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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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nona says on 22/Dec/14
@Lisa: IMO Tania is absolutely right as far as the average height of all women in India is concerned. Though if you take into account women between 15-25 I'm sure the average height shoots upto 5'4" as in this age group 20% are between 5'0" & 5'4", 40% are betwen 5'4" & 5'6", 30% are between 5'6" & 5'9", 5% are between 5'9" & 6'0" and the balance 5% are over 6'0" tall. Further as Tania mentions the women in the states of Punjab & Haryana are atleast 4" taller and much 40lbs heavier than the women in the North East. I have seen plenty of women from Punjab & Haryana who are over 6 ft tall and the most imposing was this discus thrower who stood 6'1" and was massive at 220 lbs
GI Jose says on 21/Dec/14
Something I have always wanted to do is go to the country with the shortest average and immediately afterwards, go to the tallest country. I think it would be interesting to experience what different averages can feel like. From what I have read, the shortest countries in the world are Indonesia and Bolivia with averages of 5'2" and 5'3" respectively, but neither have any recent studies. The tallest countries, however, Montenegro and the Netherlands, have recent studies providing averages of 6'0". If these studies are correct, I should feel almost exactly average height in Montenegro and the Netherlands because of my 5'11.75" height at my low, and I should feel like an absolute giant in Bolivia and Indonesia. Now, this desire probably won't amount to anything for several years because I am still in university, but I would like to try it when I have the opportunity.

Now, my question is, for any of you who live in any of these countries, what are your experiences with the average heights in your country? Do the studies hold up well, or are they not quite accurate? I think it would be interesting to find out from the perspective from people who actually live in the countries themselves and get a second opinion on the subject.
GI Jose says on 21/Dec/14
I am pretty much in agreement with your conclusion. As someone who is a tad over 182 cm at night, I think it is definitely a great height, and it could very well be ideal without me knowing. Personally, I have always thought that 184 cm at night is the ideal height, but the ideal range would probably be 181-184 cm. I do live in the US which is shorter, on average, than Germany, but it seems like almost anywhere, the ideal height is somewhere in that 180-185 cm range with very few exceptions.
grizz says on 21/Dec/14
@C-MO, maybe for Germany (though I doubt that), but in the Balkans the range 185-190 cm is perfect. There are barely any young guys below 5'9 mark, while 5'11-6ft is fairly average. Maybe 20% of women here might prefer a 6ft guy,but a huge majority wouldn't date a guy shorter than 6'1. 190 seems to be a god-like height when women describe the perfect man.
Dikavac says on 21/Dec/14
In the morning,Im easily 202cm
Dikavac says on 21/Dec/14
Alright,I'm actually 200.03 :D
And 6'7 is around 0.3 is negligible i think :D :D
RobV says on 21/Dec/14
@new guy, on teens being shorter now than those in their 20s due to lack of sleep. It's an interesting idea, but I don't think it is the case. For a start there is 'class difference' in height. All teachers now are university educated in most western countries and from memory there is some evidence that professionals/people from certain socio economic backgrounds are slightly taller. Forgive me if I am wrong on this but I think it is the case. You notice this to a striking degree in London in the City where there seem to be so many guys 6'4"+.

It's like all control groups - the teacher will probably come from one group (slightly more affluent family, therefore degree, slightly taller on average) and not all the pupils will be from the same background.

I will have to look out what I read some time ago about this but if that were true it would of course make a difference (we are talking tiny of course). The other thing is that all teenagers over the past 60 years/consumer era have gone through phases of both not sleeping and oversleeping. I am mid 30s and vividly remember doing this myself - we didn't have technology we were glued to, we did it with other ways (watching videos all night, going out partying).

But it is interesting.
Lisa says on 21/Dec/14
@Tania: What an interesting post! It's nice to learn something new. My guess is that India's height variation is somewhat like the United States' height variation in that both heredity and income play roles, especially when you compare unique populations to each other. FE, impoverished Americans of Mexican descent tend to be much shorter than wealthy Americans of Swedish descent.

I once read that young women, in some Indian regions, average 4'9 to 4'11. Is this right? At the opposite end of the spectrum, do you know the average heights of young women in the "tallest" regions of India?
grizz says on 21/Dec/14
@Dikavac, you're 6'6.75in tall if you're 200.0 cm tall. But you're more than welcome to claim 6'7-it's more practical and no one, given your size, would notice 0.25 in of difference. :D
paul says on 20/Dec/14
i am only 169 cm tall at age 20(i am a man)
after reading many of your commentaries i started feeling like a gnome
do you find myself way too short? in what percentile you would put me, compared to adult men and adult women, respectively
Concerned 181 cm says on 20/Dec/14
@GI Jose: really enjoying your comments. Someone needs to inform these delusional people what the real world is actually like in regards to height.

Tip: in real life, the vast majority of men you'll see even in most 1st world countries will be below 6'0. In the US, that's 81st percentile for men IIRC.

Another tip: females already make up over half of the population of most countries. If you exclude them from general height statistics, and then also exclude Hispanics, all types of Asians, the middle-aged, the old, etc., you're only including a very tiny minority. Their average is more or less irrelevant.
Laf says on 20/Dec/14
5'7 and under short.
5'8-5'9 is shortish.
5'10-5'11.5 average.
6-6'1 tallish.
6'2+ tall
Dikavac says on 20/Dec/14
Can you say for yourself that you are legit 6'7
If you are exactly 200cm tall?
new guy says on 20/Dec/14
Rob I've also notice that older men 20-30 look taller than my peers for example all my guy teachers are usually taller than all the guys in my school who are even done growing. I think cause most the ppl in my generation aren't getting enough sleep cause their playing ps4 or on their iPhone 6 if this keeps up the average will come down.what are your thoughts rob do you think my generation is not as tall as they can be.I've personally witnessed some friends with taller relatives but aren't that tall cause they only get a few hours of sleep.
Tania says on 20/Dec/14
Lisa says on 18/Dec/14
@Jose (and Tania): Tania says that the average Indian woman is 5'0. That height is about two inches shorter than the height of the average younger Japanese woman, whose height is about two or three inches shorter than the height of the average younger white American/British woman, whose height is about two or three inches shorter than the average younger Dutch woman. Add to this the fact that the average height of younger women, in a few countries, is less than 5'0!

Why do you think there's such a variation in heights? BTW, iirc, there's quite a bit of height variation in India. Some regions average taller/shorter than other regions.

