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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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GI Jose says on 27/Feb/15
That's interesting. I remember when I thought was 181 cm, I thought I was losing 3 cm a day, but that's when I realized that I was 182 cm rather than 181 cm. Then I've grown another 1 cm, so I guess it's possible that your morning height may be higher than 180.9 cm, or it's also possible that you just don't shrink much.
truth2 says on 27/Feb/15
@tomcat it is 173-174cm around the globe, from 164cm to 184cm.
FiveNine says on 27/Feb/15
Being 'G'- Sensitized at 6ft tall is kinda like 'G' claiming he is 5'8..
Its amost like a video of someone 6ft tall becoming 6ft.25 after a self measured 'autopsy' ...
Keep those video's coming...this is way cool
FiveNine says on 27/Feb/15
Being 'G'- Sensitized at 6ft tall is kinda like 'G' claiming he is 5'8..
Its amost like a video of someone 6ft tall becoming 6ft.25 after a self measured 'autopsy' ...
Keep those video's coming...this is way cool
2toes says on 27/Feb/15
I have new great data!

Height percentiles for urban boys and girls of Chinese ethnicity, born in the 1990's!

So this percentiles are for today's youngest adult generations of Urban China.


50th percentile at 18 years old: 172.7 cms


50th percentile at 18 years old: 160.6 cms

Click Here

Rob, do you think this data proves the improvement of living conditions in China in the past few decades?
mike321 says on 27/Feb/15
FiveNine says on 26/Feb/15
Being 'De-Sensitized' at 5'9 beats being 'G-Sensitized' at 6ft...

Sorry but what does being 'g-sensitized mean?
5'11 says on 26/Feb/15
@gijose I only lose 1.4 cm in the day which is less than most people wake up 180.9cm go bed at 179.5cm never drop under 179.5cm
Tomcat says on 26/Feb/15
Some of these posts saying average around the world is 178-180 cm don't make any sense. The highest average anywhere on earth tails out at 182-184 cm. The average for the whole world is just 4-6 cm shorter than the highest? It's more like 168-172 cm most likely for men around the globe.
Laf says on 26/Feb/15
@French guy: Maybe you should measure yourself again. 183 and claiming to be average or shorter than that. I you really are 6 foot, you'll probably be almost 2 inches taller than the average young man down there.
Connor6ft says on 26/Feb/15
@french guy don't be disappointed with your height, there are a lot of guys out there who are shorter than you and wish they were your height, just be happy with what you got, 6ft is good, infact id say its quite a popular height from most mens perspectives, your tall and at a decent normal size, seriously there's nothing wrong with being 6ft you should be great full that globally you are already decently above the average height and global average is like 5ft 6-7 range I think, what i mean is there are lots of guys in that range and globally a lot of them ARE under 6ft so your'e comfortably 80-83% taller than most thats a decent amount and quite a large percentage, having surgery is just pointless and i bet it isn't comfortable after you have it done, it could make your life a misery, im not trying to scare you or anything but i heard it could kill you aswell depending on how much taller you want to be, you don't want it done you'll regret it for the rest of your life, just trying to help and talk sense into you.
FiveNine says on 26/Feb/15
Being 'De-Sensitized' at 5'9 beats being 'G-Sensitized' at 6ft...
GI Jose says on 26/Feb/15
I figured out why it may seem wrong for the women's average. I checked up on the conversions, and it turns out that the shoe sizes the site provided were UK rather than US. This would change the average US shoe size for men to a 9.5 and 8.5 for women. I apologize for the confusion.
I also decided to check up on the hand size, and I found out that my hands are approximately 8 inches long and 3.75 inches wide. I've noticed that my hands are bigger than the majority of other people, so at least the male averages seem right to me.
Kourosh says on 26/Feb/15
Today i was in the bus and there was a girl standing next to me talking to her friend. I'm 5'9.5 and to me she was very small and short, where she could rest her head up against my chest.I guessed her around 5'0 to 5'1 max. And yet she claimed " I'm like 5'7" i was laughing so hard because that would make me like 6'4.

There was a guy who was just a hair over 5'7 claimed to be 5'10 and i was clearly looking down on him. Thats the reason why people think 5'9-5'10 guys short because all those people who claim 5'9-5'10 are actually between 5'6 to 5'7. My brother (oldest) is legit 5'8 like rob and he doesnt look short at all weak average at worst. People guess him 5'9 and more. My second brother is 5'11 and girls guess him at 6'1-6'2.

I was guessed 5'11 once by a girl too. Women have horrible i mean horrible height perspective.

Its funny how people have guts to claim up to 3 inches their actual height? I'm even afraid to claim 5'11 which is just 1.5 inches taller than my height.
Thomas6ft1 says on 26/Feb/15
@french guy

I am 186 cm at night. I have met and seen people taller than me. Sometimes, I wish I was a bit taller and sometimes I just say "can't fight genetics" and don't give a ****. I am definitely impressed by people taller than me, but never would I want to do leg lengthening surgery because 1. I don't need it because I know I'm tall enough and most people would give a nut for my height. 2. I wouldn't have self respect for myself ever again.
TJE says on 25/Feb/15
Mean height for men of all ages is 5'10, mode height for all ages is around 5'9, and mean height for young males is 5'10.75. Case closed.
JohnGB says on 25/Feb/15
Chris says on 24/Feb/15
I'm 6ft and wear a size 8 (US) in shoes. 41 EU. Do i have small feet?
I think so. I would say the usual for 6ft is between 9 and 12US.
Emil 183 cm says on 25/Feb/15
@french guy

You really got some issues man. Either that or you're simply trolling.
Lisa says on 25/Feb/15
Jose's linked information is a bit misleading. FE, the shoe sizes are for all ages. There's no way that the average woman, 18 to 30, wears a size 7 shoe. I think the average is 8.5. The hand size seems too small too.
GI Jose says on 25/Feb/15
@french guy
That's interesting because when I was 5'9", I went to Disney World in Florida, and I felt bang on average. One day they reported that there were tens of thousands of people there, and I was there for 5 days. Two different observations I guess.
183cm says on 25/Feb/15
@femch guy
Are you really 6ft. I mean there are guys from countries much taller than France and yet you claim to france has the largest averge in the world. I mean cmon its like saying usain bolt is not he fastest man in tbe world yet stats prove it. What your saying is average for girls at you area must averge 170cm. I mean are you kidding. I honestly really believe your around 177-178cm
french guy says on 25/Feb/15
sorry, i meant:"it helps you to realise how tall you are compared to others"
GI Jose says on 25/Feb/15
Something that I have been trying to figure out is the speed at which you lose height each day, and I have come to realize that the one key variable involved is activity level rather than time. On a normal day, I will wake up at 185 cm and go to bed at 183 cm, but sometimes I can be at 183.5 cm when go to bed. This is always because of my activity level. Most days, I wake up at around 10 AM, and by about 1 or 2 PM, I am already down to somewhere between 183.5 cm and 184 cm. Then, I have noted gradual decreases in height up until around 9 or 10 PM, which is when I hit 183 cm, and after that, I don't measure any other loss in height until I go to bed at around 1 AM. However, there have been days in which I will stay at 184 cm until about 4 or 5 PM because of how inactive I am that day, and I usually don't drop below 183.5 cm on days like that. If I am doing a lot of physical activity, I can be down to 183 cm by lunchtime, but I won't lose any more the rest of the day. Those are my observations on how height changes affect me, and I'm sure it's different for everyone. I just thought I would share since it's not something commonly discussed on here.
psg says on 25/Feb/15
Laf i read about it too. What's more there was a information that in some countries height is deacreasing. U.S for example was the tallest country in the world one time but due to bad diet and lack of exercises they are shorter now.
french guy says on 25/Feb/15

i'm not 6'0" in the morning, i'm 184.5 cm when i wake up, and 182.5 at night.
It's not too tall for short girls, but i don't like them, they are just not my taste.Imo the perfect height is 188-190 cm, sometimes, as i a said in my last post, i'm below average, and that sucks, for instance i was in disnleyland paris last month and i was often below average or just average (the 50 th percentile) in queue.I don't know if you have ever been in an amusement park, then you may know what i'm talking about.More generally, crowded places afford you to know how big you are.

" Are you gonna put yourself through that much pain and suffering just for a little more height. Just work out and get a better bodybuild"

build cannot compensate height, indeed, nothing can compensa your height, even money, why do you think celebrities try to fool us with elevator shoes or false claiming?
Height is related to confidence, due to the fact that, when you're taller than someone, you feel stronger and better than him, it's hard to explain, this is something which is irrational, the scientist i am cannot see any logic in this.When you're taller than someone, you have the "power" over this person.
I read you, you hate being short, you said it makes you feel inferior, i think you have the opposite reaction of someone who is tall.
i think ll is worth for people who are successful in (almost) every fields as myself, but who are unhappy with their height.
Mertcan says on 25/Feb/15
@2toes 176-180cm - average/tallish 176-177-178cm might be average and 179-180cm might be tallish. that's it!
2toes says on 25/Feb/15
183cm says on 24/Feb/15
For young guys in majority of the world(nightime heights)

"Majority of the world"??? Not even close. In the top ten most populated countries there are China, India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil, Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh, Russia, Japan.

Your chart would only apply to US whites, US blacks, and russians.

The 50th percentiles in Indonesia, for example, don't reach 5'7" even in young generations.
James says on 25/Feb/15
Hey Rob and everyone. I need your help. There's this girl from the Netherlands who's 5'7" and says that the northern Dutch where she is from are very tall. She said she only met one guy who was her height and most of her girlfriends are 6'0" and up. She said she's actually one of the shortest girls where she is from. It has also been said that a 6'1" man will feel average there and maybe even below average. Is this some kind of funny joke or a fallacy? It seems like the average in Netherlands is like 6'4" or something.
Hypado says on 24/Feb/15

Good chart.
Laf says on 24/Feb/15
I once read that 5'11 is the maximum a country can have as average. FX in Denmark 5'10.8-9 - 5'11 has been the average for young males in almost two generations. Professors have estimated that we won't ever grow any taller on average.
french guy says on 24/Feb/15
dayle182cm :( says on 24/Feb/15
Guys if in a photo 169cm comes to middfle of my lips what is my height

you are 165 cm
Amaze says on 24/Feb/15
@French Guy are you 183 morning? It ain't perfect height but its better than 6'3-5 imo, u don't look too big or awkward, ur taller than most in the world, I can only think of dinaric Alps which has 185cm avg but so what? Are you gonna put yourself through that much pain and suffering just for a little more height. Just work out and get a better bodybuild. IMO 5'8 is 5/10 that's what I crave more height, and I'm the shortest in my FAM. 5'9=6/10 avg not good not bad 5'10 7/10 starting to be good, 5'11 8/10 its a good height. 6'0 9/10 and6'1/2 are perfect. 10/10 for both. You are 5 inches above world avg height and taller than most men... Be grateful with what you have. I do not think it is worth 5'11.5 or whatever 6'0 morning it is really not worth it. At least you can fit in cars get clothes easy don't hit head on things and don't look freakish and you ain't too tall for shorter girls.
dayle182cm :( says on 24/Feb/15
Guys if in a photo 169cm comes to middfle of my lips what is my height
183cm says on 24/Feb/15
I can buy a 5ft11-6ft average guys in northern europe (netherlands, germany, sewden e.t.c) and in the nations around the dinaric alps (montenegro, Serbia) any other countries saying 6ft is average I got some bad news for you. I've been to a faverages including ultra music fest and I can tell you that the averge is not 6ft. Its a clean 5ft10 but they say they're 6ft. I have a friend who my eye meets the top of his heas and he claims 178cm yet girls beleive. A girl who reaches my lip or so claims 5ft8 and two guys about 1/2inch or so taller than me claim 188/ onder girls also think im always 2 inches taller than i am and some guys. I could go on but I wont.

For young guys in majority of the world(nightime heights)
177/178-dead average
179/180-above average
175/176-below average
181-184-tallish, weak tall
lower range more tallish, higher range more weak tall but you need a group that yransitions fr average to tall
171-174-shortish, weak short .
lower range more weak short, higher range weak shortish
185-188 solid tall
168-171 solid short
189/190 borgeline very tall so 191cm+very tall
166/167-bordeline very short.

For the whole population the heights shoild be around 2cm shorter.
For northern european countries and baltic states 179-181should be averge so it can be worked ffrom there. Netherlands from 181-183cm should be average. Monetnegro and serbia could alos be around the 5ft11.5 mark so 180-182cm.
Chris says on 24/Feb/15
I'm 6ft and wear a size 8 (US) in shoes. 41 EU. Do i have small feet?
GI Jose says on 24/Feb/15
I am pretty sure the average American wears a size 9 shoe Click Here , but generally, it increases with height. I am pretty sure it goes up by about .75 shoe size for every inch above or below average (average being 5'9") the person is (i.e. the average shoe size for a 6'1" male would be 12). I know of many people who don't fit the average at all such as one guy who is 6'0"-6'1" who wears a size 15 shoe, but another friend of mine is 6'3" and wears size 12.
2toes says on 24/Feb/15
Mertcan says on 24/Feb/15
MY height chart for men:

176 "average tallish"??? Are you from China, Japan, or some Asian/Latin American country?
Mertcan says on 24/Feb/15
MY height chart for men:

160-165cm short
166-170cm short-average
171cm-175cm average
176cm-180cm average tallish
181cm-184cm tallish
185-189cm tall
190-197cm really tall
197-203cm extreme tall
204cm and over giant.


there is no best height but if you have a good pyhsique your height seems good. these heights are good with well-build men:

187-188cm 10/10
189-190cm 10/9
191-194cm 10/7
french guy says on 24/Feb/15

183 is not that good, there are countries where it's just average, and cities where it's below.
184.3cm says on 24/Feb/15
Sigh..some days you just feel like giving up the good fight but you got to carry on. I went to the clinic yesterday to get my cholestorol checked along with my blood pressure. My family doctor was absent so i was scheduled for another house doctor. I had to fill in a bunch of paperwork, the usual stuff and in i went.
So everything checked out good and then she asked my weight etc to check my BMI or some such nonsense, which turned out fine although i was told to not get any bigger? Then it happened...filling in the rest she asked name, weight again?? and then height..before i could answer she said 1m 88 and wrote it down, to which i said no im more 1m 85 to which i got no response...So i came home with a copy of my results with that damn line burning into my vision the whole way back 1m 88 .. 1 m 88..i ended up pulling over and scoring it out and writing 1 m 85 beside it.
So what im saying is sometimes being honest feels like an uphill battle nowadays, i mean even the doctors are inflating your height!
2toes says on 24/Feb/15
anon says on 22/Feb/15
Regarding the average height in Germany, I thought I'd add something to the discussion since I'm living in that country. I'm bang on 174.5cm (5ft 8.7) at my daily low and feel very short, probably around 15th-20th percentile for the younger age groups. I should probably add that I'm usually wearing sneakers that give a little bit under 0.6in so I probably don't look as tall in public as I could.

Exactly, anon.

I'm around 5'8" (evening height), and here in Spain if I compare myself with all the men, including 65-90 year old individuals, I could feel considerably tall at times, because oldest Spaniard generations grew up in the civil war and the 1940's when this was the poorest country of Europe.

But it's ridicolous to make that comparison, the conditions are not equal.

I obviusly compare myself with the 20-34 years old age group, where the 50th percentile here in Spain is 5'9.5" (176.6 cms) or maybe a little more, I guess for the young white germans that percentile is around 180 cms seeing the stats.
Darren510 says on 23/Feb/15
What the opinion of the shoe for an average height guy?for instance I wear a size 9-10 depending on the shoe, but I've seen others as low as 5'6 or up to 6'2 who are also 9-10. I find it very strange to
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 23/Feb/15
No, 6'1.6" is quite tall.
Pic398 says on 23/Feb/15
Rob im 14 year old and im 5'9.75 (1.77) how tall i Will be???
[Editor Rob: on average you could reach over 6ft range, maybe 6ft 1.]
Amaze says on 23/Feb/15
@dayle182cm Fak no nowhere in the world. 5'9 is avg
6ftMagician says on 23/Feb/15
Lithuanians are a tall bunch. The tallest in Europe though would be Albanians from the Dinaric Alps region. The average height there is (a mind bending) 6'1''.

@Rob, what is the best way to deal with failure in any aspect of life? (Sorry in advance if this caught you off guard).
[Editor Rob: we all have failures through life. I think not dwelling on it or letting the failures consume you is important. Filling your life with many activities can help in this way, because there is something to take your mind away from whatever the failure is. Sometimes also being out there in the world, travelling, challenging yourself to interact with people and trying new things can help tremendously in helping choose more wisely.

We can't rewind the clock, but we can shape the immediate future.]
From years of obsessing over height (I am 169cm by the way)


5'2"- Tiny Midget
5'3"- Avg. Midget
5'4"- Tall Midget
5'5"-Short Short
5"6"-Average Short
5'7"-Tall Short

Average Territory:
5'8"-Short Average
5'10-Tall Average
5'11"-Short Tall
6'0"-Average Tall
6'1"-Tall Tall
6'2"-Short Giant
6'3"-Average Giant
6'4"-Tall Giant
GI Jose says on 23/Feb/15
Not even close. If we are talking in the entire world, I have heard and read statistics providing somewhere between 5'6"(168cm) and 5'7"(170cm) for males, and 5'2"(157.5cm) for females. If we are talking certain countries, there isn't a single country with a listed average that high. The tallest listed country is Montenegro at 6'0"(183cm), and the study done in Montenegro only measured 285 young men. There were no other demographics measured. Other than that, there is not a single country with a listed average of 6'0"(183cm) or taller. So, to answer your question bluntly, no.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 23/Feb/15
I don't believe that any town could have an average past 6'0", Laf.
CD says on 23/Feb/15
Rob, a bit off topic, but could you tell I am on the Autism spectrum as well (Asperger official diagnosis)? Like Maximus and Connor.
[Editor Rob: I don't know, from your posts I would have said not that noticeable if you were. ]
Rusty 190cm says on 23/Feb/15

I have asperger syndrome too I know the struggle. I actually have a girlfriend though, so its totally doable.
anon says on 22/Feb/15
Regarding the average height in Germany, I thought I'd add something to the discussion since I'm living in that country. I'm bang on 174.5cm (5ft 8.7) at my daily low and feel very short, probably around 15th-20th percentile for the younger age groups. I should probably add that I'm usually wearing sneakers that give a little bit under 0.6in so I probably don't look as tall in public as I could.

