on 22/Oct/14
@Kourosh where do you live?
truth says on 22/Oct/14
@Amaze I live in Slovenia, most central EU countries like Austria, Croatia and Germany are also as tall. For overral population, it is a bit lower, probably 178ish.
Caesar says on 22/Oct/14
Nope not even close mate I'm swedish as well and 180 cm is nothing more than average -if even that.
The vast majority of young men are in the 175-190 CM range and anything less than 180 will look more or less short while anything above 185 will look increasingly tall. I would hesitate to call anyone under 188 truly "tall" and only once you never shrink below 190 have you sealed the deal.
I agree that it is fairly common to see 5'10 guys walking around but it's much more likely to come across a 6' foot man or so although many foreign students in my town are shorter than that.
Kourosh says on 22/Oct/14
176-177cm weak average
179=180 solid average
181-183 above average or weak tall.
thats how i see

I'm close to 178 cm with shoes on and most of the people edge me out or slightly taller.
nona says on 22/Oct/14
@Ella: Guess you should just say you are 6 ft tall. This is much easier than 5'11.75". Tall women have always been cool and will continue to be so. Moreso if you are tall & well built it is really kool but tall & skinny aint cool at all
nona says on 22/Oct/14
@Lisa: Why in the world do you think you are a freak of nature. Tall, well built women like you are plentiful and I am sure many men like me prefer your type. Everyone has their place in the sun
Lisa says on 21/Oct/14
@Amaze: I wasn't being serious when I said that, which was I included a winky and a jk (just kidding). That was nice of you to say, though.

@Ella: Good for you, but where do you live that it's considered "cool" for women to be tall?

@184.3 cm: I'm not surprised that more girls fudged their height. I once measured a 4'11 girl that claimed to be in the 5'3-5'4 range!
John says on 21/Oct/14
You are the same height as my girlfriend. I think it is great. Tall but not too tall. Just perfect.
You have been complaining bitterly about your height since I started posting here, when I was about your height, and I felt tall among any adults.
I think you are by no means short. My brother is three inches shorter than you and my father is four inches shorter than you, and nobody is worried about that.
I remember one photo you posted where you looked quite good.
I don't doubt about your feelings; I just think you hare not right about your height, which is perfectly normal, that's all.
If you tell us you would like to be taller that's OK. If you tell us that you feel desperate because 'sometimes 70% of young white men are taller' is simply absurd.
I don't believve anyone likes you or dislikes you for your height. Height is just a matter of fact, like the colour of your eyes or hair, the place where you were born, or any other factor you cannot change.
Moreover if you were either a giant or a dwarf that could be interfering with your everyday life. But you are a perfectly normal man, not even a short man.
french 182-182.5 cm says on 21/Oct/14
vibram, could you post a photo of you, i would like to see how ugly you are...
Zoro says on 21/Oct/14
Average for 16+ in England is 175.3 cm.

Average for 16-24 and 25-34 are respectively 177cm and 177.8cm
I can say it's almost the same for CENTER-NORTH and NORTH Italy.

A 176cm man is overall solid average, but if he focuses only on white young males, then he's just weak average cause is shorter than 6/10 of youngsters he meets, but not short 'cause majority of youngsters can't tower him since they are just slightly taller.

A 178-180cm guy looks always solid, sometimes (25-30%) even tallish, if he has a normal level of self-confidence.

In fact there can be a difference between the height you look and what you experience, that's why some 5'9ers feel short.
T.1000 says on 21/Oct/14
nice to read such post as yours for a change. ;)
184.3cm says on 21/Oct/14

HEIGHT - 184 cm
WEIGHT - 92 kg
Bicep - 17 (43cm)
chest - 44 (112cm)
waist 34 (87cm)
shoe size - euro 46- uk 11- us 12
wolverine says on 21/Oct/14
Why do people constantly call 5'8-5'9 men short when there are plenty of statistics that still call it average?

A strong 5'8 or 5'9 isn't even short if the new average is 5'10. It's below average by a bit, but a far cry from a "short man". Depending on footwear, people wouldn't even notice or mention your height.

so silly to group 5'8 or 5'9 with guys in the 5'4-5'6 range. I mean that's a whole different world.
truth says on 21/Oct/14
@Peyman you are right yes, for Iraq/Iran young males average is 174cm tops.
truth says on 21/Oct/14
@Vibram No one claimed that 5ft11 is tall. It is upper average or strong above average untill 6ft0 which is low tall. 178-179cm is average for young men EU, no more no less or 177-180cm for most countries. Start of short would be 174cm and start of tall 183cm. Young brits are the same as young Irish/French/Swiss/Belgian/Poles/Greeks, about 178-179cm on average.
Late 187cm says on 21/Oct/14
@ Vibram

I think you are misinformed. Do you have a source for your claims? Also, that is the first time I've heard height loss beginning at 40 years old.
Kourosh says on 21/Oct/14
everyone lies about their height.
i know a woman who claims to be 5'8 , I'm strong 5'9 barefoot 176-177. When i stood next to her i had good view at top of her head which makes to be around 5'6 or weak 5'7 (170cm). I still edged her out with her 2-3 inches heel. I know a guy who is a hair over 5'7 claims to be 5'10 and a 5'6 guy claims to be 5'7, and 6'1 guy claims to be 6'2 and so.
As you can see everyone lies about their height.

they cant fool me because I'm myself a height conscious and i pretty much know my height when i compare my height with others i can estimate theirs. I wake up 177.5 or 177.8 with 8 hours of sleep and go to bed 176cm. I used to claim 5'10 but now if everyone ask me i would say i'm just a 5'9 guy
Amaze says on 21/Oct/14
Truth where you from? ? 5'7" very short??? Huh?? 5'9 short.. where is this? The hell. You have a 5'11 dad and 5'5 mum.. hmm id expect you to be 6'1ish

@184 guy lol thats jokes. 175 is not bordering on short though

@ella good a girl is proud of her height
ur not just a tall girl ur a very tall girl.. equivalent to a guy of 6'4.75-6'5. Embrace it :)

@greenbolt good new strong poster. Nice contributions you make good points.

@indian guy im indian like you to and you are 185cm 6'1" thats very tall for an indian Xd but ill call you solid tall cause imo 6'3" is very tall but yeah. You have short mother 5'1" and father 5'7" then again your father is not short for india at all hes above average. You ended up at a very good height for a indian guy 6'1 just perfect imo. You know abishek bachchan? You are his height xD yeah your uncle and grandfather were pretty tall for 180 5'11". My brother is 184 and im 173 and it sucks
Chris says on 21/Oct/14
In what kind of work place are height and weight measurements so publicly questioned?
GI Jose says on 21/Oct/14
The measured average for the UK is 175.3 cm ( Click Here page 20). The absolute highest average was 177.8 cm which is 5'10" on the nose. You didn't provide any source, and I have found no such study to provide the measurements you provided.
Syaa says on 21/Oct/14
6'1" normal look vs 6'4" sexy look
Youre choice?
Peyman says on 21/Oct/14
Akash says on 16/Oct/14
How good are my measurements?

maybe a little thin for your height, but some people prefer to be thin.
here is mine
height :179
weight : 80kg
biceps :35cm
chest : bang on 40in
waist :34in

