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General Height height: 7ft 6.5in (230 cm)

Please use this page as a 'free for all' to talk about height in general. Stuff like average heights in countries, how height affects your job and how people perceive height etc or any suggestions for new heights or height quotes you find for stars not already added to the site. If you want to request a height to be added mention it on this page.
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Connor 183cm says on 10/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 i think 6ft 6 is when you are too tall, 6ft 8-7ft definetly way too tall (no offence to you 6ft 8-7ft guys if are on here and of course the 6ft 6 guys) but 6ft 6 is the start of too tall i believe.
Dane says on 10/Jul/14
@Jonny: I totally agree with you. You have to be lucky or you have to hit gym extremely hard to look good at 6'2. 6'1 is a really good height if you are well-build.
5'8-5'11 (maybe 6 feet) is the best heights for easy having a nice and build body. Maybe 6'2 is cool if you would like to go around and tell people how short they are, but else... I am probably going to end up at 5'10-5'11 range myself, about avg. in the tall country like Denmark, but girls think it's 6 foot anyways lol. But would definitely choose 6 foot over 6'2 or even 6'1 anyday!
Zen Master says on 10/Jul/14
A lot of people saying that over 6'2 is "too tall" etc. Or that 6'4 would be "awkward" and make you stand out.

Get real. In some European countries average is around 6 foot. Younger generation getting taller all the time. This is making heights that used to be seen as "giant/massive" - 6'4 to 6'6 for example seem simply "tall" and fairly common.

In the UK there's 5'11-6'3 guys going around in droves (certainly in London where I live) seriously 6'4/6'5 isn't even that big a deal, certainly would not cause any social disadvantage, probably quite the opposite.
Bran says on 10/Jul/14
What ever you do i would strongly suggest to buy nothing ( product wise) height related; i laughed at the height Guru's claim of 6 inches in 90 days as his own gains, but i now firmly believe there are strong ways to increase height 16-10 range. It sounds preposterous to claim to wake up 1 inch taller or whatever but the gains did happen this way for me recently; contray to me slowly gaining 1.5 inch from my 16th birthday to 17th. From 17th birthday through to now, a month shy of my 18th i have got 3.5 inch, interestingly i begun weight training at christmas still at 5ft9 ish then.
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jul/14
rob sorry for the language i get annoyed if you don't want me to do it again just say so do you want me to stop?
[Editor Rob: just be mindful that kids do read this site, so I try to keep it PG. ]
jamieorr4 says on 10/Jul/14
Height fan stop calling me mental health i well stop the language
KROC says on 10/Jul/14
Say what? I've never seen a 6'46'5 guy in my life that was broad. Well besides my father and my grandfather, but they have huge frames even for their height. They are the exception, not the norm.
Crypto139 says on 10/Jul/14
I look smaller than most 5 feet 7 165 lbs guys, and no i'm not fit by any means. My weight goes more to my legs and butt lol. I have a butt some girls would love to have. But my arms and upper body is quite smallish compared to other people my bmi. Even some obese people have smaller legs than I do lol.
Ricky says on 9/Jul/14
I'm 15 years old and I want to be at least 6'2 when I am an adult(I'm 5'8 right now)
poong says on 9/Jul/14
"much taller" is a few inches?
sorry my english is ****.
Amaze says on 9/Jul/14
miles teller is a legit 6' guy who wakes up at 6'1. i consider him tall for sure, and hes very proportionate, his height is very desirable imo, looks nice, i think its a bit crazy not to call him a tall guy but hey its your opinions. hes on this site

yeah jamieorr4 who is the tallest inyour family? 6'1 you getting that height surgery yeah? if you really want it go get it xD, and dlb what would you do if you stopped growing now?
Amaze says on 9/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 6'1 is just too good agree pierce brosnan has best height right? 186cm

heightfan that is a horrible thing to say

@frenchguy that is preposterous. absolutely inaccurate. 5'8 is not even short for a man, how is 5'9? 5'7 and below is short. final. case closed, and 6' is not average , its above average, low end tall in most countries, above average in most/all so yeah i dont know what your on about, and your father is not a short man at 5'8.5. if he was an inch shorter, yeah which he probably will be when he is older then he is a short man, but for now, he is not a short man. that chart is EXTREMELY inaccurate.

bran.. whats your growth chart, what age did you grow alot, whats your height now and what were you before.. curious
Splinter Cell says on 9/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 thats him lol i guess yeah, heightfan thats a bit rude shouldnt say that
and @frenchguy that is riduclous your father is not a short man. if he was 170-2 i understand but 173 onwards is not short. your dad is 174 or 5'8.5 that aint short.
Height fan says on 9/Jul/14
Rob, is jamieorr4 allowed to use rude and abusive language?
He needs reminding that it is your website, not his.
[Editor Rob: people need to respect others yes. If anybody goes too far then they wouldn't be welcome!]
Bran says on 9/Jul/14
I know it sounds stupid because i was always under the illusion it was impossible; but the growth pattern is just not normal; firstly i'll let you know some details and explain to you how i measure myself daily on a flat wall ( accuratley measured on numerous walls giving same results), having done this for 2 years and having used this site for a year im genuine and know exactly how ive grown ( eg not standing differently etc). I begun measuring myself at 15 and 8 months at 5ft7.5 and stayed that height through to my 16th birthday.
16th birtday 5ft7.5; reached 5ft8 2 months after my 16, then 5ft8.5 at 16 and a half. From 16 and a half through to my 17th birthday i creeped upto to a weak 5ft9. From 17-to 17 and a half i grew quarter of an inch and fully believed i was destened to max out about 5ft9.5. I reached 5ft9.5 about a month after 17 and a half and then used stretches from this febuary through to now; im now 6ft and a half at night, p.s i was still 5ft9.5 in late may, had a spurt to 5ft10.5 stayed at that for about a month and then literally woke up 1.5 inch taller one day, than the half an inch come a few days later, this is fact btw not faulty measurement or etc; sorry about the long post.
jonny says on 9/Jul/14
I would never want to be more than 6'1. All those crazy short guys saying 6'2 is the perfect height for a man are obviously out of their minds. Personally, I would pick 6 feet any day, any time. C'mon guys... life is not a Batman anime! Would you like to bend over every time you want to kiss a 5'5 girl? More than 6'1 and you are the lanky bend over guy of the group. Not every man are well proportioned at 6'2, arms too long, legs too long. For a normal life it's becoming too tall, unless you live only with 6'5 men and 5'10 women, which is not the case since people averaged way below this. 5'10 - 6'1 are the ideal for a man. 5'5-5'8 for woman.
DLB says on 9/Jul/14
@Bran: What routines? Have you been doing exercises? and how much have you been growing? I really want to hear how much and how! Please!
DLB says on 9/Jul/14
@Amaze: Yea, maybe. I was really a lot behind my mates, and has since got closer. Only 4 cms this year though, i am really hoping for a good growthspurt or just putting 4-5 on each year until i turn 19. 171 now, hoping to be 175-176 at my 18th and then 178-179-180 range at 19-20.
jamieorr4 says on 9/Jul/14
Splinter Cell thanks mate a other reason why i think 61 is the best is because i honest wouldn't like to be really tall my 64 friend likes his height though just his opinion
jamieorr4 says on 9/Jul/14
Connor 183cm yes i have move on it was getting old lol i have a question whats too tall in your opinion?
jamieorr4 says on 9/Jul/14
Height fan i don't have mental health go a way now before you really piss me off
Zoro says on 9/Jul/14
@french guy

According to what u just said, "youngsters are, on average, 2 or 3 cm taller than the national average" and "175 cm is the average for men between 18 and 65 years old".
So, 175 + 2/3cm = 177/178 cm, why the hell 180 cm young ppl average?

It could be 180 just in Germany (or maybe a bit less), Denmark and Scandinavian regions, while in Holland is 182/183 cm

In the rest of the western world 176-177-178 cm are the true young ppl average
JohnGB says on 9/Jul/14

It's great that you are happy with your height increase, but don't be under the delusion that it is all down to some lifestyle change you have taken up; there really is no way of knowing whether it was this or simply genetics (i.e it was going to happen anyway regardless) that has caused this. Environmental factors I believe are an enabler of maximum height potential, but in the end as long as you eat a decent balanced diet and live a reasonably active life, you'll reach this potential. I know people who have grown at least 5 inches since 16 to reach 6'2, and they didn't 'concentrate on boosting hgh levels' or live life any differently than before.
Anon says on 8/Jul/14
@ french guy. Your height chart is way off. Even for Holland it's inaccurate. Unless you are talking about the city of Groningen in the northern Netherlands, which has a large young student population.

