How tall is Mel Gibson ?

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Mel Gibson height: 5ft 9.5in (177 cm)

Australian/American Actor best known for starring in movies such as The Lethal Weapon trilogy, Braveheart, The Mad Max trilogy and Signs. Some people insist he is only 5ft 8 and constantly wears elevator shoes to give him an extra boost. In 1990, a newspaper said "he says he's 5 foot 10 although he says he's read that he's 5 foot 4" and in 1987 an article mentioned "studio publicity lists his height at 5 feet, 10 inches." One newspaper mentioned that "Mel Gibson struggles to hit 5ft 8in...the Braveheart star's size has caused some problems on set in the past. When Mel was filming The Year Of Living Dangerously with 5ft 11in Sigourney Weaver, he had to wear built-up shoes and even stand on a box for some scenes to be eye level with his co-star." Sigourney herself said on CNN "There are actors who are insecure. Sometimes very tall actors go, "How tall are you?" And you just go, you are towering over me, you can't be -- one of the most secure was actually Mel Gibson. He didn't care if I was three inches -- you know, I could wear huge heels and he'd be fine with it".

Mel once tried to put to bed, the issues surrounding his apparent lack of stature. On the Michael Parkinson chat show, the topic of Mel's height came up and he said to Parky they were "the same height" and he took off his shoe to illustrate he had "no lifts". He went on to mention an article (from the Globe) 'The Incredible Shrinking Bond' which had the various Bonds listed in descending order of height, from Sean at 6ft 3 to Gibson at 5ft 8.

In the 1998 book 'Living Dangerously' it mentioned in publicity handouts, Mel's height was given as "between 5ft 9 and 5ft 10". Actor John Phillip Law thought he was 5ft 6 and when filming Attack Force Z all types of tricks were used to make Mel look taller. Law said he was taken aback by his size and that he "had to regularly kneel down and have him alongside me, standing...there was a lot of effort made to make him look the same height...a lot of actors are sensitive about it." He also mentioned in close ups he would spread apart his legs so both of their heads were in frame.

Mel with Robert Downey Jr
Photo by PR Photos
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the shredder says on 26/Mar/15
The only way he can be 5'8 is if Glover was 6'2 max in his prime and if Mel had lifts in his boots , There was 4 inches between them.
TJE says on 24/Mar/15
If Mel Gibson was actually 5'8 then he'd look shorter than 5'8 with the stocky build he has nowadays.
Mat 5'10 says on 22/Mar/15
Rob, why the hell is Rober Downey Jr in this pic about the same height as Mel Gibson? Are you telling me that Downey Jr walks at about 5'11 with his elevator shoes???
[Editor Rob: to me he is the biggest elevator or shoe wearer of the last 10 years in's a candid from 90's With Gibson/Downey.]
Andy says on 17/Mar/15
A Smart car is 154cm tall ,so what do you all think?

Click Here
Matt Sandler says on 15/Mar/15
5'9 - 5'9.5
175 - 176 cm
the shredder says on 3/Mar/15
He was not barefoot but his shoes had no lifts in them .
Shamrock says on 2/Mar/15
he stood barefoot next to a 5'10 michael parkinson and was almost the same height as him. its baffling how so many people can believe he's only 5'8.
Danimal says on 1/Mar/15
Brad says on 1/Jan/15
5-8, fooled people for years.

