How tall is General Height ?

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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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Rifle said on 1/Sep/15
Yeah the guy is about 210 cm.
184.3cm (Night) said on 1/Sep/15

I think its more the case average is around 180cm but the statistics say 182-183cm which is most likely because of the extremely tall guys yes. We have a problem though because everyone under 180cm claims it, which is why people dont think its that tall.

I have lost count number of men between 175-178cm who claim 180cm.
mrtguy said on 31/Aug/15
Rifle said on 29/Aug/15
How tall do you think this guy is? Considering it is a standard 6'8"|203 cm door.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could appear nearly 7ft, like 6ft 11, unless the door was 6ft 6 and then maybe not that big.] I seen that pic on Reddit, apparently the user claims his height of 7 ft 2 inch.. Tall. If his door is custom 7 ft tall than he looks as tall as he claimed, otherwise if it's a standard door he looks nearly 7 ft at best.
Insomniac said on 31/Aug/15
There's something off about this, there's no way people are that tall and no one but you has taking notice.
The average in America is about 5'9"-5'10"(flat) for men, if the Average height of men who live in the Valley is 6'1" it would have been brought to the attention of America a long time ago.
Either you're not as tall as you think you are or you're exaggerating the heights of these men and women.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 31/Aug/15
6'1" average for the Los Angeles area?
Verba said on 31/Aug/15
Would be cool if you could answer ONE of my questions below @Rob
[Editor Rob: if Zyzz got measured at that mark, then maybe he was, he could look 6ft 1-1.5 zone in photos. Your own height falls into the tall category. In today's society, at 186 you should feel generally a tall guy, when you think about females you are taller than 99.8%.]
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 31/Aug/15
@Rifle The shot is at an upward angle, and he's closer to the door, so he will appear taller by it because of that.
Wipeout said on 29/Aug/15
I'm with Kourosh. Night-time height 175.5 cm and morning 177.5 to maybe 178 cm when I sleep in. I feel short 65-70% of the time, esp with the younger generation. I thought being a solid 5'9.5 or weak 5'10 would secure me as average ht, but I guess not.

BTW, not in LA exactly but in the valley about 30-40 mins north. People are freaking TALL over here. Women are on average 5'7-5'8 with a lot over 6 ft and men are like 6'1 avg. Sometimes I'll see a random group of guys and they are all between 6'3 and 6'8. I'm like what the hell??? Anyway, it's kind of stupid being the height of an average 14 or 15 yr old. Nobody has ever called me short though, but I take note of the people around me and more than two-thirds seem to be taller than me. I am only slightly taller than most women here. Netherlands Part 2!!!
John said on 29/Aug/15
@Rob My 61 year old father recently had a medical. Measured 182.2 at around 11:45 am. He woke up at 8ish so could you conclude that he would have lost around half and inch by the time he was measured from his morning height. Also how much do you reckon he has lost overall at his age.
[Editor Rob: some can reach that age with only a tiny few mm lost, while others have shipped 1/2 or 3/4 inch.
He might be 183-183.2 out of bed.

As we age, our discs don't have the capacity to retain or rehydrate as well as your 20's, so you might have a slightly smaller morning/evening range compared to 40 years previously.]
Rifle said on 29/Aug/15
How tall do you think this guy is? Considering it is a standard 6'8"|203 cm door.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: he could appear nearly 7ft, like 6ft 11, unless the door was 6ft 6 and then maybe not that big.]
mrtguy said on 29/Aug/15
Rob,a friend of mine sent a video (text is in russian) of two arm wrestlers, they happen to look really obese and they don't look tall what would you guess their weight at? I'd love to hear from you about this Click Here
[Editor Rob: yeah they don't look more than average, but in terms of weight, you'd think over 400 pounds]
Guy said on 29/Aug/15
1 cm difference between quite average and easy to tell above average?
Willis said on 28/Aug/15
Why does Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM keep suggesting that people say 6'2" or over is average in the Netherlands? Never seen that stated anywhere on here. It's always 6'1" at most, not more
182 cm evening height said on 28/Aug/15
Currently staying with the parents for a while and was just walking about in town for a couple of hours. Keep in mind that this is a wealthy, predominantly white British settlement in the Southeast of England.

I was walking around in trainers which maybe gave me little extra height and some 60%+ of guys I walked past seemed to be 6 ft + without a problem.

I'm going to go in boots which give me an inch to re-assess tomorrow since I did notice that a lot of guys were in 1 inch+ footwear.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 28/Aug/15
So maybe the AVERAGE height could be over 6'0 for the Dutch males since so many of the taller dudes are 6'7+ but the median height is just 5'11?
Verba said on 27/Aug/15
@Rob what would be your ideal height ? Would be cool to see your height chart of what you consider to be tall or short

How would you categorize my height ( nightime 10 pm) 186,4cm ?

And lastly how tall do you think is the australian bodybuilder 'Zyzz' who died 2011. He stated on the bodybuilding forum "I thought I was 1,86m but was accurately measured by a doctor yesterday. I'm 1,87m."
Caesar said on 27/Aug/15
I meant to say that I don't think 186CM is tall in Sweden, it never looks short and it's easy to tell it's above average yes -but it's not tall.

Tall would be around 190CM, 185CM mostly looks quite average, albeit solid.
Triplescrew said on 27/Aug/15

Hmmm disagree with that. I'm from LA and just attended a concert filled with 16-30 year old guys and girls. I've got two friends around 6'1" and they were comfortably taller than most people. Heck I'm shorter than them by a tad and I could see over the crowd most of the time.

There were of course anomalies. Saw one guy around 6'10" and one girl around 6'3".
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 27/Aug/15
Are the ones who are claiming that the average height in the Netherlands is 6'1"-6'3" referring to Amsterdam? I didn't think that it was that tall when I was there. When I was in a bar, I was the tallest one there, and while some were taller, it was more like 2 out 10 (or 15 out of 100) were than 5-6 out of ten. I did obtain one or two comments about my height while I was there, but that's far fewer than the amount that I obtain in the United States.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 27/Aug/15
Sounds cool. Same time of the day? Did you have a bad posture beforehand? I mean, I go from 6'0.75 out of bed to 5'11.85-5'11.9 at night and sometimes 5'11.75 at worst.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 27/Aug/15
@Guy 6'1.5" wouldn't be bizarre to claim. 6'1.25" wouldn't either, but I think that it would be a bit too much of a hastle to say 'I'm 6'1 and a quarter of an inch'. I always say '6'1.5"-6'2"' in person' (since I'm still not sure).
FiveNine said on 27/Aug/15
You mentioned deltoid workouts...if you keep working out and building your arms up
no one will really concentrate on your arms bieng thin but will notice lots of 'lean mean' muscle.
Thin arms have an advantage of looking more muscular. Flabby fat arms normally do
not show much muscle definiion...
F.F said on 27/Aug/15
But Heylo and F.F., I think that you at 5'10 have a very good height, and I also see the perfect height as being in the 6 foot range.

Would you agree that 5'10 to 6 foot mark is where you feel/look average height, and when people don't mention your height as either tall or short - but just normal?

And also do you feel different depending on your footwear? Do you feel different if you wear trainers, boots or dress shoes with 1 full inch?

Yeah I agree 5'10 to 6' is an average is just that I am on the other side of 180 cm. When it comes to average height in Norway it depends with different sources but most of the seem to lie between 179-181 cm men and women 166-168 cm.

I am pleased with being 5'10, the only time i have been teased for being short is when I hanged out with 6'+ guys but such comments are rare. Normally I am described as just normal height. I am currently working on my posture since I tend to walk with a curved back due to carrying heavy books.

I like wearing boat shoes/ vans so it comes as a disadvantage but lifts are not my thing. The funny thing is that when I wear my timberland boots (3.5 cm) and have a full grown puffy hair (2cm) (I have a buzz cut atm!) then yeah there is a significant difference. I feel less shorter compared to my 6- 6'1 friends especially if my posture is good . Once I stood behind a 184 cm tall fridge as I was looking at my reflection,I noticed that I was exactly the same height ofc with timberlands and puffy hair.

Nowadays I care less about height as I used to tbh. Anyway what's your height Laf and are happy with it?

@184.3 cm
I will take that into account whe I am in the Netherlands. ;)
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 26/Aug/15
A few more:
1. Liam Neeson-6'3" instead of 6'4". He could be a fracrtion above the mark.
2. Maria Sharapova-187 CM. We were about the same height. I might have been fractionally taller (by like .25").
3. Serena Williams-5'9", or fractionally above the mark.
4. Alex Rodriguez-6'3" is a joke for him. Try 6'1"-6'1.25". I was barely taller.
5. Patrick Schwarzenegger-6'0.5"
Dio said on 26/Aug/15
I've been working out for about 5 weeks and I think I'm losing height. I used to wake up at over 191 cm and go to sleep at 189.5 but today I measured myself and I was 190.6 out of bed and after hitting shoulders I was 188.5. Do you think I should start stretching and hanging as a countermeasure?
[Editor Rob: yes, I think it is good to get into a habit of even 5 minutes a day. Once you do a few weeks of something it can then become a habit. I do only a few minutes a day just to maintain a little flexibility and help my discs.]
RobV said on 26/Aug/15
@ Mid190s My weight in lb. i am 230lb right now which is my ideal weight as I train a lot. In terms of proportions it seems not to matter that I add 4"+ to my height using elevators, taking me from 6'2.5" to over 6'6". I am very aware of proportion and at times have wondered whether it might devalue my bicep measurements in particular, but it doesn't seem to.
Matthew190 said on 26/Aug/15
Guy said on 24/Aug/15
Do you guys think it' reasonable to claim 6'1.5" when I'm 6'1.35 in the afternoon?

I think when talking to people who don't frequent this site it may seem odd to be more specific than half inch increments, and I'm closer to 6'1.5" than 6'1", but then again I don't want to exaggerate too much (though I wouldn't be surprised if the average person gave themselves a bigger boost).


You're absolutely correct, people IRL don't care about 0.15 of an inch typically. 6'1.5" is going to be fine for you to claim, as you're closer within 4 mm of it in the afternoon.
184.3cm (Night) said on 26/Aug/15

From my own observations i guessed 5'11 for men. Statistics say it is 180-182cm.
You still get a number of men who are 5'8-5'10 they are just as common as the 6'0-6'2 guys.
Somewhere around the 6'3 range though things get crazy and 6'7+ guys start appearing. Its been a while since i saw a legit 6'3 or 6'4 i tend to see guys over 6'7 more which is nuts.

So in other words you will see guys anywhere from 5'8-6'2 here regularly across all ages but instead of having some normal very tall guys in the mix you get these guys over 2 meters here.

For women it seems to be changing a little now with the younger generation. I always thought 5'6 was average ( my wife is this height) but seeing the students in the cities nowadays when im working it really does look like 5'7 is the new average or very close to that.

5'4-5'10 is what is common here. So far no giant women yet, tallest ive seen was around 6'4 give or take a cm or so. Add the heels though and you have a legion of tall women walking around.
Alex said on 26/Aug/15
I grew an inch from yoga after 2 months I was 5'8.5 now I'm 5'9.5 yoga helps people
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 26/Aug/15
To list the heights of some of the celebrities (not all) that I've met:

1. Jim Carrey-6'1.25"-6'1.5" (I edged him out)
2. Will Smith-187 CM (we were exactly the same height).
3. Eric Bana-6'1.75"-6'2"-I think that we were roughly the same height. I think that 6'2" on the dot would be a better shout than 6'2.25". He really isn't as tall in person.
4. Jason Lee-187 CM. We were the same height.
5. Seann William Scott-5'11.25"-5'11.5"
6. Skip Bayless-I've met him twice, and he's somewhere between 5'9.5"-5'10".
7. Robert Patterson-6'0.5"-6'0.75"
8. John Cena-6'0.5"-6'0.75"
9. Jonah Hill-5'6.5"-5'7".
10. Alexander Skarsgard-6'4.25".
11. Angry Joe-5'7.5"
12. Nick Robinson-6'0.5".
13. John Cusack-6'1.5"-6'1.75"
14. Luke Hemmings-5'11.5"
15. Samuel L. Jackson-6'1" today.
grizz said on 25/Aug/15
@f,I'm 6 ft tall,wish to be at least 6ft1(like my dad),strong 6ft2 would be perfect.
From where I come from,where around 5ft11 is average,at 6ft sometimes I feel shortish,sometimes average and on very few occassions above average (among men),but I never felt short or tall. At 6ft1,though,I'd rule out the "below average" possibility :D
RobV said on 25/Aug/15
@ f asking 'how tall do you want to be?'. Well it is one of those questions that has a whole host of answers depending upon what height you are. I am 6'2.5" and would ideally like to be 6'6"/2m. Most taller-than-average guys seem to like to be the tallest in a given situation, which wasn't always the case. An answer given by someone who is 5'7" will always be different to the answer given by someone who is 6'2".

Perhaps a more relevant question would be "how much taller than you are NOW would you like to be?" I think for almost everyone up to 6'3" you would get that they wanna be taller in varying degrees: for those well below average it would be more inches (but not massively more), while for those well above 6'3" it would on balance be either no more or just a little. But I hasten to say that I have had several very tall guys in the 6'4" region tell me that they wish they were 'my height' (6'6" in elevators/lifts!).
Kourosh said on 25/Aug/15
I am 5'9 176 cm night time. I am ok with my height but i always wish to be little bit taller because they are times i feel horribly short.
NBAer said on 25/Aug/15
f said on 24/Aug/15
I'm 5'10.5-5'11(usually about 5'10.75 in the evening,so i round up to 5'11 in most cases,otherwise i just say 5'10.5).I wish i was 6'1,or atleast a strong 6'0 just to feel more in the 'tallish' range among my peers.Given the fact that my mother was 5'5 and my father 5'11.25 while younger, i've done pretty well at almost 5'11,but if i were 6'0-6'1,i would be more than happy of my height.
matthias said on 24/Aug/15
hi guys!
i would like to know if any of you know a way or method to reduce your height,because i am very tall and i have some back issues standing at 205 cm
Emil 182-183 cm said on 24/Aug/15
My bad French guy!
Mid190s said on 24/Aug/15
@RobV what is your current weight in lbs?
Caesar said on 24/Aug/15
@Laf Yes I believe 181 to be average (excluding older peaople) typically you see young men ranging from 175-188
f said on 24/Aug/15
how tall do you wish you were? how tall are you?

I think most guys want to be 6 foot which is slight above average in the average white male is 5-10 1/2 but overall american height is 5-9 1/2

I would like to be 5-10 because I don't want to be tall or short

my range would be 5-8 5/8 to 5-11
Guy said on 24/Aug/15
I follow sumo closely and multiple times a year the wrestlers have physical exams in which they are measured (these are often photographed and filmed). What I've noticed is that many of the wrestlers gain a centimeter or two in their early twenties, and it's not uncommon to see someone make this gain at 22 and hold it for the rest of their career.