The 5'0" I stated is counting all of India, even the rural parts. There's actually different figures for different regions - the difference is likely due to better nutrition/healthcare in urban areas. In general the urban middle-to-upper-class tends to be taller, but since the short rural population far outnumber the urban, the average height is reported as lesser.
The region variation could be attributed to genetics - ethnic Punjabis, Rajputs and Kashmiris tend to be tall; my ex-boyfriend is 6'3" and his family is originally from Punjab. Folks from the North-East, who resemble Oriental people, are pretty short on average. There's also Indians of mixed descent like green-eyed East Indians (said to be descended from the illegitimate children Alexander the Great fathered while in India), the Parsis (whose ancestors were Iranian immigrants), some Indian Catholics in Goa (likely of Portuguese descent) and the Anglo-Indians, who have some British blood - all these groups have their own unique height genes, and increased intermarriage means that those genes get further mixed up, making for crazy height variations. We're a pretty diverse bunch.
C-MO says on 20/Dec/14
me = in Germany living (I am German citizen) young male who has roots from Turkey (Kurdish)

out of bed height = about 178cm or a hair below

1-2 hours out of bed = 177cm

5 hours out of bed and also most of the day = 176cm

lowest height at the end of the day especially after a hard day = 175cm

I work in a supermarket so I see many people on a daily basis and since you know Germans are one of the tallest people on the planet

my experiences : at my height I very rarely feel "short" and most of the time I feel medium height ...solid height ....sometimes when only women are around or old folks , people of certain ethnicities etc. I even feel a bit tallish

and since it is working time with pressure on my back I am often no more than 175cm there especially towards the end

the men who look obvious short are the ones who fall below 5'8 - 172-173cm or so

I have observed the heights of people and how certain heights look , how much advantages and disadvantages they have etc.

my conclusion is that the best height is being a solid 5'11 - 180cm or maybe 6'0 - 183cm more than that is ideal some cases when you are surrounded by mostly tall people or when most women are tall and wear heels I can see how 6'1-6'2 is better but when I inclue every aspect of life then 180-183cm is the most beneficial height

it is above average but you still blend in perfectly and still benefit from the advantages of average height yet you have also the pleasure to be seen as fairly tall by a good amount of people and you are still above average height even if not by much

it is the most aesthetic height and looks just right and very balanced

and as a 175cm night guy I can say that also 177-178cm nighttime is a very good height !

by that I dont want to you to think that I see heights over 6'0 as bad ...not at all ...if you can carry the height heights up to 6'4 maybe even 6'6 can look awesome but imo there is no better height than 5'11-6'0 ...feel free to disagree but I am actually pretty sure that I am objective and reasonable

and 5'8 - 5'9 are very decent and normal heights ...nothing to worry about at all ...just give attention to your posture , dont wear too thin shoes , work out ..and you will be fine are NOT short no matter what you think

5'6-5'7 are short heights but still nothing unusual and especially 5'7 is not that bad

5'5 and under is when you are clearly standing out as short though
GI Jose says on 20/Dec/14
I don't really have any sort of answer for that. It's probably just a slight difference because of the small sample sizes used in the studies. It is still very close to accurate, but each demographic has about .4" of an error bound.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 20/Dec/14
Some can grow past 20.
truth2 says on 20/Dec/14
Young Dutch average 183cm, so 178-188cm is most common for a man there.
JohnGB says on 20/Dec/14
@Emil 183 cm

We are exactly the same height, I'm 184.5cm out of bed and 182.5 at my low after a long day. ~ 183cm in afternoon
PetePro says on 19/Dec/14
@Emil & Editor Rob: re. First Hour: I have noticed that (by the first hour already noticeably shrank), with the rest slowly over some hours.

@GI Jose re. Maximum: I believe we are nowadays already at, or very near, our optimum height.

The only way now is down!
GI Jose says on 19/Dec/14
I am actually a white male. I used the name GI Jose because I enjoy the Spanish language. I still feel tall among others in my demographic.
Lisa says on 19/Dec/14
@Jose: I should have been more specific. I was referring to "older" younger white women and "younger" younger white women. FE, why do you think that the former group (around 30) average a bit taller than the latter group (around 20)? Is is just an erroneous finding caused by the measured participants not being truly representative of the larger population, or is it indicative of a decline in the standard of living among the younger generation? Remember that I'm referring to ONLY non-Hispanic American/British white women under 40.
184.8 says on 19/Dec/14
188 is best, ideal, beautiful, sexy, dream, perfect, super, golden and demigod height.
Yes. so 6ft2 is my life..
I'm near 6ft1(184.8) and wish i was 6ft2.
If youre height is 188, youre lucky man.
I envy 188cm human..haha ;~)
Celebheights 188 CM says on 19/Dec/14
@Duhon Yes, it is more than possible that it happened (especially if you're above average in height).
Celebheights 188 CM says on 19/Dec/14
@5foot11 In the study where they measured people who are 16+ in England, the average height was reported to be a hair above 5'9" (5'9.02"). You're about two inches above the average height in England, so yes, you're tall (or tallish at least). I would say that the average height in London (after being there) is a bit shorter than it is elsewhere. 1 CM is a minor loss for your height.
grizz says on 19/Dec/14
@ArchStanton&Crash, thanks for your input.Obviously,the kid in question is me. :D I agree with Crash that parents of similar height produce just a slightly taller kid.At least Arch got it right with minimal height estimate-I'm 6ft tall :D .Sucks to be me at family gatherings,though. Guess I've done plenty of mistakes while growing up (lack of sleep, silly diets, insufficient physical activity,poor immunity etc.).
PetePro says on 19/Dec/14
@5ft10Guy re. Russians: you are probably correct. My Russian "lady friend" described her father as "tall". When I asked how tall, she said it converts to {just} 5'10". She is 5'3" and her sister is around 5'5" (again described as "tall").

However, when she's visits Moscow, she is amazed by how tall lots of young Russians are. She's from southern Russia and of mixed Germanic/Slavic ancestry. The NW ones are much more Germanic like (from Swedish Vikings).
Emil 183 cm says on 18/Dec/14
Seriously, French Guy...
You seem complexed.. So what if Netherland's average is 184 cm, does it really matter? I have a two friends who are both above 6'5 - 197 cm and 202 cm to be exact. Just be light hearted about your height it doesn't matter at all..
Lisa says on 18/Dec/14
@Jose (and Tania): Tania says that the average Indian woman is 5'0. That height is about two inches shorter than the height of the average younger Japanese woman, whose height is about two or three inches shorter than the height of the average younger white American/British woman, whose height is about two or three inches shorter than the average younger Dutch woman. Add to this the fact that the average height of younger women, in a few countries, is less than 5'0!

