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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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GI Jose says on 31/Jan/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5" -6'2"
It is definitely possible that some states have slightly higher/lower averages than others because of the diversity and heritage of the people that populated the states. Here in Ohio, the demographics say that it is about 80% white with German being the most common heritage. However, I observe an average of about 5'8.75" overall.
french says on 31/Jan/15
most people who did leg lenghtening were 165-175 cm with a few who were 178 cm.And now there are more and more people who are 180 cm and want to do it.
If you don"t believe me take a look on the limblenghtening forum.
And i never heard any cases of disablilty, this is a myth.
Kourosh says on 31/Jan/15
typically whats height of a person if eyelevel is just over 165 cm? like 165.3
Umberto gelato says on 31/Jan/15
I am a solid 6ft 1 and reasonably well built and was guessed as high as 6ft 3 by a legit 6ft 6 friend of mine. People usually think his 6ft 8. The point I am making is that the legit heights of 6ft and 6ft are quite tall in most regular situations.
RobV says on 30/Jan/15
@2toes You are quite right that it is the percentiles that are the most important stats, not 'averages'.

However, these are easily misread or misunderstood, particularly at the top end of the scale. There is a massive difference, between, say 99th percentile and 99.9th, in terms of the actual numbers of people who are at those heights. Much more so than the difference between, say 95th and 99th.

It may also be sensible to translate these into comparable fractions. So while 95th percentile is 5 in a 100, 99th percentile is one in 100, and the 99.9th is one in a thousand. It just doesn't LOOK so different when listed as a percentile.
RobV says on 30/Jan/15
@IO about a tall co-worker who claims to be much taller than he is. You mention a guy who adds 10cm (4") to his claimed height, saying he's 205 (almost 6'9") instead of his 195 (6'5").

This is an extreme example but many tall guys make the most inflated claims about their height. It's an interesting phenomenon really. 4" is a lot to add, but at that type of height it is pretty easy to claim you are 2m/well over 6'6" and very very few people are going to call you out. If you are in that situation and happen to meet a guy who is a little taller and he tends to be more honest/nearer his actual height, it will still not make much difference to the way others react. This is one of those strange 'unfair' things, where someone really tall can get away with much more inflation than someone of average or below average height.

Generally, most people inaccurately assume that someone as tall as that will not want to claim taller than they are (on the "why bother?" principle). But of course if you are in the top couple of % height wise yourself, you know that this is not a correct reading - most very tall guys actually do NOT like being towered (they seem to hate it more than average/slightly above average guys do, in my experience).
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 30/Jan/15
Rob how do often do you see women that are between 5ft 8in and 6ft 0in.
[Editor Rob: a fair amount in 5ft 8-10 range, but 5ft 11-6ft range not that many during a day.]
Amaze says on 30/Jan/15
@krause listen don't complain lol..I'll be 18 in may and I'm only 173/4 when my dream is 183. 188/9 is 6'2" strong tall very good height and perfect IMO. You are tall. ... And you are at a good size
Darren510 says on 30/Jan/15
I dont know if certain states have a taller average than others.I tend to see the most tall people in cities. Washington state does seem to have lots of tall people though. It would seem the average guy is 5'11 and the average girl 5'6-5'7...6'5 guys and 6'0 women are relativly common to.
ZoZo says on 30/Jan/15
Hi Rob, so do you think my official height should be 187cm in general?
[Editor Rob: yeah just stick with the 187 mark.]
Tomcat says on 30/Jan/15
I gained 1.5 inches from 5'9.5" morning height to 5'11" just by laying in bed all day for about 2 months during a time I just read books at home all day. But after I bought a MacBook air and started sitting more to use the computer, I lost that height within 3 weeks or so. But I imagined if I continued to straighten the spine I may permanently keep a little bit of the gain.
Krause says on 30/Jan/15
@Rob: Click Here What do you think about this article? Isn't a 5 cm gain too much?
Also do you think I could gain 1-1.5 cm by stretching? I'll be 18 in june and it's really frustrating to be 189.3 at night when my dream height is 190-191.
P.S. I haven't grown more than 1 cm since my 16th birthday. Please answer.
[Editor Rob: if you haven't grown by now I would say your plates might be fused...although it's hard to say for certain.

the agrobics stuff is hard to comment on because journalists can certainly write stuff to sell stories ;) I believe any type of gain that people experience is from having a posture that is misaligned or not at it's full potential and these exercises/hanging/pulling have helped them.]
Connor6ft says on 30/Jan/15
@Musa don't talk about your dick please we don't wanna know!
184.3cm says on 30/Jan/15
So today a co-worker was looking at photos on my desk of my family. He remarked on how large my children were and how my daughter would probably be huge when full-grown. I responded by saying that she got estimated to be 170-175cm and then it happened..He said that was short for a girl. I couldnt believe my ears and so got into a debate with this guy. I commented on the women in our immediate area, saying that not one of them was over 175cm. He gave a couple of names of women in the office who in his opinion were large, one is 178cm max the other struggles with 174cm. I was speechless as he wandered off and then i realised i forgot to ask him how tall he thinks he is, because i have him estimated at nomore than 179cm.
He always seemed like a pretty smart guy but he is it seems like many others oblivious to reality. Im now looking forward to next years medical i will be sure to stand right behind him when he goes under the stadiometer.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 30/Jan/15
I have a question for people on here that I'm asking again (hoping that it obtains an answer). Would you say that the northern states (Washington, Idaho, Montana, North and South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan) are taller on average? People who I'm friends with from these states have actually told me that they feel that the average height for a male in their areas is really tall, but I've actually felt that there's no way. If I were to mention how I felt at my height in these states:

Washington: Strong tall.
Idaho: Really tall, and it seemed that everybody would appear taller from far away (with their eye level appearing higher in my perspective) for some reason as well), but then I would tower over them when they weren't. It also seemed to have rapidly decreased the more that I was in northern Idaho.
North Dakota: Really tall, as well as I do in college.
South Dakota: Really tall again.
Minnesota (St. Paul): Strong tall. Is this the same Minnesota that people who are 6'0" on other forums have disclosed that they feel below average to average in height in (after looking it up)?
Wisconsin: Borderline strong tall. I can buy a 5'9.5"-5'10" average for this state.
Michigan: Strong tall.

Wisconsin seemed to be the only state that was.
2toes says on 30/Jan/15
The percentiles are the important stats, not the "average" which means nothing beacuse almost everybody in evrey country has different heights.
IO says on 29/Jan/15
It's crazy how some lie about their height. Got a co-worker. He has to be 194-195. But he swears he is 2.05 Yep he likes by 10 cm. But no one ever questions it as he's so tall they're never sure. I stand 179cm and I come exactly below his ear so that's like 15cm. But he doesn't believe me. In fact I have coworkers who are the same height as me. EYE TO EYE but they claim 183cm.
Lisa says on 29/Jan/15
@Emily: FWIW, you are at the 85th percentile for 20-year-old American women. Polish Sandra might be around the 88th.
ZoZo says on 29/Jan/15
Hi Rob, if I measure exactly 188cm out of bed and evening measure around 186.5 , what should I claim my height to be 187cm or 186cm?
[Editor Rob: I'd say go with the 187 mark if you tell people your height. If you are modest and never want to be caught short and your life depends on never measuring under 186, then go with 186.]
Judd says on 29/Jan/15
I can read a lot of funny comments in that site and it's one of the reason because I like it!

One example is crazyjap, who think that everybody in Hollywood is precisely 179 cms or others who think that the celebs are regularly at least 1.5" shorter than what they do claim...XD
DELPO says on 29/Jan/15
Leaving physique and looks aside, what's the minimum height for a guy to be look aesthetically pleasing? Would like to hear some of your opinions.
Musa says on 29/Jan/15
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FiveNine says on 29/Jan/15
5'7 is not average...its SMOKIN...(I mean.. SMO-KIN...!!!)
Nick74 says on 29/Jan/15
Hi Rob, I wondered if you could advise me on a good stadiometer
[Editor Rob: the version that replaced the one I have is called the Seca 213. The platter bit (that measures you) is more strudy I believe. They sell this in some UK medical sites online, they also have a Seca 213I which is the same version with a spirit level in the platter part. This means when you put it against a wall you can make sure it is very level, because sometimes walls/floors can mean the device isn't perfectly straight.]
184.3cm says on 29/Jan/15
Interesting, in the US the 75th percentile is 5'11.75 for white men and 5'6.75 for women thats a fraction more (1cm or 2) than the 50th percentile here in Holland :o

@Emily You are above the 75th percentile in the US so you are tall. Not like 5'9 + but still tall.

@Johnson ofc you can claim 190cm.
JohnGB says on 29/Jan/15
Johnson says on 28/Jan/15
I am 189.7cm after 9 hours woke up. If I say that I am 190cm, people accept or not?

I can't believe some of these questions are real.. you are asking this: If at an evening meal, will someone be able to guess your height so accurately that they will spot the 3mm discrepancy between your claimed 190cm and actual 189.7cm?

Let alone the fact that earlier in the day, you will actually be >190cm anyway. I don't think this warrants an answer.
PCMonk says on 29/Jan/15
Hey guys, I'm 182.3cm at night and 182.7cm during the day. I am going on a bulk at 3.5 kCal a day. Is that a good idea?
RobV says on 29/Jan/15
ps newguy. If you have grown a couple of inches at 15/16, then you can grow more I guess. There are loads of stats online about the age at which people tend to stop growing but there are exceptions and variations (as with all stats). My instinct is that you will grow a bit more, but look at your family as a guide. Oddly, I grew to my 6'2" and a bit by the time I was 13 and then totally stopped. My slightly older cousin carried on growing till he was well over 18 and ended up my height having been short by me in our teens.
RobV says on 29/Jan/15
@newguy. In my early teens I just did not like being so tall as I was very skinny. However, at some point (possibly round about your age, 16) I began to realise that my height was an advantage. Then when I was 18/19 I began helping out a friend who ran a night in London and I have mentioned hee before the three guys all around 6'6" who used to come in and basically dominated the place. That's when I started adding height (and working out as well!).
french guy says on 29/Jan/15

it depends on where you live, how much money you earn of course and who you consider for the operation.
there are some cheap doctors but who have a good reputation, most people who consider leg lenghtening cannot afford the most reputable doctors But results are very closed to those you can get with an expensive doctor Provided you follow the instructions and you'rd not doing 20 cm.
Zoro 5'9.5 says on 29/Jan/15
I would think 1000 times before doing leg lenghtening, even if I had money to burn. It means a LOT of pain, months of life thrown away, possibility of infections and the chance of never running again, or at least not being the same.

I'm really concerned about height, but c'mon, objectively, is really being 176-177 cm THAT big deal?
I understand considering it if you are a dwarf (155 cm or under), in any other case I think there is worst in life.
mike182 says on 29/Jan/15
I feel around 68-70th percentile with my 182 night height (weak tall - but still tall), i live in switzerland, here u have to be 185 cm at night for the start of solid tall range.
181-183 night = tallish weak tall - good height btw
Darren510 says on 28/Jan/15
The average height is 5'9.5 so I would say 6'0 or a strong 6 is the start of tall. Also I am sure many guys 6'3 can claim 6'5 and get away with it. I think 6'3 claiming more is silly. It's already pretty tall, and the standard tall guy is 6'1-6'2. 6'3 just edges them out a bit, but at 6'5 the difference will be way more drastic. If 6'3 claims 6'5 then I laugh.
GI Jose says on 28/Jan/15
@french guy
I'm very similar to your height (182.3 cm at my low), and I highly doubt the average for the young, white youth of the US (which I think is far too limited of a demographic for the US) is 180 cm. I'd say it's probably 176 cm with the possibility of it going as low as 175 cm or as high as 177 cm. When I'm at my university, I feel like I'm solidly taller than the average male student there (5-7 cm). Perhaps it's different in France, though.
Emily says on 28/Jan/15
I am a 14 year old American girl and 5'7 is that above average in height?
Johnson says on 28/Jan/15
I am 189.7cm after 9 hours woke up. If I say that I am 190cm, people accept or not?
Connor6ft says on 28/Jan/15
@Musa Arch Stanton is right you are totally disrespecting women if what you said is true, that's disgusting, i bet theres also some women on here who have just read your comment right now and they probably feel really offended after that! Its you who is messed up!
KEREM says on 28/Jan/15
Hello guys, yesterday I went to gym hall and a sports instructor wrote me a programme and he measured my fat and muscle percentage. However, when I told him that I am 191cm(6'3), he was surprised and asked me whether I was taller than him. He said that were you so tall like 191cm??

I could see that I was taller than that instructor at that time, at least 3-4cm. I think that he is 184-186cm. Have you ever encounter such an event like this? For example you know your height for istance - 185cm and someone tells you that you can not be 185cm, you are 180cm. have you ever experienced such a thing, please write.
sandra from Poland <3 says on 28/Jan/15
hey guys! I'm 5'7.5 (171cm) and I feel pretty average in my class of 30 adult people. From life experience, I'm sure the average for young people is: 5'10.75 for men and 5'6 for women. Just thought i'd put it out
Kourosh says on 28/Jan/15
french guy

yes if i had money i would do that. yes im being honest and im insecure about my height.

everyone in my family told me i would reach 6'0 tall but what happened? im just a 5'9.5 which is below average and and even an inch less from acceptable height 5'10.25 & 5'11 .
2toes says on 28/Jan/15
Have you noticed that white teenagers tend to have their big growth spurt much later than black boys, asian boys, or native american boys?

Just look (US percentile growth chart by ethnicity):

Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
Click Here
newguy says on 27/Jan/15
@Robv thanks for the advice,mind me asking what age u wanted to grow taller because I remember u said u felt like u were too tall at 13.also at 16 you think I can grow to 6'1-6'2 naturally I'm 5'11 7/8 I grew 2 inches this year
Amaze says on 27/Jan/15
@HI 6'0 is low tall but 6'1 starts solid tall range.. Avg is not 5'10 yet well exact average its still higher avg .. 5'9-10 is avg but 5'9.5 is pinpoint exact
6'0 looks and feels tall and still is
6'1 just starts solid tall
6'0 is tall

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Amaze says on 27/Jan/15
@HI 6'0 is low tall but 6'1 starts solid tall range.. Avg is not 5'10 yet well exact average its still higher avg .. 5'9-10 is avg but 5'9.5 is pinpoint exact
6'0 looks and feels tall and still is
6'1 just starts solid tall
6'0 is tall

@Musa that's so wrong man using girls as meat or objects. Objectifying women is wrong. If you wanna have loads of sex with no strings attached why don't you have one night stands. But don't bang women in relationships pretending u care about them and love them when you don't. Women do not deservve that. Imagine ur mother and sister in that position .. **** man that's wrong .. And you only use women to fufill ur sexual needs wow.. Everyman has his urges I know but why don't u care about love? Something is messed up.
Amaze says on 27/Jan/15
@HI 6'0 looks tall though still .. Average is 5'9-10 exact avg is 5'9.5 still not 10.
6'1 starts solid tall range
6'0 just plain tall

@Musa that is wrong. Don't treat girls like meat man. That's so cruel . objectifying women. Imagine if your mother or sister got used like that .. Seriously if you just wanna have sex and go for all pleasure then I recommend one night stands. Why use a girl who probably loves you like that. Jeez what is wrong with today's world.
Amaze says on 27/Jan/15
@HI 6'0 looks tall though still .. Average is 5'9-10 exact avg is 5'9.5 still not 10.
6'1 starts solid tall range
6'0 just plain tall

@Musa that is wrong. Don't treat girls like meat man. That's so cruel . objectifying women. Imagine if your mother or sister got used like that .. Seriously if you just wanna have sex and go for all pleasure then I recommend one night stands. Why use a girl who probably loves you like that. Jeez what is wrong with today's world.
french guy says on 27/Jan/15

Do you consider leg lenghtening?
You seemed insecure.
french guy says on 27/Jan/15
I m 182.5 cm at Night and don't see how the average height is 178 cm for young French men, I feel at best in the 65 th percentile
180 cm is more realistic and it should be the same in other Caucasian countries.
Clement says on 27/Jan/15

This guy is a troll, dont feed the troll please.
Justin says on 27/Jan/15
Hey brothers, I am only 5'7". I don't why but recently I've become so insecure about it that I can't think about anything else all say. It always gives me a subconscious feeling that I don't deserve to live to the extreme. Is this feeling normal? How do I get over it? I can't take it anymore...
Arch Stanton says on 27/Jan/15
@Musa. I doubt you really get any at all as most women I know would think you insufferably creepy and disrespectful as hell, not to mention being too lanky.
dayle182cm :( says on 27/Jan/15
How do you share images
Laf says on 27/Jan/15
@HI: Agree. 182-183 is too tall for scandinavia. 5'11 range for young men, 5'10 overall.
Musa says on 27/Jan/15
I'm 6'4.5(194cm) barefooted, I never dip below that mark. It is advantage when your tall, that will get you some nice, delicious pussy for sure ummmm. The thing is I only date or get in relationships with women to just bang them. That is my only goal, there might be other reasons for why I pursue women but the primary purpose is to release my sexual frustrations/tension. When I realize that it's not gonna happen or it's getting too late then I just leave. Why should I ever be in a relationship with her when I don't want anything else? The thing with women is that they assume I want to be with them when I really don't, but have to put up with there bs. They equate sex/making love with emotion and romance. Just because I have sex with these women, they think I love them, that is just messed up.
RobV says on 27/Jan/15
@ loads of people on "Can I claim...?". Most of you who are asking seem to be saying that you are v tall, 6'2" etc, and in my experience at that height you can more or less claim what you want! It is a lot more different the nearer to average you go, for obvious reasons - there are more people around to call you out, even given everyone's tendency to add an inch and a bit.

Another funny advantage you have being much taller than average is that anyone seeing you, even another v tall guy, tends to over-estimate your height if you are taller than him. When you are, say, genuinely 6'3", you do not often see guys taller, and when you do it is easy to think that the guy who is less than an inch taller than you is in fact 6'5" or even more.

Another tall guy on here who I communicate with is an inch shorter than me (at 6'1.5"), and like me he wears elevators/lifts to get taller - he gets to 6'5" and when he met his cousin for the first time in ages, who is in fact in reality taller than him, the cousin said "you have got to be over 2m tall". Someone at 6'5" faced with someone 6'3" can appear a lot lot taller.
6ft1everyday says on 27/Jan/15
6ft4 (in shoes) is best height imo..
CD says on 27/Jan/15
To those talking about the general public's distorted perception of height, has anyone ever experienced someone who gives themself an extra half-inch because (as an example) the 5-8 on the tape measure is at the 67.5 inches mark? It is actually an indication that the next inch (68 inches) is 5ft 8, but they are adamant that 67.5 mark MUST be 5ft 8 even though it isn't even a full inch? Seriously? I felt like showing them Rob's video of "How to Read a Tape Measure"!
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 27/Jan/15
John, I agree, which is why I'm beginning to claim 6'1.5" instead of 6'2".
MrBig says on 26/Jan/15
Can you claim that you are 6'6 if you are around 197.5cm?
JohnGB says on 26/Jan/15
unsure says on 26/Jan/15
Which height do you all claim? Morning, afternoon or evening?

I'm 189.5cm in the morning and 187.5cm in the morning. Which height should I claim? 188cm or 6'2? Seeing as I fall below 6'2 at night should I claim 6'1.5? I'm really not sure.

I am of the opinion that sticking to your lowest height as your true height, and nothing above it, is extremely pedantic and impractical. Our height is governed by a range, where the morning height is not as significant since we lose it very quickly, and the evening height is more significant as we shrink towards it throughout the day. By mid afternoon, our height is probably only 0.5cm above our night-time low. However neither of these alone defines our height; our true height should really incorporate the full range. My theory is that a weighted average of these two heights, with a weighting towards our evening height, is a practical representation of ones height. A weighting of 0.75 for evening height and 0.25 for morning height makes sense to use.

In your case: (0.25)*189.5 + (0.75)*187.5 = 188cm

Voila! You are 6ft 2 inches tall. You want to claim 6'1.5" / 186.7cm when at every point of the day, you are comfortably above this? Now that is madness.

Lets take Rob as another example. Using my formula, his height comes out as 173.5cm / 5'8 1/3". From here it depends whether you want to round up or round down, and Rob has chosen to round down. In this case since he's rounded down, I'd say Rob was a strong 5'8" but if he claimed 5'8.5" I think that is pretty acceptable too and no one would call him out on it.
dayle182cm :( says on 26/Jan/15
:) shall I claim 5ft11.5 or 6? And am I classed as averge?
Amaze says on 26/Jan/15
@Connor6ft still you are taller than 83% of people, taller than majority. you in low tall zone but still tall. hows being 20 doing? any job or anything so far
GI Jose says on 26/Jan/15
Based on the perceptions of the general populous in the US about height, it's not too hard to see a 5'9" person getting away with a 6'0" claim. When I was about an inch shorter than I am now, I was guessed at 6'3" once, and nobody would believe I was under 6'0". I think there are certain people who know how tall they really are and just blatantly lie, and that leads to people genuinely not knowing their real height. Then almost everyone starts inflating their height by an inch or more.
outsiders says on 26/Jan/15
I can understand lying about your height by 1 inch but by 3 inches is pure lunacy.
HI says on 26/Jan/15
well I once read average height in the Netherlands was 185 but is that right? What about in Scandinavia? People claim 182/183 but I believe it's more 180 honestly.
HI says on 26/Jan/15
To me 6'0 is the lowest possibility of claiming TALL. 6'1 is what begins TALL. But I take this by the idea that average man is 5'10 and being 3 inches or more is seen as Taller. 2 inches is barely recognizable in my opinion
6ftMagician says on 26/Jan/15

Glad there are other sane people out there! Yes, I get 6'1'' or 6'2'' ALL THE TIME. Especially from petite women. I am a solid 5cm shorter than most claims. I used to claim 182cm, but measured and found out I am 1cm-ish taller than that. Regardless: ''I'm 5 foot 10'' I usually proclaim when asked - most people look baffled and rightly so. I am trying to break the cycle.