Is this atypical? Could the extremely high calorie diets contribute to this?
Guy said on 24/Aug/15
Do you guys think it' reasonable to claim 6'1.5" when I'm 6'1.35 in the afternoon?

I think when talking to people who don't frequent this site it may seem odd to be more specific than half inch increments, and I'm closer to 6'1.5" than 6'1", but then again I don't want to exaggerate too much (though I wouldn't be surprised if the average person gave themselves a bigger boost).
Chenk said on 24/Aug/15
If someones eye level is around mouth level on a guy who is 5'10, how tall is he/she?
Wipeout said on 24/Aug/15
I am 5'9.5 mid-day and feel considerably shorter than average here in Los Angeles, CA! Average height here is at easily over 6 ft for men, 5'7 for women. It sucks because a generation ago I'd be considered solid average height and two generations ago I would be considered tallish/high average. All in timing and location I guess...
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 23/Aug/15
I've been in Italy, and there's no way that the average height is 6'1" anywhere there. Even in northern Italy, the average male height seemed to be 174-175 CM (with it being like 5'7" range in southern Italy).
Armandy said on 23/Aug/15
Average height in Netherlands is 180cm, 6'0 not
Armandy said on 23/Aug/15
Average height in Netherlands is 180cm, 6'0 not
Lars said on 23/Aug/15
I never said very tall, i said COMFORTABLY tall! Tall to the extent that i never feel short, unless i stand next to someone who is over 195 cm.
In my oppinion anyone between 190-195 cm barefoot is not just tall, they are VERY tall.

I have a friend on my swimming team that is 192 cm tall and has very broad shoulders, he weighs about 95 kgs. I can assure this guy is HUGE. Very big and Very tall! Not just tall.
Your body proportions(wide shoulders/wide back) play a BIG role in how tall you look and how big/tall you are percieved.
french guy 182.5 said on 23/Aug/15
Emil 182-183 cm said on 21/Aug/15
@French guy
I nearly choked myself lmfao. 6'1 average height in Venice? Wtf

ahah no, italians are not that tall, i was talking about the tourist who came here, i said they mostly come from scandinavia, uk and above all, germany.So many people came from germany.
FiveNine said on 23/Aug/15
You mentioned you have thin arms...on you tube a woman with fat arms was in an
arm wrestle with a tall skinny guy. Her arms were at least 5 times bigger and it looked like
she was going to win. The tall skinny guy won the armwrestle and it surprised the onlookers.
Thin looking arms can have alot if power if one continues to work out...!!!.
FiveNine said on 23/Aug/15
You mentioned you have thin arms...on you tube a woman with fat arms was in an
arm wrestle with a tall skinny guy. Her arms were at least 5 times bigger and it looked like
she was going to win. The tall skinny guy won the armwrestle and it surprised the onlookers.
Thin looking arms can have alot if power if one continues to work out...!!!.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 23/Aug/15
True. 186 cm isn't very tall in Scandinavia. More solid tall. Very tall starts at 190 cm in my opinion
Yes, I agree that 5'10-6'0 is the average height range here in Scandinavia. Dead on average falls somewhere between 179-181 cm but hard to tell really...
@French guy
I'm 99.9% sure that the 185 cm average you claim for men in Venice was all in your height.
Caesar said on 22/Aug/15
184,3cm (Night) How tall are the dutch really? There seems to be a lot of rumors floating around.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 22/Aug/15
Rob ,if im ther early morning with an nike air max I'm 6ft 2.25,whats is my height barefoot ?
[Editor Rob: roughly 6ft 1 in the morning sounds reasonable]
Emil 182-183 cm said on 21/Aug/15
@French guy
I nearly choked myself lmfao. 6'1 average height in Venice? Wtf
RobV said on 21/Aug/15
@ Mid190s On training for a taller guy. Check out Aaron Reed who is 6'7" and has a great shape. He makes a number of points about the issues around arm and shoulder exercises when you are much taller than average. It IS different training when you are above a certain height, and in particular the fact certain exercises simply do not work in the way they do for a shorter guy. But that's all part of it and I have built up very well (6'2.5" + my lifts/elevators of course!).
Caesar said on 20/Aug/15

I am 188 CM at my lowest and just under 190 at my absolute tallest. Perhaps we've got different ideas on what "tall" really is but I personally wouldn't consider 186CM to be very tall in sweden. Noticeably above average -yes but not tall.

It is a handsome height though.
Laf said on 20/Aug/15
@Caesar, Heylo, F.F., Lars & Emil 182-183:
It's funny to see so many scandinavians on this site lately.
I think we all agree that 180 range is average up here, with some of you saying it's as tall as 181 or 182.

But Heylo and F.F., I think that you at 5'10 have a very good height, and I also see the perfect height as being in the 6 foot range.

Would you agree that 5'10 to 6 foot mark is where you feel/look average height, and when people don't mention your height as either tall or short - but just normal?

And also do you feel different depending on your footwear? Do you feel different if you wear trainers, boots or dress shoes with 1 full inch?

@French Guy:
That comment with everything under 185 isn't solid here in scandinavia is just so hilarious. Come on man. Average for young people up here is no way near 185.
184.3cm (Night) said on 20/Aug/15
You have to remember here in The Netherlands we are very overpopulated.(I think it was 4 people the square metre) Its very small compared to large countries like France or Germany. So because of this it is very common to see the very tall guys especially if you live in one of the cities.
Retws said on 20/Aug/15
I am from Serbia, where average height for males is around 180 cm. I am myself around 196 cm, and always towering over the crowd. In some very rare cases I see someone taller than me, but not by much, maybe 3-4 cm.
SportsHeight said on 19/Aug/15
Rob, what height do you think would get you the most auditions/roles as a male actor? Too short can obviously be a hindrance, and too tall gets you typecast as a certain type of action-oriented guy.
[Editor Rob: 6ft might be a kind of height that is ideal in acting.]
Lars said on 19/Aug/15
I live in Sweden, and i am 186 cm (6'1.25), 187.5 cm(6'1.8) in the morning to be precise. I stand 189-190 cm in dress shoes! At this height i feel comfortably tall. In fact taller than most people i meet. Granted there will be people taller than me but mostly they are 5-6 cm taller .People ALWAYS refer to me as tall!

Ihave a hard time believing that a REAL 6 footer feels short anywhere in the world. If you do, it is probably all in your head, you simply convince yourself you are short. Stop being INSECURE.

I will add this though, being built/fit and having broad shoulders makes you look bigger and taller. So hit the gym and work on your self esteem.
french guy 182.5 said on 19/Aug/15

i went to venice when i was 18 .Italians are known to be short, so i thought that, at 181 cm (i had not hit my final height yet) i would feel tall.
In Venice, most people were taller than me, i was dwarfed one time in ten.The average height was 6'1".
By keeping out ear, i had understood that most people in the streets were not italians, but they were tourists, mostly from germany, netherlands, scandinavia, belgium and uk.
I remember that i went past a group of dutch tourists:the shortes was 185-186 cm
the tallest was 200 cm and the others were somewhere between 190 and 195 cm.
I ve never felt so short in all my life, even when i was i the of london, i have not felt that short.
From that day, i've decided to do leg lenghtening .Today i'm 23 years old, i have enough money but i just need some more time.
You are right when you say that dutch people are tall, because they are, they are very tall.
Even young scandinavian who officially average 181 cm, seems to be actually much taller than that.
I think that if you are below 185 cm , you will always feel short in scandinavia and germany.
TNT said on 19/Aug/15
Regarding the comments on people from Holland, I totally agree regarding their high average heights.
Several years ago, one of my Dutch colleagues at work was getting married and I got invited. Many of his friends/relatives from Amsterdam came for the ceremony. I can tell that, at my height of 5,9.75", I felt like an absolute midget. The 'shortest' guy from my Dutch colleague's group of friends looked to be about 6'0". The rest were all taller. And the majority of the women appears to be in the 5'8-10" range. Incidentally, my friend himself is 6'3" with bright red hair. His nickname at work was The Viking. :-)
french guy 182.5 said on 19/Aug/15

if you reach 188 cm with leg lenghtening, is your height optimal?
I have an impressive build, and i am an engineer, can i consider myself optimal?
F.F said on 18/Aug/15
@ Heylo

I am also 177-178 cm tall and I feel average among men of all ages in Norway. Plus I am like 95 % taller than most girls despite the occassions where tall girls (5'10-6'1) would pop up especially in a crowded places. Most of the time I just feel below and at worst shortish when I hangout at the university. I am pleased with 178 cm but my ideal height is in the 180-185 cm range especially 182/183 cm which is a good solid height.

I felt really solid when I was in the U.K and a giant in Indonesia where I was almost a head taller than the average guy :O! I am looking forward to Netherlands this fall and see if the myths are true.
Norwegian growth curve btw!
Click Here
RobV said on 18/Aug/15
@Mid190s totally agree with you. Whenever I am in Holland there is just no doubt that guys are generally taller and young guys in particular. I wear elevators etc to get me to the best part of 2m and it is indeed humbling to grasp that loads of these lads are at my eye level with no assistance at all. I think one would be surprised at the average heights in some countries if it were broken down much more in terms of age etc.

I have also recently met a large group of young Norwegians, ave age 18/19, and every single one in the group of about 10 is well well over 6 foot. Average 6'3" I would say. That might just be luck and not a reflection of anything statistical but it is still interesting.
Heylo said on 18/Aug/15
I don't live far of Stockholm and have been there multiple times and can understand what you mean cause in the city I can feel short for real.
Yeah, I know that under 180cm in Sweden in general isn't tall by any means and I can at my height with certain groups of people feel short or even very short. But I don't feel as short as people are portraying it sometimes.

I think that there are a lot of people around my height as well. I feel below average but not short in general even though this does depend of course. I never feel tall but when I go on vacation outside of Scandinavia, I tend to feel much taller. 5'10 is a great universal height, though it leans towards shorter territory in Scandinavia, Germany and Netherlands..

I have noticed though that far up in Norther Sweden (where my dad originally comes from) the average height seems to be closer to 5'10 than 6ft. Maybe people feel like they don't want to hurt me when they say that I don't look short? I might just be short, I don't know.
Thanks for your input though.
Saibot said on 18/Aug/15
What is ur height in the morning and in the afternoon?
Tell me in cms?
Mid190s said on 18/Aug/15

What parts of the arms specifically should a longer person target in the weight room? When I work My shoulders grow broad wide pretty quick aLmost to a fault where it makes my arms look incredibly thin. I'm tempted to stop deltoids altogether until I can het a balanced looking arm...Impossible for tall guys?
HITMANS PARADISE said on 17/Aug/15
Here are the facts: If you're under 6'2 (188cm) your height is SUB-OPTIMAL and you aren't tall. Sorry to shatter everyone's dream.

Here's another fact: Being tall means NOTHING if you don't have the build to back it up (ie. builds like Chris Hemsworth in Thor)

There is NOTHING impressive about being 6 foot 3, with a very lanky and weak looking build like some low-testosterone nerd.
NotSure said on 17/Aug/15
Can someone tell me pls if there is an actual limit for our evening height or can it keep dropping until we go to sleep?
Caesar said on 17/Aug/15

Hi mate I'm swedish as well, though 11CM taller than you. Not sure if I agree with what you're saying however, most young men here seem to be around 185CM and less than 180 does look a bit on the shorter side in my humble opinion. Perhaps it varies between different regions, I live a bit north of Stockholm.
french guy m said on 17/Aug/15

182 cm seems to be average for young Swedish, that's not that tall compared to yugoslavia where the average height is 185 cm
Emil 182-183 cm said on 17/Aug/15
Keep in mind that 179 cm might be for everyone regardless of age. Old folks aren't that tall you know ;)
Laf said on 17/Aug/15
Heylo: Where in Sweden do you live? I'm from Denmark and see the average as 180 here.
Interesting you say average is 181-182.
Arjun178 said on 17/Aug/15
Hey Rob. How tall is the guy on the right if the guy on the left is just under 5'10". Sorry for the poor quality picture but I couldn't obtain a digital version. Btw the two lines are my eye level and the top of the head of the guy on the right.
Click Here
[Editor Rob: maybe over 5ft 11, near to 11.5]
Heylo said on 16/Aug/15
I live in Sweden and the average (the Wiki page isn't updated so 179cm isn't correct) height is around 181-182cm. I am 177cm and about 20 years old, I do feel like I'm under average, sometimes I feel average but most of the time slightly under it or a bit shortish.

Most people don't think I'm short though and when people guess my height they guess that I am around 180cm (5'11). When I tell them my actual height they call it short so I guess this "short thing" is sometimes more about numbers than actual height.

Why do I write this meaningless post?
Well, I know that there are a lot of people around my height here on this page that want to be taller and you guys are often living in other parts of the world where the average is closer to 5'10. You guys shouldn't feel short at all. Even in Sweden where the average height is quite high, 177cm is actually good enough. I actually feel like upper average/tallish whenever I'm outside of Scandinavia which would mean that you guys around my height should be pleased. If I could change my height I wouldn't even change it that much, I would add about 1.5-2 inches(5cm). The reason for me is simple, I like to just blend in and be around average +- 2-3cm. I know thought that most people would like to feel dominant and tall but I feel like it's a bit overrated trying to be "alpha". We're not cavemen anymore.
Mid190s said on 16/Aug/15
The Netherlands has a very tall population, it's no exaggeration, Ive seen it with my own eyes.

When I was 16, I thought I was a big shot at 6'0 feet tall. But I felt like a total shrimp when I stepped off the plane in Amsterdam! These tall blonde women in heels were at eye level and the Men were all looking down upon me.

Even when I went back as a 6'5 adult, I felt taller than average but not "standout" like I do everywhere else. Quite humbling and comforting at the same time.
James Edward Crowley said on 16/Aug/15
Rob will celebheights still be around in 40 years time i wonder who will take over you or will you still be running celebheights when your 78 79 will you retire from celebheights when your 78 79 or you will continue running celebheights until your 91.
[Editor Rob: James, I will continue running celebheights until I measure six feet under.

But seriously, who knows what the future holds. It's nearly 11 years this site has been going, which is a good run. Let's hope it keeps going for a long time. ]
Mery said on 15/Aug/15
@ali they say we grow till 25 yo. & mornings we're always taller than evenings.
James Edward Crowley said on 14/Aug/15
Rob does the year that you were born have anything too do with how tall are you.
[Editor Rob: in a way you could say it effects the odds of the height you will end up by a small margin. Born today you'll have a better chance of being a taller height than if born in 1930 for instance.]
Aaron183cm said on 14/Aug/15

It's possible to grow a bit after 18. I was only 182cm at 18. It wasn't until I was about 19 and a half that I reached my full height. But keep in mind morning height can vary depending on the quality and length of your sleep so you should go by evening height to determine if you grew or not.
RobV said on 14/Aug/15
On whether people exaggerate the average height in countries like the Netherlands. All I can say is that on average guys over there seem taller than their equivalents outside London in the UK. The stats are pretty clear though surely, and I shall never forget going into a bar in Amsterdam which was quite thinly attended, 50/50 m/f. And every one of the guys in there was around 6'5"+. Now this must of course be v rare, but it is LESS rare in places where the average is higher. Hence, if the average is almost 6', then the incidence of guys taller must be greater, and I think is. But the stats do not break down into social class, background, parts of the country etc.