This is what your comment looked like:

french guy says on 7/Jul/14
for white young men

-181-183 cm average
185 cm=strong average
187 cm=above average
190 cm=tall
179 cm=weak average
177 cm=below average
175 cm=short

This is what your comment should have looked like:

french guy says on 7/Jul/14
for white young men in the northern Netherlands

-181-183 cm below average to low average
185 cm=strong average
187 cm=above average
190 cm-191 cm=low normal tall
179 cm=shortish
177 cm=short
175 cm=very short

This is what a logical chart for the majority of Europe would look like:

french guy says on 7/Jul/14
for white young men in the majority of Europe

-181-183 cm above average to low normal tall
185 cm=high normal tall
187 cm=solid tall
190 cm-191 cm=low very tall
179 cm=strong average
177 cm=average
175 cm=low average

Are you living in France on planet Earth? ..Or have you been taken in by the Na'vi and accepted in to their community on Pandora the lanky blue Avatar moon
Amaze says on 8/Jul/14
@DLB yes you me and crypto are in the same position. the difference is that i think crypto and me have similiar growth rates and we aint that late, youve grown alot.

this is yours
13: 143 cm
14: 149 cm
15: 160 cm
16: 167 cm
17: 171 cm
you grew 11cm in one year, i've never done that
look at mine, 13 = 157cm, 14 = 164cm, 15, = 167cm, 16 = 168cm, 17 = 171cm
i've been slowing down in grotwh, i want another rapid gain from 13 - 14, and from 12 - 13 i gained around 4cms too, but i liked that 7 cm growth xD
crypto you are very big for someone 5 7, you are bigger than rob who is an inch taller, 165 is too much for 5 7 isnt it, not being rude but are you chubby/fat/overweight? and 6'3 and 500lbs is very bad. i'd never want a body like that. your dad was 5'11 like mine and he weighs 230? thats alot that weights suited to like 6'5 people. my dad 5'11 is 165lbs like you and he is lean and muscular, i'm 5'7.5 and i weigh around 130, its slim/skinny but not too bad, but i'm going to get to 140 for sure. i do get to 5'11 i would get to 165.

answering your q, if i was 5'10 or 11 i'd pick 230, but then i'd defo cut weight down to around 165. no more than 165 tops(74kg,11.5 stone)

and jamie maybe yeah, its ridiculous
meow shot says on 8/Jul/14
my think all height.

5'7(and under..) poor height.
5'9 little short. but not an object of ridicule.
5'11 the only not short.
6'1 good height but not perfect.
6'2 just perfect.
6'3 good height but not perfect.
6'5 very tall.
6'7(and over..) poor height.
5'2(and under..) poor height.
5'4 little short. but not an object of ridicule.
5'6 the only not short.
5'8 good height but not perfect.
5'9 just perfect.
5'10 good height but not perfect.
6'0 very tall.
6'2(and over..) poor height.
Mathew says on 8/Jul/14
KROC says on 6/Jul/14
Agreed. Nothing worse then a lanky 6'4/6'5, although that describes 99% of the guys I see who are that height. If they aren't skinny then their fat, badly shaped/proportioned. I can see why a lot of guys don't want to be that tall. Filling out properly can be an issue. But if you get someone that height that can fill out right it can be a pretty impressive thing. Jared Padalecki from Supernatural is a good example. He's pretty well proportioned for a 6'4 guy.


I don't agree with this "most 6'4"/6'5" guys look too lanky" sentiment. Plenty do for sure, but most people at any height have a less than desirable physique. Usually a 6'4" - 6'5" guy will have broader shoulders and a higher lean body mass than a guy in the average range.
Height fan says on 8/Jul/14
Rob, can you block or restrict jamieorr4?
For the sake of his mental health - and ours!
french guy says on 8/Jul/14
@Splinter Cell, amaze, aaron.

175 cm is the average for men between 18 and 65 years old.
But 178-179 cm is more believable, my father is 174 cm, maybe 173 cm, and he doesn't look weak average, or slightly below average, he is just a regular short man, it has nothing negative, it is just a fact, anything under 175 cm is short, unless you live in a area where there are many arabian, asian immigrants or elderlies, but the uk's population is predominantly white so you should know that 175 doesn't look average at all.

As for young men, the average is around 180 cm, since youngsters are, on average, 2 or 3 cm taller than the national one.I could buy 180 cm, maybe it's more credible than 182 cm.

"How the hell the average is 180 cm for young men, they cannot be as tall as scandinavian??"

well, it is not completely false, but while the scandinavian have stagnated since the 80's ( Click Here ) we are getting taller.Scandinavian have reached a peak, it seems they have stopped getting taller, 180 cm seems a plateau, only the dutch surpassed this one, now they average 183 cm ( at least for young men) but according to recent studies they are staganting too.
We're just catching up delay.
jamieorr4 says on 8/Jul/14
ron actually i say 61 is the best height because you can blend in with people really good and don't stand out at all
Nibbles says on 8/Jul/14 6f2 is really perfect..
Connor 183cm says on 8/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 thanks, this page has seemed to have calmed down now, but now the 6ft argument has moved over to Robs page ridiculous lol cant we all move on?
JohnGB says on 8/Jul/14
184.5cm out of bed, is this a solid 6ft or otherwise? Shorter people guess me at 6'1/6'2 usually, but I am fortunate enough to give a taller impression due to my proportions.
jamieorr4 says on 8/Jul/14
Splinter Cell i think French guy is just guessing whats average for young man to be honest 59 is starting to look below average for young guys and 511 is starting to look average for young guys
Splinter Cell says on 8/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 6'3 and 6'4 are ok heights, they aint bad but they aint nothing special. i'd pick them over being 5'7 or 8, even 5'9 or 10.thing is, i'd rather be 6'0 than 6'3 or 4. my 6'4 friend doesn't like his height, whenever someone goes to him and says wow your so tall hes like oh yeah, he thinks being 6'4 is overrated, he said he felt the best around 6' to 6'2. when I knew him at 6'0-2 he was trying to stop his growth, at that time everyone thought weights stunted but then he did it, still kept growing. I think for sure that 6, 6'1 and 6'2 are the best. 6'3 and 5'11 are runnerups...6'3 and 4 aint bad its just they aint ideal. nothing worse than a gangly awkward lanky 6'4/5 KROC Agreed.

Jamie we disagree about the 6ft thing but you've got good taste mate,6'1 is the best, 6'0 follows, 6'2
6'0 and 6'1 are closer to each other aswell. 0 being 183 cm and 1 being 185cm... so yeah.
jamieorr4 says on 8/Jul/14
Crash Amaze ok really and very are the same thing lol for now on i well say 63 very tall and 66 very very tall
Bran says on 8/Jul/14
@DLB Crypto and Amaze
Listen im nearly 18 and have grown loads in recent months; you can become taller at 16-18 with the right drive and determination believe me, i pushed for a goal not believing anything would happen, im currently flabbergasted by my current height, to the level i wont come on here and talk about my recent increase as it sounds unrealistic and i wouldn't personally believe one saying it, push for it, and seriously concentrate on boosting hgh levels; it doesn't take much effort and i didnt use a program, just plugged toghether some routines; trust me it works, this is not a post done for attention.
rodrigo180 says on 8/Jul/14
I think we are overestimating 6'2 and underestimating 6'0, 6'0 is surely weak tall around 75th percentile for young white guys (US/UK/most Europe/Australia)and it is tall enought for everyday life / girls / cars / clothes / social settings / sports, 6'0 is a normal tall and there are tons of 5'11 and 6'0 guys around so you can blend in easily but stille be seen as tall.
6'1 is where solid tall starts, and probably is the ideal height for a man - around 85th percentile.
6'2 is solid standout tall and over 92th percentile, i think 6'1 beat 6'2 and 6'0. 6'2 is not better than 6'0 imao 6'1 and 6'0 are 1st and 2nd best heights with 6'2coming third in the height podium (6'2 is a bit too tall at times)
Crypto139 says on 7/Jul/14
Yeah I think I am quite behind, though there are late bloomers on both sides of my family though I hope it is my mom's side I take after because if I end up being like my uncle, I maybe the perfect height but I am going to be Super Obese if I end up just like him. Though a legit 6 feet 3 isn't exactly perfect and plus almost all women would be a little to short next to me I think, though my perspective could change if I was that height.

Though what would you rather be? A strong 5 feet 10 maybe weak 5 feet 11 man that weighs on average 230 lbs or a legit 6 feet 3 weighing 500 lbs on average?