And look how Robert Downey Jr. is shorter than him in the above picture Rob has up of the 2 of them. What's even more laughable are the chunky 3" soles Downey is sporting. Who is he fooling? He was barely taller than Madonna in the mid 80's on SNL.
jtm says on 1/Mar/15
he wouldn't need to stand on a box just to look close to weaver's height if he was really 5'10. he was most likely never taller than 5'8.
the shredder says on 28/Feb/15
Kurt Russel was taller than him , but than he does look only 3 inches less than Glover now and both were standing fully and in low shoes , I'd rule out 5'10.5 and 5 '8 . 5 '9.5 is fine.
Anon says on 27/Feb/15
In the recent pics below, he is barely less than Glover. 5'10.5, even today.
TJE says on 26/Feb/15
He didn't look under 176 during his peak. He might be dipping closer to 175 today though.
Smithk856 says on 26/Feb/15
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CDS says on 24/Feb/15
A magazine article on film stars' heights published in '96 had Gibson at 5'8 1/2" in shoes, which would make him about an inch shorter barefoot. I think this is actually accurate. In 1995 when he appeared on Letterman promoting "Braveheart", he had cowboy boots on (which add about 2"). Standing right next to Letterman, who at that time I would've estimated to be around 6'2 1/2" in shoes (I believe he actually admitted to this height), Gibson stood around 5 inches shorter- making him 5'9 1/2" in cowboy boots, hence 5'7 1/2" barefoot-maybe 5'7 3/4"-??
the shredder says on 19/Feb/15
Around 5'10 is not impossible but I am not sure if he is that tall but he for sure is over 5'8
CDS says on 18/Feb/15
Perhaps the only actor getting up there in years I've seen who appears to be taller than he used to be-?? I mean in his early films like "Mrs. Soffel", "Year of Living Dangerously", the first "Lethal Weapon", "Tequila Sunrise", etc.. he looks like he could be as low as 5'7"-5'8", but in recent years the guy looks more like 5'10"-5'10 1/2" maybe even-?? Maybe the short jokes have finally caught up with him, so he went with some major lifts-?? One photo in the past five or so years even had him looking as tall if not taller than 6' Denzel Washington-?? LOL I'll put him at 5'8" barefoot.
Almost 5 10 says on 15/Feb/15
He's not 5' 8". It's his proportions that give off a shorter impression. Just like Matt Damon. I reckon he'd measure similar to myself.
The shredder says on 15/Jan/15
Rob , Mel has to be close to 5 ft 10 still or Glover is not 6'1.5 , I saw pics of the magazine where both or in very flat footwear and there is no more than 3' , 3.5' between them now.
the shredder says on 8/Jan/15
Jamie , going by Glover's peak of 6'3 , Mel looks like a 5 '11 with him meaning he'd measure 5'11.5 at least or 6 ft in cowboy boots , take away another inch because boots add 2 inches than he would look 5 ft 10 , now if he had lifts in boots he might be 5 '9 , no way a flat 5'8 , 5 ft 9 min unless Glover was under 6 '3.
jamie179cm says on 6/Jan/15
@the shredder i doubt his 5ft11 in boots 5ft8 is possible he does have a small body frame
the shredder says on 2/Jan/15
Brad , a 5 '8 guy can't look 5'11 like he does in boots.
Brad says on 1/Jan/15
5-8, fooled people for years.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 31/Dec/14
Not all athletes give their barefoot height. Basketball and Ice Hockey have notorious height fudgers some going up to 3in above their true barefoot height
Joe says on 30/Dec/14
Mel Gibson needs to have a serious downgrade, and most people who worked with Gibson claimed he is 5'8". I believe in an interview he one time said that he was that tall. I have said it before that most actors seem to give there height in shoes rather than barefoot like professional athletes.
jamie179cm says on 29/Dec/14
@David i doubt he was ever over 175cm and in mad max he looked short
Smookie says on 28/Dec/14
I saw him in a nightclub once 20 yrs ago. I'm 5ft 9 and was in heels. I was looking well down on him and also he was dwarfed by the blondes surrounding him!! I'd have said 5ft 8 MAX then and people normally lose a bit with age don't they?
David says on 20/Dec/14
They've always said this guy si no more than 5'8'' but it's obvious he is taller than that even now. Plain 5'9'' should be accurate for him today and 5'9.5 in his good old days
jamie179cm says on 7/Dec/14
@ the shredder ok 5ft7 is pushing it but still 5ft8 could hes lowest yes i guess 5ft9 could be his tallest but i doubt his over175cm
The shredder says on 5/Dec/14
5 '9 is good .
The shredder says on 5/Dec/14
jamie , 5 '7 , 5 '8 ? Come on.
LT says on 4/Dec/14
5'9.5 is pushing it I think. I would place him much closer to a soft 5'9 at his peak. Especially when you consider his hair in most movies looks to "add" another inch or two.
184.3cm says on 4/Dec/14
Peak height - 5'9 176cm
Current Height- 5'8.5 174cm

