How tall is Nicole Kidman ?

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Nicole Kidman's Height is 5ft 10.5in (179 cm)

Australian actress best known for roles in movies such as Moulin Rouge, Days of Thunder and The Others. After her split with Tom Cruise she remarked, 'I can wear heels again!'. On 60 minutes she revealed that "I'm five ten and a half, but I think now maybe I've grown a half an inch and I'm five eleven. I was this height when I was 13 years old!". In 1992 (Playboy) she also remarked: "Most tall women stoop to look smaller. I learned early on to be totally self-assured about my height...I'm five foot ten. When I see a guy going out with a taller girl, I immediately like him."

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Comment on the Height of Nicole Kidman

charlie said on 4/Feb/16
Stormy T comment Nicole is no where near 6 foot 1 inches lol shes 5 foot 10 inches which is still extremely tall when you see her next to Kelly from Regis and Kelly. Kelly looks tiny and petite and Nicole as pretty as she looked was very Amazonian next to her. And Jane Lynch is a Giant but she is no wear near 6 foot 3 inches. Jane is 6 feet tall or 5 foot 11 inches.
Alex said on 27/Jan/16
Why wear big heels? To be taller, not only the short ones want be taller but also the tall ones want that. It's weird? Maybe, but believe me, averyone want to be a bit taller if they can. I'm 191 cm barefoot, and I like wear big boots :)
charlie said on 28/Dec/15
i just saw a photo of Nicole Kidman in high heels standing beside Keith Urban. She looks like an amazon woman beside him. I can never understand why tall women especially Nicole's height would wear high heels?.
Jerome said on 13/Dec/15
For some reason she doesn't look that tall at all. I'd never have guessed she and someone like Karolina kurkova are of similar height. Karolina looks way taller.
Mat 5'10.25 said on 30/Nov/15
Rob, when you say that someone is 179 range, do you mean that they hold a mark between 179-180 , or 178.5-179.4?
Editor Rob: there's always room for somebody dropping a little under their mark. In Nicole's case I think she could hold 5ft 10.5 and maybe not drop that much under it at worst.
Big C said on 9/Nov/15
Rob how tall did you think Val Kilmer looked with Nicole in batman forever? 182cm-5ft 11.75? I don't think he was ever a solid or legit six footer.
Editor Rob: almost 6ft range probably, to be fair it's been a long while since seeing that movie
Big C said on 6/Nov/15
Rob is 180.0cm possible for Nicole? Or do you think she's more like 179cm? She is a strong 5ft 10 anyway very tall woman, could be near 6ft 2 in heels right? Or 6ft 1.75?
Editor Rob: I would say she is 179 and probably didn't drop much under that mark at worst, in other words, at times she may well have looked over 5ft 10.5 range.
Janet said on 4/Nov/15
Another spot on listing
Allie said on 4/Nov/15
Prove it Charlie.
Charlie said on 29/Oct/15
Nicole Kidman in heels 5 foot 10 without heels shes about 5 foot 7
Allie said on 29/Sep/15
178-179 seems right. About 3 inches taller than Jennifer Lawrence 170-171 max.
Charlie said on 7/Sep/15
wow so many people have an issue with a tall female ha. a taller woman than a male is making more headlines than the 9/11 attack.most tall women have long necks which is nice to see on a woman so their bodys match a shorter mans body. Sure she towered over Tom Cruise and it seems everyone is always comparing her giantism height next to shrimp Tom Cruise at 5 foot 4 inches. a lot of women in heels are taller than Tom Cruise.And you can/t really go by the IMDB height search of actors and actresses because most males measure with shoes on so they are recorded as 1 to 2 inches taller than their true height.
Arch Stanton said on 21/Aug/15
Yeah like Jolie her skin looks too shiny.
Sam said on 19/Aug/15
Kidman was much sexier IMO with more natural looks back in Dead Calm...she often looks too fake and botox-y these days.
MasterX said on 5/Mar/15
Hey rob do you think she lost height?? Recent pics with charlize showed she wasnt any taller than her. Both looked the same height. How about you upgrade Charlize and downgrade Nicole?
Dmeyer said on 31/Dec/14
Might have lost 0.5cm by now but peak more chance of 179-179.5cm than 178.5-179cm
Mike said on 11/Dec/14
Solid 179.
Judd said on 18/Oct/14
strong 5'10" in the afternoon...i would put her at 5'10.25"!
Arch Stanton said on 3/Oct/14
Don't know how tall her father was who just died but facially she is absolutely identical to him, I've never seen a stronger father-daughter resemblance. She gets the red hair and height form her mother who she otherwise looks nothing like. Click Here
Just said on 7/Jul/14
I've once read that Nicole, her sister and her mother are all exact the same height: 5'10"25. So I don't think she's 5'11 or taller...
Dmeyer said on 19/Jun/14
5'11.25 morning 10.5 night i cant see her shorter
valiant said on 16/Jun/14
rob, she could be 5'10 in the late afternoon?
[Editor Rob: not sure if she'd drop much below the 179 mark]
gabriel said on 13/Jun/14
yeah, sure you met her, Chris. Meh, you're probably 5'2 ft
Joe said on 12/Jun/14
She cannot be 5'11! I'm precisely 5'11(180cm) plus 1-2cm of hair and another 2-3cm of shoes, which adds up to a maximum of 185cm (6'1).

I took a picture next to her in Madame Tussaud's (freakishly realistic) and we're the same size, my eye level is even a bit higher. With hairdo and heels on, she'd have been at least 2-3 inches taller than me.