I would take the first over my current 5 feet 7 and 165 lbs self though. and the first is dad's size and 2nd is my uncle's at his peak.
Ron says on 7/Jul/14
Best height is 6'2" case closed.
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Amaze lol i wouldn't like to be 59 if i was 59 then i have to except it luckily i don't lol to the girl who said that 59 was tall whats 58 then average lol
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Amaze lol i wouldn't like to be 59 if i was 59 then i have to except it luckily i don't lol to the girl who said that 59 was tall whats 58 then average lol
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Amaze lol i wouldn't like to be 59 if i was 59 then i have to except it luckily i don't lol to the girl who said that 59 was tall whats 58 then average lol
Stevie says on 7/Jul/14
The thing about judging the avg in a country is really weird. Bcz there is actually a chance that the people you see and judge are shorter/taller than the avg.. just because a walk in the town gives u the impression of the average being 6foot/5'9 etc doesnt make the avg that height. Ive noticed that angles and higher/lower grounds is alpha omega when talking about height. A guy can look 5'8 from a long distance, and then 5'10 closer, and 6 foot when right next to him... judging height is not easy!
Amaze says on 7/Jul/14
I understand what you are saying crash again , really and very are the same thing lol, 6'0 most of the time looks better than 6'2. but your height is perfect though, 6'1. if i could pick i'd be 186cm, 6'1, a celebrity that comes to mind is pierce brosnan(previous james bond) perfect height and body, look how good he makes 6'1 look. imo 6'1 6'0 then 6'2
Splinter Cell says on 7/Jul/14
@French Guy I'd advise you to change that. That's extremely inaccurate, you need to decrease by 5cm, 170 is short and 175 is avg. no way is 190 start of tall thats RIDUCLOUS LOL thats a solid tall verging onto really tall. madness.
Amaze says on 7/Jul/14
No way is 183cm average for young men, and no way is 5 9 short thats ridiculous , jeez is this giant planet
Amaze says on 7/Jul/14
Some of my friends who were 6' at 13 are now 6'5. i have around three of those, all of them are now 6'5. a friend who was 6' at 14 is now 6'4. another guy i know, was 6 at 13 and 14 he was 6'2 and ever since then he has stopped growing, while the others kept on growing. i think all of my 6'5/4 friends are defo done growing, i hope they have, for their sake.
Amaze says on 7/Jul/14
Some of my friends who were 6' at 13 are now 6'5. i have around three of those, all of them are now 6'5. a friend who was 6' at 14 is now 6'4. another guy i know, was 6 at 13 and 14 he was 6'2 and ever since then he has stopped growing, while the others kept on growing. i think all of my 6'5/4 friends are defo done growing, i hope they have, for their sake.
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Splinter Cell do you think 63 and 64 are good heights?
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Amaze i stop growing at 19
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Crash is 62 really that big? and do like being 61? i
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
SAK and Splinter Cell i don't think 64 is too tall at all my friend is 64 i saw him today he doesn't look too tall 63 and 64 isn't a bad height imo
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Connor 183cm its good to see you again(:
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Jewel its good that you pick your soul mate over a 65 guy
jamieorr4 says on 7/Jul/14
Amaze your 56 friend beat up a 62 wow 59 friend being called tall that is riduclous lol for a woman yes its tall but not for a man lol woman should take in to account that they are man, my mum was 54 and she considered me average, and she didn't even think 6ft was tall for a man i really miss my mum): i remember being 59 and its really not a great height i felt like i was shorter than like 70% of all man no joke
Aaron183cm says on 7/Jul/14
@French guy

183cm average for young white men? That seems a bit of a stretch. I think only in Norway or Netherlands would it be. I go to a university in the US and I would say that roughly every one in four white guys is taller than me. It is tallish, 75th percentile height. A legit 185-187 over here is tall full-stop. 190cm being merely the start of tall is ridiculous.
Crash says on 7/Jul/14
jamie, "really" and "very" mean the same thing, so if you say that it's really tall then it's very tall.

And I don't think it's so unusual that someone would prefer 6'0" over 6'2", despite what you think. I'm 6'1" and think I'd rather be a bit shorter than a bit taller. 6'2" is getting a bit big IMO.
Anon says on 7/Jul/14
@ Ian. I'm guessing you'll end up around 190cm give or take 2-3cm. Yes you're a normal yet tall height for your age if you're a human being, but not if you're a talking typing damn dirty ape bent on world domination.
James Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 7/Jul/14
@6'2 you don't need too wish too be any taller your the best height for men if you were 5ft 10in and under it would be ok too wish you were taller.
french guy says on 7/Jul/14
for white young men

-181-183 cm average
185 cm=strong average
187 cm=above average
190 cm=tall
179 cm=weak average
177 cm=below average
175 cm=short
SAK says on 7/Jul/14
@Splinter Cell, I'm not saying that everyone wants to be 6'4+. But i just see so many comments describing these guys as 'too tall' and just don't see that as the case. Just from their pov they see their own height as a positive aspect of their physicality.

In regards to 5'10-6' saying they would like to be (at least) 6'1/6'2 is usually because they see it as something reachable(obviously it's not not as they have stopped growing).

I personally see 6'1/6'2 as ideal because most models & tennis players are this height. But i am not going to say negative things about the very/extremely tall just to cement my point.

Overall anything 6' and above is positive. 5'9-5'11 is decent/ok.
Jewel says on 7/Jul/14
Jamie - if all other factors were equal except for their height, wont most women pick "the bigger guy"? having said that, a man's height is not him. 5.10 guys are abundant and I would pick my soul mate over any 6.5 guy any day. its about how well he can provide, love me thru thick and thin, admire me deeply all that. I was just saying a 6.3-5 guy looks godlike, almost like Thor or even a Transformer :)
DLB says on 7/Jul/14
@Crypto and Amaze:
I'm in the exact same situation at you guys. Just about to turn 17, 170-171 or 5'7.
My dad peaked at a good 5'10, but is now 5'9 range, with horrible posture making him look 5'7-5'8 range, but he measures 176 when he stands straight. My dad's brother is 5'11. My mom is about 5'5 range now, claims to have been 168, but I would go more with 166 at her peak.
According to the math I should end up at 5'10.5. My goal is 5'10-5'11 range, just about the danish average for young men.
I was really short when I was younger, and has catched up with a lot of height in the past years. But even though i'm not 15-20 cms under my friends anymore, 5'7 still sucks. Yea, ofc taller than a lot of girls, but I do certainly not feel like a young MAN. I was a late bloomer too really. Due to my height, I got a doctor to check up on it. They did some tests, and told me that my boneage was a year younger than the normal. So if that is still the case, i'm just about to turn "16"???

13: 143 cm
14: 149 cm
15: 160 cm
16: 167 cm
17: 171 cm
Amaze says on 6/Jul/14
My friend is 5 ft 9 and gets called tall by this girl. This same girl, calls me short at 5 ft 7. She's 5'4, weird. How can 2 inches be the difference between short and tall. Jamie because average women are 5'3 to 5'4 they think 5'10 is tall and to them it is, they get towered lol. The lowest I've ever heard was 10 being tall but ever since I've heard my 5'9 friend being tall its riduclous.
Connor 183cm says on 6/Jul/14
Rob at 13 and 6ft how tall would boys end up being when reached adulthood? the chances are he'll be a giant maybe or close to a giant?
[Editor Rob: good chance of clearing 6ft 5 range, but then some might develop early and be done by 14-15 and not get that much more than what they were at 13.]
Connor 183cm says on 6/Jul/14
@ian your 6ft at 13? wow, i wouldn't say its normal, thats very tall for your age, its quite rare to see 13 year old boys at 6ft!, you'll probably be extremely tall when your older or probably become a giant even.
KROC says on 6/Jul/14
Agreed. Nothing worse then a lanky 6'4/6'5, although that describes 99% of the guys I see who are that height. If they aren't skinny then their fat, badly shaped/proportioned. I can see why a lot of guys don't want to be that tall. Filling out properly can be an issue. But if you get someone that height that can fill out right it can be a pretty impressive thing. Jared Padalecki from Supernatural is a good example. He's pretty well proportioned for a 6'4 guy.

6'6 is definitely too tall, I agree. Why anyone would aspire to be tall is beyond me.