Always looked average in older movies wore big boots next to Danny Glover in Lethal Weapon.
jamie179cm says on 2/Dec/14
mel is probably between 5ft7 5ft8 in mad max he looked very short though and in lethal weapon looked average and looked a lot taller than joe Pesci for some reason and i say robert downey is 5ft6
AshnarLynx says on 2/Dec/14
I think Mel's peak height was 5'9 and now he's probably shrunk to 5'8.
vipato says on 3/Nov/14
in the photo robert used shoes with high heels and I suposse elevator inside the shoes , he always used that shoes in events to look 1.80 meters, so it seems higher than mel gibson, gibson even make a joke because robert looks taller than he in the event. robert measured 1.73 meters.
the shredder says on 28/Oct/14
Not sure on 5 '10 , but 5 '8 is a joke.
Liam 176 says on 27/Oct/14
This looks accurate. He's not 5' 8".
Darren510 says on 12/Oct/14
I would give him a full 5'10 peak, and a strong 5'9 today
The Shredder says on 19/Sep/14
wow 7 ? Yea I looked , it looks at least 6 , maybe he is 5 '8 lol.
[Editor Rob: or just that shot is one that shows a bit more difference than it is, since Glover is standing at his tallest and maybe angle helps a little...]
The Shredder says on 19/Sep/14
rob , this seems like a great shot , him and Glover both in same footwear. I see 5.5 inches.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: in that shot I'd argue there looked more like a 7 inch difference! Although, I don't know if the camera is adding height, it shows the difference you can get from a film still to a portrait vertical shot at times.]
the shredder says on 11/Sep/14
Rob , is it possible he is 5'10 if Glover was legit 6 '3
[Editor Rob: it would be interesting seeing stills of them side by side on the set, Glover's posture is up and down in those films, at times he looks a genuine 6ft 3, other times you think maybe not.]
The shredder says on 11/Sep/14
Rob , what do you think Mel appears with Glover here? Glover has on 1 inch dress shoes vs Mel's 2 inch Cowboy boot.

Click Here
[Editor Rob: the link didn't work, but I'm assuming it is This photo? I'd say he can look around 4 inches smaller, or 5 when you take extra shoe away.]
Normal Norman says on 29/Aug/14
This is spot on. I'm this height and can tell.
the shredder says on 8/Aug/14
I must say he has short arms for a man over 5'9
fsd says on 1/Aug/14
today he looks 5'8.5 -5'8 ft range his peak height might have been 5'9 ft or slightly above 5'9
the shredder says on 31/Jul/14
Movie listed heights I always laugh at , Mel 6'3 , Vin 5'8 , Wesley snipes 5'8 , Martin Lawrence 5'9
Yaspaa says on 30/Jul/14
His confidential file in Expendables III says he's 6'3 and 190, haha.
spiky says on 23/Jul/14
i'd say he looks 5'8" or 5'9" tops
realist says on 21/Jul/14
Downey has massive heels there, ive seen the rest of the pics at one point Gibson even mocks his shoes!
anonnn says on 20/Jul/14
i agree. i mean when i say 5 foot 9 flat i meant to say as in what he is overall in the day. in the morning of course taller that. night shorter or possibly around that height. and around 5 foot 9.5 when he wakes up is my guess.
RisingForce says on 17/Jul/14
Actually, Mel looked about the same height as Sly to me on video at Cannes. Click Here At 0:55, 1:30 and 1:36. The most I could see Mel taller is maybe half an inch.

