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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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Jay 184cm says on 22/Sep/14
I have quite a few friends who are 5'11" or just over - Never ever heard any of them called short. It's generally regarded as 'pretty tall'. At 6'0" I have only ever been called tall.
GI Jose says on 22/Sep/14
It may be different for me because I am 181cm at my low and 183.5cm at my high. I am assuming you are a similar situation, maybe 179cm at your low and about 181cm at your high. I am only saying that it is weak tall because I feel like I am taller than about 80% or more men I meet. I really only see other guys when I am selling pizza, but I see a lot when I do. Those 2cm can be the difference between average and tall in your situation at least based on my experience.
grizz says on 22/Sep/14
To add another point to this "5ft11 is tall" charade. Friend of mine is 5ft10.75 tall (180 cm). We were in a group of girls and played who do you look like. One guy suggested that my friend looks like a Dutch. However, girls dissed that comparison because he looks short.
IMO, a strong 6ft1 guy may be called talled with the right build (skinny, long arms and legs), while a 6ft2 guy, no matter what, is tall.
Swarthy says on 22/Sep/14
I'm 1.72cm (5'7.5) and i have no problem to get a date with a beautiful girl, don't worry man, just relax!, jeje my girlfriend's brother often says : u're a short boy ,and i just say: your sister don't thinks the same.. u understand..
Height181 says on 22/Sep/14
GI Jose: Some people are just ignorant, simple as. They are probably very tall themselves and just consider other heights short because of their ego. These are the type of people that don't have many friends in real life. It's very funny how we're both almost 6ft and we're still not considered ''tall'' by some people on here LOL. We both are definitely TALL! I am even guessed at 6'1'' from time to time.
dude1e says on 22/Sep/14
Do taller people have longer legs?
jamie179cm says on 22/Sep/14
gl jose 80% wow really in the uk i would say a 5ft11 guy is only taller than 65% of man. but how is 181cm tall though its a very common height where i live anyway and isn't much taller than average? i ask again are British people taller than American?
jamie179cm says on 22/Sep/14
vibram sorry i was ment to say alot of man Wouldn't considered a 5ft11 guy tall
jamie179cm says on 22/Sep/14
Amaze im glad you agree that 5ft11 isn't tall
jamie179cm says on 22/Sep/14
vibram this is getting ridiculous 5ft11 isn't tall most man wouldn't considered a 5ft11 guy tall maybe alot of woman would but alot would't considered you tall and just because its above average doesn't mean its tall i get called tall by woman and only like about 2or3 man in my life have cconsidered me tall, sorry if coming as rude but it feels more of fact than opinion
jamie179cm says on 22/Sep/14
celebheights 188CM imo the start of tall is 185cm but anything under 183cm is definitely not tall
Connor183 says on 22/Sep/14
@jamie179cm i think the americans are taller than us British i could be wrong though.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 22/Sep/14
5'11.5" out of bed is tallish/weak tall.
GI Jose says on 21/Sep/14
I am 181cm at my low also, and I know exactly how you feel. I feel taller than at least 80% of men I meet. It's so crazy how reluctant people are to say that 181cm is tall, but they say that 173cm is short. If 175/176cm is average, how can you say 173cm is short (only 2-3cm below average), but 181cm (at least 5cm above average) isn't tall? It was great reading your post because I know exactly what you are talking about.
Lisa says on 21/Sep/14
@GI Jose: I don't think that late growth spurts explain the height difference. Most guys stop growing around the age of 18. Few guys grow much after that age. I think the difference in height between the younger group and older groups is mostly caused by diet and the economy. I bet that more Latinos are in the younger group too. jmo
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
Gl jose look 5ft7 is short because it looks short 5ft11 isn't tall because it doesn't look tall thats how i see it
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
gl jose i Don't know about the us but in the uk 5ft11 isn't tall i know this because i like to go out for walks and im only 1cm shorter and feel average imo for 5ft11 to be tall people over 6ft would have to be uncommon which it isn't were i live anyway, ok now i have a question are britsh people taller than Americans?
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
height181 how is 181cm tall when its not much taller than average? at my height 179cm when out in about i see good number of people shorter than me and taller so i feel average there is no way im only 2cm a way from tall, yes im taller than most woman but not man imo tall is 185cm just my opinion, and i must say if you do feel tall then you must live in place of short people not that i have anything against short people or you wear lifts
Dan 176cm says on 21/Sep/14
5'8 is borderline. You wouldn't look at a 5'8 guy and think "what a short man" unless you are tall yourself. Most females are shorter than 5'8 and that's tallish for a woman.
Vibram says on 21/Sep/14
Statiscally 5ft11 is tall as its 1" inch above average for the American and British man. Statistically 5ft9 is short as its 1 inch below average for the American and British man.

An example of this is the England football team. Take Phil Jagielka - 5ft11 tall, he has been called tall, he has never been questioned as a "small man". Now take the 5ft9 Wayne Ronney - I have witnessed him being called "short", "stumpy", "smaller attacker" etc.

So, in theory, average can be narrowed down to just 1 autocratic number > 177cm. Anything above that is tall (178cm+), anything below is short (-176cm). In essence 'average' doesn't exist.
dude1e says on 21/Sep/14
So if I'm 6ft1 were would 5ft10 come to me?
Vibram says on 21/Sep/14
Lisa says on 21/Sep/14
Vibram, this is how you sound to me. If you're trying to depress impressionable kids in a "misery loves company" kind of way, that's really sad. If you're not serious, that's sad too. If you're serious, you may have body dysmorphic disorder or something even worse which may be helped by talking with a counselor or, perhaps, a priest. I'm serious. I would list examples that disprove your claims but I know that it would only fall on deaf ears. I sincerely hope things improve for you soon. You're your own worst enemy. :(


I don't have BDD, nor am I trying to make an impression of 'misery loves company'. I'm clearly stating facts, the fact that this sick obsession with male height in the est is poison. Your 'tale' of tall women isn't far from the truth, but not tall women, it is with obese women. You see, obese women pretty much get treated the same as short men when it comes to dating and being desired as a mate. The kicker for short men is that their 'unattractiveness' is immutable, where as fat women can lose weight and be sexually desired / attractive. The fat woman is to blame for her looks, the short man isn't. Short men are stuck and will get 0 attention from decent looking women if they're competing with tall men. That is if they aren't extremely facially handsome short men. I don't have personal issues with my height, I'm happy when alone, but when socializing I see the brutality of how shallow and superficial people are. How men who who are 5" inches taller than me somehow try to make me submissive to them, as though they they own me, how women's eyes light up when some 6ft5 guy walks into the pub, and the collecetive female posse say "gosh he's a bit dishy" simply beacuse of his height. Then a guy whos 5ft7 with better facial aesthetics than the 6ft5 guy walks him and girls are oblivious to his existence.

You see I am a higher human being than these primitive heightist women and these towering brutes that think height gives them a free ticket to abuse others. We are modern humans, have logical reasoning capacities other INFERIOR animals don't. You have the capacity to end suffering for other animals, and people, that no other species has. And as a human, you should do what it takes to prevent the beings already living in this arbitrary, messed up up world from suffering. THAT'S IT. Keep the self-centered, egotistical, heightist, narcissistic, self-entitled BULL**** to a minimum. I avoid those people. Some ego is okay, as long as you use it to enact positive change on the world. Having lots of money is a good thing, but ONLY if you know how to use it. How many men and women in ancient hunter gatherer socities gave a crap that a man is 5ft7 and not 5ft11? They don't. They have far more important things to worry about such as survival, getting water, meat from a hunt, etc.
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
French guy just because your tall doesn't mean your tough
Aaron183cm says on 21/Sep/14

lol 6'0" for a woman is not a "giant". At the university I go to (in the US) there are more 6'0" and even 6'1" women than you might think. It's a rare height and very tall sure, but by no means a giant. It's about the equivalent of a 6'5" guy. I would surely never call a 6'5" guy a giant when 6'0" is barely scraping weak tall territory for a young man these days.

I would say a proper giant for females starts at 6'3". That is an extremely rare height and will make you wonder if it is real life when you see a girl that is that tall and not wearing heels.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 21/Sep/14
Rob is 5ft 10in a cut off height for men too look short 5ft 9in men can look short at times but 5ft 10in men never look short.
[Editor Rob: generally nobody should think a 5ft 10 man was short, unless you yourself are very tall and are basing your viewpoint of heights from your own perspective.

Similarly 5ft 9 falls within the average range in the UK/US, but a good minority of people might still consider that height as short!]
Connor183 says on 21/Sep/14
@french guy yes but its not all about being tall, being big and strong and having a muscular build takes a big role into looking scary and imtimidating to show people no one can mess with you, have the looks and you will definitely be a badass like Chuck Norris or Bruce Lee.
french guy says on 21/Sep/14

you can't understand, you're 13 cm taller than me, so you don't know how it feels to feel short.
If the average height was really 178 cm for white young men, only 15% would be 185 cm or taller which is completely false.One on my friend is 188 cm and he doesn't stand out at all...
frank says on 21/Sep/14
sorry if this has been answered before, but are posted heights on website meant to be barefoot or wearing shoes?
[Editor Rob: heights supposed to be without shoes]
Amaze says on 21/Sep/14
French guy and vibram sort your lives out

This is ridiculous these insecurities are disgusting no offense continue like this you will be women repellers. Get good facial hair, go gym, get hench, you french guy are tall enough and vibram you are too you aint even short ffs you two just sort your selves out. I
Absolutely appaling.
Amaze says on 21/Sep/14
Tallish for guys

Tallish for women

Tall for guys

Tall for women

Very tall for guys

Very tall for women

All/most evidence points to this. Disagree with me if you wish.