Well wants to stand out from the pack in someway shape or form. Being taller then the majority is just one of those ways.
Splinter Cell says on 6/Jul/14
@Aaron183cm I agree strongly with what you have said, defo best 2 heights, with the other 2 going after.
Amaze says on 6/Jul/14
@Jamieorr4 my 5 ft 6 friend beat up a 6 ft 2 guy and my 5'9 friend took on someone who was 6'4 xD but yeah bruce lee was basically my height, 5'7 and he was the best of the best. but yeah obviously if the guy is 6 ft then its a bonus with a nice personality, and yeah you stopped growing ever since you hit 5'10.5 at 18/19? height growth after 18 is so rare, 19 and 20 are probably the highest exceptions, after hitting 20 there is no growth, i think what people mean by growing till 25 is our bones and stuff and shoulders we get bigger, tend to look more like males etc, but height stops around 18-20. 20 is max. oh well jamieorr4 it's bad at all, your the same as alex pettyfer that isnt bad at all, atleast you never stayed 175cm did you(Still decent) you grew past 5'9 to 5'10.5.. imagine if you stopped growing then? yeah
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jul/14
Amaze i wouldn't say 6'3 is very tall i say its really tall thats it
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jul/14
i have be measured by a doctor again im still 179cm im 25 so i have stop ): oh well
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jul/14
this is how i see mans height 57 short 58 below average but not necessarly short 59 -510 average 511-6ft above average but not tall 61 is the starting for tall imo and perfect height imo 62 proper tall 63-65 really tall 66 very tall and its too tall imo
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jul/14
Splinter Cell i agree my friend who claims to be 62 but i think he is 61 because my nephew is 62 and is taller than my friend point is my friend says he is the perfect height
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jul/14
Jewel and look at bruce lee he was one of the worlds best fights, if your ideal height for a man is 65 thats fine there is nothing worry with that but what im saying you should go for personality aswell i know a guy who was 65 or 66 who hit his own girl friend you might met a 510 guy who you like, obviously if he is 65 that would just be a bonus
jamieorr4 says on 6/Jul/14
Jewel what if the 65 guy wasn't nice and the 510 guy was nice? point is don't you care about personality? about the power thing just because a guy is tall doesn't mean he is harder some 510 guys can kick a 65 guys ***
Aaron183cm says on 6/Jul/14
6'1"-6'2" has to be the ideal. 6'0" and 6'3" are close runner ups.
ian says on 5/Jul/14
I'm 13 and I'm 6'0 tall is that normal
jamieorr4 says on 5/Jul/14
SAK im not jealous i just think that 61 or 62 is the perfect height 63-65 isn't too tall but its a little much imo i honestly say 66 is when your too tall i admit i would choose 64 over 510 not sure about 65 but i would choose 61 or 62 over 64
Splinter Cell says on 5/Jul/14
@SAK No jealousy at all, i hear 5'10 guys saying they wanna be taller too, they mean they wanna be 6 ft, or even 6'2 etc. i know some 6 guys that are mostly happy, but i hear the occasional "i wish i was 6'1 or 2". 6'5 males wanting to be shorter, i've heard that couple of times, 6'5 aint THAT bad but its not ideal . why would i be jealous or envious? 6'1.5 is perfect imo alot of people say its the perfect height, so yeah your wrong with the jealousy and envy mate..

5'10 vs 6'4, some would pick 6'4, some would pick 5'10.
but if anyone could pick any, ideally, the most picked heights would be 6 ft 6 f t 1 and 6 ft 2. so yeah.
Amaze says on 5/Jul/14
so look clearly at the both of these.
He said:
5'7 short
5'8-5'9 little short
5'10-6'0 average
6'1-6'2 little tall
6'3 tall

I said (for men again):
5'5 is short
5'6 - 5'7 is a little short
5'8 under average not short
5'9 -5'10 average
5'11 above average not tall
6'0 - 6'1 a little tall
6'2 and over+ solid tall

he's saying that 5'7 is short, 5'8 - 5'9 a little short, whilst i say 5'5 is short, and 5'6-5'7 is a little short. his chart is unaccurate because 5'9 is average, and 5'8 is below average but not short at all. no way is 5'9 short. that's ridiculous. 5'8 aint short either. he also means that 5'7 is very short, which it isnt, thats more 5'5 5'4. then he says 5'10 - 6'0 is average. no it isnt. 5'9 - 5'10 is average. no way is 6'0 average LOL that is just ridiculous and funny, 6'0 is more than that its a little tall. he also said that 6'1 - 6'2 is a little tall, no it isnt, 6'1 is medium tall and 6'2s a solid tall, which is what i said, he said it's a little tall where it isnt. then he says tall is 6'3, which actually isn't accurate, 6'3 is very tall. so yeah our charts are different and have differences.. lay off the booze tim.
jamieorr4 says on 5/Jul/14
Splinter Cell i agree with you woman do think 179 is tall for a man but why? what i think woman fail to realize is that im a man, sure for a woman 179cm is tall but a man so its not i have be called tall by one man before who i do know not sure why though, he is 63 years old maybe it is in his generation but i doubt most man would considered me tall
Lorik 185cm says on 5/Jul/14
6'2-6'4 is a perfect world height.
not too tall not too short. period..
jamieorr4 says on 5/Jul/14
KROC i agree i say 66 is were your too tall no offence to anyone who is 66 i have nothing against you
Jewel says on 5/Jul/14
sorry guys but for us ladies? 6.3 - 6.5 male height is just sooooo attractive. no one is better than the other but a choice between 5.10 and 6.5? 6.5 takes it home for us. its just that much more imposing and even godlike. can u picture Thor at 5.10?! there is power or projected power in that height range. Hotttttt!!!!!
dude says on 5/Jul/14
SAK, or then some people just don't want to be 6'4+ and would rather be 5'10.. Ain't nothing to it. No jealousy or envy..
jamieorr4 says on 5/Jul/14
Splinter Cell i know im not tall but i have be called tall before for some reason the only place i felt tall is spain
KROC says on 5/Jul/14
6'6 is not giant territory. Like not even close. If that is the case then me and Lillo are close to being giants too, considering we're only an inch off. Anything from 6'6-6'9 is extreme height.
SAK says on 5/Jul/14
Splinter Cell says: you at 179cm are not tall or short, its a good height, its slightly above average but not tall at all. you are of normal medium height, your height is better than being 6'5 for sure.
Ironically I hear many (genuine)5'10-6'guys wishing they were taller. But hardly ever hear 6'5 males wanting to be shorter. (Though I know a 6'7 guy who wanted to be a couple of inches shorter).

6'3-6'5 heights all seem to garner comments along the lines 'too tall' 'too much' eetc. I sense a hint of jealously and envy.

Reality is, and I would bet my house on this, if we were genuinely given a choice between 5'10 or 6'4/6'5, majority would go for the latter.
Ricky says on 5/Jul/14
Berdych..what do you thing about 5'7.5 and 5'8.?
Super Saiyan says on 4/Jul/14
5'4 and under - very short, very bad
5'5 is short, not good, very bad,
5'6 is short, bad but not that bad, medium bad
5'7 is short, its bad but its not that that short, its not bad still though
5'8 is below average, not short or tall. not good still. borderline bad.
5'9 is average, this is where heights start to get good. doesn't look short.
5'10 is higher average, good height imo, no one at this height onwards should complain.
5'11 is above average, defo good height, near tall but isnt, it's brill
6'0 its not short or average, its a weak tall, very very good height.
6'1 its more of a medium tall i would say? very ideal imo.
6'2 its a solid strong tall, very good, last part of ideal, after this it decreases
6'3 its a weak very tall i would say? it's ok, not very good, it's better than being 5'8 ofc but its getting taller.
6'4 is very tall, its not getting bad yet but this is the limit imo, its neutral
6'5 is the absolute maximum limit, 6'5 is no way as good as 6'2 even 6' but its borderline bad id say.
6'6 and over way too tall, it's like being very short but being very tall if you get what im trying to say, not good at all.

you guys in the 5'9-6'2 range count yourselves lucky, especially you 6'0-6'2 guys who are still tall. you have the perfect height(s), lucky to be in that range.
Splinter Cell says on 4/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 look at alex pettyfer hes a british actor a year younger than you, hes 5'10.5 or 179cm he looks tall but isn't if you know what i mean, look at his pics, hes at a good height, girls will consider you tall and some men, you are above average but you are not tall but some will consider you as, its a good height, better than 6'5 imo.
Splinter Cell says on 4/Jul/14
@6'2 no why would you? 6'5 isn't bad but its lanky as hell, too tall imo, so what if your friends 6'5, with everything theres a limit. 6'2 is better than 6'5, more desirable.

@kroc maybe but you have to have a good build, but then you still look very lanky. i know so many 6 ft 5 guys that look like skeletons and guys that are built but it still doesn't look as nice as say, a 6'0 to 6'3 guy. 6'2 looks very good, 6'5 guys are limit but 6'5 is kinda too tall imo.
Amaze says on 4/Jul/14
@crypto139, i see, your growth is the near same as mine, you were 1 year behind but caught up, what would you wanna ideally be if you could pick? what do you think youll end up at? 5'7'' sux

@berdych i agree, 6 - 6'2 is golden xD
Tim says on 4/Jul/14

You're scolding Nuclear for coming up with a slightly different height scale?

He said:
5'7 short
5'8-5'9 little short
5'10-6'0 average
6'1-6'2 little tall
6'3 tall

You said (for men again):
5'5 is short
5'6 - 5'7 is a little short
5'8 under average not short
5'9 -5'10 average
5'11 above average not tall
6'0 - 6'1 a little tall
6'2 and over+ solid tall

Your scale isn't much different if you think about it, so perhaps you should lay off the booze before reading people's opinions.
Crypto139 says on 4/Jul/14
I think something like this

13: 5 feet 0
14: 5 feet 2
15: 5 feet 4.5
16: 5 feet 6
I am 5 feet 7 now at about 3 months away from 17.
Crash says on 4/Jul/14

It's still viewed as tall by the majority of people, in the US and much of Europe. You're just projecting your views on other people.