Trust me, if I lied my height, I'd round it up.
Chris said on 6/Jun/14
I am 6'4 ft (194 cm) and I towered over her, case closed.
Elias said on 23/May/14
In the movie trespass she is about the same height as 5ft 11.5in Cam Gigandet.
nikos said on 23/Mar/14
on the picture that just posted on feb19 nicole is 2 cm shorter than 5"9"75 latifa and is almost certain that her heels are much higher than the queens who never wears very high heels in opposition with nicole who ALWAYS wears 12-14 cm heels especially when she split up with tom rob 5ft9 is correct 5ft10.5 is a joke.also check out batman forever next to 182 [listed by you]val kilmer on every scene she is about 3-4 cm shorter than him with high heels,dont you agree?
Just said on 19/Feb/14
Pretty much the same height as 5'9"75 Queen Latifa. Click Here
Just said on 19/Feb/14
This height seems right for her. She was about the same height as 5'9"75 Queen Latifa in "My Life", there wasn't much height difference between them.
Natasha said on 6/Feb/14
179 is right.
J.Lee said on 30/Jan/14
Rob, Nicole 5 ft 11.5 by any chance? Also, you said that afternoon wasn't much of a height difference, but I noticed that today around 2 PM I was 5 ft 10.6. I was 5 ft 11 in the morning. But late at night I was only about 5 ft 10 and 1/8. So sometimes my height can drop more than other days. Do I just go with the height in the afternoon even though it dropped more?
[Editor Rob: I go with the average rate of loss which is a several mm from being up 6 hours to up 12 can get a bigger loss but it's not as common]
Mr. R said on 28/Jan/14
Nicole is closer to 5-11.5. She came over to us the night she won her Oscar and she towered over me in heels.
J.Lee said on 26/Jan/14
Thanks for covering that up. But here is one more question Rob, that I can't seem to understand. You said that you go by people's height at about 3 hours after they wake up, but not necessarily their lowest height. But it seems like Nicole, you put at her lowest height, where as other people like ''Brooklyn Decker'' you put at 5 ft 9, even though you said she probably goes below 5 ft 9 at times. So why for some you put at their lowest, and others you put in between? If you put Nicole's average height, she could be 5 ft 10 3/4 or 5 ft 11.
[Editor Rob: I'm thinking of afternoon - for most people the difference isn't much compared to evening.]
J.Lee said on 26/Jan/14
Rob, how do you come up with how much height one loses for each particular person? For instance if 2 people are the same height, what make you assume one is the taller person in the morning?
[Editor Rob: the average is just under 2cm, the longer someone's spine, the more chance they might shrink a bit more. 6ft 3-4 people have more chance of full inch (or even a bit more) than a 5ft 6 man.]
J.Lee said on 24/Jan/14
Rob, is any girl that is 5 ft 10.5 on here, 5 ft 11 1/4 or 1/3 in the mornings? I'm 5 ft 11 in the mornings, but usually maintain a height of 5 ft 10 1/2 most of the time and usually the whole day.
[Editor Rob: anwyhere from 1/2 to nearly an inch people can vary - some even less than 1/2 inch, but that's a bit rarer than all those who shrink between 1/2 and nearly 1 inch range.

yeah there will be some over 5ft 11 and some around 5ft 11.]
J.Lee said on 23/Jan/14
Does a fraction mean a quarter inch?
[Editor Rob: 1/4 or 1/3rd inch]
J.Lee said on 20/Jan/14
Rob what do you think her morning height is?
[Editor Rob: probably a fraction over 5ft 11]
Just said on 9/Jan/14
@Stormy T. First of all, Jane Lynch is 6' tall and NOT 6'3.
Jane Lynch always wears sneakers and Nicole usually wears two inches heels. Nicole is between 5'10 and 5'10"5. There is no way that Nicole is 6'1. She has a great posture, but she's about Charlize Theron's height and shorter than Uma Thurman.
Stormy T. said on 30/Dec/13
Nicole said on "The View" not long after she had her daughter Sunday, that she was 6'1" She's taller than all the other actresses that are 5'11" and she towers over 5'7" Sandra Bullock and 5'8" Catherine Zeta-Jones in photos and on television. She has admitted that she always lied about her height on paper starting when she was a teen actress and was told that she was too tall to be a lead actress. So the 5'11" height we usually read about goes back to her teen years when she said she knocked a few inches off her height on paper. Jane Lynch is 6'3" and Nicole stood next to her at some event and looked as tall as Jane, they weren't wearing heels.
Stormy T. said on 30/Dec/13
Nicole said on "The View" not long after she had her daughter Sunday, that she was 6'1" She's taller than all the other actresses that are 5'11" and she towers over 5'7" Sandra Bullock and 5'8" Catherine Zeta-Jones in photos and on television. She has admitted that she always lied about her height on paper starting when she was a teen actress and was told that she was too tall to be a lead actress. So the 5'11" height we usually read about goes back to her teen years when she said she knocked a few inches off her height on paper. Jane Lynch is 6'3" and Nicole stood next to her at some event and looked as tall as Jane, they weren't wearing heels.
Just said on 8/Dec/13
I agree with Pedro: an upgrade for Charlize.
Pedro said on 2/Nov/13
Here is a recent picture of Nicole Kidman next to Charlize Theron: Click Here .
Despite having less footwear and no standing straight, Charlize doesn't look much shorter than Nicole. Maybe a downgrade for Nicole or an upgrade for Charlize?
Brad said on 30/Sep/13
She is 5'11." Wrap it up and put a bow on it. You can bet she's grown since age 13. She is noticeably tall for a woman. When she has heels on she can make big guys like Jackman look short. Her husband Keith Urban wears serious lifts to stay in camera shot with her.
tiny said on 16/Sep/13
@Emily: Completely agree with you. There are tons of German girls/women taller than 180 cms and all of them are very well built, not freakishly skinny like Nicole Kidman. I guess Nicole weighs just about 60 kgs whereas a girl that height should eb atleast 80 kgs
Emily said on 6/Sep/13
@Ahboh Freakishly tall? Not really. Here in Germany you'd find a ton of women this height. (and taller) I think her build can make her look freakishly tall, and of course she likes to wear heels.
truth179cm said on 29/Aug/13
Th said on 8/Aug/13
Well the movie just go with it when she was barefoot by Dan Patrick who's like 6 3 she was almost as tall as him and he was wearing footwear and she was barefoot I think she is actually 6 ft but she seems like a woman who downgrades her height don't u think rob?
hurricane brat said on 30/Jul/13
She really does have a thing for men shorter than her though! She was married to Tom Cruise, is married to Keith Urban now (5-8.5') and dated Lenny Kravitz (5-9)
MaskDeMasque said on 26/Jul/13