I had the best feeling when I was in the 73 - 77 kg range
my waist was 32in at that weight
Peyman says on 21/Oct/14
there is only an inch difference between us, so we are pretty much the same. I think 4cm is the where the difference starts to become noticeable
height difference feeling between two individuals (IMO):
0-1.5in : slightly taller
1.5-3in : taller
3-5 in : absolutely taller
5in+ : towering

for girls I believe it's really easier to find someone at under 5ft than over 5ft 10in, my sister at 161cm feels nothing less than average. but I've also seen girls taller than me but this not common.
for young boys 175 as I said, maybe 174 even.
nona says on 21/Oct/14
@Lisa: I mentioned in my post that I am a 36 yr old guy who is 5'10" & 160 lbs. Since you are a fitness expert do you think it would be ok if I added another 10 lbs onto my frame?
C-MO says on 21/Oct/14
short in real life : under 5'8

short on : under 6'0

tall height in real life : 6'1 and over ..even 6'0 sometimes

tall height on 6'3 and over

ideal/most balanced height in real life : 5'11 - 6'1 with 5'10 being good , 6'2 being great , 5'9 being decent/quite good , 6'3 being good , 5'8 being okay , 6'4 being good if you have the built

ideal/most balanced height on : 6'2 - 6'4 , 6'1 being good , 6'5-6'6 being great , 6'0 being okay , 6'7 being a little too tall but still good , under 6'0 = subhuman midget

Amaze says on 21/Oct/14
@Lisa you are not a freak of nature. Tall women are hot, sure short women are gorgeous but tall women are just sexy, they just give off a different vibe that's all. Some men would be scared of dating a taller girl but I sure wouldn't.. But yeah you ain't a freak of nature. Tall girls are good too
Chris says on 21/Oct/14
Hi Rob, just wanted to pick your brains. I have an exceptionally tall son who just turned 13 last week. He is already 6ft 2in and towers over all his classmates. I'm 5'10" and my wife is 5'7" so we're not exactly giants and our doctor has not really given him a firm indication of what he might end up other than there's nothing to worry about. What are your thoughts?
[Editor Rob: he may have got lucky with the combination of genes that determine height, so he has more of the tall genes from both, or the random factor gave him that. He might end early, but could also gain more and end up 6ft 5.]
Celebheights 188 CM says on 20/Oct/14
Do most people claim their height in shoes? I claim the height that I was measured in barefoot (6'1.5"-6'1.75"/187 CM) and would get away with claiming 6'3" if we're supposed to claim it in shoes.
Lisa says on 20/Oct/14
@Alexander: Are there a lot of women's basketball teams in Moscow? ;)

@Little Sue: American women must be a tad taller than British women, on average. 5'1 women (20yo) could be classified as "very short" here. They're at the 9th percentile!

@Tom: That was one of the most realistic, sensible posts I've read.
RobV says on 20/Oct/14
@ Greenbolt, Sorry but I do not recognise your summary of what I have said as a real reflection of my view. Once again, and very simply, the reality about height is almost all to do with personal preference, and some might think that 5'11" is the start of tall, others might say 6'3". It is almost irrelevant really other than being a personal opinion, as there are more cultures in the world that just the US/UK/Europe. Idonesia has a population close to the USA and over there, 5'9" is probably seen as the start of tall.

You suggest that I need to 'defend' my use of elevators as a tall guy. I think in general, lifestyle choices like this do not have to be defended - we are all different and rather than a narrow kneejerk reaction of attacking people for their diverse views and lives, it is better to try and understand why that choice has been made. Diversity is good, not bad.
truth says on 20/Oct/14
where I a from for young males 18-25:

160cm or less midget
162cm extremely short
165cm extremely short
167cm very short
170cm very short
173cm short
175cm short
177cm below average
180cm average
183cm above average
185cm tall
188cm tall
190cm very tall
193cm very tall
195cm extremely tall
198cm extremely tall
200cm or more giant
184.3cm says on 20/Oct/14
Today a guy had me in tears ..of laughter. At work they were asking people their height as we just got a medical few weeks ago and the guy next to me claimed 180 cm measured. He then got up to leave and i swear i was looking at the top of his head so he was 175cm tops. Anyway i lost it and started laughing like a loon as i just couldn't believe someone bordering on short was claiming to be a strong average height. Most people were pretty honest though and strangely enough the women lied more than the men did ! Especially when the discussion turned towards weight.
Greenbolt says on 20/Oct/14
@dayle 185cm-184.5: The eye level of a weak 6'1''er will generally be in the 5'8''-5'8.25'' range.

@Berdych: I don't think guys over 6 foot have any advantage over 6 footers when it comes to women, and might in fact be at a disadvantage, especially at 6'3''+.
Ella says on 20/Oct/14
Am a 5'11.75 tall girl almost 6ft, and am just 16, but in ma family we stop growing at 16.. But seeing all this I now know that being tall is cool nowadays, esp for women, very rare.. Am very happy..
truth says on 20/Oct/14
@Cole my mom is 165cm my dad 180cm and I am 178cm.
Vibram says on 20/Oct/14
5ft11 (180cm) is not tall for young white British men. It is bang on average I'd say, possibly slightly over 5ft11 for the young white british youth (18-24) in further education.

All races and ages (18-70) average 5ft10 (177,3cm) in Great Britain. THIS is a FACT and is documented by British health and NHS. THis includes aged men up to 70 who would of lost 3cm since age 40. That is the normal height loss between ages 40 to 70 for a normal human male; 1cm a decade roughly. Already, we can see, if there was no height loss that average of 177.3cm would be higher. Now, deduct Indian and Bangledeshi British males, other 'smaller' ethnics and the average for a non-aged white man in Britain is obviously going to be a ballpark 180cm (+/- 1cm either way MAX).

A weak to mid 5ft9 (175 > 176cm) white british guy will feel as though 65%.... sometimes 70% of young white men are taller than him. This is how I feel at 176cm, yet people cannot accept my experience and run me off as a troll or deeply insecure nutjob and sufferer of "BDD" etc. I tell the TRUTH people; you need to be 178 to 180cm to feel normal as a White British Male (WBM) under age 50.
indianguy says on 20/Oct/14
My height is 185 cm,my dad is around 170 cm and mom 155 cm. Which makes me tall as per indian standards and also in my family. ButI would like to point out that my uncle and grandfather were pretty tall, like 180 cm.
So I would like to mention here that height is male dominant gene,if your dad is tall, there is 75 % chance you will be tall if you are a male and 25% PROBABILITY if your a female.also sports do help.I used to play cricket and basketball daily during my teenage.
Amaze says on 20/Oct/14
@Berdych 6 ft is tall enough for most women, and women mostly prefer 6'-6'2 guys. maybe 6'2 will. but height matters, BUT NOT that much

a 6'0 guy good looking guy vs a 6'2 average looker
6'0 wins.
Lisa says on 20/Oct/14
Cole's post brings up some questions. Do taller fathers tend to have taller daughters while shorter mothers tend to have shorter sons? Do shorter fathers tend to have shorter daughters while taller mothers tend to have taller sons? I've seen examples of this but it may just be confirmation bias.

@nona: Did you say that you were a girl?

@Sammy: I'm not happy with your measurements because I'm bigger than you in almost every way. Thanks for making me feel like a freak of nature. :( j/k
5ft10guy says on 19/Oct/14
Today I was shopping and this is how it went : me looking for cereal one 5ft6 woman(hello 5ft6 woman.Me looking for turkey two 5ft8 woman me:"haha but im still taller."While looking for juice one average height woman with a her much taller friend her height 5ft10.My reaction:C'mon why couldnt I be taller then all the females for one day..As I proceeded to check out I spotted a couple a 5ft9 man and the wrestler looking wife.She was huge! 6ft5 I would put her.As I paid for the items ,one of the worst moments are when you're walking behind someone substantially taller and their is no way to get pass them since the walk way is too narrow.So I had to walk behind this lady with heavy bags forcing my posture to lower while making me look like a midget.My 6ft friend looked at the lady in shock kinda made ma laugh too.
Heylo says on 19/Oct/14
While some people here say 5'11 isn't tall in western countries, i would say (as a Swede) that 5'11 could often be perceived as quite (almost) tall. Most tall actors are really 5'11-6ft but looks 6'1-6'2 on screen.