And I think there would probably be quite a difference there as well, as there is in London. Go into the City any day (I mean the Square Mile, where all the financial institutions are based) and honestly you see loads of guys in that region. I was waiting at St Pauls tube one day a few weeks back and in the several hundred people who passed me by I saw a dozen guys those heights. I never saw one single guy that height when I was waiting for someone at a station in Liverpool last week for much longer and seeing as many people.
MD said on 14/Aug/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75, I agree. It seems the more I find out about some of these reported national average heights, the more I'm skeptical. A lot of them originalyl thought to have been measured were actually self-reported. It's really no surprise that the alleged "tallest" countries usually seem to be self-reported. Not that every report has been, but I've been watching the wiki page on this and it turns out a lot of them are self-reported after having been believed to be measured. I've always particularly doubted the Netherlands numbers, first after finding out that most of the reports are self-reported and then from a lot of anecdotal evidence.
ali said on 13/Aug/15
im 184 cm at night and in the morning i was coming in at 185.5cm for a very long time and just this morning i decided ill take a measurement of my height since i felt taller than i usually do in the morning so i basically came out to 186.5cm does that mean i got taller because i sleep without a pillow everyday im 18 years old turning 19 on christmas day so maybe im still growing since i was told i would probably grow another 3 to 4 cm soon
french guy 182.5 said on 13/Aug/15
181cm said on 12/Aug/15
@french guy m
Provide your evidence. Its a fact uk and most of europe is taller than France

There is a guy on this thread called Burp who had linked an Elsevier Masson study based on the average height in different european cities, and it was stated the average for a french man, living in Paris is 179 cm.Age wasn't mentionned, but i think it was the average for 19 years old boys.
Paris is a very cosmopolitan city, like London, i don't know if the sample was Ethnically representative, but i'm sure that you could add a good centimeter, when only including the whites.
This study is the only one i know that rely on measurements and not on statements.The others sources you will find on wikipedia are self reported datas.
The average is 179 cm for a young man in Paris, which is, i think representative of whole France.
And finally, the average height for young men in norway and denmark is 180,something cm.Those countries are not as Multicultural as France, but the natives could average 181 cm .Besides, they have been stagnating in height for 2 or 3 decades, according to the study that someone has posted.
If you want to read the study, ask rob, it has disapeared from the thread since.
RobV said on 13/Aug/15
@ Matthew190 I think you are right - it IS difficult for people not our height to understand why guys who are considerably over 6' would want to be taller. I think you only have to look at the entries on this site for celebs (many v tall guys trying to edge their claimed heights up, like Jason Momoa or Derek Theler, in the latter case from 6'4" on imdb to 'a legit 6'6 and a half"!).

I think it is quite a recent trend, say over the past 20 years, and it seems that greater height is one of those almost totemistic things, even for very tall guys (maybe specially for them). Men's bodies have become way more objectified in that time - look at all the coverage and oo and aah over any guy who builds his body - newspapers who a few years ago would have shunned such things, now go on adoringly about huge biceps and massive chests and give acres of coverage to such things.

It is not really that difficult to build up your body if you are tall - you just have to learn how. Long arms for example mean doing very different exercises to build muscle in the right places. The biggest annoyance is that you have to build physically and in absolute terms much bigger - I work out like a demon and my arms are a very respectable 18", but at my lifted height of about 2m although they look impressive, they do not look as big as a pair of 16" guns on a guy who is 5'7". But that 5'7" guy would have more difficulty in getting to my 18". It's swings and roundabouts combined with technology and training techniques. I have no probs over clothing - I used to but not now.
184.3cm (Night) said on 13/Aug/15
I agree ManKo i think that in the Scandinavian countries you are very similar to the Netherlands. 180-182cm is the average for young white men but including all men (which we should) takes it down 2-3cm.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 12/Aug/15
Would anybody else here agree that people exaggerate the average male height in Germany and in the Netherlands? I mean, I would say that the average height in the Netherlands is somewhere in between 5'11.25"-5'11.5". There's no way that it's 6'1" or 6'2".
Triplescrew said on 12/Aug/15

Were I your height I wouldn't be jealous of 6'1" or 6'2" either. You have a great height.

My personal favorite height is around 6'0.5" at night. Mainly because you don't stick out in crowds necessarily, and most clothes look good on you if you have decent proportions.

I mean sure you'll be shorter than a decent number of guys, especially college-aged ones, but you'll never look short in full-body pictures or anything like that.
Insomniac said on 12/Aug/15
I'm also 6'1" and I feel the same.

5'11" - 6'1" = Tallish
6'2" - 6'4" = Solid Tall
6'5" - 6'7" = Very Tall
GI Jose said on 12/Aug/15
I agree with you 100%. I feel like here in the US, it's not much different than most European countries, and the observed average I find is around 175-177 cm. At 185 cm myself, I can tell you that I am significantly more than 5 cm over average. Also, France generally reports lower averages than the US in studies, so there is no way that the average there is 180 cm.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 12/Aug/15
Thank you for closing the discussion.
180 cm is average for young dudes and I'm in the 60-65 % fractile I believe. Tall country
181cm said on 12/Aug/15
@french guy m
Provide your evidence. Its a fact uk and most of europe is taller than France
Emil 182-183 cm said on 12/Aug/15
I'm not entirely sure, grizz.
Some people are jealous of him, I guess.
Matthew190 said on 11/Aug/15
@ RobV

I can see situationally wanting to be in that 6'6" range with elevators in certain settings. There's definitely a presence that comes with that kind of height. I own a pair of boots that take me to about 6'5", they aren't elevators, they just have a big heel. In normal sneakers I'm already going to measure 6'3.5" - 6'4". I remember wearing my boots out to a very crowded bar in a college town, that extra bit of height does feel really cool in a large crowd. I think it's hard for shorter people, who have never themselves been our height, conceptualizing that guys in the 190 cm zone might occasionally wish to be taller. As I alluded to, f I got to pick my height from scratch I think I'd go with a (night time, barefooted) legit 6'3" as it's already plenty tall enough in my view and generally a little easier to find clothing for or fill out a frame at that height than one slightly taller... But part of me would be tempted to take 6'4" or 6'5", while I'd have zero temptation to take something lower. Not to say that 6'1" and 6'2" aren't very good heights, they are, I'm just not jealous of them.
Thomas6ft1 said on 11/Aug/15
Anyway at 6'1" I mostly feel all and somtimes average heighted. I feel its a medium tall height
Insomniac said on 11/Aug/15
Where are you from and what's the Average Male height of your country?
ManKo said on 11/Aug/15
french guy m

No way. There is compulsory military service in Denmark and Norway, and average height there on males 18-20 years old is 180cm. In Spain real average is lower than 180cm, but of course people like to add a few cm to their heights. In France is the same, most people ass a few cm, but I doubt that the french are as tall as the Danish.

There is a diference between averages where you measure the people (like in Denmark in the Army) and other averages where they just ask people, and people give the heights they think they are.

Click Here

Thats the official average heigh of males in Denmark betweek the 18-20 years old.
french guy 182.5 said on 11/Aug/15
i don't know wether guy who are 6'0"+ have sitting problems in planes.I hope i won't have problems after getting leg lenghtening
Allie said on 11/Aug/15
I'm a hair over 5'10 and come from a family of average height. Sometimes I feel like a giant since most of my aunts and grandmas are like 5'5 on my mom's side.. My dad comes from mexico and well his family is either average or under. Most of my friends are also average or short so yeah. I know I'm not super tall, but given the people I hang out with I can feel kind of like an outliner. The good thing is though I have almost military straight posture. So much so that my mom tells me to relax and stop looking so uptight or tense.

I don't know. My posture makes some people think that I'm much more taller than I really am.

Have you guys with nearly impeccable posture have been asked or described as being taller than you really are?
grizz said on 11/Aug/15
@NBAer,Croatia. Basically,anything between 5ft11 (nation average) and 6ft1 (Croatia is a part of Dinaric Alps) might be considered as average from where I come from.
Celebheights 6'1.75"/187 CM said on 10/Aug/15
@Grizz I would estimate that 5'10" is the last height that would have no issues on most airplanes. I feel like when you're 5'10.5"+, you will have to duck through the door. The issues become significant if you're 6'1"+.
182 cm evening height said on 10/Aug/15

You might be able to pull off being taller than 6 ft 2 but a lot of people would struggle with it.

The taller someone is than 6 ft 2, the higher the risk becomes for looking awkward and, of course, the longer it takes to develop an impressive physique. I've yet to see a built up 6 ft 4 guy at the gym but there are a number of those in the 6 ft - weak 6 ft 2 range and even more in the 5 ft 10- 5 ft 11 range. Sure, it would look great being built at 6 ft 4 if you have the right proportions, but it takes painstakingly long and often requires a near-obscene amount of eating. Besides, someone in the 6 ft - 6 ft 2 range can always wear lifts to get the benefits of being 190cm+ while not suffering the drawbacks.

I'd say a strong 6 ft 2 is the best for someone with my goals and proportions but there are those who can pull of 6 ft 4 very well and those who would look odd at 6 ft 2.
FiveNine said on 10/Aug/15
@James B
At 5'7 a 6'5 dude is 10 inches taller...Normally the tallest are about 6'5 and
when I have seen a 6'7 dude i also agree it is somewhat amazing...
grizz said on 10/Aug/15
@Emil, Al Pacino is a god among actors and he's considerably shorter than Cruise. RDJ is negligibly taller, yet nobody notices his height. Depp's 180 cm claim is taken for granted, even though at 175 cm he's just a bit taller than "midget" Cruise. All of them are one of the greatest movie stars.

There must be a deeper reason to all the negativity surrounding him. Maybe because he always dates taller women?
haverage said on 9/Aug/15
squirrel, i can relate. Im a very weak 5'10 meaning when i wake up in the morning im a hair over 5'10 but when i measure myself before bed im at 5'9.5. I live in a diverse part of the United States to say the least, there are times where i walk around with people of my ethnicity and i feel tall. Asian women who are in the 4'10 range are common and asian men between 5-3 and 5-7 on average.5'10 is a height where I sometimes find myself wishing I was had an inch or two more.
Amaze said on 9/Aug/15
@182cm evening height what's your gfs height? Your still. Tallish Male but 5'7 girls start tall and 5'10 IMO very tall what's your gfs height, she's very very tall!
marcus said on 9/Aug/15
Rob, on EXACT what is the average head length from HAIRLINE to chin. Is it 8in, how much exactly?
[Editor Rob: it is a fraction less more 7.7-7.8 range I believe.]
NBAer said on 9/Aug/15
grizz said on 7/Aug/15
How do you rarely see men under 175??Are you Dutch or living somewhere in the Scandinavian region or something?In my experience,the majority of men in my local area are under 175,and there are a few old guys under 160,which might seem rare,but frankly it's as common as a woman (old or not) under 150cm-unusual yes,but not rare.BUT i do agree that younger men(under 40) are atleast 174-175cm,while on the other hand,you have to be on the short side to get mocked on your height(168 or less).When you're really 170 or taller,mocking on your height is more a joke than it is serious,trust me.
french guy m said on 9/Aug/15

I haven't said the average is 182 cm but it's within average for a white young man.
In France the average is 179 cm for a man between 20 and 24 years old, all ethnicities included, so it must be 180 cm for the whites, which corroborate my own observations.
In most European countries, the average is 180-181 cm for young men except in the UK, Spain, Italy, and Portugal.I didn't realize that Britons were that short, I thought the average was altleast 179 cm.
RobV said on 9/Aug/15
@ grizz My height is 6'2.5" (c 190cm) and I have no problems in planes. I also wear elevators/lifts taking me a few inches taller and I don't have any problems with that either.
RobV said on 9/Aug/15
@Matthew 190 Quite right. In essence there are more benefits to being very tall (like being 2m/6'6"), than downsides. At 190, I am EXACTLY the same height as you and like you my ideal is taller. I even wear good elevators and lifts to get myself taller (though that's not for everyone and I go taller than your ideal).

When you get to those heights that many dispassionate observers might say are too tall (over 2m/6'7") it really IS about build. If you are very well built, it really does work and very few people would then say 'too tall'. If you are skinny then maybe.

What I find oddest is that I am 190 (6'2.5"), regularly fly in economy and never ever have a problem. And I also always wear my elevators or lifts! But people shorter than me tell me on here that if you are over 6' "you have a problem in planes". 1/10 for the accuracy of their observations on height anyway!
totigno said on 9/Aug/15
Squirrel said on 7/Aug/15
Being 5 feet 9 inches tall, I have mixed opinions about my height. Whilst most of the time I decide not to care, I have frequent moments where I feel a little upset that I'm not any taller; this is primarily due to the fact that most of the guys I have met and known are tall (at least 6 feet and over). Also, the majority of my family (on my father's side) are relatively tall, making me wonder if I had either done something to stunt my growth or my genetics just suck. I know there are plenty of guys shorter than myself, but I cannot help but think that things would be better if I was at least an inch taller (5'10"). Now, my question is, would a man standing at 5 feet 9 be considered a short man?

maybe around your friend circle and relatives you feel not tall enough
but for general population 5ft9 is very decent , i know it i am 5ft9 5ft10 myself and rarely feel short.

according statistics in most countries 5ft9 is in the average range of height so don't worry!
Saibot said on 9/Aug/15
How the hell you feel that tall at 6,2?
I am 6'5 and dont feel too tall.
194-196cm said on 8/Aug/15
My son is 14 years old and he is 186-188 cm (6ft1.5 - 6ft2) is that tall because when I was 14 I was 5ft11 so is he gonna be a lot taller than me and by the way I'm 6ft5 .
Emil 182-183 cm said on 8/Aug/15
People make fun of Tom Cruise because he's a big superstar but below average height. If Cruise was a regular dude nobody would care or even call him a midget.
I dont know where you're from, bro, but in Denmark, 190 cm will make you taller than everyone in +98% cases. I agree that I exaggerated when I said 1.72 is just as good, but in my opinion 1.90 isnt preferable. It's in the very tall category whether you like it or not.
But thats the beauty of it, we both got our subjective view.
andre said on 8/Aug/15
im 24 from portugal and 5ft6 and for me from 5ft7 to 5ft11 is tall here
John said on 8/Aug/15

As far as I am aware, the tallest person of my family at present is 6ft 11. He is my cousin who lives is Scotland.
Kourosh said on 8/Aug/15

very tall country? VERY tall? hahah
5'9 or 176 cm is below average in most of normal developed countries dude. Even in UK 5'9 men feel short at times let it alone you are 5'7 to 5'8.

no i live in a country that average height is 5'9 to 5'9 1/2.