When a friend who claims 180cm and always says ''you got taller'' comes over (he doesn't know I'm on Celebheights), I will measure him, to his shock, he will be 176 range. And he always talks smack about how average 5ft 10 is these days - oh, the irony. 5'10'' is an amazing height.
RobV says on 26/Jan/15
@krause you ask what sort of boots I wear to get to 6'6" (i'm a tad over 6'2"). Well I recently mentioned I bought some from GuidoMaggi, 5" elevators, and to my surprise, these actually get me to 2m, which is over 6'6". Yes at that level of addition, anything much over 2", you have to be careful and can only do it in boots and some trainers. I also bought some Don's (d'Etnas) and they are good as well.

With non-elevators, I buy boots a size or two larger and can comfortably get 3-4" in them. Have been doing it for 15 years and have neither had anyone say it looked odd or felt that I walked badly. It is a bit of a science, getting it right, which is why I have offered advice on here and given my email address to those wanting to do it. It was a bit trial and error for me but for the past 10 years I have comfortably always well exceeded 6'5" and usually 6'6" with lifts, and now 2m with my elevators.
RobV says on 26/Jan/15
@newguy you ask whether I wear lifts etc all the time. Yes I do (apart from in bed!). There really would no point for me in going just for special occasions but I can see why it would for some - like wearing a solid pair of boots might make you feel a bit taller when you wanted to.

You are 16, just under 6' and would certainly get away with it, but a lot depends on your lifestyle. At 16, i might have found it difficult other than adding a little booster I guess. But I never did it then. if you really want to add bit of height then my advice is to do just a little right now, put an inch lift in things, make sure it's not discovered. No-one will ever notice that but you will feel way taller already. If it's OK and fits your lifestyle, then you can go higher. Any advice you ever want then by all means e-mail me robfranklin980 @
Krause says on 26/Jan/15
@unsure: I'm pretty sure you can claim 188 or 6'2. I think that as long as you don't claim a full cm over your shortest height you won't get called out. I'm a couple of mm over 189 at my shortest but I claim 190 seeing as most people guess me that. though I don't dare claim 6'3
Kourosh says on 26/Jan/15
im 5'9.5 (176.4 cm) , the tallest height i was guessed was 5'10.5 (178-179 cm) and shortest 5'7.25 (171 cm).

so i dont know how come people around my height usually get past by 6'0 claims!!!

i dont have guts to claim even 5'11 which is only an inch higher than my actual height.I think its because of im afraid of to get called on it. Not only that , since i know i dont have body of a legit 5'11 guy so i dont lie. i might be just 3 cm shorter 5'11 but still 3 cm makes noticeable difference. So i dont know where people have the courage to inflate their height up to 2 inches. i usually say my real height, but in front of ladies i lie and claim 5'10 just to impress them :).

anyways, I am just ok with my height neither happy nor upset. Among the youngsters i feel like im inch shorter than average considering average height (18-25) in my country is 5'8.5 to 5'9, im yet to see so many 5'10 to 5'11 guys in streets. but in compare to elderly people ,im appeared from average to solid average. So generally i classify myself in just okayish zone. i wish i was 6'0 tall :( so i wouldnt be so insecure about my height.
GI Jose says on 26/Jan/15
@Bryan (Queenslander)
It's just a personal preference of mine. I feel that when, at some point I am not the full height that I claim, I am lying. I've gone by night height since I was 16 just because of the reason stated before. You could also read the very first sentence of my previous post in which I say this: "I've actually been starting to just say a tad under 6'0" lately". I don't mind if other people are rounding up their height from the half inch mark up, but that's just not something I do.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 26/Jan/15
Rob is it possible for males at 16 too lose height like go from 5ft 6in barefoot 5ft 7in with shoes on too 5ft 5in barefoot 5ft 6in with shoes on.
[Editor Rob: from morning to night, but I don't know anybody who would lose height without major injury at a young age.]
unsure says on 26/Jan/15
Which height do you all claim? Morning, afternoon or evening?

I'm 189.5cm in the morning and 187.5cm in the morning. Which height should I claim? 188cm or 6'2? Seeing as I fall below 6'2 at night should I claim 6'1.5? I'm really not sure.
truth2 says on 26/Jan/15

Scandinavia? Average to slightly below
Eastern Europe? Around average (above/below depending on country)
Balkans? Below average ( a few cm)
Southern Europe? Above average ( a few cm)
Germany? Around average, slightly shorter for young men Netherlands? Below average but not by much (less than 5cm) Belgium? Bang on average France? Above average only just.

For Europe 177cm is average height (overral), 179cm for young. 175-183cm you blend right in.
184.3cm says on 26/Jan/15

I can only speak for The Netherlands (Holland) as well i live here. The average height is round 5'6 for a woman here and 5'11 for a man. So you might feel a smidge under average here especially if you have a group of young guys were 182-193 is pretty common.

As for conducting a height challenge in public i read an article not long ago in Men's Health where they did just that. They went down to a shopping centre and challenged men to be measured on a stadiometer, the results were even more shocking than i expected. Some men lied by an inch or slightly more but you had a few guys who were lying up to 3 inches !
Lisa says on 26/Jan/15
@6ft Magician: Yes, you're spot on with your observation. People, especially short girls, usually overestimate heights. I've been guessed as tall as 6'2! I bet you've been guessed as tall as 6'4 or 6'5, as ridiculous as that sounds. I once measured young women as a part of my job at a clinic. Most of them were surprised to learn how short they were. It wasn't uncommon for 5'0 girls to claim "about 5'4". My theory is that many girls aren't measured and they use their friends as references. If their 5'2 friend claims 5'4, and they're the same height, they'll also claim 5'4. They'll also, sadly (jk), think that 5'8 guys are 5'10, perpetuating the myth that 5'8 guys are short, forcing genuine 5'8 guys to add one or two inches to their claimed heights because the short girls think 5'6-5'7 guys are really 5'8-5'9. It's one big "add a few inches" cycle.
Oz0 says on 26/Jan/15
How tall do you think the Janoskians are
polienquiry says on 26/Jan/15
Rob can you let me know hot tall you think King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia was? he seems 176cm-178cm to me(Peak) , and his dad who was the tallest bedouin possibly at a minimum of 188cm. Saudi royal family seems quite tall in comparison to the rest of us here :)
[Editor Rob: no real knowledge of him.]
TJE says on 25/Jan/15
Would anyone in the US/UK agree that 5'10.25-10.5 for males looks more average than upper average now?
Bryan (Queenslander) says on 25/Jan/15
@GI Jose

You're probably 183cm at lunchtime why must you measure at your lowest? In real life people will give you crazed stares if you called someone out for claiming 5'10 if they happened to be 178cm barefoot at lunchtime with relaxed posture.

If this was you, you would say "I will shrink down to 5'9.75 therefore i have to claim 5'9!".
Lisa says on 25/Jan/15
@gj: Wikipedia has a good article on human height. It lists the average heights of a lot of different countries. All/most of your questions should be answered there.
Lol971 says on 25/Jan/15
Rob im 14 year old and im 5'9.5 (1.77m) how tall i Will be???
Thomas says on 25/Jan/15
Hey Rob, I measure somewhere between 6'2" and 6'1.5" in the morning and after a day of vigorous exercise and 5 hours of basketball, I shrink to my lowest 6'1" at the end of the day. I'm not entirely sure what my true height is. Sometimes I'm 6'1.2". Only after standing up all day long do I shrink to 6'1".
Amaze says on 25/Jan/15
@Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" you are correct . people are wrong if they think 5'11 or 6'1 starts tall. Its neither. Factually and u are right also is that the height 183cm or 6'0 begins tall. 5'11.25-75 or 181/2 is talllish . 6'1 cannot start tall well especially in UK, its 3-4 inches above average. 185-7cm or 6'1-6'1.7.5 is more solid tall range.
6ftMagician says on 25/Jan/15
Does anyone agree how shocking the general public's perception of height is. I really want to go out and ask the general public how tall they think I am, then reveal it to them - bet their guesses will inflate my height. And I would also like to ask them how tall they (think they) are - then ask if they would accept being measured - I think the results would be amazing, even if some would not accept being measured, I think more would accept. I hypothesis most would overestimate. I would tell them its a bit of fun beforehand and for research purposes.

Only issue is I don't have a stadiometer. If Rob is ever down in London let me know and we could do it in any of my local highstreets.

And I could double check my height - some days I measure differently - and I suspect the floors in my house are not level. Either way I am 184.x in the morning and usually bang on 183cm or a few mm under at night.
Krause says on 25/Jan/15
@ RobV care to show us what type of shoes you are wearing in order to make yourself 6'6 ish? I myself being a strong 189 weak 190 can't imagine wearing something bigger than 4-5 cm because it both feels and looks weird
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 25/Jan/15
186 cms is what I believe to be the start of 'legit' tall..a 183 cms guy is not much taller than 179-181cms guy.179-181 are in turn not much taller than 175 cms..but it also depends on the place that you are going to.Some Asian countries have more malnutrition and poverty issues as a result of which average height is a lot lower than expected.Common examples are India,china,and middle eastern states
Kourosh says on 25/Jan/15
I'm 5'9.5 and i rate my height 4 out of 10. it sucks to be shorter than good amount of people you walk by in streets, malls , universities and airports.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Merdius says on 25/Jan/15
Rob is it possible too grow taller again when your not growing anymore skintight flash managed too grow again hìs growth plates were long closed i believe it's possible after all too grow taller again if growth plates are closed.
[Editor Rob: do you believe Skintight? All his measurement videos apart from 2 at the gym are of a closeup of a stadiometer. It's very easy to film a full body measurement, so you have to ask why he's not bothered doing that in his own home...

I believe any sort of gain he achieved was from being inactive and not having correct posture and months of stretching helped align his back.]
Connor6ft says on 25/Jan/15
@Amaze yeah I know what you mean I feel like that with my height sometimes.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 25/Jan/15
I still stand by what I say (despite what others say), 6'0" is the start of tall and the 80th percentile, with 181-182 CM being tallish. 187 CM is the start of strong tall as well.
newguy says on 25/Jan/15
@RobV do you always wear lifts or is it just on special occasions? I feel like people would notice If I was wearing it.I'm 16 5'11 3/4 at my lowest should I be thinking about lifts at my age,I just want to be 6'1-6'2 this sucks
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 25/Jan/15
I think that people lie about their heights due to the fact that there are a bunch of people who will make seeming short appear as a humiliating thing that they can't get past. Along with that, since others lie about their heights, other people will inflate their height to seem really tall just so they don't get antagonized over it. I've noticed this more onh that,line (not on here) where it seems at least 3/4 of the people claim to be past 6'0", with at least 1/5 claiming to be past 6'5", and then 1% claiming to be past 7'0" (which is bizarre, and there's no way that this is even close to the real scenario).

I admire it when a short person owns up to their height and has confidence over their height, and would even assist them with building it up if they feel that it's necessary. I was like this at one point, but I will admit that I had to figure out how perspective works in order to accept my height (realizing how tall I am). It did help to realize that people who are short aren't inferior or superior to those who are of average height, or those who are tall.
Noor says on 24/Jan/15
Barefoot height for men in cm: very short 160-65
short 165-70
below average/not bad height 170-74
average male height 174-80
tall/perfect delicious range 180-88
very tall/solid 188-92
huge 192+
Lisa says on 24/Jan/15
@Crash: Look at it this way. Compare the weakest men to the strongest men. Now, do the same thing for women. Now, compare the average man to the average woman. The last group has the narrowest strength gap. BTW, there are more strong women than you may realize.
Submarine (6'0'') says on 24/Jan/15
@shortguy777: If you rest or sit down for a period of time between the two measurements then it is very possible to measure taller at night.
gj says on 24/Jan/15
Average height by region?

Eastern Europe?
Southern Europe?
Germany? Netherlands? Belgium? France?

Is 179cm a pretty average height. That's my height and curious how I would be if visiting Europe
Amaze says on 24/Jan/15
@Connor6ft true but it's like when you're below average you feel it you know what i mean. if i was 5'9 i probably wouldn't care that much but being taller is better.
Height183 says on 24/Jan/15
@FlameBoy: I can agree with a lot of your chart.
GI Jose says on 24/Jan/15
I've actually been starting to just say a tad under 6'0" lately, but that's quite recent that I've started doing that. However, the only reason that I will still claim just 5'11" is when someone who is 5'9" or 5'10" tries to claim 6'0". I'll tell them I'm 5'11" for an indirect way to call them out on their ridiculous claim.

My main reason for not claiming just flat out 6'0" is because I have had a policy ever since I reached 5'9" at age 16 that I wouldn't claim the next inch until I never drop below it. So I don't want to claim a full 6'0" until I am 6'0" at my low rather than 5'11.75". I just feel like I'm lying if I say 6'0" when I still have 1/4" to go until I am completely 6'0". I may not ever reach the full 6'0" because I am 18, but I did have a late growth spurt. I was actually recording 5'11.25" about 3 months ago, but I have grown another half inch since then so I doubt my growth is completely over. In short, I don't claim the full height until I am at the height at my low.
Omid says on 24/Jan/15
Rob does being having a slow yet steady growth delay Plate's closure?

Since childhood, I never had what you may call a growth spurt, although I was practically tall as a kid the growth happened with a steady pace, it slowed in my teens and i think is continuing at this moment

I was 5'9.5 at 18 and now, a couple of months before my 21st birthday, I'm 5'10.75
[Editor Rob: I think predicting when height stops is difficult, some people's plates genetically might just be programmed to close, but there might be too much estrogen at times which could lead to the plates closing quicker.]
dayle182cm :( says on 24/Jan/15
How tall am I if 5ft6.5 comes to bottom of my bottom lip?
Connor6ft says on 24/Jan/15
@Amaze your'e height isn't that bad, I think 5ft 8 is ok.
RobV says on 23/Jan/15
@ Jake 6ft0.5 on the issue of people not knowing heights or always claiming taller than they are. In my experience, there is quite a genuine lack of perception about accuracy when it comes to height (whether your own or others'). It is to do with perspective, a genuine difficulty in measuring it yourself and with the emotive and totemic aspects of certain heights. You refer in particular to heights around 6 foot and it seems to me that most guys who can clamber to making some sort of half-credible claim to being 6' will do so.

Once everyone is either lying or stretching it, it becomes one of those unwritten never challenged things, everyone is doing it - others only challenge it if you appear to be really pushing it. I bet there is a scientific equation or formula for it somewhere "My height squared divided by your height adding 2 inches to the power of y = I challenge you". You are more aware of really inflated claims the nearer your own height it is coming from!

Just look at all the celebs on this site and the nice paras at the top using their own statements/claims made in media - one is an actor I have met who is 6'3" or 6'4" max, claiming at 30 that he is 6'6" 'and still growing'. Funny old world.
RobV says on 23/Jan/15
@truth2. No-one 'needs' shoe lifts or elevators at any height - in exactly the same way that no-one 'needs' chocolate, the latest fashion/clothes, a beer, a new cellphone or a new hairstyle. Or indeed this website (sorry Ed) "Need' is not the issue. If you 'like' being taller and get on with lifts, then you use them. If you bring the outdated word 'need' to the table for any activity in the 21st century of which you disapprove, you hit a dead end. In the west, we really are not still living in the middle of the Second World War where supply of things was based on rationing and pure 'need' as dictated by a higher authority.

You may not like the consumer world but it's the one we have. And anyone who talks about defining all their own choices purely on the basis of 'need' is simply not reflecting what they actually do.

Again, I use lifts and elevators because I 'like' being 6'6" and because I 'like' the feeling that the height gives. It is a choice based upon personal preference. Not because I 'need' to - I don't 'need' to.

You make statements about being the height I get to (which I do not recognise as my own experience at all) so I assume you must be speaking from a position of personal knowledge and are therefore as tall as me if not taller, and you have a different experience. There is also no scientific evidence that properly designed lifts etc 'damage' your feet any more or less than properly designed normal shoes. Some, in fact, are helpful to the feet.
Lisa says on 23/Jan/15
@Crash: I agree with all of that. I wrote the bit about "almost all countries" to cover my bases, honestly. I don't know the averages in all countries. It's safe to say all men are larger in all countries. Now, watch some tiny island's population be the exception to the rule. You're correct about the rarity of stronger women but there are thousands of us around the world. The percentage is tiny but the numbers are huge. You're spot on about growth before and after puberty. The sexes are pretty even until girls start puberty. After that, the girls average a tad taller for a short while.

@184.3cm: IIRC, very young boys are a tad larger when they're around toddler age but boys and girls are about the same size until girls reach puberty. Girls then average larger for two to three years. Of course, there are all kinds of variations during this time period.
grizz says on 23/Jan/15
I'll be soon heading to chiropractor,but before I go there,I'd like to ask something. Is it possible to lose max. 1cm of height throughout the day if you maintain a perfect posture? For instance, my out-of-bed height is 184.7 cm, while my absolute lowest is 182.2 cm. Preferably, I would like my absolute lowest height to be 183.5, with 184 cm as my usual daily height (currently that's 183-183.3 cm). Is there any chance to gain that 1cm with better posture?
Amaze says on 23/Jan/15
@Connor6ft im 18 in 4 months and im still 5'8 and it sucks. im actually jel of 6 ft guys.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15
"I'm not sure about single vs. married women. What I do know is that the variations within the sexes are greater than those between them."

This is false? Again, there is almost no overlap between the sexes at all. This means that the differences between the sexes are far greater than within them. In other words it's very rare to find a woman stronger than a man.
FlameBoy says on 23/Jan/15
150 and below - Borderline dwarf to Potential dwarfism
151- 160 - Very Short
161 - 166 Short
167 - 170 = On the Short Side but Not as open to Potential Comedic Mockery.
171 - 174 = Little Below Average but Not Short
175 - 178 = Average
179 - 183 = On the tall Side but Not Noticeably tall Per Say
184 - 190 = Tall
191 - 197 = Very tall
198cm - 204Cm = Borderline Giants
205cm and Over = Giants In human Form

140 and below = borderline dwarfs To Dwarfism
141 - 150 = Very Short
151- 159 = Short
160 - 166 = Average
167 - 170 = on the tall side but not Noticeably tall per Say
171 - 177 = Tall
178 - 184 = Very tall
185 and over are Giant Woman

First chart was for Dudes Second was for chicks just to Clarify.
shortguy777 says on 23/Jan/15
Hi, is it possible to be shorter in the afternoon than at night? I measured myself right before I got to bed, and I was a touch under 5'6. I measured myself today and found that I was about 5'5.5.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15
@GI Jose

For someone who always makes such sensible and logical posts, I really don't understand why you would claim a height shorter than you know you truly are. I remember you saying that you claimed 5'11" when you were 6'0", which doesn't make any sense to me.
Judd says on 23/Jan/15
Judd says on 22/Jan/15
rob, who are two actors whose you're sure that they are respectively honest 6' and honest 6'1" (you'll be willing to bet your home house on their height)?
[Editor Rob:
Maybe an honest 6ft like duchovny.]

Yeah I agree. I thought him, too.
Personally I think an honest 6'1" was (at peak) Kevin Costner and Barack Obama today.
[Editor Rob: yes for 6ft 1 those guy look honest enough.]
184.3cm says on 23/Jan/15
@Jake 6ft0.5

Whats up with that? No idea to be honest. Some people are just totally unaware of their lies and others are just flat out lying because they feel shorter heights are in some way inferior. Your example of 5'8-5'9 guys claiming 5'10-5'11 is a good one. In Europe ive noticed almost all like to claim 180cm. Noone really bats an eye either when they claim it! Its almost like its acceptable to lie as long as you dont go too far. The cut off point seems to be 185cm from my own observations. Ive seen guys who are 182-183cm claiming it and getting called on it, meanwhile there are guys 173-177 claiming 178-182cm !.

@Lisa From birth boys are bigger and heavier than girls. Of course you can have bigger babies but the average always shows boys to be 1kg heavier and a few cm taller. I dont doubt for an instant though that girl's develop mentally much quicker, from observing other kids and my own it seems that girls evolve much faster, learning new things and questioning the world more than boys do. Early teenage years as well, girls seem to mature quicker before boys catch up around 15-16 years old.
Connor6ft says on 23/Jan/15
@B'nner pretty good chart I agree with all of that.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15

That girls are at one point stronger than boys, as well as more developed in the brain, is only to be expected. Before puberty it's said that there's virtually no difference at all in strength, and boys and girls are also close in height as they have been developing at a very similar rate until puberty.

Girls undergo puberty some time before boys, and therefore also undergo both the physical and brain developmental changes that come with it, some time before boys do. The boys then have to catch up with girls to begin with and when girls have slowed down considerably in height and strength gains, the boys surpass the girls. This gives us the disparity in height and strength seen in adulthood.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15
This university thing has gone too far now. Like truth2 pointed out, in many countries, at least half of young adults will attend university. Therefore the average will in reality be barely any different than among young people outside. The only real difference is of course that there are fewer "older" people in university, but if you were only focusing on younger people to begin with (as it would appear many on here do anyway, whether rightly or wrongly), then there won't be any noticeable difference if you were to actually do a proper study of height.