Mel usually looks more 5'9.5"-5'10" to me, but wears cowboy boots a lot. Like a lot of actors, he looked shorter earlier in his career, and is definitely under 5'10" and 5'9" flat wouldn't surprise me, but I can't see him below that.
anonnn says on 14/Jul/14
hes 5 foot 9 flat. now and peak. nothing over. people on here woould say he was 5 foot 9 and a half when evryone thought danny glovers peak was 6 ft. 4. but now that his peak wasnt 6 foot 4. how is Gibson still at 5 foot 9.5? never been that height´PERIOD
Dmeyer says on 1/Jul/14
Looks a strong 177 near sly arnie and Ford
mike says on 26/Jun/14
5ft 9.5-5ft 9.75 (177 cm) peak
5ft 9.25 (176) today.
Dmeyer says on 19/Jun/14
Rob how Côme Mel consistently beats sly in pics and looks similar in height with Ford who i think is more 5'11 than 11.5
Dmeyer says on 22/May/14
176.5-7cm peak 176cm now
the shredder says on 20/May/14
yea Pesci is a lift wearer , same height as Marty yet behind the scenes in Goodfellas he was 2 " or 3 " more. Mel did pass for 5 '11 going by a peak 6 '3 Glover. So he'd measure 6 ft in cowboy boots , for him to be 5 '8 than he is getting 4 inches of footwear or Danny's peak was 6'2.
Dmeyer says on 19/May/14
Rob to me hé Still looks near énaugh 176.5cm/5'9.5 as hé beat sly
the shredder says on 19/May/14
LOL He is 5 '9 at least.
RisingForce says on 17/May/14
shredder, I know it's a regular cowboy boot, not an elevator shoe or an extra big heel, though the heel is the larger style of cowboy heel, but I'm wondering if the area where his foot is looks too bulky, which could suggest lifts. I'm going to try my cowboy boots and see how my foot looks in it with and without lifts. 5'9" flat is possible for Mel, but I honestly think 5'9.5" is still the best guess, and he doesn't look shorter today, imo. Remember, he was still looking taller than Richard Gere a year or 2 ago and wasn't wearing boots. I'm not nearly as sure Mel wears lifts as I am with Stallone and Cruise, but I am suspicious he has for a few reasons. I remember him looking similar height to Jimmy Kimmel while promoting Edge Of Darkness while wearing a fairly suspcious pair of cowboy boots, different than the Lethal Weapon ones. Though I think he was liftless at the Lethal Weapon 4 premiere. Click Here I think Pesci was wearing lifts, though. Mel towers over Jet Li, but it's clear that Glover is at least 5 inches taller than Mel, possibly more with good posture, and Glover was 52 so he could have been down to 6'2.5". I remember the difference in Lethal Weapon being just 4" at times, which would mean Mel was passing for 5'11", but more 5" at times as well, iirc.
MovieMad says on 14/May/14
A person's height is in bare feet, not wearing shoes of any description!..In the lethal Weapon movies Mel wore Riding Boots, which gave him over two inches of extra height.He wear elevator shoes, as Tom Cruise does, which gives him at least 2 inches of height.Before mel was famous I met him on a few occasions, as I worked with one of his brothers. I am 5-8" in bare feet, Mel was slightly shorter, and probably 5-7"
the shredder says on 11/May/14
Rob , do you think 176 cm is better
[Editor Rob: today he can look around that, he may have lost a small fraction]
the shredder says on 8/May/14
Rising , Those boots look like normal cowboy boots , a good 1.75 , Mel if not in lifts should be appearing an inch taller than his barefoot height in them , He was a good 4 inches under Glover in them but Glover peak is a debate going on.
RisingForce says on 7/May/14
Here's a couple of close ups of Mel's cowboy boots from the first Lethal Weapon. Click Here For reference, here's a couple of full shots. Click Here People can make up their own minds over whether he has lifts in them, but I figured those pictures will be helpful in that, and once you have an idea of how much Mel was getting from his boots, you can compare to Glover in the movie since there were some full shots.
the shredder says on 22/Apr/14
5'8 is a joke but under 5'9.5
James B says on 22/Apr/14
5'8 seems to low for mel. I would have guessed 5'9 (175cm) for him though......
Ed says on 21/Apr/14
Looks only an inch taller than Joaquin Phoenix in some photos. I'd give 175cm to Mel, not 177cm even at his peak.
the shredder says on 11/Apr/14
Rob , what made you guess the full 5'10 ?
[Editor Rob: just thought he could look it at the time]
the shredder says on 11/Apr/14
Rob , did you have him 5'9.75?
[Editor Rob: I'm sure he started life on here at 5ft 10, he's been 9.5 for a good while long he has left at that mark though]
the shredder says on 11/Apr/14
Going by a peak height of 6'3 Glover , Mel looks around 5'11 in cowboy boots
Kyle Reese says on 4/Apr/14
I was watching Mad Max the other day, and Mel does look to be in the 5'9" rang range in that movie. Definitely not a short man, just average.
the shredder says on 4/Apr/14
Watched LW 1 , He looks 4 or 5 inches shorter than Glover in it , So take off the boots and you get 5'9.5.
the shredder says on 31/Mar/14
He is NOT 5'5 " and Danny is NOT 6'4 , and it was no 11 inches , 4 or 5
Gator says on 30/Mar/14
Do the math. 6'4" minus 11 inches is 5'5".
the shredder says on 28/Mar/14
HA HA at 11 inches shorter. It was 5 max.
Gator says on 27/Mar/14
In Lethal Weapon Mel is walking next to Danny Glover (6'4"). He comes up to DG;s shoulder. That;s apprx. 11 inches shorter. Mel is also wearing boots in the shot. Mel appears to be 5'5". I lived in Beverly Hills and used to run into a lot of these guys - Stallone, et al - They tend to have big heads, big chest, short legs....
the shredder says on 25/Mar/14
Rob , I don't know what the tilted eyebrows means lol.
[Editor Rob: one is higher than the other, so in the middle of them]
the shredder says on 24/Mar/14
Rob , where would you say Mel's head ends and the rest is hair? Also the height difference between the 2?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: I'd say right in the middle of his tilted eyebrows if you understand, I would say 4 inch maybe, but in the first movie he could look taller than that at times (Danny)]
the shredder says on 21/Mar/14
Rob looks shorter. Rob has Danny Glover and Danny Trejo and Mel looks bigger.
Tape Measure says on 12/Mar/14
He's half an inch shorter than Michael Parkinson in that video clip.