The 5ft 9 average given takes men up to age 79 into account; I always considered doing this ridiculous, because who goes around and compares their height against old men? From my own observations, I'd put the overall average for men without significant height loss at about 178-179cm and for younger men at 180-182cm. Those numbers also match up relatively well with the other data given in that WP article.

I'm not living in one of those "tall" considered regions either, so the notion that certain cities could have an over 6ft average for younger men doesn't sound unbelievable to me at all.
mike321 says on 22/Feb/15
Sorry but there are just way too many people over 6ft to consider anything under 190cm as 'tall'. Younger generations are averaging around 180-183cm. I'm 188cm at night and live in the south of the UK. There are many many guys on a daily basis who are mine or around my height.
AJ says on 22/Feb/15
how tall do you believe the average male height can possibly be someday? If the dutchies and balkan guys average 184cm? I mean I can see perhaps someday the average male being 185cm tops. I can't imagine 100 years from now that the average guy stands 195cm. Just seems ridiculous. I mean thousands of years ago average male was maybe what 5'4 or 5'5. And we are now at the peak of our physical being.
James Edward Crowley says on 22/Feb/15
Rob can weak 5ft 8in men and strong 5ft 8in men look average height like
5ft 9.5in in timberland boots and skinny jeans.
[Editor Rob: yes if you put a thick boot like cat/timberland and have good posture you are going to look quite average amongst the general population. You still will feel a bit under average maybe amongst 18-30 year old range.]
dayle182cm :( says on 22/Feb/15
Would you guys say 6ft1.6 is average? These days
Amaze says on 22/Feb/15
@Rob ah I see then. No wonder he was talking like that. Thanks

@french guy I'm 5'8 tho... Ur like 5'11.5 that's a good height... Are u really 182 or are you like forging ur height.. Ur height is fine AF IMO getting leg legenthing at that size is nuts

@Jamescrowley ok
Laf says on 22/Feb/15
@Damien: I agree with you. 5'9 is the lowest for the young southern countries. Rest is 5'10-5'11 with the Netherlands at the exception with 5'11.5-6 foot.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 22/Feb/15
Wait, so it varies by city?
Ed Kline says on 21/Feb/15
I see a lot of arguing in the threads about how some celebrity doesn't seem so tall in pictures or next to another celebrity. I understand that because that's why we're here, to discuss the heights of various celebrities. But it is not an exact science.
I own a stadiometer. I have a 21 year old daughter who is 5'7, She wakes up at 5'7 1/4 and I have measured her at 5'6 3/4 at the end of a long day on here feet. I have a niece who measures 5'7 1/2 in the morning who is never under 5'7. Theoretically she is taller. She has horrible posture when she is standing relaxed, and lordosis ( not to the point where it is medically significant), and when she and my daughter stand next to each other with realxed posture, my daughter looks nearly 2 inches taller. When they both stand up straight they look near enough the same height, that I cannot tell that my niece is actually a 1/4 inch taller.
Some people have bigger height disparities between when they relax and when they stand as tall as they can. So many of you have got to stop acting like looking at a picture or two is somehow definitive.
Crash says on 21/Feb/15

That's an interesting chart, but what really got me was the growth after the 16th birthday. On other growth charts I've seen (for other countries), growth from the 16th birthday until the 18th is about 4cm, then a small amount of growth (not more than about 0.5cm) remains until the 19th birthday, after which it is totally done.

On this chart however, growth from the 16th until 18th birthdays is only about 2cm. And that is split almost evenly between growth 16th and 17th birthdays; about 1cm each year. Other charts show the growth being about 3cm from 16 to 17, and then 1cm from 17 to 18. So Germans are growing less between the 16th and 17th birthdays, for some reason, and the growth rate at 16 is almost identical to that at 17. Weird.

But growth from 17 to 18 (1cm) seems very similar to the other charts I've seen, so although we can't see growth after the 18th birthday on this chart, judging by the velocity of growth by that birthday, it looks like they will be done by 19 (not 21) like we see on other charts.
Adam says on 21/Feb/15
Hi Rob . the grow taller guru is true or false.
[Editor Rob: Lance should bear in mind this:

"Unfair Trading Regulations mean you can't mislead or harass consumers by, for example:
* including false or deceptive messages
* leaving out important information
If you break the regulations....could be fined, prosecuted or imprisoned."

The Guru should be more mindful in how he is promoting his product, because he was misleading people into believing his volunteers were 18 and growing 3's misinformation to wrangle more money out of folk.

If anybody bought his product after viewing his video series I'd be kindly asking him to refund my money.]
Laf says on 21/Feb/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5 and @Rob
Do you guys believe the average in Hamburg to be 185? I mean, for every 180 man, there has to be a man at 190... that sounds insane!
Connor6ft says on 21/Feb/15
@Rob I have autism and aspergers syndrome.
[Editor Rob: I think yourself and Maximus are quite similar then in nature.]
Damien says on 21/Feb/15
I don't think there is really any more debate for the average heights of young European descended people. (night time heights)
Portugal/Southern Italy: 175 cm
Spain/rest of Italy/Southern France - 176.5-177 cm.
UK/Switzerland/rest of France/Anglo countries: 178 cm
Germany/Scandinavia: 180 cm
Netherlands/some tall parts of the Balkans: 182-183 cm (Dutch heights have been generally overestimated, although they are still tall)
dayle182cm :( says on 21/Feb/15
What is the rules on half inches? Do you round down or up?
Beacon says on 21/Feb/15
gi jose
But how would you determine the range of tokens to be aggregated for an "objective average?" It seems like people are generally taking a country to be this kind of magical cut-off zone, but that seems totally arbitrary to me.
By that standard, you're saying that "objectively tall or short" is a possible label, yet that so-called objective standard is set only by arbitrarily determining the range. Sounds like your definition of "objectively tall or short" boils down to "subjectively tall or short over an arbitrary range of tokens."
James Edward Crowley says on 21/Feb/15
Amaze i'm 5ft 7.75in which is a weak 5ft 8in i may not be a strong 5ft 8in
i'm just under 5ft 8in most people are done growing at 19 20 21 and 22 the
males not 18 unless they are early blooomers average bloomers and above
average bloomers are done growing at 19 20 21 and 22 i was 5ft 6in at 18 i grew 0.5in at 19 too 5ft 6.5in and another 0.5in at 22 too 5ft 7in at 28
i went from 5ft 7in too 5ft 7.75in in 10 months so i far i grew 0.9cms by
doing the grow taller gurus program i believe it works after all you can
grow taller if your growth plates are closed
184.3cm says on 21/Feb/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5

It is interesting that the majority dont actually give a percentage in relation to the population cap. So those 'measurements' i would just ignore.

My country-The Netherlands 92.6 % ..Men 180.8cm (5'11.25) Women 167.5cm (5'6) is very accurate. It is what i guessed myself.

Germany 96.5 % ..Men 175.4cm (5'9) 162.8cm (5'4) Shorter than most would think but believable.

US 91% Men 176.3cm (5'9.5) Women 162.2cm (5'4)

For the guy who is always saying he is short at 6' in France

81.7 % pop Men 175.6cm (5'9) Women 162.5cm (5'4).

With the exception of Norway that also has a 5'11 average for men, 5'5.5 for women alot of countries worldwide range from 5'7- 5'9, while for women 5'2-5'5 seems normal.
John says on 20/Feb/15
Your experience confirms mine in many aspects.
I too was very tall when I was a boy, even if I was just about 6' when I was 13.
At 8 I was 5' tall, and at 11 I was taller than my father and I looked like a adult man. I really can't remember buing clothes from the children's department, especially shoes eg.
That was very embarracing for me in school, because I looked like a senior but I belonged to the junior classes and I talked and played with guys of my size during breaks but I had to go back to my class where my classmates got me by the waist. You are somehow charged with a special responsibility for what you look like and you become too visible al the time.
Now I am used to my height, 6'7, but I tend to think people who are sometimes clearly shorter than me are as tall as me, because they are clearly taller than most people I deal with everyday. Not until I look on a mirror and see us reflected side by side, can I realise that that person is sometimes much shorter than me, by almost 3 or 4 inches.
And that is true that people don't have any notion of how tall we are: when people ask me how tall I am (which happens very often) they are happy to accept any answer, either 6'3 or 7', because when they get to your armpit it is indifferent, just like when people ask for your shoesize. Our difference is too notorious to be arguable in detail.
2toes says on 20/Feb/15
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2"
The average height in Germany has already been measured at 175.4 CM (5'9 1/16 of an inch)

LOL. Sources? I have them, reliable pediatric stats from the Robert Koch Institute:

The 50th percentile at the 18th birthday is 179.04 cms. Boys keep growing a quarter of an inch till 21 years old.

Explain how that is a "measured 175.4 cms"!
Game46 says on 20/Feb/15
Do you mind adding rapper, Hopsin (listed 5'8.5" on his mugshot) and rapper, Chipmunk (official height 6'1", even though he looks shorter than Chris Brown by 2-3 inches)
[Editor Rob: I thought I once heard chipmunk claim 5ft 11 on the radio...]
180ethiopian says on 20/Feb/15
should i consider my self as a tall guy or what
Celebheights 6'1.5 says on 20/Feb/15
Click Here

Scroll down to Germany, and you will see that the average is just above 5'9" there.
[Editor Rob: there's an interesting stat in the source file - Bremen/Hamburg are tall cities, while some regions in Germany have smaller averages.]
James Edward Crowley says on 20/Feb/15
Rob is 5ft 6in a bad height for men men in the 5ft 6in will always look
short not matter what build they are not matter what clothes they wear and what
footwear they wear even in boots and skinny jeans 5ft 6in men are never going too look average height 5ft 6in is where short begins that height
is only 2 inches away from 5ft 4in which is very short 5ft 6in men have too
be careful in public they will get short comments unlike men who are 5ft 7in
and 5ft 8in those heights are below average height for men that means
5ft 7in men and 5ft 8in are not exactly short they don't look short they
never get short comments.
[Editor Rob: it is harder for 5ft 6 men in society because there is an inbuilt negative attitude in the majority of the population towards being short.

For me (and I hope others), I want to treat the 5ft 6 man the same as the 6ft 2 man. It isn't their height that is so important (visually it has an impact of course), but how they treat others and the acts that they do.

Society in general gives taller men a better ride, and gives those who are better looking an easier ride.]
Amaze says on 20/Feb/15
@James Edward Crowley how tall are you? You seem to be living in a dream world people growing in 20s/30s. Most people are done by 18. 19-20 is last absolute possible growth
[Editor Rob: from how Maximus has worded questions over the years I believe he has Autism of some form.]
182 at lunchtime says on 20/Feb/15
@french guy
Yes, that is where I got the data! It is pretty good data, but you raise good points about the data being extrapolated. For Ireland there was a growth of 4cm in a short time of 10-15 years, which seems staggering.
Nevertheless, I still think the young males really have grown by a full half inch in less than 15 years in ireland. This is probably not true of most other countries.
Anecdotally, the young 20 year guys do seem noticeably taller than say 34 year olds here. But there is valid reasons for this that would explain it. Ireland has gradually become more and more like U.S., particularly in that we have a high calorie diet and also higher protein and rich food, leading to more tallness. The side effect is obesity is increasing very fast. There is also a different (more reverent) attitude to children (and teenagers), in that people care very much about ensuring they are fed and nourished.
I am 34 and when I was a teenager my diet was terrible in hindsight. I hardly got any protein, and I didn't have enough calories in my diet. Although, I am tallish, I think I could have been 6'1 with the right conditions for growth. My legs are much shorter than my torso, which I've read is a more typical of "non-optimal" growth. I'm not complaining too much, I'm happy, just saying.
Rixton says on 20/Feb/15
I cant buy those freakish tall heights in Newport Beach California.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 19/Feb/15
The average height in Germany has already been measured at 175.4 CM (5'9 1/16 of an inch), and it didn't feel much different from the United States. The tallest listed averages there were self reported, so I'm sure that a bunch of people who were 5'9"-5'10" were claiming to be 6'0"+, and some were probably rounding up as well.
Mertcan says on 19/Feb/15
I am 190.5cm at 11pm. I woke up at 8am. Does it make me solid 191cm?

A friend of mine is 191.3-191.5cm at night he says. When I ask his height he told me that He was 192cm. However, we are just like the same. He is a little bit taller than me a few milimeters I think. Does he lie about his height or is it normal to say that he is 192cm?
Crpto139 says on 19/Feb/15
Well I found that famous Big G guy on instagram and tried to talk about celebheight and got block. Though I found some cool guys though.
James Edward Crowley says on 19/Feb/15
Rob is it possible for people in their 30s too grow taller The Grow Taller
Guru has had clients in their 30s who have grown taller like 5 inches and
6 inches he has said it's possible for people too grow taller if their
growth plates are closed.
[Editor Rob: you've got to be careful believing the guru. It is notoriously hard for anybody to gain any permanent height, I don't know anybody with closed growth plates who has proven without doubt they gained height - I believe some might claim and it might seem they have, but if somebody has developed poor posture they might never have been able to stand their tallest for a measurement...then after months on a program they feel and measure taller - the height that wasn't there has been achieved through slight changes in the spine alignment.]
karthik says on 19/Feb/15
I think more than 180cm is called as tall.
french guy says on 19/Feb/15
@182 at lunchtime

i know where your reasearch come from, you found out an excel file
on wikipedia which contains the datas on the average in several european countries.
I think some datas were extrapolated from older ones:for example, in France, there have been no anthropological survey since 2005, the average height was 177 cm for a young man in 2000, the 179 cm average was adjusted to the growth trend since 1950.I bilieve the average for a young man is 178 cm but it depends on the region.
There are also great variations, two samples can have different average.
Fir example, The average in Lithuania is either 177 cm or 181 cm
183.5cm says on 19/Feb/15
@ french guy I agree with you thoigh I think denmark, monetnegro and Netherlands are ties at aroind 182-183 for young poeple. I remember you saying 180cm is averge in France though, so why the change to 178cm
182 at lunchtime says on 19/Feb/15
When considering "young males" height, the question is which age range are we talking about, like 20-25 or say 21-34? I would go with the latter as a range.
But why is this important? Some countries average heights are changing very fast!
Take Ireland for a good example:
Average 34 year old - 5'10
Average 21 year old - 5'10.5
Average 21-34 year old - 5'10.25
France's averages look identical from my research.

This may be surprising if you don't expect Ireland or France to be rather tall countries. Well they now are quite tall for young early 20s men!

Spain has also seen good growth, only take about half inch from both figures.

Countries like UK, Austria, and most others that were below 5'11 have seen a growth of about quarter inch on average between the 34 year old and 21 year old age groups.

Other countries that were already the tallest countries (over 5'11) like northern european countries have much smaller change, perhaps a tenth of an inch or two.

Overall for 21 year men, the European average is closer to 5'11 than 5'10, with the lowest (almost an outlier) being Portugal at just short of 5'9, and tallest is Netherlands at a strong 6 feet.
truth2 says on 19/Feb/15
I agree with grizz, young Croats are quite tall, same as us Slovenes, I would say a solid 5ft11 nighttime average, 6ft0 in dalmatia. Serbs are slightly taller (5ft11.5-6ft0ish).
182 at lunchtime says on 19/Feb/15
A better ranking imo for European countries, young males, would be

1. The tallest country in the world:
Netherlands 6'
2. Northern European Countries
Denmark 5'11.5
Sweden 5'11.25 - 5'11.5
Norway 5'11.25
Finland 5'11 - 5'11.25
3. Central European (Germany outwards)
Germany 5'11 - 5'11.25
Czech republic 5'11
Poland 5'10.75 - 5'11
Austria 5'10.5 - 5'10.75
Belguim,Switzerland - 5'10'5
4. Western Europe
Uk, France, Ireland - 5'10 - 5'10.25
5. Southern Europe
Greece - 5'10 - 5'10.25
Spain - 5'10
Italy - 5'9.75-5'10
6. Less Wealthy Countries
Portugal, Hungary, Romania - varies but more 5'9 range
Lisa says on 18/Feb/15
@Jose: What did you mean by, "in all US demographics, 5'11" (181cm) is somewhere around the 65th to 75th percentile, which is objectively above average"? I'm not sure about that. Even if that's accurate within a certain context, it still remains true that the average black/white adult is taller, on average, than the average Asian/Hispanic adult (in the United States).
hm says on 18/Feb/15
the average spaniard can not be taller than the average Brit. Scandinavians are like 181 cm on average, with German/Dutchies like 183/4. Brits are like 177. I'd figure eastern europeans are like 178/179. Again only guesses.
hm says on 18/Feb/15
A 5'11 man is tall to average women who are 5'4. Otherwise a tall man is usually at least 6'1 (considered to other men) It is funny how 6'1 is tall but it really is TALL to guys who aren't over 6 feet. what I mean is it's a tall height. It's not 6'6 but in an average group of folks it stands out
mike321 says on 18/Feb/15
Celebheights 6'1.5 says on 18/Feb/15
If I were to rank the European countries from tallest to shortest:

1. Denmark
2. Netherlands
3. Poland (maybe)
4. Switzerland (it's not as tall as one would think it is)
5. Norway
6. Czech Republic
7. Austria
8. Sweden (this one is clearly exaggerated)
9. Finland
10. Estonia
11. Latvia
12. Romania
13. Spain
14. Slovakia
15. Germany (this one is exaggerated the most)
16. Portugal
17. Ukraine
18. Iceland
19. Hungary
20. Greece
21. UK
22. France
23. Italy

What is Spain doing before Germany, Ukraine, Iceland, Slovakia and UK???

When i went to spain, the average height was significantly smaller than the UK and i am almost 100% certain that Germany on average is taller than both.

It is widely known that pretty much any eastern European nation will be on average bigger than Spain and Portugal.
grizz says on 18/Feb/15
Rob, how tall is the guy next to Obama? 184? 185?
Click Here
[Editor Rob: somwhere in that 184 zone, maybe a bit more]
Laf says on 18/Feb/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5:
Denmark, Norway and Sweden are technically the same. No way the average is that much different. And the average of Germany isn't shorter than Spain, Romania or something. And UK being one of the shortest???

And I would never believe that these ex-jugoslavian countries have an average of 185 for young people. I just don't believe that a human average for a whole nation could be that tall, seems to good to be true.

