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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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Emil 182-183 cm says on 27/Jul/15
Just google "Fury Klitschko" and you'll see that Fury isnt 6'9.
And why do you wear lifts when you're 6'2.5? I mean, you're like 2.5 inches taller than I lol. You feel small?
184.3cm (Night) says on 27/Jul/15
A legit 6'10-6'11 is a giant guy just like Lillo says, my coworker makes me feel like a dwarf when we are in the lift. I would choose 5'10 as well but noway would i want to be shorter though.

No issues in daily life and no health issues ( knee's, lower back).
grizz says on 27/Jul/15
Fog181 says on 25/Jul/15
I would rate my height 5'11 as a 6/10. Decent but as a teen i always thought i would grow to 6'1 like my father was at his peak. I was tall for my age in my early to mid teens but my growth slowed down and i didn't reach a full 5'11 till i was 18. 6'2.5 would be the perfect height for me.
I have the same feels. When I was learning how to drive a car at 17/18, I thought I was too short to learn how to drive a car (6ft), I'm not done with growing. I thought I might grow to 6'2-6'3. With tall parents (dad 6'1-mom 5'10), I felt like it was a given. Boy, was I wrong -still 6ft tall. I also had that "I'm not done with growing" feeling when I walked down the street-I never felt tall or taller than other men, I constantly kept that mindset "that will change when I reach my adult height". You guessed it right-it didn't :D
Mid190s says on 27/Jul/15

Yes, The photo is ripe with PR everything down to the sharp suit Klitschko is wearing, down to the gaudy championship belts around his arms. It wouldnt surprise if there was a little something extra in his shoes as well. (not judging, ive done this myself at 6'5)

That image was a photo op at a stadium planned many days in advance. Here's one that seems to be taken spur of the moment and shows a more accurate size difference between the two
Click Here

My point is tall people arent above wanting to be taller.
RobV says on 26/Jul/15
On whether I would rather be 5'10" or 6'10". It's a good question that. I am 6'2.5" and use elevators and lifts to get myself to 6'6" or more (I currently use both Dons and Guido Maggi highest 5" elevators and add a bit more so on occasions get to 2m+.

I certainly would absolutely NOT want to lose both 4"+ of my natural height or 9" of my gained height. But 6'10" IS tall.

I think my answer would be that I would LOVE it if I were completely proportionate in terms of my body shape - it would mean 50"+ chest, and big arms with a small waist. That is a LOT of effort when you are tall. I know because even at my natural height, building my body took more sweat than it did for my cousin who is 5'6". If I were dead skinny, I am just not so sure (well, I would do what I have done anyway and build my body up, but I was lucky with my shape, not all are).

On balance, it's 6'10" because you CAN always do something with your body and the height would be very impressive with a bit of muscle, but that height does require a lot of maintenance. I am completely unbothered by arguments about standing out (God knows why some people are so terrified of that, but we are all different I suppose), and I am unbothered by stuff like fitting into planes or whatever. I have no issues with that any more than shorter people - everybody whines about legroom now, even people 5' tall. Good question though.
RobV says on 26/Jul/15
Emil 182-183 You say "Fury is 6'8" tops" but where is your source for this? You could be right of course but all the sites and main sources including boxing sites state 6'9".
louise2002 says on 26/Jul/15
@ Rifle haha I am Dutch... averege male height is .... 183cm;) Finnish men are also tall
Lillo thomas says on 26/Jul/15
Amaze by that logic 5'8 is the start of short. You are saying 6'0 is the start of tall because is 2 inches above average and you should say 5'8 is the start of short because is 2 inches below average. Nah in reality 6'1 is the start of legit tall in the USA and 5'7 is the start of short. 5'8 is shortish or below average and 6'0 is tallish or above average .
Strale_195.5cm says on 25/Jul/15
Me and my bro, who is 196 cm (maybe 196.5)

Click Here

I am on the right side (in blue shirt). Althought he is little taller than me, I usually look taller on most pictures, at least how others say, I think we are idenctial or he is taller by a little. Do you think I look taller, or we are identical...maybe he is taller by fraction?
Rifle says on 25/Jul/15
If you had choose between 5'1/5'0 and 6'10/6'9 which one will you choose?
Lillo Thomas says on 25/Jul/15
I met this huge 6'10- 6'11 guy in walgreens. Unreal , everyone was staring at him. This guy is definitive a giant. I felt short next to him. And I'm usually the tallest or one of the tallest, everywhere I go.
Fog181 says on 25/Jul/15
I would rate my height 5'11 as a 6/10. Decent but as a teen i always thought i would grow to 6'1 like my father was at his peak. I was tall for my age in my early to mid teens but my growth slowed down and i didn't reach a full 5'11 till i was 18. 6'2.5 would be the perfect height for me.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 24/Jul/15
Fury is 6'8 tops.
french guy 182.5 says on 24/Jul/15
everyone on reddit is 185 cm and more.
Is this normal, or they add several inches to their height...
[Editor Rob: don't believe half the stuff you read on internet forums...

in the case of height though, shorter people might be less likely to state their height than taller people.]
french guy 182.5 says on 24/Jul/15
gi jose=pokemoninsider on reddit, spotted !
Thomas6ft1 says on 24/Jul/15
Hey Rob, how can you tell of someone is wearing lifts?
[Editor Rob: sometimes you can't if it is a small 1-2cm lift and a boot...usually the laces section would bulge (or look very high) on a shoe, or the ankle would sit higher than you'd expect, but you can't see most people's ankles unless they sit down.

The way someone walks might also be a giveaway.]
Thomas6ft1 says on 24/Jul/15
Hey Rob, my eye level is 5'8" and a quarter. Does that prove I'm a legit 6'1" then?
[Editor Rob: it's not proof, but it would be an indicator you were close to that zone.]
Tom96 says on 24/Jul/15
Hi Rob, I have a friend who is 6'1, but has a father and mother that are 5'1 and 4'10 (immigrants from India). He's at least 5 inches taller than all other male relatives, so what do you think caused him to be this much taller than his parents ?
[Editor Rob: maybe a case of getting more of the taller genes from both parents and less of short genes. But, it is possible his parents had genes for a taller height, but they could have had illness or just poor nutrition and never reached their full adult heights.]
RobV says on 24/Jul/15
@ Mid190s Interesting, your posting of that shot of Klitschko (6'5") with Fury (6'9"). There is obviously only a small difference in apparent height there, and the ground appears to be level. Given the fact that many sportsmen and indeed actors etc inflate their heights anyway, even when they are very tall, it's only a slight jump away from actually adding height to 'level the playing field' for a photograph in a situation like this. PR is an odd thing, and well known people are really touchy about how they are seen, who they are seen with and how it is presented. When you work in clubs and well known people come in, there are all sorts of rules laid down about how they can be photographed, when, with whom etc. Otherwise they will never come again and your media coverage is damaged. "Oh that's the place where x was the other night" is the biggest draw of all (as long at it is the right celeb!). You do not want to wreck that. I have known quite a few situations where well known guys try to avoid standing next to taller ones because of 'image'. They do almost anything to avoid being stood next to them. It may seem absurd to people not in that position or not as tall - they say "but it doesn't matter". Alas, it does. If Klitschko really appeared 4" shorter than Fury in a shot, it would definitely draw comment even though the stats are published. But you ask most people who might see the newspaper that published such a shot how tall the pair are and they just don't know. However a shot making one appear towered by the other would draw comment and is not what a sportsman like that would want.

ANother interesting point is that a casually taken shot could have made it turn the other way, with Fury looking proportionately taller and Klitschko proportionately shorter - perspective, ground level etc do not just work in favour of the shorter person).
Amaze says on 23/Jul/15
@Tom I'd say 5'11 is more above average (180) while 181/182 cm is tallish. 183cm or 6'0 is legit start of tall.

@Average height person

5'10... 5 foot 10 anyday. Most men pick 5'10 over 6'10. 99%. 5'10 is a much better height than 6'10. 6'10 is way toooo tall. It's practically too huge and gigantic.
5'10 is the best out of those. It's a 7/10 height. 6'10 is like 0/10.
Rifle says on 23/Jul/15
I will choose 6 foot 10 only if I am proportionate and have the skeletal build for that height ie like Shaq or Bill Russel and not like Bill Walton so that I don't have joint or back pains later.
Also my height should be due to genetics and not due to pituitary tumor or Marfan's
GOVEDO says on 23/Jul/15
Whats ur height, tell me in centimeters?
184.3cm (Night) says on 23/Jul/15
Maybe i will head down to Bulgarria shoes in Amsterdam and fool tourists as well into thinking im actually 6'3.

You can buy elevators in stores here guys, its big business .
Mid190s says on 23/Jul/15

Accurate as always.
Average Height Person says on 22/Jul/15
If someone asked you which height would you rather be, 5 foot 10 or 6 foot 10 which will you choose?
Mid190s says on 22/Jul/15
Do you think 6'5 Wladimir Klitschko is wearing lifts in this photo with the "6'9" Tyson Fury?

Click Here
Tom says on 22/Jul/15
5'11 is a hard height to define into a category. (Tall/Tallish/Above average) I stand at 5'11 and I never feel tall but am taller than a good majority. Even my age group (19) I am not taller by much but taller nonetheless. Perception of height is a major factor as I am constantly guessed to be a minimum of 6' and even sometimes as high as 6'3 (I know madness) My legit 6'2 friend thinks I'm 6'1. Just a quick side not its very rare to a person as tall if not taller than my friend. Most men who are slight below average and beyond call me tall and where women are concerned any near the average call me straight up tall, even some in the 5'8-9 range. I still think 6ft is the start of tall but 6'1 is where you are at that solid height of never looking short and according to statistics is around 90th percentile for the whole population. Could be higher as from my personal experience in the UK I'm pretty certain that the average height is less than 5'10 more likely closer to 5'9.5.
Thomas6ft1 says on 22/Jul/15
Hey Rob, I turned 18 this month and I'm still 6'1" just like on my 17th birthday. What dos that mean?
[Editor Rob: it could mean you have no more growth left in the tank.]
Blink says on 22/Jul/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM
A legit 5'11"(at night) guy with good posture should be able to pull off a tallish/low end tall look, but if you're a 5'11".5(at night) guy you'll easily give of a 6'0" vibe.
RobV says on 22/Jul/15
@ Emil 182 etc When I said there were a group of guys in the 2m area I mean obviously around that height - I could just as easily have said "in the 6'6"/6'7" area". Rare imdeed but more likely statistically in a country where the average height is 6' rather than one where it is 5'8"!
grizz says on 22/Jul/15
@Rob, do you ever dream that some celebs are hunting you down or threatened you because you downgraded their height?
[Editor Rob: I've had nightmares I've kept missing photoshoots with actors!]
184.3cm (Night) says on 22/Jul/15
Human body is incredible.

@GI Jose

I was 9 inches taller than you at 14 and now we are same unbelievable.

So if your young dont lose hope maybe you will grow.
Sarah says on 22/Jul/15
How accurate are measurements at doctors' offices? 3 years ago, they told me that I was 5'2, but a different doctor said 5'3. It could've been a quick glance or an estimation, I suppose. It was the same time of day too.
Shotguncutyouinpieces says on 21/Jul/15
Hello Rob,you are the best.I am 181,35cm(beetween 181,3 and 181,4)'s about 5'11,4 ft...for you can i claim myself like "tallish"??
[Editor Rob: you are in that zone where you will find lots of times you might feel tall, but then a lot of time not much above average....depends on the country, if you are in Italy I'd say you might feel more tallish than if in some other countries.]
french guy says on 21/Jul/15
182cm evening

Lol man, we re almost on the same wavelength, you said 6'0 is the first goodd height, did'nt you?
Amaze says on 21/Jul/15
@Mid190s says drunk you

6'5 is the last OK height in the 6 foot
club, afterwards heights are freakish unnecessary height and odd(no offense extremely tall guys)
So what if it makes 6'0-1 small? 6'2 ordinary, 6'3/4 unspecial? Lol.

There are clothes and car problems. Planes suck too.

6'2 is the king in 6 foot heights.
6'3 is also a good height.
6'1 is also very good height
6'0 is very good, 6'4 is fine.

@Pablo 182cm is average there

@Thomas6ft1 you are still tall and its a very good height. Nothing special in terms of not many will be amazed by your height apart from girls but it doesn't matter. Tall &practical its perfect range..
GI Jose says on 21/Jul/15
I was 5'1" at 14, and now I'm near 6'1" and still growing. You've got a tall family and have plenty of time for growth. It sounds like you're just a late bloomer like I was, so don't worry about it.
chestbrah185 says on 21/Jul/15
if a person is 6'1 where would their eye level be?
Emil 182-183 cm says on 21/Jul/15
It's not impossible I know but still kinda funny how both you and strangerdutch experience the same thing... And please explain what you mean by "2 meter area". 1.50-2 meters? 1.80-2.00? 1.90-2.00. You're not very specific.
Aaron183cm says on 21/Jul/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM

I'm not 5'11" but I think "strong/slightly above average" is the best description for 5'11". 5'11" is not tall. It's a little above average, but let's face it, being only 1-1.5 inches above average will blend right into a crowd as a completely unremarkable height. I have never heard a 5'11" guy get called tall before. In fact I'd be surprised if any 5'11" guys height comes up in a conversation because it's just that unremarkable of a height, like 5'10" and 5'9" also are.

At 6'0" I feel tallish or weak tall. It's just shy of being a legit tall height IMO, even though it is a great height. I get called tall only occasionally, and usually by people who are slightly below average height themselves. I really doubt if I'd feel that tall if I was 1 inch shorter.

I think for a person to feel consistently legit tall they need to be at least 1 standard deviation above average (assuming height is normally distributed, which it seems to be). For American young guys that would start somewhere in the 6'0.5"-6'1" range. 6'0" flat can be 1 SD above the average if we factor in elderly people.
Rifle says on 21/Jul/15
A study conductedin 1983 by Lieden University showed that 2 out of 9500 Dutch men are 210 cm or taller.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 20/Jul/15
Despite what many people are claiming, I believe that 6'1" on slightly too low to be ideal, just as 6'2" is actually slightly too tall to be ideal. I would say that perfect is 186-187 CM.
Ally says on 20/Jul/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM I'm 5'11 (181 cm evening) and most people always describe me as a tall guy. Have never been described as short or average. In my opinion 5'11 is where "tall" starts and average is around 5'9
So close to 6 ft says on 20/Jul/15
I live in SoCal on the coast and I am Dutch. Despite the fact that most of my friends parents are in the 190 range most of the guys in my grade are between 170-185. Might be only one guy who was in the 2 m range in our grade. The really tall kids in our grade would be 185-195 but there was only ten of them. However two years ago there was a guy who was 216 cm.
Thomas6ft1 says on 20/Jul/15
Hey Rob, how much height do lowtop Converse All-Stars give? How tall would I be in them, if I'm 6'1"
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 6ft 1.6 range]
RobV says on 20/Jul/15
@ Mid190s I think that the fact that you have had a drink or 3 makes you underestimate the King of all Heights :) Personally I think 6'6 or about 2m is the King rather than 6'5", and the moreso if you have a bit of muscle/tone. My highest Guido Maggi and Dons elevators take me to about that height from my 6'2.5". I had got to 6'5" for a few years but now think that the extra inch I or so that I get really works well with my body. And you ARE right that it makes it way less likely you will meet someone taller, that extra inch. In fact the percentiles bear that out big time.

I spent a whole week running around London recently and was amazed at how many guys I saw in loads of sitations, on the tube, on trains, in bars, who were v similar in height. And it was those guys who were around 6'4"/6'5" who were most impressed with my height and either actually commented if I was stood next them on the tube, say, or looked pissed off that I was taller. Given that 6'4", say, is a superb height, I never cease to be amazed that so many guys of that height are really put out or annoyed when they meet someone taller. I even had one guy who works at another club who is that height say to me: "I'm not standing next to you, it does nothing for my ego". And yet by any yardstick or judgment he is a great height. Funny eh?
Anonymous1 says on 19/Jul/15
Just saw my 80 year old uncle, again, after a long time and he has several health issues. He was always 6'2. I am 6 foot, maybe 6'0.5, and was in shoes. He was in socks, and remains definitively taller than me. Could be 6'1, but he slouches a hair. My opinion is that if he stood totally straight, he's still 6'2, and hardly frail looking. Just food for thought and hope for those who believe in the 100% inevitabality of shrinking.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 19/Jul/15
@Francis 179 CM is above average by about 2.5 CM.
C says on 19/Jul/15
I'm starting to worry my dad is 6'3 and my borther who is 17 is 6' and still growing and I'm 14 and only 5'0.5 will I ever grow to be 6'? I really want to be at least 6'.
mid190s says on 18/Jul/15
6'5 is the King of all Heights.

It makes 6'0-6'1 look small, 6'2 ordinary, and 6'3-6'4 Unspecial.

The only downside of 6'5 is there is an improbable, very remote chance that you'll run into someone even taller. But that guy most likely cant fit through doorways like you so the jokes on him. I may have had a drink or 3, but the truth flows better this way.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 18/Jul/15
Is there anybody on here who is 5'11" that feels tall? I know that it's commonly referred as average, or just as being above average, but it seems a bit too tall to be either.
pablo77bar(184cm) says on 18/Jul/15
What is the average for young men in the Netherlands ?
rugbyQ says on 17/Jul/15
Hey Rob, do you think rugby player's listings are accurate? Most notably Jonah Lomu who is very popularly thought to be 6'5 but is actually 6'3. Could there be on average a half inch or so discrepancy? The weights are very heavily exaggerated at least, with several 6ft and 6'1 players being listed 280-290 lbs
[Editor Rob: generally I think a lot are ok, but some percentage might just be rounded up a bit. ]
Triplescrew says on 17/Jul/15

179cm is fine. On the higher end of average and on the short end of tall in some areas. Most guys your height claim 183cm.
182 cm evening height says on 17/Jul/15
@ French Guy:

183 cm = ok
185 cm=good
188 cm=very good
191 cm=perfect

Do you agree?