Why do you think there's such a variation in heights? BTW, iirc, there's quite a bit of height variation in India. Some regions average taller/shorter than other regions.
5foot11 says on 18/Dec/14
2 questions rob, I'm 5'11 but how come I feel tall in London when I'm only apparently a bit over average, and everyone thinks I'm 6'0 or 6'1, and is it strange I only shrink 1cm roughly during the day from 181cm to just under 180cm in the evening?
truth2 says on 18/Dec/14
@5ft10 I am also a student at UNI so I dont know if that is a good point there...still women at 6ft1+ are RARE regardless of race, anything 5ft9+ is rare for a woman unless she is from a tall country and even then anything 6ft1+ is rare. I can count on my fingers the number of women that are over 6ft0 ( very very few, I personally know less than 10 and daily probably see close to none). Seeing 3 out of 25 black women daily at 6ft1+ is insane at statistically impossible lol. More 1 in 100.
Duhon says on 18/Dec/14
So i just recently went for a general check-up and when my height was measured I came out to be .5" shorter than I believed to be my actual height. This measurement was done at near 2 pm in the day, is it reasonable to believe I may have lost that .5" as the day progressed to that time?
GI Jose says on 18/Dec/14
The reason I believe that older groups can be taller than the younger groups is because of two big reasons, at least in the US: the increase in population of other races, especially Hispanic, and I believe that we have reached a point in society in which nutrition and general health is good enough for everyone so that the average height changes based on health are very minimal. Since 1970, the Hispanic population in the United States has increased from 9.1 million to 53 million and is projected to be 129 million in another 45 years. In general, Hispanic people are shorter than black or white people which I am not trying to make as an offensive comment. It's just a statistic. Anyway, perhaps the Hispanic population will grow taller in the US, but I don't see it getting as tall as the black or white population. This rapid increase could lead to a slight drop in the average height in the US, but it won't have any effect on any of the other countries.

For all the countries mentioned, they are all industrialized countries with generally good health. I think the main reason people aren't getting taller from generation to generation is because health in industrialized countries has reached a point where it has gotten good enough for everyone to have good enough health to reach maximum heights. After WW2, the US and many countries had a great economic boom which led to good health overall which led to relatively high average height for people born from 1950 and on. The general health has been good since then and hasn't improved in any major aspect.

That's my explanation of it, but I could be way wrong. I have thought about it before, and this was the best I could come up with to explain the situation.
Crypto139 says on 18/Dec/14
Just got called tall today, and I am a 171 cm tall male in the United States. It was by a 5 feet 4.5ish guy though. Also recently this skinny 173-174ish guy also got called tall. Weird eh?
5ft10guy says on 18/Dec/14
5ft7-6ft4 this is the normal range for all guys. Anyshorter or taller and its noticeable that your not in the norm
Minimum height acceptable for a man imo: 5ft10
Tallest height: 6ft4
Sweet range:6ft-6ft3
5ft10guy says on 18/Dec/14
5ft7-6ft4 this is the normal range for all guys. Anyshorter or taller and its noticeable that your not in the norm
Minimum height acceptable for a man imo: 5ft10
Tallest height: 6ft4
Sweet range:6ft-6ft3
truth2 says on 18/Dec/14
@Crash true, I am slightly shorter than my father and my sister is slightly taller than my mother, I am closer to my dads height and my sister to my mothers height.
2toes says on 18/Dec/14
GI Jose you feel tall because your ethnic group is mostly Mexican-American/ US Hispanics, who tend to have shorter average than african americans and non hispanic whites.
184.3cm says on 18/Dec/14
A 5'7 ish average here is Holland would also mean that-5'11 women would not be described as very tall by other women, when in fact they are all the time.
184.3cm says on 18/Dec/14
@French guy

The average being that high is false. As you can see from that chart that Jose posted a link to the average is 180.8cm. I always said it was more 181cm so its nice to see my opinion validated a little. As for myself i feel most of the time tall until i come across 6'2+ guys but thats not as common as most people make it out to be. After all i get pegged 187-188cm by alot of people. Id say im probably 70-75 percentile.
As for the women here i see that the chart gives an overall average of 5'6 which is right but id say its 5'5-5'6 range and not 5'6-5'7 which is slightly over the average. That report though is pretty damn accurate though .
RobV says on 18/Dec/14
@GIJose I agree that many people take the idea of the younger generation being taller too far. I haven't looked at the stats over a period of 30/40 years but I bet we are talking in fairly small amounts, averagely fractions of an inch. But they have got taller. What may have happened though is that some groups have got taller than others through diet etc, in some cases/countries markedly so. That difference which opened up 50 years ago between North and South Korea, for example, is telling. And indeed the enormous growth in the Netherlands, which apparently just over 100 years ago was the shortest in Europe and is now the tallest nation. And a lot of that growth has taken place in the past 50 years.

I suspect that this is one of those subjects that, because it has not been properly studied (reasons, details etc), is open to all sorts of interpretations.
dayle186cm says on 18/Dec/14
How tall would a person be if 183cm comes to near top of forhead
nona says on 18/Dec/14
@vina: If you are a girl I think you have already reached your maximum height. On the other hand if you are a boy I guess you will get close to 6 ft.
Urselle says on 18/Dec/14
6'2", 6'3" is best range.
6'1", 6'4" is second best.
6'0", 6'5" is third best.

6'0" is starts tall.
6'5" is too tall but good height.
Emil 183 cm says on 18/Dec/14

Out of bed, I'm 184.5 cm. 1 hour later I shrink a full cm to 183.5 cm. Then at afternoon I'm 182.9-183.0 cm and my absolute lowest is 182.5 cm.
1 cm shrinkage after 1 hour out of bed is quite a lot, isnt it?
And what height should I claim?
[Editor Rob: I'd go with 183cm personally. It's not that uncommon, I did a video showing my height during a normal day and within first hour dropped a lot.]
anon says on 17/Dec/14
@Arch Stanton

MY parents were 6'3 and 5'4.5.
I'm the tallest at 5'11.5 midday (probably about 6'0.25 out of bed)
Crash says on 17/Dec/14
I misread the height difference, 9cm rather than 11cm. But the point still stands; the father likely wouldn't be any taller than the mother if he were female, so height potential for any sons isn't going to be much taller than him.

Taking that 5 inch difference into account, around 6'2" for a son, and 5'9" for a daughter is most likely.
Crash says on 17/Dec/14
Arch Stanton, that's actually higher than you would get on average, and I would actually say a very silly estimate. The 6'2" estimate given earlier is more probable.

If what you said were true, then parents would almost always produce children significantly taller than themselves. But this obviously isn't the case.

Height difference between the sexes is about 5 inches. So basically if the dad were a woman, he would likely be the mother's height or slightly shorter, so on average you'd get a son/daughter about the same height as the dad/mum, respectively. 2 parents with similar heights for their respective sex would normally produce children close to their height, otherwise like I said, nearly everyone would be significantly taller than their parents.

You may have a different experience but if so, those definitely aren't the "average" examples you've been seeing.
Lisa says on 17/Dec/14
@Jose: Thank you so much for your informative post! :) Going by the statistics, the original poster's height estimations are close to the actual statistics. BTW, my preceding post is in response to your earlier post, in case it seems confusing.

There are a few surprising facts in your post. You don't expect such height variations between different age groups in the US, UK and the Netherlands. You expect them in Japan because of WWII and changes in diet, but you wonder why, FE, some older groups are taller than some younger groups. What's your explanation for this?

I also wonder why the statistics don't align with 184.3 cm's estimations of Dutch women's heights. I assume that he lives in the Netherlands. Perhaps he lives in a section with a shorter population?