I am living in Sweden and my height is fairly short for a young swedish male (177cm) but I still doesn't feel very short. I feel that i'm a bit under average just as my height is. My point is that most people lie about their height, add one inch or rounding up half an inch regardless of their actual height. Most people around my height (5'9-5'10) loves to claim 5'11. Therefor, when a real 5'11 guy comes in the picture, he will look quite tall. But where i live, in general, 5'11 is very average yes.

My opinion on what is short and not, I'm basing it on where I live of course (Sweden).

5'6 = Very short
5'7 = Short
5'8 = Quite short
5'9 = Quite decent*
5'10 = Decent
5'11 = Average*
6ft = Upper average/a bit tallish*
6'1 = Tall
6'2 = Definitely tall

* = Can be seen as tall/short by many.
cole says on 19/Oct/14
My dad's and mom's peak height was 178 and 168 cm respectively - my potential was calculated at 179,6 cm by the "2 years old method" (height at age 2, times 2 - I was 89,8 cm) and by the "parents height method" (can't remember the exact formula) - it turned out to be almost 100% accurate in my case. Some are more fortunate and some are rather unfortunate: I have a 194 cm friend with a 186 cm father and 172 cm mother, a 178 cm friend with a 193 cm father and a 162 cm mother, and a 168 cm friend with a 182 cm father and a 165 cm mother. I think for guys it's most common to get within 2-3 cm above or below the father's height. Do you know any statistics on this Rob?
Celebheights 188 CM says on 19/Oct/14
Has anybody else noticed that the individuals who are actually 6'3" tend to be genuine about it with them never saying "I'm 6'4" or "I'm 6'5"? Do they tend to perceive 6'0" as being ideal?
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 18/Oct/14
Rob can 5ft 8in men get away with saying they are average height 5ft 9in is average height for men in Britain 1 inch away from 5ft 9in is nothing men that are 5ft 8in would be 5ft 9in in normal 1 inch shoes 5ft 8in is on the low end of average height high end of short.
[Editor Rob: not amongst the young crowd, but with over 55's, then 5ft 8 would fit into the average range quite easily.

I was down in London again and at times looking at height, 5ft 9 still feels about average, though I was in solid 1 inch sneaker this time, so felt a decent 5ft 8 but if I wore converse or something like that, would feel more like a weak 5ft 8 guy and the average might even feel taller.]
Alexander says on 18/Oct/14
I live in Russia Moscow. Im 5'10 guy and there is a solid number of girls who are my height even without heels. I ve been in a lot of different cities in Russia, but I can tell girls in Moscow are very tall.
So here is the female height chart in Moscow( young females)

4'9- 5'1- very rare height. It's very hard to find girl this height
5'2-5'4- very petite.
5'5- short/ shortish. can't be considered even barely average.
5'6- start of average height, but next to majority of girls can look shortish
5'7- average
5'8- 5'9.5- from tallish to tall( huge number of girls are this height)
5'9.75- 5'10.5 tall( still great number of woman are this height)
5'11- solid number of girls are this height
6'0 + very tall but you easily can find girls this height everywhere you go.
This is chart based on my expirence living in Moscow. In other cities the average female height is about 5'5-5'6 where 5' 6 is already tall.
Sorry for my bad English
littlesue says on 18/Oct/14
Tall girl not sure of what country you live in but I would say for Britian your height chart a little too tall, I would say very small would be under 5ft
Greenbolt says on 18/Oct/14
@RobV: In regards to this topic of 'ideal height', some, including you it appears, feel that the arguably very tall heights of 6'3''+ are ideal, and these people always seem to (you could even argue inevitably or necessarily) fall under one of two parties. Judging from your posts, I've gathered that you would probably identify more with the conceptions held by the second camp, but I'll go ahead and address both.

The first holds that 6'0''-6'2'' "isn't tall enough to be tall", and reasons that a height of 6'3''+ must be attained (whether via elevators/lifts or actual height) in order to truly experience 'tallness', which is fine if the person positing this idea is consistent in his/her view of 'short', that 'short' (even if we assume a very generous average height of 5'10'') is 5'5'' or under, which of course, no one is willing to do.

You argue that for someone to criticize a person's view such as "6'3'' is the start of tall" is essentially fallacious since one is claiming that a subjective view is somehow wrong or inaccurate, and that the person expressing their view of 'tall and 'short' is not in the wrong regardless of how ludicrous their claims might seem, as long as they remain within certain parameters, namely that 'short' is somewhere below average and 'tall' is somewhere above. When GI Jose stated that the inconsistent relation of 'short' and 'tall' to the average was a rather objective logical shortcoming of some people's views, you countered that average height fluctuates from setting to setting, and that to ask for people to place their 'short' and 'tall' categories precisely the same distance from the national average was too scientific and something that wasn't practical in reality. While the average will fluctuate slightly, it is virtually always within an inch of the average given even a somewhat large group of people; when at tourist attractions with presumably people from all around, I've never witnessed any substantial deviation in average height. So while asking for people to place their 'short' and 'tall' categories precisely x amount of inches from the average might be impractical, people at least need to be in the ballpark. Thus, to say 6'3''+ is ideal on the basis that you need to be at least this height in order to be genuinely tall is a practically invalid claim unless the person wants to say 5'6'' isn't short, which no one is willing to do.

The second party recognizes that 6'0''-6'2'' is tall, but desires 'more'. Now, of course I don't have a problem with people who are actually 6'3''+ and find it tolerable, or even people who find it just as good as 6'0''-6'2'', but it's when people feel it's better than 6'0''-6'2'' that I start to have difficulty accepting their view as rational. There's nothing beneficial 6'3''+ gives you that 6'0''-6'2'' lacks unless you classify 'standing out' as beneficial, and I do not see how this mentality could derive from anything other than egotism or the need for attention quite frankly.

And as if that's not enough, a 6'2'' guy wearing lifts, and then to make a genuine effort to try and pass yourself off as a 6'5'' guy, to go out of your way to make sure that no one sees that you're wearing lifts so that you can be perceived by the public as three inches taller than you actually are? Quite honestly, RobV, I don't know how you can defend such a thing.
tom says on 17/Oct/14
I'm from the UK, measure in around 177cm. I think a lot of the talk on here is very exaggerated. At my height there are plenty of young guys shorter than I am, and really a guy's got to be 5'6" or below before his height becomes noticeable/regularly commented on. Most people don't even care.

At my height nobody ever comments on it. At school I was 5'8" and didn't hear it either. A lot of you average guys seem to be very insecure - just because you aren't tall doesn't mean you're short! Height has it's advantages for men, but it's not that big a deal really. Really as long as you're in, or within a few inches of the middle, you're unlikely to have any bother with your height.
Amaze says on 17/Oct/14
I'd defo say 5'7 is tall for a girl.. Its 6'0 equivalent for a guy just lower
5'6 is perhaps above average and tallish for a girl, like 5'11 for men.