191cm is strong short in the Western world. It's basically average for women without heels. 200cm evening height is the start of average in the Western world IMO. Anything below a strong 6 ft 6 - 6 ft 7 will lead to you being dwarfed on a regular basis. Don't know which dwarf land you live in where you can even find men as short as 6 ft.
grizz says on 17/Jul/15
@stangerdutch, you just have a very bad perception on height.
10 cm minus your listed values and I might believe you.
Before I knew how to precisely estimate someone's height, I got the number wrong by 10 cms in some cases, especially for very tall guys: I gave an estimate for a guy @213 cm, although he was legit 200 cm, for a 205 cm guy 215 cm, for a 197 cm guy 205 etc. Now I feel stupid in hindsight.
UhOh says on 17/Jul/15
Stranger Dutch, the only women who like men who are 2m are women who are 6 feet (1.82m) or taller. 4'0" to 5'11" women, especially here in the states are more intimidated by that type of height and are not attracted to it. Men who are 5'11" to 6'4" are ideal anywhere in the world.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 17/Jul/15
strangerdutch, substract at least 5 cm from your given heights. You got a third of your classmates over 195 cm? Roflmao bro thats not even possible unless they were selected for the class or something. I go to uni at Copenhagen where people aren't noticeably shorter than the Dutch on average, one of my classmates is a measured 202 cm tall and he Towers over everyone. Stop trolling
184.3cm (Night) says on 17/Jul/15

I live in the Netherlands thats why im calling bull****. I live near eindhoven and granted there are alot of men here round 190cm but anything over 2m is still rare.
Thomas6ft1 says on 17/Jul/15
Hey Rob, is 6'1" tall for a guy? I am 18 year old male and 6'1" (185.42 cm) barefoot. Is that tall? I have seen people taller than me including girls (often in the 6'3"+ range), but not very often. Sometimes when I'm with people 3-2 inches close to my height, I feel slightly above average and not very tall. Most of the time I do feel tall though. In my humble opinion 6'1" is a normal/average height for adult males these days. Nothing special.
[Editor Rob: yes it is a tall height, not standout, but in crowds you should feel tallish.]
Blink says on 16/Jul/15
@French Guy
I have a friend(5'10") who thought the same as you, so I grabbed a pencil and a measuring tape and marked 6'0" flat on the wall I then asked him how tall he thought the mark was from the ground and he answered "6'1 maybe a little taller" I told him it was 6'0" and he was very surprised.
I guess what I'm trying to say is 6'0" is still a tall height, hell I've heard 5'11 guys get described as tall.
Clay says on 16/Jul/15
Hi Rob. If a 165cm person reaches a little bit above the tip of my nose, how tall am I?
RobV says on 16/Jul/15
Emil 182-183. You say that 5 guys over 2m in a class is 'statistically impossible'. My mother works in the general field where stats are the core of her profession. I asked her because I knew that your claim could not be correct. She says that it is 'statistically improbable or unlikely' but that it cannot be impossible unless you can prove that there are no young people in the country who are over 2m tall.

I go back to what I myself said, which I feel is even more statistically unlikely - I went to check out a club in Amsterdam at a quiet time. There were 30 people. All 14 of the guys there were in the 2m area. Now given that the average height of guys in Holland Is apparently in the 6' region, the chances of this happening is much higher than in, say, Indonesia, where the average height is 6 inches lower I think! But it is statistically possible and particularly if the height of younger guys is greater anyway than the statistical average for the country. Unless you have access to a stat model that can prove it is 'impossible' then you are not right. My mother said that in her view, the chances of finding 5 guys over 2m in that situation are several times more likely than winning the lottery, dying in an airplane crash or guessing the same number between 1 and 99 as someone else - all of which have a statistical possibility (provided you do the lottery or travel by air!).
stangerdutch says on 16/Jul/15
Laf says on 14/Jul/15
@Strangerdutch and Robv:
It sounds very weird that your class mates are so tall, but as RobV mentions, it happens. I've experienced myself suddenly standing in a crowd, where the dwarfing doesn't seem to stop. Where every man just seemed to be no shorter than 6'2. It could be a coincidence that the boys in your school are so tall, even though it seems doubtful.


My class is not even the tallest one at my school. And I know there are some high schools or academies are taller in European regions, Canarias Academy, of course, there were about 11 guys are over 208 cm a couple of years ago.
stangerdutch says on 16/Jul/15
184.3cm (Night) says on 15/Jul/15
What a load of crap strangerdutch. 5 guys almost at 2m not even out of high school.

If your country has small people, do not doubt there are other countries are much taller yours. And 5 of guys are over 2 meters is not exception in Netherlands. I have a friend who is from Groningen, North province of Holland. In his high school, there are more than 30 guys are 2 meters and taller. So, if you are short, do not think everybody is as short as you are in this planet.
francis says on 15/Jul/15
i am a little bit sad. I thought i was tall, because most people refer to me as one(most guesses are between 183-185 cm) but i measured myself today barefoot and i am only 179 cm :(
and the thing is my dad is supposedly 185 or 186 cm and my grandfather nearly 190 cm
is 179 cm a solid height for white people?
Amaze says on 15/Jul/15
@Emil 182-183cm 9/10 of people are happy around your height. My brother is 184cm and 183.5cm late at night he loves his height alot, he's in great shape and he had loads of fit girlfriends too. He's married now, asked him and he said he wouldn't want to be any shorter or taller.
I think the only people that aren't content with 6'0 are people that wanna be the best at basketball, they are maybe with a very tall 5'10/11 girl who is taller than them in heels, but IMO theres nothing being shorter than a girl with heels. 6'0 is still low tall mostly and a fantastic height. Trust me most people at 6'0 are happy. I think French guy maybe wants to be massive like proper massive to be intimidating or something like that. Lol even 6'0 can be intimidating to people with a good build. 6'0 is so convenient people should be happy they were given that height.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 15/Jul/15
Sorry to say, strangerdutch, but your claims are statistical impossible. Dont do drugs, bro
GI Jose says on 15/Jul/15
@Emil 182-183 cm
No. Although I am probably closer to 6'1" now, I still feel great. I don't see what's not to love about it.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 15/Jul/15
Am I the only one who feels fine being around 6'0?
184.3cm (Night) says on 15/Jul/15
What a load of crap strangerdutch. 5 guys almost at 2m not even out of high school.
Triplescrew says on 15/Jul/15
As a late bloomer of sorts I figured I'd share my experience since I noticed the subject being discussed in the past (sorry for being late).

In order to grow past 21, IMO, you have to look extremely young for your age. Maybe this isn't true all of the time but in most cases it is. Also, it helps if you are disproportionate, i.e., if you have a huge inseam but are still average height, there's a chance you may grow if you are a late bloomer. If you have a huge torso but short or average legs, chances are your growth is done, as you grow from the outside in usually. Also, having tall relatives helps. If you're 5'9" but all of your male relatives are 6'0" and female relatives are 5'9", you might have some growth left. All of these factors were true for me. Remember I'm no expert but I've done a crap ton of research on late growth spurts so bear with me :).

So for me, I was never the uber tall kid nor was I average while growing up. I was maybe 80th percentile. From 12-14 I went from around 5'3.5" to 5'8.5" and I went through some of the basic puberty stuff, but by and large it all just stopped at that point. I gained weight as if in preparation for a spurt but nothing ever came. So I just accepted the height.

Around when I turned 16 I hit 5'9", and stayed that height until around 21. All the while puberty was occurring slowly (at least from a visual perspective) -- bars were afraid to serve me alcohol because I looked 17 to them.

So from 21 to 23 I went from 5'9" to 5'10.75". The growth was so slow as to be barely noticeable, I would really only notice every couple months or so when I got interested in height again.

Some symptoms I experienced during some of this time -- extreme hunger (I ate 3,000 calories a day easily without weight gain for a few months, in fact I lost weight.) Also, my knees hurt all of the damn time, which I remembered happened when I was 12-14 so that was consistent at least.

For me though this late spurt made sense as from 15-21 I was super disproportionate, with a 35" inseam and a torso so short that even small sized shirts looked like dresses on me. So really all of this "bonus" height was just my torso filling out. At the same time my wingspan increased from 5'10"-ish to about 6'0.5", so you could say I was just growing into that new frame.

I have to say, going from clear average at 5'9" to the shorter end of "tall" has been eye opening. It's nice to see someone who looks tall, walk up to them, and find that you can look them in the eye.

So final point, I'd say this: don't get your hopes up. I'd wager that ~95% of men are completely done growing by 18. In fact I'd say there are three major barriers that define when guys stop growing:

Age 18: The typical age where growth stops. You might gain a quarter of an inch while filling out.

Age 21: If you are tall, your height increase might continue into your 20s, but only briefly. So from 18-21 a 6'2" guy might grow to 6'3.5", etc.

Age 25: The last barrier, only a handful of guys grow to this age, but there's enough to make it an official stopping point. Usually these are late bloomers who are still growing into their bodies, and they can expect anywhere from an inch to five inches or more from 20-25. For all other guys this kind of growth only occurs from 14-18.

To close, there are a bunch of things that need to fall into place to have an extremely late growth spurt, and going through it isn't necessarily fun (it's like going through a second puberty when you're supposed to be an adult already!). If you have any questions, let me know...
Triplescrew says on 15/Jul/15
@Celebheights 187CM

Good chart. I've also found that people my own height look taller than me/appear to have a higher eyelevel. I always wondered why until I discovered that from my mid eye level to the top of my head is 5 inches, so my eyes are lower for someone my height than usual.

Besides that it might just be a matter of perception. Especially if you're used to be taller than people, having someone look you in the eye might make them look bigger than they are.
GI Jose says on 15/Jul/15
@french guy
Yeah, being taller than 80% of other men is terrible (obvious sarcasm).
As a 184-185 cm male in the US, I can tell you that it is great, and 183 cm is pretty much the same. Even in the Netherlands, 183 cm is above average, so unless you would prefer being shorter, 183 is great. I mean really, what is bad about being taller than 8/10 men?
Also, I can't find a statistic that says French average height is over 177 cm for young men, so 183 cm would be 6 cm above average for the tallest demographic. How is that not good?
I agree with Aaron183cm that anyone who is above average should not complain. It could be way worse.
Amaze says on 14/Jul/15
@French Guy yeah I'm a weak 5'8 tbh. I don't care that much its still OK. I'm 175 in footwear.

Lol how is 183cm not a good height
It is a very good height...
You have no problems with clothes space and cars doorways
Most people will consider you tall
No matter your build you still look and normal. You don't look freakish.
6feet tall or 6'0 is very good.
You just have some wierd distortion about reality you are very insecure... Your height is 9/10 or close to perfect. Ideal range.
6'1 is 9.5/10 its very close to perfect, so your also saying 6'1 isnt that good either? Lmao 6'1 and 6'0 is loved by all women like most of them they are both close to perfect height and for bodybuilding its not that hard for gains. 6'2 or 188 is perfect its not too tall ever and not short at all its perfect tall height.. Part of me thinks you are 183cm maybe in boots at night.. You aint really 183 or your just trolling.

@Aaron183cm guy has some serious issues. Your height at 183 is excellent. Tall mostly but tallish in some areas obviously but its a very good height. Not perfect but its so convenient.. Doorways clothes cars .. Agreed lol a lot would... 183 is just close to perfect.. Many would say it is perfect. IMO 6'1 is near icing on the cake and that's 9.5/10. It's always solid tall . 6'2 or 188 is perfect not too tall and its just very very good.

Lol even 180cm or 5'11 is a good height..
178cm or 5'10 is good too...
175-177 5'9 is just Ok
173-174 is decentish
170-172 is not good height but you can live with it, only pro I can think is you gain easy in bodybuilding.

Aaron this guy is extremely insecure lol... No hope
french guy 182.5 cm (night) says on 14/Jul/15

i'm not saying 183 cm is bad, 183 cm is too close to average for our generation to be a "good" height.
183 cm is the most overrated height, this is a decent height, except maybe in the netherlands and in some parts of scandinavia, but there really is nothing to be proud of.I'm 183 cm but a tall man in my head so i just feel inadequate, not particularly insecure.
ManKo says on 14/Jul/15
I found the norway average height in the army report, you can read it here:

Click Here
jamie179cm says on 14/Jul/15
@French guy 183cm is a good height its above average so how is it bad? i Wouldn't even say 175cm was a bad height although you can feel short at 175cm but you shouldn't at 183cm
Aaron183cm says on 14/Jul/15
@french guy

Explain how is 183cm not a good height? It's above average in every country in the world except the Netherlands. A lot of guys would give their left nut to be 183cm tall. You sound horribly insecure with a warped perception of height judging by your other posts. Your height is good and any guy who is 180cm or more should count their blessings.
Laf says on 14/Jul/15
@Strangerdutch and Robv:
It sounds very weird that your class mates are so tall, but as RobV mentions, it happens. I've experienced myself suddenly standing in a crowd, where the dwarfing doesn't seem to stop. Where every man just seemed to be no shorter than 6'2. It could be a coincidence that the boys in your school are so tall, even though it seems doubtful.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 14/Jul/15
Maybe you live in a tall region?
french guy 182.5 cm (night) says on 14/Jul/15

you are 172 cm not 173 cm.You need to be 172.5 cm at night to claim 173 cm.You're not a solid 173 cm guy like rob...
ManKo says on 14/Jul/15

I guess it will depend of the group of people that you measure, and at what time of the day you measure them. But in the norwegian army, last time I checked, average of males was very close to 180cm, but not above that.
In the danish army, according to that Emil says, its also close to that figure.

I cant dinf the original PDF nor the date of Norway, but this article also mentioned it:

Click Here

"Norway male batteries have an average height 5 feet 10.7 "as stated in military conscripts. Once again, it does not take into account muda."
ManKo says on 14/Jul/15

I guess it will depend of the group of people that you measure, and at what time of the day you measure them. But in the norwegian army, last time I checked, average of males was very close to 180cm, but not above that.
In the danish army, according to that Emil says, its also close to that figure.

I cant dinf the original PDF nor the date of Norway, but this article also mentioned it:

Click Here

"Norway male batteries have an average height 5 feet 10.7 "as stated in military conscripts. Once again, it does not take into account muda."
RobV says on 14/Jul/15
@ strangerdutch you refer to a much higher than average height among various groups of young Dutch guys at your school, 193 in your class average (almost 6'4") and 5 out of 15 over 2m in another class. 18 months ago I went to check out a club in Amsterdam at a quietish time. There were about 30 people in there and every single one of the 14 guys there was in the 2m area. I was really surprised.

I think the national stats generally are correct but the fact that the average young guy is around 6' now there makes it fairly logical that you will occasionally see larger groups of tall guys like this where there are quite a few 18-25s present than you would in countries whose heights are 2-3" shorter on average. I have also had the same experience with a small group of about 8-10 Norwegians in London, none related, all of whom are in a very tight band of 6'3" - 6'5".
french guy says on 14/Jul/15
183 cm = ok
185 cm=good
188 cm=very good
191 cm=perfect

Do you agree?
french guy says on 14/Jul/15
183 cm is not a good height at all...
french guy 182.5 cm (night) says on 14/Jul/15
average height norvegian conscripts (large sample)

Click Here

most are 18-20 years old
french guy 182.5 cm (night) says on 14/Jul/15
Emil 182-183 cm says on 13/Jul/15
Average height in the Danish army is 180.3 cm. Somehow average for 30-34 year Olds should be 182.1 cm, but that sounds like pure bogus to me. A Danish man doesn't grow 1.8 cm on average after 18 lol.

How old are danish conscript?If they are 18 years old they might gain at best 0.5 cm
Modeus says on 14/Jul/15
am i the only guy who would like to be 6ft9? btw i am 5 ft 8,5
Wipeout says on 14/Jul/15
@ Kourosh says on 6/Jul/15
My morning height as well is usually 177.3 to 177.5 cms with 6 hours of sleep. But it isn't 178.2 cms unless I sleep for more than 10 hours, not 8. Perhaps you counted the hours wrong.

@ Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 7/Jul/15
Well average height in the U.S. is 5'10.25." This is based on a recent study. 5'9" is low-average/nearly short much the same way that 5'11.5" would have to be high average/almost tall, yes. Remember, we are talking people who are measured barefoot in a clinic and probably already lost 1/2 inch from their peak morning heights. Also consider not everyone that is measured slept long the night before either. So some could be 3/4ths of an inch below their morning height. So it is safe to say average peak morning height is really close to 5'11 (180+ cms) in the U.S.
richkid123 says on 13/Jul/15
@rifle you think 6'9-6"10" is better than 5'5"-5'6" . I highly doubt you would feel that way in real life.
Amaze says on 13/Jul/15
@Rifle for basketball obviously generally no 6'9 is too big and huge... It's freakish. It's way too tall. 6'5 is good enough if you wanna be massive. 6'9/10 are horrible heights. 5'5/5'6 look normal atleast.
grizz says on 13/Jul/15
I slept for 5 hours (I usually need 9-10 hours of sleep, so not much of sleep for me). Right after that I was walking for around an hour.
So, 4 hours after I woke up I measured 183.1-183.3 cm. Except for walking, I was mostly sitting or standing.

Could this be considered as measurement at my low?
jamie179cm says on 13/Jul/15
@Amaze yes ive got it on my 26th birthday but i haven't complete it yet and yes 6ft9 is too tall imo no offence though since people can't control height
TJE says on 13/Jul/15
If the person measures 165 in the afternoon/midday, you should be roughly 179.
chrisi says on 13/Jul/15
Is 174cm/5'8.5 a good or bad height at 18?
Lillo Thomas says on 13/Jul/15
Amaze I like my height very much but I would say 6'4 and 6'3 are better heights. I would choose 6'3 as the perfect height , pretty tall but still more normal.
Lillo Thomas says on 13/Jul/15
Amaze I like my height very much but I would say 6'4 and 6'3 are better heights. I would choose 6'3 as the perfect height , pretty tall but still more normal.
184.3cm (Night) says on 13/Jul/15

Well if she is 180cm then your 6'9 just like you say. I guessed her around 5'9 she looks like a tall girl.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 13/Jul/15
Average height in the Danish army is 180.3 cm. Somehow average for 30-34 year Olds should be 182.1 cm, but that sounds like pure bogus to me. A Danish man doesn't grow 1.8 cm on average after 18 lol.
strangerdutch says on 13/Jul/15
ManKo says on 6/Jul/15
Norway average height its a bit under 180cm, if you look at the recruits from the army, the average norwegian is 179.8. Thats at least the average heigh measured in the army, where they are from 18 years old till 34.

Young Norwegian (20-25 years old) is 182.4 cm at average. Measured by 2008-2009.
strangerdutch says on 13/Jul/15
En..Sometimes, I am confused. Everyone says Dutchmen are 183 cm average height. But when I was at one of Dutch high schools. The average of my schoolmates is much taller than 183 cm. I don't know why?

LIke my class, 14 boys' heights: 206, 202, 199, 198, 198, 194, 192, 192, 191, 190,190, 189, 184, 180. The average height is around 193 .

And my class is not the tallest one in school. Other classes are the same tall as mine. There was another one class had 5 guys are over 200 cm out of 15 boys. And there was even one class has a guy reaches 215 cm. I know Holland has an 183 cm as official data. But why my own personal experience is different?
Amaze says on 12/Jul/15
@Lillo Thomas defo man. 6'5 is more than tall enough! 6'5 is solid very tall and fine. Great for basketball too. Humans are not supposed to be 6'9 and the world aint designed for 6'9 either(doorways, clothes, cars, general public) and its 17inches above female average height, you'll be dwarfing most women. Not good at all. 6'5>>>>>6'9. 5'9>>>6'9. Lol IMO even 5'6>>>6'9.

Lillo i remember you saying you like your height very much even though there are disadisadvantages. What height would you ideally pick ? All my 6'5/6'6 friends say they acknowledge that 6'0/1/2 are very good heights and understand why people think they are ideal but they are extroverts and love the attention from being tall. Plus they love tall women. They say that they'd rather be 6'4/3. 3 of them said 6'3 while other two who are 196/7 feel that they are little bit too tall and feel 193cm of 6'4 is optimal. The other 3 feel 191cm is perfect to them(6'3) what's your take?