I wouldn't say freakishly tall but certainly very tall. I think she's 5'10 though and not 5'10.5.
Ahboh said on 10/Jul/13
Freakishly tall (for a woman) and she wanted to wear 4/5 inches heels?
Shelly said on 1/Jul/13
Legit 5' 11.
Chris said on 26/Jun/13
5ft 11.
Silent d said on 23/Jun/13
Jax said on 5/May/13
exactly 5'10 (178cm) seems right
Masanori said on 3/May/13
You seem kind of immature for someone my age...
I cared a lot more about height before. Now I wouldn't be afraid of being with a woman my height or more. If I like her, I'll want to be with her and I won't even notice it.
Plus I'm lucky enough to be slightly over 6'1", so I don't run into that problem much anyway.
I hope you get over your obsession with height like I did :3
Peyman - 6ft said on 30/Apr/13
Awesomimous says on 12/Apr/13

Also, your post reads like someone who's trying to mask their jealousy of Cruise's love life with a forced mocking tone ridiculing his height.

I'm sorry buddy. But he's still a talented, good looking, A-list film star who gets with the hottest ladies in Hollywood, despite his increasingly creepy obsession with scientology.

"most of the 6ft+ guys love women who are that tall"
Sadly, it doesn't seem like this girl would be interested in you. Good luck with the rest of your life though.
1st : LOL
2nd : nice try
3rd : you can get any idea about my post , I really don't care .
but who are you? a Tom Cruise fan ?!!
4thd : I'm a special kind of guy who cares too much about ladies height , no chance for 5'10"+ & under 5'4" & if I were 5ft 7.5in like Cruise I would look for ( 5ft - 5ft 6in ). so to me a solid 5ft 10in would sound ridiculous doesn't it ?!
5th : also I've just recently reached 20 which means I'm too young for her ,I don't wanna waste my time with somebody who is not that much younger than my GRANDMA.
so there is NO CHANCE for Nicole Kidman to be with me !!!!
6th : LOLS again.
ChUcKLeS said on 23/Apr/13
I met nicole.. at least 5'10.
Awesomimous said on 12/Apr/13

Also, your post reads like someone who's trying to mask their jealousy of Cruise's love life with a forced mocking tone ridiculing his height.

I'm sorry buddy. But he's still a talented, good looking, A-list film star who gets with the hottest ladies in Hollywood, despite his increasingly creepy obsession with scientology.