5' 9.5" is accurate.
the shredder says on 9/Mar/14
He is not in lifts with Parker.
Gorgo says on 7/Mar/14
Hey shredder ever heard of lifts?
the shredder says on 23/Feb/14
Unless Danny Glover was 6'2.5 max than Mel is well over 5 '8 .
Theodore says on 19/Feb/14
5'8" guy who likes his lifts.
176,2Tunman says on 7/Feb/14
In The Ransom, he looked about 2in maybe 2.25in taller than 5'8 Russo but had boots so 0.5-0.75 advantage and he looked about 1in taller than 5'8 Sinise who had little heels on.He's nothing Under 5'9.25 and nothing over 5'9.75. The 5'9.5 listing is perfect for him.
nutty says on 25/Jan/14
Yes I saw him when he filmed Braveheart. I'm 5'7" and I was almost level with him. Good bloke Mel-salt of the earth. Did love those cigars though. Maybe that adds a couple of inches! Anyway what is this obsession with height? I'm happy!
realist says on 17/Jan/14
Rob has Mel spot on or he's maybe a fraction smaller no bigger no less, Sigourney Weaver said Mel was 5'9 not 5'8 check her interviews on you tube.
Lenad is sexy says on 15/Jan/14
that bond height chart can be taken with laughing gas. Connery was never 6'3 in a million years and Dalton was not as low as 6'0!
Ted says on 8/Jan/14
Has never ever looked taller than 5'8".

Yet another in a long line of short leading men "adding a couple of inches".
Vibram says on 1/Jan/14
I stood next to Mel Gibson in Edinburgh back in 1995, at the cities best Indian resturant, Mithas. He must of been in Scotland at the time to promote the film Braveheart. He was taller than my 5ft8 at the time, I would say he was 5ft9.5 back then. He is not a midget/manlet or short man.
Lenad is sexy says on 28/Dec/13
Lenad is sexy says on 23/Dec/13
I cant see him taller than this listing. His legs looked short in the lethal weapon movies
Gheist says on 20/Dec/13
Anywhere between 174-178cm range fits for Mel, nor more nor less.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 18/Dec/13
I guess editor Rob downgraded Becks recently. He used to be 5'11.5.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 18/Dec/13
With Beckham Parkinson looks 5'10-5'10.5 range. With Parkinson Gibson looks 5'9-5'9.5 range.
Click Here

This listing of 5'9.5 is reasonable, but maybe on the higher end of the range he could be.

A lot of this is contingent on Beckham's own height. He'll billed at 5'11.5. Some people say he could be 5'10 flat.
Voiceless Dental Fricative says on 18/Dec/13
The clip with Parkinson seems to cleared this up. He's a 5'9 and change guy. Very average for a white american.
dmeyer says on 16/Dec/13
Rob i looked at Getty images even thaugh i do no like the Guy as He hâte jews , but I gotta say he really look a solid 5'9.5 guy at peak like 177cm not as low as 176cm flat more 176.5-7 cm I think 5'9.75 is possible but 5'9.5 is fine , today still looks 5'9-9.5 by near 60 , pulled of 179cm wearing big boots
The shredder says on 13/Dec/13
He is not in lifts with Parky or lifting himself to look bigger but he is shorter , 5'9.5 is better.
the shredder says on 10/Dec/13
Rob , if he measured 5'10 would you list him 5'10 ?
[Editor Rob: in his 30's if he did...unless it's a dodgy measurement, but on a stadiometer, I think you'd have to.]
the shredder says on 6/Dec/13
Rob he did not use the words .. " They had Sean at 6ft 3, Timothy at 6ft 2, Moore at 6ft and 5ft 8."

Parky said yea I read 5'7 but you not and Mel laughed " yea like 5'6 or something ha ha. "
[Editor Rob: that's why I had written 'something like' because remembering the exact phrase is a bit hard and I'm making reference to the globe chart With Sean 6ft 3 down to Mel 5ft 8...but I'll clean that line up at the top a bit...]
the shredder says on 6/Dec/13
Rob , I actually hear both men claim 5'11.
the shredder says on 5/Dec/13
Rob , what do you think for this video?