As for the cause of the differences, between the age groups and between the countries, my guess is that it comes down to a combination of genetic and environmental factors and may reveal the economic history of each country (taller population during better economic periods).
GI Jose says on 17/Dec/14
@Celebheights 188CM
I 100% agree that people are making the 'young generation' seem so much taller than they actually are. As someone who is part of that generation, I feel that it's very much exaggerated. Even the reported 5'10" average seems like a bit much because I am just under 6'0" at my low, and I feel like I am solidly taller than most people my age. I have trouble believing that it's even changed much at all from the 90s until now.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 17/Dec/14
@Vina you can probably reach 5'10".
french guy says on 17/Dec/14

what would you consider tall for a man in the netherlands, and according to you, what is the perfect height here?
And do you feel average there?I read the average in your country is 184 cm,jesus.
if 184 cm is average, i believe 45 % of men are 185 cm and up and 20 % is 190 cm or taller.
An average height english guy would feel like a dwarf xd
I "m studying engineering, and i will be graduated soon, and i was thinking to move to another country to make more money, but netherlands and north germany are the places i will never go to work lol.(i'm 182.5cm)
5ft10guy says on 17/Dec/14
As for women I would take an inch from black women and keep it as is:
black women average height range in general(not only aa):5ft4-6ft2
White woman average height range in general :5ft3-6ft
You walk around for long periods of time in crowded places you'll find it like this lets say in 25 black women found in a day in general : below 5ft4(8)5ft4-5ft9(8),5ft10-5ft11(4)6ft(2),An absurd tall height 6ft1 and up(3)
25 White women found in a day in general: 5ft4 and below(12)5ft5-5ft9(6)5ft10-5ft11(6)6ft(1),An absurd tall height:(Zero) 1 once in a while if lucky
25 Latina women:
5ft4 and below:18 5f5-5ft9(5) 5ft10-5ft11(3) 6ft(zero)but its possible maybe once everymonth,An absurd tall height(zero) I have never seen such a thing I lived in queens and the bronx for 24 years
5ft10guy says on 17/Dec/14
You guys arent seeing the bigger picture I'm putting the chart in a big pot . 5ft9 for white guys in nyc is everybody. The older guys and the young guys and their are different type of white men I go to different gyms where certain white guys if your 5ft10 your alittle taller then average.Russian,Jewish white guys I've met. While others are more in the 5ft10 range and up this is true. Black guys is the same thing I have a friend hes a carribean black guy Haitian and I met alot of them they are traditionally smaller then african american guys.I should know I'm best of both worlds . Thats why in general I put black guys in 5ft9.5 but if where talking just African Americans then 5ft10.5 is the average.Guys I dont make these things up I'm a graduated university student who used to play basketball whos very aware of height.
184.3cm says on 17/Dec/14
As for giant heights i have another co-worker who just started today and is a legit 6'10.5 . So lately we have some really tall guys joining , first a 204cm guy and now a 209-210cm guy. Needless to say i felt like a shrimp next to him he pulled off looking 7 foot when standing next to legit 6 foot guys. I would say that being over 6'10 is truly a giant and it looks uncomfortable as hell, the guy holds good posture but needs to bend constantly to talk to people and ofc they had to special order clothes for him and shoes as we dont have his size in stock. Friendly guy but sick of telling people how tall he is :)
Arch Stanton says on 17/Dec/14
grizz says on 13/Dec/14
How tall would someone turn out to be with parents that are 186 and 177 cm tall? Other people from the family are fairly tall,the shortest man is 5ft11.5 and the tallest 6ft4. Each generation is taller than the previous by at least 1in.Lets presume that this kid grows up in stable socio-economic environment, does sports on regular basis,eats healthy and has been almost never sick.

Parents that height could typically produce a 6'4-6'6" son from doses of tall genes on both sides. I know a 181 and 175 mother who have two sons 6'6 and 6'4 but the youngest is like only 177. Certainly anything under 6 ft with parents that height you'd be hard done by.
Tania says on 17/Dec/14
Travis says on 16/Dec/14
Some people compare themselves with basketball or volleyball players and they think that 190cm is not tall. Are you crazy? Basketball players' average is 197-198cm all around the world except some Asian countries. Some people there who are 200cm play as center position which is imposible in NBA for example. Anyway, even in Nba, average height is 199-201cm. If a basketball player is 198cm he is average in basketball community. Really! Is it fair? 198cm man is a giant if we put him into society. If you are 190cm and over 190cm+, you are absolutely 100% tall and you are in 90% very tall category in every country. if you go to Asia especially to India, Philippines or Thailand, you will be classfied as giant and abnormal man as 190cm and over. 190cm and 190cm+ is classified as very tall in European countries not giant I know but in Asian countries these heights are seen as giant. Be sure!

True. I barely see men taller than 6 feet in my city (I live in India), so when a 6'3" foreign tourist walks past, he will literally stand head and shoulders above the crowd in most cases. I'm considered "tall" here because 5'4" is still 4 inches above the national average height for women.
vina says on 17/Dec/14
I am an indian,15 yrs old and I'm 173cms tall what is my predicted height???
184.3cm says on 17/Dec/14
Women in Holland
5'3 and under Short rare to see white women this size
5'4-5'5 Under Average Start of common range.
5'5-5'6 Average
5'6-5'7 Above Average
5'7-5'8 Tallish
5'8-5'9 Weak Tall
5'9-5'10 Tall
5'10-5'11 Strong Tall
5'11-6'0 Weak Very Tall End of common range
6'0-6'1 Very Tall Not that rare but still not common
6'1-6'2 Strong Very Tall uncommon
6'2-6'3 Weak Standout Very uncommon
6'3-6'4 Standout Tall rare
6'4-6'5 Strong Standout Very rare
6'5-6'6 Begin of giant range very rare to see
Lisa says on 16/Dec/14
@Jose: You might have misinterpreted my point. I meant that younger white American women were very close to a 5'5 average now. That's all. I realize the AMERICAN average includes other ethnic groups. I didn't claim that ALL American women, in that age range, are close to 5'5. That was why I emphasized only white women.
truth2 says on 16/Dec/14
@Arch Stanton I see just as many 5ft3 women as 5ft7 women and live in a tall country. Rarely 5ft9+, not to mention 6ft0 lol.
GI Jose says on 16/Dec/14
For the average of Dutch people, I found a statistic of an overall female average of 5'6" and an average of 5'6.75" for the tallest age range which was 30-40 year old women. The women aged 20-30 were listed at 5'6.5" which was the second tallest.

About the average of Japanese women, I found an average of about 5'2.5" for young women (20-39) and an overall average of about 5'1.75". I had to do a bit of calculations for the Japanese overall average, but it wasn't that difficult. It was interesting to see the steep drop off from women age 45-49 to 70-74. It is almost a 2.5 inch difference.

I have found the study for young white women in the US averaging 5'4.9" or just 5'5" to make it easier. However, what I find interesting is the average height for women age 25-34 in the UK which is 5'4.3" which is actually not the tallest group. The tallest in the UK are women age 16-24 who average at 5'4.75" which is still slightly shorter than the young white women in the US.