Maybe in Oxford or Cambridge, what with them being mostly of higher social classes you would notice some difference, but in other more "public" universities, it just seems like some sort of confirmation bias to me.
Crash says on 23/Jan/15

You say, that men are taller than women in ALMOST all countries. I don't think that this is the case in ANY country.

And you made a good point about not all women being petite and weak, but I remember there being a study that found that only one woman in a thousand is as strong as an average man, and the disparity in the upper body was even greater, but of course the difference was lower in the legs, where they are more relatively equal.

There's almost no overlap in strength at all between men and woman, but this doesn't change the fact that there a number of exceptions of course. It's just not so common at all.
Rory says on 23/Jan/15
At the end of the day, no hot woman gives a damn if you're 6'4 if you're ugly rly. Most would pick the good looking 5'10 guy nine times out of ten. I personally wouldnt want to be over 188cm. Guys who are like 6'5 ish can play their pathetic little egotistical games with other 6'4-6'6 guys, but mostly no one cares even if they feel great about themselves edging out fellow very tall guys. I think its best to be tall but in a cool way, not goliath tall where you alienate yourself from most other people like 6'5 guys do and look abnormal..I think cool tall is somewhere between 185cm-189cm. Anywhere rly between 181-191cm although a broad range, I think you can be satisfied with your height, delighted if you're 6'1/6'2.
RobV says on 23/Jan/15
@french you ask how I would feel about being shorter, say 5'11". Well as I am over 6'2" and use lifts/elevators to gain more than 3", then the answer has to be that I would not be leaping for joy if I woke up and found myself over 3" shorter than I really am.

I do not think there is any man in the world at 6'2" who would want to lose over 3" and be 5'11". I grew to my full height at 13 and when I was that age I actually DID want to be shorter. Teenagers are great conformists and want not to stand out. But I very quickly grew out of that once I had been made aware of the advantages! I also came to realise that what I didn't like was not so much being so tall as the incredible skinniness that went with it at that age - now I have built myself up a lot, I love being even taller, which is why I add height.
truth2 says on 23/Jan/15
@Robv I do not mean it in an emotive sense but in a practical sense. I am just simply saying that if you are above average height you do not NEED lifts. I have nothing against tall people that wear lifts if they want it, I just find it impractical as to why would people resort to that since you can damage your feet if you are in them 24/7 and you already look down on most people. It is the same as a young 20-25 y.o. guy taking pills for high blood pressure despite having a perfect one at 110/65. You are right about one thing though: women that dress provocative (mini skirt, high heels) can often appear very sexually attractive but at the same time it causes guys to not take women like that serious and view them only like sex toys and because of that other women view them as pathetic women with no substance.
Lisa says on 23/Jan/15
@Pete Pro: Yes, that's all true, but there are many women who are stronger than most men. It may be an extremely small percentage but that percentage represents thousands of women. This sounds like a huge number of stronger women. However, it's a drop in the bucket when you consider the world population. Thousands of women among billions of people is not a comparatively large number.

While it's indisputable that the average man is stronger and taller than the average woman, there's a gray area in the mid teens at the point when males surpass females. Before that, it's not unusual for the AVERAGE girl (say, 11 to 13), in a given area, to be be bigger and stronger than the AVERAGE male of the same age in that given area. Not to start a battle of the sexes, but the average girl's brain is more developed too.

I'm not sure about single vs. married women. What I do know is that the variations within the sexes are greater than those between them.
Jake 6ft0.5 says on 23/Jan/15
Does anyone else find it striking how few people actually know their height? I don't know if it's just the area I live in, but A LOT of guys who are short-to-average tend to round up their height to a nice figure like 5'10" or 5'11" -while we're talking about guys who are 5'8" at most. And guys who are legitimately over 6 foot tend to take things way too far. I know a lot of 6'0" who claim to be 6'1,5" or 6'2". Heck, I even met someone so clueless, that he assumed he was 6'5" because he was as tall as the door frames in his house.

What is up with that?
B'nner says on 23/Jan/15
160cm very short
164cm very short-short
168cm short-weak short
172cm weak short-average
176cm average for males
180cm average-weak tall
184cm weak tall-tall
188cm tall-very tall
192cm very tall

146cm very short
150cm very short-short
154cm short-weak short
158cm weak short-average
162cm average for chicks
166cm average-weak tall
170cm weak tall-tall
174cm tall-very tall
178cm very tall

good chart?
PetePro says on 22/Jan/15
@Lisa re. Strong Women: a valid case put by you that there a many big strong women.

However, I do have some statistics for you, to get perspective. These were from a 1980s Canadian Army study. It being as follows:

M v. F 3-5 x stronger Upper Body;
M v. F slightly stronger Abdomen;
M v. F 1/3 stronger Legs (thighs).

If a man is muscularly untrained he is the 3 times stronger in his upper body (torso, neck, shoulders and arms). If trained, or does hard labouring work, he can be typically 5 times stronger (almost twice that of an untrained man).

The biggest size difference between the sexes is the shoulders. On a man's shoulders, he is 3 male heads wide; on a woman's, she is just 2 female heads wide.

Then, when you factor in that men have bigger hands and feet, much thicker skin, a larger head, a more pronounced eyebrow ridge, shin bones that stick out, a higher Achilees' Heel, and a pelvis designed better for running and kicking, then males are (on average) vastly more effective at physical exertion.

Indeed, only the top 0.5% of women are as strong, or stronger, than just the average man. That said, some of those women can be surprisingly strong (as you rightly mentioned).

Just to add an observation of mine: I think women who've had children, what with all the housework and so on, will be significantly stronger than young childless women.

If I recall, you are a big strong woman. ;)
RobV says on 22/Jan/15
@ french I am not sure if you understand English very well, because I tried to answer what I assumed was intended to be a silly and frivolous joke question suggesting that someone who is 5'11" might kill themself because of their height? I'm not sure I have ever heard of this statistically, and it may just have been that you are not able to express yourself in English. If you are French, by all means post it in French so I can understand it better.
newguy says on 22/Jan/15
Clement you could claim 190 I'm jealous you have a good height I'm only 5'11.75 at night.I have a friend your height and he loves it
french guy says on 22/Jan/15
@Robv and everyone
Don't take my last post seriously, it was just sarcasm, but I just wanted to know how robv would have reacted if he was shorter
GI Jose says on 22/Jan/15
The source is the book itself. I'm sure if I bought the actual book rather than reading an excerpt, there would be sources found at the end of the book. If the author had not provided sources, the book would not be a best-seller and be regarded as solid research.

I also have my reasons against limiting the what groups make it into the average:
1. The people who you don't include still exist and should be included in the average
2. The degree that you are limiting the average to is such a small percentage of the actual male population in the US (white males age 20-29 make up 11.3% of the male population) that it seems ridiculous to limit it so much.
3. In a workplace situation in the US, you are going to have a diverse group of demographics present. You aren't going to get a job in which every, or even most, person is a white male age 20-29.

Here's a source proving the diversity of the American workplace: Click Here
french says on 22/Jan/15

you didn't answer, you just avoided my question.
It seems you don't take responsibility for wearing lifts at 188 cm, because you sonstantly say, on this thread, on the lifts thread too, that you wear lifts at 188 cm , as if you were expecting our approval while no one really care.
Judd says on 22/Jan/15
rob, who are two actors whose you're sure that they are respectively honest 6' and honest 6'1" (you'll be willing to bet your home house on their height)?
[Editor Rob:
Maybe an honest 6ft like duchovny.]
Clement says on 22/Jan/15
If I am 189.6cm at 9pm(14 hours after woke up), Should I claim my height as 189cm or 190cm? Another question is, what is the real height for remainder? For instance, in feet-inch system; 6'3 is equal to 190.5cm. It is neither 191cm nor 190cm, it is only 190,5cm. So what? If a guy is 188.5cm, is he 189cm or 188cm? Should we automatically say the closest number in this circumstance as 189cm? 0,5 means that rounding to upper number? Please inform me.
RobV says on 21/Jan/15
@ french. You ask if I were, say, 5'11" would I have killed myself. But of course I am not 5'11" so it is hypothetical. If you are allowing me a choice, I would probably find it easier to use the King Herod method and 'cull all possible competition' than chucking myself under the number 19. And in a population of 60 million (UK), that's rather a tall order.

@truth2 I think there is always a danger of resorting to emotive "you're pathetic" arguments about the lifestyle and choices of others. It's what people do when they run out of arguments other than insult. Taking it down from simple screaming insult, I understand any person who cannot see why someone who is statistically above average height would use lifts to get taller. All I can tell you is that a lot of already-tall people do it, and it is possibly more interesting to kinda work out why they do it than howl insults.

The reason surely is to do with perceived advantage - in my work I hear girls use the same argument out of jealousy about other women they perceive to be more attractive than themselves: "she's pathetic for wearing that skintight low cut dress and those heels" (while all the men drool).
2toes says on 21/Jan/15
GI Jose where are the sources of those claims? And It's pretty inaccurate by the way, It has no sense to mix in a pot 60-year old mexican americans, 65 year old white, asian americans, with white americans aged 20 of British, european ancestry, etc.
In Spain I compare myself with guys around my age (20-29) and of Spanish descent, not with 65 year olds or Peruvian immigrants.
french says on 21/Jan/15

if you were, say 5'11", would you have killed yourself??
truth2 says on 21/Jan/15
@RobV And wearing any sorts of lifts (be it small inserts or big hidden lifts) at 5ft11-6ft+ for a guy is pathetic. Also clubs are a pretty bad way to meet new people. I do not even give a flying **** if I see a guy several inches taller than me ( I am about 5ft10) since I am a very good looking young guy.
Lisa says on 21/Jan/15
Not all women are small (in regards to wwe's post). There's quite a lot of variation, in not only height and weight, but also in muscular and skeletal development and the genetically determined size and strength of bones and muscles. FE, you find more younger women with shoe sizes above US 10 than below US 6 and more than a few women have hands that are larger than the average man's hands (not just in "Seinfeld" episodes :)).

Look at sports of all sorts. Compare rhythmic gymnasts to heavyweight powerlifters. Look at college and professional b-ball and v-ball players. Many of them are larger from head to toe. That's not to mention the many members of rowing teams, who dwarf their comparably tiny coxswains.

Add the fact that thousands of girls and women are taller than 5'10, the highest claimed average height of white and black American men.

Yes, the average woman is smaller than the average man in almost all countries, but not all women are petite delicate creatures who are too weak to carry their own groceries. ;)
James Edward Crowley Maximus Merdius says on 20/Jan/15
Rob men who hit puberty when they were 14 and 15 would they be considered above average bloomers average bloomers would have puberty at 12 and 13 late bloomers would have started puberty at 16 and 17 very late bloomers would started puberty at 18 and 19.
[Editor Rob: if they were starting at 14-15 they would be later bloomers in height aswell, they might still gain near 18.]
JohnGB says on 20/Jan/15
zveniiii says on 19/Jan/15
rob , i am 171 cm on the right between the eyes , how tall do you think i am please reply
181cm - 183cm I think. You could just measure the top of your head and then you'd know instead of asking people to guess from eye level, it is a bit pointless haha.
GI Jose says on 20/Jan/15
I found this article quite interesting: Click Here
One of the biggest points the article makes is the fact that 14.5% of Americans are 6 feet or over and only 3.9% are 6'2" or taller. In certain groups, it can be larger or smaller, but overall Americans should fall in line with these stats pretty closely.
That's it.
185whitebear says on 20/Jan/15
out of nowhere… I love tall girl.
zveniiii says on 19/Jan/15
rob , i am 171 cm on the right between the eyes , how tall do you think i am please reply
zveniiii says on 19/Jan/15
rob , i am 171 cm on the right between the eyes , how tall do you think i am please reply
truth2 says on 19/Jan/15
@Rob V You do realize that you are in a certain setting that attracts only very tall people right? 6ft0+ guys are more or less the minority (though close to half people are almost 6ft0) and 6ft3+ is a small minority, your average guy on the streets is 5ft10 or thereabouts.
dayle182cm :( says on 19/Jan/15
5ft6 were abouts would that come on a 6ft1.5 guy?
Krause says on 19/Jan/15
@Bryan (Queenslander)I can see that happening. Everyday I see a guy on the street and I think "That dude must be 192+" Then I walk past him and he's not even 6 feet, all because he's almost anorexic and has a small head. + once I cut my hair a lot shorter I suddenly started looking a lot taller
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 19/Jan/15
Rob if women grow 2 inches at 22 like from 5ft 1in too 5ft 3in that does mean they are late bloomers its very rare for women too be late bloomers its more common for men too be late bloomers.
[Editor Rob: there are rare cases of people with deficiency in the compound that causes growth plates to fuse, so in effect can still gain height into 20's as the closing of the plates is slower than normal. It's rare though.]
Rob V says on 19/Jan/15
@wwe i don't really get your point. You say being 196cm (6'4") 'sucks' and then go on to say that women "have a crazy obsession for tall men". Presumably you do not want this attention?

But where you are wrong is in your claim that men are not into height. It may be your age (and oddly enough I was dead skinny and 6'2.5", almost 190, when I was 13 (and stopped growing) and was a bit self conscious about it). But the idea that guys do not compare and contrast is frankly just not the case. This site is testimony to that!

I run night clubs and can tell you the amount of competition based on height (knowing that what you say about many women is often the case) is really tremendous. Already-tall guys well over 6' getting seriously pissed off when someone 6'5" or more comes in. I wear elevators/lifts to get me to 6'6" and all the responses to me are positive and "I'm not standing right next to you, it does my ego no good". There is a reason why other men suggest that good heights in other guys damage their egos - it is that they know it is an immediate and obvious advantage with all those women who you say are so into height "it is scary"!
truth2 says on 19/Jan/15
@Jake Not the current education prevalent in a population, since overral where I live (Slovenia) only 15% have an university degree or more, but the amount of young people of my age (18-25 y.o.) who go to University is very high (around 40-50%). I guess it has to do with the fact that schooling is free here since the university covers up learning fees, but still most people do not finish studying, enrollment is big but the amount of people finishing school and getting a degree is still very low (15% tops). I am in my second year now, only one year to go (phew!).
Bryan (Queenslander) says on 18/Jan/15

I donno if it's the angle or posture but you look "short" for 189cm. Matter of fact I was almost convinced the taller guy was 190cm whilst you'd be 182cm with the bad posture but in real life it's a different story
Jake 6ft0.5 says on 18/Jan/15
@Truth2: Where do you live? You must live in the most educated country in the world if half the population of young people obtain a higher education degree, and 10% complete a doctorate.
french says on 18/Jan/15
@i agree with truth

i barely see any differences between students at university and others.
I live in one of the poorest region in France, and i'm studying in an engineering school where you would assume students are taller, but actually, they are just taller by one centimeter.
Laf says on 18/Jan/15
@C-MO: I agree with you. But for young men in Scandinavia, the avg range is more 178-181. But with everything else i agree with you. And I know you're talking Germany overall, and I think young men in Scandinavia and Germany is almost the same
french guy says on 18/Jan/15
what is the average height at your mine it's 180 cm, which mean:
180 cm=the 50th percentile
183 cm=65 th
185 cm=75 th
187 cm=85 th
190 cm=90 th
192 cm=95th
2toes says on 18/Jan/15
C-MO, "average" can be 5'6", 6'1", or 6'2", what you are really thinking about is "intermediate" height (near 50 percentile) in a concrete population.
Aaron183cm says on 17/Jan/15

Exactly spot on. It can depend on the demographic, though, like others are saying. I feel quite solidly tall if I'm walking around inside a Costco or Walmart on a weekday morning when there's mostly older people shopping. In those situations it seems like the average guy is around 5'8". At university (in the US) it's different and being 6ft changes from feeling tall to only a little above average at best. Even a person who is 6'4" at my school will blend into the crowd because 6'1"+ is so common. Even if you're 6'5"-6'6" like RobV you might have to get used to the fact that you won't always be the "tallest person in the room" anymore. 6'5"+ guys are a dime a dozen here.

Keep in mind this is from the perspective of someone who wears 1.1" nikes and has immaculate posture. Who knows if all these 6'5"+ guys I encounter everyday are actually taller and just slouching.
Krause says on 17/Jan/15
@ Rob: Click Here How tall do you think the guy next to me is considering that I was 189cm in this picture since it was late night and I had max 1 cm shoes while he had 2-2.5cm shoes. Also what do you think about his head? he has a very small forehead compared to mine so his eyes are higher than mine even when i wear 4cm shoes to be as tall as him, the only time we look eye to eye was when I am taller than him. Also my stature isn't as good as his in this picture.
[Editor Rob: from the photo it would appear he could be 196-7cm but maybe with about 3cm for shoes/posture he isn't more than 194 range]
truth2 says on 17/Jan/15
@Jake Disagree with that, since most people go to study at UNI these days, at least around 40-50% (where I am from and from neighbouring/similiar countries such as Austria, Croatia, Hungary Germany, Czech) for bachelors degree (3-5 years) and 20% go to masters studies (2 years), 10% doctorate studies (3 years). If you have a dergee these days you are nothing special lol. This is not 1970 anymore, Heck even when my parents studied in early/mid 80s at least 30% people were at UNI. Height is pretty much the same or differs slightly depending on education ( at most +/- 1cm).

@184.3cm These measurements are definately done at late noon/early afternoon and I will tell you why: From my experience, most people get measured at 12 am-2pm and at that time your average person that wakes up at 7-8 am already looses 90% of his height. Before they most likely sat down, walked around, were at work/school and that fact already compressed their spine A LOT. I loose 1.5-2cm (average amount), am near or at my low at 1pm, only loose 2-3mm after that, most of the height (1-2cm) I loose is in the 7-10am time frame.
jamie179cm says on 17/Jan/15
saying 6ft2 isn't tall is bs it looks tall and its really not as common as people think it is even though young people are getting taller
jamie179cm says on 17/Jan/15
6ft2 average or tallish lamo come on people 6ft2 isn't very tall but still tall even today
jamie179cm says on 17/Jan/15
@182cm well imo the start of tall is 6ft1 here in uk but i think the reason why some think 6ft2 is the start of tall is because 6ft1 is getting common but i think it can still look tall
french says on 17/Jan/15
JohnGB says on 15/Jan/15
I always used to think that 6ft was tall since many people have said I was tall, but lately I've been meeting and working with lots of different people who are all taller than me (I'm 183cm, they are 187-191cm). It feels very average to be honest and I need to change the way I think about my height; embracing the medium height that I am, instead of always expecting to feel tall. I think you can live with being any height as long as you embrace it, and you don't have false ideas about how tall you should feel. 6ft is really just the higher end of average among the British youth, legitimate tall guys are 187cm+

i'm as tall as you:
1)183 is pretty average nowaday, i think it's in the 65 th percentile for young men and in the 75 th percentile overall.At best it's a tallish height.Ive always expected to be tall, but with years, my skill to read height has improved and i just realized that i was not tall.
2)i agree ,embrace your height or do leg lenghtening or wear lift instead of focusing on it, if you're unhappy with your height.
jamie179cm says on 17/Jan/15
@ibrahim your right normal tall would be 6ft1 6ft2 but i Wouldn't say 6ft3 6ft4 was very tall i would say its standout tall 6ft5 is the legit start of tall imo
RobV says on 17/Jan/15
@ Jake6.05 You are right that perceptions of 'tall' are surely primarily based upon who you mix with on a regular basis. If you are uni in countries like the UK, you really will NOT feel tall at 6'. In other environments you will. And indeed even the generally broadly accurate stats about countries and percentiles become nearly meaningless as a way of defining 'tall' at a lot of those heights at the top end of what might be thought of as a middling range (is it/isn't it tall).

Again, though, the big problem is in people trying to fix specific values to the word 'tall' as if a word which is a matter of opinion (he's kind, clever, stupid, funny, tall) is fixable. What is funny to some leaves others cold, what is tall to a person working in an office in Manila is short to someone at, say, the LSE or Harvard.

The other misconception is that people often seem to imagine that if you say something does not appear tall within a group, then you are saying it is 'short'. These two words do not have that relationship. You are not saying that unless you actually say it.

But if a group of guys happens to be 6'5"+, then a guy who is 6' will appear 'short' to them.
Panda says on 17/Jan/15
Hey Rob, I found this weird thing about my height. Ok so in October 2012 (I was 16 years old) I went for my physical at the doctor's and the nurse measured me to be 5'8 5/8" (174.31 cm.). So you could pretty much say I'm 5'8.5" right? Well here's where it gets interesting. I go back in July 2014 (I am 18 at this point) to the same clinic and on the exact same stadiometer I got measured to be 5'7 1/4" (171 cm.). So idk what's the deal...this was at the doctor's mind you so either I shrunk 1 3/8" (3 cm.) or one of those two heights is off. Which should I go with Rob? And how is it possible that I got a significant difference between the two despite it being the exact same doctor's clinic?
[Editor Rob: if it was the same doctor's surgery and stadiometer then it's a head scratcher...and one of the readings must have been called out wrong.