@2toes: And no way in the world every fourth Norwegian girl is 5'9 or taller. Maybe 1 out of 10.
french guy says on 18/Feb/15
@celebheights 6'1.5""

Wtff such a horrible rank, Spaniard taller than German and Icelandic people, wtf, pathetic and dreadful charts, stop spreading b*******s on this thread please
I m going to rectify this

From tallest to shortest and for young ppl:
-Netherlands+Montenegro=183 cm
-serbia=182 cm
-island+Sweden=181 cm
-Denmark+Germany+Croatia+Czech republic+Slovenia+Lithuania=180-180.5cm
-Norway+Austria+Finland=179.5-180 cm
-Belgium+Finland=179 Cm
-UK,France,Switzerland, Hungary, Poland,Greece=178 cm
-Spain and italy=176.5-177 cm
-Portugal=174 cm

The average for a young swiss man is 178 cm according to conscription and since 80% of men of a same cohort are enrolled in the army each year, this is a reliable source
it goes the same for Norwegian who average 180 cm
so tell me how Norwegian are shorter than swiss?
Portuguese are the shortest in europe, how are they taller than british abd French?
GI Jose says on 18/Feb/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2"
I was 5'11" a few months ago, and I recall feeling tall fairly regularly. At 6'0", though, I feel tall basically all the time. I went to a college basketball game over the weekend and got to sit in on the team's lunch and film session before the game, and they were almost all taller than me. I was probably the 15th percentile if I were to compare myself to the team. The average was probably something like 6'4", and there was one guy who was, by my estimation, 6'8". There was a guy who was about 5'9" on the team, one who was about 5'11", and two who were the same height as me, 6'0". Other than that, all the players were taller than me. This was the only time I haven't felt tall in a long time, and it was definitely weird.
Ally says on 18/Feb/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" I'm exactly 5'11 (181 cm at 1-2 pm, around 180.5 at night) I feel tall, ive always been described as tall by everyone i know, even though im not that tall:) Most people guess me at 185-188 cm, as i said, it could be because they dont really know their height
James Edward Crowley says on 18/Feb/15
Rob are most men 5ft 7in and over or under 5ft 7in i think men that are
5ft 7in and over are more common than men that are under 5ft 7in i see more men
5ft 7in and over in public than men that are under 5ft 7in is it rare too
see men that are under 5ft 7in in public.
[Editor Rob: over 5ft 7 is more common. If you are 5ft 7 you will see a much larger percentage taller than you, compared to the same size or smaller.]
2toes says on 18/Feb/15
After seeing the charts again, It was the 90 percentile on the 175 cms mark, I remembered it wrong, sorry. Anyway Norwegian girls' percentiles are taller than males from lot of countries.
Wonder says on 18/Feb/15
I am 6'8.5",and an Africa,.i think we are taller
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 18/Feb/15
For Turkey, the part that's in Europe seems to have an average of 5'9". For Russia, it's like 5'9.5"-5'10".
Celebheights 6'1.5 says on 18/Feb/15
If I were to rank the European countries from tallest to shortest:

1. Denmark
2. Netherlands
3. Poland (maybe)
4. Switzerland (it's not as tall as one would think it is)
5. Norway
6. Czech Republic
7. Austria
8. Sweden (this one is clearly exaggerated)
9. Finland
10. Estonia
11. Latvia
12. Romania
13. Spain
14. Slovakia
15. Germany (this one is exaggerated the most)
16. Portugal
17. Ukraine
18. Iceland
19. Hungary
20. Greece
21. UK
22. France
23. Italy
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 18/Feb/15
My height chart for the UK:

Extreme dwarf: <4'9"
Dwarf: <4'11"
Extremely short: 4'11"-5'3"
Short: 5'4"-5'5"
Shortish: 167-169 CM
Below average: 170-173 CM.
Lower average: 174-175 CM
Higher average: 176-177 CM
Above average: 178-179 CM
Tallish: 180-181 CM
Weak tall: 182-184 CM
Solid tall: 185-186 CM
Strong tall: 187-189 CM
Weak real tall: 190-192 CM
Solid real tall: 193-194 CM
Strong real tall: 195-197 CM
Extremely tall: 198-200 CM
Giant: 201+ CM
Extreme giant: 6'10"+

People in the UK alone aren't necessarily tall, despite the common belief.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 17/Feb/15
Is there anybody here who is 5'11" that feels tall at times?
grizz says on 17/Feb/15
2toes says on 17/Feb/15
The 50th percentile for Croats is 5'9.5" for the 40-55 years old gap, and 5'10.125"-5'10.5" for the 20-30 age gap.
I might buy that 5'9.25 figure for senior citizens, but no way, no way in hell is 5'10 an average height for young Croats. 5'10 might be right for 2 very small regions in Croatia (Zagorje,Podravina), but for all other regions 5'11+ is an average for young Croats.
Kourosh says on 17/Feb/15
dayle182cm :(
if your eyelevel is 177cm then you are just abit over 6'2 or close to 189cm not 182 you need to measure it correctly.

my eyelevel is 165cm and my height is close to 177 cm .
2toes says on 17/Feb/15

Serbs Croats and Bosnians don't have a 50th percentile of 185 cms, not even in their biggest dreams.

The 50th percentile for Croats is 5'9.5" for the 40-55 years old gap, and 5'10.125"-5'10.5" for the 20-30 age gap.

In France, Spain, and Italy the 50th percentile for the 20-30 gap is higher than 175 cms, in Spain and Italy is 5'9.5", and in France it's 5'9.75". Here in Spain the 50th percentile for the 40-55 gap is 5'8.5", an inch lower than the youngest generations.

I agree with Portugal, they are a considerably poorer country than the former ones, and shorter, around 5'8.75" for the youngest generations.

In the UK the 20-30 age gap (white) has an average of 178.1 cms (5'10.125"), while white Germans have it on 180.1 cms (almost 5'11"), a couple of centimeters over British average.

It's pretty impressive that Norwegian girls have the 75th percentile on the 175 cms mark, 1 in every 4 Norwegian girls is taller than 175 cms:

Click Here
184cm says on 17/Feb/15
My daily low is between 183-183.5cm.
5ft10 might be below averge in takk countries out its still average range so I guess its the shortest satisafctory height in every country around the world
@emil 183cm we are of simioar height and I do agree with you, which is why evryone tgibks 5ft10 is short only in northern european countries and the balkan countires is it below average not even short. When I was 179/180cm I got called tall by girls alot. Yet people here say its average, im sorry people need to get real with themselves. As I said ive gone to raves e.g umf e.t.c and clubs and the averge is definitely not 6ft unless im taller than I am. Even the manikins at shops are around 6ft1-6ft2 and im I can see. The female manikins are usually in heels and also around 6ft1 and im the exact same height as me as im 186cm in shoes
184cm says on 17/Feb/15
@john183 there are situations like that but since I reached 181cm I was always in the top half , maybe because im not done growing but at worst im aroind 60-65% among white people while other times I walk into kfc and im taller than like 9 out of 10 people. Most of the time however im around 80% even at raves such as ultra music festival e.t.c so I know wjat im talking about when I say 6ft average is exaggerated. Ive been to clubs where I will agree that guys below 5ft9/8 are rare the vast majority are between that and 6ft.
@laf that chart is accurate amongst northern europeans. My friends of norther european ancestry are usually there. The exageration amonst peoole is what causes this, a girl last year when I was 177cm thought I was 6ft1 plus some shorter guys. Ever since I passed 179/180cm I got described as tall, probably because Im acrually being honest with myself. Once I did this I saw that 185/186cm at night is really the highest most optimal height for a guy, I have no doubt.
I do however think below 5ft9 is getting short for young people especially in situations like clubs e.t.c
Im over this height thing now so if I stop growing now ill be very satisfied anything more than 190cm os going to be bad at least to me
182cm says on 17/Feb/15
Ok guys im back, but now my daily low has increased by 1cm in two months now its 183.5cm so im basically 184cm. I noticed when I was near 187cm in 1 inch shoes
Celebheights 6'1.5 says on 16/Feb/15
Subtract half an inch from each category on my Fargo height chart and you have one for Seattle that's spot on.
201 cm guy says on 16/Feb/15
Rob is my growth weird and am i hopefully done growing
12-165 cm
13-170 cm
14-176 cm
15-180 cm
16-183 cm
17-187 cm
18-189 cm
19-193 cm
20-201 cm
[Editor Rob: it's as wierd as pretending to be different people with ludicrous growth patterns (a sign of mental illness unless).]
6ftbroadshoulders3indick says on 16/Feb/15
Hello all, does obesity have an effect on height? Would obese people possibly gain a cm or half
GI Jose says on 16/Feb/15
I would say that objectively tall and short cannot ever be defined because they are terms that are subjective. Each person has their own view of what tall and short is based on their experiences. You can, however, be objectively above or below average. For example, in all US demographics, 5'11" (181 cm) is somewhere around the 65th to 75th percentile, which is objectively above average. However, the percent of people who consider it tall is very low. What you consider tall and short is never an objective term, but as long as it's above/below average, it's not wrong to call the height tall or short.
dayle182cm :( says on 16/Feb/15
How tall am I with a eye level of 177cm
adl says on 15/Feb/15
europeans are vastly different. There are the Latin euros (portuguese/spanish/italian/french) who are like 175cm and then there are the Germanic (Germans/swedes/dutch/danish/norwegian) who are like 181cm. And there are Eastern European Slavs (polish/czech/ukranians) who are like 177cm and then the Balkan slavs (serbs/croatians/bosnians) who are like 185cm. Average american male is 178cm.
adl says on 15/Feb/15
norwegian and swedish ancestry means nothing when the average Scandinavian male today is only 181/182 cm. how tall do you think their ancestors were 150 years ago when they came to america?
Beacon says on 15/Feb/15
Is it possible to be objectively tall or short? If not, what does it mean to be tall or short?
John183cm says on 15/Feb/15
I was in a small UK supermarket store recently, there was one guy who was very tall, around 6'5/ 6'6 range, but the vast majority of people (about 10 out of 15) there were 5'11 - 6'2". I didn't feel short, but there is no way that 6'0 was significantly above average. I think that in certain areas of western society among younger generations especially, 6'0 is probably around 50-65th percentile. There are too many guys who are above 6'0 for it to be appreciably above average height in many situations.

What I am saying is that although around 178/179cm (5'10.5") could be the official average of the UK, it is very common to encounter a subset of the population where the average is higher (around 6'0), which does affect how you perceive your own height.
Red Storm says on 15/Feb/15
For everyone concerned about growing after 17-18 I did a lot.
Heres my growth patter


I guess I was a late bloomer. Those are all straight out of bed measurements that my mom measured me at on each birthday.

Just eat well, sleep, and exercise and you will grow after 18.
Laf says on 15/Feb/15
5'5 and under very short
5'6-5'7 solid short
5'8-5'9 - shortish
5'10-6' - average
6'-6'1 - tallish
6'2-6'3 - solid tall
6'4 and over very tall
2toes says on 15/Feb/15
Calling 5'9.5" "average of North Dakota", when in North Dakota tha majority of white guys are of Norwegian/Swedish/German ancestry, It's sort of flawless.
Dario says on 15/Feb/15
@ Celebheights 6'1.5

I agree with the average height and every range above that but i disagree with the short heights and under. if you say 5'9.25-5'9.75 is the average range and 6'9+ is the extreme giant range then this means that the height difference is 11.5 inches away from average but you classed 5' as the extreme midget range which is only 9.5 inches away so basically i think it would be better to put 4'10 and under as the midget range as that would fit better so it's more like this.

<4'10 midget range
4'11-5'0 bordering midget
5'1-5'5 very short
from 5'6 onwards i agree.
Red Storm says on 15/Feb/15
Living and growing up in Newport Beach, CA one of the richest cities in the world. People are very tall here. Being 6'3.75 midday I am in the 95th percentile. I saw about fifteen people taller than me. What I perceived at whole foods at fashion island the other day.

5'0-5'6-Extreme Short 0-5 Percentile
5'6-5'9-Short 5-25 Percentile
5'9-5'10.5-Shortish 25-40 Percentile
5'10.5-5'11.5-Just Below Average 40-45 Percentile
5'11.5-6'0.75-Average 45-55 Percentile
6'0.75-6'1.25 Tallish 55-65 Percentile
6'1.25-6'2 Weak Tall 65-75 Percentile
6'2.5-6'3 Solid Tall 75-85 percentile
6'3-6'3.75 Strong Tall 85-95 Percentile
6'3.75-6'5 Standout Tall-95-98 Percentile
6'5-6'6.5 Very Tall 98-99 Percentile
6'6.5-6'7 Very Tall 99-99.5 Percentile
6'7+ Massive 99.5+ Percentile
Saw 3 people in very tall range all about 6'6.75
Saw 2 people 6'7+ with one looking about 6'7.5 and one 6'9

This seems really tall but come out to Newport and youll see what I mean. I went to my friends party and a bunch of kids who are in college whom i graduated high school with are all in the 6'2-6'6 range. We all grew 3+ inches after high school
Red Storm says on 15/Feb/15
Living and growing up in Newport Beach, CA one of the richest cities in the world. People are very tall here. Being 6'3.75 midday I am in the 95th percentile. I saw about fifteen people taller than me. What I perceived at whole foods at fashion island the other day.

5'0-5'6-Extreme Short 0-5 Percentile
5'6-5'9-Short 5-25 Percentile
5'9-5'10.5-Shortish 25-40 Percentile
5'10.5-5'11.5-Just Below Average 40-45 Percentile
5'11.5-6'0.75-Average 45-55 Percentile
6'0.75-6'1.25 Tallish 55-65 Percentile
6'1.25-6'2 Weak Tall 65-75 Percentile
6'2.5-6'3 Solid Tall 75-85 percentile
6'3-6'3.75 Strong Tall 85-95 Percentile
6'3.75-6'5 Standout Tall-95-98 Percentile
6'5-6'6.5 Very Tall 98-99 Percentile
6'6.5-6'7 Very Tall 99-99.5 Percentile
6'7+ Massive 99.5+ Percentile
Saw 3 people in very tall range all about 6'6.75
Saw 2 people 6'7+ with one looking about 6'7.5 and one 6'9

This seems really tall but come out to Newport and youll see what I mean. I went to my friends party and a bunch of kids who are in college whom i graduated high school with are all in the 6'2-6'6 range. We all grew 3+ inches after high school
grizz says on 15/Feb/15
After lots of contemplation, I finally got a realistic chart for young Croats. NOTE: average height for young Croats is 180.5.However, average height for the region of Dinaric Alps is 185.6 (some parts of Croatia belong to this region). It's important to note that many people from this region emigrate to Croatia, so it's basically a mixed scale. To make it fair, I took the average of these 2 figures and got 183 as average height.
<166-very short
175-178 -"grey zone" (some people consider you below average,while some average)
178-187- average
187-190- "grey zone" (above average or average)
>199-very tall

IMO, the scale between 185 and 193 is the most desirable height for a man.
Lisa says on 14/Feb/15
@orol: Are those lists for a specific country, or are they global averages? The women's heights are WAY too short for Europe and the Anglo-Irish diaspora countries.
Tom says on 14/Feb/15
Sorry, Rob I misspelled Carl Jung.
Amaze says on 14/Feb/15
@james6ft1 I agree, but out of those you know what height I'd pick? Yours. You have the best height. Embrace it man. I hate being my height. It sucks. You are 12/13 cm taller than me but I'd do anything to get that growth. You are tall but never too tall. Perfect
Chris says on 14/Feb/15
If your a man below 5'10 your a beta male get in line bruh
Tom says on 14/Feb/15
@adl For men its most definitely ego. Men have this innate notion that they must be superior to the male standing beside them. Being taller is no doubt a superior trait. With women they often frown upon those who are below 6ft hence 5'10 guys claiming 6ft. Sorry for the pun but general consensus is bigger is better (up until a point)
Lillo thomas says on 14/Feb/15
The average height for adult white and black guys 5'10. The average including all ethnic groups is 5'9.5. So the average including all ethnic groups is NOT 5'8.5, that's super BS. GI Joe you are trying to downgrade the National average height to classified yourself as tall. You aren't tall in the USA , you are only above average. Accept it and let it go. I will call out your BS not matter how many times you insist to post it in the general height page.
Lillo thomas says on 14/Feb/15
The average height for adult white and black guys 5'10. The average including all ethnic groups is 5'9.5. So the average including all ethnic groups is NOT 5'8.5, that's super BS. GI Joe you are trying to downgrade the National average height to classified yourself as tall. You aren't tall in the USA , you are only above average. Accept it and let it go. I will call out your BS not matter how many times you insist to post it in the general height page.
Lillo thomas says on 14/Feb/15
The average height for adult white and black guys 5'10. The average including all ethnic groups is 5'9.5. So the average including all ethnic groups is NOT 5'8.5, that's super BS. GI Joe you are trying to downgrade the National average height to classified yourself as tall. You aren't tall in the USA , you are only above average. Accept it and let it go. I will call out your BS not matter how many times you insist to post it in the general height page.
Tom says on 14/Feb/15
Hey Rob, please add Carp Jung.
Thomas6ft1 says on 14/Feb/15
Hey Rob, what does 6'3" look like next 6'1"?
Thomas says on 14/Feb/15
Hey Rob, I am 6'1" and my girl friend is 5'5". Where would the top of her head and eyes be next to me?
[Editor Rob: it could look roughly like This photo...that's the 2 people from height challenge 6ft 1 and a fraction and a solid 5ft 5 (although I think she has fraction less footwear).]
Thomas says on 14/Feb/15
Hey Rob, could you please show/demonstrate what a 2 inch height difference looks like?
[Editor Rob: this is almost 2 inches Here]
2toes says on 14/Feb/15
The rest of my collected sources:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
2toes says on 14/Feb/15
As promised, here are all the stats I've collected:

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here

To be continued.
2toes says on 14/Feb/15
Rob, why not create a section called "Height around the World"? I saw one on the "human height" wikipedia article but It's very weak as It only shows 50th percentiles and a lot of the sources are self-reported heights.

There isn't an absolutely perfect stat, that's obvious, because most studies are made on samples of thousands of people at most.

But I have marked a lot of links which can help you start the section. I think we could create a box like the wikipedia one but with VARIOUS percentiles, not only the average. With the ladies first :-), on the left, and the males on the right.