So yeah, I don't get it when people act like it's just the 6'0" guys themselves who consider themselves tall, when most other people do.
Berdych says on 4/Jul/14
Height chart for attracting girls assuming all else equal such as looks and physique
175cm to 177cm 6/10 (neutral)
178cm to 179cm 7/10 (neutral)
180cm 8/10 (slightly appealing)
181cm to 182cm 9/10 (appealing)
183cm to 188cm 10/10 (very appealing)
189cm to 190cm 9/10 (appealing)
191cm to 192cm 8/10 (slightly appealing)
193cm to 195cm 7/10 (neutral)

Would this be a fair chart? Would like to hear some of your opinions
Vigarde says on 4/Jul/14
Hey connor 183....what happened to connor 185?
KROC says on 3/Jul/14
6'5 isn't a bad height actually. Although honestly it's probably the absolute limit that most people care to see. Anything over that is getting to be abnormal/excessive.
K says on 3/Jul/14
I've found that women, especially celebrities, tend to exaggerate their height more than men do. Anyone else notice this?
jamieorr4 says on 3/Jul/14
Splinter Cell i have be called tall today no joke and i feel weird about it should i?
6'2 says on 3/Jul/14
my friend is 6'5 and wish i was 6'5.
6'5 is a perfect imo.
(S)aint 6'1 says on 3/Jul/14
If 6' is tall then 5'8" is short...
Brave Heart says on 3/Jul/14
I'm 185.7cm and sadisfied my height.
avi says on 2/Jul/14

Yeah its hard to. Months ago I seen some 6'8 black guy. You have a point I have mistaken 6'5 for 6'6-7 in brief encounters you need to stand by someone awhile or get a picture taken. 6'6 is giant territory but a giant is 6'9-10. Giant territory is not giant but is approaching the area where height becomes a hindrance and can be a turn off. Not normal human height range. Some people here like Lilo think giant territory means giant. It isn't. Its like "tallish" or "kinda short" where its close but not actually in the category yet.
avi says on 2/Jul/14
@crash says on 1/Jul/14
Lillo, so then what of the people who think of 6ft as tall, which seems to be th...

No its really not. Its on the verge of being tall. Nowadays its a decently common height with a low margin rate to average. You just don't get it do you?? 5'7 used to be average so 6'0 was 5 inches away. Average now in western world is 5'10ish about 2 inches away from 6'0 maybe less in some countries.

@lilo Thomas

Yes in large crowds 6'5-7 will be found stil far from normal human tall. In fact many people with pituitary issues. Not all grow to 6'10 plus.
James Edward Crowley Maximus Meridius says on 2/Jul/14
Hey i met a female who was 22 years old on saturday and she grown 2 inches is it possible for females too grow taller after 16 or even after 18.
[Editor Rob: very rare after 18, 16-18 there is still a proportion, but a good majority by age 16 are finished growth.]
Teej says on 2/Jul/14
Hi rob, what would usually be the difference between in height when being measured facing a statiometer and away from it it?, i got measured for my BMI the other day facing away from it at 187.6 cm, but apparently your taller facing it? but your taller facing it I hear? what would be the difference? and what is the correct way to be measured?
[Editor Rob: there shouldn't be any difference...if there is, then one of the ways you're standing is somehow inhibiting your posture. It's quite possible your back is more bent than it should be or you are leaning your head back...]
Riidd says on 2/Jul/14
@tom well i've already measured the eyelevel method, and my eyes are facing between 163-164cm.. so i'm not really sure what is my height range unless anyone who's expert here in telling my height accurately would answer me lol
Amaze says on 2/Jul/14

we are the same age. same height. my dad was also 5 ft 11 at peak. only difference is my mum is 5 foot 4, average for a woman, yours is above average near tall. you must understand how bad 5 ft 7 is xD i hate it so much, atleast im not like 5 ft 3 like some guys at school but i want to be taller so much, my bro is 6'0.5 and was 6'0 at 17. whats your growth pattern crypto? post it please? btw do you have any conditions or do you have anything that could have possibly stunted your growth? i've got scoliosis which docs said stunted my growth 1-2 inches but when i was 5'6 they said i still had a couple of inches left to grow but lets see what i end up at.
heres my growth pattern, post yours?(i'm doing earliest as i can, do it if you can if its possible)
7 - 4'
8 - 4'2
9 - 4'4
10 - 4'7
11 - 4'10
12 - 5'
13 - 5'2
14 - 5'4.5
15 - 5'5.75
16 - 5'6.5
17 - 5'7

all these growth predictors and stuff, said i should have been 5'10. highest i got was 5'11 using my height at an earlier age, but the rest said 5'10. if i get to 5'10 i will be very happy, and if i did get to 5'11 i would be extremely happy. if i did get to 6' which my family think unlikely though, i would be ecstatic. my grandfathers were 5'10 and 6'1. grandmothers both 5'4.

lets say if i never had scoliosis though, i would probably be 5'9 right now, and could have ended up at 5'11? let's see what i end up, i don't want to be lower than 5'9 no ways :( i don't want to be below average and i would like to be above if possible or a strong average. my dad thinks ill be 5'9 but lets see ive got couple years of growth left .. i do not want to stay 5 ft 7 for the rest of my life! forever known as a short man - sucks! the baby male of the family.. no way.
Splinter Cell says on 2/Jul/14
@jamieorr4 if you were 181cm morning i'd say you were a weak 5'11, 180cm morning makes you a strong 5'10, your a 5'10.5 guy, i could say im a weak 6'2 guy(i'm near 189cm morning) but i always go with 187. never claim your out of bed height, you are defo not a weak 5'11 lol. your height imo is good , you shouldn't be sad or upset at all, you are not a weak 5'11 but you are 5'10.5 which is a good height, you aren't tall or short and you blend in pretty well, plus girls would probably say you are tall, actually they would for sure, and they like 5'10 guys so why not? 5'10.5 isnt the best but it is good. 6'1 or 185cm is better yeah you are 6cms away but oh well, not everyone gets what they want, if you go to some countries you will actually be looked at as tall lol, and if you were born 20/30 years earlier you would have been looked at as tall. i'd prefer being 5'10 over 6'5 or 6 anyday.
Lillo Thomas says on 2/Jul/14
Crash you again with your BS ? Where the majority of people think 6'0 is tall ? in the USA ? Europe ? Ect? Most people in the USA don't classified 6'0 or described 6'0 as tall . Globally yes , the average in Asia and Latin America the regional average is lower like 5'7 tops or less. The topic that 6'0 is tall is in the western world is really BS and Very stupid . I'm not the one that start it . I'm the one that continue to respond to it. 6'0 guys should let this stupid topic go.
It's ridiculous.
jamieorr4 says on 2/Jul/14
Splinter Cell actually im not sure which height is better 61 or 62 which one would you say is better? there was a guy who even thought that 6ft is better than 62 on the internet
jamieorr4 says on 2/Jul/14
Crash i have move on because it was just getting out of hand and not really worth getting in to a argument over besides everone has a right to there own opinion
jamieorr4 says on 2/Jul/14
Splinter Cell btw thanks for saying my height is good
jamieorr4 says on 2/Jul/14
Splinter Cell yes im not short but i wish i was 61 though im 511 180cm in the morning so does that make me a weak 511?
Crypto139 says on 2/Jul/14

I am 5 feet 7 and I think my dad was 5 feet 11 at his peak. My mom is 5 feet 6.
Splinter Cell says on 2/Jul/14
@6'1.75 187cm you are deluded im sorry.. 5'11.25 short? you been feeling alright lately mate? i'll ignore you. 4 inches shorter than that is short.

@jamieorr4 ignore that guy hes clearly delusional, you at 179cm are not tall or short, its a good height, its slightly above average but not tall at all. you are of normal medium height, your height is better than being 6'5 for sure. I agree fully with your height chart. on dating websites, 6'0 gets the top preferrals though, with 6'1 and 2 following.

@crash dw I agree with you

@dude have you been checking the guys out on this page? some guys have a complex at 185, 187, 190, 193 etc. I fail to understand why, this is ridiculous. my brother at 183 , is how everyone else should be. I fail to understand why people are worrying if theyre not short. specially tall people. when I was at school, there was a 6'2 guy crying that he wasn't 6'5 or 6. nuts.
french guy says on 2/Jul/14
@splinter cell

do you think 183 cm is tall for young men?
183 cm is weak tall for a man, i agree with you, i'm almost 183 cm and i'm taller than most people, but with guys my age, i just feel above average.
For a man in his twenties, the start of tall is 186 cm imo
CHOCO says on 2/Jul/14
5'8.5" is a good height for a girl?
Brave_V says on 2/Jul/14
it's a tricky question. It depends on a situation and point of view.
I'm 6'0 and i play basketball. So, in that point of view i clearly understand - i'm a not that tall. There's another story, when i go to a street. Average peeps in Russia is about 5'9 - 5'11. So, maybe a few cm, but i'm taller, than others.