@jamie179 where have you been mage
You got arkham knight? Beat that game lol I'm on 96% beat main campaign and all side missions, just Riddler trophies left.

@unsure claim about 6ft2. You are imo 6'1.75 but close enough to 6'2

@TJE I'm still 173. 5'8 but I dip to 172 at night I think. I reckon my height is below average, close to shortish. 171-172 not short but not shortish. I reckon. I think I was probably 171 night before but I'm just 172 night. In footwear I'm around 5'9.(175-6). Still 5'8/173cm barefoot though. Would love to grow an inch more though Lol.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 12/Jul/15
The average height difference between the average man to the average woman seems to be no more than three inches (people always refer to is as being 5.5" inches). I would say that at least a third are 5'7"+. However, it's extremely rare to see one taller than 5'10".
Clay says on 12/Jul/15
Hi Rob. If a 165cm person reaches half way up my nose, how tall am I? My forehead is a little bit bigger than average
grizz says on 12/Jul/15
@unsure, you're easily 6ft2.
@TJE, the sample is quite small (around 50 males from my generation, hence "campus"). Only 10 guys are shorter than me, the shortest is 5'8. 25-30 guys are between 184 and 187cm. A dozen guys are 6'2-6'4 range, while the rest is over that height. I think that strong 6'1 is the most comfortable height among young Balkan people.
Surprisingly, girls aren't that tall. Only 2-3 girls from my generation are 6' or 6'1. The most common height is 5'5-5'6.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 12/Jul/15
My height chart for my college (where most are 18-25 year old caucasians):

<5'5"=You're extremely short if you're this height. You will likely be able to remember everybody who is your height or shorter. Less than 1% of the men here are this height.
5'5"=You're very short if you're this height. About 4% of the men here are around this height.
5'6"=You're short at this height. However, you probably won't be able to remember every person who is your height or shorter. About 10% of the men here are this height.
5'7"-5'8"=This is stereotypical below average here. You shouldn't feel too short here at this height, unless you're by the basketball team. About 27% of the men here are within this range.
5'9"-5'10"=If you're within this range, then you will blend completely into the crowd here as you're in the average range. 5'9" is low average, with 5'10" being higher average (meaning that it's like .5" above average, but that's insignificant). About 29% of the men here are in this height range.
5'11"'-6'0=You're definitely above average to tall here if you're within this height range. If the person isn't by the basketball team, then they might feel tall at times on campus. I've heard of people who have seemed to have been 5'11" get referred to as being tall here as well randomly. About 20% of the men fall within this range.
6'1"-6'2"=You're clearly tall here if you're within this range, and people will begin to comment on it randomly here (whether you bring it up or not). Whenever somebody is my height (187 CM), I immediately believe that they are 6'3" whenever I see them (the eye level even seems higher in these scenarios which is weird). Only 7% of the men here are within this range. You will be short for a basketball player, but you will look like you can fit in with them in this range.
6'3"-6'4"=When you're this height, you will always be referred to as being very tall. Whenever somebody is taller than me, they are within this range the vast majority of the time. If you're slim, then you might get asked if you're a guard on the basketball team. Only 2% of the men here are within this range.
6'5"-6'6"=You're extremely tall here, but you might find somebody who is your height or barely taller on rare occasions.
6'7"+=Aside from the basketball team, you will be one of the tallest men on campus.
TJE says on 12/Jul/15
Yes, you can claim 6'2.
pablo77bar says on 12/Jul/15
There is no problem in your claiming 6ft 2
pablo77bar says on 12/Jul/15
There is no problem in your claiming 6ft 2
Modeus says on 12/Jul/15
Rob what would be the exact head lenght for a 6ft8 man?
[Editor Rob: likely in 10-10.5 range]
Lillo thomas says on 12/Jul/15
Big man looks 6'6 tops in the photo. And that's asumming the girl of his left is 5'6 at least. If she is shorter than 5'6 that's bad news for him. Big man could be 6'9 if the girl of his left is about 5'10. But yeah , big man doesn't have the proportions of a legit 6'9 in the photo. Legit 6'9 guys look huge like kevin durant.
Lillo thomas says on 12/Jul/15
Big man looks 6'6 tops in the photo. And that's asumming the girl of his left is 5'6 at least. If she is shorter than 5'6 that's bad news for him. Big man could be 6'9 if the girl of his left is about 5'10. But yeah , big man doesn't have the proportions of a legit 6'9 in the photo. Legit 6'9 guys look huge like kevin durant.
Rifle says on 12/Jul/15
6'9-6'10 is a great height.Much better than 5'5-5'6".
Blink says on 12/Jul/15
I'm always surprised at how extremely warped peoples perception of height is.
C says on 12/Jul/15
How tall do you think a boy would be with a 5'2 mom and a 6'3 dad
TJE says on 11/Jul/15
Wow, you got a lot of tall guys at your university! WOuld you say you're from a tall area and is it the same deal with girls?

I was just wondering something. Are you 173 or 174? I remember you saying that you grew a cm, but then later said you were still only 173.
unsure says on 11/Jul/15
Which height do you all claim? Morning, afternoon or evening? I'm 189.5cm in the morning and 187.5cm at night. What should I claim? Can I claim 6'2?
jamie179cm says on 11/Jul/15
hello long time no see everyone @triplescew were i live 6ft 6ft1 are not uncommon
Bryan says on 11/Jul/15
Maybe BigMan really is 6'9 although he has the proportions of a 6'7 guy

I'm 5'11.5 yet i can look as short as 5'9 in photos because i weigh 90kg of fat /:
Lillo thomas says on 11/Jul/15
Amaze , I agree 6'5 is much better than 6'9. A legit 6'9 is too tall and practically gigantic.
Lillo thomas says on 11/Jul/15
Amaze , I agree 6'5 is much better than 6'9. A legit 6'9 is too tall and practically gigantic.
Matthew says on 11/Jul/15
Lillo Thomas says on 10/Jul/15
Big man you don't look 6'9. Unless the girl on your left is like 5'9 - 5'10. If she is shorter like 5'6 or less. That's bad news for you.


Yeah I'm thinking based just on that photo, he's not 6'9". Unless those two girls are standing on boxes or are basketball centers or something.
Amaze says on 11/Jul/15
@Lillo Thomas 6'9 is not a good height lol your height 6'5 is much better. Even 6'6/7 too tall for real life. Don't know why dudes like that show off 6'9. I'd rather be 5'7 over 6'9 lol. Way too many tall issues with 6'9.
grizz says on 11/Jul/15
TJE, on my "campus" the most usual height flor a guy is 6'1. Most of the guys are between 184 and 187 cm. Secobd most usual height range is 6ft2. 6'3 and 6ft or below are around the same frequency. 6ft4 is quite rare and 6'5-6'6 being very rare.
Triplescrew says on 10/Jul/15
@184.3cm (Night)

Oh yeah I just started a bit higher on the scale for women. 5'2" - 5'4" range is still super common.
SportsHeight says on 10/Jul/15
Rob, is there any height benefit to the 20/30-minute power nap in the early/mid-afternoon? Does it recover any of the height you would have lost by that point in the day? How much does it matter if you nap in a chair vs. lying down on a couch?
[Editor Rob: yes you could get 5-7mm, anywhere in that range for 20-30 minutes. I did a quick test video Earlier this year with about 20 minutes showing the increase, from having a quick lie down.
BigMan says on 10/Jul/15

Girl in black jacket is around 180 cm
Lillo Thomas says on 10/Jul/15
Big man you don't look 6'9. Unless the girl on your left is like 5'9 - 5'10. If she is shorter like 5'6 or less. That's bad news for you.
TJE says on 10/Jul/15
From what I've seen, I see a lot of girls on my university that are an inch under my eye level, whether they're wearing those ballet type shoes or boots. Since I'm 5'10.25 and wear 1-1.25 inch footwear most of the time (making my eyelevel at around 5'7), this put the vast majority of them in the 5'4-5'6 range. So, I agree with your assessment on 5'5 girls (and the same goes for all age groups), but I also see a lot of 5'7-5'8 girls on campus too.

As for guys, I see a lot of 5'11-6'0 guys, but anything above 6'0 is kinda rare. You would hardly ever see a guy taller than 6'2.

As for myself, I feel super average on campus. I'm usually 1-1.5 inches taller than the average man of any age group.
Daprez says on 10/Jul/15
Hi Rob,

How much height do roller skates add? thanks.
[Editor Rob: never measured them]
BigMan says on 10/Jul/15
Wrong guess....i am 6,9 (206 cm)
184.3cm (Night) says on 10/Jul/15

Well its hard since we dont know how tall those girls are but i would guess your at least 6'6 more likely 6'7.

@Triplescrew - That is a very accurate chart but still with women you still have many who are 5'3-5'4 dont you? I mean i still see a fair share of college girls that size although 5'5-5'6 seems to dominate now.
Jason says on 10/Jul/15
I found sleeping on one pillow changed my own morning height. But it was only by a small amount like 1 or 2mm.
Demystified says on 9/Jul/15
Rob, I knew you banned me for making such a comment as "there is an absolute ideal."
[Editor Rob: I will overlook your other message...Since it's primarily an entertainment site, I think it's best I don't veer too much into arguments surrounding reality, perception and leave them for another forum.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 9/Jul/15
@Big Man
you're somewhere between 5 mm and 900 million kilometers tall.
My real guess is that you're 198 cm ;)
NBAer says on 9/Jul/15
Today i measured my morning height after 8 hours of sleep and it was 178.2 cm very much to my surprise. I usually sleep for 6 hours and morning height is 177.3 to 177.5 cm, Im abit shocked
It's probably an extra morning height you get by sleeping atleast 8 hours.If i sleep for about 6-7 hours(less than 6 is impossible!! :P)i would measure about 180.7-180.8 cm out of bed,but after a good resting 8-9 hour sleep,i can measure almost 181.5(181.3-4)out of bed,so don't be shocked Kourosh,you probably recovered abit more morning height due to proper sleep,as your spine probably decompressed more than usual,giving you your max morning measure
Triplescrew says on 9/Jul/15
Somebody was doing average heights for universities so I figured I'd pitch in seeing as I'm quite familiar with the setting.

There's still a LOT of lying that goes on with height at that age. I went to a school with more Caucasian people than average so that may skew my list, but here's what I observed:

For men:

5'8" is still a solid height, but you will get the short label more often than not.

5'9" is pretty good though you're still slightly below average. I was around this height in college (I was and still am a really late bloomer) and girls described me as being "short" more often than I would have liked.

5'10" is where you start cracking into the average range amongst college guys.

5'11" is still the clear "above average" barrier. Guys this height rarely get called short/average unless they have strange proportions.

6'0" is still relatively uncommon, at least in terms of "legit" 6'0" guys. Though many will scrape it in shoes, and it's far more common than it is among the general public. Most guys who claim this height are 5'10 barefoot at best. Friends I have who are a legit 6'0.5" are rarely shorter than anyone.

6'1" this is still rare even among college men. Most guys who claim it are really 5'11".

6'2" still so rare that most would call you 6'4" out of a lack of understanding for the height. Even so, it's not uncommon to see a 6'2" guy walking around campus.

6'3" clearly a tall dude, not many of these around except for those on sports teams. Usually every dorm building will have 3-5 of these guys and they'll always be labeled as "that tall guy from floor X/Y/Z"

6'4" is still incredibly rare even among millenials. Guys this height are often specifically called out for being very tall.

6'5" and above -- you are a giant.

For women:

5'5" - most girls this height will never describe themselves as short, nor should they. Relatively common, kind of like a 5'10" guy.

5'6 - about the standard for above average women in college. Plenty of them walking around, will usually look taller due to footwear with bigger heels.

5'7" - many claim this height though few reach it.

5'8" - not totally uncommon, I had several friends around this height. About as common as a 6'0" college guy.

5'9" - clearly tall, not many other women will pass you up.

5'10" - women this height usually claim 6'0", strangely enough. Very rare, but you will definitely see more than a handful when walking to class.

5'11" - due to the way girls are proportioned, most guys will look at a 5'11" girl and think she's way taller than she is. They're incredibly rare and most will be constantly asked if they are or want to be a model. If they wear heels they'll come across visually about the same as a 6'2" guy.

6'0" and above - sticks out like a 6'5" or above guy. Will definitely get stares from insecure guys of all heights.

This is at least what I observed in college. Your mileage may vary...
NBAer says on 9/Jul/15
BigMan says on 7/Jul/15
Guess my height
190cm evening?
Daprez says on 9/Jul/15

You can grow if your growth plates are still open, To find this out you have to get an x-ray. if they are closed you have two options.
-maximise your spine by hanging off a bar.
-work on your posture by standing tall.

Alternatively, you can move to a country with an average height of 5ft 7 such as Mexico or China. Over there you are 3.5 inches taller than average so you will feel at the very least solidly tall maybe even very tall sometimes.
Rifle says on 9/Jul/15
If the shorter player is 188 cm can the taller player be 208 cm?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he can look a comfortable 6 inches taller there.]
Raja says on 9/Jul/15
My height is 5"10.5 and weight is 73kg .I want to increase my height 2 inch.What should I do.I always feel sad about my height.
Matthew says on 8/Jul/15
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 5/Jul/15
This is what I estimate my height to be (I'm guessing):

Low after working out: 6'1" (give or take an 1/8" of an inch)
Low-6'1.25" (give or take an 1/8" of an inch either way, depending on the day. I bumped my head on a ceiling that was 6'2.25" on an airplane on even ground after being up all day, so that means that I'm taller than 6'1" for sure)
Afternoon: 6'1.5"
High: 6'1 7/8"-6'2 1/8"
Perfect measurement out of bed (on the best day possible: 6'2.25"

Is it still okay to claim to be 187 CM?


Claim whichever height you want. It sounds like these aren't real measurements though. So who knows what you can claim. But most people aside from this website don't really care about mms and 1/8ths of an inch when it comes to height claims. I'm 191 cm in the morning and about 189 - 189.5 cm range as a low depending on how active the day was. Normal mid-day measurement would be right around 190 or a couple mm shy. I just say I'm 6'3" (which is 190.5 cm but I'm living in the US so I give an imperial number) because it's a much more normal response than saying I'm 6'2 5/8" or something similar. If I was living in a metric country I'd probably claim 190 cm, although I think in all actuality I might claim my morning 191 just because I think there might be a lot of fakers who claim 190 cm since it's a bench mark lol. The point is regular people aren't super uptight about height claims.
TJE says on 7/Jul/15
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 5/Jul/15
This is what I estimate my height to be (I'm guessing):

Low after working out: 6'1" (give or take an 1/8" of an inch)
Low-6'1.25" (give or take an 1/8" of an inch either way, depending on the day. I bumped my head on a ceiling that was 6'2.25" on an airplane on even ground after being up all day, so that means that I'm taller than 6'1" for sure)
Afternoon: 6'1.5"
High: 6'1 7/8"-6'2 1/8"
Perfect measurement out of bed (on the best day possible: 6'2.25"

Is it still okay to claim to be 187 CM?
I believe some of the height lost from working out is regained throughout the day. You can claim 6'1.25 at the very least, but you're safe with 6'1.5, which is 186.7, so claiming 187 is ok.
an anonymous peach says on 7/Jul/15
Dan says on 3/Jul/15
Rob,how tall am I if my eye level is around the 5'10.5 range? I believe I'm around 6'1 but I'm not sure.

You're probably 6ft 3, give or take a fraction depending on the size of your forehead.
ManKo says on 7/Jul/15
Your real height its not your worse. Using you worse height as your real one is as innacurate as using your out of bed one. Eveningheight its the most accurate one.
BigMan says on 7/Jul/15
Guess my height

Click Here
french guy 182.5 cm (night) says on 7/Jul/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM

your measurements are not accurate, but if i were you i would claim 6'1.25" or at best 6'1.5"
Emil 182-183 cm says on 7/Jul/15
Maybe she meant 5'1?
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 7/Jul/15
If the average height is 5'10.25" (which seems a bit inflated), and 5'9" is short, then 5'11.5" would have to be tall.
Kourosh says on 6/Jul/15
Today i measured my morning height after 8 hours of sleep and it was 178.2 cm very much to my surprise. I usually sleep for 6 hours and morning height is 177.3 to 177.5 cm, Im abit shocked.
grizz says on 6/Jul/15
Crypto139 says on 6/Jul/15
A female I was talking too online just referred to herself as "pretty short" at around 5'10"
I think she was kidding, mate.
Amaze says on 6/Jul/15
@french guy
First good height for a guy is 5'10
5'11 is good also
6'0 first very good height
6'1 very good too
6'2 perfect height

@crypto139 lol even 5'7 is tall for a girl. 5'8 is solid tall for girl. 5'9 strong.
5'10 girls are at male average , they would be looked at as very tall. Don't know what's up with her. Must be 5'10 in heels around 6'2/3 girls in heels or something. A legit 5'7/8 barefoot girl is tall, a 5'10 is verytall.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 6/Jul/15
5'10" is very tall for a woman. It will only seem to be average online.
WishIWasTaller says on 6/Jul/15
I honestly believe that anyone who considers themselves short at 5'10 either lives with giants or isn't really 5'10.
183cm says on 6/Jul/15
French guy is right. They were measured 184 but they presumed they would all grow. If were talking about who could be the tallest id wager south sudaneese.
Zoro 5'9.5 says on 6/Jul/15
@ french guy

It depends on what you mean by "good"

I speak in reference to north Italy, where night average for young guys is somewhere between 5'9.5 and 5'10/10.5, and almost 5'9 for all men:

- If you talk about the first height which is systematically, noticeably good looking and a strong point, is 184 cm (but imo if you are 175 cm and built like a bull, you are >> than a skinny, taller guy)

_ if you mean a height where you just feel solid and usually not towered when going around, I go with 176-177 cm

- If talking about "good height" you mean the first height which is not a problem at all, and does not affect your life (no mocking, not be referred as the short guy) I'm going with 172 cm night.

However, good height is good, but there are a lot of better things
totigno says on 6/Jul/15
Wipeout says on 4/Jul/15
Average height in the USA for men 18-40 is currently 5'10.25 (178.5 cm). This I presume would be late morning after losing 1/2 inch of their morning height. So the classic 5'9 guy would be considered short in the USA, although a little tall in most 3rd world countries.

one inch under the average height of a country is not a short height
NBAer says on 6/Jul/15
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 5/Jul/15
This is what I estimate my height to be (I'm guessing):

Low after working out: 6'1" (give or take an 1/8" of an inch)
Low-6'1.25" (give or take an 1/8" of an inch either way, depending on the day. I bumped my head on a ceiling that was 6'2.25" on an airplane on even ground after being up all day, so that means that I'm taller than 6'1" for sure)
Afternoon: 6'1.5"
High: 6'1 7/8"-6'2 1/8"
Perfect measurement out of bed (on the best day possible: 6'2.25"

Is it still okay to claim to be 187 CM?