You get picked on alot when you are in 5'7-5'8 range and thats the fact. Tom cruise, mark wahlberg , zac efron and etc. They are Hollywood starts and have great status in life to compensate their lack of height.But still they become the topic for their heights from time to time.

5'7-5'8 is not that bad or short but this doesnt mean you are not going to get teased for.

3 or 4 out 10 is reasonable number for this range.
182 cm evening height said on 7/Aug/15

That's good. My current girlfriend is taller than me, which I've never minded but it's a bit different when you're both taller than average.

IRL, 1/2 inches here or there don't seem to make that much of a difference. The friend I mentioned in a previous comment never had his height commented on and, since he got over his height, it's not really stopped him from going out with girls a bit taller than him.


It feels to me that girls at the low and high end of the height spectrum are generally the most concerned with height.
Sammy Derrick said on 7/Aug/15
I'm 5'8 a very ambiguous height.I walk on the streets and feel like a midget and sometimes I feel perfectly average.I rarely meet women who tower me but when I feels awkward. I wish that I was taller.
Blink said on 7/Aug/15
@French Guy
If you know the average height for young white men is 178cm, why did you say 182cm was average?
grizz said on 7/Aug/15
@celebheights187,what is the tallest possible height that doesn't have issues on planes?
Matthew190 said on 7/Aug/15
In regards to those "rating" heights like 6'7" or 6'8" as 1/10... I think that's a little extreme, for a man anyways. I get that there is a point in which one becomes "too tall", and 6'7" - 6'8" may be over that threshold, but you're overestimating the "too tall" effect. There are more benefits to being "too tall" than there are to being "too short" - and disadvantages to being "too tall" don't really tend to crop up in ant sort of significant way until you clear 6'6". A lot of you guys are saying stuff like 6'0" - 6'2" is a perfect 10/10 height. I'm roughly 6'3" - 6'2.75" would probably be my sort of lunchtime height - trust me when I say that I do not pine over the guys that are slightly shorter than I am. If anything, my ideal height would be a half inch taller, so I be a strong 6'3" and could still measure a full 6'3" at night. At 6'1" in the US you're taller than something like 7 out of 8 men. It's a nice height, sure. At 6'3" you're taller than somewhere more like 29 out of 30. You get to have people be taller than you that much less often, and there's pretty much no disadvantage to being 6'3" vs being 6'1" (unless you are really shy and want to stand out a bit less).
NBAer said on 7/Aug/15
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 6/Aug/15
Your height is definitely golden though(if you're really 187cm),it's in the perfect height range,no doubt about it.I know this for sure,i tried doing the tip-toe measurement and got about 187.5cm afternoon,and i felt great from that perspective.And since most people are way shorter than you(i've had days where only 1 or 2 guys were taller than me,with all the rest being shorter by inches,and felt tall at 179),you feel either good or bad about it,since you dont wanna tower over people most of the time,and having to slouch or bend down to talk to them.But in general,6'1-6'2 is waay better than 6'7 for everyday life,it's already tall enough for most sports anyway,and if you manage to bulk up and get muscles,you could look like a beast!!(in a good way :P)
Squirrel said on 7/Aug/15
Being 5 feet 9 inches tall, I have mixed opinions about my height. Whilst most of the time I decide not to care, I have frequent moments where I feel a little upset that I'm not any taller; this is primarily due to the fact that most of the guys I have met and known are tall (at least 6 feet and over). Also, the majority of my family (on my father's side) are relatively tall, making me wonder if I had either done something to stunt my growth or my genetics just suck. I know there are plenty of guys shorter than myself, but I cannot help but think that things would be better if I was at least an inch taller (5'10"). Now, my question is, would a man standing at 5 feet 9 be considered a short man?
Amaze said on 7/Aug/15
@french guy I get it now ooo I see

@Kourosh you must live in a very tall country. This doesn't happen in UK or us I'm sure.

@Anon thanks lol I agree with you too
grizz said on 7/Aug/15
@Emil, I know how tall 190 cm is-I have a couple of relatives and friends with that height or slightly above-they do stand out, but you wouldn't make fun of their height. With 195+cm however, starts the backlash.
On the other hand,except old people, I rarely see men below 175 cm and when I do, they're really mocked quite often if they don't have strong character (like Kourosh mentioned).
Again, I must mention example of Tom Cruise, 172 cm who's constantly made fun of and called a midget. On the other hand, nobody calls Chris Hemsworth a freakish ogre.
James B said on 6/Aug/15
From my 5ft7 point of view a 6'5 guy looks scary tall
Lisa said on 6/Aug/15
@Parthenox: I'd say that, in the US, 5'6 is above average and 5'3 is somewhat short. I limit this classification to women under 40.
Lillo thomas said on 6/Aug/15
A legit 6'2 isn't too tall in person. A legit 6'2 is solid tall nothing more.
Amaze said on 6/Aug/15
@Aaron183cm it still is a bad and too tall height maybe 1/10 was quite harsh ill give it 2/10
6'8" and over is defo 1/10.

It is better to be extreme tall than short however extreme tall is bad too.

@Celebheights187cm yeah I agree
Armandy 6'1.5 said on 6/Aug/15
20 - 50 years in U.S.A - U.K (average height - 176 cm )
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 6/Aug/15
6'7" is too tall, unless you're playing in the NBA. You will have to duck through a lot of household doors, will have issues with planes (I do at 187 CM), issues with cars, will consistently have to slouch to talk to people (I already have to on average), issues with beds, have to spend more on clothing, have some issues finding women due to being too tall (yes, it actually happens quite frequently) and will be unable to fit in most showers.
TJE said on 6/Aug/15
IMO, heights shouldn't be ranked because everyone has different body shapes that look good and/or bad at any height.
Rory said on 6/Aug/15
Rob, do you think fast bowlers in cricket would probably lose the most height, baring in mind the strain on their backs ?
[Editor Rob: Rory, any professional sport that involves a lot of training, repetition and straining might over time increase the degeneration.

Even pro swimmers have greater increased risks of developing degenerative disc disease in their lower back.]
Amaze said on 6/Aug/15
How is 180-185 the best ? 180-1-2 are good heights yes but they aint legit prkper tall just talllish range they are 8/10
183-188 is best

Most men would prefer being 186 over 180, 187 over 181 and then finally188 over 182.
183-188 is best.
ManKo said on 6/Aug/15
Saying that 172 is a 1/10 is really stupid. In most countries, 172 is really average. Have a look at China, Japon, India, All south America, most African countries too.

Yes, in the Netherlands 172cm is very low, but if we are talking about internationally standars, then 172dcm is not that bad. We usually focus only in North Europe and North America, but internatially spekaing we are an small % of all the world population.
Kourosh said on 6/Aug/15
170-2 is 4/10 its slightly bad but its OK acceptable u can live with it with no teasing etc not really bad height just near it

are you sure? i have couple friends who are in this range of height and get called short constantly. Almost every actor in this range of height have been called midget , short and petite at one point of their life. Example, Tom cruise. He is 172 cm and look how people make fun of his height.

To your statement you can live with it , i beg you different. Almost 80% of people that are in 5'7-5'8 zone dream and wish to be taller than they are. This means they are not confident with the height they have. So, living life is a bit of struggle for them.

I am 176 cm and i get called short and feel short from time to time let it alone those who are under 173 cm.

178cm + is where you can be safe not be teased for your height.

To me :
170-172 cm is 3 out of 10.

173-175 cm is 4 out of 10

176-177 cm is 5 out of 10 ( My height) Sometimes feel tall but majority of times feel average or shortish.

178-179 cm is 6 out of 10

180-183 cm is 7 out of 10

Anything over 183 cm is perfect and is 8 to 10.
Anon said on 5/Aug/15
@Amaze. Your height ratings are logical and realistic. I would also say 183cm - 188cm is the best height range for a man. 5'11.5 is good but not quite enough and 6'2.5 is good but slightly excessive. As I've mentioned before the 6'0 to 6'2 range gets 10/10 in my opinion, although 6'0 and 6'1 may perhaps get the ideal tall but not too tall label. Personally I wouldn't change my height because it wouldn't make any difference to anything. For example a 6'0 man is probably going to appear the ideal height to the average 5'4/5'5 woman and given there are more women in that height range than any other, that means more women to choose from who might consider 6'0 ideal. But of course that's just an assumption, albeit a logical one also based on some factual surveys conducted. 6'2 may be an impressive height but in terms of practicality for beds and legroom on planes and public transport it's not ideal. Sure some public transport will allow legroom for up to 6'2/6'3 but even at 6'0 I sometimes struggle for legroom, which of course shouldn't be the case as my height is not that uncommon, but it still happens sometimes. Often though I find that I have just enough legroom but wouldn't have enough if I was any taller. So 6'0 - 6'2, if you're anywhere in this range consider yourself very lucky.
Anon said on 5/Aug/15
@Amaze. Your height ratings are logical and realistic. I would also say 183cm - 188cm is the best height range for a man. 5'11.5 is good but not quite enough and 6'2.5 is good but slightly excessive. As I've mentioned before the 6'0 to 6'2 range gets 10/10 in my opinion, although 6'0 and 6'1 may perhaps get the ideal tall but not too tall label. Personally I wouldn't change my height because it wouldn't make any difference to anything. For example a 6'0 man is probably going to appear the ideal height to the average 5'4/5'5 woman and given there are more women in that height range than any other, that means more women to choose from who might consider 6'0 ideal. But of course that's just an assumption, albeit a logical one also based on some factual surveys conducted. 6'2 may be an impressive height but in terms of practicality for beds and legroom on planes and public transport it's not ideal. Sure some public transport will alow legroom for up to 6'2/6'3 but even at 6'0 I sometimes struggle for legroom, which of course shouldn't be the case as my height is not that uncommon, but it still happens sometimes. Often though I find that I have just enough legroom but wouldn't have enough if I was any taller. So 6'0 - 6'2, if you're anywhere in this range consider yourself very lucky.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 5/Aug/15
1.90 will make you stand out almost everywhere bro. In fact, there are way more men being 1.72 than 1.90. You got any idea how tall it actually is?
french guy said on 5/Aug/15

You didn't get my point, I was rating height based on the percentiles which is an objective rating.
Someone who is in the 50 th percentile, his height is rated as 5/10
Someone's height in the 70 th percentile would be rated as 7/10 and so on...
However, a limit has to be set, since you can't be in the 100 percentile.
I would set the limit at the 85 th percentile, and every guys height which is between, the 85 th and the , say, 95 th , would be rated as 10/10.
I think it's a fair rating.According to you 188 cm is a bit better than 183 cm, but 188 cm feels completely different, there is a whole league in between. (183 cm is above average, 188 cm is tall).
If the average is 178 cm for a young guy in UK, I would rate 183 cm as 7.5/10 and 188 cm as 10/10
Aaron183cm said on 5/Aug/15

I disagree that 6'7"+ is 1/10. Certain guys like Peter Jones from Dragon's Den make 6'7" look like an impressive and imposing height even if it's not the ideal. Obviously you need a decent build to pull it off as most skinny guy's proportions start looking comical at 6'5"+. Still I think it is always better to be extreme tall than extreme short.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 5/Aug/15
@Amaze I think that 186-187 CM is completely ideal now. When you're within that height range, you're taller than over 90% of the guys out there, and you will consistently be guessed at 6'2"+ by the average eye (most people aren't going to be like "he's 6'1.25" or 6'1.5"-6'1.75""). So many think that 185 CM is on the lower end of being ideal, while 188 CM is on the higher end of it. Most people who are actually 6'2" will sometimes get referred to as being 'too tall' in person. I would actually take 186-187 CM over 188 CM anyday. One doesn't need to be the tallest around to be ideal. In movies, if one is very taller, the director often uses them for comic relief due to their tall height (it was like that in Everybody Loves Raymond).
Laf said on 5/Aug/15
@French Guy: That rank of heights going from the percentile is hilarious.
It's not about being the tallest guy in the room.
Triplescrew said on 5/Aug/15

5'11.5" is far from the white male average in most countries. Maybe in clunky dress shoes!
Triplescrew said on 5/Aug/15
Saw a 7'0" guy at the airport a few weeks back (famous former NBA player). Definitely scary tall but not as amazing to see as I thought it would be. Funnily enough the people who gawked at him the most were the 6'3"-6'5" folks who are used to being the tallest in a crowd.
184.3cm (Night) said on 5/Aug/15
french guy says on 3/Aug/15
I have had a better idea for rating height:it's percentile which determine height rate.
183 cm is in the 65 th percentile so it's
6.5/10 heiggt

Most countries have it at the 83 percentile or at least 75 percent. Where are you getting this data from?
Justin said on 4/Aug/15
Hello I am 6'4 almost 6'5 and im only 15 is that normal?
Parthenox said on 4/Aug/15
Quick question, anyone can feel free to answer.
For women, is 5'6"/1.68 m considered the start of "tall" or the upper end of "average"?
And, for women, is 5'3"/1.6 m considered the start of "average" or the upper end of "short"?
Just curious!
The Master said on 4/Aug/15
@Emil 182-183 cm:
I agree, 180-185 is best.
Tom said on 4/Aug/15
Rob what difference in height loss would you expect from most intense exercises compared to swimming. As swimming supposedly supports 90% of your body weight and it not particular weight baring would height loss be minimal? Even gain some after a long day?
[Editor Rob: Tom, you still have a lot of rotation on the spine, which causes different kinds of stress on the joints. It is however not anywhere as much vertical/rotation stress as playing grid iron, soccer or tennis.]
grizz said on 4/Aug/15
@Emil,why wouldn't you rank 172 cm as 1/10? Ok,maybe 3/10,but this is the height Tom Cruise has,and he's constantly jokingly called a midget. People say he's 5'6,5'5,some even for comic effect say he's barely 5ft tall. That's way too much backlash to be ignored.
Bieshkin said on 4/Aug/15
@Rob Are all heights on your site morning or evening heights? Or an average of the tw?
[Editor Rob: Bieshkin, they aren't morning heights.]
Blink said on 3/Aug/15
@French Guy
5'10" and a bit under is average for American White men.
And if you go by this sights standards I am 6'0"(evening height).
Amaze said on 3/Aug/15
Blink is tallish his family is tall though
Amaze said on 3/Aug/15
@french guy I'm sorry that's ridiculous

My height isnt 1-1.5/10.. Best range is 183-188.
For guys
164 or less(5'4 range) is 1/10 very short/very bad height for a guy
165-7 is 2/10 its just short and not good height at all bad
168-9 is 3/10 its short and bad basically
170-2 is 4/10 its slightly bad but its OK acceptable u can live with it with no teasing etc not really bad height just near it
173-4 is 5/10 neither bad or good in the middle its a normal height
175-7 is 6/10 its getting good decent height average .. Not amazing but good.
178-9 is 7/10 legit first proper good height
180-2 is 8/10 its a proper good height getting very good but not quite there yet
183-184 is 9/10 its a very good height for a man its low tall mostly and tallish in certain countries but it doesn't matter still a fantastic height with no drawbacks

185-187 is 10/10 its basically perfect height and ideal for many
188-189 is 9.5 because space in cars starts being affected here but its still very good. Some would describe this as 'too tall' but I think of it is a strong tall height not too. Maybe for shorter women, perhaps so.
191-192 is 8/10 its getting very tall but its a bit standout you stick out a bit and space is an issue, but a good height if you like being proper tall along with 6'2
193-195 is 7/10 I reckon its still a OK height but 6'4 along with 5 is pushing it and Max good normal human height
196-197 6/10 its a OK height Max acceptable anything taller than this is too tall, 193-195 is legit proper very tall and 196-197+ is a very tall guy.
198-199 4/10(too tall)
200 and over 1/10
See the drop there.
181cm said on 3/Aug/15
184-186cm is perfect basically 6ft.0.5-6ft1.5 is as close to perfection. 180-183 are pretty good as also 187-190. Once close to average anyone will honestly be fine and the farther away from 190cm you'll notice how tall you are. 6ft4-5 arent bad heights more so the last good heights before people will start to stare. 172cm isnt really bad or good. It starts at 5ft9

184-186cm golden standard. Coincidently ideal height for a male model who would have guessed it.
180-182cm and 188-190 second best but very good heights nonetheless.
179 and 192 basically 7-8/10.
177/178cm and 192/193cm-7/10 imo
175/176 and 194-5cm. 6.5
Emil 182-183 cm said on 3/Aug/15
I wouldn't rank 1.72 m as a 1/10 lol. I think it's just as good as 1.90
Imo, best height range would be 180-185 cm.
Amaze said on 3/Aug/15
@six feet you maybe bumped into a group of very tall fellas, that happens here sometimes, groups of 6'3-5 men etc. Average there is 5'9 so at 6'0 you are still tall.