With that said, averages of 5'6.75" for Dutch, almost 5'5" for US/UK, and 5'2.5" for Japan, it is still a significant difference between the them.

Dutch Stats: Click Here
Japanese Stats: Click Here
US Stats: Click Here
UK Stats: Click Here
Travis says on 16/Dec/14
Some people compare themselves with basketball or volleyball players and they think that 190cm is not tall. Are you crazy? Basketball players' average is 197-198cm all around the world except some Asian countries. Some people there who are 200cm play as center position which is imposible in NBA for example. Anyway, even in Nba, average height is 199-201cm. If a basketball player is 198cm he is average in basketball community. Really! Is it fair? 198cm man is a giant if we put him into society. If you are 190cm and over 190cm+, you are absolutely 100% tall and you are in 90% very tall category in every country. if you go to Asia especially to India, Philippines or Thailand, you will be classfied as giant and abnormal man as 190cm and over. 190cm and 190cm+ is classified as very tall in European countries not giant I know but in Asian countries these heights are seen as giant. Be sure!
Celebheights 188 CM says on 16/Dec/14
Am I the only one who thinks that most are exaggerating about how tall people have gotten? I don't think that the average has gone up by more than a quarter of an inch for them.
Bob says on 16/Dec/14
What is the young age range?? Also i need your opinions on heights!!! Answer Both
185neil says on 16/Dec/14
hei Rob, does a man look "apparently taller" if he has a smaller short head or if he has a longer head? thx
[Editor Rob: from experience it seems to be that if you have a shorter head you can often be seen as taller. Some people who are close in height take in the whole head as a visual clue, so their mind is seeing maybe one person with a higher up chin and thinking that person is taller.]
Arch Stanton says on 16/Dec/14
Yeah you'll definitely see dozens more 5'2-5'4" women than 5'11-6'1!!
Justin says on 16/Dec/14
Hi Rob I got measured by my doctor at 187.3cm tall couple hours out of bed how tall should I say I am. Cheers thanks :)
[Editor Rob: you might still drop to 186, but 187 is fair to claim if you wish.]
Mehmet says on 16/Dec/14
I am 190,5cm - 191cm and 86kg. People tell me that I am very tall in Turkey.
Darren510 says on 15/Dec/14
I would definitely bust your dad on his 6ft claim if he is only 5'9. What is wrong with just saying 5'10?
Lisa says on 15/Dec/14
Regarding Finalish's message, if young Japanese women really average 5'2 and young Dutch women really average 5'8, it's interesting to note that young American women average close to 5'5. Each group's height is separated by about three inches. In YOUR opinion, why is this so?
Connor183 says on 15/Dec/14
Hey Rob how come there are loads of comments on this page but on others like on your page (Rob Paul Height) and User Heights most of the comments have disappeared on those pages what happened?
[Editor Rob: in a weeks time those pages will fill up again.]
Zoro 178-176.5 says on 15/Dec/14
@Celebheights 188 CM

Yes, I'm done
Maybe I'll not be towered, it depends on how much the youngsters have grown and on my posture (sometimes I slouch); we'll soon see

At least I'm solid between father and uncles
Emil 183 cm says on 15/Dec/14

I live in Copenhagen and I probably see one or two 6'1 white women if I go downtown.., That's FAR from being averag range!! And 6'3 black women? Lmfao dude 6'3 is extremely seldom... You cant be serious xD.. I can tell that many girls can look much taller than they are because of small head, slim stature, surprise effect etc...
Urselle says on 15/Dec/14
I am 1.79cm tall girl. hahaha! :)
Celebheights 188 CM says on 15/Dec/14
6'1" alone is rare for a woman. I don't think that I've ever seen a woman who was 6'3" in person before (maybe not even 6'2"). The ones who have appeared taller than I do (or my height) have all worn heels.
Kourosh says on 15/Dec/14
hi hamvatan, i was in Tajrish square :D today and i spotted so many 6'0 young guys there :). thats why im flabbergasted by how much taller our young generation got as i'm myself young (24). 5'10 to 6'0 was common. You could find any guy in this range in every corner of streets. majority of women were between 5'3 to 5'6 range but yet you could find few of them to be around or over 5'10 with their boots on.
As for our older generation, i believe 2 or 3 out of 10 to be at 5'10.But yes i felt confidentially taller among our elderlies in compared to youngsters.
PetePro says on 15/Dec/14
@truth2 re. My Chart: :) Thank you.
@Late 187cm & @CelebHeights re. My Chart: Thanks for your interest. Firstly the 5'10.25". That was I recall mentioned here after a nationwide English survey of 18yo's. It claimed exactly 5'10", so I added a theoretical extra 1/4 inch to cover them now at aged 20ish. I think that is acceptable. Also, I heard elsewhere (maybe on the radio) this very same survey.

Secondly, the military always measure the "high". And like I mentioned about the First World War, the average serviceman was taller than the average man per se. I think the fact that the military don't accept very short or tall, will still give us a good average to go by. As the vast majority of men will be in-between those two extremes anyway.

Some of my figures are military, others civilian surveys. The WW1 one is from a 1930 book I've got, quoting all the official figures for the biligerants.

With WW2 British, I saw a figure for 1940, which was just below 5'8.25". So I rounded that up to a solid figure. I saw the US quoted as surprisingly just 5'8.50" by 1941+. That was less than I would have guessed, but I've struggled to find any more such data. I did read (online) that the Germans were the same at 1.74m (5'8.50"). Again shorter than I would have estimated.

The 1960s 5'9" I've heard/seen several times. And that there was a half inch jump from the 1950s to 1960s (the children born in WW2 plus, had apparently a very healthy diet). Also, the 1980s figure tallies with what I saw measured when I was at senior school and college (amongst other English/British students). At that time, the 'modal' height was 5'9" to 5'10", with me at max of 5'9.75" comfortably within that range. I felt a good average. In 1978/9 I read the average was just over 1.76cm (5'9.25").

About half of the other figures I calculated. I think it safe to state they must be correct.

Do note that, every 10 years for many decades, the white British have grown only 1/4" or 1/2" maximum. In Continental Europe (since WW2) it averages 2cm. Again this will vary much between north and south Europe.

I wished I kept all my sources.
GI Jose says on 15/Dec/14
Thank you. About the whole young white demographic, at least in the US, I have never found a situation in which everyone in the group is both 20-35 and white. Really, the only time it is a majority is in universities, and even then, the populations in the US of other races is increasing rapidly which leads me to believe that limiting the demographic to both young and white is basically irrelevant. Based on the 2010 Census, just 20.3% of the US population is between the ages of 20 and 34, and if you limit it to only whites (which also includes Hispanic in the US), you only have 13.6% of the total US population. Of that 13.6%, 9% are Hispanic, which would bring the total percent of young white Americans to 12.4% of the total US population. If you want to single out just young or just white, I could see that, but if you single out both for the US, you are not working with much, and if you want to limit it to just males like many on this site do, you are left with just over 6% of the US population which doesn't seem like a big enough demographic group to be considered the overall average. I'm sure that it is probably much different in other countries, but for the US, that is what it is.
yitzhak says on 15/Dec/14
I came across a study people here might be interested in called "Concordance of Self-Report and Measured Height and Weight of College Students". People seem to think "OMG UPPER MIDDLE CLASS WHITE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS ARE SO TALL IM 511 AND FEEL SHORT" but that is just bull that people use to justify their own biases. The actual article requires access to academic journals which I happen to have access to, so I'll post the findings here.