5'11, is taller than most but not tall enough or that tall to be considered "tall". Height181 i get what your trying to say, your 181cm right? Thats tallish. 183+ or 6'+ and over is legit start of tall for males. But in some countries you are still tall but not in eu uk us etc.
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm says on 21/Sep/14
@french guy
I think you should seek a therapist... Limb length surgery? Wtf bro your head is messed
Lillo thomas says on 21/Sep/14
5'10 is average for white and black males. So 5'7 is the start of short and 6'1 is the start of legit tall in the USA.:)
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
Height181 no im a man didn't say i feel short just average Lillo thomas i agree 5ft11 isn't tall
KROC says on 21/Sep/14
French guy that's all in your head. Your not going to dominate anyone just because your "longer" then anyone else. And limb lengthing surgery? Dude cmon just stop the madness. You don't mess with nature man. Just be glad that your somewhat tall. I swear some of you guys reek of insecurity.
Lillo thomas says on 21/Sep/14
5'11 is tall ? What's next ? White or black young guys will start to claim 5'10 ( the average height ) is tall? Also GI Joe guys don't grow up until 25. That's Viper BS. Most guys are done growing between 18-19. A minority of guys grow a bit like a extra inch between at 20 or maybe 21. Growing after 19 is unlikely but not impossible. And growing after 21 is impossible unless you suffer from gigantism.
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
Connor183 glad you agree that 5ft7 is short
GI Jose says on 21/Sep/14
Okay, so most of you would consider 5'9" the average right? Most of you consider 5'7" and 5'8" short right? If 5'7" and 5'8" are only one and two inches away from average, you would probably consider 5'10" and 5'11" tall right? Do you? Probably not. The amount of people saying that 5'9" is average, but 5'8" is baffling. That's not the only thing though. Most people who are doing this say that 5'10" and 5'11" aren't tall. I would be fine if you said that 5'8" is short, and you said 5'10" is tall. However, this just isn't the case. When you consider deviations of short and tall, they must be in the same size increments. If you say 5'7" is short, you would have to say that 5'11" is tall. When someone is 2 inches from average in either direction, I think that's when you can tell they are tall/short. I'm also not saying that it's equal to a 6'1" tall or a 5'5" short, but you know they aren't in the average range anymore. 5'11" can look average at times (in a group of a few tall people) but rarely less than that. However, 5'7" can look average just as often as 5'11" can (in a group of a few short people) but rarely more than that. These heights seem to be very controversial on this forum, and I thought I would try to shine some light on the subject.
Height181 says on 21/Sep/14
@jamie179cm: No, I'm a man Jamie. Are you a woman by any chance? because woman usually feel shorter than men. Maybe you date too many tall men? that's why you are feeling short at 179cm??

@grizz: I am amused by your post.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 21/Sep/14
Do women tend to claim their heights in heels? There were three women who were tall that I ran into at the movie theater that I work at (two we're standing at 6'3" in heels, but claimed to be "a hair above six feet" without, with another claiming to be in between 6'1" and 6'2"' with me edging them out) who were getting asked by every individual on how tall they were as if it was unseen, and the 6'1.25"-6'1.5" women was the tallest woman that I've ran into as well. I've noticed that so many online claim to be 5'9-6'0", but I rarely run into one who is even 5'8.5". The legit 6'1.25" and the 6'0" women who were standing at 6'3" were by the tallest individuals in the movie theater (although I had them beat, but still).
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
Height181 are you a woman? if are then yes your tall but if your a man then no
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
come on people 5ft11 is tall for a woman but not for a man
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
height181 your not tall but it really depend on were you live, were i live it is isn't tall i considered you average or slightly above average but not tall to be honest i don considered 't any man under 6ft1 tall just my opinion but anyway how is 5ft11 tall? its only inche taller than 5ft10 and what do you considered my height to be?
jamie179cm says on 21/Sep/14
checkerz 5ft11 isn't for man im 1cm shorter so i know
Crash says on 21/Sep/14
Seems to me you have some other serious issues and rare just using your height as a scapegoat for everything, to be honest I think it's your cynicism and severe lack of confidence that hinders you most, not height.
Crash says on 21/Sep/14
Vibram, height has nothing to do with being called a boy/young man. At both 21 and 22 you'd still be considered a boy by many people, whether you're 5'4" or 6'4".

I get called a young man or even honey or darling by cashiers all the time when I go shopping but you don't hear me crying over it. I'm 21 and 6'1" btw...
Amaze says on 21/Sep/14
@checkerz i'd call it old fashioned tall, now id call it tallish, but its not legit tall anymore if you know what i mean, ok globally it is tall but in most countries its just above average/tallish whilst 6'0 is legit start of tall. 5'11 is still a very good height though.

@Alex agreed. Lmao masculinity. I know a 5'9 guy who is one of the most masucline guys i know. Hes 17 and a bodybuilder. 180lbs low bf and he has a jacked body. Not as big as jay cutler obvs but very good for a 17 year old. I wouldnt call him short and no one does either. Also know several 5'9" guys one of my bestfriends is 5'9" and i wouldnt call him short no one would. Its up to you if you wanna call 5'8 short, but 5'9 certainly isnt. Its also above global average(its 5'7 approx) and 5'9 is also a good height. 5'9 is not short. Its average.

5'11 tall? Hmm i'd call it tallish. My friend at 5'11 looks tallish but ever since he hit 6'0 he looks legit tall.
grizz says on 21/Sep/14
Height181 -my ex was half an inch shorter than you, she would be amused by your statement.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 21/Sep/14
For women:

5'3" (the equivalent to 5'7.5" for guys)=Below average, but not short. Natalie Portman and Amanda Seyfried are this height.
5'3.5" (the equivalent to 5'8" for guys)=Below average. Dakota Fanning (I towered over her) and Lucy Liu are this height.
5'4" (the equivalent to 5'8.5" for guys)=A hair below average. Britney Spears and Selena Gomez are this height.
5'4.5" (the equivalent to 5'9" for guys)=Low average. Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore are this height.
5'5" (the equivalent to 5'9.5" for guys)=Average. Kate Bosworth and Megan Fox are this height (she downplays her height).
5'5.5" (the equivalent to 5'10" for guys)=Higher average. Jennifer Aniston and Jessica Alba are this height.
5'6" (the equivalent to 5'10.5" for guys)=Above average. Kirsten Dunst and Emma Stone are this height.
5'6.5" (the equivalent to 5'11" for guys)=Above average. Christine Taylor is this height.
5'7" (the equivalent to 5'11.5")=Weak tall.
5'7.5" (the equivalent to six feet)=Weak tall.
5'8" (the equivalent to to 6'0.5")=Solid tall. Elle Fanning is this height.
5'8.5" (the equivalent to 6'1")=Solid tall.
5'9" (the equivalent to 6'1.5")=Strong tall. Taylor Swift is height.
5'9.5" (the equivalent to 6'2")=Strong tall.
5'10" (the equivalent to 6'2.5")=Very strong tall.
5'10.5" (the equivalent to 6'3")=Very strong tall. Nicole Kidman is this height.
5'11" (the equivalent to 6'3.5")=Standout tall.
5'11.5" (the equivalent to 6'4")=Standout tall.
6'0" (the equivalent to 6'4.5")=Giant
6'0.5" (the equivalent to 6'5")=Giant.
6'1" (the equivalent to 6'5.5")=Standout giant.
6'1.5" (the equivalent to 6'6")=Standout giant. Maria Sharapova is this height (6'2" is ridiculous).
french guy says on 21/Sep/14
And when you re tall no one will mess with you, you dominate people more easily, your superior to a certain extent.
french guy says on 21/Sep/14
I read a lot of diaries on limblenghtening forum and no one ended in a wheelchair, in fact, according to studies, most patients resume a normal life.
Lisa says on 21/Sep/14
I'm changing my name to Vibramina. I'm close to 5'11 and I always dwarf the pretty girls. I truly believe that the average white rich girl, in her twenties, is just barely 5'2. When I was in college, no girl taller than 5'4 ever had a date. Ever! They all sat alone in their dorms, commiserating with each other, crying about how freakishly tall they were. When I mustered up the courage to stroll outside of campus, tiny Japanese women pointed at me and fled in terror as they screamed "Godzilla!" The most popular girl in our dorm was 4'9 and she was surrounded by large crowds of catcalling guys every time she walked to class. Those of us taller than 5'4 just had no chance with the guys, all of whom were taken by all of the girls shorter than 5'3. If you were taller than 5'5, you were mocked if you even flirted with a cute guy. Sometimes, they would throw rotten tomatoes at you. My cousin looks just like me but she's only 5'0. While she dates guys who make Taylor Lautner look hideous, I have to settle for circus clowns and Siamese twins...if they give me the time of day. This is the plight of us freaks of nature.

Vibram, this is how you sound to me. If you're trying to depress impressionable kids in a "misery loves company" kind of way, that's really sad. If you're not serious, that's sad too. If you're serious, you may have body dysmorphic disorder or something even worse which may be helped by talking with a counselor or, perhaps, a priest. I'm serious. I would list examples that disprove your claims but I know that it would only fall on deaf ears. I sincerely hope things improve for you soon. You're your own worst enemy. :(
Kourosh177cm says on 21/Sep/14
im about 50% taller than all men from youngsters to elderlies and 50% shorter.
Alex says on 20/Sep/14
Masculine or not, 5'9 ain't short. Like, not by a long shot. It's absolute average.
checkerz says on 20/Sep/14
5'11 Jonathan Dwyer looks tall getting hauled away in handcuffs.

5'11 is tall.
rodrigo180 says on 20/Sep/14
Rob - messaage b4 Click Here
rodrigo180 says on 20/Sep/14
hey Rob, i'm 180cm at night, just for one night i wanna buy and wear these pair of big boots, how tall i'll be with these boots on in cm (measurement with boots on - Thanks for your answer buddy very nice website
[Editor Rob: you are going to be standing 187cm in those boots. So to other people you might 'look' like say a 185cm type man.]
Height181 says on 20/Sep/14
@jamie179cm: I am a legit 181cm barefoot at my lowest in the night, yet you think I am not tall???? Wow.........

I am not saying I am ''very tall'', but I am CERTAINLY tall!
GI Jose says on 20/Sep/14
I didn't expect to see that the 20-29 year olds were shorter than the 30-49 year olds either. Then I remembered that men can grow up until almost 25 so I don't have that much trouble believing it.
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm says on 20/Sep/14
So many people complaining about their height it's sad to see. I know a dude who's 5'4 and you never think of it because he's so confident and outgoing with it.
new guy says on 20/Sep/14
Vibram speak for yourself my brother is 5'8.5 and im around 5'11 and we both date attractive women theirs no point in being tall if you dont have the confidence and're never going to get a girl feeling sorry for yourself if u really want to be taller theres nothing you can do other but get over the fact you will stay 5'9 the rest of you life only thing you can do is accept it look at rob he is 5'8 shorter than you and he accepted his height along time ago.anf I dont know if you noticed but their are plenty of 5'4-5'8 guys I see how do you think they feel.I have a friend in a wheel chair who only reaches 4 ft so be thankful you have legs to stand on.
The Horse of FUNK says on 20/Sep/14
Starting to think Vibram is a troll. Either get help, or stop whining on this website about every little thing. Oh noes, I said "little", I've reinforced that Vibram is a "little boy".

Man up.
GI Jose says on 20/Sep/14
I totally agree with you. Anyone can call you short or tall, but that doesn't mean you really are either. I am 5'11", and I have gotten both even being 2 inches above average. Most of the time it's tall comments, but I have gotten short comments from my 6'03" friend.
Jas says on 20/Sep/14
@Celebheights 188 CM: Can you do one for females also?
Amaze says on 20/Sep/14
@vibram funny I know a 5'9 guy that is known as very masculine and is very popular.. your height aint short.