I'd really just buy yourself a tape measure for a couple bux and you'd probably get a better idea yourself on your height.]
newguy says on 16/Jan/15
Rob if 5'8 comes at my eyebrows and I have a 4.5-4.75 eyelevel how tall would I between
[Editor Rob: you should be around the 6ft mark, roughly near it.]
Lisa says on 16/Jan/15
Jake is right. I can find a good amount of older women around my height in certain neighborhoods while, in other ones, I tower over most of the girls (16-22). That may show that some factors are more determinant than age.
Ibrahim says on 16/Jan/15
Please just shut up! 190cm and over is very tall or solid tall. I think it is really tall. Nobody can argue that 190cm is normal tall. Just exclude basketball players because they are in the 0.3% percentage.
Justin says on 16/Jan/15
Hi Rob I got measured at Doctors as a bit over 187cm yet a little later a friend measured my height several times with a book as 189cm or 6ft 2.5 inches I'm not why their is a significant difference their.
[Editor Rob: seems like a big difference. If you are pretty sure your own floor/wall looks straight and the friend marked the line on the wall and your tape measure was straight....then I'd go with your own measurement. Maybe face the same wall and try it again yourself another day.]
RobV says on 16/Jan/15
@2toes you are right that you can easily abuse the word 'average' (or indeed 'tall' or 'short') because stats about averages are not greatly understood. Your argument is at the extreme end of the logic but it is in essence right.

And that's why people are often confused by what constitutes tall, because we are talking about averages across whole different types, most of which we either do not relate to or never see. Some of the countries in the Top 10 for population are also the shortest 'on average' but most of us here probably never meet them.
RobV says on 16/Jan/15
@182cm You are right to point out to those who say that 6'2" is 'the start of tall' that the height is taller than 95% of most guys. But the problem here is that 'tall' is an opinion thing, while the general percentiles are rather technical but pretty clear, specially at that height. People like the word 'tall' but there is no factual set definition of it in feet and inches/cm for height. You can feel 'tall' at 5'11" if you are in Indonesia for example. But if you are going out for the night in London or Amsterdam and there are 50 guys in the bar and a dozen are taller than you or as tall (v likely), you will NOT feel tall.

Similarly, other people's perceptions of tall will vary according to the circumstances. You have only to look at the media coverage of Pierce Brosnan towered by his son to see that some newspapers are implying Brosnan senior to be average height or using words that give such an impression - he's supposed to be 6'1"+ but as always you never know with celebs and claimed height measurements. He's not average height but appears 'short' by his son in a photo ('look how Pierce Brosnan has shrunk as he's got older' is one comment I heard only last night!).
Jake 6ft0.5 says on 16/Jan/15
People discussing height here forget too much that average height is not only dependent on country, but much more importantly, on social circles. I'm 6'0,5", which is 2 inches above the 5'10,5" average for my country, however, I study at university and there I'm dead average. Literally half the guys I see are taller than me, a great deal of 6'2"-6'3" guys walking around. Most people at university are richer, and richer people tend to be taller. But when I'm not at university, and just walking around in the train station or street, I instantly feel tall. I even studied in Ireland for a year, where the average height is an inch lower than at my home country (at around 5'9,5"), but when I was at university I didn't notice anything different: again a lot of guys taller than me. On the streets however, I did feel even taller on average.

So again, the whole discussion about what is average and what is not is not so important. The most important question is: what kind of people do you hang out with? If you meet a lot of rich or upper middle class people on a daily basis you'll never feel tall, even at 5'11" or 6'0".
JohnGB says on 15/Jan/15
I always used to think that 6ft was tall since many people have said I was tall, but lately I've been meeting and working with lots of different people who are all taller than me (I'm 183cm, they are 187-191cm). It feels very average to be honest and I need to change the way I think about my height; embracing the medium height that I am, instead of always expecting to feel tall. I think you can live with being any height as long as you embrace it, and you don't have false ideas about how tall you should feel. 6ft is really just the higher end of average among the British youth, legitimate tall guys are 187cm+
Kourosh says on 15/Jan/15
rob if my eyes come at hairline or upper forehead of a 5'7 guy, and my father is 5'8.5 and my eyes is at above his eyebrow , how tall i am?
[Editor Rob: possibly over 5ft 10 near 10.5]
182cm says on 15/Jan/15
I do agree theres was a bit of jealousy with the way 1.9m is thrown around.but i think 184-186cm at night of 185-187cm lunchtime as most people dont use nightime heights is perfect. with the way people overestimaye as uou can see on this site people saying 6ft2 is average, tallish. or that 6ft2 is where tall starts I mean cmon, 95% of pepple are below it.

I'm sorry 6ft2 average,tallish, sorry whoever said that you're definitely not even 6ft for that matter, unless you play basketball.
184.3cm says on 15/Jan/15

Im not saying its far off 183cm but id bet thats an early morning measurement even for the youngsters here. The vast majority of young guys are 5'10-6'1 here. However even at 6'1 flat everyone will describe you as tall. Another guy i work with is in the 186-187range he is hard to pin down but is always described as tall even very tall by women. This ofcourse is evening height i always discuss i dont believe morning or afternoon is your true height.
jamie179cm says on 15/Jan/15
if you are 5ft10 you are taller than 80% of the males lmao i agree with 2toes thats bs im a little taller than 5ft10 and i don't feel that im taller than most guys live in uk but i can image the us isn't much different
Ibrahim says on 15/Jan/15
I live in Turkey and I am 191cm. Here, I do not feel neither very tall nor tall. I have a place between very tall and tall scale with my 191cm body. In Turkey, height average for men is 176cm not 172cm.
2toes says on 15/Jan/15
You guys are always talking about the "average"... The "average" is not exactly what you think. You are really thinking about the arithmetic mean result of all the heights in a population combined.

A GUY who is 6'2" in the US, or 5'6" can PERFECTLY be average too, because they are common heights between the percentiles.

You have to realize, for example, that if the 50th percentile of height among non-hispanic white males aged 30 is 5'10" with 1/8ts, that means half all the guys in the population are shorter and the other half taller.

But, for example, if the 25th percentile is 5'8.5", and the 75th percentile is 6'0", that means HALF OF THE POPULATION is UNDER 5'8.5" AND OVER 6'0" tall.

So, over 6'0" tall and under 5'8.5" combined can be "AVERAGE" too.

Don't you agree, Rob?
Hebolum says on 15/Jan/15
1m64 normal/above normal
1m68 weak tall, most guys like that's height
1m72 tall, good height
1m76 very tall, perfect height for perfect women but most people are jealous
1m80+ rare tall

1m78 normal/above normal
1m82 weak tall, most womens like that's height
1m86 tall, good height
1m90 very tall, perfect height for perfect guys but most people are jealous
1m94+ rare tall
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 14/Jan/15
@184.3cms I have been guessed 6ft 4 and even 6ft 5 as well.Girls are even more bad at judging heights as they infl.ate their height the most.
@canberk You can be anywhere between 191 to 192 at your lowest so you are legit 6ft 3 like me.
@dayle Sorry bro but your shoulders can't be 5ft 2.5.That means from your neck to top of your head you are only 9in.Its quite impossible.They must be around 4ft 11.5.
Kayla says on 14/Jan/15
I'm 5'5.375", what height should I say when people ask because saying that exact height seems kind of strange?
RobV says on 14/Jan/15
@mike321 on heights of young guys and in clubs. I myself run club nights in the UK and Europe and I have to say I agree with you that the average height in clubs is much taller than the (probably correct) percentiles and stats as generally recognised for young guys.

You yourself see this when you are walking down the street at 188cm (6'2") you feel pretty tall but not in clubs. I too am that kinda height (189/190) and it's only wearing lifts or elevators taking me to 6'6"ish, which I always do, that I feel tall. It's all about comparisons of course.
Canberk says on 14/Jan/15
My out of bed height is 193.7cm. I may mismeasure my height but approximately my out of bed height is this. So, what is my actual/true height then? Please help me. One of my friend told me that I was 194cm - 6'4.5".
truth2 says on 14/Jan/15
@ 184.3cm I think the average Dutch is 181-182cm afternoon height and for young people around 183cm afternoon height. Just basing it on the last measured heights for this country (183.8cm and 182.3cm are self reports lol). 184cm is slightly over average , 185cm tallish, 187cm + (or 189cm+ for young people) is tall there.
Kayla says on 13/Jan/15
Rob, if I measure about 57 inches at my chin when looking straight ahead, how tall am I approximately?
[Editor Rob: you sound like you could be close to 5ft 6 mark.]
Mert says on 13/Jan/15
I am 191.2cm after 12 hours woke up. May I say that I am full 192cm?
182 at lunchtime says on 13/Jan/15
Actually, I've thought about it some more, I want to go this chart. USA heights:
182 at lunchtime
5’5.5 - 1
5’7 - 2
5’8.25 - 3
5’9.25 – 4
5’10 - 5
5’10.5 - 6
5’11 – 7
5’11.75 - 8
6’0.5 - 9
--now in perfection range--
6’1.25 10
--in perfection range--
6’2.25 – 9
6’3 – 9.5
6’4 - 8
6'5.5 - 7
Again is based on the factor that every extra bit of height you get less and less extra benefit. So more improvement to go from 5'10 to 5'10.5 (1 point) than 6'0.5 to 6'1 (a fraction of a point).

Now, of course this is just about height. If you are 6'1.25 you have perfect height, but that is but one factor!
Kourosh says on 13/Jan/15

my father peak height was 178cm (now 174 cm) and my mother was 155 cm and now 152 cm. i ended up 176.5 cm (average morning-night).when i was a teen, everyone in my family guessed me that i will be 6'0 tall when i grow up for my long body frame. but now im 24 and just an average or below average 5'9.5 guy :( .
truth2 says on 13/Jan/15
@fabian Agreed, for overral height of all young men in the world even very tall. In some EU countries tallish/weak tall for young men but those are rare so...

Entirely depends on where you live but anything 6ft1+ is on the taller side today.
182 at lunchtime says on 13/Jan/15
I created this height chart to try give a score out of 10 for the desirability of male heights, based on UK/USA.
1/10 = 5'5.5 or below
2/10 = 5'6.75
3/10 = 5'8
4/10 = 5'9
5/10 = 5'9.75
6/10 = 5'10.5
7/10 = 5'11.25
8/10 = 6'0
9/10 = 6'0.75
10/10 = 6'1.5
9.5/10 = 6'2.25
9/10 = 6'3
8.5/10 = 6'3.75
8'10 = 6'4.5
7.5'10 = 6'5.5
7'10 = 6'6.5

- Height is only ONE factor of many in desirability, so please don't take this as damning if you are short. I have friends that prove this.
- Although the average is 5'10.25 - 5'10.5, this is around a 6/10 on the scale (not 5/10). Why? Because the minuses of being below (esp. significantly below) average height are greater than the pluses of being above average height. So this is taken into account to get the scores.
- If the average in a country is say 5'11.5 instead of 5'10.5, then you can shift it up a inch. So the 8/10 score would go to about 6'1 in countries like Sweden, and perfect 10/10 to about 6'2.5.

Anyone agree?
GI Jose says on 13/Jan/15
I definitely feel tall among others in my demographic (18 year old white males). It's not uncommon for me to be the tallest in a class at university, but it's more common for me to be either the second or third tallest. This is only my second semester in college, but, out of the 4 classes I took last semester and the 4 classes I am taking this semester, I have never been under the third tallest in the class. I find it a very good height because you are taller than about 85% of men, and you don't lose any mobility or have many problems with too much height (The only place where my height is annoying is on a plane).
dayle182cm :( says on 13/Jan/15
Can anyone help what is my height if 5ft2 1/2 is my shoulder height
Amaze says on 13/Jan/15
181/2 night is tallish

188 is strong tall lmao tallish you having a giggle m8
Joel says on 13/Jan/15
guys, i am 181,8cm/182,0cm in the late evening and night. can i claim 5ft11.75in or 182cm? tx
184.3cm says on 13/Jan/15
Kreyzig 6ft 3

Yes i can believe that, since almost everyone even guys close to me in height or taller guess me 6'1.75-6'2. I understand shorter people doing it as a real 6fter especially a strong one is underestimated grossly as almost everyone over 5'10 claims it. So its led people to believe that 6ft is average and that 6ft 2 is start of tall. Only problem is the legit 6ft 2 guy is always pegged 6ft 3 or even 6 ft 4.
2toes says on 13/Jan/15
Guys, It's weird, but here in Madrid, Spain, when I am among 60-year old Spaniards of every social class, at a weak 5'8", I feel SPOT ON the average, completely. If I focus on 60 year old men of Salamanca, Chamartin districts (medium-high class), then the average grows to nearly 5'9" for 60 year old men. BUT If I am among men who are 20 years old, in EVERY district, I barely feel 25th percentile...
2toes says on 13/Jan/15
Rob, If my father is 5'10 with 1/8ts, and my mother is 4'11.5", then my actual height (weak 5'8" 172.28 cms) was predictable? Spot on, a little shorter than expected, a little taller than expected, what is it?
[Editor Rob: seems within a range, 5ft 7-8 would seem likely. 5ft 4-6 or even 10 would also be possible if you ended up with more of the tall or more of the shorter genes.
Crash says on 13/Jan/15
@truth, for UK, you'd definitely need to knock a cm off from all of those, and also it seems for Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. For USA I think you're spot on though.
Amaze says on 12/Jan/15
5'9/10 avg heights in us UK

Netherlands 5'11
mike321 says on 12/Jan/15
truth2 says on 11/Jan/15
In USA/UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand heights for young (18-25) white guys: 166cm: 3rd percentile,167: 5th percentile, 170cm: 10th percentile, 174cm: 25th percentile, 178.5-179cm: 50th percentile (mean), 183cm: 75th percentile, 188cm: 90th percentile, 191cm: 95th percentile, 192cm: 97th percentile.

I agree. At 188cm i reckon that at an extra 5cm i would stand out a lot more. There are many people my height but not too many people a couple of inches bigger. I would say for young generation that 6'2 could be even lower like 75-80%.

When i go clubbing, there are MANY MANY guys bigger than myself (188cm at night. I feel tallish in the day walking down the street but at clubs i feel only average, sometimes even below when there's a group of guys who are all 190-195cm.
dayle182cm :( says on 12/Jan/15
How many cm is it from your forhead to the top of your head normally?
paul says on 12/Jan/15
anyways, i am pretty happy with my 169 cm barefoot, i wouldn't like by any means to be any cm taller or shorter, you have to be proud of your height always because that's part of your identity
it's true that sometimes girls do look down on men under 170 cm,specially tall girls but if you know the trick you can get any girl you want.
height is only important for calculating your body mass index and while you don't exceed 25 you are okay with any height
also if you're short it is easier to build up muscle :)
184.3cm says on 12/Jan/15
@truth2 Even if you consider just young white guys you can still knock an inch off that chart i did.

5'11-6'0 is more average here. Take all men into account and its more likely 5'10-5'11 range. I still think 5'11.25-.50 is exactly average here as im just the height to judge, i have a solid inch on most young guys but not quite 2 inches. What im not sure about is how the Extremely tall and Giant guys do to the average, its quite possible that they bump the statistic up a notch.
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 12/Jan/15
@184.3cm Strangely people believe his claim of 6ft 2.He gets away 80% of the time.He says to other people about me that I am 6ft 4 but I don't take height much seriously.Even if he says 6ft 4 how does it affect me.During my childhood no one ever expected that I would be so tall.I have seen numerous 178-181cms people claiming 6ft and I feel that they are desperate and not satisfied with their height.Even on this site some of the people close to 5ft 11 and 6ft are the most insecure.
GI Jose says on 11/Jan/15
There is a reason that you say that "I don't seem to understand the facts".

You are using an outdated study for the US and single out only non-hispanic white youths of which only 664 were measured in the study you provided. If 664 measured people are supposed to represent the 28.8 million that make up the demographic accurately, there must be something wrong. Even in the most recent study, only 797 non-hispanic white youths were measured meaning it is still not an appropriate sample size to accurately represent a population over 36,000 times larger than the sample size. This is why I haven't been able to trust anthopometric studies as of late. This renders all of your points to be mute to me considering the information I have presented. I don't get all my information from studies anymore because I believe they cannot accurately display the true average without measuring an immensely larger sample size. A large portion of my information is from my own observations and encounters. I encounter more non-hispanic white youths in one day of university than the study which is meant to represent the whole population. This is why the information you present does not phase me in the slightest. Others have their own observations, and they cannot be disproved unless the experience was shared with another on this site. I could go around saying that I observed an average height of 5'1", but that would be a blatant lie. I tell it how I see it, and that is it. If you disagree with me, that's great. You have your own opinion and can think for yourself. However, you will not change my observations or my opinions by pushing your own opinion onto me. My intent is to share my observations rather than to say what is right or wrong because we all observe different things especially when we are in two completely different countries. I may disagree with you, but you are free to have your own opinion and observations. And with that, I have said everything I would like to say regarding the subject.
Lillo thomas says on 11/Jan/15
2toes I agree with you 10000%. Thanks for saying the truth.
Celebheights 6'1.5"-6'2" says on 11/Jan/15
The only place where I notice a bunch of 6'0" guys is at a sports game, and even there I stand out. I've been in a bunch where I dwarf everybody.
truth2 says on 11/Jan/15
In USA/UK/Ireland/Australia/New Zealand heights for young (18-25) white guys: 166cm: 3rd percentile,167: 5th percentile, 170cm: 10th percentile, 174cm: 25th percentile, 178.5-179cm: 50th percentile (mean), 183cm: 75th percentile, 188cm: 90th percentile, 191cm: 95th percentile, 192cm: 97th percentile.
truth2 says on 11/Jan/15
@zorro I understand what you mean (6/10 is also the first passing grade in my UNI and 7/10 is average) but I tend to rate heights differently. I treat 5/10 the same as 7/10 at UNI.
174 cm says on 11/Jan/15
I'm 174 cm at night barefoot, I wear sneakers that add about a cm or 2 so i look about 175-6 cms. Where I'm from I seem about average, maybe an inch below and taller than all the woman baring 1 out of 50 or something like that. How would I seem in European countries such as Germany,Sweden,Netherlands,UK,France? Would I be seen as average,tall or as very short compared to the men? would I be taller than most women?
174 cm says on 11/Jan/15
I'm 174 cm at night barefoot, I wear sneakers that add about a cm or 2 so i look about 175-6 cms. Where I'm from I seem about average, maybe an inch below and taller than all the woman baring 1 out of 50 or something like that. How would I seem in European countries such as Germany,Sweden,Netherlands,UK,France? Would I be seen as average,tall or as very short compared to the men? would I be taller than most women?
truth2 says on 11/Jan/15
@184.3cm ummm yes that would be pretty much legit for Holland, the tallest place on earth next to Montenegro/Serbia/Bosnia.
2toes says on 11/Jan/15
GI Jose, you don't seem to understand the real facts.

The real facts say, as medical stats by Obergozo Foundation prove, that the average height for Male Spaniards born in 1982-1983 at age 18 is 5'9.5" (176.27 cms), and the 97th percentile nearly 6'2" at the same age:

Click Here

The real facts say, as CDC stats prove, the average for non-hispanic white americans born between 1964-1986 is between 5'10" and a weak 5'10.5":

Click Here
Click Here

The real facts say, as stats prove, the average for young Italian males at age 20 is 5'9.5" (176.5 cms):

Click Here

I am a 23-year old Spaniard who is a weak 5'8" at night (172.28 cms). I can prove it to you sending a photo on a stadiometer, and also with my morning height.

When I go out with 20-year old guys, there is NO WAY I am half an inch near to average.

You have to realize that you are not a tall person, It seems that you want to continue establishing yourself as the tallest guy in your friend group, a group with many ethnicities which it is fantastic.

A tall person in America is someone who is 6'2", 6'2.5", etc.
Lillo thomas says on 11/Jan/15
Jackal that's BS. If you go to a mall you will see many 6'0 guys. Sure most guys are between 5'9 and 5'11 but this doesn't change the fact that you will see plenty of 6'0 guys in crowded places.
Lillo thomas says on 11/Jan/15
Jackal that's BS. If you go to a mall you will see many 6'0 guys. Sure most guys are between 5'9 and 5'11 but this doesn't change the fact that you will see plenty of 6'0 guys in crowded places.
grizz says on 11/Jan/15
GI Jose, wow we're EXACTLY the same height (give or take 1 mm)! XD
Do you feel tall ,average or shortish around your peers?
Kids Show says on 11/Jan/15
my idea. hehe,,

172 and down, short
173-176 weak short
177-180 ok
181-184 weak tall
185 and up tall
KEREM says on 11/Jan/15
I measured myself with a thick book yesterday. I am 191.8cm after 2 hours woke up. A friend of mine who is a doctor said that you are 191-192cm. After 30-40 minutes you woke up, your height goes into its normal level he said. So, I can say that I am a full 191cm(6'3)? Do you agree?
184.3cm says on 11/Jan/15
Ok so lets believe this 6ft average in my country for a second.

so im now average which means:
5'9-5'10 Start of Short.
5'10-5'11 Shortish
5'11-6'0 Under Average
6'0-6'1 Average
6'1-6'2 Above Average
6'2-6'3 Weak Tall < haha
6'3-6'4 Tall
6'4-6'5 Solid Tall
6'5-6'6 Weak Very Tall
6'6-6'7 Very Tall
6'7-6'8 Strong very Tall
184.3cm says on 11/Jan/15

Your friend is almost identical to me i claim 184-185cm in metric and just under 6'1. Claiming 6'2 is wrong as he never reaches it barefoot even in morning.
182cm says on 10/Jan/15
Iguess you failed to pickup where it said that at 5ft10 (178cm) the doctor is a fraction of an inch taller than the average american male. Iguess your 180cm averge is already off.
Your averge average differ by 1-0.5cm from mine withyoung people as I also believe young people in netherlands are not 6ft but 182cm with the older people at 180cm making total average 181cm. As I said 175-180 average 180-185 tallish or tall 170-175 shortish e.t.c . The reason for this one is the cdc has 5ft9.6 as 50 percentile. Various major sources state the average being close to 178. And you saying people measure from 9-5. Did you factor those that wake up early, and people tendto go to the doctors before 1pm. Its a fact mostpeople woild be measured around 2-4 hours after waking up. Most ohysicals are done in the morning which is a fact and you denying it is just plain wrong. Most people will be 0.5-1cm higher than their lowest and for you to ignore that.
I hope you have done the aerosol can way at home it will give you a clear indication. And Im not saying your absolutely wrong, just as @Celebheights said how many of those are cherry picked fact is cdc has the moat accurate of all your sources put together. Saying small sources whichcould have been done by anyone are more reliable than the cdc come on.
JohnGB says on 10/Jan/15
From my experience the problem with clothing sizes for men is that they don't vary much in length, but they vary considerably in bulk/width/girth. For someone at about 6'2, a large is the right fit for length, but if you have a medium or skinny frame it's quite unforgiving in terms of width. Even more so for a 6'4+ man, an extra large may suit the length but the width will be far too big for most. Likewise, a 5'6 man could easily have a chest which is 38 or 40"+ yet the small size (which fits perfectly in length) is inadequate. This means they'll have to wear shirts/jackets which are too long.
Omid says on 10/Jan/15
Rob (or anyone), if I stand in front of my strong 6'0 (like 184 even +) friend, and I look just beneath his eyes, how tall does that make me? (bear in mind that I have a big head and my friend has a much smaller one)
GI Jose says on 10/Jan/15
When you create an argument from someone else without using any valid information provided by the person who supposedly made such an absurd claim, you just erase all credibility in yourself. There are several reasons there is no validity to your post, and I will go through each one of them.