5'8 begins solid tall range for women equivalent 6'1 guy
truth says on 17/Oct/14
@5ft10guy yeah I still agree, 5ft10 or 178cm is more or less 50th percentile for young white males not 180cm at some would post (some places are 180-183cm but some are 173-175cm also). So generally 1cm either way is solid average or 176-177cm to 179cm. I am 177cm at worst and 179-180cm in shoes and I feel very decent in height, would rate my height 5.5-6/10 if 5/10 is an average rating.
Hypado says on 17/Oct/14
In my personal opnion, The best heights for



For women

GI Jose says on 17/Oct/14
Basketball is huge in the US, and that's why it would be a good height for me. I don't think it would be good for anything else because being taller than everyone else would be way too awkward for me.
Tallest Gurl ever says on 17/Oct/14
my parents said if i drank coffee i would shrink well i drank coffe and then stopped and drank it 2 years later and now im 5'7
dayle 185cm-184.5 says on 17/Oct/14
Hi people what would week 6ft1 eye level be at? Anyone know
Berdych says on 17/Oct/14
As far as attracting women goes,at what height will one start to have an advantage over a 6foot guy? 6foot1? 6foot2? or 6foot3?
cole says on 17/Oct/14
Friend 1: Measures 194 cm. Father: 186 cm. Mother: 170 cm.
Friend 2: Measures 178 cm. Father: 194 cm. Mother: 161 cm.

I don't know which is more unusual... The "very tall" guy with the "quite tall" father and the "above average" mother, or the "average guy" with the "very tall" father and the "short" mother.
GI Jose says on 17/Oct/14
I almost completely agree with you. I would say 5'10" should feel average most of the time, but there are times where it can feel both tall and short. If will feel tall more often than short, but it still can feel like you are one or the other. These are very rare occurrences, but they still can happen. All in all, though, I am in agreement with you.
SAMMY DERRICK says on 17/Oct/14
How good are my measurements?
How good are my measurements?(ladies)
PEOPLE COMMENT PLEASE!!!And by people I mean girls.
Bran says on 17/Oct/14
A few weeks ago, Rob subconsiously helped all us guys who claim 5ft11-6ft is nothing more than above average- rather than the counter argument off it infact being tall. I can't be bothered to go shifting for Robs analysis ( comment ) but once asked about a 5ft6 female,.. rob proclaimed it wasn't really tall for a girl with 5ft7 becoming more bordeline and 5ft8, such as Jenny becoming more solid tall for a girl, apologies if im wrong Rob but this is how my memory serves me. Between males and females there's a 5 inch deviation, for example a 5ft4 girl and a 5ft9 guy are at the same percentile. Young females average 5'5, young males 5'10... this according to realible figures,... Rob's view on 5ft6 for a female should be compared as symetrical to a 5ft11 guy !, with the 5ft7-8 becoming tall for a girl,...- the same for guys creeping into the 6ft-6ft1 range. Rob, there's no need to keep the wanna be tall 5ft11 guys under a flase illusion ,... its only ONE inch !! i repeat one inch above average under 40's national average in the UK. An inch can be defined by volume of hair,... thickness of trainers, if you guys are going to say 5ft11-6ft is tall,.. well 5ft8-9 has to be short, then again i guess the route out of this is claiming average isnt 5ft10, believe me its 5ft10, peace people.
[Editor Rob: yes that's what I said about girls. The average though is pretty much within 5ft 9 range from the American and UK larger studies on the subject and younger range of course is a bit more on average as we know.]
SAK says on 17/Oct/14
KROCsays:5'10 guys should not ever feel anything but average. The only time you should feel tall is around women.
Considering 5'10 is average for young males I would imagine majority of the time 5'10 males 'feel' average and the other times they 'feel' shortish, due to taller people standing out more and being more memorable. Maybe non-whites at 5'10 may feel tall on occasions.
jamie179cm says on 17/Oct/14
KROC i agree but i feel tall to guys under 5ft8 and when i went to spain i felt that i was taller than most man there
Kourosh177cm says on 17/Oct/14
Payman you are right. I'm 176.5 cm or 176.3 cm evening barefoot height to be exact. when i go out i wear my sneakers that gives me 1.1 cm height, which makes me 177.6 cm in total. this is how i feel about my height when walking down in streets or in shopping malls :
50% average
35% below average
10% shortish
5% short
I see tall girls (Iranian girls) from time to time but yet I am 98% taller than all of them. but for guys its probably like 50%

I get called small or short occasionally
my height is just ok but its no where near good. i wish i was your height Payman
Drew says on 17/Oct/14
@marie176cm, Oh after rechecking your post, I now know that you are a girl, lol my mistake.
nona says on 17/Oct/14
@marie176cm: I know your question was for Rob but I am taking the liberty of putting in my opinion, hope you don't mind. Considering you are a girl and already 17 I guess u have reached your max height. However depending on the heights of your parents you may still have some growth left in you because a girl usually ends up halfway between the heighst of her parents. This holds good in about 60% of the cases.
Lisa says on 16/Oct/14
@tall girl: Your height chart for women is almost perfect!

@marie: It's possible, but doubtful, that you'll grow more. Why do you want to be 5'10?
KROC says on 16/Oct/14
5'10 guys should not ever feel anything but average. The only time you should feel tall is around women.
Drew says on 16/Oct/14
@marie176cm IMO,if you are a guy then it is entirely possible to grow a couple of centimeters since you have been steadily growing, but if you are a girl then you may be done.
grizz says on 16/Oct/14
@some dude, you got the most precise height chart I've seen. Fully agree with you.
@mari176cm, why would you wanna be 178 cm? Unless you play volleyball :D, I see no reason for you to be that tall. Put some heels on and you're fine.
Just Average says on 16/Oct/14
I'm 5'10 on the dot at night. I would say I feel short 65% of the time, and average 30% of the time. Very rarely do I feel tall.
Peyman says on 16/Oct/14
@ Kourosh,
after a long observation on the average height in our country, I realized that the average should be like 5ft 9in for the younger generation, & 5ft 7in for the older ones. so a 5ft 8in total average sounds reasonable to me.
that makes you taller than 6 out of 10 maybe, which is still close to the average. but safe to say an above average height
I've never been described as a short man, & people numerously call me tall, maybe once or twice a week :)
I feel like a tallish guy, maybe how a solid 5ft 11.5 would feel in UK or US.
but there are also times that I officially feel like average man, not abnormal I think.
but nobody would accept my 179, they call me you're at least 181-2.
my dad at 51 : 167cm
my mom at 44: 161cm
me at 21 and a half : 179
french 182-182.5 cm says on 15/Oct/14