@French guy I think you are 5'9 or 175cm+ THATS 40 percentile. 6'0/183 is 81-83 percentile.. I dont believe you are 6'.
lelman says on 20/Sep/14
@Vibram I think a few offhanded jokes aren't evidence that being 5ft 9 has any adverse effect on being a man. My ex-gf's brother was 6ft 4 and he used to make fun of my height all the time, and I'm above average height.

People let comments about their height get to them too much. You're average height, people making jokes about your height are merely messing with you.
Crash says on 20/Sep/14
@Dean, if you're British then trust me that it's nothing more than 178cm even if you wanted to look at white under 35 males only. Vibram needs to stop with his fantasies; he's obviously not being realistic and that's why he's had an overwhelmingly negative reception.

I'm curious as to why you say that the truely attractive women are out of your league though. Do you say that because you think your height is holding you back? Or something else maybe?
littlesue says on 20/Sep/14
Vibram I called a Doctor a 'wee boy' the other day, he must have been 6ft 2!! it was because he looked so young in the face!!
Bryan says on 20/Sep/14
@french guy

You're 6'1 in shoes and 60% of men are taller than you meaning you're in the 40th percentile ?
Late 187cm says on 20/Sep/14
Vibram says on 20/Sep/14, Would somebody of called a tall guy "boy"? No.

- That's a bit of a silly statement if you ask me. You can have a boyish appearance whether you're 6'2 or 5'6 and any male can act like a 'boy'.
Jay 184cm says on 20/Sep/14
@Rodrigo180 No problem, buddy. And yeah, 5'11" is a good solid height. Yes, I'm 183.5 at night. I've measured in 1-inch heel boots in the evening recently (around 7pm) and was still hitting 186cm.
English guy 176 says on 20/Sep/14
@Vibram if they're calling you "boy" it's definitely going to be 90% because you have a young face. Get yourself some Nike Air Maxes (they're the cool shoes to have atm and add at least an inch) and you'll be walking around at ~180. I wear those badboys and don't ever feel particularly short, and I live in the Black Forest, Germany. I used to care about my height but then I thought f*ck it, it is practically average and I was making myself paranoid viewing people from my eye level and not the top of my head where my true height is. How do you think people who"re >5'7 feel?
french guy says on 20/Sep/14
How can you accelt your height when 60 % of men are taller than you
I live in paris
Vibram says on 20/Sep/14
I was called a "wee boy" at age 21 for christ sake. I know I had a young face at the time and was slim, but IF I was 185cm instead of 176cm , it wouldn't of happened.

Also, back in 1999 when I was 22, a member of staff in the supermarket I worked called me "boy" infront of another member of staff as a way to mess with me. He was a jerk, I thought he was 33-ish at the time, but I later found out some 8 years later (2007) on facebook WHEN I LOOKED THE CNUT up, he was only 2 years older than me!

Would somebody of called a tall guy "boy"? No.

You just don't know how being slightly short can effect you as a man. I don't have a mental illness. Remember, I didn't feel bad about my height until people started bringing it up. YOu just feel so close to the decent 'safety zone' of 178cm > 179cm, but so far. I am just a product of my environment.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 20/Sep/14
To describe the 5'8"-6'3" range (out of bed):

5'8" (27th percentile)=Slightly below average, but not short. I notice these individuals on a daily basis with 5'8" feeling very common. Mark Ruffalo and Eminem are in this range.
5'8.5" (35th percentile)=Its a reasonable height, and I would regard it as just being a hair below average. Taylor Lautner and Paul Rudd fall into this range.
5'9" (42nd percentile)=Lower average. Sylvester Stallone in his peak and Jamie Foxx fall into this range.
5'9.5" (50th percentile)=Average height, not tall or short at all. Steve Carrell (I believe that he's actually taller than listed based off of how he stands by. 5'9" and 5'10" listed guys) and Tom Hardy fall into this range.
5'10" (58th percentile)=Higher average. Daniel Craig and Orlando Bloom fall into this range.
5'10.5" (66th percentile)=Above average, but not tall. Andrew Garfield and Matthew McConaughey (he's 5'10.5" and not 5'10") fall into this range.
5'11" (70th percentile)=Above average. Brad Pitt and Mickey Rourcke fall into range.
5'11.5" (76th percentile)=Weak tall. Rowan Atkinson and Seann William Scott fall into range.
6'0" (81st percentile)=Weak tall. 50 Cent, Nicolas Cage, Denzel Washington, Tom Hanks, Christian Bale, Luke Evans, Drake and Chris Evans are prime examples of six footers.
6'0.5" (85th percentile)=Solid tall. Ryan Gosling, Christopher Nolan, Rafael Nadal and Dr. Dre are in this range.
6'1" (89th percentile)=Solid tall. Channing Tatum, Henry Cavill, Bradley Cooper, Obama, Kellan Lutz, Robert Pattinson, Roger Federer (6'1.25") and Tiger Woods are in this range.
6'1.5" (92nd or 93rd percentile)=Strong tall. Jim Carrey (although he can appear 6'2"), Tom Hiddleston (he's not 6'2"), Gerard Butler and Jay Z are all on this range.
6'2" (94th percentile)=Strong tall. Morgan Freeman (I don't think that he's 6'2.25"), Andy Murray and Samuel L. Jackson are in this range.
6'2.5" (96th percentile)=Very strong tall. Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck are in this range.
6'3" (97th percentile)=Very strong tall. Chris Hemsworth and Will Ferrell are in this range.
Late 187cm says on 20/Sep/14
@ Jay 184cm

Yeah, actually you do have a point with Spurs, and maybe in general. One team, in recent years, I've always thought have big, strong players is Chelsea.
I suppose in this day and age, if a club has to decide between a smaller, weaker player, who may be slighter better technically, or a big, strong athletic player, they will veer towards the latter, particularly in the Premier League.
There is still room for the smaller players and it can depend a lot on position and overall team style.
As it is in other areas, height is only one attribute, and it doesn't guarantee success in your career or romantic life.
The Horse of FUNK says on 20/Sep/14
Seriously, looking at Greg's post below, and some people wonder why some people like Vibram have issues with their height. Is it any wonder? You have total dip-sheets who come here with their BS 'charts' who yap on about their idea of perfection.

Seriously, Greg, get a hobby.
Jay 184cm says on 20/Sep/14
@Kourosh177cm If you're 177.4cm in the evening, with a decent 2-3 cm heel you would be 180cm. Why not pop in a 1-inch lift and you'll be 6-foot? If it makes you feel a bit taller and therefore happier it's worth it.
JohnGB says on 20/Sep/14

If you're wearing 1cm shoes, you're wearing the wrong shoes haha :P Just get some 3-3.5cm shoes like DrMartens or big trainers, you'll be pushing 182cm out of bed with shoes on which is decent. It does make a difference to how you perceive your height when you wear the larger soled shoes. I was wearing flat 1cm shoes for ages and then I put on some 3cm shoes and it felt like I'd grown - nice feeling.
dude1e says on 20/Sep/14
I'm 6ft1 but people say I look 5ft0
new guy says on 20/Sep/14
Im not sure why all you guys wanna be so tall.for one im around 5'11 im growing fast at 16 and I never heard anyone in my school taking height too serious.sure I wanna be 6'1-6'2 but that dosent mean im going throw hissy fitts like you grown men our doing if I dont get to that height, why complain about something you can't change rob is 5'8 and he has accepted that height while you guys say that girls only date 6'0 or taller that is not true seeing as I have many girlfriends who never cared about my height even when I was rob always says keep positive vibes and walk tall if u wanna come across as confident to women.
Greg says on 20/Sep/14
As has been alluded to here in some recent posts, not only does each height have a particular feeling of 'tallness' or 'shortness', or lack thereof associated with it, usually corresponding to how far above or below the given height is from the country's average, but also a wider range of these feelings as average height fluctuates from setting to setting.

I've decided to make a chart reflecting what I feel are the general chances of experiencing each particular feeling of 'shortness' or 'tallness', or lack thereof at each height for adult males in the US; although this chart may as well apply to the UK also since they basically have the same average height.

strong very short: seldom
abnormally short: most of the time

solid very short: seldom
strong very short: occasionally
abnormally short: most of the time

weak very short: seldom
solid very short: occasionally
strong very short: regularly
abnormally short: most of the time

strong short: seldom
weak very short: occasionally
solid very short: regularly
strong very short: most of the time
abnormally short: regularly

solid short: seldom
strong short: occasionally
weak very short: regularly
solid very short: most of the time
strong very short: regularly
abnormally short: occasionally

weak short: seldom
solid short: occasionally
strong short: regularly
weak very short: most of the time
solid very short: regularly
strong very short: occasionally
abnormally short: seldom

lower average: seldom
weak short: occasionally
solid short: regularly
strong short: most of the time
weak very short: regularly
solid very short: occasionally
strong very short: seldom

average: seldom
lower average: occasionally
weak short: regularly
solid short: most of the time
strong short: regularly
weak very short: occasionally
solid very short: seldom

upper average: seldom
average: occasionally
lower average: regularly
weak short: most of the time
solid short: regularly
strong short: occasionally
weak very short: seldom

weak tall: seldom
upper average: occasionally
average: regularly
lower average: most of the time
weak short: regularly
solid short: occasionally
strong short: seldom

solid tall: seldom
weak tall: occasionally
upper average: regularly
average: most of the time
lower average: regularly
weak short: occasionally
solid short: seldom

strong tall: seldom
solid tall: occasionally
weak tall: regularly
upper average: most of the time
average: regularly
lower average: occasionally
weak short: seldom

weak very tall: seldom
strong tall: occasionally
solid tall: regularly
weak tall: most of the time
upper average: regularly
average: occasionally
lower average: seldom

solid very tall: seldom
weak very tall: occasionally
strong tall: regularly
solid tall: most of the time
weak tall: regularly
upper average: occasionally
average: seldom

strong very tall: seldom
solid very tall: occasionally
weak very tall: regularly
strong tall: most of the time
solid tall: regularly
weak tall: occasionally
upper average: seldom

abnormally tall: seldom
strong very tall: occasionally
solid very tall: regularly
weak very tall: most of the time
strong tall: regularly
solid tall: occasionally
weak tall: seldom

abnormally tall: occasionally
strong very tall: regularly
solid very tall: most of the time
weak very tall: regularly
strong tall: occasionally
solid tall: seldom

abnormally tall: regularly
strong very tall: most of the time
solid very tall: regularly
weak very tall: occasionally
strong tall: seldom

abnormally tall: most of the time
strong very tall: regularly
solid very tall: occasionally
weak very tall: seldom

abnormally tall: most of the time
strong very tall: occasionally
solid very tall: seldom

abnormally tall: most of the time
strong very tall: seldom
Celebheights 188 CM says on 19/Sep/14
How would downplaying my height by claiming to be 5'11"-6'0" work if I am a solid 187-188 CM?
Lisa says on 19/Sep/14
@GI Jose: Thanks for the clarification. I appreciate the fact that you posted OFFICIAL GOVERNMENT STATISTICS. Of course, the statisticians want to lower the average because they're all short people. lol One of the stats sticks out more than the others. The "all males 20-29" group are shorter than the next three older groups. I didn't expect to see that.
Zoro says on 19/Sep/14
I agree that average for young black and white males in the US is 178 cm.
But nothing above that, as shown by STATISTICS