Dude,just measure your height at night using a tape measure barefoot,and claim what you measured.Since 187 is between 6'1.5-6'1.75 and you said you even dip below 186(6'1.25),meaning you're 185 at your worst,that's your real height.And even if you go a mere 3mm below 6'1,you're still 185 range,so i think you should go with 185 as your height
NBAer says on 6/Jul/15
Crypto139 says on 6/Jul/15
A female I was talking too online just referred to herself as "pretty short" at around 5'10"

What do you think? Wouldn't a legit 5 feet 10 girl be looked at as tall?

She was probably joking or simply lied about it.Or maybe she really meant around 5'0 ? :P In any case, a legit 178 girl would probably be considered very tall,it's the same as a legit 193 guy,very tall range.
ManKo says on 6/Jul/15
Norway average height its a bit under 180cm, if you look at the recruits from the army, the average norwegian is 179.8. Thats at least the average heigh measured in the army, where they are from 18 years old till 34.
Crypto139 says on 6/Jul/15
A female I was talking too online just referred to herself as "pretty short" at around 5'10"

What do you think? Wouldn't a legit 5 feet 10 girl be looked at as tall?
SAK says on 6/Jul/15
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says: I really don't think the heights just below 7ft (i.e 6ft8-6ft11) are as problematic as people let on. In fact they probably come in handy.
It depends on your personality type. If you are an extrovert you will most like enjoy standing out and embrace yout height.

But if your an introvert, you will feel mostly awkward and wish you were a few inches shorter.

At these heights(6'7+) It's all down to, whether you like attention,if you don't your screwed, lol.
178 at night says on 6/Jul/15
@Tom James

Perfect listing, nothing to add actually!

I feel the same way and i've lived in both Europe and North America.
I'm exatly 178 at night.

Thanks for your post!
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 5/Jul/15
This is what I estimate my height to be (I'm guessing):

Low after working out: 6'1" (give or take an 1/8" of an inch)
Low-6'1.25" (give or take an 1/8" of an inch either way, depending on the day. I bumped my head on a ceiling that was 6'2.25" on an airplane on even ground after being up all day, so that means that I'm taller than 6'1" for sure)
Afternoon: 6'1.5"
High: 6'1 7/8"-6'2 1/8"
Perfect measurement out of bed (on the best day possible: 6'2.25"

Is it still okay to claim to be 187 CM?
french guy 182.5 cm (night) says on 5/Jul/15
according to you guys, what is the first good height?
french guy says on 5/Jul/15
the average height for 17 years old dinaric people is 184 cm but the average height was updated at 185,6 cm since at 17 years there is one centimeter of growth left
James B says on 5/Jul/15
Met one guy at a bar last night who I think was near 6'5 and he claimed to be 6'10..................
Some people are just dumbasses lol
Laf says on 5/Jul/15
@Demystified: Are you sure these Scandinavian statistics are measured, or are they based on what people say?

182.4 seems very tall for a norwegian region.

Being from Scandinavia myself, I think 180 is a better fit for an average height.
Wipeout says on 4/Jul/15
Average height in the USA for men 18-40 is currently 5'10.25 (178.5 cm). This I presume would be late morning after losing 1/2 inch of their morning height. So the classic 5'9 guy would be considered short in the USA, although a little tall in most 3rd world countries.
120 says on 4/Jul/15
Rob, if i was 59.75" for my morning height and 5'9" flat for my night height. How tall would you say, i could be?
[Editor Rob: I'd just go with being a solid 5ft 9. Since you don't drop under it, you will probably look that range to nearly everybody if you say 'five nine'.]
120 says on 4/Jul/15
@Dan On average i think you could be about 6'2". If your skull is all nice and average.
176 club says on 4/Jul/15
worldwide average man :173cm 5'8
Women : 160cm 5'3
Daprez says on 4/Jul/15

Good point in adding that big perspective, it really does depend where you live. My dad is just shy of 5ft 6 and he was described as tall in Bolivia. I would be seen as extremely tall over in Bolivia especially when next to women who average 4ft 8.
grizz says on 4/Jul/15
Demystified says on 3/Jul/15
According to the highest of standards, 5'11" is slightly below average in Scandinavian regions. For example, average in Norway is measured precisely at 182.4 cm for 20-25 year old men and 181.6 cm for the 26-35 group. The Netherlands has an estimated average in between 182 and 183.5 cm for the young group. So up to 183 cm can definitely fall in the average height bracket at least in small population clusters. It seems though that the 184-185 cm height bracket is the one that average is really having tremendous difficulty reaching and is definitely above average in the absolute sense, save for mentioning the Dinaric Alps and Montenegro, but those are really small places that are outliers. Conclusion: to be tall in accordance with the highest of standards, one would have to stand no less than 184 cm at night with normal posture. Anything taller than 173 cm at night is above average according to world standards.
I think strong 6'1 at night might be a bit better if you really never want to feel below average in any place in the world. Dinaric Alps thing was measured on sample of 17 year-olds (they got measured @ 185.6 cm-a little above 6'1), so they still got some growing to do.

In Croatia 18 year-olds are precisely 5'11, but 19 year olds peaked at 180.9 (a bit below 5'11.25) and there we stopped.
So, I think the final height for Dinaric people would be 6'1.25 when some of them reach their peak height.

Basically, anything between 180 and 190 cm is average for this region and anything outside of it is tall/short.
Mid190s says on 4/Jul/15

When there is a 4 inch + disparity in height, it's The shorter person who ends up looking awkward like 80% of the time. You really have to be a top alpha like Tom Cruise to totally flip that scenario and even he struggles at times.
Dan says on 3/Jul/15
Rob,how tall am I if my eye level is around the 5'10.5 range? I believe I'm around 6'1 but I'm not sure.
Amaze says on 3/Jul/15
The world isnt designed for those tall people no offense lol, they have many problems. All people that height wish they were shorter. When you wish you were shorter that's when you know your height is bad.
6'0-6'3 is fine honestly, 6'4-5 are OK.
6'4-5 guys even get tall guy issues.. Imagine at 6'6-7+ and over... Nah that's horrible. 6'0-2 best for being tall and comfortable
Amaze says on 3/Jul/15
@Emil182-3cm your height is better and your still tall lol

@Rampage clover come in handy for what?!? Basketball , that's it..
In real life it is too tall.
Anything over 6'5 does not look good and is too tall.
Too tall for girls.
Lol that's the first insane post I've seen you do
6'3-4 is fine if you wanna be very tall and reach all the high shelves. 6'5 Max. 6'6 and over is too tall for real life. 6'7+ and over is bad height.
Fitness says on 2/Jul/15
Hello Rob. How tall is tallest guy in the picture if the other two claim 5'7ish? Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe 5ft 9.5]
182cm says on 2/Jul/15
@celebheights 187cm
Im almost now certain 176-178cm is the young guys average with 177cm almost exact.if you include evryone it will be 175-176 average dead on. Walking around in crowds is when ive seen a few 6ft3-4 guys but not alot but 6ft5-6 and above is rare and a very humbling feeling to people who like their height. Id say though your height is not very tall in a crowd just very solid tall. i dont think ive seen a girl 6ft2-3 or more in my life.

Maybe your university is like that but averge height is not gonna vary in demgraphics in western countries by more than acm.why the food is almost the same for everyone. If it was a develoing country maybe but no eay in a western country for reference check the Netherlands demography difference between the majoriry middle class and upper class.from what ive seen 177cm at night is the bang on average for toung guys you could put 176-178cm bang on average which is exactly what the uk and statustics usa has it and I believe it to be right. until they change it its defo not changed i mean thia are medical experts and im sure they know best. Thats why if you search stats nerthelands they have their average at 181cm for the overall population. And its whats green on wikepedia so as the 177cm im the u.k. 178cm at night is where it really starts 8/10 as your solid average and plus women think your 6ft so theres that.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 2/Jul/15
It's quite amazing how much a few centimeter can affect how tall you feel. I remember being 5'10 and I felt shortish quite a lot. However, I feel more tallish now. At University I feel a little above average but not with my best student bud he's 6'8 lol. We've had many jokes about our height difference.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 2/Jul/15
I really don't think the heights just below 7ft (i.e 6ft8-6ft11) are as problematic as people let on. In fact they probably come in handy.
RobV says on 2/Jul/15
@grizz. The idea that you look 'weird' at 6'6" is simply incorrect (unless you have two heads or a blue face). I hit 6'6" with my lifts/elevators and all I ever get is an incredibly positive response to my height. I simply would not do it to look 'weird'.

I grant you the point that it is very tall people who are most impressed (i get most 'wow, how tall are you, amazing?'type responses from guys who are 6'2" or over, which bears out one of your points).

Things that are above average or in the top 1% are not weird, whether it is in looks, athletic ability, earnings or whatever. Lots of people claim to want to be average and not stand out. But interestingly, these are often the very people who actually are envious of those who do, and whose actions and language give that impression. The use of emotive words about such things give the wrong impression, and are not borne out by the experience of those who look 6'6". I am in the lucky position of being able to be both 6'2.5" (real) and 6'6" (with help). I choose the taller every time because of the response and feel 'weird' being 6'2.5" !!
FiveNine says on 2/Jul/15
@tom james
I agree all the way on your 5'9 coverage along with the other heights you listed.
I remember in the 10th grade of high school...5'9 was nowhere short.
Nice chart you created
FiveNine says on 2/Jul/15
@tom james
I agree all the way on your 5'9 coverage along with the other heights you listed.
I remember in the 10th grade of high school...5'9 was nowhere short.
Nice chart you created
182 cm evening height says on 1/Jul/15
@tom james

I can't say I agree, but then it does depend on which country you live in and which region of that country.

5 ft 9 would be average for men 16+ but, in the 'young' (like 20-40) age group in London overall, I'd say that 5 ft 10 is where you can call someone strong average but, in predominantly immigrant areas, you'd probably feel tall at 5 ft 10.

Specifically in the uni crowd (at least the uni I go to):

~5 ft 10.5 seems to be average. 5 ft 9 plus thick-heeled boots can cut it but it's only at my height where I think you'd start to feel that you're actually taller than most of your male peers.

5 ft 10 is defo not perfect in my books. I'd be ever so slightly below average amongst English/European students, although maybe not so much East Asians.

5 ft 11 is a solid height. Above average and can accentuate a physique.

6 ft flat is the start of good heights and can blend into crowds well. Not really a standout height but it's very rarely going to let you down, so to speak.

6 ft 1 is the start of 'very good' as you're comfortably taller than like 80% of your male peers.

6 ft 2 is my one of my perfect heights. Taller than ~90% of young guys and an even higher percentage of girls (even those in big heels) but not a giant.

6 ft 3 is my other perfect height. Whether you prefer this or 6 ft 2 really depends on the heights of your friends and people you interact with and how much you want to stand out.

Any higher depends on the crowd you run with. My mates are in the 5 ft 10 to 6 ft 1 range and I'm happy at nearly 6 ft but someone whose mates are all over 6 ft (definitely not as rare as you might think) may not be content at 6 ft.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM says on 1/Jul/15
For 187 CM/6'1.5"/6'1.75"

In professional sports (besides soccer):
NFL-Low average.
NHL-Above average.
In soccer: Solid Tall.
In an airport: Solid tall, but it would also depend on the airport.
In the celebrity world (acting/singing): Strong tall.
Average crowd/city: Very tall.
For a politician: Weak tall.
At your average job: Very tall.
At the average event: Very tall.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM says on 1/Jul/15
To mention where the height of 5'7" stands in the USA:

Professional sports (besides soccer): You'd be extremely short.
Soccer: You would be short, but not to where people will randomly comment.
If you're a celebrity (music/acting): You would be below average, but not actually short.
In an airport: Short, but barely.
In the average crowd (on the street or in a mall): Below average, but not probably not short.
If you're a politician: You would be really short, but that's because of the fact that most are between 5'9" and 6'1". It's not due to the fact that they are all like 6'5"+ or something.
At a job: You would likely be bordering below average rather than short.
At events: Shortish, but not short.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 1/Jul/15
@Tom James I don't know if I would go as far as referring to 5'9.75" as being tall, even though it is fractionally above average. In my college (which is full of white males who are between 18-25), if one is 5'11", they would be considered tall (unless you're on the basketball team), so I'm becoming convinced that it's actually tall. One that I would add is '187 CM'. At this height, I've been feeling really tall (ever since I've figured out how perspective works). My height can get brought up in random conversations as well (by almost everybody who I speak with daily).
184.3cm (Night) says on 1/Jul/15

A 180cm man (Barefeet) will feel average here even with the younger crowd. I think the average is somewhere in the 5'11 range as most guys eyelevel is around the end of my nose.
However there are alot of 190+ guys here, we have a large population, small land mass so you will see these guys often.
tom james says on 1/Jul/15
This is my general night time listing for my observations in the UK some might suprise you, I am 180cm (legit night time by the way). Comment guys if you agree.disagree.


5'3 (159cm) - Very short
5'4 (162cm) - Very short
5'5 (165cm) - Very (but less short) still noticeable
5'6 - (168cm) Short but you will be taller than most women comfortably as you will be 5'6.5 (168.9cm) roughly in the daytime maybe just shy of 5'7 in the morning

5'7 (170.18cm) - now in my opinion this is wear regular size starts. STILL SHORT but in my opinion the lowest form of average. In crowds it won't be the most eye catching thing about you.

5'7.5 (172cm) - Almost definitely a 5'7.75-5'8 in the morning, therefore touching average territory but JUST. You can if 5'7.75 in the afternoon perhaps pull off a weak average, people won't be drawn to your height at all, MAYBE if the conversation comes up. MANY people this height will claim 5'9-5'10, and girls will believe it.

5'8 (172.8cm) - A weak average, pretty much the same as 5'7.5. Althought slightly below the BANG on average, RARELY you'll be drawn up on it, especially with high boots. You can claim 5'9 or 5'10 and think most wouldn't batter than an eye lid.

5'8.5 (174cm) - Taking small people (5'6 and below) and TALL TALL people (5'11.75) this in my opinion is bang on average. At this height you will wake up roughly at 175.5cm and could claim 5'10 with boots on and no one (hardly) would admit any different. This is the average height, unknown to most people, if you are legit this height at night.

5'9 (175.29cm) - This is an Average height, strong and at this height you will never look short. Women will believe you are at LEAST 5'10, I mean at LEAST. When I was this height I got the 'just under Six foot comments. At this height, I believed I was 5'11 until I got measured, just because of comments. I at this height felt taller than ALL short people, tall for my age at height school 16+ (or at least tallish).

5'9.75 (177.17cm) - This in my opinon, and feel free due to media perception to disagree, is the very lowest form of tall. At this height, I could hold myself well against 5'11 men. I KNEW I was above the adult 50th percentile. At this height you will wakeup at roughly 178.5cm (that's 5'10). I remember people saying at this height are you 6'0, and I was 5'9!

5'10 (just above 178cm) - This height will although not be a giant, is perfect. You are taller than more than 50% of men, of all ethnicites (less so than white/black), and taller than 90% of women (roughly). A women taller than you becomes a rarerity (although it was beforehand anyway). In shoes in the morning you can could enter 181cm territory and this is tall. A very good 8/10 height. Also modelling becomes possible at this height.

5'10.9 (180.1cm) - You will wakeup at around 181.5cm and that is a tall height. You will NEVER be called short, that is a thing of the past. You are taller than 50th percentile. This is pretty much my height. You realize that the 5'10 average claims in the US are pretty much false. You rarely see a women taller, and in shoes you can reach around 183cm (6'0). If you were to say you were 6'0 no one and I mean hardly ANYONE would call you short.

5'11 (180.34cm) - Pretty much above. This is a perfect, tall height, you can never look short. Even in a picture of 6'2+ people, people can you tell you're NOT short. 9/10 height.

5'11.75 (182.25cm) - Excellent height. You are tall at this height. MOST people will say your 6'1 or in rare cases 6'2. You wakeup at 184cm or so and that is golden territory. No one call say this isn't tall. Tell 100 people your 6'0 and ONLY ROB WILL PICK YOU UP ON IT!!

6'0 (182.88cm) - This is an excellent height. You will be constantly telling people your not 6'2 and girls your not 6'3. You will never have a problem.

6'1 (185.42cm) - This is my height in big shoes. And I rarely see someone taller. Around 8/9 out 10 are shorter. I wish I was this height barefeet at night.

6'2 (188cm) - If you going to be this tall tall, this is the height you want to be. In my opinion, the height before minor problems can occur. Taller than 95% of men, and 95% of women in heels, BAREFOOT. A 5'10 girl in 6 inch heels will gain about 4-5 inches, and thats around your height BAREFOOT. This is an excellent height.

FEEL FREE TO AGREE OR DISAGREE, these are my observations

182cm in the morning (5'11.5)
181cm in the afternoon (5'11)
180cm in the evening (5'10.75)
grizz says on 30/Jun/15
@RobV,at 6ft6 you will always look weird next to general population. A colleague of mine,close enough to 6'6, has that slim,yet athletic build you're talking about. Looking only him it's ok,but when surrounded by us guys 6'-6'3 (not to mention girls), we all look like children next to him.
grizz says on 30/Jun/15
@what claim,IMO your absolute lowest should be no more than 5mm shorter than claimed height. So,in your case, 182.4 cm is the minimum to claim "6ft"(it starts from 182.88cm). From 5mm to 10 mm below mark (181.88 cm) I find that to be "weak 6ft".
Alternatively, one commenter gave an excellent formula to establish your height: out-of-bed height*0.25 + absolute-lowest height*0.75
totigno says on 30/Jun/15
@ french guy

i have a female friend who lives in picardie i should ask her if people there are so much taller than others regions that even when you are a bit over 180 cm you can feel not solid average or tallish
WishIWasTaller says on 30/Jun/15
Hey Rob.
How tall is a guy if his eye level is 5'7.5 or a little higher?
[Editor Rob: most likely in 6ft-6ft 0.5 range]
Tom96 says on 30/Jun/15
Would a 180cm man be considered at least average everywhere in the world, or would people in the Netherlands consider him to be short ?
184.3cm (Night) says on 30/Jun/15

Yeah i am a manaverage as well here in the Netherlands. Except change 6'2 with 6'4 +

Then i go on vacation and feel like a tall guy 90 percent of the time.
Narr says on 30/Jun/15
@grizz I know that feel. At least I can feel like a giant when I am in Turkey in two weeks.
RobV says on 30/Jun/15
@ Mid190s. As usual, you are right on the subject - thre really is no such thing as too tall if all the other things are in place - build, health etc. What is odd is the degree to which some who comment say "6'6" is not good because..." (and then cite things which can just as easily apply to shorter people. I myself am no way 'gangly' or whatever, but the comments suggest that all guys that height MUST have that disadvantage, ergo it is not good.

This stands logic and science on its head - there is a simple reality. If you are that kinda height and are well built, it just looks superb. The idea that it cannot be done just because a lot of tall guys are slim is completely wrong. It is the same as suggesting that because so many short guys are overweight that the reverse or mirror problem applies. You do not have to be overweight if you are short - you just have to take a bit of care.