"most of the 6ft+ guys love women who are that tall"
Sadly, it doesn't seem like this girl would be interested in you. Good luck with the rest of your life though.
Awesomimous said on 12/Apr/13
Your sense of "ridiculous" is irrelevant.
Peyman-6ft said on 18/Jan/13
I actually meant 5'9''+ is ridiculous for somebody like tom cruise.
kidman on heels makes him like a little kid.
She's not a giant , she is a super hot actress , most of the 6ft+ guys love women who are that tall .
Peyman-6ft said on 9/Jan/13
kidman : 5'10'' _ 5'10.5''
cruise : 5'7.5''_ 5'8''
lol at choosing anything over 5'9'' for a woman
Joey said on 18/Dec/12
exactly 5'10 Id say
Alysson said on 10/Sep/12
she's 178-180cm tall
I'm also as tall as she is and i'd wish i could take it in stride like she does..
Shaun said on 26/Aug/12
Mmm in thinking about it though a 5'11-6' woman in 4 inch heels though might worry me LOL. I can't be stood next to a woman who is near 6'4" in heels! Nicole Kidman has looked near Prince William's height in heels at 5'10.5".
Shaun said on 26/Aug/12
I often find tall women attractive, more so than shorter women I think. Obviously there are some 5'1" stunners and 6'0 stunners which exist. 5'5"-5'8" I think is an ideal range for women but I can recall 5'10-6' blondes I've seen which look amazing, sort of like Vic Reeves's wife Nancy Sorell types. I'd happily date a 5'11-6' woman but no taller but to date a woman around my height if she's wearing heels, hmmm, don't know about that!!
bill said on 30/Jul/12
She's 177cm and her husband is 172cm
super mario said on 5/Jun/12
@rob some of the comments here are against the rules
@don and @zarina for example(actually 95% of zarina's comments are against the side's rules)
Silent d said on 26/Jan/12
179cm easy.
timber said on 15/Oct/07
Suzy, did you notice if Nicole was wearing heels?
dmeyer said on 13/Oct/07
with bad posture can look 5'10 but i think she could be 5'10.75 also i remember frank2 saying she is 5'10 but then he said she looked 6'2 in heels so she is gotta be near 5'11
Suzy said on 12/Oct/07
I'm 6' tall and I met Nicole and I was surprised that she was at least a couple inches shorter than me - and I wasn't wearing heels (1/2" max). I belive that she is 10'5" or 11' tall max! I think she looks taller because she is very slim. And since the average height of a US women is 5'4" and weighs ten pounds more than Nicole (Nicole weighs 140 & the average is 150 lbs)- if you put Nicole next to an average woman, she will look much taller. And the average US man is 5' 9" and if you put Nicole next to most men she will be at least a couple inches taller (then add the height of her heels). I do think she is telling the truth.
Belle said on 30/Sep/07
My friend, who is 5'11'' even, met Nicole in a resteraunt and stood next to her. They were both wearing flats and were completely eye-to-eye, so I think she's just an inch shy of 6 feet.
irshgrl500 said on 28/Sep/07
As far as her looks and talent are concerned, I think she's stunning and a great actress. She was incredible as Virgina Woolf in "The Hours". I am not sure I buy 5'11" or even 5'10 1/2". Nicole CONSTANTLY lies in interviews, and her word just can't be relied upon. I apologize to all her fans. I would have to see a pic of she and Glenn (who is a solid 5'8") before I accept she's 5'10" or whatever!
john said on 26/Sep/07
looking some pics, she looks 5-9, and with her heels she can look easly as 5'11.
amy said on 20/Aug/07
I think she is 5'11, or so, she looked tall in that movie invasion. I would love to look like her.
dmeyer said on 19/Aug/07
she could have very well grow 0.5 in after than 13 =years old musurments i think she could be 5'11
dmeyer said on 17/Aug/07
she can realy look 6'1.5 to 6 ft 2 person in her heels how come if she is 5'10.5 she shouldnt look over 6'0.5 in in heels
dmeyer said on 17/Aug/07
how come she can look as tall as 6'3 stelan and easily as tall as 6 ft 1 eastwood when she wears big heels like 3.5 to 4 in she can look 6'1.5 like 6'2.5 in heels and we all know those give only 2.5 max 2.75 in
anonymous said on 1/Jul/07
i have to agree with you anonymous rex, she would not be happy being 5`2. although i question her being 5`11 next to her 5`8.5 husband. i believe 5`10.5 at best.
mysterygirl said on 12/Jun/07
well, i said that these ladies are similar in elegance, not in beauty because there are all very different in beauty.i don't think that nicole has dropped out of style, but she is shy in her sexiness...
vandal said on 8/Jun/07
Agreed. Anonymous Res. She said she wished she was 5-2. Well she could "reel" 5-2 sometimes if she would just get with a tall enough dude.
Anonymous Rex said on 8/Jun/07
I don't believe her when she sais she's uncomfortable with her height. 1.She does wear heels. 2 She's into short men! I've never heard of her dating or being seriously connected with a 6 footer! You mean to tell me she can't find a guy whose even 5-11 with money and a personality?????
Dreg said on 6/Jun/07
mysterygirl, her tiny bone structure is the reason why at 5-10 she can be so graceful. And if you think she's tiny on film, try in person! NK is way prettier than kristin scott thomas. diane lane and rachel weisz come somewhat closer in photos. Those three can only compete in manner and elegance. But NK is 40 and out of style. That's why Diane Lane is on all the hot chick lists and NK dropped out long ago.
Bud said on 6/Jun/07
If she could do a reverse Stallone with limb shortening surgery crop off 1-3 inches, she would be absolutely flawless.
mysterygirl said on 5/Jun/07
this woman is so elegant and graceful,nothing dirty manners and behaviour,i don t think that there is any actress except rachel weisz an kristin scott thomas and maybe diane lane that can compete with her...such a beauty.i would say that she is at least 5'10.but,too bad,that she never liked her height.she said that she wants to be smaller and curvier,and smaller an curvier girls mostly want to be like her...sad life:)