I think it's's in our brains - when you see someone who taller than you you start thinking "Oh, why i'm not as tall as they are" )
That's a sort of envy. Someone wanna be rich, someone smart, someon - tall. it depends on what you are missing
Amaze says on 1/Jul/14
Crypto how tall are you? and how tall was your dad at peak? any brothers? how tall are they? i'm 17 and my dad claimed a big growth spurt too. from one year he went from 5'5 or 6 to 5'11 in one year. he said it was major he went from small to big. my mum's 5'4. bros 6'0.5 I hate being the short small one lol. at 5'7'' I feel very short, even though I actually am not, ive got a height problem and wouldn't wanna stay at this height. when I was 5'6 doctor said I had couple of inches growth left, lets see what I end up at, but I honestly wouldn't wanna be below 5'9. all my friends are 5'9/10/11/6'/ and I have a 5'8 friend that makes jokes sometimes of me being a midget. he calls me "bare short" for a joke when im a inch shorter than him xD he was surprised when I told him my dad and bros heights. but yeah I have a 5'3 friend too, he has a 5'10 dad 5'1 mum. hes 17, 18 in 2 months hes been like this for 2 3 years now he is so pissed off but he doesn't care anymore its put him off so much he doesn't like talking about girls or dating anymore. at 5'7'' im basically taller than a lot of girls and im not that short, but yeah I hope I grow a lot so I can feel and look like a man. nothings worse than being 17 and feeling like a 12/13 year old.
dude says on 1/Jul/14
@Splinter Cell lol obviously your brother doesn't have a height complex at 183, if he did though, he should be in a mental hospital.
jamieorr4 says on 1/Jul/14
the top 10 best heights for man imo is 1st 61 2nd 62 3rd 6ft 4th 63 5th 64 6th 511 7th 510 8th 65 9th 59 10th 66 imo 61 is the best height for a man
jamieorr4 says on 1/Jul/14
6'1 .75 (187cm) lol thanks im 179cm im short am i? my height isn't the best but its atleast ok
Riidd says on 1/Jul/14
Hey rob, tried measuring the eyelevel method, and my eyelevel is facing about 163-164cm. What is my approximately accurate height rob? Thanks
jamieorr4 says on 1/Jul/14
Splinter Cell actually i think 61 is the best height not too tall not short
Crash says on 1/Jul/14
Lillo, so then what of the people who think of 6ft as tall, which seems to be the majority of people? Are they all deluded?

This whole "6ft is not tall" topic is so stupid. It's been going on for years hear almost every day. People just need to move on...
Shorty says on 1/Jul/14
I was 5'5.5 at age 17, went to 5'6 ( well almost, 167,5 cm) weeks after my 18th birthday.
At school i was measured 168 cm/5'6 when i was 19.
I just turned 20 last month, i hope i'm not done growing completely. I probably still stand at only 5'6.

Mother - 5'3 (she says 160 cm)
Father - 5'8 (172-173 cm from what i've heard)

My grandfathers were 5'7 and 5'10, i think.
And my grandmothers were 5'7-5'8 and 5'4 .. this is the info i've got.

This is funny, because the average height where i live is about 5'11-6'.

Can I reach 5'7 before 21? Is it possible?
x5 says on 1/Jul/14
Is it possible to have the look 1ike a 185cm guy if you are 183cm with a weight of only 60kg
Alex 6'0 says on 30/Jun/14
6'8 is a rare height for sure. Typically the tallest guys i'll see if I go out around are 6'4-6'5. I was in the city last month and one guy looked 6'9 range. Its just a very rare height to see. I'll take today for example went to work then came home went to the gym. Didn't really go out other than that and the tallest guys I seen looked 6'2-6'3 range
K says on 30/Jun/14
@Jewel: Thanks for the support. :)

@All: Crypto's height chart for women is right on the money.
Crypto139 says on 30/Jun/14
Yeah both my uncle and dad claim to have big growth spurts. Like 5 inches to 8 inches in under 2 years. Yet my dad is just 5 feet 10 and change at his low these days. My uncle like I said is a giant basically. My mom who is a legit 5 feet 6 I think was 5 feet 4 at 16 but measured at 19 to be 5 feet 6. She is now 5 feet 6 these days. I just hope to get taller. I am almost 17. I am more worried about my proportions though. My legs are long for my height(slightly above 32 inch floor inseam), my wingspan is nearing 6 feet 2, and sadly my sitting height is quite low for my height(and I have a big butt too so it isn't that!)

Late growth does occur on my mom's side according to my mom though. I am slightly behind in everything puberty wise as well. But I am not too worried honestly. I will be quite happy to be my dad's height atleast. Most of my friends at school happen to be short for some reason. Like at school all of the people I sat with at lunch last year were in the 5 feet 2 to 5 feet 5 range. Only one besides me was a male though(5 feet 3 for him).
Splinter Cell says on 30/Jun/14
@crypto139 and my other brother is 17 years old and 170cm. our father is 180 and mother 163. paternal gdad 178 maternal gdad 185. i agree with your female chart.
my brother whos 183 loves his height and wouldn't wanna be mine, hes got no height complex at all and hes not bothered, wouldnt wanna be any shorter or taller. hes near perfect height though so i understand

lets end with this 6 ft tall thing, i'll agree so will the majority but this is an infinite loop so theres no point continuing theres always going to be arguments.

@alex i agree

@rodrigo180 you have it bang on. some people dont understand oh well

@jamieorr4 i think perfect range is 183-187, i feel like a solid confident tall at 187, not weak at all, and higher than medium. i think im in the perfect range yes, perfect is 188 but im just off it so i guess i am, i honestly think 191-193 arent that bad imo, they are a bit too tall but its better being like me, if i could pick i'd prob pick 190cm morning so im 189/8 during the day. 6'0 is 8.5/10 6'1 is 9, i'd mines 9.5, 6'2-.5 are 10/10, after that it decreases. hmm i agree 170cm is the tall short if you know what i mean, its short but the upper short, 171 is in my opinion borderline, yeah i guess its below average. 171-4 are defo not short.
Burp says on 30/Jun/14
Crypto one of my high school mates went from 5'7" at 16teen to 6'3" athis 17teen (roughly).
He complained usually about the aftermath of such growth.
Pain in the shines mainly.
But was when we still were in our teens.
Long time no see him since HiSchool
Crypto139 says on 30/Jun/14
Oops I didn't mean SplinterCell I meant 6'1 .75 (187cm) 80 kg on my last comment!
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jun/14
Lillo Thomas i agree 66 67 are very tall 68 extreme tall and giant probably does start at 610
Crypto139 says on 30/Jun/14
@Splinter Cell.

You know I know 2 guys that are siblings that are basically you and you brother's height. One is 187 and other is 183. But looking at them I agree with what you said and they both said what you said basically. I believe that very tall starts around 6 feet 3. My uncle is huge in all ways. He is a legit 6 feet 3 and weighed over 500 lbs at his biggest. He is one of the most massive guys I ever met. He is down to 300 something these days though. I remember as I kid I wanted to be as big as he was. Though he grew late and alot when he did. He said he grew 6 to 8 inches in just 18 months. I can't exactly believe that though. I wonder if that is possible. But he isn't lying about his height.
Crypto139 says on 30/Jun/14
Ok I am going to do a female height chart for the US now.

Also this is based on the 163 cm for women and 177 cm average for men.

Below 4 feet 11 is just rare and more extreme types of short.
5 feet 0: Very short but still in the normal range.
5 feet 1: Normal Short
5 feet 2: A little bit short but common.
5 feet 3: Below Average
5 feet 4: Basically Average
5 feet 5: Above the average by a little
5 feet 6: Tallish:
5 feet 7: A little tall
5 feet 8: Solid Tall
5 feet 9: Strong Tall
5 feet 10: Rare tall!
Above that and you are taller than 99 percent of all women and taller than the average man!
Lillo Thomas says on 30/Jun/14
Avi what the hell you are talking about ? 6'6 is not extremely tall . 6'6 is very tall. 6'6 is rare but not like you said . In big cities , concerts and malls ect you will likely see a few 6'6 guys . You put a 6'6 guy next to a real giant guy and he will look relatively short.
zaddo says on 30/Jun/14
Man I remember back when I was 16-17 and 182cm I always tried to convince myself that I was tall and there's no need to be taller. Now I'm 191cm at 22 years old and I've just came across this website again. Feels good man.
Alex says on 30/Jun/14
Tall 183+
Very tall 190+
Averege 175-182
Perfect height is 185-186 with Golden Range 183-188
I am 188.5 out of bed, 187 at evening.
KROC says on 30/Jun/14
When's the last time you've seen someone that's 6'8? That's a pretty obscure height just like 6-10 or 7ft. Last time I saw someone that height was at a Knicks game. And how can you even tell the difference between 6'6 and 6'8? 99% of people that I know below the 6'4 mark can't tell the difference. To me 6'6-6'9 is extreme height. Anything over that is getting into giant territory, because your getting closer to that 7ft mark.
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jun/14
Splinter Cell i guess you could say 66 is hugh and 67 is extreme tall and 68 is giant but your right 66 is abit too tall your lucky Splinter Cell i say your the perfect height
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jun/14
Splinter Cell Connor 183cm is right this 6ft thing is getting out off hand we need to accept some people think its tall and some don't ok
jamieorr4 says on 30/Jun/14
Connor 183cm im trying my best to stop 62 the perfect i agree
SAK says on 30/Jun/14
How much height difference is required to be classified as towering??