Then, if we consider also spanish or asian people (and there's not a reason in the whole world not to consider them), the youngsters average go down to 5'9.5/5'9.25

So, if a 177cm (let alone a 182/183cm) guy feels short, he should face the problem not breaking his legs, just to hope he can someday walk again, but analyzing the reasons of his insecurity

Besides that, even if you are short, what's the matter? You can succeed even if you are a short person, life is full of examples, I know some of them, you sure know some of them too.
The problem is not being short/shortish, but being insecure or paranoid.
Dan 176cm says on 19/Sep/14
Kurosh, as you get older your priorities will change a bit. Yes, people may get taller and you'll be even shorter, but that's just life. It's better to just accept it imo.
Rodrigo180 says on 19/Sep/14
@Jay 184cm
Thanks a lot for your clear and honest answer, your view is very realistic and there are definitely a lot of young guys 5'11-6'1.5 out there, 5'11 from my point of view is a decent height a decent solid average height.
Are u 183.5cm at night? 186cm with shoes at your lowest at night?
SAK says on 19/Sep/14
GI Jose says: For the purpose of measurement, you are usually told to be well rested before coming to the measurement. This would lead me to believe that these heights were recorded at close to morning height. Sure this is not confirmed, but it is not confirmed false either. I have found more evidence to support these being morning heights than not, but feel free to think what you want.
You lose morning height very quickly, doesn't matter how much you rest, you will not retain it. Doctor measurements will be your midday height which is closer to minimum.

Believing 5'8/5'8.5 as average (for US) seems like wishful thinking.
Caesar says on 19/Sep/14
Also as long as you're not short it's more important to be handsome than tall
Celebheights 188 CM says on 19/Sep/14
The measurements are done out of bed. 5'9" seems to be the average anyhow over 5'10".
jamie179cm says on 19/Sep/14
Height181 taller than 85% of the people were do you live? im only 2cm shorter than you and i never feel tall not even tallish were i live seeing a guy 6ft to 6ft2 is common and 6ft3 to 6ft4 a bit common
jamie179cm says on 19/Sep/14
Kourosh177cm i agree with you young people are getting taller nowdays but i do feel average even though guys over 6ft are common
jamie179cm says on 19/Sep/14
height181 no you shouldn't feel short but you shouldn't feel tall ever imo your not tall just maybe slightly above average and thats it, i feel average most of the time
dude1e says on 19/Sep/14
Can you messure ya self free standing lilike just standing normal
[Editor Rob: you could get a friend to hold a tape measure and get a rough idea. Here I'm Holding one in this video.]
GI Jose says on 19/Sep/14
@Lillo Thomas
I don't understand why you would assume I am short. I am 5'11.25" barefoot and at night. I am trying to use empirical evidence to find the true average height. I am not using my own personal experiences to change what others think of the US average. Since so many people are convinced that average height is 5'10" or above in the US, I am using evidence from the most credible studies I can find to provide a clear average which isn't seeming to go over well. Another thing that people seem to have trouble understanding is the change between short and tall. This list should provide a better understanding, and 68.8in is usually rounded up to 5'09" so why is that so hard to comprehend. Here is my opinion on the deviations of short and tall:

Abnormally Short: 5'01" or below
Very Short: 5'02" to 5'04"
Short: 5'05" to 5'07"
Average Range: 5'08" to 5'10"
Tall: 5'11" to 6'01"
Very Tall: 6'02" to 6'04"
Abnormally Tall: Taller than 6'04"

As you can see from this list, the difference between short and tall are the same in every category, with each deviation a 3 inch range. Of course the borderline heights like 5'07.5" and 5'10.5" could go either way, but I would still consider them to be short and tall respectively. You may consider a larger range for each category, but you must, in turn, increase the range of every category equally. This seems hard for people to grasp. If 5'07" is short, 5'09" is average, that would make 5'11" tall. If you would like to say that the average range is larger, you could say that 5'06" is the start of short, 5'09" is average, and 6'00" is the start of tall, but that would mean that short would go from 5'06" to 5'03", and I don't think you would consider 5'03" a normal short. This is why I believe that 5'11" would be the start of tall, and 5'07" is the start of short.
Caesar says on 19/Sep/14
Someone wrote that tall women having kids with tall men make the offspring taller and taller but that's pseudoscience. There is something called "progression towards mean" that states that a kid with tall parents have a higher chance of being shorter than their parents and a child from a short family will likely be taller.

Overall the deviation is kept basically the same when the average increases it's not from some sort of "selected breeding" but rather healthier population, colder climate or maybe some food that stimulates growth.

You're right being tall is attractive but so is a handsome face, deep voice, charming personality, muscular body etc.
I assume you're american since you talk about white people and impoverished areas, in that case 175 cm is kind of short but not so much that it's a huge disadvantage if girls don't like you there has to be something else.
Be honest: there s something else holding you back, if I had to guess I'd say your attitude but it might be your looks, personality or perhaps the girls you go after are out of your leauge. Thankfully all that can be changed. It's more than possible to be hot if you're not tall just on the top of my head I think of Jason Statham he's your height.
Remember seing an interview where he was standing at the same height as the female interviewer and my friend (a stereotypically attractive swedish blonde) said he looked "gorgeous".
Worst case scenario, if you work on improving yourself and don't aim TOO high, you will be a handsome man with one (in your case) minor flaw.
Kourosh177cm says on 19/Sep/14
vibram is right dont call him troll , because his right. I'm 177cm tall and i have been called short few times and everytime i'm walking in shopping malls, i see at least 6 out of 10 people are taller than me when they pass me by.

What annoys me is that i see plenty plenty plenty of 5'11 range guys and even 6'0 to 6'2 is common thats why guys who are around my height are so depressed and obsessed with their heights.

What i hate the most is that when you look at 5'11 range guys and they look pretty ordinary average but yet they are still smidge taller than you. I believe in next few years average height will be pushed to 5'11 and 5'10 falls into below average or shortish category, let it alone 5'9 to 5'9.5.

I'm taller than 70% of elderly people
I'm taller than 90% of all women regardless of their race ( but yet i see women who are 5'11 to 6'0) i see tall women every now and then.
but when it comes down to younger people (18-35) im shorter than many of them like i'd be shorter than 6 or 7 out of 10.

i say if you wanna be happy with your height, you must be at least 5'11 because 5'10 range does not feed our satisfactory anymore as people are growing taller and taller.

I'm 5'10 (178 cm) with shoes on which makes me just average
I'm 5'9.5 (177cm) barefoot which makes me shortish.
My morning height at maximum with 8 hours of sleep is 178.3 to 178.5
my evening height is 177.4
and late night height is 176.5
i would love to do limb lengthening to get 2 more inches, but i dont think thats a pretty wise idea.
James B says on 19/Sep/14
My mum said once that 5f10 is really short and she's only 5ft1-5ft2.
Lillo thomas says on 19/Sep/14
ArnoldS I think GI Joe is a short guy that wants the average to be lower so he can feel better. Or
Maybe is a 5'11 tall wannabe guy that wants the average to be less , so he can think himself as tall. GI Joe many guys claim 1-2 inches taller than they really are but this doesn't change the fact that the average young white and black male in the USA is 5'10. The minorities are the ones bringing the average down to 5'9- 5'9 so please cut the BS.
GI Jose says on 19/Sep/14
You have a point. I do not have any definite evidence that these measurements were in the morning. However, a typical physical is conducted in the morning. This is why I assume that these measurements are a majority of morning measurements. Since there is no evidence whether the measurements were recorded in the morning or evening, I am going with the morning because most doctors measure in the morning. Morning height can last until early afternoon depending on how active you are. For the purpose of measurement, you are usually told to be well rested before coming to the measurement. This would lead me to believe that these heights were recorded at close to morning height. Sure this is not confirmed, but it is not confirmed false either. I have found more evidence to support these being morning heights than not, but feel free to think what you want.
Jay 184cm says on 19/Sep/14
@dude1e I can relate because I don't feel super-tall at my height either and my brother has always been slightly taller than me BUT you are a stone-cold 6'1", dude. That's an awesome height really.
Jay 184cm says on 19/Sep/14
@Late 187cm Hey, maybe it wasn't quite the best example, ha, but I support Spurs and our regular starting XI is tall, man. All 6-foot+ with the exception of a couple of 5'11 guys like Christian Eriksen and then Danny Rose who is maybe 5'7.5". The other 9 players are 6 foot or more - Lloris, Dier, Vertonghen, Kaboul, Adebayor, Chadli, Lamela etc - no one under 6 foot there. Maybe we are an anomaly team, I'm not sure. You're right about shorter players though - Pirlo, Iniesta, Fabregas, Messi etc - all geniuses with a football!
dude1e says on 19/Sep/14
Height shouldn't control my life should it I'm nearly 6ft1 (185cm) not a bad height I suppose rob what do you think I would go down to in the evening? :)
Jay 184cm says on 19/Sep/14
@Vibram Dude, you are the exact same height that many of us think Brad Pitt is... Just think about that for a minute - pretty much the biggest Hollywood star out there from the last 20 years! No more than 176cm in my book. And yet with clever footwear he has managed to look a convincing 6 footer in many photos despite looking a solid 5'9" guy in photos in the 90's. With your lifts and boots you're hitting 6 foot too. No need for anything drastic, buddy. Take it easy.
Buff says on 19/Sep/14
Vibram I Love you, and Im not gay xD

Never mind how tall you are, Im sure youll get a worthy woman.
Go out to tha jungle life is and fight!