Aaron said on 3/Jun/07
Timber, why would a female actress say such an exact height (5'10.5" in the above quote) if she was 5'8-5'9? I could see a male actor adding inches to their height, but tall female actresses generally like to downplay their height, not lie about being taller than they really are. I do agree with you though on how her bone structure makes her appear even taller, but she really doesn't need any help in that department.
vandal said on 16/May/07
how much does she weigh? with her small bone structure i bet she would be a quite the flyweight if she were only 5-8.
robotix said on 10/May/07
Last time I saw her on Jay Leno, I'd say she's near 6' if Jay Leno is really 5'10"
anonymous said on 1/May/07
the photos have not been touched. it is very hard to alter a picture and not have it look odd (such as pixel size or smudges). besides, it came from a magazine. they wouldn't touch it. they are always the ones saying how she is 5`10.5 and he is 5`10. Although i doubt either of them are that height ;).
timber said on 30/Apr/07
urban must have a slope advantage in that pic, because i doubt he is over 5'8, and may be shorter than that. i think kidman must be 5'8-5'9 and appears 5'10-5'11 in person simply because she is extremely slim and carries herself well.
dmeyer said on 30/Apr/07
rob how can urban looks 1 in taller than her when they are both in sandals maybe the pics have been touched
Michela Bologni said on 14/Apr/07
She is taller. I know it. I'm her personal hair dresser when she come in Naples. She always eats sfogliatelle from scaturchio in the centre of the city.
SusieS said on 13/Apr/07
I saw Nicole Kidman in person in NYC, she was on the street. I'm 5'8" and she was definitely a good few inches taller than me, and her shoes were completely flat (we actually captured her on video and I can assure you her shoes were FLAT). She is definitely at least 5'10".
anonymous1 said on 6/Apr/07
I agree with both timbers and anonymous's comments. I have more evidence to show that Nicole is 5'8.5" to 5'9".Just go to to watch ellen degeres show. You will realise that the height difference btn Ellen and Nicole(who was in 4" heels) is the same as the height difference btn Ellen and Storm Large(who is 5'11"-6' and was in flats).This shows Nicole is 6'-6'1" in 4" heels and this makes her 5'9" tall.
timber said on 5/Apr/07
right, anonymous. she is in flat sandals, he is in flip flops, and the height difference I expected to see is simply not there. she is supposed to be nearly 3 inches taller than he.
anonymous said on 4/Apr/07
her legs look straighter in the second angle. and he still is taller.
timber said on 31/Mar/07
I see what you meant now, anonymous.
timber said on 31/Mar/07
one of his legs is bent, anonymous. anyway,here's another pic from the same day, but a better angle: Click Here
anonymous said on 28/Mar/07
although he is walking straight-legged, and if you notice, she has both of her legs bent. I guess that could count for something.
bikagyura said on 23/Mar/07
nearly? I'd say more than a head taller!
Anonymous said on 22/Mar/07
Click Here
looks nearly a head taller than ziyi zhang
glenn said on 22/Mar/07
he still looks 5-8ish to me in that pic timber,the angle favors him.i forgot i met pic.he had boots.correct,5-8 or so.
timber said on 20/Mar/07
Found this very confusing pic of Kidman with 5-8ish Urban:Click Here
Is it the angle, or because they are walking? In other non-heelpics she always appears taller. Still...interesting.
glenn said on 19/Mar/07
keith isnt 5-10.he might be 5-7 as well.saw barefoot pics of them on the beach and she towers him too.
BooYaJared said on 18/Mar/07
Nicole Kidman is certainly 5'11. It was reported her first public statement after her divorce with Tom Cruise (5'7) was "Now I can wear heels." Also she is not that much taller than her husband Keith Urban (5'10) but is rarely seen without heels on which would make her appear much, much taller. 4 or 5 inches even depending on the heel. She is the epitome of perfection! <3
AirSky said on 16/Mar/07
To me, she does look 5'11", maybe even taller. Watching her co-star with Will Ferrell on "Bewitched", the difference seems to be about 2 or 3 inches (in a scene where "Isobel" is apparently wearing sneakers/athletic-type shoes) of course, you might wanna check that out for yourself. Will Ferrell apparently is 6'3" from all sources.
dmeyer said on 21/Feb/07
if high heels give you only 2.5 inches over barefeet so compare to 1 to 1.25 normal dress shoes it give then only 1.5 in advantage how come nicole looks 6'1 in heels she should look only 6 ft and blanchet looks 5'11 in heels also holmes can lok 6 ft in huge heels and they all wear very slim frot like 0.25 in is the beginig of the shoes
anonymouse said on 28/Jan/07
nicole appeared about 4 inches taller than ellen degeneres on her show.ellen is 5-7 in shoes, so 5-11 for nic. however, nicole was not wearing flats, she was wearing 3 inch heels: Click Here
Elle said on 27/Jan/07
Since my contribution in December, I just read some of the comments by people who are sure Nicole Kidman is anything but 5'11", and they base it all on how she looks in films or pictures. Well, unless you met her in person, and spent ten minutes or so talking with her (like I did, and we were both wearing flats and exactly eye to eye), you are wrong! So, please take my word for it, I was there and she's exactly five eleven. Also, she was very nice to me. Not pretentious in the least. But Julianne Moore, (who was also standing with us), wasn't too happy being overshadowed by us both by about half a foot, and had a bit of an envious, bitchy attitude. Not everyone can be tall, gorgeous goddesses!
Anonymous said on 20/Jan/07
Nicole Kidman Quote:

"Oh God. Id much prefer to have curves. My daughter is 5 foot 2 and curvyshes everything I wanted to be, Kidman was quoted as saying by Contactmusic.
I wish I wasnt 5 foot 11. Id like to be 5 foot 2. I have always had trouble putting on weight. Id like to be like Marilyn Monroe."
Source: Click Here

...Tall women want to be petite/shorter and short women want to be taller.

But 5'10.5-5'11" is right.
timber said on 9/Jan/07
that quote from Antonia is strange, because in pics I've seen recenty of Nicole with her mum her mum appears nowhere near 5-10, maybe 5-7 max.
Glenn said on 5/Jan/07
Sometimes Nicole is alone.sometimes has henchmen.the once easy,Paris and Lohan are tough to get near,Bodyguards,friends,entourage,Papparazi,geez.glad I got them.Simpson sisters are sweet,only Papparazi in the way,which kills it anyway.50 cent is nice,but his entourage gets in your way.Busta might be headed for all time worse,as he beats up fans,drivers,and his security recently threatened bloodshed on lie.pure trash.
Glenn said on 4/Jan/07
If she isnt 5-11,she is smaller.I bumped into her plenty of times.ignores people usually.

[Editor Rob: who these days is impossible to get near, going over the top with security/entourage?]
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/07
I now Nicole Kidman is not 5 foot 11,that's a lie. I saw her in movies in 2 inch hills and she not look 6 foot 1 inches tall. If I were to guest her true height I would guest 5 foot 7 or f 5 foot 8 inches tall. In 2 inch hills she would be 5 foot 10 or 5 foot 9. She is not defiantly 5 foot 11
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/07
I now Nicole Kidman is not 5 foot 11,that's a lie. I saw her in movies in 2 inch hills and she not look 6 foot 1 inches tall. If I were to guest her true height I would guest 5 foot 7 or f 5 foot 8 inches tall. In 2 inch hills she would be 5 foot 10 or 5 foot 9. She is not defiantly 5 foot 11
Editor Rob said on 26/Dec/06
Her sister Antonia in 2002: "I'm 5ft 10 and a quarter, so is Nicole and so is Mum. When we're together we're all stooping, trying to be the smallest"
Elle said on 9/Dec/06
I know for sure how tall Nicole Kidman is, because after a screening of "The Hours" and a question and answer session, I went up to talk with her. We were both wearing flats and EXACTLY the same height. I am (blonde and slender and) 5'11" tall, and so is she. (A friend who was with me at the screening and watched us talking also verified that we didn't differ by even a fraction of an inch).
sleuth said on 4/Dec/06
I don't care what anybody sais and I don't care about polls. Nicole is still the most gorgeous creature in Hollywood
Extra said on 1/Dec/06
I saw her in person on a movie set - I'd have to say she's over 5'11".
Brad said on 1/Dec/06
I saw a recent picture of Urban & NK. She made him look like a boy. Is he really 5' 8"? I'd believe 5' 7". She was towering over him big time.
Brad said on 16/Nov/06
5' 10" is probably right. Cruise packed on the inches and posture on those red carpets.
Jason said on 9/Nov/06
Really? My Dad - who's never met her or anything - thinks she's a nice person lol.
Glenn said on 8/Nov/06
She is 5-10 at the very least.I keep bumpin into her.always ignores me and almost everyone.
Brad said on 7/Nov/06
She wears 3" heels all over the place so she seems very tall. Actually she is.
Tall Girl said on 15/Oct/06
Luck you, eeva. I'm, hopefully, still growing and maybe will tower over Kidman too. 5'10.5" just isn't enough.
anonymous2 said on 15/Oct/06
dumbdude, your links aren't working
eeva said on 14/Oct/06
hey little people, my height is 186cm and it feels goooood! :) no problem and if nicole would stand next to me she would look short.
Tall Girl said on 11/Oct/06
Oh, and in Peacemaker, the camera doesn't really show Kidman and Clooney side by side that much. So it's actually hard to tell. But I still must insist she's 5'10.5". She has to be.
Tall Girl said on 11/Oct/06
I think George Clooney must wear lifts, like most guys probably do in Hollywood. And what about that movie Cold Mountain (where Kidman doesn't wear much of a heel), where she stands eye to eye with the 5'11" Jude Law? And you'll notice she slouches when she's starring with guys who are almost her height, like in Moulin Rouge.
tall girl said on 9/Oct/06
I am positive that Kidman is 5'10 1/2". I am also five ten and a half, and from my perspective she is definately that height. And she's standing next to Theron, who is obviously tall judging from Aeon Flux.
dumbdude said on 26/Sep/06
I just can't see Kidman as being over 5 9. I think 5.8 and some change is the best rating to give her. Tom looked to be extremely short in the 80's, even up against short people like Dustin Hoffman(Hoffman states he's 5 5, I really think the dude is closer to 5 3) and Rebecca Demorney(states she's 5 6, probably closer to 5 foot 4). Kidman is about 3 inches taller than the 5 5 to 5 5 and a half Cruise, which would put her in the 5 8 to 5 8.5 range. Throw in some heels and her naturally slender build, and the chick can easily look about 6 feet or over in pictures.
ken_hiroshi_ said on 12/Sep/06
hi anonymous, the pic can't prove right both plp height,look closely the photo angle was not right nicole stands far back and lenny stands much front, we can't see their legs or foot wear.. but nicole might still be taller as shes 5ft10..
Anonymous said on 5/Sep/06
charlize isnt standing tall but nicole is alidl taller
dmeyer said on 1/Sep/06
rob do you think she could be 180

