How tall is Nicholas Hoult ?

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Nicholas Hoult's height is 6ft 2.75in (190 cm)

British actor best known for roles in X-Men: First Class, About a Boy and Jack the Giant Slayer. He said age 16 "Yes, I'm 6ft 2in. I put on a bit of a spurt after About A Boy, but I think I've stopped growing now" and in 2009 he said in the Daily Mail, "I'm nudging 6ft 3in and finding getting things to fit is tricky."

Nicholas with Eleanor Tomlinson
Photo by PR Photos
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Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 21/Mar/15
I can't believe this guy went out with Jennifer Lawrence...

I think he may be the full 6ft3...
joe 193cm night says on 27/Feb/15
6 pés 2.75in (190 cm)
trav says on 10/Jan/15
190 cm that's about 6'3
MD says on 29/Nov/14
With 6'0.75" Kodi Smit McPhee on the far right:

Click Here

Maybe Kodi's grown.
BGee says on 27/Nov/14
If JLaw is 5'7.5 then this is an accurate listing, he's got a solid 7 inches on her.
Realist says on 3/Nov/14
His father looks more 5'5 than 5'9:
Click Here
Realist says on 2/Nov/14
Rob i think you can have him at a full 6'3, he is almost a head more than 5'7.25 McAvoy. Whats the talk about parents height here ?
[Editor Rob: I think his almost 6ft 3 claim is ok, I believe he's probably measured at just under it]
Judd says on 9/Oct/14
well, i read an article which mentioned that, with more chance, a guy takes by his mum while a lady by his dad...eye and hair colour, kind of skin, and sometimes also the character...height is one of those things.
but i repeat personally i'm a bit skeptical regarding those theories...
Judd says on 8/Oct/14
rob, there are urban legends that say that the height of a boy is more influenced by the height of his mother and the height of a girl most the height of his father.
in other words , a boy born to parents both tall 5'9 is more likely to be taller than another boy born to a 6'3 father and a 5'3 mother. for girls would be the opposite .
you believe is right, statistically?
[Editor Rob: if research studies show it, then it might be a good indicator but I've not read enough any papers talking about it.]
Judd says on 7/Oct/14
rob i read the article who published pedro. you think he might be frequent that from a couple where both are 5'9" tall born a guy tall almost 6'3"?

From my experience, i met people who were very tall, like 6'1 or more, and their parents weren't much tall, and others who were shorter than their frequent that a guy or lady gets over his dad or her mum?
[Editor Rob: you are going to have genetic combinations which mean some children get more of the 'tall' aspects of the genes from both parents and maybe some random element which can result in a taller than expected son/daughter.]
Judd says on 7/Oct/14
However 6'2.75" is fair. He had about 2,5" on Bill Nighy and Nighy is not below 6'0.5" today...
Judd says on 2/Oct/14
He was 6'2.5" before?
[Editor Rob: a while back, but after saying he was almost 6ft 3, the old 2.75 listing sounded good :)]
Pedro says on 27/Aug/14
Here is an interesting article which talks a little about his growth spurt after shooting "About a Boy": Click Here
Mango says on 24/Aug/14
Take a look at this pic he, doesn't look +190cm. He's slouching a bit though.

Click Here
James B says on 2/Aug/14
He grew up in Wokingham which is only 11 miles from where I live.

Heard mostly bad things about him from people who met him but maybe he's grown up now?
Reznik says on 17/Jun/14
Chris says on 22/Jan/14
Michael Strahan is 194 AT MOST, comparing with Alexander skarsgard.
Nicholas with Michael. I'd say no more than 6'2.
Click Here

Exactly. Michael Strahan has the same height as Alexander Skarsgard.
6'2 tops for Nicholas and no more than that
mike says on 7/Jun/14
in X-Men - Days of Future Past: Hoult: 189-190 cm Jackman: 187-188 cm.
Astaroth says on 1/Jun/14
Banshee says on 24/Mar/14
Looks 2 cm taller than Jackman in the new trailer of "X-Men: Days of Future Past", where they stand should-to-should next to each other.