Click Here
[Editor Rob: it's been mentioned in the description at the top of the page for a number of years, as I said in the past he had no lifts and wasn't much smaller than Parkinson, but maybe a little bit...]
the shredder says on 30/Nov/13
Rob , can he be 5'9 ? Glover must have been 6'3.5 peak.
[Editor Rob: glover could have been anywhere 6ft 3-3.5 possibly, Gibson close to 5ft 9.5 at his tallest I still believe.]
realist says on 29/Nov/13
At Will Doh! read the quote properly.
the shredder says on 20/Nov/13
Looking at him with Danny Glover recently , he looks 5'10.
Will says on 17/Nov/13
In the James Bond 007 height chart it states that Gibson stands 5ft 8in tall. So maybe Gibson is nowhere near 5ft 10in at all.
Brah says on 30/Oct/13
Looks no more than 3 inches taller than 5'6" Danny Trejo in Machete Kills
RisingForce says on 19/Oct/13
Barry Norman recently claimed Mel tried the same thing with him that he did with Parkinson apparently insisting he was as tall as Norma, standing back to back and tip-toeing. No idea if it's true or not, but that's what Norman claims.
Pascal 5 10 says on 14/Oct/13
The absolute lowest he can be is 175 cm (5' 9"). This listing does look accurate to be honest though.
the shredder says on 11/Oct/13
They have more pics where Mel is taller ...
Arch Stanton says on 10/Oct/13
Odd but he looks an easy 3 inches taller than Sophie Marceau in Braveheart with his head down and bad posture.
Arch Stanton says on 10/Oct/13
Looks about this in Braveheart. He kind of looks like a lion in that film with the mane, but a ridiculously handsome lion!
Shawn says on 5/Oct/13
Not looking taller than Cruise to any significant degree in this picture from 1994. Who knows what their footwear is though...

Click Here
[Editor Rob: Gibson is taller at that event, but then Tom is taller than normal, I believe Mel is in cowboy boots and Tom has an elevator shoe called 'G-Force']
RisingForce says on 20/Sep/13
Mel looked slightly taller than Richard Gere in a recent series of pictures. Click Here Click Here Click Here

Gere's current height is listed at 5'9.5" here so Mel is pulling off a solid 5'10" there with shoes that look normal.
RisingForce says on 15/Sep/13
Previous link didn't work so here's another one. Click Here Regardless of whether he gained that much muscle naturally, it's still impressive, and surprising at his age.
RisingForce says on 15/Sep/13
5'9" flat is definitely debatable for Mel. I'm almost on the same page with you there. Explains the difference with Joaquin, why he was a bit shorter than Kurt Russell and why Sigourney Weaver said he was 5'9". Plus as you mentioned, he may have gotten an edge with posture over Parkinson.

I'm undecided between 5'9" and 5'9.5", but I definitely don't see him shorter or taller than that range.

On a separate note, I'm very excited about his addition to the Expendables 3 cast, and it looks like he's been working hard for the part. Click Here Never seen Mel with that much size and he's 57! Impressive, though he may have had some help with some Deca, Winstrol, HGH or Testosterone. Regardless, it's clear he's really working to be ready.
Rampage(-_-_-)Clover says on 3/Sep/13
Rob, would he measure 178cm in the morning?
Lethal Shortness says on 2/Sep/13
When Mel was at Fort Benning Ga filming "We Were Soldiers" he attended a minor league hockey game in Columbus. The venue has a shared bar area for the VIP suites and I stood next to him and I'm 5' 11". I had at least 2" on him.
Lakeisha says on 1/Sep/13
5' 9" is about right flatfooted.
RisingForce says on 31/Aug/13
As far as Parkinson, well, I think he may have been slightly taller than 5'10" peak in fact Rob had something listed to that effect for a while on his page. And maybe been a guy who hadn't lost much by his mid 60s. I agree, he did look about an inch taller than Phoenix. I'm fine with 5'9" flat for Mel as well. I'd just be surprised if he was shorter than that. 5'9"-5'9.5" range, imo. Strange that he did look shorter than Kurt Russell, though.
juju says on 24/Aug/13
shorter tan 5 foot 9 kurt Russell in TEQUILA SUNRISE. of course kurt was in casuals. hes 5 foot 9 flat. 1 inch taller tan 5 foot 8 joaquin Phoenix. he was a tad bit shorter tan Michael parkinson who was in his mid 60s at that time. doubt parkinson was a full 5 foot 10. gibsons posture also looked more forced tan parkinson. but i peg 5 foot 9 flat.
RisingForce says on 19/Aug/13
As listed, the lowest height I could see for him in the evening is 5'9". Just look at the '02 Michael Parkinson comparison, he was barely shorter at all and that adds up with how tall Mel usually looks except for when he wears cowboy boots when he could pass for a legit 5'10", sometimes even a weak 5'11".
Will says on 15/Aug/13
Mel still 5ft 10. I can handle that Mel is 5'9 3/4". Gibson at 5ft 8 is a joke.
jasperwazup says on 4/Aug/13
Mel Gibson has what appears to be 5''at least on Patsy Kinset even when she's wearing 2-3'' heels in lethal weopon 2?
Mel rocks says on 22/Jul/13
Mel Gibson is probably about 5ft 8"
Realist says on 21/Jun/13
Mr Gibson is close to 5'10 in his stocking feet 5,9 no less.
The Racing Snake says on 17/Jun/13
Mel is 5'9" in his special boots!
lol says on 12/Jun/13
In my opnion he looks 5ft8.5 (174 cm ) and no less ...
When you see his pictures with Joaquin Phoenix he looks " slightly " taller,
Something that should make him AT THE VERY MOST 5ft9 .
But I think 174 cm it's more acceptable .
Ed says on 22/May/13
No more than 175cm. Looks no taller than 5'11" with the 2 inch cowboy boots he wore in that movie. He only looks an inch taller than 5'8" Joaquin Phoenix at premieres as well
jimbo says on 3/May/13
how can people speculate he is 5 foot 8 when in Air Amercia with Downey Mel is much much taller then Downey. He is a solid 5 ft 9. no way a 5 foot 8
lenad is sexy says on 10/Apr/13
Looked distinctly medium sized in the lethal weapon movies
doc says on 25/Mar/13
This guy ca't be more than 5'5" look at mad max 2 hhe is a shrimp
Hullywood says on 2/Mar/13
Hey Rob, you dont think, that Weaver knows the real height of Mel? The said in the interview, which Mickey postet, that Mel is 5foot9. You dont believe her? You rather believe yourself?
Rikashiku says on 23/Feb/13
@ louis 23/Feb/13 It looks like 2" heels under Downey. Could be looking 5'10" making Gibson look like he could be 174-175cm.
Louis says on 23/Feb/13
Click Here