Initially I use to think around 6". But I think in fact 4" is enough to tower someone.

Build can be an important factor. If the shorter is big (wide shoulders/much muscle mass) and taller guy is skinny and narrow shouldered. Then I think 5" is needed to tower.

If the taller guy is well built and shorter guy of average or slim build then I think even 3.5" difference will be classified as towering.

3" is significant difference but I wouldn't call actual towering difference. 6-8" is a dwarfing difference.
Jewel says on 30/Jun/14
I second that. Rob should just create a new board for
rodrigo180 says on 30/Jun/14
Tall heights: Most common tall heights:

6'0 is weak tall (common tall) and around 75-80th percentile
6'1 tall mid tall and around 85th percentile
6'2 solid tall and over 90th percentile

Under tall heights: Average category:

5'11 above average not tall nor tallish - very common
5'10 bang on average - extremely common
5'9 just under average - very common
rodrigo180 says on 30/Jun/14
183-184 is common tall, 187 and up standout tall, guys it is very simple: if u like to blend in 183-184 is perfect, if u prefere to standout 187 and up is good for u, 5'11 is just above average, solid strong average with young guys, 6'0 is weak tall or tallish and common tall, 6'1 is tall - still common but not like 6'0 is, 6'2 solid tall and uncommon
K says on 29/Jun/14
5'4 really isn't short for girls 16+. The American average is around 5'4.5. 5'6 is above average and 5'7 is technically tall. Like with guys, girls exaggerate their height, so you see 5'2 girls claiming to be 5'4 and 5'4 girls claiming to be 5'6. That's why you hear "5'4 girls" (really 5'2) claiming to be short.
6'1 .75 (187cm) 80 kg says on 29/Jun/14
For me, someone tall is 193cm
For me, someone short is 181cm
littlesue says on 29/Jun/14
I keep thinking I'm on the set of 'Groundhog Day' when I read Jamieorr4's posts! lol
jamieorr4 says on 29/Jun/14
Connor 183cm one more thing your right its getting very old thats why i change the subject
jamieorr4 says on 29/Jun/14
i think 171cm-174cm is below average but not short i think a legit short is 170cm
Amaze says on 29/Jun/14
Perfect range 183-188(6'-6'2)
I'd pick 6'1 or 2, not too tall or short , 6 is near perfect
jamieorr4 says on 29/Jun/14
Crash you have right to disaree not being rude but stop calling people things especially when it is not true
jamieorr4 says on 29/Jun/14
Connor 183cm lets not fall out of the 6ft rubbish thing i have really stop talking about and im not just saying that i really have, not sure for good to someone else but you i have stop for good i just like it when someone agree with me i end up talking about it thats all sorry for being a pain though are we cool?
Splinter Cell says on 29/Jun/14
@Lilothomas but 2-3 averages is a moderate amount, its not little or big.

5'9 = global average
6'0 = 3 inches above it.
i agree with that @seahawks said
6'0"=Weak tall.
6'1"=Solid tall
6'2"=Strong tall.

you guys need to accept that, there is no way 6'1 is a weak tall, and if it is, 6'2 isn't a strong tall, which 6'2 definitely is! 5 inches above average..
6'0 is a weak low lower end tall lets call it the shortest tall but it's still tall. nuclearteeth your height chart is ridicolous and way off chart, 5'3 4 women are average same with the 5 9 10 men, there is no way 5'11 and 6'0 are average they are above average with 6' starting the little tall with 6'1, theres no way 6'2 is a little tall! that's a very wrong delusional chart.

@jamieorr4 6'6 and over is too tall, but yeah hmm, 6'8 is higher end extreme tall i say boardering onto giamt, 6'9 - 6'11 has to be the lower giants. 7+ and over is giant giant.

i'm 6'1.5 or 187cm and i feel tall. a solid confident tall, i'm just under 6'2 but when i was 6'0 i felt tall, not a proper tall and i know how being 183 feels like. its a very good height, but i knew i wanted to be slightly taller, not way taller but taller. standing next to my 183 brother, there is a difference between us but not too much but im taller obviously and hes a weak tall and i'm a medium tall/going to solid/feeling solid. i'm not accepting 5'11 as tall though, those are tall wanabees, but 6' in the us, uk, europe and everywhere except netherlands and dinaric alps, denmark sweden etc, is tall. 6'0 = a tall height., weak tall. i know as being 6'1.5 that 6'0 isn't not tall, its a definite weak tall.
Connor 183cm says on 29/Jun/14
Im taking a break from this page until the argument about 6ft stops, so ill give it 5 weeks maybe, sorry its just too much its not very pleasnt to be commenting on here so i wont be on here for a while, bye.
jamieorr4 says on 29/Jun/14
Nuclear teeth not sure about 58 being tall for a woman but a part from that i agree with you, Amaze i agree that 63-65 is really tall but imo 66 and 67 are very tall
Amaze says on 29/Jun/14
@Nuclear teeth that chart is the most inaccurate height thing ive ever seen really, that is just riduclous

5'5 is short
5'6 - 5'7 is a little short
5'8 under average not short
5'9 -5'10 average
5'11 above average not tall
6'0 - 6'1 a little tall
6'2 and over+ solid tall
Connor 183cm says on 29/Jun/14
@jamieorr4 well stop it then otherwise yeah we are cool, and to answer your questions i think 6ft 2 is the perfect height and 6ft 8 is just in the giant range, low giant range, anyway I still do like you by the way but you are just way too obsessed about the 6ft aint thing thats all, chill out ok? it took me a few months to get over the 6ft thing and ive moved on now, if i can do it im sure you can too.
Connor 183cm says on 29/Jun/14
@Splinter Cell thanks mate i do feel fairly tall quite a lot and people i know and some who i dont know ALWAYS say im tall never above average or tallish so yeah i know how the hell is it not tall rofl, people really underestimate 6ft a lot probably because they are jealous or they are tall wannabe guys i mean seriously i have never heard 6ft being called only tallish or above average in my life, ever.
avi says on 28/Jun/14
@Lillo thomas says on 27/Jun/14
6'6 isn't a giant or close to the giant range by any means . 6'6 is only very tall. I agree with kroc 6'8 is huge and VERY very tall but not a giant yet. The start of giant is about 6'10.

Forget 6'10-7 you'll never really meet anyone this tall. If you have to duck doors you're a giant. 6'8-9 is Start. 6'6 is giant territory or extremely tall. I'm talking legitimately measuring the 6'8 mark. Take a tape measure and look at it it feels overwhelmingly tall...
This is like the 6'0 tall argument some will agree some will disagree based on how they feel . I know 6'6+ is very very very rare so a 6'8 person is definitely way out there and a giant.
jamieorr4 says on 28/Jun/14
Connor 183cm what do you think is the perfect height for a man? i hope we cool now
six one says on 28/Jun/14
I'm 6'1". thanks everyone.
Amaze says on 28/Jun/14
Splinter cell is right.

But yeah 6'0 is tall guys for sure..
Here is theTall guy chart specifics, classifications..

5'11 is an above average, but not tall. 5'11.5-75 are tallish.

6'0 - 6'2 quite tall
6'3 - 6'5 really tall
6'6 - 6'8 extreme tall
6'8 - 6-10 lower giant
6'10 - 7'0 medium giant
7'0 + upper giant
tom says on 28/Jun/14
@Riid the average male head is 9 inches I think, so that would put you around 5'9" I guess? Probably easier just to measure yourself!

