How tall is James McAvoy ?

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James McAvoy height: 5ft 7in (170 cm)

Scottish Actor best known for starring in movies like X-Men: First Class, Filth, Wanted, Atonement and The Last King of Scotland. In 2007 he was quoted saying, "I'm just 5 foot 7 inches and I have pasty white skin".

James with Kiera Knightley (in 3-inch heels) who also says she's 5ft 7.
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ichsi says on 29/Mar/15
I stood next to him last week and would say that a weak 5'7'' is accurate. I'm 100% convinced now though that he wears lifts to red carpet events.
. says on 23/Feb/15
I think he's shorter than this. His wife is listed as 5'7, but is the same height as him when he has an inch of footwear more than her.
Jeff says on 9/Feb/15
Rob, is he wearing elevators there? Click Here
[Editor Rob: tough one, in person it might be easier to say, because some chelsea type boots might have a higher angle at front. There's a chance though, boots like this you could have 2cm inside and hide it easy enough.]
Hofstadter says on 3/Feb/15
If he's 5ft 7, why is he taller than Jennifer Lawrence in this pic: Click Here ?
cole says on 28/Oct/14
@Editor Rob: You best do something about his greatest performance to date - Bruce Robertson in "Filth" not having a mention at the top!
word1234 says on 28/Oct/14
Wait so rob what do you think mcavoys morning height is?!
[Editor Rob: probably minimum 5ft 7.5 and maybe up to 5ft 7.75 out of bed]
word1234 says on 28/Oct/14
So rob you think he still would hold 5'7 even around 11pm?
[Editor Rob: if he dropped under I doubt it would be much, I mean a few mm maybe, not like a 1/3rd inch or anything.]
word1234 says on 26/Oct/14
How low would this guy deep in the evening 169?
[Editor Rob: I think he can still hold 5ft 7, I doubt he really drops under about that at worst.]
Markus from Italy says on 13/Oct/14
On many sites McAvoy is listed as 166 cm but I doubt he is only 166 cm, I think he might be a little over 5'7... I'm actually 172 cm, in some occasions I wear elevator shoes and can reach 177/178 cm. Here in this picture he's wearing elevator shoes too since Keira's 5'7 + heels as a consequence he must have wore those shoes to compensate in height... a part from that, I think it is not deprecable to wear elevator shoes, everyone does so, even in sport.
Realist says on 3/Oct/14
Rob by looking at his pics i have realized something, he is not an ectomorph but a very thin mesomorph. Tobey Maguire and Sean Penn (similar height range) are ectomorphs. Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Jr., Zac Efron, Hunter Parrish, Stephen Dorff, Wahlberg, Joaquin, Willem Dafoe are all lean mesomorphs. These guys are able to put on mass, whereas Tobey cannot do it easily. I realize that cause i was an overweight mesomorph, now average mesomorph.

Rob i don't think even you are an an ectomorph, you are a lean mesomorph. Could u answer that ? I am kind of curious ? I went to a doctor he checked my bone structure and my thumb reached my mid-finger over my wrists, also he checked my bone mass and bone span. He concluded i am an broad-shouldered mesomorph of a predicted height between 5'7 to 5'10 type height dependent bone structure, i am 5'7.5 so he was close.