downey is in ridiculous shoes, but i don't see 177 for gibson
viapto says on 21/Feb/13
5' 10 in his mugshot. and in photos next to rober downey jr in a movie when both are youngs is taller than robert 5' 8.
Balrog says on 16/Feb/13
Butler is 6'0'' range because he looked that next to Raul Bouva and Bradley Cooper. So 5'8'' range for Gibson is still possible.
Silent d says on 10/Feb/13
5 foot 9.
Mickey says on 9/Feb/13
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Sigourney says Mel is 5'9", says she is 5'11"... at 4.50 minutes
Will says on 8/Feb/13
Mel Gibson stood 5ft 10in tall. That's his own problem.
Mike says on 4/Feb/13
Gibson stood 5'9 3/4" bottom line. Hey, he is still 5ft 10 though.
Silent d says on 4/Feb/13
Next to gerard butler he looks 5 foot 10. If gerard is 6 foot 1 than mel is 178cm. I think mel is 5 foot 9.
Will says on 3/Feb/13
Even said by the name of Gibson himself he is 5ft 10 tall.
Arch Stanton says on 3/Feb/13
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OK, this has convinced me he's around this height. He looks a solid 5'10" next to Gerard Butler, surprising as he always seemed 5 ft 8 on screen and short.
Mike says on 31/Jan/13
Mel stood the average 5ft 9 for many years, no kidding.
Silent d says on 22/Jan/13
The truth you are so funny. If he is 5 foot 4 then robert downey jr would be 5 foot 2. Are you crazy. I heard he is shorter in person but he has to be at least 5 foot 8. You might be taller than 5 foot 10.
The Truth says on 19/Jan/13
I saw Mel in a coffeeshop down the street from his ranch in Malibu in 1998. Unless he's had a latent growth spurt, the guy is 5'4" to 5'5" tops. I am just shy of 5'10" and he was much shorter. How many of you have met him in person, shackin his hand and looked him in the eyes? He was extremely pleasant and personable to all in the shop.
Will says on 19/Jan/13
Mel Gibson at 5ft 10in max is what he normally states his true height. I don't see him over 6ft 0 though.
Silent d says on 4/Jan/13
5 foot 9.
truth says on 17/Dec/12
174cm, lower average/shortish.
Excelsior says on 13/Dec/12
It's amazing how short an actor can look relative to other actors. Danny Glover and Heath Ledger both dwarfed him. He looked average-sized in Maverick next to 5'3" Jodie Foster. Then again, next to Downey in Air America and Joaquin Phoenix in Signs, 5'10" or thereabout is entirely believable because he had at least 2 inches on both of them.
Steve says on 10/Dec/12
I think he is 5'8.5"
Ed says on 8/Dec/12
5'9" max. looked no more than an inch taller than 5'8" joaquin phoenix in signs. Needs to be downgraded half an inch.
samiam says on 7/Dec/12
Stood next to him in the elevator at the LA opera last night. I am 5'9 and wore a 4 inch heel, his head barely reached my shoulder. I was surprised how short and petite he is, but he was super funny and entertained everyone in the elevator. :)
Silent d says on 5/Dec/12
Axolotyl no way is he shorter than 5 foot 6 like you claim. That is outrageous! He is clearly taller than 5 foot 7 robert downey jr. 5 foot 9. I heard that box thing too but think she had heels on. sigourney weaver would tower some men.
leonari says on 19/Nov/12
Axolotyl : You are...I have to behave myself. Rob asked me to.But folks like you who say they are 5'6" and go on writing that this 165 cm disqualify from the start! Why? Cause 5'6" is almost 168 cm in the first place and you have not seen Mel Gibson. Alright? Cause Mel Gibson would tower you little fella cause guess what? He is 177 cm all day long. An average guy like millions of others average guys. You have some problems dude. Thats all I will say and I really tried doing it in a civilized way,
leonari says on 19/Nov/12