@182cm evening height

Nope I don't feel insecure at all, I know some guys around 5'7/8 who are very insecure about a girl being taller or same size, I don't feel insecure at all. There are tall girls on this planet so its ok, I wouldn't even mind dating a taller girl, although I prefer shorter ones
french guy said on 3/Aug/15
So based on that system:
172 cm and below=1/10
174 cm=2/10
176 cm=3/10
178 cm=4/10
180 cm=5/10
182 cm=6/10
184 cm=7/10
188 cm=9/10
190-195 cm=10/10
french guy said on 3/Aug/15
I have had a better idea for rating height:it's percentile which determine height rate.
183 cm is in the 65 th percentile so it's
6.5/10 heiggt
175 cm is in the 25 th percentile so it s a 2.5/10 height.
But, since only one Guy is in the 100 th percentle which is way top tall, we have to set limit :any height between the 90 and the 97 th percentile is 10/10
182 cm evening height said on 2/Aug/15
@Amaze Out of interest, do you feel anything when a girl is taller than you?

One of my friends is 5 ft 7 (educated guess) and admitted to me that he used to feel insecure about it around taller girls but then he bulked up and the insecurities went away.
french guy said on 2/Aug/15

5'11.5 is just average for a w

hite young man , you re not tall, just average
Amaze said on 2/Aug/15
@John yeah 5'7 is only slighy tall for a girl like 6'0 for a guy. 5'7 is a good height for a girl though.
six feet said on 1/Aug/15
i was in Ukraine for a trip in summer the fellas there was legit 6'3 i kinda feel short i'm legit six foot.
Amaze said on 1/Aug/15
@John I see. Who are the tallest members of your family? I have 6'1 people, they are the tallest. Then 6'0.
what height? said on 31/Jul/15
Thanks for the responses. Yeah I usually just claim 188cm, so I'll go with 6'2.
Blink said on 31/Jul/15
I don't know man, my father, brother and I claim our absolute lowest(at night) heights. I wake-up at 6'0".5 drop to 6'0" in the evening and 5'11".5 at night(my lowest) my brother awakes at 6'1" drops to 6'0".5 and stays there for the rest of the day and our father awakes to 6'3" on the dot and drops to 6'2".5 and stays there for the rest of the day.
We are constantly described as tall men.
NotSure said on 31/Jul/15
@Rory I personally say I'm around 6'1 or when talking in metric then 185cm, but yea I think it is fair for us to claim 6'1, I guess it's up to the person what they want to claim.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 31/Jul/15
Your mom is tall but not that tall really. 5'7 for a woman is equivalent to a 6'0 man. In fact, my mom is just as tall as yours (5'7), my dad is 6'1 and I ended up being 6'0 myself.
John said on 30/Jul/15
It must be wonderful to be same size as your brother. That has always been my dream and my brother's for a lifetime. You can feel equal, you can play together, you can fight amicably, discuss at the same level without complexes or feelings of remorse, you can share clothes. You can face life side by side physically, at the same level, not like a man with a little boy by the hand, that he is supposed to protect, or a normal man with a giant to protect him. It is not comfortable neither for the big one for the little one. Of course people can adapt to circumstances, but in an ideal world brothers are supposed to be more similar in size, just like you are.
John said on 30/Jul/15
Big Man,
I am glad someone taller than me turns up. I am 6ft7, I am 18 and my shoesize is UK 14/Eur 47.
Is your family tall too? And BTW how old are you and what is your shoesize?

Once you asked me why I was so tall and my brother and my father are much shorter. Well because I took after my mother's family. My mother is actually an inch taller than my brother and two inches taller than my father. My mother is 5ft7, my brother is 5ft6, and my father is 5ft5. That is why at 11 I was taller than my father and at 15 they got by my shoulder. Now they don't even reach my shoulder.
James Edward Crowley said on 30/Jul/15
Rob is the your body in your late 30s still the same metabolism wise as it was in your early 20s mid 20s and late 20s early 30s and mid 30s have you
always had a fast metabolism could you easily lose weight when you put it on or
can you eat a lot and not gain a single pound.
Amaze said on 30/Jul/15
@sug yeah really .. Cars clothes doorways and standing out like freakishly.. 6'10 is not good at all.

@Strale195 just say you are 6'5. You are a 6'5 guy..

@Anon lol a very intelligent post I'm happy to see a post like that on here. Very good. I agree 100%. IMO 6'0 is a very good height close to perfect. 6'1 is awesome too. 6'2 is good
joe said on 30/Jul/15
what height? says on 28/Jul/15
If I am 187.5cm at night and 189.5cm in the morning, what should I claim?
Emil 182-183 cm said on 30/Jul/15
Whatever pleases you,mate 👍
Laf said on 30/Jul/15
@Zoho 5'9.5: I completely agree with you. I understand the logic with an average height as "5/10", but imo that's just not how it works. Of course everybody has their own opinion, but an average height would be 7/10 for me.

Living in Denmark where the average is close to 5'11, a 5'10 or 5'11 height would get the 7-7.5/10 rating.

176-177 6/10 and flat 59 5/10
Rory said on 30/Jul/15
@ virtually the same height as you 186.3cms straight out of bed, dip down o 184.5 cms at my usual low..i think claiming just 6'0.5 is very modest seeing as we clear that even at our low heights, i think claiming almost 6'1 is fair.
sug said on 29/Jul/15
Living in Austin the tallest guy I've seen is 6'5. He was typical lanky build though. Currently ay 6ft I feel generally fine. I have the build of a tank and frequently get comments on it lol. I wasnt the tallest at school but I was the biggest. 18 rn hoping I can gain a half inch :P. Personally, if I kept my build as it is right now I would love to be 6'10
Sam said on 29/Jul/15
176 cm is the average height in USA and U.K.
Strale_195.5cm said on 29/Jul/15
Which height should I claim?
I am in the morning, right after wakening up, 197 cm, and during day I am very close to 196 cm, in the very late evening my height sometimes drop below 195.5 cm, especially if i had a hard day.
Lowest I measured myself in the evening was exactly 195 cm, and max I measured my self was 195.8 cm
So, what is good claim for me?
Strale_195.5cm said on 29/Jul/15
Heh, we are not twins, he is 5 years older than me, but we are quite similar, regarding size and regarding all other things. :D
I know for the fact that he is taller than me by fraction, maybe 1 cm max, but on most pictures we look identical or I look little taller...weird, but true :-)
C said on 29/Jul/15
@what height? I think that a claim of 6'2 would be good
GI Jose said on 29/Jul/15
In regard to the ratings of different heights, I see no possible way to do so. I feel that you can have a height that you would like, but there is no definitive perfect height or good heights. Different people have different physiques, meaning different heights don't suit everyone. For me, I think 6'0" would be ideal because it's solidly taller than average but not so tall that it stands out. I have a pretty slender build, so any more height would just not be appealing to me (despite the fact that I am taller than 6'0"). However, someone with a larger build may think something like 6'3" would be great, and someone with a smaller frame would be happy with 5'9" (my older brother who is 5'11" thinks 5'7" would be great). What I am trying to say is that there cannot be a definitive perfect height when it is a completely opinionated subject.
Fog181 said on 29/Jul/15
Blink. Yes my evening height is a flat 5'11 or sometimes a bit over. Like I've said its a decent height and i feel taller than most guys, if only by a inch or so. At times though i just feel average especially in crowded places like clubs, town etc. I just always felt when i was a teen i would get to at least 6'0 as i was quite tall at secondary school.
Anon said on 29/Jul/15
6'0, 6'1, 6'2. It doesn't matter which of these heights a man is because they are all equally good. There is no difference between them. I personally think 6'2 is too tall in some cases, but 9 times out of 10 it's great. I also don't care that I'm not that height because at 6'0 I am happy and feel very lucky. Personally I don't care if I'm taller or not because I feel tall and get described as tall often enough. Reality speaks for itself. Maybe I would choose to be taller if I could or maybe I wouldn't, I don't mind, it doesn't matter because it's irrelevant. Some of the 6'0 people especially on this site are like spoiled kids, they have a Ferrari but want a Lamborghini instead because the Lamborghini has 5 more horse power, but really it doesn't because when independently tested it was actually found to have 5 less horses than the Ferrari, and anyway, the Ferrari has a scratch underneath the car ..see where I'm going with this.
sugeee said on 29/Jul/15
Hey Rob do you plan to add a page on Suge Knight? People are gonna be searching his height cause of the movie ;). How tall do you think he is? I've seen him look 6'2 to 6'4. Really hard to peg.
[Editor Rob: he did claim to be 6ft 3.]
Amaze said on 29/Jul/15
@Zoro 5'9.5 I agree with you. 6'0 is close to top while 6'1/2 are.

@Notsure you are a 6'0.5 guy, 6 foot and a half that is your height you are near 6'1.

@what height? Just say you are about 6ft2.
grizz said on 29/Jul/15
@NotSure, you're 6'0.75 (184.8 cm)-just claim 185 cm
@What height?, you're 188 cm (6'2).
Emil 182-183 cm said on 29/Jul/15
I can't imagine being 6'10 but I'm also much shorter than you so hard for me to imagine being that tall.
When was the last time you measured 5'10 btw :D?
I was 16 lol
Blink said on 28/Jul/15
Are you sure you're a Legit 5'11"?
Zoro 5'9.5 said on 28/Jul/15
To those who say 5'11 is a 6/10 height:

considering 5'10 as average, I suppose you would rate it just 5/10, so under the sufficiency. Why?
Why you think that being average is not enough? Is tall height a quality so indispensable? At the end of the day, I think it's not.

Height is good but it's NOT the ultimate attribute. An height that simply doesnt damage you by making you look short is fine, so I rate 5'9 (maybe even 5'8) as 6/10, even if these two are under average

5'11 is 7/10 or even 8/10, while 6'1-6'2 are top, 10/10
what height? said on 28/Jul/15
If I am 187.5cm at night and 189.5cm in the morning, what should I claim?
182 cm evening height said on 28/Jul/15

You're right about the guys who get pissed off by you being taller than them.

After adding in all your lifts etc., I'd be about half a foot shorter than you (although likely a fair bit brawnier if you're only toned) but I couldn't care less if you stood next to me.

I think my perspective is that I'm already taller than the vast majority of the population and focusing on only those who have it better than me is a loser mindset. Those 6 ft 4 guys who feel insecure/upset around you have that exact loser mindset, it's just not exposed very often because they're usually taller than everyone. The fact that they could be unsettled by someone just being taller than them is pathetic, to be honest.

Maybe I appreciate my height more because I was a short kid for a long time, but I feel that anyone who is 50th percentile+ has no right to complain about their height, regardless of how tall their parents are and whatnot.
Robv said on 28/Jul/15
@emil 182etc. I did google Fury Klitschko and can find nothing that disputes Fury's 6'9". Why do I wear lifts/elevators at 6'2.5" get myself to 6'6"+ :)
Amaze said on 28/Jul/15
@RobV boxing sites tend to overbill some people e.g. Tyson was 5'11 when he's 5'10, klitskcho wladimir is 6'5 but listed 6'6. Plus he didn't look 4 inchs taller I can't believe him to be legit 205/6 6'9. He's probably 203 Max.
Nickname said on 28/Jul/15
@Strale_195.5cm: Yeah you two look about the same height, I can't really tell a difference. Are you two twins?
NotSure said on 27/Jul/15
What is my height if I measure 184.3cm night and 186.4cm morning??
Mid190s said on 27/Jul/15
5'10 or 6'10?

Depends on where you are in life. For me you are asking if I want to Lose 7 inches or gain 5? I'll go with 6'10.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 27/Jul/15
Just google "Fury Klitschko" and you'll see that Fury isnt 6'9.
And why do you wear lifts when you're 6'2.5? I mean, you're like 2.5 inches taller than I lol. You feel small?
Amaze said on 27/Jul/15
@Fog181 your height has plus points its not 6/10 5'9 is tbh 6/10 just ok, 5'11 is more 8/10, 6'0 9/10, 6'1 10/10 along with 6'2. be proud of your height you are in ideal range in the world

@Lillo Thomas. lol just be happy you are 6'5 compared to him 6'10/11 is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too tall. 6'5 is a ok height while 6'10/11 is terrible. that guy is practically too huge and gigantic while you are very tall your height demolishes his.

and yes you could say by that logic 5'8 is start of short. im fine with you calling 6'0 tallish its never just above average that's 5'11 although imo 181/182 is tallish and 183/184 is weak tall while 185+ starts normal tall, but 183-184 are still fantastic heights close to perf.