The first is the percentile chart that you made to make me look like I had no idea what I am talking about. A true overall US percentile chart from me would look like this:

5th: 5'4.5"
15th: 5'5.5"
25th: 5'6.75"
50th: 5'8.75"
75th: 5'10.75"
85th: 6'0"
95th: 6'1"

The second is your claim of me saying Spaniards are taller than White and African Americans. If I recall, I have stated that these two demographics (AKA the tallest demographics) have an average of 5'9"-5'9.25" which is taller than the 5'9" average given (Wikipedia even cited a self-reported average of 5'8.5" from 2007) for Spain which I would probably guess to be about 5'8.5" at its low.

Finally, your final bit to try to say that I am underestimating my own height is completely absurd. I measure myself at 5'11.75" at my low and 6'0.6875" (decimal is equivalent to 11/16) at my high, and there is nothing untrue about that statement.

Before you try to argue against me using so called quotes by me, you should get your information from the source rather than creating your own by putting words into my mouth and blatantly lying about things that I have said.
182cm says on 10/Jan/15
@superman I do agree I think 184-186 at night is prpbably the tallest most optimal as men want to be tall. There is nothing wrong I can find with 6ft1 serious. Hopefully I reach it as ive grown recently 2cm in 3 months. It seems this last year ice grown exactly 7-8cm which equates to roighly 2cm every three months. This could be due to me starting puberty late. Have 6months lefttill my 19th birthday which I feel will signal the end of my heihht growth so hopefully I'll land in that range.
Zoro says on 10/Jan/15
My chart was for Italy. Then why are you answering with the average of all europeans? (which I dont think is 180 btw, since countries that surpass 180 are less populated than Italy, Spain, France, Uk)
But yes, I agree that young guys are 177cm(176.5?) in Spain and 178cm in France, night heights.

However if 6/10 is only for those who surpass average by at least 1 inch, then 65% of ppl should have a deficiency with their height, and they should be unsatisfied by it, experiencing problems concerning height in everyday life. But is it really so?

I read your article and it talks negatively just about short men (like 5'2-5'5 range), saying they are perceived as less mature or find troubles in love 'cause women want a man significantly taller than them (but since men's average is 5 inches higher than women's, that's not a big deal for a 5'8/5'10 guy).
Kourosh says on 10/Jan/15
@Payman i was out of Iran for 7 years in New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia for my studies. I returned to Iran on November 26th 2014. I thought i was going to be solid average or upper average in Iran considering our national average height to be 5'8. But i was surprised how many tall people i could see in streets specially in Tajrish square. I went there 3 times and i felt below average or just average at best. 6'0 was common and 5'11 and 5'10 could see them 3 out of 5 people walking by. Today i went there again and i spotted 4 to 5 6'3 + guys aged from 24 to 32 i guess. Most of shop sellers were youngsters and they were tall 5'11 and above. Sure they were still small group shorter than me but in comparison to general , majority looked tall 5'11 to 6'0. But when i was in historical district of Ardakan (city of Yazd) for visiting and taking some pictures from historical monuments and landmark. I felt tall there like taller 7-8 people out of 10. but still could see 5'10 to 6'0 people but not as much as in Niavaran and Tajrish.
Yes you are right i hate to live in Tehran with their crazy traffic jam and horrible air pollution. Not to mention people (specially rich people) are so uptight and materialistic and treat others like crap.

Thanks hamvatan.
Superman says on 10/Jan/15
@182cm Picking up on your opinion on clothing i have never understood why tall men complain that it is hard to find the right size/something that fits well. In trousers maybe but shirts etc i find that hard to believe. At 5'11 i generally wear a large but always find it to be too long. Then with items such as jackets etc they are always to long in the arms. When taller people say they find it hard to find clothing that fits, in what areas do they mean?

In terms of physique i agree entirely that at 6ft plus it is far more difficult to pack on the muscle however i would say at these heights you are able to put on substantial amount of muscle without looking like a meathead.

Wear women are concerned they all overestimate height. At my height (5'11) i am always described by girls 5'8 and below as tall. Even got called tall by a 5'10 girl the other day. 99% estimate me to be at least 6ft.

As far as optimal goes 6'1 at night throughout the western would will comfortably make you taller than 9/10 people. With the rest of the world especially in 3rd world countries you are very rarely to see people at that height and will definitely stand out.
GI Jose says on 10/Jan/15
I agree with you on that. As someone who measures just under 6'0" at my low, I notice that in my university or in public basketball courts, I often end up as the tallest person in groups of around 15-25.
Lisa says on 10/Jan/15
@Nona: I think 5'6 is a good starting height for that effect to be noticeable. Tiny girls (4'10-5'3) simply look shorter than larger girls of the same height, even when they have skinny legs/arms. Thinner necks, narrower shoulders, smaller frames, little feet/hands just add to the overall impression of shorter stature. That phenomenon is probably less pronounced in women taller than 5'4 but it's still there to an extent. Personally, I think "tiny" is more flattering when girls are very short as it seems quite fitting and in proportion for their diminutive stature. It's jmo that that particular physique is more aesthetic than one that is abnormally tall and thin.
2toes says on 10/Jan/15
worldheight, those supposed "averages" have absolutely no valid references, they're useless. I have much better links to prove my estimations. Look, search for stats at the "human height" wikipedia article. Plenty of good pediatric studies on height are there.
John says on 10/Jan/15

You are absolutely right. I mean the person I was considered 5'11 is not more than 5'8 1/2.
My girlfriend is 5'11 1/2 and she reaches between my chin and lower lip. Her eyelevel is about my neck height.
2toes says on 10/Jan/15
In "GI Jose" views, these are the "percentiles of height":

If you are 5'7", you are taller than 25% of the males.

If you are 5'8.5", you are taller than 50% of the males.

If you are 5'10", you are taller than 80% of the males

If you are 5'11.75", you are taller than 99% of the males


Absolutely out of reality.

In GI Jose's world we Spaniards are taller than White and African Americans.

The G being an american visitor to this site didn't mean he was the typical average white guy in the US, in fact 6 feet is a much more common height for american non-hispanic whites than G's height, who seemed to have a bit of a problem telling his true height.
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 9/Jan/15
Hi rob..One of my friend is 184cms at his lowest and in the morning after good rest he easily measures 186.5 to 187cms and claims 6ft 2.Do you think it's fair.
[Editor Rob: if he meets a real 6ft 2 he'll feel silly.]
french says on 9/Jan/15

i strongly disagree with your chart, i'm not going to argue, but i will post a survey that everyone should read

Click Here

so now you understand why anything under 183 cm is not good?
And the average height for a young european guy seems to be 180 cm nowaday, 175.4 cm for spain and 176.4 cm for france is just a BIG's atleast 177 cm maybe 178 cm in spain, and atleast 178 cm , probably more 179 cm in france.

so i would give 5/10 to 180 cm, not 6/10.
5ft10guy says on 9/Jan/15
does anyone think 5ft8.5 for a 16 year old boy is tall anyone have family members that age and height how tall do you think he'll be if his dad is 5f7 in his prime but he's 5ft6 now and if his mom is 5ft5?
Laf says on 9/Jan/15
@Zoro: Agree. Average isn't bad at all. 6-6.5 for an average height.
Peyman 5ft 10.25in says on 9/Jan/15
today I was just relax & resting for the most parts of the day & had a short walk in the evening
now at 11pm I measured 178.7 in front of the door frame & 179.1cm in front of the wall
182cm says on 9/Jan/15
For women I guess for sports 170-175cm morning is ideal I mean look at serena williams she destroys evryone. Cant say I watch other women sports. I guess swimming as i watch the Olympics.

For attracting men, I cant speak for evryone as I think anything from 155-175cm is good for me. I tend to think 168-170cm is perfect but now im really into short girls, so my ideal now is probably 5ft-5ft3 but it swithches to 5ft6-5ft8 so probably 155cm-175cm shouldn't hurt any girls.
182cm says on 9/Jan/15
For women
Yes women do also play sports which is a turn in for me. Same as with men ideal height differs with sports but around 168-176cm at night (170-178cm morning should be a broad ideal range) with 170-173cm as the absolite ideal

Attracting men
Lets just say men really dont care about height. But moat men prefer to be taller and since heels exist I would say 163-168cm will be prefferd as the averge man 174-180 cm at night are the most abundant and they find these ideal. No bias as for me I would say 155-175cm at night yes I do love shorties as they are very cute and tall girls because of the legs, e.t.c but avsolute ideal for me would be 170cm.

Its no secret most girls would wamt to model so lets go eoth the top victoria secret models actual height
Adriana lima 177-178cm probably midday so 1cm of lowest
Candice Swanapoel 173cm yes shes listed at 177cm hit shes 173s which is prbably midday around 0.5-1cm of her low
Miranda kerr 170cm she was an exception apparently so idk.
Sorry dont know any others
But industry states 173-180cm as ideal with 170 and 183cm pushing it.

( trying to think as a woman, this is extremely dificult as im a guy so I give up)
But listening to females 170cm is the absolite ideal with 163-173 being great. I guess thats it.
182cm says on 9/Jan/15
In terms of ideal height I'll categorise it
For men

Sports(morning measurement)
184-189cm( 1cm, 2cm deviation is okay) 10/10 for most sports, obvious in different sports this changes but you should be okay for major sports. Agility sports e.g soccer, running back, fighting e.t.c 180-185cm morning is primal yet other sports where agility isnt needed alot swimming, wr, e.t.c. 186-191morning is optimal

Attracting women

Heres where it gets difficult with women having different tastes and with them overestimating e.g at 176 all girls and some guys thought I was 6ft some saying I was 6ft and thelowest I got estimated was 180cm( 4cm below my actuall height)
Obviously height of the women will also deviate this.
Looking at facts and studies itsveryconclusive that women see 183cm as the ideal but due to error, overestimation, underestimation and its a single value how can women distingush 183cm from 184cm or 182cm. Therfore It can be said 181-185 at night or rather 183-188cm in the morning should be the best( so 5ft11.5 to 6ft1.5 at night is most optimal) 10/10 but this will change as short wome see 177cm at night as the ideal while tall wome see 190cm at night as the ideal. So 179cm -190cm morning should do for most (5ft10.5-6ft2.5) no reall difference once in these range when attracting women. Probably take care of your body e.t.c. with tall women and short eomen being not so common yhe 160-170cm women will see these as ideal as its around 10-20cm taller (4-8 inches taller) while the

Getting clothes
Its no secret the closer to averge is the best so 175-183cm should be most primal.

Getting the bestphysique
No secret the taller you are the harder to build muscle, 5ft10-6ft at night is often quoted with 6ft1 sometimes mentioned as the highest.

Being intimidating
For the genral population you should atleast be 10cm to be considered intimidating so 186'187cm at night and above should be optimal if thats your thing.

Being at least solid around the world
Its clear that the averge for the tallest nation Netherlands is around 181cm-183 for young males. Considering this to be at least solid one should be 181cm at night at their ultimate lowest to feel at least averge everywhere around the world though dinka tribe in sudan have an average of 190cm and dinaric alps an averge of 185cm.

Being a model well industry standard states averge dimensions are between 180-188cm midday measuremnt or morning but preffered being 183cm-187cm morning or forennon measurements. However some are accepted omout of this range as I know a 5ft9 model who works for gq or sthing and there are 6ft4 models but 184-188cm morning is optimal therefore.

Tallying it all uo you will see that the 183-188cm morning measurement(181cm-186cm at night) is the most optimal with 184cm at night being the most ideal if we must.

183-188cm morning ( 181-186 night) 8.5-9/10. No such thing as 10/10. Optimal height for almost everything.

180-182.5cm morning and 188.5-191cm morning ( 178-180 night and 186.5-189cm at night) 8-8.5/10. No reall major diiference with the 9/10 group just that its isnt so perfect for some things e.g male modeling which prbably scrutininises height most. Some thing these group will excel over others yet more often than not its beaten narrowly.
178-180cm morning 192-194 cm morning. 6-7/10 Good solid height but suffers st thing e.g 178-180cm morning might be ideal for agility but in sports like nfl, swimming its abit to short. While 192-194cm gives up to mich agility and in sports like soccer, mma e.t.c its a liability.
176-178 morning amd 194-196cm morning. 5-6/10. Possibly the last heights where its neither good nor bad.
182cm says on 9/Jan/15
In terms of idealheight I'll categorise it
For men

Sports(morning measurement)
184-189cm( 1cm, 2cm deviation is okay) 10/10 for most sports, obvious in different sports this changes but you should be okay for major sports. Agility sports e.g soccer, running back, fighting e.t.c 180-185cm morning is primal yet other sports where agility isnt needed alot swimming, wr, e.t.c. 186-191morning is optimal

Attracting women

Heres where it gets difficult with women having different tastes and with them overestimating e.g at 176 all girls and some guys thought I was 6ft some saying I was 6ft and thelowest I got estimated was 180cm( 4cm below my actuall height)
Obviously height of the women will also deviate this.
Looking at facts and studies itsveryconclusive that women see 183cm as the ideal but due to error, overestimation, underestimation and its a single value how can women distingush 183cm from 184cm or 182cm. Therfore It can be said 181-185 at night or rather 183-188cm in the morning should be the best( so 5ft11.5 to 6ft1.5 at night is most optimal) but this will change as short wome see 177cm at night as the ideal while tall wome see 190cm at night as the ideal
182cm says on 9/Jan/15
After extensive measuring ive found out that im 182.3cm at my lowest last yome I measured one month ago at 182.5 I actually frauded by 1cm but now my barefoot heigyt is legit 182.3cm .184.5cm in the morning but i loose it pretty quick. Thereafter its basically from 183.4cm to 182.3cm. Ive grown around 8 cm in ine year so hopefully I can grow 4cm as my 19th birthday is in july. Seems to be my late growth spurt as I started 1 year later than everyone. From being the shortest in the class theres 2 more guys to catch and there both strong 6ft1s.
The aerosol measuring way made me realise how much lie about height. I think from now one I'll just say 6ft as im basically 5ft11.75 at my lowest and 6ft0.5 at my highest.

And on the basis of looking tall I say somewhere around my height probably 181cm is the absolute lowest. Though women tmoften used to overestimate my height by around 2inches. Which is why I would say once yourabove 178cm you have nothing to worry about also considering really short girls think its the best.
Jackal says on 9/Jan/15
6'0 guys are not very common at all in the United States. If you are in a crowded mall you might be surprised at how few there really are.
Zoro says on 9/Jan/15

Since 5/10 is, in my school system, under the passing grade (which is 6/10), I disagree.
To me 6 = sufficiency = average height (or even 6.5 for the 50th percentile, since many people can feel satisfied just by being normal height, and doesnt really care that much about standing out)

5 (understood as slight insufficiency) when you are >= 1 inch under average and 60/65 ppl out of 100 are taller than you (a good % of them noticeably taller)

here how I see it for youngsters in Italy, night heights:

176.5 cm= 6/10 ok, 50th percentile where I live, over it in the south, maybe few mm under in the north
180 cm= 7.5/10 good, solid everywhere
183 cm= 8.5/10 totally satisfying, perfect for soccer, boxe, etc.
185/188 cm= 10/10 perfect, always tall but not freakishly
190 cm= 8.5/10

under average:
175 cm 5.5/10
174cm 5/10
172 cm 4.5/10
170 cm 4/10 start of tangible insufficiency, you are easily towered, and without the right devices, looks short
165 cm 3/10 girls are as tall as you
Lillo thomas says on 9/Jan/15
You must be a legit 6'1 guy barefoot to look tall in the USA. :-)
Bryan (Queenslander) says on 9/Jan/15
@Kourosh The "Aerosol" method can be used with any long flat object that won't budge (Toblerone box for e.g.). When you use your hands to measure against a wall you'll probably overestimate anywhere from 1 - 3cm
worldheight says on 8/Jan/15
1)Average Height by Country (Youth:20-30 years)
Country/Average Male Height (cm)/population

Netherlands 183,0 16318199
Montenegro 182,8 625266
Iceland 181,5 319355
Denmark 181,1 5413392
Serbia 180,9 10159046
Croatia 180,5 4496869
Sweden 180,4 8986400
Slovenia 180,3 2007711
Czech Republic 180,3 10246178
Germany 180,3 82424609
Norway 179,9 4737171
Luxembourg 179,6 486006
Estonia 179,6 1307605
Slovakia 179,4 5397036
Austria 179,2 8174762
Belgium 179,0 10348276
Poland 178,3 38626349
Finland 178,1 5214512
Switzerland 178,1 7450867
Greece 177,9 10647529
Australia 177,8 19913144
United Kingdom 177,6 60270708
United States 177,6 293027571
Latvia 177,6 2023825
New Zealand 177,5 3993817
Hungary 177,3 10106017
Lithuania 177,2 3565205
Ireland 177,0 3969558
Ukraine 176,5 47732079
France 176,4 60424213
Canada 176,3 32507874
Russia 176,2 143782338
Israel 176,2 7112359
Turkey 176,1 68893918
Bulgaria 176,0 7284552
Spain 175,4 40280780
Italy 174,8 58057477
Jamaica 174,3 2804332
Romania 174,0 22355551
Azerbaijan 174,0 8177717
South Korea 173,8 48598175
Uruguay 173,7 3399237
Argentina 173,5 39144753
Iran 173,4 67503205
United Arab Emirates 173,4 9205651
Taiwan 172,7 22920946
Portugal 172,5 10524145
Tunisia 172,3 9974722
Algeria 172,2 32129324
Côte d'Ivoire 172,1 18373060
Japan 172,1 127333002
Hong Kong 172,1 7210505
South Africa 172,0 42718530
Gambia 172,0 1735464
China 171,8 1298847624
Brazil 171,5 184101109
Ghana 171,5 23382848
Colombia 171,3 42310775
Cameroon 171,0 16063678
Chile 171,0 15823957
Singapore 170,8 4353893
Qatar 170,8 1699435
Venezuela 170,5 23542649
Paraguay 170,5 6191368
Egypt 170,3 76117421
Cuba 169,9 11308764
Thailand 169,2 64865523
Panama 169,0 3661868
Saudi Arabia 168,9 25795938
Mongolia 168,4 2751314
Costa Rica 168,0 4586353
Malawi 168,0 13931831
Malaysia 167,8 23522482
Bahrain 167,6 718306
Iraq 167,4 25374691
Nigeria 167,2 138283240
Mexico 167,0 104959594
Ecuador 166,5 14483499
Peru 166,3 27544305
North Korea 166,1 22697553
Bolivia 166,0 10496285
Sri Lanka 165,6 20064776
El Salvador 165,6 5744113
Vietnam 165,0 82689518
India 164,7 1065070607
Philippines 164,2 86241697
Indonesia 163,0 238452952
Cambodia 162,5 13363421

Overall Average: 170,5 cm(5ft 7.1in)(World's Average Height-Youth: 20-30 years)
World's population (sample of the research, without some countries): 5245537380
World's Average Height(Male)-Youth: 20-30 years-Error%:min.170cm-max.171cm

do you think these averages are correct?
they were taken from a post at
Lisa says on 8/Jan/15
@AndrewS: Be wary of claimed heights. Some of those "5'10" boys might be 5'8 or 5'9 and some of those "5'6" girls might be 5'4 or 5'5, even though they may claim to be 5'11 (boys) and 5'7 (girls).
JohnGB says on 8/Jan/15
berdych says on 8/Jan/15
hi,what would be the minimum height for a guy to look tall?

My opinion is that the bare minimum is around 5'10.5" / 179cm. If you're skinny and around a group of average women and short men, you'll look tall at this height. As you approach 6ft it becomes more common for you to appear tall. At 6ft myself, people often refer to me as being tall, though occasionally in my day-to-day life I feel just above average or even average.