how did you realize you were not 182-183 cm, i remembered you were 182 cm at night :/ Did you never use an aerosol or you were never measured?
I guess it was in December 2011 when I first came to this site, I didn't have much information about height in that time ( I mean the shrinkage, average height, percentiles etc .).
we have a lot of internet limitations here, so because of them I couldn't go to youtube & watch any videos!! but I was eager to know my real height, so I tried the laser stadiometers, the result was 183 barefoot!!!
so I marked that as my official height, also my oms measurement assured me that I'm a guy who is over 180. but after I first saw Rob's measurement method I said oops wtf is that mark? am I really that short?!!
it was in autumn 2012 I think, so I just kept on going with my old claim on :/
but started to go with the new height in real life, but not many people would accept it as they are all liars :@
I was not commenting for a long time, but now that I'm done with any height issues I proudly tell everyone my real height.
@ Rob, life has a lot of good & bad things, that's undeniable!
but I have no idea why we are here?! not going to realize though, cuz it's obviously unsolvable (I'm also not a religous person at all & they're claims can never persuade me)
so the best is to make the most of my time & this happens just with spreading love among people you know. thats all I think.
working like a mad man is a way to escape from life. only time can show what I'll do at this point.
5ft10guy says on 16/Oct/14
@truth me personally I wouldnt go shorter then 5ft10. 5ft9.5 isnt safe for a guy especially in flats.If the guy is 5ft9.5 with thick sneakers hell be solid average.5ft10 in sneakers your ego will be okay.5ft10 barefoot your good just plain average.5ft10.5-5ft11 your strong average.5ft11.75-6ft.Upper average-Tallish(tallish means people can call you tall especially in thick footwear).6ft1=legit tall in thick footwear strong tall)
184.3cm says on 16/Oct/14
you have something against people who are 6'2 Vibram? Btw everyone is small to someone i know a guy from work whos a legit 188cm and he gets called small by a 204cm guy :)
Realistically small begins around 5'7 in most countries while in Holland its around 5'8 for a man its really not that much of a difference . Solid Average is between 178 -183 here and in other western countries its what? 175-180? Real huge difference there. not. A guy who hits 181 + in most countries will be called tall Vibram, here in Holland its more my height 184cm and again what a massive difference eh a whole 3cm. People downplay alot of heights here they forget that we all wear shoes and so that guy who is 6'1 is really 182cm barefoot etc.
GI Jose says on 16/Oct/14
Even for young white males, 5'9.5" would be the average in US and UK. The most common height I see for males my age is between 5'8" and 5'9". 5'8" is less than 1 inch away from average in the US and UK (when considering rested measurements). 5'8" is more average than 5'10" when considering all men, but 5'10" is more average than 5'8" when only considering young white males. If you consider the average range 1 inch either way from average, the average range for the US and UK would be 5'7.8" to 5'9.8" for all males, and 5'8.5" to 5'10.5" for young white males. The cut off point for a common height from my experience is 5'7" for short and 5'11" for tall. I rarely see people shorter than 5'7", but it's just as rare for me to see someone over 5'11" (i.e. taller than me). Once you are shorter than 5'7" or taller than 5'11", you are solidly tall or short.
Akash says on 16/Oct/14
How good are my measurements?
RobV says on 16/Oct/14
@ GI Jose I am not sure how you arrive at 6'3" being "only a choice based on sports, specifically basketball". Not sure if you are aware of this, but in whole areas of the world (eg the UK) basketball does not even exist as a sport in any way publicly played or known about (outside of a few devotees/specialists). It does not appear on tv or practically ever mentioned in, for example, the BBC sports round up online. So sorry, but we here have no clue about whether the LA Nobheads beat the Denver Dorks in the final of the annual TWA SHoutOut, or who these strange people wit hfunny team names are indeed. The fact that I, and many others, like being 6'5"+ is nothing to do with a sport we know nothing about. Or any sport.

Desire to be be a good bit taller than average is much more complex than refining it to something as minor as shoving a ball down a hole, or whatever you do with a basketball.

There is one reality, and that is that heights like 6'3" are desired because for most men it just looks good on them. This is why all those actors around 6'+ tell you they are 6'3" or 6'5" even when they are not. The image in the public mind of that area of height brings with it many positives, and very few negatives.
Vibram says on 16/Oct/14
We should use the 5cm paradigm for young British and N.American white males...

Tall: 185cm >
Average: 180cm
Small: < 175cm

Most people who fall between that 10cm should look "normal". Though I suppose the 188cm height bigots will poke a genuine 175cm guy as "small", especially if he is jealous of his handsomeness.

Come at me with a counter-argument....
truth says on 16/Oct/14
@5ft10guy I am about the same height and I agree with you, at this range (5ft9.5-5ft10.5) you should feel 90% + of the time average. Very rarely do I feel below/above average.
marie176cm says on 16/Oct/14
hey rob,
my current height is 176cm at night.
i wish i was 178cm. Is it possible?
I started menstruating...
my growing.
17yo(current)-178cm morning / 176.6cm afternoon / 176cm night
tallgirl175cm says on 16/Oct/14
my woman height chart
@155 - very short

@158 - short

@160 - shortish

@162 - below standard

@165 - standard

@168 - above standard

@170 - tallish

@173 - soft tall

@175 - classic tall

@178 - strong tall

@180 - very tall

@183 - amazon woman
Kourosh177cm says on 16/Oct/14
Peyman I'm from same country as you. I always i thought im 178cm tall but my highest was 177.5cm fresh out of bed and 176.0 on the nose lowest. I feel neither tall nor short among our fellow Iranians. I'm taller than 7 out of 10 among elderlies but when it comes down to younger generation im probably right in the middle.

My mom peak height was 5'1
my dad peak height was 5'10.
nona says on 16/Oct/14
@Lisa: Thanks for answering my questions. So you actually did not grow much after age 12 and your weight gain must have been cos of the muscle build up. You have a nice build for your height. Now to answer your question, I am a 36 yr old guy. Considering you are into fitness do you think 160 lbs is ok for my 5'10" frame
Dino says on 16/Oct/14
183cm,185cm is not tall height.
188cm is tall itself. Pure tall.

I think 190cm is Best and Ideal.
french 182-182.5 cm says on 15/Oct/14
@late187 cm

sorry i forgot to respond to you.I don't trust statistics because surveys are based on small sample and considering the standard deviation equals to 7 cm, most people are plus or less 7 cm from average, which means there is a great variability in height.The average height in France is 175.6 cm, but only 10 000 adults over 45 000 000 were measured.
You can have a sample that average 173 cm, and another 178 cm or even 180 cm.

Here is a good illustraton of what i'm trying to explain

Click Here

in this study the average height for lithuanian is 181.3 cm

Click Here

in this one it's only 177 cm.

Do you understand what i mean?
You need to measure millions of people to have a good representativity.

However studies base on conscription are accurate because they measure a population, it's the case of scandinavian countries for exemple.But as for France and UK they re not really reliable.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 15/Oct/14
Rob if a 5ft 7in guy wore timberland boots and a 5ft 8in guy wore normal 1 inch trainers would the 5ft 8in guy be half an inch taller than the 5ft 7in guy.
[Editor Rob: maybe a bit like 0.6ish more than the guy with timbs]
french 182-182.5 cm says on 15/Oct/14

how did you realize you were not 182-183 cm, i remembered you were 182 cm at night :/ Did you never use an aerosol or you were never measured?
SAK says on 15/Oct/14
@Connor183, 5'8 is not average and esp not for young men. It's best described shortish when considering all men. And short if taking into only young men. (Relevant for UK, Aus, and other places with 5'10 average for young men).
truth says on 15/Oct/14
@grizz he was triyng to say that people who play sports profesionally are not your average representatives of median height. Which I agree on.
Peyman says on 15/Oct/14
[Editor Rob: one day I really want to do some more height challenges.

sometimes if you fill life and your mind with other activites or interests, the worries can then take up less space and occupy less thoughts and over time not consume you or lead to any more aerosol casulaties ;) If you have a lot of spare time these things can get to you...
I definitely agree you,
& I think this kind of sick mind is not just for some of us I.
almost 90% of people I've met try to indicate something different from what they really are.
It's the best to be free,
I think the key is:
"accept the things you can't change, change the things you can change."
after my college days I'm gonna start working like 10 hours a day or sth.
as you said It's better to fill life with more important things.
" mistakes are always forgivable, if someone has the courage to admit them" "Bruce Lee"
but first I like to get my MSc, maybe not enough energy for phd ;)
& the more philosophy books I read the more I realize life is ridiculous. so I may seriously stop reading topics like that. older people should go with that:)

[Editor Rob: also, when you fill your time up with different activies and experience new things (sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and interact with the world a bit more), you then can create more memorable moments and I find that time actually slows down a bit - that's a good thing, most of us want as much time on this earth as possible...

Doing the same mundane things always seems to make the time go by faster - forget about accumulating tons of stuff and working like a madman...