Exactly. When they stand side by side Hoult does look taller than Jackman. Plus, Jackman/Wolverine is always seen wearing boots, while Hoult/Beast is either wearing Adidas-like sneakers or barefoot - at least that's what the audience sees. My guess is a weak 6'3 for Hoult and 6'1.5 max for Jackman...
Realist says on 1/May/14
Rob, how tall is Lucas Till ? He claimes 5'10 but didnt look much taller than James McAvoy, i would put him on 5'8.5 or McAvoy is 5'7.5". As for this guy he is as tall as Liam Hemsworth for sure.
[Editor Rob: lucas can look close to 5ft 9 I think, McAvoy at times can look a bit above 5ft 7, but he also can wear boots and it wouldn't surprise me at times if he has worn a small lift.]
Banshee says on 24/Mar/14
Looks 2 cm taller than Jackman in the new trailer of "X-Men: Days of Future Past", where they stand should-to-should next to each other.
MD says on 27/Jan/14
Maybe, it's the footwear. I don't know. From the pics I'm looking at, Hoult seems to have on some very thinly-heeled boots, but I can't rally tell if Shannon has on boots, too. Either way, in the pics I'm looking at, there is not much of a difference. He may really be a full 6'3".
Pedro says on 24/Jan/14
@MD I think that in some pictures the difference is more a matter of posture and camera angle. Per example, in this pictures Michael looks slightly taller than Nicholas: Click Here
[Editor Rob: good chance nicholas has more footwear, no idea on the ground though.]
Mr. R says on 24/Jan/14
The Exorcist says on 14/Sep/13
Here is Nicolas looking A LOT taller than 6'1.5 listed Colin Firth.
Click Here

This pis with Colin Firth confirms that Nick is a full 6-3 if not a little over. He has more than two inches on Firth in every pic of them together.
MD says on 24/Jan/14
Something is wrong here. There are pictures of him at the Sundance Film Festival, this week, with him looking as tall (if not a quarter-inch or so taller) than 6'3.5" Michael Shannon.
Chris says on 22/Jan/14
Michael Strahan is 194 AT MOST, comparing with Alexander skarsgard.
Nicholas with Michael. I'd say no more than 6'2.
Click Here
Stalker says on 31/Dec/13
191-192 cm range
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 25/Dec/13
More 185-186cm for Firth. He can look 184cm at times but it might be posture. But this kid is definitely about 6ft3. It's quite scary how he sprouted up so fast. I still remember seeing him About A Boy.
Hypado says on 12/Nov/13
190/191 cm
The Exorcist says on 19/Sep/13
@MD: What do you think? A possible 6'0.5 for Firth?
The Exorcist says on 14/Sep/13
Here is Nicolas looking A LOT taller than 6'1.5 listed Colin Firth.
Click Here
Pedro says on 11/Sep/13
@MD Yes, here they look very close in height. But Nicholas is slightly taller: Click Here
Tim says on 3/Sep/13
His growth is kind of like mine I predict, so I think I will be 6 ft 2.5
Pierre says on 20/Aug/13
I saw him on the tube in London, I'm 6 ft 4.5 and he wasn't far off, he's a solid 6ft3 I think, he's a good fella.
Emily says on 9/Aug/13
How tall does Eleanor look next to him in the above picture?
[Editor Rob: like a 5ft 11 person if they had exact same footwear, of course how much heels she has I'm not sure on.]
Rocket says on 16/May/13
They are both taller than me. My dad is 6'2" and my mum is 5'7" so I am somewhere in between at 5'10".
Byron T. says on 23/Feb/13
I just watched Warm Bodies and he looked about 4 inches taller than a 5'11'' listed Rob Corddry. This listing seems fair.
me says on 25/Jan/13
He looked 3" shorter than 6'4" Michael Strahan on Kelly and Michael.
truth says on 12/Jan/13
He towers over other guys in "Skins". 6ft3 at minimum.
dntwrry says on 30/Nov/12
i saw him on the underground once and he ws th tallest person in th carrage, i wudda fought he w at least 6,4
Gigi says on 28/Nov/12
Nicholas is really tall And so cute. I love tall guys!!!!
James says on 19/Nov/12
Looks 6'1.75 in the photo but in person probably would appear 6'3
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 22/Sep/12
Looks 4cm taller than Colin Firth. So Rob, maybe a downgrade to 186cm for Firth?
Maximus Meridius says on 29/Aug/12
Rob is a 6ft 3in flat possible for him he must have grown after the age of 20 which is very rare only a small minority grow at 20 and after 20.
[Editor Rob: I think the almost 6ft 3 is the range he has looked for a few years now.]
Shaun says on 2/Aug/12
I think he's exactly what he claims and what Rob now lists him at, weak 6'3".
Editor Rob says on 30/Jul/12
Found him giving a quote in 2009 when he was 19 saying he was nudging 6ft 3.

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