5'8 is pretty close to short, 5'8 isnt even a bad height, it was average in usa 10-15 years ago. the exact average in america is 177cm though, same in the uk for men. 177cm is exact average. imo for usa i think
cm heights for usa stats
170 and under short
171 172 shortish
173 174 below average
175 176 lower average
177 178 main average
179 180 above average
181 182 tallish
183 184 low tall
185 186 solid tall
187 188 strong tall
189 190 very tallish
191 192 low very tall
193 194 solid very tall
195 196 strong very tall(you fit into this range lilo, 6'4 is confirmed very tall, 6'3 is just weak/low very talllish, 6'5 is confirmed more than just very tall its solid very tall.)
197 198 weak extreme tallish(getting too tall)
199 200+ confirmed extreme tall(too tall for sure)
similiar for uk imo too. ideal imo 183-188 but 189-193 is good too. 194-196 is MAX+

@Rifle 5'1/5'0 vs 6'10/6'9... right these are both two different heigh groups.. i would not like 5'1/5'0 at all because you are basically a midget at that size(shorter than most men and you are shorter than women).i was that height around 12 and thats small. the only plus point of that is space and legroom but its a 0/10 height for an adult. i would not pick this at all.

6'9/6'10... another extreme height group. i would obviously not pick 6'10 6'9 is not much better but 6'9 is something i'd have to pick out of those heights.. 6'9 is too tall and practically too huge and gigantic but at 6'9 you wont hate life like a short person e.g 5'1 would. i'd prefer to be too tall over too short, its better, e.g. 6'9 is better than 5'1, but obviously these are far from ideal heights, 5'1/5'0 is just poor AF, my cousin who is 10 is probably 5'2/5'3 now he was 5'0 in january. i would hate to be the same size as that. but then at 6'9 people will stare at you and you will be massive for doorways, world isnt designed for you. point is both terrible height groups and bad heights but id pick the 6'9 or 206cm and hit the gym hit 250lbs.

if you know what i would consider ideal then its 183-188cm range, 6'0 is good, 6'1 is very good and 6'2 imo is perfect so if you know what i'd ever wanna be, it's either 6'0,1 or 2. i wouldnt mind 3 or 4, 5 is MAX absolutely.

at 5'8 or 173cm, i'd rather be this size than 6'9/6'10.

what about you?

@Strale195.5cm you guys are strong very tall 6'5 guys your bro is more of a strong 6'5 your just normal 6'5 tbh which is ok
184.3cm (Night) said on 27/Jul/15
A legit 6'10-6'11 is a giant guy just like Lillo says, my coworker makes me feel like a dwarf when we are in the lift. I would choose 5'10 as well but noway would i want to be shorter though.

No issues in daily life and no health issues ( knee's, lower back).
grizz said on 27/Jul/15
Fog181 says on 25/Jul/15
I would rate my height 5'11 as a 6/10. Decent but as a teen i always thought i would grow to 6'1 like my father was at his peak. I was tall for my age in my early to mid teens but my growth slowed down and i didn't reach a full 5'11 till i was 18. 6'2.5 would be the perfect height for me.
I have the same feels. When I was learning how to drive a car at 17/18, I thought I was too short to learn how to drive a car (6ft), I'm not done with growing. I thought I might grow to 6'2-6'3. With tall parents (dad 6'1-mom 5'10), I felt like it was a given. Boy, was I wrong -still 6ft tall. I also had that "I'm not done with growing" feeling when I walked down the street-I never felt tall or taller than other men, I constantly kept that mindset "that will change when I reach my adult height". You guessed it right-it didn't :D
Mid190s said on 27/Jul/15

Yes, The photo is ripe with PR everything down to the sharp suit Klitschko is wearing, down to the gaudy championship belts around his arms. It wouldnt surprise if there was a little something extra in his shoes as well. (not judging, ive done this myself at 6'5)

That image was a photo op at a stadium planned many days in advance. Here's one that seems to be taken spur of the moment and shows a more accurate size difference between the two
Click Here

My point is tall people arent above wanting to be taller.
RobV said on 26/Jul/15
On whether I would rather be 5'10" or 6'10". It's a good question that. I am 6'2.5" and use elevators and lifts to get myself to 6'6" or more (I currently use both Dons and Guido Maggi highest 5" elevators and add a bit more so on occasions get to 2m+.

I certainly would absolutely NOT want to lose both 4"+ of my natural height or 9" of my gained height. But 6'10" IS tall.

I think my answer would be that I would LOVE it if I were completely proportionate in terms of my body shape - it would mean 50"+ chest, and big arms with a small waist. That is a LOT of effort when you are tall. I know because even at my natural height, building my body took more sweat than it did for my cousin who is 5'6". If I were dead skinny, I am just not so sure (well, I would do what I have done anyway and build my body up, but I was lucky with my shape, not all are).

On balance, it's 6'10" because you CAN always do something with your body and the height would be very impressive with a bit of muscle, but that height does require a lot of maintenance. I am completely unbothered by arguments about standing out (God knows why some people are so terrified of that, but we are all different I suppose), and I am unbothered by stuff like fitting into planes or whatever. I have no issues with that any more than shorter people - everybody whines about legroom now, even people 5' tall. Good question though.
RobV said on 26/Jul/15
Emil 182-183 You say "Fury is 6'8" tops" but where is your source for this? You could be right of course but all the sites and main sources including boxing sites state 6'9".
louise2002 said on 26/Jul/15
@ Rifle haha I am Dutch... averege male height is .... 183cm;) Finnish men are also tall
Lillo thomas said on 26/Jul/15
Amaze by that logic 5'8 is the start of short. You are saying 6'0 is the start of tall because is 2 inches above average and you should say 5'8 is the start of short because is 2 inches below average. Nah in reality 6'1 is the start of legit tall in the USA and 5'7 is the start of short. 5'8 is shortish or below average and 6'0 is tallish or above average .
Strale_195.5cm said on 25/Jul/15
Me and my bro, who is 196 cm (maybe 196.5)

Click Here

I am on the right side (in blue shirt). Althought he is little taller than me, I usually look taller on most pictures, at least how others say, I think we are idenctial or he is taller by a little. Do you think I look taller, or we are identical...maybe he is taller by fraction?
Rifle said on 25/Jul/15
If you had choose between 5'1/5'0 and 6'10/6'9 which one will you choose?
Lillo Thomas said on 25/Jul/15
I met this huge 6'10- 6'11 guy in walgreens. Unreal , everyone was staring at him. This guy is definitive a giant. I felt short next to him. And I'm usually the tallest or one of the tallest, everywhere I go.
Fog181 said on 25/Jul/15
I would rate my height 5'11 as a 6/10. Decent but as a teen i always thought i would grow to 6'1 like my father was at his peak. I was tall for my age in my early to mid teens but my growth slowed down and i didn't reach a full 5'11 till i was 18. 6'2.5 would be the perfect height for me.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 24/Jul/15
Fury is 6'8 tops.
french guy 182.5 said on 24/Jul/15
everyone on reddit is 185 cm and more.
Is this normal, or they add several inches to their height...
[Editor Rob: don't believe half the stuff you read on internet forums...

in the case of height though, shorter people might be less likely to state their height than taller people.]
french guy 182.5 said on 24/Jul/15
gi jose=pokemoninsider on reddit, spotted !
Thomas6ft1 said on 24/Jul/15
Hey Rob, how can you tell of someone is wearing lifts?
[Editor Rob: sometimes you can't if it is a small 1-2cm lift and a boot...usually the laces section would bulge (or look very high) on a shoe, or the ankle would sit higher than you'd expect, but you can't see most people's ankles unless they sit down.

The way someone walks might also be a giveaway.]
Thomas6ft1 said on 24/Jul/15
Hey Rob, my eye level is 5'8" and a quarter. Does that prove I'm a legit 6'1" then?
[Editor Rob: it's not proof, but it would be an indicator you were close to that zone.]
Tom96 said on 24/Jul/15
Hi Rob, I have a friend who is 6'1, but has a father and mother that are 5'1 and 4'10 (immigrants from India). He's at least 5 inches taller than all other male relatives, so what do you think caused him to be this much taller than his parents ?
[Editor Rob: maybe a case of getting more of the taller genes from both parents and less of short genes. But, it is possible his parents had genes for a taller height, but they could have had illness or just poor nutrition and never reached their full adult heights.]
RobV said on 24/Jul/15
@ Mid190s Interesting, your posting of that shot of Klitschko (6'5") with Fury (6'9"). There is obviously only a small difference in apparent height there, and the ground appears to be level. Given the fact that many sportsmen and indeed actors etc inflate their heights anyway, even when they are very tall, it's only a slight jump away from actually adding height to 'level the playing field' for a photograph in a situation like this. PR is an odd thing, and well known people are really touchy about how they are seen, who they are seen with and how it is presented. When you work in clubs and well known people come in, there are all sorts of rules laid down about how they can be photographed, when, with whom etc. Otherwise they will never come again and your media coverage is damaged. "Oh that's the place where x was the other night" is the biggest draw of all (as long at it is the right celeb!). You do not want to wreck that. I have known quite a few situations where well known guys try to avoid standing next to taller ones because of 'image'. They do almost anything to avoid being stood next to them. It may seem absurd to people not in that position or not as tall - they say "but it doesn't matter". Alas, it does. If Klitschko really appeared 4" shorter than Fury in a shot, it would definitely draw comment even though the stats are published. But you ask most people who might see the newspaper that published such a shot how tall the pair are and they just don't know. However a shot making one appear towered by the other would draw comment and is not what a sportsman like that would want.

ANother interesting point is that a casually taken shot could have made it turn the other way, with Fury looking proportionately taller and Klitschko proportionately shorter - perspective, ground level etc do not just work in favour of the shorter person).
Amaze said on 23/Jul/15
@Tom I'd say 5'11 is more above average (180) while 181/182 cm is tallish. 183cm or 6'0 is legit start of tall.

@Average height person

5'10... 5 foot 10 anyday. Most men pick 5'10 over 6'10. 99%. 5'10 is a much better height than 6'10. 6'10 is way toooo tall. It's practically too huge and gigantic.
5'10 is the best out of those. It's a 7/10 height. 6'10 is like 0/10.
Rifle said on 23/Jul/15
I will choose 6 foot 10 only if I am proportionate and have the skeletal build for that height ie like Shaq or Bill Russel and not like Bill Walton so that I don't have joint or back pains later.
Also my height should be due to genetics and not due to pituitary tumor or Marfan's
GOVEDO said on 23/Jul/15
Whats ur height, tell me in centimeters?
184.3cm (Night) said on 23/Jul/15
Maybe i will head down to Bulgarria shoes in Amsterdam and fool tourists as well into thinking im actually 6'3.

You can buy elevators in stores here guys, its big business .
Mid190s said on 23/Jul/15

Accurate as always.
Average Height Person said on 22/Jul/15
If someone asked you which height would you rather be, 5 foot 10 or 6 foot 10 which will you choose?
Mid190s said on 22/Jul/15
Do you think 6'5 Wladimir Klitschko is wearing lifts in this photo with the "6'9" Tyson Fury?

Click Here
Tom said on 22/Jul/15
5'11 is a hard height to define into a category. (Tall/Tallish/Above average) I stand at 5'11 and I never feel tall but am taller than a good majority. Even my age group (19) I am not taller by much but taller nonetheless. Perception of height is a major factor as I am constantly guessed to be a minimum of 6' and even sometimes as high as 6'3 (I know madness) My legit 6'2 friend thinks I'm 6'1. Just a quick side not its very rare to a person as tall if not taller than my friend. Most men who are slight below average and beyond call me tall and where women are concerned any near the average call me straight up tall, even some in the 5'8-9 range. I still think 6ft is the start of tall but 6'1 is where you are at that solid height of never looking short and according to statistics is around 90th percentile for the whole population. Could be higher as from my personal experience in the UK I'm pretty certain that the average height is less than 5'10 more likely closer to 5'9.5.
Thomas6ft1 said on 22/Jul/15
Hey Rob, I turned 18 this month and I'm still 6'1" just like on my 17th birthday. What dos that mean?
[Editor Rob: it could mean you have no more growth left in the tank.]
Blink said on 22/Jul/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM
A legit 5'11"(at night) guy with good posture should be able to pull off a tallish/low end tall look, but if you're a 5'11".5(at night) guy you'll easily give of a 6'0" vibe.
RobV said on 22/Jul/15
@ Emil 182 etc When I said there were a group of guys in the 2m area I mean obviously around that height - I could just as easily have said "in the 6'6"/6'7" area". Rare imdeed but more likely statistically in a country where the average height is 6' rather than one where it is 5'8"!
grizz said on 22/Jul/15
@Rob, do you ever dream that some celebs are hunting you down or threatened you because you downgraded their height?
[Editor Rob: I've had nightmares I've kept missing photoshoots with actors!]
184.3cm (Night) said on 22/Jul/15
Human body is incredible.

@GI Jose

I was 9 inches taller than you at 14 and now we are same unbelievable.

So if your young dont lose hope maybe you will grow.
Sarah said on 22/Jul/15
How accurate are measurements at doctors' offices? 3 years ago, they told me that I was 5'2, but a different doctor said 5'3. It could've been a quick glance or an estimation, I suppose. It was the same time of day too.
Shotguncutyouinpieces said on 21/Jul/15
Hello Rob,you are the best.I am 181,35cm(beetween 181,3 and 181,4)'s about 5'11,4 ft...for you can i claim myself like "tallish"??
[Editor Rob: you are in that zone where you will find lots of times you might feel tall, but then a lot of time not much above average....depends on the country, if you are in Italy I'd say you might feel more tallish than if in some other countries.]
french guy said on 21/Jul/15
182cm evening

Lol man, we re almost on the same wavelength, you said 6'0 is the first goodd height, did'nt you?
Amaze said on 21/Jul/15
@Mid190s says drunk you

6'5 is the last OK height in the 6 foot
club, afterwards heights are freakish unnecessary height and odd(no offense extremely tall guys)
So what if it makes 6'0-1 small? 6'2 ordinary, 6'3/4 unspecial? Lol.

There are clothes and car problems. Planes suck too.

6'2 is the king in 6 foot heights.
6'3 is also a good height.
6'1 is also very good height
6'0 is very good, 6'4 is fine.

@Pablo 182cm is average there

@Thomas6ft1 you are still tall and its a very good height. Nothing special in terms of not many will be amazed by your height apart from girls but it doesn't matter. Tall &practical its perfect range..
GI Jose said on 21/Jul/15
I was 5'1" at 14, and now I'm near 6'1" and still growing. You've got a tall family and have plenty of time for growth. It sounds like you're just a late bloomer like I was, so don't worry about it.
chestbrah185 said on 21/Jul/15
if a person is 6'1 where would their eye level be?
Emil 182-183 cm said on 21/Jul/15
It's not impossible I know but still kinda funny how both you and strangerdutch experience the same thing... And please explain what you mean by "2 meter area". 1.50-2 meters? 1.80-2.00? 1.90-2.00. You're not very specific.
Aaron183cm said on 21/Jul/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM

I'm not 5'11" but I think "strong/slightly above average" is the best description for 5'11". 5'11" is not tall. It's a little above average, but let's face it, being only 1-1.5 inches above average will blend right into a crowd as a completely unremarkable height. I have never heard a 5'11" guy get called tall before. In fact I'd be surprised if any 5'11" guys height comes up in a conversation because it's just that unremarkable of a height, like 5'10" and 5'9" also are.