I think also when you reduce the worries, it benefits the body.
Amaze says on 15/Oct/14
@truth maybe for a white guy yeah but I still think 6'0 is low tall forwhite people, but in uk its tall for sure Netherlands nah
as a indian guy im always gna say 6 ft is tall , ever encounter a 6' indian ill be like hes tall. 6ft is on the taller side too and tall most of the time
5ft10guy says on 15/Oct/14
To further elaborate on this discussion at 5ft10 in flat sneakers I feel comfortable I feel short sometimes but not more then twice a week. Most of the tine average.Like Im taking real estate classes im with only two young guys like me there.Everyone else in their 30-40s. As soon as everyone got up Ikid you not every male their was like 5ft6-5ft8. I felt like almost tall.Felt good .Even the one african american guy was 5ft9 and I still edged him out.That my friends doesnt happen often.I also flirted with the 5ft11 secretary and I felt like she saw me as an equal . These are the perks of being 5ft10.Later on , I took an evening class ,after the session everyone got up three 6ft1 guys in one room! With a 5ft8 woman and 5ft9 guys everywhere.Not the high time of a 5ft10 guy but I still had a presence.Then again I have goodlooks.Now imagine the boost a 6ft3 guy would feel with slightly good looks.Maybe or maybe not the Secretary would be all on him(I'll find out if shes a height junkie)but its very likely.
Some dude says on 15/Oct/14
This is my estimate of the height distribution among young (white) males in Western countries:

Short range:

Below 167: very short
167-171: short
172-173: shortish

Average range:

174-176: below average
177-180: average
181-183: above average

Tall range:

184-185: tallish
186-190: tall
Over 190: very tall
Drew says on 15/Oct/14
@ty ty In my case, I grew to 5'8" flat at 16 and am now only measure 5'8.5" at night 5 years later. However, like I mentioned before there is still a chance you could grow some within the next few years since your dad is still a good bit taller than yourself but no one can say for sure if you will or not. I think it's safe to say that I'm done, as my dad is only 5'9" himself.
truth says on 15/Oct/14
5ft11 at best could argue above average/tallish, mostly strong average, at worst just plain average (unless you live in NL, Montenegro, Serbia or Denmark where young people are 5ft11.5-6ft0 on average and the top 4 talllest in the world).

6ft0 at best could argue with being weak tall, mostly just above average, at worst strong average (or bang on average in NL and Montenegro).

6ft1 + is on the taller side/tall always.
Connor183 says on 15/Oct/14
@french 182-182.5 cm what? 6ft isnt average, 5ft 8-5ft 9 is average, not 6ft, 6ft is tall-lower end of tall range.
Peyman says on 15/Oct/14
hey Rob,
nice changes in the site, I wish you take more photos for the height challenge page.
one question rob, my mom has had numerously been measured at 5ft 4in in the doctors office, but she must be lucky to measure 5ft 3.5in with my aerosol.
I have a solid 7in on her when we measure & when we stand at our tallest together in front of a mirror, I can even look 8in taller.
so I should be 181 according to her doctors measurement, but I'm just a 179 guy with the aerosol method :(
I used to claim 6ft on this site, so I'm legally a (4in taller version) of glenn.
lowest guess for my height ever : 175
highest : 188
sorry to mention it now Rob, I had a lot of bad attitudes about being under 180, I'm around 181 only when I wake up
I even broke an aerosol after finding out my real height!!! LOL
at this height in Iran I'm easily taller than 7 out of 10 (among the younger generation of course), so why worry?
it's obviously a decent height for an asian
[Editor Rob: one day I really want to do some more height challenges.

sometimes if you fill life and your mind with other activites or interests, the worries can then take up less space and occupy less thoughts and over time not consume you or lead to any more aerosol casulaties ;) If you have a lot of spare time these things can get to you...
zztoppp says on 14/Oct/14
I'm 6'1". But i think 6'2" is a best.
Perfect height for a male models.
Source is Click Here top 50 page.
new guy says on 14/Oct/14
Some of you guys are trolls like virbram saying he uses escort's.also mid190s I read somewhere saying he felt short at 6'5 lol what did the basketball convention come in town. Don't get me started on the people who are saying 5'11 is tall.On the other hand robV seems quite smart I'd like to hear more from him
cole says on 14/Oct/14
@ty ty: Most likely, you will not. But you could take some measures to make sure you get every potential fraction of growth. My tip: Live like they do in the army; go to bed before 11, get up in the morning, stay 'active' and eat 'healthy'. Think my 0.5in growth after 19 (it's not much, but it was enough for me as it meant I finally reached my 5'11 goal), was at least partly due to my short, but sweet stint in the army. My beard even started growing in new places. You might get lucky, unless you more or less already live that way - then all you can do is keep doing what you're doing, and wait and see. Or you could always get a pair of lifts. Oh, and start doing squats - it produces loads of testosterone, which can make your body and facial hair grow faster ;)
Amaze says on 14/Oct/14
@french guy actually the world average height is 5'7", most countries have an average height of 5'8"-5'10" 5'9 being right in the middle and the most common, 6'0 is 183cm and 3inches above average or 2 inches at the extreme minimum, 6'0 is actually a tall height, but at the bottom , lower range. it's low end tall. 6'0-6'1 are tall, 6'2 is more strong tall. 6'3 is lower end very tall. 6'0 is tall though mate, up for debate but its not a silly debate, if you say that 6'0 is not tall guranteed most people will laugh at you, and thats understandable, 6'0 is just low tall ..

@height181 trust me mate some real wackos, the main wacko vibram disappeared lol , but im being serious some people do need some actual serious help on here! i just come here daily for a few mins for spare time , but some comments on here are absolutely pathetic and ludricous , people these days man gosh
C-MO says on 14/Oct/14
you cant change reality

around 178cm - 5'10= average in most western countries

so :

5'7 and under = short
5'8 = below average
5'9-5'11 = average
6'0 = above average
6'1-6'3 = tall
6'4+ = very tall

best height is 6'0 ...maybe 6'1 but no more personally I would choose 6'0

6'2 , 5'11 are great too
LeAlex says on 14/Oct/14
Hey Rob, what is the average eye level for a man? I think it's just over 4.5 inches, do you agree?
[Editor Rob: between 4.5 and 4.6 is right in the average ]
GI Jose says on 14/Oct/14
I've been posting about rather different topics lately like growth ages, and I feel like I would take another opportunity to talk about another different topic which is personal perfect height. Of course this is completely based on opinion, and everyone can pick their own, but I have more of a top 3 heights than one perfect height. Here they are:

3. 5'8" - I feel like 5'8" gets called short so often, but I really don't think it is short at all. I never really got to experience 5'8" because I went from 5'3" to 5'9" so rapidly. I think it would be a cool height to be because you are the lower end of average, but you aren't short yet. There are also a ton of 5'8" guys claiming to be taller than they are so it would be fun to call them out on it as a legit 5'8".

2. 6'3" - This is really only a choice based on sports or more specifically basketball. The average listed shooting guard (the position I play) in the NBA is a listed 6'5" which in all actuality is more like 6'3". It would be the optimal height for me to be a shooting guard. However, you would almost always be the tallest person in a group, and normal sized things would often be too small for you. That's why I wouldn't want to be 6'3" for everyday life.

1. 6'0.5" - I think this would be the perfect balance of tall, but not too tall. I feel that anything over 6'1" would feel too tall for me because I would often be the tallest in a group. At 6'0.5" I would probably claim 6'0", but that would leave me just a hair taller than the normal 6'0" guy. You will occasionally run into people who are taller than you, but it would be quite rare. The best part about 6'0.5" would be calling out people who claim 6'0" but are really 5'9" and 5'10".