*634 college male undergrads from major public universities (Wisconsin Madison, Rutgers, Michigan State, Syracuse, Penn State, etc) were asked to self report height and were measured in the early afternoon. Study took place in 2014
*They WERE told they would be measured before they signed up for the study.
*Ethnic breakdown: 77% non-Hispanic white, 9% black, 6% Asian, 3% Hispanic/Latino, 5% didnt say or mixed race.
*Self reported height for all men = 510.6, sd 2.8 inches
*Measured height for all men = 510.0, sd 2.7 inches

Considering blacks and whites in the USA are about the same height and make up 86% of the sample, the students were told they would be measured (self-selection bias), and they were measured not at their absolute lowest height, the average White university student in America is nothing over a flat 510 barefoot, and Im sure it is no different in other Anglo countries (it might even be a bit less). This is probably the most definitive/comprehensive study we'll ever get on this subject.
Aaron183cm says on 15/Dec/14
@Emil 183 cm

I agree. Terrible height list. 6'3" black women in everyday life? really? what a crock of s***.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 14/Dec/14
@PetePro Are you basing that off of the military? The military tends to have taller people from what I've noticed (especially the Marines). The Army only takes people between 5'4"-6'4", with the others taking 4'9"-6'8".
Lisa says on 14/Dec/14
@5ft10guy: Is it really unusual to see white women shorter than 5'4 in New York City? A lot of Italian and Jewish girls are on the short side. At one time, the NE was the shortest section of the United States.
Crypto139 says on 14/Dec/14
Um 5ft10guy how in the world is a 5 feet 3 black or white women rarer than even a 6 feet even black or white women? Just want to know. I rarely ever see 6 feet 3 women at all yet I see 5 feet 3 women every single day. Just saying.
JohnGB says on 14/Dec/14

For white women I think it's closer to 5'1 - 5'10 as average. There's loads of women below 5'4.

I think someone with parents that tall could grow to around 190cm
5ft10guy says on 14/Dec/14
@Emil 183 I Disagree if live in the city as long as I have then you'll find my post very reasonable your probably interpreting it wrong.Your 6ft say in some places in the city you'll be considered tall .In others just in the above average range.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 14/Dec/14
It depends on where you are in New York City. While it might seem that I'm being hyperbolic here, I always notice an increased number of people who are 6'3"-6'4" when I'm watching a Knicks or a Rangers game. But when I was just walking around Manhattan or Queens, I was able to walk for blocks each time without seeing somebody who was my height or taller. If you're on the subway, you will see some tall people, however.
Late 187cm says on 14/Dec/14

What data are you going by? 5'10.25 seems a little high.
jamie179cm says on 14/Dec/14
i considered 5ft9-5ft11to be medium height for a man
Celebheights 188 CM says on 14/Dec/14
@5ft10guy I've seen maybe four women who were possibly above 6'0" in New York City (it might be including heels since I remember that two of them had them on), and they were all white.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 14/Dec/14
@Zoro Have you finished growing yet? At least you're close in height to them.
Finalish says on 14/Dec/14
female height imo
4'11" - very short
5'0-1" - solid short
5'2" - beggining of short
(japan's average)
5'3-4" - weak short
5'5" - standard
5'6-7" - weak tall
5'8" - beggining of tall (netherlands average)
5'9-10" - solid tall
5'11" - very tall
185.7 says on 14/Dec/14
@Celeb 188cm
i agree. 186-8cm is magical height.
woman height is 173-5cm is best.
Emil 183 cm says on 14/Dec/14
You should probably reconsider what you just posted... What a load of bolllcks mate...
Josh says on 14/Dec/14
Realistically for men:

Less than 5'6 is short
5'7 - 5'10 is average
5'11 - 6-2 is tall
6'3 + is the start of very
GI Jose says on 14/Dec/14
I just entered the heights of the parents that you provided to this website Click Here and it said 6'2" (provided the child is male). However, those height prediction tools are not always accurate. In my case, every time I entered my parents' height into one, it said I would be 5'9"-5'10", but I am 18, still growing, and 5'11.75" at my low. There really is no way to accurately predict height from my findings 100% of the time, but there is a high probability that the child will be close to 6'2".
2toes says on 14/Dec/14
@2toes, maybe US white men 70-75 years old have an average (50 percentile) of 5'9", but for guys in their 20's, 30's, that's impossible, that's clearly 3 centimeters under their average unless your community is of predominantly Southern Italian/European Jewish ancestry (like many in New York) who tend to be not as tall as whites of English, Scotch-Irish, German ancestry.
I invite you to visit states like Minnesota, South Dakota, who have white people of predominantly Norwegian, Danish and German ancestry, and at 5'9" you'll feel like a midget among them boys. Me the same, at 5'8".

Here in Spain guys aged 20-30 years old have an average of 5'9.5", as you can see in this medical statistic from the city of Bilbao:
Click Here

There's two main samples in the study: One of 300 guys born in 1978, who at their 18th birthday have a 50 percentile (average) of 174.1 cms, and ANOTHER with 2,000 guys born in 1982-1983, who at their 18th birthday have an average (50 percentile) of 176.27 centimeters, as you can see in the tables.

Young spaniards are not taller than white americans/britons on average, because young male white americans/britons, have an average of a full 5'10", maybe even more:

Click Here
Click Here

So at 5'9", a guy is clearly under average among both white young male britons/americans, face it.
Lisa says on 14/Dec/14
@Rob: Thanks for the explanation. It looks like things are back on track.

@GI Jose: That's a very good chart. It might interest you to know that, according to CDC statistics, the average younger white woman is 5'4.9, which might as well be 5'5. IIRC, the age range is something like 18 to 35.
french guy says on 14/Dec/14
today you have to be atleast 185 cm to be average in every places in europe.
for instance average height in the netherlands is 184 cm for young men.
in germany there are a lot of cities where the average is 182 to 185 cm
Click Here
in france the us and uk i believe there are towns where men average 180-183 cm

it makes me feel i should do leg lenghtening or wearing lifts to feel safe.
is 185 cm the cutoff between the mediocre and the good height?
truth2 says on 14/Dec/14
@5ft10 Young white women average 5ft5-6, young black women 5ft4, young latin and asian 5ft2.
truth2 says on 14/Dec/14
@Peterpro Good chart
truth2 says on 14/Dec/14
@5ft10guy just LOL at that chart. white guys average 5ft10-11 (only some places like North Dakota 6ft0-6ft1) and if anything blacks are a tad shorter, probably 5ft9.
Peyman says on 14/Dec/14
@Kourosh ,
I've met some of the iranian footballers, they're almost two inches shorter than their billed height
Ali dae looked 187 & not 192, nekounam looked more in the 182 range & not 186/
ali karimi looked the same height as me, 179 or maybe 180 at best
carlos queiroz ( iran's coach) was more a solid 5ft 11in than a full 6ft
I also met mayeli kohan , his official height is 169 but he looked in the 171-2 range. so I'm not trying to downgrade anybody.
hamid estili is 177 aswell, but he is listed at 175 !!