At 6'0" I feel tallish or weak tall. It's just shy of being a legit tall height IMO, even though it is a great height. I get called tall only occasionally, and usually by people who are slightly below average height themselves. I really doubt if I'd feel that tall if I was 1 inch shorter.

I think for a person to feel consistently legit tall they need to be at least 1 standard deviation above average (assuming height is normally distributed, which it seems to be). For American young guys that would start somewhere in the 6'0.5"-6'1" range. 6'0" flat can be 1 SD above the average if we factor in elderly people.
Rifle said on 21/Jul/15
A study conductedin 1983 by Lieden University showed that 2 out of 9500 Dutch men are 210 cm or taller.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 20/Jul/15
Despite what many people are claiming, I believe that 6'1" on slightly too low to be ideal, just as 6'2" is actually slightly too tall to be ideal. I would say that perfect is 186-187 CM.
Ally said on 20/Jul/15
@Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM I'm 5'11 (181 cm evening) and most people always describe me as a tall guy. Have never been described as short or average. In my opinion 5'11 is where "tall" starts and average is around 5'9
So close to 6 ft said on 20/Jul/15
I live in SoCal on the coast and I am Dutch. Despite the fact that most of my friends parents are in the 190 range most of the guys in my grade are between 170-185. Might be only one guy who was in the 2 m range in our grade. The really tall kids in our grade would be 185-195 but there was only ten of them. However two years ago there was a guy who was 216 cm.
Thomas6ft1 said on 20/Jul/15
Hey Rob, how much height do lowtop Converse All-Stars give? How tall would I be in them, if I'm 6'1"
[Editor Rob: somewhere in 6ft 1.6 range]
RobV said on 20/Jul/15
@ Mid190s I think that the fact that you have had a drink or 3 makes you underestimate the King of all Heights :) Personally I think 6'6 or about 2m is the King rather than 6'5", and the moreso if you have a bit of muscle/tone. My highest Guido Maggi and Dons elevators take me to about that height from my 6'2.5". I had got to 6'5" for a few years but now think that the extra inch I or so that I get really works well with my body. And you ARE right that it makes it way less likely you will meet someone taller, that extra inch. In fact the percentiles bear that out big time.

I spent a whole week running around London recently and was amazed at how many guys I saw in loads of sitations, on the tube, on trains, in bars, who were v similar in height. And it was those guys who were around 6'4"/6'5" who were most impressed with my height and either actually commented if I was stood next them on the tube, say, or looked pissed off that I was taller. Given that 6'4", say, is a superb height, I never cease to be amazed that so many guys of that height are really put out or annoyed when they meet someone taller. I even had one guy who works at another club who is that height say to me: "I'm not standing next to you, it does nothing for my ego". And yet by any yardstick or judgment he is a great height. Funny eh?
Anonymous1 said on 19/Jul/15
Just saw my 80 year old uncle, again, after a long time and he has several health issues. He was always 6'2. I am 6 foot, maybe 6'0.5, and was in shoes. He was in socks, and remains definitively taller than me. Could be 6'1, but he slouches a hair. My opinion is that if he stood totally straight, he's still 6'2, and hardly frail looking. Just food for thought and hope for those who believe in the 100% inevitabality of shrinking.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 19/Jul/15
@Francis 179 CM is above average by about 2.5 CM.
C said on 19/Jul/15
I'm starting to worry my dad is 6'3 and my borther who is 17 is 6' and still growing and I'm 14 and only 5'0.5 will I ever grow to be 6'? I really want to be at least 6'.
mid190s said on 18/Jul/15
6'5 is the King of all Heights.

It makes 6'0-6'1 look small, 6'2 ordinary, and 6'3-6'4 Unspecial.

The only downside of 6'5 is there is an improbable, very remote chance that you'll run into someone even taller. But that guy most likely cant fit through doorways like you so the jokes on him. I may have had a drink or 3, but the truth flows better this way.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 18/Jul/15
Is there anybody on here who is 5'11" that feels tall? I know that it's commonly referred as average, or just as being above average, but it seems a bit too tall to be either.
pablo77bar(184cm) said on 18/Jul/15
What is the average for young men in the Netherlands ?
rugbyQ said on 17/Jul/15
Hey Rob, do you think rugby player's listings are accurate? Most notably Jonah Lomu who is very popularly thought to be 6'5 but is actually 6'3. Could there be on average a half inch or so discrepancy? The weights are very heavily exaggerated at least, with several 6ft and 6'1 players being listed 280-290 lbs
[Editor Rob: generally I think a lot are ok, but some percentage might just be rounded up a bit. ]
Triplescrew said on 17/Jul/15

179cm is fine. On the higher end of average and on the short end of tall in some areas. Most guys your height claim 183cm.
182 cm evening height said on 17/Jul/15
@ French Guy:

183 cm = ok
185 cm=good
188 cm=very good
191 cm=perfect

Do you agree?


191cm is strong short in the Western world. It's basically average for women without heels. 200cm evening height is the start of average in the Western world IMO. Anything below a strong 6 ft 6 - 6 ft 7 will lead to you being dwarfed on a regular basis. Don't know which dwarf land you live in where you can even find men as short as 6 ft.
grizz said on 17/Jul/15
@stangerdutch, you just have a very bad perception on height.
10 cm minus your listed values and I might believe you.
Before I knew how to precisely estimate someone's height, I got the number wrong by 10 cms in some cases, especially for very tall guys: I gave an estimate for a guy @213 cm, although he was legit 200 cm, for a 205 cm guy 215 cm, for a 197 cm guy 205 etc. Now I feel stupid in hindsight.
UhOh said on 17/Jul/15
Stranger Dutch, the only women who like men who are 2m are women who are 6 feet (1.82m) or taller. 4'0" to 5'11" women, especially here in the states are more intimidated by that type of height and are not attracted to it. Men who are 5'11" to 6'4" are ideal anywhere in the world.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 17/Jul/15
strangerdutch, substract at least 5 cm from your given heights. You got a third of your classmates over 195 cm? Roflmao bro thats not even possible unless they were selected for the class or something. I go to uni at Copenhagen where people aren't noticeably shorter than the Dutch on average, one of my classmates is a measured 202 cm tall and he Towers over everyone. Stop trolling
184.3cm (Night) said on 17/Jul/15

I live in the Netherlands thats why im calling bull****. I live near eindhoven and granted there are alot of men here round 190cm but anything over 2m is still rare.
Thomas6ft1 said on 17/Jul/15
Hey Rob, is 6'1" tall for a guy? I am 18 year old male and 6'1" (185.42 cm) barefoot. Is that tall? I have seen people taller than me including girls (often in the 6'3"+ range), but not very often. Sometimes when I'm with people 3-2 inches close to my height, I feel slightly above average and not very tall. Most of the time I do feel tall though. In my humble opinion 6'1" is a normal/average height for adult males these days. Nothing special.
[Editor Rob: yes it is a tall height, not standout, but in crowds you should feel tallish.]
Blink said on 16/Jul/15
@French Guy
I have a friend(5'10") who thought the same as you, so I grabbed a pencil and a measuring tape and marked 6'0" flat on the wall I then asked him how tall he thought the mark was from the ground and he answered "6'1 maybe a little taller" I told him it was 6'0" and he was very surprised.
I guess what I'm trying to say is 6'0" is still a tall height, hell I've heard 5'11 guys get described as tall.
Clay said on 16/Jul/15
Hi Rob. If a 165cm person reaches a little bit above the tip of my nose, how tall am I?
RobV said on 16/Jul/15
Emil 182-183. You say that 5 guys over 2m in a class is 'statistically impossible'. My mother works in the general field where stats are the core of her profession. I asked her because I knew that your claim could not be correct. She says that it is 'statistically improbable or unlikely' but that it cannot be impossible unless you can prove that there are no young people in the country who are over 2m tall.

I go back to what I myself said, which I feel is even more statistically unlikely - I went to check out a club in Amsterdam at a quiet time. There were 30 people. All 14 of the guys there were in the 2m area. Now given that the average height of guys in Holland Is apparently in the 6' region, the chances of this happening is much higher than in, say, Indonesia, where the average height is 6 inches lower I think! But it is statistically possible and particularly if the height of younger guys is greater anyway than the statistical average for the country. Unless you have access to a stat model that can prove it is 'impossible' then you are not right. My mother said that in her view, the chances of finding 5 guys over 2m in that situation are several times more likely than winning the lottery, dying in an airplane crash or guessing the same number between 1 and 99 as someone else - all of which have a statistical possibility (provided you do the lottery or travel by air!).
stangerdutch said on 16/Jul/15
Laf says on 14/Jul/15
@Strangerdutch and Robv:
It sounds very weird that your class mates are so tall, but as RobV mentions, it happens. I've experienced myself suddenly standing in a crowd, where the dwarfing doesn't seem to stop. Where every man just seemed to be no shorter than 6'2. It could be a coincidence that the boys in your school are so tall, even though it seems doubtful.


My class is not even the tallest one at my school. And I know there are some high schools or academies are taller in European regions, Canarias Academy, of course, there were about 11 guys are over 208 cm a couple of years ago.
stangerdutch said on 16/Jul/15
184.3cm (Night) says on 15/Jul/15
What a load of crap strangerdutch. 5 guys almost at 2m not even out of high school.

If your country has small people, do not doubt there are other countries are much taller yours. And 5 of guys are over 2 meters is not exception in Netherlands. I have a friend who is from Groningen, North province of Holland. In his high school, there are more than 30 guys are 2 meters and taller. So, if you are short, do not think everybody is as short as you are in this planet.
francis said on 15/Jul/15
i am a little bit sad. I thought i was tall, because most people refer to me as one(most guesses are between 183-185 cm) but i measured myself today barefoot and i am only 179 cm :(
and the thing is my dad is supposedly 185 or 186 cm and my grandfather nearly 190 cm
is 179 cm a solid height for white people?
Amaze said on 15/Jul/15
@Emil 182-183cm 9/10 of people are happy around your height. My brother is 184cm and 183.5cm late at night he loves his height alot, he's in great shape and he had loads of fit girlfriends too. He's married now, asked him and he said he wouldn't want to be any shorter or taller.
I think the only people that aren't content with 6'0 are people that wanna be the best at basketball, they are maybe with a very tall 5'10/11 girl who is taller than them in heels, but IMO theres nothing being shorter than a girl with heels. 6'0 is still low tall mostly and a fantastic height. Trust me most people at 6'0 are happy. I think French guy maybe wants to be massive like proper massive to be intimidating or something like that. Lol even 6'0 can be intimidating to people with a good build. 6'0 is so convenient people should be happy they were given that height.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 15/Jul/15
Sorry to say, strangerdutch, but your claims are statistical impossible. Dont do drugs, bro
GI Jose said on 15/Jul/15
@Emil 182-183 cm
No. Although I am probably closer to 6'1" now, I still feel great. I don't see what's not to love about it.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 15/Jul/15
Am I the only one who feels fine being around 6'0?
184.3cm (Night) said on 15/Jul/15
What a load of crap strangerdutch. 5 guys almost at 2m not even out of high school.
Triplescrew said on 15/Jul/15
As a late bloomer of sorts I figured I'd share my experience since I noticed the subject being discussed in the past (sorry for being late).

In order to grow past 21, IMO, you have to look extremely young for your age. Maybe this isn't true all of the time but in most cases it is. Also, it helps if you are disproportionate, i.e., if you have a huge inseam but are still average height, there's a chance you may grow if you are a late bloomer. If you have a huge torso but short or average legs, chances are your growth is done, as you grow from the outside in usually. Also, having tall relatives helps. If you're 5'9" but all of your male relatives are 6'0" and female relatives are 5'9", you might have some growth left. All of these factors were true for me. Remember I'm no expert but I've done a crap ton of research on late growth spurts so bear with me :).

So for me, I was never the uber tall kid nor was I average while growing up. I was maybe 80th percentile. From 12-14 I went from around 5'3.5" to 5'8.5" and I went through some of the basic puberty stuff, but by and large it all just stopped at that point. I gained weight as if in preparation for a spurt but nothing ever came. So I just accepted the height.

Around when I turned 16 I hit 5'9", and stayed that height until around 21. All the while puberty was occurring slowly (at least from a visual perspective) -- bars were afraid to serve me alcohol because I looked 17 to them.

So from 21 to 23 I went from 5'9" to 5'10.75". The growth was so slow as to be barely noticeable, I would really only notice every couple months or so when I got interested in height again.

Some symptoms I experienced during some of this time -- extreme hunger (I ate 3,000 calories a day easily without weight gain for a few months, in fact I lost weight.) Also, my knees hurt all of the damn time, which I remembered happened when I was 12-14 so that was consistent at least.

For me though this late spurt made sense as from 15-21 I was super disproportionate, with a 35" inseam and a torso so short that even small sized shirts looked like dresses on me. So really all of this "bonus" height was just my torso filling out. At the same time my wingspan increased from 5'10"-ish to about 6'0.5", so you could say I was just growing into that new frame.

I have to say, going from clear average at 5'9" to the shorter end of "tall" has been eye opening. It's nice to see someone who looks tall, walk up to them, and find that you can look them in the eye.

So final point, I'd say this: don't get your hopes up. I'd wager that ~95% of men are completely done growing by 18. In fact I'd say there are three major barriers that define when guys stop growing:

Age 18: The typical age where growth stops. You might gain a quarter of an inch while filling out.

Age 21: If you are tall, your height increase might continue into your 20s, but only briefly. So from 18-21 a 6'2" guy might grow to 6'3.5", etc.

Age 25: The last barrier, only a handful of guys grow to this age, but there's enough to make it an official stopping point. Usually these are late bloomers who are still growing into their bodies, and they can expect anywhere from an inch to five inches or more from 20-25. For all other guys this kind of growth only occurs from 14-18.

To close, there are a bunch of things that need to fall into place to have an extremely late growth spurt, and going through it isn't necessarily fun (it's like going through a second puberty when you're supposed to be an adult already!). If you have any questions, let me know...
Triplescrew said on 15/Jul/15
@Celebheights 187CM

Good chart. I've also found that people my own height look taller than me/appear to have a higher eyelevel. I always wondered why until I discovered that from my mid eye level to the top of my head is 5 inches, so my eyes are lower for someone my height than usual.

Besides that it might just be a matter of perception. Especially if you're used to be taller than people, having someone look you in the eye might make them look bigger than they are.
GI Jose said on 15/Jul/15
@french guy
Yeah, being taller than 80% of other men is terrible (obvious sarcasm).
As a 184-185 cm male in the US, I can tell you that it is great, and 183 cm is pretty much the same. Even in the Netherlands, 183 cm is above average, so unless you would prefer being shorter, 183 is great. I mean really, what is bad about being taller than 8/10 men?
Also, I can't find a statistic that says French average height is over 177 cm for young men, so 183 cm would be 6 cm above average for the tallest demographic. How is that not good?
I agree with Aaron183cm that anyone who is above average should not complain. It could be way worse.
Amaze said on 14/Jul/15
@French Guy yeah I'm a weak 5'8 tbh. I don't care that much its still OK. I'm 175 in footwear.