Realistically somewhere in the region of 180cm +/- 1cm is the minimum height to appear tall given the right circumstances and the right build. Someone who is 182-184cm will be referred to as tall by women and average/below average height men. Once you reach 185cm+, almost everyone will regard you as being tall.
GI Jose says on 8/Jan/15
I think that in the US you can look tall if you are 5'10.75" at your low. I perceive the overall average height in the US as 5'8.5"-5'8.75" (5'9"-5'9.25" for tallest demographics) at their low, and with the right build, you can look tall if you are 2 inches above average. Once you get 3 inches or more over average, it doesn't matter what your build is because you will look tall next to an average person every time.
184.3cm says on 8/Jan/15
Minimum height to look tall ? Depends on where you live and what footwear you tend to wear.

I would say a 5'11 guy can look tall at times but no lower than that. 6'3 is when you start to look really tall and 6'7 when you stand out , 6'10 + when you look giant like.
Peyman 5ft 10.25in says on 8/Jan/15
Kourosh says on 8/Jan/15
@ Payman i dont know what aerosol method is but the way i measure myself is i stand tall and facing wall and put an object which is flat (book) on top of my head and leave mark underneath, then measure myself with tape. hope this is correct way to measure one height.

Payman i believe anything below 177 cm is actually shortish.
you really have no Idea about the aerosol can method?
watch Rob's video!
the method you said is totally fine, you are a 5ft 9.5in guy.
I disagree you on anything under 177 is shortish, it's a decent height. when you're over 173 at your low, you're not a short man anymore.
for young Iranian males ( a morning measurement, ):
163-167 : very short & short
167-171 : short & shortish
171-175 : below average
175-179 : above average
179-183 : tallish
183-187 : tall
187+ : very tall
etc .
Do you live in Iran? where?
I live in Sanandaj , people here are tall compare to other cities like Rasht.
In Tehran there is a big difference even in height, Rich people are a lot taller. in tajrish I saw a lot of young & tall people, 6ft was really normal for a young guy there (average close to 5ft 10in there), Vanak had shorter people which made my 185cm cousin look just a very normal tall ( 176cm ), but in poor places people where really shorter ( 172cm maybe).
I really don't like to live in Tehran,
some are ridiculously rich 5%
most of the people have to work a lot and wish to get their very low salary each month in order to be still alive !! about 75% of the population
& 20% of people where totally ****ed up people, those with no hope & no reason to live. although this is the biggest problem in the world today, but You clearly can see it in Tehran.
sorry for the long talk :(
french says on 8/Jan/15
i agree with truth2's rating, giving 5/10 to an average height seems to be a decent and objective mark.I will show you how to make a decent chart
178 cm=5/10 ok
180 cm=6/10 slightly better
182 cm=7/10 quite good
184 cm=8/10 good
186 cm=9/10 very good
188 cm=10/10 perfect

for below average height
176 cm=4/10 slightly worse than average
174 cm=3/10 pretty bad
172 cm=2/10 bad
170 cm=1/10 very bad
168 cm=0/10 i'm sorry, but that's a very short height, it's right in the 5 th percentile, and 35 % of girls are taller than 168 cm barefoot.In night club for instance ( or parties), with young men who average 178-181 cm and girls who wear heels, someone who is 168 cm will be one of the shortest.
Kourosh says on 8/Jan/15
@ Payman i dont know what aerosol method is but the way i measure myself is i stand tall and facing wall and put an object which is flat (book) on top of my head and leave mark underneath, then measure myself with tape. hope this is correct way to measure one height.

Payman i believe anything below 177 cm is actually shortish.
Kourosh says on 8/Jan/15
@ Payman thanks for sharing me your history of height measurements. Considering me just a little shorter than you at 176 cm ( morning height 177.8 to 178cm after bed), im not satisfied with my height at all, i always wish i was just abit taller to be around 5'11 or 180 cm.

My lowest estimation was 173 and highest 178-179. but most people guess me at my actual height 5'9 and change.
berdych says on 8/Jan/15
hi,what would be the minimum height for a guy to look tall?
Superman says on 8/Jan/15
@rob how much sleep do you need before you regain the maximum height you've lost during the day?
[Editor Rob: 8 hours can do the trick.]
6ft James says on 8/Jan/15
I dont understand these males thinking their taller than they are. Anyone want to explain that to me. So you get measured at say 6ft but you think your 6'2 ???
nona says on 8/Jan/15
@Lisa: U got it right. Also as you mentioned a girl who is 5'2" and weighs 125 lbs will look taller than a girl who is 5'2" & weighs 100 lbs. However a 5'9" girl who weighs 170 lbs will look shorter than a 5'9" girl weighing 130 lbs. This is because for a tall girl the taller and thinner she is is the longer her legs appear but the same effect does not hold for a short girl. IMO any girl over 5'6" will appear taller than a heavier girl of similar height.
Can't think of a name says on 8/Jan/15
@ What height? I'm 192 morning 189.7 at night standing straight and claim 6'2. If you are that hight at any point of the day the you have every right to claim it, everyone is measured in the morning. it's just that some use their night height in case the are called out to prove it
Can't think of a name says on 8/Jan/15
@ What height? I'm 192 morning 189.7 at night standing straight and claim 6'2. If you are that hight at any point of the day the you have every right to claim it, everyone is measured in the morning. it's just that some use their night height in case the are called out to prove it
AndrewS says on 7/Jan/15
Just thought I'd put it here, I have done a height-research in my school (roughly 16 and a half year old Poles). I slightly reduced the claimed heights, since some of them were inflated. In a group of 84 students the mean male height was 5'10 (178.3cm) and the mean female height was 5'6 (168.2cm). Taking into account the growth after this age, I've discovered the average country in my area is actually pretty high: roughly 5'11 for an adult male and 5'6.25 for an adult female.
Peyman 5ft 10.25in says on 7/Jan/15
@ Kourosh ,
the year I was done growing was 2011 I think, when I was 18
I didn't know how tall I am & had no idea how to measure at home, so I tried the electronic stadiometers, the result was 182!!
and a year later it was 183, but I also remember once I got measured at 180 in 2012.
but in 2012 I also came to this site & I was sure that I'm a 6ft man after those measurements. but after seeing the aerosol can method, I realized that I'm 1.5 inches shorter!! but I had a first claim here & I found it amateur to change it :) LOL
I also had issues about height, I used to think that anything under 180 is a total midget!!
recently I tried the mechanical stadiometers (I mean those with an object on them to be put on your head). I guess they're still the most accurate ones. the result was just 178.7 as I mentioned a few weeks ago & it was around 6pm.
so stopped being a liar & I proudly tell everyone my real height.
I feel taller than 7 out of 10 & everybody guess me at 182!! I've even been described 184-5, and a few years ago a friend of mine guessed me at 188.
the lowest guess up to now was 175, two years ago.
all barefoot measurements!
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 7/Jan/15
@andy Anywhere between 6ft and 6ft 1
Kourosh says on 7/Jan/15
Payman i used to remember you were 6'0 months ago now down to 5'10? :O
didnt you measure yourself?
Actually i was frauding my height as well, i used to claim 178 cm but im actually 176.4 or .3 in late evening (7pm) or hair below 176 at absolute worst or lowest height.
thats why many young people are taller than me by an inch because im below average.

My brother thought he was 6'1 but he is actually 181 cm 5'11.25
184.3cm says on 7/Jan/15
@Greg 6'0.75

YOu should put that guy in his place imo. Get a woman over who is 5'7 and then ask him how tall he is. Watch as she destroys him while you sip on your coffee:)
184.3cm says on 7/Jan/15
@willriker Thats not that big a gain i know a guy who went from 178cm to 192cm between the age of 17 and 21. Was very strange to speak to him as i used to look down at him and now im the one looking up.
Peyman 5ft 10.25in says on 7/Jan/15
I measured myself with the aerosol at the lunch time after a normal (just went to the university and nothing else).
I was just 178.5 cm!!
by the night I was 178.2, no resting or sleeping of course. I'm sure on this measurement.
so if people ask me my height I'd just say 5ft 10.25in which is 178.4 & clearly fair to claim. & in metric system I guess I should say 178 & change or 178.5cm which is again an honest claim.
Do you agree Rob?
if yes, then why wouldn't you claim 5ft 8.25in? it's obvious that you're not just a flat 5ft 8in? I saw your height shrinkage video, but I can't remember which height was your absolute lowest? was it 173.5?
even considering the error of your stadiometer, it would be 173.3 & a mile closer to 5ft 8.25in !!
[Editor Rob: if I'm active and out and about I'll be 5ft 8.25 on stadiometer so 5ft 8 1/8th because of the error. That's my usual low.]
willriker says on 7/Jan/15

TJE says on 6/Jan/15
Around 5'1
Crystal says on 6/Jan/15
@Andy 185cm
Barefoot 158cm.
Clay says on 6/Jan/15
When I measure myself at home with an aerosol can and a tape measure I came up with 178cm, but I went to the doctors the other day and I was measured with a stadiometer at 182cm (without shoes). What's my real height? I didn't get a chance to check the measurement on the stadiometer so I'm curious. It would be nice to he within a cm of 6ft :P
grizz says on 6/Jan/15
Willriker, how tall is your mother?
KEREM, 5 hours after you wake up is the fairest height to claim. You lose most of your height in first 3hours, while in the upcoming hours you lose a couple of mms. Since my out of bed height is 184.7, then I guess it's fine for me to claim 183 cm.
Laf says on 6/Jan/15
@Zoro: Definitely agree. 6 or maybe 7 for an average height. 5 is a bit under average, and noticeable under average is under 5. 8 and 9 is 6-6'2, and everything taller than that starts getting just as good - or just slightly better than average.
What height? says on 6/Jan/15
Hello everyone!

I am 189.5cm in the morning and 187.5cm in the evening. What should I claim as my height? Can I claim 188cm / 6'2?

willriker says on 5/Jan/15
When I started college at 18, I was 5'11". At 19.5 years, I stand 6'1.25"-6'2". My brother is about a half inch taller than myself and my father 2 inches taller.
Lisa says on 5/Jan/15
@Nona: I understand you to mean that you think that thin frames can give false impressions about heights. The Dutch girls' thinner frames thus make them appear taller than the larger-framed Norwegian girls of the same height. I can see that happening. Still, if the official statistics are accurate and representative, the average Dutch girl is a tad taller than the average Norwegian girl.

There may be a similar thing where skinny SHORT girls look shorter than heavier girls of the same height. What do you think?
KEREM says on 5/Jan/15
Accurate height measurement time I think, my opinion... If you wake up at 7am, you have to measure yourself after 4 hours later or may be 5 hours later. Not minimum height nor maximum height is accurate. Generally, humans lose 1.8-2.2cm at most. Out of bed is not accurate and night height is so low. Then we have to balance our height mean. We lose 1.3-1.4cm at 11am-12pm. We should measure ourselves at 11am(4 hours later woke up) which is the best accurate time for height.
Zoro says on 5/Jan/15
@Laf: yes I'm 176.5cm at night (bang on 5'9.5). When I saw the 4 rating I was a bit perplexed, but then I've read truth2 gives 5 to full average, so 4 is coherent with his opinion.
However, I didn't understand if he was referring to German or USA/UK average in that sentence.

I personally rate the average height (regardless of which it is) with 6/6.5, I would give 5.5 to an height 0.5-1 inches under and 4.5 if the difference is 2 inches or more
Dikavac says on 5/Jan/15
Person which is 5'11... can reach your tie knot, but only with his eyes level, not with his top head.
I hope you tought that too. :-)
Nona says on 5/Jan/15
@Lisa: My opinion on the Norwegian girls being taller than the Dutch girls is based on the observation that most Norwegian girls are tall and very well built unlike the Dutch girls who are quite skinny. As you will agree a skinny girl looks taller than a well built girl the same height.
dayle186cm says on 5/Jan/15
Hi guys what whould be shoulder level for a 6ft1 guy?
Bryan says on 5/Jan/15
Getting your height measured properly when you've unintentionally lied about it is like taking the "Red Pill" (matrix reference)

Take for example, a 20-something year old guy (good posture) who's told people he's 5'10 and not many has called him out on it probably because they inflate themselves

One day he gets a physical around 12pm and the doctor puts him under the stadiometre *wooden board flattens on head* ok mister your height measurement is 172cm and then he proceeds to look at the stadiometre in disbelief

"That can't be right!? i'm 178cm gadammit!". He doesn't realise how much higher the 178cm mark actually is in comparison to the top of his skull
Andy 185cm says on 4/Jan/15
How tall is the guy in this pic? Click Here
6ftMagician says on 4/Jan/15
I am 183.5/184.5cm. When I stand with impeccable posture people always think I am 6 foot 2 (in Vans sneakers). I always tell people I am 5'10 (when asked) just to play with their minds. I hate the idea of claiming a height above what is true, it devalues your own true height. When friends lie about their height, I politely point it out, but never in a serious way - life's too short for that. Be proud of your height, attain a lean, ripped physique like Bruce Lee and any height can look mesmerizing. Stand tall brothers - 6ftMagician.
x5 says on 4/Jan/15
Hi, is it possible for a guy to look tall if he's 6foot, or does he have to be at least 6foot1 to appear tall? Would like to some opinions on this. Thanks
Laf says on 4/Jan/15
@Truth2: Calling 5'9.5 NIGHTTIME shortish for a german guy is weird. Lower average maybe, but not shortish. If Zoro's height is 177? Then thruth2 is right with the most, but calling you shortish and rating your height as a 4 out of 10 is crazy. What is 5'5 then? and average only 5/10? I certainly don't agree, but that's your opinion.
JohnGB says on 4/Jan/15

He is absolutely saying it because he is envious, and clearly doesn't like being thought of as short. I say this because he is already inflating his height. Normally when I am talking to people who I know have inflated their height (Which is quite a lot of people..) I act either unsure about my own height, or accept their overly high prediction of my height as a possibility. But for someone who has inflated their height by a good couple of inches, and yet insists you are actually shorter than you are or guesses your height correctly, means that they know full well their own height and they have a problem with it.

Also something I'd like to say is that I really don't think 6ft (my height) is that tall around younger people.. For example, I have a workgroup of 4-5 people and I am the shortest guy. I also had a small party the other night and I was the shortest guy there. The others were all in the 6'1-6'3 bracket. In fact, many of my friends are between 6'1 and 6'2, and that feeling of being slightly shorter than my friends is starting to get on my nerves.. I would actually predict my height among the younger generation as being around 60-70th percentile. I'm from the UK.
Chris says on 4/Jan/15
Do i have small feet for my height? I'm about 6ft and wear an 41 EU size in men's shoes. (That is a 7 1/2 UK and 8 US?) My feet are about 26 cm long.
Andy 185cm says on 4/Jan/15
How tall do u guys think the tallest dude on this pic is? Click Here
grizz says on 4/Jan/15
@Greg, that colleague of yours surely has height complex :D
And I agree-if I had your height,it's much more practical to claim 6'1 than 6ft.
truth2 says on 4/Jan/15
Zoro: Bang on average for younger generations of Italy/Spain, about 0.5-1inch under in the USA for young white guys, for overral population strong average even. In Germany it is mostly shortish or lower average, since young guys average 5ft11 there. Would say ok/not that bad height. 4 to 4.5/10 rating (5/10 is average).
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 4/Jan/15
@unsure:You will get away by claiming 6ft as its only an inch difference or you can say about 6ft.What you said about 5ft 5 guys claiming 5ft 8,they get away because these are below average heights except in some asian countries.People don't think much about them height wise.
Greg (6'0.75'') says on 3/Jan/15
@Unsure: I'm assuming that your question is more along the lines of, "Can I get away with saying I'm 6'0'' despite my friend's doubts of my claim?" than it is, "Am I justified in claiming 6'0'' at my height?" because at 180 cm it seems quite clear, given the fact that you're not even 6'0'' if you round to the nearest inch, that a negative answer to the second question would be vastly more rational than an affirmative one.

But to address the first question, I certainly think you could get away with claiming 6'0'', I've witnessed people inflate their height much more than what you're considering, and gotten away with it; I think your friend is simply in the extreme minority in doubting your claim if he is fact inflating his height more than you are. I've actually had a similar experience with an acquaintance at work though, except mine features the other person positing even more irrational estimates than your friend.

Okay, so I feel very confident this guy is 5'7'' flat based on (over thousands of interactions with him at work) the observation that he comes up to my nose; at one point he was asserting to be as tall as 5'10'' with his more recent claim being 5'8.5''. We were discussing height one day and I threw out my usual 6'1'' claim (which I feel is fair considering I'm just a quarter inch shy of the mark), which was followed by him asking, "Is that with shoes on?" If you go by his initial claim of 5'10", that would put me at a whopping 6'3.75'' in comparison, but even if you want to go with his more recent 5'8.5'' claim, that still puts me at 6'2.25'', and he thinks I'm closer to 6'0'' than I am to 6'1'', it's unbelievable.

On top of that, something he used to always say was, "The main reason you don't look that tall is because you're big, people look taller when they're thinner," Well, before I put on weight I always told myself that if I reached the 200-pound mark I'd start eating healthier and 199 was close enough, so I slimmed down to 172 recently, and the other day he goes, "You look shorter now that you've slimmed down." This guy seems to be determined to think that I'm shorter than I am.
John says on 3/Jan/15
Dikavac & Liilo Thomas,

Thank you. I am 6'7, which means a 5'11 person reaches my tie knot level. A 6 footer reaches my chin.

My shoe size is a UK 13 / 47 Eur. My weight is about 110 kg.
GI Jose says on 3/Jan/15
I have seen the video, but it doesn't change anything. I understand that a large portion of height drops within the first hour of activity, but there are a few things I think are not being taken into account. The first is the amount of height that is lost before one reaches their low. Most people end up losing 3/4"-1" of height by reaching their low, and you seem to discount everything just because part of that is lost quickly. The second is activity level of patients. The amount of height lost has been shown to be directly correlated to the activity level of the patient, and, as it is customary for medical appointments, the subjects were likely not active prior to the measurements. In the video, every time Rob says he did physical activity, he shrinks more, and every time he says he didn't do anything physical, he either stays the same height or actually gains height back. This indicates that the amount of time awake doesn't affect the amount of height one loses as much as activity level does.

I don't think that the 800 young, white men who were measured can fully and accurately represent the actual average of the 21.2 million who live in the US. It seems like it's much too small of a sample size to show a true representation of the population. I also find it odd to limit the demographic to such a small portion of the United States' population. Of the total male population in the United States, 63.7% are non-Hispanic white, and of that population, only 19% are between the ages of 20 and 34 meaning that only 12.1% of the male US population is both young and white. Other than in a university, when is there going to be a majority of young white males? And as someone who goes to a university in the United States, I still see the average of male university students as a solid 5'9".

I understand that the final comment is meant to make me feel insecure about my observations, but my experience is that not even 1 out of 15 guys in my demographic are taller than me.
Kourosh says on 3/Jan/15
i'm 5'9.5 im taller than 5 and shorter than 5 in every 10 people (specially young generation). which means 50 percentile. i think im pretty very average. just okay height.
french says on 3/Jan/15

i agree, most people are measured between 9 and 5 pm, so i assume that the ones who got measured at 9 am already lost 1 cm.
i believe that half of those were measured before noon and the other half past 2 pm.
the loss of height during the day could be like that , for someone who wakes up at 7 am.:
-9 am (when the measurements starts):1 cm
-10 am:1.2 cm
-11 am:1.3 cm
-noon:1.4 cm
-1 pm:1.5 cm
-from 2 to 5 pm:you may loose 1 or 2 mm, someone who is measured at 5 pm could have lost 1.6 cm, he might not be at his lowest (most people loose 1.8-1.9cm) but he is near it.