The biggest irony about height is that you do not have to build up like a big muscle guy. A biut of tone on a very tall body, even slim, looks great.
what claim says on 29/Jun/15
How close to a height must you be at your lowest to claim it?

Can a 182.3cm at night claim 6ft? Can a 187.5cm at night claim 6'2? Or is that a "weak"6ft or 6ft2?
Matthew says on 29/Jun/15
GI Jose says on 28/Jun/15
I go by my night height because I feel like I'm lying if there's a chance that I may measure under what I say my height is. I haven't measured under 6'0.5" lately, but I get 6'0.75" in the afternoon. I still say 6'0", but I could easily round upward to 6'1" if I wanted to.


If you're 6'0.75" in the afternoon and say only 6'0" you're rounding down heavily. I'd probably claim 6'1" as that is mathematically closer or "almost 6'1" is something I'd likely describe myself as if I were you, but you're entitled to claim whatever you like obviously.
french guy says on 29/Jun/15

When you're average you feels tall as often as short
I think 188 cm would cut this feeling, maybe 185 cm
NBAer says on 29/Jun/15
mike321 says on 28/Jun/15
Is everyone going by their night height? I would think personally that afternoon height is the most realsiitc repensentation of your true height as it's in the middle of morning and night.
Mike,the difference between afternoon and evening height is alot smaller in most cases than the morning-to-night height shrinkage.You could potentially lose 0.5cm MAX from afternoon to evening,but then again you could go down a full inch from morning to evening,or even more,depending how tall you are or how long your spine is.I always go with my evening height,which is usually a little over 179cm ,so i would generally claim 179 as my height,although i have also claimed 178 and 180
french guy says on 29/Jun/15

you should go on limblenghtening forum, you will find the answers you're looking for, imo there are some very good doctors in russia and india who are used to performing it.There is also Mitkovic in Serbia.However, it's hard to get a russian visa, you need one if you want to go to russia.
I think you live in the Us, i live in north France.Unless you live in the west coast, i doubt the average is 5'8".
In europe the average is much higher than 5'8"
GI Jose says on 28/Jun/15
I go by my night height because I feel like I'm lying if there's a chance that I may measure under what I say my height is. I haven't measured under 6'0.5" lately, but I get 6'0.75" in the afternoon. I still say 6'0", but I could easily round upward to 6'1" if I wanted to.
grizz says on 28/Jun/15
Guys from 5'10 to 6' , ever got that manaverage feeling? I'll copy-paste post from some forum which pretty much resembles my feelings:
"It is the manaverage feel. When you are ~6'0 sometimes you go out and are looking down on everyone. It makes you feel good and somewhat tall. But, other times you go out and the men are all seemingly 6'2+ and the women/girls are impinging on you making you feel like a manlet.
Only manaverages get this feel because on a daily basis manlets never have a chance to feel tall and tall guys never really have the chance to feel small. Us manaverages get the highs and the lows"
Chris says on 28/Jun/15
Does anyone have any ideas on how much taller folks are in richer / wealthier areas? I'm about 5'9.5" and I'm from a wealthy area in California. Even though the US average is about 5'10, my area seems to have a plethora of folks larger than that. I was in public and saw about 8 people my height or shorter, while a whopping 20 were taller! Surely the average can't deviate in wealthy areas up another 2 or 3 inches?
Emil 182-183 cm says on 28/Jun/15
@French guy
Whatever, mate, wish you luck none the less and I sincerely hope you'll be happy .
Rory says on 28/Jun/15
When you pass by the leg lengthening clinic or w.e its called maybe dropping by the mental health clinic wouldn't be a bad idea either.
tallguy23 says on 28/Jun/15
You can check out my review I did of the grow taller dynamics, it really helped me out Click Here
mike321 says on 28/Jun/15
Is everyone going by their night height? I would think personally that afternoon height is the most realsiitc repensentation of your true height as it's in the middle of morning and night.
french guy says on 27/Jun/15
@emil 183 cm

hum i see, i don't feel so terrible, i sometimes feel tall which gives me confidence, but it's just the fact that i hate feeling short which happens a lot.

Anyway, height is relative, stating that 6'0"-6'2" is perfect is pointless, since 6'0" can be tall in some places and short in others (where i live for example it's slightly below average)

In my opinio a man has to be 6'1"to feel solid and to have that manly look, in Hamburg it's 185.5 cm, in the netherlands 185 cm or tad more...
Since i'm 182.5 cm i should be 186.5 cm after leg lenghtening which is very solid for a man, but not tall, tall starts at 190-193 cm based on what i see on a daily basis
french guy says on 27/Jun/15

seems you consider leg lenghtening or you would like to be taller, but you're wrong when you say orthopedist don't accept someone who is 5'9" or over.Actually there are many guys who are a bit taller than you and who did leg lenghtening.
There is no barrier, no limits, there is someone who was 170 cm and finally reached 188 cm, which is extreme.He did a first surgery and reached 180 cm, and then he did a second and reached 188 cm.I think the guy will never recover his functions and ability.

You don't have to save 100 000 dollars, you can do ll with a cheap doctors, there are a few very good doctors in russia and india who were trained by DR Paley, considered as the best in the world.
James B says on 27/Jun/15
A strong 6'5 man from my 5'7-5'8 perspective can look quite giant like. A legit 6'4 looks exceptionally tall to me.

6'3 stands out as looking tall to me but not doesn't give the same impressive vibe to me that 6'4 or 6'5 guys give.

My perception would be different though if I was the average height for a young man of 5'10. If I was 2 inches taller 6'5 would look not as remarkable
red187.5 says on 27/Jun/15
IMO, regarding the perfect male height and weight;

Chris Hemisworth( in Thor movies) : 10/10
Alexander Ludwig( in Vikings): 10/10
Will Smith( in I am legend): 10/10
Ryan Raynolds( in Blade trinity) : 10/10
Hugh Jackman (in X-men): 10/10

Henry Cavill ( in Man of Steel): 9/10 (little bit short heightwise)
Chris Evans ( in Captain America): 9/10 LSH
Clive Standen ( in Vikings) : 9/10 (little bit skinny bodywise
The Rock (in every movie he is in: 9/10 (too big/ too much muscle)

Robert Pattinson (in Twilight): 8/10(too ****ing skinny and little bit short

Tylor laurent (in Twilight): 7/10 (too short)

RDJ (in Iron Man): 6/10 ( lack muscle definition and too short)

Vince Vaughn (in every movie he is in): 5/10 (too tall and no muscle at all)

As you can see I left the looks of this blokes to the ladies to
red187.5 says on 27/Jun/15
Thanks Rob, you are the best. But I already knew that I won't grow any taller naturally because I am 21 now but is there any other way or product that can stretch me just by one inch. I' ve been to America when I was little so it's good to know that my height would be considered tall now.Because here in switherland it ain't feel that tall.
[Editor Rob: some people have claimed to, but I think it is unrealistic to expect anything from doing a program...unless you are coming from having loose/poor muscular sructure. Then it may be worth trying a program to improve posture as it will help you seem taller when others are talking to you.]
Matthew says on 26/Jun/15
RobV says on 20/Jun/15
@ Narr I agree that 6'7" is a good height and it looks amazing if you have a bit of muscle/bulk. I have actually never heard anyone who I know to be in the 2m area say they would rather be shorter. Yes, people can pose anonymously online, pretend they are that height as no-one can verify, and say they hate it. But when you get down to hard facts, as I have seen it with people I deal with, they always prefer to be as tall as poss.


Look at a guy like Afrojack. He goes around claiming he's 6'9" and sometimes he even says 6'10". The truth is, he's more like 6'7"-ish, possibly a little over and possibly a little under. It's quite obvious when you see him next to other tall people like Calvin Harris (who is a legitimate 6'5.5" - 6'5.75" guy) that he's definitely not anything like 6'9" or 10". Is it likely that he wishes he was shorter? If he's going around adding 2, even 3 inches to his claimed height I think it is not.
Mid190s says on 26/Jun/15
More awesome things about 6'7 than negative.

it's really about health build, apperarence, and mobility. If those attributes are intact really no such thing as too tall.
WishIWasTaller says on 26/Jun/15
Hey Rob.
How tall are these guys if the shortest guy claims 5'8?Click Here
[Editor Rob: 2 guys beside can look near to 5ft 11 and near 6ft 2.5 range.]
RobV says on 26/Jun/15
@ MRTBlack. You are right statistically (depending upon where you live) that in countries like the UK, US etc, you will be taller than 19 out of 20 in a room if you are just over 6'2". I am 6'2.5" and wear lifts/elevators because I want to be taller than 99/100 if not more. But I nonetheless do not kid myself in any way that I am 'short' at my natural height. It's just that I know I am tall and want to be taller.

I would not go to the lengths of frenchguy who is talking about having leg lengthening at 6' (183cm), but I know quite a few guys from here who similarly tall and want to be a bit taller.
ManKo says on 26/Jun/15
Rob, how tall do you think this lady is?

Click Here

The man on the left its suppsoed to be 218cm or 7`2, and the man on the left its supposed to be 210cm or 6`11.

She must be really talk, here is a picture of the 7`2 guy with Lou Ferringo:

Click Here
Emil 182-183 cm says on 25/Jun/15
@french guy
I really don't mean to attack you or anything I just kinda feel bad for you, mate. You must feel terrible and you shouldn't!
182 cm evening height says on 25/Jun/15
@James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius

6 inches from stretching for 90 days if you're under 18? Are you high?
Emil 182-183 cm says on 25/Jun/15
@french guy

I feel just above average. Sometimes I feel tall, few times short, but rarely do I feel very tall or very short.
I feel good about it to be honest, and you should too man. Think about the possible consequences of your surgery surgery... Could harm more than it does good.
red187.5 says on 25/Jun/15
rob, how tall do you think I am if my lowest/ night height is 186.5 cm and my morning is 188.5? BTW I am from east africa and I was considered as a very tall guy in my country. but in western countries I don't feel tht tall . And guys I met from western europe are some of the tallest next to southern sudanese. I think the best height for male is 187-189cm and for female 170-175cm. back in highschool and college I used to slouch and measured @ 184.5 barefoot then after a while I become very aware of the effect of man's height and start correcting my posture and workout.
In highschool I used to play basketball and got many attentions from girls. I noticed that my height really helped me in getting many chicks because I am kinda shy but still many would not reject me when I introduce myself to them in the lamest way possible. That's why I want to add an inch so that I can be 189 @ my lowest. Is it possible? sorry for my poor english btw.
[Editor Rob: it seems you improved your posture and measured taller, but if you were aged 18 I'd say the chances of more growth will be much less. You already seem 6ft 1.5 range, which is quite a tall height even in America!]
Rifle says on 25/Jun/15
How tall do you think this lady is? The boots are apparently giving are 3.5-4 cm.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: the women does look to have a very tall height, I wouldn't be surprised if around 6ft 5]
Keltoi says on 25/Jun/15
@P173.5 That's more than decent enough. Pretty much the same as me. I'd consider it medium height. With good posture, you'll be noticeably taller than 170cm people, which I consider to be the grey zone between short and average.
Daprez says on 25/Jun/15
@ P173.5

It's a fairly decent height for sure though it depends on where you live. It is close to a medium height in most European countries. However, you would be considered short in places like Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina and the Netherlands. To sum up, it's fine and you should be taller than a large chunk of women.
MrTBlack says on 25/Jun/15

I see a lot of comments down below saying that " 6'1" and 6'0" isn't that tall" but I'm a hair over 6'2" (depending on time of day) and at social events and public places I'm the tallest 9.5/10 times. Is this unusual for someone who is around 6'1" or 6'2"?
[Editor Rob: not really, a good 9 out of 10 men will be smaller than you easily. And nearly every women would be smaller.]
P173.5 says on 25/Jun/15
I'm 173.5cm. With my Nike air pegasus 83s on I'm 177cm. Not sure if that's a fairly decent height or could it be considered short.
Shorty says on 24/Jun/15
Thank you to the person who explained how short guys like me actually do contribute to the gene pool (it was interesting...). But I still hate being short. If there had been leg-lengthening surgery when I was younger, I would have done it FOR SURE. Now, though, I can't because I can't take months off of work to recover in a wheelchair, and I also 't relocate to Baltimore (where I think the only one in the U.S. is). If any of you ever read up on it, it looks to me like you have to basically give up two years of your life...and pay a small fortune. Again, if I was 20 again, I'd work for a few years to save enough, then I'd check out for two years while it was done. But I just can't now. It's absolutely heartbreaking, since I'd give up five years of my life, not to mention two, in order to be four inches taller (the max that's safe, apparently). But it's just not possible, with the adult responsibilities that I now have...
french guy says on 24/Jun/15

yes, i know...
we both the same height, and i remembe you live in denmark, how do you feel there,
qartt says on 23/Jun/15
Crypto139 there is a national health survey for the uk from 1983-2012, which includes average male and female height. The last men under 35 were under 176 was 2000, it was 175.9. The average for under 40 men is 177-178 or 5'9 3/4 to 5/10. There has been the odd year where 5'10 has been reached, overall it has been 177.3 for 20 years. Men born 1958-1968 in the Uk average 176.5 cm, those born after 1968 average 177.3, those born before 1948-1958 averaged 175.5.

Women average 163, except those under 24 average 163.8. So the girls take the height increase award. Older women pre 1958 were 162 at their peak, which is 5'4, youngsters 5'4 1/2.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 23/Jun/15
@manuel stretching does make you grow taller but it's only effective if
your if your growth plates are open like if your 18 and under if your if
over 25 your growth plates are closed that means it would be very difficult
too gain any height if your 18 and under you can 6 inches from stretching
in 90 days since your 25 it would be very hard too gain anything noticeable
the most you can gain from stretching is 1 inch and 2 inches.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 23/Jun/15
Rob is it possible for males too grow 12 inches at 17 like go from 5ft 3in
too 6ft 3in Kevin Costner grew 11 inches at 17 he went from 5ft 2in to
6ft 1in he was a late bloomer is it possible for late bloomers who are 17 too grow too 11 inches and 12 inches when they hit puberty.
[Editor Rob: there will be rare cases of large spurts at 17-18 like 8-10 inches, but for every person you know like that there will be hundreds who don't.]
Emil 182-183 cm says on 23/Jun/15
@french guy
182 cm is a very good height. It's average in the Netherlands, and just below average in the Dinaric Alps (which is a small area).
You seem complexed beyond measure. I know guys who'd kill to be your height
Amaze says on 23/Jun/15
Sorry 6'4 is very tall. UK and us 6/7 inches above average height. 6'3 is even but if you don't agree 6'4 100% is very tall facts. 6'4 is not near very tall or any that bs its confirmed legit fact 6'4 is very tall.
Sam says on 23/Jun/15
I'd say 6ft1 - 6ft2 is solid-tall range, 6 flat is weak-tall/above average, and 6ft4+ is very tall, even though at 6ft3 you can stand out still, but I think it comes up just a little shy of the "very tall" range IMO.
Daprez says on 22/Jun/15
@Iillo Thomas

That makes more sense so 5ft 3 for example would very short and 6ft 5 would very tall. I'm sure most people would agree with this. Both these heights are 7 inches away from average which is even clear to someone who has blurry vision.
NBAer says on 22/Jun/15
Rob how do you really feel at 5'8?I mean do you feel short,average,weak average?Because i sometimes feel short at 5'10.5,even though im taller than most people i see on a daily basis...but
whenever i see someone 6'1 or taller, i always get the "im short" feeling.So how do you generally feel at 5'8?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 8 feels pretty much a bit under average from the years of just casual observation of male height in public. Depending on situations, 5ft 8 could feel very short or even tall.
Amaze says on 22/Jun/15
@Lillo Thomas true 6'3 maybe very tall irl its certainly very tall or near it but imo it is in basketball there's a lot of 6'5-6'6 guys. To be a point guard you need to be 6'2 or over. The best basketball players in my hs are 6'2,6'3 though. They do better than the 6'5/6 guys.

I agree yes. 6'6/7 is definitely too tall in real life. 6'5 is Max but its pushing it. 6'2/6'3/6'4 is gold if you like being tall a d standing out. 6'0/6'1 are best for comfort and being tall and not standing out that much.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 22/Jun/15
Hey Rob is it possible for women hit puberty very late like at 16 and 17 that
would be the eqavilent the for men too hit puberty at 18 and 19 sam bailey
said on loose women she didn't hit puberty until she was 16 17 that is very
rare for a female how is it possible it's common for women hit puberty very early but
rare for women too hit puberty very late it's common for men too hit
puberty very late but very rare for men too hit puberty very early does
that mean people born in the 1970s hit puberty very late what causes very
early puberty and very late puberty for both men and women.
[Editor Rob: there will be some girls who do gain noticeable large amounts later, like some boys do. I can't think of the name, but one american actress on here said at 17 she grew like 6 inches.]
WishIWasTaller says on 21/Jun/15
Yes that's a great height I would love to be that tall.
Crypto139 says on 21/Jun/15
5 feet 3.5 seems to be quite low compared to many European countries Rob. Is it just me or are female heights in the Us and UK seem a lot lower than other countries like Germany. Though the male heights are not to different. I found that 5 feet 9 is average for UK male, 5 feet 9.5 average for US male, and 5 feet 10ish for a German male. Yet the female heights are more 5 feet 3.5 for UK female, 5 feet 4 for US, And over 5 feet 5 for a German female. Actually the average young female in munich Germany is actually 5 feet 7. Just wow. Also the avergage male there is 5 feet 11.5. Strangely a guy that lives there claimed 180 is About average and that my mom at 168 is about slightly above the average. I am not sure if I can trust the chart on Germany's city. I can't seem the average young female being nearly eye to eye with me.
Aaron183cm says on 21/Jun/15

Speaking as a 183cm guy it's a solid 8/10 height (184cm is obviously a little better). My height is great because I never feel short, and I know that 6-footers rarely (if ever) get discriminated against for their height. At the same time I wish I was a little bit taller, because there are a lot of guys that hover around 6'. 183-184cm is only scraping the tall category.

On a slightly different note. I take back what I said about 6'1" being the perfect height. I now believe 6'2" to be slightly better. 6'1" is a 9/10 height and 6'2" is 10/10.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 21/Jun/15
Anybody who claims that 187 CM is weak tall, tallish or just above average really should see how tall an actual 187 CM person is. Whenever I see somebody who ties with me, it's very clear to everybody that they are very tall (even the people who are 6'3"-6'7" that I've spoken with have recognized that it's very tall. In the average American crowd, it would either be the tallest, or there would be somebody who is 6'3"-6'4" on occasion (rarely 6'5"-6'6"), and none of those heights tower over somebody who is 187 CM. It's definitely the 95th-96th percentile/strong tall.