What do you think about it? On my next comment I'll post all the sources I've collected.
[Editor Rob: I could create more pages but I'm not sure what topic to call them.]
Zoro 5'9.5 says on 14/Feb/15
@GI Jose I agree: it's totally nonsense not to consider all ethnic groups as part of average. The world is changed, we are no more in the Fifties, we now daily interact with people of other races.
Celebheights 6'1.5 says on 14/Feb/15
My exclusive chart for Fargo, North Dakota (it's similar to states like Idaho, Washington and Montana where it might be a bit different):

<5'0"=An extreme midget.
<5'4"=You would be perceived as a midget at this height.
5'4"=Borderline midget.
5'5" range=Really short.
5'6"-5'7"=Short, but you would fit in quite easily.
5'8.25"-5'9"=Just below average, but definitely not short.
5'9.25"-5'9.75"=The entire average range.
5'10"-5'10.75"=Above average.
5'11.75"-6'0.5"=Weak tall. It feels as if tall actually starts in this range.
6'0.75"-6'1.25"=Solid tall. This is where you will begin to get asked about your height by others here.
6'1.5"-6'2.25"=Strong tall. My height is one of the first things that people always notice about me. A 6'3" guy even noticed it about me quickly. You're in the 97th-98th percentile in these parts when you're within this range.
6'2.5"-6'5.75"=Really tall.
6'6" range=Borderline giant.
6'9"+=An extreme giant.
adl says on 13/Feb/15
but why though? is it just ego? or do people hate their heights or since everyone lies, everyone else feels they will add a few cm to make up for that.
Lisa says on 13/Feb/15
@2toes: There are differences between the four major ethnic groupings in the United States. FE, Asian and Latina women average about two inches shorter than white and black women. Still, the average, for the youngest white women, is almost 5'5 (5'4.9). You have to keep in mind that there are class differences that account for height gaps WITHIN the white population, so even that average is shorter than the average for much of Europe.
james6ft1 says on 13/Feb/15
best heights are 5'10-6'3ish
orol says on 13/Feb/15
162-167 short
168-173 weak short
174-176 average
177-182 weak tall
183-188 tall

147-152 short
153-158 weak short
159-161 average
162-167 weak tall
168-173 tall
GI Jose says on 13/Feb/15
Because of the many culture groups in the US, I find it rather impractical to separate averages based on what ethnic group you fall into. That would be like going into a shoe store and separating the average price of Nikes, the average price of Adidas, the average price of Converse, the average price of Sketchers, the average price of Puma, and the average price of New Balance instead of just taking the average price of all the shoes in the store. To me, that doesn't seem like it's very optimal because most people don't only look at one brand of shoe, and it's much like going out and about in the US; you don't only see one ethnicity or age range. Of the 20-39 age range, 59.2% are white, 20.27% are Hispanic or Latino, 14.41% are black, 5.17% are Asian, and the remaining .95% are Native American. I think it would be very discriminatory and impractical to be excluding over 40% of the 20-39 year old population from an average height. If I had the numbers 3, 5, 6, 10, 13, 14, 17, 19, 23, and 24, I wouldn't exclude 4 numbers on the list when I was taking the average. That's essentially what singling out certain ethnic groups and calling it the average is doing. I think instead of separating them, we should include them all together since the population is so diverse in the United States.
dayle182cm :( says on 13/Feb/15
How tall am I if 180 came to my eyebrow? Help
Superman says on 13/Feb/15
@XLDAD I think a major factor as you said is people claiming several inches taller than they really are. So the general perception is higher than the actual height.I think another factor is that not many people really study height so have no idea what a real 6ft guy looks like. I am 5'11 myself and all the women i have come across believe me to be at least 6ft. The problem is that what you measure and what you look are completely different. At my height (5'11) if i wear a heeled shoe often 1'+ then adding hair say another inch i look 2 inches on my height. Therefore a 5'11 guy looking 6'1. And as you said stature. Its surprising the amount of people whos posture is terrible so with that factor 6ft people are walking around a 5'11 if that makes sense. Also body composition can make you look shorter taller. I myself have and athletic build so compared to someone who is overweight i am narrower so generally look 'longer' Another factor to add into that is clothing. If like me you wear clothing that fits properly it goes a long way to making you seem taller. (especially if you wear an outfit that is all the same colour i.e black as there is no break up)
Emil 183 cm says on 13/Feb/15
Even people over 190 cm estimate me to be 185-187 cm lol.
Shorter people estimate to be around 190...
I think its due to people not knowing their own exact height, lying, overestimating, stature etc.
A body of mine claims to stand 183-184 cm when he's no taller than 180. Many people claim 3-5 cm taller than they really are
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 13/Feb/15
Has anybody else noticed that so many people lie about their height online (not on here, but on other places)? It seems that everybody is past 6'0" online (with a bunch claiming to be 6'2" or taller, with 6'8" not seeming uncommon), with there always being at least one person claiming to be past 7'0" (which I would never believe until I saw it in person). Some have even referred to '6'2"' as being the average height (it is in the NFL).
5ft10guy says on 12/Feb/15
I work in a busy workplace. I would say I'm taller then 55% of the guys there.But the owners are always big men. Has anyone noticed something similar? The big bosses in my establishment is like 6ft8 and 6ft5.Really big guys
Celebheights 6'1.5 says on 12/Feb/15
@C.S.I. You're about 6'5 3/8".
Lisa says on 12/Feb/15
It could be that people think 5'4 is short for a woman because models and most mainstream pageant contestants are taller than the average woman. A lot of actresses are too. X is mostly right. Many people (really, more women than men) think 5'4 is short for a woman. "I'm short! I'm just 5'4." Actually, it's a tad short in the youngest American grouping of white women (average almost 5'5), but it's not really short-short.
GiantFreak says on 12/Feb/15
Be happy to not be my height....I am 219 cm or 7'2...suffering from gigantism

Max normal height is 195 cm, anything more becomes a pain.
2toes says on 12/Feb/15
XLDAD I think you guys in the US/Canada should talk about average height differenciating between the multiple ethnicities that live across your countries, because you are very multi-cultural countries, which is a cool thing to be.

When you say "5'4 that's the average height for a woman in the USA or Canada or the UK" gives the impression that USA/Canada/UK people of British, German, Irish descent are shorter people than most of Europe, who have most of their genetic phenotypes, even Southern Europe gives the appearence of being taller, who are not as multicultural as your countries (youngest generations of women in Southern Europe have an average that surpass 5'4").

Click Here

Just look at this chart that show girls from Biscay, Spain having a 50th percentile of 163.83 centimeters.

It's impossible to believe that most white young girls of English, Irish, German ancestry that live across North America have an average of only 5'4".
XLDAD says on 11/Feb/15
what gives for the poor public perception of height? I'm 178/79 but I remember once a woman asked if I was 185. I was shocked. Thought she was drunk. Maybe it's stature. Maybe it's everyone lies so it misconstrues the actual perception of height. Most folks think 5'4 is short a woman. But that's average height for a woman in the USA or Canada or the UK.
C.S.I. says on 11/Feb/15
Can I say for myself that I am 6'6, if I am 196,5 cm tall?
Or can I say, I am around 6'6?
And421 says on 11/Feb/15
Rob, based on these photos, how tall do you think Willow Smith is? With 5'6 Beyonce Click Here Click Here
[Editor Rob: she could have at least an inch more thickness in that footwear compared ton beyonce, they could be close, 5ft 5-6 but I've not looked at her as she may still have growth left.]
GI Jose says on 11/Feb/15
I've decided that the next time someone asks me my height, I will say 5'9" as a joke to see the reactions of people when I claim 3 inches shorter than my actual height. It's not uncommon to see people claim 3 inches taller without anyone calling them out on it, at least in my experience, and I think it will be interesting to see what happens if the opposite is done.
truth2 says on 11/Feb/15
@Jwaker He looks around 2m at most, so yeah 199-201cm. Most basketball heights are inflated, the average in EU basketball leauge is more or less 198-199cm. Just like the reported Goran Dragic height of 191cm, my 188cm friend met him and he was 3cm shorter than him (have a pic on fb).
Ally says on 11/Feb/15
OK, so now Im sure that most people dont know their height. Today when we were playing soccer, a guy came to my friend and his lil brother and said "man your brother looks like a midget next to you, are you like 190 cm?" He said no, Im 187 cm, i laughed:) because the guy is actually a few cm shorter than me (I'm 181 cm at 2pm). I even have a picture with that guy and he really looks shorter than me, but most people guess him at 188-190. Thats just insane, because he is maximum 180cm. So yeah guys, i think this is the main reason why people think that 175-180 cm is a short height
Kourosh says on 11/Feb/15
@Payman i hope you read my comment. I found an interesting site that lists average height of countries and for our country says 178.7 :

Click Here

also BBC says we have grown taller by 2 inches :
Click Here

Today i went to tajrish square.I'm 5'10 with shoes on and i felt pretty pretty average there. I noticed many tall people specially young people. 5'11 to 6'0 was pretty common.

I didnt feel above average in Tajrish.
grizz says on 11/Feb/15
@Berdych, unless there is that one girl in the group who is over 5ft11-then I would say yes,you can.
2toes says on 11/Feb/15
In the Arab world Algerians and Moroccans are maybe the tallest, and among the "shorter" countries I would classify Iraq, the Gulf countries (in spite of being very rich) and ESPECIALLY Yemen (poorest and shortest).
Samps says on 10/Feb/15
I'm 175 and feel pretty tall in the south of Brazil
Berdych says on 10/Feb/15
Hi, can a guy who's 6foot1 in the morning and 6foot at night get away with claiming his morning height of 6foot1 to girls while wearing a 1 inch sneakers?
sigmon says on 10/Feb/15
That's because most of Europe was really poor in the past. And only in the past few decades have their height began to catch up with the USA and even surpass it. The Dutch were like 5'6 on average until the 1960's.
Jeff says on 10/Feb/15
Rob, can a 5'8 guy with a 1,5 lift and 3cm heel with great posture manage to look 5'9?
[Editor Rob: yes quite easily.]
Mr180 says on 10/Feb/15
Do you all think that height discrimination is truly real in the dating world? I understand that some women may not date a shorter man but if a man is taller, even if by one inch, do you think that the woman would reject him based just on height?
184.3cm says on 10/Feb/15
@DELPO In Europe women said 180cm , so a very strong 5'10 or weak 5'11.

@Jkawer If that other guy is 193cm then id be surprised if the other guy is over 198 (6'6).

@KEREM you would be better saying 192cm then as you will measure close to that most of the day.

Average height in Holland is 5'11.5 max (182cm).

The best way to learn how to judge height is firstly, stop bull****ting and own your own height. Once you have done that it becomes pretty easy to guess others within an inch for sure. I usually guess within 0.50 of an inch in person. It gets harder though once there is a 5 inch gap.
I would say im about perfect for judging most as i sit just over 6'0.5 night so maybe 6'0.75 during afternoon which means i can guess up to 6'5.75 and down to 5'7.75. I have found people outwith those regions very hard to guess. So i suck at guessing a woman's height in person.
2toes says on 10/Feb/15
James 6ft1 then you in the USA must have been the only people in the world to have their average height DECREASED since the 1940's XD XD XD

Here in Spain the average male height was 5'5.5" in the 1940's and nowadays is 5'9.5"-5'9.75" for people in the 20-30 age bracket, according to the INE.

In the rest of Europe they are even taller.

In my college I see 6'3"+ guys every day.

A 5'10" guy would ALWAYS get dwarfed in big crowds of young european people like nightclubs.
Emil 183 cm says on 10/Feb/15
Danish military reports claim that 180.3 cm is average height which I believe is true.
Howeve, another statistic claim that 182.5 cm is average for 20-30 year old olds but these are taken from passport heights that are measured inaccurately and in many cases with shoes on. My passport has me down at 187 cm lol
damn says on 10/Feb/15
Can you do kendrick lamars height?
Thomas says on 9/Feb/15
Rob, is a 1 inch height difference noticeable?
[Editor Rob: yeah you should be able to tell that between people.]
James6ft1 says on 9/Feb/15
I'm from USA and I feel average is 5'8.5 as I'm trying to consider what people would e without shoes, it pretty obvious that people don't know what height is 5'11 is most peoples 6'1
KEREM says on 9/Feb/15

I ensure you that that guy is 198cm. He can not be over even 199cm. guarantee 100%. what a shame for that guy. Some people will laugh and disgrace that guy if he tells that his height is 207cm.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 9/Feb/15
Rob is it possible for men too grow taller at 23 and after 23 like grow
5 inches in 6 months they can be 5ft 7in at 23 and 6ft 0in at 24.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 9/Feb/15
Rob is it possible for men too grow taller at 23 and after 23 like grow 5 inches in 6 months they can be 5ft 7in at 23 and 6ft 0in at 24.
[Editor Rob: I don't know anybody who has grew like that. Maybe with a medical condition though!]
Stalker says on 9/Feb/15
@Dan 187 cm
Wow, you are 6'1.5 and people think you are up to 6'5. I am 6'6 and people think Im around 6'4, how is that possible?
Lillo Thomas says on 9/Feb/15
The average height for young white and black males is 5'10 in the USA. 5'8.5 average today is BS of epic proportions.
87 says on 9/Feb/15
@Tom, People are just weird.

I'm from Louisiana but have been in Long Beach, CA the past 18 months. Back home I'd peg average guy as being 5'9 or 5'10. Here I'd wager it's more close to 5'8. I'm 5'10 and on public transit I tend to be 1 of the taller guys on there. Maybe it is just us poor people.
hi says on 9/Feb/15
The question is has millions of Asian and Hispanic immigrants in the past 80 years dropped down average American height? Those males tended (at the time) to be 5'5-5'7 on average. Are average Black or White Americans 5'10 or 5'11? Is it just perception that Europeans are taller? Maybe the Dutch or Germans but I don't see Swedes or Norwegians as 6 feet tall on average. Maybe 5'11.
TJE says on 9/Feb/15
@Dan 187
You'll make it to the full 6'2, maybe 6'2.25, but no more.
KEREM says on 9/Feb/15
I am 193.6cm out of bed(7:30am) and I am 191.3cm at night(21:30). I think I have to tell my height as 191cm to other people if they ask. On the other hand, my true/correct height is 193.6cm which is 193cm or approximately 194cm. Agree?
GI Jose says on 9/Feb/15
@Dan 187 cm
Considering your growth pattern, you are probably still growing. It's not uncommon for guys to grow until 18-20, and since you haven't shown any signs of slowing up, it would be fair to assume you'd continue growing for at least one year. How much is hard to say, but it's probably not more than an inch or two.

Something I do to practice my estimates is estimate how tall the random celebrity on the right is, and click on his/her page to see how close I was. I've done this so much that I am usually not off by more than half an inch.
Mathew says on 9/Feb/15
Tomcat says on 9/Feb/15
It's not that easy to estimate height. Do you find it easy to estimate the speed of your car vs one in the next lane?


If you pay close enough attention to height you can usually come up with a pretty accurate guess. Then again most people don't pay that close attention to height, that's why it seems like someone who uses good posture and tends toward big footwear can easily get away with claiming 1" - 1.5" taller than they actually and pretty much never get called out. Most people seem to round up their height anyways, which would make it all the easier to get away with saying you're taller than you are.
Jkawer says on 9/Feb/15
This man claims to be 6'9 (207cm) but I don't believe that.

Here is the picture: Click Here

The first guy at left is 193, maybe weak 194cm, and other guy claims so hardly that he is 207cm. I think he is not over 201cm
What do you think?
DELPO says on 9/Feb/15
Hi may I know what's the minimum height to look tall and aesthetically pleasing???
RobV says on 9/Feb/15
@ Tomcat The analogy between estimating heights and estimating the speed of a car in the next lane or even going at a similar speed to you is very sound. Even if you know you are doing 60mph, it is not easy to work out whether the faster car is doing 65, 70, 75 or 80 - and people get it wrong all the time.

It's because of lots of different things that come into play with comparisons.
Tania says on 9/Feb/15
@Tomcat - guessing down to the last millimeter is tough, sure, but I think most people can tell the difference between 5'2 and 5'8, right?
2toes says on 9/Feb/15
5'8.5" as an "average" male height in the US is an absolute joke. 5'8.5" was the MEASURED AVERAGE height of the American Soldiers in WW2!!! 70 years ago!!!
Tomcat says on 9/Feb/15
It's not that easy to estimate height. Do you find it easy to estimate the speed of your car vs one in the next lane?
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 8/Feb/15
@James6ft1 especially in the northern states. I had a friend of mine who asked guess my height today, and they actually said "6'5" or 6'6"'. When I actually shown them that I was 187-188 CM, they changed their stance that it was strong tall or very tall.
Amaze says on 8/Feb/15
@Connor6ft its not getting worse but my back is curved and slight hunchback. And yes thanks man. I hope I do grow to 5'9 at least. 5'10 would be heaven
Dan 187 cm says on 8/Feb/15
I'm 188cm(6'2) in the morning, 187cm(6'1.5) throughout the day,and 186cm(6'1.25) at night. I feel pretty tall. Most people(especially girls) think I'm like 6'3-6'4. One of my friends said that I'm 6'5 a couple of days ago. I'm 17 and hoping I could grow to 6'3-6'4. I tower over most people I see on the streets,and in school,I feel like a giant. Especially when I wear my Timberland boots or running shoes,that make me about 6'3. Even when I wear shoes that barely give height like my Vans sk8 Hi's,i'm still taller than most people. And right now,it's very cold and snowy,so basically everyone in my area right now are wearing boots that give them alot of height. Everyone had an advantage on me,so it's still impressive that I was taller than most people. Here's my growth chart:

13 years old: 5'5
14 years old: 5'9
15 years old: 5'11
16 years old: 6'0
17 years old: 6'2

Is it possible for me to reach 6'3-6'5?
GI Jose says on 8/Feb/15
What country are you from? I am from the US, and I feel the same way, and I would probably peg average at about 5'8.75" (174.5 cm) overall, and 5'9"-5'9.25" (175-176 cm) for the tallest demographics. I would say tall starts at around 5'11" (180 cm) because I feel comfortably in the tall range at 6'0" (183 cm). And yes, I am saying 6'0" now because I haven't measured under 6'0" over the past week or 2.
Look says on 8/Feb/15
If I were 188cm, I'd downgrade myself. Wouldn't want to standout so much. It is however weird how tall guys can just add 2-3 inches and people go along with primarily if they're like over 195cm.