Now average the height losses, i think it's somewhere around 1.3 or 1.4 cm, so since the average height for a white young men is 178 or 178.9 cm i believe at night the average height is 177.5 or 178.5 cm wich is a solid 178 cm.
Since the average height for a white man in the us is 178 cm, you are able to know the distribution of the heights:183 is bang the 75th percentile, which is not rare:in a group of 4 randoms people, one is atleast 183 cm.
185 cm is on the 15 th percentile.
Celebheights 188 CM says on 3/Jan/15
I find the studies to be quite iffy (considering that they don't even mention the percent of them that were measured). They could've picked any random 100 people who happened to be taller:
french says on 3/Jan/15

i agree, most people are measured between 9 and 5 pm, so i assume that the ones who got measured at 9 am already lost 1 cm.
i believe that half of those were measured before noon and the other half past 2 pm.
the loss of height during the day could be like th
Zoro says on 3/Jan/15
How would you rate an height of 5'9.5 night time, in Italy, Spain, UK/USA, Germany?
Kourosh says on 3/Jan/15
im 176 cm and little over in evening with shoes near 5'10.i find many people are taller than me by inch. its very annoying !!!
Bran says on 3/Jan/15
Happy new year to everyone, just wondering, well i have a friend whos around 4 inches shorter than me, possibly a little less like 3.75 inch. However, hes a guy who appears to take an interest in height and is always claiming the 4 inch difference is nearer 2 inch, even though his eyes are so much lower than the 2 inch mark and his head barley beats my eye level. I always find 2 inch a bordeline difference, a confortable one but nothing to shout home about, anyway i was wondering, does anyone else share a sort of simular experience with a shorter guy, i mean, i have an eye level maybe around 4.75 while his shorter head maybe see's his at 4.25, and intrestingly, he waits till im on lower ground to compare heights,.. is this the sign of a short man syndrome or etc ?
Crypto139 says on 3/Jan/15
@James Edward Crowley Maximus Merdius

About your late bloomers comment I do agree with Rob that it ends up with your starting height. Manny Pacman who was 4 feet 11 I think had a late spurt where he grew to "just" 5 feet 6, though Rob believes he is really 5 feet 5. Scottie Pippen who was 6 feet 1 at age 19 grew the same amount of inches as Manny Pacman but he ended up at well 6 feet 8, though again probably was really 6 feet 7. Though it seems that late growth spurts are quite rare, though I heard they kind of run in my family on both sides so I am just hoping that I can attain some inches. Though those mutliple inch late ones are very rare sadly. I will say my friend who is a legit 173 now as of today was just 171 cm tall back in August. He turned 19 in October. So growth after 18 is possible but growth in general is very unpredictable. I know guys that stopped growing at 13-14 and then cases like 19 year olds gaining a few inches. It is all completely random. On average though most slow down after 16 and gain from 1/2 of an inch to just 1 1/2 inches.
Crypto139 says on 3/Jan/15
Now I been kind of searching some comments for specific cities and everything using your search function. I found an old comment talking about Munich Germany. Now I know someone from there that I have met who is a legit 180 cm tall guy or near it enough. Now he himself said 180 is average for Germany but after looking at studies for his city Munich I found the average young male there average 182.7 and female averaged a whopping 171.5 cm tall. I remember searing munich on this site's search function and I found a comment saying that Munich was a short german city. Now back to my friend the strange thing is the very last time I saw him I was 163-164 cm tall as I measured myself at the time and we kind of got into the topic on height. When I told him my height in cm which was 163 cm tall at the time. He then said "no really, I think you would be 170 cm tall guy." I then looked at him and said that he must be joking, I was nowhere near that. Though he really thought I was 170 cm though.

I then went to my house and measured my low height with a tape measured that has cm on it. Mine was just over 163 at my low. The 170 cm part was right next to the 5 feet 7 area! I then looked at the 170 part in shocked!

Tallest I have ever been guessed. Though Rob I do have 2 questions. First off what is the tallest a person guessed you to be from your real height. Second you think the 171.5 or even the 182 cm average for 18 to 39 year olds in that German city to be true, considering a person really thought a 163 cm tall guy was 170 cm?
Lisa says on 2/Jan/15
@nona: That's probably true. Since we have national records, you would think that you could find the state records that the statisticians used to figure out our national average.

The stats show that Dutch women are a bit taller than Norwegian women but you very well could be right.
5ft10guy says on 2/Jan/15
Does anybody know for real that the average dutch person is 6ft I find this preposterous and hard to believe.So if I were to live among the dutch most the guys I would see are 6ft?! I'm going by 2toes and the chart that he says is legit.I don't even think this chart is the average african american is 5ft10 I believe that I live in the city alongside aa's and white guys.I believe that 5ft10 1/8 thats believable.So the average aa girl is 5ft4 heh try 5ft5 the average caucasion girl is taller (5ft4.75) thats funny because I never see so many tall aa women then any other ethnicity ever and I'm not being biased or nothing but this is facts.
2toes says on 2/Jan/15
GI Jose, you are not right.

Editor Rob demonstrated in this video that within 3 hours and a half you already lose half an inch of height. 9 hours after, you only lose 3 milimeters more:

Click Here

Even if the subjects were measured before lunch, It's impossible to have these US measuraments inaccurate, which means average for young non-hispanic whites and african americans is a full 5'10", as proved.

Face it, GI Jose: You are not tall, maybe you can be classified as "tallish", but you still are on the percentile 75 which means 1 in every 4 US young white male is taller than you.
James B says on 2/Jan/15
Rob one of my friends started college aged 16 at 5'11 and then over the years shot up to 6'2.

Later bloomer or is that typical growth? Another friend of mine aged 17 at college stood at 5'11-5'11.5 and gradually grew to 6'1 range.
[Editor Rob: anything noticeable after 18 is a late growth spurt.]
nona says on 2/Jan/15
@Lisa: My answer was based purely on observation only. When there is no officail record in a developed nation like the US there is no way there will be one in India. IMO women in Norway are taller than ones in the Nederlands
174cm says on 1/Jan/15
what is the consensus on madame tussaud wax museums? They claim heights are accurate. Recently visited one in SF. Was similar in height to "Johnny Depp" (though he had on boots w/heels), and "Steve McQueen". "Serena Williams" looked about 5'10", "Obama" 6'1-6'3", "DiCaprio" 6'1ish. All four Beatles were about 5'9" or slightly shorter (Ringo).
[Editor Rob: if you use a stadiometer at least you can be accurate enough. From what I've seen they hold a tape measure up against somebody in a pose, which might be them standing tall, but also it could be them standing in a looser pose. I'd love to see evidence of any stadiometer used for these things!]
Amaze says on 1/Jan/15
@MaskDeMasque I agree with your chart 100%

@Shubo lol I agree too, plus that's my Bros nnickname what's your real name
Unsure says on 1/Jan/15
@Rob If my lowest recorded height is 180cn, would I be safe with claiming 6ft? I have a friend that claims 5'8 when he's actually about 5'5/5'6. He then has the cheek to say I'm nowhere near 6ft. I don't say anything about his claim because I know he's self conscious about his height. Is it just him that sees me as a world away from being 6ft, or does he just say that because he's envious?
S says on 1/Jan/15
Rob, is 172, 5 cm a weak 5'8 or more like a flat 5'8?
[Editor Rob: it's only a couple of mm under 5ft 8, it's within the range where saying 5ft 8 is ok. If it was nearer to 172cm flat then we are getting weak 5ft 8.]
Gin says on 1/Jan/15
I had the best experience on new year's eve. I was at a friend's house and he's 2 younger brothers were amazed by my height, something that very rarely happens. It felt as if I was Shaq or Dwight.
I'm 17 yrs old, 191-189cm. Friend: 180 cm, friend's brothers: 140 and 160cm
I think that my height, 190 cm is the best height because I'm the tallest 90+% of the time but I'm not tall enough that it impedes my everyday life although I do bump my head into doorsteps every now and then. What do you think Rob? is almost 6'3" one of the best heights? Also do people still grow past 17? I wouldn't mind being a full fledged 6foot 3.
BB Bomber says on 1/Jan/15
i agree. 187cm is perfect.
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 1/Jan/15
Most of the people add an inch or two to their height.But a 5ft 9 claiming 6ft is ridiculous..its hard to get away with that.Once i claimed 6ft jokingly and my friends surrounded me they were like what..omg we thought you were like 6ft it can't be lier..people do have good sense of height.You can get away by adding an inch but more than that it will get tougher and tougher.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Merdius says on 31/Dec/14
Rob do late bloomers end up tall and very tall like 6ft 1in 6ft 2in and 6ft 3in is being tall and very tall a sign of being a late bloomer.
[Editor Rob: some might end up quite tall, but it depends on the height they are coming from. If they are short and bloomed late they might just end up average, but if already near average, they could exceed noticeably their peers.]
Hypado says on 31/Dec/14
Happy new year celeb heights.
MaskDeMasque says on 31/Dec/14
My new Height Chart for men, tell me what you think:

6'1 and 6'2- Optimum heights, perfect
5'11,6'0 and 6'3- Very good heights
5'9,5'10 and 6'4- OK heights, neither good or bad
5'7,5'8 and 6'5- poor heights but could be worse
<5'7 and >6'5- bad heights
<5'5 and >6'7- terrible heights
Darren510 says on 31/Dec/14
6ft does seem to be a commonly claimed height. I've known guys anywhere from 5'9 -6'1 who have claimed it. Usually it's 5'11 guys who claim 6ft. In my book one should be at least 5'11.5 to claim 6'. A true 6'0 will usually be honest about their height, and a true 6'0 is tall...It's weak tall, but still a good 2 inches over average, and the difference is noticable.
jamie179cm says on 31/Dec/14
@Amaze thanks
Lillo thomas says on 31/Dec/14
Well John most guys reach about my lower lip level so I'm almost a head taller than average guys. How tall are you ? If you are talking literally about average guys reaching your shoulder level , you must be about around 6'10 tall.
Lillo thomas says on 31/Dec/14
Well John most guys reach about my lower lip level so I'm almost a head taller than average guys. How tall are you ? If you are talking literally about average guys reaching your shoulder level , you must be about around 6'10 tall.
grizz says on 31/Dec/14
@Rob, do people with bad posture have greater height fluctuations throughout the day than people with perfect posture?
[Editor Rob: visually they might have more variation, but actual more shrinkage I don't know.]
Peyman says on 31/Dec/14
Avatar says on 30/Dec/14
Rob, I got measured at the hospital last night at 178.5, around 10PM so it's safe to say that's probably my lowest height. What do you think my morning height would be? Take into account I unfortunately have terrible posture.
[Editor Rob: over 180 is quite possible, 181 isn't without possibility.]
I'm almost at the same height.
around three days ago I measured myself with a new 9in aerosol on 5 different walls & four door frames (almost every possible area at my house :) !!!)
the highest measurement was 179 when going to sleep, the lowest was around 178 (all measurements at the same time. I used to measure just on one wall before, I am 178.6 on that wall !!
I'm 100% sure that I never become under 178 even after not sleeping for a week.
It's safe to say that I'm 178.2 or 178.3 when going to sleep and just 5ft11in straight out of bed.
how tall do you think I should claim, Rob?
178? or 179?
it's just two inches taller than you, and you keep on saying 5ft 8in. so my height is just a flat 5ft 10in, isn't it?!!
[Editor Rob: there is a chance you are a fraction over 5ft 10 so a strong 5ft 10. You could play it safe and just go with the 178cm, although there's a chance of being between 178 and 9.]
Lisa says on 30/Dec/14
@Amaze: It's all relative. 5'4 women (21-30) are considered short in the Netherlands, tall in Guatemala and a tad below average in the US. Who knows what the real American average is, anyway? Thousands of young women's heights aren't even included in the official statistics.
Dikavac says on 30/Dec/14
I'm wearing a shoe size 46 or 46.5
My weight is 85kg, and I finnaly measured my self...I'm 200.5 cm, wich is 6'7.
What is your shoe size and weight, also what is your exactly height?
And yeah...I have a problem finding clothes, especially pants, and that is worst day in my life, when I have to buy clothes. :-
GI Jose says on 30/Dec/14
@Emil 183cm @2toes
If you simply assume that the measurements taken in height studies were recorded while patients were well rested, meaning not active during the day, and some of them were recorded in the morning, you can subtract another half inch to get the nighttime average. If you subtract the half inch from 5'10" for the white youth of America, you get 5'9.5" which, based on my experience, could be true, and with a standard error of the mean of .14", it could be as low as 5'9.36" which seems to me to be true. This of course is taking into consideration that the average is of the nighttime height. It is common for medical appointments to be conducted in the morning or while patients are well rested or sometimes both. It is very unlikely that many, if any, of the patients measured were active or measured at night so the half inch subtracted balances it out. As you can see, it's not very difficult to see that 5'9"-5'9.5" is the nighttime average in the United States for the tallest demographics.
kreyzig 6ft 3 says on 30/Dec/14
Hi tall would you guess this shorter guy beside me.I am wearing converse and he is wearing boots that give about 1.5in.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: wouldn't guess him to be over 5ft 10, and possibly 5ft 9.5 range.]
Emil 183 cm says on 30/Dec/14
Only way to discover what age you stop growing is by x-ray scanning your bones.. Measuring is too imprecise as your height varies depending on your posture during the day, how long you've been up, stadio-o-meter's stance etc... I was at one doctor who measured me 182 cm, then another measured me 183.5 cm lol
I hit 183 cm just before 20 and haven't grownn since.
My chart goes like this
12: 152 cm
13: 158 cm
14: 164 cm
15: 170 cm
16:176 cm
17: 179 cm
18: 181
19: 182
20: 183

It all came in steady spurts
X5 says on 30/Dec/14
Is it possible for a guy to appear tall at 6foot if he is slim? Or does he have to be at least 6foot1 in order to look tall?
truth2 says on 30/Dec/14
@newguy I think it is more like 50%-75% taller depending on demographic. For young white guys it is upper average at 60th percentile. In my country bang on average for 20-25 y.o.
Amaze says on 30/Dec/14
@Lisa true. But thing is 5'4 is not short for a woman esp. American
@Sara 5'4 ain't short for a woman and 5'7 has to be a tall female

@Jamie179cm nice bro all good games, I have to wait till may for my 18th for all this
Avatar says on 30/Dec/14
Rob, I got measured at the hospital last night at 178.5, around 10PM so it's safe to say that's probably my lowest height. What do you think my morning height would be? Take into account I unfortunately have terrible posture.
[Editor Rob: over 180 is quite possible, 181 isn't without possibility.]
grizz says on 30/Dec/14
184.3cm says on 29/Dec/14
Has anyone ever noticed that with the metric system a guy always claims 180 , 185, 190 cm ? Noone ever claims anything inbetween i always found it bizarre. Maybe people like round numbers i dont really know.
No, I haven't. In fact, sometimes people even claim height in milimeters, like 183,5 or 169,5 cm :D
GI Jose says on 30/Dec/14
It's up to you to decide which you claim. I can't speak for everyone else on this forum, but I claim the height I am at my lowest which is 5'11.75" (I round down to 5'11" though because 6'0" is such a commonly claimed height, and it's funny to be taller than people who claim it). It's perfectly acceptable to claim the height you are when you wake up, but that height drops quickly so it is common to claim either midday or night height. There are a ton of guys who claim to be several inches above their actual height, but as long as you actually have the height at some point in the day, there is no problem with it.
Lisa says on 29/Dec/14
@nona: Thanks for answering my question. :) Did you base your answer on official statistics or personal observations? I can sympathize if it's the latter. I absolutely cannot find statistics on individual states in the US. I wonder if they even exist.

@Saras: That was a pretty good list for American women but Amaze's list was closer to the official height percentiles. The recorded average for young American women is now 5'4.9 (might as well be 5'5). You do wonder how accurate that is, though. There are millions of women who haven't been measured for a variety of reasons. Perhaps they would change the stats if they were included.
John says on 29/Dec/14

What is your shoesize and weight? Have you got any difficulties in finding formal wear, especially dress shoes?
I ask you this because we are exactly the same height and you look just like my stature and age. I am 18, and I can find casual wear and school wear easily, but formal suits, shirts, coats tend to be too short for us. Let alone shoes, that stop at UK 12 / 46 Eur.
John says on 29/Dec/14
James Edward Crowley Maximus Merdius,

I think that is true. I have always been extremely tall for a child but I am definetely a late bloomer, and almost all my talest friends were very late bloomers, I mean we are still ending puberty at 18.
John says on 29/Dec/14
Lillo Thomas and Crash,

Of course 6ft is not a rare height and for us who are now much taller than that it looks absolutely average, but it is perhaps a little bit above average. At 13/14 I was 6ft tall and I felt a bit above average. Even now a 6 footer gets me by my chin and when I am standing in a crowded place most adults just get by my shoulder.

Lillo Thomas,
Doesn't that happen to you? Someone above our shoulder is someone a bit tall, because we are a head and shoulder above the vast majority.
However, most of my friends are taller than that. They are about 6'2 6'3. 6'4 is relatively common too. but the vast majority is about 5'10, 5'11, which was my height when I was 12/13.
I remember when I was 11 I was a perfectly normal man at 5ft 5, which is my father's height.
John says on 29/Dec/14
Lillo Thomas and Crash,

Of course 6ft is not a rare height and for us who are now much taller than that it looks absolutely average, but it is perhaps a little bit above average. At 13/14 I was 6ft tall and I felt a bit above average. Even now a 6 footer gets me by my chin and when I am standing in a crowded place most adults just get by my shoulder.

Lillo Thomas,
Doesn't that happen to you? Someone above our shoulder is someone a bit tall, because we are a head and shoulder above the vast majority.
However, most of my friends are taller than that. They are about 6'2 6'3. 6'4 is relatively common too. but the vast majority is about 5'10, 5'11, which was my height when I was 12/13.
I remember when I was 11 I was a perfectly normal man at 5ft 5, which is my father's height.
Emil 183 cm says on 29/Dec/14
@GI Jose

So average height for young males in the US is 5'9 range?
Reportedly, it is around 5'11 in Denmark and I'm 6'0 which is around the 75th percentile.
I believe average range for Danish males is 5'9-6'1 anything below/above is short/tall. At 6'0 I feel tallish but nothing remarkable
2toes says on 29/Dec/14
Kourosh, Spaniard males around 30-35 years old have an average of 5'9.5" (176.27 cms when they were 18 years old, as proven by Obergozo Foundation medical charts):

Click Here

GIJose, are you serious? How can Young White Americans have a lower average height than 5'9.5" Spaniards? It's ridicolous, people of British, Irish, German, etc descent is impossible to have any average under 5'10" these days.
Saras says on 29/Dec/14
i think tall/short height is average height ±8~9cm. it's a medical standards.
average is 5'5"(165cm). start tall is 5'8"(173cm). start short is 5'1.5"(157cm).
you're chart is average world..I'm sorry.
jamie179cm says on 29/Dec/14
@Height183 saying 6ft not tall isn't bs its just opinion
jamie179cm says on 29/Dec/14
i enjoy my christmas im only going to tell you what games i got Assassin's Creed Black Flag Assassin's Creed Rogue Assassin's Creed Unity Assassin's Creed 3 Beyonce The Last of Us Remastered ps4
jamie179cm says on 29/Dec/14
@Lillo thomas i agree that 6ft isn't tall but Amaze thinks it is but that just his opinion nothing wrong with that
grizz says on 29/Dec/14
@Saras, I agree with your chart.

Regarding perfect height, I concluded that for my country 187 is the perfect height. I've been in Zagreb for one evening and there were at least 2 dozens of women who were my height (183 cm) or taller. I don't have to mention how I stacked miserably next to guys. My dad is 186 and only occasionally some girls edged him out. So, I think that strong 187 is the best height when almost every girl is shorter or, at worst, as tall as you are, while not freakishly tall. Not to mention that, with right diet and training, you may look great with 100+ kgs. A 5ft11 guy looks stocky with 100 kg.
184.3cm says on 29/Dec/14
Has anyone ever noticed that with the metric system a guy always claims 180 , 185, 190 cm ? Noone ever claims anything inbetween i always found it bizarre. Maybe people like round numbers i dont really know.
Amaze says on 29/Dec/14
Slightly off
You are alright
5'4 ain't short at all though
4'11-5'0 very short
5'0-5'2 short
5'3 below average but not short(like 5'8 man)
5'4 lower average
5'5 higher average
5'6 above average tallish
5'7 tall(like 6'0 for man)
5'8 solid tall
5'9 strong tall
5'10 very tall(like 6'3 man)
Joseff says on 29/Dec/14
rob after to have watched a long way down i think Sam Neill could be very close to 5ft 11in (1,80 mt) and Pierce Brosnan 6ft 1in (1,85 mt) today.
you agree?
nona says on 29/Dec/14
@Lisa: Yes I did see your post wherein you mentioned that most girls stop growing at age 16, thanks for the same. I would also like to answer you question to Tania which was "Which Indian State has the shortest young girls?". I guess the answer is it is either Manipur, Nagaland or Mizoram.
@Tania: The South Indian states average around 5'4" for the 15-30 age group and the state of Kerala infact runs Punjab and Haryana close as far as height is concerned. The only difference is the girls from kerala would probably be about 20 kgs lighter than girls of the same height in Punjab or Haryana.
McClane says on 29/Dec/14
Hello, it´s my first post here. I´have a question...When I wake up, I am 178.5 , during morning I am 178 or 177.5 , in the afternoon 177 and at night 176.7.When I rest well (weekends for instance) I am 179.4 out of bed. Which height I would say that I have?
GI Jose says on 28/Dec/14
The heights 2toes provided have to be morning or at least rested height because there is no way that the US average, even of the white youth, is anything over a solid 5'9" at night.

@Amaze @Lillo Thomas
It is easy to let the tall people stand out more than the average and short people. I bet if you keep track of your estimate of each person's height you meet for one day, 6'0" will be a very low percentage. I measure at 5'11.75" at night, and there are times when I see 50+ people in a row who are shorter than me. However, the most people I have seen in a row who were taller than me recently is 3, and none of them were very much taller than me at all. I have said this before, but I will say it again because these are very interesting occurrences. I went to 24 Hour Fitness to play basketball about a week ago, and I was the tallest person there (I was there for 6 hours). Another time, I played basketball with my second cousin and his group of friends, and I, again, was the tallest one there (This time was only 2 hours, but it is still interesting). Most of the people I was playing with were white and between the ages of 20 and 30. I am not even a full 6'0" at my low, yet it is common for me to be the tallest in a medium sized (10-30) group of men.

Something that I think also affects why some see 6'0" as a common height is the amount of people who claim this height. Sure, most people on here are honest about their height, but 6'0" is a height that is spoken a lot which can lead to a connotation of the height to be common. 6'0" is just as common as 5'6" in the US, and most wouldn't hesitate to say that 5'6" for a man is a rare height. However, the amount of men who claim to be 5'6" compared to the amount of men who claim to be 6'0" is disproportionate to the actual numbers. Sure, you will see men who are 6'0" and taller, but for every man who is 6'0", there is a man who is 5'6".