Like I said before, this is just my opinion, and I don't claim this as the definite perfect height. It is just what I think and nothing else. If you want to post your ideal height or top 3, I am interested to see what your opinions are.
Crash says on 14/Oct/14

lol, he's a confirmed troll so why should anyone spare his feelings

One look at his reddit post history should leave no doubt as to him being a troll or not.

For one of the many example, see this thread:

Click Here


Yes, it's 100% him. Vibram has posted a lot of funny stuff but for me, his "you think your batman but your robin" line from one of his stories, just took the cake for me. So I randomly decided to search it to see what else might come up, and then came across his post on reddit where the exact same story was told.


Yeh, I came across that too on my search for the whole Batman thing but thought that might be too much to post on here lol. But from what I could gather from a quick look on there, it seems he was some kind of admin on that site but the others couldn't take any more of his crap, so banned him lol.
Connor183 says on 14/Oct/14
@ty ty you've probably finished growing now at 19 although it isnt impossible to gain a bit more height maybe a few more mm or a cm but the chances of getting any more growth is pretty slim at your age, im 183cm and 19 yo and ive likely finished as ive had no change in my height for like almost a year now i think so yeah you're probably done growing too.
dude1e says on 14/Oct/14
Hi guys how tall would a person be if 5ft11 1/2 comes up to forhead?
Drew says on 14/Oct/14
@ty ty Most people don't grow much if at all passed 19, but I guess you could get a late growth spurt...either way you will find out in the next couple of years.
RobV says on 14/Oct/14
One of the problems with saying that someone's view on 'the start of tall' is stupid, is that 'tall' is a matter of opinion. Yes, very few would really subscribe to the view that 6'4" is the start of tall, and it reflects an unusual perspective that therefore thinks 6'3" is 'not tall'. Difficult to argue but not stupid. Apparently my uncle said my mother was stupid in 1968 when she said, as a teenager, that Britain would have a female prime minister within 50 years.

The problem is that if people have such varied views at that level on what is tall, there is just no meeting of minds when you get to between 5'11" and 6'2". All one is doing is firing opinions across. The undeniable facts are that 6'4" is way way above average, and that the majority of people would consider a guy even an inch or two shorter as 'tall'. But if someone thinks that that is the start of tall, then that's their view, as we all have different views of what tall is - for example, in Indonesia (home to almost as many people as the USA), you are regarded as tall if you are 5'8". No doubt in Holland and Croatia, their perspective as tall countries might be on average higher.

Within all of this, it is not possible to be hardline about that description - all you do is go round and round in circles.
This is how I see it says on 14/Oct/14

5'5" - 5'9" = Short

5'10" - 5'11" = Average

6'0" - 6'4" = Tall


4'9" - 5'3" = Short

5'4" - 5'6" = Average

5'7" - 5'10" = Tall
Lisa says on 14/Oct/14
@nona: I'm happy to answer your questions. I'm about 5'11 and 175 pounds now. I've been involved in fitness and sports since I was very young so I gained a somewhat atypical amount of muscle and I'm also literally thick-boned (not a euphemism). I'm in my thirties now. I noticed the same thing that you did when I was in junior high school. Some girls were quite taller than the boys but they grew very little as they got older. The boys caught up with them and surpassed them most of the time. I maybe grew an inch since I was twelve. By the way, are you a girl or a guy? :)

@Amaze: I usually wear flats or Reeboks except on special occasions like dates, weddings, outings, etc. I still have my old Doc Martens and Converse (can't part with them). It's really hard to find a wide selection of cute shoes is size 12 W. One plus in having tall friends, though, is that you can wear heels without feeling like a giantess. I make it a point to wear flats with petite girlfriends.
lelman says on 14/Oct/14

I think they're just used to walking around being slightly above average, so when they go to a place where they're not slightly above the crowd, they feel short.

If you were 5ft 10 and lived in Korea for 10 years and then moved to New York you would probably feel like a midget until you adjusted.
Height181 says on 14/Oct/14
@Amaze: Take a break from this page mate. There truly are some wackos on this page. Discussing height with them on here will make you lose your brain cells.
grizz says on 14/Oct/14
@The Horse of FUNK, I'm talking about girls here, not guys like you. LOL, guys in national volleyball teams from my region are no shorter than 6ft4, if you wanna play it that way.
french 182-182.5 cm says on 14/Oct/14

sorry, but saying 6'0" is silly too, if 6'0" was 180 cm, would it be still considered tall?
6'0" is only 1 or two inches above average for young men, someone who is 6'0" should feel average to above average but not tall.imo 6'1"-6'2" is the start of tall.6'3" is more strong tall.
manletsgonnamanlet says on 13/Oct/14
Why do people want to be tall to be dominant?Facial asthetics matter more than height.The ideal height for a male model is 6ft1 after that height its hard to retain detail in the face. If I had tne choice between 10/10 facial asthetics at 6ft1 and 6ft3 I would pick 6ft1. The people who want to be dominant simply by height have major insecurities.Physical
dominance is not just height its facial asthetics, shoulder to waist ratio and proportions.
ty ty says on 13/Oct/14
i am 5'7 and 19 years old my dad is 6'0 and my mom is 5foot3 will i keep on growing?
RobV says on 13/Oct/14
@KROC. You say you find it difficult to differentiate between guys in the 6'-6'2" range. Depending upon your own height, it is quite logical for all people that there are many heights that an individual just cannot easily distinguish by fine degree. Generally, the taller you are the more the heights below you meld together and you get just an overall impression of them.

My situation is odd in that I am so used to wearing lifts/elevators to get me to 6'5" ish, that in fact I now have that very same difficulty with guys my own real height! I never had this issue in my teens before I wore stuff to make me seem taller - I really DID know when a guy was my height (6'2") and when he was 6'. But guys who were a few inches shorter I tended to group all together as if they were kinda one height with slight variations. Now I have just lifted that perception issue up a few inches!

And that is why it is difficult to make hardline claims about what is 'tall' and 'short'. It is a relative issue and dependent (literally) on where and how you stand.
Amaze says on 13/Oct/14
Lmao saying tall starts at 6'4 is extremely stupid. 6'3 and 4 well 4 for definite is in the very tall range.. Silly people

Its even sillier than saying 5'11 is start of tall which is true, 5 11 is close to tall or start of tall than 6'4 is.

Lisa do you ever wear high heels do u like being a ta6 tall girl a very tall one?
Celebheights 188 CM says on 13/Oct/14
The average for a white is about 5'9.5" in my opinion. I've also read stories about how Minnesota, Georgia, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Michigan all have like a 6'1" average height. I know that this is completely impossible, but how come every six footer that I've met who has visited Washington has claimed to feel like a midget there? Is the average height 6'1"?
jamie179cm says on 13/Oct/14
@5ft10guy 5ft11 is a good height yes but not perfect
french 182-182.5 cm says on 13/Oct/14

i agree with you 6'3" is alpha, my goal height is just 6'1", which is decent enough for a man living in europe or the USA.
The Horse of FUNK says on 13/Oct/14
"grizz says on 12/Oct/14
for all you 5ft11 guys bragging that you're tall, take a look at, say, Croatian women's volleyball team. Average height of their teams is 6ft2 and the shortest member is 6ft tall. Serbian team has one 5ft6 girl and one 5ft, every other is over 6ft1 tall."