I remember years ago at that Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert thing in DC where I came upon a guy and girl discussing Jon Stewart. The girl was like 5'8. And the guy was probably 5'7 but he was mentioning he was 5'10. I only heard this because she had stated how Stewart looked way shorter than on tv. But it was so weird for me to hear this guy say that since I'm 5'10. I wanted to blurt out hoe he was wrong but that would have been rude.
Tom says on 8/Feb/15
@orangeman He even claimed that at his recent medical that he was measured at 183cm so 6ft. The amount of people who overestimate height is ridiculous. I think thats why people believe averages are far higher than they really are. My best friend is 6'2 and surprisingly i stack up quite well against him however one girl said we were the same height. He's 3 inches taller than me! Even in plain view people still get it wrong, amazes me. I can understand claiming max of and inch as i do simply because people believe im 6ft, but 2-3 inches is just stupidity and you are going to be embarrassed when being called out.
james6ft1 says on 8/Feb/15
personally people do overestimate heights i see the average as 5'8.5 (174cmish)
anything from around 177cm to be tall, as people will think your 5'11 or 6ft
Connor6ft says on 8/Feb/15
@Amaze how's your condition with the scoliosis? you getting any better? I hope you will grow to 5'9 soon.
Amaze says on 8/Feb/15
@TJE I see.
You hit 5'10.25 which is still a good height. I'd be grateful and happy to be that height. 5'9 is not bad but its not particularly good either is it, but I guess I'll be happy with it. 175cm.
orangeman says on 7/Feb/15

That is just crazy. My best friend who is 6'3 told me a few months ago about him playing basketball with a guy who was around 5'9 claiming to be 6 feet even and that he then asked about my friend's height and was asking if he was 6'6. People truly have no idea on height.
Lisa says on 7/Feb/15
@Tania: I believe you. I've seen at least one 5'0 woman claim to be 5'4. Another woman, 5'2, claimed to be 5'4. This seems like an international practice.
RobV says on 7/Feb/15
@ Tom you say 'most people seriously have no idea about height'. It's true but this is fed by the fact that certain heights are totemistic - "six foot" is still a kinda word/concept barrier as a phrase between tall or short. And if everyone is claiming more inches then everyone else does it.

If you just look at all the discussions about celebs on here - you can only get agreement on a four inch range on Stallone, Brad Pitt etc. ANd when you see guys like Clint Eastwood having claimed they are 6'4" when they are just a tad over 6' (and practically every celeb when on record has overstated), then you know this is not an area for accuracy or certain knowledge anyway.

The other fact is that outside of school and the use of proper equipment, many people have not accurately measured their heights since they were at school (and often even then in their early or mid teens - last time I was measured at school I was 14) - so their logics are not based on having a ruler in front of them and, like, measuring the side of a book or a tv screen. Add posture, shoes/boots/ angles in photos and where you are standing - and you have a real recipe for genuine confusion anyway.
JohnGB says on 7/Feb/15
@GI Jose

It's easy to think people are taller than they are when you are wearing low shoes like Vans or converse and they are wearing thick trainers or boots. If you're used to wearing low shoes for a long time, you'll be surprised at the difference wearing a pair of boots makes; it adds almost an inch to your height.
TJE says on 7/Feb/15
So 3.5 inches from 14 to 17 and your brother and father stopped growing at 18-19. You'll definitely grow more since you didn't go from 5'4.5 at 14 to, say, 5'10.5-5'11 now.

I, myself, didn't grow that much in high school:
Age 14:>5'5.5
Age 15: 5'8.25
Age 16: 5'8.5
Age 17: 5'8.5
Age 18: 5'9.5-9.75

So I grew about 4.25 inches max, stopping at the 177 range. Since then, I've grown to 5'10.25 or really close to it. So that was my case, I can't know for sure how yours will turn out. I'd guess you would be at least 5'8.5 by next year, maybe 5'9.

I'm also a May baby, turning 20 then.
loera says on 7/Feb/15

People either lie or unintentionally overstate their height. Some add 1-3 inches to their height. We think of Germans or Swedes as giants when it's not the case. They're a tall people but more like 181/82 on average.
GI Jose says on 7/Feb/15
Now that you bring it up, I have also noticed that a lot of people are wearing boots, but I never really knew how much they give someone because I don't own any myself. I'm definitely going to have to take that into account more carefully because I generally assumed a 1-1.25 inch addition in boots.
Tom says on 7/Feb/15
People way overestimate height. I was just down the hairdressers and this guy clearly a solid inch shorter than me tried to claim 6ft and that i must be minimum 6'2. Im 5'11. He even went on to say that the average height was 6'1. I mean seriously people have no idea on height.
184.3cm says on 6/Feb/15
@GI Jose

Thats a good question actually. People sometimes forget about footwear and how it can alter our perceptions of other people when it comes to height. For instance its been snowing alot here last few days and ive been wearing boots alot. i think maybe 1.3-1.5 inches. I had a guy guess me as 6'3 today and he looked a 6'1 guy to me..problem is he was wearing very flat shoes in a store so i had an inch footwear advantage so, 6'1 .5 most likely he was in shoes while i was 6'2.25 near enough in boots.
Most likely he claims 6'2 and so bumps me up an inch since i was taller.
Amaze says on 6/Feb/15
@TJE, here is my growth chart.
Age 10 4'5
Age 11 4'8
Age 12 around 5'
Age 13 5'2
Age 14 5'4.5
Age 15 5'5.75
Age 16 5'6
Age 17 5'7
I'm 18 in may but I'm 5'8 now. (Still 17)
My dad claims to have stopped growing at 19, while my brother finished at 18 at 183/4cms(6'0.25-5). My father is 5'11/180.
Tania says on 6/Feb/15
@truth2: Some people I know add like 3 to 4 inches of height, which is insane, because a 3-inch difference is generally very noticeable.

@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2": I've had people guess me at 5'7" and then, when I say, "no, I'm 5'4" at best" protest "no, you can't be below 5'7", I'm 5'6 and you're a bit taller!" (that person was like half an inch shorter than me, maybe 5'3"). It's like they WANT to believe they're not short - but 5'3 is not midget height to begin with (especially in India) and even if you are short, what are you gonna do about it? Permamently glue stilts to your feet? Just weird, this whole overinflation of height.
2toes says on 6/Feb/15
I've seen today another nearly-2-meter guy (6'6") when walking around the campus, and a 6'4.5" guy in my same degree, when we were waiting for a professor who hasn't appeared at the end. We were about 16-17 guys and 5 girls waiting in the corridor. At my weak 5'8" I was only taller than 3 of the boys.
ChronicManletitis says on 6/Feb/15
6ft-6ft1 is the true masterace
after 6ft1 you start loosing detail in the face
most decathletes are 5ft11-6ft1
thats not a coincidence remember that
also lol at people who want to tower over people
insecurity of peace
truth2 says on 6/Feb/15
@Tania yeah lol I am 5ft10 and people guess me at 6ft0, my dad is 5ft11 and gets regurarly guessed at 6ft1.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 6/Feb/15
Tania, I've noticed people doing the same thing lately. There were two who were 5'8" claiming to be 6'0", and they were asking how tall I was expecting for me to claim 6'6". They were also wondering why it seemed like they were below average in height. It's foolish since people would be able to figure it out within seconds in seconds.
TJE says on 5/Feb/15
How much have you grown since you started high school? You might grow a good bit more after 18 if you haven't grown that much since 14-15.
2tpes says on 5/Feb/15

"EXTREMELY frustrated that i never reached 190cms at night"

O.o Are you serious man? At 188 cms (if you really are) you have a desirable height for most men
french guy says on 5/Feb/15

We Are almost the same height, in which language area do you live in Switzerland?
GI Jose says on 5/Feb/15
Something that has been on my mind a lot lately is shoe size (not the scale with which shoes are measured i.e. US 12, but how much height a shoe gives you). On most days, I wear very thin shoes that give me about 1/4"-3/8", but sometimes I will wear my basketball shoes if I'm wearing shorts (which doesn't happen often in the winter) which give me about 3/4". I have heard that 3/4" is the average shoe size, but I don't really know as I haven't measured myself in more than 3 pairs of shoes.

My question is, how much do your shoes give you?
Lisa says on 4/Feb/15
@Nona: I would say the rowers would have more upper body strength because they concentrate on that when they train. Keep in mind, though, that many teams train very hard and some programs are more intense than others. Much of it depends on the coaches who develop the training regimens. Some teams have specialized strength coaches. This often makes a huge difference in the performance of athletes. In rowing, the sport AND the training involve upper body strength, which is why the elite teams (Olympic, Ivy League) have huge women with tremendous power.
mike123 says on 4/Feb/15
mike182 says on 3/Feb/15
6'0 night in most Europe is the start of tall - weak tall 75-80th percentile
5'11.5 night in most Europe is tallish 65-70th percentile
5'11 night is solid strong average to a bit above average 60th percentile

6'1 night is solid TALL around the 85th percentile
6'2 night is strong TALL and over 90th percentile

I think 6'0-6'1 night is the golden and ideal range for everyday life in most Europe, 6'2 is a bit too tall to be ideal.

I disagree. At 188cm at night living in the UK i never ever feel too tall, if anything, i feel not tall enough when i encounter young people/students at clubs.

I'm extremely frustrated that i never reached 190cm at night, but whatever, that's just life, people have it worse off. Anyhow, I beleive that in this day and age, 190-195cm is ideal.
mike123 says on 4/Feb/15
Superlonely says on 3/Feb/15
2toes says on 3/Feb/15
GI Jose

It's funny, because I see EVERY WEEK at least ONE guy 6'5"+ at my college, Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).

Even today I've seen one 6'6"-6'7" student when taking the train.

Young Spanish is taller than their old generation, one out of 30-40 Spanish youthes is 188cm or taller.

But when i visited spain, everyone was so small. It was rare that i saw somebody over 190cm. Even the young generations couldn't have average more than 180cm.

I'm 188cm at night and i was definitly taller than 90% of the people i encountered.
mike123 says on 4/Feb/15
James says on 4/Feb/15
At SMU most of guys are legit 6'2 plus in my fraternity sigma chi. Im a 185 night guy and feel shortish

Isn't that in Texas? If so, don't a lot of people wear big shoes/boots over there? That would elevate the average by 2 inches or so.
KEREM says on 4/Feb/15

please dont be fool! 190cm is tall in everywhere and even in dinaric alps you can not find a lot of 200cm and over people. 190cm is also really tall in dinaric alps where is the tallest region in the whole world.
Mr180 says on 4/Feb/15
In New York City, which is very diverse, the average man over 18-50 is around 5'9"-5'10". At 5'11" there are times when I feel pretty tall but usually just slightly above average.
GI Jose says on 4/Feb/15
I think it should be a nice experience to get to go, that is if the trip even happens. My family is considering either Spain, Hawaii, or the UK for this summer because we haven't ever gone on an overseas trip. I've been trying to make the case for Spain because I want to practice my Spanish, but it all depends on what what my parents want.
Tania says on 4/Feb/15
Adding to my previous comment: I'm not saying that everyone quote exact height figure down to the last centimetre, but atleast be realistic about rounding up. Saying you're 5'4" when you're 5'3" is fine - but claiming 5'7" is too much.
Tania says on 4/Feb/15
I overheard two fairly tall girls in college talking about their heights today and one of the girls claimed she was 5'10" despite looking not more than 5'7" (I was standing directly behind them so I think my guess is right). My brother is an exact 5'9" and some of his friends boast about being 6 feet tall when they actually are the exact same height as my brother when they stand next to him. It's kinda amusing how people tend to overestimate their height.
2toes says on 4/Feb/15
Cool GI Jose, then we can show you our city, me and my most trusted friends, we are 5'8" (myself), 6'0.25", 6'1", 5'8", 5'9", 6'2" and 5'6" XD

Some of us have been exchange students in the US, and we think It's cool to receive a visitor from there.

But don't tell THEM about our mutual obsession with heights XD XD XD
Bryan (Queenslander) says on 4/Feb/15
I go to a Catholic university in Australia

The average for men aged 17 - 23 appears to be 181cm range (177 to 185 very common). 189cm is when you start to stand out.

The average for women aged 17 - 23 appears to be 169cm range (165 to 173 very common). 177cm is when you start to stand out
nona says on 4/Feb/15
@Lisa: This question is again adressed to you as you are the only active girl on this page. Which sport do you think has the stronger girls, is it basketball or rowing? IMO the rowers may not have extreme heights but pound for pound they are stronger than the basketballers. The US women's 8's rowing team has girls averaging 6'2" & 175 lbs which is very big.
James says on 4/Feb/15
At SMU most of guys are legit 6'2 plus in my fraternity sigma chi. Im a 185 night guy and feel shortish
James says on 4/Feb/15
At SMU most of guys are legit 6'2 plus in my fraternity sigma chi. Im a 185 night guy and feel shortish
Superlonely says on 3/Feb/15
french says on 3/Feb/15

185-190 cm is the perfect height for a man, i believe someone who is 185 cm never feels short, if not tall, then always solid.


General speaking, 185cm will never be short, unless in some European senior high schools. In some high schools, the young kids are so tall. I graduated from a normal high school in Germany, in my class, 18 boys, 10 of us were 190+, 3 of them were between 186-189cm, only one guy is under 180. Other classes are more or less in my high school. Before I traveled other cities and other European counties, I always thought that the height of young German should be 190, turns out the average height of German young man is only 181cm
Superlonely says on 3/Feb/15
2toes says on 3/Feb/15
GI Jose

It's funny, because I see EVERY WEEK at least ONE guy 6'5"+ at my college, Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).

Even today I've seen one 6'6"-6'7" student when taking the train.

Young Spanish is taller than their old generation, one out of 30-40 Spanish youthes is 188cm or taller.
Superlonely says on 3/Feb/15
As my personal experiences, Balkans and Dutch are the tallest people, not only in Europe, but also all of the world. I visited Groningen, one of the provinces in Netherlands. The younger generation are very tall, average height is 185cm at least, I even think the average is almost 6'2(188cm)this region is taller than other cities in Holland. I dropped by a local high school, there are 300 Dutch boys there, over %50 guys are taller than 190. My height is 194 barefoot, usually I am tall in most places of the world, but I am not tall there, compared to those Dutch students. I remember I have met 25-30 guys over 200.
Dale says on 3/Feb/15
@Flameboy: Why yes, because people carry a measuring tape to see who they can make fun of or not. My poor 166cm friend of mine walked into a bar with me only to be mocked endlessly, while my 167cm self was getting his feet kissed left and right. OH THE PAIN OF MY 166CM FRIEND BEING MOCKED AND TORN APART, OH THE PAIN HE'S NOT A WHOOPING 167CM LIKE MYSELF!!!....Seriously, don't be ridiculous.
Anon says on 3/Feb/15
@James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius: What country are you in?
Amaze says on 3/Feb/15
@leo I'm with you on there's nothing wrong with average height. But why pick average height over something taller or tall?

Would you pick 5'9 over 6'0?
Would you pick 5'10 over 6'1? Just giving some examples bro. Because those two tall heights are never "too tall". I can understand you saying 6'2 can be a little too tall but 6'0 and 6'1 there's no excuse. Why wouldn't you wanna be these heights. Why wouldn't you wanna be that tall.
GI Jose says on 3/Feb/15
It's intersting to discuss different observations. I may be taking a trip to Spain in the summer, and I'm looking forward to making my own observations.
2toes says on 3/Feb/15
GI Jose

It's funny, because I see EVERY WEEK at least ONE guy 6'5"+ at my college, Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM).

Even today I've seen one 6'6"-6'7" student when taking the train.
RobV says on 3/Feb/15
@ leo. Indeed, quite right there is "nothing wrong with an average height" but you're welcome to it. I far prefer to be tall. There doesn't have to be something 'wrong' with something for someone else to have a preference for something else. There's 'nothing wrong' with pineapples but I hate them and love chocolate. To turn your point around, 'why be AVERAGE, nothing wrong with being tall".
french says on 3/Feb/15

185-190 cm is the perfect height for a man, i believe someone who is 185 cm never feels short, if not tall, then always solid.
mike182 says on 3/Feb/15
6'0 night in most Europe is the start of tall - weak tall 75-80th percentile
5'11.5 night in most Europe is tallish 65-70th percentile
5'11 night is solid strong average to a bit above average 60th percentile

6'1 night is solid TALL around the 85th percentile
6'2 night is strong TALL and over 90th percentile

I think 6'0-6'1 night is the golden and ideal range for everyday life in most Europe, 6'2 is a bit too tall to be ideal.
Amaze says on 2/Feb/15
@Laf i agree man that is defo messed up

@Lillo Thomas i don't consider 6'0 solid tall. i agree with you on that. it's low tall or just tall for me. 6'1 begins solid tall range. 6'0 is just tall

@Leo are you mad son tall is the best, 183cm+ onwards perfect

@james maximums yeah 5'11 is tall for asian
leo says on 2/Feb/15
183cm seems to be the ideal height in Western Europe
leo says on 2/Feb/15
188cm may sound all AMAZING but it's slightly too tall but of course just my opinion. Why be TALL, nothing wrong with an average height
TJE says on 2/Feb/15
Why does everyone have to want to be tall? I honestly think being tall is a bit overplayed. To me, being 188 makes no real difference than being 182. You'll still be called tall either way.
french guy says on 2/Feb/15

I'm undecided wether I will do leg lenghtening or not, I have a lordosis and a small postural problem, if I manage to gain 1.5 cm I might not do it
but I agree that s insane bit not as much as you think
I used to believe that leg lenghtening was a crazy and highly risked surgery, that people who do it could not run or walk anymore.
But actually it s not true most patient resume a normal life.
but as I said I might not do it
GI Jose says on 2/Feb/15
I have also tried finding stats for individual states with no results. I think it would be interesting to conduct a personal study at least for my state or university for that matter. That way, I could confirm or deny my observations.
GI Jose says on 2/Feb/15
So because I have made observation that's different than yours, I am doing something wrong? I just had an observation based on the people I see. On a normal day at university, I probably see somewhere between 75 and 150 other males. I'd say I see somewhere between 5 and 25 people who are taller than me, but most are barely taller (the tallest person I have seen in months was 6'3"). I don't see why it's hard to accept a real life observation. You can have your own observations, and I'll have mine. However, just because you have a different observation than me, doesn't make one of us wrong.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 2/Feb/15
Rob what's the tallest woman you have seen in public i've seen a 6ft 3in
woman on the bus recently and also in public it's very rare too see a woman that tall in public a 6ft 3in woman is even rarer than a 6ft 0in
the tallest women in public are normally 5ft 7in and 5ft 8in i've seen a
few women that are 5ft 9in 5ft 10in and 5ft 11in those heights are rare
enough for women 6ft 0in and 6ft 3in are much more rarer heights for women.
[Editor Rob: I have seen some 6ft 5-7 range girls at airports, from basketball team I believe. But in general I rarely see any 6ft 5 women, except a few in London.]
chrisi says on 2/Feb/15
i turn 18 on the 27.02. and i am only 1,74cm, can i still grow till 21?
Laf says on 2/Feb/15
@French guy are you 183? And you are talking about leg lengthening? That is really messed up. And you sound like the average in France is 185 or something.
2toes says on 2/Feb/15
5'11.75" is a VERY COMMON height in white western societies, even in Netherlands and Northern Europe is intermediate height, and in Britain, France, Switzerland young Spaniards and Italians is only 75-78 percentile, not a very excesive height in "tallness".
grizz says on 2/Feb/15
@leo, are you kidding me?
Who wants to be AVERAGE?
I also think that 188 is a well balanced height-you're not freakishly tall, almost no issues with finding right clothes and you have a really wide choice of girls-from 5ft to 6ft
Thomas says on 2/Feb/15
Hey Rob if my eye level is 5'8" and a half in the morning and my lowest is 5'8" at night, what is my real height then? Do I tell people my morning height or night height?
[Editor Rob: say whatever you feel comfortable with. Since morning height vanishes fast I won't say that, but others might...nearly every person who I measured with my stadiometer over the years will go pretty much with the height they get measured, but if they were say 5ft 5.75 they might just round to 5ft 6.]
josh says on 1/Feb/15
If i am 178.5 cm it more correct to claim 178 or 179 since it is stuck in the middle
leo says on 1/Feb/15
why 188cm? for me it would be 180-182. Nice average height. Who wants to be TALL? i'd love for a woman to be 180 as well. can see through one another eyes
Pitt says on 1/Feb/15
To tower over someone you must be at least 6 inches taller.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 1/Feb/15
Rob is 5ft 11in tall for a asian man the average asian is 5ft 5in 4 inches short er than the average height white men which is 5ft 9in if a asian man is 5ft 11in would it be the same as a white man being 6ft 1in.
[Editor Rob: well Asia covers a few countries, I mean look at the disparity in height between North Korea and South!