(Also looks head to head with Ryan Seacrest)
[Editor Rob: yeah for Mcavoy that category might be possible, although I don't look as often at shirtless photos of men to get better ideas.] says on 28/Sep/14
whats the evening height for a 5'7 guy like him?
Realist says on 16/Jul/14
@Arch Stanton 5'10-5'11 is the kinda height were people won't notice a man's height, so they would be least bothered you might be right about that. But often the shorter guys focus on their personality, so we both are kind of right in our own way.
Arch Stanton says on 14/Jul/14
@Realist I'd say 5'10-6'1 and 5'5'-5'8 has the highest number of attractive celebs in them, particular 5'11 range for a guy and 5'6" for a woman.
Realist says on 10/Jul/14
I don't know why but 5'7-5'9 seems to be the most attractive section for men on this website and for women 5'4-5'5.
Realist says on 27/Jun/14
Most of the times he looks 5'7.25 but in Filth it almost looked as if Jamie Bell was 2 inches taller than him or something in fact Bell is atleast 1/2 inch shorter than this guy , 5'6.75 for Bell , 5'7 or 5'7.25 for James McAvoy.
Realist says on 27/Jun/14
Most of the times he looks 5'7.25 but in Filth it almost looked as if Jamie Bell was 2 inches taller than him or something in fact Bell is atleast 1/2 inch shorter than this guy , 5'6.75 for Bell , 5'7 or 5'7.25 for James McAvoy.
MarkyMark says on 8/Jun/14
Why would he claim 5'7 if he was 5'8 ? WHy would a less than 180 cm man who would downgrade his height ??? I think he 's a legit 170 cm, maybe 168-169 cm but no more than 5'7. Great actor by the way.
Ria says on 5/Jun/14
His sister is 5'4" in her bare feet.
Mc51295 says on 27/May/14
5'7 seems pretty spot on. Never looks tall, though he never looks short either. Regardless of height, he's a terrific actor
littlesue says on 14/Feb/14
A lot of the time its film fans who get them changed. Rob put the actress Susan Strasberg on here at just over 5ft. On the 'filmsite' they had her at 5ft 5 1/2!! so I sent them an email and said look at photo's of her with Marilyn Monroe and she was 5 inches shorter, they must have and changed it the next day
MD says on 13/Feb/14
@Realist, I think it's quite an assumption that the heights on the website-who-shall-not-be-named are from major actors, themselves. I can say with a lot of confidence that Michael Fassbender isn't sitting around trolling that website and adding in whatever he's listed at there. lol
[Editor Rob: if they have a resume page, then there is more chance of an agent/themselves giving info!]
Realist says on 11/Feb/14
OMG he cannot be shorter than 5'7. He is not insecure about his height unlike Fassbender and Lawrence who claim 3 inches more than their original height on the infamous website. If ROB was not there, i wouldve thought he is 172 cm.
OMG says on 8/Jan/14
He looks shorter than a Spice Girl and that says alot... He sure wears lifts next to Angelina Jolie (whom here you say is 1.69 when she is taller than him in flats on the making of the movie Wanted) I just watched Filth and he hardly looks taller than 1.65
Lorne says on 12/Sep/13
Yeah, for sure wears lifts, at times he looks legit 171.5-172.
Mike says on 4/Sep/13
But Mandy, how can you really see a half inch difference between he and Jen? I'm not disagreeing because I so believe Jen is at most 5'7.5. But in films it's so hard to tell the height because of what the screen does.
Balrog says on 22/Jul/13
He is a genuine 5'7'' guy.
Mandy says on 18/Jul/13
He appears to be shorter than Jennifer Lawerence who is 5'7.5. I would say he is around 5'7 or below.
cole says on 25/Jun/13
If Fassbender is a legit 5'11 guy, James would at least be 5'8, wouldn't he? Unless Fassbender really is a 5'10 guy?

Isn't this more or less how you look with 5'11 guys, Rob?:
Click Here
[Editor Rob: sometimes I think McAvoy might wear thicker footwear and come across nearer 5ft 8 on occasions...

but from a few years ago: McAvoy and fellow scot actor...same actor with me, I thought steven was in 173cm range.]
Vecrotus says on 17/Apr/13
If Anne Hathaway is 5ft 7 according to this site, then this means James McAvoy has to be 5ft 6 because in Becoming Jane McAvoy had to war three inch lifts to make him appear taller than Anne Hathaway who was an inch taller than him
Byron T. says on 23/Jan/13
Click Here

5'7'' max next to Patrick Stewart.
Balrog says on 20/Jan/13
This guy on screen looks taller than Cruise.
Silent d says on 28/Oct/12
5 foot 7 but i don't know if keira is really 5 foot 7. In that photo maybe 5 foot 6.
hahaha_XD says on 18/Sep/12
He's proof the camera makes you look taller. In "X-Men: First Class", he appeared average height...
Maximus Meridius says on 20/Aug/12
Rob is it possible he looks taller like 5ft 9in he looks average height has very good body proportions so he can pull off looking average height like 5ft 9in i thought he at least 5ft 9in he has a slim build so he look can easily look taller like 5ft 9in range
[Editor Rob: I don't think he can look that tall, but with a decent sized shoe he can sometimes look 5ft 8]
leonari says on 8/Feb/12
Gary: He ain't taller. Trust me. Thats what a well proportioned 5'7" guy looks like. Compare him to Jonah Hill who is completely unporportional and maybe half inch smaller than James. Jonah has a tiny head, a huge square upper body and extremely short legs. He looks terribly short wherever I see him in pictures by himself . Even slimming down didn't help him. James on the other hand when alone in a photograph can almost look average.
Joe says on 7/Feb/12
I'm sure he wears either big heels or lifts because at times he looks nearer 5'8".

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