You dont need to be taller, just to cause a better impression, whether that's achieved via high soled shoes or not is not important.
ArnoldS says on 19/Sep/14
@GI JOSE: Just stop it already. The average is 5'9.3" (5'9.5" if we disconsider the 80+ year old group), you also have no evidence that these measurements take place in the morning. Some MAYBE, but most people (even said by Rob himself on this site) have already been awake several hours by the time they get measured.
Dean 5ft 9.25 says on 19/Sep/14
@ Vibram(and the rest) - Alot of what Vibram says is true tbh. People hating at him because he says it how it is and people who like to think the world is a nice, friendly, unshallow, lovely place are deluded.
Maybe I can relate to you because im 175.5cm at night similar height and similar armspan to. Difference is for some reason I havnt been called short very often at all, maybe a few times but not even like seriously. Theres always enough shorter people(or guys 5'10-5'11) around me to make me look pretty normal.
Vibram, in my opinion you have got your averages wrong..but I do understand in certain places the average is literally 6ft..some situations at nightclubs, sports clubs..I play for a football club and out the starting 11 only me and 2 other guys are under 6ft(a guy 5ft 10-11, me and a 5ft 6ish right back!)..the rest 6ft - 6ft 2 and 2 in 6ft3 -4 range.
So I feel and I can see why you think 6ft is average because it is sometimes..but overall average for young guys I think is roughly 179cm. 178cm - 180cm somewhere in that range if you measured ALL 18-30 year olds in the uk(white skinned).

Where I do agree with Vibram is just because the average on the street is nearly my height..(its an obvious difference)..doesnt mean that where it matters it isnt alot higher. So you may be called short at even 5ft 10 by ignorant young attractive women at 5ft 6 in there 5 inch heels with 4 or 5 6ft - 6ft 3 men around and yeah it will upset you and make you angry but theres not much you can do about it and at 37 you really need to just get over it. At your age it isnt even important anymore as your young party lifestyle should be over.
I used to get annoyed at it but theres enough girls who I attract who arnt fat and obese and are decent looking(granted the real attractive ones are out my league but then again who cares?). You only need 1 girl dude, if at 37 you still havnt had 1 gf and get no interest then I can understand why it would effect you but if thats the case then it isnt just your height thats your problem..

You are right in alot of what you say though dont get me wrong. What annoys me the most about it is women give it all this 'why cant I find a man who will treat me right?' blah blah blah..yet they just ignore the ones who they know would treat them right..stupid airheads tbh lol. also when they say 'I dont really have a type' then further down the page 'but they need to be at least 6ft' so basically not picky but eliminating at least 70-80% of men..and thats just on height alone before they even know the guy..makes sense.

small girls use heels and the fact they like to be protected to 'excuses' to make them feel better for preferencing 6ft+ guys
tall girls use their own height for their 'excuses'.
all just to make them feel like they arnt being shallow.

the logic stinks..theres a girl I chat to on a dating site on her profile:
'im 5ft 6 but I cant ditch my heels so I want a 6ft+ man'...
When I chat to her I found out this:
theres a 5ft 8 guy who treats her with respect and has alot in common with her etc etc but a 6ft 2 guy who 'is a player' and always worried if hes cheating blah blah..who does she pick?? thats right you guessed it..why go for the nicer guy when you can worry all your life for mr don juan? much easier than slipping on some flats and being 2 inches shorter or just not giving a crap what others think because you edge him out?
girls who think like that deserve all the heartache they get..but it does prove what vibram says is true that height is a MASSIVE factor..the most important thing barring health IMO.
famous quote: 'If youve got your health, what else matters?' IMO height is the next on the list.
dude1e says on 19/Sep/14
Do nike downshifters add 2 inches
[Editor Rob: not that much, but they are pretty thick, from the look of them I'd say in 1 and 1/3rd range]
Celebheights 188 CM says on 19/Sep/14
Vibram, have you noticed that it's taller individuals doing it and not the ones who are under 5'9"? I've been called short by 7'2" guys online as a legit 187-188 CM.
Connor183 says on 19/Sep/14
Rob you made a good point but how can you know for sure? he really could be trolling and he could be shorter than his claim for all we know, dont always take their word for it and theres no proof that he's a legit 6ft 1 guy either! also do you remember when we all thought that "vincent" guy was the real big 7ft vincent but turned out to be a troll the whole time? well its just like that, just saying.
french guy says on 19/Sep/14
Vibram, i m considering limb lenghtening too, my goal is 188 cm.
Did you go on forums to get more informations?
Late 187cm says on 19/Sep/14
@ Jay 184cm

"Now, many of the average professional soccer team are over 6-foot - stronger, faster, maybe better players overall? That's one bi-product of the evolution anyway" - I can't think of one team where the average is over 6'0, certainly not in Europe and it would be a complete anomaly if one exists anywhere.
Smaller can be better, with regard to soccer. A lower centre of gravity can increase your ability to control a ball.
Just think of the recent great Barcelona and Spain teams and players like Lionel Messi.
Jay 184cm says on 19/Sep/14
@Rodrigo180 Hey buddy, the honest answer is I feel tallish and above average but not that tall. I'm grateful I got to 6'0" but I'm 35 and I feel like whereas I'm above average height for the generation I grew up with, in relation to guys aged 20-30 i feel like I am not so tall overall. When I was 21, amongst my contemporaries I felt tall. Nearly 15 years on and now that I work in a large office where there are many people in the 6'0 - 6'3" range, I don't feel so tall. But of course I am still taller than many people here. I walk down the street and I see I'm still taller than the majority but as I've said before young guys are growing up taller now. I see a 6'2" teen now and think he probably feels how I did as a young 6-footer 14 years ago. That's an honest answer but everyone will have a perception unique to themselves.
Emil 182.5-184.5 cm says on 19/Sep/14
dude1e, get over your obessions buddy. A buddy of mine is 6'8 and its one of the best ocassions to make a few jokes, cause whats really the big deal after all? Be grateful for who you are, cause theres no reason not to.
The Horse of FUNK says on 19/Sep/14
To be brutally honest, I think the best thing for Vibram would be to stop coming to this site. If I were an admin I probably even block him. All it's doing is feeding into his disorder and insecurity problems. Needs to do himself a favor and just forget about this site, man up, and start living. There are plenty of people out there who are shorter than 5'9.5" and succeeding. Going to such extremes as getting limb lengthening? Yikes...
The Horse of FUNK says on 19/Sep/14
Vibram has classic Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Willing to hack up your own legs just to be taller?

Guess what, Vibram? Women can SENSE those insecurities you're oozing with.

Also, your diatribe about fat, ugly, and obese women speaks volumes about your character and personality. If you ask me, that's what's holding you back. What I'm saying is, you come off as shallow, yet are angry at women for being shallow.

It's a big ocean, Vibram... swim swim...
Bran says on 19/Sep/14
Dont talk to me like im an idiot, who can't estimate heights. I dont look at 5ft9 guys as 5ft10.5 or 5ft10.25 guys as 6ft and etc. Over the years ive basically took two inches of most people's claims, and if anything go with people's lows. Im not claiming anything artifically different, in the Uk young males or infact any under 40-45 are 5ft10 on average, your talking rubbish about 5ft8.5 and so on, in the US young white males and black males are 5ft10-10.5 so dont be one of those guys who has to drag down average for your own purpose.
@Lilo Thomas
Yes some people on here talk like if your over 6ft3 your freakish, at my college with thousands of young teenagers, i can sometimes walk past 10 lads under 5ft9, but sometimes pass a group of 5 6ft2 plus guys, honest 6ft is pretty mainstream in the sense as nowadays probably 25-30% are taller i would suggest, not 17% unless your including the older, shrunk abit generation.
Connor, could old Connor ah, are you 5ft11.75, 6ft exact, just over 6ft, 6ft and a half or about 6ft1... sorry i forgot !
dude1e says on 19/Sep/14
Thanks rob I do have 2 6ft4 reltives and I am verry insucure I will be honest what would be at my eye level if I'm 185cm? Kind regards
[Editor Rob: at 6ft 1 your eyes are going to be at the mouths of 6ft 4 men (up close at least)...sometimes the further away you are, the difference can seem less.]
littlesue says on 19/Sep/14
Vibram I think you need to see a Pysciatrist!!! The 'girl magnet' where I work is about 5ft 5, all the girls love him and can't get enough of him!! I suggest girls picking up on your depression and get bad vibes from it. My Partner has been engaged 4 times and he 5ft 6 and not particular good looking. Non of his women have been ugly or obese either!! we just love his happy personality and sense of humour!!
Vibram says on 19/Sep/14
I am 5'9.5", yet constantly get dwarfed and completely amoged by taller, more robust guys. There is no doubt in my mind that 5'11.25" (181cm) is average to slightly under average height in a non-poverished white area. When I was living away from home at college, circa 1997-1999, the only guys that get poon on the regular in my dorms (and have girlfriends), are all at least f6t1 to 6'4". The biggest slayer of all is 6'6" (his frame is wide and robust too). These guys sweeped up the numbers and stole all the good looking women for relationships, one night stands etc. If you were 5ft8 you were seen as a joke if you hit on a pretty girl. My brother is also 6ft2, has only a slightly better looking face (very similar) yet her was able to date pretty girls all his life. I got nothing, no girls at all accept for the odd obese / ugly girl show inteest in me (and that was rare). And I don't have a bad personality.

I already have a pair of 1.5" shoe lifts from ebay, as well as some boots called "Witney" from the shoe maker Cotswold. They have a 1.65 heel. and plan to wear them over the winter here. I'm 37, depressed and I'm thinking of saving to save up for LL surgery to get 2 inches so I can be loved one day by a non-fat woman

Just another damn genetic faliure I have to endure.
@Rodrigo180 says on 19/Sep/14
@Jay 184cm: do u feel tall? tallish? just above average, among young white 22-30 yold guys? where u live? thanks man, very interesting to se the view of a legid solid 6'0ter
Connor183 says on 19/Sep/14
@dude1e you cant be 185cm if you feel short, 185cm is tall theres no country in the world that has 6ft (182.9cm) or 185cm (6ft 0.75) as short some average maybe but not short, it seems to me you are more 165cm than 185 no way at 185 should you ever feel short unless you live with a family who has giantism or you are actually not the height you claim to be or you are on drugs or something.
[Editor Rob: there are people who are tall but can still feel small. Of course it is a small percentage and part of it can be irrational fears/worries.