I'd say 5ft 11 in any Asian country would appear tall.]
french says on 1/Feb/15
@gi jose

you think you're 7 cm above average and you study at university.
May i know how many people you see on a daily basis?
Because, in a large sample you shoudn't be always the tallest, actually you should not even be taller than 75 % of men whom you study with.
So maybe, you block taller men which would be unsual since we tend to inflate height, or you're very bad at reading height.
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 1/Feb/15
@hoho Some of my 188cms friends want to be 194-195cms :)
@Rob One of my friends height is tricky.At times he appears 2in taller than me and other times I feel he is the same height as me as we are looking eye to eye. He claims 6ft 5 but I m not sure if he is full 6ft 5.
[Editor Rob: maybe his posture just drops in his back at times...I do see some guys who really can look 1.5 inches taller and they just kind of walk about as though they have a 50kg backpack on, then can stretch up like a Stallone.]
Lillo Thomas says on 1/Feb/15
6'0 is a very common height in the United States. 6'0 in crowed places is a very common height to see. A honest 6'0 would not claim to feel tall in crowed places. In the crowed places you will see a fair amount of guys taller than 6'0. In crowed places the tallest guys you can see are usually between 6'3 and 6'4 . 6'5 and 6'6 is when it becomes fairly rare even in crowed places. So I agree 1000000% with 2toes. In college too 6'0 is a fairly common height. Yep plenty of 5'10 and 5'11 guys claim 6'0 but this doesn't change the fact that 6'0 in the USA is only a above average height. Taller than average by only 2 inches but not enough to be classified as solid tall.
Lisa says on 1/Feb/15
@GI Jose: Speaking of states, it's nigh impossible to find statistics on individual states. They have to exist in order to compile the NATIONAL statistics. Yet, I can't locate any stats or studies on the average heights of people in ANY states.

I think you'll find that even states have "shorter locales" and "taller locales", often based on SES. In my previous location, there were adjacent neighborhoods where there was an appreciable and noticeable difference in the height of young women, say 16 to 30. We're talking Guatemala compared to the Netherlands. lol Both neighborhoods were mainly majority-white btw.
hoho says on 1/Feb/15
188cm is my dream. it's great tall height.
Thomas says on 31/Jan/15
Hey Rob, how many inches does it take to tower and dwarf somebody? Does it start at 3 inches? Is a 3 inch difference very noticeable?
[Editor Rob: a quote from a height guru in New York "i towered him 2 inches!"

I believe in reality once your eyelevel starts to go above the top of someone's head, it becomes a good visual reference and quite a noticeable difference - you could maybe say towering, but I don't believe that word really applies with 2-4 inches. I mean one person being 3-4% taller than another isn't exactly much.]
2toes says on 31/Jan/15
Moroccan boys and girls who GREW UP in the Netherlands have the following stats:

Moroccan boys aged 20- Average (50 percentile) 174.7 cms 5'8.75"

Moroccan girls aged 20- Average (50 percentile) 161.3 cms 5'3.5"

These people have LIVED in the Netherlands most of their childhood, with proper nutrition and healthcare.
Source: Click Here

In the United States. non-hispanic whites have the following stats according to CDC:

US non-hispanic white men aged 40- Average (50 percentile) 178.0 cms 5'10"

US non-hispanic white women aged 40- Average (50 percentile) 164.3 cms 5'4.75"

These numbers are obtained pondering the 2 biggest height studies among non-hispanic white population, made by CDC:

First Click Here
Second Click Here

UK is quite similar to US whites:

In Scotland (hi Rob!), men aged 25-34 had the 50 percentile on 5'10" (178.0 cms)

Source: Click Here

Scottish women average in the same age gap is 5'4.5" (163.9 cms)

In Spain, guys born in 1982-1983 had an average of almost 5'9.5" (176.27 cms) at age 18:

Click Here

While girls had an average of 163.83 cms.

It seems that here in Spain the 97th percentile for young guys is around 6'2.5".
2toes says on 31/Jan/15
GI Jose, you are no the tallest guy in the room, face it, stop being so insecure. Even in my classroom at the university, with only 40 people, there are tons of guys taller than 6 feet.

Faking the real stats lower won't make you taller.
GI Jose says on 31/Jan/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5" -6'2"
It is definitely possible that some states have slightly higher/lower averages than others because of the diversity and heritage of the people that populated the states. Here in Ohio, the demographics say that it is about 80% white with German being the most common heritage. However, I observe an average of about 5'8.75" overall.
french says on 31/Jan/15
most people who did leg lenghtening were 165-175 cm with a few who were 178 cm.And now there are more and more people who are 180 cm and want to do it.
If you don"t believe me take a look on the limblenghtening forum.
And i never heard any cases of disablilty, this is a myth.
Kourosh says on 31/Jan/15
typically whats height of a person if eyelevel is just over 165 cm? like 165.3
Umberto gelato says on 31/Jan/15
I am a solid 6ft 1 and reasonably well built and was guessed as high as 6ft 3 by a legit 6ft 6 friend of mine. People usually think his 6ft 8. The point I am making is that the legit heights of 6ft and 6ft are quite tall in most regular situations.
RobV says on 30/Jan/15
@2toes You are quite right that it is the percentiles that are the most important stats, not 'averages'.

However, these are easily misread or misunderstood, particularly at the top end of the scale. There is a massive difference, between, say 99th percentile and 99.9th, in terms of the actual numbers of people who are at those heights. Much more so than the difference between, say 95th and 99th.

It may also be sensible to translate these into comparable fractions. So while 95th percentile is 5 in a 100, 99th percentile is one in 100, and the 99.9th is one in a thousand. It just doesn't LOOK so different when listed as a percentile.
RobV says on 30/Jan/15
@IO about a tall co-worker who claims to be much taller than he is. You mention a guy who adds 10cm (4") to his claimed height, saying he's 205 (almost 6'9") instead of his 195 (6'5").

This is an extreme example but many tall guys make the most inflated claims about their height. It's an interesting phenomenon really. 4" is a lot to add, but at that type of height it is pretty easy to claim you are 2m/well over 6'6" and very very few people are going to call you out. If you are in that situation and happen to meet a guy who is a little taller and he tends to be more honest/nearer his actual height, it will still not make much difference to the way others react. This is one of those strange 'unfair' things, where someone really tall can get away with much more inflation than someone of average or below average height.

Generally, most people inaccurately assume that someone as tall as that will not want to claim taller than they are (on the "why bother?" principle). But of course if you are in the top couple of % height wise yourself, you know that this is not a correct reading - most very tall guys actually do NOT like being towered (they seem to hate it more than average/slightly above average guys do, in my experience).
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 30/Jan/15
Rob how do often do you see women that are between 5ft 8in and 6ft 0in.
[Editor Rob: a fair amount in 5ft 8-10 range, but 5ft 11-6ft range not that many during a day.]
Amaze says on 30/Jan/15
@krause listen don't complain lol..I'll be 18 in may and I'm only 173/4 when my dream is 183. 188/9 is 6'2" strong tall very good height and perfect IMO. You are tall. ... And you are at a good size
Darren510 says on 30/Jan/15
I dont know if certain states have a taller average than others.I tend to see the most tall people in cities. Washington state does seem to have lots of tall people though. It would seem the average guy is 5'11 and the average girl 5'6-5'7...6'5 guys and 6'0 women are relativly common to.
ZoZo says on 30/Jan/15
Hi Rob, so do you think my official height should be 187cm in general?
[Editor Rob: yeah just stick with the 187 mark.]
Tomcat says on 30/Jan/15
I gained 1.5 inches from 5'9.5" morning height to 5'11" just by laying in bed all day for about 2 months during a time I just read books at home all day. But after I bought a MacBook air and started sitting more to use the computer, I lost that height within 3 weeks or so. But I imagined if I continued to straighten the spine I may permanently keep a little bit of the gain.
Krause says on 30/Jan/15
@Rob: Click Here What do you think about this article? Isn't a 5 cm gain too much?
Also do you think I could gain 1-1.5 cm by stretching? I'll be 18 in june and it's really frustrating to be 189.3 at night when my dream height is 190-191.
P.S. I haven't grown more than 1 cm since my 16th birthday. Please answer.
[Editor Rob: if you haven't grown by now I would say your plates might be fused...although it's hard to say for certain.

the agrobics stuff is hard to comment on because journalists can certainly write stuff to sell stories ;) I believe any type of gain that people experience is from having a posture that is misaligned or not at it's full potential and these exercises/hanging/pulling have helped them.]
Connor6ft says on 30/Jan/15
@Musa don't talk about your dick please we don't wanna know!
184.3cm says on 30/Jan/15
So today a co-worker was looking at photos on my desk of my family. He remarked on how large my children were and how my daughter would probably be huge when full-grown. I responded by saying that she got estimated to be 170-175cm and then it happened..He said that was short for a girl. I couldnt believe my ears and so got into a debate with this guy. I commented on the women in our immediate area, saying that not one of them was over 175cm. He gave a couple of names of women in the office who in his opinion were large, one is 178cm max the other struggles with 174cm. I was speechless as he wandered off and then i realised i forgot to ask him how tall he thinks he is, because i have him estimated at nomore than 179cm.
He always seemed like a pretty smart guy but he is it seems like many others oblivious to reality. Im now looking forward to next years medical i will be sure to stand right behind him when he goes under the stadiometer.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 30/Jan/15
I have a question for people on here that I'm asking again (hoping that it obtains an answer). Would you say that the northern states (Washington, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan) are taller on average? People who I'm friends with from these states have actually told me that they feel that the average height for a male in their areas is really tall, but I've actually felt that there's no way. If I were to mention how I felt at my height in these states:

Washington: Strong tall.
Idaho: Really tall, and it seemed that everybody would appear taller from far away (with their eye level appearing higher in my perspective) for some reason as well), but then I would tower over them when they weren't. It also seemed to have rapidly decreased the more that I was in northern Idaho.
North Dakota: Really tall, as well as I do in college.
South Dakota: Really tall again.
Minnesota (St. Paul): Strong tall. Is this the same Minnesota that people who are 6'0" on other forums have disclosed that they feel below average to average in height in (after looking it up)?
Wisconsin: Borderline strong tall. I can buy a 5'9.5"-5'10" average for this state.
Michigan: Strong tall.

Wisconsin seemed to be the only state that was.
2toes says on 30/Jan/15
The percentiles are the important stats, not the "average" which means nothing beacuse almost everybody in evrey country has different heights.
IO says on 29/Jan/15
It's crazy how some lie about their height. Got a co-worker. He has to be 194-195. But he swears he is 2.05 Yep he likes by 10 cm. But no one ever questions it as he's so tall they're never sure. I stand 179cm and I come exactly below his ear so that's like 15cm. But he doesn't believe me. In fact I have coworkers who are the same height as me. EYE TO EYE but they claim 183cm.
Lisa says on 29/Jan/15
@Emily: FWIW, you are at the 85th percentile for 20-year-old American women. Polish Sandra might be around the 88th.
ZoZo says on 29/Jan/15
Hi Rob, if I measure exactly 188cm out of bed and evening measure around 186.5 , what should I claim my height to be 187cm or 186cm?
[Editor Rob: I'd say go with the 187 mark if you tell people your height. If you are modest and never want to be caught short and your life depends on never measuring under 186, then go with 186.]
Judd says on 29/Jan/15
I can read a lot of funny comments in that site and it's one of the reason because I like it!

One example is crazyjap, who think that everybody in Hollywood is precisely 179 cms or others who think that the celebs are regularly at least 1.5" shorter than what they do claim...XD
DELPO says on 29/Jan/15
Leaving physique and looks aside, what's the minimum height for a guy to be look aesthetically pleasing? Would like to hear some of your opinions.
Musa says on 29/Jan/15
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FiveNine says on 29/Jan/15
5'7 is not average...its SMOKIN...(I mean.. SMO-KIN...!!!)
Nick74 says on 29/Jan/15
Hi Rob, I wondered if you could advise me on a good stadiometer
[Editor Rob: the version that replaced the one I have is called the Seca 213. The platter bit (that measures you) is more strudy I believe. They sell this in some UK medical sites online, they also have a Seca 213I which is the same version with a spirit level in the platter part. This means when you put it against a wall you can make sure it is very level, because sometimes walls/floors can mean the device isn't perfectly straight.]
184.3cm says on 29/Jan/15
Interesting, in the US the 75th percentile is 5'11.75 for white men and 5'6.75 for women thats a fraction more (1cm or 2) than the 50th percentile here in Holland :o

@Emily You are above the 75th percentile in the US so you are tall. Not like 5'9 + but still tall.

@Johnson ofc you can claim 190cm.
JohnGB says on 29/Jan/15
Johnson says on 28/Jan/15
I am 189.7cm after 9 hours woke up. If I say that I am 190cm, people accept or not?

I can't believe some of these questions are real.. you are asking this: If at an evening meal, will someone be able to guess your height so accurately that they will spot the 3mm discrepancy between your claimed 190cm and actual 189.7cm?

Let alone the fact that earlier in the day, you will actually be >190cm anyway. I don't think this warrants an answer.
PCMonk says on 29/Jan/15
Hey guys, I'm 182.3cm at night and 182.7cm during the day. I am going on a bulk at 3.5 kCal a day. Is that a good idea?
RobV says on 29/Jan/15
ps newguy. If you have grown a couple of inches at 15/16, then you can grow more I guess. There are loads of stats online about the age at which people tend to stop growing but there are exceptions and variations (as with all stats). My instinct is that you will grow a bit more, but look at your family as a guide. Oddly, I grew to my 6'2" and a bit by the time I was 13 and then totally stopped. My slightly older cousin carried on growing till he was well over 18 and ended up my height having been short by me in our teens.
RobV says on 29/Jan/15
@newguy. In my early teens I just did not like being so tall as I was very skinny. However, at some point (possibly round about your age, 16) I began to realise that my height was an advantage. Then when I was 18/19 I began helping out a friend who ran a night in London and I have mentioned hee before the three guys all around 6'6" who used to come in and basically dominated the place. That's when I started adding height (and working out as well!).
french guy says on 29/Jan/15

it depends on where you live, how much money you earn of course and who you consider for the operation.
there are some cheap doctors but who have a good reputation, most people who consider leg lenghtening cannot afford the most reputable doctors But results are very closed to those you can get with an expensive doctor Provided you follow the instructions and you'rd not doing 20 cm.
Zoro 5'9.5 says on 29/Jan/15
I would think 1000 times before doing leg lenghtening, even if I had money to burn. It means a LOT of pain, months of life thrown away, possibility of infections and the chance of never running again, or at least not being the same.

I'm really concerned about height, but c'mon, objectively, is really being 176-177 cm THAT big deal?
I understand considering it if you are a dwarf (155 cm or under), in any other case I think there is worst in life.
mike182 says on 29/Jan/15
I feel around 68-70th percentile with my 182 night height (weak tall - but still tall), i live in switzerland, here u have to be 185 cm at night for the start of solid tall range.
181-183 night = tallish weak tall - good height btw
Darren510 says on 28/Jan/15
The average height is 5'9.5 so I would say 6'0 or a strong 6 is the start of tall. Also I am sure many guys 6'3 can claim 6'5 and get away with it. I think 6'3 claiming more is silly. It's already pretty tall, and the standard tall guy is 6'1-6'2. 6'3 just edges them out a bit, but at 6'5 the difference will be way more drastic. If 6'3 claims 6'5 then I laugh.
GI Jose says on 28/Jan/15
@french guy
I'm very similar to your height (182.3 cm at my low), and I highly doubt the average for the young, white youth of the US (which I think is far too limited of a demographic for the US) is 180 cm. I'd say it's probably 176 cm with the possibility of it going as low as 175 cm or as high as 177 cm. When I'm at my university, I feel like I'm solidly taller than the average male student there (5-7 cm). Perhaps it's different in France, though.
Emily says on 28/Jan/15
I am a 14 year old American girl and 5'7 is that above average in height?
Johnson says on 28/Jan/15
I am 189.7cm after 9 hours woke up. If I say that I am 190cm, people accept or not?
Connor6ft says on 28/Jan/15
@Musa Arch Stanton is right you are totally disrespecting women if what you said is true, that's disgusting, i bet theres also some women on here who have just read your comment right now and they probably feel really offended after that! Its you who is messed up!
KEREM says on 28/Jan/15
Hello guys, yesterday I went to gym hall and a sports instructor wrote me a programme and he measured my fat and muscle percentage. However, when I told him that I am 191cm(6'3), he was surprised and asked me whether I was taller than him. He said that were you so tall like 191cm??