Some examples of people who are this height:

1. Novak Djokovic
2. Gerard Butler
3. Jason Lee (he appeared to be this height in person)
4. Will Smith (we were the same in person)
5. Rodrigo Santoro (after taking a second look at photos, he edges out Jim Carrey by .25", and Jim is 6'1.25"-6'1.5" in person).
6. Maria Sharapova (she recently appeared to be that height in person)
7. Tom Hiddleston (he's not the full 6'2")
8. Adrian Peterson
9. Jay-Z
10. Jim Carrey (could be a weak 187 CM, or a strong 186 CM based off of what I saw in person).
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 21/Jun/15
Hey Rob is It possible for men to grow taller after 25 and after 30.
[Editor Rob: a rare genetic condition can allow it - whereby estrogen levels mean the growth plates don't fuse fully till 30's. A kind of delayed fusion.
Iillo Thomas says on 21/Jun/15
Daprez you are right. I make a mistake posting 5'5 is very short. 5'5 is short but very short is less than 5'4. Amaze 6'3 or 190 cm is quite short for a basketball player. 6'5 and 6'6 are great basketball heights. Infact 6'6 is the perfect basketball height , 6'7 is also a very good basketball height. But both heights ( 6'6 and 6'7) are too tall in real life. Being 6'6 tall without using this height for sports is pointless. Too tall.
Iillo Thomas says on 21/Jun/15
Daprez you are right. I make a mistake posting 5'5 is very short. 5'5 is short but very short is less than 5'4. Amaze 6'3 or 190 cm is quite short for a basketball player. 6'5 and 6'6 are great basketball heights. Infact 6'6 is the perfect basketball height , 6'7 is also a very good basketball height. But both heights ( 6'6 and 6'7) are too tall in real life. Being 6'6 tall without using this height for sports is pointless. Too tall.
Narr says on 21/Jun/15
@MusaTroll If you don't live in the Netherlands, yeah.
sam says on 21/Jun/15
hey rob i noticed that some celebrities are listed as 5"11.5 and others as 5"11.75 yet they both equate to same height in cms (182). wouldn't there be a difference?
[Editor Rob: With 5ft 11.5 it's 181.6 and 11.75 182.24, so you could round down or round up...or always round to the nearest cm, it's what I do.]
Amaze says on 21/Jun/15
@grizz I agree.

@RobV facts 6'7 is too tall for real life.
Too tall for most girls
Too tall for clothing
Look freakishly tall, because you are
6'4 is human limit, 6'5 pushing it being Max actual OK height. 6'6/6'7 is too bad, too big, even 6'5 users here have said.

Being a bouncer at 6'2 is fine, I live near a popular nightclub faces in Essex(popular in london) bouncer was 6'4 and that was ideal. Any taller and its unnecessary.

I don't get you people even John here who was 6'7 prefers to be shorter... Plus the back problems

Face it, 6'7 is too tall for real life, 6'6/6'7 may be great basketball heights but for real life, it is not ideal

Real life, 6'0-6'3(183-191) is ideal. 6'4 is good too, 6'5 is max.

@MusaTroll very good height barefoot. Low tall and no comfort issues. Not too far off perfect. Ideal 3rd best size imo it is.
185-187 is second best and 188(6'2) is first
Bryan (Queenslander) says on 21/Jun/15

Do you actually feel shorter than people who are exactly the same height as you?
Josh says on 21/Jun/15
I would say:
(I go with low heights)

164 cm and under = very short
165 cm - 170 cm = short
171 cm - 175 cm = shortish
176 cm - 180 cm = average range
181 cm - 184 cm = tallish
185 cm - 190 cm = tall
191 cm and up = very tall
182 cm evening height says on 21/Jun/15

Eye level is not a good indicator as you can have low-set eyes and the person you're talking to can have high-set eyes.

At 176cm, you're probably shorter than ~6 out of 10 young guys, assuming your country's average for young men is 5 ft 10 (where are you from?).

Try and pay more attention to the footwear that people from my generation wear and also factor in the fact that some (more than the older generation, IMO) may be wearing lifts.

Regarding being unhappy with your height:

You're not really short enough to bother with leg lengthening. In fact, a huge chunk of the guys who get leg lengthening have your height as their goal.

Having considered that, given that you can't change your height beyond wearing lifts/elevators, just accept it. No point being angry at your parents when they are a blatant example of how being low average height won't stop you from having a family or job or whatever.

Furthermore, if you're living in a developed country with easy access to education, food, water and housing, you've already won the genetic lottery (by having parents from a rich country) and are ahead of most of the world in terms of luck. We always focus on people who have it better than us rather than being thankful for what we have, which is why you'll see delusional 6 ft 2 guys who think they'd be so much better off at 6 ft 4, and this is something you have to be better than if you ever want to be happy.
french guy says on 21/Jun/15
i remember that 5 years ago, i wanted to do leg lenghtening, i was 18 years old, my growth was finished.
Considering the fact that i had to focuse on my studies and because i was told that this surgery was too dangerous and it s not worth the risk for someone who is 182.5 cm at his lowest, i decided to drop this idea, despite the fact that i'm short for a white young man.
But four years later, so one year ago, i registered on a forum dedicated to ll, it just made me realize that thousands of people were doing this surgery .The majority recover well, cases of patient who lost a leg or can't walk anymore are very rare .The majority resume
So i have the opportunity to be atleast 185 cm, which is atleast decent for me as it's at worst average anywhere in Europe, expect maybe in the dinaric alps.
french guy says on 21/Jun/15
i will consult an orthopedist this summer, i think i will do leg lenghtening next year :/
Laf says on 21/Jun/15
@Demystified: I agree with you that most developed countries average with a good 5'10 as average, with some of the small scandinavian countries and netherlands with 5'11ish as average. But sometimes the statistics come from self-reported datas, which is useless. And even if the datas are measured, we can't always trust the imprecise measurements doctors make.
MusaTroll says on 21/Jun/15
is 183-184 cm barefoot a good height.
grizz says on 21/Jun/15
@mike,kudos for you if you can feel that 1inch difference.
6ft2 is more than perfect for UK,it's 4in above average.
I might understand your need to gain that 1in if you live in the Netherlands (where 6ft is average), but it becomes redundant for UK.
NBAer says on 20/Jun/15
Rob do you agree that it's difficult to guess someone's height from a distance,even just a few metres away,if you don't stand next to them to have a more accurate idea,cause i assume you guess celebrities heights of what you think they look next to you,right?I mean,noone can actually guess someone's height to the last mm,for example my usual evening low is 179.3-179.4 cm,but noone would ever guess me that exact range...more like 179-181 would be a bet,since i'm always between this range,and out of bed i can be a few mm above 181 after a 8-9 sleep i think.And from what i've noticed,from my perspective,most people looks 2 inches taller from a distance,rather than up close.I don't know,maybe it's proportions,maybe it's uneven ground,maybe is it eye perception...In any case,do you agree that you can't easily estimate someone's height if you're not next to them?Thanks
[Editor Rob: in that video 'how to guess height', it's something I try to do is get ideas of heights up close and far away.

you are better estimating within 1-5 feet. Further away and it can sometimes make it harder.

A 6ft 1 guy 10 feet away from me is a different perspective than 2 feet away...]
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 20/Jun/15
Hey Rob is It possible for men to grow taller after 25 and after 30 i am talking about like a growth spurt of 3 inches after 25 and a growth spurt of 5 inches after 30.
Kourosh says on 20/Jun/15
@182 cm evening height

i dont know but i find it difficult to talk and look at someone's eye without looking up slightly.

i find myself shorter than majority of people specially young people like 8 out of 10. Sometimes i think maybe im not as tall as i think i am or maybe im 5'7 or 5'6 because how sometimes i feel so short. but my absolute low height which i measured at 3 am was a hair below 176cm. so this is my case and i'm so unhappy with my height and i blame my parents for it.
Amaze says on 20/Jun/15
Remember tall guy issues

188cm is fine..

190 if basketball player

187-188 fine for real life
RobV says on 20/Jun/15
@ Narr I agree that 6'7" is a good height and it looks amazing if you have a bit of muscle/bulk. I have actually never heard anyone who I know to be in the 2m area say they would rather be shorter. Yes, people can pose anonymously online, pretend they are that height as no-one can verify, and say they hate it. But when you get down to hard facts, as I have seen it with people I deal with, they always prefer to be as tall as poss.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 20/Jun/15
I genuinely think anywhere between 5ft8-5ft10 is solid male average.
It's all about how often you see guys in that range on a daily basis.
Amaze says on 20/Jun/15
@Jah I agree with most of it. Good list to me.
182 cm evening height says on 19/Jun/15

176cm is like 2cm below average for a young man.

Assuming you're in the UK/US, with good posture and boots, you should feel tall as often as you feel short ie. average.
Aaron183cm says on 19/Jun/15

That chart is spot on.
Daprez says on 19/Jun/15

Average height world wide is more like 5ft 6 tops for all ages. in places like the Philippines, India, Vietnam the average height is somewhere between 5ft 3 - 5ft 5 for men so 5ft 8 is tallish worldwide.

5ft 9 to 5ft 11 you are tall worldwide.

6ft would be the start of very tall up to 6ft 2 worldwide.

6ft 3-6ft 5 is extreme tall and 6ft 6 and above would be the start of giant world wide.
manuel says on 19/Jun/15
Hi everyone, i am 25 years old and I am 183cm.
I have watching videos on youtube n searching on google if there is any chance that I can become 187cm to 188cm (natural way-no pills etc.)
manuel says on 19/Jun/15
Hi everyone, i am 25 years old and I am 183cm.
I have watching videos on youtube n searching on google if there is any chance that I can become 187cm to 188cm (natural way-no pills etc.)
Daprez says on 19/Jun/15
@Lillo Thomas

You are quite inconsistent with heights. You say 6ft 3 is not very tall since it's only 5 inches above average, but then you say 5ft 5 is very short when it is only 5 inches below average.
mike321 says on 19/Jun/15
Jah's idea.

very short = 163cm

short = 168cm

weak short = 173cm

normal = 178cm

weak tall = 183cm

tall = 188cm (perfect, dream, ideal, desire, hope, fantasy)

very tall = 193cm

Do you agree?발음듣기


Not in the western world. 188cm is just a little bit too short to be 'perfect'. At least here in the UK i would say that the absolute perfect height would be 190cm at night. I am 188cm at night at would love to hit the 6'3 mark. 6'3 is the most ideal height imo.
WishIWasTaller says on 18/Jun/15
@French guy
In my opinion if a person feels short at 182-183 then either they live among very tall people or they aren't that tall, if you are those heights than I would bet you're taller noticeable than a large percentage of people you encounter on a daily basis.
Amaze says on 18/Jun/15
@Narr you are nuts lol 6ft7 is extreme, not a good height at all. Even 6'7 people here have preferred to be shorter. A 6'7 guy said he'd rather be 5'8 over 6'7. He wishes he wa s 6'3 instead. Don't be crazy.
6'7 is extreme tall. Lol even 6'5 is pushing it, 6'6 has pushed it and 6'7 has way too much
Jah says on 18/Jun/15
Jah's idea.

very short = 163cm

short = 168cm

weak short = 173cm

normal = 178cm

weak tall = 183cm

tall = 188cm (perfect, dream, ideal, desire, hope, fantasy)

very tall = 193cm

Do you agree?발음듣기

Kourosh says on 18/Jun/15
at 182 cm you should not feel short. Me being 176 cm i have every right to feel short and be unhappy with my height.

i only feel tall among the old people but not all the times but quiet often i feel solid tall (5'10 with shoes on). But among the young generation or 18-30 i feel below average weak average or short not all the times but quiet often.
remour says on 18/Jun/15
worldwide height chart
[for a girls]
4ft9 very short
5ft0 short
5ft3 average for world girls
5ft6 tall
5ft9+ very tall

[for a mens]
5ft2 very short
5ft5 short
5ft8 average for world mens
5ft11 tall
6ft2+ very tall

masses stereotypes
worldwide chart+2inch(maybe +3inch) lol
Zoro 5'9.5 says on 17/Jun/15
@french guy: no, it's not normal to feel short at real 182cm

In fact when you are 182/183 you are tallish, almost tall. If you meet 10 guys < 30 years old, 7 of them will be shorter than you, only 3 will be taller.

We focus more on tall people, that's why a 177/178/179 cm guy can see himself sometimes as under average, but it's just an impression. In fact a 5'10 person is average even among youngsters

But feeling short at 6 feet, it's the first time I hear that.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 17/Jun/15
french guy says on 16/Jun/15
is it normal to feel short a lot at 182-183 cm?

Depends on how tall your friends/acquaintances are. In France, almost 6ft would be considered tall.
Narr says on 17/Jun/15
6ft7 isn't extreme in my opinion. I wouldn't mind being that tall.
FiveNine says on 17/Jun/15
@french guy
You asked if it was normal to feel short alot at 182-183....Well
Rob metioned average female height is 5'3.5..
I went to a sock-hop and there were many many females at 5'3
I was a 'half-a-foot taller' than most of the females..!!!!!
At 6feet tall you are definitly up there in height.
FiveNine says on 17/Jun/15
@french guy
You asked if it was normal to feel short alot at 182-183....Well
Rob metioned average female height is 5'3.5..
I went to a sock-hop and there were many many females at 5'3
I was a 'half-a-foot taller' than most of the females..!!!!!
At 6feet tall you are definitly up there in height.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 17/Jun/15
I did nothing to increase my height. It was weird since I was always claiming to be 6'0" at 21, up until one day where my doctor noticed that I was suddenly taller. He measured me at 187 CM/6'1.5". I felt taller as well. I view growth that happens past 21 as a gift.
truth says on 17/Jun/15
@Amaze I would say 6ft1-6ft3 is ideal, 6ft6-6ft7 is still managable 6ft8+ is too tall, 5ft11-6ft0 and 6ft4 is very good 5ft9-5ft10 and 6ft5 is ok, 5ft8 and 6ft6 is plain bad, 6ft7+ or under 5ft7 is very bad.
182 cm evening height says on 17/Jun/15

The same is true for those other countries, though.

Scandinavia, if I remember correctly, has particularly poor fertility rates.

@french guy

I don't know what to tell you, mate, maybe you live in some giant land or everyone around you wears boots and lifts.
Amaze says on 17/Jun/15
@french guy definitely not. You should also be 186cm or a 6'1.25 strong 6'1 in shoes. You are tall lol. You must be hanging around 6'5 guys or what. Straighten up your posture walk around with confidence.

On observations id say 178 is the true average. 178 is true average. 177-178 is the average based on observations. Pinpointing 178 exactly.
Kourosh says on 17/Jun/15
NBAer my eyelevel is at 165.5 in the morning and at night rest at 164 or little above and im 176 cm on the nose.
Amaze says on 16/Jun/15
@Sentenza i agree. i really think 6'4 is human limit with 6'5 being the absolute max. 6'6 is definitely too tall and 6'7 and above is wayyyyyyyyy to much. im 5'8 and id rather be 5'7 than 6'7. your height at 6'0 is very good i'd say ideal range 6'0-6'2 even 6'3 is still good. its better to be low tall than giant or extreme tall defo.

tall heights imo 6'0-6'2 best for comfort.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 16/Jun/15
I experienced the same between 19-20. Haven't grown since though. But I wasnt a late bloomer, I just gained height at a more steady rate.
2toes says on 16/Jun/15
It's kind of disappointing that the fertility rates of Spain and Italy started to drop when our boys and girls were becoming as tall as British, Swiss, French, and only 3 cms under young German averages... So we have a lot of old people here who make a shorter impression for foreigners.
an anonymous peach says on 16/Jun/15
Celebheights 6'1.75 says on 11/Jun/15
@An Anomymous Peach I was about 6 feet tall (maybe a fraction shorter) from 19-20, but then I quickly grew at around 21 (to possibly 22) to about 187-188 CM.

What did you do that made you grow? Did you have a good diet and exercised alot?
french guy says on 16/Jun/15
and what is the true average for a 18-30 years old man, based on your observations not on statistics
french guy says on 16/Jun/15
is it normal to feel short a lot at 182-183 cm?
grizz says on 16/Jun/15
@Bill,I'd need more data to answer your question.
In what stage of puberty is your son(did his voice change,how strong/thick is his facial hair etc%?
How tall are you,how tall is the mother?

Regarding age,I am one of the very rare people who'd still classify you as a young person(till age of 45)
Jah says on 16/Jun/15
188cm male, 173cm female is perfect in every way in my opinion.
Amaze says on 15/Jun/15
@Bill he could do

@grizz lol she's a giant then in those heels at 5'11 and is 6'3/4 range in heels thats nuts. how tall are you again? and i just think 187 188 is better cause of no issues. i'd prefer to be 183 over 193 but i'd prefer to be 188 any day all day
Anonymous1 says on 15/Jun/15
...regarding being taller; In my opinion, most (not all) guys over 6 feet stoop, to some extent, especially young guys. I don't know if it's lack of confidence, being self conscious or just trying to look casual, to a fault. But, to me, most have that mild vulture stoop. Liam Neeson and Alan Alda have it, and both did so when young. Posture makes a huge difference, at any height.
Emil 182-183 cm says on 15/Jun/15
44 is quite middle age I think... Will your son grow? Depends on how physically developed he is. I was 5'7 at his age and now I'm around 6'0
NBAer says on 15/Jun/15
Is it just me or every man under 170 exaggerates their height by atleast 5cm??
I know a few short guys,all of them under 170,but it seems like none of them admits being under 168cm at WORST.One of them is likely 162-163 MAX,but he has claimed 168!Another one can't be over 167-168,but he usually wears lifts in his shoes to look more like 170,but he claims 175!!I know he can't be over 168,cause i have seen him barefoot and he was EXACTLY at my eyelevel,and my eyelevel is about 167cm(which is believe is a little too low at 179cm),so 168 is more than fair for him.So,is it just me or most guys under 170 inflate their height all the time?I have also noticed that really short or really tall people don't seem to lie,and are usually guite honest about their stature...
WishIWasTaller says on 15/Jun/15
My brother is 5'11.75 and I 5'9 and people always comment on his height most guess him taller than he is, and that's what sparked my questions. To me I think 5'11-6'1 is tallish range and 6'2 and over is legit tall range would you agree?
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 14/Jun/15

Do you think 100% of these "get taller as an adult" claims are scams, or do you think there may be some validity to some of them?

Like, do you think any of these proposed stretching exercises might help increase your adult height by a small amount?
[Editor Rob: I would say there is some room for maximising your full height through exercise/stretching if you already are coming from a non athletic background. I did mention in a video a marathon runner who claimed to 'grow' an inch. Her routine seemed to be 1000's of situps and more stretching and a few actors say they measured more after doing alexander technique...]
Sentenza says on 14/Jun/15
@Shorty: Taller is always better, up to SEVEN FEET? Come on mate...unless you want to be a professional basketball player, no. Don't get me wrong, I'm about 6' 0.25" and I would like to be tall-ER, like 6' 2", 6' 3", that sort of height. But the cut off point from good tall, to bad tall comes way before 7' 0". IMO after 6' 5", or maybe 6' 6" the benefits you get from height start petering out. Blokes start dipping their heads every time they go through a doorway, have trouble finding fashionable gear in their size, trying to get a decent pair of shoes in your size becomes a nightmare (I'm a UK 13/US 14, so I know what that's like. Being anything bigger must be even worse) enclosed spaces (planes, public transport, whatever) become an exercise in awkwardness... I'd forfeit all that stuff, even if it means never getting to tower over everybody in the room.