It can also be if you are 6ft 1, say you have tall cousins, and a 6ft 4 and 6ft 5 brother/father, you are always looking up...over many years, this can have an effect on your emotions and feelings.]
Tim says on 19/Sep/14
Plz List from 5`0 to 7`0 Male Heights as short or tall or watever. Opinions would be appreciated.
Celebheights 188 CMl says on 19/Sep/14
I believe that even 181-182 CM can be tallish.
GI Jose says on 18/Sep/14
I am only 17 (I turn 18 in 2 weeks) so I have no military background. However, I am in complete agreement with you on the subject of height inflation. That is why we get people claiming the US average is 6'00". I'm just glad that someone else finally agrees with me on that because nobody really seems to want to.
GI Jose says on 18/Sep/14
Many of you claim average height in the US to be 5'10". However, I have a lot of evidence to show that it is significantly less than that. The first piece of evidence I would like to point to is the morning. Most height studies are done in the morning when height is at its maximum. It takes a few hours for your height to drop completely, but once it does, it stays the same for about 12 to 13 hours of your day, assuming you are awake for 16 hours per day. The change in height can be up to a whole inch, but for the sake of this post, I will only consider 1/2 of an inch. I find the most credible sources for average height documentation are the studies. The one I am going to be referencing is from 2010. In this study, 5676 males were measured in the morning, and the result is fascinating. Here are the measurements of each race and age group measured during this study corrected for the morning measurements:

All males 20+: 68.8in
All males 20-29: 68.9in
All males 30-39: 69in
All males 40-49: 69.1in
All males 50-59: 69.2in
All males 60-69: 68.5in
All males 70-79: 67.7in
All males 80+: 66.8in
White males 20+: 69.3in
White males 20-39: 69.7in
White males 40-59: 69.7in
White males 60+: 68.4in
Black males 20+: 68.9in
Black males 20-39: 68.9in
Black males 40-59: 69.1in
Black males 60+: 68.4in
Hispanic males 20+: 66.5in
Hispanic males 20-39: 66.8in
Hispanic males 40-59: 66.5in
Hispanic males 60+: 65.5in
Mexican males 20+: 66.2in
Mexican males 20-39: 66.4in
Mexican males 40-59: 66in
Mexican males 60+: 65.4in

As you can see from this study, which reported an error bound of 0.08in, the average height of a US male is approximately 5'08.8" which is slightly below 5'09". I have wrongly proposed an average of 5'08.5", but 5'08.8" is not very far off.

Here are some other things I just want to reply to:
-Average can look short, but it can also look tall. If an average person is around several short people, he will look tall just like if an average person is around several tall people, he will look short.
-When the census defines white, there are certain Hispanic races that are considered as white like almost any South American country, Puerto Rican, and Cuban which is why the white population remains the majority. Also, the black population is still less than 20%.
-Personal experience is not the same as empirical evidence. Just because you have seen a group of people who are all taller than you does not mean that average height is higher. It just means that you met a group of tall guys. It goes the same for short people. If you see a group of people shorter than you, it does not mean that average is lower. It just means you have met a group of short guys.

That's all I have to say for now. I am going to be looking into the UK averages soon, and I will be back with my findings.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 18/Sep/14
Hey Rob how much should men that are 5ft 8in weigh too be healthy the lowest should 150 pounds anything less than that would be too thin the highest should be at least 162 pounds.
Calvin says on 18/Sep/14
@Connor yeah I sorta figured already haha but thanks anyway. He must be a troll.
Amaze says on 18/Sep/14
5'9 is average and not short at all - 5'8 can be short yes if you think 5'8 is short i will not disagree with you. 5'8.5 MEHHHHHhh but 5'9 aint short. globally it is a above average height.. and it is tall in some countries, average or higher above average in most, lowe raverage in some, and in the tallest its just below average but not short. that proves it aint short also statiscally and factually it aint . 5'9 is not short and is not short at all .. jeez

@connor yeah i agree
dude1e says on 18/Sep/14
Yes I am 185cm and I do feel short these days
Adam says on 18/Sep/14
Height ? What a funny thing , the reality is guys (and girls) that in life anybody who is shallow enough to NOT want to give you a chance based on characteristics that are completely out of your control are simply not worth the time and effort, in the end their superficial needs will bite you in the butt anyway (They will also always have the 'wandering eye' for those superficial things they see in other people). I have friends who are 5'7 and shorter (guys) and are completely comfortable in their own skin, they attract the girls that you want to have around you (kind, aware that these superficial things don't mean jack, btw don't think their not good looking either haha etc etc ) Really, it is a process of elimination. At times i wonder if those who were not given anything special in the looks department are the gifted ones as the ones who let that stuff go and develop strong personalities are the people who always end up the happiest. I was tall all through high school and didn't get any girls (very shy/ thought appearance was everything), now i am 182cm and have grown into who I am(no real height change since end of school) and now pull any girls ( and yes even taller girls will go for a shorter guy from time to time if he stands proud and carries himself well - obviously their are still going to be girls who refuse to date someone unless they are 6'4 + or whatever it be but do you really want somebody who puts that much emphasis on something a person has had no input or worked for ? I only write all this because i know how all you insecure guys feel, btw their is no average height - it is completely based on the perspective of the individual.
GI Jose says on 18/Sep/14
According to the most recent studies 54 million of the US population is Hispanic and Asian population is 17 million. This accounts for almost 1/3 of the population. Even if you take that into account average would still only be 5'08.75" max.
grizz says on 18/Sep/14
Cilic, if we come from the same region (Balkan countries), I think that 6ft2 has a noticeable advantage over a 6ft guy. Of course, if the odds are fair-that both guys are equally good-looking,interesting,funny -except for height. 6ft2 is IMO perfect height for our region-not so tall to have your head smacked in public transport, yet tall enough to attract models. For instance, in clubs 5ft10 girl is with 4in heels a fraction shorter than a 6ft2 guy with normal shoes.
Height181 says on 18/Sep/14
@jamie179cm: Why do I feel tall? because I do! I am only being real and honest here. When I am out and about, I feel taller than 85% of the people I come across. That is a HUGE percentage. Why wouldn't I feel tall at nearly 6'0''? Do you expect me to feel short at my height?? Maybe you live in a area of giants. I don't know. All I know is I am Comfortably taller than average.
ArnoldS says on 18/Sep/14
@Lilo Thomas: Thank you!!! I don't know why my link isn't working, but type 'Faststats Body Measurements' in on google, we're clearly above 5'9" (and likely would be fractionally more if the 80+ year old group wasn't included). And it's also clear if you click on the study on the page that the heights were measured with a stadiometer. As for the 1960s study, the average then was indeed 5'8, but unlike today, 1960 America was 85-90% pure white (the ethnic group with the highest average), so that old study was more or less talking about the average white american man. Compare with today's numbers for white men, there's quite a difference. As for world average, I just can't buy anything under 5'7". I'd say between 5'7 and 5'8" for the world average is fair in my opinion.
Lillo thomas says on 18/Sep/14
White people and Black People together are about 80% of USA population. Asians and latin people etc are a large group but they are still a minority.
Jay 184cm says on 18/Sep/14
@Vibram There's some sense in what you say but you're also making some sweeping generalisations too. There are loads of young 5'9" - 6'0" guys out there with attractive wives/girlfriends, and likely guys shorter than that too. But I suspect that taller people of both sexes are coupling off and likewise attractive people of both sexes are coupling off which means that the trend swings towards taller, more attractive people as the generations roll on. All those attractive 5'10" girls coupling off with attractive 6'2" guys makes for taller and taller offspring. It's inevitable, surely? What purpose does it serve for society to get taller? I dunno, it's just evolution though. For one thing it makes for stronger athletes and sportsmen. In the 70's and 80's, a 6-foot soccer player was often the tallest on his team. Now, many of the average professional soccer team are over 6-foot - stronger, faster, maybe better players overall? That's one bi-product of the evolution anyway.
Lillo thomas says on 18/Sep/14
GI Joe what the hell you are smoking ? Asians Latin people etc are called minorities for a reason. Lol Because they are MINORITIES. White and black people are still the mayority in the USA.
Zoro says on 18/Sep/14
So you are saying that 5'9 is short 'cause someone said you are short.. seems legit.
Connor183 says on 18/Sep/14
@Vibram i dont think anyone on here hates you, you seem alright to me

@Calvin maybe dude1e isnt 185cm at all and hes more like way under 6ft like 5ft 6 or something, no way is 185cm short, 185cm is tall, its no where near short so hes either trolling or he is simply jealous of guys who are 6ft or over or he lives in a fantasy land full of giants, hes probably really a short guy it sounds quite obvious, i wouldnt bother wasting your time replying to trolls if i were you mate its just pointless.
Lillo thomas says on 18/Sep/14
GI Joe what the hell you are smoking ? Asians Latin people etc are called minorities for a reason. Lol Because they are MINORITIES. White and black people are still the mayority in the USA.
Connor183 says on 18/Sep/14
@Bran hahahaha whatever man!, 1. was i even talking to you? no 2. i never said 6ft is perfect i said 6ft 2 is and even if i did think 6ft is perfect its just an opinion im not doing anything wrong by it, its not for idiotic immature people like you to cause arguments on the internet we are all entitled to our opinions dont forget that, also get your bleedin eyes checked before you start misreading my comments 3. if you really get all worked up just because of one opinion then your'e pathetic! and 4 think before you comment and shut your mouth!
french guy says on 18/Sep/14
i forgot to mention that the notion of average height doesn't existe for most people.
You're tall or short, it's black or white, there is nothing in-between.
If you're 5'9.5" you"re short, if you're 5'11" you're tall, both statements are false, actually this is just average for young men., but this how people think.
I have been called tall by a friend who is 6'2" but i'm only 182.3-5 cm at my lowest, and this friend called a guy who is 5'9.5" short.
6'1.25" is tall.
5'7.5" is short.
This is the truth.
Cilic says on 18/Sep/14
Given the importance of height, how much of an advantage will a 6foot2 guy have over someone who's 6foot in terms of attracting women?
Late 187cm says on 18/Sep/14
I have to say, there's been a lot of good, sensible posts here lately. It's refreshing.

@ Vibram

Your assertions can not be backed up by any credible statistic.

"I've noticed median height is about 5ft11 to 6ft for young white men whereas 60 years ago this wasnt the case. It was about 5ft8, 60 years ago." - Here you are blending what is anecdotal evidence, i.e. what you've "noticed", and what appears to be a reference to some statistic, i.e. "it was about 5ft8, 60 years ago." (I'm assuming the comment relating to 60 years ago isn't something you noticed too.) This just isn't a watertight argument. You can't compare what you've noticed with a study.
Besides, any of those CDC reports in the US, the ones where they break it down, rightly or wrongly, by ethnicity show a young white average of about 5'10.5. Which seems pretty high, by the way.
french guy says on 18/Sep/14
what the hell are you saying vibram plus the average height for young man is 5'10" and for white young men 5'10-5'11".
You have to move to the netherlands to feel short at 5'9.5".It's weak average or below average in every western countries exept the netherlands where the average height for young men is 6'0"
In my university the average height is 5'10.5" and there are 4000 students.
Stop saying bs, you must live in another dimension.
Connor183 says on 18/Sep/14
@jamie179cm i guess you can say 5ft 7 is the starting point of short but not very short like 6ft is the starting point of tall, ive changed my mind about 5ft 6 i think thats more like mid short and 5ft 5 id say is the start of very short, and to answer your other question maybe its just womens opinions or they are very short and from their perspectives 5ft 10 would look tall to them perhaps?
Lillo Thomas says on 18/Sep/14
GI joe all the USA government average male height reports put the average at 5'9- 5'9.5 and that includes all ethnic groups. The average white and black male is about 5'10 according to goverment reports. And the average height WAS 5'8 in the 1960 with ethnic groups included.
Vibram says on 18/Sep/14
Kourosh177cm says on 17/Sep/14
i'm 5'9.5 barefoot myself and i have been called short by my 6'4 gym partner, my 6'1 classmate , 5'11 cousin and my 5'8 (female) friend.