I could see that I was taller than that instructor at that time, at least 3-4cm. I think that he is 184-186cm. Have you ever encounter such an event like this? For example you know your height for istance - 185cm and someone tells you that you can not be 185cm, you are 180cm. have you ever experienced such a thing, please write.
sandra from Poland <3 says on 28/Jan/15
hey guys! I'm 5'7.5 (171cm) and I feel pretty average in my class of 30 adult people. From life experience, I'm sure the average for young people is: 5'10.75 for men and 5'6 for women. Just thought i'd put it out
Kourosh says on 28/Jan/15
french guy

yes if i had money i would do that. yes im being honest and im insecure about my height.

everyone in my family told me i would reach 6'0 tall but what happened? im just a 5'9.5 which is below average and and even an inch less from acceptable height 5'10.25 & 5'11 .
2toes says on 28/Jan/15
Have you noticed that white teenagers tend to have their big growth spurt much later than black boys, asian boys, or native american boys?

Just look (US percentile growth chart by ethnicity):

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
newguy says on 27/Jan/15
@Robv thanks for the advice,mind me asking what age u wanted to grow taller because I remember u said u felt like u were too tall at 13.also at 16 you think I can grow to 6'1-6'2 naturally I'm 5'11 7/8 I grew 2 inches this year
Amaze says on 27/Jan/15
@HI 6'0 is low tall but 6'1 starts solid tall range.. Avg is not 5'10 yet well exact average its still higher avg .. 5'9-10 is avg but 5'9.5 is pinpoint exact
6'0 looks and feels tall and still is
6'1 just starts solid tall
6'0 is tall

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Amaze says on 27/Jan/15
@HI 6'0 is low tall but 6'1 starts solid tall range.. Avg is not 5'10 yet well exact average its still higher avg .. 5'9-10 is avg but 5'9.5 is pinpoint exact
6'0 looks and feels tall and still is
6'1 just starts solid tall
6'0 is tall

@Musa that's so wrong man using girls as meat or objects. Objectifying women is wrong. If you wanna have loads of sex with no strings attached why don't you have one night stands. But don't bang women in relationships pretending u care about them and love them when you don't. Women do not deservve that. Imagine ur mother and sister in that position .. **** man that's wrong .. And you only use women to fufill ur sexual needs wow.. Everyman has his urges I know but why don't u care about love? Something is messed up.
Amaze says on 27/Jan/15
@HI 6'0 looks tall though still .. Average is 5'9-10 exact avg is 5'9.5 still not 10.
6'1 starts solid tall range
6'0 just plain tall

@Musa that is wrong. Don't treat girls like meat man. That's so cruel . objectifying women. Imagine if your mother or sister got used like that .. Seriously if you just wanna have sex and go for all pleasure then I recommend one night stands. Why use a girl who probably loves you like that. Jeez what is wrong with today's world.
Amaze says on 27/Jan/15
@HI 6'0 looks tall though still .. Average is 5'9-10 exact avg is 5'9.5 still not 10.
6'1 starts solid tall range
6'0 just plain tall

@Musa that is wrong. Don't treat girls like meat man. That's so cruel . objectifying women. Imagine if your mother or sister got used like that .. Seriously if you just wanna have sex and go for all pleasure then I recommend one night stands. Why use a girl who probably loves you like that. Jeez what is wrong with today's world.
french guy says on 27/Jan/15

Do you consider leg lenghtening?
You seemed insecure.
french guy says on 27/Jan/15
I m 182.5 cm at Night and don't see how the average height is 178 cm for young French men, I feel at best in the 65 th percentile
180 cm is more realistic and it should be the same in other Caucasian countries.
Clement says on 27/Jan/15

This guy is a troll, dont feed the troll please.
Justin says on 27/Jan/15
Hey brothers, I am only 5'7". I don't why but recently I've become so insecure about it that I can't think about anything else all say. It always gives me a subconscious feeling that I don't deserve to live to the extreme. Is this feeling normal? How do I get over it? I can't take it anymore...
Arch Stanton says on 27/Jan/15
@Musa. I doubt you really get any at all as most women I know would think you insufferably creepy and disrespectful as hell, not to mention being too lanky.
dayle182cm :( says on 27/Jan/15
How do you share images
Laf says on 27/Jan/15
@HI: Agree. 182-183 is too tall for scandinavia. 5'11 range for young men, 5'10 overall.
Musa says on 27/Jan/15
I'm 6'4.5(194cm) barefooted, I never dip below that mark. It is advantage when your tall, that will get you some nice, delicious pussy for sure ummmm. The thing is I only date or get in relationships with women to just bang them. That is my only goal, there might be other reasons for why I pursue women but the primary purpose is to release my sexual frustrations/tension. When I realize that it's not gonna happen or it's getting too late then I just leave. Why should I ever be in a relationship with her when I don't want anything else? The thing with women is that they assume I want to be with them when I really don't, but have to put up with there bs. They equate sex/making love with emotion and romance. Just because I have sex with these women, they think I love them, that is just messed up.
RobV says on 27/Jan/15
@ loads of people on "Can I claim...?". Most of you who are asking seem to be saying that you are v tall, 6'2" etc, and in my experience at that height you can more or less claim what you want! It is a lot more different the nearer to average you go, for obvious reasons - there are more people around to call you out, even given everyone's tendency to add an inch and a bit.

Another funny advantage you have being much taller than average is that anyone seeing you, even another v tall guy, tends to over-estimate your height if you are taller than him. When you are, say, genuinely 6'3", you do not often see guys taller, and when you do it is easy to think that the guy who is less than an inch taller than you is in fact 6'5" or even more.

Another tall guy on here who I communicate with is an inch shorter than me (at 6'1.5"), and like me he wears elevators/lifts to get taller - he gets to 6'5" and when he met his cousin for the first time in ages, who is in fact in reality taller than him, the cousin said "you have got to be over 2m tall". Someone at 6'5" faced with someone 6'3" can appear a lot lot taller.
6ft1everyday says on 27/Jan/15
6ft4 (in shoes) is best height imo..
CD says on 27/Jan/15
To those talking about the general public's distorted perception of height, has anyone ever experienced someone who gives themself an extra half-inch because (as an example) the 5-8 on the tape measure is at the 67.5 inches mark? It is actually an indication that the next inch (68 inches) is 5ft 8, but they are adamant that 67.5 mark MUST be 5ft 8 even though it isn't even a full inch? Seriously? I felt like showing them Rob's video of "How to Read a Tape Measure"!
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 27/Jan/15
John, I agree, which is why I'm beginning to claim 6'1.5" instead of 6'2".
MrBig says on 26/Jan/15
Can you claim that you are 6'6 if you are around 197.5cm?
JohnGB says on 26/Jan/15
unsure says on 26/Jan/15
Which height do you all claim? Morning, afternoon or evening?

I'm 189.5cm in the morning and 187.5cm in the morning. Which height should I claim? 188cm or 6'2? Seeing as I fall below 6'2 at night should I claim 6'1.5? I'm really not sure.

I am of the opinion that sticking to your lowest height as your true height, and nothing above it, is extremely pedantic and impractical. Our height is governed by a range, where the morning height is not as significant since we lose it very quickly, and the evening height is more significant as we shrink towards it throughout the day. By mid afternoon, our height is probably only 0.5cm above our night-time low. However neither of these alone defines our height; our true height should really incorporate the full range. My theory is that a weighted average of these two heights, with a weighting towards our evening height, is a practical representation of ones height. A weighting of 0.75 for evening height and 0.25 for morning height makes sense to use.

In your case: (0.25)*189.5 + (0.75)*187.5 = 188cm

Voila! You are 6ft 2 inches tall. You want to claim 6'1.5" / 186.7cm when at every point of the day, you are comfortably above this? Now that is madness.

Lets take Rob as another example. Using my formula, his height comes out as 173.5cm / 5'8 1/3". From here it depends whether you want to round up or round down, and Rob has chosen to round down. In this case since he's rounded down, I'd say Rob was a strong 5'8" but if he claimed 5'8.5" I think that is pretty acceptable too and no one would call him out on it.
dayle182cm :( says on 26/Jan/15
:) shall I claim 5ft11.5 or 6? And am I classed as averge?
Amaze says on 26/Jan/15
@Connor6ft still you are taller than 83% of people, taller than majority. you in low tall zone but still tall. hows being 20 doing? any job or anything so far
GI Jose says on 26/Jan/15
Based on the perceptions of the general populous in the US about height, it's not too hard to see a 5'9" person getting away with a 6'0" claim. When I was about an inch shorter than I am now, I was guessed at 6'3" once, and nobody would believe I was under 6'0". I think there are certain people who know how tall they really are and just blatantly lie, and that leads to people genuinely not knowing their real height. Then almost everyone starts inflating their height by an inch or more.
outsiders says on 26/Jan/15
I can understand lying about your height by 1 inch but by 3 inches is pure lunacy.
HI says on 26/Jan/15
well I once read average height in the Netherlands was 185 but is that right? What about in Scandinavia? People claim 182/183 but I believe it's more 180 honestly.
HI says on 26/Jan/15
To me 6'0 is the lowest possibility of claiming TALL. 6'1 is what begins TALL. But I take this by the idea that average man is 5'10 and being 3 inches or more is seen as Taller. 2 inches is barely recognizable in my opinion
6ftMagician says on 26/Jan/15

Glad there are other sane people out there! Yes, I get 6'1'' or 6'2'' ALL THE TIME. Especially from petite women. I am a solid 5cm shorter than most claims. I used to claim 182cm, but measured and found out I am 1cm-ish taller than that. Regardless: ''I'm 5 foot 10'' I usually proclaim when asked - most people look baffled and rightly so. I am trying to break the cycle.

When a friend who claims 180cm and always says ''you got taller'' comes over (he doesn't know I'm on Celebheights), I will measure him, to his shock, he will be 176 range. And he always talks smack about how average 5ft 10 is these days - oh, the irony. 5'10'' is an amazing height.
RobV says on 26/Jan/15
@krause you ask what sort of boots I wear to get to 6'6" (i'm a tad over 6'2"). Well I recently mentioned I bought some from GuidoMaggi, 5" elevators, and to my surprise, these actually get me to 2m, which is over 6'6". Yes at that level of addition, anything much over 2", you have to be careful and can only do it in boots and some trainers. I also bought some Don's (d'Etnas) and they are good as well.

With non-elevators, I buy boots a size or two larger and can comfortably get 3-4" in them. Have been doing it for 15 years and have neither had anyone say it looked odd or felt that I walked badly. It is a bit of a science, getting it right, which is why I have offered advice on here and given my email address to those wanting to do it. It was a bit trial and error for me but for the past 10 years I have comfortably always well exceeded 6'5" and usually 6'6" with lifts, and now 2m with my elevators.
RobV says on 26/Jan/15
@newguy you ask whether I wear lifts etc all the time. Yes I do (apart from in bed!). There really would no point for me in going just for special occasions but I can see why it would for some - like wearing a solid pair of boots might make you feel a bit taller when you wanted to.

You are 16, just under 6' and would certainly get away with it, but a lot depends on your lifestyle. At 16, i might have found it difficult other than adding a little booster I guess. But I never did it then. if you really want to add bit of height then my advice is to do just a little right now, put an inch lift in things, make sure it's not discovered. No-one will ever notice that but you will feel way taller already. If it's OK and fits your lifestyle, then you can go higher. Any advice you ever want then by all means e-mail me robfranklin980 @
Krause says on 26/Jan/15
@unsure: I'm pretty sure you can claim 188 or 6'2. I think that as long as you don't claim a full cm over your shortest height you won't get called out. I'm a couple of mm over 189 at my shortest but I claim 190 seeing as most people guess me that. though I don't dare claim 6'3
Kourosh says on 26/Jan/15
im 5'9.5 (176.4 cm) , the tallest height i was guessed was 5'10.5 (178-179 cm) and shortest 5'7.25 (171 cm).

so i dont know how come people around my height usually get past by 6'0 claims!!!

i dont have guts to claim even 5'11 which is only an inch higher than my actual height.I think its because of im afraid of to get called on it. Not only that , since i know i dont have body of a legit 5'11 guy so i dont lie. i might be just 3 cm shorter 5'11 but still 3 cm makes noticeable difference. So i dont know where people have the courage to inflate their height up to 2 inches. i usually say my real height, but in front of ladies i lie and claim 5'10 just to impress them :).

anyways, I am just ok with my height neither happy nor upset. Among the youngsters i feel like im inch shorter than average considering average height (18-25) in my country is 5'8.5 to 5'9, im yet to see so many 5'10 to 5'11 guys in streets. but in compare to elderly people ,im appeared from average to solid average. So generally i classify myself in just okayish zone. i wish i was 6'0 tall :( so i wouldnt be so insecure about my height.
GI Jose says on 26/Jan/15
@Bryan (Queenslander)
It's just a personal preference of mine. I feel that when, at some point I am not the full height that I claim, I am lying. I've gone by night height since I was 16 just because of the reason stated before. You could also read the very first sentence of my previous post in which I say this: "I've actually been starting to just say a tad under 6'0" lately". I don't mind if other people are rounding up their height from the half inch mark up, but that's just not something I do.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 26/Jan/15
Rob is it possible for males at 16 too lose height like go from 5ft 6in barefoot 5ft 7in with shoes on too 5ft 5in barefoot 5ft 6in with shoes on.
[Editor Rob: from morning to night, but I don't know anybody who would lose height without major injury at a young age.]
unsure says on 26/Jan/15
Which height do you all claim? Morning, afternoon or evening?

I'm 189.5cm in the morning and 187.5cm in the morning. Which height should I claim? 188cm or 6'2? Seeing as I fall below 6'2 at night should I claim 6'1.5? I'm really not sure.
truth2 says on 26/Jan/15

Scandinavia? Average to slightly below
Eastern Europe? Around average (above/below depending on country)
Balkans? Below average ( a few cm)
Southern Europe? Above average ( a few cm)
Germany? Around average, slightly shorter for young men Netherlands? Below average but not by much (less than 5cm) Belgium? Bang on average France? Above average only just.

For Europe 177cm is average height (overral), 179cm for young. 175-183cm you blend right in.
184.3cm says on 26/Jan/15

I can only speak for The Netherlands (Holland) as well i live here. The average height is round 5'6 for a woman here and 5'11 for a man. So you might feel a smidge under average here especially if you have a group of young guys were 182-193 is pretty common.

As for conducting a height challenge in public i read an article not long ago in Men's Health where they did just that. They went down to a shopping centre and challenged men to be measured on a stadiometer, the results were even more shocking than i expected. Some men lied by an inch or slightly more but you had a few guys who were lying up to 3 inches !
Lisa says on 26/Jan/15
@6ft Magician: Yes, you're spot on with your observation. People, especially short girls, usually overestimate heights. I've been guessed as tall as 6'2! I bet you've been guessed as tall as 6'4 or 6'5, as ridiculous as that sounds. I once measured young women as a part of my job at a clinic. Most of them were surprised to learn how short they were. It wasn't uncommon for 5'0 girls to claim "about 5'4". My theory is that many girls aren't measured and they use their friends as references. If their 5'2 friend claims 5'4, and they're the same height, they'll also claim 5'4. They'll also, sadly (jk), think that 5'8 guys are 5'10, perpetuating the myth that 5'8 guys are short, forcing genuine 5'8 guys to add one or two inches to their claimed heights because the short girls think 5'6-5'7 guys are really 5'8-5'9. It's one big "add a few inches" cycle.
Oz0 says on 26/Jan/15
How tall do you think the Janoskians are
polienquiry says on 26/Jan/15
Rob can you let me know hot tall you think King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was? he seems 176cm-178cm to me(Peak) , and his dad who was the tallest bedouin possibly at a minimum of 188cm. Saudi royal family seems quite tall in comparison to the rest of us here :)
[Editor Rob: no real knowledge of him.]
TJE says on 25/Jan/15
Would anyone in the US/UK agree that 5'10.25-10.5 for males looks more average than upper average now?
Bryan (Queenslander) says on 25/Jan/15
@GI Jose

You're probably 183cm at lunchtime why must you measure at your lowest? In real life people will give you crazed stares if you called someone out for claiming 5'10 if they happened to be 178cm barefoot at lunchtime with relaxed posture.

If this was you, you would say "I will shrink down to 5'9.75 therefore i have to claim 5'9!".
Lisa says on 25/Jan/15
@gj: Wikipedia has a good article on human height. It lists the average heights of a lot of different countries. All/most of your questions should be answered there.
Lol971 says on 25/Jan/15
Rob im 14 year old and im 5'9.5 (1.77m) how tall i Will be???
Thomas says on 25/Jan/15
Hey Rob, I measure somewhere between 6'2" and 6'1.5" in the morning and after a day of vigorous exercise and 5 hours of basketball, I shrink to my lowest 6'1" at the end of the day. I'm not entirely sure what my true height is. Sometimes I'm 6'1.2". Only after standing up all day long do I shrink to 6'1".
Amaze says on 25/Jan/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" you are correct . people are wrong if they think 5'11 or 6'1 starts tall. Its neither. Factually and u are right also is that the height 183cm or 6'0 begins tall. 5'11.25-75 or 181/2 is talllish . 6'1 cannot start tall well especially in UK, its 3-4 inches above average. 185-7cm or 6'1-6'1.7.5 is more solid tall range.
6ftMagician says on 25/Jan/15
Does anyone agree how shocking the general public's perception of height is. I really want to go out and ask the general public how tall they think I am, then reveal it to them - bet their guesses will inflate my height. And I would also like to ask them how tall they (think they) are - then ask if they would accept being measured - I think the results would be amazing, even if some would not accept being measured, I think more would accept. I hypothesis most would overestimate. I would tell them its a bit of fun beforehand and for research purposes.

Only issue is I don't have a stadiometer. If Rob is ever down in London let me know and we could do it in any of my local highstreets.

And I could double check my height - some days I measure differently - and I suspect the floors in my house are not level. Either way I am 184.x in the morning and usually bang on 183cm or a few mm under at night.
Krause says on 25/Jan/15
@ RobV care to show us what type of shoes you are wearing in order to make yourself 6'6 ish? I myself being a strong 189 weak 190 can't imagine wearing something bigger than 4-5 cm because it both feels and looks weird
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 25/Jan/15
186 cms is what I believe to be the start of 'legit' tall..a 183 cms guy is not much taller than 179-181cms guy.179-181 are in turn not much taller than 175 cms..but it also depends on the place that you are going to.Some Asian countries have more malnutrition and poverty issues as a result of which average height is a lot lower than expected.Common examples are India,china,and middle eastern states
Kourosh says on 25/Jan/15
I'm 5'9.5 and i rate my height 4 out of 10. it sucks to be shorter than good amount of people you walk by in streets, malls , universities and airports.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Merdius says on 25/Jan/15
Rob is it possible too grow taller again when your not growing anymore skintight flash managed too grow again hýs growth plates were long closed i believe it's possible after all too grow taller again if growth plates are closed.
[Editor Rob: do you believe Skintight? All his measurement videos apart from 2 at the gym are of a closeup of a stadiometer. It's very easy to film a full body measurement, so you have to ask why he's not bothered doing that in his own home...