Here in the UK the avg <40 year old man is 5' 9.75", roughly, and I think its about that in most of the western world (countries like the Netherlands and Norway are quite small, comparatively so they don't throw off the average too much). Nobody needs to be 6' 8" or whatever to feel "big" and get the benefits of being a tall guy. Even something as low as 6' 0" - 6' 2" can comfortably provide that.
Ally says on 14/Jun/15
Rob, Im 21 now..exactly 2 years ago my lowest height was 179.2 cm. A year later - 180... Now I
usually measure around 181-181.2 cm at 10-11 pm (even after training) Am I considered a late bloomer or nah? :) I know its not a huge growth but still..
[Editor Rob: it's a final little gain at 19-20, more than the vast majority get at that age (nothing).]
Bill says on 13/Jun/15
Im 44 yo. What are young man age range. Also my son is 15 and 5`11. Will he grow. Answer Both
James B says on 13/Jun/15
When i got out i have not seen much evidence to suggest height matters in terms of getting attention from women.

The bar I hang out in my local town quite often I see guys like 5'2 on the dance floor get attention from women whereas they quite often ignore the tall guys over 6ft. The owner of my local who is like 5ft tall gets floods of attention from the ladies more so than the bouncers who are 6ft.

I live in the south of England and I don't know maybe in the US height if you want to have success with women is more important if your a guy compared to over here?
Lillo Thomas says on 13/Jun/15
Nope 5'5 is very short
120 says on 12/Jun/15
*22 cm skull
grizz says on 12/Jun/15
@Amaze,I might agree with you that,generally, 187-188 cm is the perfect height (not too tall to experience "tall-guy issues",yet tall enough that you never get dwarfed in crowd of tall people.
However,for my needs,strong 6ft3(191 cm) seems like the best height atm.
Yes,these are some tall numbers for girls you mentioned,but I lean even towards taller ones-5ft11,6ft,6ft1 (6ft1.5 is a cutoff height,though).
There's a girl in my city,arguably the most beautiful one (curves on right places and the just the rjght amount,beautiful face) , she's 5ft11 and in partys always wears ridiculously high heels(they probably give her almost 5in in height)-with 6ft3 and dress shoes I am almost the same height as she.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 12/Jun/15
Rob when you retire from celebheights who will take over you could be on
celebheights for at least 40 years your when your 78 your hair and beard will be white by
then will you keep the beard in 40 years time or will shave it off imagine
what you will look like when your 78.
[Editor Rob: if I was still alive and doing celebheights at 78, with even half my hair and measured 5ft 7 I would say 'yes please!'...

But you never know what the future holds...there are so many distractions and forms of entertainment that vying for any sort of audience becomes increasingly difficult every year.]
Matthew says on 12/Jun/15

Any of the spinal decompression methods of "height increase" are only going to yield any results as long as you keep up using these methods. Additionally, the amount of height a person can actually gain from this stuff is small. Those who do manage to gain height will usually only see a 0.5 - 1.0 cm increase, which is temporary height unless the decompression is kept up regularly.
WishIWasTaller says on 12/Jun/15
Can legit 6'0 guys look average in a younger crowd as well?
[Editor Rob: at times they might blend in as average with 18-30 range in some countries.

I believe our eyes pay more attention to the taller heights than the average/shorter, it seems to register more. I think that's why many people who might be tall sometimes don't feel it - they are drawn to people nearer their height and taller and that forms a more longer lasting impression...a lot of the shorter heights they miss as they are paying more attention to their height or taller.]
Emil 182 cm says on 12/Jun/15
I measure 184.7 cm out of bed sometimes. My extreme low is 182.2 cm, so nearly an inch loss. What height should I claim, in your opinion?
Rusty 190cm says on 12/Jun/15
Rob, do you think 6'3" is a height that stands out in a crowd in US and UK? I know ive told you before that I am 1/8 inch shy of the mark at my evening height. People frequently tell me I am a noticeably tall guy and that my height is the first thing people notice about me and it does draw a lot of attention to me, of course not at the level a 6'7" guy would get.
[Editor Rob: yes it is a noticeable height, but in a big crowd you will find a good chunk in that zone and a smaller chunk over that zone...but enough to feel quite tall in a crowd.]
TJE says on 12/Jun/15
@ an anonymous peach
I've grown an inch since turning 18. I'm 20 now.
Aaron183cm says on 11/Jun/15

I think you are being just a little bit stupid. Most women do not desire men who are 7 f****** feet tall (a simple google search on height preference can prove this time and time again) Do you even know how huge 7'0" is? Even 6'8" guys look massive enough already. How many 6'5"+ male sex symbols are there anyway? On places like dating sites I doubt most women even know what a real 5'10" looks like. Not saying 6'5" is a bad height by any mean, it's a good height just not ideal. It's probably worth noting that really tall men will naturally get a lot of attention simply because they are an anomaly. As humans we are naturally curious of things that deviate from what is "normal".
Celebheights 6'1.75 says on 11/Jun/15
187 CM is strong tall, but not unseen. Most would guess that we are 6'2"-6'3" as well.
Celebheights 6'1.75 says on 11/Jun/15
Why do so many try to act like they've never seen somebody who is 5'7" before when an actor is that height? 5'7" is shortish.
Celebheights 6'1.75 says on 11/Jun/15
@An Anomymous Peach I was about 6 feet tall (maybe a fraction shorter) from 19-20, but then I quickly grew at around 21 (to possibly 22) to about 187-188 CM.
120 says on 11/Jun/15
Rob, if i'm facing a 5'11½" (182 cm) guy and my eyes are looking straight at his philtrum. how tall would I be?

Note: My skull length should be about average
[Editor Rob: roughly over 2 and not quite 2.5, but it could depend if they had a short or long nose.]
Aaron183cm says on 11/Jun/15
185-186cm at night is golden. At worst you will be average in the Dinaric Alps, but almost everywhere else you will be legit tall (meaning 1 standard deviation above the average). 6'1" is probably slightly more convenient than 6'2" when it comes to stuff like legroom and finding clothes. Studies also show that men taller than 6'1" have an increased likelihood of suffering back problems later in life. 6'1" is also a height that many women love and a lot of surveys prove this.

can't go wrong with a legit 6'1". It has the fewest downsides of any height.
Josh says on 11/Jun/15
I agree with you, a legit 5'5 guy at night dont Look very short, in my opinion 165 cm 5'5 (night height) is the cut off point between short and very short... I'm from germany and even here its not that uncommon to see guys from 5'5 - 5'7 and i work at a fashion store in a big City so i see a lot of people everyday ;)
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 11/Jun/15
Rob what height would be the end of very tall would 6ft 7in be considered t
the end of very tall the start of giant heights like 6ft 5in and 6ft 6in
are still considered very tall but on high end of very tall low end of
giant so does that mean 6ft 7in would be the start of giant.
[Editor Rob: I think once you get into 6ft 8 range you really will stand out even in big crowds,]
an anonymous peach says on 11/Jun/15
Did any of you experience late growth spurts?

Most people say that growth between 17-19 is usually very minimal (1 inches at most), but there some exceptions of people reaching their adult height later than average.

A good example is Kevin Costner, who claims he shot up 11 inches from 5' 2" at 18-20 all the way up to 6' 1"

Ralph Macchio grew 1 inch at age 25.

Then there are some basketball players, some of which who have been known to grow an entire foot and then some in their late teens/early 20s
Amaze says on 11/Jun/15
5'5 isn't very short, its just regular short.

5'4 and under very short(5-6) inch below average

5'5-5'6 regular short
5'7 upper short
SAK says on 11/Jun/15
@richkid123, I would personally describe 5'5 as very short. 5'6 is ordinary short along with 5'7. This is reference to England, where average male height is 5'10.
WishIWasTaller says on 11/Jun/15
Hey Rob. Would you consider a 5'11.5 person tallish?
[Editor Rob: yes, kind of starting tall range, but in many situations would seem within average amongst younger crowd.]
JohnGB says on 11/Jun/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 7/Jun/15
How tall am if a 5'1.75" measured refigerator came exactly to my shoulders? 5'11"?
It seems you already know how tall you are... since your name has 6'1.75" in it. So why ask? In general there is 1 foot between shoulder and top of head (Which I suspect you already know) so you'd be around 6'1-2
JJF says on 11/Jun/15
@Amaze & all

If we’re going to be precise about it I would go with 1.87m every time (rounded down = 6’1.5”).
Reason being that you will (quite likely) be the tallest or at very least amongst the tallest in any given social situation, but never really AWKWARDLY taller than others. This is a big point for me – you don’t want to TOWER over people, it makes most social interactions more difficult. You just want to be ‘noticeably-but-not-extremely-so’ taller as often as possible.

I’ve always found that being about 2” taller than the next tallest people around you is a real ‘height comfort zone’, if you get what I mean. At 6’0.5” this is sometimes the case, but 1.87m would seem to be a real sweet spot (as I have noticed when wearing thick-soled/heeled boots that add an extra inch on top of what normal shoes would).

1.87m Is never going to look clumsy (unless you are ridiculously thin, which can be fixed) and even next to giant 6’5”-ers you won’t look ‘short’.
You can still ‘fill-out’ most 1.87m frames with some dedication and half-decent genetics. You’ll fit into most vehicles, and most XL-sized slim fit clothes will look EXTREMELY good on this height with an average or even slightly skinny build. Womens’ height in dress-heels won’t be a problem either.

I rest my case :-D
Shorty says on 11/Jun/15
My ideal height would be 6'5. I know a couple of guys that height, and they're both very a football player type, and the other long and lean. Everything looks perfect... limbs perfect length, torso nice and full, head perfectly proportioned with the rest of the body. They look like superheroes or James Bond or whatever. They just have to stand there and women flock to them... kind of like that tall, blonde California girl type everyone wants. If you think 6'1 is best... see what a 6'1 guy looks like standing next to John Wayne in his heyday... or Vince Vaughan. Taller is ALWAYS better... up to 7 feet, I think... but if you've hit 6'5, everything else above that is gravy. Guys like me who lost the genetic lottery (I'm a hopeless 5'7) will always look pathetic and laughable next to guys over 6'. I guess we do deserve to be weeded out of the gene pool, in a sense... and that's what's happening. I read the other day that a new study says that over 98% of women filter their online dating searches to screen out all men under 5'10. Yes, you heard that right... look it up... 98%. I guess that means that guys like me have to hope that that the one out of 50 women who actually will read our profiles will like the look of us enough to give us a shot at even talking to them. Height isn't the most important thing... it's really the only thing, sad to say. And isn't it just like life to have the most important thing be something almost entirely out of your control? You know, there are sites where overweight women can go where guys go crazy for them... they're called chubby chasers. There is a market for that, and I'm actually really happy for these overweight women that they now can find love where before it would have been more difficult if not impossible if they lived in a small town or whatever. Why isn't there something like that for short men? Because NO women want short men, that's why. We are so screwed... or not, actually (ha, ha). Where are the tall women clamouring to date 5'7 men?
Amaze says on 10/Jun/15
@JJF reasonable height chart

@Zoro 5'9.5 decent height you picked(6'0-6'1,183-185cmish) its a very good height too. these two are in the ideal range imo. and your heights average it aint short or tall right in the middle.
good choice.

@grizz 6'3 is still a good height plus your into taller chicks so its reasonable. imo 6'0-6'1'6'2 & 6'3 are the best 6 foot heights. i still would pick 6'2 over 3 though because you would be 6'3 in shoes and taller than 5'9/10/11 girls in heels still. so someone hot like kate upton, youd be taller than her in heels lol.

@TJE good choice. you'd pick 6 foot basically(6'0) 183cm. very good height. low tall or relatively tall. it doesnt stand out and no problem with space or clothes, yeah no problems like a guy 190cm or over would face.

all good choices.

my friend is a 193cm guy 6 ft 4 and loves it. he thinks he is perfect but i know i wouldnt wanna be that tall. it's solid very tall.

for me, 188cm is just perfect. 187/188. 6'2 + being built = perfection. 6'0-6'2/3 being built = perfect range it's just i always think 6'2 or 188 is perfect
186.66666cm says on 10/Jun/15
188cm is by far the best height.
Muller says on 10/Jun/15
If a 6'guy is 6'1 in shoes, will he be able to look tall among the young generation or will he only be considered tallish? If not, what's the minimum height that must a guy be in his footwear to be look legit tall in public?
french guy says on 10/Jun/15

that's wierd, i have a lordosis too and i don't lose 4 cm but 1.9 cm like the majority.
You should ask a doctor and an expert in posturology who will help you to develop your muscles , especially the abdominal muscle because people who have a lordis have weak abdominal muscles
Dio says on 10/Jun/15
I know few people will agree with me on this but I'd pick 194 cm as the perfect height.
Firstly I'm already 190cm and I don't feel very tall although it's rare to see anyone taller than me. Secondly, from my own experience 194 cm is the minimum height at which a guy is 99% guaranteed to not see anyone taller. I know around 8 people in the 186-190 range and a guy who is 192 but I have yet to see anyone in between 195-200 cm. In my entire 18 years of life I have met only one person over 195cm and he was 201 which is too tall(plus he isn't athletic at all)
The only disadvantage I can think of is that most girls already look like children next to me so I can't imagine how hard getting a girlfriend would be if I'd be 4 cm taller.
FYI I live in Romania
ManKo says on 10/Jun/15
Rob, do you think that supplements such as glucosamine, chondroitin and omega 3 can help to prevent heigh loss due to age?
[Editor Rob: t

It's not something I will personally take as I get old...
My mother takes a lot of supplements like that, but it's hard to tell any benefits...the studies done on glucosamine seem to indicate there isn't much benefit, if there is it is small.]
richkid123 says on 10/Jun/15
@jjf your height chart is pretty good, except many don't consider 5'5" to be very short. Many 5'5" guys still look relatively normal in height. Its short but not worth noting.
Andrew says on 10/Jun/15
Hi Rob. I measured myself in the morning yesterday and I was about half a cm off 6ft. When I measure myself in the night I sometimes barely scrape 5'10. Is this height drip normal? I've been told I have lumbar lordosis I have looked it up a little bit and it would appear I do. I have a very visible arch in my back. Do you think if I fixed this I could hold a height of 6ft during the day?
[Editor Rob: 1.5 inches would be an awful lot for somebody to shrink, you expect that on men 6ft 6 as a possibility...

I do think you should maybe research some exercises to help you and even ask your Doctor for recommendations or some guidance. You might then be able to stand taller for measurements at night.]
TJE says on 10/Jun/15

I'd go with 182-184. It's a range clearly above average, people in that range are generally referred to as "tall" (whether or not it actually is; I think it could be at times), doesn't really stick out, and you won't have problems with space or clothes, not as much as a 189-190 guy would have to deal with.
french guy says on 9/Jun/15
i thnik i know how growth chart are constructed
Children are not measured by expert from their birth to 18 as we expected, but they just gather datas from a small sample of health cards and make sure the kids did'nt have health issues which could have stunted their growth.
Or at best they measure children of different ages at one point.
It's far from being accurate, and it doesn't tell you when a kid stop his growth
grizz says on 9/Jun/15
@Amaze, I have no idea what height I'd pick. But anything between 6'1 and 6'3 would be perfect in my eyes. Currently 6'3 because I'm into taller chicks. With the right frame (plenty of exercise) and not too freakish measurements you won't have many issues with finding clothes/shoes. Perhaps an occasional bump in the head if you visit older houses, but that's about it.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 9/Jun/15
Rob what height is considered the end of very tall and the begging of giant
i am guessing 6ft 7in is the start of giant end of very tall 6ft 5in and 6ft 6in are height that are still in the very tall range but on low end of giant high end of very tall do you agree Rob.
[Editor Rob: yes that could be a crossover point, getting into 6ft 8 range suddenly becomes even more of a standout.]
Zoro 5'9.5 says on 9/Jun/15

I would onestly pick anything in the 6ft-6ft1 range, cause according to what I see is a 100% tall height (it's tall in countries like the USA, and even better in Italy where I live) but short enough to not make you look lanky, while majority of 6'2 guy I know are too ungracefully thin and tall

Another good point is that at 6'2-6'3 you are quite often "the tall guy": I wanna be tall, but not the tallest, don't like to always stand out

My actual height is not that bad, is average, that means sometimes I feel shortish and sometimes very solid or even tallish, it's good for clothing, cars, and comfortable in general for everyday life. Quite neutral in seduction or when you have to look intimidating
JJF says on 9/Jun/15
Adult men:

5’5” and below -- Just plain very short, sorry. Some people are born very poor, others very short. Life sucks.

5’6”-5”7 -- Short. Nothing to do about this, but it is obvious at this kind of height.

5’8” -- Short’ish’, but really not short enough to be remarkable, ie. not a defining feature

5’9” - 5”10 -- Neither tall nor short, just completely & totally unremarkable = EXACTLY what ‘average’ means

5”11 -- Tall’ish’. Other end of the ‘ 5foot8”-spectrum’ in that it is not really tall enough to be a defining feature. A kind of ‘tall neutral zone’ if you like…

6’0”-- Relatively tall. A real six footer can often look both genuinely tall or even quite average RELATIVE TO- & DEPENDING on his build (also clothes influence this). But I wouldn’t really call 6 foot ‘TALL’

6’1”-6’2” -- Genuine tall for a guy. At this height you are never going to look average. This is tall everywhere, no matter how chubby your build is.

6’3” – 6’4” -- Just plain very tall. Don’t even see how this can be discussed. If you are 1.90m to 1.93m then you are always ‘very tall’. Even in The Netherlands, where I lived. Case closed.

6’5” and above – Annoyingly tall. I call this bracket ‘annoying’ because at a decent 6’0.5” I feel short next to these people. Which is annoying. So I ‘sort’ of understand what the below-average guys feel like… it’s like spending all my days walking around amongst 6’4”+ers…
MD says on 9/Jun/15
@182 cm evening height,

I think it might depend on the sample size. The change between th 2003-2006 data and 2007-2010 data seems to be sample size. Quite frankly, the sizes all seem to small, but I'm not a statistician. My hope is that with health care and a lot of health indicators improving in America since 2008, that we might see some statistically significant change in the younger generation numbers, since it'd capture a lot of then-teens (now 20-somethings who'd be included in the numbers) during their highest growth years. Conservatively, I think the numbers could go back to the smaller sample size 2003-2006 period showing younger white Americans at 5'10.5", younger black Americans at 5'10.25" and younger hispanic Americans at 5'7". Liberally, maybe a quarter-inc added to those numbers? Who knows? lol
Amaze says on 8/Jun/15
Guys if you could pick your height what would you pick in cm/feet and inches and why? Also think advantages disadvantages clothes car fitting doorway standing out and harder to fill out frame etc.