I have been called short at 5ft9.5 / 176cm by 2 soccer teammates, my brothers 5ft6 ex (my bro was 6ft2), a russian girl I met online (who was 166cm), a careers advisor, a Scottish woman on my induction day at work in 1997 when I was 20 (she said "Its just a wee boy"), by a drunken bully in my apartment block, by two 5ft4 women and many more!

I also have a small reach - its 68.75 inches exact. Maybe my proportions look small? I've been called "cute" before, which means unmanly but pleasing on the eye. I don't have long limbs.
SAK says on 18/Sep/14
@GI Jose, the studies that use stadiometer measurements show 177cm/178cm as average for men under 40. They are not using self - reported heights. So they are accurate. For the UK 5'10 is average for young men.

I get the fact many people increase there own heights for claiming purposes, but that is irrelevant.
GI Jose says on 18/Sep/14
For those of you who are trying to disprove the average height of Americans is 5'08.5", you need to do a better job to convince me. Every time someone tries to say that average height is higher, you only include the tallest races which is not average. If you had this list of numbers, 2,2,4,5,6, you wouldn't exclude the 2's just because they were the lowest. However, you seem to be using this logic to try to say that average height in the U.S. is higher than it really is. Average for Black and White Americans is probably around 5'09.5", I will give you that, but they only make up about half of the U.S. population. The other half is Latino/Asian which generally average around 5'06"-5'07". All you have to do is add up the averages, divide the sum by 2, and you get about 5'08".
Jay 184cm says on 18/Sep/14
@dude1e A 6-foot guy would look just 1-2cm shorter than you. Depending on posture etc, you would look very similar in a photo. It's basically the same difference as my brother and I - I'm 183.5cm on a regular day, and he is approx 1.5cm taller in a photo of us together - you can see his eye level is just slightly higher.
Celebheights 188 CMl says on 18/Sep/14
Who else has a scenario like mine? Here are the two measurements that I've received from professionals that are trained measurers within the last six months 3-4 hours out of bed both times:

1st-6'1.5"/187 CM
2nd-6'1.75"/187.5 CM (this implies that I can wake up at 6'2" as this was four hours out of bed? They checked thoroughly and were able to confirm that it was accurate)

3rd being in the late afternoon: 6'1.25"/186 CM (that's still tall)

I've also been measured 6'1" at night, but that seems a bit too low to claim. I also fail to measure up at 6'0.5" even when I measurement using the wall with pencil marks. If I have the choices of 6'2" or 6'1" to claim (I can claim either without it being false), which would be the more appealing one to claim? 6'1" seems more reasonable than 6'2" if I'm only going to be 6'2" out of bed on the perfect days, but then I'd still be 6'2 either way.
Scott says on 18/Sep/14
Jamie since the average is for young gen is 177-178 and u are 179 it is normal that u never feel tall cause the difference is too small
Vibram says on 18/Sep/14
To people that hate me or think I'm a troll or nut.

5ft9 range is short for a white man that is under 50 years old. Let me tell you why...

Basically from what I observe mostly some minority of men are monopolizing the majority of attractive women when they are young (16-30 years old). These men are tall, athletic and look good in the face. Also yes we are under huge evolutionary stress and a looks-obsessed society which could be why we are getting substantially taller with each generation (25 years). I've noticed median height is about 5ft11 to 6ft for young white men whereas 60 years ago this wasnt the case. It was about 5ft8, 60 years ago. And of course women do not want or settle for 'average' so most of them are on the hunt for the golden 6'2 to 6'6 range guys and a common 5ft11' will find you being towered at lots of hot night spots, sports teams, university campuses. You need to be a standard deviation above average in everything if you want the desirable/attractive women. I don't mean supermodels either, just regular, slender attractive looking women like Kristen Stewart and Kate Middleton types.

Shorter guys have to settle for the fat/obese chicks. And who wants that? Not me. Male height has no real evolutionary benefit apart from increased sexual attractiveness to women and dominance amongst other men.
Lisa says on 17/Sep/14
I think Vibram is exaggerating things to make you guys feel bad.

GI Jose, did you serve in the army? I'm similar to you. I'm very tall (5'10-5'11) too. I tower over most women in public places. I look extremely tall in some locations where the average girl looks to be around 5'2. Some of those same 5'2 girls will claim to be 5'4 or taller. One girl, around 4'11 to 5'0, claimed to be 5'4!

Rob V, you have a great career for observing height and human nature. Would you say that the girls in your club also exaggerate their height? I think such exaggeration is why some people actually claim that 5'6 is the new average height in the US.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 17/Sep/14
Hey rob how much should men that are 5ft 8in weigh too be healthy the lowest should 150 pounds anything less than that would be too thin the highest should be at least 162 pounds.
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
why do some woman considered me tall? i feel average
Calvin says on 17/Sep/14

Feel short at 185cm? That's rubbish mate. At the very worst it would be considered tallish where I live (Netherlands) but most here seem to consider it weak tall. And next to 6 foot you wouldn't see an insane amount of difference, it would probably look like there's about an inch difference most of the time.
Amaze says on 17/Sep/14
nah anybody who calls you short at 5'9.5 is a giant or ignorant guy.. you ain't short, you are like around 1.5-2.5 inches past being short. dw mate you aint short.. for netherlands/scandaniva you are below average but not short.
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
connor183cm Don't you think 5ft7 is short for man? imo its the starting point
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
i can understand why some people think 5ft8 is short but still i think 5ft7 is legit short
Jon189 says on 17/Sep/14
ROB* - what would be great on this site would be a page where we could post pics of ourselves and our true (or claimed ;)) height. Would be a great reference as so often when '178' or '185' is mentioned we have to imagine the height in our minds eye. Any thoughts ?
[Editor Rob: there's a kinda User Height page, but it was more for people who I met and who also had met actors.]
GI Jose says on 17/Sep/14
I have made many posts on the subject over the past 2 days, and it is frustrating me that it isn't getting through to people. I haven't been to the UK, but I would assume that it can't be that different than the US other than being a bit less culturally diverse. When I talk about my own height, 5'11", I mean at night and barefoot. The fact that I don't add anything to my height and most people do add at least 2 inches to their height leads people to assume that I am taller than I am with estimates as high as 6'02". Yes, 5'10" is average if you go by what people tell you, but if you were to actually measure them, it would go down by at least 1.5 inches. I am not basing my posts on opinion either. According to a 2013 study from, the average American man is 5'08". If the UK is close to the US in height, the average would be between 5'08" and 5'09". When you say "rubbish like i definatly feel tall" at 5ft11-11.5, talk about being biased and deluded", the real delusion is what 5'11" really is. When I say 5'11", it would most likely look like 6'01" to most people which is just like when I say 5'08", I mean a real 5'08", which probably looks like 5'10" to most people. I would suggest reading the full posts before failing to refute it.
ArnoldS says on 17/Sep/14
@GI Jose: One big problem with that listed video though, the stats at the end were misquoted, average is clearly in the 5'9" range for American men. Click Here really don't see how they messed that up quite frankly.
Kourosh177cm says on 17/Sep/14
i'm 5'9.5 barefoot myself and i have been called short by my 6'4 gym partner, my 6'1 classmate , 5'11 cousin and my 5'8 (female) friend.
Kourosh177cm says on 17/Sep/14
vibram many people who are 5'9.5 have been called short and im one of them. Even WWE superstar Chris Jericho who is also a strong 5'9 guy (176-177cm) was called a midget by his fellow work colleague Triple h.
so i feel your pain.
Lillo Thomas says on 17/Sep/14
Bran I agree with your post but because of it , the page will have giant wall texts of Connor 6'0 height rants.
Lillo Thomas says on 17/Sep/14
Bran I agree with your post but because of it , the page will have giant wall texts of Connor 6'0 height rants.
Lillo Thomas says on 17/Sep/14
Caesar I agree very much with your definition of tall. 100% spot on.
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
scott sometimes i feel average sometimes i feel slightly above average but never tall
Lillo Thomas says on 17/Sep/14
GI joe please quit the BS. In the United States the average black male and white male is 5'10. The Latin guys average like 5'7 tops or maybe 5'6 and Asian guys average about 5'6- 5'7 are the ones bringing the average male height down to 5'9 5'9.5. So a legit 6'0 will only have 2 inches over average white and black guys and not 4 inches like you said. It's true that most guys add 1-2 inches to their real height. And that's why some people believe 6'0 is average height. Most guys claiming 6'0 are really about 5'10. The worldwide average male is like 5'6 and 5'7 , I give you that. Most people in the world live in Asia and Asian men on average are shorter like 5'7 tops.
Scott says on 17/Sep/14
@dude1e are u a troll. U should nt feel short at 6ft1 even at Netherlands u should feel quite average
Scott says on 17/Sep/14
@truth i think the average for young white males is more 177-178 then 179
Zoro says on 17/Sep/14
Vibram I'm just as tall as you but I dont feel short

Here the average height I measured amoung some groups I frequent:

average between my university buddies: 178.6, 6 males

average in my classroom at school (3 years ago we graduated): 176.9, 18 males, 1 of them not white (177.6 without him, but to me is COMPLETE NONSENSE not to include black/asian ppl in these speculations)

average in my clique: 173.8, 9 males (unusual number of short guys, I admit)

As you can see, my experience, where it was measureable and not just suggested by mere impressions (like when u try to figure out what's the average of a large crowd), never showed what you describe.

Average for youngsters is 5'10 or slightly under, deal with it
Jay 184cm says on 17/Sep/14
@GI Jose I like your views on all this - you talk a lot of sense. I do think a lot of people's views on height is based on personal perception which is a very individual thing, and also probably skewed by other people lying about their height as you say. I've always kind of down-played my height, which I think was a confidence issue and I've also always been a sloucher until I've tried to improve my posture in about the last 6 months or so. I'm 185cm in the morning and 183-183.5cm in the evening but because I always slouched I think I gave off an impression of being shorter. I remember a tallish woman in heels querying my height a couple of years ago and not believing me when I said 6 foot. She would only buy 5'11" and that was irritating to me. I've measured myself on the stadiometer at my gym, in the afternoon and at the end of my weights session and I was 183cm on the dot so I know my measurements are accurate, and the weights may have made me drop a fraction lower than usual for that time of the day. Anyway, I do think you're right that regular people give themselves an extra inch or two all the time. I've known guys shorter than me claiming 6 foot, and guys of like 5'8" claiming 5'10". It makes me think I should claim 6'1" as I do reach 185cm in the morning, but I say 184cm on this site because it's the average of my morning and night heights and I figure that's fair enough when other guys are claiming heights they never reach! I also think Hollywood has skewed height perception for us regular people a fair bit too, but that's a whole other topic covered adequately everywhere else on this site :-)
RobV says on 17/Sep/14
@ GIJose on the frustration of knowing that most guys claim an extra inch or two when you yourself do not. Well, I am afraid you just have to accept this. It is not going to change. If anything it will get worse, rather like clothes sizes where it's often claimed that manufacturers have made stuff bigger to make people they are fitting into smaller sizes. People know that they can massage the numbers with little chance of being caught out. So they will.