I believe any sort of gain he achieved was from being inactive and not having correct posture and months of stretching helped align his back.]
Connor6ft says on 25/Jan/15
@Amaze yeah I know what you mean I feel like that with my height sometimes.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 25/Jan/15
I still stand by what I say (despite what others say), 6'0" is the start of tall and the 80th percentile, with 181-182 CM being tallish. 187 CM is the start of strong tall as well.
newguy says on 25/Jan/15
@RobV do you always wear lifts or is it just on special occasions? I feel like people would notice If I was wearing it.I'm 16 5'11 3/4 at my lowest should I be thinking about lifts at my age,I just want to be 6'1-6'2 this sucks
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 25/Jan/15
I think that people lie about their heights due to the fact that there are a bunch of people who will make seeming short appear as a humiliating thing that they can't get past. Along with that, since others lie about their heights, other people will inflate their height to seem really tall just so they don't get antagonized over it. I've noticed this more onh that,line (not on here) where it seems at least 3/4 of the people claim to be past 6'0", with at least 1/5 claiming to be past 6'5", and then 1% claiming to be past 7'0" (which is bizarre, and there's no way that this is even close to the real scenario).

I admire it when a short person owns up to their height and has confidence over their height, and would even assist them with building it up if they feel that it's necessary. I was like this at one point, but I will admit that I had to figure out how perspective works in order to accept my height (realizing how tall I am). It did help to realize that people who are short aren't inferior or superior to those who are of average height, or those who are tall.
Noor says on 24/Jan/15
Barefoot height for men in cm: very short 160-65
short 165-70
below average/not bad height 170-74
average male height 174-80
tall/perfect delicious range 180-88
very tall/solid 188-92
huge 192+
Lisa says on 24/Jan/15
@Crash: Look at it this way. Compare the weakest men to the strongest men. Now, do the same thing for women. Now, compare the average man to the average woman. The last group has the narrowest strength gap. BTW, there are more strong women than you may realize.
Submarine (6'0'') says on 24/Jan/15
@shortguy777: If you rest or sit down for a period of time between the two measurements then it is very possible to measure taller at night.
gj says on 24/Jan/15
Average height by region?

Eastern Europe?
Southern Europe?
Germany? Netherlands? Belgium? France?

Is 179cm a pretty average height. That's my height and curious how I would be if visiting Europe
Amaze says on 24/Jan/15
@Connor6ft true but it's like when you're below average you feel it you know what i mean. if i was 5'9 i probably wouldn't care that much but being taller is better.
Height183 says on 24/Jan/15
@FlameBoy: I can agree with a lot of your chart.
GI Jose says on 24/Jan/15
I've actually been starting to just say a tad under 6'0" lately, but that's quite recent that I've started doing that. However, the only reason that I will still claim just 5'11" is when someone who is 5'9" or 5'10" tries to claim 6'0". I'll tell them I'm 5'11" for an indirect way to call them out on their ridiculous claim.

My main reason for not claiming just flat out 6'0" is because I have had a policy ever since I reached 5'9" at age 16 that I wouldn't claim the next inch until I never drop below it. So I don't want to claim a full 6'0" until I am 6'0" at my low rather than 5'11.75". I just feel like I'm lying if I say 6'0" when I still have 1/4" to go until I am completely 6'0". I may not ever reach the full 6'0" because I am 18, but I did have a late growth spurt. I was actually recording 5'11.25" about 3 months ago, but I have grown another half inch since then so I doubt my growth is completely over. In short, I don't claim the full height until I am at the height at my low.
Omid says on 24/Jan/15
Rob does being having a slow yet steady growth delay Plate's closure?

Since childhood, I never had what you may call a growth spurt, although I was practically tall as a kid the growth happened with a steady pace, it slowed in my teens and i think is continuing at this moment

I was 5'9.5 at 18 and now, a couple of months before my 21st birthday, I'm 5'10.75
[Editor Rob: I think predicting when height stops is difficult, some people's plates genetically might just be programmed to close, but there might be too much estrogen at times which could lead to the plates closing quicker.]
dayle182cm :( says on 24/Jan/15
How tall am I if 5ft6.5 comes to bottom of my bottom lip?
Connor6ft says on 24/Jan/15
@Amaze your'e height isn't that bad, I think 5ft 8 is ok.
RobV says on 23/Jan/15
@ Jake 6ft0.5 on the issue of people not knowing heights or always claiming taller than they are. In my experience, there is quite a genuine lack of perception about accuracy when it comes to height (whether your own or others'). It is to do with perspective, a genuine difficulty in measuring it yourself and with the emotive and totemic aspects of certain heights. You refer in particular to heights around 6 foot and it seems to me that most guys who can clamber to making some sort of half-credible claim to being 6' will do so.

Once everyone is either lying or stretching it, it becomes one of those unwritten never challenged things, everyone is doing it - others only challenge it if you appear to be really pushing it. I bet there is a scientific equation or formula for it somewhere "My height squared divided by your height adding 2 inches to the power of y = I challenge you". You are more aware of really inflated claims the nearer your own height it is coming from!

Just look at all the celebs on this site and the nice paras at the top using their own statements/claims made in media - one is an actor I have met who is 6'3" or 6'4" max, claiming at 30 that he is 6'6" 'and still growing'. Funny old world.
RobV says on 23/Jan/15
@truth2. No-one 'needs' shoe lifts or elevators at any height - in exactly the same way that no-one 'needs' chocolate, the latest fashion/clothes, a beer, a new cellphone or a new hairstyle. Or indeed this website (sorry Ed) "Need' is not the issue. If you 'like' being taller and get on with lifts, then you use them. If you bring the outdated word 'need' to the table for any activity in the 21st century of which you disapprove, you hit a dead end. In the west, we really are not still living in the middle of the Second World War where supply of things was based on rationing and pure 'need' as dictated by a higher authority.

You may not like the consumer world but it's the one we have. And anyone who talks about defining all their own choices purely on the basis of 'need' is simply not reflecting what they actually do.

Again, I use lifts and elevators because I 'like' being 6'6" and because I 'like' the feeling that the height gives. It is a choice based upon personal preference. Not because I 'need' to - I don't 'need' to.

You make statements about being the height I get to (which I do not recognise as my own experience at all) so I assume you must be speaking from a position of personal knowledge and are therefore as tall as me if not taller, and you have a different experience. There is also no scientific evidence that properly designed lifts etc 'damage' your feet any more or less than properly designed normal shoes. Some, in fact, are helpful to the feet.
Lisa says on 23/Jan/15
@Crash: I agree with all of that. I wrote the bit about "almost all countries" to cover my bases, honestly. I don't know the averages in all countries. It's safe to say all men are larger in all countries. Now, watch some tiny island's population be the exception to the rule. You're correct about the rarity of stronger women but there are thousands of us around the world. The percentage is tiny but the numbers are huge. You're spot on about growth before and after puberty. The sexes are pretty even until girls start puberty. After that, the girls average a tad taller for a short while.

@184.3cm: IIRC, very young boys are a tad larger when they're around toddler age but boys and girls are about the same size until girls reach puberty. Girls then average larger for two to three years. Of course, there are all kinds of variations during this time period.
grizz says on 23/Jan/15
I'll be soon heading to chiropractor,but before I go there,I'd like to ask something. Is it possible to lose max. 1cm of height throughout the day if you maintain a perfect posture? For instance, my out-of-bed height is 184.7 cm, while my absolute lowest is 182.2 cm. Preferably, I would like my absolute lowest height to be 183.5, with 184 cm as my usual daily height (currently that's 183-183.3 cm). Is there any chance to gain that 1cm with better posture?
Amaze says on 23/Jan/15
@Connor6ft im 18 in 4 months and im still 5'8 and it sucks. im actually jel of 6 ft guys.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15
"I'm not sure about single vs. married women. What I do know is that the variations within the sexes are greater than those between them."

This is false? Again, there is almost no overlap between the sexes at all. This means that the differences between the sexes are far greater than within them. In other words it's very rare to find a woman stronger than a man.
FlameBoy says on 23/Jan/15
150 and below - Borderline dwarf to Potential dwarfism
151- 160 - Very Short
161 - 166 Short
167 - 170 = On the Short Side but Not as open to Potential Comedic Mockery.
171 - 174 = Little Below Average but Not Short
175 - 178 = Average
179 - 183 = On the tall Side but Not Noticeably tall Per Say
184 - 190 = Tall
191 - 197 = Very tall
198cm - 204Cm = Borderline Giants
205cm and Over = Giants In human Form

140 and below = borderline dwarfs To Dwarfism
141 - 150 = Very Short
151- 159 = Short
160 - 166 = Average
167 - 170 = on the tall side but not Noticeably tall per Say
171 - 177 = Tall
178 - 184 = Very tall
185 and over are Giant Woman

First chart was for Dudes Second was for chicks just to Clarify.
shortguy777 says on 23/Jan/15
Hi, is it possible to be shorter in the afternoon than at night? I measured myself right before I got to bed, and I was a touch under 5'6. I measured myself today and found that I was about 5'5.5.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15
@GI Jose

For someone who always makes such sensible and logical posts, I really don't understand why you would claim a height shorter than you know you truly are. I remember you saying that you claimed 5'11" when you were 6'0", which doesn't make any sense to me.
Judd says on 23/Jan/15
Judd says on 22/Jan/15
rob, who are two actors whose you're sure that they are respectively honest 6' and honest 6'1" (you'll be willing to bet your home house on their height)?
[Editor Rob:
Maybe an honest 6ft like duchovny.]

Yeah I agree. I thought him, too.
Personally I think an honest 6'1" was (at peak) Kevin Costner and Barack Obama today.
[Editor Rob: yes for 6ft 1 those guy look honest enough.]
184.3cm says on 23/Jan/15
@Jake 6ft0.5

Whats up with that? No idea to be honest. Some people are just totally unaware of their lies and others are just flat out lying because they feel shorter heights are in some way inferior. Your example of 5'8-5'9 guys claiming 5'10-5'11 is a good one. In Europe ive noticed almost all like to claim 180cm. Noone really bats an eye either when they claim it! Its almost like its acceptable to lie as long as you dont go too far. The cut off point seems to be 185cm from my own observations. Ive seen guys who are 182-183cm claiming it and getting called on it, meanwhile there are guys 173-177 claiming 178-182cm !.

@Lisa From birth boys are bigger and heavier than girls. Of course you can have bigger babies but the average always shows boys to be 1kg heavier and a few cm taller. I dont doubt for an instant though that girl's develop mentally much quicker, from observing other kids and my own it seems that girls evolve much faster, learning new things and questioning the world more than boys do. Early teenage years as well, girls seem to mature quicker before boys catch up around 15-16 years old.
Connor6ft says on 23/Jan/15
@B'nner pretty good chart I agree with all of that.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15

That girls are at one point stronger than boys, as well as more developed in the brain, is only to be expected. Before puberty it's said that there's virtually no difference at all in strength, and boys and girls are also close in height as they have been developing at a very similar rate until puberty.

Girls undergo puberty some time before boys, and therefore also undergo both the physical and brain developmental changes that come with it, some time before boys do. The boys then have to catch up with girls to begin with and when girls have slowed down considerably in height and strength gains, the boys surpass the girls. This gives us the disparity in height and strength seen in adulthood.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15
This university thing has gone too far now. Like truth2 pointed out, in many countries, at least half of young adults will attend university. Therefore the average will in reality be barely any different than among young people outside. The only real difference is of course that there are fewer "older" people in university, but if you were only focusing on younger people to begin with (as it would appear many on here do anyway, whether rightly or wrongly), then there won't be any noticeable difference if you were to actually do a proper study of height.

Maybe in Oxford or Cambridge, what with them being mostly of higher social classes you would notice some difference, but in other more "public" universities, it just seems like some sort of confirmation bias to me.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15

You say, that men are taller than women in ALMOST all countries. I don't think that this is the case in ANY country.

And you made a good point about not all women being petite and weak, but I remember there being a study that found that only one woman in a thousand is as strong as an average man, and the disparity in the upper body was even greater, but of course the difference was lower in the legs, where they are more relatively equal.

There's almost no overlap in strength at all between men and woman, but this doesn't change the fact that there a number of exceptions of course. It's just not so common at all.
Rory says on 23/Jan/15
At the end of the day, no hot woman gives a damn if you're 6'4 if you're ugly rly. Most would pick the good looking 5'10 guy nine times out of ten. I personally wouldnt want to be over 188cm. Guys who are like 6'5 ish can play their pathetic little egotistical games with other 6'4-6'6 guys, but mostly no one cares even if they feel great about themselves edging out fellow very tall guys. I think its best to be tall but in a cool way, not goliath tall where you alienate yourself from most other people like 6'5 guys do and look abnormal..I think cool tall is somewhere between 185cm-189cm. Anywhere rly between 181-191cm although a broad range, I think you can be satisfied with your height, delighted if you're 6'1/6'2.
RobV says on 23/Jan/15
@french you ask how I would feel about being shorter, say 5'11". Well as I am over 6'2" and use lifts/elevators to gain more than 3", then the answer has to be that I would not be leaping for joy if I woke up and found myself over 3" shorter than I really am.

I do not think there is any man in the world at 6'2" who would want to lose over 3" and be 5'11". I grew to my full height at 13 and when I was that age I actually DID want to be shorter. Teenagers are great conformists and want not to stand out. But I very quickly grew out of that once I had been made aware of the advantages! I also came to realise that what I didn't like was not so much being so tall as the incredible skinniness that went with it at that age - now I have built myself up a lot, I love being even taller, which is why I add height.
truth2 says on 23/Jan/15
@Robv I do not mean it in an emotive sense but in a practical sense. I am just simply saying that if you are above average height you do not NEED lifts. I have nothing against tall people that wear lifts if they want it, I just find it impractical as to why would people resort to that since you can damage your feet if you are in them 24/7 and you already look down on most people. It is the same as a young 20-25 y.o. guy taking pills for high blood pressure despite having a perfect one at 110/65. You are right about one thing though: women that dress provocative (mini skirt, high heels) can often appear very sexually attractive but at the same time it causes guys to not take women like that serious and view them only like sex toys and because of that other women view them as pathetic women with no substance.
Lisa says on 23/Jan/15
@Pete Pro: Yes, that's all true, but there are many women who are stronger than most men. It may be an extremely small percentage but that percentage represents thousands of women. This sounds like a huge number of stronger women. However, it's a drop in the bucket when you consider the world population. Thousands of women among billions of people is not a comparatively large number.

While it's indisputable that the average man is stronger and taller than the average woman, there's a gray area in the mid teens at the point when males surpass females. Before that, it's not unusual for the AVERAGE girl (say, 11 to 13), in a given area, to be be bigger and stronger than the AVERAGE male of the same age in that given area. Not to start a battle of the sexes, but the average girl's brain is more developed too.

I'm not sure about single vs. married women. What I do know is that the variations within the sexes are greater than those between them.
Jake 6ft0.5 says on 23/Jan/15
Does anyone else find it striking how few people actually know their height? I don't know if it's just the area I live in, but A LOT of guys who are short-to-average tend to round up their height to a nice figure like 5'10" or 5'11" -while we're talking about guys who are 5'8" at most. And guys who are legitimately over 6 foot tend to take things way too far. I know a lot of 6'0" who claim to be 6'1,5" or 6'2". Heck, I even met someone so clueless, that he assumed he was 6'5" because he was as tall as the door frames in his house.

What is up with that?
B'nner says on 23/Jan/15
160cm very short
164cm very short-short
168cm short-weak short
172cm weak short-average
176cm average for males
180cm average-weak tall
184cm weak tall-tall
188cm tall-very tall
192cm very tall

146cm very short
150cm very short-short
154cm short-weak short
158cm weak short-average
162cm average for chicks
166cm average-weak tall
170cm weak tall-tall
174cm tall-very tall
178cm very tall

good chart?
PetePro says on 22/Jan/15
@Lisa re. Strong Women: a valid case put by you that there a many big strong women.

However, I do have some statistics for you, to get perspective. These were from a 1980s Canadian Army study. It being as follows:

M v. F 3-5 x stronger Upper Body;
M v. F slightly stronger Abdomen;
M v. F 1/3 stronger Legs (thighs).

If a man is muscularly untrained he is the 3 times stronger in his upper body (torso, neck, shoulders and arms). If trained, or does hard labouring work, he can be typically 5 times stronger (almost twice that of an untrained man).

The biggest size difference between the sexes is the shoulders. On a man's shoulders, he is 3 male heads wide; on a woman's, she is just 2 female heads wide.

Then, when you factor in that men have bigger hands and feet, much thicker skin, a larger head, a more pronounced eyebrow ridge, shin bones that stick out, a higher Achilees' Heel, and a pelvis designed better for running and kicking, then males are (on average) vastly more effective at physical exertion.

Indeed, only the top 0.5% of women are as strong, or stronger, than just the average man. That said, some of those women can be surprisingly strong (as you rightly mentioned).

Just to add an observation of mine: I think women who've had children, what with all the housework and so on, will be significantly stronger than young childless women.

If I recall, you are a big strong woman. ;)
RobV says on 22/Jan/15
@ french I am not sure if you understand English very well, because I tried to answer what I assumed was intended to be a silly and frivolous joke question suggesting that someone who is 5'11" might kill themself because of their height? I'm not sure I have ever heard of this statistically, and it may just have been that you are not able to express yourself in English. If you are French, by all means post it in French so I can understand it better.
newguy says on 22/Jan/15
Clement you could claim 190 I'm jealous you have a good height I'm only 5'11.75 at night.I have a friend your height and he loves it
french guy says on 22/Jan/15
@Robv and everyone
Don't take my last post seriously, it was just sarcasm, but I just wanted to know how robv would have reacted if he was shorter

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

Vital statistics like weight, shoe or bra size measurements have been taken from quotes in newspapers, books and resumes.

Celebrity Fan Photos and Agency Pictures of stars are © to their respective owners.