I have been on this site for many years. Almost since Rob started it. And I am really tired of all these posters claiming Mel Gibson, Sly Stallone, Jean Claude van Damme, Mario Lopez, Daniel Craig, Simon Baker etc. are short. Enough already!!!! Those with a height complex or other issues should sort it out but stop coming here to increase their damaged self esteem ! These guys are all perfect average height. Not tall, not short just average. All these ridiculous 5'7" - 5'8" claims are pure rubbish. I am 5'7" I know what that looks like. It looks short. Who is short? Tom Cruise , William Defoe , Jonah Hill is, Justin Bieber , Robert Downey Jr , Jon stewart, Bono, Ben Stiller, James Mcavoy and even James Dean. Those are short blokes.
leonari says on 19/Nov/12
Lenad: Agreed.
Axolotyl says on 16/Nov/12
I served him once in a Sydney restaurant.He must not have had his shoes on. I am 5' 6" (165cms) and he is shorter (noticeably) than me. I am watching old movies of him on cable. Camera angles do wonders- shoes too I guess. I would rather complain about his politics than his height!
Lenad is sexy says on 13/Nov/12
in braveheart, the lethal weapon movies and everything ive seen him in, he looked distinctly medium build. i'd give him a strong 5ft9
Lenad is sexy says on 13/Nov/12
the argument that mel gibson is short is stupid. Hes not even remotely short
Copnovelist195 says on 9/Nov/12
I once saw a programme where a number of Gibson's co-stars revealed just how small he was. There were stories, including one where one of his female co-stars said he had to stand on a box in order to kiss her and a tall male, who said he personally had to part his legs by about three feet in order to get into a top-half shot with him. Another story had it that he wore heels of about three inches. Anyhow, 5ft7 wouldn't be far wrong.
Silent d says on 4/Nov/12
5 foot 9.
Ed says on 3/Nov/12
Rob, is 5'9" (175cm) possible for Mel even at his peak?
Silent d says on 21/Oct/12
Rob was sigourney weaver talking about her height in heels or bare foot height? Why would mel gibson need built up shoes and a box to be as tall as sigourney weaver? Something is really weird about these claims. Are they claiming he is 5 foot 6 or something. I don't get it. He looked short in edge of darkness because everyone in that movie are really tall. Some of them were in 6 foot 2 range and some were taller. How tall do you think bojanna novakovic is from edge of darkness? She was mel's daughter in that movie. She looked about 5 foot 3-4. 5 foot 9.
[Editor Rob: maybe to look taller than her, he'd need several inches of help]
Johnnyfive says on 20/Oct/12
In Get The Gringo standing against the wall assuming hes wearing shoes the top of his hair barely touches 180cms so take away the shoes andbthe hair height Mel is roughly 175cms or 5'9
Hullywood 1.76m says on 10/Oct/12
verry near 1.77m Out of bed
verry near 1.76m evening
verry near 1.75m relaxed posture

Would you bet on that, or do you see him taller, Rob?
He has a really manly look, that can appering him taller as he is.
jo jo says on 10/Oct/12
Mel Gibson: 5' 8.5''

Had a pic. Too big to post. SW was in about 3 in. heels and was a head taller than Mel
Lenad is sexy says on 2/Sep/12
id give him a solid 5'9
Ka says on 24/Aug/12
Exactly shredder, as listed for Mel
Christian says on 23/Aug/12
His fake-identity in "Get the gringo" is listed as 5'9''.
Elvis says on 9/Aug/12
Mel Gibson is 5'8". He certainly looked that in the 2010 film Edge of Darkness.
Ed says on 4/Aug/12
You don't see a solid 5'9" (175cm) for Mel at his peak Rob?
mr handsome says on 28/Jul/12
[Editor Rob: not convinced he'd have been under that]
SIlent d says on 24/Jan/12
5 foot 9.

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