Perceptions of height are so wobbly anyway that you would be advised to take advantage of this and just add the extra 2" yourself. Before I wore lifts, back in my late teens, I was always kinda puzzled by this in a naive way - I am 6'2" and other guys who were claiming they were 6'2" were clearly a lot shorter than me. And guys claiming 6' were like a big big chunk shorter. Oddly, it took me some time to realise this, and if I ever mentioned it I would be told "Oh you must be at least 6'5" (which I wasn't before I started wearing lifts etc!)
dude1e says on 17/Sep/14
I feel short at 185cm what would 6ft look like next to me?
Bran says on 17/Sep/14
Some people on here claim there height is taller than it is too feel better as they are insecure, and i'll say it straight i believe Connor is terrible for convincing himself on things to suit his own needs. Because your 6ft Connor, your the sort of person who has to make it sound perfect, if you were 5ft11 you'd be saying " Rob this is start of tall" and etc. Im saying this because im sick of hearing 6ft spoke of like it's a perfect height and confortably tall when its hardly 2 inches above average. Then the whole 5ft7-8 isnt short and etc just shows how insecure some are, there's not many healthy folk below 5ft7 in the uk and US nowadays, 10-15% ?, so how can it not be short, some people need to dabb into reality from fantasy, 5ft10 is average, below 5ft8 short, above 6ft tall, heights like 5ft11 are only tall to older women and teenage girls no men will mention your height, no rubbish like " i definatly feel tall" at 5ft11-11.5, talk about being biased and deluded hahahaha.
jamie179cm says on 17/Sep/14
what's considered tall for the older generation?
GI Jose says on 17/Sep/14
As a young white male, I disagree with the claim that their average is above 5'10 (178cm). Because of my sheltered upbringing, I have been around mostly other white people until the past 2 years when I got a job. I actually used to be one of the shortest males in schools until I hit about 5'06" at the end of 9th grade. By the end of 11th grade, I was the height I am now, 5'11". Now that I have stopped growing rapidly, I can estimate other's heights much more easily, and it is probably 5'08.25".
GI Jose says on 17/Sep/14
Being called short and being short are 2 completely different things. Another thing you seem to be doing is singling out a select group of people i.e. young white males. Out of the U.S. male population, young white males make up less than 10% of it. If you want to take the average, you have to consider all parties. Excluding the shorter races is why you could consider average much higher than it really is. The United States is a very culturally diverse country, and you cannot exclude certain races from the average. If you picked out 20 random U.S. men, the average would most likely be between 5'07" and 5'09".
truth178cm says on 17/Sep/14
@Vibram Ah so you claim your midday height, just like me. I am almost 5ft10.5 midday (5ft10.25) and I never feel short, 5ft9.75/5ft10 afternoon/night. I agree mostly with what you said. 5ft8 is not average, it is between average and short, bordering on short.
truth178cm says on 17/Sep/14
@GI Jose I think right somewhere between 173cm to 180cm is the average US male. A bit taller for young males (closer to 5ft10), especially young white males in the Us (around 5ft10.5 or 179cm).
Connor183 says on 17/Sep/14
Rob if the global average is 5ft 6-5ft 7 that would put 6ft in the very tall range again I'm not saying it is but I'm a little confused 5ft 6-5ft 7 is short to shortish range though how can it be average? it certainly doesn't look it and 6ft is only quite tall, I don't know I thought the global average was 5ft 9.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 17/Sep/14
Just because you feel short doesn't make it short. Get over it, 5'9.5" is average.
Vibram says on 17/Sep/14
I'm not a troll. I am a legit 5ft9.5 barefoot at midday measured on the same equipment rob used (stadiometer). I have been called short at least 50 times in my adult life. By that reckoning, how the hell can 5ft8 be average??

Also, when I'm with 5ft8 > 5ft9 guys we are amongst the shortest guys out for white men. Out of 20 guys we are bottom 7/6. Theres always some guy that is 5ft5 to 5ft7, thats true, but rarely do I see a sub 5ft5 white guy unless it is a cretin or one of those people from a care home.
dude says on 17/Sep/14
@ Delanger: 6'2 is alright for you, I know people gonna complain here "but you're not solid 6'2" well you're over 6'1 at your lowest and 6'2 at highest so 6'2 it is.
GI Jose says on 17/Sep/14
Thank you for providing your morning/evening heights. I usually go with my evening height because it is your lowest which you actually hit a few hours after being active. In your case, since you said you were 186.5cm in the evening, you are just below 6''01.5" meaning you would be a very strong 6'01" in my opinion. This is a really tough so I would not blame you at all if you said 6'02" considering you are literally .07 inches away from 6'01.5".
GI Jose says on 17/Sep/14
The actual global average height is 5'06" (167.6cm), and 6'00" (183cm) is very tall. Even in the United States, a real 6'00" person is 4" (10.2cm)above average. I know someone is going to say, "No Way! 5'10" or 5'11" is average!", but I have made many posts on the subject of why this cannot be the case so I am not going to discuss it again. I don't think it really matters where you are, but 6'00" will be taller everywhere.
grizz says on 17/Sep/14
Delanger, you're 6'1.5 tall,but sure, you can claim 6'2 . Very few people will notice the difference.
GI Jose says on 17/Sep/14
It is very hard to find people who agree with us on this because so many people want to defend their claimed heights. It must have something to do with their ego or something which is another topic I could go on and on about. Anyway, it is true that almost every person, at least in the US, adds 2-3 inches to their real height, many times knowingly. This frustrates me, one who is truly honest about my height, because people have such flawed perceptions of height that they act like I lie about my height. This all goes back to egos, but I can talk about that somewhere else considering this is a height forum. This would not be a problem if people would actually give their true height, or at least even close. I can understand up to 1 inch difference because they measured in the morning but no more than one inch. This is why I doubt that average height in certain European countries is above or near 6'00". Based on the people I know that say they are 6'00", they are all shorter than me at 5'11". It just seems like people inflate their heights to feel better about themselves which really isn't a good way to do so. Lying about height is just so common that we don't even notice it much anymore.
Amaze says on 17/Sep/14
@rodrigo180 yes agreed, 183 is weak tall, 184 is just tall, 185+ and over is solid tall etc

@connor183 yeah 5'7 is still the global average for men, there are obviously some countries 5'8-9 but there are still alot with5'7 or less. Plus 5" 9 is a biit too high still globally, 5'7 is still global average. Globally 6'0 is a solid/strong tall but atm its weak/lower end tall. So yeah

@truth178cm so 6'0 is tall to you then. 6'0 or 183 is 83rd percentile. 6'1 85? 6' 2 around 90. But yh 6'0 is overall tall still

@Crash agreed lol
Amaze says on 17/Sep/14
@rodrigo180 yes agreed, 183 is weak tall, 184 is just tall, 185+ and over is solid tall etc

@connor183 yeah 5'7 is still the global average for men, there are obviously some countries 5'8-9 but there are still alot with5'7 or less. Plus 5" 9 is a biit too high still globally, 5'7 is still global average. Globally 6'0 is a solid/strong tall but atm its weak/lower end tall. So yeah

@truth178cm so 6'0 is tall to you then. 6'0 or 183 is 83rd percentile. 6'1 85? 6' 2 around 90. But yh 6'0 is overall tall still

@Crash agreed lol
Caesar says on 17/Sep/14
Listen everyone:
The point about being tall is that you are noticebly taller than most people you meet.
There is by definition few tall people being 5 cm above the average doesn't cut it you'll only look tall to short people, average guys won't recognize that you'rer tall untill you've got maybe 3 inches on them.

A person a few cm above average doesn't look "tallish" that extra height might as well hide in poor posture or thin shoes. To be tall you gotta be well above average something like 7-8 cm more then you might start to feel, and look, truly tall.
RobV says on 17/Sep/14
@ Lisa and GIJoe on overestimating heights and skewing perceptions. As a tall guy who has worked in clubs for 15 years I take for granted that most guys will add a couple of inches to their claimed height. And of course if 3 guys in a group all around 5'10" claim 6' then, ergo, they ARE 6'. And of course because heights are difficult to estimate without a formal no-shoe measuring situation, it's dead easy to make the claim.

On the issue of people hero worshipping favourite celebs and then wildly overestimating, this is really because vast sums are spent building up a kind of hot/superhero/big man image. And those doing the hero-worshipping WANT to buy into the perfect-in-every-way image. That's why even seriously tall guys (like for example Jason Momoa) make clearly inaccurate and inflated claims - and say in interviews (at age 30!) that they are still growing. It's also interesting that even when a celeb's lack of height occasionally becomes an issue, they still wear lifts and elevators to keep up the image. Whatever we say or might like to ink sometimes, height is part of image and token figures/words like 'six foot' do mean something.
rodrigo180 says on 17/Sep/14
80th percentile is around 184cm night for young white guys, so 184-185 is the start of solid normal tall, 183 is weak tall, 181-182 just tallish, 177-180 average
truth178cm says on 17/Sep/14
But tall to me is 80-90th percentile, which is 6-10cm over average. 65-75th percentile is tallish (3-5cm over average), 90th-95th percentile is very tall (10-14cm over average), 98th+ precentile is extremely tall (16cm+ over average).
truth178cm says on 17/Sep/14
While there are some guys that make outrageous claims (and some that even downgrade themselves, mostly very tall guys), the majority still tell the truth ur round up 0.5 at most or in the US/UK claim their height in shoes which is 2cm more. Yeah Vibram is just a troll though.
Delanger says on 17/Sep/14
Hi I'm 186~188cm. (pm12:00 188cm / pm17:00 186.5cm)
Can I claim 6 foot 2? thank
Connor183 says on 17/Sep/14
@Amaze 5ft 7 is the global average? huh i thought it was 5ft 9, but im a bit confused if 5ft 7 really is the average and 6ft is 5 inches above that wouldn't 6ft be classed as very tall? since 5-6 inches is classed as a towering difference. (im not saying 6ft is very tall)

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