[Editor Rob: out of bed...yes]
Karen said on 7/Aug/06
Bleemo, I agree she does look a couple inches taller than Urban. (But now I'm doubting the 5'7/5'8 for Urban.) Kidman looks tall because she 'is' tall, but I still doubt the 179 cm-- I'm the only one here that does though.
Brad said on 7/Aug/06
5' 10". I'm sure she told producers early in her career 5' 8" to get roles with Cruise etc.. Being tall as an actress can hurt casting calls. Can you imagine Kidman with Pacino, Hoffman, etc..
Natalie said on 3/Aug/06
She is very tall!I am sure she is 179 cm. In "The Interpreter" she was standing next to Sean Penn and she was much more taller than him. So that makes Nicol Kidman 177-179 cm.
Glenn said on 13/Jul/06
Ill accept Kidman at 5-10 even.nothing more,or less.Cruise could look like a midget next to her.FINALLY got Uma yesterday.tough to get her to pose.between 6-1 to 6-3 in heels.hard to peg,as I had to move fast.
Karen said on 13/Jul/06
Also, there have been alot of pics with her out walking with Keith Urban who is 5'7-5'8 and she simply doesn't look that much taller than him, at least to me. Click Here
Glenn said on 11/Jul/06
The reason people keep insisting Karen,is cause people like me keep bumping into her in all kinds of footwear and sets,events,and downtime.she IS around 5-10,possibly more.
sianna said on 10/Jul/06
i think she is 5'11..she is very tall and tall people in hollywood downgrade their height...short people are the ones who add on an inch or 2
Karen said on 9/Jul/06
I don't understand why people insist on believing her 5'10 1/2" claim. She has to add 2 inches. It's required in Hollywood! She is no more than 5'9, max IMO.
Glenn said on 5/Jul/06
Thats not me commenting.some a** for Frank,hopefully he will be back or he will be sorely missed,even though,I think shaved 2 inches off of everyone.what pissed him off?
Glenn said on 1/Jul/06
Frank, that is not the answer I was looking for.

[Editor Rob: Frank, I think, has departed for good...]
Frank2 said on 27/Jun/06
Unfortunately, I've never met or seen Keith Urban, but I'll take your word on it.
Glenn said on 26/Jun/06
She is 5-10.and urban is 5-8.back me on that Frank.
Frank2 said on 24/Jun/06
Except she's not 5'11". She's 5'10".
peter said on 29/May/06
hi,at hte airport one year ago i saw nicole kidman.she was wearing flat shoes and she towars over me.i am about 1 m 72 cm .that mean that nicole must be more than 1.75
smokeblower said on 10/May/06
Evan, how do you know for sure that rodrigo santoro is 6'3"?
evan said on 9/May/06
look at her in the commercial for chanel no.5
shes with rodrigo santoro who is 6'3" and she is taller than him in heels!
shes probably about 5'11" and the 4-5 inch heels allows her to be taller than the guy. to all those people who keep trying to say celebrities add inches to their height, thats not exclusive to celebrities so its a moot point.
TBH said on 5/May/06
I was an extra in her upcoming movie "The Visting" with Daniel Craig(he's about 5'10) I'm 6ft tall and she was up there with me without heels. She's a legit 5'11.
Alex said on 23/Apr/06
Def in the 5'10.5-5'11 range, 5'11 wouldn't suprise me either. Gotta watch out for her heels though, even in sneakers she looks very tall. A girl at 13 and still the same height at 18 doesn't suprise me at all as many girls stop growing at 13 and most grow 1/2 inch more.
dmeyer said on 30/Mar/06
she might be 180
MeLiSsA said on 3/Mar/06
I don't think that she would add inches to her height if she complains about being tall. I just measured myself the other day and I'm a little under 5'7 so I just say I'm 5'6 because it's not really a lie...I'm in the 5'6 range. 5'6 and 3/4 or whatever. And I still complain about being tall. So that's like me saying I'm 5'8 or 5'9 and then being like I wish I was shorter.
Frank2 said on 2/Mar/06
Kidman is a doll! She's at least five ten. In Eyes she probably didn't wear shoes or wore ballerina slippers with no heels.
wasa said on 23/Feb/06
It's very strange that in Eyes wide shut there doesn't seem to be all that much height difference between Kidman and Cruise, even in the nude scenes. Kidman sure has some nice legs though ;)
Admirer of tall women said on 12/Feb/06
Yeah, she's well tall. I'm about 5ft 9, but when I saw her in person in London she seemed to tower over me. Most men would probs have to stretch to kiss her.
LAAnonyme said on 24/Jan/06
Tall actresses like to add extra inches to their height just as much as petie actresses do, even in Hollywood, because everyone aspires to the supermodel look - in height and weight. Nicole Kidman is accurate with the 5'10" to 5'10.5" estimation, but Miss Holmes embellishes when she claims to be 5'9". Kidman often wears high heels for appearances - formal couture shoes have heel heights of 3 to 4 inches, rarely 2 inches - and this added to her amazing posture can make her appear to tower over many. Tom Cruise wears lifts in his shoes, so no one can see that he's really 5'7".
CelebHeights Editor said on 19/Jan/06
comment from man called David:
"Just saw Nicole at a local market here in Nashville. She is easily
5'11. No heels. And just as beautiful in person"
Anonymous said on 8/Jan/06
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
in the interpreter she make sean penn look like 5'3
Anonymous said on 3/Jan/06
she looks taller than ben chaplin she gotta be near 5'11
Craig said on 23/Dec/05
I am sure that Katie Holmes is at least 175, because she confirms that!!! Tall girl never adds any extra height - especially in Hollywood!!! the same thing with Nicole Kidman...I think she is like 180! Maybe 179-181 (morning-evening). She is very tall, it is clear and she says herself that she would like to be shorter. As to Tom Cruz - yes, he must be 170 cm...
LAAnonyme said on 22/Dec/05
Katie Holmes is 5'8", not 5'9". (Tom Cruise is at most 5'7".) Nicole Kidman is 5'10" (perhaps she has that extra 1/2 inch in the early morning). She has excellent posture, however, and therefore appears even taller, especially next to people who slouch.
Jason said on 19/Dec/05
Where's the 5'9'' listing come from?
Liza said on 6/Dec/05
Kidman is very tall, in my opinion...Katie Holmes is 175 and when you see her with Tom Cruz - she is not much taller (even in heels). The height difference with Kidman was much more noticeable...I think she is really 180-182.
Victorina said on 10/Oct/05
Comment on what WHAT said...did you notice that Nicole Kidman had flats on while Toni Collette was wearing 3 inch heels? I'd say Kidman is 5'10.
Elise said on 10/Oct/05
I am sure, that Kidman is like 180-181...She is a tall lady.
berry said on 8/Oct/05
I'm confused. That makes Tom Cruise 5'6, doesn't it? Is that possible?
Anonymous said on 26/Sep/05
i think nicole is about 1 inch shoter than me i am about 182 cm imet will is about 6 3 but he wasnt tawering over me like he towers over her so 179 looks about right
JUSTMATT said on 24/Sep/05
Guys tonight Nicole was on italian tv. I saw her (on tv) near the presenter who I know for sure is more or less 178-180 with shoes on...well Nicole was very very tall. She had 4 inches heels but she seems more or less 15 cm taller than the introducer and everyone else in the studio. Sometimes I think Nicole can easily be 6', with shoes 6'3...maybe Cruise isn't so short...he could be 175 but because of his relationship with Nicole everybody starts saying he is short when in reality he is a normal height guy..I don't know! What I can say is that I was really surprised of Nicole's heights near all the other persons on the italian program!
the truth said on 22/Sep/05
this is exageration
nicole kidman is no longer than 5'9
she's as max 5'8 or 5'8'5 or 173 cm
but she's so skinny that she looks taller and do'nt forget the high heels
Anonymous said on 22/Sep/05
this is exageration
nicole kidman is no longer than 5'9
she's as max 5'8 or 5'8'5 or 173 cm
but she's so skinny that she looks taller and do'nt forget the high heals
Ms. Q said on 16/Sep/05
Agree with you Kisha 100%. Finally somebody who says the truth! She is clearly no taller than 5'9. She adds 2 inches like everyone else. (Even models do this.)
mytwocents said on 3/Sep/05
Editor Rob: The photo you posted here is from Mr. X's Vanity Fair cover I believe. It does look as though there is a 3" difference to me. (Though we don't know the height of Uma and Nicole's heels.) If Uma is 6'1 then Nicole's 5'10 and a half is about right, but most people in the Thurman thread agree she is just under 6'.
Mr. R said on 31/Aug/05
Nate, I have met Nicole twice and I have the same impression. She is certainly on her way to 5-11, if not a little over.
~Nate~ said on 30/Aug/05
I met Nicole Kidman at the Interpreter premier a few months back, she's so very sweet and very pretty and so thin. But her height, I'm 6'1 and with her two inch heels she had on she towered over me. Nicole Kidman is not 5'10 I'd say she's at least 5'11 and change min.
CelebHeights Editor said on 26/Aug/05
Here is the People quote mentioned in a comment below: "I'd much prefer to have curves. My daughter is 5ft 2in and curvy - she's everything I wanted to be. I wish I wasn't 5ft 11in. I'd like to be 5ft 2in"
Michael said on 26/Aug/05
If Nicole "hates" being "taller than other people," then why does she always wear high heals in public? A self-contradiction if ever I saw one.