& real average height is still unknown to me, but it certainly is no where near 5ft 10in, more like 175 flat among younger generation 172-3 for the 18-60 years old range.
for a 175 average, it's totally normal to see 5 out of 100 girls over 173. & it's no more than that IMO
Zoro 178-176.5 says on 14/Dec/14
I'm one of the shortest in my family, compared to my brother and cousins.
My brother is 183cm

37 Years old cousin 176cm

27 yr old cousin 179 or 180 cm

17 yr old cousin was 181-182 cm one year ago, I bet that next time we'll see (for christmas holidays) he'll be like 188, damn

Last but not least, the 15 yr old one, exactly one year ago was 176-176.5cm, but considering how fast he has grown from summer 2013 to end of 2013 (3 cm at worst) I bet he'll be generously above 180cm

Despite feeling overall average (and quite comfortable even between my peers), I'm short in my family.
This christmas for the first time I'll be ****ing outclassed even by teenagers, yeee :(
5ft10guy says on 13/Dec/14
Average Women height in nyc:
White Women:5ft4-6ft1 everyday life you'll see women this height any taller or shorter or taller isnt the norm
Black Women:5ft4-6ft3 This is the average range you'll see.
Latina Women:5ft1-5ft11
Asian Women:5ft0-5ft7 Seldom do I see taller on an everyday thing
5ft10guy says on 13/Dec/14
This is my official yet not documented on how the average range would look for guy that live in nyc:5ft6-6ft3 this is for everyone combined ethnicity meaning everyone in ny,any taller or shorter isnt the norm.
all white guys aver:5ft9-6ft4 you would see guys around this range everyday.
all black guys aver:5ft9.5-6ft4 you would see guys around this everyday
all latinoguys aver:5ft7-6ft2 I would say this is the norm for guys everyday
all asian guys aver:5ft5-6ft1 I would say this is the range everyday.
So lets say your a 5ft7-5ft10 guy you would blend in depending on where you live or feel slightly below average or short.But this is the lower average for guys.With 5ft11-6ft4 is the upper average. I felt tallish living in a latino community.I moved to black/white community I felt averagey and alot of times short.
Lisa says on 13/Dec/14
@nona: I don't know what's happening to my posts, but I'll try to answer your question. I think most girls stop growing around the age of 16. Some girls reach their final height at younger ages. FE, it's not unusual for girls to stop growing around the age of 12. I think 16 is the norm, though.
grizz says on 13/Dec/14
How tall would someone turn out to be with parents that are 186 and 177 cm tall? Other people from the family are fairly tall,the shortest man is 5ft11.5 and the tallest 6ft4. Each generation is taller than the previous by at least 1in.Lets presume that this kid grows up in stable socio-economic environment, does sports on regular basis,eats healthy and has been almost never sick.
Sam2 says on 13/Dec/14
Hello rob. I keep getting different measurements. One day i am 181.5, and in other measurements i am 180.5. Why do i keep getting different measurements?
[Editor Rob: you will get some variation depending on the time of day.]
GI Jose says on 13/Dec/14
I have encounters with people who do the same thing. One example would be my own father who is, from my and other family members, about 5'9" and claims to be 6'0". I am not quite 6'0" at my low (5'11.75"), and my father is at least 2-3 inches shorter than me. I have tried to call him out on it before, but he gets really defensive so I have just backed off.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 13/Dec/14
186-188 CM (90th-94th percentile) is ideal in my perception. At 186 CM, you're clearly a tall guy everywhere, but you're not too tall at 188 CM.
@2toes says on 12/Dec/14
Average height for White males in the US is 5'9" - 5'10".
3700+ says on 12/Dec/14
5'0"(-153) 100% short
5'1"(154-156) 75% short, somewhat short
5'2"(157-159) 50% short, short-average borderline
5'3"(160-161) 25% short, below average
5'4"(162-164) tall/short 0%, average
5'5"(165-166) tall 25%, above average
5'6"(167-169) tall 50%, average-tall borderline
5'7"(170-171) tall 75%, somewhat tall
5'8"(172-) 100% tall

5'5"(-166) 100% short
5'6"(167-169) 75% short, somewhat short
5'7"(170-171) 50% short, short-average borderline
5'8"(172-174) 25% short, below average
5'9"(175-176) tall/short 0%, average
5'10"(177-179) tall 25%, above average
5'11"(180-181) tall 50%, average-tall borderline
6'0"(182-184) tall 75%, somewhat tall
6'1"(185-) 100% tall
I think height is not matter.
PetePro says on 12/Dec/14
English/British Young Men: based on data I've seen, plus also theoretically filled the gaps, here are those average heights ('rising' aka "high") :-

2010s: 5'10.25"
2000s: 5'10.00"
1990s: 5'9.75"
1980s: 5'9.50"
1970s: 5'9.25"
1960s: 5'9.00"
1950s: 5'8.50"
1940s: 5'8.25"; WW2 = 5'8.25"
1930s: 5'8.00"
1920s: 5'7.75"
1910s: 5'7.50"; WW1 = 5'7.66/75"
1900s: 5'7.00" [TBC]

Mid-19th Century English: c. 5'5".

1800s: c. 5'7".

With WW1 the recruits were taller than the non-recruits. This is because they were simply healthier, with many others failing the medical. Also, the 1914 volunteers were a minimum of 5ft 7in, often 5ft 8in for certain regiments (eg. Guards; Artillery). When conscription came in 1916 the minimum for the Infantry was 5ft 3in.

Do note that then the Scottish were significantly taller (5ft 8.75"). The Irish were also taller than the English. These made the British average higher than the English, albeit only slightly, due to the much smaller numbers.