Lol how is 183cm not a good height
It is a very good height...
You have no problems with clothes space and cars doorways
Most people will consider you tall
No matter your build you still look and normal. You don't look freakish.
6feet tall or 6'0 is very good.
You just have some wierd distortion about reality you are very insecure... Your height is 9/10 or close to perfect. Ideal range.
6'1 is 9.5/10 its very close to perfect, so your also saying 6'1 isnt that good either? Lmao 6'1 and 6'0 is loved by all women like most of them they are both close to perfect height and for bodybuilding its not that hard for gains. 6'2 or 188 is perfect its not too tall ever and not short at all its perfect tall height.. Part of me thinks you are 183cm maybe in boots at night.. You aint really 183 or your just trolling.

@Aaron183cm guy has some serious issues. Your height at 183 is excellent. Tall mostly but tallish in some areas obviously but its a very good height. Not perfect but its so convenient.. Doorways clothes cars .. Agreed lol a lot would... 183 is just close to perfect.. Many would say it is perfect. IMO 6'1 is near icing on the cake and that's 9.5/10. It's always solid tall . 6'2 or 188 is perfect not too tall and its just very very good.

Lol even 180cm or 5'11 is a good height..
178cm or 5'10 is good too...
175-177 5'9 is just Ok
173-174 is decentish
170-172 is not good height but you can live with it, only pro I can think is you gain easy in bodybuilding.

Aaron this guy is extremely insecure lol... No hope
french guy 182.5 cm (night) said on 14/Jul/15

i'm not saying 183 cm is bad, 183 cm is too close to average for our generation to be a "good" height.
183 cm is the most overrated height, this is a decent height, except maybe in the netherlands and in some parts of scandinavia, but there really is nothing to be proud of.I'm 183 cm but a tall man in my head so i just feel inadequate, not particularly insecure.
ManKo said on 14/Jul/15
I found the norway average height in the army report, you can read it here:

Click Here
jamie179cm said on 14/Jul/15
@French guy 183cm is a good height its above average so how is it bad? i Wouldn't even say 175cm was a bad height although you can feel short at 175cm but you shouldn't at 183cm
Aaron183cm said on 14/Jul/15
@french guy

Explain how is 183cm not a good height? It's above average in every country in the world except the Netherlands. A lot of guys would give their left nut to be 183cm tall. You sound horribly insecure with a warped perception of height judging by your other posts. Your height is good and any guy who is 180cm or more should count their blessings.
Laf said on 14/Jul/15
@Strangerdutch and Robv:
It sounds very weird that your class mates are so tall, but as RobV mentions, it happens. I've experienced myself suddenly standing in a crowd, where the dwarfing doesn't seem to stop. Where every man just seemed to be no shorter than 6'2. It could be a coincidence that the boys in your school are so tall, even though it seems doubtful.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 14/Jul/15
Maybe you live in a tall region?
french guy 182.5 cm (night) said on 14/Jul/15

you are 172 cm not 173 cm.You need to be 172.5 cm at night to claim 173 cm.You're not a solid 173 cm guy like rob...
ManKo said on 14/Jul/15

I guess it will depend of the group of people that you measure, and at what time of the day you measure them. But in the norwegian army, last time I checked, average of males was very close to 180cm, but not above that.
In the danish army, according to that Emil says, its also close to that figure.

I cant dinf the original PDF nor the date of Norway, but this article also mentioned it:

Click Here

"Norway male batteries have an average height 5 feet 10.7 "as stated in military conscripts. Once again, it does not take into account muda."
ManKo said on 14/Jul/15

I guess it will depend of the group of people that you measure, and at what time of the day you measure them. But in the norwegian army, last time I checked, average of males was very close to 180cm, but not above that.
In the danish army, according to that Emil says, its also close to that figure.

I cant dinf the original PDF nor the date of Norway, but this article also mentioned it:

Click Here

"Norway male batteries have an average height 5 feet 10.7 "as stated in military conscripts. Once again, it does not take into account muda."
RobV said on 14/Jul/15
@ strangerdutch you refer to a much higher than average height among various groups of young Dutch guys at your school, 193 in your class average (almost 6'4") and 5 out of 15 over 2m in another class. 18 months ago I went to check out a club in Amsterdam at a quietish time. There were about 30 people in there and every single one of the 14 guys there was in the 2m area. I was really surprised.

I think the national stats generally are correct but the fact that the average young guy is around 6' now there makes it fairly logical that you will occasionally see larger groups of tall guys like this where there are quite a few 18-25s present than you would in countries whose heights are 2-3" shorter on average. I have also had the same experience with a small group of about 8-10 Norwegians in London, none related, all of whom are in a very tight band of 6'3" - 6'5".
french guy said on 14/Jul/15
183 cm = ok
185 cm=good
188 cm=very good
191 cm=perfect

Do you agree?
french guy said on 14/Jul/15
183 cm is not a good height at all...
french guy 182.5 cm (night) said on 14/Jul/15
average height norvegian conscripts (large sample)

Click Here

most are 18-20 years old
french guy 182.5 cm (night) said on 14/Jul/15
Emil 182-183 cm says on 13/Jul/15
Average height in the Danish army is 180.3 cm. Somehow average for 30-34 year Olds should be 182.1 cm, but that sounds like pure bogus to me. A Danish man doesn't grow 1.8 cm on average after 18 lol.

How old are danish conscript?If they are 18 years old they might gain at best 0.5 cm
Modeus said on 14/Jul/15
am i the only guy who would like to be 6ft9? btw i am 5 ft 8,5
Wipeout said on 14/Jul/15
@ Kourosh says on 6/Jul/15
My morning height as well is usually 177.3 to 177.5 cms with 6 hours of sleep. But it isn't 178.2 cms unless I sleep for more than 10 hours, not 8. Perhaps you counted the hours wrong.

@ Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM says on 7/Jul/15
Well average height in the U.S. is 5'10.25." This is based on a recent study. 5'9" is low-average/nearly short much the same way that 5'11.5" would have to be high average/almost tall, yes. Remember, we are talking people who are measured barefoot in a clinic and probably already lost 1/2 inch from their peak morning heights. Also consider not everyone that is measured slept long the night before either. So some could be 3/4ths of an inch below their morning height. So it is safe to say average peak morning height is really close to 5'11 (180+ cms) in the U.S.
richkid123 said on 13/Jul/15
@rifle you think 6'9-6"10" is better than 5'5"-5'6" . I highly doubt you would feel that way in real life.
Amaze said on 13/Jul/15
@Rifle for basketball obviously generally no 6'9 is too big and huge... It's freakish. It's way too tall. 6'5 is good enough if you wanna be massive. 6'9/10 are horrible heights. 5'5/5'6 look normal atleast.
grizz said on 13/Jul/15
I slept for 5 hours (I usually need 9-10 hours of sleep, so not much of sleep for me). Right after that I was walking for around an hour.
So, 4 hours after I woke up I measured 183.1-183.3 cm. Except for walking, I was mostly sitting or standing.

Could this be considered as measurement at my low?
jamie179cm said on 13/Jul/15
@Amaze yes ive got it on my 26th birthday but i haven't complete it yet and yes 6ft9 is too tall imo no offence though since people can't control height
TJE said on 13/Jul/15
If the person measures 165 in the afternoon/midday, you should be roughly 179.
chrisi said on 13/Jul/15
Is 174cm/5'8.5 a good or bad height at 18?
Lillo Thomas said on 13/Jul/15
Amaze I like my height very much but I would say 6'4 and 6'3 are better heights. I would choose 6'3 as the perfect height , pretty tall but still more normal.
Lillo Thomas said on 13/Jul/15
Amaze I like my height very much but I would say 6'4 and 6'3 are better heights. I would choose 6'3 as the perfect height , pretty tall but still more normal.
184.3cm (Night) said on 13/Jul/15

Well if she is 180cm then your 6'9 just like you say. I guessed her around 5'9 she looks like a tall girl.
Emil 182-183 cm said on 13/Jul/15
Average height in the Danish army is 180.3 cm. Somehow average for 30-34 year Olds should be 182.1 cm, but that sounds like pure bogus to me. A Danish man doesn't grow 1.8 cm on average after 18 lol.
strangerdutch said on 13/Jul/15
ManKo says on 6/Jul/15
Norway average height its a bit under 180cm, if you look at the recruits from the army, the average norwegian is 179.8. Thats at least the average heigh measured in the army, where they are from 18 years old till 34.

Young Norwegian (20-25 years old) is 182.4 cm at average. Measured by 2008-2009.
strangerdutch said on 13/Jul/15
En..Sometimes, I am confused. Everyone says Dutchmen are 183 cm average height. But when I was at one of Dutch high schools. The average of my schoolmates is much taller than 183 cm. I don't know why?

LIke my class, 14 boys' heights: 206, 202, 199, 198, 198, 194, 192, 192, 191, 190,190, 189, 184, 180. The average height is around 193 .

And my class is not the tallest one in school. Other classes are the same tall as mine. There was another one class had 5 guys are over 200 cm out of 15 boys. And there was even one class has a guy reaches 215 cm. I know Holland has an 183 cm as official data. But why my own personal experience is different?
Amaze said on 12/Jul/15
@Lillo Thomas defo man. 6'5 is more than tall enough! 6'5 is solid very tall and fine. Great for basketball too. Humans are not supposed to be 6'9 and the world aint designed for 6'9 either(doorways, clothes, cars, general public) and its 17inches above female average height, you'll be dwarfing most women. Not good at all. 6'5>>>>>6'9. 5'9>>>6'9. Lol IMO even 5'6>>>6'9.

Lillo i remember you saying you like your height very much even though there are disadisadvantages. What height would you ideally pick ? All my 6'5/6'6 friends say they acknowledge that 6'0/1/2 are very good heights and understand why people think they are ideal but they are extroverts and love the attention from being tall. Plus they love tall women. They say that they'd rather be 6'4/3. 3 of them said 6'3 while other two who are 196/7 feel that they are little bit too tall and feel 193cm of 6'4 is optimal. The other 3 feel 191cm is perfect to them(6'3) what's your take?

@jamie179 where have you been mage
You got arkham knight? Beat that game lol I'm on 96% beat main campaign and all side missions, just Riddler trophies left.

@unsure claim about 6ft2. You are imo 6'1.75 but close enough to 6'2

@TJE I'm still 173. 5'8 but I dip to 172 at night I think. I reckon my height is below average, close to shortish. 171-172 not short but not shortish. I reckon. I think I was probably 171 night before but I'm just 172 night. In footwear I'm around 5'9.(175-6). Still 5'8/173cm barefoot though. Would love to grow an inch more though Lol.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 12/Jul/15
The average height difference between the average man to the average woman seems to be no more than three inches (people always refer to is as being 5.5" inches). I would say that at least a third are 5'7"+. However, it's extremely rare to see one taller than 5'10".
Clay said on 12/Jul/15
Hi Rob. If a 165cm person reaches half way up my nose, how tall am I? My forehead is a little bit bigger than average
grizz said on 12/Jul/15
@unsure, you're easily 6ft2.
@TJE, the sample is quite small (around 50 males from my generation, hence "campus"). Only 10 guys are shorter than me, the shortest is 5'8. 25-30 guys are between 184 and 187cm. A dozen guys are 6'2-6'4 range, while the rest is over that height. I think that strong 6'1 is the most comfortable height among young Balkan people.
Surprisingly, girls aren't that tall. Only 2-3 girls from my generation are 6' or 6'1. The most common height is 5'5-5'6.
Celebheights 6'1.75/187 CM said on 12/Jul/15
My height chart for my college (where most are 18-25 year old caucasians):

<5'5"=You're extremely short if you're this height. You will likely be able to remember everybody who is your height or shorter. Less than 1% of the men here are this height.
5'5"=You're very short if you're this height. About 4% of the men here are around this height.
5'6"=You're short at this height. However, you probably won't be able to remember every person who is your height or shorter. About 10% of the men here are this height.
5'7"-5'8"=This is stereotypical below average here. You shouldn't feel too short here at this height, unless you're by the basketball team. About 27% of the men here are within this range.
5'9"-5'10"=If you're within this range, then you will blend completely into the crowd here as you're in the average range. 5'9" is low average, with 5'10" being higher average (meaning that it's like .5" above average, but that's insignificant). About 29% of the men here are in this height range.
5'11"'-6'0=You're definitely above average to tall here if you're within this height range. If the person isn't by the basketball team, then they might feel tall at times on campus. I've heard of people who have seemed to have been 5'11" get referred to as being tall here as well randomly. About 20% of the men fall within this range.
6'1"-6'2"=You're clearly tall here if you're within this range, and people will begin to comment on it randomly here (whether you bring it up or not). Whenever somebody is my height (187 CM), I immediately believe that they are 6'3" whenever I see them (the eye level even seems higher in these scenarios which is weird). Only 7% of the men here are within this range. You will be short for a basketball player, but you will look like you can fit in with them in this range.
6'3"-6'4"=When you're this height, you will always be referred to as being very tall. Whenever somebody is taller than me, they are within this range the vast majority of the time. If you're slim, then you might get asked if you're a guard on the basketball team. Only 2% of the men here are within this range.
6'5"-6'6"=You're extremely tall here, but you might find somebody who is your height or barely taller on rare occasions.
6'7"+=Aside from the basketball team, you will be one of the tallest men on campus.
TJE said on 12/Jul/15
Yes, you can claim 6'2.
pablo77bar said on 12/Jul/15
There is no problem in your claiming 6ft 2
pablo77bar said on 12/Jul/15
There is no problem in your claiming 6ft 2
Modeus said on 12/Jul/15
Rob what would be the exact head lenght for a 6ft8 man?
[Editor Rob: likely in 10-10.5 range]
Lillo thomas said on 12/Jul/15
Big man looks 6'6 tops in the photo. And that's asumming the girl of his left is 5'6 at least. If she is shorter than 5'6 that's bad news for him. Big man could be 6'9 if the girl of his left is about 5'10. But yeah , big man doesn't have the proportions of a legit 6'9 in the photo. Legit 6'9 guys look huge like kevin durant.
Lillo thomas said on 12/Jul/15
Big man looks 6'6 tops in the photo. And that's asumming the girl of his left is 5'6 at least. If she is shorter than 5'6 that's bad news for him. Big man could be 6'9 if the girl of his left is about 5'10. But yeah , big man doesn't have the proportions of a legit 6'9 in the photo. Legit 6'9 guys look huge like kevin durant.
Rifle said on 12/Jul/15
6'9-6'10 is a great height.Much better than 5'5-5'6".
Blink said on 12/Jul/15
I'm always surprised at how extremely warped peoples perception of height is.
C said on 12/Jul/15
How tall do you think a boy would be with a 5'2 mom and a 6'3 dad

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