[Editor Rob: I think she's learned to say 'to hell with it'. A lot of the time in the 90's she did wear low sandals and very low heels. Nowadays she ain't afraid to don a 2.5-3 inch on occasion]
CelebHeights Editor said on 24/Aug/05
From an interview on Rosie O'Donnell back in 1997:

Rosie: "In the film [peackemaker] you appear smaller! Are you not?"

Nicole: "Yeah. No, I have this thing about liking to be small onscreen cause I hate being tall and Im Five Ten and its the one thing Ive always hated my whole life is being really tall and taller than people."

Clooney 'slumps down in his chair'

Nicole: "George would always say that he looks small onscreen because he always works with such tall women! But really youre very tall!"

George: "Oh, Im a giant! Im 511."

Rosie: "But do you make yourself look smaller? What do you do?"

Nicole gets up at this point.

Nicole: "Well, Ill show you. You do this. Stand up, George."

George: "Im the mannequin."

Nicole: "so you go like this" [she then does the old hip sway bendy knees stance beside Clooney which is what you see a lot on Getty Images from her old days with Tom ;)] "You just put your hip out."
ivan said on 16/Aug/05
in the uk version of glamour magazine they had an interview with nicole and she said she was 5'11 but wished she was like her daughter who is 5'2
servel said on 4/Jun/05
on the interpreter she didnt look much taller than his co star, cant remember his name, but she is probably a 1.78, and uma isnt that tall either, next to tarantino she doesnt look as tall...
Mr. R said on 19/May/05
Cliff, having met both Nicole and Uma, I completely agree. Both of them are taller than their reported heights. Nicole is at least 5-11, and Uma is over 6 feet!
JUSTMATT said on 27/Feb/05
Yeah I think she's very tall, 179-180cm it's right! This means that when she wears 10 cm heels she goes up to 190cm!!! Now I understand why she breaks with little Tom...
Swizzo said on 2/Feb/05
Hey Rob, there's a picture showing Nicole and Tobey (he does look 5ft 8 as he says he is) and she doesn't look the 5ft 11 she thinks. I think 5ft 10 is correct. It's on this page, scroll down to the bit Tobey and Kidman 2002 and the 4th image along: Tobey and Nicole.

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