Rare is another word that has different connotations to each person. For some, rare means 49% of something, but to others it means 1%. For me, I think that 25% would be rare in terms of population, meaning that anything over 5'11" would be considered rare, and anything under 5'7" would also be rare. Like I said before, what you think is rare is up to you. However, there is no such study to suggest that men who are 6'0" and taller make up a majority of the population in the US meaning it is always going to be considered rare by someone.
newguy says on 28/Dec/14
@Michael you're 5'11 and shorter than 80% of guys I'm sorry to tell you this but you're probably only 5'8 .A lot of you guy's exaggerate claiming 5'11-6'0 is short where do you guy's live at a basketball convention. I'm 5'11.5 and 6'1 with my boots and I don't feel short too often
5ft10guy says on 28/Dec/14
Average young Black and White Male in nyc:5ft10.5&5ft10.either one
I read someone say 6ft isnt tall thats ridicolous.Its not legit like 6ft1 but its a common average tall height.6ft2 is still in the average range but less then 6ft.Honestly I would rather be 6ft1. Too many women 6ft I see on a daily basis.Old guys are usually short tall for them is 5t11-6ft.While for the young guys if you want to be taller then everyone more then average.Anything close to 6ft3 and up.I dont see young guys catching up to that anytime soon.
Hippo says on 28/Dec/14
my chart! please see.

night heights :
173-174cm = rather bad ...definitely not a desirable height at all and it is definitely short but nothing too serious either ...bearable
175-176cm = meh ...I wouldnt call this height bad anymore really but not good at all either ..acceptable
177-179cm = decent , okay , "quite/somewhat good" , adequate , allright
180-181cm = good
182-184cm = very good
185-186cm = awesome
187-189cm = perfection
190-192cm = very good but dont forget to work out ! :D
Laf says on 28/Dec/14
@C-MO: Could not agree more.
Saras says on 28/Dec/14
it's a good chart for a girl?
5'0" very short
5'1-2" short
5'3-4" weak short
5'5" average
5'6-7" weak tall
5'8-9" tall, optimal aesthetics
5'10" very tall
Kourosh says on 28/Dec/14
spanish portugese are shortest europeans by average of 5'8.5-5'9 and Dutch and Danish are tallest by average of 5'11.
truth2 says on 28/Dec/14
@2toes Pretty legit, maybe Norwegians are slightly shorter at 180.5cm (Swedes are 181.5cm) and the Dutch 183cm flat, but I pretty much agree with the rest, good chart. World young male height is from 164cm to 184cm depending on place (173cm is bang on average).
James Edward Crowley Maximus Merdius says on 28/Dec/14
Rob late bloomers end up tall and very tall like 6ft 1in 6ft 2in and 6ft 3in is being tall and very tall a sign of being a late bloomer.
Burp says on 28/Dec/14

Hey mate, you copying from me on the dated studies but no now?

That 176cm figure for young Spaniards is no longer true.
Studies by Orbegozo in 2011 give 177.6cm for the basques.
A bit older study for the madrileños gives 178cm on the dot.
Studies with maños (aragoneses) and catalás (say Barcelona) give 177 and change, al of them having the now twenty somethings as a target.
So yeah, we are catching up with our europeans/westerner counterparts.
182cm says on 28/Dec/14
@2toes is that morning, forenoon or night height. You'll find it to be the morning or forenoon measurent which would indicte the nightime height is 1-2cm less than what you gave
PetePro says on 28/Dec/14
@Tania re. Indian Asians: most informative. In Britain I think it is correct to say Seikh men are often strapping six-footers.
@2toes re. 50th Percentile: excellent and seems very feasible to me.
GI Jose says on 28/Dec/14
From what I know, I think the BMV/DMV will round up your height to the nearest inch no matter what you tell them. I tried to find a source that said otherwise, but I could not find any information on a driver's license with a height of anything other than a full inch. Also, most people lie about their height on their driver's license anyway so the people who put the height on their license probably have no idea if people are telling the truth or not.

I got my driver's license when I turned 16 which was about 2 years ago so I don't know that much about how it works, but mine still says 5'9" even though I have grown 3 inches since I turned 16.
Amaze says on 27/Dec/14
@Lillo Thomas yes I agree in real life you see 6'0 guys they are common but statistically they only make up about 13% of the population . I'd say 6'0 is weak low tall, its still tall. I understand cause your 6'5 ,6'0 is 5 inches lower but its still tall you are very tall lol going onto extreme. You are 4cm off 200cm. Now that's a very tall height. Even 6'3 is very tall. 6'0 isn't a height that's not tall. Its defo tall
Michael says on 27/Dec/14
I don't get people who say that 6 feet and up is considered tall for Americans. I think that's not true. I'm 5'11 and see 60-70 percent of men that are taller then me and I live in a immigrant-filled area. Going to a predominantly white area, about 80 percent are taller then me. Plus, it doesn't make sense that two inches more then the US average which is 5'10 (5'9.5 to be exact) is considered tall. I would say at 6'2 you would be considered tall and at 6'6, you would be considered really tall and at 6'10, you would be considered a legit giant.
Judd says on 27/Dec/14
I have a question to all american visitors on this site:
In US when you put your height in your drive license you can claim an half or quarter inche height or you can only choose a full value?

Example: if I am 6'1.75" I can claim 6'1.75" or 6'1.5" or I must put 6'2"?

Dikavac says on 27/Dec/14
When you will appear taller?
If you have longer upper body or longer legs?
Rob, what do you think? :-)
[Editor Rob: sometimes proportionally longer legs can help.]
Lillo thomas says on 27/Dec/14
Amaze I do think calling 6'0 tall is somewhat BS but I make a mistake writting that earlier post. I intented to write saying 6'0 is rare is super bull**** and that's why you can see plenty of them in crowed places and you can spot several 6'4 to 6'4 guys in crowed places.
2toes says on 27/Dec/14
After seeing PLENTY of medical studies from pediatricians and health institutes around the world, I think these are the current 50 Percentiles (Averages) for YOUNG PEOPLE (20-30 years old) in some countries around the world:

Dutch (Whites): 5'6 and 1/3rds (168.5 cms girls) 5'11.75" (182.3 cms boys)

Norwegians (Whites): 5'6" (167.7 cms girls) 5'11.5" (181.7 cms boys)

Germans (Whites): 5'5.75" (166.8 cms girls) 5'11" (180.2 cms boys)

United Kingdom and United States (both non-hispanic Whites): 5'4.75" (164.3 cms girls) 5'10 and 1/8ts (178.1 cms boys)

African Americans (Blacks) from the United States: 5'4 and 5/8ts (164 cms girls) 5'10" (177.8 cms boys)

Spaniards and Italians: 5'4" (162.7 cms girls) 5'9.5" (176.5 cms boys)

Portuguese and Iranians: 5'3.5" (161.1 cms girls) 5'8.5" (174 cms boys)

Moroccans: 5'3" (160 cms girls) 5'8 and 1/8ts (173 cms boys)

Chinese: 5'3" (159.9 cms girls) 5'7.75" (172 cms boys)

Egyptians: 5'2.5" (158.7 cms girls) 5'7.5" (171.3 cms boys)

Mexican-Americans (US citizens of Mexican ancestry): 5'2.5" (158.6 cms girls) 5'7.25" (170.8 cms boys)

Thai: 5'1.5" (156 cms girls) 5'6" (167.6 cms boys)

Bolivians: 5'1" (155 cms girls) 5'5.75" (167.2 cms boys)

Vietnamese: 5'1" (155 cms girls) 5'5.5" (166.2 cms boys)

All these are the 50th percentile!

Take into account that 95th percentile for Dutch males is around 6'4", or it is 6'3" for US African-Americans.
Kupi says on 27/Dec/14
188~190cm men and 174~176cm women is ultimate human height.
nobody will feel you are "too tall",
tower most people, clothes fit nicely, no space issues.
Height183 says on 27/Dec/14
6'0'' isn't really rare, there's tons of 6'0'' guys out there. Now if you're saying 6'0'' isn't tall, that's just CERTIFIED BS!
Tania says on 27/Dec/14
@Lisa: True that. It's just pure lighthearted contemplation on my part, we all know there are lots of unpredictable factors that decide human height - but it's fun to discuss anyway.
Happy New Year in advance, everyone!
DelPo says on 27/Dec/14
Will a 6foot guy look tall and aesthetically pleasing if he wears a 1 inch sneaker to reach a height of 6foot1? Would like to hear some of your views. Thanks in advance.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 27/Dec/14
Rob do late bloomers grow taller for longer do they more than one growth spurt like another growth spurt in their 20s if you start puberty late you will finish puberty late people who start puberty at 16 will finish puberty at 23 late bloomers can grow more than 6 inches when they hit puberty like 7 8 and 9 inches in their 20s can grow more like every year until they finish puberty.
[Editor Rob: I think it is very rare to grow past 21, but it's not impossible of course. Sometimes a very late bloomer could gain height past that mark.]
Lillo thomas says on 27/Dec/14
Saying 6'0 is rare is BS too.
Lisa says on 27/Dec/14
@Tania: There are a few ethnic groups that are inherently tall or short. I wouldn't be surprised if you can find more than one such group in India. They're in a few different places around the world. FE, Guatemalan women are extremely short. The average young Mayan woman would be considered a dwarf in most countries. Even when their environments are optimal, they still remain incredibly short.
182cm says on 27/Dec/14
also taking into account taller women seem to wear smaller heels while shprter women prefer the really high heels. Honestly I realised height perception was wrong when I was 5ft10 I used to say I was 5ft11. I realised something is wrong when people say 5ft10 is averge for young people ok it is average but its the average morning or forenoon measurement. True nightime averge is around 5ft9.5 for young people. . I rember when I was one of the really short guys playing soccer and I was very agile bit now being tallrr than a vast majority its like I lost most of my agility. Ideal height you'll see is actually around 2-3cm shorter than you thought such as you thought 187cm was 190cm and now you realise that most of the height articles are off by inch. I also thought 6ft1 and 6ft2 was ideal but when I realised that i was actually 5ft10 not 5ft11 like 6 months ago I realised that actually 180-185 cm at night(182-187.5cm in the morning) is the best height goin with the average young person in us and uk being 5ft10 morning and 5ft9-5ft9.5 at night its the best as you are 5-10cm taller yet not to far to feel too tall. At this height women will the 180cm at night guy is 6ft1 unless shes really tall herself. Once your over averge in your country you should feel solid at 180-185cm at night the worst youll be seen is averge in tall countries.
Take male models for e.g they measure their heights around midday so icm off the lowest plus how many of their heights are inflated, if you're 5ft11 they'll put you at 6ft-6ft1 e.g tyson beckford ( first male supermodel) seon o'pry current no 1 model. I mean there is even a 5ft9 model forgot his name and hes listed at 5ft11.
Nfl lets see reggie busch is 5ft10-5ft11 yet listed at 6fte.t.c
Once you realise all the height exageration you will realise you perfect height is actually around 2-3cm off

@laf and @cmo and @184.3cm at least you guys have seen what I have seen.
Notice how I never said my range is tall rather tallish. Straying far away from average is nevr a good thing which is why tallish range is optimal as its the last range before tall begins.
With nighime averge for young people of around 176-177cm (178-179 morning height) averge can be deduced to be 174-179cm nightime height
180-185 nightime is tallish while 169-173 nightime is shortish.
Above or below this is when tall amd short come to the fore for young people
182cm says on 27/Dec/14
@grizz once you know there most people use morning and forenoon heiguht you will realisd that perfect heigyt for a lot of people is off by 1 inch. Once I realised this I see why5ft11-6ft1 is ideal, and im not saying tgjs because im in this range. Ive noticed life in most aspects sports, e.t.c and toull see that aboce average or tallish is the best no doubt. It gives you the bestadvantage over your competitors in evry situatation e.g tennjs where the averge is 6ft1 and the bestplayers fall in this range. The best tennis players of all time range from 5ft11-6ft2. The short guys are agile and consistent but lack power while the big guys have power but not agile while the guys in the 6ft1 can combine both power and agility. Its the same with everysport. With atrratcing women aslong as your 3 inches taller is good as you'll be in shoes giving you an inch which means when she wears 4 inch heels your the same height. Im not gonna deny a girl takker than 5ft8will prefer a 6ft2 guy but below 5ft8 I would have him beat especially with average and short girls as im in excess of 5 inches taller. I consider 5ft6-5ft8 the ideal woman and guess what it also falls into the tallish category for women.5ft6 is equivalent to 5ft11 for a guy, 5ft7 equivalent to 6ft e.t.c. I mean even the best women fall in this range candice swanepoel the victoria secret model whos billed at 5ft9 is 5ft8. Miranda kerr is 5ft7, e.t.c. Tallish is the best height range in almost every single part of life men or women. You can look at children play sport e.t.c and you'll see the same thing tallish is best. I want to be 184cm so I can safely be a strong 6fter after much thought. Even walking around I see the best people are in this range.
182cm says on 27/Dec/14
@grizz I hope that helped I noticed that when I was 177cm and one of my friends thought I was 6ft-6ft1, along with another girl. Even when I was 179cm everyone thought I was at least 6ft. Also I have a friend 10cm shorter than me claiming 5ft10, ive questioned him a couple of times and he says he measured but im 182cm and my eye level is near the top of his head. I would say most people use forenoon height, which is why even when I was 5ft11 at night people thought I was tall. In my school im one of the most athletic, and I can tell you alk the best guys are in the tallish range. Which is why the5ft10 avergae for yoing people is actually themorning or forenoon to most. You can check what people say is the true height e.g. on answers and 90% of them say morning. So you can see the averge height statistics are right but for mornong forenoon measurements. I think most people assume that height is correct becauseif they didnt ydoctors would tell you that night height is correct. All sports use morning height or forenoon height which tells you something.. This is the reason why actors tend to add 2 inches. They just use morning height plus the height in shoes. Others like david beckham are honest. If you ask a girl the ideal height they will say 6ft but ask them to estimate your height and you will see, girls will tend to overestimate you by 1-2inches even most guys would do the same.
Crypto139 says on 26/Dec/14
If a 6 foot guy with very long legs already were to wear a lift, with his shirt tucked in especially, then it may not look very good at all. If he was of average proportions or had a very long torso then it will probably be helpful. If he didn't tuck in his shirt at all then well no one would even noticed anything at all. I have put things in my shoes to make me taller personally. I have longish legs for a 171 cm tall guy so I always make sure to wear something kind of long you know? Also btw I do wear inserts now. I measure at about 177-178 cm tall in them so I probably appear to be a weak 5 feet 9 in public, though people would guess me at 5 feet 10 anyway. Now I am starting to see that the average height is not much above 175. I still feel on the shorter side of things but I feel the normal man is about in the 177 cm tall range in the United States. Race wise the whites and blacks probably are at 178, the Hispanics average about my real height or even short than my 171. Just putting things into perspective.
Amaze says on 26/Dec/14
@Lillo Thomas so what? Doesn't mean that 6'0 isnt tall. Statistically and factually 6'0 isn't that TALL however it's still tall. 5'11 tall I agree that's BS however 6'0 is still tall, low tall and weak if you wanna call it
6'0 low
6'1 mid
6'2 upper
That's the tall range. Get it now lol?
Crypto139 says on 26/Dec/14
I am still growing guys. I measure today myself after 5 hours of sitting down mostly and being up for about 8 hours. At 3 in the afternoon I measured myself at a little above 5 feet 7 3/8s. Like about 171.3 to be exact. Though it isn't my low height but probably near it. So I guess I could call myself a 171 guy Rob?
[Editor Rob: yes it should be ok to claim 171 now.]
DelPo says on 26/Dec/14
Will a 6foot guy look tall and aesthetically pleasing if he wears a 1 inch sneaker to reach a height of 6foot1? Would like to hear some of your views. Thanks in advance.
Tania says on 26/Dec/14
@Lisa: I forgot to add this in my earlier comment. The single generation height increase is definitely true, but the Punjabis have been eating loads of protein for centuries now, so over time it probably became a part of their genetic makeup. Other states, especially those with a lot of protein as part of their diet, will probably grow taller on average, but the Punjabis will still be taller simply because they started much earlier.
Tania says on 26/Dec/14
@Lisa: On pure guesswork and observation, I'd say the South Indian states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh are pretty short on average. Again, this is just based on my observations and may not be totally correct. Dunno why, just something I noticed.

@Amaze: I've only ever met 3 Muslim Bengalis in my life so I can't judge their height as a community - the ones I've met were about average, like 5'8"-9". I think you're right on the tall Hindu-Bengalis though....a few hours ago I saw an old team photo of my dad's college football team and more than half the squad were over 5'11" (all of them Hindus according to dad), which for the 1970s is pretty damn tall. Apparently my dad's now-deceased uncles were also 6'1" and up, which means that I DO have tall genes in my family somewhere, I just didn't inherit them, damn.
truth2 says on 26/Dec/14
@GIJose The tallest demographic in the US are young white males at 5ft10 to 5ft10.5 ( two studies done, both reported an average between 178cm and 179cm in 2003 and 2008). And these are white guys as a whole (EU origin), Dutch/Norwegians who live in the north of America like Dakota for example average 5ft11 to 6ft0.5 down to 5ft8.5-5ft9.5 Italian and Portugese men in the US. British/Irish americans are bang on average.
Lillo thomas says on 26/Dec/14
Saying 6'0 is tall is super BS. In fact every time you go to crowed places you will see plenty of 6'0 guys and several 6'3 or 6'4 guys.
grizz says on 26/Dec/14
@182cm, never thought about it much, but it seems like everybody uses morning and forenoon measurements. Based on that fact, I'll have to revise average height for Dinaric alps' people. According to it, average height for 17yo guys enlisted for army was a bit over 6'1 (185.6 to be precise). But they're 17 years old so there's a solid chance that a minority might gain a quarter of an inch-so,the correct average height would be 186 cm. However, given the time of measurement (morning, I guess), the correct average height would be 184.5 cm (roughly 6'0.5). Based on that, the perfect range for Balkan men would be 182-187 cm, while the ideal of 190 cm is often exaggarated because people often overestimate someone's height (a guy who's 187 cm is often estimated at 190+ cm; I, for one, thought that one 187 cm tall guy was 190).
Laf says on 26/Dec/14
@C-MO: Everything you posted i agree with. 180 is avg in Scandivia, so of course i understand the thing about being 184-190 is good in relation to girls in heels. At an average 5´11 you will still be taller than many guys and never look short.
Tania says on 26/Dec/14
Hetty says on 25/Dec/14
the best heights for women is 5'1 - 5'10 at max. few 5'11 and over women can work it and frankly most 5'11 or over women i've talked to are just arrogant about which i suppose that ruins my impression more so. As for men i reckon 5'7 and over is good but going over 6'7 just seem nuts.

I'm curious - why do you think 5'11+ women are "arrogant"?
truth2 says on 26/Dec/14
@Crash 5ft11 is similiar to 6ft0, with 6ft0 looking more tall, obviously.
182cm says on 26/Dec/14
Guys you have to realise average heights are comprised of morning and forenoon measurements. I never of night height until I came across this site, plus to many people lie about height such that when I was 176 cm at night some people said I was 6ft1. At my height sometimes I feel average yet other times im one of the tallest. I do agree that at 6ft1 evryone will call you tall but at my height around 75% of people think im tall.
Height statistics use morbing or forenoon height which explains @184.3cm saying averge in Netherlands is 181cm not 183cm but they are both right its juts that the guys doing height statistics dont say they are using fornenoon or morning height. Same can be said for usa the average ststistics will shoe the average morning or forenoon height.
@cmo also has noticed that statistics use morning or forenoon height. Which is why I believe most height stats are off. Think about it which doctor will measure you at night. And how many doctors measure poeplein the morning.
Most people think true height is morning or forenoon height approximately 80-85% ehich eill skew the data.the cdc percentile chart shows 182cm at 80 percentile which is most likely morning or forennon height. If you use the night height it will end up being 181cm maybe 180cm depending on whther the statistics were using morning or forenoon height.
Athletes also use morning height or noon height. E.g rafael nadal who I think is 183cm at night and is undoubtedly one of if not the best athlete in tennis.cristiano ronaldo is 185cm maybe drops abit below it at his lowest and hes clearly the best atglete in soccer. In the NFL best athletes are usually the cornerback of whome the best are between 5ft10-6ft. fedor emilianonko is 5ft11.5 yes mma round uo shocker and he is considered ti be the best mma fighter of all time. Same can be said for most sports that tallish height range is most optimal.
Which is why I say 180-185cm which is tallish range I agree. I agree 185-190cm is tall. Being tall is cool as humans we want to be the most dominant. The 180-185 cm range will be classified as talk by majority of girls. Optimal agulity with height is at this range with rafael nadal being my number one example. The best looking people seem to fall in this range and you can say ehat you want but you know its true. 6ft has been shown to be most liked height with women in the usa and 180-185cm everywhere else.
What does being greater than 6ft2 offer in sports only quaterbacks, wr, basketball players, volleyball e.t.c yet even in the nba the best players usually averge or just abit or below average e.g lebron james.
Lisa says on 25/Dec/14
@Tania: That's a good point about meat-eaters. Diet is part of what I mean when I mention "environment". People, who consume more protein, tend to be taller. However, it's possible for shorter groups to catch up to them if their babies follow the same "tall diet". This can be accomplished in a single generation. By the way, what Indian state has the shortest average for young women?

All heights are barefeet Estimates, derived from quotations by celebrities, official websites, agency resumes, actors I've met at conventions and pictures/films.

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