@Taurlo Check someone's eye level if you want to see how you measure up to them. Also when I'm walking past somebody I'll sometimes clock them out of the corner of my eye, as it gives you a better idea of how tall they are when they're level with you, as opposed to in front of you, where perception and distance can sometimes distort things.
tom says on 28/Jun/14
TooSmall - you have a decent chance, I've heard of quite a few cases where men continue to grow after 18. I grew 1.5 inches myself after 18, from 5'8.5" to 5'10". It's not guaranteed but it's possible! Either way many would not be able to tell that you are 5/8" off the mark, it's a very small amount.
Lillo thomas says on 28/Jun/14
Splinter cell if you think 6'0 is tall , it's fine. You can express and defend your opinions, I simply don't agree. From my perspective 6'0 flat guys in the USA and Europe claiming they are tall are deluded sorry.
Lillo thomas says on 28/Jun/14
Crash quit the BS. It's nothing about ego boost. It's about the reality check. 6'0 guys in the western world ( USA , Canadá , Europe etc )that believe they are tall are delusional. I'm always call the BS when I see it.
I could lie to 6'0 guys that believe they are tall and say Yeah dude you are in the tall club. Buy sorry isn't my style.
jamieorr4 says on 28/Jun/14
Connor 183cm im turely sorry i will stop
jamieorr4 says on 28/Jun/14
Connor 183cm i was just answering Splinter Cell question
Connor 183cm says on 28/Jun/14
@Crypto139 well i think usually people shrink 1.5cm throughout the day most people do anyway i think, so if a guy is 182cm in the morning he should be 180.5cm at worst so he can go with 181cm, 5ft 11.25.
Peter says on 28/Jun/14
I think 6' is very common a height. I think most of my friends are about 5'11, even if I know that technically average height for a western male is about 5' 10 1/2.
At 5'6 I get by the chin to most of my friends, but I think that objectively 5'6 is as far from average as 6'4.
6'6 is not gigantic either. My own brother is 6'7 and, although he is very tall (and he used to complain about that) I know some more guys as tall as he is. You can find 2m tall young men easily in any basketball and handball teams, I guess.
On the other hand I can see now more and more boys as tall or even taller than me, but I think its because I consider them much younger than me and I think they would be supposed to be much shorter that I now find that strange.
Anyway, even if I am used to be on the short side it is not very comfortable for a 21 year-old to see almost all 12 and 13 year-old boys and even girls much taller and bigger than you... Let alone 14 and 15 year-olds, at 6' and above. But, opn the other hand, that is the fun of it... As you get older you see the younger ones growing up.
Lillo thomas says on 28/Jun/14
Zorro that's the point. Very few people are really tall. 6'0 is a ordinary height and not much taller than average.
SAK says on 28/Jun/14
Andrea says: At 6', you're gonna look tall only with short/shortish people... I think someone starts to look tall when he's at least 4-5 inches taller than someone else, so a 6' guy will look tall next to 5'7-5'8 people (and under)... 
That's a good point.

But i would say 3-4" is enough to look taller next to someone in comparison. So I think a 6' guy looks tall next to 5'8/5'9 men (which highly represented group). And 6' is very tall compared 5'7 and below.

But 6' next to 5'10/5'11 men is not too different to look tall next to.

Overall imo, 6' is tallish/above average or some similar description.
Tehjonny says on 28/Jun/14
Height is just relative. I'm 6'6, would be considered tall by most people. I've got a mate who is 7'2 - once I'm stood next to him all the tall comments are directed his way, even though I'm also significantly taller than average. Tbh I always appreciate seeing someone taller, too often I'm stood in a club or something and I'm obvious. Been made a bit of a target in the past by 5'10 gymrats, you know the kind of guy.
Dane says on 28/Jun/14
@Berdych: I get your point, but to be honest I think it's useless.
Of course a handsome man at 6'2 will be "more" handsome than the same face on 5'6 guy, but again. Tall girls would maybe care, but as long as you are about average height, I think your body and face is 100 times more important.
And short/shortish guys with nice bodies and faces will get tons of more girls, than tall/tallish boys with ugly faces and unattractive bodies. Maybe girls would rather date boys TALLER than average, than UNDER average. But since your chart starts at average, I don't think that was your point. I don't think a girl would find her guy more attractive at 6'1 than at 5'10.
rodrigo180 says on 28/Jun/14
danny185 says on 26/Jun/14
183-188 is golden range for a man and has in it various degree of ideal height. Imao 188 doesn't beat 183 because it just depends on how you wanna be close to average or not, if u wanna blend in 183-184 is very good - it is also a perfect height with most girls (most girls are not over 5'8) while 187-188 is solid standout tall and you'll be seen often as the tall guy, 185 the height i'm at night is middle tall and has both benefits, great height. All in all 183-188night is golden for young western guys we'r talking 75th percentile to 92th percentile. The question is you wanna be just tall or standout tall? I personally think tall is good enought.

completely agree with you, and i'm 5'11 - 5'11 is not a bad height but is not ideal, ideal imao is around 184 night
Nuclear teeth says on 28/Jun/14
5'7 short
5'8-5'9 little short
5'10-6'0 average
6'1-6'2 little tall
6'3 tall

5'2 short
5'3-5'4 little short
5'5-5'7 average
5'8-5'9 little tall
5'10 tall
Height181 says on 28/Jun/14
6'0'' is a tall height. It is generally a tall height to majority of people in any country. I am just 2cm under 6'0'' and I feel 80 - 85% taller than everyone I come across. I am not saying 6'0'' is very very tall, but it is TALL! It is a strong amount over average tall height.
jamieorr4 says on 27/Jun/14
Crash i admit that i did go on but i still i don't like the way you talk to me please talk to me more respectfully
jamieorr4 says on 27/Jun/14
Connor 183cm and Splinter Cell would you say that 68 is giant or extreme tall?
Seahawksfan 187-188 CM says on 27/Jun/14
6'0"=Weak tall.
6'1"=Solid tall
6'2"=Strong tall.
K says on 27/Jun/14
Rob, you should change the name of this board to "Is six feet tall or not?".

Can someone please change the subject without posting subjective height charts?
jamieorr4 says on 27/Jun/14
KROC maybe your but 68 is very rare though i have only met a few people who are that height
jamieorr4 says on 27/Jun/14
Splinter Cell to answer your question about why i think 6ft isn't tall i just think thats it a normal height for a young man you know a common height and its not that much taller than average imo and there are going to be guys who are 63-65 on a regular basis, this could be due to i were live though just in case anyone thinks im going on im not im answering his question
jamieorr4 says on 27/Jun/14
Splinter Cell thats interesting im not insecure but there are times were i feel short i know my own height because i was measured by doctor but its interesting what you said it about 6ft being considered tall were you live, im from wirral btw the 6ft isn't tall thing is just my opinion
jamieorr4 says on 27/Jun/14
Connor 183cm well thanks i will stop
TooSmall says on 27/Jun/14
Here is a question, I am just below 5'10.5, I was measured at 5'10 and 3/8. I am 17, I have grown maybe 1.5 - 2cm in the last year. I want to be 5'11, what are my chances?
Late 187cm says on 27/Jun/14

How often do you see someone who is genuinely 6'6, let alone 6'8?
Crash says on 27/Jun/14

Yeah, so people who consider 6'0" as tall are wannabe tall guy proclaimers (which seems to be MOST people). LOL just sit down please, I know you get an ego boost from saying that but it's really just pathetic trying to put other people down.
Splinter Cell says on 27/Jun/14
6'0 is a better height than 6'3,4,5 anyway, 6 1 and 2 are the best though. 5'11 is more above average, 6' is definitely more than just above average, at the least it is tallish, but in my eyes and the majority of the world, and globally it is definitely a tall. 6'0 = tall.
Splinter Cell says on 27/Jun/14
@Berdych i'd agree with you. 100%, 6'0-6'2 are golden with everyday life and girls.

@Lillo Thomas - your 6'5 so your opinion is skewed - your at the end of very tall verging onto lower extreme tall (6'6). 6'0 guys are 6 foot guys, 6' has always been the requirement to be tall or classified as tall. I don't know any 6' guys that dont look it. 5'11 guys are the wannabe tall guys. the guys that are wanna bes. not 6'.

@jamieorr4 6 ft is tall everywhere except Netherlands, dinaric alps, den mark etc. uk, us it is tall. I live in London so I would know. my 6'4, 5 friends say is it too, but it just into it. 6'1 is definitely not the beginners tall.

@connor183cm, I agree, but below 5 ft 8 is short for sure, 5 ft 8 is a weak average yeah, but 5 ft 6-7.5 isn't wow hes short, its just short yeah. its the same thing with 6'0; its just hes tall, not wow hes tall with a 6'3 guy! dw connor you are a tall guy don't ever let anyone tell you that you aint!
Lillo thomas says on 27/Jun/14
6'6 isn't a giant or close to the giant range by any means . 6'6 is only very tall. I agree with kroc 6'8 is huge and VERY very tall but not a giant yet. The start of giant is about 6'10.
Height fan says on 27/Jun/14
Berdych: Would this be a fair chart? Would like to hear some of your opinions

I would say you are pretty much spot on. I am 177, btw.
Connor 183cm says on 27/Jun/14
@jamieorr4 do you like pissing us off or something? after you say "im sorry if i annoyed you" you STILL go on about the 6ft isnt tall crap, it doesn't sound like your sorry does it?, honestly i feel like im going to explode!

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