By WW2, many more young men were fit enough for military service.
Lisa says on 12/Dec/14
What happened to my reply to nona and all of the other posts? Rob, would you object if I created an alternate board for general height discussions so that we could communicate in real time? I think some members might appreciate it.
[Editor Rob: some posts were lost on a few pages. Well you could create your own board if you wish, although I still think this page is ok as a free for all and I'm not exactly wanting to lose more visitors ;)]
french guy says on 12/Dec/14
Lol Yann bobet i m 182.5 cm and i don t even feel solid above average or tallish, but I live in the north.
tu dois vivre dans une autre dimension...
and what do you mean by college is it the university or the french "college"
Greg (6'0'') says on 12/Dec/14
This is how I perceive height for men and women respectively in the U.S.:


5'1'' and under: extremely short
5'1''-5'2'': strong very short
5'2''-5'3'': solid very short
5'3''-5'4'': weak very short
5'4''-5'5'': strong short
5'5''-5'6'': solid short
5'6''-5'7'': weak short
5'7''-5'8'': lower average
5'8''-5'9'': average
5'9''-5'10'': upper average
5'10''-5'11'': weak tall
5'11''-6'0'': solid tall
6'0''-6'1'': strong tall
6'1''-6'2'': weak very tall
6'2''-6'3'': solid very tall
6'3''-6'4'': strong very tall
6'4'' and over: extremely tall


4'8'' and under: extremely short
4'8''-4'9'': strong very short
4'9''-4'10'': solid very short
4'10''-4'11'': weak very short
4'11''-5'0'': strong short
5'0''-5'1'': solid short
5'1''-5'2'': weak short
5'2''-5'3'': lower average
5'3''-5'4'': average
5'4''-5'5'': upper average
5'5''-5'6'': weak tall
5'6''-5'7'': solid tall
5'7''-5'8'': strong tall
5'8''-5'9'': weak very tall
5'9''-5'10'': solid very tall
5'10''-5'11'': strong very tall
5'11'' and over: extremely tall
C-MO says on 12/Dec/14
@tdj : nonsense ...170cm is not average for men ..177-178cm is average

and you are not giant at 173cm just normal tall


@2toes : half an inch ? :D wooow big deal

one thing I think we can agree on ...the average male height for men is somewhere between 175-178cm at night depending on who you involve and who not but I doubt it is any less or more than that ...maybe

average height for a young european man is 177.6cm or so ....I think if you dont include southern europe then it is 178-179cm no more

GI Jose says on 12/Dec/14
Something that I have been trying to pay attention to lately is average height for women. It is tough for me to gauge their heights though because, according to the CDC, the average height of women my age is almost 8 inches shorter than me. From statistics, the average of young women in the US is 5'4.1" which I find believable because I almost always tower over women (I am 5'11.75" at my low). I can't recall the last time I met a woman who was taller than me since I reached my current height, and I don't see it happening any time soon. With all of this said, here is my classification for each female height:

4'8" and under: Abnormally short
4'9" : Lower Extremely short
4'10" : Upper Extremely short
4'11" : Lower Very short
5'0" : Upper Very short
5'1" : Lower Standard short
5'2" : Upper Standard short
5'3" : Lower Average
5'4" : Standard Average
5'5" : Upper Average
5'6" : Lower Standard tall
5'7" : Upper Standard tall
5'8' : Lower Very tall
5'9" : Upper Very tall
5'10" : Lower Extremely tall
5'11" :Upper Extremely tall
Over 5'11" : Abnormally tall

Of course most of the categories I have presented are based on my opinion of classifications, but the average is not different. Sure there are women who are taller than 5'11" and shorter than 4'8", but based on the CDC, 90% of women are between 4'11" and 5'8". This is my opinion based on statistics, and I would be interested to hear yours.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 12/Dec/14
To reply to earlier comments on this page (where people were wondering why people think that certain heights are shorter than they are), it has to do with the fact that taller people stand out more in crowds, and with the fact that people will notice them in dense cities (like London, Paris, Tokyo, Shanghai and New York City) since you're bound to run into them on occasion with how many people you're walking by. 1 in 5 for 6'0" (out of a million guys) would be 200,000 (and not 1), so it isn't like people would never encounter one in a large crowd. It's still pretty tall either way.
MrTBlack says on 12/Dec/14
Rob strange question. I've been meeting people who claim 6'0" in my country (USA) and they look 5'8" or 5'9" at best. I can't help but quesiton them and Ill say "no way your that tall, if your that then you'd be close to my height". Do you frequently run into guys exaggerating beyond rational belief? It's like if your gonna exaggerate your height at least make it believable.
[Editor Rob: I rarely hear any huge 3-inch exaggeration, and any are usually more an inch or 2 at most but this is more from random people and those who don't know I have a height site...
I don't understand those who claim 2, let alone 3 inches more than they are, what purpose does it serve apart from making yourself look a bit me, if they lie so freely about a measurement, what other stuff will they happily be deceitful about?
truth2 says on 12/Dec/14
@2toes I agree though in the middle east (Iran) the average would be lower, about 5ft8 or so. In Italy and Spain it is pretty much 5ft9.5 for young guys. 5ft10 at least in UK for sure.
Kourosh says on 12/Dec/14
2toes you are right im 5'9.5 and i can tell you i feel pretty average or below average in Iran. i came back to Iran after 7 years i thought i would be tall in Iran but i can tell you Iranians are not as small as media says. I believe average height in Iran is 5'9-5'9.5 not 5'8 as wikipedi says. I see 5'8 women from time to time. Just look at Iran football national team 80% of players are 180 cm and above.
174's Marina says on 12/Dec/14
190cm is optimal imo.
truth2 says on 12/Dec/14
@tdh nah 173cm is not giant for a female. Just common tall.
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 12/Dec/14
@adh88 At 6ft 3 I definitely stand out in the crowd most of the times.But yes at 6ft 5,6ft 6 one will always stand out no matter whether you are in malls or university or streets.
Yann Bobet says on 11/Dec/14
I'm 176.5cm at night and white male in France (Brittany). I feel solid above average at college. Its a pretty good height but not really tall.
2toes says on 11/Dec/14
Average height for young white males in the UK/USA (25-35 years old) is NOT 5'9.5". It's HIGHER. A full 5'10".

5'9.5" is more likely the average height for young male Spaniards, Italians and Iranians. You people who live in UK/USA probably take into account people of Latin American, Pakistani, Indian and Chinese origin, who are a lot in both UK/USA. But white british/american young males are 5'10" on average (50 percentile). 6'2" is 90 percentile.
tdj says on 11/Dec/14
My Idea

157cm very short
165cm short
167cm shortish
170cm average
172cm tallish
175cm tall
183cm very tall
144cm very short
152cm short
155cm shortish
157cm average
160cm tallish
163cm tall
170cm very tall

I'm 173cm giant woman.
Tania says on 11/Dec/14
leader1 says on 9/Dec/14
girl height imo..
5'0" too short
5'1" very short
5'2" short
5'3" weak short
5'4" below average, not bad.
5'5" average, decent.
5'6" above average, little good.
5'7" weak tall, good.
5'8" tall, ideal height for all situations.
5'9" standout tall, ideal height models/sports.
5'10"+ too tall

Dunno how relevant this is to your comment, but 5'9", atleast for modelling today, is considered borderline short. The ideal range is very small, about 177 - 183 cm (5'10 to 6'0"), Anything even slightly above or below is scrutinized a little more by modelling agencies, which is why when my 6'1" classmate signed on with an agency, they lowered her height to 5'11.5".

Other than that I've got nothing to say about your list, except that I think 5'6"-5'7" is a perfect female height.
tom says on 11/Dec/14
@184.3cm liking that height chart

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

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