To me 6'0-6'1 are very good heights, but 6'2 or solid 188cm is perfect. Ryan Reynolds, Abishek Bachchan, Hugh Jackman, Eric bana/ben affleck are people that I can think of in this range. Its always tall, solidly/strong tall and 4 inches above average. You're taller than average comfortably and taller than low tall 6'0 and mid tall 6'1 guys. You don't look freaky or Wkward and when you fill out your frame you look beast and you don't stand out. Also rob has said several times he'd pick 6'2. So yeah I think 6'2 is the best. Remember its not always about being the tallest,its what looks good, doesn't look massive and has no inconveniences only positives that outweigh the negatives. 6'0-1-2 has no negatives and 6'2 is also the tallest in that range which is why another reason it wins. Also everyoje I know said 6'2 to this question literally everyone even taller guys e.g really very tall 6'5 guys.
SportsHeight says on 8/Jun/15
Rob, what constitutes a typical "late bloomer" in your eyes? When do they completely finish growing (20? 22? 24?), and how much do they tend to grow after the age when most people have stopped? I've seen you say that it is relatively rare for men to grow past the age of 18-20. Just how rare would you estimate it is as a percentage of the overall population? What percentage do you think are fully grown by 16/18/20/22/etc.?
[Editor Rob: anybody who gains visible height at 20-21 I think is a late bloomer, a rare very late growth would be 23-4 zone. Anything beyond that might be due to a condition where the growth plates don't close till very do with estrogen levels.]
Daprez says on 7/Jun/15

it depends on whether your growth plates are still open. if they are then you could gain some inches with good exercise and nutrition. To find out about this you have to get an x ray.
182 cm evening height says on 7/Jun/15

Do you think it will be any different to the data we currently have?
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 7/Jun/15
How tall am if a 5'1.75" measured refigerator came exactly to my shoulders? 5'11"?
Rifle says on 7/Jun/15
Do you think this guy is 7 feet tall barefoot?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he does look like he'd be near that mark. ]
mike321 says on 7/Jun/15
matt says on 5/Jun/15
if i am a late bloomer and i am 18, how tall can i be when i finish my growth?
i am 169 cm now

Not much maye a few cm? Between when i was 16-21 i grew from 176-189cm (afternoon measurements) so it's very possible, but it is quite unlikely.

I was very much a late bloomer as well.
Verba says on 7/Jun/15

What do you think about people in their mid 20's (~25,26) claiming that they grew in their early 20's? How common is it to grow a few mm year after year in your early 20's? Could it be that those people were never that much height aware in the first place or simply just measured their height wrong? Being 21 and having no expectations of growing taller I'd really welcome an additional 1-1,5cm increasement of height.
Dio says on 7/Jun/15
Why is general height 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)?
[Editor Rob: at the time I never intended to add separate pages within the database for different topics, so it's stuck with having to give a page like general height an actual height!]
matt says on 5/Jun/15
if i am a late bloomer and i am 18, how tall can i be when i finish my growth?
i am 169 cm now
JCJ says on 5/Jun/15
Hi Rob, just a quick question. I was wondering why you don't use the late morning heights of people on this website instead of afternoon/evening which will be lower. What I've discovered and I don't know if you'd agree with me is that a person's average height normally occurs around 11am. So surely wouldn't it be a better bet to use that rather than the lowest height of the day or the highest?
[Editor Rob: from the research and my own research the average of your morning/evening is - if you wake up near 7am closer to 9am range.

Dr Strangelove says on 5/Jun/15
I think this is what a male height chart boils down to generally speaking:

160 to 170 - Short
170 to 180 - Average
180 to 190 - Tall
190 to 200 - Very tall

Of course there are grey areas in between, but you get the idea...
Jewel says on 5/Jun/15
Just to add Rob. I can answer my own question.

To be a female is a combination of a lot of factors. Masculine men may have a feature or more that is feminine and yet be Masculine or still be men.

Feminine women may have a feature or more which is masculine and still maintain their femininity. Its the overall Rob. Just because you have big shoulders as a woman, or if your a man and you fall in the average female height range - doesn't affect or change your sex.

I get this now.
Jewel says on 5/Jun/15
Rob this is for you (and any one else who wants to answer).

Of late there has been a lot in the news about men "crossing over". i.e. Bruce Jenner and transgender communities.

My question Rob is, in your perception, how does this fair for the tall woman. When a woman is naturally 5.10 and above and she tries so hard to be feminine. And don't get me wrong they pull it off - i.e. Karlie Kloss and all these supermodels who's height earns them their bread and butter in the Industry.

Do you think the advent of men trying to change to women will cast a further shadow on tall women?
[Editor Rob: I think the percentage of people who go through these operations is so tiny that it would barely effect any height stats on the subject.]
MD says on 5/Jun/15
In case anyone is interested, we should be getting our next look at the average height of Americans early next year. I wrote the National Institutes of Health because it would seem that since they do these studies in three-year intervals that we'd be close since the 2007-2010 data has been out for some time. Anyway, the Anthropometric Reference Data for Children and Adults 2011-2014 report will come out sometime in early 2016.
WishIWasTaller says on 5/Jun/15
My brother and I recently got measured by our doctors and I am 5'9 flat(bummer) and my brother is 5'11.75 so much for me hoping to reach 5'11 someday.:(
Daniel says on 4/Jun/15
Im a legit 6'1. 187 cm in the morning, 186 cm throughout the day,and 185 cm at night. Honestly,at times I really feel like a giant. But sometimes I feel barely above average. It depends on where I go to. If I go downtown,I Honestly don't feel that tall. I still feel tall,but it's not uncommon to see 6'3-6'5 guys who edge out me. But in my neighborhood, I'm probaly taller than like 97% of people I see.
Daprez says on 4/Jun/15

ok i see. once you are at least 6ft 1 maybe a strong 6ft then you should blend in quite well. It would really help if people learnt how to accurately measure themselves, this would cut down so much exaggeration as well as some therapy for those who feel insecure about height. i can understand if you are a man below 5ft 1 or 6ft 7 and over as, it makes life more of a challenge though.
MrTBlack says on 3/Jun/15
Hey Rob,

How do you prevent height loss with age? I'm 6'2.25" and am hoping I only lose an inch tops by the time I'm 60-80, thanks.
[Editor Rob: I will try to put my thoughts and advice into a video soon on this topic.]
Charon540 says on 3/Jun/15
That's how tall I used to be back in 2013-14
Laf says on 3/Jun/15
@totigno: Finland is not a part of Scandinavia.

And i really doubt the average in the dinaric alps is as tall as some people claim. If 6 foot is average, then a solid 6'3 will only be the start of tall. Just too good to be true. I really doubt it.
grizz says on 3/Jun/15
@Verbam @grizz 6'1 is probably considered shortish by 6'5 or strong 6'4 footer.
Yeah, that's what I meant. And I agree with your listing for the Netherlands.
Muller says on 3/Jun/15
Will a 6' guy be considered tall or tallish if he's 6'1 in shoes?
Verba says on 3/Jun/15
I think one should concentrate on how rare a specific height group is because anything else is subjective.

For a 5'10 person 6'2 is tall, which might be true in certain countries but here in central europe it's not the average but still quite common. 6'5+ is the start of the rare height group. Even in the netherlands (where the average height for young men is ~6'0)you will see that there are really not that much legit 6'5 footer.. most men on the streets hover around the 6'1-6'4 mark.

Also I see alot of people inflating heights by saying that "6'4 is the start giant". The start of giant should be resevered for people over 200+cm imo.

So by dutch standards:

180-184cm: average- subjectively speaking you'll find yourself towered or atleast edged out quite often.

185-189: common tall- You wil edge out most people.. chances are you encounter atleast one 190+cm person during the day. Other than that solid height group, noticeably shorter than the medium talls but you hold your own and you wont look like a shrimp next to them if you are a legit common tall.

190-194: medium tall - You will tower over most of the people during the day but you might find yourself from time to time either on the same eye level with someone or edged out by the 6'5+ group. Though like I said, 6'5+ people are rare even in the netherlands.

195-198: Out standing tall - Chance of seeing someone taller than you is rare

199+: Start of giant - Chance of seeing someone taller than you is very rare-

@grizz 6'1 is probably considered shortish by 6'5 or strong 6'4 footer. Those are rather the exception though. Like I said, it really depends on how many people are above you. Just to show how subjective height really is:

A 6'5 footer standing next to a 6'9 person would be the same as a 6'1 footer standing next to a 5'9 person.
french guy says on 3/Jun/15

yeah, i live there.I don't know if people are much taller though
totigno says on 3/Jun/15
french guy says on 1/Jun/15

i live in the north, i remember you're french too ?
In which region do you live?

west of france , are you from picardie? people there seem much taller than us , your region is quite like scandinavia ( sweden , finland ...) but 40% 185cm or taller seems crazy , 180cm+ would be more realistic
grizz says on 3/Jun/15
@Daprez, people generally don't have a very good perception on height. It is true that 6ft3 is the start of tall in that region,but only on paper-many 6ft2 guys may fall under the 6ft3 bracket just because people overestimate their heights and/or poorly judge other people's height.

At 6ft1 you will be considered average most of the time,"tall" by short people and "shortish" by tall people. Except in basketball and volleyball,you'll never be classified at 6ft1 as short, while
there is a possibility that,at 6ft,you may experience someone calling you short in everyday life.
Kourosh says on 2/Jun/15
i totally agree with you Height does matter. If anyone says its not, then they are in denial.
Amaze says on 2/Jun/15
@NBAer you're just an above average guy. Your only 4cm away from tall. 6'0 is tall yeah but I agree 185cm or 6'1 is in the perfect height range. I would gladly also pick it instead of 195cm or near/weak 6'5 too. IMO 185cm is very very good.
182 cm evening height says on 2/Jun/15

I'd shift your scale up a bit when it comes to talking about young men at (my) uni.

5'7 and below is properly short.

5'8 is short but you can look average at times.

5 ft 9 is a grey area (can be influenced by build) but you'd qualify as average in thick-heeled boots.

5'10 is medium height; a height at which you will rarely look tall but you'll also rarely feel short.

5'10.6 or so (closer to 5 ft 11 than 5 ft 10) night-time height seems to be the median average, at least in the circles that I interact with at my uni.

5'11 is strong average. Again, you'd rarely feel short in a group of 5 or so guys and you'd be more comfortable average than a 5'10 range guy. You'd feel tall as often as a 5 ft 10 guy feels short and vice versa. 5'10.7 night-time height (ie. pretty much standard 5'11) is probably the start of very weak above average while a strong 5 ft 11 (5'11 or a bit more at night) will be statistically above average but it probably won't be that visible.

5'11.5 or so night-time height is where you'd actually start to feel taller than most of your male peers. That's pretty much my height and I do feel above average but not properly tall.

6'0 (183cm at night) is comfortably above average/low tall in almost all settings apart from sports teams.

6'1 is the start of proper tall, where people will actually see that you've got 2 inches or so on the average bloke at uni.

6'2 is strong tall. It's ~3 inches above my estimated uni average.

6'3 A legit 6'3 guy qualifies as upper strong tall.

6'4 is the start of very tall.

6'5 is strong very tall.

For me, the perfect range is a strong 6'0->6'2. I work out and so I'd say that that is a range where you can build an impressive physique without slogging for as long as an even taller guy and when you do build your physique up, it looks more impressive than an average guy with similar muscular development. More importantly, as you go above 6'2, the risks of having a weird frame or always looking lanky (even with developed muscles) increase.
Daprez says on 2/Jun/15

Ok i was just planning to go around the Dinaric Alps mainly Montenegro and Herzegovina. I understand so there's just more people around the 6ft mark then other european countries. it's quite strange that 6ft 2 would be still seen as tall if it's only 1-2 inches above average. i would of thought it would be tallish over there and 6ft 3 would start tall.
120 says on 2/Jun/15
(So oops, i might've made a mistake. *So pretend you're me.
120 says on 2/Jun/15
So Rob, a question for a height guess. So I'm 5'8".5, so if you're looking straight at the center or upper part of her forehead. I have a 22 cm skull and my eye range is 4.25 in. How tall would she be?
[Editor Rob: 5ft 6.5 is possible, but also 5ft 6]
Lisa says on 1/Jun/15
@184.3m(Night): Do you have a link to the Science Journal article about women growing and men stagnating? thanks
chrisi says on 1/Jun/15
Hi I have two important questions to you Rob and the others here, I am 18 years old and about a week ago my height was: 175,o-175,2 cm morning
173,6 cm evening
173,2 cm night

I discovered that grow to: 176,0cm morning
174,6 cm evening
174,2 cm night
Now my questions are, is my height lost normal? and is it a good sign for growing more in the future (till 21)? I want to hit at least 175cm or 178cm (if I am lucky).
french guy says on 1/Jun/15
@ Amaze you make lot of contradictory statements such as
"height doesn't matter, but height is a strong topic at school "
"height doesn't matter, but girls prefer tall guys, and tall guys get more respect at the workplace"

"height isnt important but however some girls reject boys for being too short, and apparently taller people are more successful in the work place get more respect and stuff. height is only related to beauty e.g. a taller man looks better e.g. a 6'0 guy looks better than a 5'7 guy body wise but a 6'0 guy obviously beats a 6'6 guy. too tall or too short sucks. "

how old are you amaze? I give you 13 max but no, you're 18, you're an adult :/ , but you reason like a kid.

" Everyone here knows you are the most insecure, getting limb lengthening at 182.5 night thats preposterous."

That could be true, but in 2 years i will stop worry about height, i would rather having a horrible year and then enjoy life than worrying about it for years.
However if you think i'm the most insecure person, then you're the second, don"t take this the wrong way, but it's true, you are intelorant and you get mad when someone disagrees whith all the stupid charts and comments you have made
Amaze says on 1/Jun/15
So many trolls and giant kingdom coming in here 188-9 tallish lmao I'm cracking up at you fools
french guy says on 1/Jun/15

i live in the north, i remember you're french too ?
In which region do you live?
NBAer says on 1/Jun/15
The reality is height DOES matter to everyone pretty much...That's why people always tell you to do something,help someone in an activity for example,and ESPECIALLY if you're tall people always think you should participate in anything and even sometimes expect great things from you,just because you're tall.I don't even think of myself as tall,but 95% of people i know call me tall(i don't think that's really the case at 179cm),especially women under 165cm(alot of them) and men under 175. I mean some guys always wanted me to play soccer on my village's team,but i didn't like the idea and all of them told me i should because i had the 'body' for it (height,weight).Anyway,the ideal male height after some thought is 185cm!A legit 185 is always tall and in areas with low averages,it's GOLDEN tall.I mean if i had to choose between 185 and 195,i would gladly choose 185 because if you have good proportions,you will look perfect at this height,you'll get girls anytime lol and you will always be guessed 188+ by most people.
184.3cm (Night) says on 1/Jun/15
Sam says on 30/May/15
A lot of the time people say 6ft2 is the perfect height, but I think the advantages diminish once you reach the 6ft benchmark and go any further. Say for example a 6ft male compared to a 6ft2 male, I'm pretty sure most women would be interested either way, with the 6ft2 guy maybe having the edge, but say a 5ft10 male compared to a 6ft male, the 5ft10 male is viewed as having more of a disadvantage in comparison, even though the difference is the same.

Thats because a woman who falls anywhere between 5'5" -5'10" will reach 5'9" to over 6'2" in some big heels. The 6 foot guy gets to 6'1 or maybe a bit more depending on shoes so he is sitting good for most women but maybe the 5'10" woman will not view him as attractive as the 6'2 guy.

The 5'10" guy gets to 5'11" in shoes and so 5'5-5'7 max i believe if i follow how women seem to think. Maybe not even 5'7" as they expect you to still be a bit taller so maybe 5'6" max. Now factor in the fact (science journal) that women are growing while we as men have stagnated and i can see problems in the future unless as a society we change how we view height in general.

I mean if 5'5 is the new average then a guy has to be a solid 5'9" to even get a shot with women who follow the "has to be taller when im in heels" line. Although as one guy said to me once, he has an in-built bitch filter.
184.3cm (Night) says on 1/Jun/15
Ice says on 31/May/15
170-178 / - Short
179-185 - average

186-189 - tallish

189 tallish, what planet is that on?
Kourosh says on 1/Jun/15
I'm 5'9.5 and i feel short as much as i feel tall. Somedays im shorter than almost everyone peers , and there are somedays im almost the tallest being around. But i feel more average to below average than being solid average to tall.

i wish i was 5'10.5 to 5'11 at least :(

sucks to be short.
totigno says on 1/Jun/15
french guy says on 30/May/15
according to statistics, the average height for young men is 178 cm, which means 15 % are taller than 185 cm, in short, for every guys you see in the street, only 4 or 5 are taller than 185 cm, that's just impossible.
Based on my experience the true average is 183 cm, 40 % are 185 cm or taller, sounds more realistic.190 cm is the start of legit tall, 175 cm is legit short

you must live in giant world! 40% 185cm or taller!
when i was at uni my friend who was 188cm was towering most guys and said 175cm is an average height
and a 190cm guy got comments about how huge he was
TJE says on 1/Jun/15
I thought you said you reached 174, Amaze.
OneNamePlease says on 31/May/15
I'm just like you
I want to be 175cm.
Its probably
OneNamePlease says on 31/May/15
I'm just like you
I want to be 175cm
gangsta says on 31/May/15
Dinaric Alps is a region full with tall people, especially Montenegro and Herzegovina(part of Bosnia and Herzegovina). I've been to Montenegro, the height average must be amazing for this country.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 31/May/15
The average height in Dinaric Alps seemed to be more 184 CM.
6fthunkofchunk says on 31/May/15
5'8 is fine height. Especially if you're stocky. Workout and you'll look intimidating
Vibram says on 31/May/15
I feel short at 177cm. I just saw Kell Brook the boxer on TV who's 175cm and he looked like a small man. It made me sad.
Amaze says on 31/May/15
5'9 being short lmao 175 thats ridiculous this ain't giantland a giant planet lol ridiculous.
Amaze says on 31/May/15
175cm is not short and 190 does not start tall. True average is 178 for our generation and 175 for people 30-40 etc . 183 starts
tall and 170 starts short. I only talk about height because taller height is better but it really doesn't matter LOL. I'm not insecure at all. I would never ever get leg limb lengthening ever even if I was shorter. 175cm ain't short at all its medium height
5'8/9/10 is medium height
5'7 is short last short height
5'11 is above average
6'0 is low tall
6'1 is legit TALL if you don't think 6'1 is tall your crazy
6'2/188 is strong tall lmao
Lol height is a pretty strong topic at school so don't act like you know loads of people I know talk about height. My dad especially and friends lol there's a lot of tall people in my school too.

You go may to uni which has taller people however thats not true true average is 175-178 above average is 179-80 tallish is 181-182 low tall begins at 183 if you do not think 6'1 and above is tall then you're crazy I'm afraid. Also you were comparing human height to dbz saying oh 6'4 is 10/10 and stuff LOL and 175 is 1/10 and 183 is 5. After seeing that post you lost all credibility I'm afraid. 183 is a very very good height and you French guy are actually the one lacking in confidence. Everyone here knows you are the most insecure, getting limb lengthening at 182.5 night thats preposterous.

@Narr thats because you are tall. Beginning tall though
Any 6'0 tall male is low tall and you are.

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.