What a dumb statement. You might as well say "For you guys who think 6'1" is tall, take a look at the L.A. Lakers who average 6'6" and the shortest one is 6'1".
jamie179cm says on 13/Oct/14
@Height181 ok your entitled to own opinion but don't go calling us morons just because we have different opinions
jamie179cm says on 13/Oct/14
@Darren510 yes 6ft1 is the start of tall imo yes i guess some people think 6ft is s tall @Amaze i didn't realise 5ft11 was tall in 90s then again i was only just born
184.3cm says on 13/Oct/14

Its not really the same 5'9 -5'10 is average in most countries. 5'11 is above average and goes more with 6 foot flat. As for being blown out of the water i dont feel short at all next to a measured 195cm guy at work, you might wonder why but really its simple there arent that many guys that tall while a 6'1 -6'2 guy will make an average guy feel short because these guys are in abundance.
When i was 181cm at 16 years old i only felt short next to guys over 192cm at 13 years old i was 178cm and felt short next to guys who were 188cm.
You have to look at the percentages and i think 180cm is where you really start to jump from 60 percentile to 70. Its also the cutoff point for women in europe (180cm).
GI Jose says on 13/Oct/14
Average height for male American gymnasts is 5'6". Many are shorter, and 5'9" is a tall gymnast. Sports are not a good representation of averages because many require certain heights.

@White American Guy
That's weird because it seems like in Ohio the most common height is between 5'8" and 5'9".
Lillo Thomas says on 13/Oct/14
Kroc your comment below is weird. I can recognize 6'0 and 6'2 guys very easy. 6'0 always look in the above average range and 6'2 guys always look solid tall. 2 inch difference isn't a big difference but it's enough to see differences in height between people. 1 inch difference is tough to tell. The difference is so small that two persons will look almost the same height.
Lillo Thomas says on 13/Oct/14
5'11 is not tall in western countries. Guys quit fooling around. You guys are joking too much.
ZXZH says on 13/Oct/14
Hey guys, just wanted to know that is eyelevel measurement is really accurate? From the eyes to the top of the head. I heard it's about 4.5-7 inches difference in between the eyes and top of the head. If my eyelevel measure faces at 5'3.75 (162cm), that means i'm at 5'8.25? Or less?
truth178cm says on 13/Oct/14
@White American Guy doubt that though, average american (all races) is 5ft9, white american 5ft10, young white american 5ft10.5-5ft11. At worst you should feel shortish. Do not believe for a second that there are that big of differences between states
truth178cm says on 13/Oct/14
@White American Guy doubt that though, average american (all races) is 5ft9, white american 5ft10, young white american 5ft10.5-5ft11. At worst you should feel shortish. Do not believe for a second that there are that big of differences between states
KROC says on 13/Oct/14
I actually have a hard time differentiating guys who are in that 6ft-6'2 range. I have to practically study somebody to figure out what their height is if their within that range. On the flipside I can tell a legit 6'3 from a mile away. Its a very recognizable height for me. There are some guys that think that tall doesn't start until you get around the 6'4 mark. Not exactly sure what to think of that.
truth178cm says on 13/Oct/14
lol @5ft6 one of the guys. 5ft8+ sure but 5ft7 or less is manlet.
Height181 says on 13/Oct/14
What? Growth spurt in their 30's?? Lol
nona says on 13/Oct/14
@lisa: Ive come into this discussion a little late, so am sorry if I am making you repeat what you have alreasy mentioned here. You say that you were 5'10" & 150 lbs at age 12, so how old r u now and what is your current height & weight. I was 4'10" & 85 lbs at age 12 and now am 5'10" & 160 lbs. Most girls I knew at age 12 who were all taller & bigger back then are now between 5'4" & 5'8" but there was this one girl who stood out back then at 5'10" & 150 lbs like you. Now she is 6'6" & 240 lbs. So did you have a girl's growth rate after 12 or a boy's growth rate like this 6'6, 240lbs girl I was referring to.
Lisa says on 12/Oct/14
@184.3 cm: You don't see many women that short in my neighborhood but you sometimes see 4'11 to 5'2 women in other neighborhoods fairly close to mine. Some of the shortest girls are around high school to college age, so it's not like all of the shortest women are senior citizens.
5ft10guy says on 12/Oct/14
5ft11 its a good height it really is, can it be considered tall yes.Is it tall no .If thats the case I'm tall.Best thing about 5ft11 you can compete with 5ft10, 6ftguys even 6ft1!But you wont look eye to eye with 6ft3 nope.In everyday life you'll find the tallest normal guys to be 5ft11,6ft,6ft1,6ft2,6ft3 and 6ft4.Now a confident(not arrogant) athletic build 6ft3 guy with a pinch of good looks(doesbt have to be awe-like) thats alpha as ****.Its hard to be more dominant then that.The 5ft10-5ft11 are blown out the competition(in terms of work,females,leader of pack).6ft1 is epitome of tall close enough to 5ft11 yet you wont get blown out by 6ft3 behemoths.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 12/Oct/14
Rob is it possible for people too have a growth spurt in their 30s that skintight flash guy used too be 5ft 7.5in in the morning now he is 5ft 9in in the morning nearly 5ft 9.25 he
wants too grow too 6ft 4in if he keeps doing what he is doing he could be 6ft 4in in one year maybe two years.
[Editor Rob: well he could have gained a fraction or so as I've said before, although he should keep his eyelevel looking straight ahead as he's gaining a few mm with the big uptilt in his 'gym measurements'. But he should do another one this year at the gym on the same device.]
White American Guy says on 12/Oct/14
@GI Jose I live in Washington state, and I feel short in most situations. Guys around here are 5'11" - 6'1" on average.
azer says on 12/Oct/14
Hey Rob, If I am 5'9 on the dot at night, what can my morning height be? Can your morning height vary depending on sleeping position/how you slept and the amount of sleep? How much can it vary by?
[Editor Rob: yes it definitely can vary, at my best I could achive nearly 5ft 9, but usually it's more 5ft 8.75 range. I don't sleep as optimally to achieve the max. You are likely about 5ft 9.6-.8 range yourself out of bed.]
grizz says on 12/Oct/14
for all you 5ft11 guys bragging that you're tall, take a look at, say, Croatian women's volleyball team. Average height of their teams is 6ft2 and the shortest member is 6ft tall. Serbian team has one 5ft6 girl and one 5ft, every other is over 6ft1 tall.
Mick says on 12/Oct/14
"5'6"-Here you can consider yourself "one of the guys" in terms of physical stature. I'm not implying that someone isn't a man if he falls below this mark. Rather, I'm noting that 5'6" for a man is a fairly common height-1 in 10 are at this marking on a measuring tape."

5'6" is still shorter than nearly 90% of guys, so it's not rare per say like under 5'4" maybe, but I definately wouldn't use the word 'common' to decribe a man that height (at least in the US). Also, regarding the "one of the guys" bit regarding physical stature, I know what you mean, but 5'6" is MUCH more common for a girl than for a guy, take it from someone that height (and also statistically speaking).
Darren510 says on 12/Oct/14
I wanna know who all these people are who confuse 5'10 for 6'0 because until I started sporting lifts or wearing big heeled boots hardly anyone would believe I was 6ft. 5'10 although far from short does not look tall, and 5'11.5 - 6'0 is just starting to look tall.
Darren510 says on 12/Oct/14
I agree Jamie. 6'1 is the true start of tall, but 6'0 can still be considered tall. 6'2 is a bit much to be the start of tall. However I won't ever really pay attention to how tall someone is until 6'2-6'3 range.
Late 187cm says on 12/Oct/14
I would tend to disagree with a lot of what Vibram has to say, but I have to say, I think some of the comments are getting a little too personal now. I don't think it's right.

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